Trade Unions Unite For Militant And Sustained General Strike Len McClusky Announces

"Fuck the law ... I'll go to jail if I have to" said McClusky

“Fuck the law … I’ll go to jail if I have to” said McCluskey

In a genuinely historic move, every trade union in the UK has signed up to a sustained general strike against austerity which could begin in the next few days Unite leader Len McCluskey has confirmed.

The shock announcement comes after months of secret meetings by union bosses in which agreement was reached to take decisive action to fight back against the demolition of the welfare state and NHS.  In a statement released early this morning McCluskey said:  “We are tearing up the rule book.  Fuck the law, I’ll go to jail if I have to.  It’s time to take a decisive stand and we call on everybody, in or out of work, to join  a sustained militant campaign  to support the strikes.”

Every union is believed to have agreed to take part and to adopt old style tactics, such as squads of flying pickets, to strengthen the strike.  They have called on non-union members to help them blockade workplaces and picket the homes of scabs.  Only those staff involved in essential services, such as emergency healthcare and processing pensions and benefit payments will remain at work.

McCluskey confirms that unions will ballot on a strike within two weeks, however walk-outs could start to take place in the next few days: “We will not wait.  This Government would make all trade union activity illegal if they had their way.  It’s time to show them that no matter what laws they introduce we will resist them and we are millions strong.  The fightback starts now and it stops only when we win,  We will bring this country to a standstill.”

He was joined in the announcement by Mark Serwotka of the PCS Union which counts thousands of Jobcentre staff amongst their members.  In a surprise move Serwotka apologised to claimants for the union’s inaction to date:  “We got it wrong,” he said “we should have acted much earlier.  The leadership of the PCS Union can only issue a sincere apology to all who have suffered under this regime and we are desperate to make amends.  From today we are instructing our members to refuse to impose benefit sanctions or administer the Work Capability Assessment.  We hope to  have a full strike in place, with every Jobcentre and DWP office closed, by the end of the week.”

McCluskey continued: “All of us took our eyes off the ball, there is no doubt about that and it is time to rectify that situation.  We cannot stand another five years of neo-liberal reforms”

On the subject of the Labour Party, McCluskey continued: “The modern Labour Party is pathetic and the party political system is broken.  Unless they stand behind this strike in both word and deed then the Labour Party will not see another penny from any trade union”.  Senior Labour Party figures were said to be reeling from the news.  Owen Jones, for once, was unavailable for comment.

Instead unions are set to pour millions into grassroots campaigns which are committed to using direct action tactics to fight back against austerity policies.  “Close motorways, occupy public buildings, be creative and most of all cost the bastards money” said McCluskey, “whatever you need, we will pay, details of how to apply for funding will be available on our website from tomorrow.”

Unions are believed to have taken action to protect cash reserves to protect against government attempts to sequester or block funds.  Detailed secret contingency plans are in place should union leaders be jailed.

The move comes as over 100 anti-poverty and disability charities signed a statement pledging non-cooperation with this, or any government until every single welfare reform introduced by Iain Duncan Smith is revoked.  Some of the biggest organisations in the country are even set to give up charitable status to allow them to campaign more vigorously against government policy.  A spokesperson for the Leonard Cheshire Foundation confirmed the news: “Enough is enough, it’s time to fight back, by any and all means necessary.”.

Senior Tories have yet to comment on the move, but McCluskey is unrepentant.  Revealing his personal motivation for the strikes he explained: “I did not come into trade unionism to see everything that working class people have fought for over the years destroyed whilst we stand on the sidelines.  History will not forgive us if we do not act now.  We will not go back to work until a radical new settlement is reached or until the whole rotten neo-liberal charade comes crashing down.  I’m proud to be part of this great initiative which will place trade unions right back where they should be – at the heart of working class struggle.”

(do not hold your fucking breath, sadly this could only ever be an April Fool)

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193 responses to “Trade Unions Unite For Militant And Sustained General Strike Len McClusky Announces

  1. Great April Fools!

  2. Johnny if this is an April Fool joke its very bad taste…people are dying starving no hope and more cuts to come. Can we hear from you please?

    • It’s April 1st seenematit, and the post is satirical. The humour isn’t intended to belittle those who haven’t survived. I think it’s highlighting the shameful apathy and sheer inertia of the unions which have played a part in the terrible circumstances we live in now.

    • I agree.
      I get the ‘joke’, but this really poorly conceived.
      I expected much better. Just because it’s April 1, doesn’t mean stupid jokes are obligatory. We get enough of that from the msm.

      • Why is it considered a “stupid joke” to target some satire at those who have done precisely squat to tackle the injustice of our current plight?

        I think it’s about time someone called out the unions and this is a good way of doing it.

        • I have no problem satirising the useless unions.
          I do have a problem raising people’s expectations – even on April Fool’s Day.
          This was an ill judged joke. By all means take the piss out of the unions, but don’t use the rest of us to do it.

          • Just how is this piece of well written satire using “us” to take the piss out of the unions?

            The piece itself does that accurately.

            It’s satire. Satire on April Fools day is bound to carry some along with it, it’s the nature of April Fools! It always has been.

            If we start banning satire because it might raise the hopes of some people or some people don’t get the joke, then we are going to be in a worse state as a country than we are now.

            North Korea anyone?

      • It’s not a joke, that’s the point. It’s a post on April 1, but it’s no joke. More an indicator of how pathetic and impotent union power and the Labour party have become nowadays. People do need to be constantly reminded of that and to look for advice and support elsewhere. That’s why legitimate groups like E.C.A.P do such great work, they actually support and help people without judging.

      • As we are now witnessing an almost complete failure of imagination, though, it might be more important than ever to try to picture, and continue to hope and dream for, better possible worlds. They could (even, still) conceivably exist, but first have to be imagined

        *[He] … was, for once, unavailable for comment” … Spike Milligan, eat your heart out (“I told you I was ill”).

    • I wouldn’t say the joke per se is bad taste more the fact if you forgot the date and skimmed through the “article” it got hopes up. The fact unions and Labour are no different these days than the Tories of course is a joke in itself especially to those self righteous PCS types that regularly bore all to tears in a Wetherspoon’s establishment.

  3. I was starting to get all excited about this until I realised it is April 1st If this is a joke it is MASSIVELY BAD TASTE!!!!! If so SHAME on you JV

    • I am already about to give up on life, I have nothing to look forward to and nothing to live for. I have no family or relatives that I know of!!! I don’t care if that means the system wins, it always has!!!!

      • Me too, i’m in the same position.
        My life ruined from birth, snatched by the state and raised in care, whole life fucked abused.

