Shock Fall In Number Of Employees As Self-Employment Soars

workfare-isnt-workingDespite Tory claims that unemployment is falling, the number of employees fell this month by 60,000 people according to the latest Labour Market Statistics.

Overall unemployment has fallen over the most recent period, but this seems largely down to huge leap in the number of people who are self-employed.  A whopping 211,000 more people became self-employed over the last three months – with the total number now hitting 4.46 million.

It is impossible to know whether these newly self-employed people are actually making any money or have simply switched their claim over to Working Tax Credits.  Companies running the Work Programme are known to coerce claimants into self-employment, which not only means they are taken off the unemployment figures but also that those running Government welfare-to-work schemes can claim huge job outcome payments.

If just one in six self-employed people are failing to earn any real income then the true number of unemployed people in the UK is close to 3 million!  This would explain the so-called productivity riddle which shows that despite more people being in work, less work overall seems to be being done.

With the number of people in real, verifiable jobs falling it is becoming clear that things are far less healthy in the jobs market than the Government are currently pretending.  The unemployment rate – the percentage of the workforce without jobs – stayed at 7.2%, maintaining the rise from 7.1% which was recorded in the last month’s figures.  The number of people out of work for over two years also rose, by 6000 people.

For a long time now workfare, zero hours contracts and self-employment have masked the true nature of unemployment in the UK.  Yet even this can’t hide this month’s fall in employees, which is so far being ignored by much of the media who can’t be bothered to read past the latest DWP press release.  With hundreds of people chasing every job in some parts of the country, it is unemployed people themselves who seem to be the only ones who know what is really going on.

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182 responses to “Shock Fall In Number Of Employees As Self-Employment Soars

  1. More like the numbers of people being sanctioned and losing their ESA is rising, although they are not in work the numbers say they are not unemployed so they must be working instead.

    • The number of people on ESA/IB is actually rising, although not by much. This group are neither included in the unemployment or employment figures but are classed as economically inactive, despite the fact that most people on ESA can be sanctioned for not looking for a job.

  2. jeffrey davies

    to believe their figures would be very foolish when have they produced real figures they hide people away stacking shelves salvation army there are many who use these slaves no figures they use to their end when they gone perhaps then the deaths suicides and sanctions will come out

  3. I could be wrong I don’t know all the current details but won’t they now reclaim all your working tax credits (or the difference) if you haven’t met the minimum income threshold? I’m fairly sure the rules changed since I claimed it. One time you got them whatever you did or didn’t earn.

    I think people need to check very carefully before going s/e. My WP advisor tried to push me into it and failed to mention this new rule which he claimed he knew nothing about. I know for a fact they (HMRC) won’t stop and will make you bankrupt to get what they think is owed.

    • Not yet, but changes are being introduced when Universal Credit is brought in for self-employed people. You are right though that it is a big risk, HMRC can decide to investigate if your income is low and might decide that you aren’t really working 30 hours a week, in which case as you say, they will ask for the money back. Lots of people risk being caught out like this, even after acting under the direct advice of Work Programme providers.

      • Ah, thanks for that information Johnny.

        So the income related part has not yet been introduced? I see. I’ve struggled to find that information myself. As you say though people are putting a lot of trust in them at them not getting “awkward” if they seek further cuts to the deficit..which I fully expect them to do and those people will be the type of targets they like to go for – the “soft targets”..a bit like benefits claimants!

        The minimum threshold is a daft rule which takes no account of the admin type work of running/building up a business but even before that comes in people are still at their mercy – unless they do well from day one of course.


    • I took another look at HMRC WTC and they don’t give you the full information as I remembered. I’ve looked before and they are very cagey about giving the true picture.

      I’m sure that many people have been made so desperate through cruel sanctions and Jobcentre harrassment that they’ve gone into self-employment just as a means to an end of putting food in their mouths and I’d be willing to bet many are just survivng on that WTC with probably very little work in whatever field they are in certainly less than 30 hours a week. They should be aware that at the end of the tax year they will have to submit their income details and if they’ve made nothing or very little they’ll be considered not to have been working 30 hours a week as needed to qualify for them(that is 30 hours x min wage!). They will then reclaim all of that WTC back!

      This in my book is a misleading trick by the government/HMRC. They don’t really highlight this fact in their information.

      In the meantime they will claim credit for all these people back in work who will just be in debt! It’s a big con and a big scandal!

      • Yes it is, as is the fact that if you do earn a small amount from self-employment on an irregular basis it is virtually impossible to declare it without either having a JSA claim carved up or going on WTC. Universal Credit will not change this, in fact it will make it worse as they will expect you to stop doing the work which makes you money to carry out workfare or other work related activity/full time job search instead.

        • Why does kettling come to mind?

