Sainsbury’s Staff Given Targets To Put Themselves Out Of Work

.sainsburysSainsbury’s workers are forced to live with a daily reminder that many of their jobs are soon to be replaced by self-scan check out machines.  Astonishingly the sign above, stuck on the wall in Sainsbury’s, Lewisham, suggests they are now even given targets to work towards their own unemployment.

The tragedy is that in a world run for people, self-scan tills could be a great invention.  Anything that makes the process of food distribution more efficient would simply mean the workers in that sector could take a well deserved rest. But in a world run for private profit, it means greedy supermarket bosses use new technology as a way to lay off workers and save cash.  They don’t spend that cash on giving the remaining workers a pay rise of course.  They don’t even spend it on cutting the price of food – have you noticed prices falling since self-checkouts were introduced?

Instead the spare cash lines the pockets of Sainsbury’s share holders and directors – often some of the richest people in the UK who haven’t lifted a finger to earn this money.  Sainsbury’s made £788 million in profit in the last year.  In London customer service jobs with the company are advertised at £7.07 an hour, almost £2 less than the London Living Wage.

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193 responses to “Sainsbury’s Staff Given Targets To Put Themselves Out Of Work

  1. When I was young many decades ago I read a horro story of people only working 10 minutes a week, and that was to clean the machines that were doing everything, it seems that horror story was closer to the possible truth than I had realised.

  2. May be they’ll be replaced by Workfarebots

    Signed on today and asked about CPWs. I was told it is supposed to start in April but they (JCP) have had no official notification yet. They’ve only be told it will be three tier: 6 month workfare, daily signings or intensive help for people with literacy/numeracy problems.

    • something survived...

      I’ve read the document. I don’t have the ‘lack of skills or experience’ so should not be put in the daily signing group, which I’m too sick for anyway.
      I’m not able to do the 6 month workfare, and am not in the specified group for it. (This last week I spent so much effort on jobseeking I got sick and am now really ill) And the document says everyone else gets put in intensive ‘help’ (sic). Well, I don’t fit the target group the document says, am not fit enough to come in more than I already do (fortnightly), and have not been released from WP (no exit report or signoff) so shouldn’t be sent on any of the 3 schemes. (And there’s meant to be a long delay between officially leaving WP and being sent on another WP or forced work/workfare.) The above post says the intensive ‘help’ is only for people with literacy or numeracy problems! (Since age 21 I’ve racked up the equivalent in diplomas and certificates, at my own expense, of about 6 degrees.) These problems are not mentioned in the DWP document, so they contradict themselves. However the DWP document says the intensive ‘help’ group covers people with ‘multiple barriers to work’. That should include me, but it is aimed at getting them work, and one of my Barriers is that I’m *too ill to fucking work*! For the foreseeable future. Even when I find a half decent job to apply for, if there’s any chance of getting it, if I got it then I might last only days/weeks/months before leaving or being sacked for being too ill. And in order to not lie, I’d have to declare that at interview. Result: no job offers. Also, people in ESA-WRAG will be sent on this (intensive ‘help’, daily signing or 6 months workfare) whether or not they are kicked onto actual JSA, and people in ESA Support group will be kicked onto ESA-WRAG or JSA, and people on PIP/DLA soon ditto.

    • Jobcentre Victim

      What’s that mean then? That if you have can’t read/count you get to do english/maths lessons but it you are a PHd rocket scientist with 30 years experience you get to break rocks from dawn to dusk in the sweltering heat?

    • Another Fine Mess

      “help for people with literacy/numeracy problems”
      One of the reasons so many people need help with literacy/numeracy is because the providers get extra funding for it. I’ve had to do them myself and got 100% in both. Another description for much of for this type of help is fraud.

      • If the providers are going to get funding for literacy and numeracy provision then they had better spend it on employing qualified teachers. Why? Because if accepting this “help” is going to be compulsory, then it’s very likely that no one will learn anything.

        Nothing destroys the ability to learn as efficiently as coercion.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    i simply refuse to use the bloody things, they’ve switched all the robo cop noises off on the one’s the supermarket i use, thank god…they are appalling unappetizing, nasty things…..i’d much rather be served by a snarling grumpy human being any day….in fact a woman went past me the other day in my localish supermarket, absolutely oblivious to/of me, that was until i called her by her christian name, she turned and responded using mine…god forbid, a machine doing that i would feel an m/t despair, when and if they do that…as for sainsbury’s, they have lost my custom for sure….

  4. The planet needs a massive new space shuttle program let alone self scan tills to export these sainsbury shareholders and directors into outer space giving them the opportunity to privatise and own stuff up there. The workers here can then look after all for the benefit of all on seeing the back of this scum lot.

    • overburdenddonkey

      as long as there are no stop off points…and they are compelled to do limitless and pointless tasks for their vitals of life….i’d chip in, to crowd fund the project…

      • OBD – Good addition that would be. If they had enough O2 for survival they could go commercial immediately and start an inter-planetary passport service for their like minded cronies here on earth (not that they would need a passport – the whole idea of passports stems from the ideas behind the me me me culture, wealth generation and profits and therefore ownership of things). This would be the beginning of the end for them all in their quest for wealth.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i don’t like the idea of there being a destination, though…a departure, yes..more like sealed up in a cryo chamber that sort of thing, as in the matrix, so they think they have busy lives…

  5. Perhaps all the soon to be unemployed dregs from ATOS will be taken on by Sainsburys to fill the vacancies for Automatic Till Assistants, who seem to be numerous and much needed because the machines rarely run an entire shop through without error that no customer can fix.

    Even better if the unemployable dregs of ex ATOS staff were plonked into Sainsburys under Mandatory Work.

    I’ve seen this “dig your own grave” management technique many times. The actual staff who will be sacked once their targets are hit are really caught between a rock and a hard place, if they don’t work hard to get the machines up and running, they’ll get disciplined and maybe punished, if they do, they get the sack.

    Marvellous world we have innit.

