Disabled Protesters Occupy Grounds of Westminster Abbey and Set Up Camp

DPAC-LogoDisabled people have today occupied the grounds of Westminster Abbey in protest at the closure of the Independent Living Fund.

In a bold escalation of the campaign against this vicious move, the protesters are currently establishing a camp for independent living,  Campaigners want to draw attention to this Government’s treatment of severely disabled people who depend on the ILF to lead independent lives.

The camp is being organised by Disabled People Against Cuts with backing from Occupy and UK Uncut and comes after over three years campaigning against the closure of the ILF, a move which has already been found illegal in the Appeal Court.  Disabled people’s organisations have warned that shutting down the fund is likely to lead to some people being forced to live in  institutions due to local council cutbacks.

The camp will help build for an Independence Day protest on July 4th which could see the biggest demonstration yet outside the Department of Work and Pensions.  Meet at 2pm outside the DWP, Caxton House, Tothill Street, SW1

In the meantime those at the Abbey have called on people to come down and support the occupation, and help spread the word!

Please blog, tweet, share etc.

For the latest news follow @Dis_PPL_Protest on twitter or visit their website at:  http://dpac.uk.net/

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20 responses to “Disabled Protesters Occupy Grounds of Westminster Abbey and Set Up Camp

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  2. IN SOLIDARITY against this draconian legislation

  3. Rosemarie Harris

    Lets hope the press world wide take this up. Everyone who is in London needs to support this go and see if any one needs help.
    Well it’s just warming up and the best way is by Direct action.

  4. You’ll only see mainstream press coverage if there is violence or vandalism.

    • Better take a seat for this mate but the bbc have reported this protest. They say around 100 protesters.
      50,000 protested last week and no mention from the british bullshitting company.

  5. Massive police presence ‘to protect public’.
    The Police have apparently removed wheelchair ramps & are not allowing food, fluids or medication for the protesters.
    Ch4 were doing a televised interview.
    I’m Not there, all this information from tweets.
    In solidarity to all those there & involved

  6. I hope that the vital equipment and food is let through – these people have a right to protest and they also have a right to eat and medicate without the things being kept away from them.
    How dare the police do this. If people who were not disabled did the same protest then would the police withhold anything from them? Of course not, they would have a camp and would have already have water and food. Just because the disabled have different needs they are targeted – I would have thought that withholding medicines and fluids is against the law – and if they are doing this then they are low life scum and should not be in such positions of authority – or are the G4S guards – wouldn’t put it past them.

  7. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    Please, please reblog this and tweet, facebook as well…

  8. This protest is trending on twitter, but no mention of it on BBC news or Sky News!

  9. Well done to everyone there fighting this corrupt nazi government. All the best to these brave people and I wouldn’t be surprised if the water cannons were used against them.

  10. ……All too often the Police are acting as tho they were the private militia of the REGIME, the exact same way DWP act as IDS own personal militia.
    Protest against the REGIME is barely tolerated. Step out of line just a wee bit, and they use anti terror laws against you. If they don’t like the way some big demo is going, they block the ppl off into tight areas and then we see what that always leads to.
    We have seen an example of heavy handed police actions by the Transport Police at a train station in Sheffield last week with elderly folks attempting to undertake a peaceful protest.
    The resulting chaos was unacceptable, and wholly avoidable, and that as guys in their 60s and disabled ppl too!
    They used anti terror laws to force a local newspaper journalist to delete vid of event, but others there did manage to tape it, and its online now!
    Local paper is demanding explanation from Police. That’s poodle Clegg’s bit of the world. Woner what he has to say of it, if anything. Not we suspect, anything of use!

  11. Why Westminster Abbey?

    • ….I guess they thought the clerics would allow them to set up some tents, etc on Church grounds. They were not inside the former abbey church itself, but on the grass outside. It is as close to Wesminster Place as they could get. I’m only guessing here. But that would be my explanation anyway. As Jonny Void update above shows, this has been a misplaced trust in the anglican vicar (the Dean ) in charge.

    • My thoughts exactly; it has absolutely nothing to do with the Church but is a high profile location therefore the “organisers” (clearly Occupy types) know the chaos it will cause. The term “Church and State” has been quite obsolete for some time at least in the UK and if anything the church are fighting a losing battle against the Tories themselves (gay marriage legislation etc). But organisers of these kind of things don’t really rely on relevance as long as their message is heard. You get the same pseudo-anarchist hypocrisy with groups like the UAF who are far more racist and violent than those they often rally against. And as usual the people these protests are supposed to be defending whether that be disabled, a minority, gay or unemployed are usurped by self righteous pr*cks with a totally different agenda that being simply to cause trouble. C*nts the lot of ’em. You can just picture them listening to old Killing Joke albums, reading battered copies of The Invisibles and thinking they have a point. They don’t. And never will.

  12. this gov want all disabled people to die and is nothing more than nazis

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  14. Yet its OK to discriminate against white people and deny them the chance to apply for a job that says only ethnics need apply …Positive discrimination is tearing the country apart

    • do fuck off on this thread please

    • Only in your imagination.

      Meanwhile in the location we refer to as reality:

      ETHNIC MINORITY jobseekers are “twice as likely to be unemployed” than white jobseekers, new figures show.


      In the 12 months leading to September 2013, the unemployment rate for black, Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities was 12 per cent, twice the rate of white jobseekers, according to latest statistics from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

      Of course, you won’t let a pesky little thing called reality interfere with your white supremacist fantasy world.

      White Supremacy: enjoying all the privileges of being white, whilst playing the victim and whining about being oppressed by those disadvantaged, mistreated and marginalised by actual racial discrimination.

  15. An easy way to round them up is for the police to go there with one of those big magnets like you get at car crushing yards

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