Scam-Ridden Universal Jobmatch Just Fine Says Monster Boss As He Laughs All The Way To The Bank

untick-ujThe breath-taking arrogance of private sector contractors has been laid bare today with the publication of a letter from the CEO of Monster Jobs defending the shambolic Universal Jobmatch website.

Universal Jobmatch is the scandal-hit website which unemployed people are forced to use to look for work.  Monster Jobs were paid almost £20 million to create the site which recently won a ‘worst website’ award at an industry event.  According to The Guardian, Universal Jobmatch is set to be scrapped when Monster’s contract expires in 2016.

This is not the case pleads Monster boss Sal Iannuzzi, in the joint statement co-written with Head of Jobcentre Plus Neil Couling.  The website is ‘here to stay’ he claims.  What’s more it is a ‘powerful tool’  and a ‘secure, and effective recruitment site’, whilst criticisms are based on ‘misrepresentation’.

The letter highlights two main areas of concern, the huge number of bogus jobs posted to the site and the number of duplicate or inappropriate vacancies.  According to Monster, the previous government jobs website also suffered from these problems, with 145 scams acted on in 2012.  11,000 fake jobs were recently removed from Universal Jobmatch due to just one scammer uncovered by a Channel 4 News investigation.  Around 200,000 job vacancies have disappeared from the site over the last couple of months when opportunistic politicians woke up to the reality of this scandalous abuse of public money.

Duplicate jobs remain an ongoing problem.  Recently over 100 adverts appeared for the same ‘four or five’ vacancies.  Many of these duplicate adverts were posted by Monster themselves.  These bastards must think we’re fucking idiots if they expect us to believe this is anything other than the greatest online rip off yet.

Perhaps the most laughable part of the statement is the bizarre claim that “Universal Jobmatch puts all of our customers on an equal footing with everyone else seeking a new job in the UK”.  Sal Iannuzzi seems to think that unemployed people were incapable of using the huge array of other recruitment websites- like the one Monster already run –  until Iain Duncan Smith came out with the whacky idea that perhaps you can find jobs on the internet nowadays.

The truth is that Universal Jobmatch was not developed to help people find work, but as a means of enforcing ‘conditionality’ for unemployment benefits on the cheap.  Iain Duncan Smith had hoped that claimants could be remotely monitored for 35 hours a week as they pointlessly clicked through the range of spam, scam and spoof vacancies that the website is so famous for.

Unfortunately for the Secretary of State he didn’t bother to check the law first.  Under data protection rules you cannot be forced to tick the box giving the Jobcentre access to your account and due to laws on cookies, you can only be forced to use the website on Jobcentre computers (PDF)*.  You can also untick the box in the picture above which gives consent for the DWP to send you emails.  There is no requirement to tell the Jobcentre if you have a home computer, tablet or smart phone.

For once in their miserable lives, the DWP are correct when they say it would be ‘irresponsible’ not to respond to cultural shifts in the way that people look for work in the ‘digital age’.  So no doubt the Jobcentre will welcome the launch of Universal Automation, the app which carries out jobsearch on Universal Jobmatch automatically.  This type of service is without doubt the future of online recruitment and it allows claimants the chance to take a break from their ‘work related activity’ and do something useful instead.  Like try and find work using one of the many other, better online job sites.

These bastards are openly laughing at us now.  You can tell Monster Jobs what you think of their joke website @Monster_UK.

For the latest updated leaflet on Universal Jobmatch rights visit:

*There are regular reports of people being threatened with sanctions if they refuse to tick the box allowing the Jobcentre to snoop on their accounts.  The best advice comes as ever from @refuted, which is to ask for this request to be made in writing, so you don’t forget.  If this type of harassment persists ask to speak to the Jobcentre manager.  For advice on making a complaint about the behaviour of Jobcentre staff visit:

For advice on appealing or disputing a sanction decision go to:

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151 responses to “Scam-Ridden Universal Jobmatch Just Fine Says Monster Boss As He Laughs All The Way To The Bank

  1. I think you have to complain to the front-line manager as opposed to the overall manager. You might want to check that.

    • There is a media circus happening as we post.

    • NO. Always follow the correct complaints procedure, which is phone the JC. Then you can take the complaint higher up the chain. A complaint to the manager will be ignored.

      • that’s to make a complaint. to query a demand, such as being told you will be sanctioned if you dont tick the UJ box then asking for confirmation from a manager was the advice from the PCS for what it worth, or alternatively try find the PCS rep and speak to them.


      In an effort to illustrate the levels of complicity, collusion and corruption within our government departments, you have to look no further than the frenzied cull of the disabled in the UK today……………

      This mornings news announced that a man, a single entity, had been arrested in Salford Manchester, on the suspicion of causing deaths and falsifying documents at Stepping Hill Hospital.

      One person has warranted an investigation into 3 deaths, yet DWP and the assassins they chose to do their dirty work, ATOS,walk away unscathed…………….

      Between them they have overseen the murders of countless, thousands of innocent people they perceived as a burden on the states purse.
      Not just any person at random, just the weakest, those most unlikely to fight back.
      Those who already had the burden of having a physical or mental ailment, namely the disabled.

      The state has all the evidence it needs to bring these natural born killers to justice, but so vast is the iron cordon of complicity, they seek to protect each other at every turn………………

      It has been recently reported that police have been actively shredding evidence that implicates them in years of corruption within the force. How becoming of them to seek to hide the evidence midway into an investigation.

      Ask yourselves, what is the difference between shredding evidence and withholding mortality statistics on those that have died due to welfare reforms?

      Suppression of evidence is a crime whichever way you look at it!

