Welfare-To-Work Award Nominees Greggs Compared Workfare To Slavery

greggs-slave-labourThe welfare-to-work industry are holding their annual workfare awards tomorrow (June 2nd) with a glitzy tax-payer funded ceremony attended by Minister for Unemployment Esther McVey.

The corporate back-slapping knees up will see companies like A4e and G4S handing out awards to themselves in celebration of another lucrative year for the UK’s biggest benefit scammers.

Companies such as Marks & Spencer, who last year boasted that 2% of their workforce doesn’t get paid, are also up for awards, along with surprise nomination Greggs.

Greggs are quite happy to employ unpaid workers on their own work experience scheme, but claim not to be involved in workfare which they compare to slavery.  This is unlikely to go down well with the judges at tomorrow’s event.

The event is organised by ERSA, the trade body established to lie on behalf of the welfare-to-work sector.  They are keen for people to give their thoughts on the event using the hashtag #ersaawards2014 Please spread the word and tell the bastards what you think.

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92 responses to “Welfare-To-Work Award Nominees Greggs Compared Workfare To Slavery

  1. What I’d really like to know is how these work placements (under whatever bloody name or guise they want give them) is of any benefit to anyone of circa 60 years of age who, up untill now has been ‘lucky’ enough to be continuously employed (well, up to 2008 when the shit really hit the fan for the construction industry). We really don’t need lessons in how to get of bed in the morning (thanks!) from a useless idiot engaged by some profiteering ‘provider’. WE NEED JOBS!! (and preferably at rates/salaries that are not less than we were earning nearly twenty years ago!)

    • When I was on the work pogrom, I said something to my ‘adviser’ about the severe lack of jobs and the fierce competition for the few that there are being quite an obstacle to finding a job, so she responded that I needed to go on a confidence building course. I found that so infuriating. They are so fucking patronising and find a way to turn everything into a way to blame the victim.

      • R34, so how did the confidence building course go?….and how much did the confidence building course provider get paid (by the ‘hard working tax payer’, of course!). The very best of luck to you in finding work for which you actually receive the requisite remuneration for your efforts, it should be an opportunity which is available to everyone. (Anybody know a political party which will subscribe to that?…’cos I’m fucked if I do!)

        • Well I ended up not having to go on the course in the end, but it just goes to show their victim blaming mentality. My factual comment about the dire job market just summarily dismissed as being a symptom of my supposed lack of confidence. Nothing to do with the dire job market, no, the problem must be with me. I just needed to be fixed by one of their courses and then a decently paid full-time job would just magically appear.

          Most of the Sanctioncentre and Work Pogrom ‘advisers’ I have had to interact with, seemed to genuinely believe that the job market is the same as it was in the 60s; that there are plenty of jobs out there (some said that to me) that you can get whatever job you want in any field you desire; you just have to apply for it, show up at the interview and it’s yours and if you can’t find a job, it’s because you don’t really want to work. One ‘adviser’ asked me if I just sat at home and watched Jeremy Kyle all day.

          I’ve got a ‘job’ for now if you can even call it that, that is even worse than I thought it was going to be: ‘flexible’ hours, atrocious poverty pay, demeaning, arduous, mind-numbing drudgery, a rude, petty, nitpicking, unreasonable, ruthless, exploitative, slave-driving maniac for a boss that I already dearly despise and two-faced despicable co-workers. A truly soul-destroying experience.

          • You should have put in a complaint about that ‘adviser.’ That remark about Jeremy Kyle was highly inappropriate and reeks of prejudice! Someone like that should not be in the job.

    • Well at 60 years old, you really should have worked hard enough and saved enough money not to be worried. Don’t blame everybody else for your failings.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Don’t be so daft, are you norman tebbit.
        Have you no idea what’s happened to the vast majority of UK hard workers during the last 25 years.
        It doesn’t matter how hard everyone works, or how well qualified they all are, it’s just not possible for all 30 million of us to become CEOs of investment banks, and even it was, where do you think that the wealth that banks make actually comes from.

      • Steve you are a fucking nob!!!

      • Saved enough?! Bullshit! Tried that and it just got inflated to fuck!

      • Landless Peasant

        @ Steve Parker

        Don’t be daft. I’m not all that far off 60 myself and I haven’t got a penny to my name, literally. The Rich have all the money.

        • I don’t suppose that you’ve worked your balls off most of your life and found your services dispensed with in the event of one or more of several economic downturns, perhaps? Welcome to the club….there’s millions of us!!
          See you (working for nothing) in Poundland, perhaps?!

