Ed Miliband, A Nasty Clueless Idiot, Now Who Does That Remind You Of?

What if the reason Ed Miliband looks and sounds like such a dick is because he is actually a dick?

What if the reason Ed Miliband looks and sounds like such a dick is because he is actually a dick?

Once again the chinless fucking idiots at Labour’s favourite think tank the IPPR have spoken and once again gormless Ed Miliband has lapped up their vomit and turned it into Labour Party policy.

The contemptible idea that benefits for young people should be means-tested based on their parent’s wealth is a recipe for tearing fractured families apart.  Young people whose parents decide they don’t want to pay their dole will face having to declare themselves ‘estranged’ from their parents, a process which could see them leaving the family home.  Those  who have faced parental abuse will be trapped with their abusers for even longer as the welfare state fails to provide a safety net.  Of course posh wankers like Miliband don’t think this kind of thing can go on in higher income families, only the poor abuse their children in the minds of Hampstead liberals.  Speak to anyone who has lived or worked in a young person’s homeless hostel and they will tell you a very different story – all of those young people will be at risk if Miliband ever gets his way.

His endlessly complex plans to strip benefits from those under 22 and force them into training or Labour’s workfare plus a sandwich scheme is equally reckless.   We already know what kind of training ends up being on offer on these schemes once the grasping welfare-to-work sector has their hands on them.   Miliband wants to force hundreds of thousands of young people into insecure, temporary and part time minimum wage work with their salaries all funded by the tax-payer.  So why would any employer actually offer a young person a real job?

By far the nastiest element however of Miliband’s proposed reforms is yet more attacks on sick or disabled claimants.  Paying a higher rate of benefit only to those who have paid five years National Insurance contributions will enshrine disability discrimination in the benefits system.  Due to Labour’s last round of welfare reforms, thousands of sick or disabled people are now on the dole after being stripped of benefits due to the Atos regime.  Shamefully recent DWP statistics show that less than 2% of these people are actually finding work even after a year of help (stop laughing) from the Work Programme.

This group –  too sick to find a job and not sick enough to qualify for sickness benefits – would find themselves condemned to a lower rate of payment through no fault of their own.   A payment that will be vulnerable to further cuts as those on the lower rate of Jobseekers Allowance will fast become the official undeserving poor in the eyes of much of the press and the political classes.

It doesn’t even end there.  In the report on which Miliband’s policies are based, the IPPR are not just recommending that unemployed people be forced into training or workfare but also sick or disabled young people currently claiming Employment Support Allowance.  In a move so callous it would make George Osborne blush, the IPPR wants to cut their benefits as well with a new Youth Allowance set at the current rate of Jobseeker’s Allowance.

Young sick or disabled people who are currently in the Work Related Activity Group of ESA would see their meagre incomes cut almost in half under these plans.  It is unclear whether this group would also be subject to the parental means test but it seems likely.  Anyone who thinks the Labour Party have changed and now give a shit about disabled people should take note.  This goes way beyond anything the Tory Party have proposed to date, although by playing their game Miliband has now  given them a reason to go even further.

It is not yet clear if Miliband will adopt this part of the IPPR’s recommendations as he barely seems to have a clue himself what he’s doing.  But these proposals show a genuinely repugnant side to the man who happily fucked over his own brother to further his career but can’t even eat a bacon sandwich without it turning into a national joke.  One of the hallmarks of the Tory administration has been the toxic combination of bungling and brutality.  Ed Miliband has shown this week that he is equally inept, but just as nasty as the very worst of the current slime in government.

The IPPR’s report can be read at: http://www.ippr.org/publications/the-condition-of-britain-strategies-for-social-renewal

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126 responses to “Ed Miliband, A Nasty Clueless Idiot, Now Who Does That Remind You Of?

  1. Is it just me or does all this point to a massive increase in crime on the way?

    • That’s why Boris has just bought water cannons, they know its gonna kick off very soon.

    • Landless Peasant

      Of course it does. There are many young people who will fall foul of this and end up sanctioned, then in Prison. Already there are young people in my neighbourhood who have told me they know of no alternative to drug dealing. If you’re not suitable for Training you fail by default.
      And what Training is to be provided and by whom? Will it be of good quality? Who will pay for it? Will the Training lead to employment, if so, doing what exactly? Total bullshit from some poncy out-of-touch rich twat in a suit. Miliband wouldn’t last long round here I can tell you, the local Wolves/Vultures would soon have him. What does he know about the lives of the poor?