    • Unfortunately, the ATOS employees and premises are being handed over (like chattel) to the next “service” provider. So same shite, different logo. Improvement? Better WCA? Better communication? Fewer people chased into suicidal desperation? What do we expect from Tory central? Compassion, or this? (Answers on a fig leaf please…….)

      • That will be a very small fig leaf then.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i thought a match stick, or perhaps a pinhead…”we tell you what fcuking compassion is, and don’t you forget it!”

          • We do need to go smaller for a suitable vessel to contain any possible compassion from the goons in power and their agents, I agree obd.

            But I fear no such tiny vessel exists. Perhaps a single molecule would be small enough?

            Maybe an atom?

            • overburdenddonkey

              no! they have not an atom of compassion, in the few WCA’s i’ve attended…a song comes to mind the final track on a temptations album “the sky’s the limit” as i recall called “smiling faces”…in fact i’m going to play it now….yes it is…thanks for prompting me…

              • An atom might well be too small. You are right. Isn’t it depressing? That simple compassion should be so rare in our world.

                Er, are you Dad dancing there obd?

                Temptations: Ball of Confusion is another appropriate song for these times.

  6. Obi Wan Kenobi

    ‘Sainsbury’s Staff Given Targets To Put Themselves Out Of Work’

    Sounds about right – but don’t forget to pick up your nectar points!

  7. love1salluneed

    I had to call the doc out for my other half this morning. anyhow the doc was talking (nice guy for a change had time too) and was saying he went into some Sainbury’s store and felt rather creeped out, as he was looking around for a staff member and could not find one! All the check-outs were self service! I replied well you do not have to pay robots do you and they can work 24/7! A Bit of oil and general maintenance and your quids in!

    This is the plan – foul bastards, they want to get rid of the workforce all together if they can, and the surplus… well …open your eyes, I am waiting to see what developments come from the Assisted Suicide bill going through (and it will be) MPs have basically cleared the path for that thing to get through!

    • overburdenddonkey

      very foul indeed…
      i wonder if that ties in with the pension equity release scheme just announced or am i being cynical as usual?..

  8. Never mind after the poor sods get paid off they’ll get one of these and this will land them a great job somewhere;

    • overburdenddonkey

      i spose you could do some macrame with it…a paper airplane or draft excluder…as far as i can see it is an insulting reminder of endured punishment….

      • A useless bit of paper as you say that reminds you of the crap you’ve had to endure. Imagine sending that to someone and claiming it’s a certificate!! How bloody ignorant and insensitive and just plain stupid are these idiots? What possible use would a future employer see in that? it’s more likely to put them off!

    • A classic example of something worth less than from what it’s made.

      • If I ever got a ‘certificate’ for WP completion, I will tear it up right in front of the robots working behind the JCP desks. I will not let them humilate me the same way as my WPP has got away with for nearly two years now –

        Intruded into my CV, tried to force me into work that doesn’t pay (zero-hour contracts); tried to force me into work not having any relevance in my work/training history all because of them being tempted with an offer of job outcome attendance payment through pre-arranged contract with outside organisations, tried to make me alter my outlook addresses for no clear reason.

        I hate the smug fuckers for making me stressed out over false promises and to enhance their own fucking jobs, personal gains, and to claim vast amounts of money out of me through weekly WP attendance payments.

    • @ Raining – Odd to see “Achievement” and “Work Experience Programme” on the same piece of paper. It may be worth something – classed as an heirloom piece as proof of just how low Britain has sunk. He could probably pick up a cheap frame for it in Poundland, where he will encounter those yet to complete their achievement. I think it was Frankie Boyle who said something like “Imagine working somewhere where everything is worth at least a pound – except you!”

      • Aye it’s sad that it really is and you summed it up well; get a cheap shitty bit of paper telling you you’ve achieved “work experience” whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean, it’s a friggin’ joke. People used to get any work experience they needed on the job when they began it. Whatever happened to that? Oh yeah i forgot, there are no proper jobs nowadays!!! So they have to palm people off with shite like that to keep their corporate mates happy.

        As you said “achievement” and “work experience program” eh! something not quite right there. Anyway what about people that have years of work experience? They want them to get put on that crap as well. I’d like to know how that benefits someone who’s got years of work experience? Whole thing’s a friggin’ farce.

        Maybe this is the grand plan to dumb people’s expectations down so pitifully low that they’re prepared to accept BS like this as the norm and say nothin’ about it.

        • @ Raining – As you say, paid experience is all that really matters to an employer, as long as the employer is genuine, and not, as Max said, an employer who is looking to exploit you as unpaid labour (or as close to unpaid as they are able while still calling it paid). And once everyone accepts the worthless certificate as something to be proud of, and says nothing, then Imbecilic Demonic Scumbag and the rest will have won.

    • I know of a use for that certificate – it’ll save using toilet roll the next time you visit the loo.

    • The Grim Reaper

      Film wiping your arse with it and stick it on youtube lol

  9. Half the tills in my local Asda are now self service.
    Thousands of jobs disappearing worldwide.

    • Another Fine Mess

      It’s all the unemployed’s own fault for choosing a life on benefits, IBS said so, so it must be true.

    • something survived...

      You might think it’d free up staff to stack shelves or help customers. But aisles are emptier than ever and most of the time you can’t find anyone to ask the price, reach the top shelves, answer a question. They don’t know their own ingredients or where anything is. In ‘the old days’ they would have been sacked. They can also be seen stacking shelves while pausing to scratch their arse or balls, both outside and inside their pants! Or pick their nose/ears and eat it! Then handle more food!

    • I’m surprised they are not just using fork truck drivers to drop pallets off and turn supermarkets into huge warehouses for the customer to pick their goods, instead of paying shelf stackers too
      I always said the working class would get an offer of a fair wage only when robots were brought in to replace them.

      • “I always said the working class would get an offer of a fair wage only when robots were brought in to replace them”
        I think you mean the opposite of that!!!!

  10. When money and the love of money is the system, this is what it leads to.

  11. Slightly off topic; the problem with voluntary suicide, is that it leads to mandatory suicide for the disabled.

  12. Never mind 10% what about 20% discount for using their self serve machine. My local ASDA has some new tills coming soon, well I presume they are as it is the tills that are out of operation.

