Universal Credit Boss Has Been On The Sick For Nearly Five Months! Where’s Atos When You Need Them?

atos_dr_nickThe man in charge of bungling the introduction of Universal Credit is currently only working a day a week after being on the sick since last Christmas.

Howard Shiplee is the builder that Iain Duncan Smith brought in to rescue his doomed project to reform benefits last year.  He is the sixth boss Universal Credit has had in the last two years and after just a few months in the job went on long-term sick leave.  According to Computer Weekly, who uncovered the story, he was suffering from bronchitis which has now developed into something more serious.  The publication claims the DWP are looking for someone to replace him behind his back.

Of course Shiplee, like everyone else, has the right to take time off if he is unwell.  But 20,000 people with respiratory conditions have been found fit for work since the Atos assessments began.  Under Universal Credit some of those claimants could be sent on workfare, or will face endless ‘work related activity’ to bully them off benefits.  This is the system that Howard Shiplee is being paid huge amounts of tax payer’s money to introduce, or at least he is when he actually turns up to work.  So fuck him.  Send him a pack of fags as a get well soon present.

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  1. I think we all know the drill … one rule for us and one rule for them!

  2. LOOL. they can’t even get their own house in order, let alone help us into real work. I bet IDS is now defending his UC boss to the hilt and won’t ever do fuck all to either sack the lazy cunt or to put him under review.

    I’m waiting for the bald berk to make a statement on his own website explaining as to why his UC boss is on the sick fiddle, although it’ll be deafening silence as usual if an FOI is made and the DWP refuses it for ‘not being in the public interest’.

    IDS is clawing onto his cushy job yet again. Surely he needs to be pushed out before the DWP finally self-destructs under his totalled cock-up.

  3. Looked on his own DWP page only to find he has got a CBE. For what? Licking IDS’ ass cheeks or bunging him vast amounts of money to land him the job of overseeing our meagre benefits?



    (1) From the coming into force of this Act it shall be unlawful to issue a zero hours
    contract as defined in subsection (3).

    (2) Any existing contract with one of the features set out in subsection (3) shall be

    (3) A zero hours contract is a contract or arrangement for the provision of labour
    which fails to specify guaranteed working hours and has one or more of the
    following features—

    (a) it requires the worker to be available for work when there is no
    10guarantee the worker will be needed;

    (b) it requires the worker to work exclusively for one employer;

    (c) a contract setting out the worker’s regular working hours has not been
    offered after the worker has been employed for 12 consecutive weeks.

    (4) The provision in subsection (3)(b) shall not apply if the employer can
    15demonstrate a compelling business reason including confidentiality or the
    protection of trade secrets to justify a contractual requirement that the worker
    shall work exclusively for the employer in question.

    (5) The foregoing shall apply subject to the definitions in section 3 of this Act.
    2 Right to fixed and regular employment

    (1) 20The employer of a worker whose contract becomes void under section 1(2)
    above shall offer the worker a contract of employment including fixed and
    regular working hours of a type to be specified in regulations made by the
    Secretary of State.

    • I could mention the new act to my JCP, but they will find a way around it and still off-load me regardless.



      Ministers insist jobcentres “do not refer people to food banks or issue vouchers” and that food banks are “absolutely not a part of the welfare system because we have other means of supporting people”. They say jobcentres only “signpost” the existence of food banks and dispute the link between welfare changes and a surge in their use.
      A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “These figures do not show any link between the removal of the spare room subsidy and repossession numbers, and to suggest so is misleading.”
      Staff working for jobcentres and other Department for Work and Pensions contractors have been issued with a 6 point plan on how to deal with suicide threats from claimants.
      As one Atos trainer states: “The thing for us is, even if you made the wrong decision … you never go to the tribunal. So, sort of, you won’t be blamed.”
      Poor and jobless Scots welcome having benefits cut because ‘jolt gives them wake-up call they need’, DWP civil servant claims
      it would be expected that the mortality
      rate amongst those on incapacity benefits
      recipients would be higher than that in
      the general population as some people
      receive incapacity benefits due
      to life-threatening conditi
      ons or terminal illness.
      Those in the Support Group receive unconditi
      onal support due to th
      e nature of their
      illness, which can include degenerative conditions, terminal illness and severe
      The DWP has quietly decided to ditch statistics it used to collect on the number of deaths of recipients of incapacity benefits (now ESA) and its predecessors Incapacity Benefit (IB) and Severe Disablement Allowance (SDA).

      It is thought the numbers of deaths has sharply increased since the Coalition government’s severe cuts to social security benefits.