      • So, they end up in prison at a cost of £40 000 a year to the taxpayer when the government could have saved half of that money by creating jobs for them. Oh wait, we can’t have that- it’s far too sensible!

    • It points to a massive rise in the numbers voting UKIP.

      • Landless Peasant

        UKIP? Why on earth would anyone do that?

        • Masses when faced with declining standards of living will choose the newest option in the fleeting hope that things will improve. Whether they will is debatable of course but they cannot possibly be any worse than Tory or Labour. Couple that with the fact immigration and overseas threats are always in the news and you have a massive swerve in the direction of UKIP. It isn’t rocket science.

          • Landless Peasant

            @ Sylver

            “…they cannot possibly be any worse than Tory or Labour”

            I disagree. UKIP would be a hundred times worse. They’re Nazis with no other policies but kick the foreigner. I can’t believe anyone of sound mind would even consider voting UKIP ! I’d rather spoil my ballot than vote for them lot.

  2. Dear Mr Parkin, the massive increase in crime is already with us, why do you think ministers are crapping their pants with the already overburdened state of our prisons. Violent crime and Cyber crime statistics are going through the roof plus metal theft as the fastest growing criminal industry, as Mr Void says, our clueless politicians have everyone in the country in serious jeopardy, people forced into criminal activity through vicious Welfare reforms are just using the basic instinct of survival, it doesn’t matter to them if you’re rich or poor there is no distinction when it comes to kill or be killed. Politicians have children too, haven’t they worked out yet that their own offspring are facing a perilous future?

    • Landless Peasant

      Politicians children…now there’s a thought…I was just wondering what to have for supper…..

    • They aren’t, though. That’s the point; there really is a chasm opening up between those with access to power and the rest of us. Unfortunately about half the population of the country think they’re on the good side of it, and only realise how completely they’ve been stranded on the bad side when things go horribly wrong for them.

      It’s going to come down to the richest twelfth of the world’s population making a concerted, obvious effort to annihilate the rest of us, in the hope that they’ll buy their own survival by doing so. And with the converging disasters of climate change, the end of growth, peak oil and global overpopulation still on course to hurtle down on us by the middle of the century – expect it to start soon. First our freedoms will go. Then our means of support. Then, when we protest this, our lives.

      Expect at least one major protest, in what purports to be a liberal democracy, to be annihilated using weapons of mass destruction within the next 25 years.

    • You fail to mention the fact lax immigration and an over burdened population are the actual realities behind rising crime figures and pretty much every public service being fit to breaking point. Sanctions alone would not statistically register as an increase in crime as despite 5 million people being currently unemployed the UK consists of 64 million and let’s face it the majority of those unemployed are law abiding. In simple terms less than 3% of the population is out of work and that level is quite manageable even if they were all criminals. Which they are not of course.

  3. Miliband will say anything to get the middle class vote and still expects the potential victims of his policies to vote for him. Without the victims voting for him he has no chance at the next election. Even if all the unemployed had level 3 skills, not enough real jobs exist so many would remain unemployed regardless. I would rather see the total collapse of Milibands labour party if it led to a new labour party being born that had true labour values and protected the poor. I agree with the comment regarding Milibands policies giving the Tories the green light to be as nasty as they like with the knowledge that Labour would also treat the poor badly.

  4. Er, doesn’t this policy have a BIG BIG hole? Does anyone at Labour remember Single Mums/Dads/Stay at home Mums? Those looking after family members? Well done Mr MilliBland, well done. Now how long before Mums Net spots this and hits the roof followed by a swift “well we were just testing the waters, see like…is that the time! Must be off.”

  5. The only hope for anyone on this shitty little island now lies with the Scots; maybe if they recognise the paucity of hope on offer by staying tied to Westminster (where the choice is basically between the nasty fascists in the blue corner and the nasty fascists in the red – sorry, other blue – corner), they’ll vote for independence by such a wide margin that the English political establishment gets the rug pulled out from under them. Not that Scotland will instantly become a socialist paradise for all, but the SNP do seem to be the only party (a) capable of supporting the welfare state, and (b) capable of actually winning elections, even in a system designed to frustrate such a goal.
    But allow me to advance another theory. For five years, we’ve had to endure a coalition, formed purportedly in the national interest, throwing that national interest under a bus in favour of fucking as much of the country up as possible so that when Labour inevitably won in 2015 there’d be so much of a mess for them to rectify, and even trying would make them so unpopular, that the Tories would be assured of another 20 years in government from 2020 (or, if Scotland left – and despite their protestations, it’s clear that Osborne has been doing everything he possibly can to further to cause of independence short of reintroducing the poll tax – 2016, when Labour’s majority left with it). Osborne clearly never believed he’d have to clean up the mess he’s made of the economy; there’s no way anyone would have introduced a white elephant like Help to Buy if they thought they’d actually still be in charge when the resulting bubble burst.

