Bare-faced Lies, Bluff and Bullshit Are All Iain Duncan Smith Has Left As Millions Suffer

IDSThe list goes on and on.  The Public Accounts Committee, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the Office for National Statistics, the National Audit Office, the Archbishop of Westminster, even the Tory dominated Policy Exchange and coalition partners the Lib Dems, all of these people are wrong or lying said the increasingly bewildered Iain Duncan Smith in a rare appearance on the Sunday Politics this morning (starts at 13.20).

Much of the interview concentrated on the launch of Universal Credit, which has seen just a few thousand people start on the new benefit and tens of millions squandered due to bungled IT systems.  It is difficult to know for sure just how badly the launch of Universal Credit is going wrong, but IDS did admit that the new system will now not be fully in place until 2018.

Whilst Iain Duncan Smith can bullshit his way out of awkward questions on the launch of Universal Credit – mainly because no-one, including him, knows what the fuck’s really going on behind the scenes – he quickly resorted to outright lies when asked about other benefit reforms.

The Work Programme is working according to the Secretary of State, despite the appalling performance figures which are getting steadily worse as time goes on*.  IDS then lied that the companies running the scheme don’t get paid until someone has been in work continuously for six months.  In truth providers receive an up front start fee for everyone who joins the Work Programme. Long term unemployment is falling he then claimed, yet the most recent figures from the ONS show that the number of people who have been out of work for over two years is up 9000 from a year earlier.  He then bluffed that the scheme was better than any programme run by the Labour Government, which would hardly be a ringing endorsement even if it were true, and it isn’t.

On the Bedroom Tax IDS pretended that he didn’t mean it when he hauled the family of a disabled child through the appeal courts in an effort to overturn a ruling on a spare bedroom.  Astonishingly he said he now agreed with the court decision that he spent our money appealing against.  He then claimed that the courts had backed the Government on all the decisions  relating to disabled adults facing the Bedroom Tax, completely ignoring a string of recent benefit tribunal decisions where local authorities lost bedroom tax cases.

On Housing Benefit overall, he lambasted the amount spent on the benefit under Labour whilst avoiding the stark fact that the number of people needing to claim for help with their rent hit an all time high last Summer.  The Housing Benefit bill will only get bigger as less people qualify for social housing under new rules, and even those who have them are forced into the private sector due to the Bedroom Tax.

When quizzed about Tory think-tank the Policy Exchange’s recent mild criticism of benefit sanctions, IDS claimed they’d  got their figures wrong.  In perhaps his most bare-faced lie, he blustered that people who have had benefits sanctioned can ‘immediately’ and ‘straight away’ get a payment from the Hardship Fund.  In truth most claimants have to wait 15 days before Hardship Payments are available (PDF – ref: 35300) and even then not everyone qualifies for this meagre support .  He then claimed the DWP had a billion pounds to support people facing benefit sanctions, including Crisis Loans.  He seems to have forgotten that he abolished Crisis Loans in April last year.

Finally IDS was asked about child poverty, which he repeatedly claimed was falling despite an enormous fucking graph behind his head which showed the exact opposite.  According to IDS this discrepancy is because the IFS, who produced the figures, measure poverty according to the “marginal income line” – in other words how much money someone has.  In future child poverty will be measured according to Iain Duncan Smith’s ever changing personal prejudices.  He says he will produce new figures showing that the number of poor children is actually falling just as soon as he can be bothered to make them up.

Iain Duncan Smith is now barely even pretending to tell the truth as his welfare reforms unravel in every direction.  It is a pitiful sight to watch, but the impact of his delusions are tragic.  People are dying because of Iain Duncan Smith.  Families are becoming homeless and children going hungry, whilst sick and disabled people are being driven to despair.  Rarely has one man’s arrogance caused so much suffering.  There is no more damning indictment of our so-called democracy then a dishonest and callous fool like Iain Duncan Smith being able to claw his way to power over millions of lives.

*the most recent Work Programme figures were sneaked out in the Christmas break and I didn’t have the time to cover them.  They showed that the steady decline in the number of successful job outcomes is continuing.

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  1. Iain Duncan Smith is a Lying, Bullshiitng CUNT!!

    Fuck this evil Nazi bastard!

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  3. Holy shit, IDS is in fantasy land running amok with power. This only adds evidence to confirming what I’ve been saying for a while; his head would look awesome on a spike…

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  4. I heard he was at a JC the other day and a big crowd had gathered outside to ‘greet’ him. he saw the ever growing crowd got the panic up and ordered a car to get him as he slunk out the back door.

    Quality minister eh?

  5. IDS is barking mad. If you cut him in two you’d see the words “COMPLETELY INSANE” running through him like a stick of rock. The loon need sectioning.

  6. Oh! And I thought Andrew Neil was poorly briefed and did a piss poor job interviewing and pinning down the aforementioned lunatic.

    • No he was well briefed – he knew he had to avoid challenging IDS and let him get away with lies and bluster. That is exactly what you would expect of a former member of Glasgow University Conservative association, Conservative Party research assistant, editor of the Sunday Times and writer for the Daily Mail. Andrew Neil is the interviewer of choice for right wing politicians with skeletons to hide.

      • You’re right. It was a pitiful performance from Neil. I don’t believe a word spoken on TV or written in our newspapers. They all bloody stink. The only way to find the truth is to use the internet.

  7. This man is so far up his own arse he could take his own appendix out. Dillusional or what

  8. If the nazis had used the tactics of this government, then they would have achieved their aim by simply making the jews starve, commit suicide, or leave Germany in their thousands. if I had the opportunity to leave this country, I would. Why thousands of immigrant are flocking here, I don`t know.

    • When they get here, they dont bloody know, either!
      They complain they have to work harder and for longer than they did at home, and that they are treated worse than
      U.K. workers.

  9. something survived...

    Anybody remember Michael Howard? And how people thought he was ‘gross’ and ‘creepy’ – and those were two of his BETTER points?
    Against IDS, Michael Howard could almost be a presenter of children’s TV…

    (‘So, on Undead Paedophile Hour this week, Ten Thousand things to do with a Shoebox, such as living in it because I’m about to evict your whole family mwahahahaha!’)

    IDS error on picture above: Something essential to the survival of Britain, is missing from his mouth.
    A gun.

    • overburdenddonkey

      he sacked, bob johnson for curing psychopaths, in parkhurst prison….

    • Question time held this week in Barking, saw a homeless man, after being castigated by the audience for daring to question why there is so much immigration, put his coat on and walked out.
      Two of the panel were immigrants or offspring of immigrants i.e. Amanda Patel and David Aaronovitch obviously both in praise of immigration despite the fact that some of the indigenous population are homeless.
      We stand up for the migrants we have in this country against police abuse, sus laws etc and they boo a homeless man who has as much right as anyone to a home. Then we have the lib dem mp praising Europe to the hilt that is insisting that we stick to the free movement of people throughout Europe, it’s madness.
      Once the indigenous population is catered for then we can consider taking in more immigrants or migrant workers, not stick rigidly to EU legislation.