      We don’t need evidence to put ATOS, the COURTS SERVICE and the instigators, the DWP, in the dock.
      The evidence is listed amongst the coroners reports of those that succumbed to suicide or died within a short time frame of being found fit for work by unqualified charlatans masquerading as fully qualified health care professionals….

      Health Care Professional is an oxymoron in itself, they neither care or are professional and are not interested in your health, one iota…………………

      So the DWP are bent, as are the Police, the Courts and our MP’s and heads of government departments………

      You are governed by the most corrupt people in the world who have no thoughts for the people they are supposed to represent, secondary to the needs of the corporate multinationals who freely bestow them with gifts and promises, hidden from prying eyes.


      Who will be the new villain, killing the disabled as it feeds it’s greed from the souls of the departed?

      Money has no bounds when it comes to compassion, greed tramples everything in it’s path, a blind, one eyed carnivore that takes from the many to the pockets of the few………………


  2. This is the same website that IDS has described as great and brilliant; that’s what we’re up against, unfortunately. A bloody lunatic.

  3. This has to be up there with the very worst of old Russian Soviet PRAVDA style propaganda.
    Its straight out of modern day North Korea in fact.
    Excerpt from the letter
    “The website launches a public service into the digital age. No longer is finding a job about waiting for the weekly paper or a fortnightly trip to use a jobpoint; Universal Jobmatch lets people search for work from their home, handheld devices, local libraries, as well as the traditional Jobcentre. It allows employers to match jobseekers to their vacancies and gives our customers access to a greater number of opportunities than ever before, working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to find them a job. Universal Jobmatch puts all of our customers on an equal footing with everyone else seeking a new job in the UK”

    There was no good reson for the DWP to change its previous website just before the end of last Labour Govt. It was digital enough. It gave us real jobs, and worked pretty well.
    Of course….it was inhouse, and they would have to employ staff to monitor it and upload vacancies the old fashioned way, and so the initail change was to have a system minus these staffers, I’m guessing. Then the new REGIME has come in, and obsessed with all things private. And they wanted an easy sanctioning system too. Which is probably the real reason we have it as is today.

    That they still dare defend this disaster is trully appalling!

  4. Of course the person in charge of Monster will say that as he along with the rest of them has his snout firmly in the trough at the expense of the poorest and weakest people in society.

    This is some immoral crap going on nowadays. Used to be that trying to take advantage of vulnerable people to gain financially out of it would be regarded as a crime, now it’s regarded as a business opportunity. Doesn’t that just say it all?

  5. The authors of that letter are clearly on acid. I want some too please, it will make my world look as wonderful and successful as UJM is.

    Their sheer audacity is astounding.

  6. Monster cannot cope with the truth laid bare. They know, that, they have less that 2 years before they lose the contact. What to do between now and 2016? Give a load of bullshit egged on by Couling to justify taxpayers monies. How disgraceful. As for ‘users tell us they like it and that it makes a real difference to how they look for work’ where is the evidence????
    Where is the evidence that UJM is social inclusion? ‘Home computers’?, ‘hand held devices’ not EVERYONE has these technology to hand.
    ‘Libraries’? mine will only allow one hour per day, hardly enough to meet the 35 job search a week. ‘Jobcentre computers’ give me a break we only have 4 in my job centre, which is a large one in the second city. I could go on, but none of us believe the hype DO WE????

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  8. At 3.40pm this afternoon the Labour Party voted with the nazi party (government) for a Benefit Cap. 500+ votes for 22 votes against. the Labour party hereby confirms it is not interested in disabled people or anyone receiving benefits. Our future is bleak

    • We need a new party that will support us.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      JSA and Housing Benefit/Council Tax linked to JSA remain uncapped also State Pensions remain uncapped.

      EVERY other state benefit such as ESA and Housing Benefit/Council Tax linked to ESA will be capped including in work benefits and child benefit.

      • Obi

        Is the housing and council tax benefit uncapped for all on jsa, or does it only apply to those that are on non-income based jsa?

    • It’s okay though. Rachel Reeves said this morning that they wouldn’t really be voting for David (s)Cameron’s benefit cap, they are voting fo Ed Miliband’s version & he thought of it first. She went on to sayt that Labour would “do it differently, and fairly” (or something) when it comes to capping the benefits bill. She sounds vaguely coherent, but clearly isn’t.

      Her comments were almost as ‘cryptic’ as the ones not long afterwards from the great inglorious IDS, along the lines of “I’m not listening to you [R4 interviewer]. I believe I am right – no, I know I am – so there’s no point in your trying to question me or ask me about anything. I am IDS and I will talk over you. I know it’s frustrating – that’s why I keep doing it!! LaLaLaLaLa”

      • totallygivenup

        rachel reeves has the demener of a sulking teenager with a monotone annoying voice,i know thats a personal attack but this has become personal i would not trust her as far as i could throw her what we need is a glenda jackson in the job shirlynott what do you think? and stop calling me shirley

        • Don’t call me Shirley! How long have I been waiting to say that …

          Glenda would have been great. She was the MP where I was staying for a while & her ‘Ding Dong the Witch is Dead’ speech was really good. She sits on committees and usually tries to talk as much sense as possible but she’s so badly outnumbered by the all-new shiny happy Reeve-esque types now a days….

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  10. Eric Greenwood (4727) IDS was on bbc radio 4 at about 2 hours 10 in..once again he uses the term “I Believe” again

    • Eric, IDipstick definitely believes he has to keep insisting he believes …

      The interviewer tried valiantly to get a question in/try to get some kind of reply to the question he had asked & eventually muttered (only just in an undertone) “so frustrating!” – not a usual interviewer’s remark but even some of those tasked with trying to interview him seem to be (sort of) saying “What do you take us/our listeners for?!”. They must dread having to talk to him and hope every time that he will give some kind of an honest answer – even a very slightly honest one would be a turn up for the books … but no, same old, same old. They could just make a facsimilie of him now and wheel that out/play a recording of him batting away anything and everything he doesn’t want to talk about. (Child poverty or any other kind of poverty in this case). He is so badly matched with his job he could do with some kind of new, innovate technological “tool” to help him move into more and better work.