    Facing that, is it any wonder that Labour don’t really WANT to win the next election? Not realising how completely they’re cut from exactly the same cloth as the party they despise above all other considerations, they’ll happily chuck the whole country under a bus if it means the Tories end up having to run it for one more term than they intended to. Far better to win a landslide in 2020 after all the Tory chickens come home to roost than a marginal victory in 2015 that’s snatched away from them again a year later.

    A plague on both their houses. Preferably ebola. As soon as I’m able to, I’m getting the hell out of the UK. I don’t know whether that means a post-independent Scotland, Ireland, or just walking off the Dover cliffs yet. But staying under Westminster’s rule, under a political class which no longer accepts the rule of law, the concept of human rights, the reality of its constituents or even the simple fact that it has no automatic right to power and a responsibility to govern in the interests of those it represents – that’s no longer tenable. For anyone, and I grieve for those who can’t get out.

  6. jamespaulpark59

    Miliband you posh tory Bastard

  7. Landless Peasant

    Fuck off Miliband you Class Traitor.

  8. Landless Peasant

    If Labour ever had a plot in the first place, they’ve well & truly lost it now. Attempting to out-tory the Tories is hardly a vote-winner for me. Our Social Security system needs to provide adequate Benefits in an accessible user-friendly, and non-restrictive manner to all those who need them. Our young people are no longer faced with the ‘choice’ of factory fodder or cannon fodder. These are more enlightened times. The cat is out of the bag. We/they won’t buy it. If anything, our youngsters shall be water-cannon fodder!

  9. None of the socialist little parties voted for a universal citizen wage, non means tested, but clawed back from the rich by a 50 per cent Income Tax rate.

    As the poor spend all of their income, one blog worked out that citizen wage is funding neutral, as at the moment Welfare Reform costs around £100 billiona year, yet stealth taxes bearing down on the poor more than the rich bring in around £500 billion a year, especially when add in cigarette and alcohol duty.

    97 per cent of the benefits bill goes to people in work and poor pensioners, with only 3 per cent on the unemployed. So it is amazing that Labour says the Tory misinformation of ‘getting people off benefit and into work’ and ‘making work pay’, when the working poor are on wages stagnated to the worth of 2002 levels.

    If TUSC (see their banned video
    on my personal website
    from 2015:
    gave us a citizen wage, guaranteed, universal and non-means tested,
    in or out of work
    shut down all welfare reform admin both public sector and private firms, and Jobcentres costing billions
    and granted state pension at 60 to men and women (plus citizen wage if no other pension income) – back-dating the loss to women from 2013 turning 60 and to men turning 65.
    – Gave back the Income Tax higher tax band from 65 but put it at 60 from April 2015.

    Both of these would be funding neutral and vote winners, as would replace all benefits admin overnight in 2015.

    Especially to women, who have lost out even more than men under Austerity, welfare and pension reform.

    Would TUSC (Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition) do that please, because then they would pass Labour like it was standing still like the
    Lib Dems constantly being beaten by the Elvis Party and coming around 6th in elections, even losing their deposit.

    TUSC after all has a Chairperson who is an ex Labour MP Dave Nellist.

    Either TUSC or Labour are missing on a landslide victory in 2015, instead of a minority government or the Tories winning by default as the vulnerable, young, old, sick, disabled, all see no point in voting.

    Is there no better leaders than Mr Miliband and Mr Balls for Labour able to listen to people and not American political websites?

    • The Green Party supports a citizen’s income. That’s the only reason I support them.

      “97% of the benefits bill goes to people in work and poor pensioners”

      And landlords. Don’t forget landlords – the second biggest beneficiaries of the welfare state after pensioners. Tenants don’t see a penny of housing benefit (unless they withhold their rent, and even then the landlord can apply to have it paid directly). Yet to hear the Tories, tenants are trousering vast sums of money AND hoovering up mansions. (Of course, where benefits are concerned, fact and reason have long since left the building.)