        Mention the charity industry Johnny, how it works with Social Services (SS) as a false economy with an agenda to destabilise the population.
        It aint Money for Children, it is Children for money.

        We are fucking SICK TO DEATH LITERALLY, i am about ready to DIE now, my life wasn’t worth shit, so my death may as well count for something.

        So if this is a stupid fucking retard joke it is far from fucking funny, we need to bring this corrupt bag of shit we call a system DOWN!!!

        • Wow you have hit the nail on the head!!! Johnny, If the article was satire, then why wasn’t it labelled as such????
          How can you expect ANYONE to ever believe one word you ever say again???

          • Not sure marking an April Fool as satire is the general format. I’m sorry if some people thought I was making light of the current situation, the opposite is the case. This post was intended to make a serious point.

            • Johnny I didn’t realise it was 1st April until I read some comments. I admit I am gullible but I put that down to my shattered mind. People now more than ever, need hope. Mental illnesses tend to forgo rationality and logic. If what you are writing is satire, whatever the date please, please let us know? You perform a very important service to us all, and I for one really do appreciate you and what you do! Thank you Johnny!!

            • I am not amused to say the least your comments gave a glimmer of real hope to many people, I have been saying for 2 years now that a general strike is whats needed to bring down this disspicable goverment. Only to read its a joke.

              • Then lets be the drive behind a new movement, where its the reality…
                You get fuck all in this life, unless you take it

        • overburdenddonkey

          i hear ya…..we will overcome tyranny…but the post is no joke, it has recovered many blocked feelings of anguish and distress caused by tyranny..

  4. Reading the first paragraph made my little heart begin to stir – doh, how slow am I? What a lovely plan though, I’d have my purple sparkle wheelchair polished up for that picket line… Happy 1st April 😉

  5. Johnny delete this story now if this meant to be an april fools joke, I demand an answer, Is this story for real!!

    • Why are people criticising Johnny for this story – I’m surprised how little trust people are putting in him, especially after all the great and true blog posts he’s written in the past. Do people think he is stupid, insensitive, or what? I just say to you all, think for a few minutes exactly what he is doing here with this story. And see what Lucy says above. He is making a very important point. He certainly isn’t trivialising the situation.

    • having a sense of humour will not be tolerated.


  6. Too subtle for some!

    • As subtle as a housebrick through a plate glass window, but, the article, obviously satire within reading the first few paragraphs has done a very important job-
      It got us talking.

  7. totallygivenup

    not fucking funny

  8. Not funny, I agree.

    So I won’t hold my breath…I will get out there.


  9. This is not funny-not funny at all!

  10. You’re a big arsewipe Johnny Void!

  11. It made oi larf, because it’s laughably surreal and from the realms of fantasy.

  12. Another Fine Mess

    Does anyone know what time this strike starts?

    “we are millions string”

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  14. Happy April Fool’s Day!

  15. You’ve made a very deep point. The Trade Unions have mostly fooled us all for years, not just one day at a time.

  16. You nearly had me believing it.if only it was true

  17. Bastard.

    Though I admit you’ve made your point.

    Still a bastard though.



  19. hell it may be an april fools but why not push the unions to action , push the left wing parties too

  20. If this is an april fools, then you are a total c**t!!! So many elderly and disabled suffering from the cuts. Not funny at all.

  21. Pinch, punch,
    First of the month
    White Rabbit!

    • overburdenddonkey

      well it didn’t fool me, as my heart lept for joy….one thing is why is this only satire and not actually happening…

      • obd, I think it’s a good piece of satire. The fact that some people found it distressing or took it as a mockery of them and their struggles says a great deal about what the ruling parties have done to vulnerable people, than it does against the case for powerful satire.

        I hope some union leaders read that post and feel something more than a twinge of shame. It’s rare, but sometimes shame can lead a person to try and put things right.

        However, we are talking about very well lunched union officials here, so waiting for shame and/or action, might take until the end of time.

        • overburdenddonkey

          union action has mostly, come from grassroots push, so lets encourage it…goading them into doing the right things is necessary…

          • Lets hope some of their grassroots members who work in the DWP/JC+ find a moment between sanctions to read this then 🙂

          • I am afraid any union action now, after so much inaction over suppressed wages for the working class and benefit cuts for the poorest, would lead me to cynically believe that they were only now considering industrial action in an effort to get the labour party elected next year.

      • Almost fooled me for a second, then the old adage “if something is too good to be true” came to the fore…
        Best April Fools ever!

  22. i think if you have the slightest beef with the tory’s you should back the unions, they have their faults, but not half as bad as draconian tory’s,and i was a buiseness man for 45 years,

    • I agree with lezlow2012 seriously everybody…we have to hang on tight to EVERY LITTLE HOPEFUL IGHT OUT THERE, UNTIE THEM AND THEN MAYBE, THEN WE WILL BEGIN TO SEE THE CHANGE WE REALLY NEED AND WANT TO SEE.

  23. About time someone had the guts to stand up and fight. Hope that it is followed through.

  24. The bit that gave it away to me, was Mark Serwotka apologising to claimants.

  25. lmao . Absolutely brilliant. Telling it as it is (y)

  26. Just for a few moments you let us dream what it would be like if people acted according to their conscience rather than to protect capitalism at all costs. Waking up from the dream and ouch reality is harsh. Capitalism is set to destroy us all, planet included and still capitalism is king. No-one seems at all worried so long as there is profit to be made. A great post thank-you. Inspired.

  27. I hope this will kick the unions into actually doing something. Even if it is an April Fool, it shows what’s really needed from them and they would be fools themselves not to act in accordance with what’s written.

  28. To all those criticising Johnny :
    I believe this article sums up perfectly the situation with the trade union movement . Ok , so it’s an April fool, but it’s so close to the truth it hurts . The reluctance of our union movement to initiate and coordinate collective action is nothing short of disgraceful . I believe their inaction is much more damaging than this one article. We have to learn from our own history – the ruling class has given us nothing that we haven’t fought for. If laws are unjust then they have to be challenged . I don’t believe McCluskey & co are up to the task – far from it . I believe this article is helpful in helping un understand this reality , Comradely, Kev

  29. The trot to the park to listen to millibands election speech sounds like fun. One day strikes have never achieved anything, do it for a week a month and governments get toppled. A sit down or walk to the park has NEVER achieved fk all.

    Do unions organise rights protests for those who can’t get work forced to work for no wage ?