      But to ensure that deaths aren’t cited as evidence of failure of the changes, the DWP won’t be collecting and updating its statistics.
      Atos currently work to rules set by the DWP which say what they are allowed to ask claimants. They also use a system of statistics which work as targets to limit the amount of people who can claim ESA. The DWP say this is Atos’s fault. Atos say the DWP set the rules and so it’s really their fault. The contract used to set these rules says that the DWP are Atos’s ‘customer’. This means Atos carry out the tests to serve the DWP not the disabled people who they are testing.
      Today the government have announced that they are ‘sacking’ Atos, the company who carry out the Work Capability Assessment used to decide if a sick or disabled person is sick or disabled enough to qualify for Employment Support Allowance.
      Hundreds of homeless people living on the UK’s streets are being denied basic human rights such as access to shelter, drinking water, sanitation and food, a coalition of housing and human rights groups has claimed.

      Margaret Hodge, the chair of the public accounts committee, is to demand why a senior official at the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) denied that staff at jobcentres were being given targets to enforce sanctions on benefit claimants’ money.
      Further new evidence of targets is revealed, which includes:

      • An email from a jobcentre manager in Derbyshire to say sanction referrals are top priority.

      “By end Sept we should have been at 5.5% … can I remind you that I do want daily stats on this as it was made very clear that we have to be tracking this and upping the game during month if we know we will not meet the target.”

      • An email from jobcentre managers in Cheshire that tells their team they are falling behind others on their sanction rates.

      Apologising for the “harsh message”, it says sanctioning is “in the key work objectives, it’s part of our target”.
      “As a consequence of the policy it seems that those claimants that do not understand the system … are most likely to have their benefits sanctioned as they are easy targets … there will be suicides over this, mark my words.”
      A spokesperson for the DWP said the letters sent to Marc had been generated automatically, but said no more would be sent.

      They said: ‘We apologise to Mr Whiteside’s family for this regrettable error.
      The Minister for Disabled People has offered an “unreserved apology” after a woman was sent a series of letters demanding she attempt to find work and attend job training, despite being in a coma for the past two months.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2540453/Familys-anger-bombarded-letters-crisis-loan-DWP-son-TEN-MONTHS-died.html#ixzz31DG4KUzB
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      ……………..these few paragraphs contain irrefutable doubt on the MASS EUGENICS PROGRAMME OF THE SICK AND TWISTED IDEALS OF THE DWP.






    From: Andrew Dutton

    2 May 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    In evidence to the Scottish Welfare Reform Committee(report dated
    Tuesday 29th April 2014 at column 1452), Mr Neil Couling of the DWP
    made the claim that ‘My experience is that many benefit recipients
    welcome the jolt that a sanction can give them’ and that it is ‘not
    so remarkable’ for Jobcentres to be ‘inundated with thank you cards
    from people who have received sanctions'(this being the Deputy
    Convener’s form of words)


    • Next thing we know is that whenever a JCP drone has a birthday, we’ll be expected under sanction threat to provide them with a birthday card or cake paid out of our meagre payments.

      I can just see the type of card given to the JCP after a sanction has been dished out –

      ”Dear JCP,

      Many thanks for the sanction you placed me under for the next three months. The help from being sanctioned has jolted me into harder application efforts than previously. And that also, previously denying you access to my UJM account, I am now having to apply for everything issued to me by my JCP advisor, even though most of the jobs recommended to me and I must therefore apply for are hundreds of miles away from home.

      All I can say is to you, dear JCP, you are fucking wankers.

      Yours sincerely, a pissed-off jobseeker.”

      • something survived...

        bake them a turd cake

        forget packet of fags?: give the UC boss an enema of pure liquid nicotine (meant to be fatal)

        training the UK darts team: use IDS’ face as board

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    Wasn’t Shiplee announced as the Great White Hope of Universal Credit when he came on board? Now he’s no more of an asset than – as the article states – anyone else with a respiratory condition. DWP should sack him and make him claim ESA; this would support him into valuable understanding of the effects his work will have.









    …………and finally

    could he ever use his own software?

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    Ah ….he’s just figured it out it dosen’t matter what he does it just dosen’t make sence, U.Credit is a pain in the ass,but he can’t say that so he has a lung problem, yeh…. he’s still breathing and that’s our problem!
    They can’t sack him who the bloody hell can understand Universal credit it appears to penalise everyone who needs help.

  9. Stagandmonkey

    Less charities and less community centres that are putting people on training schemes. Close them down.

  10. I think demonising and penalising the most vulnerable is the basis of the plan Rosmarie.

  11. Don.t worry this bloke will still be paid by government. One law for cronies and another for the rest.
    In my view he should be made to have a WCA, He might get some understanding of the witch hunt which is ESA.