      • Steve Parker, there is a huge difference between having worked hard enough and being paid in accordance with one’s experience, hard work and qualifications, so fuck off you knobhead!

      • Silly. Since everyone on a full-time minimum wage living independently HAS to claim things like Housing Benefit (to help pay their rent) and Tax Credits (to help pay for essentials like food and utilities) nobody on the minimum wage can save much, if anything, even over a human lifetime.

      • Steve Parker is a moron

  2. Landless Peasant

    The UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines Slavery as;

    “work or service which is exacted from any person under the threat of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily”.

    Workfare = Slavery. Help To Work = Slavery.

    • The ILO registers complaints against entities that are violating international rules; however, it does not impose sanctions on governments.

      More the 1World monopolistic globalisation of the UN than the pragmatic ILO “makeable society” of the interwar years.

    • Double standards by Greggs and their rolls are shite as well and their bridies.

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  4. Will that piece of shit simon weston be there?

    • Simon Weston, the guy who was blinded in the Falklands War!? What does he have to do with workfare, ghosty? Is he on the Working Links board or something?

      • He is a Thatcherite, never knew that. You learn something new every day 🙂 Going to keep on digging…

        • just because simon Weston may be a thatcherite doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong. Try vilifying those who truly deserve it like the vile, vacuous tramp, mcvey!!!!

          • totallygivenup

            and hes now a millionaire through charity work so he has nothing to fear from ATOS or workfare..he makes me livid

          • Being a Thatcherite is doing something wrong.

            • Exactly. being one of those means you adhere to a policy of discriminating against the working class and anyone in society who’s on the breadline or unable to work for whatever reason.

              They are the Nazi party ideologically committed to hammering the poor in society and their way of life.

              Tragedy what happened to Weston but as ‘totallygivenup’ says, that doesn’t make you a good person.

              All Tories are wankers, period.

        • totallygivenup

          i have come accross mr weston while in the forces hes a stuck up fucker desperate to be knighted if cameron asked him to personally organise trains to the death camps hed do iyt for the knighthood,just cause you suffered terrible burns does not make you a nice person

  5. I assume Marks and Spencer, Greggs and other companies will be lowering their prices to consumers bearing in mind those consumers are employing their taxes are paying the forced labour person’s benefits. And consumers should remember these forced labour schemes will drive down wages to employees. They are trying to enslave people. People on work placement schemes can do companies a lot of damage and it is the wise employer who refuses to participate in this extremist new world order. I won’t be in Greggs again.

    • The consumers, being ‘hard working tax payers’, along with all of the bone fucking idle tax payers who I have been unfortunate enough to work alongside, don’t give a flying fuck about the unemployed…..until it happens to them! They’re allright Jack…..for now, anyway..

  6. Marks and Spencers is an expensive shop so why do they need unpaid slave labour?

    As the retirement age was raised, we have people aged 60 and over, disabled / chronic sick declared fit for work, lost state pension at 60 for women from 2013, being forced to work for companies as wealthy as
    M & S.

    In Greggs they will not be allowed to get a free pasty as that would be payment.

    So no wages and looking at food being eaten all day.

    How much more cruelty can these original inventors be, of the Workhouse and forbidding feeding the starving on the street of the New Poor Law back in the 19th century.

    If Workfare was fair, then the taxpayer should get a refund from the taxes paid by the companies to government, directly in their Income Tax or reduce Council Tax for all.

    Workfare should be a week’s probation and then either hired or let go.

    Companies who let everyone go after the week, should be taxed more.

    Slaves throughout history were fed, clothed, housed and transported free of charge. Workfare slavery is something Labour should put in its manifesto to abolish not ‘reform’.

    Reform is a debased term now shown to mean abolition.

    So seen in Pension Reform, so deprive especially women of any state pension at all, so nil food money in old age forever.

  7. Rosemarie Harris

    It’s really funny that the ‘pimps’ have a union that gives awards to the best ‘pimps’ so really we are shafted up the A**** and the oral is them telling us how good they are and then after a few months we are back at the clinic (job centre) with the same disease (unemployment) ready to be used all over again!
    It’s time we fucked them!

  8. Greggs, but young job centre plus candidates could be sanctioned for declining a Jobcentre Plus referral to your unpaid work scheme.

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  10. I see the army is keen to exploit the unemployed http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/may/29/army-training-scheme-unemployed The current Private Eye mentions army reservists have drastically fallen in numbers since the government stopped paying an annual bounty and put them on zero hour contracts. I can see where this will end up

    • Then when they come home maimed and suffering with PTSD, Atos will be waiting here for them to find them fit for work.

