Universal Jobmatch Falls Apart – The First Nail In The Coffin Of Universal Credit

discarded-old-computer-1In a major blow for Iain Duncan Smith’s flagship welfare reforms, The Guardian are reporting that government job-seeking website Universal Jobmatch is to be scrapped.

Universal Jobmatch was launched at huge cost towards the end of 2012 as a means of spying on unemployed people to ensure they are carrying out sufficient jobseeking activity.  Changes to conditions for receiving benefits mean that in some cases unemployed claimants are expected to spend 35 hours a week looking for work.  When Universal Credit is finally launched (stop laughing), millions more people, –  including part time or self-employed workers, lone parents and disabled people – will also be expected to endlessly look for ‘more or better paid work’.

With Jobcentres already desperately over-stretched due to other reforms to social security, Universal Jobmatch was intended to be a ‘digital by default’ way of policing this new regime on the cheap.  Iain Duncan Smith had intended the website to be a form of virtual workhouse, with claimants endlessly clicking away or applying for even unsuitable jobs through the site under the threat of benefits being stopped.

In truth Universal Jobmatch was anything but cheap, as private contractors Monster spent millions creating a website that fast became a laughing stock.  Alongside this huge cost, estimated to be as high as £20 million, thousands of ‘Internet Access Devices’ were installed in Jobcentres for claimants who did not have a home computer.  All this money now appears to have been squandered as yet another of Iain Duncan Smith’s crazy schemes collapses in an embarrassing shambles.

With no adequate checking procedures to see whether employers using the site are genuine, Universal Jobmatch has quickly filled up with scams, spoof vacancies and spam.  A recent Channel 4 investigation has found that thousands of jobs on the website are bogus, with at least 11,000 vacancies generated by just one person being paid to harvest CVs for recruitment agencies.  Almost anyone who has ever used the internet could have warned the DWP about this.  Meanwhile technology is racing ahead, and Universal Automation – an automated app which does your jobsearch for you – has made a mockery of Iain Duncan Smith’s plans.

Bungling DWP officials even failed to check whether their plans to remotely spy on benefit claimants were legal.  It turns out that in many cases they weren’t and there is currently no requirement for claimants to tick the box giving Jobcentres access to individual accounts.  EU internet laws on cookies also mean that no-one can be forced to use the website anywhere but Jobcentres, whilst claimants can also untick the box which allows DWP staff to send them emails.

Whilst Universal Jobmatch may creak on until 2016 when the contract with Monster ends, it is clears that Iain Duncan Smith’s plans are in tatters.  The impact of this on Universal Credit is huge.  There is simply no way that the Jobcentre can monitor the job-seeking activity of millions more people at current staffing levels.  The demise of Universal Jobmatch is the first nail in the coffin of Universal Credit, and it won’t be the last.  If Iain Duncan Smith can’t even run a fucking website then what hope does he have of implementing the vastly complex IT system required for his back of the envelope reforms to the benefits system?

At presents claimants can still be mandated to register with Universal Jobmatch, but do not have to tick the box giving the Jobcentre access to accounts.  For the most up to date info on your rights visit: http://refuted.org.uk/2013/10/13/jobmatch/

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197 responses to “Universal Jobmatch Falls Apart – The First Nail In The Coffin Of Universal Credit

  1. Obi Wan Kenobi

    I remember reading somewhere that Universal Jobmatch was a crucial component to Universal Credit working correctly but I forget where.

  2. I haven’t ticked either of the boxes (never will) but I still get occasional emails of lists of inappropriate (probably fake) jobs. Damned annoying and a damn cheek too.

    The site is utter rubbish!

    • Obi Wan Kenobi


      You have to also reset the email frquency box from one per week to none, here’s how to do it all – follow the link below.


      • Thanks Obi I’ll have a look next time I login — which is very rare.

        I don’t recall seeing anything about email frequency only the box that says something like ‘I permit DWP to send emails’ which is and always has been unticked. Surely that should be enough ?

    • JD I get these as well, even though I also have not ticked either of the boxes. Here’s how to stop them:
      Sometimes you may get unwanted mail that isn’t necessarily spam.

      While you can’t currently block messages from specific addresses or domains, you can set up a filter to send those unwanted messages directly to Trash.

      To set up a filter, follow these steps:
      1.Click the down arrow in your search box at the top of the page. A window that allows you to specify your search criteria will appear.
      2.Enter your search criteria. If you want to check that your search worked correctly, click the search button. Clicking the down arrow again will bring the window back with the same search criteria you entered.
      3.Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the search window.
      4.Choose the action you’d like for these messages by checking the appropriate box. (In this case, we suggest checking “Delete it.”)
      5.Click Create Filter.

      • PS I don’t think those e-mails are actually from the DWP but they call themselves jobsuk or something to make them sound as if they are related.

        • They are called something like ukmgs.co.uk and it says from the DWP at the bottom via Monster no doubt. I keep getting them when I have denied them permission to send me emails! Why do they ask permission if they ignore your answer?!

          They are utterly useless anyway listing jobs that are hundreds of miles away and I have no ability to do such as HGV technician. I always mark them as spam!

  3. nouniversaljobmatch

    I don’t know what letter this refers to, or how recent, but does anybody reading have an idea as to what it may be? Or have any connections within the PCS to know what’s going on with regards unregistering an account at this time?

    “URGENT I had a letter that was sent out from the DWP to job centre staff stating that UJM was not mandatory, a claimant can drop it at anytime without threat of sanction, since then I have lost my copies of this, and I don’t know the link. could anyone help me? going back on JSA and interview this Friday, and I know they are going to try it on, holding up my claim ect.”

    Having to use/register with Universal Jobmatch until 2016, just isn’t good enough. Push to get rid of the fucking thing!

    • nouniversaljobmatch

      n.b: this message was posted as a comment 4 days ago on the nouniversaljobmatch YT channel.

    • I’m afraid registering with UJM is mandatory if you are post Work Programme as I am, and it may well be mandatory to register for others, as in being given a jobseekers direction (leading to a sanction if not followed), which I was told I would get if I did not register within a certain time of my own accord. In my view it is not worth taking the chance. However, they can’t force you to tick the box giving them access or force you to tick the box allowing them to send you spam e-mails. They cannot force you to log in to UJM when you are doing jobsearches on it, and I only log into it 3 times per week to check if my advisor has saved any jobs on it (they can do that “blindly” and I believe they can also check how many times I have logged in without accessing my activity on the account). I also log in if I am unable to apply for a job outwith it. In either case I log quickly out again.

      • Although a Job Seekers Direction may be issued to candidates who have not signed up to Universal Job Match, this will simply require a candidate to i) create an account, ii) create a profile, iii) upload a CV, and iv) make that CV searchable. However, no JSD may compel a candidate to break a law, which would be the effect of requiring candidates to disclose their log in details, or to use their own IT system at home.

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi

    House of Lords.

    Tuesday, 11 March 2014.