  13. Cashier Number 7 please…

  14. They’ll never be able to replace all the cashiers with machines as they’ll always need someone to deal with those “unexpected item in the bagging area” + “approval needed” situations. More positively, however, in theory liberating staff from the tills frees them up to tidy & restock the shelves…

  15. I remember when the local Sainsburys were engaging in mass workfare exploitation, all the fruit was left to go mouldy, out of date stuff left on the shelves and the film on the ready meals was slashed, amongst other things. 🙂

  16. love1salluneed

    Thomas M you are right of course, and ditto elderly people. We have already seen DNR’s on their notes even without family consent.and or knowledge. My other half refuses to be hospitalised on a Friday, so we dare only to be unwell mon-fri – I suppose once all the healthy are work-less, and the jobseekers-jobless, there will then be riots in the streets when there are no jobs, no money and basically disabled and elderly are ‘assisted to die’ (kind of them don’t you think) and then who is next? Didn’t they assist an awful lot of people in 2WW to die??? Nothing has changed, it has just got more bleedin blatant and spiteful!

  17. I am a shareholder in Sainsbury and Morrisons.I worked in factories all my life on the production lines.I used to save £30 a week and once a year buy some shares.I guess that must make me a horrible capitalist then?.Every company has to try to cut costs,its how living standards go up over the years.Plus i want higher dividends from my shares as i retired at 46.
    If the workers dont have the right skills,tough,get rid of them.

    • overburdenddonkey

      we welcome trolls here, all opinions count…well except for yours, go gloat somewhere else….

    • David, no you are not a horrible capitalist, just a sucker and part of a non too obvious nationalistic war machine to the many!

      • Meant to add (drone-drone-drone) as a gullible 32 year old (now 61) I paid into a private pension on a visit to my place of employment by a Barclays con artist. Didn’t think much about it after being encouraged into it (mesmerized by the promises) as capital has never been a big scheme in my life, only survival and a distinctive belief in social housing for all. On being aware that my life expectancy was diminishing fast, I collected on the pension and now get a annuity (payment Once each year) of £107. I hope the populace who the tories keep conning into buying a pension get to see this detail – they are being had.

        • Too right, David… I fell into the same pension trap 😦 … now older and a lot wiser I wish I had spent all my cash on fast cars and not-so-fast women 🙂 I feel sorry for the young ‘un getting conned all over again.

        • Soren.Kierkegaard

          “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

          — Soren Kierkegaard

          Also the strapline from ” Memento

    • David's Social Worker

      There you are David! I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Now you know you are not allowed on the internet, yes you do. It’s because you indulge in silly activities like trolling and have uncontrollable fantasies about being successful in a job.

      Early bath for your tonight David, tomorrow is your signing day.

      • overburdenddonkey

        david’s s w
        reminds me of a story when one of Shackleton’s men wwas tobogganing down an uncharted snow filled sub 30c mountain, he felt a sharp searing pain in his face, it took him a while to realized he was smiling…

      • I don’t want you as my social worker, you would make me cry – superb.

    • You are talking shit, David… Morrison’s share price only recently halved in value… and Sainsbury’s aren’t doing do well either. In fact none of the major supermarkets are despite the crap about ‘economic recovery’ George Osborne spouts…. can ‘t see you ‘retiring’ on that.

    • David's stockbroker

      Im the one making the money from you Dave old bean.
      So whilst I retire at 46 you will have to keep working 🙂

  18. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I have to say I don’t really like using the self-service tills for this very reason. Even Peter Hitchens, to his credit, has attacked them as ‘Dalek devices’ or some such. As this blog post shows, their introduction isn’t about improving customer service and hasn’t raised the wages of the remaining workers. It really is just about inflating even further Sainsbury’s already bloated profits.

  19. It’s funny isn’t it how the adoption of automation by the likes of Sainsbury’s has the magical ability to turn hard working taxpayers into workshy scroungers.

    You’d almost think the problem isn’t with the unemployed, but the capitalist system in which we all live and work, which leads to a chronic shortage of jobs.

    I wonder if anyone has tried telling the likes of IDS about this?

  20. It’s all very well avoiding the automated tills (and I do anyway, because why should I do the shop assistant’s work for them?), but how can you be sure those on the tills aren’t on workfare?

    • This is true JCP. I was just thinking how soul destroying is that? getting sent to a supermarket to work like hell on a till alongside paid staff earning a wage and all the time you get eff all. Just how is a person supposed to get motivated to do that?

      And according to these total arseholes people are meant to be happy and putting on the keen happy face because they’re getting “work experience”

  21. As an ex shop worker trade unionist I cannot abide these self serve things, I was in an Asda a while ago talking to my partner about my loathing of them and was overheard by an Area Manager who said ‘madam we have spent a lot of money on these’ but sir that was YOUR choice to spend that money on top of staff wages so please do not come bleating to me.







      ……………………..AND NOW






    • A self-scan checkout cost as cool £60,000 – they don’t come cheap 😉

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  23. Of course IDS will be loving all of this…after the poor sods at Sainsbury’s (and the like) have effectively made themselves redundant they won’t be entitled to Working Tax Credit to top up the pathetic remuneration they received from being exploited by their muiti-million profit making (former) employer. So, after a very short while, they get put on Workfare and end up doing some job for the same employer for JSA (funded by the ‘hard working taxpayer’,of course!)….until they’re sanctioned….and then they have to do the job for absolutely bugger all!

  24. Self-scan checkout machines are fucking awful. They often don’t work as they should, are confusing, and are very awkward for many disabled and even able-bodied people. When scanning I have trouble on some machines having to constantly lean forward and place an item on the weighing part of the machine. They’re badly designed. Every bloody item: lean, another item lean, another item, lean – and all the while doing the supermarket’s job for them for free, indeed while paying for the privilege. I would go elsewhere, but the very small town where I live has two supermarkets but no small food shops.

