Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People’s Peaceful Protest


This is what Christianity looks like

The leadership of the Church of England showed themselves to have the morals of sewer rats today after hundreds of police were drafted in to prevent a peaceful protest by disabled campaigners.

A protest was taking place in the grounds of Westminster Abbey, where Disabled People Against Cuts, backed by Occupy and UK Uncut, intended to establish a camp for independent living to highlight the shameful decision by the current Government to close the Independent Living Fund (ILF).  Whilst many people were able to enter the grounds of the Abbey, with several disabled activists taking control of the gates, they were soon joined by hundreds of police.

Whilst the protest was being established a letter was presented to the church explaining the reason for the disruption.  This was completely ignored by the Dean of Westminster, John Hall, who instead of meeting with the protesters, or even giving a statement, cowered inside and allowed the police to carry out his dirty work.  At the time I left two people had been arrested, for reasons which are currently unclear.  Over 200 police kettled the 60 or so protesters, which included many severely disabled people who use the ILF themselves.  Police refused to allow any food or drink for those inside the Abbey grounds, and even prevented a severely disabled person’s personal assistant from entering the kettle.

At one point, so desperate were the police to arrest someone for nothing,  they charged into the crowd causing people to fall onto several wheelchair users.  Such was the sudden aggression of police it is a miracle no-one was severely injured although unconfirmed reports suggest one disabled person did have to receive treatment after this assault.  Police also attempted to remove access ramps for wheelchairs users to prevent them from being able to peacefully protest in the Abbey grounds.  Equipment was damaged and police prevented the planned disabled toilet and other infra-structures to be created which would have led to a safe event.  Throughout the afternoon all those inside the grounds remained at risk of violent arrest, and in fact, as you read this, that might be happening.

The protest was held on private property, meaning that the church leadership were happy for all of this to take place.  At any point the Dean of Westminster could have demanded that police stand down, yet he chose to allow this abuse to continue unchecked throughout the afternoon.  Hundreds of people contacted him on twitter demanding the protest be allowed to continue without this police harassment.  The Dean ignored all of them.

Throughout the afternoon all attempts at negotiation with the church leadership were rebuffed.  Instead the Dean of Westminster let the boots and fists of the ever willing London Met do his talking for him.

Whilst no-one expects anything less from the police, who have a history of attacking and injuring disabled protesters, the action, or inaction of the church leadership is a fucking disgrace.  The Dean of Westminster would rather disabled people are abused, kettled, assaulted and kept without food or water than allow a creative protest against vicious cuts which are likely to lead to some people being forced to live in institutions.

The latest news is that those inside the Abbey grounds are currently meeting to decide what to do next.  With no word from the Church then staying could mean mass arrests in the ground of the Abbey.  Whatever the occupiers decide you can show support by telling Westminster Abbey @wabbey and the Dean of Westminster @deanwestminster exactly what you think.  After today’s shameful behaviour he must be hoping that the existence of hell really is just something liars use to scare children with.

Then come and join next Friday’s Independence Day demonstration outside the DWP and make it the biggest protest yet to show that no-one is going to be frightened away from fighting to save the ILF.

For the latest news follow @Dis_PPL_Protest on twitter or visit their website at:

Read the statement from DPAC on the reason for the protest:

UPDATE:  Protesters have now left rather than face violent arrest.  Also, as someone has pointed out on twitter, Westminster Abbey is a Royal Peculiar, meaning it is technically under control of the Queen.  Day to day management of the site however is down to the Abbey meaning it is almost certain the police would have stood down had the Dean demanded it.  Yet he didn’t even try.  All the signs so far suggest he did the opposite and would have been happy for the police to clear the site.  There has still been no comment made about today’s events by either the Dean or Westminster Abbey.  Of the two arrested, it seems one was not held and was released during the protest and another was taken to Charing Cross police station.

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136 responses to “Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People’s Peaceful Protest

  1. overburdenddonkey

    well done to all, sheer hell in a supposed place of sanctuary….which prophet do the church worship?

  2. What a contrast. The pope follows the example of Jesus by tending to the sick and needy and speaking out against greed and corruption. But the only way the Dean of Westminster would emulate Jesus would be if someone crucified him.

    *hums “If I had a hammer”*

  3. So this is Christianity today….

  4. The whole of the religious establishment was taken over many centuries ago, indeed, many at the top went to the same top and exclusive private schools that the royals attended, those in the church that didn’t, well, they just sold their souls!, disciples of EVIL, the lot of them….

