Labour’s Workfare Plus A Sandwich Scheme Could Be The Most Exploitative Forced Work Yet


Ed Miliband pretended he has a real job as he announced his latest forced labour scheme.

Labour’s workfare plus a sandwich scheme is no better than the Tory’s current workfare and is every bit as badly thought out.

Labour’s Compulsory Jobs Guarantee takes the worst elements of almost all previous welfare-to-work style schemes and has rolled them all into one giant and hugely expensive fuck up. Possibly hundreds of thousands of people are to be forced to work in part-time temporary jobs with wages pegged at the minimum wage or face their benefits will be stopped.

Many people in these compulsory jobs may find themselves worse off then someone on current Tory workfare schemes.  The jobs will only be for 25 hours a week, meaning those over 21 will receive just £156.70 under current rates.  For the vast majority of claimants, who have rent to pay, this is likely to leave them between £20-30 a week better off than being on the dole.  The problem is that going to work everyday costs money.  In London the cheapest weekly travelcard costs over £30 a week.  Those on workfare at present have travel expenses met by the placement providers or welfare-to-work companies who run the schemes.  If travel expenses are not met for participants on the Jobs Guarantee, then many people will find themselves worse off than those currently on Tory workfare.  If these costs are met then the Jobs Guarantee will cost a lot more than the £5 billion that Ed Balls is claiming.

The problems do not end there.  Since those on the Future Jobs Fund will no longer be classed as unemployed – handily for the Government – they may also lose eligibility for Council Tax Support.  This is Iain Duncan Smith’s bungled scheme which replaced Council Tax Benefit, handing control over to local authorities to help the poorest pay local taxes.  The predictable result has been a postcode lottery and as the Public Accounts Committee today reported, has made many people in work worse off than they would be on benefits.  This will apply to many in Compulsory Jobs, who may no longer be eligible for Council Tax Support due to being officially employed.  This could also cut the incomes of people on the scheme to around the same weekly pittance as those forced to undertake unpaid work by the Tories.

Just like on the New Deal – Tony Blair’s bodged plan to cure youth unemployment –  those in a compulsory job will also face mandatory training for 10 hours a week.  It is unclear how this will work in practice, although a Labour Press Release seems to suggest this will merely mean employers are handed £500 on top of their free workers to provide this training.  It seems likely that people with Compulsory Jobs will find themselves working these ten hours without wages under the guise of it being ‘work experience’.  This will mean participants on the scheme working five hours a week more than those on current workfare.

On the Politics Show yesterday, the Shadow Employment Minister Stephen Timms, admitted that the cost of the Jobs Guarantee may mean that other previously announced initiatives, such as building more low cost homes, may not be included in the party’s next manifesto.  Labour would rather spend money forcing people to work on poverty pay than in solving the housing crisis – the real reason for the spiralling benefit bill and the cause of huge suffering for both the young and old alike.

It says everything about the modern Forced Labour Party that the best they can come up with is a scheme which sounds mildly better than workfare – but in practice is likely to be more exploitative.  In the worst case scenarios people in Compulsory Jobs will be forced to work longer for less money in their pockets than people currently on workfare.  The sad truth is that this scheme is all spin – a shoddy attempt by Labour to show that they will be tougher on benefits than Iain Duncan Smith.

With brutal benefit sanctions behind this scheme, unemployed people will be plunged into desperate poverty if they refuse a Compulsory Job and face grotesque exploitation if they agree.  The end result will be the undermining of wages and working conditions for all low paid workers as an army of un-unionised and poverty paid forced workers enters the private sector.  This is the true face of the modern Labour Party – as nasty and out of touch as any of the Tories they are so desperate to copy.

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243 responses to “Labour’s Workfare Plus A Sandwich Scheme Could Be The Most Exploitative Forced Work Yet

  1. Is that the best Labour can possibly come up with? I have heard it all before with New Deal and Flexible New Deal. All the promises spouted by Labour over back-to-work help through New Deal came to absolutely sod all. It isn’t much better with the white elephant Work Programme scheme, thought up on the back of a fag packet, and that Labour seem to replace with yet another cobbled-up vote winner if they cheat and lie their way into power.

    No MP has ever held down a real job nor do they know what real life is. The only way they will listen is for them to all be sacked for utter contempt. Get rid of all work programme c**p and money will be found to help create real full time, full pay jobs.

    All there is are duplicate fake jobs and CV harvesting scams abound on Universal fakematch. I complained to the monkeys (running UJM) by email about a nasty scam job, but they didn’t give a flying fook over my real concerns.

    • i cant see how they can find all thse jobs it is slightly better than work fair in theory but i dont think they can do what there claiming im to guarantee a job theres got to be a job there in the first place.

      • Millipede is full of SHIT!!

        It is not a JOB though as in an EMPLOYED POSITION. It is MANDATORY WORK ACTIVITY under another name. The victims of this scheme are still going to be in hock to the DWP!! What kind of ‘real job’ can you be sanctioned/lose your pay for 3 YEARS for failing to carry out an activity. REAL JOBS come with EMPLOYMENT RIGHTS!!

    • He has dressed up in a high viz jacket and wearing a hard hat.
      The only time to wear a hard hat is when you have a soft head.
      The only time you wear a high viz jacket is when you want to be noticed.

  2. Labour up to its old tricks?

  3. Rubbish talk from a civil servant ponce clueless about work programmes.

  4. Surely it would be better to be able to create real jobs by maybe stopping the unfettered influx of foreigners thereby cutting the amount of people looking for the jobs.

    • overburdenddonkey

      get a grip man…stop your distractions, they get us nowhere, we need millions of decent sustainable jobs in our economy and across the globe or as is my preference totally restructured social economy…not blaming people who travel to try to find a better life for themselves, wonder why they listened to tales of elderado and wished they had stayed where they were…

      • Well as the current system seems to be a case of zero hours contracts and refusing valid jobseekers claims by the overuse of sanctions just where are these jobs coming from, flooding the market with cheap labour might suit the rich to make more profit but it doesn’t help those who can’t get a job or who can’t work because the benefits system is being dismantled.

    • I agree Barry, your liberal will cry racism but it is simply a case of getting our own house in order first. The system cannot cope under the sheer amount of people in the UK and any means of limiting those coming in has to be beneficial to us all. I’m all for political correctness in ideal times but these are far from ideal and a PC attitude isn’t going to keep the homeless warm and fed at night now is it?

      • Indeed you will of course notice that the bleeding heart liberals who are in favour of unfettered immigration always claim they are working and conveniently fail to mention the 400,000 immigrants who are on benefits.

  5. hardly surprising as labour are just tories with different colour ties.

  6. Landless Peasant

    Fuck you Miliband you Class Traitor. Labour can get fucked, I’m voting GREEN.

    • They are. They have betrayed generations ever since Bliar ruined the party and the whole Labour movement.

    • Landless Peasant, Somehow you have me convinced. For the first time ever, I am going to vote Green, Yehaaaaaa

      • The Green party is a mixture of ex lib dems and tories.

        • Nope, there are a lot of ex-Labour supporters who vote Green because they think the Greens are the only true socialists in English national politics. Some people vote Green because the Labour party started supporting the nuclear deterrent. Some vote Green because they have really forward-thinking social policies. Some vote Green because they really support green issues.