    Actually, I tell a lie – there is a greengrocer, but the last time I was there the owner was chatting to a customer about how “the unemployed should get off their backsides and do some work like the rest of us”. I didn’t ever go back.

    Many supermarkets have even got rid of the basket checkout, so you have to use the machines.

    Backwards, backwards, forever we go as a society.

    • Some of the are worse than others for having to shunt stuff from the holding pen to the bagging area. The shop that begins with an M is the worst offender for this… their self-scan checkouts pull my back. I think the increased distance it is to make it harder for you to ‘forget’ to bag an item. You can’t just like throw things in, but at the same time all the extra leaning back and forth slows down the self-scan, it must take me at least twice as long in that shop.

      • Morrisons if anyone is wondering 🙂

      • Morrisons doesn’t have that loud: “Unexpected item in bagging area”/Shoplifting attempt “announcement”/alarm either. But there self-scan appear to be the most difficult to pilfer from… don’t think I have ever ‘slipped’ any through them… 😉 I now ‘shop’ 😉 lol elsewhere… 😉

        • And I also get the impression that Morrisons self-scan are heavily ‘monitored’, it is just a creepy ‘you are being watched’ feeling I get… 😉

  25. Bill Gates: Yes, robots really are about to take your jobs!
    Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates isn’t going to sugarcoat things: The increasing power of automation technology is going to put a lot of people out of work. Business Insider reports that Gates gave a talk at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, DC this week and said that both governments and businesses need to start preparing for a future where lots of people will be put out of work by software and robots.

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  27. Tragedy after tragedy, what chance do the unemployed have? Zilch! Governments should be held accountable for the misery inflicted on the nations poorest, if they tread us into the ground much more we maybe lucky enough to come out in Australia, cant be any worse than this shithole of a country!

    • I suspect that the Aussies wouldn’t let in a 59 year old who’d been stomped in from the other side of the planet after 42 years of work. So I’m fucked on that one!(along with many others, I’m sure!)

    • I heard the Australian’s were thinking of copying our welfare reforms! Out of the frying pan….

      • From what a mate in Sydney tells me, we copied theirs!

      • And aren’t we just copying it from the Yanks anyway? I presume that some American must have been the genius that substituted the word ‘cuts’ with ‘reforms’!

        • I think the yank we all have to blame/thank for this shitstem is Professor Lawrence Mead. This introduction to him is from The Guardian a few years back. Hope the link works…

          • timfrom, that’s a really interesting piece. Thank you for posting it. The Wisconsin project was a gaping chasm of a failure, just as the regime we have here now is.

            People have been protesting these reforms since 2008, getting on for six years and we have had no quarter from the governments at all. They aren’t listening to anyone but themselves and their clique of outsourcing, greedy corporate friends.

      • By the way……..robots already work in jobcentres………….their time is nigh when they are replaced by automation, see who’s friggin laughing then, all their powers of piss taking gone overnight…… will come!

        • Another Fine Mess

          When they’re hassling over UJM keep reminding them that it’s purpose is to replace them, and they’ll soon be on it themselves. I do!

          • overburdenddonkey

            a f m
            yes absolutely…

            “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Socialist.

            Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

            Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Jew.

            Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.”

            martin niemoller

  28. It always amazes me how the workers in Sainsbo’s generally retain such a pleasant demeanour on such part time shit wages, and then they get this crap thrown at them! Meanwhile, the management get paid quite handsomely, and on the rare occasion that you might actually see one of them, they are invariably fawned upon by some ‘supervisor’ who is on the minimum wage, plus about a quid or so in return for being so nauseatingly obsequious. I had a Saturday job as a warehouse lad at M & S in the 70’s and it was exactly the same even then. Retail is a shit game to be in for the real ‘hard working taxpayer’…..or WTC claimant as most of them have now become!

    • Yeah Max, I was once unfotunate enough to work part time for M&S, jumped up nausiating supervisors who did’nt know their arse from their elbow, tongues firmly up the boss’s rectal cavity!

  29. Another Fine Mess

    The noose slowly tightens.

    Judge rules that key Universal Credit reports should be published

  30. In the Sainsbury’s Local in which I work, staffing levels are set so that only one person is at the check-outs and one at the self-scans, and the job of self-scan attendant is to encourage people to use the self scans so that other staff can be deployed on the shop floor keeping the shelves stocked, etc. And yes, this helps keep staffing levels down. Whereas at the check out you are dealing with one person at a time, when you are working the self-scans you are potentially dealing with six customers at a time. If a queue forms, other ‘colleagues’ can be called from the shop floor to the checkouts … but the self-scan attendant is still dealing with five machines at one time. In my store, aside from their pre-existing annoying characteristics (and the fact that the technology is not well-developed), the self-scan machines are all knackered from years of use and abuse by customers, and frequently go wrong, so in addition to continually having to help people who find operating the machines too intellectually challenging, the self-scan attendant also has to soothe people who have been encouraged to use them only to find it taking two or three times as long because they have to be o[pened up so that the innards can be encourage to dispense the correct, or even any, change … By the way, I recently arrived at work to find the store manager carefully spray-painting a slogan on the stairs down to the staff area … when finished it read ‘Treat every pound as your own’. My inclination was to find a felt tip and add underneath – ‘Yeah, when you pay the living wage’. My wife suggested something more succinct: just ‘Spend it!’

    • A little off topic but seeing as ATOS are pulling out early, and they’re looking for new Nazi doctors for the new company, they’ve got the job ads in the papers nice and early:

      • That gave me a much needed chuckle Raining, thank you.
        I would like to see more of this type of honest advert.

        • Glad you got a laugh Lucy, it was a funny one, but just so true as well. It takes a certain kind of sadist to be able to do a job like that for sure.

  31. One of the things that I hate about self scanning is that the scanners don’t recognise different brands with the same weight in grams. Recently, when I was feeling flush, I purchased 2 packets of percolated coffee, one cheap the other expensive. I scanned the cheap one and threw it is the bag and forgot to scan the expensive one by throwing it into the bag also. This got the sound REMOVE THIS ITEM FROM blah, blah, blah, which I did. I took out what I thought was the expensive coffee to scan again. However, I made another mistake, by scanning the cheap one again. The scanner never differentiated between the two packets. I felt good that day!!!!