  11. Not sure about bogus jobs on the previous websites, though as I recall some of them smelt decidedly fishy. It’s certainly true enough that it had a fair number of duplicate and inappropriate “vacancies” – I think they were moving towards “employers” posting direct on the site even then – but it was nothing like as bad as the train wreck that is UJM.

  12. A few weeks ago, the adviser noticed I hadn’t ticked the box allowing access and she said, “You have to give me access.” I said “I don’t actually.” She demanded “Any particular reason?” I explained that it was the principle of the thing – I am an adult who can and should be trusted to conduct my own Jobsearch and that as long as it’s not mandatory, I would not be monitored like a naughty child. She tried to bullshit me by saying it can be made mandatory, but I presented her with proof from DWP toolkit that this was not the case. She avoided my eye after that. I haven’t seen her since and I now have another adviser – or coach as they’ve started calling them. You can be assertive and stand up to these jobsworths without being rude or aggressive. Stand your ground and don’t be intimidated!

  13. Even though I unticked both those boxes I still receive emails once a week about jobs meeting my criteria. 😦

    • @ downtrodden – Although I had not ticked either box I was also getting emails from jobsuk or somewhere. They had cut & paste a page from UJM to make them look official.
      Here’s how to stop them I found this on a computer help site(it worked for me, and if it worked for me it will work for anyone:
      “Sometimes you may get unwanted mail that isn’t necessarily spam.

      While you can’t currently block messages from specific addresses or domains, you can set up a filter to send those unwanted messages directly to Trash.

      To set up a filter, follow these steps:
      1.Click the down arrow in your search box at the top of the page. A window that allows you to specify your search criteria will appear.
      2.Enter your search criteria. If you want to check that your search worked correctly, click the search button. Clicking the down arrow again will bring the window back with the same search criteria you entered.
      3.Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the search window.
      4.Choose the action you’d like for these messages by checking the appropriate box. (In this case, we suggest checking “Delete it.”)
      5.Click Create Filter.”

    • I also get them also called “Alerts for Jobseekers” from part of the Universal Jobsmatch (A DWP service) it says at the bottom of page and like you I have always had both boxes unticked.

      If you mark them as spam they go to where they belong – the trash, but still why are they sending them without permission? Makes you wonder if they are lalso ooking at your account without permission too..

      • @ JD – If they are looking at my account without my permission, all they will see is my checking of the first page 3 times weekly for any jobs saved by advisor, my applications for jobs via it which can’t be applied for outwith it, and the occasional time I read about a particular recommended job from the first page (which takes me onto a second page). My jobsearches on it are always done without logging into account and jobseekersdiary is paper.

        • Fellow JCP
          True. I never log on or look at it unless without logging in and that’s rare as there are better alternatives so theres not much to see there either. I can’t see that they can force anyone to log on as surely they’d be forcing you to accept cookies. Offline look at it yes but not log on.

          The point is that they have proved themselves untrustworthy.

          • Sorry that doesn’t quite make sense. I mean look at the library not at home.

            • JD – If it really is a DWP service which is sending these mailings then surely those of us who have not yet set them to auto delete could rescue the emails from the spam folder, print them off and complain at JCP? And as you say, it’s disquieting to think what other unticked boxes they are ignoring.

      • Another Fine Mess

        It appears to belong to Monster.
        Perhaps is short for uk mugs.

        I don’t get any mail from them or it.

  14. Off-topic –

    Forced into writing yet another consent complaint letter as I suspect my WPP has shared data about me to an outside third-party employer/contractor recently. Will be on the war path tomorrow against them and remind them they could be breaking the Data Protection Act if found out to be sharing my name to outsiders when I have previously told them to cease such activity last year with my original consent withdrawal letter.

    • Go get ’em Tiger. Rip their fucking throats out.

      • Written up my new formal letter and will be issuing it to my WPP today – wish me luck.

        If they indeed have or have not supplied so much as my name to any third-party employer – they are up shit creek as far as I am concerned. My original withdrawal letter is a cease and desist forcing them to stop any of my personal details being bandied around. If I can prove they are breaching that letter, A ‘stage 1 DPA (1998) complaint’ will be issued against them for violating my lawful rights to privacy at my own discretion.

    • Make them show you print outs of every bit of data they have forwarded on to a third party about you to prove they’re not in breach of regulations. Turn the tables on the arses!

      • I did once and I received half a forest delivered by courier. They are lazy and will just print everything rather than the bits you ask.

  15. Jobcentre Insider

    We use the RAG (Red Amber Green) traffic light system to designate how far we have proceeded in our quest to gain access to your UJM account. Most jobseekers I have seen are still stuck on RED lol 🙂

    • You sneaky bastards.

    • My own UJM account is private, so the JCP cunts can sod off.

    • Must be the reason why every time I sign-on I am given the hard sell: “You still using a paper diary?? 😦 😦 Did you know that you can record everything on your UJM account 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 , it will save you the hassle of filling in a paper diary. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 ” I suppose I must be on RED then lol 🙂 🙂

      • Stacey
        That’s funny as I’m getting exactly the same. They are supposed to make a record the first time asked and then refrain from asking again – it says so in the UJMToolkit. Still, what do they care about rules and laws?

    • It’s called the Universal Jobmatch Account Access Status:-)

  16. Universal jobmatch has been set up to sanction people. If given a jobseekers direction to start an account, do so and show the cunt at the job centre a screen shot as proof. That will be the last time you’ll ever have to go near that pile of shit ever again.