  5. I have sent Westminster Abbey my personal regards . They are cowards & hypocrites .

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    Followed the progress through the day from the fabulous users of the Independent Living Fund. I wish them all the very best of luck. Keep it up guys x

  7. they don’t have the morals of rats.
    rats have been proven to show compassion, and are well known to assist and care for their sick and injured.

  8. I have just become a spiritualist, Church of England? Never heard of it.

  9. I am deeply ashamed at being a human being – this protest is being done to help disabled people and to keep open the ILF which helps the majority of people live independent lives.
    This government would love to see the return of asylums so that all disabled people could be put away in there and left to rot!
    I wish I could go down there and support them but it’s impossible.
    As for the Dean, you are a Judas – your thoughts are with yourself and your power, yet you quiver with cowardice and let those disgusting met police attack vulnerable people. You are a disgrace to the Church of England and a disgrace to humanity. You will be dealt with when you die if you do believe what you preach!
    The met police should be disbanded and a new police force established that has common decency, empathy, understanding and only uses force when the situation requires it – somebody attacking them for example. The met police are no better than thugs and yet we pay them from our taxes and they act that way! They forget themselves as they are public servants, no more, no less and are getting too far above their station.

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    An absolute disgrace by the police and the Dean of Westminster…

  11. Jesus said something like “that which you did to the least of my brothers and sisters, you did to me” The dean of westminster should read his bible and act like it before he presumes to stand up in front of a single person and speak about his “Faith”

    • I live sure in the knowledge that Jesus was not a Christian nor a Roman Catholic but was somewhat akin to real life ” as a mystery man who fought tyranny & ignorance ” I for one, am not prepared for miracles. How ever one would suffice to meet the current needs of thousands !

  12. Johannah Buchan

    Well they’re just part of the establishment using the establishment’s Rottweilers to attack the most vulnerable in society just like other arms of our fascist govt. Apart from a few individuals like Sentamu they all went to the same schools. I don’t think the CofE is really Christian – & I’m a member!!

  13. Nothing to surprise here-the Church has the same view as the Government=the populace is there to pay taxes and do as its told, the function of the Police is not to serve the public but to “Maintain ORDER” so that buisness can continue as usuall.

  14. If he thinks the church has to maintain its part in the British ‘establishment’, someone needs to explain that the police are part of a very different ‘establishment’ that the Dean knows very little about. As someone has pointed out, it is the Pope who is now expressing the true meaning of Christianity.

  15. Never trust charitable types! They always have ulterior motives whether they realise it or not. Hells Angels are more trustworthy!

  16. From news articals I can see the church supports peacful protest. So….

    Time for someone or everyone effected to get in contact with the >Arch Bishop of York< hes the one who deals with these type of complaints.

    If he doesnt reply in a required amount of time it can then be taken further.

  17. “The Socialist Commandments, as taught in socialist sunday schools. These met with fierce opposition from the political and religious establishment, being seen as subversive and as indoctrinating children with blasphemous and revolutionary teachings.”

    Times have never changed!.

    • I’m not 100% sure about the wording of the seventh. I mean it was clearly intended as a criticism of rent-seeking and profiteering, but people reading it naively might also turn it against those who cannot work, or cannot find work. As, indeed, we’ve seen happen, especially over the last 30 years; far too many purported lefties (and Labour supporters, and I realise the two groups don’t intersect as far as they think they do) have joined in with that.

  18. People only use the church when they want something and knew what they were doing as was expecting a reaction from the system..
    And it worked.
    Didn’t see people do this to a mosque as you know they would not stand for this !!

    • Yeah, sure, because of course a mosque would be able to summon hundreds of coppers on demand, pillar of the British establishment that it is. Leaving aside that from everything I’ve seen of Muslims, by and large they’d be welcoming the protests and handing out tea.

      Your Islamophobia makes me sick, and I’m positive it has no place here – unless I’ve sorely misjudged Johnny Void. It comes from exactly the same place as the campaigns against disabled people that drive them to mount protests like these, a dark place of fear and loathing and the denial of life itself.

      (Also, you might want to look up the definition of “Semitic” sometime, and realise a little why the same myths that were used to condemn Jews in the 1930s have been recycled against Muslims for the 21st century.)