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  33. Theft has apparently skyrocketed since these automated tills were introduced, but obviously not to the point where they’re not viable. I’m sure if enough people scanned say a pricey piece of electronics as a spud, they would soon disappear.

    • Self-Scan Checkout

      Well, can you tell the difference between a cheapo onion and a pricey pomegranate? 🙂 cos I certainly can’t 🙂 Oh, well, back to work 😦 : “Unexpected item in the bagging area 🙂 “

      • Store Security

        I wouldn’t make anything too obvious though… if you get my drift… 😉 cos we can still see the ‘activity’ (what’s been put through, payments… ) on our screens 😉 Always make sure you have ‘plausible dependability’: “Oh, I must have ‘forgot’ to scan the expensive coffee, I am ever so sorry, I must have been distracted, I have such a lot on my mind at the moment, I will go and pay for it immediately” 🙂

        • Antony Worrall Thompson


          • Shoplifters of the World Unite

            A heartless hand on my shoulder
            A push – and it’s over
            Alabaster crashes down
            (Six months is a long time)

            Shoplifters of the world
            Unite and take over
            Shoplifters of the world
            Unite and take over
            Shoplifters of the world
            Unite and take over
            Shoplifters of the world
            Take over … 🙂

          • I’ll have cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese 🙂 please, Gromit 🙂 Now, there’s a good lad… 🙂

        • You mean “plausible deniability”, surely, as in “I don’t know what happened there. I thought I’d scanned it. I definately heard a bleep. It must’ve been from one of the other checkouts.”
          I discovered recently quite by accident that reduced items don’t appear to be weighed by the self-service tills in a certain supermarket I know. If you have 2 or more items of the same thing (say, bags of leftover bacon from the deli counter) that are reduced, scan one and you can put the lot down in the bagging area without any alarms going off. Best start off with 2 of them, though, so you can use plausible deniability scenario above, if need be…

          • Store Security

            Yeah, slip of the pen, soz, you’re right, meant to be “plausible deniability” 😦 We’re all a bit fick lol 🙂 Anyway, deniability isn’t in the computer’s dictionary lol

            • Store Security

              Yeah, it ‘corrects’ deniability (red-lined) to dependability. You can’t even trust computers lol 🙂

          • Store Security

            Know what you are talking about re the reduced items… 😉


      In an effort to illustrate the levels of complicity, collusion and corruption within our government departments, you have to look no further than the frenzied cull of the disabled in the UK today……………

      This mornings news announced that a man, a single entity, had been arrested in Salford Manchester, on the suspicion of causing deaths and falsifying documents at Stepping Hill Hospital.

      One person has warranted an investigation into 3 deaths, yet DWP and the assassins they chose to do their dirty work, ATOS,walk away unscathed…………….

      Between them they have overseen the murders of countless, thousands of innocent people they perceived as a burden on the states purse.
      Not just any person at random, just the weakest, those most unlikely to fight back.
      Those who already had the burden of having a physical or mental ailment, namely the disabled.

      The state has all the evidence it needs to bring these natural born killers to justice, but so vast is the iron cordon of complicity, they seek to protect each other at every turn………………

      It has been recently reported that police have been actively shredding evidence that implicates them in years of corruption within the force. How becoming of them to seek to hide the evidence midway into an investigation.

      Ask yourselves, what is the difference between shredding evidence and withholding mortality statistics on those that have died due to welfare reforms?

      Suppression of evidence is a crime whichever way you look at it!

      We don’t need evidence to put ATOS, the COURTS SERVICE and the instigators, the DWP, in the dock.
      The evidence is listed amongst the coroners reports of those that succumbed to suicide or died within a short time frame of being found fit for work by unqualified charlatans masquerading as fully qualified health care professionals….

      Health Care Professional is an oxymoron in itself, they neither care or are professional and are not interested in your health, one iota…………………

      So the DWP are bent, as are the Police, the Courts and our MP’s and heads of government departments………

      You are governed by the most corrupt people in the world who have no thoughts for the people they are supposed to represent, secondary to the needs of the corporate multinationals who freely bestow them with gifts and promises, hidden from prying eyes.


      Who will be the new villain, killing the disabled as it feeds it’s greed from the souls of the departed?

      Money has no bounds when it comes to compassion, greed tramples everything in it’s path, a blind, one eyed carnivore that takes from the many to the pockets of the few………………


  34. Unfunny Joke Machine is carrying an advert for ‘office assistant’ at a local company near me called ”Flights of Fantasy Creative Play Ltd”

    Is this a menial job working under the control of the top nazi Idi Amin Smith, and have the Department of Pricks and Wankers decided on a new name for themselves?

  35. i refuse to use the self service in any supermarkets,one lady assisant asked why?i told her that if i do her job will be on the line,she looked snootilly at me and replied “no way” this was about year or so ago,i will return to sainsburies yes it was good old sainbries and tell her the same again and see the reaction now,i try where possible to tell people who are hanging themselves the truth like the salvation army lady i told about workfare and now snubs me..i will not shy from the truth where possible

  36. one more point a guy was charged 450.00 for a loaf in tescoe self serve and it took him weeks to get his money back,so as far as im concerned thats a damn good reason not to use them

  37. Seen this elsewhere on the interweb and was left wondering can the DWP be sued for copyright name infringement? –

  38. Still fking angry and stressed over the underhand job contract shambles fobbed onto me by the so-called WPP I now dis-trust deeply. I now realise that If I had played along with their bollocks, the agency would have immediately handed the WPP money on a plate for supplying them with labour. No wonder they were keen and forceful in making me sign up to that job! * The only result I ended up with was a night WITHOUT any sleep whatsoever following their job scam.

    The Work Programme is a fking scam through and through. WPP’s get awarded £1000 from DWP/JCP/European Social Fund for every client mandated onto the scheme for two years.