      • PS everyone seems to be allowed more say on what goes on in our country than the one’s that are born here and yes I do support ukip on exiting EU.

        • Hold on Guy, don’t let people like IDS have us unemployed blaming migrants while he laughs all the way to his bank. Don’t forget that many of the things they are doing to unemployed people, they tried out first on refugees coming to this country. Destitution is used as what they call an “incentive” to force people fleeing torture to return to their countries. Now they stop all our benefits for the smallest thing. For 10 years some people seeking asylum have been paid benefits (at 70% of the amount that we get) with no cash but a card that can only be used in certain shops to buy certain things (Its called the Azure Card).
          “Benefits Street” was full of lies and unrepresentative about unemployed people: migrants have been getting this treatment for years. The same papers – Mail, Express, Sun that lie about unemployed people have done that about migrants for years.
          Don’t fall for the ruling class game of divide and rule while they stay rich, powerful and can sit back and laugh at us fighting each other.

          • T Drago

            I was not speaking about immigrants per se, I was speaking about the mixed races that were clapping in the Q. time audience, when a homeless man who only wanted a home, walked out.
            The fact that we have been importing slaves since the year dot, is something I have always opposed in my lifetime, they have undermined wages in this country, but I do not blame them just the people that brought them here. I have also fought against oppression from the authorities or certain political groups against immigrant communities in my lifetime.
            I will admit to fighting middleclass immigrants, because they have changed the political landscape considerably and is the reason why the poorest, working class people, born in this country, black, white or anything inbetween, cannot get political representation from any of the parties.

            • ps I only watched benefits street once to confirm what I thought it was before it was aired – propaganda, and have never ready right wing newspapers unless there is something specific that I need to see.

          • I’m with you, Guy. Throw the E.U. out.
            Sod UKIP. Vote independent and let common sense prevail.

        • Dave C seems to like the EU. According to the tap blog at the end of last week he has said the EU should incorporate countries to the south (used to be old Soviet territory) all the way to the Ural Mountains.

          • Well ‘Dave ‘ might need a fall back when he loses no.10 and M.E.P. pays 12000 euros / month plus triple that in expenses. No M.P.
            will consider throwing that plan B out the window.
            Ask Mr and Mrs Kinnock.

  10. Kathy Lindsay

    He, s a joke and should be booted out. So many have died because of this scumbag…!,

  11. Got to say. I could not bring myself to watch the scumbag. I will just have to read the reports instead.

  12. So when you get sanctioned, just show your MP the footage from IDS.

  13. don’t bang the door on your way out Mr Smith.

  14. I don’t know how I made it to the end without throwing up!
    Everything you say is wrong and I’m fucking right!

    “IDS, you’re not a cunt”

    “Oh yes I am”

    • Shared and signed. Absolutely the DWP and in fact the govt and their acolytes have blood on their hands, and do they appear bothered? Psychos are working to a schedule, I am certain of it. Ticking the boxes as they go. But that’s okay, give the plebs another royal wedding to take their minds of their sad lives.

  15. IDS is dangerous! He doesn’t care about who is dying, who is disabled, who is old, who is unemployed or who is needing benefits even though they are working!
    After what I have read about his performance today I know that this evil man needs sectioning.
    His out and out lies whilst being on this programme and knowing that people were seeing him live, (mores the pity), should be discussed in the HoC and the HoL immediately.
    All the statistics agencies and commissioners should be shown the show over and over again.
    This man is destructing and is taking us with him – he has to be stopped!

  16. Chapman Baxter

    That twat IDS is like the bastard offspring of Coco the Clown and Adolf Eichmann. Watching him spout such deluded gibberish on national television as he did today underlines how the media will blindly accept whatever drivel politicians choose to spout. Living in UK today is like living in some dystopian satire.

    • Andrew Neil’s non-performance as rigorous journalist/interviewer was a shocking dereliction of duty, but quite predictable, given his past. IDS surpassed himself in his delusional aggression. I watched slack-jawed as he piled falsehood upon falsehood with each answer, seemingly emboldened by Neil’s deferential silence. We know politicians are, by and large, liars, but this really took the biscuit. Can there ever have been a more rabidly out-of-control, desperate attempt to save a career in UK political hisTORY? He makes Bliar look like an amateur!
      The ever-reliable Zoe Williams sums him up pretty well here:

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  18. You really do know how to strut that stuff
    You really do know how to act tough
    Your body’s just like a lump of lard
    A fantasy, anyone would want to smash your face in

    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
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    I know you’re already my obsession
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    JSA is more than a one way transaction
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    With looks that repulse and a mind that’s twisted
    I don’t know why I can’t resist kicking your head in
    I tell myself, look the other way, oh fuck it, smash the G4S cunt’s head in
    When you mandate me to, I, I always attend the jobcentre

    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon

    You know you’re already my obsession
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    JSA is more than a one way transaction
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon

    You play with my life like it was a toy
    How much jobseekers can you destroy?
    You wrap my JSA payments around your little finger
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon

    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    Stop sanctioning JSA
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon

    I know you’re already my obsession
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon
    JSA is more than a one way transaction
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    Stop sanctioning JSA
    Stop sanctioning JSA
    Stop sanctioning JSA as a weapon, as a weapon… 🙂

  19. Got to give it to IDS for zero tolerance for any ‘facts!’

  20. Another Fine Mess

    If anyone missed the sunday politics staring IBS it’s repeated on the parliament channel at 5 past midnight.

  21. I need these 775 rooms in Buckers and all my 20 other castles and palaces for all my corgis what 🙂

  22. mwa is fucking shite

    … on a fucking 26 week sanction because of this fucking cunt

    • blood on his hands rtu

      go on esa and when they ask why your going on it say because the sanction as made you suicidal hit the cunts where it hurts there pockets….it cost a lot more to close a jsa and open a brand new esa..

  23. The lesser spotted paid job

    Thanks to MWA you dont get to see me any more 🙂

  24. totallygivenup

    he is a cunt,he knows it,takes pride in it and cameron is very wary of him,keep your enemies closer i refuse to use his title his name is ian smith yes ian with one i and duncan is his middle name he crowned himself dont let the cunt have it hes ian smith CUNT end of..

  25. totallygivenup

    and labour just get worse by the day now they are harping on about sanctioning should they win labour SHAME ON YOU!

  26. totallygivenup

    wouldnt it be wonderfull if labour at least felt some compassion,just a bit but no they are greedt self serving fuckers too

    • The Labour party are a con! They’re just a bunch of egotistical career politicians out to save their own arse’s. That’s all they are.