      • U r right there. I’m a white Muslim. Revert and a socialist, also a trade unionalist. My mosque has worked with George Galloways Respect party n the people’s assembly. Please don’t treat us with suspicion, I’m a single working mum. I’ve bn. Unemployed n struggled @

  19. ……….
    This is a reply to Voidseeker I made in the first posting of this story. I give it again here………I guess they thought the clerics would allow them to set up some tents, etc on Church grounds. They were not inside the former abbey church itself, but on the grass outside. It is as close to Wesminster Place as they could get. I’m only guessing here. But that would be my explanation anyway. As Jonny Void update above shows, this has been a misplaced trust in the anglican vicar (the Dean ) in charge……….

    It’s not as if they were actually inside the building and thus geting in the way of church services. I wouldn’t like that myself. There were out on the grass parkland. But also not that many places ppl can legaly demonstrate near the houses of parliament (Westminster Palace) these days.
    As I say, they must’ve thought the clergy, or the ones that matter at any rate would allow them onto the area outside the building. But I don’t think they expected the hostility they encountered. Not from the Police, not from the church Dean.

    I don’t think it is fair to pin it all the blame for this idiot dean on Christianity.
    Clearly the dean of what used to be an abbey church ain’t up to much! I’m not an anglican, but I wouldn’t blame that entire church either, but I would have thought the local anglican bishop could have said something. I am not much impressed with some of the church leaders.


  20. The irony here is that the Church of England is itself occupying a Church which was originally built for the Catholic faith.

    • Built with money stolen, swindled and otherwise extracted nefariously from ordinary people for centuries; so it’s not as if the Catholic church really have an honest claim to it either.

  21. Johnnyvoid were you actually there at the Abbey yesterday ?

  22. Arbiet Macht Frei again..

    The Dean of Westminster has a very well paid job and with many monetary, housing and status perks and more than likely his appointment was with government backing. He doesn’t want to rock the boat and risk the chance of losing this cushy number. Who can blame him? IDS apparently is a Catholic, perhaps someone should ask the Pope what he thinks. The Dean of Westminster and IDS I think we can safely say do not believe in God or religion (unless it’s to socially control the public or cash in on) any more than my pet cat does. It’s purely a prop to make money from and a very hollow & transparent pretence to try and justify the unjustifiable. Both the Church of England and IDS ‘s time is numbered and about to run out. Hopefully fairly soon.

    • Landless Peasant

      I think they DO believe in God & Religion, it’s just that their belief is warped. They believe that suffering is good for you.

  23. gfranklinpercival

    Church, religion, charity? Pah, forget it. Churchianity is but protopolitics, the C of E intimately bound up with the monarchy. There is no mystery to either, let alone logic or rationality. DWP has two Roman Psychopatholics at its helm, and the Dean of Westminster, from a parochial sense of ecumenical responsibility, goes along with their nonsense. Neither church nor monarchy have a place in modern society.

  24. once again the church shows it stance it isn’t nice they has Christians could and should support those outside it isn’t rocket science but they it seems are still supping with old nick and cant see that this government are thinning their flock out jeff3

  25. Shame of the Church. The Dean should have been out on the lawn in person supporting our disabled citizens. Too busy supporting Wonga. The BBC are also corrupt. Well done everybody. Highlight the continued abuse of this government on our vulnerable people.

  26. Wirral In It Together

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    Thatcher’s boot boys ascend to an even “Higher” calling. The service of God

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    The occupation of Westminster Abbey was intended to follow and imitate the occupation that happened three years ago in 2011. The abbey chapter obviously didn’t want a repeat of the events, and so have let the police violently close down the protest.

  28. its a crying shame you see I asked many a bishop were they supping with old nick yet another one who could have shown compassion by the church by taking a drink out to those protesting another im not seeing you hide away behind closed doors hopping you will go away it seems after 49 bishops got up and said hold on you are wrong to said government thay sat back down supping away tables full wondering why the peasants revolt when austerity isn’t for them but us yes least I forget ten bishops were missing were they sick lame or lazy has they too were very quiet speaking out jeff3

  29. Jacqueline Burns

    I am not sure that the term ‘occupation’ implies peaceful means.
    Why was not contact made with the Church beforehand and a procedure for the truly peaceful protest agreed which would have guaranteed the safety of the protesters and ensured that the Church/ Dean was aware of and happy for the activity to take place?
    Disabled people can be as peaceful or as violent as any other as I found out to my cost when, on a crowded Victoria Street, I moved to one side to allow a heavily pregnant woman more room to pass. A man on a disabled scooter rammed into me from behind and, despite knocking me flying against a glass shop window, kept his hands firmly on the handle bars (ie keeping the motor running) while I struggled to get upright, all the time swearing at me to get out of his ‘f,,,ing’ way’. I was screaming in pain as the wheels ground into my legs and my body was pushed further over causing me to put additional weight on my lymphoedema-affected arm. He only stopped when someone slapped his hands so he lifted them off the controls and the scooter motor stopped. Needless to say he continued to swear at me even though I was clearly unable to get up and was, in fact, hurt and in pain. Imagine a large number of disabled people similarly armed and I can see mob rule taking over in the same way it does in any other context.