          Your typical disaffected Tory hates wind farms, loathes the very thought of a “citizen’s income”, wants more roads and a higher speed limit and no carbon tax on fuel, wants more defence spending on ground troops as well as Trident, believes that cutting sickness benefits and international aid would give us enough money to do all that and thinks nearly all green issues part of a socialist scam.

          Don’t mix up green wellies and Green politics.

  7. Landless Peasant

    Off Topic*

    I’ve just been to sign-on and was shocked to discover that my adviser was able to view my UJM profile, when I did NOT grant them permission. The box had been altered and was set to allow DWP snooping, but I most certainly, definitely, had NOT altered it. WTF?

    • Underhand, devious tactics by the DWP . You should report this to the Data protection act commissioner.

      • Fen Tiger

        All the data protection act commissioner does is protect false or malevolent data written about you! Try getting something off your files that is a pack of lies and see how the data commissioner passes you from pillar to post until you give up. We need a law to be able to question our data.

        • If the DWP are fiddling with your UJM account, just shut it down and create a new one.

          • …on a new e-mail account, too. Then don’t give them the e-mail address under any circumstances. It’ll really annoy them, but it is your right. When I did it I got put on a month’s MWA for my trouble, but then it’s out of the way and (hopefully) your turn for any more forced labour won’t come around for a while…

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      apart from their good solid info, there are some updates re c4 stuff…..

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Landless Peasant:

      Take a screen print showing it’s unticked, just checked mine and it’s ok (unticked)

    • Recently, I clicked on email alert from UJM. followed the prompts, scrolled down job description, only to find that a box HAD ALREADY been ticked `job doesn`t match my interests’ . It`s happened too many times to be my imagination now!

      I have since unticked the Authorised boxes and am currently awaiting my fate.

      • Lucy Fabloos (@LucyFabloos)

        How to stop all DWP Universal Jobmatch emails.

        2) How to stop all DWP emails.

        Visit your ‘Profile‘ page and ensure the “I would like to receive DWP email messages” is unticked* and then go to ‘Home page‘ > ‘Saved searches’ > ‘Edit’ and select “None“.

        Then save.

        This will reset the email frequency box to ‘None’ and the box itself should disappear. – It’s defualt setting is ‘once per week’.

        • Many thanks, Obi. Am on the Workfarce Programme. First Adviser took my a/c details, along with my password, “just in case you forget to bring them along to A4e”. (Her words).

          Have received letter today, for appointment tomorrow, this is what it says: Location: Telephone Appointment, which is highlighted in yellow.
          I presume I have an appointment with a telephone, lol!
          Been on WP for just over a year now and found it to be truly hysterical, depressing and demeaning!
          I don`t think it will be very hysterical, though, at the end of the food bank queue!

          Bravely onward ……..

          • Eric Greenwood (4727)

            I would NEVER give my password and account details to anyone, Because how do you know they arent going to send for a job as a topless dancer, You cannot trust anyone with your private details.

          • Community Safety Officer

            That’s crazy… ANYONE could be sending out ANYTHING from your account…. and YOU would be held responsible…. you could get into serious trouble… you could end up being sent to prison! That is why we have account details and passwords in the first place – they should NEVER be shared with ANYONE! Would you give a stranger your bank PIN, copy of your house/car keys?… “in case you forget them”?

          • I would put in a formal complaint to A4e about that, Lucy. All A4e staff supposedly agree to place a high priority on the safeguarding of clients, so it is completely unacceptable that the adviser told you to give her your account details.

            • Jesus Christ! I am not a very assertive/confrontational person, and the staff at A4e lack social skills and can be very rude to me. I am very frightened, surfing the net and reading accounts of benefit sanctions has made my depression and severe anxiety worse.

              I cannot risk benefit sanction, I have two sole dependants and no family or friends I can turn to for help.

              This would explain boxes already being ticked, when I click on email alert from UJM, would it not?

              PLEASE, Can anyone explain to me how I can change my password, on UJM.

              • overburdenddonkey

                but you are doing something about it, and empowering yourself which will eventually reduce your anx…this link some one will probably pop up to help about changing passwords….

              • Q: Where do I change my Universal Jobmatch password?

                A: When you’ve logged in, select the ‘Profile’ link on the navigation bar. Then select the Government Gateway link and you’ll be taken to the Government Gateway website where you can change your password (located under the ‘Manage’ section). Select ‘Change password’. Enter your new password and select ‘Submit’.

                • I try now, thank you.
                  Lamb to the slaughter! Feel sick.

                • A4e are SCUM!!

                  And tell these cunts to take a flying fuck in no uncertain terms if they ask for your new password. What A4e have done is outrageous – it not only flies in the face of privacy and data security but is also ILLEGAL!! Just who the fuck do these cunts think they are?

            • Still trying to put a formal complaint to A4e. To, Senior Media Relations Officer@A4e, and Press Officer.
              Tried to email complaint to several A4e employers, only to get the same reply – Invalid address.

    • Worrying…

      “Thankyou for the reply, although it does not answer my question. I had wanted the guidance
      explaining what an advisor must do their end (“advisor-end”) when selecting the option
      allowing DWP access for a jobseeker, and how they seek the consent required for doing so.

      I can clarify that there is no guidance which explains what an adviser must do in this situation
      as the action required to allow access is done by the jobseeker.”

  8. …it’s a ‘make it stop’ moment.

    All of these schemes, from YOPS through Community Programme, YTS, Employment Training, New Deal in all its forms, the Work Programme, Community Action Programme all the way to this stupid Compulsory Jobs Guarantee – every single one has been an unmitigated and costly failure, that was only about manipulation of a justifiably grudging populace for political gain.

    Each successive scheme has been more expensive to implement and is coupled with a further lowering of already pitifully low standards in all aspects of delivery.

    Pay everyone a living wage, then no one, is compelled into delivering this sort of damaging crap for a living or be a subject of it. Everyone wins.

    This extra vicious form of capitalism we have, is way beyond a capitalism that needs a certain proportion of the populace to be unemployed, it’s a form that needs those at the bottom of the heap to be actively and visibly punished, sanctioned until they are almost dust. Which some will be, as we have already seen.

    Thickies in power, thickies out of power. Both have nothing but blood lust and ego.

  9. ” This is the true face of the modern Labour Party – as nasty and out of touch as any of the Tories they are so desperate to copy.”

    I’ve been saying this till I’m blue in the face – yet there are those ‘thoroubreds’ who believe that labour are the answer to our predicament. Labour has betrayed the working people of this country continually and are not fit for purpose

  10. Landless Peasant

    I can’t afford to work for £156 per week, that’s about £20 less than I receive in total Benefits. I’d be worse off than on the dole! I’m not working to be worse off! I’ll refuse to participate and take a sanction instead, then claim Hardship.

  11. can’t wait till ‘the vox’ sees this….!!!!

    meanwhile the tories are placing Jeremy Cunt as dictator of the NHS

  12. Landless Peasant

    The UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) defines Slavery as;

    “work or service which is exacted from any person under the threat of a penalty and for which the person has not offered himself or herself voluntarily”.