  27. totallygivenup

    maybe ian smith knows more about christmas horse riding with brookes thats why hes allowed to run amok unchecked

  28. blood on his hands rtu


    • The only answer is a total riot with millions involved, but it’ll never happen as long as the majority are keeping their heads above water and blame the poor for all their troubles.
      Changing the government won’t help either, they’ll just carry on where this lot left off.
      We have to worry about the big picture here; where are all these measures leading us to?
      As far as I’m concerned, its all about Peak Oil and the failure of the worlds producers to supply enough oil for the world as a whole to grow.
      There will never be a return to business as usual, so the worlds leaders have got together and papered over the crisis with a massive slowdown in economies all over the world.
      They don’t know what to do and are just kicking the can down the road hoping for a miracle.

    • The bald bastard is using bribery tactics to hang on to his cushy desk job, and bunging certain people in government to cover up his crimes against bedroom tax related deaths and the real unemployment figures.

      IDS SAID HE WOULD LIVE ON £53 PER WEEK. let’s all unite and make his wish come true by voting for his resignation. All he has got is his own fucking job. Fucking bald-headed oxygen thief.

    • They’ve succeeded in putting nearly everyone that still has work against the old, the sick, the disabled and of course those that are out of work through no fault of their own.

    • scouser police person

      Calm down, calm down mate!

  29. We should be more like the Russians; ‘We the unemployed, the poor, the disabled and vulnerable ‘will not accept the language of sanctions and threats’ and we ‘will retaliate’. Obviously, that should have happened a long time ago. But onwards and upwards, at least until we see IDS head on a stick. Slowly but surely.

  30. Politics in this country, from Blair on, has become progressively debased. Politicians these days simply tell barefaced lies when quizzed or asked questions – Iain Duncan Smith, Esther McVey and Grant Shapps are three examples of the very worst of this kind of liar. It’s incredible really. They lie, nobody takes them to task, and they get away with it! And many politicians will only agree to be interviewed in public if they are informed in advance what questions will be asked so that they can prepare their answers beforehand or refuse to be interviewed by awkward customers or punters who might expose them.

    All the political parties and British politicians behave like this now.

    God alone knows where this will end up taking us.

  31. I would love IDS to be interviewed by Jeremy Paxman and be forced to answer questions from a knowledgeable audience who could take the murderous bastard to task and contradict and counter his lies. Devote a full one hour show to this on the BBC so that it won’t be interrupted by adverts.

    Of course it won’t ever happen because IDS knows such a programme would expose him as the shameless liar, phoney and incompetent that he is. I saw the Neil interview yesterday and film clip of Smith quickly visiting a Jobcentre before even more quickly scuttling away like a rat by the back door to a black Range Rover waiting for him nearby.

    What an arsehole.

    • IDS says he is a Catholic must have a monopoly on the priest when it comes to purging his sins especially lies

    • IDS will only allow to be interviewed by soft people as he knows they won’t give him a rough ride over his bollocked-up policies. If he was to be interviewed by Newsnight’s Paxo or see street protesters, he fucking runs away like a mouse.

      Big fucking man indeed. More like a fucking hitler believer. Hitler shot himself during WWII to prevent being done for war crimes. Why doesn’t IDS do the same and find a cosy bunker to blast his own pea-brains out?

  32. IDS reminds me of Hitler in the last few weeks of WWII, Hitler’s insanity led him to ponder over a large map of europe shouting out orders to position german armies that no longer existed to try and stop the allied armies advance, these german armies had been destroyed or captured months earlier!, his insanity in the last few days of WWII led him to blame the german people for defeat, his rant was “They have betrayed me”.

    IDS is a VERY sick man.

    • At least Hitler did the decent thing and blow his brains out. IDS hasn’t even got the balls to shoot his pea-sized brain out, which is a shame really.

  33. There is no room for benefit sanctions in a civilised society when those sanctions leave you without food and the very basics to live.

    If benefits were paid at above subsistence level then they might have an argument but they are so tight to begin with there is no room for cuts.

    Iain Duncan Smith displays lazy attributes in the way he conducts himself. A lazy person doesn’t bother with facts they bluff, lie and make it up as they go which is easier.

  34. Labour extends jobs guarantee for long-term unemployed

    Labour is promising a “tough contract” for the long-term unemployed

    Labour says its “jobs guarantee” scheme for young unemployed people will last for the whole of next parliament, if it wins the 2015 general election.

    Under the scheme 18 to 24-year-olds who have been out of work for a year will be offered a taxpayer-subsidised job lasting six months – with those who refuse losing benefits.

    Labour says it would pay for this by taxing bank bonuses and changing tax rules for the pensions of high earners.

    The Tories say the sums “don’t add up”.

    The Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will be in Labour’s general election manifesto next year and will be funded for the whole of the next parliament, expected to last from 2015 to 2020, shadow chancellor Ed Balls will announce later.

    The BBC News Channel’s chief political correspondent Norman Smith said Labour sources were stressing that the £5bn initiative was the party’s first firm manifesto pledge.

    But the Conservatives, he added, were insisting that Labour had already committed to spending the proceeds of a bank bonus tax on other policies, such as building 25,000 new affordable homes and reversing coalition tax changes.

    Under the scheme, those aged 18-25 who have been out of work for 12 months or more would be offered 25 hours’ work a week on the minimum wage and the employer would have to guarantee compulsory training.

    On a visit to a building project in south London, Mr Balls will say a life on welfare will “no longer be an option”

    ‘Starter jobs’

    “It’s shocking that the number of young people stuck on the dole for more than a year has doubled under David Cameron,” he will say. “For tens of thousands of young people who cannot find work this is no recovery at all.

    “We’ve got to put this right. So if Labour wins the next election we will get young people and the long-term unemployed off benefits and into work.

    “The government will work with employers to help fund paid work with training for six months. It will mean paid starter jobs for over 50,000 young people who have been left on the dole for over a year by this government.

    “But it will be a tough contract – those who can work will be required to take up the jobs on offer or lose their benefits. A life on benefits will simply not be an option.”

    Labour says the Compulsory Jobs Guarantee will also apply to adults aged 25 or over claiming Jobseeker’s Allowance for two years or more.
    Tax on bonuses

    Last month, the BBC learned that Labour had committed to fund the scheme for only a single year after the 2015 election. But this has been extended to the whole 2015-2020 period.

    The party is promising to fund the scheme by repeating its 2009-10 tax on bank bonuses at the start of the next parliament, which it says would raise between £1.5bn and £2bn.

    It also plans to raise another £900m each year over the course of the Parliament by restricting pensions tax relief for people earning more than £150,000 to the same rate as basic-rate taxpayers.

    But Financial Secretary to the Treasury Sajid Javid said: “Labour’s sums don’t add up. They are proposing yet more unfunded spending, meaning more borrowing and more taxes to pay for it.

    “And Labour’s bank tax is a short-term political gimmick that they want to spend 10 times over.

    “It’s the same old Labour. Ed Miliband has no economic plan. Labour would put the recovery at risk, put jobs at risk and hardworking people would pay the price with a less secure future.”

    In a report on Monday, the British Chambers of Commerce said youth unemployment was “unacceptably high” and called for action in next week’s Budget.

    David Kern, the organisation’s chief economist, told the BBC that youth unemployment was a “very serious” issue which had “economic and social consequences we want to avoid”.