    • Unless the JC cunt gives you a job to apply for on it of course. Then it’s a hit and run job.
      Fuck the cunts at the jobcentres. Fucking bunch of bully boy bastards the lot. Stand up for yourself. They can’t do fuck if you’ve fulfilled your jc agreement. Wankers.

  17. The labour party are cunts and don’t ever forget that. We must vote for independence and get to fuck away from these nazi fucking bastards. I saw a Labour guy abstained but never voted against…what a cunt. Vote Yes. The future is very very bleak indeed.

    • Another thing to remember is if you vote YES it doesn’t mean we have to have an SNP government. Labour could get back in but it would be a Labour built on traditional socialist principles and not this bunch of Tory impersonators masquerading as Labour MP’s. Labour would have to return to it’s old values.

      • @ Raining – The SNP, as they currently are, are against the bedroom tax, benefit caps and sanctions. That is good enough for me!

        • Me too but i’m afraid traditional Labour supporters are not gonna support it. I’m afraid of that. One thing’s clear if the vote is no then it’s gonna be more of the same. People should be very clear about that. Labour are not gonna solve any of our problems, as we saw with the benefits cap vote yesterday. Turncoats!.

  18. I realise the good english people don’t have the option of yes but they must think we are fucking mental up here if we vote no. Way too many royalists up here and that’s the sticking point.

  19. Maggie Thatcher

    Help I’m on fire.

  20. reply from the labour party

    Thank you for your email regarding the welfare spending cap and support for disabled people. For help with specific cases please get in touch with your local MP.

    For generations in Britain, when the economy grew, most people got better off. But that isn’t true anymore. Today people are facing a cost-of-living crisis: with low pay and insecurity at work, growing long-term unemployment, and a housing crisis that is pushing up rents and house prices out of the reach of ordinary people. This leaves Britain’s taxpayers facing a higher bill for welfare payments like tax credits and housing benefit.

    Labour will turn our economy around so we can earn our way as a country to a higher standard of living. But that means we must be disciplined on how we spend every single pound, and social security spending, vital as it is, cannot be exempt from that discipline. Labour proposed a cap on overall welfare spending in June 2013 as a means of monitoring the social security bill and keeping costs under control. So we will vote for the cap proposed in the Budget in Parliament – it will not involve any additional welfare cuts.

    The Tories can’t control the cost of welfare because they ignore the root causes – they don’t understand that the cost of living crisis means people are trapped in low-paid jobs, reliant on tax credits; or that their Government’s failure to build enough homes means that they are spending £19 on housing benefit for every pound spent on bricks and mortar. Overall they are spending over £13 billion more on welfare more than they planned. The cost of living crisis being felt by ordinary people across the country means a rising welfare bill felt in Westminster.

    Labour will get the welfare bill down, but by tackling the root causes of social security spending, not by following the Tories’ failed approach. That means improving low pay which leaves too many people reliant on in-work benefits, building 200,000 homes a year to control the rising cost of rents and housing benefit, and introducing a Compulsory Jobs Guarantee to help young people and the long-term unemployed back into work. We will make fairer choices about spending, including scrapping winter fuel payments for the richest five per cent of pensioners and abolishing the Bedroom Tax. Our approach will help people struggling with the cost of living crisis, and reduce the costs to the taxpayer at the same time.

    The Government is creating a climate of fear amongst disabled people and their families, with the bedroom tax, failure to reform the Work Capability Assessment, badly thought through changes to Disability Living Allowance, and the complete failure of the Work Programme to help disabled people into work. Labour has demanded a cumulative impact assessment of the reforms hitting disabled people, but the Government have refused.

    David Cameron’s Bedroom Tax is forcing 400,000 disabled people to pay more while he gives a tax cut to people on incomes over £150,000. It is a cruel and unfair measure that hits some of the most vulnerable in our society, and does nothing to solve under occupancy. So Ed Miliband has committed the next Labour government to abolishing the Bedroom Tax.

    Labour has called on the Government to sack Atos from the Work Capability Assessment contract, and to reform the WCA so it works properly and fairly. Labour believes the principle of assessments is right, but Atos is getting too many wrong, which is why Labour would reform assessments to ensure disabled people are given the support they need.

    Labour is looking closely at how we can ensure the social security system is better equipped to address the needs of disabled people. We have established a Disability Taskforce to recommend changes to social security to maximise disabled peoples’ control over their own lives and break the link between disability and poverty.

    In the meantime, we will continue to put pressure on the Government to come clean about the effects of their policies on disabled people, and push them to ensure the social security system works for all.

    You can play a part in shaping how we deal with the cost of living crisis and reform social security via Your Britain, Labour’s online home of ideas and policy development. You can read more about our ideas for social security in our Work and Business Policy Consultation document. If you have ideas you’d like to share with us, please make a submission to the consultation.

    With kind regards,

    On behalf of the Labour Party

    Labour Party R.I.P

  21. “The truth is that Universal Jobmatch was not developed to help people find work, but as a means of enforcing ‘conditionality’ for unemployment benefits on the cheap.”

    Thats exactly what its about,this shambolic site is riddled with duplicate jobs and everyone has no confidence in it. Ian duncan smith made much of trip wires,everything to do with sanctions.

    Claimants leaving the work programme have found that jobcentre plus has washed their hands with them.sent on pointless courses under jobseekers directions’ hoping they just wont turn up.if they do more aggressive bullying interviews back at the jobcentre with advisor’s follow again hoping next time.

    This puts even more pressure on disabled people as their disability is simply ignored and are seen as easy targets.

    • Ken you raise a really important point.