    He sounded only too keen at select committee to introduce Universal Credit a policy that will cause huge amounts of distress.

  12. A lot of these new “Threats” rely on UC being live and the Employers being online and talking to HMRC and HMRC talking to the DWP and the Employers and the Employers talking to the Employees…..Pull the other one!

  13. fat balled nazi evil sick bastard

    the dwp under this clown ids is fucked now beyond fixing! i wouldn’t trust the evil bastard in flushing my toilet!! the blokes pure poison! the thing is though he don’t care one iota. the way i have found the department for deceit sanctions to lay off me for a while when there sanction me. is appeal it as high as you can all ways get your MP involved,get cab involved,say you want everything in writing, dont give them your number, when you get a response to your complaint take it above them also state to them you want it all in writing, if you do have to phone them get em to bell you back, ask for copys of there guidelines in writing, ask to change adviser you can do this only once though, say its because of a clash of personality’s…the whole of this does two things cost the cunts time effort and money!! and also lets them know you will go on the complaints journey right the way to court, no cost to the jobseeker barring a few quid for the busfair. to court. it’s not ideal but it worked for me,

  14. “The Case of Baroness Barker – Two bills -Two Opportunities”


  15. fat balled nazi evil sick bastard

    here is a free one for those that need it http://www.turn2us.org.uk

  16. Shit! Universal Credit seems as cursed as Tutankhamen’s Tomb! All of its project leaders either die prematurely, become gravely ill, or make a bolt for the door ASAP before the curse gets them!

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    From: Nigel Alter

    20 April 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    During my time as a Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) claimant, the
    Disability Employment Adviser (DEA) at my local Jobcentre expressed
    a doubt about my eligibility for this benefit. I was referred to an
    Occupational Health Assessment conducted by Atos Healthcare on the
    DWP’s behalf. This assessment determined that I had limited
    capability for work. Consequently, the DEA amended my Jobseeker’s
    Agreement to show that I could work only 16 hours per week and
    advised me to claim ESA. However, when attempting to do so, the
    question arose of my fitness for work so I mentioned the findings
    of the Occupational Health Assessment. I was informed that these
    findings could not be introduced when applying for ESA and that I
    had to be completely unfit for work in order to claim this benefit.
    Otherwise, the system would insist that I should claim JSA. My
    application for ESA was turned down.



    • Yeah the magic merry go round Geoff. Then when you try to claim JSA and tell them you’ve health problems then they don’t let you get JSA either.

      So no sickness benefit and no JSA. You’re left to walk out of there with no access to money nothing and they don’t even ask if you’ve anything to eat or if you have money for rent or anything. Useless couldn’t care less idiots the lot of them.

      So humanitarian in this country. Useless arseholes bend the rules and twist them to deny people any money. People in jail doing time for less than these pukes have got away with.

      • The ruling class and many right-wingers are closet Nazis. Unfortunately most people don’t realise that. They think it is ridiculous hyperbole. They think it is an obsolete ideology. They don’t realise that kind of thinking never went away, they just knew the public would be horrified by their true beliefs after the horrors the German Nazi regime perpetrated against a group of white people, so they went underground and learned to disguise it as something else. Every now and again one of them lets the truth slip about their true beliefs. Tories fanatically believe in Social Darwinism and they fervently believe in eugenics.

        They believe in survival of the fittest, so, if one the lower orders gets sick and can’t work, in their view, they can’t contribute to society and are therefore ‘useless eaters’ placing an unbearable, unsustainable financial burden on society, so they should be left to die for the overall good of society.

        They believe the unemployed, the sick and the disabled are genetically defective ‘life unworthy of life’ that should be sterilized to improve the gene pool. Since they can’t get away with that, they are trying to deter undesirables from breeding by using economic methods instead. They believe keeping the weak alive is going against nature. They believe the welfare state must be destroyed in order to preserve Western civilization and prosperity.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the difference is that the nazi’s did not feel the need to disguise/hide their beliefs that/too much…but in the aftermath of the holocaust it was seen that this must never be allowed to happen again and/or be seen to happen again….the same fundamental ideologies are used, but are heavily disguised, carefully worded, word censored, and targeted…the results as we all know are the same, billions suffer often a fate worse than death, purgatory some in sheer hell a grinding fight for survival, in our global economy….economic apartheid ensures that the fruits of our labour flow to those who control the means of production/land/housing/facilitation etc etc of wealth…which feeds into the buying “freedom” paradox those who embrace the system “thrive” insulated from the true realities of what it is to be human, of what humanity IS…see works of dr alice miller,dr bob johnson, dr dorathy rowe on what creates tyranny, and how to defeat it…see enstien and eddington…where quaker eddington stands up to a baying mob and forces them to retreat with barely a word….he shows rage, and contempt towards them….how dare they be so rude and put aside their empathy love and compassion, and not face up to the true enemy of humanity, they retreat in shock for being caught red handed doing this….they were reminded of their own humanity…we are ruled by role playing behaviorist actors…”we know what is best for you, your mind is crap, we’re ok your not ok”…hitler projected his childhood defenselessness onto scapegoated others, in an act of revenge..1st he eroded the defenses of others, his methods are well documented, until they become compliant to his/their wishes and offered little resistance….he humiliated others, as he himself had been humiliated as a child…this is the common history/story/pattern of all tyrants…any political party must be judged not only on it’s overt policies but also the candidates/followers it attracts, only then is the parties true identity revealed..

