Join the physical or online blockade of the Salvation Army!

jesus-workfare-salvationFrom Boycott Workfare

Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty will be holding another of their regular and extremely successful blockades of the Salvation Army on Saturday morning from 11am onwards.

Join in with an online blockade of the Salvation Army’s social media and let them know what you think of their prolific and unashamed use of forced unpaid labour.

Make your feelings known and you may even get to join the prestigious ‘Banned by the Salvation Army over workfare related comments’ facebook group.

Although the Salvation Army are steering clear of the government’s latest workfare programme, the 6 month long Community Work Placements, they are still major users of workfare, taking part in Mandatory Work Activity and the Work Programme. The Salvation Army have expressed their support for workfare for sick and disabled people using the disturbing phrase “emancipation through employment”. Their enthusiastic support of workfare has won them praise from the government last year that they were ‘holding the line’ as other organisations were dropping out of the schemes due to public outrage.

We will keep the pressure on until they fully withdraw from all workfare schemes which threaten people with benefit sanctions of up to 3 years, causing hunger and homelessness.

Contact the Salvation Army UK on Facebook and on Twitter: @salvationarmyuk

They can be telephoned on (020) 7367 4500 or emailed at:

Please spread the word!

The Salvation Army’s youth section are on facebook here.

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40 responses to “Join the physical or online blockade of the Salvation Army!

  1. When I was young, sometime last century we had a song about the Sally ann that went : “Will you come to the mission will you come? hallelujah, there’s a free cup of tea and a bun hallelujah”. Seems like no tea and definitely no bun now.

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  3. overburdenddonkey

    i am a strong advocate of ecap…and the formation of grassroot groups to fight tyranny, provide honest advice on our rights and also stand up for our rights…we must resist all tyranny, where ever it is found, well done to edinburgh coalition against poverty…i wish i could be there with them….shame on the SA and all exploiters of human beings…judge ye not lest ye be judged thy self…

  4. The modern version goes along these lines:
    “Will you come to the mission of mandatory work, will you come?
    Hallelujah there’s free labour but an empty tum, if you refuse.”

  5. Sister Anna will no longer carry the banner.

    she was sanctioned for three months by the DWP for not declaring to them that she was working for god and also claiming full benefits.

  6. Such a shame they’ve taken this route. My grandad (and hence my whole family) was a staunch supporter of the Sally Army after their members were the ones to find him and reunite him with his unit when he was severely injured and MIA in WW2 … he would hate to see what they’ve become now.

    • Landless Peasant

      Likewise with the YMCA. My Dad was a member in the 1930’s and was presented with a pocket Bible that he went on to carry with him through the entire War, the war he fought against Tyrrany so we would not be slaves.

    • overburdenddonkey

      there were plenty who objected to the SA back then….they gained respect as any who helped the battle wounded/scarred did, during the time of the actual conflict, but were often quickly abandoned as we all well know when discharged …those who did not believe in war, were thrown in jail/detention camps, or were given a choice to become stretcher bearers etc….yes, in the hard docklands pubs, clubs, they went in collected money and quickly left, most gave money to get rid of them, as they spoilt the atmosphere of the pub or club…those known as ‘conscies’ as described see link….

      • Dont forget the anti-SA Skeleton Army, back in the 19th century…

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes of course how could i forget the temperance movement and prohibitionists, etc….the working class neededthe food provided by alcohol, and to let go after a grueling days work..and they said we needed god, and as they spoke to god not us, that we needed them…they did not protest against our working conditions nor housing conditions nor poor pay nor poverty and/or that we were the cannon fodder of choice…but they fed on our injuries, to benefit from our suffering…coz we are/were the sinners…not they nor the establishment….money is their god and was seen as such back then….

        • what a great link ive never heard of em ,skull and crossbones, early class war .?

  7. Landless Peasant

    the disturbing phrase “emancipation through employment”. Exactly Johnny. “Arbeit Macht Frei” is alive and well. It’s like Auschwitz never happened.

  8. Well to be fair, they do have a divine mandate:

    Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear. Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ. (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)

    When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished. If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property. (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

    So that’s ok then. If forcing the most vulnerable and helpless members of society into miserable slavery under threat of absolute destitution was good enough for Ephesians and co, it’s good enough for the Sally Ally.

  9. Forcing esa claimants to work? Thts truly scary. I work, but I’m off sick ATM with bronchitis, I feel so bloody ill there’s no way I cud of gone in. I will b paid, but if I was on workfare I’d probably b sanctioned!

    • Forcing esa claimants to work? Thts truly scary. I work, but I’m off sick ATM with bronchitis, I feel so bloody ill there’s no way I cud of gone in. I will b paid, but if I was on workfare I’d probably b sanctioned! And people on esa r a damn sight sicker thn me. I know I’ll get better, some of there dyin

  10. Some have been killed by this government also!

  11. markredtigerrussell799

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  12. Jesusisanarchist

    This is not what Jesus stood for. His philosophy, his teachings his essence has been twisted & distorted beyond recognition over the last 2000 years, in order to weaken its power & to make people lose the ability to distinguish between true good & true evil. Salvation Army followers are brainwashed into thinking that what they are doing is ‘Christianity’ when by enslaving & coercing people they are doing the devil’s work. Similarly, people put off by Christianity are deceived by the distorted appearance of it & not the true message. Jesus was an Anarchist in His time, now he is with you anarchists in this time. You are the few good people left in the UK, part of the few people who are aware of what is really going on. Morally ethically politically spiritually we are living in dark, evil, anti-christian times where Money, selfishness, ‘status’, property ‘values’, enslavement are the new false Gods. A banker in a shirt & tie with a big posh house is perceived as more worthy than a rough-looking low-earning claimant who inwardly still has some objective perception a good soul on his shoulders & has resisted the warped materialism, the widespread brainwashing & conditioning & inward & outward corruption so unfortunately now prevalent. Who is better in Jesus’ eyes?
    So in many ways, Anarchists, you are in fact true Christians. Have a think about reconciling the two.