    But he said jobless numbers among under-24s were falling as economic growth increased and the “trend was going in the right direction”.

    Labour extends jobs guarantee for long-term unemployed

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  37. “Bluff and Bullshit”

    “If You Can’t Dazzle Them With Brilliance, Baffle Them With Bull.”

    WC Fields.

  38. Sajid Javid is one of the biggest cunts on earth. If the bolshie little slaphead told me that the sun rose in the east and set in the west I would have to check it with my own eyes before I believed him. Javid really is a loathsome little bastard.

  39. IDS has to be the biggest lying bull shitter ever created.

    And what right does he have to make people who have worked all their lives paying in to N.I,but now find themselves unable to find work through his useless work programme, work 25-30 hours a week for eight weeks in the name of Work Experience for zilch?
    It might not be as quite so bad, but we are dealing here with the biggest freeloading hypocrite ever.
    Not everyone has a rich wife to fall back on like this
    self centred scumbag.
    What people need is money on which to survive, not the patronisation of work placements – the euphemism for freebie jobs at freeloading organisations – the corporate equivalent of the excuse for a man that IDS is

    • IDS is a two-faced lying, bullying cunt. It’s alright for him to threaten sanctions and two-year WP placements against us, yet if he feels threatened by protesters, he pisses himself and runs away like a fucking nancy boy to his mummy…

  40. Monday 10 March 2014

    DWP cuts put government’s welfare reforms at risk, says leaked document.

    Department for Work and Pensions is struggling to meet demands for savings, according to internal review.

    The document reveals that the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is struggling to meet “extremely challenging” demands for over £1bn of efficiency savings over the next two years and these pressures could disrupt plans to roll out benefits reforms.

    Too crude an approach to future cuts would affect the quality and capacity of the DWP’s “public-facing” services to vulnerable pensioners, jobseekers and benefit claimants, it warns.

    The department intends to stop paying benefits into Post Office card accounts – basic cash accounts used by nearly 3 million people, including 1.5 million pensioners, many of whom do not have ordinary bank accounts. This could prove politically controversial because it would undermine the financial viability of rural post offices.

    • If the monkeys want to reduce government outspending at the DWP, they should sack the slaphead fucker. He is the biggest benefit fraudster and bully going.

      Two-faced arrogant berk running away from the back entrance of a jobcentre when he is informed protesters are wanting to confront him. Only cowards and bullies run away when faced with the problems they force onto innocent victims. He bullies us into sanctions, forced WP attendances, yet when he could potentially be bullied back, he fucking runs away like a big girl’s blouse.

  41. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Andrew Neil is just another tosspot on the BBC gravy train. As a political interviewer/investigator he is fucking useless. Neil is in his cushy job and doesn’t like/want to ‘make waves’ in case he upsets any of his pals in the Tory Press and, I dare say, a few chums in Parliament itself. Wouldn’t do at all, would it? Not when Andrew has to meet them in the gentleman’s club or BBC bar for drinkypoos….

    I would love to see Iain Duncan Smith being tackled by the great Brian Walden.

    I would like to see IDS on a guillotine too (bunting, ceremony,cackling crones, drum roll, the lot!)… But never mind, eh?

    • “Andrew Neil is just another tosspot on the BBC gravy train.”

      Robin The Boy Wonder,

      No, he is not!. “Andrew Neil” is VERY good at what he does, being a mouthpiece propagandist for the FAR right powers that be, “Andrew Neil” is a VERY dangerous, nasty piece of work!.

      • Andrew Neil = Pure unadulterated EVIL.

      • The BBC and the Condemns are in bed together. This is why the lying cunt slaphead was given a very easy ride over his monumental benefit cockup.

        if the BBC was impartial and free from Tory interference, Idi Amin Smith would have been made to sweat his hairy arse off and not be given light questions.

  42. Fucking loony bald-headed pillock needs to be put down with a bolt gun, claiming the work programme is working and more people than ever are in employment.


    I am due to finish the mis-work programme in a few weeks time and will be glad to be off of it. All they do is fuck your CV over with a piss-poor version, try to offload you onto zero-hour contracts or employment not relevant to your previous work history/training courses, etc.

    The work programme ONLY works for the lunatics running it and are employed by it. It’s a lucrative business for these fucked-up work programme providers – get paid £1000 upfront fee per person forced into two years of bollocked-up bullying and lies.

    The shit WILL hit the fan on my last day’s attendance…

    • Landless Peasant

      Wait ’til they’ve completed your exit report, then wreck the place and have a dump in the lift on the way out.

  43. @awp
    If you upset your provider when you are about to complete two years on the work programme they might fill your exit report with a few negatives and that might have long term problems with the jobcentre. If they suggest that work experience would benefit you or more one day course on various topics then the jobcentre might give you a harder time than the work programme provider. My exit report was okay and only suggested an actual job was needed for me but I did go along with most things over my two years so my exit report was more positive.
    I’m sure I will be one of the first having to do community work from april as I finished the work programme last june.
    Be careful what you say or how you phrase it and be grateful that your two years are up.
    Good luck

    • @ Rob.

      My own WPP is lying and bullying me into making decisions against my own better judgement and not relevant to any of the vast experience I have gained, my work history/Warehousing courses I have ever done in the last 20+ years.

      Not only that, they have messed up my CV with a piss-poor version (in which my own CV was done with expert help from Learn Direct, and yet my lame WPP decided it was not enough to impress an employer); WPP has also interfered with my Email addresses, and also tried to off-load me into useless zero-hour contracts.

      Still think the Work programme is working, or that my time on the programme has been of value and benefit to me? I think not.

      • This sounds pretty grim AWP. Have you kept a log of all these things?
        Might be a useful thing to have come the end of your WP.

        Accounts of bad practice ought to be logged, and sent to MPs, JC+ senior managers, CEOs of WPPs etc. They might not listen or care, but they need to know what is happening.

        I don’t know if you can do a SAR on WPPs, if you can, then do one a week after you have left. It might give you some weaponry (along with a log of events) to counter any grief you get from the post WP adviser.

        If you can’t do a SAR on your WPP, do one to the DWP maybe a month after your WP ends, that way you will get to see what the WPP have written.

        Others probably know more about SARs than me and might want to pitch in about it with better info.

      • AWP, I would rather (if i had the choice) be back on the work programme. The Post work Programme (which I have just finished) is a fucking nightmare. 32 job seeking activities a fortnight, intensive hatred from Jobcentre staff because you haven’t found work in 2 years and information sessions delivered by staff who don’t have a clue and hand out forms that you may need just in case you get SANCTIONED.
        God help me and all others now our six months is up, Cleaning the streets no doubt!!

        • I already have to do a minimum 16 job-related activities per week, and have been on the stick end of a four-week sanction last Autumn, so any new threats from the JCP after my WP end date will be no significance to me.