          • They believe in survival of the fittest, …

            NO they do not believe in survival of the fittest as they know they would not survive in such a regime, they are a kleptocracy – the rule by thieves hence the fawning of retrograde Third World values.

            • Exactly voidseeker. Could you see Eric Pickles surviving in a survival of the fittest!!!! LOL!

              • He’d ensure his survival by happily doing the dirty work of the warlord in charge without shame, pity or remorse.

              • The Royal Family are Gold-Plated Scroungers

                Can you imagine a member of the royal scroungers, say prince charles, going to sign-on: “One is awfully confused by one’s jobseeker’s agreement” 🙂

              • Raining, given time, Mr Pickles will be jailed for nothing to do with politics.

            • They believe in survival of the fittest for the hoi polloi. I’m not talking about actual rational reality, I’m talking about their warped imaginary reality. Their view of the fittest, is those who are able to claw their way into positions of power and accumulate wealth by any means. The beneficiaries of inherited wealth like Cameron and Osborne, believe themselves to be of superior genetic stock.

          • Indeed. Well said.

          • obd
            “the difference is that the nazi’s did not feel the need to disguise/hide their beliefs that/too much”

            I don’t see much in the way of disguising of belief from the government to the media. Every single day, people on benefits are portrayed as the lowest of the low across all forms of media. The hate message is overt in the extreme and has been since 2010 when the current shower created the reign they have no mandate for.

            Send in Dr Bob.

            • This was going on under labour before 2010, so who is being delusional now?
              Only labour cronies worked.

            • They are still not being honest about their true beliefs though. They are not admitting they believe the long-term unemployed are unemployed because they are subhuman genetic dross genetically predisposed towards having low IQs, poor self-control, poor judgment, being lazy, dirty, violent, vulgar, impulsive, promiscuous, immoral, parasitic, irresponsible and unable to delay gratification.

  20. who cares what the nazi’s think?

  21. Landless Peasant

    So Shiplee is on his way out. Ain’t Karma a bitch.

  22. Landless Peasant

    No wonder this country is in such a mess, with slackers like Shiplee swinging the lead.

  23. Landless Peasant

    Shiplee is letting down hardworking families.

  24. Landless Peasant

    Winston Churchill didn’t have time to catch Bronchitis. We didn’t win the war by lying in bed with a touch of Pneumonia. Who does this Shiplee shirker think he is? Just because he’s unable to breathe doesn’t mean he can’t do a desk job.

      • Churchill also suffered from depression which he called the black dog, but it did not stop him from having the mental capacity to fight a war, but the way psychiatrists talk down people to keep themselves in business is deplorable.
        If psychiatry says raising your voice when angry is abnormal then I would question just who is the abnormal one and is heading for a heart attack, the one who lets it out or the one who bottles it up.

        • Jester McFail

          Fawkes i suffer from depression it doe’snt make me a racist xenophobe or a complete arsehole to boot. Churchill drank morning noon & night while stuffing his fat face on the finest foods whilst the serfs had to survive on rations that would hardly feed a mouse,as for your question it’s obviosly the person that bottles his/her anger up that would have the heart attack.

          • And Churchill was a fucking war-monger who was best buddies with Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler, and who also deliberately prolonged the Second World War. Churchill wasn’t the great ‘statesman’ we are led to believe: “We [you] will fight in the fields [while I stuff my fat face]..

          • Thank goodness I am not a person to bottle up then! I agree he was a war monger though and why he was ousted after the 2nd world war.

        • Guy fawkes, Churchill never pulled a trigger in his life. Therefore he could not have fought a war. Others did, and died on the battle field.
          Churchill died of old age !
          Lucky bastard.