  30. I would have had a good old chuckle at this if my life wasn’t so fucked in this rotten country of ours!

  31. Oh, i owe you a slap for this one, having been ill yesterday and not sleeping all last night im like a zombie today, im just checking my mail having had an engineer replace the faulty phone line this morning and i didnt click about the date untill i was about halfway through reading it,i was just thinking i can hardly believe that this country has got its balls back when the penny dropped-so depressed now.

  32. This blog has been posted on disabled people against cuts. Although I realise that it’s not your intent to upset folk with your wishful little whimsy, I didn’t really think that was the right place to put it.
    Many on that site have had their hopes and future dashed by these unfeeling tory scum, and to give out false hope, regardless of the auspices, isn’t ironic, it’s just in poor taste.
    You may not have even realised your blog had been posted there, if so, sorry to trouble you. If you did, may I suggest a smidgen of forethought couldn’t hurt.

    • Well said Mr Sweet!

    • Addendum
      Line 5 of your comment should surely read: unfeeling political scum.
      Apart from the Bedroom Tax, Labour’s welfare and benefits policy is a carbon copy of Tory policy.

      The problem with slagging off just the Tories, is that is gives some the idea that things will be different under a Labour government. And the problem with that narrative is that we remain as we are now, in an endless descending spiral, one government after another, of whatever party, things progressively getting worse.

    • I think that to make a global assumption that all disabled, sick and unemployed people cannot understand or cope with satire, or are unable to accept that a humorous post was in the spirit of satire and the April 1st tradition, would be patronising and disrespectful to the disabled, the sick and the unemployed.

      Jonny’s post is satirical and like all good satire it hits the spot. Which in this case is the unions who have done less than nothing to help the vulnerable in this country.

      • So Lucy do you believe that people whose minds are shattered and who all hope is gone, should what? take a joke like this and laugh at it? when logic thinking and rationality has gone out of the window? And when many people are hanging by a very thin thread?
        Contrary to your belief, some people do not have the mental capacity to see this as a joke, but they know enough to see it as a glimmer of hope!

        • overburdenddonkey

          there was absolutely no malicious intent to this post, if there was, i’d be shouting about it with you…i don’t know that people with shattered minds would be reading or contributing to this blog….i would have thought anyone who was, is mentally tough enough to take the up’s and down’s, of the sometimes grimness of posts, posting, other posters, with the odd troll thrown in for good measure..the initial joy expressed/triggered by this post was genuine, ie at last there is general widespread action to stand up to tyranny…ie we are not alone anymore…the disappointment is that there is not, and only us and a few other groups that are fighting for our human rights, and effectively…but it does express the genuine feeling of joy if there had of been…please take a close look at that joy, answers are awaiting in volumes…

          • OBD…i’m one of those who see through a dark fog, rarely see the good of anything… the point of anything… even reading or writeing in peoples blogs…and sometimes even the thought of approaching the outside world, albeit via my computer, is beyond me. but that aside, as i’m here now…….. i fell for this hook line and sinker right upto the last sentence, then upon realisation, thought..”you lousy freaking son of a mother fu…..hmmmm…. actually, sod this piece, IT in itself is not the point…. the point is THAT IS WHAT SHOULD BE HAPPENING!!”….maybe stupid and pathetic bastards like me might….just might, see the tiniest glimmer of light…..but then…..nah….not gonna happen….

            I appluad the sentiment behind it even if the application was cruel…but then it did for a short while fire me up……..

            • overburdenddonkey

              then, i’m delighted that you see it as it is meant
              “but then it did for a short while fire me up……..” let the fire burn bright…i will add and i hope you see that i mean this with nothing but good intent…ie non-patronizing, but just to clarify for me…
              then see that the dark fog is caused by oppression…you did however note your joy when the fog was lifted…so his post spoke to you, hit the right spot and said “hey, this is not your fault that you feel as you do, but is because of what has been/being done to you”, your response come from your soul, heart if you like, but from within you….i too applaud JV, for this post he got it spot on as usual….

              • OBD
                I take your point but many people don’t see the point of short-lived joy, especially when they have nothing in their lives to sustain the positive feeling. For many people with anxiety and depression the sudden drop from false joy can be devastating, I know I could have gone through today without ever having read this, and I am more relieved to know that I am not the only person with this view.
                Johnny should be aware that this particular audience, has gone through things that should NEVER have happened, and knowing his readers, he should have some sense of feeling to know what is or is not appropriate. We just need a little sensitivity and understanding, and most of all honesty and Real hope that can be sustained.

              • overburdenddonkey

                i used to suffer severe anxiety, many years ago, but with proper psychotherapy, love, compassion, empathy, i totally cured MYSELF of it…all i needed to know is where to start from, that’s is all, i did the rest….i see the reaction as healthy, the/your cognitive reaction is trying to show one something, and i’m not saying it can all be done at once it takes a long time… yes, i know the horrible stammering needle like tension, as fear grips and thinking vanishes, that one goes through, but it has to be gone through, recovery depends on it…only do what you can do let your own mind be your guide… your own mind….you are reacting now and making sense of it all…see the overarching point of the post…he cannot nurse us, we must do that for ourselves, which is part and parcel of the message, we fight for our rights, as no one who took them is going to freely give them back to us…know thy can react to jv, but can you react to our oppressors?
                jv’s posts are often hard hitting, fcuk don’t tell him, i nearly said i admire him and his work…and i don’t often say that about anyone, but there you go, i am….i could not do his work, and few others could neither, which is why we read his posts and are moved to post because they become our posts and blogs….

                • I have been waiting 6 years for any psychotherapy, despite my unending fight for it. I really want to get better but the powers that be don’t care!

              • overburdenddonkey

                they don’t care, and you might not believe me, but if the state has failed to give you “psychotherapy”, you have more likely than not, had a lucky escape…work of dr bob johnson (imv the best as he tells you how to do the diy work and is contactable on twitter see his twitter profile), dr dorathy rowe, dr alice miller is a good start…

                • Seconded… after fuck knows how long fighting to get in to a treatment programme for the PTSD that wrecked my mind- the aftermath of which on leaving a psychiatric hospital and finding JV blog and like minded others- I finally got in to CBT, where i quickly realised it was all Psycho bollocks and platitudes. If you cant blind them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit. And thanks to JV, Scriptonite, Tom Pride, Mike sivier, Tom Clarke among others, id educated myself to see through the bullshit
                  I realised despite what the “Therapist” was spewing, it wasnt me who was fucked, it was a natural reaction to a rotten unfair society, when my mind was at a low ebb and unable to deal with the horrors of life dealing with the DWP, ATOS and ConDem NeoLabour ideology. My breakdown was inevitable. Engineered even.
                  Yeah, i still got PTSD, it aint ever gonna go away but i now know how to deal with it. Manage it.