    3.01 pm.

    Employment: Universal Jobmatch.

    Lord Freud:

    We are now looking at 179 employers who may be in breach of our conditions and will suspend them if they prove in breach. I can assure noble Lords that no jobseeker will be sanctioned for not applying for a job that does not exist.


  5. When i signed on last week my ‘advisor’ told me that she was reducing my 16 job activities a week to 13. How nice (I thought). When I got home I looked at my new jobseekers agreement and it stated that I only have to access UJM 3 times a week and not 6. When’s it going to be FUCKING NIL??? No way should we have to wait until 2016.

  6. Reblogged this on UNEMPLOYED IN TYNE & WEAR and commented:
    Ha… and I’ve still not signed up for it. 🙂 This’ll be another good arguement – why sign up for something that’ll be phased out anyway ?

    • I signed up for it once, showed the evidence and never accessed the shite site again.In fact it was deleted. We have to dig our heels on this one. NO MORE THREATS OF UJM. YEEEEEHAAAA

      • We’ll have to wait whether or not UJM does actually go to the great internet graveyard in the sky. It might be rescued by the slimy IDS or he may have a cunning plan up his jacksie to transform it into something even worse.

        • @Fen Tiger – or perhaps the beginning of the end for IDS ? Whatever dirt he has on Cameron, surely it cant be so bad that it will continue to protect his position.

          • IDS cannot evade any public questioning no more of his failures. It’s about time he told the truth for once and stop lying to protect his cushy job. I’m laughing at his massive failures, both as a human and a politician.

          • Countless people (and I reckon irrespective of their political persuasion…..except that the average Tory doesn’t really give a toss) are of the same opinion that the bald bastard must have some serious dirt on Cameron…..how come no one can find out what the bloody hell it is?

          • totallygivenup

            ah untynewear,was mullling over this,im convinced he knows far more than anyone else about the “horse riding” and secrets kisseies between dave and rebecca brookes,cameron knows hes a nasty peice of work and would spill the beans big style,he lost the leadership contest and has a sack of potatoes on his shoulder….uumm

      • @Bernadette – My current Jobseekers Agreement actually says i have to access it 0 times a week. An oversight on their part, and they have tried to change it, but like you say, dug my heels in on this one.

  7. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    With Universal Jobmatch now being scrapped, this article suggests that it means that Ian Duncan Smith’s other vanity programme, Universal Credit, is in tatters. So much for the major reform of the welfare system, which IDS ludicrously compared to the abolition of slavery. I would strongly advise people to avoid the Westminster area after dark this week. IDS loves threatening people with guns, as his conduct before the parliamentary committee on work and pensions proved, and after this, he’s going to be angry.

    • IDS, the night slayer. Prowling the streets of London after dark, terrorizing innocent people with his sanction stick, simply because they are poor, unemployed people. Broadmoor Prison has a bed for you, IDS. You are worse than Jack the Ripper.

      I bet he gets off in his dirty underpants each time he is told a JSA customer is sanctioned all because he orders them to apply for more than 16 jobs per week and they can’t because there are NO FUCKING JOBS.

  8. With IDS in charge this was inevitable wasn’t it?

  9. I fully expect something from the slap-headed weasel on BBC news before too long, trying to defend his now ripped-to-shreds benefit reforms. His policies are now falling by the wayside as he has ignored everything told to him from the start.

    Goodbye, Idiot dumbass Smith. Your time is surely up now, unless you continue to bribe and threaten everyone around you into keeping your cushy little job at DWP towers.

    Universal Jobmatch is over, and good fucking riddance to it. Now do the decent thing and pull the Work Programme from us suffering job-seekers. Whilst you are at it, stop hitting us with illegal sanctions for minor slip-ups we end up doing through impossible job targets you set us. Everybody on JSA has got a different JSA agreement, therefore one size policy such as 10 job applications per week for more than one JSA slave does not fucking work.

    I hope to expect a reduction in my impossible job activities per week now, and no more threats of ‘you must use UJM or we stick a sanction against you’ Stupid little slap-head. I can see you signing on before next year, hopefully and made to go on your own work programme for two years. See how you fucking like it. Fuck off, baldy cunt. Your job is now on the line.

  10. Fetid git needs choking ASAP. Dare we even ask how many genuine jobs would have been created had the millions squandered on persecuting decent folk had gone in supporting small businesses growth rather than bank hyenas picking off businesses at random?. Better still let’s see the creep subjected to six months of existing on 57.00 including handing half that to greedy social landlords on ineligible service charges before he begins. Down the jcp let’s see the fkg gorillas persecute him asthey do us and force the bastards onto 780 hrs unpaid work. Never since 1945 has one evil bastards caused so much misery. Throw him to the people no longer afforded the protection of the law.

  11. Petition to Department For Work and Pensions
    Take Down Universal Jobmatch immediately

  12. When is that useless fucking cunt Iain Duncan Smith going to be sacked!!! The vile vicious bastard fucks up everything he does.







  13. I’d say his days are now seriously numbered. About as numbered as Universal Credit. When that finally goes down the plughole, so will his career. He’ll be lucky to last till next year’s election. I’m tempted to say sooner than that, but he does perform a valuable function as a measure against which the rest of the cabinet can appear competant

  14. What an absolute Cluster Fuck! IDS? The Rt Honourable Gentleman? Then do the right thing,get a pistol,go some where nice and quiet and pull the Bloody trigger!

    • Dunk’d in Shit wouldn’t recognize Honorable if it hit him on the kisser. Sadly, he’ll never make your wish come true. He’s a coward. Remember, he spent his years as an officer hiding behind the back of some General, carrying his briefcase.

    • something survived...

      nah, cluster fucks are fun. you mean he is a headcase/headfuck..
      Problem spotted with above picture: Bin contains computers and does not contain IDS.

  15. Universal Jobmatch -Universal Scammatch more like.

  16. People here think IDShit is going to lose his job?
    Have you become blind over the last fours years.
    This little c**t could strangle babies and still stay in his Tory post.

    • Dave and the rest of the gobshites in Government is probably pleased with the moron’s performance. He serves a lightening-rod, drawing attention away from themselves and their doings. As always, never forget that IDS and his plans have the full support of his colleagues.

      • something survived...

        After assassination, politicians tend to lose their jobs by default. I was hoping this was what was meant.

  17. Don’t worry folks, UJM will no doubt be replaced with some other fuckup which is of even less use, which would be difficult, and even more draconian, which is an absolute piece of piss for these bastards! Oh, expect it to cost billions as well!

    • Actually, yes, a smaller sites IS planned which will deal with SMALL employers. Jobseekers will be “allowed” to look for work with “bigger” employers using other sites, which sounds as if the new site will continue to be used to log jobseeking activities.

  18. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    How many more failures are they going to let IDS get away with? How much has he wasted in total? The DWP need to be torn apart and rebuilt by people who have common sense – its ridiculous that so many millions/billions have been wasted!