          • overburdenddonkey

            j d
            because that is exactly the method they use to create pressure and build up a head of steam that if it cannot be released crushes the person from within…designed to cause massive frustration, with no vent to let pressure escape…ie containment…

            • Boris to buy 2 water cannons.
              He reckons that the people of London need a shower.

              • totallygivenup

                naah two water cannons ready with smartwater just a splash on you and its off to the already being prepared prison boats any insurrection will short andf not sweet

            • Overburdenddonkey
              Yes I’m sure they’d like that. Try to close the thoughts out take a day at a time keep putting one foot in front of the other. Keep positive. They will come a cropper in the end…we all hope at least lol.

              • overburdenddonkey

                j d
                for me life just is, pos neg or neutral…expression vents…keep expressing, ie posting..their knit wear is already rapidly unraveling…

        • I can confirm this. What happens is that you’ll receive a letter saying your tax credit is being reviewed. You’ll then receive a request to send them three months worth of accounts plus associated time-sheets, and bank statements for the same period of time. You will need to have done your best to match your hours worked to money earned. Where it becomes complicated is whenever you have income from several activities – say, for example, you have registered as a plasterer but you’re not getting much work at that, so you top it up by doing some ebay trading – they will not accept the hours spent working at ebay as hours that contribute towards your tax credit entitlement. But, conversely, the money you earn at ebay must be declared and it counts towards your tax bill. Basically all the rules are written to give them what they want.

          I imagine a lot of the new self-employed are people just earning money as and how they can – they don’t stand a chance against a tax credit review. You can have a case of a person working 50 hours a week at multiple tasks to try to earn some money, learn new skills, perhaps build it into a fledgling business – but none of it counts. The system is used to destroy you rather than help you.

      • So far as I’m aware, at the moment they can only claim two years’ worth of tax credits back from you – though, if course, two years’ worth is a fortune if you have nothing. In fact, the lowest possible tax credit back in 2007 was something like £28 a week and there were instances of them going to the trouble of recovering this from people.

  4. Add to that the number who cannot claim JSA because of savings and I bet you have at least another 1 million who are without work and not signing on.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      You are allowed to have up to £6,000 in savings and still claim full Income Based JSA.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA) Eligibility.

        • Now that’s really interesting. My JCP adviser told me you were only allowed to have £2,000 in savings and still claim Income Based JSA.

          • jjloop. It appears that your JCP advisor is incorrect (what a surprise!) You are allowed to have up to £6K in savings before it affects JSA. Your entitlement is then reduced in increments for whatever you have over £6K, so it’s whittled down in stages such that if you have around £16K you get absolutely bugger all. (It might be less than £16K these days, btw.)

            • You are right Max, the £6k limit is still in force for income related/means tested benefits, LHA and CTA. They claw it back at a rate of £1 per each £250 your savings balance is over the £6k figure.

              The cut off is still £16k. If you have this amount you won’t get IR JSA, IR ESA, HB LHA or CTA (probably)

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Most JCP advisers haven’t got a clue when it comes to rules and regulations or even legislation, other than the sanction rules.

            • That’s because IDS has now resorted to making lengthy sanctions the way he reducing the claimant count. Its all about tripping the claimant up to get sanctioned, or make their life so difficult that they will give up claiming. All this bollocks about 35 hours a week of jobsearch is a deliberate attempt to make it so difficult to satisfy “the rules” that most claimants will “fall foul of the rules” and get sanctioned. When they are sanctioned, they wont bother to sign on as they get no money, and thus will be classified as “off flow” off benefits, and not counted in the claimant count – or the unemployment figures.
              Its so obvious to us – but the Daily Fail and Torygraph readers will think that everything is rosy and they will be raring to vote Tory in 2015.

              • Yep, that’s about the size of it. Summed up very well indeed.

              • I fully agree with you StokeBloke. Imagine though the irony if all of the downtrodden, abused on benefits (or sanctions) came out to vote next year and it tilted them out of power. Wouldn’t that be justice?

                They pander to the pensioners fearful of their vote but they don’t or aren’t expecting huge numbers of benefit claimants to vote. I think it will be very different in 2015 to other years.

                • Yes, the poor outnumber the rich in the UK and many pensioners that may have been staunch Tory all their lives also have families, some of whom are bearing the brunt of Camoron’s vile austerity, and these pensioners are having to help them out. So Camoron and IDS might think they are being clever by cutting benefits to the younger generation, and giving it all to the Tory voting pensioners – but the pensioners then often end up having to bail out their younger offspring who cant get any help from the very government they voted into power. My father is a case in point. After seeing how I’ve been treated by the DWP, he himself sees IDS as a right nasty bastard.
                  Here in Stoke my vote will make no difference as Stoke is staunch Labour – its the marginals that will count – and even in Chingford, or Witney, there are people that hate this vile Government.
                  They are dead in the water – they know this, but they are now trying to wreak as much havoc to the social security system that it will take Labour the next 5 years to put it back together again. I will say they’d better do better than Rachel Fukcin Reeves though – she’s a tory in a red coat!