                  Educate yourself, and as OBD says, help cure yourself

                • Ulysses, CBT?… a farce, was sent to that… the therapist had HIS congnitive behaviour changed instead, your right, it’s based on compliance with the present “supplied” view and not on what is wrong so totally pointless accept robot production.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ulysses hi, not seen you for a while not since debbie harry concerned you or there abouts.. and john
                  CBT makes things worse, it’s affects stronger than pharms see work of those i name, in this case specifically dr dorathy rowe “beyond fear” a hefty read and often seemingly confusing book, but her words have a way of sinking in and making sense, it is very cleverly written…the need for healing and solutions is so great the rush to heal understandably intense, urgent, but when in for slow down or stop, read her work slowly, the pot of gold, is in it’s comprehension, realize oppression causes anxiety and depression….my C-PTSD is cured….

                • overburdenddonkey

                  typo not when in for but when in FOG…

                • CBT and all crudely applied behavioural approaches to therapy are nothing more than abusive form of puppetry.

                  I include EMDR DBT and all forms of “meridian tapping” too.

                  Seriously, these techniques cause unmitigated harm, not least because their basis is that you, the person are wrong in all you think, thought or did. If you don’t get well, it’s because you didn’t pull your socks up hard enough.

                  Scientology is considered a cult. A harmful cult. I believe that diehard lovers and practitioners of CBT and everything related to it, are as much a cult as Scientology.

                  The biopsychosocial model (drastically warped and spun by those in power) of illness and disability gave birth to the climate where destructive crap like CBT and its bastard offspring can prevail.

                  The Psychotherapy industry in the UK is 100% unregulated and many practitioners of this bullshit are up in arms the second anyone mentions regulation. Regulation might mean they make less money and become less free to wreck the lives of those who seek their help. It’s nothing about the wellbeing of the person seeking help.

                  If I was in charge, anyone practicing these therapies would be thrown into an oubliette.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  to your “CBT and all crudely applied behavioural approaches to therapy are nothing more than abusive form of puppetry.” post if it somehow fails to get where i intended it to go…AGREED…

                • …and to you obd, as I can’t find where you mentioned it – “instinct” The only reason I am still alive is because I forced myself to trust my instinct with these irresponsible CBT mongers.

                  You are right. I’d add that our instincts have kept us alive. They have to be what we rely on when we try to get well again. 🙂

                • overburdenddonkey

                  instincts scream at one to get fcuk out…listen to them as they save lives and will one day save humanity…hitler et al used self doubt of instincts to gain his power…open up a clear pathway/channel to one’s gut reaction and work with it….oh, yes, i too had to force myself to listen to me….

                • It was at the point when a “Self Help” book by Martin Speligman was thrust forth, i thought “fuck this” I asked the therapist did she know who this guy is, what he is responsible for? I asked her to do research on CIA torture practice, waterboarding, and nudge therapy and see whos name is at the top…
                  Her response? But he’s won a noble peace prize…
                  There was an answer for everything:
                  Me, i just want to work, to earn my way in the world, but im realistic, i have a criminal record, have mental illness where i have been locked in a secure unit and upon release was homeless in a Sally Army hostel:
                  Her response:
                  You are just putting blocks in the way, everyone can get a job if they want one enough.

                  Me: Granted, anything in the world is possible, but 12 million unemployed or underemployed, my CV is gonna shine out like a beacon isnt it?

                  there again putting up mental road blocks ..

                  Me: No. Its called being a realist.

                  Respect? out the fucking window

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you’re right, if they say things like..“oh, it’s not that bad, forget it, it is all in the past, you over think, move on, you put up road blocks, obstacles you are resistant, being awkward, poor thing” crap…run like hell, they are using one….if they invite you to express anger, rage, and pain, at every opportunity it feels odd and right at the same time….ie invites/encourages one to express one’s very own childhood story…. they asked “what happened”….and as one tries to down play it pretend it was not that bad, and try to keep the control that has kept one literally alive, up until then, they draw the horrors out of one to face and express it together..a true psychotherapist has no fear of your past, they welcome hearing one’s past and we go through the journey as one…it is a spiritual experience literally, that is the only way that i can describe it….not the hollow m/t words that other so called therapies offer, it feels whole and completing…. they invite your pain, you know it is there, you know it needs to be expressed, and they welcome it’s expression…if it feels like ROBOT repair get out….because that’s what one is healing from….

          • overburdenddonkey

            joanna ps
            i also know the anguish of the long wait, the pleading for help, and constantly being fobbed off in the endless delays, as somehow one has also got to get on with one’s life, and put on a brave face, a smile that really does not belong….some get through this suffering and find genuine help, others do not…you are one of those who will find genuine help…and i’m not saying that you are or me are the lucky one’s neither….what we have suffered is very very bad, and compounded by endless delays…warmest wishes for your future…your search for help, has paid off…and it is hard work as well, no easy options recovering from traumas….a bit at a time but focus on this one task healing…never ever give up, you will heal….the mind is screams at one to get help to heal …

            • I started out to reply to Joanna’s assumptions, but then I read obd’s replies to Joanna, so I’m not going to add anything other than to say…

              Six years is a very long time to wait for help, twenty years is much longer time to have been fighting for effective and humane help and not be able to get it.

              • overburdenddonkey

                i started when i was 15…i finally got the help in badly needed in 1985, 18 yrs later, 10 yrs on from that i started to recover….fcuk have i suffered, but healing is possible, i am living proof of that….

                • I’m very glad you got there obd, and I genuinely feel sad that Joanna isn’t being given the chance to heal.

                  There are a lot of us out there.

                  Yes, we can educate ourselves about our MH and what help we need, but the fobbing off continues, no matter how loud we shout. We can be as educated as we like about our needs and problems, but if your CCG ain’t funding it, then you can just take a hike until your next crisis.

                  Yesterday I had to explain to my GP the difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist. This GP is the named MH doc at my practice.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  the best work is done by dr bob…and of course my 1985 psychotherapist, she was fcuking amazing…i denied what she had brought up for a long while until i proved it all to be true…i knew me and her were in truth because it simply felt like it…in that therapy room we were at ease with each other….expression, felt non-threatening, sort of comfortable, and understood…my pain “lived” whilst in that room, it grew arms and legs, breathed life into my nearly murdered soul…if it doesn’t run like hell..let instincts be your guide…

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s in the 1st seconds of the 1st therapy meeting one will know if to run or not…self doubt is continually fostered by the charlatans to get into one’s head, and feed off of one’s suffering…

        • They’re not supposed to be laughing Joanna. You really don’t understand satire, do you.