  13. Labour’s jobs guarantee is poor for the reasons you state above. The one thing in its favour is that it is tacit acknowledgment that the government has a role to play in active job creation. I think a state-funded job guarantee has huge potential, it’s just by making it compulsory and scrimping on hours and pay, Labour have turned a good idea into a pretty terrible one. More here:

    • If Capitalism worked we would not need a STATE FUNDED jobs guarantee, the fact is the so called wealth creators living in this country who are taking tax gifts are living here, probably part-time but investing abroad.
      It has always been public funding that has paid for public projects such as social house building, road resurfacing, pavement repairs etc and all is done on the cheap these days, especially the unskilled labouring jobs and that is the only way that they will provide work or much needed infrastructure for the poorest in society, by forcing the unemployed under sanction to do the donkey work.
      I say put these politicians on the road resurfacing gangs for next to no pay.

  14. At least Labour have swapped out Mandatory and replaced it with the word Compulsory lol 🙂

    • overburdenddonkey

      s e mantic
      yeah, that’s much better, the chains are now made of fleece,,,

    • yes, Mandatory Jobs Guarantee doesn’t quite have the same ring to it… will all the crack-pot, hair-brained schemes/programmes become Compulsory under Labour…is this the big change we can expect and look forward too 🙂 …will Mandatory be removed from the jobcentre/wp lexicon…will jobcentres be ordering new dictionaries lol

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  16. The only possible way that the low paid can have increased levels of income in the long term without rapid inflation (that would negate any rise) is for the most well paid -period. To avoid inflation you can only take from one sector of society and give to another, any other way of increasing low income will always cause inflation.
    As for getting people off Benefits-increase the minimum wage to a TRUE living wage (probably over £400 pw TAKE HOME) and eliminate some of the ad-on taxes eg TV licence and Road Tax (Pay for these out of income tax and corporation tax-that would have to be factored into gross pay levels), get honest about National insurance and make it part of income tax.
    Obviously this would leave less money for boses/shareholders.
    Stabalise the markets by forcing share holders to hold shares for a minimum term say 12 months (you know-as if it was an actual investment rather than a gamble) instead of being able to trade unlimited times in one day.

  17. I agree with the above comments.
    Also, it bothers me that these kinds of schemes get paraded as central to the government’s conomic policy.

    They may suppress wages a bit further perhaps, and are in tune with the general propaganda push to blame the poor for their poverty. At most it’s a social policy, and a bad one at that.

    Creating real jobs in large numbers using new money- that could be central to your economic policy. The green new deal idea, massive council house- building, re- manning the social and health services, help in fnding new SMEs, etc etc


  18. Oops got distracted there at the top-what i meant to type was “The only way the low paid can have wage increases without causing inflation is for the system to take from the most well paid or for companies to not pay them as much to begin with”-hope thats a bit more clear.

  19. 99% of the time i disagree with people regarding immagrant labour, however i would like to see companies that use a lot of imported labour forced to take on and train people for jobs rather than the “plug and play” attitude that exists at the moment-ok many people from (particularly) East Euro countries have great command of English and are experienced in the work at hand, but if these companies had been training people for the last 30 years then there would be plenty of nationals with skills-these companies are essentially leeching off Euro training traditions.
    Also instead of treating the grey and black economy workers as the Enemy i would like to see both employers and middle-men facilitators of sub-minimum wage and illeagal workers given massive prison time (with hard labour would be funny).

    • overburdenddonkey

      so that makes the root problem, 30+ yrs of full on capitalist development…

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps john
        everytime we eat an orange we consent to and are effectively employing labour from overseas….world trade has happened in this way for centuries….this is how the rich got rich, by exploiting labour…

  20. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Why will this new jobs guarantee lark be for only 25 hours per week? (I smell a rat)

    Why not just make it full time (37.5 or 40 hrs a week) then we could sign off and be done with the Jobcentre and the benefits system altogether.

    • overburdenddonkey

      still need to jobsearch….

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        we wouldn’t have to if they made it full time, we could sign off!

        • … but you would be free from the jobcentre’s clutches and that wouldn’t suit the job centre would it… the job centre want to have their cake and eat it… it is the worst of both worlds for the jobseeker… all the hassle and stress of work without any financial benefits whatsoever and still under the jobcentre’s sadistic thumb… they are like cats toying with and torturing their prey…

          • overburdenddonkey

            and they’ll have one running round in circles in travelling times and expect one to attend jcp daily…possibly upto 6hrs a day travel, plus all the anxiety of late connections, traffic hold ups, etc who knows, but they will have many more options as you point out to make those on jsa AND esa, a living hell like never seen before…their sanctionable and conditionality heaven….publicly it will be “but, they get all this dosh for 25hrs/wk”…compulsory workfare without the sandwich

  21. At least it can be seen from the pic at the top of this article that Ed Milliband puts in a hard days graft, a lot more than can be said for…

    • Landless Peasant

      LOL 😀 Ed Miliband has never done a day’s work in his life, like most politicians.

    • I think your blue rinse has caused brain damage!

    • You know the rinse isn’t for drinking?

    • Oh look Blue Rinse, here you are with the rest of we social security claimants. That makes you one of us, didn’t you realise that?

      I can see your Conservative Club membership will be up for meticulous scrutiny some time very soon.

    • So you think that millipede wears a reflective jacket and a hard hat in his place of employment then?, all that shows is that he is a closet member of a male strip team. I presume you are a lazy work-scrounger as you are infesting this site and making such lazy fascist propaganda claims, you were probably one of the scum who were tweeting about the highly biased benefits streets as well.

  22. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    I lived through the YTS years, the job club years the New deal years, the flexible new deal years, and the work programme years.. Each scheme was supposed to fix the problem, but all they did was demoralise people They would promise training then a job.. the jobs never turned up, they promised training and most of those didnt turn up, I was told several times at the old job club i was putting people off because if he couldnt get a job then they couldnt, I did everything they asked of me and more, yet nothing..I have ended up with a breakdown caused by the dwp/job centre. This NEW workfare will do the same as the last ones. There will be no guarentee of a permanent job, you will have a year working (or however long you are on this scheme), then back on the dole, being the 25 hours plus 10 hours plus training (read working for nothing on the off chance you get offered a permanent job), then back 2 years later and so on all paid for by the state, all paid for by the taxpayers, the only benefit i see is you may have a little more self worth thinking you are earning money, but knowing that it will end and you will come back to the poverty.

    Of course if the housing benefit ends, they will become in arrears and have to move to cheaper places, where they will be back on the roundabout dole/work which has no stability. But Labour is not about the people anymore its about profits, they are racing to the bottom with the tories but who are the ones who suffer NOT THEM, not in their comfortable homes where they dont have to worry about eating or heating.

    This is another way for employers to have a government paid for slave workforce, they dont say that eventually all companies will want these slaves to replace proper paid workers, and so increase the companies profits. ALL paid for by the state. Labour is just as morally bankrupt as the tories, the only difference between them is the colour of the ties.

  23. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Universal Jobmatch – Cookies:


    Clear text value indicating the Registration Authority that the user has requested is remembered for future sessions, lasts on your hard drive for
    1000 days.

    This is the only cookie that stays on your hard drive – find it and delete it.

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      It’s to authenticate you registration details – if you delete it you won’t be able to get back into UJ when you try to sign in.

