George Osborne’s Budget Was Class War, Let’s Give The Bastard What He Wants

class-war-stencil.gifWho the fuck has got fifteen grand a year to spare that they can stash in an ISA to take advantage of George Osborne’s so-called saver’s revolution?

The answer is George Osborne, his parents, and everyone he knows.  The same could be said about David Cameron, Nick Clegg, David Miliband and even Nigel Farage.  And that is the reason why high earners with whopping savings are now presented as the norm in the UK – and the only people that matter to all of the main political parties.

The reality is that the average weekly wage is just over £500 a week, which doesn’t leave much room for an ISA if that’s all a family has to live on.  Around 5 million people are paid below the living wage, and another five million or so live from hand to mouth on meagre benefits.  Nearly six and a half million households – that’s families not individuals – have incomes so low they qualify for Working or Child Tax Credits and the vast majority are in full time work.  Four million older people qualify for Pension Credit – the subsistence benefit paid to the poorest pensioners.

There was nothing in last week’s budget for the poorest: the families queuing at foodbanks, or disabled people living in fear of the next Atos assessment.  Osborne’s decision in 2012 to impose a cut on in-work benefits by pegging annual rises below inflation means that low income workers have been effectively locked out of seeing any extra money from raising the income tax threshold.

The poorest pensioners, either now or in the future, will not see any benefit from pension reform.  Those without annuities, who struggle to afford a train ticket let alone a Lamborghini, will not be a penny better off due to Osborne’s changes.  Many will see a cut in their incomes from April as housing benefits, now also pegged below inflation, mean they have less money to pay soaring rents – a cut that has received little media attention and could lead to over 200,000 pensioners facing possible homelessness.

Half the country is now being written off, fobbed off and abandoned simply because they don’t have enough money.  The entire political class and the rich they serve now just see us as either hard-working mugs or thieving scroungers.  And they couldn’t give a fuck which, as long as the distinction keeps us at each other’s throats.  Unemployment keeps wages  low, competition for jobs ferocious and a steady supply of low paid skivvies to empty their bins and wipe their arses.  The largest bulk of the benefits bill goes to landlords, whilst much of the rest props up low wages.  Most of the spending on social security finds its way back into the pockets of the rich one way or the other.

The latest divisive trick is to talk of generational conflict as the reason why so many young people have little to look forward in the future.  You’re poor because your parents spent all the money laugh the chortling toffs as they light another cigar.  The youth are out of control and too lazy to work they whisper to the older generation – not like you, salt of the earth types, here have a game of fucking Bingo on the cheap.

But this is not generational conflict anymore than it is about skivers versus strivers – this is class war and last week’s budget shows that.  The poorer you are the less you get whilst those at the top are given hand outs and tax cuts.  We are all being fucked over, young or old, working or not working.  Never has it been more important that we recognise that, and never more vital that we escalate the fight back against all these attacks – together.

Since I’m on the subject, the new Class War election website is now up and running. 

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  1. George Osborne is a CUNT!!

    Fuck this over-privileged toff Nazi bastard!

  2. Well that is a far more reasoned argument about what the budget means for us than the media claims it has won the election for the tories.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Have you seen this one.

      “In most cases people get lots of warning. And there are reviews of the sanctions. The reality is these are about choices. People get sanctioned on Job Seeker’s Allowance because they did not do what they were asked.
      “I’ve been in these Job Centres and I can tell you now categorically that no adviser that I’ve ever seen just wilfully sanctions somebody for no reason. You’ll find that sitting behind this is a long tail of ‘I told you to do this, why haven’t you done it?’

      • overburdenddonkey

        a f m
        that is worth a read….

      • The more i read the more i realize he is completely insane or just a psycho.

      • Unbelievable – just when you think he can’t sink any lower…

      • Another Fine Mess, great article showing IDS true psyche. He is undoubtedly insane and has no knowledge on economics at all.

        • You have to remember that this is the same man who has described Universal Jobmatch as great and brilliant, and still does. I think that tells you exactly what is going on inside his head.

          • UJM is rubbish. For some tory slaphead to speak highly of this failed job website, it gives us a clue as to what the baldy berk is really like. We already know what he does when confronted by the public over his failed policies – he fucking runs away like a big girl’s blouse under armed guard into a waiting armoured car and whisked straight to his underground bunker until the heat goes away.

