Who The Fuck Does Esther McVey Think She Is?

Esther-McVey-2942256Newly unemployed people are to be treated as benefit scroungers from the first day of their claim the Minister for Unemployment Esther Mcvey announced today.

In a breath-takingly patronising statement McVey rants that from the end of the month newly unemployed people will be forced to show “they are taking their search for work seriously” before becoming eligible for Jobseeker’s Allowance.  This will mean producing a CV and signing up for the shambolic Universal Jobmatch – the Government job search site that is a laughing stock amongst claimants, employers and recruitment professionals alike.

This will be treating those recently made redundant  as ‘adults’ according to the minister, who clearly thinks that unemployed people are children.  Those facing these new measures will include people who have worked for years, unlike pampered posh girl McVey who bummed around in her Dad’s company for a while before launching a less than memorable television career.  Yet here she is lecturing people who’ve recently had real jobs about how to make themselves ‘prepared and enthusiastic’ to avoid the ‘one way street to benefits’.

The changes are being introduced despite the Government’s own statistics showing that 75% of people on Jobseeker’s Allowance are back in work within six months.  In contrast the number of people who have been unemployed over one year currently stands at 828,000, up from 757,000 in May 2010 when this Government weren’t elected – and this figure was the highest since May 1997.

With long-term unemployment soaring, and the Work Programme seemingly making things worse, the DWP are turning their attention to those who have just lost their jobs in a shoddy attempt to grab the headlines.  Once there was a time when governments pretended to care about people who had been made redundant.  Now they are more interested in smearing them as potential scroungers and forcing them into demeaning interrogations with Jobcentre busy-bodies in case they are secretly feckless.

This is what this Government really thinks of so-called hard working people.  Get laid off, for any reason, and you are instantly transformed into benefit scum in the eyes of Esther McVey.

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180 responses to “Who The Fuck Does Esther McVey Think She Is?

  1. She will be in some wine bar right now cosying up to Mrs Miller and guffawing and snorting, ” Nasty little oiks these unemployed ” Tory CUNTS

    • Yes, and Labour cunts too.

    • Stop the press.
      Good news for every body.
      The IMF think ! that the UK will be able to repay its debts back to the IMF faster than all western top economies.
      Question: at what human price. .

      • something survived...

        Let’s hope the barman is workfare and pisses in her drinks.

      • i dident know we had any debts to the imf.

        • nuggy, think again.
          The media have not let us fools know about it.

          • Why would the IMF, comment on how the British economy, will be the fastest growing economy in the western world.
            Unless, they know that loan repayments were on track ?
            And, on track loan repayments result in austerity.
            And austerity means us fools paying the price.
            But, not the the little piggies who asked for the loans.

  2. She looks like a goldfish

  3. Reblogged this on Still Oaks and commented:
    Failed Pornstar? Failed Tv Presenter?
    Successful Culler of the poor sick and disabled is what she knows she is.

  4. George Osbourne thinks these new draconian procedures will help unemployed people. He has yet to explain how exactly but I am sure he knows what he is talking about, and of course has no reason to lie to us.

  5. overburdenddonkey

    yes, jv a gushing statement blaming only the unemployed, for willful disobedience…all we do to be treated like criminals/vermin is to claim our lawful benefits, we are punished and persecuted, blamed for unemployment, being underemployed, sick and disabled, as they suck the life out of everyone, who is not like them, so that they can continue to gorge themselves in their lavish lifestyles…the ‘solution’ to jobs puzzle: Falling wages, tells an entirely different story of a failing economy, there simply is no economic growth, but a continuing and deepening recession, so they willfully paint a false picture of success….as if the only problem is the generosity of our benefits and our unwillingness to take one of the millions of new “wellbeing”, jobs out there…the ESC states in a recent report, that our benefits are 40% too low…smith says that is insane, and babbles on about how he believes, something different, but no one knows what this actually is, including him and of course her…increase benefits, end sanctions, conditionality, scrap the WCA, cap and drastically reduce rents now….

  6. What a patronizing piece of fluff. They continue to shore up a sinking mineshaft knowing full well there is not a hope in hell to sort the mess out.And if Osbourne is involved then well all be ok! coz we’re all in it together……

  7. roughdiamond33

    McVey is dirty rotten scum, just like her fucking deluded, arrogant wank stain of a boss IDS.

  8. I am sure that TV Autocue Reader Esther McVey impressed everyone with her portfolio of pictures http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2455471/The-racy-photo-shoot-rising-Tory-star-Esther-McVey-forget.html

    This is the only plausible reason that I can think of over how some mere TV Autocue Reader could access the Gravy Train.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Her working clothes presumably.

    • Perhaps that’s why they’ve given her the job – her main working experience was perfect for this – she just has to agree to read out whatever someone has written for her (give or take the odd comment where she supports what she’s just said). She only has to try to place emphasis wherever she thinks it’s needed & that’s why she sounds so robotic & stilted …

      • Everytime she opens her fecking mouth it’s like someone dragging their nails down a blackboard! She never comes across as natural, it always sounds scripted. I really do hate her!

  9. roughdiamond……..love your description of IDS, pure genious!

  10. Do you think Esther McVey is Ken Dodd’s lovechild?

  11. Bloody scroungers, if Fester McVile can be born with a rich daddy and have a career as an autocue bimbo despite having a voice that could scratch glass, then why can’t everyone? Maybe IDS could give some practical tips on how to marry a gullible woman and then sponge of your in-laws. Maybe Mike Penning has a few tips on how to climb the greasey pole of politics despite not having a single brain cell or worthwhile opinion and still have the brass balls to claim for a dog bowl on expenses. Or perhaps we could cure poverty by giving the poor enough expenses to buy a second home they can sell for a huge profit after a few years.

  12. I have seen this at the jobcentre. I am out of 12 years single parent and was working 20 years before this. Now II’m being put on working links as I’m too stupid to find my own job, need experience and have been lied to, told I can have a 3 bed house when I only need 2, oh but itl be private – and I told them I will not give up my housing association place, lied to that I’ll get help for moving house/costs etc. all lies, to get me onto what will be unpaid work. It is NOT voluntary as CON servatives like my own parents see it, these blind middle class bourgeoise need a big wake up call, or in the end the roaming poor will be rioting their homes.

    • Working Links are SCUM!!

      Working Links are SCUM!!

    • Working Links Victim

      Has Working Links promised you white water rafting lessons? Computer? New car? These cunts will promise you anything to shaft you over. Everything they say is fucking LIES! And be careful that they don’t trick you into signing anything acknowledging that you have received white water rafting lessons or whatever. In fact, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING! Working Links are cunts of the highest order!