    • The best way to remove ALL cookies from your own computer is to download ‘CCleaner’ from Piriform. CCleaner is freeware software that I use each time after coming off the internet. You will be suprised with the huge amount of crap that CCleaner finds after just being online for only one half hour session online.

      I also use various cookie blocking software on both Chrome and Firefox browsers installed on my PC. If I try to access Universal Jobmatch through my Firefox, UJM gets all pissy and refuses to log me in. Ha ha fucking ha!

      That is a sure fire way to stop the nosey cunts leaving invasive junk on my own computer.

  24. If the banksters can be made to stop leeching from SMEs then businesses can grow naturally and employ people as they do so. The politicians refuse to face the banksters though, which means they’re no good to us. Voting green’s not a bad idea though.

  25. I wish these politicians would FFS cut out all this crap and create jobs with a decent, liveable wage. I’m so sick of the whole damn lot of them!

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Businessman arrested in probe over ‘Hustle-style’ jobseeker scam at luxury city centre office.

    The swoop comes following claims jobseekers paid for background checks for ‘non-existent’ roles with Options 4 Families.

    Candidates told the M.E.N they had been interviewed at a luxury office inside the Manchester One building on Portland Street, but heard nothing from the company after paying £65 for background checks on offers of employment.

    The £18,000-a-year trainee child counsellor jobs were advertised on several websites – including the government’s own Universal Jobmatch site.

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  28. Rosemarie Harris

    This just gets worse! We all need to contact the labour party on their website and show them this. Then we need to contact the labour MP’s and the ones who want to be the next MP’s. All members seem to be out of touch with the public let’s remind them that they need us to vote for them!
    Lets while we are at it check other party’s policy for the unemployed and stop them before they come up with stupid ideas!
    I can’t believe we are still fighting for proper PAID jobs .. the amount of money given to ‘work providers’ to get us off benefit would have been better spent on getting us skills to partake in society rather than looking out trying to get in!

    • Another Fine Mess

      Where the hell are they going to get 300,000 jobs from without leaving someone else unemployed instead.
      The Condems are already offering employers £2200 to take on under 25s and they can’t give it away.

  29. Reblogged this on UNEMPLOYED IN TYNE & WEAR and commented:
    You know, if the Greens really got their act together, they could clean up at the next general election. Who else is left for us to vote for ?

  30. ill be voting for them theres nobody else i can see to vote for.

    • Green party? If in Scotland SNP. If in Wales Plaid Cymru. The rest are all just espousing this revolting neo-liberal, grovelling to corporations and banks, nonsense that is ruining us.

      • The Greens don’t field enough candidates. We last had a Green Party candidate to vote for, over 15 years ago. Our so called Independent candidates over the years mostly seem in hock to neoliberal ideology.

        I would rather the country be run by the Yogic Flying party than any of the current line up of ego maniacs.

  31. 1 week’s JSA is £56.80

    • Landless Peasant

      @ Dom W

      My TOTAL amount of State Benefits comes to around £170 per week. I would be worse off by working 25 hours on Min. Wage.

      • You wouldn’t lose all your housing and council tax benefit. I believe it is calculated to leave you with at least the minimum that you need to live on. This is about £95 I think. Which is interesting when JSA is set at £71.70. But as it says above it gets difficult when you have significant travel costs.

  32. And a post about how desperate these sanctions have driven people. Right to the very depths.

  33. “First came the rising rates of homelessness. Then, the explosive growth of suicides. Now, four years into a devastating financial crisis, Greece’s youngest citizens are falling through the cracks of the country’s disheveled society.”

    “British People Are Trying To Sell Their Organs On Facebook”

  34. HELP!! I have been given a jobseekers direction to provide a copy of my CV (and covering letter) I sent in for a job application. This is to be handed in (or e-mailed) before the adviser appointment. But I thought you didn’t have to provide a copy of your CV to the jobcentre. What do I do – just ignore the direction and show a copy at the adviser appointment.?

    • @ Kirsty – If you have been given the jobseekers direction to hand in the cv BEFORE the appointment, I would follow the instruction to the letter, especially if you intend to show them your cv anyway. They may want to check if your cv is “all it could be”, and tweak it in some way. They are entitled to do that, as it is technically “helping you” and making an employer more likely to read your cv instead of bypassing it. It is unwise to refuse their “help and support” as it could result in a sanction, although it doesn’t give them a licence to dictate to you on things which they are not entitled to dictate to you on, such as giving them access to your UJM account which they are not entitled to have. If you look at the Stupid Sanctions site you will see that someone was sanctioned for amending their cv as recommended by the Jobcentre but failing to give the Jobcentre a copy as also instructed.

    • Kirsty, do what they ask, and follow everything that they ask you to do, now this will take a long time ,because they are about to try and grind you down, and then get you to the state of mind ,where you will be that sick of signing on, that you will sign off.
      Keep signing.
      And walk into the job centre with a smile on your face just to upset them.

    • Kirsty, it sounds like the Jobcentre want to see your CV and covering letter as evidence that you applied for that job so, yes, I would hand in both to avoid a sanction. I recommend you hand in paper copies though rather than emailing electronic copies to them.

  35. Spent two hours yesterday trying to get through to the “hardshit line”… what does that tell you?

  36. “Sell-Off – The Abolition of Your NHS”

    • overburdenddonkey

      clause 119 was passed yesterday, here is lucy reynolds views on it and clause 117..

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps annos
        in my lifetime the keystone of the welfare state will disappear, we will still have the debt, some nhs logo’s, but hardly any service, our health will suffer immensely, as we are flogged by working for subsistence rates…and yet there is hardly a murmur about it…

        • overburdenddonkey,

          There will be BIG trouble coming on to the streets, those who rule us know that!, they are getting ready for it, the cruelty and brutality that is to come from them when the troubles come will be absolutely 100% pure Nazism. They will rule by fear, think Nazism, also read Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago”.

          See the future….

        • OBD the health of the economy is all being airbrushed and photoshopped to be something it isn’t. It’s a fake economy built on zero hour contracts, non jobs, workfare ‘jobs’

          The mainstream media are complicit in the deception; constantly reporting fake economic growth news which is completely misleading.

          The groundwork is well laid now for the total dissolution of welfare as we know it. Anything people get in the future will have to be earned through these slave workfare schemes and the like.

          That’s why i hate the Labour party so much nowadays, they had a chance to stand up to IDS on the retroactive workfare legislation and instead they backed him in order to rush the legislation through parliament.

          • overburdenddonkey

            yes, and now in the ludicrous situation that if one is ill, one has to work to pay the bills to get better, and perform as if one is fit and well…hence their “work makes one well” precursor spin…and that’s if one is lucky enough to have a job….the sicker one is the harder one will have to work, to pay the bills, the sicker one is, the fitter one will need to be, which is where CBT goading comes in….pollution alone causes millions to suffer and thousands to die…

  37. Of course it is better than the current “workfare”.

    We shall have to see the details, but asking someone who has not worked for two years to take a guaranteed job, which pays at least minimum wage is hardly draconian.

    As for low pay not being enough, they can still claim housing benefit and tax credits as low paid workers do now.