            We have to remember that only bullys and cowards will always run away if they get a taste of their own medicine.

      • I have just read this stuff from THE HOUSE. Truly, truly appalling and devastating stuff from Goerge Ian Smith. This man is absolutely devoid of any sense of reality.
        Certain comments do stand out, however.
        Regarding what the Cardinal of England had to say…….

        “As a Catholic I don’t put my faith in the way of anything like that. He can do what he likes, I don’t have any ownership over his comments or he for that matter over mine. I just thought it was a bit peculiar to have couched it in the terms they couched it in – but never once having come to see us at all. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone from the Catholic hierarchy.”
        He adds: “Listen, my door is always open. To be fair to the present Archbishop [of Canterbury] he’s been in to see me, we’ve talked on the telephone, I don’t always agree with the rest of his bishops but we have a good relationship. I think he’s a reasonable man. That’s Welby by the way, not the Catholic Archbishop who has now become Cardinal, because I’ve actually never heard from him.”
        …………………….Smith is totally wrong here about what the Cardinal can and cannot do over him. The Cardinal has far, far more power over Ian Smith than the guy seems to acknowledge. He could stop him from going to communion, for example in any church in his Westminster diocese.
        The Bishop of Northampton, whose diocese Ian Smith has his old manor, could do more than just stop him going to communion, he could, if he so felt the need, maybe presently he doe not, but he could actually excommunicate him !

          “We didn’t do it in a harsh way, we’ve tried to do it in a way that makes logical sense and gets it under control.”
          ‘We are not responsible for food banks, that policy area generally is Cabinet Office and so it should remain. I’m happy for people to visit food banks, I don’t have a particular problem with them.”
          “I’ve been unemployed,” he says. “We didn’t have smart Job Centres in those days. I’ve been made redundant
          when I thought my career was heading in the right direction. I know what it’s like to be without work, without an income, worried about what you are going to do. I had a family and kids at that stage, things were a little difficult, interest rates had jacked up. The economy wasn’t looking great. It was under Nigel Lawson,

          “And I remember when I came out of the Army, I didn’t come out into work. I had to go searching for work. And I did. I went to the library, I got the stock market yearbook out, I wrote to people, names. I spent all day writing; I must have written hundreds of letters to people, asking for jobs. We didn’t have universal job match then, I had to look in the newspapers, I applied for every job. I didn’t inherit vast great monies at all, any monies really, so the money that I’ve had has been the money that I’ve worked for.”
          The first paragraph, he chooses not to mention that he didn’t have to concern himself about benefit sanctions, or workfare.. He didn’t have to worry much about interest rates either, as his house was always going to be secure, it being one his wife’s dad happened to own!
          So Smith doesn’t know what it’s like to be unemployed. He never had a clue how it is for some dude living in ordinary circumstance.

          “He got the stockmarket yearbook out…” That one comment confirms it, he didn’t have a clue and still hasn’t. He never will know how it is for almost 100% of all the other ppls on the dole. If Smith didn’t happen to live in a posh big house in a posh nice place, but say in, some lesser part of Manchester, Liverpool, or London, etc, no one in the stockmarket book would have even opened his letters.
          But actually, I don’t really believe he got anything from his stockmarket book. I’m sure he did wade thru it, but that wouldn’t have got him very far.
          But we note that trying to do something ordinary like be a kitchen porter, and the like, clearly wasn’t good enough for him.
          If today he told his advisor in a JobCenter he was looking thru the StockMarketYearbook….he would be very likely to get a sanction threat, if not instantly!

          • IDS’ life history has probably been fabricated in order to try and win over his tory cronies. The only thing government is known for is hot air, lies and constant spin towards the media and the public.

            We are being governed by manipulative thieves, cheats, conmen, liars, bullies, vain showmen and parasites. They do not care about their voters, but only the size of their bank balance, expenses and country estates; plus the number of appearances they try to make on TV.

            Shoot the cunts. It’s the only thing they will ever understand.

          • “We didn’t have universal jobmatch then”, as if that meant they were disadvantaged! Hilarious!

