Support The Focus E15 Mothers Fighting For Their Children’s Future

focus-e15The appalling treatment of a group of homeless single mums at the hands of Newham Council shows beyond doubt that the modern Labour Party are no friends of the poor.

The young mothers are being evicted from the Focus E15 hostel in the Labour controlled borough after the Council announced plans to cut costs by closing the hostel.  This is the same council who recently spent an astonishing £111 million pounds on an office block complete with chandeliers costing almost £2000 each!

Despite this vast display of wealth, Newham Council has chosen to turn their backs on some of the borough’s poorest residents and has not even offered a council property to the mothers.  Instead they have been abandoned to the cut-throat private rental sector with the Council attempting to blackmail the mothers into accepting a private sector tenancy for just one year or facing no help with housing at all.

Eye-watering rents, along with vicious cuts to housing benefits, mean most of London is now unaffordable for low income households with children.  Grasping and out of control landlords demand huge sums of money up front to secure a tenancy, leaving finding a private sector rented property near impossible for Londoners on a low income.

The mothers rightly fear being socially cleansed from the capital as rents climb out of reach even in cheaper boroughs like Newham.  According to the website, the average rent for a two bedroom flat in Newham is £1,120 per calendar month.  The maximum available Local Housing Allowance (Housing Benefit) in Newham for a property that size is just £919.79 per month.

The mothers have launched a fierce fightback against this contemptible move by Newham Council, with a series of demonstrations, weekly info stalls and even an occupation of the council’s housing offices.  The Council’s response has been to ban journalists from public meetings and do everything they can to ignore the women’s demands.

The behaviour of Newham Council should shatter any lingering delusions that things will somehow be better if Labour manage to win the next election.  This is how Labour behave in power, attacking those with least whilst lining their own pockets at our expense.  Every child deserves a secure home to grow up in wherever they happen to be born.  The inspiring campaign by the E15 Focus Mums deserves huge support as they fight not just for homes for themselves but for all those who need them.

Only determined and sustained collective action can bring an end to the ongoing and vicious war on the poor being waged by all main political parties.  These young mothers, in one of the poorest areas of London, are showing the way, and we should all get behind them.

Please like and share the Focus E15 facebook page and visit often for the latest news on the campaign:

Read, sign and share the petition demanding the mother’s be given permanent social housing in London.

Visit Kate Belgrave’s blog for the latest coverage of the campaign and other stories highlighting the real and tragic impact of austerity on people’s lives.

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165 responses to “Support The Focus E15 Mothers Fighting For Their Children’s Future

  1. I’m proud to say I never voted Labour when Blair won in ’97. I could see what Labour were becoming even back then and even the incentive of voting the tories out back then never made me vote them red tories. I always felt that John smiths death was very convenient…….

  2. I can see this government`s policies creating thousands of homeless people. Private landlords are nothing but greedy & heartless pigs who charge a fortune for their damp & disgusting hovels. I know because Iv`e lived in these places. I almost got carbon monoxide poisoning in one because the landlord was too mean to fix the gas fire.

    • Carbon Monoxide

      me too… thought it was the ‘flu though…. didn’t realise I was being poisoned to death…. lucky escape from that hovel. Some of my friends weren’t so lucky and were burned to death in another hovel just round the corner.

    • catherine have a guess where landlords get the funds to buy their properties.
      BANKS, landlords don,t actually own the properties, the bankers do until the loans,
      are paid off.
      Therefore the banking system ARE the landlords.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    of course they have my support, like many i know life living out of plastic bags…the council blame cuts and yet blatantly spend spend spend on their luxuries….they should push the state for more cash and not push people in their penny pinching lust, for profits…the reality is that much more social housing needs to be urgently built….they are simply dumping the responsibility of years of successive govt failure to provide enough cheap social accommodation onto the shoulders of the victims of it….i urge local people to rally, in support of e15 mothers, and any other group who is treated in such a shabby and uncivilized way… “walking the plank”..politics must be ended…

  4. Many older disabled tenants will be forced out of council housing due to bedroom tax. Don’t believe a word any politician spout about dhp covering when property has been converted for disabilities…utter bollocks. I am left dealing with a 42 st patient alone 24/7 no support as cannot afford social services charges for a team of carers so despite being seriously disabled myself I’m left to cope. Huge laundry every day, much has to go to Laundrette. Bloody council say must reduce living costs. LOL. I cant afford to have heating on, electric goes on his respirator, I can see myself homeless shortly as can’t afford to pay rent bed tax special 3,500 chair he needs as brain tumour, weight rocketed. Just dare any of them knock for votes…there’ll be a bucket of filthy water ready for them.