    Welfare has always had conditions and two years leeway, for being unemployed, in the current climate is fair. Sure it should be better than minimum wage and there is no guarantee of it being permanent, but it is a start…

    • Mukkinese, I wonder if you have had much contact with the Social Security system over the last six years?

      Even on paper, the cracks in these plans for managing the unemployed and the sick show how ill thought out they are. Everyone complains, but no one in power really listens to the people they are paid to serve.

      When these schemes start, it isn’t long before the casualties of their poor implementation start rolling in. The stories emerge from those who have experienced any scheme and the true nature of the schemes are explicitly evident.

      They are a bad idea on paper, a terrible thing in practice. These schemes obstruct people from getting real work. There are plenty of people here who can tell you how badly these schemes are run, how damaging they are.

      These schemes are well documented here on The Void. There is a thriving world of people in this country (and world wide) happy to put their experiences of unemployment/illness/disability on the net. There are many publications which run articles questioning the ideology of coercing people into non-jobs and punishing them when they fail to jump through the rapidly spinning hoops.

      The truth is out there Mukkinese, and it ain’t pretty, fair or just.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ Mukkinese

      You might not get Housing Benefit on 25 hours work. And as for “asking” someone to do a job, well they aren’t ‘asking’ are they? they are demanding, i.e. compulsion, and that is plain wrong. And Minimum Wage is a total rip-off. I was earning £5 per hour over 20 years ago FFS.

    • Another Fine Mess

      “asking someone who has not worked for two years to take a guaranteed job, which pays at least minimum wage is hardly draconian.”

      Asked or even persuaded would be fine, but they’re not asked are they.
      Why wait until they haven’t worked for 2 years, why not ‘help’ them after 1 year or less of unemployment while they’re still employable? (I know the answer!)

      “two years leeway, for being unemployed, in the current climate is fair.”

      Only if you assume there’s lots of jobs out there waiting to be filled if only the long term unemployed would just ‘take’ them, but in fact the competition for jobs is quite fierce, have you not heard.
      Even If all vacancies were offered to the unemployed on first come first served basis, it would still be 2 years before everyone had ‘had a go’ at a job, by which time you’d now have a different set of people who’d been waiting for 2 years since losing their job for their go.
      There aren’t enough jobs.

  38. I was watch CNBC News (Squawk Box) at 8:30am this morning and Labour MP Chuka Umunna (a millionaire 7 times over) was being interviewed and they got onto the topic of Labours new Jobs Guarantee Programme.

    Well the presenter basically trashed it, he said that it was no good at all to offer unemployed people jobs that don’t exist, he then asked Chukka what’s the point in creating 25 hour a week non jobs for 6 months paid for by taxing bankers?

    He then told Chukka that this wouldn’t benefit the jobseekers and certainly wouldn’t benefit the British economy, well surprise surprise Chukka did an IDS – he said ‘I don’t agree’.

    Well they are both bald, maybe this has something to do with it

  39. Compulsory Work Activity (CWA)


  40. overburdenddonkey

    pre-fabs were originally hated, by tenants, they all had gardens, many had veg plots, eventually people grew to love these fab spaces, as communities grew and flourished…many fought tooth and nail to stay in them in preference to the high rise and other accommodation that they were being offered, but the land was required for “development” ….how many unemployed people i wonder, would take up an offer of building their own accommodation in the prefab vein as shown in the link below, i suspect hundreds of thousands….built to last 10yrs..some are still occupied to this day….

    • Another Fine Mess

      As well as the tin and concrete ones there were asbestos ones, I used to play in the rubble of some of them when I was little, but I’m still alive!

      • overburdenddonkey

        a f m
        brings back fond memories, i bet….the paper currently being thrown at us could, as trees, build 1000’s of them….

  41. The pre fabs lasted well after they should have, unlike some more modern buildings which are knocked down in a very short amount of time.

  42. Its nothing but another Labour stupid here today and gone tomorrow idea.

    the £500 idea has been used by them before. a voucher dated april 2009 called a “recruitment subsidy-self marketing voucher” the term” real help for jobseekers now” it offered employers £500 upfront and another £500 when the employee had been employed 26 weeks. its still sitting here with me.

    These ideas seem to be coming now all the time,people on benefits are just a diversion tool for the real economic problems. where all these people are going to go and do what,put someone in a proper paid job out of work.

  43. …What Milliband doesn’t tell us, is what these jobs are going to b. He doesn’t say where they are going to come from.
    It is a sign of just so totally out of touch with reality this idiot has always been, he considers 25 hours on min wage a good thing, and that for a mere 6 months. It also shows how utterly callous he has become, he even suggests stopping benefits for those who don’t comply.
    Not every one may be in a position to take up these “job” offers. Not everyone may be able to travel either, as Johnny Void has explained.
    And as for the costs… is it not the case the “employers” would still get retaining fees of some kind of another the same way present workfare organisations do, at huge cost?
    The fact is, these would be fake jobs, lasting a mere few months, and if DWP is not restored to what can only be described as normality, after the destruction wrought by “IDS”, if it continues as is presently, then those coming off these fake jobs, could find themselves waiting forever before they start getting any benefits again.

    Edward Milliband not only looks like someone who hasn’t a clue about anything, and sounds it too, he know makes clear, he doesn’t care anything either.

    It is depressing when we hear of ppl who cannot see beyond Labour. The days of Labour ever caring for the peasant plebs disappeared many long moons ago.

    • Gordon Keane: “The fact is, these would be fake jobs”

      Fake jobs, fake economy and fake recovery Gordon.

      There was a time when there actually were real jobs available. Nowadays the odd one comes up now and again but it’s difficult to get as there are so many going for them.

      So what do we have from Labour? Create a bunch of artificial fake jobs by taxing bankers bonuses and paying firms to take them on!! That is a desperate measure and one that is so shortsighted it’s actually breathtaking to hear such economic illiteracy from the leader of a main party.

      The only way forward is for the economy to grow properly and create new jobs naturally because of demand. Not to pay a firm to somehow create an opening for someone when there is no demand in that company for someone. That is just artificial stimulus and will not work for the long term.

      The more i look at Labour i wonder how these people got into the position they’re in? The three stooges the other day Miliband, Ed Balls and Rachel Reeves? OMG if this is what the Labour party is reduced to they’d better pack it in now. Just dissolve the party.

      • Eric Greenwood (4727)

        ” how these people got into the position they’re in? Mummy and daddy bought them educations in politics and used their money to buy contacts.. they never had to work a day in their life…

    • He is like most immigrants or sons of immigrants all they are interested in is their own middle class rights and bringing in more immigrants, to hell with the indigenous working class or working class immigrant communities are suffering by bringing in more immigrants.

  44. Another Fine Mess

    Will labour have to give the employer £2275+ as well as paying all of the ‘wages’ of the worker in the non-exsistant job.
    How much much more evidence do they need that people are unemployed due to lack of jobs.

    He promised firms £2,275 for each 18 to 24-year-old they took on who had been ­unemployed for more than six months.
    The budget was for 160,000 payments but only 10,030 have been made so far.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a f m
      “Will labour have to give the employer £2275+….”
      i found myself putting in the missing expletives…. 🙂 i put in 5…

    • Another Fine Mess

      The lib dems think that the low paid should have further tax cuts as opposed to wage rises, again depriving local communities of much needed central government taxation but alleviating business of paying real wages.