  19. The other job sites are shite as well, they have no jobs in them also. The only sane thing to do is end the persecution of the unemployed and leave them alone to do what they think is best. It’s not as if they are living the life of riley. If some don’t want to work then fine leave them to it and for the ones that want work create jobs for them. It’s all very simple and this method would save millions on nazi schemes that don’t work and peoples health would improve.

    • Cephalus, here, here.
      If people don’t want to work, assuming that they can work, leave them alone.
      It goes without saying that the majority of unemployed do want to work. Its not a perfect solution but what’s presently on offer bears no resemblance to a civilised society.

    • You should get your JSA with no strings attached seeing as it’s barely enough to live on anyway.

      But you have to understand the psychology behind all this; This is about making the poorest people in society foot the bill for a crisis caused by irresponsible banking practices and corrupt politicians.

      The idea is to brainwash the people who are in work that they are struggling and are footing the bill for the people that are unemployed. It’s classic divide and conquer tactics. That way the populace fights between themselves and takes their eye off the ball (government, corrupt banking sector and allowed to be corrupt through government deregulation)

      • Slave2PaperWithInkOn

        CORRECT. Checkout positivemoney.org (plus their Youtube Channel+videos) to see how this monetary system ‘works’ [97% of our money is CREATED,by a few taps of a keyboard,by PRIVATE banks issuing loans + that money is destroyed when repaid !!!] and the 1min28 video “George Carlin on Our Similarities,” to see the Divide+Conquer strategy.

  20. Surely IDS must be held accountable for yet another failure and yet another huge amount of millions being wasted! This man is spending money like water on schemes that are no good, won’t get off the ground and are having people’s stress levels going through the roof.
    Just give me five mins with him, please…

  21. Jaypot2012, ‘Idi amin dada smith’ is on a moral crusade. If he had any sense he would get out quick. Time and tide waits for no man. God help him when his ‘mates’ decide to slaughter him. The tories are good at that.

  22. The arrogance of IDS and the DWP is beyond belief. This is an unmitigated disaster but claimants are still going to have to use it until 2016 or the company responsible can claim for breach of contract and would need to be compensated.

    So in essence even though they know it’s the biggest screw up since time began they are gonna continue to make people use it.

    What a farcical waste of money and time. £17m to build and £6m to administer.

  23. Obi Wan Kenobi

    An incident at Stockton Job Centre in which a female stripped to her underwear in protest at sanctions to job seekers allowance. She was quickly removed from the premises by security.

    • Wonder how those jobcentre security goons would fare against this dude… 🙂

      A man who throttled a policeman and threw another officer through a door has been jailed for five years.

      Ian McGaw, 26, from Galston, went berserk as they tried to arrest him for throwing a firework into a play park in the East Ayrshire town.

      Kilmarnock Sheriff Court heard how he hurled five PCs around “like rag dolls” after being sprayed with CS gas and was so powerful he buckled his handcuffs.

      Dean Stevenson, 19, who also attacked police, was jailed for two years.

      McGaw admitted culpable and reckless conduct by throwing a firework, punching and kicking two officers, assaulting PC Robert McMeeking to the danger of his life and resisting arrest.

      Stevenson, who is also from Galston, admitted punching a female officer on the head and assaulting PC McMeeking to the danger of his life.

      The court heard how police went to a house in Galston, in October last year, after fireworks had been thrown in a local play park.

      As officers confronted a group of males inside, McGaw showed signs of building aggression and two officers attempted to handcuff him.
      Officer choked

      McGaw managed to pick up a police sergeant and throw him through a closed door into the next room.

      Stephanie MacDonald, prosecuting, said: “The sergeant got up and saw five officers being treated, as he described it, like rag dolls.”

      McGaw dropped to his knees after being sprayed twice with CS gas, while Stevenson punched an officer in the face.

      Ms MacDonald added: “McGaw got back on his feet and lunged towards PC Robert McMeeking, grabbed him by the throat with both hands and squeezed his windpipe with both thumbs.

      “He was held against a wall and lifted off his feet. The officer estimated he was not breathing for 20-30 seconds and described losing the feeling in his arms and legs.”

      PC McMeeking passed out and was freed by a colleague, but McGaw spat on him while being restrained.

      PC McMeeking was then kicked on the head by Stevenson, while the latter was being handcuffed.

      Ms MacDonald said the pair were put in a van and taken to Kilmarnock police office, where McGaw’s cuffs were removed and “found to be buckled and unserviceable due to the struggle”.

      ‘Terrible attack’

      The court was told that PC McMeeking had since suffered loss of vision which had been linked to post-traumatic stress disorder.

      Sheriff Alistair Watson said the “terrible and sustained attack on police officers” was so serious he had considered sending it to the High Court for sentencing.

      He told McGaw: “You are a man with a history of violence and quite obvious size and strength which you used to press home this attack on the officers, and in particular PC McMeeking.

      “The effects on him will be long-lasting, that’s obvious to all. The attack was life-threatening and you show no remorse for what you have done.”

      Sheriff Watson said the sentence should reflect McGaw’s “significant risk to the public” and ordered that he be supervised for two years after his release.

      He told Stevenson his part in the attack had caused PC McMeeking to lose consciousness, although he had shown remorse and written a letter to the court.

      The incident was the second time McGaw had been jailed over a violent confrontation with police.

      In 2006, when he was 18, he and co-accused Christopher Quigley, 19, were jailed for a total of seven years after barricading themselves in their burning house and attacking riot police.

      Dude beats the shit out of da cops

      • G4$ Security Goon

        I am asking you to leave the jobcentre, Mr McGaw… I am not going to ask you again…

      • A man who throttled a jobcentre adviser and threw a G4S security guard through a door has been sanctioned for 3 years.

        Johnny Void, 26, from Voidtown, went berserk as they tried to sanction him for failing to ‘actively seek work’.

        Labour Market Decision Making and Appeals heard how he hurled five jobcentre advisers around “like rag dolls” after he was told that the hadn’t done all he could have done to seek work and he was so powerful he tore up his job search diary.

        Void managed to pick up an adviser and throw him through a closed door into the IAD (Internet Access Device) room.

        The Decision Maker said the “terrible and sustained attack on job centre staff” was so serious he had considered imposing a 3 month banning order from the jobcentre.

        The incident was the second time Void had been sanctioned for failing to ‘actively seek work’.

        In 2013 Void was sanctioned for 3 years for failing to take part in Mandatory Work Activity.

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  25. Up to 35 hours a week looking? My husband was made redundant 3 weeks ago. Hes been told he has to spend 40 hours a week looking for work! where as someone down the road from us has to only make 3 job contacts a week! I dont see how this is fair, should be one rule for all.

    • Donna

      The reason being I suppose that he is a fresh signer so comes under the jobseeker agreement new rules. Would it make you any happier if everyone was subject to that draconian task having to search for 35 hours?.