          Because I already am jumping through endless hoops, my JCP is pretty well much staying off my back, with the exception of my so-called JCP advisor who is a right stuck up cow, who tries to trip me up with any lame excuse or constant attempts to access my UJM account whenever I see her .

          if I get the chance to complete a WP customer exit report I will have plenty to say against them for messing me around.

  44. Adolf Hitler, Saddam Hussein, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Atila the Hun, Iain Lying Duncan two-faced Smith all have one thing in common –

    They all terrorize the people into submission

  45. Landless Peasant


  46. Here is yesterdays BBC Politics show so you can all see the lying, arrogant slaphead in action –

  47. Obi Wan Kenobi


    If you think it’s bad at the WP, wait till you get back to the Jobcentre, trust me the Work Programme is like a holiday compared to the Post Work Programme Support advisers at the Jobcentre, and you’re put with one from day one for 6 month’s.

    They really are sadistic bastards.

    • I’m fully prepared to start WWIII with those sadistic cunts at the jobcentre. I’ve had plenty of past run-ins with them, so they can fuck off if they think they are going to try it with me one more time

      • What the fuck is their problem anyway – been bullied at school? Look at how many litte 4 feet fuck Nazi ‘advisers’ there is. Right bunch of cunts!

    • I asked my advisor what happens after the six months are up and she said they have been told to hold us instead of us going to sign on as normal.

    • Landless Peasant

      I finished the WP last September, 7 months ago, but am still under Post-WP Support for some reason. Think I’ll inquire about that when I sign tomorrow. And yes, they are fucking knob-heads.

      • Yeah, what the fuck is that all about. I finished the fucking WP must have been way over six months ago and I am still on this PWP/Bullying/Harassment/Sanctioning shit! Support?1 lol

      • My ‘advisor’ told me that they have no idea what is going to happen.
        But looking at my ‘new signing on booklet’ it has the words WP COMP. I assume, work programme community programme. So cleaning the streets it is!!!!!! In addition, a freind of mine saw a load of guys with those yellow jackets on by the side of the road. On the back of the jackets was the words JOBCENTRE PLUS, Fucking bastards

        • “JOBCENTRE PLUS” on the back of the jackets? Seriously, Bernadette. WTF!! Fucking cunts, Jesus H. Fucking Christ I fucking HATE and those smarmy cunts sat behind those fucking desks. Pieces of fucking shit!!

        • @ Bernadette – It might stand for Work Programme Completer, but what it stands for is anybody’s guess. Don’t panic just yet! I’m going to opt for daily signing, then no firm will be profiting directly from my extra-hard jobsearch.

          • But the Work Programme Completer signing-on cards say “PWPS” – Post Work Programme Support. You might be right though. I don’t like the sound of those high-vis jackets with “Jocentre Plus” Jesus wept!

          • @Fellow JCP Sufferer/Customer,
            Someone on here,stated that they had asked the jobcentre to opt for ‘daily signing’ and was told NO.
            Why? because they has abided to all the rules and regulations on their job seekers agreement and therefore, daily signing was only for those that needed extra help. So we cannot win either way!!!!

            • Yeah, they said that because they had an excellent job search record and didn’t need any help into work they would be getting slung onto litter-picking!

            • @ Bernadette, but someone else posted info stating that the choice was ours, not the JCP advisors, despite what the advisors say. We all know they are not to be automatically trusted regarding what is mandatory and what is not. I am going to look for the information online. If I see it I will post it on here.

              • If this crock of shit scheme is supposed to be starting next month you would thnk that there would be some “guidance for providers” up the DWP website by now.

              • The following is from DWP’s own site. On the one hand it says there are three intensive OPTIONS. On the other hand it says that Community Work Placements is a MANDATORY scheme. Clear as mud as usual. It looks like the options are your advisors options and not your own, but I don’t know whether they could actually get away with it. There must be some rule somewhere which says that we can at least choose our punishment.
                The “young man at a computer” refers to a picture accompanying the information. They’re too mean to even give you a real picture to copy and paste! And it looks as if the whole debacle is being funded by European Social Fund or something similar.

                Community Work Placements.

                young man at a computer

                The Work Programme is supporting claimants to move off benefit and into work – increasing numbers are finding a job – but it was recognised that there would be claimants returning.

                Claimants who do not find sustained employment during their time on the Work Programme will be among the hardest to help, and many will face significant and multiple barriers to work.

                Community Work Placements will be one of the three intensive options available through Help to Work support for Jobseeker’s Allowance claimants returning from the Work Programme. This will be available alongside the Mandatory Intervention Regime which is currently operating in Jobcentre Plus, and daily signing. In England, Community Work Placements will be part-funded by the European Social Fund, under the Department for Work and Pensions’ co-financing agreements.

                Community Work Placements is a mandatory scheme designed for those JSA claimants returning from the Work Programme whose key barrier to work is a lack of work experience, motivation or both, and offers them a significant period of full-time activity.

                The scheme involves claimants undertaking a full-time work placement for 30 hours a week for up to 26 weeks alongside provider-led supported jobsearch.

                The key criteria of all placements are that they must be of benefit to the community and must not displace paid jobs.

                Six months on a full-time work placement will provide claimants with a significant boost to their CV, and allow them to demonstrate to employers what their capabilities are. The continued jobsearch will help them convert that valuable experience into paid employment as soon as possible.

                A trailblazer run in 2012 found that taking part in Community Work Placements had a positive impact on jobseekers’ motivation and confidence.

                Community Work Placements will be delivered in the Work Programme Contract Package Areas. Only suppliers on the Employment Related Support Services Framework will be able to tender for the contracts. The commercial competition was launched on 24 October with tenders due back on 5 December.

                Delivery will start from April 2014 and the last referrals will be made in March 2016, with contracts and delivery ending in October 2016.

                • “daily signing” doesn’t just necessarily mean signing only; it could mean “daily attendance”, “daily hassle”, “daily find an excuse to sanction”…

                • Bernadette H

                  Fellow JCP Suffer/Customer,
                  So my WP COMP may well refer to community work placement.
                  I will try and find my own work placement and see how that goes, worth a shot.

              • JCP are CUNTS!!

                WP COMP – typical JCP mindfuck, how more ambiguous could get. Another letter added for clarity and it would be obvious and avoid any doubt (no pun intended) or confusion WP COMPL – (work programme completer) or WP COMPR (work programme community programme) – typical fucking JCP cunts!

                • JCP are CUNTS!!

                  PS Where are else in the jc terminology handbook are jobseekers who have completed the work programme referred to as work programme completer? am a bit given of this given that this a new signing book just as this community (what fucking community?) action workfare payback picking up dogshit crap is scheduled to start in a couple of weeks. We will find our soon enough anyway.

                • Thatcher destroyed all the fucking ‘communities”… more DWP piss-taking. Cunts!

                • too fucking right!

        • That is bad really bad. So in essence the unemployed are being treated just like the chaingangs in the US who are convicts?