      The WP pimps are ignoring the rules on ESA WRAG work programme claimants and forcing them to look for work, take up open ended work experience placements, discuss their personal medical matters in open offices, attend crappy courses badly run by people who have never run a course in their lives, go to interviews and have every one of their individual needs, circumstances and wants not only ignored but used as reasons to sanction. The Work Programme pimps and the JC+ goons are making people who are already struggling enter a potentially fatal crisis.

  22. overburdenddonkey

    more on atos quitting WCA’s….

  23. Click to access 32-DWP-Atos.pdf

    It looks like ATOS staff will transfer to new company. If I am correct Paul Litchfield so called independent WCA reviewer is in charge of Serco or Capita. Seems like others are now going to line their pockets under this scam. Scrap the WCA.

    • overburdenddonkey

      yeah, they’ll give it a coat of paint after plastering over the cracks, with a bit of glossy smiley newspeak, and logos, and play classical music as we enter, you know a bit of mahler or dvorak new world symphony…the new improved WCA…

    • We see this churning around of staff every time a new scheme arrives or an old one is scrapped. There are many people in this country who spend their entire working lives bouncing between jobs within the welfare to work industry. Round and round they go, ignoring the rules, lacking any kind of professionalism and having no respect for the very people they are supposed to be helping.

      Remember folks, next time your foul WP or JC+ adviser gets snotty or threatening with you. Remind them of just who is keeping them in a job…

      Clue: It’s you! The claimant. Without us, they’d be amongst us.

      • Only the other week the jobcentre sent me to some bullcrap more fucking ‘help and support’ bullshit and guess who I got – my old work programme ‘adviser’ – the same smarmy piece-of-shit cunt who had a go at sanctioning me every time I set foot in their fucking building or was spotted with 20 miles of it.

  24. There are quite a few pluses to the Universal Jobmatch, however they do not seem to have seen the light of day due to the confrontational approach the DWP have taken with the public.

    By way of an experimental alternative search interface that perhaps illustrates some of the plus aspects to the site: (March 2014)

    Employment is key to our economy (I do not think it is in the interests of our society for there to be thousands of people not working). So work should very much continue on this project.

    A website in which people looking for their next paid employment role are treated as intelligent people, and provided with the best intelligence and tools for the task possible (employment is key to our economy, a question of putting the resources where they are effective and the greatest differences will be made – enabling the individual to go about the task as efficiently and effectively as possible).

    The public who will be using the site should also be asked how happy they are with it this time! It is I think recognised at this point this is a reflection of how effectively people are able to apply themselves. (Perhaps the DWP could consult with the ONS on the subject: – would tackle two birds with one stone so to speak in terms of Government policy):

    “A report out on Thursday from the former head of the civil service, Sir Gus O’Donnell, commissioned by the Legatum Institute, explains the impact wellbeing research is already having on policy and argues for more of it in the future.”
    Vicar or publican – which jobs make you happy?
    20 March 2014

    • overburdenddonkey

      work is only good for one’s wellbeing if it pays well, ie provides enough resources to provide wellbeing and is not more demanding than the body/mind can comfortably take on a daily basis…our addiction to money prevents true wellbeing from the activity of work, to meet our daily we value members of our communities, is a false indicator of wellbeing, because it leaves so many millions in poverty….with 5m people on out of work benefits and 7.8 m in in work poverty is it not time to look for an alternative to the capitalist model of providing and assessing wellbeing…there are no fcuking jobs…our productivity rates are falling not increasing so there can be no new decently paid sustainable jobs being created…we are maxed out on global production of goods and services et al…gus o’donnell was born in 1952, when houses were cheaper than a car…some easily made good back then…not now so like for like please…

    • Another Fine Mess

      “Employment is key to our economy”

      “(I do not think it is in the interests of our society for there to be thousands of people not working)”
      Why not, less ‘work’ is what almost everyone is aiming for, it’s why we’ve spent the last 200 years devising ‘labour saving devices’, and why we’ve built massive ‘leisure industries’.

      Do you think the Gov. are having to close public libraries because of the search function on UJM not being very efficient, or is it because there are some disabled people not ‘working’?

  25. Everything about Universal Jobsmatch is wrong. It is about control and suspicion and has no place in a democracy.

    • overburdenddonkey

      j d
      absolutely correct, it has no place in any civilization either…it is barbaric…

      • Absolutely agree with you gents. This UJM has no place in our society. Just another stick to beat people with who are already at a low ebb.

  26. i was sanction for using an inappropriate email address to register with the fucking shit sanction machine site.. the one i used was my adviser at the gestapo said you cant use that email address ? i said why ? she said because a potential employer would not take me on after seeing that email address, so i pulled her on the fact that what she said regarding the potential employer will not be able to see the email address used to register, call her a lying cunt!! and closed my jsa claim!! been on esa now for a bit not had no trouble what so ever

    • You do not need to give the JC the email address you used for universal jobmatch so that they can check to see if you have a UJ account. A screen shot is acceptable. If they demand to see more they are lying.

    • I use an ‘inappropiate’ outlook address on UJM, CV Library, and Indeed. Doesn’t stop me from applying for jobs as it is not the name of the email address, it’s what the person behind the email address can offer the employer.

      last year, my WPP tried to make me change my outlook or even create a new one. I wasn’t having none of that as I consider my two Outlook addresses as an extension of my personal property and identity. What business was it of them to stick their noses into aspects of my private life?

  27. Probably more accurate to say that it has ‘potential’ plus aspects; at this point though any analysis is hypothetical as Monster’s CEO did say that there would be no further development at this point (the DWP have had enough?).