      They rely on this dividing and ruling amongst their victims. They must laugh at us in fact for being so thick! This is why they can do as they please pretty much. If people stuck together without selfishness they’d not get away with half of it.

      Vent your anger at those responsible not the poor bugger down the road who is ‘yet’ to suffer the fate of your husband. I say yet because they will eventually put everyone onto it.


      • Divide and Rule

        Not every jobseeker is treated as equal, Donna. Some of us are constantly sanctioned, some of us are sent for ‘punishment’ on mandatory work activity, and to quote Jobcentremole middle/upper-class jobseekers get a ‘free pass through the system’

        • I don’t think class has much/anything to do with it nor do I even believe in class actually it’s more about being smart. Jobcentremole implies that the lower class are targeted. I think they will more likely be easier targets rather than to do with class. I’ve been sanctioned and fought it and I’ve been everything from soldier to la abourer to running my own business. I consider myself classless lol. The class argument is a cop out by those who can’t think for themselves.

          • @JD – I tend to agree… if you’re considered a soft target you’ll probably get more shit, and the more they dump on you, the more they’ll try to dump even more.

            Fight everything, appeal everything. If everybody did that, the system would quickly be on the verge of collapse, and they’d either have to modify their behaviour or go down with it.

          • JD

            Why would they be easier targets, because they are considered to be lower class?

    • Another Fine Mess

      There’s about 5m chasing 50,000 real jobs, a ratio of 100:1. It doesn’t make any difference wether someone spends 1/2 hour, 40 hours or 170 hours per week looking for work the ratio’s still 100:1.

    • How can you spend 35 hours a week looking for jobs? That’s absurd. What do you do? look at net sites once and then go back again when you’re finished and do it all over again?

      Then do you have to go around all the local shops and business’s asking if they need anyone?

      I tell you. people would soon get pissed off seeing you and they’d be saying “aw nooo! here he comes again!”

      Totally demeaning and dehumanizing if you ask me.

      • something survived...

        I’m now banned from lots of places because I was forced to ask on spec for work. They DO make you look at the same ads over and over again. And force you to apply up to 10 times for the same job.

    • Landless Peasant

      I was told to apply for 5 jobs per week, but I usually apply for about 10 – 20 per week, not that it makes any difference. I’ve even done New Deal in the past, 4 or 5 times, and each time spent 3 months sending out up to 20 CVs+ letters every day. Still nothing. It’s just a pointless waste of time.

  26. seems like the site has already caved, unable to log in at all, as “the resource cannot be found” after entering my details, good riddance i suppose but there goes a chunk of my jobsearch evidence so i’m anticipating some hassle from the staff next time i sign..

    • Another Fine Mess

      It’s be back at 1am. But not for long hopefully.

    • KS

      Why do you even use that site? You do not have to give them access and they cannot make you use it.

      I would say let them give you a proper printed Jobseeker Direction for every demand like that. You can then challenge it.

      Never be afraid of them.

      • easy enough to say don’t be afraid but you don’t have a leg to stand on if you appeal any decision they make against you, it will be rejected.. so i do what i need to do, to keep the meager benefit.. it’s just one of a handful of sites i use, but i’m still inexperienced and unqualified for many positions so i really don’t have a lot of choice these days

      • Any instruction given casually i.e.,verbally can be safely ignored. It has to be a Jobseeker Direction which is printed. Of course one wants to cooperate with one’s advisor if they are a good one; on your side, but if they are not operating in one’sbest interests then be prepared to stand up and fight (a figure of speech – not literally!).

        Many of their rules are very poorly thought through and hence open to interpretation and I personally would be confident of challenging them successfully if needed.

    • Well some bright egg at the JCP,now has mandated me to sign on daily,I have been issued a weeks worth of Bus passes,but the sign on time will change daily,when asked what I would be doing the reply was “Signing on” Will I talk to an adviser? Do a job search?Training? Tailored Support? “You will sign on and leave,this is about time keeping skills” I have never been late! On the upside it is an all day ticket($4.90) so dropping off CV’s printed on the DWP recycled paper will no longer cost me.

  27. “Can’t Afford to Die: Brits struggle with ‘funeral poverty’”


  28. I read somewhere (but can’t remember the source) that many employers now refuse to advertise job vacancies in JCP because they get snowed under with applications from people who are totally unsuitable, due to them being told to apply for all & any jobs under threat of sanction, regardless of whether or not they meet the criteria for the job.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I’ve not seen any employer claim to have used UJ and had a good result, but I’ve seen many that have said ‘never again!’

  29. Actually yes if he can spend 40 hours then why shouldnt the said person down the street. I see the problem being there are those down the street that admit to not wanting to do job searches. Seems to me they go after the ones the genuinely feel they can get back into work quickly rather than the lazy buggers not wanting to search. I welcome a more equal fair system. Maybe my hubby has been lucky or just worked harder than some in looking and applying for jobs. 4 interviews, 1 job offer and another interview wednesday, and yes hes applied for some shitty job but a job is a job. Yes i understand and feel for those who are seeking employment and for those who cant work through poor health but if everyone was pushed and monitored the way my husband has then maybe more would find work quicker.

    • A more equal system? Like what do you suggest?

    • Or else maybe they would buckle under the pressure (I nearly did) and spend most of the fortnight in a state of heightened adreneline (caused by fear of “not doing enough”) and be unable to put their best self forward to any potential employer/begin to lose self-esteem/morale.

      It doesn’t work with children – terrorise and threaten them into doing “more and better” (under threat of punishment/starvation) so why should it work with the vast majority of adults? (rhetorical question). We are people – not automatons.

      In some people’s cases the increased stress may stem from their own reaction to being threatened and\or knowing they may be likely to ‘fail/not to enough’ at some stage – either due to the relentlessness of trying to subsist on tiny, ever-decreasing amounts of money yet expected to “do more”. at the same time This could be in the context also that they have some form of ill health or less than perfect good health – which is not enough to qualify them to not be in work but is an added factor in the battle to be in and remain in work. It may be because they have dependent/s and cannot countenance the thought that should a sanction be dished out at any time it would be foodbanks and other forms of charity/not being able to wash school clothes/pay bus fares.

      This has happened to people and is well documented. People have also had their money stopped and their lives ended in some cases. It’s certainly not “fair” – you are absolutely right.

      • (not do enough). Even a tiny slip at the fortnightly interrogation can result in nothing to live on.

        • Eric Greenwood (4727)

          I have osteo arthritis of both ankles, they can collapse on me at any time, i am on medication for it, I am not desirable. Not to mention those with more recent experience gets a better chance of interview. Over the years of unemployment your self esteem drops with each set back, Donna come back in a year and see how his emotions have changed, each day something makes you drop a little lower.. the job centre/dwp caused meto have a break down, they effectively told me i wasnt good enough everything was my fault, that i was a drain on society.. this was the last straw.and i truly wanted to kill myself..