          The UK stinks to high heavens nowadays and with Miliband and Reeves only able to announce they’re gonna whack the unemployed even harder if they turn down this new thing they’ve dreamt up, makes you wonder if the harassment people get will ever stop.

          • The reason the UK stinks to high heaven is because it is a fucking shit-hole. The sooner this fucked up little island sinks beneath the waves the better!

    • Too right Obi, PWPS makes the WP look like a holiday camp… right sicko fucking ‘advisers’…. some of the ‘old guard’, one or two ‘brownshirt’ cunts who haven’t started shaving obviously sucking it up to the manager trying to dish out as many sanctions as they can. It is tempting to beat the fucking shit of them, because that is what the cunts deserve…. but obviously the jobcnetre is not the best place for it… but if I ever catch one of these cunts alone up a dark alley……………………………………

  48. Yosserian Hughes

    I see the disabled bedroom tax was feebly asked about – but no journalist has ever brought up the case of Laurel Duut, have they?

    When any of them grow the bollocks to do so, that REALLY ought to spell the end for the rat-bastard, and that fucking air-headed trollop mcvile too.

  49. Having just watched the Sunday Politics interview between Iain Duncan Smith and Andrew Neil I disagree with earlier comments that it was a soft interview. It seemed to me that all Neil needed to do was give him the shovel and sit back and watch. Hilarious really to watch!

  50. The Condemns, ATOS, JCP, WPP propaganda –

    ‘We are all in it together’ – the shit that is

    ‘We are all in it together’ – in fiddling the state finances

    ‘We are all in it together’ – As long as we can claim duck pond expenses

    ‘We are all in it together’ – except the sick, disabled and unemployed

  51. Another ESA-related death but the DWP wants us to believe there’s no connection
    The latest person to die while facing a change to his sickness benefit is Neil Groves, who was hit by a train at Surbiton station on his 46th birthday.

  52. Iain Duncan Smith is not his real name as he would like us all to think. His real birth name is actually ‘Idi Amin Dada Smith’ which his mother gave to him in honour of the sadistic third president of Uganda.

    • We know his parents gave him the name Ian. The second “i” has been added later in an effort to appear more posh. That’s about as pathetic as you can get, especially when your noggin looks like a dickhead.

  53. Oh dear, look what the slap headed beast has unleashed with his ballsed up reforms…

  54. Pingback: Bare-faced Lies, Bluff and Bullshit Are All Iai...

  55. Nobody told me that old slappy head wrote a hardback novel last November and that his book is being currently advertised for sale on

    ”’The Devil’s Tune’ by Idi Amin Dada Smith

    ( book description)

    ‘John Grande, a struggling London art dealer, is thrown what he thinks is a lifeline when he is given the opportunity of handling a collection of rare masters, housed in a villa above the cliffs of Positano in Italy. There, on the beach, he briefly encounters Laura Buckley, the glamorous producer of New York’s most prestigious TV news programme. Neither could know that their lives were to become linked in a terrifying web of intrigue and deceit. Set on both sides of the Atlantic, Iain Duncan Smith’s debut novel is an ingenious fast-paced thriller with an intriguing cast of characters reaching the highest level of office. All are being controlled and manipulated by a powerful, evil man seeking revenge for incidents reaching back to World War Two, involving art thefts, possible Nazi collaboration and murder…his actions prove to be explosive.’

    Fact or fiction? well; IDS is himself a powerful, evil man seeking revenge against the less well-off and has also been involved with murder (through the hated bedroom tax).

    • His “novel” is available “used, very good” – (the condition of the book, not the content)”(Collectible Edition) What better use can we have for our JSA?

    • AWP, Here’s another thing you might not know, IDS recently produced a report that says, ‘the bedroom tax is improving the poverty of children lives’
      Check it out on Inside Housing website. Absolutely unbelievable
      Keep in mind, ‘ It only takes a politician believing in what he says for the others to stop believing him’ (Baudrillard).

  56. Obi Wan Kenobi
    • Quick; Somebody give Idi Amin Dada Smith a calculator.

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Maybe he reads everything in reverse, he has now made it clear to everyone that he is a complete and utter idiot that can’t read or understand figures – even on a cinema sized screen.

        • He should have gone to specsavers. Why is the buffoon in a position of power when he can’t even see further than the end of his nose?

    • should’a gone to Spec Savers!
      Other four eyes shops are also available 🙂

  57. The lord giveth in one hand and taketh away with the other. Amen.

    Your monthly salary total will be a bit less than what we will pay you per hour…

    Job ID
    Posting Date
    UK-ANGL-KING’S LYNN, Norfolk
    Staffing/employment agencies
    Job type
    Full time
    0.01 – 0.01 per month
    £6.31 to £7.18 Per Hour
    Hours of Work
    Temporary contract
    Job reference code

    • Another Fine Mess

      Believe it or not that looks like a real job, at a company called Foster Refrigerator, making …. erm fridges.

      • Their monthly salary doesn’t go far though, otherwise I would have considered applying for the post. If they make fridges, I’d sign up for the vacancy and bung IDS into one of the fridges.

  58. That’s a real job posting I saw today, offering a wage of 1 pence per month after wage tax deductions.

  59. the Work Programme -didn’t and rather suspect A4E claiming I was in full time work- I wasn’t., never got an exit letter. Post WP support consists of bullying and Reed Direct muddling my CV. I had 5 dead end jobs -giving me 13mths works out of 24 months-. Still termed long term unemployed- and used as stick to beat me by JC. Was facing going on workfare next month, despite mental health issues. Financially drowning,about to mis minimum credit card next month and by skin of teeth ,Just today accepted a 40hr job paying £12k. I’m 48 and an over ‘qualified’ graduate with a II-II – which automatically means can’t get retrained/too old/overqualified for normal jobs yet under qualified for graduate jobs/programs. If hadn’t got job today I would have been suicidal.

  60. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Yet another benefits scandal over ‘absurd’ two-week paid holiday for jobseekers.

    DOLE claimants are getting more than £140 in benefits while they take two-week holidays.

    All 1.2 million people on Jobseeker’s Allowance are allowed a fortnight’s break from looking for work without losing their handouts. The only conditions are that they stay in the UK and must cut short their trips if they are called to interviews or offered work.

    The Government says its new Universal Credit, which rolls together six benefits, will bring an end to the holiday privilege. A spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “In Universal Credit, jobseekers will no longer be able to stop looking for work while taking in a holiday.”

    Get you 2 week holidays in quick before your put on Universal Credit folks!

    • Landless Peasant

      you can always say you’re going away to look for work. I did that back in the 90s, once to go to the Glastonbury Festival, and once for a fortnight trip around Europe in the back of a Transit van (gave a bogus address in London). 😀

      • Obi Wan Kenobi

        Landless Peasant:

        Here’s the link that say’s you can do it.

        Scroll down until you find ‘Fairbridge Follow on Course’ then look at the last indented paragraph, there you will find the regs on JSA 2 weeks holiday.