    The plus aspects as I see it are purely in providing search tools – whie UJ did this not particularly well, I think they have illustrated that there is potential. Not all jobs want to go onto a single search portal (the approach the DWP has taken), but enough do and it is useful to enough people to warrant it. Given the number of jobs that results job search becomes very much a ‘needle in the haystack’ problem (macro economic policies aside), more effective search tools than those provided I think are needed at this point.

    My own take on it is the Jobcentres, having brought UJ online, then needed to get people using it, and in as big numbers and as fast as possible (probably to justify they project). Instead of relying on people creating accounts on account of it returning results, the mess they are in now resulted.

    Correct me if I am wrong but Monster have taken the press release down?

    • overburdenddonkey

      get out of the library, and start using ears…there are no jobs so ujm is academic…and not intended to find jobs but intended to harass human beings and blame them for there being no jobs..

    • Another Fine Mess

      “The plus aspects as I see it are purely in providing search tools”

      Don’t you think it would also be a good idea if the vacancies on UJM were actually real.

  28. Nope, the press release is still there, browser glitch.

  29. Off-topic –

    My update letter (following up my previous consent withdrawal letter issued to my WPP last year) has been sent in today.

    I will NOT explain myself or my actions to those cunts as to why I demand a full right of privacy and protection against those cunts suspected of passing on my name and/or details to any third-party so obviously in potential breach of my consent withdrawal notification (issued to them in 2013).

    If I am forced next week by JCP or the WPP into saying anything over my new letter, I will remain silent in accordance with the DPA 1998. If they force me into explaining myself, they would been seen as breaching the Data Protection Act and exposing themselves with total dis-regard to my lawful rights of privacy.

    • overburdenddonkey

      absolutely your right to privacy….

      • Those smug WPP tossers have turned me into a former shadow of myself. is it any wonder than I am extremely bitter, suspicious and angry over how I have been treated so far by them? I simply do not trust them as I have reason to believe my personal data has been distributed behind my back. Fucking devious wankers. If they try to make me talk I will stay silent except for demanding an apology from them for breaching my privacy without first telling me of their intentions nor obtaining my written consent relevant to the job referral they fucked me over with.

        • overburdenddonkey

          it is all credit to you for seeing them for what they are, it is up to them to earn your trust not for you to give it without foundation…actually i would demand nothing from them, because what ever they “give” in return will be hollow, shallow, m/t, and expectant of something in return from yourself, they never “give” anything without expecting much more in return…. you owe them nothing and they owe you a great deal….it will also avoid the disappointment of expecting a humane reaction….say little sign nothing unless forced…their apology should come from them, and not prompted by self…if they don’t know how humanity works that is their loss not yours… 🙂 know you are right…

          • overburdenddonkey

            p s fen
            tell them what you expect from them whatever that is…

            • overburdenddonkey

              pps fen
              a sincere apology is not one that melts away coz one has to earn it to prove one has accepted it…ie show them that it has been accepted, they have to prove the sincerity of an apology not you…

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  31. I won’t ever accept an apology from those pretend WPP ‘advisors’.

    Last year they ruined my Learn Direct assisted CV by saying it was not up to standard and hence they insisted on me using their own poor version. I rejected their idea of a CV as it was printed both sides on very poor quality paper, littered with spelling mistakes and omitted important information about me and my history. I didn’t have any matches with me at the time as if I did, I would have lit a bonfire there and then in their office, using their version of my CV as fuel…

    Don’t trust them anymore – they have broken the trust once held with me by sneaking my name to outsiders without prior knowledge or my written consent specific to the job vacancy in question. If I ask them to see the data they supplied, they will obviously deny any such devious involvement.

    • overburdenddonkey

      just glad to say it, coz they really get up my nose as well, and my approach is as yours, venting is a very restorative tonic, dyt….

      • Those WPP pimps have been getting up my shonker (nose) for too long now. Glad to be rid of them ASAP.

        I’ll be laughing my ass off when one day the JCP/WPP goons find themselves unemployed and on the two year prison service.

    • Good luck with this Fen, cheering you on from the side lines. Keep us updated. It might be worth seeking out some legal advice from CAB or a solicitor who works in benefits – some do a first interview free of charge (rare)
      but you need every bit of armoury you can get with this.

      • Actually, CAB have ALL the law books, you could ask a senior advisor there to sit down and pull out the relevant bits of law around this. I suspect that DWP, JC+ and the WP pimp will be using anything to shut you up, including threats of sanctions and threats of using the security guards to throw you out.

      • Many thanks Lucy 🙂

        Those WPP nazis tried last year to threaten an illegal sanction on me after I had refused an offer of zero-hour contract work they tried to shove me into. They can do all they can to try and shut me up, after the new notification letter I sent in today telling them to respect my privacy and stop bandying my name around without asking me first.

        One more attempt against me, I’ll be issuing the biggest complaint letter of them all to my WPP – a ‘Stage 1 Data Protection Act complaint letter’

      • overburdenddonkey

        me too…
        but it is diy, for me now with some support if required from grassroots group to reassure me i’m on the right track….saves explaining and reexplaining, prompting them you never said this or that or the with a little help from my friends keeps it simple, saves traveling expenses etc etc…fcuk it’s empowering…

        • The DWP/JCP/WPP system is skewed badly from within and only self-interests with each other. They don’t care about us except when we land interviews or jobs off our own backs. As soon as this happens, they fall over each other to be really nice and supportive to us. The rest of the time they treat us like dog doo and get off by playing ball tennis with themselves under their desks the minute we get sanctioned by them.

        • Going it alone is good if you can manage it. But so many people are so unwell and frightened, it’s impossible for them.

          I’ve found the CAB advice at my local one to be veering off in dodgy directions lately (that’ll be the government rescue funding coming through and being administered by the DWP) So although I suggested that Fen goes to CAB for access to their law books, I still keep a weather eye on the veracity of what they tell me.