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  6. I believe Newham were the council sounding out Stoke-on-Trent as a dumping ground for tenants – especially parents with children – displaced after being driven from their homes by the Bedroom Tax and Welfare Cap. Almost unbelievable isn’t it? That THIS is happening in 21st century Great Britain under a government composed of parties, all of which failed to secure majorities. Where will it end?

  7. Another example of the grotesque face the Labour party now has and this surely should be the final example that’s needed to convince any deluded Labour voters that the situation will be any better if they regain power.

    Problem is in England who else can you vote for? That’s the problem. Up in Scotland we have the SNP but i don’t know if there’s any credible alternative in England that wouldn’t end up being a wasted vote.

    I think if i lived in England i’d still vote Labour even though they’re a pathetic but purely for the reasons stated above and for the fact i just couldn’t stand those Tory twats getting into power again.

    Good luck to the Newham women, they are an example of guts and courage and are willing to stand up even if the Labour council won’t..

    • If not Labour, who to vote for? TUSC and Left Unity are too small to get anywhere, UKIP is far right, the Lib Dems are traitors. It’s vote Labour or waste my vote.

  8. “Labour controlled borough”

    Most of those in the Labour party would have joined the Tory party, but, they couldn’t, it was too left wing for them.

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  10. Labour, since 97, has been “Tory Light”. With the shower from Blair’s days being in charge there’s no chance they’ll change.

  11. If you want the governmental (mental) twats to know how you feel about them –

  12. They don’t want us to see the public data reports about how poor their crappy website is performing. I wonder why this is…

  13. Scammers posting jobs on Universal Shitematch usually take no notice on how they should advertise vacancies. The system is too easily beaten by anybody wanting to harvest people’s CVs…

    Click to access jobcentreplus_01-10-13.pdf

  14. What’s the scam rating on UJM? It’s high i know that from what i’ve read but i read somewhere it could be as high as 60%.

    So let’s see if you take all these scam jobs off the market and the con zero hour contracts and people working for nothing how many legitimate vacancies are there in the UK? Proper jobs with pension rights and all the trimmings.

    I think the figure of around 550,000 would come down to about 100,000 or so maybe more. That’s for the UK as a whole and there are around 2.3 million unemployed.

    Despite that they have the nerve to castigate and slight people on benefits!

    Bunch of criminals the lot of them.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I think that type of real jobs would be a lot less than 100k, articles on this at

      • Yeah i agree, when you’re talking about real jobs, good one’s, i reckon it’s way less than that and when you consider that’s the whole country no wonder no one can get anything decent.

        • Just out of interest, I am going to ping a thought off you in a moment.

        • Anyway, here is my thought; you want a ‘Job’ right? but nobody wants to pay you?Its ALWAYS been like that. You either learn, grow and keep learning or you FAIL. I spent ten yrs with my belongings cut down to 3 bin bags. If you cannot support yourself you are ‘Doomed’. If there is no work where you are, free your soul and fuck off. Nobody should have children until they are comfortable, as they are just creating base rate Tax payer drones.
          You wouldnt believe the jobs I have held down. The idea of a ‘choice’ as to what suited my career goals and experience wasnt even even in my mind. I had a fairly large pair and I wanted money.

          • I am qualified as a Bricky, a sparky, experienced in every aspect of the building trade,& worked for years in non ferous engineering,my hobby was tuning 2 stroke bikes inc square 4 liquid cooled RG500 gamma’s,now it is souping up old pc’s. I spent 15 years cutting up chicken or shovelling tarmac,hod carrying etc; You think you shouldnt have to? Stop complaining.Get on with your own biz before you are shagged out earning some1 else money.

            • ^^ Moronic. I can say no more. Just go back and read how pompous and arrogant you are. Are you a part of Cameron’s big society?

              • The thing is that, at least for most of the people, most of the time, there’s never a ‘right’ or a ‘best’ time to have children. It’s probably impossible to understand what this means in reality without having experienced it & even though (available/unstigmatised) contraception has helped women immensely, it hasn’t changed reality.

                Which is that a higher-than-most-of-us-realise proportion of pregnancies that lead to a child or children being born were and are ‘unplanned’. Insofar as the parents didn’t plan ahead until they were able to say “right, now we are ‘comfortable’ – the time is now’…” & then pop down to Mothercare (other pre-pregnancy outlets are available) to buy all the essentials.