      • They got my benefits stopped because i wouldn’t attend their Nazi WP.

        So as you can gather i feel a certain level of anger towards those rat bastards.

        You are right they’re right up there alongside the other scum sucking pigs trying to drain the last vestiges of life and hope out of people.

      • something survived...

        sign their face – with a laser

  13. Sadly IDS and McVey are on a roll because they appear to be untouchable for some unknown reason. David Cameron doesn’t seem to have the bottle to oust either of them from their posts – why? IDS has been caught out passing the buck, dodging serious issues and flagrantly massaging, concocting and even telling lies about his department’s statistics. Now we get this little gem from McVey. Typical of the toffs attitude towards the ordinary man on the street who finding himself out of work, sick or disabled, is labelled a cheat or a scrounger. Yet the biggest cheats and scroungers are to be found amongst those currently (unelected) governing the rest of us. Not that long ago people would take to the streets to peacefully protest about such government measures. However, due to the lack of media coverage highlighting the wrongdoing, injustice and suffering of those affected by IDS and his new benefits legislation, the truth isn’t getting out for all to see. The public are fed only what the government want us to know by the media, anything else is swept under the carpet.

    • You say ‘the truth isn’t getting out for all to see’ – I think it is, but the sad story is people with money or even a little money- can easily turn their eyes away from what they don’t want to see, untill it affects or happens to them, british are very reserved and don’t like to speak out- we need to do something FAST to stop the Victorian Cameron era getting any worse. Let people see like they have in Spain – Greece etc. Speak on public transport – put ideas in peoples heads, do anything you can however small.

  14. I like this, ha ha she does look it. – A tax avoider too!!

    • When, I signed on a few days ago. My current advisor was’nt in, so some other advisor signed me on instead. But, it didn’t take me long to realise the advisor was pulling the wool over my face. Basically he asked me to confirm my jobmatch email. And then he demanded that by the next time I sign on I give access to my account. (which I deffo won’t be doing)
      I, even provided job print outs. But astonishingly he was more interested in violating my personal details. What happens if you refuse the jobcentre permission to your account ??

  15. We run an “effective jobsearch” course where we claim including words like honest, reliable and trustworthy put employers off because they are buzzwords from the 1980s. We then hand out leaflets showing what employers search for. Honest, reliable and trustworthy appear on the leaflet.

    • along with mugs, scabs and jobsworths

    • Laughed when I read this. I did induction with ingeus around 2.5yrs ago then found work off my own bat. They threatened to sanction my working tax credits child benefits housing benefits extension if I refused to engage with them while employed.! My reply was 2 words, one began with f &had 4 letters in it…..

  16. “Get laid off, for any reason, and you are instantly transformed into benefit scum in the eyes of Esther McVey.” This is the point if you ever needed proof – yesterday’s “striver” is today’s “scrounger”. Divide and rule. That’s why employed workers and their trade unions need to oppose workfare.

    What lowers wages, takes “our” jobs, undercuts us? Migrants? You’re kidding, it’s..workfare.

    The Bakers Union have a policy of walking out if anyone is forced to work for benefits (or employed on zero-hours contracts) at their workplace. Other trade unions should learn from this and understand that when McVey/IDS abuse unemployed workers they’re also addressing employed workers saying “if you don’t want this treatment too you’d better behave at work then hadn’t you”.

  17. Landless Peasant

    Funny but none of the vacuous posh twats on this TV show seemed to ever do any work, maybe the show should be re-named Parasite Street?

  18. Another Fine Mess

    Now they coming for the hardworkers, who’ve been unlucky enough to lose their job, by making it even harder to start a JSA claim.
    Well many of us have spent the last 2+ years trying to warn them.

    The good news is that 1.5 million ex-hard workers will experience this before voting day.

  19. Never been a violent person..but just lately I feel like I could head butt these warped freaks…I really do….and its really not like me at all…

  20. Landless Peasant

    Esther McVey seems to have conveniently forgotten that the State owes us a living. Can we have our land back then Esther? Can we re-write History on Planet Esther so that the Agricultural & Industrial Revolutions never happened and we don’t really live in these obsolete towns & cities (with no industry) that were originally created by our forefathers? If we all close our eyes and wish hard enough do you think we can all imagine that we’re not really part of mass social engineering stretching back several Centuries, the Inclosures weren’t a land-grab by the Rich and the Protestant Work Ethic is just a bad dream?

    • Protestant Work Ethic – don’t give them the PWE as justification they have corrupted that maxim.

    • Protestant Work Ethic – Nothing to do with Protestantism; coined by a sociologist and religious ignoramus making ill-judged erroneous “observations” about religion 400 or so years after Protestantism began. If you haven’t got it by now, you probably never will. However, I will continue to reply to you when you mention it, to avoid anyone else being misinformed by you where possible. By the way, Esther McVey is a Roman Catholic.

      • Landless Peasant

        Fuck off.

        • lp – I’m too polite to reply in similar language to you, but I will continue to reply to your comments about the “Protestant Work Ethic”, and continue to ignore your most recent instruction to me.

          • Landless Peasant

            You are extremely patronizing. “to avoid anyone else being misinformed by you”. Bollocks. The P.W.E. is THE fundamental thing that underpins all that is happening in this country today. Western capitalism and all its evils stems from the Protestant Work Ethic. Protestantism is the outward manifestation of esoteric beliefs that are held by those in power, whether Labour or Tory, and it always will be. Democracy is an illusion. The real reason for enforcing the P.W.E. is the belief that through work our ego can be crushed, our Vital Body (Soul) awakened, and the return of Christ hastened:


            The Rosucrucians are the ones who wield influence over the Freemasons, who in turn wield influence over us. The Rosicrucians are the ones who instigated the settlement of America and the founding of the USA. They also invented Modern Science, and the Modern World, by design. Western Capitalism is their doing also. If you choose to ignore this knowledge then that’s up to you, but it is all true.

            • lp Gobbledegook couched in foul language from you as usual, along with unverified articles from unverified sources; and I hate to use the same insult as you, but you are the one who is patronising, educating us all in obscure quasi-religious conspiracy theories.

              • PS LP I will continue to criticise you for your misleading references to Protestantism and your outsider-observed connection to “The Protestant Work Ethic or as you so trendily call it the P.W.E., but I am not going to have any prolonged argument with you about it, as I consider my time to be precious and arguing with you is a waste of my precious time. Go ahead, make another moronic, profane comment towards, me. It will from now on be completely ignored, and I will continue to post the comments I have already posted whenever you bring it up again.

              • Landless Peasant

                Except it is NOT a conspiracy “theory”, it is a FACT! I have done enough research in this area over many years to now know without a shadow of a doubt that such a conspiracy does exist. If people want to stick their heads in the sand, more fool them.