    Money is given on a plate to the WPP for every CV created and given to any client on the scheme. * I refused their CV and denied them getting a payment through the issuing of a standard Work programme CV to a client.

    WPP’s can freely claim money for supplying labour into a pre-arranged WPP/employer contract – often without prior knowledge given to the client before being shoved from pillar to post.

    WPP’s can then claim up to £1000 from the contracted/approved employer if their client stays in the pre-arranged job at the 6 month period.

    To date, every single job been offered to me by the useless twats have either resulted in being without regular wages or regular daily work, or I have been shoved into making wrong job choices, where I would simply not have been able to offer the skills/training/experience the job entailed, or where I would have only been employed for no more than a few days at most.

    It occurs to me that jobs are simply pulled out of thin air or out of a magician’s hat on a whim, on the promise of trying to secure large cash payments from the contracted employer if they manage to supply me. No job I have been shoved towards has been relevant to ANY unpaid/paid work, certification training schemes, Learn Direct.

    Each week I expect yet another dubious job referral could be forced against me, simply designed to make the WPP look as if they are actually doing something useful and to make their weekly job application targets go up, and to grab money before their bubble finally bursts.

    * I will not be a pawn in their petty, devious job scams
    * I will not allow them to claim vast amounts of money out of me
    * I will not let any future employer be contacted by the WPP
    * I will not let the WPP contact me after I have finished with them
    * I am not a statistic to be passed around without REAL help

    • overburdenddonkey

      well said…we are not mere statistics to be shuffled around as if we are made of paper, but human beings, with needs for our vitals of life…all we are to them is money (profit, power, and status), and a pay cheque….there are no jobs, they try to convince the general public that there are, and to keep us bogged down in their BS, is their role, no more no less….paid to oppress and to repress….stay focused on what you need to do to get the best long term, quality outcome for yourself….remember, stay “calm” in their presence, and with a sharp focus on your needs, not theirs, and the stress will evaporate in time, as you empower yourself more, more, more…you always come 1st, as you aleady know, not them….

      • I wish I could stay calm with them, but those fuckers have caused me to spiral into stress and aggression against the state. I’m now nothing like I was before I got forced onto the WP.

        The damage to me has been done and I fear I cannot repair it…

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes it can be repaired, by using your voice, words, yes it will be tough and demanding on you atm, take one step at a time…keep a record of everything, go through what has happened, your mind will come up with a strategy, it already is, doing so…let your mind be your guide, trust it…the fear will go as will the frustration…ie what do you need to do 1st…and also get as much rest as possible…you have to undo the mess they have caused you to suffer, only you can do that they won’t….like i have said, what is the most important action/thing for you to do/take now…

          • Every tactic they have done against me since day one has not been forgotten, if they are probably hoping it has in order to save their own necks.

            Last year for instance –

            They tampered with my perfectly executed CV (previously done with expert help from Learn Direct) There is nothing wrong with my CV, yet the twats insisted that I have their poor version (littered with spelling mistakes, important information missing and what looked like parts of somebody else’s CV has been copied and pasted to it)

            Last year – four failed attempts to park me into zero-hour contracts – just for them to obtain monthly payments. Two recent attempts earlier this month to park me into unsuitable vacancies, where I could not offer the skills that the jobs in question were asking me to offer and prove I could show previous experience.

            Last year, attempted intrusion into my email addresses – they tried to make me alter them or failing that create a new one. My email addresses I use have never ever let me down with job applications or interviews, and yet they got on their high horses last year over the names I use on Outlook…

            Last January, attending a week long Warehouse certification course arranged by the WPP – I passed it with flying colours, and yet they didn’t seem I was capable of doing so. I have an Level 2 NVQ certificate, but this doesn’t stop them pulling random jobs out of thin air, irrelevant to my qualifications/skills/past work history/personal life experiences.

            At the end of the day they are trying anything to obtain monthly payments from any employer regardless of what I have personally achieved or what type work I have actively engaged in.

            They know they will get a extensive written complaint if they push me just once more into anything other that what I have done to better myself and that is in MY best interests, and not purely on the promise of grabbing cash or to make them claim they are doing me good.

  39. person of interest


      Shouldn’t be too long before our our government tries to stop the mounting public dissatisfaction hitting the airwaves…………..

      Turkey’s prime minister is desperate to stop the public making outrageous suggestions that his inner circle is corrupt, shutting down twitter and youtube in a matter of days…………

      Dissent from those you ill treat is surely expected?

      Our government have everything to hide and nowhere to hide it, skeletons jumping out of cupboards at each and every turn!

      The BMA will do nothing to halt the cancer of legislation doctrines till it catches up with them.

      this will be sooner than later, as all their jobs are expendable and can be replaced by certificate holders with no real qualifications.

      In fact it is happening at this very minute, yet they are so thick they cannot see it!

      The touch paper has already been lit. Watch the fireworks as the fallout decimates tens of thousands of their privileged positions.

      Hopefully there will be no one to support their cause as they gave their allegiance to the enemy many moons ago…………..

      • Did you read that DPAC thing i posted for you to read about the BMA’s position in this whole ATOS thing? They have not exactly covered themselves in glory with their inaction and lack of motivation to move on this matter.


          Yes read it, thank you very much. Very interesting read, makes you realise how corrupt our society is…………………

          Thanks once more…………

  40. Landless Peasant

    It’s like what Schumacher envisaged 40 years ago, except in his economic theory the greater utilization of available technology was meant to result in increased leisure time, not increased profits, as Johnny Void points out. I recall some mention in the media a couple of years ago when Cameron was blathering on about his so-called “Big Society”, and some sections of the press were making comparisons* with Schumacherian theory, admittedly probably in a desperate attempt to pin down what the hell Cameron meant, but (and as anyone who has ever read ‘Small is Beatiful’ will know) I think some of them perhaps omitted to mention one fine detail that Schumacher stipulated as necessary for his system to work; i.e. we have to abandon the goal of economic growth. Until Cameron does that he is a million miles away from what Schumacher ever proposed.