                So you’re almost always either too young, getting too old, too broke, in the middle of ‘career progression’, out of a stable relationship, scared about the future of the planet, body clock hasn’t kicked in yet, partner is not quite ready to make such a huge decision, or starting to feel a bit sick in the mornings but not yet quite worked out why (& they’re just a few of the best case scenarios).

                • That accounts for a small %age of situations.
                  When I was a boy, I believed that a man impresses and woo’s a Lady until she is sure he is the one who wont leave, cheat, die young, and will give the most competitive children;
                  He works, fights and proves his superiority to other contenders.
                  Its all bollox. The woman picked him out already, and breeds with him at
                  HER choosing.. Finances have sod all to do with it. I have seen many a woman scream at her fella because she wants a bigger house.

                • Shirley, it is common sense for a female to have her children as young as possible.
                  1. She will be young and healthy hopefully giving birth to a healthy child.
                  2. A young mother has more in common with her child because the age gap is less.
                  3. The little shits leave home when YOU are still young.
                  4. You live to see your grand children.
                  5. And then it all starts again.

              • Yeah. Pompous and arrogant. Pretty much sums up somebody who spent the first 20 years after being able to read learning everything they possibly could. Doing any and every shit job, climbing the wage ladder.
                Thats me all right; Pompous and arrogant.
                You? You are probably one of those shit cunts that never swung a shovel for a decade come rain or snow, or paid £1000’s for your own college course in something that involved 10 hours a week in the evenings after work,but expect to be given ‘A JOB’ that pays 30 grand a year for 35 hrs plus pension and Bupa. You’ve achieved WHAT exactly,to call me names?
                FUCK OFF. You Limp Penis.

                • Yeah pompous, arrogant, intellectually illiterate and seriously lacking in vocabulary too.

                  You have the cheek to come on a site like this and lecture people as to their lifestyle and when they should have children.You know nothing about their life and yet see fit to lecture them. You should join the Conservative party and be with your like minded chums. IDS and Norman Tebbitt especially would have loved you.

                  The above seems very apt as you echo the kind of right wing gutter nonsense that IDS, Cameron and co peddle to the masses. Your “fuck off to the other side of the country for work” jibe is straight from the Norman Tebbitt handbook. Another Tory i may add.

                  Don’t come over all sanctimonious about work, i’ve worked in harder jobs than you’d ever work in, 12 hour shifts nightshifts breaking my back for what was at the time an ok wage. But then what does that have to do with the vacancies on UJM in 2014? Again absolutely moronic.

                  You are unfortunately exactly what’s wrong with our society today. You poison everything you touch with the aspersions you cast on other people. In this case someone you don’t even know over the internet. Who even says that i am looking for work? That’s another moronic assumption on your part. How do you know i’m not working? or maybe i’m too ill to work and i’m on benefits. You shouldn’t make assumptions about people you don’t know and make accusations about them in a black and white scenario. Life is not like that.

                  I don’t expect to be “given” any job. Any job i’ve ever got i got on my own merits. Again another moronic statement.

                  I think in all honesty reading your posts that Johnny ought to have a minimum standard of education before anyone is allowed to post here. Otherwise we get people like you spouting your intellectually illiterate garbage.

                  Finally i think an apology might be in order for the ignorant and offensive last line of your last post. It seems to always be like that with intellectual pygmies like yourself have to resort to language like that when you’re incapable of stringing two coherent sentences together.

                  Exit stage left you’re unworthy of being allowed to post here.

                • You love the word ‘moronic’. Insulting my literacy wont help, I post on here, not compose lectures; its beyond the point. Havent worked as hard as you?
                  Dont make me laugh. I spent 20 years in construction.
                  125 meters squared of lean mix shovelled into the road side. In the van to work at 5’45,, out the van home at 18.30.
                  I spent 2 years working for Calor stacking 200 tons of gas bottles a day 3 high on a trailer 12 hrs a day in the snow.
                  I worked 12 hr days on the reclamation of greenwich power plant in a hazard suit and asbestos mask. I3 days on 1 day off. 7 months of it.
                  When the twin towers went down I was lying on my back 140 feet up a scaffold scrubbing the rust off the inside of the roof with a wire brush. The temp was 34 Celcius up there. The bosses didnt even tell us because we were next to 1/4 of a million gallons of diesel and a two foot gas main,and the plant was marked as a target. I have spent YEARS hod carrying, There isnt a shit job from cutting up chickens to long distance despatch riding I havent done when it paid. So, what have you done? Any twit can get paid for 12 hrs, but what have you done? Is there anywhere you have ever worked where people say; Shit, that guy is something else.
                  Well? I would like to see what you could achieve, big mouth.