    • overburdenddonkey

      jac b
      so you believe that people should not protest, against state violence..that people should simply passively take what is dished out to them…yet you freely admit that it is ok for you to protest…they tested the sanctuary of the church, what should be a safe place of protest @ the heart of political and “spiritual” power to get their message out there…they have…
      i expect today those who took part in yesterdays protests are also bitterly disappointed and angry @ the reaction of the church/state, and that to be heard they were forced to take the action that they have, as am i…why don’t you take the time to research what is going on before passing judgement’s on others based on your bitter perceptions of right and wrong!…

    • The picture you paint of a mob of scooter-riding thugs is a terrifying one, indeed. But it seems a little far-fetched. Now a business enterprise who has historically preyed on the vulnerable and the desperate in order to amass vast wealth for itself over the centuries; that seems less far-fetched. And that, my friend, is why nobody should be asking for the church’s permission to protest their vile behaviour. The Occupy movement is based on taking back that which has been stolen from us; not negotiating with those who did the stealing.

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  31. The church has nothing whatsoever to do with the government’s views on the disabled so why shouldn’t they be moved along? If for example the protesters were to set up on any of your driveways or gardens would you hesitate in phoning the police? That would be a resounding “no” then.

    What they should have done was park themselves outside job centres or DWP premises; far more relevant of course but they are clearly adopting shock tactics. Which isn’t really going to win them any favours and merely wind up the general public who’ll now perceive them in a similar vein to the Greenham Common women. In other words as people who should get a bl**dy job and therefore everyone’s a loser with this pointless form of protesting.

    • I suspect the problem isn’t moving people along. it’s the hypocrisy, yet again, of wealthy church officials. it’s the disgusting violence of the so called ‘police’ force whose behaviour is partly the responsibility of the CofE in this matter.

      That you can dehumanise people in such a way says more about you than it does about a group of desperate people already disadvantaged in our society.

    • You understand that the Church of England is a branch of the government, right?

  32. overburdenddonkey

    sort of ot, but not to my way of thinking….
    the battle of bannock burn happened june 24 1314…so it is startlingly
    commemorated @ bannock burn in june….what happens next…

    • Westminster Abbey protest though small the issues are big – the welfare of the people. This Government is taking what should be the consensual politics of the day deep into the territory of constitutional breaches where the rule of law is brought into disrepute.

      Aye Bannockburn!

  33. Rosemarie Harris

    As well as fighting as the Government,Police,DWP Etc Now people have to fight the church to be heard … Sorry who’s fighting for the little people? We don’t seem to have a lot of rights ,when are the church going to start to fight for the unjust situation many people are being put in by this Rich Government.
    I wouldn’t give much hope now if Jesus Christ came among us !

  34. That is what I expect from the Church and they are investing in Wonga, Church leaders defend decision saying they can improve ethics of companies that are ‘less than ‘morally perfect.’ It is all about £££££££££££ and I would like the Church’s definition of ‘less than morally perfect’. They are not only against the disabled they are now moneylenders and loan sharks. The closer to the pulpit the greater the hypocrisy.

  35. They are out to eliminate as much of the stock as they see it who cannot contribute economically. Stopped going to Church a long time ago when I realized what they were, deluded hypocrites, never seen many poor clergy.

  36. Shame Of The Church of England: Dean of Westminster Allows Hundreds of Police To Attempt Stamp Out Of Disabled People’s Peaceful Protest……..There are evil forces withing the Church, there are more decent Christians who do not go to Church.

  37. Riddle of Epicurus

    I don’t remember when I first read this, but it makes sense to me:

    Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
    Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
    Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?

    Seems pretty airtight to me, unless you have faith, in which case logic doens’t apply.

    • This describes, succintly, what I have thought for over 50 years. Religion (any) is the scourge of mankind!

  38. overburdenddonkey

    amazing bbc bais protest @ pacific quay glasgow today…
    with over 2000 attending, can be seen on independenceLive/events/3071707 it turned into festival/ceilidh….