              • Esther McVey MP

                Oh what absolute piffle you spout, StokeBloke! There are clear rules set in place for those claiming jobseeker’s allowance – the clue is in the name! Only those found to be deliberately in breach of those rules will be considered for a sanction. Sanctions are only applied as a last resort after a lengthy consultation process and only only after all other avenues of redress have been exhausted. All sanctioned jobseekers have a right of appeal.

                We are working for you

                The Right Hon. Esther McVey MP, Junior Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions

                • Goes along the lines of: “that piece of scum spoke to me, and expected me to do something useful”.

                  “Really!!! that’s disgusting sanction the illegitimate fornicator”

                • keith warrilow

                  That is absolute garbage, my only crime is to be unfit for work through medical reasons i.e arthritis in all my joints, type one diabeties, asthma, my money was stopped for no reason only that they couldn’t be bothered to check out my problems with my G.P. who has said he would happily give them the information if they bothered to ask.
                  In the meantime I have no proper food to eat to help with my diabeties and so I am constantly running on hypo with the risk of diabetic coma, and then they have the nerve to say I am fit for work, your government,ATOS, and you talk rubbish,you only hear what your beloved mr caMORON wants you to believe, he as well as most M.P’s ought to try and live out here in the real world and then tell us that everything is allright.

                • keith warrilow

                  You say you work for us Esther McVey MP,then do your job properly and find out why the jobcentres and ATOS can say that unfit people are fit for work without using any medical background information from a persons G.P. do your job that you are paid for and sort this out “IF YOU WORK FOR US” as you make out.
                  In the last two months I have lost two stone in weight thanks to all the worry and stress and lack of proper food, your government has put on me by stopping any sort of benefit to me including rent and council tax, do you really think that by making people homeless and starving that this will make them fit for work, you need to have a home and clean clothes and be able to do a job before any employer will set you on…not much chance of that as things are going and that’s just in my case there must be thousands in the same position as me.
                  You people should wake up and smell the coffee, oh I forgot, any work available is only for refugees they have to come first in our governments eyes so that it makes mr caMORON look like a caring prime minister to the rest of the world,while he lets the people that were born here die on the streets, its about time mr ADOLF MORON and the rest of his ss members did the right thing and look after those that pay his wages and will continue to pay his wages after he is booted out next year as an ex prime minister on 170,000 pound retirement payout, now if he didn’t get that and all the other scumbags in his party, imagine how uch money we would save every year.

                • Sanctions are making jobseekers UNEMPLOYABLE!!

                  Esther McVey is talking SHITE!! Sanctions are making jobseekers UNEMPLOYABLE. Look at the dishevelled, dirty, unkempt, emaciated tramps/bag women you now see shuffling around because they are so weak they can barely walk. This is what sanctions are turning jobseekers into. Employers are not going to give them a second look!

            • That’s quite right OBK, but there’s plenty more vindictive bastards at the BDC’s who are just waiting to trip you up at any opportunity. JCP folks are (generally) not so bad by comparison, unless they can spot you an easily sanctionable target, of course…and I’ve always done whatever’s necessary to make sure I’m not in that category.

              • If you don’t ‘play ball’ with the jobcentre i.e. ‘stand up for your rights lol 🙂 they will go out of their way to sanction you. And they will say that straight to your face too. I am sure a lot of ‘recalcitrant’ jobseekers have come to the same conclusion.

                • They will happily let you walk out of a JCP after informing you the sanction stands and the staff will not even bother asking you if you have 1) Any money to buy food. 2) Money to pay your rent or keep a roof over your head.

                  The whole place is not fit for purpose and should be scrapped and something else brought in that actually works for the people.

                  Humane benefits system in the UK? Don’t make me laugh!! They will see you out in the street and enjoy doing i,t they are that vindictive.

                • keith warrilow

                  they are being paid under false pretences as I told them last week just before they banned me from the job centre…….hang about isn’t the job centre a public building for the purpose of finding me employment? I wonder if they could be taken to court for now failing to provide that service, hmmm

          • My account is always in the upper £5000 bracket if that fortnights money will take me over £6000 I just withdraw some. The amount they take from someone is £1 for every part of £250 you are over £6000, or £4 per thousand up to £16,000 then you get nothing

  5. In my area the Claimant count/Unemployment has fallen,which seems to puzzle the Politicians,but it is almost equal to the amount of Sanctions being dished out,it does not take a Fucking Rocket Scientist to figure it out.

  6. The saying “if it sounds too good to be true…” comes to my mind everytime I keep hearing of hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Not in my experience!

  7. I recently applied for a job with a timber merchants in Essex; basic shop duties. The manager was decent enough to reply to all the failed applicants. In the E-mail he was also good enough to inform us that 110 people applied for this single post!
    It is probably worse further North. This is the hideous reality we face.