      • ps by the time labour pay the employers to take on workers, use their jsa benefit towards their wage, then pay tax credits and housing benefit, there is not much that could be called wages is there?

  45. In the hope that those sanctioned will read this far down. Here’s a link to what might be a sliver of hope and why DWP and JC+ are getting away with what they are doing

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      This is good to know Lucy.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Suggest Johnny Void does a full post on this as it’s vital information.

        • lol you will have to wait… Johnny is busy at the mo typing up a piece on Kate Middleton’s new hair-do 🙂

        • I thought it might be important Obi, even though the decision was in the First Tier Tribunal, the judges there can refer cases up to the 2nd tier themselves and can also seek advice from the 2nd tier judges. 2nd Tier judges, if they get to deal with the case in the article, could certainly set a precedent for all those signing Claimant Commitments or JSAags.

        • Shut Down the Jobcentres

          So how does this square with the jobcentre position: ” The overriding test is whether the person, in the week in question, took such steps as could be reasonably expected to be taken in order to have the best chances of securing employment. “? Because this what is getting sanctioned! Jobseekeer have been sanctioned for only completing 39 out of 40 ‘agreed’ steps in a week!

          • Shut Down the Jobcentres

            Comment from “Dan” on the skywalker blog: “My other arguments were that i have heard the terminlogy “reasonable steps” and “best-chance” bandied about at will, and it seems these completely ambiguous terms are being used to sanction people en masse.” All the jobcentre argue is “that you could have done this”, “why didn’t you do this?” Doh!

            • Shut Down the Jobcentres

              i.e you were sanctioned because you never took all the steps it could have been reasonably expected of you to give you the best chance of securing employment.

            • Nothing Survived

              Like: “Why didn’t you visit Evans the Bakers and ask hand in your CV?” “Because I have been handing my CV into Evans the Bakers every day for the past two years.” “So”. “Evans say they will contact me if they have any suitable vacancies.” “So.” “Evans say they are a busy shop and my handing my CV in every day creates a nuisance.” “So.” “Evans have served me with an anti harrassment order.” “So, why didn’t you hand you CV into Evans the Bakers?” “Evans called the Police and had be arrested.” “Pfft, this is being sent to a decision maker, we will write to you.”

    • Why do the Jobcentre then say: “The evidence does not support your claim that that you fulfilled all the steps on your Jobseeker’s Agreement” …………. for the reasons above I have not changed the decision.

      The JCP are trying to make out the Jobseekers have to fulfil all the ‘agreed’ steps on their JSAG to be treated as Actively Seeking Work.

    • my name is [my] name...

      going to write to mp
      thanks lucy…

    • This is dynamite.

      Thanks for that.

      • “Any jobseeker who can demonstrate that s/he has taken 3 steps a week to find work has complied with the law. Any jobseeker’s ‘agreement’ that imposes more than three steps is illegal and legally unenforceable. Any claimant sanctioned for failing to meet such an illegal requirement has a right to have it overturned on appeal.”

        The fat cow in my jc should get that rammed down her fat fucking throat. I never got sanctioned (yet) but have been close…

        • Thanks 🙂 got a couple of Tribunal hearings coming up for “not actively seeking employment” so this will come in handy 🙂

        • From a DWP Statement of Reasons: “In order the have the best chances of getting employment a person is expected to have taken more than 2 steps in any one week unless the decision maker decides that taking one or two steps in that week is reasonable. There is no “magic number” of steps that would insulate a person from an argument that they are not ASE. The overriding test is whether the person, in the week in question, took such steps as could be reasonably expected to be taken in order to have the best chances of securing employment. A person can be held to have failed that test even if they took three steps in any given week.”

      • … be careful how you handle it… lol 🙂

    • I posted a comment on that blog yesterday afternoon, but it still has not been ‘approved’. What’s it with all that “your comment is awaiting moderation’ bullcrap. Life is too short for that shit!

    • Lucy, thanks for bringing this to all of our attentions.I have copied and pasted it and I will tell everyone I speak to down at the jobcentre.

    • We cannot pay you jobseekers allowance.... because we are CUNTS!!

      It surely must be ILLEGAL what the fucking jobcentre are doing AND getting away with. Human beings are starving, human beings are being left destitute, human beings are committing suicide, human beings are DYING whilst these sadistic cunts sit back on there hairy arses in their cosy air-conditioned offices churning out those fucking shit-stained brown envelopes. It is dia-fucking-bolical!

  46. Another Fine Mess

    Waste Programme and sanctions not working, no sh*t sherlock.

    “Challenging some of the government’s rhetoric and thinking, the report says there is “no conclusive evidence that sanctions were changing job search behaviour or increasing job entry rates.”
    It goes on to say there is: “little or no evidence among (work programme participants) of preference for a life on benefits …””

  47. I noticed Geoff hasn’t posted for a while. I hope he is ok.

  48. I’ve had a vision. Sanction aid. We have another Live aid full of superstars like The Who and all the money goes to the sanctioned. Billy Bragg isn’t invited…

    • Cephalus, was there not a programme on the BBC last night with ‘celebrities’ living alongside the ‘poor’. Something to do with sport relief where they ask for £5.00 to give to the UK poor?

  49. Give us your fucking money.

  50. something survived...

    They will be forcing sick and disabled people to do the Compulsory Jobs too, no matter how inappropriate. Nothing on caring responsibilities. If you have a normal job a decent employer might let you rush home to a kid sick/injured at school, a sick relative, a home burglary or burst pipe. On Compulsory Jobs you can’t as that is a case of ‘the slave escaped’. All employment law in the UK would need changing, as it assumes currently a ‘job’ is something the worker consents to do and can leave for another job. Nothing on letting you apply for any jobs during the 6/12 months of forced labour; as if you got offered a job you’d not be allowed to take it. Be sanctioned for taking yourself off the scheme, or sanctioned for not applying for jobs! Also re consent an employee is responsible for company and their own actions, so that needs changing (forced workers can’t be held liable for their own or others’/company’s actions, or their own incompetence as they were forced to take the job); third parties etc should sue the government instead for sending the person to do the job. If you kill yourself during your time on the scheme, deliberately or accidentally, or get killed, will your family be given your sanctions (for leaving it by dying) instead as you’re dead? Nothing on who you’re put with. If you’re with a rapist, racist or bully and you know from day 1 they’re stuck with you a year! Maybe kill yourself, is that then the fault of the government and also murder? Nothing on how you could leave the shit job for major treatment in hospital. If the shit jobs force their regular workers to have medicals and drug tests, will it be forced on the slaves too? Though insurance can’t cover them and they get no holidays or employee benefits or contracts.

    • It’s in my mind 24/7 this community slave thing and that is what they want. They want us to worry ourselves into an early grave. Glaswegian long term unemployed aren’t pretty and take no shit and I hope the cunts in charge of them are looking forward to it.

      • Eric Greenwood (4727)

        Dont forget the presumed consent, so that the state can harvest a persons organs to repay back the benefits that is paid out..

        • Is there such a thing as a bracelet where you can put you do not want organs harvested.