    • …….Donna, sorry to hear your husband has been told to do 40 hours a week jobsearch….But…and we always have a but…. It is totally unrealistic, …also, where is the legal basis for that? No one I know of, no one on any of these websites, or anywhere else, has seen a 40 hours limit. There is not even that figure given on any official DWP guidance, any of us have seen. Thus, I do not believe that can actually be legal.
      You ought to consider taking that up with someone in Parliament.

      Also, just because some ppl have this nonsense forced onto them, doesn’t mean everybody else has to. As some have commented, it is a divide and rule tactic. But when some unemployed ppl are complaining they have to do more jobsearch activity than that person does, and “it aint fair. They should be made to do the same”
      It makes ids and Gideon Osborne very, very happy ppl indeed. That is exactly the degree of jealousy they desire.
      Most reasonable folks would be highlighting this as an outrage of justice, and total persecution of those seeking work, not complaining others should be made to do the same.
      No one should be expected to do what is neither reasonable nor possible. For it is not possible for anyone to spend 40 hours or even 20 hours a week looking for a job, especially when jobs don’t much exist.
      Apart from that, it can make some ppl question the mindset of those who would demand every other person must do 35 or 40 hours each and every week searching for work.
      How do you know the a person “just doing 3 things” is “lazy” ?
      All that means is they must do 3 things at least regards the JobMatch website login, etc. It could well be said persons are doing more than those 3 things, and in most cases, the persons’ are doing more, lots more.
      But when some of us hear comments that sound just a little touch “jealous” we entitled to question that line of thought.

    • Donna maybe your hubby “has been lucky or just worked harder than some in looking and applying for jobs” – or maybe he has been lucky. And the fact that he has not been unemployed for long in itself makes him more noticed by employers.

    • Hi Donna,
      Just out of curiosity, do you work or are you unemployed?

    • Taxpayer funded civil servant sat in a cushy office chatting to colleagues and doing jack shit all day

      “a job is a job”… but then they are jobs and there are jobs… 🙂

    • Good grief !

      Donna you are all that’s wrong with this country.

      “Yes i understand.. and feel”. No! You don’t understand nor do you feel…not at all I suggest!

    • Another Fine Mess

      “if he can spend 40 hours then why shouldnt the said person down the street”

      As your husband is just sitting at home all day doing nothing, then why is he not jobsearching for 80+ hours per week, after all searching jobsites is not all that hard, is he just lazy or something.

      “but if everyone was pushed and monitored the way my husband has then maybe more would find work quicker.”

      Maths and logic not your strong points then.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ Donna

      You are completely deluded. I search for jobs every day, not because I want to but because I have to in order not to starve. I can apply for all the jobs you want, until the cows come home, but it won’t make a shred of difference. I am completely unemployable and I know for a fact that I’m never going to even get one single interview.

    • donna is either a troll or a kebab.
      Take your pick. 🙂

      • …That was my thinking as well. Reason I highlighted the 40 hours thing as being unheard of, etc in my ersponse above. Something doesn’t seem genuine about that post. If it is a real person…and I wonder greatly about that, with real hub…dude has it all wrong.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Perhaps it’s a DM reader who’s got lost. Who in their right mind would want those down the road competing 40 hours a week for ‘the very same jobs’ as her hubby.
        Perhaps she thinks those down the road should be on put on workfare, working for their free handouts, and then wonder why her hubby can’t find paid work.

  30. I think Donna has a very bad attitude to all this. She doesn’t seem to be thinking very clearly.

  31. …..It is just not acceptable under any circumstances for DWP to continue operating with a jobsearching website they not only know is a shambles, but have admitted to that. It is even less to be tolerated, they insist everyone on JSA have to use this site for recording their jobsearch activities.
    How many ppl have had sanctions imposed for not applying for jobs they considered false because of this website?
    And how many of those same ppl would be compensated because of that?

    There was actually never any need for a privately outsourced jobsearch system, as DWP had it’s own version that worked pretty well. But that required a certain amount of staff to monitor and operate. George Ian “ids” wanted to cut back on staff numbers, but actually Gordon Brown laid of thousands and thousands off DWP staff before him, (know a guy who was laid off by Brown, and hasn’t been able to get a job since). DWP were told also to put in place a system that would be as difficult as possible for the JSA plebs to ignore, therefore to sanction them.
    That is the real reason we have this fiasco. But it has been an expensive disaster. And a deadly one. How many suicides?
    And all the while we wonder why “Labour” are almost silent? And certainly not pushing the REGIME over any of this, but for a few MPs? Even any half decent opposition would have a government all over the place with this, but not this group of useless idots.
    This report should force the suspension of the entire system. It should also force George Ian “Duncan” Smith out of his post…..but as many, many of us have been asking for years now, just what is it he has on Davie?
    But maybe it is nothing more than the fact, Davie likes the way “ids” is waging Davie’s war on the poor on his behalf. Smith, McVey and Mr. Freud, get all the blame and Davie carries carefree.
    It wouldn’t matter now even if Smith did go. His disastrous destruction of Social Security has been achieved.
    David Cameron is ultimately responsible. And we must condemn him for it. He thinks he can get away with it, and pin it all on his evil sidekicks.
    No, Eton Davie boy, we won’t let either ids or you away with it.

    • Now you mention him Gordon; read the opening paragraph down to the bit where it says contents.


      • Jumping ship from New Labour to the present lot probably went problem free. The fucking Fraudster is the “brain” behind this bloody scheme and the differences between Conservatives/New Labour are almost too few to mention.

        • True rebel and you know the most sickening part of his involvement in all this? He admitted that he “knew nothing about welfare at all”. Check it out in the wiki thing. That is a direct quote from Fraud himself that he knew nothing about welfare and yet this is the man who is advising on these draconian and retarded policies that are ruining people’s lives!!!

          No wonder the welfare state is fast disappearing. Take advice on a subject from someone who admits they know nothing about it! That makes a lot of sense. He “knew nothing about welfare at all” and yet within 3 weeks of his appointment had drawn up a raft of proposals to hit the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

          He should be quoted alongside IDS as he’s every bit as bad. You just hear more about IDS as he’s in the front line. If you go to the bit on that wiki link with the welfare heading and read the opening paragraph you can see where this scum government got many of these odious ideas from.

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  33. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Channel 4 News. 17 March 2014:

    Universal Jobmatch website may be scrapped.

  34. I saw Nick Clegg on the BBC this morning talking about giving £2,000 per year towards childcare (including to many very well off people) saying “…. when universal Credit is introduced… soon…” and claiming that UC will put an end to child care problems along with many other issues. Does this idiot really believe that (a) Universal Credit will ever happen, and, (b) Universal Credit will be a good thing? WTF?

    • Prick Clegg should sod off as he, and all of the other cronies don’t know fuck all about politics, real life, this country, or even basic economics.

      • He’s a total fraud. Sold all his principles for a fat ministerial salary and a seat on the front bench. Life long Liberal policies gone in a flash.