    • Another Fine Mess

      “110 people applied for this single post!”
      If only there was some way to force all the unemployed plebs to jobsearch for longer and harder, then we could get that number of applications up to about 20,000……. for a single job. …. And yet there’s still some idiots that ‘just don’t get it’.

      “It is probably worse further North.”
      Correct. For that basic type of vacancy it would be 500+ at the very least.

      • totallygivenup

        400 folk applied for 25 jobs in a tesoe express and of course half of them will end up as workfare so more llike 11 jobs so 60 000 back in work?

    • “It is probably worse further North.”

      It is. 10% unemployment in the North East. Yet all we get from the jobcentre is “Try harder ! Apply for more !”

      Apply for more what ? Most weeks i fill my quota with applications I know will be instantly binned because I dont match the advertiser’s (often unreasonable) expectations.

      Not exactly a morale booster, is it ?

      • overburdenddonkey

        there are no fcuking jobs….jcp help and support solution, make more job applications…the same magic that lord f uses when justifying foodbanks…jobs are created by applying for them…demand for jobs, creates supply of them…

    • Good on the bloke for at least replying to all of the applicants, presumably he’d already been there, done it, got the ‘t’ shirt etc. I wonder how many of the applicants knew that they stood absolutely no chance of getting the job, but just applied because they had to.

      • Max Why should they have to apply for jobs that may be unsuitable for them? How do you know he even had a job vacancy or 110 applicants, he could be getting paid by the government to give the illusion of employment,
        Do you seriously think small firms are not seduced by cheap labour from workfare and if he really did need assistance that is probably where his assistant came from, any real applicants got rejection letters.

        • GF, people have to apply for a certain number of jobs in accordance with their JS direction, irrespective of whether they are suitable for the job in any way. If they don’t apply as directed, they will face a sanction.

        • Sorry GF, just re-read your post. I get your point.

        • It’s a PR exercise, guy! If you dug deeper you would probably find this guy was chairman of his local Selfservative Association. You would also find that the ‘vacancy’ was entirely bogus and fictitious.

        • Its like those ‘advertisement feature’, although we don’t have to call them that any more i.e an advert/PR disguised as an article. A recent example is one which appeared in the Daily Heil for a dating site. It was soon exposed that the woman was a model and the guy was in fact gay, who just happened to work in the PR industry. It is a LOT more effective than just running a raw advert though. You have to learn to see through this sort of deception. It happen all the time!

  8. i hate the tories.

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  10. The problem is that it doesn’t matter how the figures are being massaged. The general public are not interested in delving into the minutiae of how things are calculated. They read the headlines and believe it and think things are picking up.

    Unfortunately the propaganda battle is all but lost what with Labour now siding with the Tories on most parts of welfare.

    Interesting to see IDS and McVile standing side by side watching Boy George give his speech.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      She crept off first today, old bald bonce was left stood there on his own.

      • Yes, but did you notice how smug Herr DunkenSchmitt was looking with himself? Bloody unbelievable!

        • Max: He loves that and gets a charge of energy out of it when he hears that the screw is goin’ to get turned even tighter on people on benefits.

          He gets a perverse pleasure watching the suffering of others.

          • That’s why we compare IDS to Adolf Hitler. He is a true Nazi, who enjoys the modern day equivalent of sending the poor to the concentration camps (Workfare), or the gas chambers (ATOS, Benefit Sanctions).
            I have never in my 41 years known a Government as nasty, mean and spiteful as this one. They are truly evil.

            • StokeBloke: That’s the truth and no one can deny it. I remember the Thatcher government and they were hideous but this crowd in my opinion are even more evil and deviant.

              The way they are airbrushing the economy at every opportunity to make it appear as if it’s all wonderful is particularly nauseating.

  11. I wonder how many people are not claiming because they went self employed in the recycling stuff from other peoples houses trade.? (burglary for our slower readers)

  12. off topic
    just got my counsil tax bill last year it was £6.00 for ten months.
    this year its £20.00 for ten months i are unempolyed counsil tax is frozen this year find it hard last year to pay it.
    its a joke rob the poor again.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Here, water,CT,BT comes to about £29 a WEEK – just don’t ask!

    • Wish mine was that low.

    • @ Dave – That sounds appalling – over 3 times what you were paying last year? You should contact your local welfare rights advisors just to double check whether they think the council have calculated it correctly. You can also appeal against council tax benefit decisions using a formal appeal form which you can ask the council for, but the proper experts on the success of your appeal are not the council, they are those who are on the side of those who are appealing, and there are various organisations who can advise you about what to put as your appeal grounds and on whether your appeal is likely to succeed based on other previous successful appeals.