  33. Kin hell. I was getting all worked up there. Even though I’m self employed and hence not a Union member, I was getting ready to find the closest picket and join in.

    But leave Johnny alone eh? This post proves two things:

    1. Many people are ready for this kind of thing.

    2. We’re NOT going to get it from Labour or many of the Unions or anyone else. It’s a joke alright, a very black joke. Anything we want to do, we have to STICK TOGETHER and do it together.

    ‘Men of England, heirs of Glory,
    Heroes of unwritten story,
    Nurslings of one mighty Mother,
    Hopes of her, and one another;

    ‘Rise like Lions after slumber
    In unvanquishable number,
    Shake your chains to earth like dew
    Which in sleep had fallen on you –
    Ye are many – they are few.

    ‘What is Freedom? – ye can tell
    That which slavery is, too well –
    For its very name has grown
    To an echo of your own.

    ‘Tis to work and have such pay
    As just keeps life from day to day
    In your limbs, as in a cell
    For the tyrants’ use to dwell,

    ‘So that ye for them are made
    Loom, and plough, and sword, and spade,
    With or without your own will bent
    To their defence and nourishment.

    ‘Tis to see your children weak
    With their mothers pine and peak,
    When the winter winds are bleak, –
    They are dying whilst I speak.

    ‘Tis to hunger for such diet
    As the rich man in his riot
    Casts to the fat dogs that lie

    Taken from Percy Shelley’s “The Mask of Anarchy” written in 1819 about the Peterloo Massacre, where cavalry charged and massacred many of the 60,000 peaceful protesters, most of them poor people, in Manchester. They were protesting against poverty, unemployment, the workhouses and the relative lack of the vote in the North of England. Joseph Johnson wrote that:

    “Nothing but ruin and starvation stare one in the face [in the streets of Manchester and the surrounding towns], the state of this district is truly dreadful, and I believe nothing but the greatest exertions can prevent an insurrection. Oh, that you in London were prepared for it”

    Sounds familiar?


  35. Although what is above is NOT true, it bloody well should be,The unions like Labour have forgotten how they were brought into existence and why both the unions and Labour were about THE WORKERS and not the personal wealth of businesses and corprorations. Unions especially were about protecting the rights and welfare of employees, So where do they think their modern gods (governments) intention to flood the work place with millions of unpaid slaves from the unemployment line will benefit the Unions and the Employed?
    It will deminish legitimate Jobs and increase the pool of unemployed “free workers” (slaves).
    YOUR safety net, designed to protect you from greedy employers wanting to pay as little as possible for your work (LIFE), is being eroded in order to bring pay DOWN, in order to make YOU desperate to take any work for whatever you can get, just to buy bread to eat and be DAMNED GRATEFUL for that “privelege”.

    In this time of austerity have the costs of any thing you do or need gone down?
    Has your income gone up to match the rising costs?
    No?… and you think this is good?…..acceptable?

    Ok how about your employers “struggleing” to give you a pay rise while increasing profits from lower production costs (ie your time (LIFE) and wages)
    Your government awarding itself An 11% payrise and deceasing business and corporation tax so as to increase business and corporation profits while telling YOU that you cannot expect things to get better for YOU?

    Still ok with this?, then you must be a self centered and short sighted fool or a millionaire, although both seem to be synonomous.

    Stop listening and start seeing, SEEING what is happening in YOUR world!

  36. “Your government awarding itself An 11% payrise and deceasing business and corporation tax so as to increase business and corporation profits while telling YOU that you cannot expect things to get better for YOU?”
    should read;
    Your government awarding itself An 11% payrise and decreasing business and corporation tax so as to increase business and corporation profits while telling YOU that you cannot expect things to get better for YOU?

  37. Landless Peasant

    Fuckin’ hell Johnny, you had me going there for a minute.

  38. Not only a collective power failure but a collective sense of humour failure while the PCS union members smirk as they sanction. The collective surface must not show individual emotional intelligence on the road to serfdom as that would be a politically incorrect act of autonomy. 🙂

  39. I was getting really excited & thought at last!! Someone was doing something for the poor. Then I started to read these comments. If only it was all going to happen. Someone please make it happen!! This goverment must be got rid quickly. I can’t wait for the next election but I fear Labour will be just the same as there is no one to represent the poor any more.

  40. pmsl that got me! at first

  41. Obi Wan Kenobi

    You do realise that some tit high on weed will think the Jobcentres are going to be closed on thursday and friday.

  42. I got excited reading the story then it dawned on me; “April Fool’s day!”

    Ah if only it were true.

  43. Reading the story again more closely and really it’s a brilliant one. For those saying it’s in bad taste it’s very obvious that it’s not to be taken seriously by the wording of it. Gangs of flying pickets blockading places of work and language like that i mean. As if that could ever happen in this present day mess.

    For all those that can’t see the big picture; this is what the Labour party and the unions should be doing to fight back against this savagery we’re enduring to our way of life.

    I think that’s very much the point Johnny’s trying to make.

    A very well thought out post particularly coinciding as it does with April 1.

    • In the dark ages of the 60’s and 70’s when knowlege through experience outwieghed “education” and when the plebs… er, sorry modern term…i mean the people, had a voice that they insisted be heard and the leaders of government had the intelligence, if not through integirity, to listen and the Unions had BALLS, any attempt to do what the present day government are being ALLOWED to do today would have been SMASHED outright… but then we are so much more “intelligent and civilised” today that there CANNOT possibly be anything wrong with the systematic destruction of the economic stability of the populous.

      Ofcourse you “could” draw a line in the sand and make a stand but you’d have to import the line and the sand first and then sort through all the CV’s of the line drawers to see if they have the right attributes for the job but that would be an awful lot of effort and is it worth it?….hang on i’ll text me mates, someone might have some silly string for the line and me brothers having a drive made… maybe we can knick some sand from him…..

      Only trouble is…… i don’t have a diploma or third party liability for the public use of silly string… that’s me out then….Oh bugger, and i forgot it’ll likely require planning permission before hand….

      You see that’s the trouble with protesting these days, you can only do it with government permission.

  44. It just occurred to me that a separate satirical piece could be written about all the big charities who should have taken real action to help those who they were set up and funded to, er, help.

    Too many of the vast charities like MIND, Scope, NSPCC, Barnardos, Shelter, British Heart Foundation, Salvation Army and the YMCA and so many others, now live off the backs of the very people they were assist.

    Without those in need, staying right where we are, in crisis or struggling, and without the opportunity for these charities to rake in thousands of pounds via their participation in the dubious back to work schemes, some of these charities might all be financially bankrupt.

    They rely on us to exist. They should exist according to their original purpose.