                • I am obviously wasting my time addressing anything you say at all. However, it is implausible that many people would believe your outlandish and puerile rantings regardless of how much “research” you have done, and you are probably part of a very small minority, regardless of how fervently you and others believe the lies which you have painstakingly and time-consumingly “researched” from highly suspect websites. After all, very few people would believe in a far-fetched “Jewish conspiracy” theory touted by an aspiring artist rejected twice by the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in the early twentieth century, would they?….
                  I don’t know or care who is influencing you, but I pity you. You are targeting the wrong enemy but, as is typical of the believers in conspiracy theories, you will probably never target the correct one.
                  When I worked, I worked plenty of overtime, and to the outside observer I was a hard worker. Now that I am unemployed to the outside observer I am a lazy scrounger. Neither of these observations are about the essence of me or of what I believe either in religious terms or in my attitude to hard work (which I did only for money), and to observe the followers of a religion when they are working hard in a time of plentiful work and make the deduction that that particular religion is “about” hard work is an illogical thought process and does not relate to that religion.
                  You are the one who is patronising in telling me, the follower of Christianity, what Protestant Christianity is “about”. I would never presume to tell, for instance, a Buddhist, what Buddhism is about. I have a general idea about Buddhism, but if a Buddhist corrected me on a point of their belief, I would accept that correction.
                  As I have stated before, I am reluctant to engage in an online argument with you as I detest the time-wasting element of these, even the time taken to read the online arguments of others. You may have wasted your time “researching” your idiotic conspiracy theory but I am not going to waste any more of my time arguing with you about it, since, as I have stated before, I consider my time to be precious; and I doubt if I will even reply further to your comments about the “P.W.E.”. If people are simple-minded enough to believe you, then more fool them, therefore in a way you have “won”.

        • Landless, do you mean go forth and multiply, or just fuck off in your unmistakable charm seeking tactic,s.

      • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer It is fair to say, that the work ethic may well be found in religious text, i.e. ‘Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to do’ alongside, ‘If any should not work, neither should he eat’ (St Paul). You are also correct in stating that The Protestant Work Ethic stemmed after the Protestant Reformation (although 400 years is wrong). The Puritan Revolution (in England) is what drove the idea that the working classes were ‘idle’ devoid of frugality and sobriety. It seems at this time that wealth and goodness was praised and developed into Protestant and Puritan ideals and thus became one and the same. Whatever way you wish to look at it, the whole idea is CAPITALISM in all its glory.

        • @ Bernadette
          One can find various passages in the bible supporting slavery, it is true, but those were not in previous times merely observed by Protestants, and as I pointed out to LP the slave labour and incarceration of young girls in the Magdalene Laundries was run by Nuns, and child labour was used from orphanages, from which children were exported to help build Catholic buildings in Australia and made to work as virtual slaves in well-to-do households (I’m sure you, like me, have seen the harrowing depictions of this in films such as The Magdalene Sisters and Oranges and Sunshine. LP in previous posts stated that IDS, an alleged Roman Catholic, had his strings being pulled by protestants (and threw in an odd phrase that does not make sense to me regarding the masons). I don’t know much about the masons but I remember a work colleague once telling me that a friend or family member was about to join the masons but then when told that all that was required of him was that he had to believe in a God, any God, declined to join. That membership requirement does not indicate a predilection to Protestantism, although I’m so uninterested in the masons that I have not checked further . LP’s comment about protestants pulling IDS’ strings (I’m sorry Bernadette, I have just had a dreadful vision of someone doing something to IDS, I will have to pause for a second – …… that ‘s better)refers to LP’s insistence on referring to Protestantism purely in terms of the so-called “protestant work ethic” which gives the impression that Protestants support unpaid labour whereas Catholics do not.
          The phrase in the bible which you quote refers to those who are unwilling to work, which is why it refers to should instead of cannot, and it does not mention that the work has to be unpaid, otherwise it would refer to slavery instead of work. This government, who are made up of alleged followers of various religions and of some who are of no religion, maintain that many who cannot work because they are sick or disabled are perfectly fit for work and are in fact lying and “faking it”, and some who are allegedly Christians of various denominations would argue that the scripture justifies the starvation of those “fakers”. The government also argues that there are enough jobs for everyone who is unemployed (although anyone who can perfom simple maths can see that that is not the case), and the government would therefore argue that the scripture justifies starving the unemployed like myself also.
          Protestantism, however outside observers define it, emerged from a German preacher in the early sixteenth century, Martin Luther, protesting against the practices and beliefs of the Catholic church. One of those practices, based in belief, was that the rich could “buy” a place in heaven with wealth alone. Does that sound familiar?
          If you look at the definition of Protestantism in Wikipedia you will find under the Fundamental Principles
          Scripture Alone:
          “The belief in the Bible as the supreme source of authority for the church. The early churches of the Reformation believed in a critical, yet serious, reading of scripture and holding the Bible as a source of authority higher than that of church tradition”
          Justification by faith alone:
          “The subjective principle of the Reformation is justification by faith alone, or, rather, by free grace through faith operative in good works. It has reference to the personal appropriation of the Christian salvation and aims to give all glory to Christ by declaring that the sinner is justified before God (i.e., is acquitted of guilt and declared righteous) solely on the ground of the all-sufficient merits of Christ as apprehended by a living faith, in opposition to the theory — then prevalent and substantially sanctioned by the Council of Trent — which makes faith and good works coordinate sources of justification, laying the chief stress upon works. Protestantism does not depreciate good works, but it denies their value as sources or conditions of justification and insists on them as the necessary fruits of faith and evidence of justification.”[4]

          There is also a scripture passage which supports the payment of a wage for any work undertaken
          1 Timothy 5:18 “For the scripture saith Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And the labourer is worthy of his reward”
          Regarding you maintaining that the term originated earlier than I stated, I am only going by a quick check on Wikipedia regarding the term tells us that “The phrase was initially coined in 1904 by Max Weber in his book “The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism” I have been a Christian for some time and have also been unemployed for long periods, including now, and none of my fellow Christians judged me or harassed me in the way that society in general is doing to all of us. I have also never heard any of my fellow Christians refer to the protestant work ethic, as it is not a religious term but is used by outside critics of religion. If you can prove the phrase existed earlier than my shallow research has shown then I would be genuinely (albeit midly) interested to know.

          • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer, During the Protestant and Puritan revolutions, the notion of wealth and goodness developed, which was a first in Christian history. A new ethic that supported mercantilism as a method of increasing wealth by ‘hard work’. This was followed by Adam Smith who rationalised the idea that every individual should seek his own good with the least possible restrictions. So the work ethic was now seen as respectable and thus became a Capitalist ideology. The term is a Philosophical attitude towards wealth and perceives that if people remain poor, it must be their own fault. The term may not be a religious one but the idea behind it is. Max Weber’s work was to show the connection between Capitalist ideology and religion, which he did very well.

            • Bernadette – In other words you have no proof that the “Protestant Work Ethic or “PWE” which LP refers to originated earlier than in Max Weber’s ill-conceived work. And you haven’t replied to my comment about Martin Luther, the originator of Protestantism, protesting about among other things, the Catholic practice of allowing the wealthy to buy a place in heaven with their wealth, just as they are able to buy a plot of land on earth. Does that tie in with your assertion that a new ethic originated linking wealth and goodness as a result of the Protestant reformation? To me, it indicates the opposite. The linking of wealth and hard work is not an intrinsically religious one; anyone, regardless of religious belief can choose to link the two or not link them. And the description of salvation and entry to heaven as something which has to be “earned” by a combination of faith and good works is Catholic and not Protestant. A Protestant does not and cannot “earn” their salvation – it is a gift from God due to the perfection of Christ” That does not mean that anyone who is saved by Christ will do no good works. It simply means that however many good works they do, it will make no difference to their salvation which was purchased in advance by Christ, and which they only have to accept. The idea behind “the protestant work ethic”it is not a religious one it is a non-religious assessment of religion, and what links the members of the government is not, as lp asserts, a secret allegiance to Protestantism and Protestant principles but an obvious contempt for their fellow human beings, which all the mainstream church leaders have condemned.

              • JCP S/C the ‘Protestant Work Ethic’ may well have been coined by Weber, but the notion of the ‘work ethic’ is a religious phenomenon as it is tied up with ETHICS. Further, I did not say, that the work ethic was confined to Protestant Christianity. Catholic doctrine of ‘work is prayer’ and ‘sloth’ as one of the seven deadly sins, shows that work was important to both. My main aim it to convey to you how Capitalism developed from attitudes towards work that can be found in religious text.

                • @ Bernadette – Not all ethics are religious. Humanitarianism is not religious. Some people maintain that there would be no wars etc if there were no religion, and some people maintain that there would be no capitalism if there was no religion, but are you really sure that everyone like Donna who is stupid enough to come on here and say things like “you get out what you put in” are doing so because of a religious belief, even one which has entered her subconscious without her knowing it?
                  Your comment above “During the Protestant and Puritan revolutions, the notion of wealth and goodness developed, which was a first in Christian history” shows that the “first” connection between wealth and goodness is attributed by you to those Protestant movements.

                • PS Bernadette – Obviously you are not going to come around to my way of thinking on here, nor I to yours, and it’s perhaps best if we agree to disagree. Thank you for remaining civil throughout this argument.

        • PS Bernadette. I don’t normally engage in online arguments, so, although you seem like a nice person and you mean well and don’t swear at me like lp in an attempt to intimidate me, I really cant be bothered arguing further.

          • Landless Peasant

            I am NOT attempting to intimidate you! FFS you patronizing twonk.

          • Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer, I enjoyed reading you all what you wrote. This is a great website for people thoughts, ideas and debates.

            • Bernadette – You obviously enjoy debating online, but I cannot say the same. I find most online debates pointless and rambling. I keep coming back to this site though because (apart from the occasional troll) everyone on it hates the government just as much as/even more than I do, and the site is also a source of information about what the government is planning next and ideas on how to avoid them abusing us further, if it is at all possible to in some small part avoid any of it.

  21. Landless Peasant

    Why does Esther Mcvey so hate the Workers that she would deny them their Rightful State Benefits that they’ve already paid for?

    • Landless Peasant, Esther Mcvey? Why does she deny the workers their Rightful State Benefits’ ? The woman has NO INTELLIGENCE, SHE IS A PINUP for FFS.. You and I and thousand others are in deep shit with this ‘babe’.

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  23. You may have missed this but it’s being reported today that WCA personal interviews are ending. No doubt IDS is absolutely desperate to keep this out of the headlines so there’s this assault going on to take up the front pages instead. New claimants are required to set themselves up with a CV and email facilities before they are alllowed to sign on, impractical in a country where some are illiterate and internet penetration is far from universal. It’s nonsensical but that doesn’t bother IDS or McVey, they just want to stop the truth about their miserable failuires from becoming public knowledge.

  24. There time is coming to an end. People ARE waking up. Time for REVOLUTION, come on people!!

    • totallygivenup

      fox sadly they arnt waking up,far from it,in the eyes of certain areas of society this government are showing the scroungers a big stick and they are lovin it,they dont understand 1 pain 1 lump 1 workfare relcement and there with the grewat unwashed

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  26. Labour have not offered any end to welfare reform and to revoke the Welfare Reform Act, Pension Bill (all of them since 2010) and Flat Rate Pension 2016 that will leave millions, especially women, with nil income forever in old age.

    Far better for Labour members to switch to membership of the new LOeft Unity Party http://leftunity.org/, to support new MPs never before in parliament for 2015 general election and end Austerity and Welfare Reform for certain.

    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

  27. How is it possible to do any more than unemployed people are currently doing? The stipulations are already ridiculous. How much further can they go?

    This is really depressing what’s happened in this country.

  28. Apparently McVay thinks, if she can think at all, people losing jobs for redundancies have chosen themselves a carrier to the ”benefit street”. How the f..k this rat can be so wrong! The harder she makes it to claim unemployment benefit the less likely it will be for claimants leaving it voluntarily to take insecure or ill paid jobs.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Gidiot’s extra delay in claiming JSA have already made it impossible to take any temporary work without losing a week’s+ money. You have to remember they don’t live in the real world, and they aren’t very intelligent.

  29. Also what about internet access? A lot of people can’t afford any net connection so how can they comply with this nonsense?

    That means you get sanctioned if you don’t have an internet connection?

    • .There are some parts of Scotland, that even if you can afford internet , you still can’t get it. Broadband in rural areas is non existent. Even a mobile fone coverage is hard in some locations. What are these ppl supposed to do? And in many city areas the libraries have already closed. Thus no chance of internet for these folks too.
      (I think it is the same for some rural parts of England and Wales.)
      How are ppl supposed to write up presentable CVs at first attempt, and have them printed out without the machines to do so, or put them online when still, quite a lot of ppl do not have e-mails?

