UK Uncut Set To Boot Out Boots

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Saturday 28th June 3.00pm

107 Victoria Street, London, SW1E 6RA

It’s football season and time to BOOT OUT BOOTS!

The Government won’t make Boots pay, so we will! Boots have dodged £1.3bn in Tax since 2007. That’s £1.3bn of our money that could be spent on safe homes, schools, hospitals, women’s services, legal aid and keeping our NHS public. The tax dodged by Boots alone could pay for 78,000 nurses or 5.2m ambulance calls.

Despite numerous calls for an investigation, HMRC are not interested in looking into Boots’ dodgy tax deals. The Government refuse to make them pay yet continue to slash our much needed health and welfare services saying there is no money left.

Don’t just get angry, get your football boots ready, get your kit on, pull your socks up and join UK Uncut on 28/06/14 for a football-themed action.

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See you on the Streets!

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27 responses to “UK Uncut Set To Boot Out Boots

  1. Landless Peasant

    The Directors & Shareholders of Boots ought to be now lined up in front of Dave & Boris’s water cannons until they pay up.

  2. What do you honestly expect; the same applies to U2, Amazon and I think Elton John or perhaps the latter is just wishful thinking. We are talking about a leadership that can’t even look after the indigenous population in favour of the non-indigenous (overseas aid, passport fast tracking) and is quite happy to see public services crippled by the influx.

    • “Elton John”


      Elton John is one of the FEW who pay ALL their taxes in FULL, I think you you should have said Gary Barlow, he doesn’t like paying tax!, puts it off-shore!, he is also a BIG Tory supporter!!!.

    • Landless Peasant

      What’s your problem with Foreign Aid?

      • It goes to foreigners.

        • Landless Peasant

          So what?

            • Foreign aid is not the humanitarian and noble programme that the mainstream media likes to present it as. It is just another tool of western imperialism: a method of control. A way to control other countries, so they can ruthlessly exploit them and keep them totally dependent on them, the same way a drug dealer uses his supply of drugs to exploit and control a drug addict.

              They extract a lot more wealth from these countries than they dole out to them in aid, but Little Englander’s understanding of foreign aid is just what they have been taught to believe by the ‘free’ press: “bleeding heart do-gooders are giving our money away to inferior unimportant foreigners that should be spent on us”. Well I’ve got news for you. Even if they stopped all foreign aid tomorrow, they still wouldn’t spend that money on you.

              This government has deliberately increased poverty, hunger, homelessness, suffering, misery and hopelessness in this country, even forcing the terminally ill to spend their last months of life doing workfare, so how credible is it, that they would hate their own poor people so much, but at the same time care so deeply about the welfare of foreign poor people, that they would altruistically send aid money to help alleviate their poverty and suffering?

        • There seems to be a great deal of hypocrisy on these boards; you can’t blame the Tories for everything. Labour in turn royally b*ggered the economy not to mention opened the gate to the influx that is currently breaking the purse strings as it were. Yes the Tories did originally bring us into the EU/EC back in the day but it was under Labour where the wheels really came off the cart.

          Were a tighter rein held on immigration, overseas aid or the war effort there really wouldn’t be a need for sanctions nor benefit cuts let alone work placements. There is absolutely nothing racist about it; it is simply good housekeeping and you always get your own house in order first before helping others. Calling someone a racist is little more than a defence mechanism the weak use when they are losing an argument of reality versus fantasy. It would be nice if we all lived in some kind of peaceful multi-cultural paradise but at what cost; no jobs, increasing homelessness, poverty and crime? Simple economics dictate too many people of whatever ethnicity will break a country. Enough jobs will never be created with an economic downturn and rising population; therefore something has to give. Although I won’t be voting Tory in 2015 Cameron is at least trying to tighten the control of how many EU nationals can come/go and work freely in the UK. Whether that is a good or bad thing depends whether you are currently employed or not; you work it out…

  3. Is there any MP that has the guts to take on these companies and strip them of the money they owe, plus interest? Didn’t think so – not in any party…

  4. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    A damned disgrace – I hope their businesses end up down the drain in the future…

  5. got to be better than this shower of shit I brought to Brazil 🙂

  6. Rosemarie Harris

    And they have a bloody cheek taking shoplifters to court for stealing!
    what we need is stickers so when we pop in to steal things we can leave a message telling them to stop stealing from the British taxpayer…. They should be in the dock after all if they aren’t stealing then neither is the person who takes something in boots without paying!

  7. OT.

    “Detroit has too much of some things – stray dogs, abandoned houses – and not enough of others, such as residents who pay their water bills.

    The latest sign of Detroit’s decline came from the city’s water department, when it said in March it would begin shutting off water for up to 3,000 homes and businesses a week in an attempt to stop the utility from sliding even further into debt.”

    • I can foresee a time when they will start rationing water for people here in the UK, starting with the unemployed of course – a daily allowance where you will be expected to drink, bathe, wash your clothes and wash your dishes in the same bath full of water and then later on, maybe they will introduce communal standpipes in poor areas where everyone on a street has to come out to collect their ration of water everyday.

    • RESULT, Tommy 🙂 here’s hoping the lying, cheating, two-faced smarmy cunt gets sent down for a long stretch. 🙂 SOLIDARITY!! 🙂

  8. i spend me giro on lobster thermodor, weed and fags

    never mind spending on schools and hospitals that that 1.7 billion knicker going spare could also have given me a £1.7 billion rise in me old JSA… 🙂

  9. Landless Peasant

    What about Workfare, are Boots involved?

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