        Complete form ES674 – entitled ‘Going on holiday in Great Britain’. In order for JSA Participants to be treated as actively seeking employment for 2 benefit weeks in a 12 month period if they are away from home. They must remain in Great Britain and remain available for work but, can be treated as actively seeking employment for the period that they are away.

        Click to access viewer

        Enjoy your holidays people.

        • Obi, I was under the impression that you had to give a forwarding address so that the job centre can contact you while you are on holiday?
          I would love to take 2 weeks off from looking for jobs that don’t exist, but no good if you need a holiday address?

          • Obi Wan Kenobi

            Bernadette H:

            Only if your on the follow on programme that apply’s to the work programme, this doesn’t apply if your back with the JCP cause you’ll have finished the WP.

            • Thanks Obi. Assuming that I won’t have found any decent work in a couple of months, I think I will wait for universal credit to kick in and then spend a months rent on a holiday Villa in Spain. All welcome!!!!!

  61. I think it’s time we start showing him as the UK’s version of Comical Ali.

    Except “comical” isn’t the first “C” word I think of in relation to him.

  62. oohh his an ugly bastad unt he!

    over burdened
    to your reply back a few. I do not like to study them at all, it was a matter of having too, because of narcs being everywhere these days. Esp in the politics area. It was for my own protection, and the protection of others.

    • overburdenddonkey

      if they put themselves in power to have control of our vitals of life, we suffer without them, they decide, spotting them does nothing, telling them does, but is only necessary if they are trying to GET IN, the point is to lose terror of them, so one can anger and rage at them, who ever they are….an emotionally healthy individual and/or a collective of emotionally healthy individuals can resit them, and will easily (naturally) spot them in any case…but not protect ALL from their attacks on humanity….part of the resistance is fighting them at tribunal and/or to stop them from gaining POWER over our vitals by not signing control of them away and having a ready reply at hand when they do or try to,control our vitals…deep down they are also governed by humanity, we are ALL human beings…ie OT to bob johnson’s father when he wanted better access to his bath, OT says “how many times do you take a bath”…angry reply retort, “how dare you, do you get paid to be so rude” OT beats a hasty retreat….he got his special bath….they know that they are wrong they don’t like being reminded that they are, and/or challenged with the truth…as a culture and having suffered 30/40yrs of political spin, we have become numb to their lies, and react with frustration, fear, and anger…the frustration and fear must go (be unbottled), then we are free, which is the message of james, miller, johnson, rowe et al….once that happens on a large scale these people will no longer have their power, humanity will have it’s true power recovered….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps jasmine
        the old reverse psychology/smoke and mirrors, they try to hyde the fact that they are still dependent and dependent on us to keep that from them, ie in DENIAL…they project their deep insecurities onto their scapegoats…ie us, the horny handed, tolerant poor, coz we are used to suffering and caring for others, they want us to care for them, don’t…

        • overburdenddonkey

          I like that, I think you are right there. They have
          deep hatred for the poor. Always have done! always will do. They want us to do there vile jobs they fear. They could never do those vile jobs, mind numbing vile jobs that pay a pittance and will never be able to buy a person nothing these days. Who do they think we are thick or something. It was o k for them as they received Eton education and money and property from the start. How dare they look down and take piss out of thee. I’ve been stressing really bad as you may remember what is ahead of me. Not long now!

          Ids and ester mcfestering vile evil narcs! Partners in crime!

          Listening to music decent music really help de stress if you know what I mean. That’s if some poor folk still manage to buy electricity.

          • Yes, listening to music helps me to de=stress too… 🙂

            • overburdenddonkey

              j s bach
              my fav of your many great works is st matthews passion….a great piece of soul music….

              • Thanks 🙂 I am working on a new album at the moment… should be in the shops for Christmas 🙂

                • overburdenddonkey

                  j s bach
                  tell me although i understand it might be a closely guarded secret and i promise not to tell anyone else…will it be recorded on the organ of st laurens church, alkmarr, holland….?

          • overburdenddonkey

            yeah, we’re all under stress, we all face struggles ahead…we rescue humanity by resisting tyranny….

          • overburdenddonkey

            their deep hatred of us does not matter….how we respond to them does….

          • overburdenddonkey

            hitler did not do what he did because he feared work vile or otherwise, he did it because he was in denial of his past and in terror of facing up to his past….my response above, was my response to your original post….he wanted to bury his past, and scapegoated/terrify/humiliate others in order to do it/this to do it, this was/is my point….so, he would feel good about himself…they use power and wealth as an insulator….
            “over burdened
            to your reply back a few. I do not like to study them at all, it was a matter of having too, because of narcs being everywhere these days. Esp in the politics area. It was for my own protection, and the protection of others.”

            • overburdenddonkey

              Thank you for the validation of this. Yes that is what I thought Alice Miller said happened. Not sure if everyone is aware of the psychology between tyrants and the correlations between acting out as a vile tyrant later in life, terrorising many and the parallels originating from childhood abuse.
              People on here the other day did not seem interested in it, especially that Pat atoe . I do not care anyway, I find it very interesting, but disturbing. IDS is defo trying to make anyone who is unemployed feel the shame, but this his projections of his own .low self worth and inadequacies. He wants everyone to feel the shame he felt. Everything he ever done took a big flop. Including his book. The sooner he resigns, the better,

              • overburdenddonkey

                “Thank you for the validation of this. Yes that is what I thought Alice Miller said happened.” then i really don’t understand the relevance of the rest of your post, nor do i agree with it in this context…what matters is healing, so that psychopaths or any other uninvites can’t get into one’s head and those uninvites (mal-attachments to others) that are in one’s head already, are booted out….so that attachment to self and ONLY self (self-esteem) is recovered…i have already made myself clear, in my previous posts…my interest is in humanity….our human rights, to our vitals of life…the way to be aware of all things, is to recover the emotional health, we were born with….

                • overburndenddonkey
                  Are you talking about internal locus of control, having self worth, being self governing, trust in self, secure attachment, not being controlled by others, self preservation, etc do you mean us humans must have all this? These things are important to an individual. yes. Being Autonomous.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  control? what do you mean by control?..i will answer the rest of your question….you have read the works of alice miller, johnson? rowe?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  p s jasmine, typo …. “then i will answer the rest of your question…”

                • overburdenddonkey

                  pps jasmine
                  “People on here the other day did not seem interested in it, especially that Pat atoe”
                  it is you who demands others must that others take/have an interest in what you are saying, and then you say (imply) if they don’t they are bad and therefore don’t care about humanity…people who post on this blog mostly have a deep regard for humanity, including pat ato…

                • Thanks O.B.D.

              • I would have been much more interested to hear your what you had to say on that matter, as it goes.

                • get stuffed pot ato

                • ;#) !

                • o.k
                  I will try to find some time to read the work of this man when I am not being so hassled by the dwp. I am all for people healing too. I just found out that some easily come under the influence of others, and this must not happen. esp the insecure attachment.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  you claim to have read the works of miller…that a cure is possible is writ large throughout her works, and in fact is the very point of her message…control nor secure attachments are necessary for healing….