        • The only reason the upperclasses can pay their way is because they rob the public purse in one way or another, banks, business, political class and all the other so called professional people that are failing in their professions , or for doing bugger all that could be considered work, the real workforce are productive, the ruling, so called educated class are destructive.

          • Tell me about it! Take Cameron and Osborne. Cameron had one job, Director of Corporate Affairs at Carlton Communications. They didn’t even want the slimy git but when your father knows most Board-members wonderful things happen. And George? Data entry clerk for the NHS for a few months and a couple of weeks folding towels at Selfridges Pissants!

      • Too fucking right, this community slave shite will probably never materialises until Osborne announces the same fucking scheme again lol but by that time most of us will have died with worry.

  51. my name is [my] name...

    I hope he is okay, too.


    From: Sarah Conner

    12 March 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    Are people who are sanctioned removed from the unemployment
    If so are they placed back as unemployed when the sanction is over.

    Yours faithfully,

    Sarah Conner

    Link to this



    From: Marie Jensen

    7 March 2014

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,
    I have just had my second medical examination by ATOS my first was
    over turned by the Appeal tribunal. My benefits were, not stopped,
    while I went to appeal the first time. My concern is great!
    A second ATOS medical examination and seen me fit for work. Which I
    am not fit for work. But my benefits were stopped and now I have to
    go and sign on while waiting for my Appeal.
    My urgent problems are now (1) I am on £25 per week less and I was
    only just surviving before I lost that huge amount (2)The new rules
    are now, even though I am appealing their decision. My benefits are
    NOT paid to me, in fact I now have to go and sign on. In order to
    do this I have to declare that I am actively seeking work for a
    minimum of 30 hours per week. Or that benefit will cease. I am not
    well enough to actively look for work 30 hours a week.
    I take 15mgs of Diazipam just to get out of the house. The side
    effects are high. How can I be fit for work?
    (3) The medical examiner brushed over my illness and even compared
    herself to my illness. Without even knowing in depth what my
    illness was. Never in all of my time have I ever visited a medical
    person who compared their issues to mine.
    (4) If I am not able to actively look for work 30 hours a week then
    I am not entitled to Job seekers, so that will soon be stopped too.
    So what do I do then? Without money for food or rent or heating. Do
    I just loose my home, starve? No one at the job centre is
    interested in helping me.
    Where do people like me go? What do we do next?

    Yours faithfully,

    Marie Jensen

    Link to this

    • Simply shocking. That answers a question, or rather it addresses it but doesn’t answer it!

      A person who is off sick and doesn’t feel able to work is told by this fake system that they’re fit for work. But they’re not fit for work. Their sickness benefit is stopped but they’re told to sign on for JSA. But the reason they’re declaring themselves sick is because they don’t feel able to look for work!!!

      So in order to be eligible for JSA you have to be actively seeking work so what does someone do in this situation?

      They say they’re not fit for work so the JCP won’t let them claim JSA.

      A farce.

      • It’s a ridiculous farce. People have been advised to just put in another application for ESA if they get into this Catch 22. As usual, endless conditions apply

        • overburdenddonkey

          this is the welfare news doc mandatory reconsideration’s catch 22..

        • Lucy: They put people on that endless treadmill; refusing them sickness benefit and saying sign on for JSA and then when the person tells the JC person “but i told them i don’t feel well enough to work but they told me to come here for JSA” They turn round and tell them “you’re not making yourself available for work so you can’t get JSA!”

          On and on it go’s and meanwhile the person is getting to the end of their tether with all the stress this brings.

          It’s truly appalling how they’re treating everyone on benefits but sick people especially. When you’re down because you don’t feel at your best that kind of hassle is the last thing a person needs.

          Callous, degrading and inhumane are three words that come to mind to describe these weasels.

          • GEOFF REYNOLDS


            An assessor is expected to see about 40 people per week, 65% of whom, the data shows, are expected to fail the assessment. The remainder will be split between the ESA support group (14.5%) and the work-related activities group (20.5%). Those who pass, in either group, are then further divided across five sub-groups, which specify whether an applicant should be expected to recover in six-24 months or “longer term” (in practice three years). Only 2.6% of WCAs are expected to result in a “longer-term” prognosis, which effectively means an assessor can allocate the prognosis to just one person a week; allocating a single extra person across a month hovers on breaching the allowed 20% variation. All other applicants, no matter their disability, are labelled as expected to have recovered within two years or less.

            …………..then in turn, the disabled are left with no other option but to starve to death or commit suicide………………..

            …….from sanction to suicide in three easy moves;

            1/ Employ an untrained, ex bed pan washer to formulate a biased, non professional medical report.

            2/ Have the report rubber stamped by a DWP DECISION MAKER, who, incidentally, is not trained in either physical or mental disability.

            3/ Utilise the COURTS AND TRIBUNAL SERVICE to further deny the disability.


            “KILLER QUEEN”

          • overburdenddonkey

            we have to find a way to cope with it all….we live it and suffer this on a daily basis…keep the human spirit alive and shining bright….we know they are wrong to do this to us…

          • obd and Raining, as I said, endless conditions apply.

            I feel that we are all shouting to each other from different parts of this maelstrom. There are things that go wrong in life, those things that happen to most of us, a bit of illness, a bit of death, a bit of breaking up, maybe a lost job or two, moving house, falling out- life throws this at us, because it is life…

            …then there’s what we have now, which is way beyond what any person could be expected to cope with. Fear makes us physically and mentally more unwell. They might not yet be wielding knives at us and using them, but what they are doing is just as effective in killing us.

            No jokes.

            • … like sat behind the letter-box shaking every time we hear the postwo/man footsteps on the driveway, panic as the flap on the letter-box opens, and sheer terror as we quake with fear at the prospect of opening the dreaded “brown envelope”.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i put up 2 responses in this thread 1 to raining the other to you…
              but, they have to get to that OVERT stage and they will NOT….because of our rage and willingness to speak out and stand up to them…they can barely justify their “policies” now…because of others who have come before us, that now includes us who speak out, against them….we all know the reasons why we stand up to them and empower ourselves with knowledge….

  54. “List of countries by life expectancy. I am surprised to find that the USA is now only in 35th place and the UK in 29th place. It is just another example of the great inequality that takes place in the two countries.”

  55. Obi Wan Kenobi

    The UK employment minister is “insulting” welfare claimants by refusing to give evidence to MSPs about benefits sanctions, the convener of a Holyrood committee has said.

    Holyrood row: Welfare Reform Committee had hoped to question Esther McVey on the issue in April.

    Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Welfare Minister Lord Freud have both previously refused to give evidence to the committee.

  56. Just got these off What Do They Know. It’s an updated list of benefit delivery and area managers for England and Wales including their telephone and fax and email addresses.

    Click to access Central%20Eng%20965.pdf

    Click to access LHC%20965.pdf

    Click to access NEE%20965%2024.03.14.pdf

    Click to access NEE%20to%2024.03.14%20965.pdf

    Click to access NW%20965.pdf

    Click to access W%20and%20S%20965.pdf

  57. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Work programme not meeting needs of unemployed.

    A flagship employment scheme championed by Iain Duncan Smith has been branded ineffective by half the organisations paid to deliver it , according to a leaked report.