      • Council tax benefit has been abolished now by the Tories – each council has to decide how much “help” the unemployed get. Here in Stoke on Trent, all working age unemployed have to pay 30% of the full bill, so for a band A single occupier, its 30% of (75% of £910), which is about £18 a month for 12 months – that’s what I have to now pay by direct debit. I got sanctioned for 6 months for getting the sack from my last job due to a bullying supervisor, so get no JSA, only help from family and savings I have. I cant get hardship payments as I have “too much in assets”. I also am not classed as unemployed as I am not claiming JSA or signing on. So I have no job, but am not part of the jobless figures – all down to sanctions.
        How many more people are like me – not in the figures that IDS pulls out of his arse every few months?

  13. What the heck are all these self-employed people doing? What kind of jobs do they undertake for pay? Are they working for themselves or for an employer who doesn’t want to take on full responsibility for them as employees?

    • Another Fine Mess

      Delivering catalogues and pizza leaflets – to each other. (and I’m not joking)

      • That’s so true AFM you see those leaflet distributor jobs advertised all the time. I applied for one one time and they never even replied to me!!

    • Lockie, a lot of them fall into the latter category. There’s loads of quite large ‘kitchen and bedroom’ type companies whose ‘area managers’, ‘designers’,and ‘installation teams’ are all self employed. I worked for one for about six weeks…incurred a load of expenses, got paid nothing, and told them to fuck off!

    • Lockie, I also worked for a sole trader (continuously..for two years) on a ‘self employed’ basis for a chap that reckoned he couldn’t afford the expense of actually employing someone. During that two years he managed to afford four new cars(!) and did on average about four hours work per day. I suppose the Tories would cite him as an example of the ‘hard working taxpayer’…..he certainly thinks he is. This country is, unfortunately, stacked full of such self-centered wankers.

  14. How are people on benefits able to pay the Class 2 (weekly) and Class 4 National Insurance Contributions (yearly) when they only have WTC to live on? The weekly Class 2 contribution still has to be paid irrespective of whether you have earned any money or not.

    • If you are on benefits your NI is paid by DWP (I think!) Either that, or you are deemed to be exempt whilst your on benefits. Which is why, even if you think you can survive ‘between jobs’ you really should sign on (to something!)….if you think that you are up suffering the interogation, persecution, humiliation and general stigmitisation, that is!

      • As I understand it, NI Contributions are paid when you are on Contribution based JSA and Contribution based ESA only. The means tested versions of these two don’t add to your NI record. Hence millions hitting pension age and not able to get a full pension and having to claim pension credit.

        I have no idea how self employed Class 2 and Class 4 would work out if on WTC or other benefits. It would probably be something 100% detrimental to sanity, it usually is.

  15. Rosemarie Harris

    If this government was serious about getting people back to work then i wanted to see the over 50’s having to work say 16 hours per week and the tax payer could top this up, this way i would be able to get back into work and be able to pay my way… instead i have no chance of getting fulltime employment and paying my way for the near future i am with a work provider at present, finish in November …. then the fun starts… Not!

  16. I’m not surprised self-employment has soared. While I was on the work programme with a4e they were pushing people into becoming self employed. I know people that became self-employed window cleaners and gardeners!! They still claim benefits as they earn fuck all money. Good for the figures I guess!

  17. Not long before those thousands lose their houses to the banks/become bankrupt or are faced with tax bills they cant pay then.

  18. so how will ONS, NAO and this government explain the FALL in unemployment, but no corresponding RISE in employment?

  19. They will cook the books and fiddle the figures!

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    Rise in self employed people. Interesting.
    This makes the figures look good for the Tories.
    Low income I suspect.

  21. If these people are claiming WTC they better hope they earn enough to avoid HMRC asking for it all back! I bet the DWP don’t inform people of the consequences of claiming and not earning enough to be seen as a legitimate business.

    • You hit the nail on the head when you said “to be seen”. Many large companies and corporations trade at a loss of millions every year, but are kept afloat by bank loans and hidden government largesse (like public sector contracts). I’ve been working for myself for several years, and while I don’t earn very much, I’ve never made a loss. One rule for them, another for the rest of us.

  22. Obi Wan Kenobi

    ‘£50,000 FREEBIE’ Perk for MP’s.

    MPs miss Budget while on £50,000 tax-payer funded trip to Argentina.

    The MPs on the Commons Welsh Affairs committee are flying business class to Patagonia mark the 150th anniversary of the first Welsh-language colony in South America.

    The cost of the six-day visit is coming from a fund used for select committee travel.

    Yet Jobseekers are stuck with draconian measures for £71.70p a week.

    • something survived...