    • ‘A ruler who allows poverty to develop is sowing the seeds of crime and social conflict. Systematic poverty threatens law and order and thus inhibits both social cohesion and personal morality’ Fenn.

  41. Off topic but i have to vent!! Just came off the BBC site and i’m appalled at the attitude of so many people in society nowadays and dismayed by their lack of intelligence as well. They seem totally incapable of thinking for themselves and understanding what’s truly happening.

    What am i talking about? Bedroom Tax. To read those comments and idiots actually agreeing with a piece of Nazi legislation like that is nauseating.

    Now on to the main gripe; they’re trying to make out this is about freeing up social housing for families living in smaller abodes. That is not what this is about!!! This was thought up as a way of generating cash at the expense of people in society who have nothing but a roof over their heads. Nothing to do with the Con government being interested in ordinary families. When have the Conservatives ever been interested in ordinary families? The idea of the families struggling in small accommodation is a red herring laid out conveniently by the government to disguise their real deviant objectives.

    Then we have a video of a woman with all her kids and husband and she’s moaning about how it’s not fair they’re staying in small accommodation while others stay in an under occupied home. While i feel for her plight, maybe she should be directing her anger towards the government in this country who have failed utterly to build newer social housing to cater for people like her. Plus why is she having a big family like that when she is in a position like she’s in? She then blames other people for the ‘crime’ of staying in a home they may have been in for 30 years or more.

    Bedroom tax is an immoral outrage.

    • Raining, I am not judging any woman who has too many babies living in limited spaces. But as you rightly pointed out, the mom in question is blaming others for living in larger properties that they do not need. The bedroom tax is nothing to do with helping society re balance social housing. Its main goal is to decrease ones benefits. As an example, my son and I live in the same type of social housing, same landlord, same flat and same amount of bedrooms just in a different building. Like me he lives alone but he is not being charged the bedroom tax because he goes to work, I don’t.
      I don’t know where you live Raining, but where I live, I can still see the effects of the 17th century ‘tax on windows’ where they were bricked up to avoid the tax. Same punitive process different, different century!!!!

      • Agreed. What gets my goat is that this tax, apart from trying to take housing benefit money from those who can’t afford it, the other insidious goal they have for it is to divide people and have people arguing amongst themselves, while they skulk away in the background and avoid much of the flak that’s flying around because people are looking at their neighbours and judging instead of looking to where this vile tax came from.

  42. overburdenddonkey

    there weren’t properties available to downsize into, and now people are refusing 3 bed properties for obvious reasons, so many are now being demolished…and the land is being redeveloped….

    • Plus OBD that bitch McVile was on spouting about it which made it even worse. She is a perfect foil for IDS, she really is a loathsome individual. Her voice really grates on my nerves as well. She just irritates me whenever i see her!!!!

      • overburdenddonkey

        yes, she is a wind up, she goads, and gloats, it is deliberate to wind people up….unfortunately she may well become a mainstream cleb at some point in her “career”…fortunately what she says can be easily be shown for what it is, crap…imo they are all as mad as hatters…

      • McVile’s voice , where the fuck does it come from?

        • IDK Bernadette but it’s horrible and she is a very vindictive type by the sounds of it. Can just picture her standing in for Irma Grese at Auschwitz and thrashing prisoners for her own amusement and fun.

          These types have definitely got a screw loose somewhere.

          • Raining, McVile is clearly an alien. Her voice has no dialect, no regional qualities, nothing. Fucking usual!!!

            • I think Mc Vile is Ken Dods daughter

              • On the offchance she might be, I had a look-see…
                From her Wikipedia page:- “McVey has worked in the family business which specialises in demolition”

                Amply qualified then, transferable skills being utilised every time she opens her mouth. Demolition of the poor.

            • Yeah she sounds sort of like a Dalek or something!! A very strange accent it is, for a very strange person. She obviously isn’t on the same page as most of society as she thinks the bedroom Tax is good and it’s working!

        • Fester McVile is a puppet, strings pulled by the slaphead we all hate so much. I bet she is told to say certain things for fear of losing her job if she was to suddenly speak up in defence of us.

          Brainwashing tactics is alive and kicking within the DWP.

    • Old slaphead smithy will surely come to her defence and try to stop the smear campaign. Fucking baldy, slimy cunt he is; and he can stick his false CV up his jacksie along with his policies. he fucking owes me compensation for causing me deep stress and anxiety.

  43. As far as those dumb fuckers at the JCP/WPP are concerned, I am on the war path against them now.

    My stupid WPP stressed me out so much over trying to off-load me into a dubious pre-arranged job, I lost a decent night’s sleep from it. They fucking owe me an apology for causing so much grief, I simply found it impossible to get a decent night’s sleep.

    Point of interest, when I registered with this crappy agency, I discovered that the work offered to me was only temporary ongoing and that I would have only been called in as and when required, not regular work each week. That the job did not call upon my skills/training/experience I have and therefore I could not offer the employer what they were asking for;

    The wages seemed good enough for only doing a three-day week shift (12hr day) at £260 pw, but after breaking down various cost outgoings – my take home pay would have only been no more than £170 per week. I would have had to pay £10 per day out of wages to cover agency transport costs, between £10 and £20 per week towards agency administrative processing costs ( to allow me to work for the agency contract) and the usual tax/N.I. deductions. Plus the agency had the cheek to demand I pay them a £2 processing charge allowing them to issue me with a weekly wage cheque…

    Is it any wonder I did not take up the job after calculating a third of my wages would have been creamed off by tax and agency fees.

    My next WPP session will only be doing job applications and nothing else. If any stunt is pulled against me, I will deliver a formal written complaint detailing everything they have undermined me with since 2012 –

    * Last year, they fuckiing said that my Learn Direct CV was deemed unsuitable and I was told to use their version of my CV without question.

    * My outlook email was deemed inappropiate by them and I was told to either change it or create a new one. My email addresses are perfectly acceptable and have never prevented me making successful job applications or stopped me getting interviews.