    Margaret Hodge, chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, said the report showed people’s needs were being ignored and highlighted a lack of transparency from the Department for Work and Pensions.

    “What the leaked report has shown us now is actually those needs have been ignored and those that need most help are not being given it.

    “One of the problems we find consistently at the Department for Work and Pensions is they are not transparent, they are not open.”

    The research by independent experts was ready to be published six months ago but ministers blocked its release.

    • Only the fascist slap head Idi Amin Dada Smith will denounce this report by independent experts as hogwash and not the fuller picture.

      I know from experience that the Work programme is not working for me. All they do is bully me into agreeing with tosspot zero-hour vacancies or jobs not worthy of my work history or gained experience. The shit will hit the fan when I am due to leave the fucked-up forced attendance…

  58. “The research by independent experts was ready to be published six months ago but ministers blocked its release.”

    ^^^^ We seem to have that somewhere before, right?

    • Another Fine Mess

      I think this is an interesting bit.

      “It goes on to say there is: “little or no evidence among (work programme participants) of preference for a life on benefits …” ”

      They forgot to look in IBS’s and GO’s warped imaginations.

      • Just to let everyone know that politicians are not interested in the plight of ordinary people with problems, be they unemployed or disabled, have a read of this. This was a debate that was forced on parliament by people signing an e petition. They had to get 100,000 signatures to force a debate in parliament. So then they had the farcical situation of MP’s being so uninterested that hardly any of them even had the good grace to attend!

        • overburdenddonkey

          is there any more proof of the absolute contempt they have towards us sick and disabled human beings but to ignore, over 100000 of our voices, needed…no!

          • Blatant and complete contempt for disadvantaged and suffering people and they didn’t even have the good grace to attend. Every excuse under the sun trotted out to try to wriggle off the hook too.

            • GEOFF REYNOLDS

              The gas chambers of the Nazi concentration camps were probably the best option………………

              This protracted mental torture that we now face is one of the most grotesque and barbaric actions of any government, ever, in history.

              While the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONERS turn a blind eye to the eugenics cleansing programme, our most vulnerable take the only route out, suicide.
              Starvation and brutality to those most ill equipped to receive it, is nothing more than the act of a bully.
              The PCS UNION are the bullies that want teaching a lesson, once, and for all………………….

              Removal of a persons meagre pittance to exist, is probably the lowest that anybody could stoop………..

              • Geoff there was a question about benefits on Question Time a while back and it was talking about sanctions. Anyway, so many in the audience were all for it and they went to the guy who asked the question i think, though i may be wrong, and Dimbleby asked him if he thought there was any situation that warranted someone having their whole benefits stopped?

                He said NO and i thought to myself “there are still some decent humane people in this world”

                But getting less and less every day.

              • jesus h fucking christ ids……………… just round us up and throw us in the fucking gas chamber………………………..

        • I see they’re blaming engagements in their constituencies. It’s pure BS. Remember, most of them are involved in work/business schemes outside of Parliament. They spend more time attending to this than to what should be their parliamentary duties.

    • Yes. It isn’t the first time and it won’t be the last.

  59. ..Wasn’t it Labour under the Brown /Blair administration, that removed the old rule that allowed unemployed ppl to do some work for up to £15.00 a week without having to notify the DWP ?
    This little thing was useful for getting ppl some experience and perhaps allowing some boss someplace to take them on permanently…..But of course it could and was taken advantage of, and ppl were working hours on end sometimes for nothing more that that £15. Still, it was helpful, and for plebs on JSA, It was a big deal for them.
    Labour took that away, and meant even someone doing an hour or two for £10. could potentially face prosecution. How very helpful of the red tories known as “Labour”

  60. Obi Wan Kenobi

    ‘Labour’s Workfare Plus A Sandwich Scheme Could Be The Most Exploitative Forced Work Yet’

    Johnny are you sure we get a ‘sandwhich’?

  61. Wallace heard a rumour that is going to be a compulsory cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese sandwich… 🙂

  62. Question time tonight will probably be about topical questions that are on everybody’s lips…………

    the merger of the worlds two largest banana firms

    the princes unpublished letters to parliament

    hamster smuggling in the Shetlands

    ……………meanwhile in the real world……………………………………

    • Hamsters smuggling cocaine into the Shetlands must be a very important topic then on Question Time; more important than addressing the governmental cockup of introducing destitution to the British unemployed.

  63. Wanna larf? look here – poverty caused by marital breakdown not lack of money – guess who? Ian Duncan Shit here

    yes, e’s the great pretender lalalala

    • It has been revealed today that Duncan Smith’s mode of research goes something like this – go into downstairs toilet, drop trousers, sit for 30 minutes,without breaking wind, conjure up new idea,fail to have a crap, pull up trousers, release findings of his new ‘theory’ to the daily telegraph based on assiduous study of British population over many years – he’s full of shit

      • Whoever is in power they all talk bullshit just to buy votes for the next general election. I don’t even vote as none of the power-crazed tossers actually do in government what they propose in opposition.

        As for all the fucked-up work programmes over the years, not one has ever delivered on its promises or been value for money.

        Nacro (YTS) in the late 1980s and early 1990s.
        Job clubs from the mid 1990s
        New Deal from 1998 to mid 2000s
        Flexible New Deal from late 2000s
        Work Programme from 2011

        All have failed people and resources. People will never get back into work if jobs simply do not exist. 2+ million people out of work and less than 650,000 jobs available. No sooner as one person has got back into work, two jobs are lost from the economy. The bald fascist Idi Amin Dada Smith should fucking wake up from his induced coma and only then will realise that his meddling in the benefit system and increasing sanction regime will drive more people to the brink of suicide.

        Someone hang the slap-headed monster before he succeeds in overtaking Adolf Hitler, Fred West, Pol Pot, Saddam Hussein as the world’s top mass murderer.

        Fuck the work programme
        Fuck the jobcentre
        Fuck the government

  64. I’ve written about workfare a number of times, but it just keeps getting worse

  65. Why is Ed Millipeed wearing a hard hat? is it to stop his brains from spilling out all over his shoes?

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  67. overburdenddonkey

    tony benn a man who wobbled at times, but won a place in my heart..he told the story of the shadow left by a child, after the “bomb” was dropped with tears in his eyes, he also recorded every interview to guard against distortions by others, which to my mind led the way to his heart, a great human being..

  68. southessexheckler

    Reblogged this on The Heckler and commented:
    Anyone going to the TUC sponsored ‘Britain Needs a Pay Rise’ protest on October 18th – an event which to all intents and purposes will be an election rally for the Labour Party – needs to read this piece. This exposes the crap Labour have in store for the unemployed in a bid to massage the unemployment figures downwards. Once you’ve read this, it’ll be clear that Labour do not offer anything remotely resembling a viable alternative to the crap we have to endure now…

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  70. Clive Lord is promoting Universal basic income which will not ease any of the problems that the unemployed are facing either, it will just widen the gap between rich and poor.

  71. It remains to be seen if most of Labour’s faithful leave to join Left Unity Party once they have national conference 29 March in Manchester?
    The Swans would be good opposite Left Unity in government in 2015.
    Then Welfare and Pension Reform could all be revoked in law and proper investment so that real jobs, paying living wages.
    Pensioners treated fairly –

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