  39. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Wake up and smell the Tory shit. The established church is the same as it was thousands of years ago, run by non believing devil worshipers who bow to the establishment.
    How can you expect the government to help the people when it has to pay millions in grants to the companies who don’t pay tax in this country yet make billions here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. F#@k1n6 love it. In no forgetting the billions they give to their banker mates to look after the politicians investments. Least but not last all the millions the politicians pay themselves in grants, well you don’t want them spending their own wages like the rest of us on living expenses. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA make sure you vote for you local scum main party politician. Hes worth every penny the lobbyists pay for him

  40. I am from Ayr in Scotland has nothing to do with me but what i have read here is and absolute disgrace by the church,so much for God and his sheep,the leaders are just hypocrits and do not deserve to be leaders of the church especially The Church of England: Did Jesus not cure the sick and disabled well why is his deciples do this to his flock of sheep.

  41. Foods banks should not be allowed to establish themselves as a de facto alternative to statutory social security. They would better serve the poor by challenging welfare reform, in some ways food banks are a complimentary response to welfare reform.

    • People in the situation requiring food should not have to go to foodbanks, they should be given tbe money to buy what they need. How humiliating to go to a food bank. How much does it cost to run them? All that effort to collect and storage, people etc, etc. The do-gooders and apparently forms to fill in what bull shit.

  42. Some churches and faith groups run food banks.
    Just saying like but yes I dont think Jesus would turn protesters away and certainly not disabled protesters at that!

  43. In a way the foodbanks normalise, or at least tacitly acknowledge that hunger has become a ‘given’ within our society.

    Smaller local ones might manage to offer a less demeaning element (but they can’t completely remove it, however hard they try) but the TTrust involves a (non-negotiable) initial ‘sit-down and a chat over a cup of tea’. In addition to the people who work at the cafe (if there is one) and distribute the food parcels, there are two sets of volunteers – one to carry out the initial ‘fact-finding’ chat, and the other to then ‘signpost’ the hungry person(s) to further ‘advice/support’ as deemed necessary. This can be to drug/alcohol/debt agencies, for eg., and includes not only a very personal conversation (presumably) but also a paper-trail (it’s kept on record). All of this is prior to going to the part of the building where the food parcel are made-up and can be collected. As I understandi it, at some point the question of religion is also mentioned (as standard) in the form of an ‘invite’ (this is optional at least) to take part in a meeting/service (religious) at some date/time in the near future, which includes an implicit offer of moral and the possible hope of some further practical support, to follow on from it.

    The difficulty with this is that people who may be deficient in nutrients (possibly malnourished; at the very least lacking in energy and probably at a low ebb) are vulnerable and may be more suggestible than they might otherwise ordinarily be. They may feel beholden or obligated/grateful or embarrassed and may agree for reasons other than a genuine interest in discovering religion at that point. For these two things to be mixed up together (hunger and spiritual awakening) is opportunistic/proselytising, at least. These hurdles must be got through before the voucher is ‘processed’. It shouldn’t prevent anyone who needs to go there but it could very well add to the feelings of despair and unreality/being somehow ‘less than’ (ie. the religious element highlights the charity element).

    • I agree, Shirley. The ‘advice/support’ element is a way of blaming people for being at the foodbank — if they didn’t spend it on drugs, they’ve obviously not managed their nonexistent money wisely. The worst of this intrusiveness is that foodbank users are more visible and vulnerable to social workers who may decide to take their children, saying ‘It’s a terrible shame; we totally disapprove of government policy which leads to this, but the welfare of the child is paramount’.

      Then they give hundreds of pounds to fosterers, or spend that amount on care homes, when money given to parents would have kept the family out of the foodbank. But that, of course, would be out of the question.

  44. Feeling very uncomfortable now on reading this blog i.e 1. Severely disabled people protesting against the closure of the ILF on COE land Westminster Abbey. 2. Hundreds of Met police on duty to prevent further entry & ensure the removal of protestors. 3. No one from the Abbey addresses protestors or police. 4. Unfair Criticism of some on the Internet of Trussell Trust feeding the homeless . 5. Calls for the Bishop of York to intervene & help the protestors. 6. What happens now ? what has been achieved . 7. Who gave these protestors reason to (rightfully protest ) this coalition Government.
    My conclusion ;- (a) People do not just roll over and die .
    (b) Governments of the UK are meant to be its keepers not its masters.
    (c) Too many disabled people have died due to this Governments inadequate & inhumane policies towards disabled people. Details of which are a secret.
    (d) The disabled people of the UK have no official body or statutory body that they can turn to represent them as a body or group to Parliament . Why ? They as people outnumber all the total membership of al the political parties. Don’t let UKIP sell the disabled a new chamber !
    e . What the disabled people of the UK needs is an official statutory organisational body set up by Parliament excluding Peers. Let the disabled people choose by ballot whom they want as their officially appointed representative . After all most disabled people are not as stupid nor as covetous as most politicians.