    • The British Army, (and no doubt most other armies) have traditionally recruited heavily in areas of economic depression – think of the Scottish regiments that trace their history from around the time of the Highland Clearances, the Irish Regiments that grew during the 1840s.

      England’s empire wasn’t backwards in coming forwards in using colonial troops to grow the empire, but most think of African and Indian and a plethora of ‘other’ peoples when considering the meaning of the word colonial, but it also means those nations first colonised by the English state – Wales first, then Ireland and finally Scotland before embarking on the rest of the world.

      Even that doesn’t go far enough – England and the English themselves were colonised, by the Normans. Think of all those aristocratic families with ‘foreign’ sounding names, the descendents of those Norman conquerors who still wield a disproportionate amount of power. That may be history, but there is such a thing as internal colonialism as well, which perhaps better explains the contemporary situation in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and those areas outside the orbit of the wealthy south east of England.

      I would reckon that a disproportionate number of army recruits are from those economically depressed areas – the North East of England comes to mind, though it could be anywhere.

      I guess that being forced to join the army, ‘conscription’ is the ultimate form of workfare. It may be paid, but look at the kind of work it is, and the working conditions? There is no union, and instead of a three year sanction there is the death penalty for refusal. Though in that it is perhaps more humane…

      Foreigners are not our enemies, and immigrants are not to blame for the state of our society, just as the unemployed or the sick and disabled are not responsible for the banks failing and the consequent false need for austerity. There are only one group of people who are responsible and they are the rich and powerful and it is we who ultimately let them get away with it.

      No War but Class War!

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    Ashamed to see that a great North Eastern bakers such as Greggs, who would not be a success if not for the working class people of this country, now exploiting the same people via workfare. Disgraceful

  12. May they all burn in hell for their deceit and lies. What goes around, comes around.

    • People keep on referring to ‘karma’ and saying ‘you reap what you sow’ & ‘what goes around comes around’, but I don’t see any evidence of it. I think it is just wishful thinking. How is Henry Kissinger paying for all the blood he has shed and the lives he has destroyed? How are Bush, Cheney & Blair paying for their crimes against humanity?

      If anything, the wicked seem to get rewarded for their evil acts and get to live in heaven: power, influence, respect, deference, the finest food, beautiful women, mansions, servants, chauffeur driven limousines, yachts, private tropical island paradises, it’s their victims that are the ones who are left to ‘burn’ in hell on earth.

      • overburdenddonkey

        i agree wishful thinking, karma et al, has no part to play, pragmatism does…just why do we turn up to/for their schemes? for our vitals and in vain/slim hope that they can help us, that’s the point where our self esteem is/can be destroyed (self confidence and self esteem are the same things), our minds know that these schemes are useless…why not a clearly laid out plan stating exactly what these schemes do or claim to do before one is tempted to participate, we also need to see actual testimonials from participants, like we can for other products, goods, or services, in no other walk of life do we take the sellers word for their product being what it is claimed to be, why are we forced to do so in this case!..the attitude that the problem of there being no fcuking jobs, is the fault of the claimant must stop, this is clearly insulting abuse, every box needs to be ticked, the types of work that one can do must be clearly out there, and they simply are not or one would be doing them ….which is why these schemes must always be voluntary and remain voluntary throughout the process otherwise they are dictating to one, oppressing one…we can volunteer but then if on participation we see the content is crap we should be free to leave without sanction…freedom of choice, specifically freewill, CONSENT, must be honored at all times…it’s like going into a shop, being told once one has entered and bought something, one must now shop there for life until they say no or else, mutuality is vanished, de-existed …once they impose that condtionality they are implying one’s mind is crap, and what they sell is perfect for one…SE is actively being eroded by their abusive behaviors, they know there is no where else for one too shop for an income, there is no fair exchange…behaviorism pavlov’s dogs you must consume our products, or get no vitals…there is NO free market economy under these circumstances…as we must only buy what they say is good for us and never having the experience of finding out this for ourselves and freely choosing to no longer participate, that is where our self esteem/self belief/self confidence, aka collectively as self esteem, suffers or is destroyed strangled…people have always actively and willingly participated in paid employment, when it is available…imposing what others claim to be good for us, when in fact it is only good for them, is highly toxic therefore destructive..we are being taught that to get money it is ok to bully…the welfare state was set up to prevent this from happening, and to preserve dignity. ie dog eat dog ultimately is bad for all…a decent welfare state is an essential part of the common weal…

      • Unfortunately Karma is not over one lifetime. It is spread over all your lives – so depending on your beliefs – it can be spread over many lives. e.g. The Hindus believe in 84,000 lives, The Brahma Kumaris believe in 1 to a maximum of 84 lives. The soul builds up a karmic account and when the body dies the soul moves to another birth. Thus the karmic account builds or is settled. Thus Bush, Cheney, Blair etc. are having a wonderful time in their present bodies, but may get paid back and suffer in a different birth/body. Other religions may have different ideas but I don’t know enough to comment on them.