      The worst part of this, is the plebs are to get all this done themselves before they get to sign on.
      That is how is being interpreted by all. It was on Radio Scotland NewsDrive programme just after just after 4.pm today. Lady from an unemployment action group, pointed out these are the kinds of thinks jobcentres are meant to help ppl with.
      Folks should be able to sign on and then get the help they need, not the other way around.
      And how can you get a “sanction” if you have not even signed on? This is just ridiculous beyond measure.

      From DWP …….
      …….From 28 April, when a jobseeker has their first interview with Jobcentre Plus, the adviser will review what they have done to make themselves employable prior to claiming JSA. If they haven’t done anything, they will be mandated to comply quickly and if they don’t they could face a sanction.
      If someone has a good reason which has stopped them from being able to register on Universal Jobmatch or provide a CV, then they can be mandated to attend a course – such as a CV clinic……….
      Of course, the whole idea of this REGIME of NEW NAZIS is to make it impossible for anyone to sign on for benefits of any kind. That is in fact the ultimate aim of these satin worshipers in Westminster.
      And of course, not a word from the party that used to “Labour” ….. now the Red Tories

    • Alec Shelbrooke MP (Fat Wanker) stated that ” Internet,Mobile Phones are desirable but not a necessity” when he put forward a 10 minute bill,do these Assholes talk to each other? or have a bloody clue?

      • It’s probably deliberate.

        The government will make it all but impossible to start or maintain a claim for JSA/UJ without internet access, yet at the same time they will introduce smart cards for benefits, ensuring those on benefits cannot use their JSA to pay for broadband…

        It looks like cack-handed stupidity, but is actually very clever, and very devious.

  30. totallygivenup

    my personal suicide plan is ready but its going to hit the next generation the 30,s in the comming years,grown up people adults have been reduced to self serving selfie taking heat magazine wannabees the future for them is bleak and right now they dont give a flying fuck…as for the under 26,s they will have to give a fuck when theyre called up in 2016 army or jail a stark choice indeed

  31. This business about upfront job search, UJ registration etc, all before you sign on doesn’t even make fucking sense. They’re essentially saying you have to follow the ‘rules’ for claiming benefits before you even start claiming. It’s completely illogical.


  33. Pingback: Who The Fuck Does Esther McVey Think She Is? | ...

  34. She has a year and then the people of Wirral will surely see sense. Quite why somewhere within spitting distance of Liverpool,voted in a Tory is beyond me.

  35. Anybody heard anything about Help-to-Work? Osborne biggest this one up at the Tory party conference and it was supposed to start this month but nobody seems to have been placed on the scheme anywhere. Anybody know what’s happening?

  36. Iain duncan smith as blood on his hands

    this mc vey cunt is so far up her own Arse she recently said this to a new follower on her twitter account (not sure why someone would want to like!) ”Congratulations on becoming my whatever number follower it was” fucking congratulations!!!!!! any normal person would say thanks, not this fucking whore!!! how much more are we all going to take!! i have to make a new jsa claim next month as my esa medical is looming and we all know Ill be deemed fit for work even though I’m not!!! i am dreading making this jsa claim!! as when i made one last time i was sanctioned on the very 1st appointment!! it’s making me i ll i am so depressed also very sad very anxious, since i was referred to not working program in 2010 I’ve not been the same person, i used to be happy smiley go lucky, since i have become a recluse, not even wanting to go out to even get my hair cut even though i need one, I’m now an angry person full of hate, and anger, who cant sleep at night, because of my Anxiety and depression, in the last 3 years i must of applied for over 1500 jobs from cleaning restaurants to working in asda, and you know what I’ve not had one not one single Interview!! I’m not surprised people are committing suicide, i think i would to if i had the balls to do it!!!!

    • Iain duncan smith as blood on his hands

      i am still waiting on hearing about complaints made to ICE regarding that fucking shambles scam work program!! something about i have to wait for the outcome of a test case with reilly and willson ??

  37. jed goodright

    Well, as a disabled man with a degree and 3 different professional qualifications, plus years of highly skilled employment, life considering in some aspects, a talent for branching out into cultural fields and a wonderful spirit that is inclusive to all I think I am perfectly positioned to tell Esther McVile to FUCK RIGHT OFF

  38. when do we stop complying with this system?

  39. How will understaffed Jobcentres cope with seeing so many people so often? The coalition sacked a shitload of civil servants. How will they be able to cope with the extra workload?

  40. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog.

  41. Calm down people, the sheer amount of administration involved will render the whole notion redundant (no bad pun intended) within months. Also you could argue that anyone who is on JSA should/will have a CV anyway so it’s not like being asked to deliver the impossible. Far more worrying (and bizarrely undocumented here) is the community placements that are slipping under the radar…

    • ……….Alas…..You are wrong there… We are not talking about ppl on JSA. This new thing is for those who have not even signed on. I have stated above, that very many ppl do not have CVs. Others do not have access to computers, do not know how to use computers, and even those with that access, don’t have the printers, scanners, etc, to do anything with CVs.
      So these ppl are in effect being told, tough. Sort that yourself, because the State with all its resources aint gonna help ya!
      I know a fair number who haven’t a clue about computers, can’t work them, would never have them, and e-mails mean nothing to them. These guys are all suddenly to be online and have all the technical know how in a day?? Some of these pl will never use a computer, ever!
      As I also pointed out, what of those in areas where Broadband is not available?

      So it is something to be very concerned about. These rules are not acceptable, and we wait with interest what the party that used to be Labour says of it.

      Anyhow…..regards CVs…. Most employers don’t give them half a glance. NHS Scotland do not accept them to name but one major employer.!
      CVs, are okay for those wanting to be senior managers, or Tory/Labour MPs and the like. For most of the rest of us, there are quite meaningless, and utterly useless.


  43. what bugs me is even if these idiots don’t get re-elected they don’t end up straight down the jobcentre they have a period of time with some sort of payment package to help them find another job, so they will probably never have a clue of what it’s really like to be sat in the jobcentre feeling like you’re the scum of the earth no matter how much you want another job 😦

    • If any of the politicians became unemployed en masse after re-election, the ones in power would end the sanctions regime for them until they could create more useless jobs for them to do. They are all in it together.

  44. Reads like the newly unemployed are to be sanctioned before they even get in the Jobcentre (the psychological terrorism wing of the DWP).

    Astonishing that such a puerile rant was posted on a UK Government website. Esther McVey is not fit for purpose and should be condemned to spend the rest of her life reading her own puerile rants from an autocue.

    • something survived...

      Of course, it’d be much simpler to just sanction every poor person 20 years before they are conceived, and then sanction their entire family for 17 generations. Or kill everybody owning less than eight cars.

      Is Esther fit for porpoise? If we cut her up fine enough, would they eat the bits?