            • Comments Operative

              That’s what I thought.
              We didn’t have smart jobcentre then. – No, you used to note the number off the job card, take it to an advisor, the advisor rang the employer to say they’re sending someone along, you went to see the employer, and the employer asked you when can you start!

        • Landless Peasant

          @ Gordon Keane

          I actually contacted the Holy See last year to ask the Pope to Excommunicate IDS for his unrepentant pursuit of the P.W.E. but got no response whatsoever. Smith is a fucking Heretic. Burn the cunt.

          • …You would be better writing to the Bishop of Northampton. He is the dude with direct responsibility for IDS as the creep lives in the Northampton diocese. Rome would generally not involve itself in personal matters like that unless the person involved was like a national leader or something.

          • Another Fine Mess

            He thinks Bishops, Cardinals and God, should consult with him first before making any statements!

          • Protestant Work Ethic – Nothing to do with Protestantism; coined by a sociologist and religious ignoramus making ill-judged “observations” about religion 400 or so years after Protestantism began. If you haven’t got it by now, you probably never will.

      • All JCP’s across the country have to meet X amount of sanction targets per month. They will sanction people for all manner of lame reasons, such as being 1 minute late for signing on, attending a funeral that clashes with signing day, or attending a spur-of-the-moment job interview that falls on the same time and day as signing on.

        JCP advisors will try to do everything ‘according to the rules’ to sanction people regardless. Each JCP goon will act differently and interperet the rules as how they see it, not as a collective.

      • There’s a very good reason for many sanctions. It goes ‘If I don’t sanction someone I’ll lose my job, and there aren’t any roles suitable for ex-Jobcentre advisors’

      • Hmm, just as well that wasn’t open to comments eh?

  3. jeffrey davies

    we forget saving a pension if theres ever any surpluss they take that and all so its a no no

  4. Anyone take the damned stupid test the above BBC article pointed to? What a load of complete bollocks. Completely polarised into “middle class cocksucker ciabatta muncher” or “whining PC lefty”. And this, they hope, will let politicians know who their voters are. Worcester woman. Modeo man. How about “over pampered miserable mutton dressed as lamb spoilt bitch 4 x 4 driving useless cow” woman? There’s legions of them here. They have armies of cleaners, childminders etc and they’re still moaning. And their husbands? Not a “Y” chromosome amongst them.

    It’s time people got realistic: Labour and the Conservatives? Not a rizla paper’s width of difference. Middle class twats more interested in their own careers and their own kind. It’s time to organise: no-one going to do it for us, and this time, don’t let the bastards in and don’t let them divide and conquer, which is what Thatcher did. Give me strength: working class people STILL parrot the Tory mantra about the ’70’s: “The Unions had too much power, duh”. Well, who would YOU rather have “too much power”: your union or some Oxbridge educated middle class twat who hates your kind?

    • Well said black dog and JV – Bez off happy Mondays spoke more sense on the sunday politics today than any politician, we have to start somewhere to get rid of the two party system and need a different and fairer voting system.

    • ere ere, in total agreement.

  5. Don’t worry Rachel reeves is going to save the planet once Labour win the next election. ‘Bout time somebody took rachel aside and told her she was in the Labour Party not the Tory party

  6. Another one who’s got 15 grand to spare is the Lib Dem peer who was on Radio 4 last Saturday morning boasting about how he ‘got in early’ with £150,000 when PEPs first came out and kept it invested when they changed over to ISAs (presumably there was no temptation to fritter it away as he didn’t have to work or fund his keep – we were paying the scrounger £300 per day tax free just for attending the House of Plenty).

    He later wrote a book and used the opportunity on Saturday to plug the title relentlessly to middle class knobs with more money than sense, who would queue up to buy the shite on Amazon. Sorry, I can’t remember the waste of space’s name (and don’t want to).

    • Those with the money after depreciating and denegrating state run utilities, bought them up for a song when first floated on the market, then made a killing selling their shares on to foreigners. Traitors the lot of them!

  7. Fairness is a state of mind. So long as we all rely on parasitic agriculture for our food then we will all be slaves. You are what you eat. All the crops are dictated monocultures whose seeds are all eaten with no chance of growing or prospering, all the meat animals (apart from poultry) are castrated at birth and therefore serve no self purpose – they are simply a conveyor belt converting grass to protein. You are what you eat. We need to reform agriculture to a symbiotic model instead of a parasitic slave system.