        • overburdenddonkey

          no! i don’t agree, karma is non-sense…that’s my religious view karma is ballcocks with bells on….

        • That might be seen to suggest that those suffering under the current regime are actually getting a well-deserved payback for something they did in a past life ? And therefore deserved ?

          • Shape Shifting Reptilian

            David Icke got pilloried for this when he suggested that born crippled were paying for the bad karma from a previous life!

        • Well that’s rather convenient isn’t it? They get to live in heaven right here right now, here on Earth, enjoying the very best of everything while they are living and breathing, but in a few thousand future lives time, one day, they will finally pay for their crimes. Yeah fucking right lol. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

          • overburdenddonkey

            i was going to post this but i decided not to, oops!
            being led, teachings, gurus. doctrine, dogma, and is ballcocks…we are all born new fresh with no a/c to settle..the world we are now born into should be heaven for all, instead it is hell for many…then we die end of story..except for me, because i’m coming back to haunt advocates of karma, until they grow up and take full responsibility for the suffering that the principles of karma causes….

  13. Check out the ever helpful PCS members in the Peckham JCP, especially the manageress. See how interested they are in what people have to say about their large rate of sanctioning claimants.

    Ever present G4S bullies hovering in the background for that authentic JCP feel.

    • Landless Peasant

      Fucking disgusting. The Police should have charged the Jobcentre with wasting their time.

      • I like the “professional” manner in which it is dealt with; the G4s muscle act aggressive from the offset whilst the DWP woman tries to hide from a clearly peaceful demonstration/POV. Imagine what it’ll be like when G4s run the workfare schemes…

  14. totallygivenup

    g4s the stazi fuckers…at the meeting of bilderberg last week they are looking at ways to stop youtube from allowing stuff like this being posted i bet itll happen very soon..the truth is not good

  15. greggs webpage seems to be having a few problems at present….


    UH OH… there was a problem handling your request.

    Sorry about this, please try again.

    I wonder why? 🙂

    Careers link :

    A Database Error Occurred

    Unable to connect to your database server using the provided settings.

    Filename: core/Loader.php

    Line Number: 346

    • Landless Peasant

      Greggs pasties also have a problem, they taste like greasy shite. Over-priced too.

      • Yeah that’s what i was meaning Landless, we call them bridies. It used to be years ago they were great with good meat in them now it’s been replaced by a horrible cheap runny squidgy shit mixture.

        Friggin’ horrible! Shouldn’t be allowed to sell that shit, it’s not fit for human consumption!

        • Landless Peasant

          Luckily in my City there is also a Pound Pasty shop, which is nicer than Greggs, and a bigger choice, AND you get two for a quid!

          • I remember when they changed to the cheap shit recipe. One day i got one and started eating it and bit into it and all the “meat?” was this runny horrible crap! I said “what the hell’s wrong with this Bridie? all the meat’s like a squidgy runny texture instead of being solid!”

            Never had one again, total crap!

  16. Landless Peasant

    IDS you stupid bald-headed bastard, your poxy website is fucking hopeless, it won’t let me log on despite trying all week with several different accounts and email addresses, and yes I have cleared my bloody cache. IT DOESN’T FUCKING WORK YOU CUNT. If I get sanctioned for this someone is going to die.

  17. I agree with the comment earlier that what goes around comes around is rarely the case. It might be the case with poor people but anyone who has contacts in high positions usually gets away with it.I’m sure we could all make a list of well known politicians who have prospered when they should really be in prison. Tony Blair for a start, Neil Hamilton and cash for questions. the list goes on.

  18. CAS is not automatically opposed to sanctions. However our position remains that sanctions must only be used as a last resort for those who have consistently and deliberately refused to engage with jobseeking requirements without good reason. If sanctions are to be used, then we believe they should be applied appropriately and consistently and with discretion. It is clear that the current operation of the sanctions
    regime is not in line with these principles.