    • Methusalada,

      The Trussell Trust is not quite the honest broker that it portrays itself as, food bank is just another name for soup kitchen.

      Defending food banks and the breadline social entrepreneurs undermines access to social security for all.

  45. I am aware that the Trussell Trust is a soup kitchen & for some non disabled wretches it is an important & vital resource. Sadly I think you have missed my point on what the needs of all disabled people are. That is a legislated voice in Parliament . A foundation of rights & protection for all disabled people and as you suggest an honest broker.

    • Methusalada,

      Appreciate your points.

      Food banks add to the climate of fear – they can serve two purposes as a stick of austerity and as a vehicle to shift social security into the big society.

      Food banks are not being used as an add on extra to the welfare system but for increasing numbers of vulnerable peoples they are the bottom line.

      Would have thought a legislated voice in Parliament could come under the subtitle of representative democracy for all, in the welfare reform debacle the parliamentary legislated voice has been the doublespeak slanderer of the peoples welfare.

      To fracture the welfare debate into special interest groups the needy and not so needy will facilitate defeat.

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  47. totallygivenup

    it has often crossed my mind what the church were doing in germany during mr hitlers reign maybe now i have the answer,i am ans still remain a christian but this shakes the foundations im going to contact john sentanu regarding this..well done to the protestors

    • …….It is an unfortunate misconception, and one of the greatest propaganda victories of the last century, that Pope Pius XII ( Pope Pacelli ) did not do enough to stop Hitler, or that the Church supported Hitler. That is all false. It is lies, peddled by those who want to try deflect blame for the Nazi disaster onto anyone other than the ppl who actively supported nazism, or who felt Germany was made to be guilty unfairly after it. And there were still very many who felt that way in Germany, even now. The anti Pacelli narrative suits them fine.
      It was also used partly by some in the Church post 1965 who wished to discredit Pacelli, and thereby everything this Pope stood for, in order to help change the liturgy and traditions of the Church.
      Some may have seen/read the book by John Cornwall, who implies Pius supported Hitler, but Cornwall admitted later he over done it and he had no actual proof whatsoever for some of the wilder claims in his since much discredited book.
      However, there are plenty of good studies into the wartime era and actions of the Pope at the time, one of the most authoritative and thoroughly researched using historic documents and news items of the day, is the tome
      by Pierre Blet, “Pius XII and the Second World War.”
      But let us get this straight here. No point condemning the appalling misinformation and downright lies put out by evil jerks like IDS, while happy to accept same against others!
      Pius was a guy who had no army. He knew what Hitler and his evil henchmen were like. He knew that within a few months of the Polish invasion, the Nazis had slaughtered several thousand Polish priests. Quite gruesomely by the way in many instances. The Polish Cardinal had written a damning denunciation of what was going on in Poland and wished to smuggle this out to the Pope, but had a change of heart. He threw the letter in the fire. He was terrified it would lead to even more viscous reprisals. Indeed his fear was that the person who was to carry the letter if it was discovered, would die. The Cardinal thought the better of it.
      Such reprisals were in fact carried out in Holland after the bishops there publicly denounced the Nazis. A nun who was a Jewish convert was sent to Austwich were she died, Edith Stien. John Paul II made her a saint. (Benedicta Stien). The Pope thought it best to try and save whomever he could secretly as it were.
      The accusations against this Pope are totally unfounded. The German Church did not support Hitler. Some folk today think the mere act of excommunicating Hitler would have stopped the war and that all Germany would rise against the Nazis, etc. Hitler was depraved. Had the Church done something like that no one knows what he would have done in return. And it wouldn’t have stopped the war in any way.
      If John Paul couldn’t prevent the Iraq war, when pleading face to face with both Blair and Bush, what makes anyone think Pius could stop a maniac like Hitler?