    • overburdenddonkey

      henry doubleday seed catalog, is a useful ref resource…botanic gardens edinburgh still have many of the old wheat verities growing…bio dynamic perma-culture…variety is the spice of life…1st mono-culture govts must go…many meat animals are castrated at birth….others bred for breeding…malnutrition is a major human issue, in the is nutrients destroyed in processing for shelf life, food deserts are rife…land must be released for small holdings, self build, then the need for money will be drastically reduced…and pigs might fly…but these people want it all, a vast global playground…and they need servants, to serve their desires…we are simply not part of their plan…we are “cured”, by being ignored…mustn’t get in the way of their pleasure dome, must we…

    • justistrue, chickens destined to be grown for meat are chemically neutered, via oestrogen and a process called “caponising” It results in a chicken that has more muscle and therefore commands a higher price when dead.

  8. Presumably the parasitic agriculture you refer to is that which is overpaid by the eussr Common agriculture policy and keep s prices high, we could refuse to eat it and die of course. All meat animals are not castrated at birth, I have no idea where you get these strange ideas from but it certainly is not true.

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  10. Believe it or not women of all incomes are the ones who have a male dominated political class who offer them nothing but less and less money, more and more tax on earnings and benefits, and nil income in old age.

    In Switzerland a referendum by its citizens succeeded in working towards an unconditional basic income for all its citizens of £1,750 per month.

    State pension for women at 60 loss from 2013, is going for all politicians as a pay rise of £7,500, when half women 60-66 are within working poor and majority reasont hat age group not in work is due to being disabled and/or chronic sick and those benefits being lost.

    • Don’t agree with UNIVERSAL citizens income, it should be paid to all of those on low incomes or cannot find work due to it being an employment desert out there for some.

    • I think a Citizen’s Income would be brilliant. I don’t know that giving it to the wealthy is a good idea, but it would make the lives of so many of us a great deal easier. To not be having to jump through ever shifting hoops or live in fear of the day the hoop jumping and sanctions start, would be comparative bliss to where the many of us are now.

      Do they let women vote now in Switzerland?

  11. julie dunn-brown

    I can not understand why anyone in any shape or form would allow my country to become Americanised . I used to watch movies whereby people were used abused and monopolised by moguls of America I used to laugh and think how very Victorian how backward they are to openly agree to slavery in the most modern form I was proud of my country because despite everything we cared for refugees we cared about the sick the lonely the mentally ill . The real people of this country are still paying their taxes . and then we allowed the rich to find a tax haven here right here in my country I have no problem with immigrants I have no problem with race I have a huge problem with tax dodgers who have abandoned the chaos they have constructed in their homelands to live here and then turn their shit into ours make no mistake when they have drained us like they drained others we will be left with nothing to re build so take note leaders of our country we are aware of you I am working class on zero hours you might not see me as a threat but believe me we are waiting and we will over power you because we have NO CHOICE x

  12. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    After Another Angry Voice’s demolition of Osborne’s budget comes this passionate attack on it by the equally angry Johnny Void. And, unfortunately, he’s right. The leaders of the main parties exist in a Westminster bubble. Increasingly all they see and speak to are other people exactly like them, affluent, middle class and increasingly privately educated, who reinforce their received opinions about the ‘feckless’ poor. As for Mr Void’s observation about all this being down to generational conflict, this appears to be another development from the Conservative strategy adopted in the States. There the Republicans were attempting to gain votes by blaming the Boomer generation. According to them, the economic problems faced by America and the Banksters weren’t actually because of Right-wing cuts to the minimal American welfare system and the massive failure of the banks. No, it was because of massive overspending on welfare expenditure, especially pensions, by the Boomer generation. The American Conservatives claimed that it was all due to them spending all the states money on themselves, and leaving their children and grandchildren saddled with the increased debt. And so American Conservativism tries to shrug off its responsibility for America’s economic ills.