  25. From April 6th the government ended reimbursing firms for long term sick (anything over 4 weeks) so this man is a direct burden on his firm by his long term sick. How come he has not had a Competency Hearing yet?

    Pneumonia is a potentially fatal illness, not just man flu. It is also contagious. It is as fatal as TB. And you drown in your own lungs if it is not treated urgently.

    This gentleman is unlikely to return to work after such a serious illness.

    If you want the change that might save your life, vote real socialist on May 22 in the big city councils and not Labour or The Greens who believe in Austerity, that includes welfare reform as part and parcel of it, aka end of the welfare state.

    Alternatives on my personal website

    UKIP / ED is on there to take old Labour voters for the European Election.
    Europe is irrelevant to our lives.

    The Coalition, with not one word from The Greens and Labour, ignored the Council of Europe that informed the government that benefit and the state pension is below the amount it should be under the Social Contract, and therefore the UK is in breach of international treeaty law with the EU.

    The raise in retirement age came from Europe, but that was because the EU government emptied the pensions funds in many nations to pay French and German banks owed debt money, created by EU policies.

    In the UK, the ring fenced National Insurance Fund is well in funds, and has not needed a top up from tax for decades.

    The National Insurance Fund cannot be used by government for general expenditure, including their privileged life on expenses, as it is not a tax.

    The raised retirement age has meant women continuing to pay 12 per cent NI contributions per year, to forever lose 6 years of state pension payout, so around £40,000 of our money.

    Women MPs kept the pension payout at 60 if within 10 years of 60 from 2012. We began our loss of our rightful money from 2013, so far effecting 530,000 women.

    See if you lose most or all of your state pension from changes coming in 2016:

  26. Shiplee you lazy bastard if you can lift a pint of milk or move a cardboard box you can get your arse into work and sort out universal credit, who gives a fuck if you cant breathe, certainly not your boss IDS

  27. Another Fine Mess

    David Blanchflower on the rubbish unemployment figures, he mentions the self-employed but not workfare or ZHCs.

  28. overburdenddonkey

    bring back
    if it were one of us OH would be on our backs before the ink is dry on our sick notes….to keep need to work capitalist cultural stress pressures on us, to scrape/frack every ounce/gram/calorie of spare energy from our beings, and keep us working in discomforted, agony, silence, numbed and despair…every last drop, till we drop, whilst others feast on our demise….mustn’t pander and let the person see know or realize truly how sick and disabled they really are….sickness and disability cognition’s must not be allowed to fester/manifest/show it’s true affects to the owner of it, or the owner of it might see just how oppressed, manipulated, that they truly are and have been…too struggle on for so long before saying enough is enough, must we…..much sickness and disability does not happen overnight, but is a gradual state of decline and adaptions to it, sometimes of many years, until no more adaptions can be made and one is spent….mostly we have already made all the adaptions to it, we can make, before throwing in the towel, and asking for our lawful benefits entitlements….then then comes the time for obstacles to be put in our way by way of process to WCA….before that the wheel that turns throughout the whole, process OH comes along to insult our integrity, by saying no! you haven’t, and adds laminates, to the efforts already made/adapted and long since forgotten, as these adaptions are now integrated as a way of life…we must only own the label and not it’s affects….the OH wheels keeps on turning….
    the greens oppose increasing retirement age beyond 65, i do agree with you that 65 is too high, and should be 60 for all, although i think 62 is more realistic….the greens also propose the austerity busting min state pension amount of £170/wk for singles and £330/wk for couples, and no linkage at all to NI payments, after min amount that a pension linked to earnings…

    • Some local GPs running the local CCG, have set up a private OH company and this sets the scene for something similar to the following…

      OH moonlighting GP assesses the individual as being unfit for any type of work whatsoever, thusly ensuring that the employer can dump the sick/injured/disabled employee with no regard to decency, rights or fairness.

      The individual, applies for ESA

      The newly unemployed/sick/injured person is assessed by ATOS (or whoever) as fit for work

      The same individual asks GP for sick note/evidence for ESA – promptly told by GP (who may or may not be the one who carried out the OH assessment, but every GP, except one at the practice has signed up to the private company) “but surely there is some work you can do” – no evidence forthcoming. Person fails to receive ESA as cannot provide GP evidence.

      GPs are becoming ever more determined parasites living off the backs of the people they are paid to help – and they just found a way to make more money out of your despair and pain.

      I think this company has been set up to feather the GP nest for when times or NHS contracts get harder to profit from.

      Watch out folks, this arrangement could be coming to your GP practice soon!