    Most of them are already morally bankrupt. Another trait they share with the unions.

    • The big charities are powerful lobbiests. Where was their energy and voice when the Welfare Reform Act was passing though only mildly hindered?

      • Lucy you must not have been paying attention the big charities were supporting destructive welfare reform from the time of the last Labour Government onwards.

        IDS is a welfare reform Johnny-come-lately in comparison to the poverty pimp charities.

        • IDS is a fucking cunt.

        • …, that was the point of my comment voidseeker. None of them spoke out.

          I was not only paying attention, I was busy writing to as many as I could afford to, asking them why they weren’t speaking out for the people who kept them in cosy, paid employment.

          Several charities replied to me, with requests for donations. Some replied to me with some cut and paste garbage from the DWP press releases, verbatim.

          ….and I’m fully aware that plenty of other big charities are as corrupt as the ones involved in the WP and have been so for the last 30 years at least. I’ve been very vocal in trying to out them and get proper reform of the Charities Commission.

          I’m just one person.

  45. Angry disabled person.

    The NHS is virtually non existent, disabled are being slaughtered in their thousands, wages are so low we may as well pay for the privilege of having a job.
    Bankers are paid millions in bonuses when they caused this problem in the first place.. Gov’t ministers fraudulently make millions from the public purse and get away with it. A benefit claimant gets done for fraud when it’s the DWPs fault.
    For fuck sake what the hell has happened to this country, it’s become a fucking shit hole. thanks Cameron you fucking bastard…. you have blood on your hands as does that buffoon Iain dunderhead smith…

  46. my name is [my] name... ab initio

    Ian Duncan Smith, unbeknown to the British Public last week took up the challenge to live off £50 a week…



    So I have £53.10 to spend. Now, unlike these feckless scroungers who’ll go and spend it on food and schoolbooks, I am going to invest the money. That is how we grow – it’s so frustrating that stupid people still do not understand this. Off I pop down to my pals in the City with my £50 and I am very confident that by the end of play today I will have around £8,000 to spend on my ‘welfare week’.


    Ah, some my chums in the City have just informed that they have lost all my benefit money and in fact incurred me with £3bn worth of debt. This is unfortunate and it’s part of the risk-reward economy that has enriched us all. I wish I’d saved a quid for a snickers but my stomach acid is nourishing me to some extent.


    So I’ve spunked my welfare but living on benefits is something that goes totally against my moral code anyway. Time to get a job. Without any money though I cannot access a computer. I try the library and it turns out that’s been sold and converted into a petrol station. And quite right too as more petrol means more growth…right?

    I have got to use my wits here a bit which is fine and I mean we were born with them. Those who use them the most deserve the rewards. I got my first job in life by marching into an office and demanding it by unfurling a list of all the people I know. I try the same strategy but those bally rude people in Tesco say they only want free labour who are fluent in two or more languages


    It is amazing how much discarded fragments of lager which seep to the bottom of bins can both warm you and fill you up. OK, so it was a difficult night but there’s a really good local bin and I am now rotten-banana fit – as they say if you’re sleeping in a bin while eating a rotten banana – and raring to go.

    I’ve realised that it’s ridiculous to ‘expect’ a job. What kind of communist nonsense is that anyway? We Tories believe in an enterprise culture. So now it’s time for me to set up my own business. My pal Grillbate (a new friend) has set up some sort of franchise operation selling white powder. The customers are all rather weird but I’ve pulled in hundreds of pounds already. Not only am I selling something but it’s clearly nutritious too. Haha – now what have you got to say for yourselves socialists. £53 a week. Easy!


    It appears I am facing a jail term of 26 years over claims that one of Grillbate’s customers was killed by something I sold him. Grillbate insisted we’d followed all EU protocols. However by EU, he meant Eric’s Understatements – one of which is that mixing heroin with glass can be ‘a bit dodgy’. The police do not seem to understand that I am a politician and it can never be my fault. It’s just not possible.


    I have done it! The best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages at HMP Wandsworth and a great catch up with old Chris Huhne. So who said I couldn’t manage? Who said I’d be running back to my luxury lifestyle? Granted it’s pretty hard for me to run anywhere as I’ve been remanded in custody for my trial on conspiracy to murder but I think once David picks up my phone messages everything will get sorted.

    Tags: Iain Duncan Smith, Tories, welfare

  47. Rosemarie Harris

    WOW……. Then i realised it was April 1st a great piece of writing almost had me !! Where did i put that banner, just in case!

  48. Another Fine Mess

    Len McCluskey’s woken up, a bit.

  49. Well as the saying goes’ many a true word spoken in jest’. So fingers crossed peoples.

  50. I knew reading the first sentence that this was a ‘fool’!

    Rant begins. Take cover!

    Many unions and their members couldn’t give a flying f*** for the plight of the poor and some even think workfare is a pretty great idea. The ‘ I’m all right,Jack’ society – Self serving w****** on the left in league with self serving c**** on the right. Everyone else gets shafted.

    Rant over. You may come out of your bunkers now.

  51. Maybe Len McCluskey has read it after all. He says he will disassociate from Labour if they don’t win next tiome……Hey L, Honey….. Labour aint gonna help ya ever! I ‘d tell the jerks now.. It’s over with Labour and the union and has been for a long many years. Labour MPs have been using the rtade unions for their own ends, not that they actually believe in what they stand for.
    Comments from McCluskey………
    “Labour consistently has to demonstrate that it is our voice, we created it. At the beginning of the last century, ordinary working people sat down… to create a party of labour so that we had a voice in the political arena.
    “Is Labour still that voice? I’m hoping the answer to that is yes, but we are at a stage in politics at the moment where just bumbling along in the old ways is not going to happen any more.
    “People will put those questions under deeper scrutiny. And unless Ed and the Labour leadership demonstrate that they are on our side… then I can envisage a debate taking place if Labour lost the election next May.

    ………………………..”If it is a pale shadow of austerity, then I believe Labour will be defeated at the next election.
    ………”Ed’s challenge is to simply demonstrate that he is on the side of ordinary people. He has to give hope to people, that we are going to do something different with power.
    Sorry, Len, Dear…..Labour won’t be different at all. Your wasting your time with this bunch of useless traitors.
    The sad fact is….too many ppl are hanging onto Labour and its ”values” wishing it to be the Party they want it to be, not the now Party it is refusing against all reality to accept it is finished as far as the poor go. Labour today is merely Thacther Light. Nothing more than soft tories….Tho the Rd Witch, Rachel Reeves doesn’t believe in being a soft tory!
    Jonny’s article, whle a parody, and I admit I was half taken with it, is nonethe less, a damning indictment on both the Labour opposition, and the

    • overburdenddonkey

      if i was him i would sack labour, and form a new political party….