  45. Viridor waste-incinerators is how they plan to do it.

  46. That twisted hag never stopped being a porn star.

    Her particular brand of pornography is poverty porn; por that she instigates, formulates and controls. Something for her and her fellow scum-guzzling perverts to flagellate themselves over as they lounge in their luxury homes; grinning and leering over the broken lives brought about as a direct result of their murderous policies. She’s the star of her own porno career! You can almost hear her giggling in drooling over unimaginable the misery and suffering she has been instrumental in creating.

    Her and others like her are all part of the same vile porn ring, revolving around Ian Duncan Smith and the rest of his fucking death dealers. Well a reckoning is coming….she won’t be fucking laughing for much longer!

  47. It has been said by many on this website over the months that as soon as a person is unemployed they will eventually end up having to do some kind of community work for benefits until they find a job. This government have created a fear of becoming unemployed and the unions are not going to do anything about it so the majority of people will just have to accept that they can’t risk losing their jobs and will not push for pay rises. This is the future and everytime a labour MP speaks on television they just appear to promote benefit reforms that the tories would be happy about. Unions once stood up for the people, the labour was created to protect the vulnerable and now both organisations can’t bring themselves to help anyone but themselves. The other day on television a labour MP was saying how they have to court the middle classes to gain power which just shows how they take the poor working class for granted.

  48. David Eastwood

    Esther McVey said on TV last night that she would not have apologised in the same way as Maria Miller did. I agree with that. Esther McVey DOES NOT KNOW how to apologise and say sorry. She is always right just like her boss.

    • Esther Befuddled has a lot of ‘stock’ phrases she’d have wheeled out instead, aiming them squarely, ad nauseum, at the “hardworkingpeople” she so desparately wants to love her.

      Will the phrase ‘hardworkingpeople’ soon be officially accepted as ‘alloneword’?

  49. The tory party seems to attract cruel, heartless, cold women like mc vey!
    Shame on them for welfare reform and conditionality on benefits that rightfully belong to the unemployed.

    Can anyone believe their statistics that 75% of the unemployed are back in work after 6months, but they have scored a home goal now with these fiddled figures.

    When is somebody going to start compiling figures for those that are in or found work, what political party they vote for if any?

    • Another Fine Mess

      Can anyone believe their statistics that 75% of the unemployed are back in work after 6months

      I can believe it.
      But if 75% are back in a job within 6 months, it just means the other 25% will be out of work for very much longer than 6 months, stretching to years.
      New jobs simply aren’t created fast enough for everybody to be in the first 75%/6months.
      If only the half-wits realised this and spent the money elsewhere, we’d be be better off by 10s of £bns.

      • They are hot being created fast enough to accommodate 75% even, these statistics are lies, fiddles based on those forced onto work programmes, zero hour contracts or self employment.

        • Another Fine Mess

          I agree you’ve really got to stretch it to get it up anywhere near 75%, by including self-employed, ZHC, workfare, and calling that ‘now back in work’.

          Jobs churn per year is about 3.5 million.
          NET new jobs created per year is about zero.

          With everyone working for the JC doing 35 hours jobsearch and other even more pointless tasks. I don’t know why the gov don’t just consider all the unemployed as working for the JC on ZHCs and then they could say the unemployment rate is less than 1%.

          • something survived...

            I guess the 75% includes many employed for a day or less, as a temp, or they left or got sacked or it didn’t work out, straight back on the dole.
            One minute jobcentre pustules tell you ‘get out of the jobcentre now, you’ve already signed today, stop looking on that jobpoint machine’. The next, the same jcpustules tell you ‘stay in the job centre and look at the same 50 useless jobs over and over and over again till we say you can stop’.

  50. It’s deplorable when even before the newly unemployed have even begun their job search that they are being demoralized and humiliated by the likes of this Esther McVey! These ministers can’t make employers hire anyone so instead they kick about the unemployed, obviously just to put on a show to justify their own jobs. Unfortunately, unemployment it seems is the necessary evil these employers need to keep their businesses afloat and the unemployed, myself included, have to day after day after day take it that we are no longer an individual, a person, a life, but nothing more than a statistic. I know what I’d like to do with the rope that I find myself at the end of!!


      In an effort to manage production targets from the demise of ATOS, the DWP must be surely contemplating handing some of their unfinished work to DIGNITAS, in Switzerland…..

      Unpublished mortality rates due to the Welfare reforms, backed by our monarch, the Queen, have helped the DWP to consider different options of disposing of the disabled and poor who hinder economic growth.

      It has even been suggested that the DWP may consider apologising ahead of the deaths of the many who are due to succumb, in an effort to face the problem before it arises.

  51. McVile’s voice is more painful than the sound of cats being castrated with a hedge trimmer so its hard to concentrate on what she’s actually saying but this makes no sense. People cannot be mandated to take actions before making a claim and when they have made a claim the only computer they can be mandated to use is the one at the Job Centre. So will people be allowed to use computers at the Job Centre without a claim and where will all the computers and staff needed to help those who can’t work them? I also wonder if anyone has made an FOI request to see if any Job Centre computers have keylogging software installed? If ever there was a case for the reintroduction of the Scold’s Bridle, it’s McVile. Anything more than empty platitudes full of hatred and bigotry is too complex for her. I notice IDS had another flight of fantasy when he claimed his measures would save £50 billion over this parliament. WTF? Only with George Osborne doing the somes does wasting £25 billion become saving £50 billion.

  52. overburdenddonkey

    they try to flatten one…they don’t have to suffer and live with their decisions/diktats that they impose on us, we do…one rule for them and another for us….this is very plain for all to see…


    McVILE showed her true evil by having a stab at one of her own colleagues, MARIA HAND IN THE TILL MILLER……
    Shitbag Esther will do anything to help her rise to fame in the ranks of the nasty party.
    A few years ago i really thought Esther was sick and twisted and had no heart whatsoever, yet she doesn’t have to try very hard to keep up the image nowadays, it’s so natural………
    Bet it takes a mountain of foundation cream to hide the sixes on her forehead.
    Never mind, her dad loves her…….

    Good job really! No fucker else does!

    Even satan fears a takeover!

    • Reason why ive signed off and said ive gone away cannot be arsed with work programme rubbish, filling out pathetic forms booklets etc for a pittence, im lucky my family help me with money, but i fear Il have to do a rapid reclaim again jn a few weeks, before the WP it was less stressf i wouldn’t mind im ex office person so very proficient in PCs etc and have countless interviews..my downfall is my age 43 even though i don’t look it, plus Il be honest i am.picky i want office monday-Friday no weekends shifts as ive been there done that along time ago, wouldn’t last 5 mins as a carer and plus i know what that kind of work is like my mum has dimentia.this McVey tit needs to go back on telly mind u she was useless on it as she is in parliament..tories, labour etc all piss in same pot..i know who im voting for come next election..