    Citizens Advice Scotland hypocritical and disingenuous to then claim to represent thousands of sanctioned Scots, could your in principle support for JSA sanctions have anything to do with where you draw your funding from?

    That in principle support only serves to undermine your claim to represents the sanctioned poor of Scotland and undermines others in their opposition to sanctions.

    • overburdenddonkey

      “refused to engage with jobseeking requirements without good reason.” which means they implicitly support dwp conditionaliy…jobseeking requirements, play directly into the workshy scrounger rhetoric, and cultivate a general acceptance of blaming the unemployed et al, for no actual jobs being available…which is why the jobseeking scheme was founded in the 1st place…to shift the blame of the jobs vacuum caused as a direct result of what past govts were doing had done and/or failed to do in destroying jobs, by not ensuring other jobs were there to go to, also to artificially lower unemployment figures, whilst not actually creating new employment opps, masking what was actually going on…basically they want to maintain their judgmental position, and not challenge the dwp…they must come out and say there are no circumstances where sanctions are acceptable…SOLD OUT literally…

      • So how then can a jobseeker who asks the CAS(B) for advice concerning a sanction trust them to act impartially? They could be thinking: “That piece of work-shy scum deserves to sanctioned. We will deliberately muck up their appeal.”

        • CAB are friggin’ useless from my experience. Go to them with any complex benefit problem and they don’t have a clue.

          You end up having to do it yourself. They’re a joke.

          Time i went the guy was so clueless he couldn’t even operate the computer and printer to print me off a form!!! I had to do it myself!

          • I agree the CAB are useless. Over the last 20 years I have visited them regarding four different things. After the initial visit and their promising to help me, they have been appalling. They give the wrong information and incorrect advice.
            After my first Atos medical when I was found ‘fit to work’ – along with everyone else, I put in an appeal. I asked CAB for their help in putting together the appeal and for them to come along to the hearing with me. At the first meeting, the woman I saw went berserk shouting at me that she wouldn’t go to the hearing with me. I had only asked her if she would, at this point. Because I had taken notes with me pointing out the defects of the Atos doctor’s report, I was considered too intelligent to need their help with the paperwork or at the hearing. Despite the fact I have a Learning Disability, and the 6 points I did receive was due to this.
            It is a total waste of time asking CABs advice.
            I did question with the CAB manager whether the shouty woman I had originally seen, was there under sufferance of workfare. He said not. I’m not sure I believe him.

            I did much better at my next Atos medical by reading JohnnyVoid and all the comments.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i bet you feel better in yourself for not falling for their crap…need support go grassroots…

  19. Another Fine Mess

    It’s been working for me, unfortunately.
    Is it saying your number and password are incorrect, or is it just sticking and not showing a page at all.
    You could try here; http://www.gateway.gov.uk
    If you know how to make a copy of your internet connection, you could make a copy – but using alternate dns. http://www.opendns.com

  20. Here’s some news that’ll fill you with good cheer, depending on how you look at it. On the one hand, we may be shot of McVey soon. But on the other, it would appear that she is being rewarded for treating us like shit.

    “Esther McVey, the former GMTV presenter who has impressed over the past year in her role as employment minister under Iain Duncan Smith, is tipped to be given her own department.”


    • Own department- doing what, I wonder? If anyone needs to be kicked out asap, it’s IDS!

    • Minister For Screeching And Stupidity. Every time Fat Dave has an unpleasant announcement, she’ll make it as no one can bear that castrating-a-pig-with-a-rusty-breadknife shriek for long enough to understand what McVile is actually saying.

      I had no idea Ken Clarke was even in the cabinet, what an indispensible contribution he’s made. You may have noticed there is bugger all legislation this year and the Queen’s Speech looks like it’ll be shorter than an IDS explanation. Under previous governments an election would have been called but Fat Dave rigged it so he can’t be kicked out without two thirds of the Commons voting for it. I’m sure there’ll be some even more hateful legislation against the poor but mostly this year is for Fat Dave to chillax and play Angry Birds till the next election when he can board the Blair gravy train and start collecting the retrospective bribes.

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    MPs Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey were alighting from a car outside Parliament when journalist Sonia Poulton spotted them. It’s brief but it shows that IDS, a former solider (apparently) is far from an officer and a gentleman…

    Iain Duncan Smith and Esther McVey running from the truth.

  22. The Tories would put the sick and unemployed in front of the Einzatsgruppen if they could. They are evil people.

  23. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Anyone on ESA and on the Work Programme really needs to take serious notice of this:

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