      A young girl from there, the other year, used all her savings and travelled 3 days to the airport. She wanted to improve her Welsh and learn English, though is of UK origin. She speaks Welsh and Spanish. A family had agreed to sponsor her to visit. When she got to the UK the English customs people detained her as an illegal immigrant, for ‘lying’ about this ‘obviously fictional’ place (Patagonia); there was of course ‘no such thing’ as a Welsh colony in South America! And they blamed her for not speaking English, though it said quite clearly in her visa she was there first to practice Welsh in the homeland of the language, and secondly to have lessons in basic English as a third language. They wouldn’t let her go to Wales, and deported her on the next plane; she had to travel back at her own expense another 3 days with no food/warning. The sponsors lost all their money. She couldn’t afford to go back to the UK again as it was her whole savings to get there. Some of the customs-pigs said Welsh is not a language! These ignorant thugs are the same ones who say ‘there is no torture in your country (I’ve seen so on Jeremy Kyle)’ and deport people to be killed/jailed. Politicians got involved and wrote angry letters in support of the girl. (Lots of people also don’t know there was a brief attempt at a Scottish colony in Darien in Panama.)
      People who think Africa is a country, get to make decisions on whether or not immigrants get to live…

  23. totallygivenup

    hers something intersting a lady who posts on youtube and has torie,shall we say leanings has just found that her step daughter has been sanctioned suddenly reality hits i mean this “shouldnt” happen to her or hers welcome to real torie world her daughter is one of gideons 60 000 back in employment!

    • Rupert Fortesque-Smythe

      .And why the bloody hell should this young lady be sanctioned?! This is a well-brought up madam with a damned good parentage. Sanctions should be reserved for council scheme chav NOT the step daughter of a member of the Conservative Association for crying out loud!! Bloody outrageous!!

  24. Number-Wang!

  25. She can’t know the right people!

  26. keith warrilow

    And as I join one of the 60,000, Esa stopped as it the medical experts(at the jobcentre and Atos) that my hip replacement, arthritis, asthma and type one diabeties have by some miracle never existed, without ever checking my g.p’s records to get the full facts, looks like I will have to camp on mr caMORONs doorstep, at least it will be warm there with all the hot air that comes out of there.

    • overburdenddonkey

      personally i would do all i was able to do to to get their “fit for work” decision overturned, do your own research, and i would only use grassroots help…ie the likes of groups like this one, they also have a full links to other resources page…late applications to the tribunal services are possible…read also as many upper tribunal judgement’s as possible… you can register an interest by letter, perhaps stating your case, to the tribunals service…i know given your medical conditions, that this will be hard work for you…perhaps even reapply for esa?

    • Sorry to hear,really not nice what has been going on – When I had my cataracts and could barely see [unable to read or drive and even walk safely] awaiting surgery, atos refused point blank to see letters from my surgeon and gp explaining that I was unable to work. I was 100% fit according to atos ‘medical professionals’. Nasty people.

    • overburdenddonkey

      ps warrilow
      the most important piece of med evidence is YOU, not the paper….the test is not what you can do, but what you can’t functional abilities and limited functional abilities…your actual symptoms, and how these actual symptoms affect your abilities to work and sustain work…tell them and keep telling them, until they listen…a diagnosis is important in so much as it establishes that you will have symptoms framework, that led to a diagnosis, the symptoms are the most important part of any diagnosis it is up to you to speak them out loud…and don’t forget exceptional circumstances regs neither…

  27. I suspect some full time jobs are being split into two part time jobs,both over 16 hours so as to stop people claiming Jobseekers benefits and so continuing to live in poverty,but working. I’d be interested to know the [presumably bribe-based] ways the government persuade private employers to ‘halve’ jobs. Fairly easy with local councils though.

  28. “The Tories have learnt the lesson of Thatcher, that if you keep 42% of the English happy and feeling economically secure, and advantaged over the rest, then you can stay in power through the first past the post system.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, absolutely correct…the 30/30/40 society….they have positioned themselves perfectly to always ensure some people will vote for every thing in the capitalist system money talks….

      • overburdenddonkey,

        Indeed, appeal to peoples basic instincts, perch the doctrine of “look after number one”. NuLabour (at this moment in time) will be sitting around the table thinking up ideas to to appeal to the 42% at the expense of the rest!.

  29. According to the ONS, nearly four people are chasing every job today. Compared to nearly six people, two years ago. I thought the ONS were supposed to be impartial. Clearly not.

  30. I used to spend just over 1 hour a day searching for work until a botched op left me on ESA. Then most of the stuff was just crap, commission only or zero hours, I just told them I wanted at least 16 hours paid work or I wasn’t interested, the JCP got the message in the end.

  31. People are going self-employed as they cannot find sustainable jobs with a decent living wage. £6.50 from October? Fucking Tory elite are having a laugh with us. I’m sure that I heard them say one time that it would be £7.00 per hour from October 2014. Can I be corrected if I am wrong on this?

  32. Pingback: Why is the DWP being so coy about the Work Programme? | Vox Political

  33. I had to laugh when some blonde..dare I say bimbo? being interviewed said that osborne’s penny off a pint would “save her money on nights out”.