  13. It is indeed wicked what the tories are doing. Those who despise the welfare state? and have children and claim child benefit should if they were true, stop claiming child benefit and return all they have received to the treasury. If they cannot / will not do this they are then just phonies. Likewise, those who travel within the European Economic Union and use their European Health Insurance Card at the sight of any health problem whilst abroad should take note that on the reverse of their card where it is stated “7 Identification number of the institution”, the last 3 characters cleary state DWP, if in fact they despise the welfare state so much, they should refrain from using their card and cut it up.

  14. There is nothing wrong with a life size naked Iain poster on my bedroom ceiling and a pair of Dave’s briefs under my pillow as long as I didnt claim expenses for them.
    So there!

  15. Landless Peasant

    15 Grand? My Bank balance is currently 22p ! Many people I know don’t even have a Bank account let alone a fucking ISA. Osborne’s life is so far removed from mine he might as well live on a different planet.

    • love1salluneed

      We do live on a different planet, in a parallel universe… Osbourne and his cronies are absolutely friggin psychotic parasitic aliens as far as I am concerned. they have no clue what it is to live hand to mouth, or choose food or light/heat. Or whether to starve and feed the kid. What’s more none of them care either. They just want slaves, and a survival level health service and a finger counting educated serfdom at their beck and call. The rest of us can just piss off and die., they will even get you help with that (they are soon voting on the Assisted Suicide Bill) hmmm…….

      • Can picture all those sadists round the table at the Wannsee conference with Himmler, Heydrich and the other Nazi murderers. “How many of them are left Iain? Oh that many! Put some heavier sanctions in place, that’ll finish them!”

      • The sooner we have a massive space program specifically for ejecting tories into space the better. They can then go there and claim whatever planet they think is theirs by right. Put their family coat of arms on their flags and send them up (rather down) with a limited supply of Oxygen.

  16. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    The perfect summary of what Osborne’s budget was really about – read it and get angry…

  17. The £15,000 limit for ISAs was personally poignant since my annual income is slightly less than that figure, and I seem comparatively well off compared to many I know.

    • Vincent & Penelope

      Yes, and George had the good sense to raise the Premium Bonds limit to £50,000 although personally my husband and I would have liked to see the capital limit raised a lot higher. We are already struggling at the moment trying to find a suitable place to stash all our spare cash.

      • Struggling Single Parent

        yeah i really feel sorry for you ‘struggling’ with all that spare cash as a struggle to put some beans and toast on the table for the little uns 😦 hope it all works out for you and georgie porgy lets you stash more cash in your bonds lol 🙂

  18. If i get sanctioned does my child tax credits get sanctioned as well?

    • As far as I understand, tax credits and also N.I credits are stopped being rewarded for the length of period that a JSA/ESA sanction runs for. If a sanction is for four weeks, for those weeks under illegal sanction N.I. and child credits are also stopped as these are tied into JSA/ESA payments.

      When those fucking dicks illegally stopped my JSA last year, the sanction referral letter I had stated that my N.I. credits were also stopped for that period.

      • Tax credits are not the same as income tax. Child tax credit is still paid at the same amount, even when a parent is sanctioned (although that could change under Universal Credit).

    • No, your child tax credit will not get sanctioned too. When you complete your end of year tax credits form, just make sure you include any lower amount of JSA you might have received due to being sanctioned. Your total income for the year is meant to be taken into account when assessing your child tax credit award for the following year.


    Chester tories vote to keep charging foodbanks £12,000 rent.

    Apologies that the source is a party political site, it was simply the most up to date coverage I found online.

  20. Im not here to represent my constituants in the house of commons, that would be inimical to my parliamentry career.
    No I just represent the tory government in my constituency and constantly regurgitate party rhetoric!

    So there 🙂

  21. 1,500 people have applied for just 40 jobs at at Aldi’s Bridgnorth store in the Midlands. Locals thought it looked more like auditions for the X Factor, not a job for Aldi. One woman said she queued for three hours to apply for a job that paid £7 an hour for a minimum of 20 hours a week.

    However, according to the ONS, only about 4 people apply for every vacancy. Hmm…

    • Another Fine Mess

      If you look often on somewhere like, you’ll see any new customer service vacancy will reach 100+ apps in the first few hours. Before they limited it to 100+ you could see such vacancies get into the 1000s after just 3 or 4 days.
      Sometimes it looks like a ‘new’ vacancy is not attracting many apps for some strange reason, but if you’re a regular user of the site you’ll recognise it’s just an exact cut and paste that’s been posted and reposted over and over, over many months.