    * I was been forced four times into zero-hour contracts last year until I shoved my consent withdrawal letter at them, they then stopped this scam activity, only to restart it three weeks ago…

    * I have only this month been duped into making wrong career choices all because job attendance payments were promised through pre-arranged contracts between the WPP and whomever employer they signed up to.
    Both jobs were asking me to offer particular skiils and experience which i do NOT even possess. It is clear the WPP is not bothering to read the fucking small print contained within the job description, and instead just want to obtain a substantional cash outcome payment if they managed to shove me into a pre-arranged work contract.

    My WPP is NOW only one tiny step away from getting a formal written complaint from me as I no longer entrust them with ANY personal information about me. They have until mid summer to get it right for once with me and stop the crap referrals and lies.


    We have a simple concept in this country, its called CHOICE. If you don’t like the way a shop is run, then vote with your feet/wallet and shop elsewhere. Co-op, given that all profit making companies seem to be evil in your eyes. Only last time I went there it was more expensive than the Tesco 100 yards up the road. Can someone explain?

  45. Tesco can get lower prices because they are the biggest supermarket outlet in the country, they bulk buy at a lower price the co-op is a group of smaller companies and since the co-operative wholesale society went belly up they don’t have the lout anymore to get prices down.

  46. overburdenddonkey

    the.void@round etc
    collusive practice destroys choice…they are all looking for more ways of increasing profit, what choice do sainsbury’s worker have, none!….how about people before profit? can people like yourselves not see beyond profits for the bosses, shareholders and that the way we do things now is not constructive, not even productive, but destructive to humanity..that decades of asset stripping has led us to where we are now…the plan now is very short termism, to expose capital so it can be stripped, if any one wants to know what is truly going on then follow the money/profits…who are the real benefactors of these schemes?…it’s not the masses that’s for sure…poverty is on the increase, malnutrition is rife, the gap between rich and poor widens…i despair sometimes, i really, really do…do you think that all human beings deserve a quality of life or not….atm political/social structures are being engineered without consent, to maximize profits, not improve or maintain basic quality of life…is this really what you want…?

  47. Another Fine Mess

    Huff Post;
    “Number Of Brits Out Of Work For More Than Three Years Soars Under George Osborne”

    Sheila Gilmore:
    “The growth of long-term unemployment also highlights the total failure of the Government’s Work Programme. Launched in June 2011, it aimed to tackle long-term unemployment by paying private companies and charities to help people find a job.”

  48. A comment made earlier about the Co-Op being far more expensive to shop in that Tescos is true and has been the case for decades. Even those ridiculous adverts the Co-Op used to run on television. They would just advertise alcohol and a northern voice would say “the cooperative, good with food”.



      The European Convention of Human Rights does not give an automatic right to receive
      benefit. Where a State does provide benefits, there is no right to a particular amount. The
      Government has set the rate of benefits at an amount that it believes to be reasonable, and to
      ensure that no individual suffers destitution. This is compatible with the Convention.

      If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
      Yours sincerely,

      DWP Central FoI Team

      • Landless Peasant

        But the amount of Benefits the UK Government pays is supposed to be stipulated by the Council of Europe and is legally binding. It’s just that when Governments break the Law they seem to get away with it, but if you so much as shoplift a pair of boxer shorts you could get 4 years. UK is a Fascist State.

        • When The Council of Europe said this, IDS decided it wasn’t legally binding and was merely a guideline for the courts to take into account when assessing claims. He would. He’s due on the Andrew Marr show this Sunday. Everybody e-mail him (Marr) at and insist he gives IDS a better grilling than Andrew Neil’s abysmal effort on the Sunday Politics recently.

      • Is that what those idiots wrote to you Geoff? That there is no automatic right to benefit and that the government has set rate that it considers reasonable? So £32.32 per week is deemed reasonable?!!!!!!!!!

        Words fail me, it gets worse every day.

      • If the government sets the benefit rates at what they think is reasonable, then it shows you how unreasonable not only The con/dems but also labour who will stick to welfare policies are!
        Does the benefit reflect the amount of money that is paid in by those in work past and present, also who dictates what the poverty pimps should receive in wages or salaries, because their pay is unreasonably robbing the welfare pot along with an overpriced housing market with high rents paid to greedy landlords.

  49. Haven’t watched it yet i’ll see it later. Thought i’d post this as it seems to sum up very much the way so many of us feel. Here is the political party that has betrayed generations of working class people and their roots Everyone else sold down the river in order to kow tow to banking sector and mega corporations. Shame on them.

  50. They come clean and admit they were wrong!! Fat lot of good it does the deceased man and his family. Are ATOS and the DWP going to be held responsible for this mans death? and are they going to be forced to compensate the family of Mark Wood and the families of everyone else their Nazi policies have murdered?

    • The government is made up of despicable bastards. With their statement, they may have just as well gone and pissed on this poor man’s grave.

      • Lucy: Shocking it really is and totally callous. They now trot this out in a matter of fact way as if it’s nothing. We’re talking about a person here a real human being not a friggin’ dot or number on their balance sheets.

        It makes me want to retch.

      • The tory tossers already piss on us voters every day by ignoring our real concerns about bedroom tax deaths, the size of IDS’s over-inflated ego, David Camoron forever floating around the country just for photo opportunities, the list goes on.

        Don’t let the bastards grind us down. I’m getting my revenge after being trodden all over like a doormat for two years. They don’t like the fact I have lawful rights in protecting myself, and they cannot prevent me from doing so.

  51. I can assure you all measures are in place to enforce these infernal machines. Weekly targets for transactions, fail to meet them and they reduce your budgeted human working hours further for failing to meet your targets.

    Achieve the targeted transactions and they reduce your budgeted human working hours further because you are utilising your self scan tills.

    A truly vicious circle.

  52. Everything will be great until the time comes when nobody’s doing any shopping anymore, because nobody’s working.

  53. Self service tills are good for reducing ques but they should not be an excuse to lay off staff

  54. At my local morrisons the only time i use the self service tills is when i fancy some nice expensive apples,somehow they always seem go through as onions!

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