      Also, disabled people get about 10% of the benefits budget, but you could arguably lump us in with “pensioners” as “people who aren’t required to work”.

  10. But you all still vote party politics? Look at Ed’s make up?
    This prick and every other party politician in Westminster is in it for the
    ‘Dough’. Keep voting Party; Keep voting for a country that imports foreigners to slap a tax ticket on your wind screen and takes 72 % of your income in tax whilst expecting you to live and work in poverty until you DIE.
    Nice job guys.

    • Landless Peasant

      I am not opposed to fair taxation, nor am I opposed to tickets for illegal parking, whether issued by a foreign worker or not.

  11. You hear that sound, thats the sound of a million 18-25 yearolds walking away from voting Labour.

    In one mighty bound Miliband destroys his chances in 2015 by following a wonk tanks recommendations.

    • You would think so wouldn’t you but sheep are still sheep. The Lib Dems still got votes in the local elections despite having betrayed every single one of their past voters via the coalition. Not to mention pretty much instigating a reversal on every policy they’d sprouted. However voting for someone is better than not voting; the sheer amount of shite that is talked on here suggesting not to vote achieves nothing at all. Typing little more than bloggage level excretia won’t change the UK; only voting will.

  12. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    Well, it looks like ‘Red’ Ed – a misnomer if ever there was one – has decided to join the Iain Duncan Smith fan club. Actually, reading through the proposals, it looks as though Miliband is trying to out IDS Iain Duncan Smith. If any of you are going on the Peoples’ Assembly march in London this afternoon, bear this is mind when clueless twats like Owen Jones get up on the podium to urge you to vote Labour at the next election in 2015. If you’re aged between 18 – 21, to all intents and purposes, it looks as though Miliband couldn’t give a toss about your vote…

  13. We need a left wing party big enough to win.

  14. I just want to add a minor point, namely, whatever happened to the age of majority? When young people of 18 and over have their parents means-tested, thus implicitly held responsible for their support, and are forced into ‘training’ in exchange for pocket money, they’re effectively classed as children.

    In Scotland, the fascistic ‘named person’ plan affects young people of 16 and 17 as well as younger ones, even though 16 is officially the age of majority in Scotland. (Yes, I support independence, which isn’t to be confused with SNP policy.) They can vote in the referendum — that’s fine with the SNP — but they and their beleaguered parents still have an official ‘child’s guardian’ looking over their shoulder and ready to pounce in the event of any deviation from GIRFEC perfection.

    In social-work practice, the state can now keep young people in care until 21, offering them ‘support’ (i.e. control of their lives) until they’re 26.

    The young people concerned are in theory full citizens, with the right to vote, marry, and join the army, but the one essential thing they’re denied is the chance of an independent adult life, with their own income and their own home (unless you count army life as a form of independence — and in Scotland, even 16 and 17-yr-old serving soldiers would have a ‘named person’ monitoring them).

    It’s clear that the controlling classes can’t stand for any working-class person to be recognized as an adult. Keep them in some form of ‘school’ as long as you can, then when they’re older, but unemployed because it’s convenient for the ruling class to maintain high unemployment, treat them as inadequate and in need of further training, motivation, work experience and what-have-you imposed by their betters. And this prolonged childhood can continue until the end of their lives, as witness the previous Void column about ‘help-to-work’ for the over-50s.

    • Paternalism ‘gone Mad’.

    • The paddle of rebuke that socialises the adult into a permanent state of juvenile delinquency where authority is rebuked not only to challenge the slave master but the masters slave, a puerile condition worse than slavery.

      • overburdenddonkey

        they try to stop one putting needs of self 1st and impose their will onto one, by controlling one’s life’s vital’s, the system actively prevents emotional maturity….but instead encourages winners and losers,
        survival of the fittest…put self 1st and become healed….

  15. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    My Dear Friends

    It is gratifying indeed to see that my ideas in respect to welfare reform have not only been taken on board by the Labour Party (or should I say the IPPR, Labour seemingly having no original ideas of its own) but extended in all sorts of new directions previously undreamed of by me or my colleagues Lord David Freud and the lovely Esther McVey.

    Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, they say, and the Labour Party flatters me exorbitantly by exceeding my own ambition to drive as many benefit claimants as possible into part-time low-paid jobs or into an early grave.