      However, I see some of that stuff going on here and now with IDS lashing out in all directions against anyone who dare rebuke him over anything however minor. And if the Church banned him or even excommunicated the guy, he would merely wave his hand and go join some other church. Well, probably Westminster Abbey!
      It would not stop any of the present policies though. It would however be a humiliating slap in the face to the creep. The difference of course here is that IDS at least doesn’t have his own army with guns, but they do have their benefit sanctions. It leads to the same thing. And IDS is a mini Hitler, and the Church has publicly condemned his policies. Hasn’t made much a difference as yet. But as with the Nazis, IDS and McVey….their time will come! They will be made to regret their crimes bitterly.

      • The only time I read about the pope in WW2 doing anything pro Nazi, was when he apparently prayed for a successful invasion of atheist Soviet Russia in 1941.

        • ……..Dunno where you got that one from .it is quite untrue. Pius was of the opinion both Nazi Germany and Communist Russia were as bad as each other. And so it proved to be. Both ideologies he repudiated. And besides, in Eastern Poland, and Ukraine, having replaced the Russians, the Nazis were just as appallingly bad, if not worse as it turned out.
          However as much as the Pope was concerned about the truly atrocious Stalin, (who was actually worse than Hitler) the Pope conceded after the invasion, that Russia did have the right to defend itself. Hardly the comment of a pro nazi!

          I just wish the present Church leaders would see the ideology of David Cameron and IDS is just as nazi as anything Hitler came up 80 years ago. While. IDS and “Hilter Camreon” do not target any ethnic group or defeated people, they endlessly hound the poor, the sick and the disabled, and just as the Nazis had different degree levels of persecutions to different groups, so it is here. And IDS has especial contempt, I would say hatred, for the unemployed. His policies driving ppl to suicide, and then of course we have ATOS, and all of these evil persecutions of the populace he despises, he is proud of!
          Thus do I refer to them as THE NEW NAZIS. I have been calling them that since the day they stole power at Westminster 4 years ago. I have noticed this past year, many other ppl now call them such.

  48. Is this dean a follower of Christianity, but in league with the devil ?

  49. I think the point is being missed. Foodbanks definitely shouldn’t be needed in 21st century Britain, agreed but this is what they, the TT themselves are/have been saying alll along but are seemingly being intimidated into silence because it makes this government look bad. That is the issue here.

    • overburdenddonkey

      shirley nott above points out a vehicle of recruitment to a cause…food should be freely given without any obligation to answer any questions…that people have been forced to go to food banks is humiliating enough..the customer has acted rationally in going to a foodbank as a matter of need, because it is the only option open to them…the use of foodbanks is being actively encouraged by the state…the foodbanks are not the victims here it is their customers….foodbank providers et al should carry on lobbying the state vigorously to change their current austerity driven welfare policies…

      • & I think they are, indeed, ‘customers’.

        ‘tho not sure how it works with the TT (where their start-up monies are from?) – they are setting up any number of franchises country-wide & they state that the number of branches have grown exponentially in the past few years. Where I live – a large city oop north – there are two (at the last count) & they opened around a year ago – one at either side of the city. They’ve been set up in conjunction with/are run by volunteers who are members of a local church. The ‘model’ (as described above) is prescribed by TT representatives prior to the food banks’ opening. TT specify that their logos etc. are on what the volunteers wear /on any marketing/printed info that’s used. (Their own brand). Perhaps the local church pay to use the initial start-up materials/for the advice on setting up etc.

  50. Landless Peasant

    Well I know most of you refuse to acknowledge the truth of the matter, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the root of all our problems is the Protestant Work Ethic, i.e. the firmly held belief that one can achieve Ascension through work. This is what underpins the entire economic-political system in Britain and USA. We are all unwitting participants in a monumental Alchemical experiment, began centuries ago, and still in progress today.

  51. the t t isn’t a thing of but turned out to be some savior in showing up this government lets not forget this charity tt is in it to make monies ie set up fees and use of their name yes indeed its bitting its masters hands yet when you tell me of charity isn’t it given freely not charged but they have atleast shown that there are very many many many being sanctioned being denied benefits yet on it goes not much done about the que is getting bigger by the day yet our rtu ids denies its his problem making when will they our elected mps stand up for our rights isn’t it that easy by pointing in that house that policy of the torys is killing us yet on its goes the que to leave this world gets bigger the que to food hall grows bigger the que to benefits gets less denied at point by them yet on it goes jeff3

  52. “A reporter for local daily Sheffield newspaper, the Sheffield Star, was threatened with arrest under the Terrorism Act on June 23, as he attempted to film a protest against cuts to concessionary travel passes for pensioners and disabled people”

    This will soon become the norm…..