  34. As an aside, does anyone know why Bob Chewie hasn’t commented for some while? I haven’t always time to comment here, but I check the blog every day along with all the comments, and he’s not been commenting. I always worry when people disappear like this, especially when they comment regularly.


    Sasson Hann


      like a lot of us being disabled or being a minder is perhaps our lot hasone states haven’t seen any posts from them like you I honestly hope they are ok and well but lets hope he is

  35. off topic but look up bill maloney interupting cleggs speech yesterday on youtube.






    LET BATTLE COMMENCE………………………..




  39. Another Fine Mess

    Gus O’Donnell on Newsnight:
    We need to improve wellbeing by getting people back in work.
    His solution:
    Much tougher conditionallity on benefits.

    • It makes me want to spew it really does. Where do these entitled arseholes crawl out from under? “Much tougher conditionality on benefits”!!!!!!! You already can’t get any benefits unless you’re either terminally ill or prepared to be treated like a slave and agree to getting shafted on the work program or workfare.

      This country’s so screwed up that a person can sign on for sickness benefit and what do they do? send them over to the JC to get browbeaten and threatened that if they don’t shape up and get over their illness/disease/mental health issues, they will get sanctioned.

      People sign on sick because they’re making themselves unavailable for work and don’t feel able. What do these total sadistic cretins do? make them go to the JC at regular appointments to try to intimidate them off the sick onto workfare.

      God i hate what this country has become.

      Did you see that buffoon Danny Alexander on QT last night? On the subject of why, if the country is supposed to be getting better, are there record amounts of foodbanks opening up? You know his retort? “There’s foodbanks opening up in Germany and France as well”!

      ‘Nuff said.

      • Another Fine Mess

        I was flicking between NN and QT. I saw the foodbanks and Danny Alexander bit, didn’t like the way Dimbly cut off the foodbanks questioner before DA had given an answer.

        • Dimbleby seems to be more concerned with his own agenda, it’s a shame he got the job on the back of his father who was possibly the last great news reader, and narrator.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      re Gus O’Donnell et al…
      ask him why work is good for well being, and he will not be able to say/tell you, and he will do all he can to avoid/block contemplating answering that question…it’s merely a tory mantra..perhaps for HIM it has been…the only way to know if it has been good (for his wellbeing) for him, is to ask him about his life, and the chances of asking that, are nil…yet they can pass non like for like generalized extrapolated judgements on/of others, as if, what applies to him (his life experiences) applies to all others…which is obviously plain nonsense on/from his part of the conversation, that we are not allowed to have, with him…it is just a one way valve tory statement, talking at us, not too us…the only reason they have any power, is that they make policies that control our vitals of life…

  40. totallygivenup

    now theres a job for white dee a reality show in which she decides if somebody is entitled to benefits call it “white dee are you fit enough!” all she needs is a st johns ambulance certificate a bit like the guy in dads army lol












  42. We all must vote next year, no excuses, we have to vote IT IS IMPERATIVE the sick, disabled and the unemployed, all of us can make a difference if we all vote.

  43. Theboyyoge

    After watching the repeat of the house of lords parliamentary debate on employment, headed by the work and pensions minister, Fuhrer Freud, it is obvious the tory Lords are drunk on power.
    All spoke of the recovery and how they had to keep the unemployed running around like hamsters on a treadmill so that “they are READY, WILLING AND ABLE to work”, that includes more workfare and if the workfare providers are not getting results then their contract will be ended –
    the bastard is inviting sanctions, he hates the fact that some school leavers have got out from under their thumb that they are not on neets, but which school leavers can afford not to be on any programme, certainly not the poor.

    Both Tory and labour lords think work is good therapy, the only difference is tories want employees WORKING HARD – THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE, even to forfeit your employment rights for shares in the company of two bit sme’s and that £6.57an hour is a kings ransom for doing it, for those on the basic minimum wage – what sort of bastards are they, harassing the young with bootcamp training and give the sweat of their brow to unscrupulous employers who are offering nothing more than zero hours contracts (which freud thinks are ideal because of their flexibility) that is because people are losing working hours from their first jobs and are having to take these, inconvenient out of hours jobs to try and make a minimum wage – majority of these are women who have been forced into the jobs market – single parents, widowers etc, who never find the time to see to their own children, and they call themselves the party of family.
    Only if your family is IDS and your wife Betsy can earn 18K from the public purse with no visible proof that she ever undertook any work. 500,000 more women in work since the tories came to power and all are sick with worry because for every pound earned, the corresponding amount is taken from benefits making them no better off out of work and without the income to pay their NI stamp. The ONS statistics according to one tory peer said 70,000 of the new jobs created had been in management, but a labour peer said that the amount of created jobs would show the same rise in employment statistics if there had been no work programme at all, up from 183,000 in 2010 to 583,000 in 2013 and that is why Freud and IDS are kicking not only the unemployed but threatening work providers to use a bigger stick – STILL NO JOBS.