          If we had no internet, imagine the state we’d be in now? How would we know what is really happening? We wouldn’t. Mind you, we have the net, all the wonderful individuals fighting, publishing all to make a difference to those at the bottom of the heap, we have so many campaigning and informing us. I despair of ever seeing fairness in our culture ever again 😦

          • overburdenddonkey

            yeah, i know that’s what i felt when i was 1st diagnosed and had to fight, i felt totally overwhelmed by it all….then i realized that one of the most draining aspects of it all was begging for help to be understood, cost of travel etc etc…then i thought fcuk i don’t need them and i would be much better off without them even less drained and guess what i was right…tell your story as few times as possible, write it down, and reference it…
            yeah, the internet has changed our lives…take little steps in diy @ 1st, confidence builds…

          • overburdenddonkey

            p s lucy
            personally, i found that the UT judges are pretty good at knowing the law…and oh, boy yes they are….

          • I have checked out the CAB and I wouldn’t put my 100% trust in them. They could very well be playing a similar role to lawyers within the criminal justice system and be in cahoots with the DWP and with their role being to oil the wheels of the system by collaborating with the DWP. They are OK if you just want a second opinion but I would be wary of letting them take total control of my situation and anyway I sometimes think it can make things more difficult explaining complex circumstances to a third-party when only you truly understand it. Another thing is that they ask for quite a lot of personal information before they will ‘help’ you; intrusive questions such as religion, sexuality, disability and a couple of others I have forgotten supposedly required by the local authority for equal opportunities or some bull. I really do feel sorry for claimants who don’t have access to the information freely available on the internet. If it was for the internet I would probably be sat in the street begging by now – and that is not an understatement!

            • Zaggy, it’s very likely you are spot on there. In 2010 when one of Cameron’s first set of actions was to cut back funding to CAB, several months later, the government told CABs that there would be a substantial pot of monies available to them (several million quid) but it would be administered by the DWP.

              The senior CAB worker who told me this was very concerned that it would lead to the DWP dictating how the money was spent and what type (and quality) of advice could be given.

              With the last lot of info I had from CAB, I think this has happened.

  32. No phone call yet today by the nazis, regarding my new threatening letter I gave them. See how quickly they shut up when I quote the DPA rights of privacy at them. Tigers can bite the fingers that feed them. And this Tiger doesn’t take no shit from anybody in assumed authority of power.

    The other day whilst in the Joke centre, my JCP ‘advisor’ only went and claimed I had only done 5 job applications last week, but when I pulled her up over her lies, she soon shut up very quickly when I showed her the true amount of jobs written down. Smug cow isn’t no longer that with me.

  33. I only have one word to say to the JCP/DWP/WPP…


    • Just watched McVey on tv telling the public that those that are in arrears with the bedroom tax could be claiming off local councils, who have been awarded ? pounds to those unable to pay the bedroom tax as a lot of it is going unclaimed, considering they want to know where you spend every penny and then still refuse people in need any help, is it any wonder that that pot of money is still in the hands of the local authorities?

      • overburdenddonkey

        g fawkes
        yeah, they put a lot of obstacles in the way of claiming….

      • DHP is a joke and wholly dependent on whom assesses your claim I found. I haven’t claimed it for years, because the process was unbearable basically. The questions are intrusive and worded in a way that reeks of judgement and disapproval.

        A few years ago, before the coagulation stole power, my local authority could claim to have the greatest number of questions on their DHP form (some 39 questions with sub sections) out of the whole UK. In Glasgow, at the time, FHP apps had 4 questions.

        At the bottom of the last form I saw, there was a last question –
        “Please list the reasons you are unable to go and live with relatives or friends?” A person not having friends or relatives could easily be refused DHP and be made more vulnerable to destitution

        My LA (conservative rotten borough) seems to take this line all the time, I rang them last week to get a form for LHA for a chum, the first thing I was asked was, “why can’t they live with you or their family?”

      • guy fawkes, you asked if anyone had seen Bob Chewie around, I see he’s been posting recently on Black Triangle blogs, so I guess he is ok.

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  35. Just had the most motherfucking waste of time non interview thanks to bogus posts on Universal Jokematch.

    Saw a job on there the other week for a full time admin role paying £9.25 per hour so I applied. It’s in Tamworth and I’m in Birmingham so just a 20 minute train ride. That was OK. I went today and it turned out to be a card shop. I explained to the interviewer and he looked at me like I was insane. “We don’t have any admin offices.” I don’t know who posted the vacancy, but surely they should have picked up the mistake when I sent my CV! He asked if I wanted to carry on with the interview, so I asked him what jobs they actually did have. It was a part time retail role for £6.50 per hour. Also that some of the shifts can take you up to 9pm. That might have been OK if it was local to me and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on train fares,or worry whether I could get home, though I need full time hours really. I politely apologised for wasting his time but let him know there wasn’t much point continuing the interview.

    Still, I get to claim back my train fare from the Jobcentre! The adviser said “Well we can help you with the fares for the first two months of your employment”. Well exactly. After that I’m on my own ain’t I? I’d have nothing left for myself after rent, council tax, water, food and train fares. No point signing off to start a job if I’m no better off. Luckily my adviser seems a reasonable man and accepted I had a point. But I feel for those who seem to be getting the little Hitlers.

  36. Another Fine Mess

    Inflating the pay so that they get well qualified people to apply, who then find out the job’s only a few hours at NMW seems quite common, it’s even happened to me in the past.
    I can find plenty of fake and repeated vacancies on Unusable Junkmatch, but I don’t think it’s up to us to help clean it up for free, while there’s people getting paid £100,000 to do it.
    There’s more on the fake jobs on threads at

  37. Just as bad is my WPP. They like to shove people onto any job without first reading the small print (job description) or without first contacting the client with a first-refusal basis.