    • “He says he will disassociate from Labour if they don’t win next time……”

      I wonder if that implies that they may associate elsewhere, or even if there are plans towards a new political party ?

  52. Brilliant piece – but if only it where true.
    The unions would never do something like this – join together and stage a strike! That would mean that each union leader and all his “staff” would need to actually get off their erses and do something! The unions have had it far too cushy for too long and in my view, do fook all to help their members.
    The labour party are the same, they pretend that they care about the underdogs but don’t know a thing about real life! They too have only money on their minds and between them and the unions, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who actually cares about the vulnerable, the needy, the unpaid workers, the poorly paid workers, the unemployed, the pensioners, our children and their futures etc.
    I’m in Scotland and hope that we get independence as Scottish labour are pathetic and they’d really have to pull themselves together if we became independent ‘cos as it is now, they wouldn’t stand a chance of getting into the pub, never mind Holyrood!

  53. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    I do actually understand the bad comments given. I knew it was an April Fool, but many didn’t know and their hopes were raised. People with mental illnesses can’t take this kind of wind up.

    • It depends on the mental illness, some of the mentally ill delight in winding people up.

      • Homo Sapiens is an awkward species, every single one of the buggers, whatever their experiences will have a different response to anything you care to show ’em or tell them.

        This applies irrespective of their physical or mental problems.

  54. I must admit I fell for it!

    There is a good message there though and this is exactly what is needed.

  55. Oh for fucks sake, just for a few seconds there I really thought about bloody time, I hate April 1st

  56. Good chance that public service workers on a union demo in the future get chased from the streets by all the people they have sanctioned.

    There is no solidarity in sanctions.

  57. Dismantle the Welfare state now – this is the only way to get rid of capitalism – just watch for the fireworks afterwards.

  58. While i’m still fired up and angry…The Labour Party and the Unions ALL have members… and it is these members who are equally responsible for their inaction… if the members cannot be bothered to challenge their own REPRESENTATIVES/leaders (representative; one who puts forward the view of the represented) then it must mean they condone and support the view of their representatives.
    Thus all members of all unions and the Labour party are complicit in the destruction of the welfare state, the drive to lower wages and the disire to sacrifice all who are of no use to the employers.

    Who cares if someone spent most of their life working 16 hours a day, travelling from place to place and sorting problems between customers and employers and absorbing flack from both and eventually burned out.
    Of the poor bugger who has stuck with the same employer long after they should have left because of the fear of having to be without work while they find other employment.
    Or the unfortunate soul who suffered injury that stopped them practicing their skill for an employer and thus became a “liability” and would need “special requirements” in any workplace, and to hell with those sticken with genetic illnesses/disabilities.. i mean they are all just a burden… as for those who are fit but can’t find a job….well….shame you can’t shoot them eh?

    Talk all you want Labour and Unions…but it’s ACTION not words that count and your actions so far are disgusting… what good are you?
    Methinks though that good is a dirty word perhaps….
    SHOUT as loud as you wish but few will hear….Stand in their way and all of a sudden you exist!

    • There’s no chance in hell that Labour or the union bosses will do something to actually help those at the bottom of our society. They’re all just like Dave and his chums; they’re in it for themselves.

  59. The only joke I don’t like and I am sure that other people in my situation also don’t like is the fact of WHY THE HELL IS THE WORK PROGRAMME FUCKING US OVER?

    I’ve managed to rattle my WPP so much I will be seeing the business manager for my WPP office tomorrow afternoon (2nd April). Fucking good as they have had their say with me for nearly two years and now it is my fucking turn to twist the cunts around my little finger, following my explosive formal complaint e-mailed to them yesterday…

    I hope they now wake up and stop hammering lies and mis-information into me. I cannot take no more of their constant mistrust and ‘couldn’t care less attitude’.

    The party is over for them now. I don’t usually lose my rag over things very much, but if pushed towards the edge just enough by arrogant know-alls in assumed positions of power, I just let rip and say anything to fight my corner.

    If they cannot help my complaint, I will have to ask for early exit from the mis-work programme citing lazy bastards useless in helping me, other than for trying to grab cash payments through pre-arranged employer contracts.

    I’ve told them I have read the WPP guidance toolkit PDF, so they know I am well informed of how the system is skewed against victims like me.


    At ministerial questions on Monday, Duncan Smith added the new tonal layers of boredom and menace that he had displayed at a recent select committee meeting in which he had said: “I will let the committee know what is happening when I have decided what is happening.”

    * Who left the door to the monkey cage unlocked? Now it seems that the bald-headed chimp cannot decide on what will happen until such time that he has yet to decide what needs to happen…

    • Iain Duncan Chimp

      Look, it takes an infinite number of monkeys to write Shakespeare so your sanction doubt against me is set aside.

      Now then, to sanction you or not to sanction you. That’s not a question, it’s blurst to sanction you

  61. Jobcentre staff/WP providers

    As if anyone would believe we’d do our jobs and help people back into work instead of happily sanctioning you scroungers and ignoring anything you say about idiot employers who can’t be bothered to answer applications and think that you can get experience in other ways than doing the job

  62. Trade unions paid into Labour whilst Labour started welfare and pension reform as far back as 2005 and before. Labour have confirmed they are another Tory party many times over by what Ed Balls has said. A national strike would not end Austerity, because all the current political class believe in the theory of Austerity and Welfare Reform as a solution to recession, when in fact the complete opposite is true.

    The Pension Bill was bad enough but the Flat Rate Pension from April 2016 ends any money to live on from age 60 for millions of people, including ending Pension Credit, SERPs and S2P, a pension for someone turning 80 in 2013 and so much more:
    See if you lose most or all of your state pension:

    • .Not many seem to be aware or know, but it was the Gordon Brown administration that ended pension credits for everyone at 60. in 2010. Just a few mere months before the fateful May election. No wonder the jerks lost. What incentive was that to vote Labour?
      But also, not well know is that although ppl who did manage to qualify just before the changes came in, others who were over 60, and older, if in work and lost work for whatever reason, didn’t qualify. So, even if they were 63 or 64, they still had to sign for JSA, while someone at 61 didn’t.
      Not that the 61 year old ought to have signed on, but that no one over 60 should have had this petty and vindictive change forced upon them.