  29. Landless Peasant

    You can bet that Shiplee has a massive Television, Sky TV and new trainers, and a mobile phone, so how sick is he really? And could all that Bronchial trouble be due to the fact that he spends his money on ciggies? Hardworking out-of-work people like me are sick and tired of this sort of thing. Get the scrounger back to work. I don’t pay my Taxes…

  30. excuse me while i light my spliff

    that fat lying bastards pet project, as been found to have squandered even more millions of taxpayers money.http://t.co/OJSzwRuUgM

  31. excuse me while i light my spliff

    It is unlikely to get it. MPs on the committee have long complained that Duncan Smith’s behaviour towards it has been typified by secrecy. The work and pensions secretary has also fought protracted Freedom of Information battles to prevent details of the scheme becoming public.

  32. Howard Shiplee

    i dont feel well you know.

  33. Fester McVile describes zero hour contracts as “enabling” http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/may/08/zero-hour-contracts-enabling-benefits-system-esther-mcvey-tory-employment-minister Scold’s Bridle for this verminous harridan

  34. Off-topic – A glance at the newsstands informs me that Camoron’s pm-ship is in jeopardy if the Scottish people vote YES. As if it isn’t anyway!

  35. Robin The Boy Wonder

    In about 30 or 40 years (maybe even less) discussions on politics and national and social issues will be only be done around the dinner tables of the establishment, the rich and the powerful… It will be like the middle ages: The elderly, sick and disabled will be hidden away in institutions and poorhouses. With the working people doing nothing, saying nothing, and just doing whatever their masters (be they employers or government) tell them to do…. It is well on the way to that now, and something really has to be done… No online protests, they don’t work. Time for real action now!

  36. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Mind you, if we did go back to medieval standards, that witch, McVile, could be done to a crisp…

  37. Another Fine Mess

    Threat of tenant evictions at highest level in more than 10 years

    Changes in state benefits, including the introduction of the bedroom tax
    and tougher sanctions on jobseekers, have helped drive the number of tenants facing the threat of eviction to its highest level in more than a decade, it was claimed.

    A spokesdroid for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “These figures do not show any link between the removal of the spare room subsidy and repossession numbers, and to suggest so is misleading.”


      • something survived...

        Do you know which group of people (due to rent hikes, evictions, bedroom tax, benefit cap, etc) have suddenly become (from 1-2 total) double figures and the majority of homeless (street sleeping) people where I live?

        Is it drug addicts? People with gambling problems? Debtors? Those with ‘chaotic lifestyles’? Single mothers? Alcoholics? Gamblers? Squaddies? People just out of jail? No.

        It’s old people.

        Some into their 80s and 90s. Many with Alzheimers. Being thrown out on the street. Yesterday I saw 4 white British old ladies of 70-plus, who had not been there before this week, begging in doorways in the same street. In another street an old lady and old man, 100 yards apart, sleeping on shop steps. There is a Trussell Trust food bank but anyone wanting it is ordered to sign on then ask the JCP (which refuses to refer anyone anyway) to refer them. If you reach 65 you are not allowed to sign on…



        This makes me want to twist off ‘Dave’s’ head and spit down his throat.

  38. The difference is he has actually done “some” work in the last decade.

    • Landless Peasant

      For which he was, presumably, handsomely rewarded. Unlike me, who has shoveled shit for peanuts.

  39. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    My Dear Friends

    I must object to the scurrilous vilification of my friend and colleague Howard Shiplee has been exposed to on this site. Howard has been ill with respiratory problems for some months and yet, while still receiving his full salary, has managed to undertake one eight hour workday per week, the hours not being necessarily contiguous of course; I have also spoken to him on the telephone several times and exchanged occasional emails with him.

    You must bear in mind that people like me and Mr. Shiplee are made from finer stuff than common working stock (like you) and therefore illness and pain affect us more than you and cause us more distress. (Remember the fairy tale about the Princess and the Pea?) It can only be expected hence that when superior beings such as we are poorly it is imperative that we have sufficient time to rest and convalesce, whereas brotherIain s to the Ox like you can be driven to contribute by means of your sweat, blood and bones until you drop, as can be witnessed via coalition’s the Work Capability Assessment and other innovations.

    This is nature’s way; this is our way.

    Howard Shiplee is as much the hero as his critics are not.

    We are working for you.


    • something survived...

      You’re right, the glorious IDS. You don’t need lungs to work, as the zombie and vampire cabinet can testify. In fact all the lazy shirkers that die should be dug up and put to hard labour.

      We’ll start with your parents and grandparents, IDS. Set an example all right-thinking tories should be proud of.

      Or how about … go and fuck yourself with a ball of wire wool, IDS.