    Money talks, not real human life or the effects of what stress can do if bullied or lied to. I lost a full night’s sleep over what those cunts tried to do with me earlier this week.

    it only takes just one more little stunt from them and they will get stuffed with a formal complaint. I have already threatened to do this DPA (1998) complaint through my new letter I gave them earlier this week…


    • Another Fine Mess

      How long have you got left to serve on the Waste Programme, if you play your cards right you could get parked/remission.

      • Between 12 and 13 weeks left before I exit the wnker programme. They know they are in the wrong now after potentially sharing my name to any outsider without first consulting me with the pros and cons of the vacancy and without obtaining my written permission allowing them to legally forward my name.

        They are not allowed to process, store my CV and email on their systems, nor share it with outside organisations as I issued them a withdrawal letter last year.

        As my name and other personal details are on my CV, it means that they also cannot share my name to any employer without my written say so. They are potentially in breach of the DPA (1998) if I prove my name was sent out without first consulting me prior the pros and cons and without first obtaining my written say so, specific to the vacancy.

        • Another Fine Mess

          “Between 12 and 13 weeks”.
          That’s short, just play it slow and laid back, but keep up with your complaint. If they think it’s a long game your last few appointments should be few and far between.

          • I still have to drag myself there each monday and be humiliated by ‘supervised’ job searching activities, until my last appointment in a few weeks time.

            Thanks to all support from other bloggers on JV, about my battle to get my privacy recognised by the dumb WP tossers I have to deal with each week

  38. Got my Acknowledgement letter this morning and will see what they will do to wriggle out of my concerns. If it doesn’t go in my favour I will consider my options to carry out a full data breach complaint letter to them.

    I want to be off the wanker programme as it is annoying me and hindering my efforts to gain employment now.

    • I’m glad they acknowledged your letter Fen. I hope they realise that they are taking on a fierce tiger and need to mend their ways at the very least.

      Are you copying JC+ and DWP in on the letters? Might be worth doing so, they need to know what these pimps are up to.

      Still cheering you on! 🙂

      • I cannot honestly see they will resolve my concerns fairly or within reason. Nothing has gone in my favour with that bunch of amateurs, as money is more important to them through job contract payments than my basic rights as a person.

  39. jcp advisors using dirty tricks to
    coerce jobseekers ticking the allow
    jcp access snoop box on universal
    signed on recently and my adviser
    said that i had to fill out forms as
    i had not allowed access to uj.
    the three forms were
    an actively seeking work form.
    a reclaim form.
    a hardship payments claim form.
    advisor said this would happen
    every 3 months..he said that if i
    did not get my giro, to ring him.
    he photocopied my job log for the
    last four weeks.
    later that day i had the strongest
    feeling that the whole episode with
    the forms was a bluff and a
    scare tactic to get me to tick the
    allow jcp access snoop box on uj.
    three days of psychic shredding
    later..i got my giro .
    may tick the snoop box soon and

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  42. I signed on for JSA on Monday. They had me go straight home, go on to Universal Jobmatch and phone them with the email address for the account I created. I also had to tick the box giving them access. She said if I didn’t do that and update the Activity History every day, they’d stop my payments for 4 weeks.

    • It has been said here any number of times, that you cannot be forced to that tick that box. Most folks do allow access as the alternatives of showing printouts of webpages you searched on, etc just too inconvenient, that of course was the intention, but I don’t see what gives then the right to demand your e-mail address you use for UJM, after all, if they have been allowed access, they can simply scan thru it at the Jobcenter. It might not even be legal for DWP to demand someones e-mail address in this way, but others here might be able to advise you better on that one. It appears dubious at least.
      It seems ridiculous to be demanding you sign in everyday and update activity every day.
      I would be going to an MP with that one if they tried that with me.
      Its almost like a court sentence now the way these DWP guys are treating the plebs, almost like we are all now criminals, or something. A persecuted ppl, like in the days of the Third Reich, or something.

  43. got letter from learn direct ..telling me “failed to start work activity”
    1) i was there at work activity early told to fill another form – i did.and gave them it.
    2) returned on signing day 4 days later (it was near DWP) and told still they are processing applications – will be in touch.
    3)nobody phoned emailed mailed anything till week later got above letter ..
    Am I about be Sanctioned,,?? anybody else got this treatment ?
    letter dated 2 feb ..envelope it was in stamped 6 feb it 7th today

    • I would get I touch with Learn Direct, Monday and demand an explanation why such a letter was sent out, as you had given them an account of circumstances, and would also get in touch with DWP at Jobcenter,.
      Insist Learn Direct change this wording. These letters can be sent to DWP central offices, so the guys signing you on are not always aware of what’s happening, and the folks at the big central admin offices can only go by what is in front of them, i.e, person has not completed/failed to do work activity, etc. This can lead to a sanction. Only on appealing do the Decision Makers get the full story, and they can overturn them, but no one wants a sanction to begin with, and Learn Direct should not be sending deliberately misleading information to DWP in first place.
      If you can get in touch with a sensible local politician, an MP or something, I would do that as well.

  44. Getting the Run around/passing the buck – by phone hiding/not available from ALL
    Concerned job – learn direct – DWP.
    I Sign on midweek _ expecting “we don’t make Decision it’s Upstairs”
    If i don’t get sensible Response from at least 1 of them OR if i get Sanction i will Publish repeatedly all paperwork +write letter/Article for TheNational

  45. my money went up not down- suspect they don’t have leg to stand on.. nice site johnnyvoid good luck i’m off to update

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