    • “So in many ways, Anarchists, you are in fact true Christians. Have a think about reconciling the two.”

      No, that cant be right. Real christians are people like Iain Duncan Smith and Tony Blair, we know because they’ve told us they are.

      • Jesusisanarchist

        You’ve missed the point…IDS & Blair aren’t real Christians, they just ‘think’ – or ‘pretend’ they are. IDS & Blair did the devil’s work. They say they are Christians as a masquerade of respectability. Anyone can say they are Christian or whatever, you need to look within to their soul tune into their vibes judge their actions study their faces to find out whether or not they are true Christians. Look at Blair’s face nowadays – the face of a mass murderer. See the guilt & shame in his eyes, the lines of evil etched across his face. Look at IDS’s face, such ignorance, incompetence, shiftiness, dark spots forming all across his cheeks.
        Anyone can say they are anything, but that doesn;t mean they actually are does it ? Don’t confuse labels people attach to themselves with the reality of who they actually are. Look deeper, much deeper for truth, beyond appearances.
        Similarly the Salvation Army isn’t truly a Christian organisation, it’s been subverted by the devil, twisted beyond its original ideals. Entropy, corruption. The fact that it is involved in modern-day slavery, defends it, promotes it, is enough to tell you that.

        • Uh, yeah… actually I was attempting to be ironic. Sorry.

          “IDS & Blair did the devil’s work”

          I dont believe they need some alledged supernatural being to in some way encourage them to act badly – they do it all of their own volition, because they choose to, perhaps (especially in IDs’s case) because they get some kind of kick out of it.

          By the same token, I’ve not seen any evidence of god or Jesus intervening either, even when the slimy bastards take their names in vain – kind of the Labour party of theology ? They say they’re against it, but do sod all to stop it.

    • Only problem !
      Jesus is a myth, he never existed apart from on paper ,written by science fiction writers of the day.
      And you fell for it.

      • Can you deny that what these science fiction writers wrote was not for the good of society though. Goodness triumphing over evil. By all means be a none voter, but it does not stop you from reaping the rewards of a good society as opposed to an evil one.
        Does IDS act like a man of God or did Blair? No!

  13. Grandpa Willy


    Here’s something that will either make you laugh or cry. I couldn’t believe it when I read it. In Littleport, not only is the Foodbank being run by Workfare exploiters, the Salvation Army, it would appear they’re also trying to kill off local jobseekers as well by feeding them all the fattening food dumped on them by Littleport Slimming World.

    Sharon Heaps, who has run the Slimming World group for 17 years, said: “The pleasure it gave me to contact the foodbank and tell them that they have an enormous amount of goodies coming their way was fantastic. What better way to help our members get back on track than by helping our local community at the same time.”

    What better way to kill them off, more like.

    • overburdenddonkey

      do they issue a stroke warning when they issue this “food”…or a we’ve pulled a right stroke here, warning….F.A.S.T. face arms speech time…

  14. They are blocking comments as soon as they are posted on FB! Turn up the HEAT!

  15. Salvation army are a sham! not a charity at all but a corporate business who deal in exploiting people on Workfare.

    Just learnt that they have banned Boycott Workfare’s tweet access to their site because they don’t agree with free speech and don’t like being criticized.

    They revel in exploiting the poorest and weakest in society on workfare however.

  16. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here mentions that the Sally Ann have adopted the slogan ‘Emancipation through employment’ for their workfare campaign. He rightly describes it as ‘disturbing’. It is. It looks very much like a simple rephrasing of the notorious words ‘Arbeit Macht Frei’ – ‘Work Makes Your Free’, placed above the Nazi concentration camps. And I’ve already blogged on how these camps were run by the SS as a profit-making industry, which included the ‘arbeitscheu’ – ‘workshy’, or those voluntarily unemployed without good reason, as part of their captive labour force. While really does make you wonder about the head of their business wing. Is he really that much of a Nazi-sympathiser?

  17. Well my own post on their Facebook site just went up, I thought I’d try and approach things from a somewhat more oblique angle, I wonder how successful my attempt will be and if anyone will actually try and ‘help me in my research’?

    “Can anyone help at all? I’m attempting to locate the section of the bible in which Jesus Himself outlines his support for the instituton of slavery. Thus far I have not been successful in my search.

    To be specific, I’m seeking a direct quote from Jesus, in the form of parable, sermon quotation, or anything of the sort, in which he explains his unconditional, unambiguous support for slavery. Perhaps a rousing sermon in which the virtues of selling his fellow men into bondage, and forcing them to live under the whip of a pitiless overlord for whom they must work without pay under threat of punishment or death are eagerly and sincerely espoused?

    I am unable to find such a passage which leaves me rather confused? Am I not searching hard enough? Could anyone perhaps furnish me with the correct passages, chapters etc?

    Thank you in advance. Your friend, Ergates.”

    • The problem lies in the fact that most religions espouse to the old testament not the new one which Christians have adopted to supersede the old testament.

  18. overburdenddonkey

    support your local “slave nation army” on twitter, check their brilliant banner and humour out….

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  20. the salvation army

    right thats it no soup for you lot or sandwich s.

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