  54. Just tell the job centre you won’t apply for ZERO Hour contract and for positions that state company confidential. Company confidential for low paid jobs are likely to be scams anyway.

    • Another Fine Mess

      A few weeks ago, just as a test, I asked my expurt JC ‘job coach’ “What’s all these Company Confidentials”?, and they said it was the name of a recruitment company!

  55. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Tue 8 Apr 2014.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said everyone who “does the wrong thing” should face consequences, and that no one was “above the law”.


    If that’s the case then get yourself arrested IDS, ‘your’ welfare reforms are ‘actually’ killing people. Also you yourself changed the law retrospectivly because you didn’t want to pay back people who had been illegally sanctioned under your repressive regime – you are a fucking hippocrite.

  56. Very disappointed in Esther and her response to Maria’s predicament. I thought that this was what this article was about, however getting people with jobs market seeking disabilities back to work is so super important and benefit sanctions are only part of the answer in the precision tool kit that is there to help and mend these people into a more reasonable disposition. So I agree on the title (even if the language is quite strong) but if it were in the context of Esther’s lack of support for Maria the yes. But as it appears to be a criticism of Esther’s effort into getting Britain onto it’s feet away from the booze and fags and televisions full of jeremy Kyle & scooby doo dvds or out of it’s wheelchairs, prozac or methadone or even all of these things then I disagree with the criticisms.

    • Maria miller is about as innocent or as honest as you!

    • overburdenddonkey

      m m i s
      what is she innocent of?

    • Cuntservatives

      >out of it’s wheelchairs
      that part alone shows what a numpty you are. yes, let’s tip people who can’t walk out of their wheelchairs and kick them until they go to work. they must all be faking it of course, to get out of work!
      >Esther’s effort
      her effort involves nothing more than doing what she’s told in order to get her share of the money. you think she cares about you? then you deserve to feel every effect of her “effort” with full force. moron.

  57. we need to be heard these tories are walking all over the poor..

  58. Perhaps Esther McVey and the rest of her cronies could publish their CV’s and let us all have a look at their “work history”. I doubt even a tiny percentage of these hooray Henrys and Henriettas have ever had a real job in their life. Their cheek is astounding!!

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  60. something survived...

    Advisor: “So, ms mcvey, you have worked previously in the sex industry. That’s great. Your placement is in a hotel room sucking off and servicing a bunch of drunken businessmen, they like to do double anal and film you for youtube. It’s not paid but if you pretend to smile, we might let you keep some of your benefits. Aren’t you glad we saved you from yourself and from being a dreadful scrounger? Please note that any complaint will be treated as noncompliance and you will lose all your benefits, house, liberty, children, oxygen… ”

    Advisor: “So, you (any jobseeker with a Ms or Miss name) have a vagina? Great, it’s now state property. It’ll be used for the purposes of rape, porn or procreation as we see fit. In fact we will no longer address you, we will just call you ‘vagina number —–‘ and keep you all in a warehouse till needed.”

    Advisor: “All male workshy units will be forced to manual labour till they malfunction, at which point they will be disassembled.”

    Advisor: “EXTERMINATE!!!!”

  61. Yes! This is exactly how it is. I had the depressing experience of going through the job centre’s demeaning bureaucracy when I was made redundant last year. And in actual fact I did get another job within 6 months – but it’s a precarious zero hours type job. The pressure from the job centre was just too much for me to try for a well paid and secure position like the one I had before. On top of this, nobody at the job centre actually understood what my previous job had been, let alone was able to support me with my next employment. They are simply not qualified to understand the job market.

  62. ……….I better clarify here to avoid confusion……There was a peron who posted outrageous slanders against us, to whom I replied to…. Anyone who never saw the posts might wonder who I am on about.

    It does not refer the above…Violeta Vajda….or to anyone else, just in case any of you wonder!!.

  63. The Rambling Sea Horse

    Reblogged this on Leyla's Alternative News and Views and commented:
    This war on unemployed people is really starting to grate on me!
    We need to all give our brains a thorough scrubbing with bleach to rid us all of this stupid concept that we ‘good’ if we work. You hear it all the time, ‘oh he’s a grafter, 50 hour week’ or ‘she’s a working mum, she works ever so hard’… well great… that is great if people are that way inclined. Some people enjoy it. I know that. However, what is not cool, is to judge someone who has not found a job they really want to do. And let’s face it, jobs are shit these days. They treat you like a slave! Yet, we look down at people who are savvy enough to say ‘no thanks’??
    I hate this system. I hate the whole set-up. No, I can’t change it. So I’ll muddle on as best I can, and NOT judge those who don’t want to work. They are not my enemy! Immigrants who are slacking here are also NOT my enemy! I don’t give two hoots what ordinary folk do or don’t do quite frankly!
    Because I’m trapped in this Matrix. Nothing is easy here. People who are unemployed are not keeping me in the Matrix so why would I hate them? Immigrants coming here are not keeping me in the Matrix so why would I hate them?

    I know who is keeping me in the Matrix. I hate them.

    In an ideal world, if the world was fair and just. People would be able to ‘work’ or produce something that I would want to ‘buy’ from them. It may not be monetary. It would all be local to where I live. I would trade with the local farmers for food. I would give back what I could to repay the farmer for the food. Etc etc.

    I’m dreaming I know. For the meantime though, please let us not hate those in a lower position than ourselves. E.g. Unemployed, the disabled, single parents.

    • Your views mirror mine, Sea Horse. I know some people who have two or three jobs, work seven days a week, all the hours god sends, etc. Fine, but that’s not for me. If those stupid fuckers want to work themselves to death for the capitalist scum, leave them to it.

      • And what’s worse is that many of these idiots think that because they “work hard”, then the unemployed should be “made to work for their benefits”.
        Flood the market with unwaged workers, that’ll improve their wage and conditions.

        • And when one of these idiots falls off the twig, there’ll be another equally idiotic obedient worker-bee waiting to to take their place. I fucking give up. What do you with people like that?

  64. There are those humans who have caring compassion and empathy, they are the humans who have a social conscience, who would never deliberately set out to hurt another human being or animal, of course the levels of caring compassion and empathy vary from person to person . Then there are those humans who care for nothing but themselves , the world revolves around them and they don’t care who or what gets hurt along the way the level of shelfishness and uncaring varies from person to person but in general those people are corrupt, pathalogical liars, child abusers, animal abusers, abusers of vulnerable people, drink drivers, thieves, violent people who would stab their own mothers in the back and this group includes the vast majority of politcians.
    We are NOT all in it together THEY are all in it together!