  53. Landless Peasant

    “Duncan Smith will not change. He is a neurotic authoritarian who wants to be powerful and expects to be obeyed, while living with the fear that everyone will dismiss him as a clown if he shows the smallest weakness. Those fears were amply realised in 2003. You may have forgotten that Duncan Smith was once leader of the Conservative party and saw himself as a future prime minister. Then his colleagues showed that, while he thought of himself as a statesman, they thought of him as an abject failure, a man who could not distinguish between reality and whatever ideological programme was animating his mind.”

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    • Another Fine Mess

      Good article.

      people in our research pretended they still had jobs

      Amazingly I did that myself this afternoon. Someone assumed, so I just didn’t say anything. Presumably they must have though I was just on my way home from working in a field as a scarecrow.

  55. You can post your favourite photos here

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  58. Disgraceful ! Shocking at shame on the church and government !! Why isn’t this on the news ???????

  59. Reblogged this on SMILING CARCASS'S TWO-PENNETH and commented:
    Well, collusion by inaction was evident in the rise and continuance of Nazism; what’s so different here?

    The church is elitist and part of the established order; why would they want change?

  60. In case you’re not already aware there’s a music group called ‘Captain Ska’ who have recorded some great tracks protesting against austerity cuts. Check them out here:
    and pass it on to get more views.

  61. landless peasant: we do get that you’re anti Christian (protestant) you don’t need to labour the point -that isn’t the reason for the article..

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  64. Good Christian folk eh? Thank God I’m an atheist.


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  67. Robin The Boy Wonder

    The Dean of Westminster is just like that other C of E icon, Henry VIII….
    ie: a complete and utter cunt!

  68. Thanks for reading it, it’s very important
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  70. Hmm is anyone else encountering problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to find out if its a problem on my end or if it’s
    the blog. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.

  71. Evil Obnoxious Out of a Nazi State which Con Dem Britain with it’s
    Victimisation of the Poor and Totalitanism is

    The Trendy ” Church of England ” I have long ceased to
    Regard in Large Measure as a Genuinely Christian Church
    when Outrages like this Occur Jesus Christ Never Victimised the Poor

  72. The Evil and Nastiness behind this and other Acts of Victimisation of
    the Poor and Vulnerable show the Results of De Christianisation of
    Britain in Favour of a Materialist I Am All Jack Moral Bankruptcy

  73. People should be Angry at the Greed Arrogance and Selfishness of
    too Many Rich People Not be Victimising the Poor and Vulnerable

    Thatcher during her Evil Regime brought More Selfishness into
    British Society and it is Time that the Cancer of Thatcherism was
    Cured by Common Sense Socialism

    Better the Red Flag than Slavery and Oppression

  74. It Makes my Blood Boil with Rage what a Nation of Oblivious
    Dummies I Live in

    Sheople can Get Drunk sit in Front of a TV or Follow the
    Football but Not get out and Protest against Public Spending

    The Public at Large are just as Responsible for what a
    Hellhole this Country is as the Knuckleheads at
    Westminster are

    Shame on All who have Collaborated and Acted the Ostrich

  75. Instead of being Christian the Suppression of the Protest at
    Westminster Abbey smacks of Totalitarianism

  76. Totalitarianism is Abhorrent like Amorality

    True Christians JHelp the Poor and Stand Up for Them

  77. Scum I Despise and that is a Lot of the Youth of Today who are Not
    just LitterLouts and General Hooligans but also Oblivious to the
    Plight of the Suffering

    If they Experienced Suffering themselves they might Not be such
    Ignorant Boneheads

  78. It should be Always be Remembered the Evil of the Nazi Brutes in
    their Victimisation of the Poor and the ILL to Create their Sick
    ” Herrenvolk ” Pahlava

    Equally the Arrogance and Ignorance of Tory Politicians in Victimising
    the Poor and Vulnerable those Pompous Ignorant Toff Bullies has to
    be Condemned and Opposed Today .

    Let Good Triumph over Evil

  79. I had No Idea this was going on in your Country the brutality and fund cutting of the disabled now my next question has this become a new international Agenda!???

  80. So Called ” Alternative ” Sheople are Really Selfish Vain Sheepish Idiots.

    Better People are Suffering and Starving in this Country and in theWider World whilst Such Idiots are Obsessed with Hair Fashions and Expect Money to be Wasted on such Sheepish Vanity .

    There is Nothing ” Alternative ” about Sheepishly Following Celebrity Idiot Trendy Hair Fashions

    It Angers Me Sheople being more Obsessed with ” Image ” than Having Decent Government and Social Justice

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