      Even in areas were there are around “only” 4 people for every vacancy, I’ve seen mathematically challenged idiots who say ‘So what, all that the lazy unemployed have to do to get a job is make 4 applications.” ???

      • Another Fine Mess

        crafterdude 17 hours ago
        If you go on job search REED you can see how many applicants there are for the jobs. This job here for a warehouse assistant has been up for 2 days and has over 100 applicants. This is the reality of looking for a job.
        curitiba 16 hours ago
        @crafterdude Could actually be 1000 or more, it only says that 100+ have applied.

        Comments in the Torygraph, nowt to do with me, I recognise the job description, so googling “unpack and store community equipment in the warehouse” gives 771 results!

        • something survived...

          Do Reed’s ads TOTALLY PISS YOU OFF, or what? Are they patronising crap? (Yes, get a job instantly as something random you never thought of before, that you have no experience or training or qualifications or skills in – and that you might also totally hate? Because some ‘Poor Man’s Toilet-Duck/Mr Muscle/118-118’ type tells you to?)

  22. The Grim Reaper

    Things are set to get a whole lot worse for you mere mortals.

    Ha ha ha 🙂

  23. The Grim Reaper

    See you sooo ooon


  24. The nazi slaphead Idiotic Dumb Shit really doesn’t give a flying fuck about anybody –

  25. It’d be nice if my next new employer paid even me £15k- let alone have £15k to stash away….

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Salvation Army Statement.

    “However, although we have seen first-hand the positive benefits people gain from being in work, volunteering or taking part in a work experience placement, we will not be participating in a new government programme called Community Work Placements or CWP which will start at the beginning of April this year. CWP is aimed at benefit claimants who did not find sustained employment during their time on the Work Programme”.

    “We feel that a 26-week work experience placement is too long and would not be beneficial. If someone has not found employment within two years, the lack of work experience is clearly not their only barrier to employment. Our concern is that the underlying issues need to be dealt with holistically and work experience is a part of the support needed. As such, we will not be taking part in the Community Work Placement programme”.

  27. Another Fine Mess

    One of ‘those’ subtitled video clips linked on the right.

  28. Read this full link i’m posting if possible. But i’ll include one quote from it which sums up this miserable excuse for a country and the criminals who run it.:

    “Abandoning a domesticated animal or withdrawing its supply of food can end in criminal convictions here in the UK, yet the duty of care and animal cruelty legislation does not, it seems, apply to human beings. This government has taken Britain over the line into barbarism, around 5 million Britons, if they get their way, are headed for the Tory party knacker’s yard.”


  29. Sorry link didn’t work. Comma shouldn’t be there.

    • @ raining – Brilliant article.

      • Just summed up everything in one neat post.

        The one thing that resonated with me is how they’re trying to get people to take any job by using this threat of complete destitution that they hang over people’s heads and use as a stick to beat the unemployed.

        What they want is this type of scenario: “There’s a cleaners job available paying £3.50ph why don’t you sign up for that?” “Look there’s one working in that burger bar serving burgers at £3.00ph, what’s wrong with that? Why are you not applying for that? it’s a career! Your benefits are going to be sanctioned if you don’t apply for these good jobs!”

  30. After the budget I saw an article in the London Sub-Standard, had a bloke in it, a boss of his own company, who said he was ‘happy to pay more tax’- it detailed his income and outgoings- £150,000 vs. £38,400. Which left him with a paltry £111,600 to play with…I’ll say he could afford to pay more fucking tax alright-VOTE CLASS WAR 2015!

  31. This just in!

  32. Strangely enough I thought his pension idea was a good one. Yes, I know the dick is out of touch with us ordinary folk, I know he and his ilk don’t give a shite if we live or die, but the pension idea isn’t a bad one and deserves some credit.

    I have a small works pension projected to give me an anual income of £3.5k a year from my 60th birthday. I also have a small private pension worth £33k at this moment in time. I saved my cash while I was working, took me 20 years to accumulate. No thanks to previous governements dipping their filthy hands in from time to time and stealing large chunks of my or your future incomes.