  40. Yes, IDS we thoroughbreds can be temperamental but are winners, unlike yourself who is more inbred, given the amount of people named Smith. No wonder there is so much madness about.

  41. I think I spelt the name wrong it should be Woodbrook.


    To: Mrs. Fatou Bensouda, ICC Prosecutor
    Letter to the ICC at the Hague Re Mistreatment of the Disabled and Sick
    of 30,000 signatures
    Campaign created by Tony Gurney Icon-email

    Dear Mrs. Fatou Bensouda

    We are aware that Mr Samuel Miller has written to you to ask if it possible to file an ICC complaint against several British Ministers—namely, Iain Duncan Smith, Chris Grayling, and Maria Miller for their role in the draconian welfare reforms and the resultant deaths of our society’s most vulnerable.

    We, the undersigned, are adding our voices to Mr Miller’s request for answers to the following questions:

    Are austerity deaths of the sick and disabled in the U.K. considered a crime against humanity by the ICC?

    Would the UNCRPD be taken into consideration by the court?

    Do you believe that the sick and disabled of Britain have a justiciable ICC case?





      • I’ve been campaigning and publicizing the PCS union’s role in these sanctions on twitter constantly the last while. I have contacted them directly through their twitter account and they won’t answer my questions.

        They say they’re anti-austerity and anti-sanction. That they insist is the position they hold. If that’s so why have the PCS leadership not instructed their members to proceed with non compliance with these sanctions and austerity cuts?

        First excuse i have been given by apologists for the PCS is that if they fail to instigate the sanctions and cuts then the government will sack them and replace them with non union affiliated staff.

        Undoubtedly there are some people in JCP’s and benefit centre’s who don’t agree with these draconian policies but they are being given scant attention by the union leadership. Cushy as they are with their nice salaries with all the perks and trimmings.

        There are no excuses as far as i’m concerned for the PCS and their role in this. They are as guilty as sin.

        Now on to individual responsibility for these sanctions and deaths: I asked the PCS about the DM’s decision to remove the benefits from a vulnerable six and a half stone man. I asked do you think that was a reasonable decision to make bearing in mind the state of the individuals health? I then asked was the DM who made that death sentence decision a member of the PCS?

        These are all questions that have to be answered. I want the individual PCS members who have been responsible for the removal of a persons benefit to be held accountable for their actions. I want to see the DM who removed Mark Wood’s benefits tried in a court of law as that was an abomination of a decision. It’s no longer acceptable for these people to commit murder at the stroke of a pen and not be held legally liable for their decisions.

        This, for the record, is the link page when i posted on twitter that the PCS were complicit in their implementation of these draconian sanctions and austerity. This was posted by someone trying to make excuses for this union’s inaction. I can post another article about how individual PCS branches put forward motions to discuss a response to these sanctions and possible non compliance. The result was that the leadership of the union blew it out of the water and refused to even look at the motions. Effectively they were ignored it seems. There are a lot of actors and a lot of players in this plot. We have union members effectively involved in passing death sentences on people!!! Diabolical.

        http://www.pcs.org.uk/en/department_for_work_and_pensions_group/dwp-news.cfm/results-of-the-pcs-membership-survey-on-conditionality-and-sanctions .

          • Another Fine Mess

            What kept them, I posted the PCS link here and elsewhere ages ago, perhaps they don’t read the void. 😛

          • something survived...

            I’d have put on weight if I was allowed to reach 6 and a half stone. How is it on no food they expect us to work? I just used every last penny on rent so that I don’t get evicted on top of all the other shit that is happening in the world and in my life. In other words no money for food and no more money in for a week. Bank charges spiralling, payments bouncing. Maybe they expect us to die/be worked to death.

            Usually in shops if I see spilled food I leave it and worry about being nicked, these stories you hear where people are nicked for picking up half a squashed grape off the floor that was going in the bin anyway.
            Today I saw a tiny bit of dried fruit, picked it off the floor. Openly asked the lady if I could have it. She said yes. I asked her so that nobody could say I had stolen it. Ate it later. The irony was, I’d been starving even more than normal for 2 weeks in the hope/plan that there’d be money here now to pay all bills this week and buy food, plus ‘luxury’ things like fruit and juice and yogurt and bread… and then the fuckers stopped my fucking dole.

            If the JCP staff (some look like Eric Pickles, and some look like the cartoon strip ‘Supermodels’ – they’re sticks!) had to do a day’s work, especially (like they make us do on workfare) with no food or water, they’d probably die. They are the ones without proper jobs. They are the ones who have not done an honest day’s work in their lives. Or should I say their existences. Mutant fucking zombies half the time.