  35. Well if being pushed and monitored is so successful then well done on your man getting back into work so quickly, did the guy down the road get him sacked ? Did the man down the road tell the advisor how they should operate ? . Some job advisors don’t know there stuff, some are stricter than others.

    UJM is a waste of time for the last 3 months its been spam data scam clone job sites. What employer is going to use x-jobs to find the right worker when there are more established recruitment companies out there…. I mean none of those sites where you have to copy and paste your CV into a box can be real job sites ???

    • X-jobs is a fake recruitment website. It’s a one-person operation based in America but with a mail-only drop address in Glasgow, UK. If you want proof, go to the categories drop-down list on x-jobs. It uses the Americanization spelling for transport and labour…

  36. When I signed last week a signer was telling me the tick boxes were a good idea because in his words they’d “catch people not doing enough, make life easier for advisor and claimant and save paper”. He then mentioned he himself was post Work Programme, signing on daily and claiming the weekly bus pass fare despite living within easy walking distance. You couldn’t make it up really. Definitely a selfish hypocrite if not a turncoat. I actually feel sorry for him (and people like him). Just looking at him he was physically small and quite old looking so I could only imagine him to be signing on long term if not indefinitely… I just hope he enjoys them doing their job well is all I can say to him…

    • That guy is a complete idiot that said that to you. See this is the battle we’re fighting when a lot of the public hold perceptions like him and Donna who thinks everyone should be hounded for 40 hours a week because her man was.

      These people are seriously brainwashed deluded and dare i say it very economically illiterate. They better look the term up and think about how it applies to themselves.

      • Raining

        Turkey voting for Christmas I think would better describe him than any other term. Surprising how many of these people are out there mind you.

        If they gave them a shovel they will ask how deep..sir? If they give me a shovel it will get wrapped around their head. At least die proud is my motto. You might even win. The gutless never win.


  37. Better still. It’s not advisable to go to x-jobs website. It has got unsafe security issues that might lead to Malware downloaded to your PC. My own PC has got beefed-up protection against all manner of internet nasties out there.

  38. ”DWP denies it plans to scrap controversial jobs website”


    * More fucking weasel words from the Department of Wankers and Pricks. Now they are claiming that Universal scam-match is not up for the chop as previously news leaked. Fucking hypocritical cunts now trying to cover up the huge smelly, dog mess they have inflicted upon us all by saying ‘We never mentioned anything about our brilliant website going tits up and not getting a new contract.’

    The bald fascist IDS (I DON’T give a SHIT as he should really be referred to) is making waves again and trying to now salvage his cushy job and priveliged position by having his hand up David Camorons’ hairy bottom by saying the leaked report is a fairy tale.

    Let’s build a hangman’s gallow outside Number 10, Downing Street. to hang IDS and all of his fellow fascists. It’s all they are good for.

    • Landless Peasant

      Agreed. String the bastards up.

      • I’d like to kick IDS’s fucking lungs out of his gobshite mouth.

        • And you should be quiet as you agree with all his policies and are gonna hit the unemployed even harder if you get into power. BTW how did you manage to get to hold the position in the Labour party you’re now holding? Because it’s certainly not for your eloquence or your ability as a parliamentarian.

  39. 112 hours job search a week

    Given that the average adult sleeps for eight hours a night, if lucky.

    If you think about it jobseekers are looking for work every waking hour.
    You walk past a shop and see a job in the window, Or pick up a paper and see a job advert, even hear about a job from a friend, whichever way it happens you will be aware and on the lookout for a job.

    Every job seeker will be looking out for a job for an average of 112 hours a week. We dont stop just because we have done 35 hours of job search.

  40. Maybe Donna who agrees with hounding people for 40 hours a week to find non existent jobs should read about the devastation that this and sanctions brings on people.


    • …..Just read that sanction story. That is just not on. Those at that jobcenter should not only be dismissed….they should be jailed! There has to be some way out there of prosecuting those creeps.
      It is not mere theft, it is criminal treatment of the most vulnerable ppl. The utterly dismissive manner of the DWP in such affairs has to be challenged.
      And what of our great politicians…You know like Edward M and his baby doll, Red Witch Reeves doing about it?
      Damned all….Labour officially, now declare support for the Work Program, certainly in Scotland. They want to devolve that to local councils. How about just ending the whole thing?

      • Alex Haddock is a Fat Fascist CUNT!!

        The ‘work programme’ would be devolved to an independent Scotland! WTF!

        • Alex Haddock is a Fat Fascist CUNT!!

          … and what about all the sanctioning shit… would that be devolved too… along with Nazi jobcentre ‘advisers’ ? Or would Alex Haddock quadruple the length of sanctions?

          • Deep Fried Mars Bars

            Aye, Alex fucking Haddock will hae yi fined £1000 Scottish poonds fur drapping a chip poke!

            • For the benefit of viewers south of the border: “Alex fucking Haddock will have you fined 1000 Scottish pounds for dropping a chip wrapper.”

          • What are you on about ??? It is LABOUR PARTY plan to devolve Work program to local councils.
            Its got nothing to do with SNP….in an Independent Scotland…there would be no sanctions…They would be abolished.…unless that is Labour want to try bring them back.
            Alex Salmond, in case you don’t know, is all against Bedroom Tax, and ATOS, etc. He has said the welfare reforms of Westminster are “insane”
            At present Westminster has total control of welfare and Labour is happy to keep it that way, but for a few bits n pieces.
            Well…I don’t fancy Labour’s bits n pieces!

    • Donna is a goner, she is just a troll with no husband, just her own sick mind.

      • Maybe McVile posting GF, trying to make out she’s got a man. LOL!

      • Yeah guy, it was just a load of bullcrap… typical troll exit on the final post too, sounds a bit like that whatever-her-name-was-woman. More fool us.

  41. Obi Wan Kenobi

    415 day’s to the General Election.

    • There should be civil war on that day, because none of them are worth voting for.
      Get rid of the lot and let’s have real democracy via the internet, people being their own parliamentarians and voting on every issue facing British people.

  42. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Politicians ‘rap’ about getting the deficit down, ahead of tommorrow’s Budget.

    Live coverage from 6am on March 19 on Sky News.

  43. Signed on today. I have not signed up to UJM as yet. Today I was asked why not. I stated that as I use 8 other sites I can’t justify giving time to an individual site. I said I was due to see my Personal Adviser in a few weeks and would discuss with her. I was prepared to go into it further but that seemed to satisfy her for now. However what I did notice was a leaflet stating how to sign up, plus
    granting DWP access would mean fewer visits to the jobcentre. They seem to be promoti

  44. Seems to me unless we all have the same opinion on this site then were outcast. I have no issues in being pointed in the right direction as to where I can read more up on these issues, but some of the comments are just plain rude. Yes we have been lucky, his support worker has sent him on a cv writing course, which helped out a lot. Yes he does spend hours scouring the net for jobs as he finds jobs are added through out the day. Yes hes signed onto all different job agencies. No I dont work due to having 2 children one autistic and one with dyspraxia. No we dont claim disability for them through our choice. When they are at school then I volunteer my time with the elderly and school. Im not sure why hes been instructed to spend 40 hours a week looking for work, but yes if its not correct then I want to find out why he was told 40. No im not jealous why would I be?…my question was just asking why not everyone has the same rules to follow.