    Ed Miliband is my spiritual son in whom I am well pleased.

    God bless you all.

    We are working for you.


  16. If hes the best Labour can offer goodness help us. Looks like a muppet, eats like a muppet you know the rest

  17. the labour party is dead in the water

  18. Maybe they’re smarter and more cynical than you think. The Tories couldn’t believe their luck when they became the government (I can’t say “won the last election” because they didn’t) and have proceeded on the assumption they’d be out at the next election. Without the propect of winning the next election they have been the most vicious, brutal, extreme right wing government this country has seen, looting and wrecking everything they can because they knew they wouldn’t have to clean up the mess. Lose the election, let Fat Dave join the gravy train for ex-prime ministers, let Boris work on his amiable, bumbling idiot act for five years while Labour stands in a lake of shit, trying to sort out the Tory mess, rising interest rates, the house price crash and the next financial collapse. After which, the Tories resume government and blame everything on the Labour government. Such is the scale of the disaster facing Britain in the next few years I suspect Labour has questioned whether it really wants to win the next election or whether it would like to see the country burn and the Tories pulled apart by UKIP under the leadership of the increasingly tetchy Fat Dave and his moronic chancellor. Is Labour really, that calculating and cynical or is it just out of touch and inept, led by the equivalent of John Major, a man promoted way past his abilities because of who he wasn’t.

    • Landless Peasant

      “Is Labour really, that calculating and cynical or is it just out of touch and inept”

      The latter.

  19. Pull The Other One

    @KentAllard…Total bollocks. Blame the Tories for Labour’s failings and lack of common sense policies. Boo Hoo, Sniff Sniff…Please don’t blame Labour for anything. It’s never the socialists fault. Miliband is being forced by the Tories to be mean and beastly. Boo fucking Hoo. Utterly pathetic post.

  20. In case you missed it, the Labour Party recently tried to bury its own commissioned report on disability and poverty –
    Actions speak louder than words – Labour publish Poverty & Disability taskforce report
    Benefit Scrounging Scum
    25 Apr 2014

  21. I reach retirement age in September of next year, & I can hardly wait! F**k the DWP & this government!

    • Do let us know what it’s like to go to sleep a burden on society that society can no longer tolerate or afford, and wake up a valued member of the electorate whose views, wishes and needs are paramount. Some of us here will, after all, never live to find out.

      (I wonder what the long term future of a country which throws its youths under the bus it’s laid on for its pensioners can possibly be…?)

      • Nothing stopping you from voting. There’s not a long line of pensioners blockading the polling station to stop the young getting in.

        And don’t worry, the government will be withdrawing the bus pass in the next Parliament, and probably means-testing the winter fuel allowance and no doubt the state pension itself before long. Will that make you happy? Will it put more money in your pocket?

        Such bloody stupidity, blaming us for government policy. The more people think like you, falling for the government’s divide-and-rule tactics, the more likely you are to find yourself in the workhouse when you get old — and you will get old, believe it or not.

        • Actually, I probably won’t. I’m autistic and have long term treatment-resistant depression, among other things, and as such am at elevated risk of suicide – a risk that grows by the day. (Also, I have been utterly sure since I was 24 that I would die at 47.) Now reread your insistence that I *will* get old (you promise?!) and consider just how offensive it will sound to anyone reading with, for example, a terminal illness.

          However, it’s interesting that you read my comment as an attack on you. It was actually intended in quite the opposite way, as a rallying call for us all to stand together – and to point out the absurdity of a government policy that seeks to impose an arbitrary division between sheep and goats on an arbitrary birthday. That you took it as an attack to support further division, I would suggest, says much more about your own mindset – not to say the success of the tactic – than it does about my words.

          For the record, I am fast approaching middle age, I do vote (although since I vote Green, I might as well not), and I think that far from being withdrawn, the benefits you mention should be disconnected from age, since they don’t suddenly become necessary on anyone’s 65th birthday (unless they’re very unlucky).

  22. if there legally adults what the fuck has there parents income got to do with anything.

    leggaly there only lodgers with there parents.

    its like asking someone flatmate to support them.

  23. Does anyone think ,I do that, Chuka Umuna (I think it’s spelled correctly) or Chris Bryant would make grear Labour leaders? I think both of these have great credibility and potential personally.

    • LOL! You must be joking! Those two are right up to their necks in the Neo-Liberal Labour doctrine that has taken the party and made a laughing stock out of it.