  65. Well said Gordon Keane

  66. Just phoquing wow .does this political phoquing leach know who pays her salary the very potential people she is accusing of being scourger’s. Lets not forget that Unemployment is funded by the employed people at least it is in Canada. What we have witnessed is that the surplus accumulated in that fund has been tapped several times by various gov`ts our money destined for the unemployed stolen by the gov`t and used else where / So if its the same where your political slobbering pc of trash is then its your money why are they the elected phoque tards trying tell /impose restrictions on how your supposed to be able to get something you were forcefully required to participatite in its not like you were given the option

  67. oh oh rules we must maintain a proper decorum least some one be offended as the admin has noted after all they are only words and were supposed to be adults yet some people are conditioned to accept the lies from birth and need them to feel cozy and warm .kind of like gov`t holding your hand when you take a pee in the bathroom so you don`t fall in

    • The offensive comments were personal attacks on people for being unemployed, and the usual lies we hear all too often about benefit claimants.

  68. I can not make my mind up if she is a cunt with a mouth, or a mouth with a cunt. Either way, she will always be a proper cunt.

  69. Hi Johnny, long time reader, first time poster. Everything you guys say on here, is true, with the exception of the “residiuum hater” trolls, like the guy you deleted. I am sick and tired of the way this nazi government treat the poor and disabled, whilst hypocritical scrounging all they can, themselves, like Marie Miller. I am under constant stress from the JC jobsworthes, am ttjis close to losing it with them, big time. Every person I know is on the dole, mostly through no fault of their own, and every single one of those people is on sanction after sanction. Are you aware that people on sanctions are not counted on the unemployment register? So when the toffs say they got 1.5 million scroungers into work, what they really mean is, we sanctioned 1.5 million people because we didn’t like the way they looked that day. This soundbite from the page 3 scrubber, Mcvile, is rehashed from when the toffs first slimed their way into power. All these new “conditions” were already part of the New Deal. These measures are nothing new, they are just being implemented in a different way, in order for a person to be retroactively sanctioned. Yes, that does happen, a mate of mine was sanctioned for something that happened a year ago, she failed to attend her last day at some stupid job scrounger course they had her on. So they sanctioned her a full year later when it came to light. This regime is for one purpose, remove as many as they can from welfare, whilst at the same time make their lives so unbearable, they will kill themselves. I’ve lost a good number of friends to this. I doubt it will be much longer before I end it the same way.

  70. I don’t know who Esther McVey thinks she is, but I know what she is….. a self aggrandizing lazy nepotist, who’d be nowhere without her father’s money – and they still couldn’t afford elocution lessons………

  71. Cant blieve the goverment r intertaining this if they were in the real world they’d know that when u lose ure job the lst thing u want 2 do is get treated like a scronger n ģet demeaned every fortnight when u sign on.u want 2 keep ure self respect n u try 2 find new employment my sister worked for 5yrs lost job n sent out 6 cv’s a day for 8months b4 she found new job nothin 2 do with employment office n all 2 do with her determination 2 feed her family n clothe them.this government is a shambles but then so was the lst 1 sa am now in a place where I have not a clue who can b gd enough to run the country whilst actually listening 2 us the people livin in this nightmare n sort this grt country out.

  72. I worked for 30 years until june last year when I was made medically retired by ATOS then I had the dreaded assessment by ATOS who then passed on my files to the DWP and now im able to work according to them so now they have stopped my ESA benefits and left my family and I without any money till they have a look into it , so you ESTHER MCVEY im not a scrounger I have payed all taxes and NI and never claimed benefits ever . SO YOU CAN BOLT YOU BINT

  73. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Do you think Esther McVey is Ken Dodd’s lovechild?

    Well, she might have “impressed the Prime Minister” with the old tickling stick… Tattyhilarious, Missus!

  74. Robin The Boy Wonder

    It is quite obvious that McVey needs medical help….
    Maybe a shot of something… Like a Revolver?

  75. Robin The Boy Wonder

    My cousin is currently out of work: He applied for lots of jobs he is qualified for, but he was snottily told by his bitch of an advisor that he had to apply for “anything”…

    So he did… But when he went to Gestapo HQ again, the twats weren’t happy with that either. All he got was crap like “There’s no point in applying for a job you aren’t qualified for” To which his reply was “You complained when I applied for jobs that I was qualified for!”

    The Tory lickarse behind the desk then said “You can’t just apply for anything!” Our Tony couldn’t believe what he was hearing… He lost it (which he doesn’t often do) and said “That bitch over there told me to do exactly that!”

    These JCP/DWP scum move the goalposts any time they like, and their attitude is like that of the Old Bill: “Shut up! We’re the DWP! We do what we want!”

    Scum bastards….

  76. Maybe she thinks she not a buddy obsessed chauvinist psychopath? I’m not acussing the author but it’s a real mens-tru-oration problem…

  77. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    via the void

  78. Hold on a minute.
    I have been, trying to get my offensive comments deleted, for a considerable length of time.
    What makes him special.
    Do you have a complaints department ?

  79. I hoped it would be obvious to anybody who has watched Esther McVey for longer than five minutes – admittedly, my absolute limit with her – that she has psychopathic characteristics. These should prohibit her from any job that doesn’t involve holding a rifle and killing terrorists. She is, literally, incapable of any opinion that isn’t uncompassionate, dogmatic, hypocritical and unjust, which makes her robotic and totally unsuited for any party but the Conservatives. The smaller-than-average size of her amygdalae should rule her out of any position that requires empathy.

  80. Time for the revolution folks. If you are reading this, start talking more with the people you meet about revolution. It is time to snuff out the rich parasites. Start breaking stuff.. the system needs to be attacked and killed.

  81. May she die screaming .

  82. I’m a Scrounger and proud of it. I am retierd and disabled Mcvey needs to get her head from out of her backside. and find out what life is like for those on benifits. I challange her or any other tory to live in an employment black spot on benifits in a high rise flat for 2 months going after jobs that pay basic wage and see what it is like

  83. People like Esther Mc whatever, are making us ‘all’ sick!!! In fact, these people are ‘sick’ themselves, I mean mentally sick of course.
    Normal healthy minded people, have sympathy and empathy, unfortunately Phsychopathic people do not. There is evidence to prove, that the people who run this uk government are Psychopathic. They lack fellow feeling, they have no consience about what they do to the already poor and disabled, sick or the old. They are also ‘egotistical’ they want prestige and recognition, which probably means they are Narcissistic, Mysoginistic wannabes. Down with Nazi interrogation, Shane on the UK fascist people who govern over us, against our consent.

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