            • In psychology books it is taught that narcissism can not be cured and is a fixed disorder overburdended

              • overburdenddonkey

                yeah, i knew all the time that is what you were saying, yet at the same time you were ringing the praises of the work miller and james who do not agree with the stand point that there is a so called fixed (un/incurable) disorder, they are all 100% curable…

  63. ‘The great person is ahead of their time, the smart make something out of it, and the blockhead, sets themselves against it’ (Baudrillard). Mmmmm, ‘Blockhead’ now who does that remind me off!!!!!

  64. @ bamboozled – looks from their own site it is going ahead (see my reply to Bernadette further up), but I don’t know when each of us will be placed on it. I’m not sure about the job guarantee. I think if they were sanctioned but still signing on in some form then they would be classed as unemployed, but if they gave up, dropped off the system etc they would be removed from the statistics of “unemployed and claiming benefit” and the DWP are such liars they would doubtless claim that as a victory even if someone had died as a result, as they don’t do follow ups to see if someone who has stopped claiming has actually moved into work.

  65. this mass workfare in april is a
    nightmare. april to october..
    30 hours a week ..chain gang.
    opting for daily signing seems
    the natural thing to do but could
    make one the target singled
    out for sanctions..doing voluntary
    work which i do doesn’t seem to
    make any’s really sick
    cos the dwp’s own study shows
    that that workfare does not lead
    to any employment.with apparently
    200,000 people affected, i pray they
    run out of places..we got universal
    credit coming very soon as well here
    in central to attend
    an hour long lecture at the jcp on it.
    wish with all my heart that this
    fucking scrambled egg head
    would just have a stroke and exit..
    it’s like being a jew in nazi germany.

    • Labas – Commiserations on being one of the first areas for the disastrous Universal Credit. If he does a few more interviews on TV, hopefully that will do for him, although who would replace him? It is like being a Jew in Nazi Germany, except that our suffering is less visible, despite the so-called free media.

    • Plus ça change

      The Nazi used humiliate the unemployed by parading them through the streets every day on the way to their chain-gang workfare placement. So no change there…

      • The Nazi’s are alive and well in 21st Century Britain. We only have to look in the stuffy JCP or any WP office to see the sadistic bastards goosestepping all over our job applications we make.

        I rue the day when BBC News shows Idi Amin Dada Smith wearing a gestapo uniform and ordering all JSA customers to the gas chambers for the crime of being unemployed.

        The WP office I go to already feels like an concentration camp. I’m suprised that they don’t yet have searchlights or armed guards patrolling the building, looking for WP clients trying to escape through the windows after being humiliated by the drones pretending to offer us job referrals. Cunts.

  66. overburdenddonkey

    sad news bob crow has died…

  67. WP/MWA 'Providers'' are pure unadulterated EVIL!!

    OK, you may well qualify for hardship payments, still get you rent/council tax paid but just imagine where you were if this help wasn’t available? But just imagine where you would be is this help wasn’t available – you would be out on the street and these fucking pure evil, sadistic, sanctioning cunts wouldn’t give a flying fuck. Make sure these fucking cunts do not make a penny from you – DO NOT SIGN the data sharing waivers.

  68. Landless Peasant

    Amazing. The BBC have an article about modern slavery, but fail to mention the mass slavery plans now being implemented in the UK by our leaders.

  69. The Daily Fail, jumping on the Tory bandwagon again –

    ‘Ed Balls’ £5billion raid on pensions, homes and bankers to fund youth jobs plan is ‘pie in the sky’

    ‘Miliband vows to hand taxpayer-funded job to unemployed 18-24-year-olds’
    ‘Work & Pensions Secretary said it echoes New Labour’s damage to savings’
    ‘Critics say the budgeting of the scheme does not fit their other policies’



  70. Even if the under 25s are given six months paid work it will be at the minimum wage level and if no real jobs are available after the six months are up they will all be back as they started. We know these politicians want to bring in compulsory workfare for anyone unemployed and make us do the work that the council can’t afford to pay people to do as they are making so many cuts. We will end up with everyone who is unemployed completing all this so called work experience and told to do it all again a year later. The six months paid work will only be for the under 25s on one occasion, next time it will be work for your benefit for everyone of working age.
    By then the unemployed will be conditioned to completing the so called work experience and will just accept it as part of life.

    • That’s the problem, Rob, we end up getting conditioned into this sort of shit… even constant fucking sanctions are just a part… we have to adapt to survive but it is a fucking dangerous road to keep treading down…. what next? meekly entering the gas chamber….

  71. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    Quite an experience to live in fear isn’t it? 🙂 That’s what it is to be a slave! 🙂

    Ho, ho, ho 🙂

    We are working for you

    The Right Hon. Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for the Department of Work and Pensions

    • How about you resign and live on JSA. You promised us you would.

    • You should know about that slaphead. Firstly pointing machine guns at pensioners and disabled, and then shittin it when a small group outside a jokecentre want a quiet word. Fuckin shitebag cunt!!!

  72. We need to remember IDS doesn’t operate in a vacuum. He has the full backing of Dave and the rest of them. His job is to make a total shambles of the welfare state. A shambles so big that it can’t be repaired. Everything he has done in his life screams “loser”, except marrying someone from a rich family. He is a compulsive liar and a sociopath, ideally suited for the job.




  74. Landless Peasant

    IDS Poster:

    A bit expensive but you could perhaps club together buy one and do lots of copies?

  75. Whiney Aimhouse

    So many people have been put through so much misery because of this creature – I know first hand as I have health issues and had to go to a tribunal after waiting, terrified, for 13 months – as it happened the two people on the panel treated me sympathetically and I am now allowed a further two years grace before being investigated again by the DWP – I see my GP every three or four weeks and take 8 fucking pills every day plus sleepers if needed which is often – I’m surprised that the slimy piece of shit hasn’t been bumped off yet and I read a report that he has an armed guard with him – what a cnut and responsible for many thousands of suicides of British people – that doesn’t get published either

  76. Greggor grespony (Jnr)

    It is strange to say the least that the unemployed and other poor people can not find work when they is plenty of work around if one carers to look.

    Just last week one employed two men who were from Poland and they worked very hard and I paid them the price they had asked for and was quite reasonable considering the amount of work ones garden had sprung up.
    Poverty can not be treated by giving hand outs as they are many steps to poverty 1 to many children and no father 2 single women who have children like a factory 3 social dependency from the state 4 low educational status 5 smoking/drinking while the children go hungry 6 voting Labour.
    The conservative party is simply the party of choice and when they win the 2015 election they will be even bigger changes for the poor who think welfare is a god given right and working for food vouchers will be the norm and the work ethic will be instilled into the very fibre of the work shy and lay bout’s who think they can sponge and suckle the teat of the state for ever, sorry but big changes will be in store and the hard working family’s in the UK will be better of under a conservative government in 2015

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  78. surly there must be a prison sentence for some 1 who talks bullshit all the time

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