      Honestly John, are you that naive?

    • Landless Peasant

      Dennis Skinner for Party Leader.

  24. Fly on the Wall

    Ed Miliband: the gormless dick who doesn’t watch TV, doesn’t read (expect for obscure American economic journals), can’t eat a bacon sandwich and is so terrified of anyone hearing him taking a dump that he can’t take a shit if anyone else is in the next room!

  25. if those young people move out of home because of it they will have to claim housing benefit which will cost the government a lot more.

    • The same document contained proposals to let local councils set housing benefit levels. Presumably that would empower them to set those levels to zero for people under 25 – in other words, the same policy as the Tories, but with Labour being able to pass the blame down to local councils.

      You only have to look at how many safe Labour councils looked at the cut to council tax funding and applied a uniform 20-30% cut to council tax benefit levels, rather than seeking to protect those least able to pay (by, for example, adjusting the withdrawal rates), to see how that’d work out; local government, when challenged on this, blamed the national government – which, predictably, blamed local government right back. I’m not sure what has persuaded Labour that “vote for us, we’re pushed around by anyone with a bigger stick” is a winning electoral message, but then they have thinktanks for that.

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    Oh Labour, what the hell are you doing?

  27. If you liked school you'll love work

    @ Katherine, I’ve always thought that we never really leave school anyway. All the way through our adult lives we are treated as just big kids anyway. And all the roles we take on in adult life are formed in the classroom and playground…. it’s just a continuation.

    • I’ve always thought that we never really leave school anyway. All the way through our adult lives we are treated as just big kids anyway.

      Brainwashing factories, If ever there was a case for home schooling that is it.

  28. They can still have their Champagne Socialist State without offering up the crumbs of welfare to the people by redistributing wealth to each other.

  29. Landless Peasant

    I got my JSA yesterday and now I am completely broke again. The entire fortnight’s money gone in just 24 hours. Another two weeks twiddling my thumbs and struggling to survive. Up yours Miliband.

  30. The Miliband brother’s are PURE evil.

    “The Vicious Cynicism of David Miliband”


  31. “The reforms are expected to see more government offices privatised and turned into “public service mutuals”, which are owned by their staff, but funded by private sector payments rather than the taxpayer.”

    That is meaningless statecraft unless you are a warlord setting up a private militia.

  32. Labour has the chance to offer hope, a different take on the way the country is run to give ordinary citizens a fairer and more decent future,yet all they can come up with is even more of the same old Tory crap we all know and hate .

    I am not voting for any party that supports workfare, the bedroom tax, the thoroughly useless ‘work programme’, atos-style ‘assessments’ and scapegoating the disabled,sick and unemployed. Full stop.

    Living in Scotland though,I can at least vote in September to escape the madhouse that the UK is fast becoming. And the SNP and Green Party up here have rather different takes on the kind of society that the three main Westminster parties want to create.

  33. i buy whiskey with ma giro

    that sponging cunt ids is gunna be grilled on Tuesday in the commons

  34. He’s trying to woo back the working class white-van-men who voted UKIP

    • Landless Peasant

      And in the process has lost the unemployed Working Class who might have voted Labour but now won’t.

  35. I was looking on the news last night for some report on the anti austerity march in London and the only coverage I found was on the RT channel. They at least had a reporter on the streets and showed some of the marchers. Did anyone see any reports on ITV or the BBC as I didn’t. It’s bad when we have to look on a freeview channel that’s based in Moscow for information regarding events in Britain.

    • Landless Peasant

      Didn’t see/hear anything about it in mainstream media. When I posted a comment on the BBC to publicize the event the beeb removed it saying I was promoting a business!

  36. I just noticed that Rachel Reeves in on Sunday Politics later. Should be interesting to hear what she has to say on welfare.

  37. Landless Peasant

    Labour Party Class Traitors still publicly supporting doomed Universal Credit:


  38. Can Labour be trusted at all?

    • Oh yes.

      If you want pusillanimity where principles should live, if you expect it to throw its core vote under a bus at every opportunity, if you bet on them staying the smallest increment possible to the left of the Tories unless there’s a clear space to the right they can inhabit – then yes, Labour are absolutely reliable.

  39. Another Fine Mess

    On The Sunday Politics Rachel Reeves admits that labour’s ‘training threats’ are only for 100,000 of the 900,000 unemployed young.
    So the question is why are the other 800,000 unemployed then?