    How labour are going to provide jobs for their work guarantee which will kick in after 1 year of this disgusting treatment of seeking non-jobs, getting useless training or forced on cheap labour or no pay apprenticeships, internments or workfare for the under 25s and after 2 years of torture for the over 25s, which Fuhrer Freud thinks will make them READY WILLING AND ABLE TO BECOME SLAVES for labours work guarantee jobs with contracts to repair roads, housebuilding, maybe some social housing and try to restart a new housing market, because the Chinese are managing to keep lending without creating a housing bubble according to their economists on the programme hard talk and Freud wants Britain to join the club and also become the sweatshop of the world.


    • “‘Budget Day’ Reveals Britain’s £1.8 Trillion (and Growing) Debt – So Bring Back the Bradbury Pound”

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      they drastically reduce benefits, in many different ways, and try to make one ineligible by stealth…there is no other way that one can live without money, in our money addicted culture…it is money that is good for our well being, in this capitalist culture, not work, if we could work to provide for our needs without money then we would, but we cannot…so we are in the default position of unless one can earn money, our well being suffers….no job, no money, no wellbeing…according to lord f’s logic, demand for jobs, creates jobs…no work readying required, start work get paid get used to working, as school already gets people into a/the work routine, even less need for “work readying”…unless they are implicitly admitting spending all the that they do on schooling is a waste of time…they know that there are no jobs, and are trying to squeeze an almost m/t tube of toothpaste dry…it’s called asset stripping and that is all they are doing, and they wish/desire to keep themselves as chief benefactors…

      • Too true OBD if and when they produce robots to do the work, where will that leave the work force? how will they survive then? How will they satisfy their human needs?

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          we have to keep knocking down their crazy arguments, and encourage others to use the logical minds they/we are all born with…ie wake up to this capitalist hell hole we now live in…

          • overburdenddonkey

            g awkes
            i agree with you it is always right to blank goaders, and focus on the real issues that affect us all…ie those who have control over our vitals of life….some who appear to be goaders and who are not, but are in desperate need of truth/answers, are worth arguing with, coz that way we all can learn…the only thing goaders teach us to do is too blank them, unless of course they control our vitals of life, then we must fight them…god teach us the wisdom, to know what we can change and what we cannot…

            • overburdenddonkey

              pps g fawkes
              should have read ps g fawkes not g awkes…my hand coordination is playing up badly atm…

    • Another Fine Mess

      “repeat of the house of lords parliamentary debate on employment”
      Repeated again @ 15:10 if anyone’s feeling brave.

  44. Annos.

    How is Britain worth 20 trillion, in what assets because all of those that have any serious cash are banking offshore not in Britain.
    The lords debate said 50% of Britains income comes from those on paye and NI, where does the rest come from, because we have sold off all of our public services and industry?
    The Bradbury pound wants workers to invest any savings,pensions etc in creating jobs for THEMSELVES, which means competing on a world scale for orders, which means slave labour and cheap labour or we fail.
    The only people in this country like Lord Sheik are making money from the financial sector, loaning their money at extortionate prices and keeping themselves rich, they are not investing in Britains infrastructure or manufacturing base without huge profits and they know they cannot get it in this financial climate, so the Bradbury pound asks the only people that do produce i.e. the working industrial class to risk their savings and pensions – what a joke!

    • guy fawkes,

      The whole system is worked out so the working class CAN’T win. We need a NEW system, a NEW way of living, but, where is it going to come from ?.

      • Annos – the only thing it can come from revolution – get rid of the so called wealth creators who only create wealth for themselves and a select few.

        • ps as the Bradbury pound vid says where is the wealth that is created by the working class going and why are we borrowing more even with austerity measures, most is going to the private sector who are replacing the public sector at increased cost not less and useless job creation for penpushers who are failing to produce anything just taking money out of the economy.

  45. I am sorry I did not phrase that very well, but with global mass production and the lords talking of trading with India, Brazil, Africa etc we will not be able to compete and even if we did these countries would probably undercut us again and again until we are working more and earning less – the lords are already asking for more production from us – treadmill Britain.
    Get rid of moneterism altogether.

  46. I am off to watch the film ‘mutiny’ on the true entertainment channel.

  47. Voting only changes the players. It doesn’t change the game.

    Technology is one major game changer. The technology exists today to completely revolutionize the way we live and govern ourselves.

    He goes on to say if you agree with me have a plan B, but even he doesn’t indicate what plan B should B.

  48. Ooh Johnny! Allowing people to attack me but not allow me a right of reply even after they’ve said nasty things about my 6-year old son. You’re a very nasty piece of work indeed.

  49. Fair comment Johnny, if others abide by it.

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