    • If you are the real deal, which I doubt very much, why are you complaining that he has to do 40 hours job search, especially if as you say there are jobs out there, there is more chance of him getting one and shutting you up.

      • Like I reported he has a job offer he can start april 4th but has another interview tomorrow. Not sure who Esther is….was my first and last time visiting here. If most of you are as rude in real life as you are on here then you deserve what you get…., life was never designed to be easy, you get out what you put in. Thanks to some of you who posted decent responses, i wish you well in your future and hope things get better/easier for you

        • Good byeeeeeeeee good byeeeeeee

          Dont let the door hit your troll but on your way out 🙂

        • overburdenddonkey

          rude no, we respond too rudeness…you wanted info on why the system plays divide and rule it was provided, but you did not bother to consider it…but instead wrote about how wonderful you are and how we deserved all that we got, 1st implied and then latterly to confirm your implication clearly wrote it…. ie, suspicions were 1st aroused and then confirmed…you had a negative agenda and it was instantly spotted…

        • “Esther” is reference to Esther McVey, Ian D Smith’s side kick at DWP.
          The reason some of us seem a bit huffy here is that it is not acceptable to be demanding anyone does 35 hours jobsearching. It simply isn’t possible. What are folks with no computers supposed to do? Most libraries only allow for 1 hour a time on their systems. And many folks don’t have local libraries to go to.
          Many ppl on benefits don’t have the money to go downtown to look for jobs in shops everyday. And besides you can only ask a guy in a shop if he has vacancies so many times.
          You sounded “jealous” when complaining if you hub can do so many hours or has been asked to do so, why can’t every one else?
          No one should be asked to do that for meagre benefit. Not your hub or anyone else.
          You seem to be quite new to all this stuff. It would be good if you began to understand the issues and problems most ppl on JSA have to face. Many, many ppl apply for hundreds of jobs and never get as much as an acknowledgement. There are not that many real jobs about either..
          Folks are totally depressed at being demonised by the MPs at Westminster who care damn all. The mainstream media in England, is absolutely appalling. Not quite so bad in Scotland, but we still have the wretched headlines to look at on newstands from the editions of the Mail (HitlerDaily) Express, etc.
          Those who have to put up with this should be standing together and not getting in a huff at the fact some “appear” to be getting it easier than others. We don’t know just how “easy” it really is for them. That is why ppl are not happy Donna. You can’t blame them.
          As for the 40 hours…that definitely must be questioned.
          1…It is just unrealistic.
          2…It is nowhere in the rules.
          There is no rule anywhere that allows any advisor to insist on that.

        • How can things get easier for the people on here when you want them to do 40 hours Job seeking. The only cheeky cow on here has been you and I hope life gets worse for you!

        • “you get out of life what you put in” , don’t talk rubbish Donna, tell that to the miners who got nothing but pneumoconiosis for all of their hard work.

          • Well said GF! Donna sounds more and more like Esther McVile with every post. Poster girl for the Tory party and their policies Donna eh? Nothing about “what an outrage asking anyone to spend 40 hours looking for work!” Instead for you the only outrage was because the guy down the road wasn’t being forced to do 40 hours as well.

            As OBD said you came on here with an agenda but it was spotted instantly. That’s why you got a telling off.

        • donna:

          So you’re not coming back, eh. Well, good riddance.

    • Dissent will NOT be tolerated!

    • Why are you posting under an assumed name Esther?

    • Another Fine Mess

      There are more unemployed than vacancies, even official figures often put it at 30+ chasing each job.
      Searching for longer doesn’t change the ratio, if fact it justs wastes everybody’s time and money. Employers don’t hide jobs.

      “More than 1,700 people applied for just eight jobs at a new Costa Coffee shop in Nottingham.”

      “Tesco Express in Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow, attracted almost 1,000 job applications for 23 jobs”

      On the 40 hours job search, every JCP and even every ‘advisor’ is different, there’s certainly absolutely no legal requirement to do 40 hours per week.

      Spending hours scouring the net for jobs, you need to be aware of this type of stuff:

    • Donna, as the Tories say, staying at home looking after the kids, ‘is a lifestyle choice’.

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Well donna, soon you wont be able to not seek work yourself thats what the dwp/IDS wants they are going to force part time workers to continually look for more hours or even force them to leave a part time job for a full time forget anything else, Sitting at home looking after your children well you wont be able to do that, am surprised they arent forcing you onto the work programme..What about me who has been sent on scheme after scheme to re do my cv, at least 3 different schemes, hell even in one month i was told to do three differenct looking cv’s by the same adviser, the same one who liked my other ones..

  45. Do these trolls get jobs in the job centre for coming on here and insulting us lot?

  46. Fat dave camerons diet

    i’m unemployed too

  47. Donna a couple of things for your wee’ ear.

    1. when was the last time “under this set of Eton Boys” has a blatant wrong like inequalty, we will use your “husbands” case as a illustration, been addressed and sorted out? Never. And Never will unless you have a bag full of cash to give them, but then if you had the cash you’d never be in that position anyway would you?
    2. Common sense says there will be inequalities from time to time, in the scheme of things is this a big enough one to point at someone who you do not know, and from the sounds of it would never stoop to know as they are poorer than you?
    3. Donna’s Husband “We used to fight for you”, you never have and you never will. How is it for you in UKIP these days? Or is it NatFront today, UKIP tomorrow?

    • Most likely this “Donna” is just a shithead employed by the DWP, spouting pure BS. They’re all over the place these days.

  48. totallygivenup

    oh shit white dee is on sky complete with makover oh dear this is not good makes us genuine sick people look terrible gideon will be wringing his hands

    • totallygivenup, Never mind what ‘white dee’ looks like!! Did you hear her statement recently that the benefit system was too generous!!! Unbelievable.

      • totallygivenup

        yes bernadette sadly i did,she can say this cause shes now a fully bona fide celeb on prob 100k a year



    BIG FUCKING DEAL………………..



    • Hi G. A shiny piece of metal for us to enjoy? A little like glass beads in Africa 150 years ago. (Brought to you by the man that’s convinced lower middle class people would be happier if allowed to pay 40% tax).

    • And it’s gonna cost £20 million to change all the current coin slots on all the different types of machine’s.

  50. By the time 2016 comes around we might find ourselves doing community work for our benefits as a yearly ordeal. It will be interesting to see what Osborne says today in his budget speech. They seem to be hinting of a few surprises and the welfare reforms are the ones no one in the media appears to have any ideas about. Everything else seems to have been leaked out.

  51. Robin The Boy Wonder

    You only get out of life what you put in…. Is that a fact?….