      Reason I know so much about this side of things, is have a pal who had work at DWP but was only temp, and got laid off just before the 2010 election, shortly before he became 60.
      Under old rules, when he hit 60, he would have been exempt from Work Program, and all the rest of it.
      This was to be a money saving execise. Pure and simple. Though they tried to spin it as valuing older, wiser ppl, etc. But it really was to save the pesos, as those who got the pension credits at 60 got almost twice the amount of JSA.
      Well if they wanted to save money, fine. Just reduce the rate of the pension credits to all newcomers after a certain date, but still pension credits, and exempt those at that age group from the hassle of tramping off to jobcentres and work programs, and benefit sanctions, etc.
      BUT, No! That was too plain and easy for the last Labour Government.
      And Len McCluskey still hopes Labour can save him from 5 years more of tory rule?
      Huh ! As I said above…Len, Honey, your wasting your time there. Labour are finished !

  63. The pain will not end until the elites learn what it is like to fear.

  64. Robin The Boy Wonder

    There is more chance of The Beatles reforming (including the two dead ones coming back to life!) than there would be of any sort of action like this. It might happen in France, but not in this “I’m alright, Jack!” gutless shithole called Britain….

  65. You had me until I read the part about the PCS union…those cunts love what they’re doing to jobseekers!

  66. In the local library this morning to waste my time on unfunny Joke Machine as I won’t use my own computer, hence letting the etonian tossers track that way.

    Been to the jobs fair today at the WPP office, and I only managed to sign up to just one out of five recruiters. Even the WPP have their own recruiter attending today and have the fucking cheek to advertise for staff.

    I can’t get away from the stupid tossers.

    • Another Fine Mess

      How many customers at the jobs fair got a job?

      • All the WPP clients attending the job fair today won’t know if they have got jobs with the 5 recruiters until contacted by them. I won’t know yet myself whether or not I will get a job after I signed up with one of the recruiters.

        At the moment I still have to sort out my serious complaint against my WPP this afternoon. I know it will be twisted around by those weasels and I will be made into something worse than a criminal.

  67. This is why all that oppose the destruction of the welfare state are wrong surely? a trolls view methinks……or is it the publics………

    Defending hard working tax payers.
    Why should hard working tax payers have their taxes wasted on a welfare state?
    Why should honest and decent, hard working people have to subsidise the poor, the sick, the weak and the disabled?.
    Why should these same victims, the hard working people, have to pay taxes to help those who have failed to find a decent waged job?,
    If your not getting paid enough just stop being lazy and get a job that pays better!
    Sod the NHS, if you want health care then get some health insurance, if you can’t afford health insurance then your clearly not working hard enough you lazy scrounger!
    Child tax credit? why should hard working tax payers have to subsidise other peoples children?,
    If your children cannot eat or be clothed, that’s YOUR fault you poorly educated peasant!
    Working tax credit? are you kidding? you want hard working tax payers to reward you for being too stupid to find a better job?
    Housing benefit and council tax benefit? again your greed is annoying!
    If you can’t afford to house yourself and your family without the help of hard working tax payers then you should have stayed with Mummy and Daddy and saved the hard working tax payer money you selfish swines!
    Job seekers allowance?, oh come on, really? you lost your job?, have you no sense of responsibilty? when an employer gives you a job it’s your responsibilty to EARN the money they GIVE you, if you were sacked then clearly you failed in your responsibilty to your employer and if you left of your own choosing then tough!… why should hard working tax payers be held reponsible for your self righteous laziness?
    You want money to live?…. then earn it, there are enough jobs out there for everybody so stop whining and get on with it!
    National insurance?..NO NO that’s job tax that is! the government say so therefore you are wrong! and why should hard working tax payers have to pay two taxes to support scroungers who are too lazy to work hard enough to earn sufficient cash to not steal from hard working tax payers!
    Spare a thought for the hardest working of all, those who have the money to employ you, they have to deal with other poeple with money in order to get more from them than they give, they have to suffer the kind of poeple they would prefer were NOT their friends while convincing those same people they ARE friends… i mean can you imagine the suffering?, the pain and anguish these poor souls go through from day to day, the travel all over the world in order to “socialise” and convince these creatures your on their side when you’d rather grind them under foot? and be grateful for this because to be honest you couldn’t even begin to afford the expense of having to go to those highly expensive hotels and restuarants to whine and dine these people who pay your wages, be thankful they do this becuase they don’t need to and if they didn’t what would you do then?…. nothing ofcourse because you incapable.

    The tax that hard working people have to pay the government should be FOR the government asnd NOT for the workers to scrounge back for any reason.
    Your MP’s and Prime Minister are constantly looking to improve YOUR way of life and get little reward for it, well not compared to their personal income, so stop being so damned lazy and work harder, it’s for your own good and you KNOW it!

    • Rose (not my real name)

      A+ trolling. Would lol again.

      • Rose (not my real name)

        In all seriousness, though – it disturbs me to no end that I thought for a minute that this comment was legitimate. That’s actually a terrifying thought.

  68. Yeah, one paragraph down I checked the date.

  69. Bloody hell, some people need to get themselves a sense of humour/irony. Even more so if they think Johnny Void is going to post something that is intended to upset the very people he constantly fights for on these pages. It’s good satire, a joke but with a serious point. “Fuck the law … I’ll go to jail if I have to”- good line. Hopefully Len McCluskey himself will stumble upon this and see the piece for what it’s trying to say.

  70. Rose (not my real name)

    I got the joke. It would be too good to be true. I figured it was a little too good when Johnny talked about Jobcentre employees striking and refusing to sanction benefits. My fucking arse – they’d never do that.

  71. Do you know, I was just reading this, forgetting it was April Fool’s day yesterday, and for a moment I felt an intense, bright flame of hope rise from within my heart. It was such a weird feeling, that sudden sense that things were reaching a turning point, and that something was going to happen – it’s so long since I’ve felt anything precisely like that. I felt suddenly energised, galvanised into action and alertness.

    Of course, I eventually cottoned on, and realised that it was pure satire, the flame that had suddenly flickered into life within me blinked out, and once again I was back in the same fucking familiar miserable grey puke of a world we’ve all come to know and hate as our lives under the yolk of brutal corporo-fascism drag relentlessly onward. Just another day; same old mountain of shit, no hope in sight.

    But thanks Johnny. For a moment there, one perfect, fleeting moment, I experienced something profoundly emotional that lifted me from the pit. It was worth it.

  72. Think was in very poor taste Ive just spent the worst 2 years of my life on the work programme doing everything I could to stop myself from being sanctioned this put me under a great deal of stress,and for the first time in years i actually thought I had some hope that something was going to be done about this government and there fascist methods,only to find out it was nothing but a joke,Have always looked on your colum to see what was going on but wont be looking on it again as I have lost all trust in you.

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