    Education, education, education means nothing without a job
    Most of the comments are more sensible than the article.

    • We all know where this is ultimately leading and that is to blaming the 900,000 for being white working class, loathed by the progressive left and despised by the progressive right.

      • Um, “white” working class? Do you really think there are no non-white people represented in that 900,000? Do you really think that poor white kids have it harder than poor black or Asian kids?

        (Funny thing about racism. You can try to keep a lid on it for the sake of appearance, but every so often it peeks out and waves when you’re not paying attention.)

        • The categorisation and reference to – white working class children – white working class boys and girls – Poor white British children – poor white British under-attainment – was the core of the article.

          Do you honestly believe that this group can not be discriminated against by the powers that be,

          • No, which is why I honestly didn’t say that. But it’s interesting how often when someone says “X will face more obstacles than Y” someone else can always be relied upon to pipe up “do you honestly think Y has an easy time of it, then?”

            I wonder why that is?

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      the guardian dug up a lot of irrelevant issues…they could have simply said 100000 people are being excluded for being excluded!

  40. … maybe it is the discrimination of the progressive left that do not consider the advancement of their ideology as lying with the established working class.

  41. fuck labour fuck the nazti party.. fuck every party,, they dont have a clue
    the working class are dog shit on there shoes to them ,, and fuck the dwp
    evil bastards,,,

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  43. Very Good article, but you go into detail about where the Labour Policies will hurt the sick and vulnerable, as if this has any relevance, it doesn’t!
    This policy has one aim, for Labour to make a play for the voters who have bought into the lie that it’s the oft called ‘benefit scroungers’ who are somehow partly responsible for the UK’s ills.
    The heart and soul of the Labour Party was ripped out by Blair and his cronies, and Blairites like Jim Murphy and Douglas Alexander continue this drive.
    Anyone who votes for or is a member of Labour, who still thinks they ‘care about’ the vulnerable or under privileged in the UK, need to take a long look in the mirror and admit to themselves that these days are long gone.

    • Landless Peasant

      Labour sold out years ago, and it was them who introduced Benefit Sanctions. I won’t Labour until they abolish Benefit Sanctions, apologise, and compensate all those who were illegally sanctioned. I also insist that whoever is in power obeys the Council of Europe LAW on amount of State Benefits payable. So far Labour haven’t even mentioned this, and I doubt they ever will.

    • Landless Peasant

      P.S. Labour also joined-in with the “scroungers” & “shirkers” demonization, though thankfully Liam Byrne has gone now.

  44. Landless Peasant

    And another thing, why do they need to introduce compulsory training when they’ve already promised/threatened the compulsory ‘Jobs Guarantee’ ?

    • Another Fine Mess

      Why do these ‘created’ jobs cost 100s of £millions to ‘create’ and administer. If there really was lots of work that needed doing, then a profit or a saving would be made. It shouldn’t ‘cost’ anything, it’s just more evidence that the work doesn’t exsist.

  45. The Willpedes

    It is not a job any more than MWA is a ‘job’. What kind of job can you “face tough benefit sanction if you drop out off the scheme”. It is MWA/CWP ‘re- branded’ Labour’s “Compulsory Jobs Guarantee is nothing but Workfare with a Sandwich!

  46. Vote UKIP in 2015, and get the UKIP/Tory government the UK needs, Nigel Farage will be the next Deputy PM…

    All praise to the saviour of the thick, dumb, irrational and xenophobic ‘common’ man of the UK…we need Nazism, look how strong it made post WW1 Germany…

    Heil Farage -our German descended Reichgruppenfuhrer.

  47. Great post. I’m not British, and if you had asked me what “gormless meant before I read this, I wouldn’t have had a clue. I do now, though. 😉

  48. Pingback: Ed Miliband?? | clivelord

  49. Hey! Half of my DNA came out of a dick. Stop insulting things like dicks by comparing them to such utterly useless turds like Millliband.

  50. Landless Peasant

    And now Milipede is talking tripe about allowing public access to PMQT. Not the type of free access I envisage perhaps but some silly panto performance probably. Seriously, wtf? This is bullshit. Who get’s chosen to ask? Who pays their travel costs to/from Westminster? What happens when they are dissatisfied with the inevitably duff non-answer? What’s the bloody point? We already employ MPs to represnt us, that’s their fucking job, Miliband you bone-idle good-for-nothing.

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