    At least I have the oppurtunity to get hold of that cash (private pension) when I am 55. I’ve been unemployed on and off over the past 5 years only getting the odd short-term contract here and there. So, any chance I have to get some decent cash and look after my own future surely has to be a good thing??

    • Landless, does your pension pot actually exist .
      Do you really think, that you will be allowed to simply ask for your money and then, it will appear in your bank account.
      I think not.
      Sadly this is the next scam to be uncovered, and insurance money will disappear.
      Go to your bank tomorrow and ask to see your physical money !
      Its not there.

  33. My friend had a private pension and shares in a large petrochemical company which he had been claiming since he had been fifty five also and for over the past 18years, but he could have claimed it as one lump sum at the time. so the chancellor has only stolen what has been going on in the private sector for years and given it to public sector workers now, not only to try and boost the economy but also incase the public demand some reparation for excessive and wasteful spending by public servants out of their generous pension pots.

  34. the chancellor has stole what in practice has been going on in the private sector for years.

  35. Another Fine Mess

    Don’t miss this excellent opportunity to join a rapidly growing and successful recycling company.
    As a… “Fashion Operative”. ?
    Comments box on the next article is broke for me.

    • Same here AFM! the comments box looks all weird. I sent a message to Johnny on his twitter feed so hopefully he’ll read it.

    • Another thing is have you noticed that that job site hardly ever has any jobs from reputable private employers anymore? It’s all garbage from other internet jobsites. Absolute trash jobs and most of them are BS duplicate jobs too.

      ‘Fashion Operative’ LOL! Is this what it’s been reduced to?!1

    • Comment Operative (Trainee)

      Box was fixed shortly after 4 me.
      There shouldn’t be 9 Fashion Operatives.

    • Comments Operative

      Same company.
      This time you are allowed to have big pockets – go figure!
      Repacking, relabeling and cleaning CD’s, DVD’s and video games

    • Thanks for the lead Another Fine Mess, I will put that job down this week for my job search activity LOL

  36. afm – The applicants have to supply their own black trousers AS THEY ARE PART OF THE UNIFORM? Contradictory or what?! No large pockets – as if you would want to steal their “recycled” rubbish.

    • Comment Operative

      I can’t see why you’d need big pockets anyway, you could just keep taking trips to the loo, getting a little bit fatter each time.

  37. I thought it was a case of where there is muck there is money!

  38. A class war?…. nobody in the Tory party has one shred of class between them… they are about as classy as shag with an ageing brassy barmaid in the toilets down the local dog and duck. I jest… their money makes them very dangerous.. their influence?… wearing thin… rather like their policies and boy George’s hair.. thin on top and lacking in quality.

  39. Off Topic, but the thing about the Salvation Army is only for the Community placements. As far as i know they’re still going to be involved with Workfare so they are not off the hook with that announcement, no chance.

    The only way is for them to come out and totally withdraw from Workfare. Will they do that?

  40. Where is Chewie?

  41. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Scargill was right: only direct action will shake up these vermin… All the protest (online, petitions, demos) in the world will not change a thing (Have Atos quit? Have they fuck! Has UJM been taken down? Nah!). If these Tory scum want a class war, let’s give ’em one…. A real one!
    I’m afraid nothing else will do…

  42. Well tomorrow it should royally kick off as in theory long term job seekers will be officially informed of their “community service” aka 30 weeks of forced labour for 2 sovs an hour, 30 hours a week. It’ll be interesting to see what this final indignity will do to/for the masses. My bet is not a lot other than a few on-line petitions and drones proclaiming the revolution will be digitised.



      ……………and yet the murderers at the DWP and ATOS, who have jointly, caused the deaths of countless thousands, go virtually unnoticed as they withhold the mortality statistics of their sick, twisted assault on the most vulnerable………

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  44. something survived...

    IDS policy summarised:
    Kill the unemployed and the disabled.
    Kill single mothers and their bastards.
    Kill immigrants.
    Kill the homeless.
    Kill anyone who gets injured or sick (unless they’re rich tories).
    Kill anyone who doesn’t worship and adore IDS.

  45. person of interest

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