    My mother worked her arse off for 40 years. Never had a bad word for anyone, never complained, and she helped others whenever she could. Where is she now? She died of cancer (never drank or smoked either).

    What utter ‘I’m alright, Jack!’ Mcveyesque bollocks!

  52. Must have been a work provider troll with the classic “Sent on a CV writing course and it helped a lot”, guess what, work provider jobs are being replaced by workfare, jokes on you soon. Most peoples CV look the same that go on those courses and most say its a waste of time. The point of this post was to highlight how useless universal jobmatch was. You could spend a 100 hours on it and not get work, because most of the jobs advertised either fake or scams. Did he get the job through the agency ? Or where they a waste of time then ?

    I will avoid x-jobs, still many new pop up scam sites, UJM does nothing.

    • A threw a brick through this x-jobs mobs windae…. naebuddy poked thir heed oot lol nae cunt inside lol 🙂

    • LOL! That’s what i thought about the CV writing course. Who in their right mind agrees to go on a CV writing course?

      Sounds like Donna was a plant put in by persons unknown, but with quite a clear agenda.

  53. Mc Vey defending the statistics lies this morning (trying) now claims “worklessnes” is down. Does that figure include people now working for free on workfare as well as those on p/t crumbs zero hour contracts?
    They can lie til they’re blue in the face but people will know how much money they’ve got in their pockets come the election.

    • JD; Did you see IDS and McVey standing in the aisles in the commons as Boy George made his speech?

      • Yes. Seeing those two ugly tossers standing on the sidelines in government during the Spring Budget wanted me to throw up. Fester McVile and Idiotic Dumb Shite were looking so fucking smug and pleased with themselves. Hypocritical cunts should be sacked on the spot yesterday. But they sodding hung on no doubt by offering huge cash bribes to keep their cushy desk jobs.

  54. LOL! what’s this “Your comment is awaiting moderation”? Take the comments down! They don’t have any meaning as they’re replying to a post that seems to have vanished from Relic.

  55. my friend is on the sick for depression. Atos told her she can be sectioned. WTF.

    Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 13:52:58 +0000 To: timgordon1970@hotmail.com

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  57. something survived...

    UJM gave or sold my email address to thousands of spammers. Last night I had over 800 new messages. None were job offers. Most were UJM-generated spam. A lot were con artists claiming they’d give me millions. There were some new senders too: 41 of the emails told me to click a link for a message. Which turned out to be 41 heavy-duty full-screen porn videos, all heterosexual, all showing closeup film of penises going in vaginas. Is IDS a pervert? What if UJM sent this stuff to a young mum, Muslim, or strict Christian? Or female rape victim? Or to a parent who was watching with their kids? Fucking crap IDS, at least if you’re going to send me porn, send me stuff with 2 guys?! The fuckup git can’t even get me sent the right sort of porn!
    Seriously, if you are using your library to do your manda-tory jobslurp (jobsearch), and UJM causes you to get sent these or similar videos, that appear suddenly and generate more copies of themselves when you try to close or delete them….. like the brooms in the Sorceror’s Apprentice…
    Well, though you need to do your mandatory jobsearch and check your emails or be sanctioned, if those videos came up in a public library with kids there.. you’d not only be banned from their internet and computers, you could be banned from the library, fined, lose your library card, banned attending any classes/using toilets there, etc. And the police come to arrest you. That (losing internet) would make you get sanctioned. Plus, there’s no 100% guarantee the people in the porn were not trafficked or coerced. So as well as pimping, is IDS abetting organised rape?

    IDS is a perv. It’s no longer ‘Gissa job’. More like, ‘Gissa shovel so I can bury IDS, I don’t care that he’s still moving around.’
    Can we, if we can’t stop them sending us porn, object to the quality of the porn? Like ‘this is rubbish’?

    • @ something survived: Here’s how to stop them I found this on a computer help site(it worked for me, and if it worked for me it will work for anyone:
      “Sometimes you may get unwanted mail that isn’t necessarily spam.

      While you can’t currently block messages from specific addresses or domains, you can set up a filter to send those unwanted messages directly to Trash.

      To set up a filter, follow these steps:
      1.Click the down arrow in your search box at the top of the page. A window that allows you to specify your search criteria will appear.
      2.Enter your search criteria. If you want to check that your search worked correctly, click the search button. Clicking the down arrow again will bring the window back with the same search criteria you entered.
      3.Click Create filter with this search at the bottom of the search window.
      4.Choose the action you’d like for these messages by checking the appropriate box. (In this case, we suggest checking “Delete it.”)
      5.Click Create Filter.”

      • @ something survived – I don’t get sent porn of any kind thankfully, but although I had specifically put no e-mails from UJM on my profile I began to receive ones from a source masquerading as govt – something like jobsuk.

    • SS – If your library’s IT dept is any cop at all, it’ll have installed an anti-porn filter to save your blushes, and your library membership from cancellation. In fact my library’s computers won’t let me access half the comment threads on The Void cos this filter kicks in – most annoying when you have a response to make. It must be down to all that eloquent profanity that regularly elevates Void threads into such scholarly realms…

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  59. I have been unemployed for 4 months. I was told that I had to sign up for Universal Jobmatch as it is mandatory. It wouldn’t accept my email address so I had to create a new one which was a pain. I found the site to be completely useless with nothing but the most mega crap jobs advertised. I got a reply from one job I applied for but it contained a virus and I received an alert to NOT open the message. Did the job centre care? No.

    I have since found a full time job which starts in a week but I was told I still have to continue using Universal Jobmatch until I start my new job. The fact I need to now concentrate on finding somewhere to live so I can actually start the job is irrelevant to the advisor. Apparently, my last week unemployed has to be dedicated to utilising their half baked job site. I CAN’T WAIT TO NEVER SET FOOT IN THAT JOB CENTRE EVER AGAIN.

    The people who work there seem to forget that we have paid in to the system in the first place yet they look down on you. Becoming unemployed due to short term fixed contracts these days, zero hours etc, is not our fault. There are very few jobs for life now. They also try to force you into finding work in your area only. Where I live there is very high unemployment so I have had to look further afield. Trying to get the job centre cover my travel expenses was like trying to get blood out of a stone. I had to pay over £150 to attend an interview down south which was on my signing on day. I was also told my claim for JSA would be closed down if I did return to sign on even though I was told I could sign on away from home before I set off. So, I had to come back and turn down the second stage job interview. They didn’t even apologise and said a ‘mistake’ had been made.

  60. all the above is correct but theres so much more and it gets worse the poor keep the rich in there life style . almost 1/2 of benefit claimants had benefit cut in 2014 where did all the money go. cut it off in the winter months and we could see thousnads sueing government for undue stress and extreme hard ship no food no power to cook or keep warm, fight back sue sue sue put in a claim. sue the individuals as well that want you to suffer, vunrable people ie the over 50s in the heart attack years are at risk, but thats the big government plan kill off the old and hope they get away with it .. dont be a wuss sue.

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