            (Any ‘In the Flesh’ fans out there, I wasn’t having a go at zombies of course. Actual zombies are far more lively and interesting/intelligent.)

            Has anyone with a working nose been in the Commons lately? It must smell like they’ve died in it and are still moving around. Food a luxury? Get real! They’ll be saying the poor are stealing the rich people’s oxygen next. In a bit I have to sign on and explain that there was only one job offer, to be a teacher in Rwanda or Tanzania, which was why I didn’t apply for it. I’m not a teacher either. And they only wanted ablebodied healthy people. Maybe I should have applied for that one the other week for truck driving in Hull…. (disabled nondriver, 100s miles away)

            Job Description: PICKLES, ERIC
            Duties: Sitting around on your fat arse doing fuck-all
            Salary: Endless bonuses, 6 figures basic pay, plus all the big dinners you can eat.
            Skill level: Must be potty-trained (ish). Do not require ability to successfully count own legs.
            Job progression: Goal is hopefully to eat and eat until you swell into a vast sphere and roll away.
            Dear war crimes tribunal,
            We wish to report IDS for cruelty to poor and disabled people. He has shocked our nation with his callous and tyrannical behaviour.
            Yours sincerely,
            The Daleks

  43. Off topic, to a degree but i’ve just met a Tory troll on twitter who posted that in his opinion the problem with foodbanks is that they lessen the harsh effects of benefit sanctions.

    So read that again. If there was no foodbank, which he is advocating, then these people would probably starve. How odious and venomous do you feel about a bastard like that?

    • That is why they introduced food banks so that you cannot say you have to starve when they sanction you, even though access to them is discriminatory and is miles from most people who have no money for fares.

      That is why I want such charities closed down, because I would rather starve than lower myself to run around like a blue arsed fly for true blue tory twats.

      Then they have you arrested and put in a mental hospital saying you are vulnerable and cannot look after yourself. That is how they shut people up who make a protest except that I refused to eat in the hospital either until they let me out, which the last time was 5 months.

      This is what is going on and why i believe psychiatry is being used for evil purposes by evil people.

      • PS The labour party were the first to start the sanctions regime and the condems have carried it on.

        Is it only the condemned that are being signposted to this site headed CONDEMNED by JV.?

    • Landless Peasant

      I am confident that his vitriol will one day come back to haunt him. Nasty selfish utter bastards like that generally get their come-uppance sooner or later. Hopefully sooner.

      • I think i’m blocked from his twitter site because i blasted him and called him a typical inadequate Tory, taking out his personal inadequacies on other people.

        Thing is he must hang out on there with a bunch of like minded, small minded evil bastards, as they were all spreading stories that people were getting free food so could spend the remainder of money on drink,drugs, Sky TV and stuff!!!!! Seriously that’s what you’re up against! That is the types that we’re fighting. Make no mistake about it. How could they be spending the rest of their money on those things if they’re sanctioned?

        Someone else got barred for threatening him and his foppish Tory haircut!!! Seriously you should join up to twitter to see this or if you’re on it i’ll link you to this total Tory wanker.

  44. A “heart-breaking” report into how disabled people’s human rights are being breached across England is set to demonstrate to the UN how the coalition is failing to implement its disability convention.


    • Human rights are the guiding principles and the safety net of good governance, when they become first recourse then that state has failed.

  45. Ken

    It is not just disabled peoples human rights that are being breached it is the unemployed too!

  46. Off Topic
    There are a lot of people intending to vote UKIP at the local and European elections this month.

    I wonder how many of them are aware that UKIP are openly calling for the end of the NHS?

    Here is a letter from Paul Nuttall the deputy leader of UKIP – posted on his own website – saying the NHS is so costly and inefficient that its very existence should be called into question:

  47. Reblogged this on Mentally Wealthy and commented:
    “20,000 people with respiratory conditions have been found fit for work since the Atos assessments began. Under Universal Credit some of those claimants could be sent on workfare, or will face endless ‘work related activity’ to bully them off benefits”

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  49. Reblogged this on Steve Connolly's Blog and commented:
    I wonder if the DWP is bullying Shiplee back to work, or happily handing over cash for him to stay at home?

    • The DWP get amnesia when it comes to one of their own, that is why they should be closed down, their clinical diagnoses are all wrong.

  50. nagga munchettes knickers

    never,never in the field of human evil have so many been fucked about by so few

  51. Eating knickers can be a tricky business, i tried it once and vomited.
    The elastic kept catching in my colon .

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  53. Reblogged this on stewilko's Blog and commented:
    One rule for one, then there is lies, corruption and utter contempt for those who are sick and disabled. What type of society are we evolving into

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