            • Pat, one hell of a CV.
              I have been a spark for 44 years and i cannot lay a brick.
              You can not be a brickie and an electrician.
              Stick to laying bricks mate.

  15. Testing..

    • Seeing as the rely next to your ‘look at me i’m so wonderful speech was not available i’ll reply to your post here instead.

      You are an intellectual lightweight incapable of highlighting relevant points and articles and discussing them without either swearing at and insulting the people you’re talking to, or giving a job by job run down of your CV which again seems to be a thing you have to do to try to reclaim any semblance of self esteem that you may once have had. Either that or it’s a desperate attempt at personal vanity. No amount of boasting about your twin towers work makes you any better than the poor wee single mums being hounded in Newham. You are no better than anyone else so cut out the “i’ve done this and i’ve done that.” You’re not the only one on this site that’s ever been in gainful employment. Go away and have a long think about it.

      Get your head out of your backside and talk in proper language about the politics of the issues and not regurgitate headlines from the Mail and the Sun. In other words let’s have a proper political debate about the issues instead of you making jibes about people’s worth based on whether they’re employed or unemployed or whether they’re a single parent or not.

      The problems in this country are nothing to do with single mothers or people on benefits. Somehow i think that fact eludes you in your intellectually illiterate diatribes against out of work people and single mothers.

      So you don’t like single mothers or the unemployed. What about the sick and disabled in society? You have a problem with them too?

      Why don’t you join the Conservative party? You seem to have a lot in common with them.

      • Well said Raining.

      • Me? High and mighty? And my once great self esteem, eh? Implying I have none now .Your the one sitting indoors eating crusts Pal. You are the one without a bean in his pocket.You are the one suffering from depression, yet it is the rest of the world who is in the wrong, and you are going to stay where you are with your youthful low work history and your Qualification in something or other and cry foul when sent for a Mcjob. You started on the subject of how hard you worked and doubted my abilities. You keep trying to take the intellectual high ground then come out with something like Pat Hato. You really are not quite the full ticket are you? I am going to ignore you from now on, because it will stop me from saying something really hurtfull.

        • Oh Prat ATOS, so vacuous and dull. I’m sure you think your little diatribes are very stirring and incisive, and I’m sure your mates down the pub cheer on as you vomit up your bigoted rantings, arms waving and stunted genitals twitching in excitement, but it’s all sound and fury signifying nothing.

          Your distinct lack of concrete thought is summed up by your ignorant little “If you’ve got no money then move house and get some training. I walked uphill to and from work carrying my house on my back, and spent eighteen hours a day smashing bricks with my face, that’s why I coathanger turnip sharks milk wharrgarbl”.wordpuke.

          Of course people should just completely relocate and get training.!

          C’mon everyone, Prat’s offering us all a truly amazing opportunity to relocate to his imaginary la-la-land!

          Moving house, transport, getting vocational qualifications and accreditation – all free of charge in la-la-land! Transferring to a new GP, ensuring a smooth changeover from one local council to another, discontinuing old utility/telecoms/services contracts? All done magically withou any time, stress or financial implications because in Prat’s little la-la-land Calvinist Tory paradise, wishing makes it so! No phone calls, cancellation fees, setup and connection fees, lengthy appointments, standing in lines or being pissed about by entry-level service-bots. No, just click the heels of your worn out shoes together, Prat says, and you’ll find yourself magically transported to a new property, be enrolled in a vocational course that costs you absolutely nothing for supplies/transport/dependent care! All of your existing qualifications will transfer across seamlessly, even if they’ve expired, are considered to be incomplete as the course has been updated since you last studied, or they were earned outside of the UK.

          What if you’re disabled, or had children without consulting Prat in advance? No problem! All housing, educational opportunities, workplaces and service providers offer completely accessible facilities (yes even for those with sensory disabilities, cognitive disabilities and severe physical disabilities) with free on-site support and care. For the parents there’s free care for all children from birth onwards! No application process, no fees, and no potentially dodgy staff. In Prat’s fantasy la-la-land all carers have ECRB certification, sunny personalities, and no inconvenient real lives to get in the may of their jobs! Even children with illnesses or disabilities receive the appropriate care free of charge.

          A property will magically appear for you, based on your needs. No bond or security deposit is needed, rent is more than reasonable and should you require rent-related benefits then your payments will begin immediately, not in eight weeks’ time, or whenever someone stops scratching their arse just long enough to approve youg claim. Your new property in la-la-land will have no hidden expenses, no damp or mould, no nuisance neighbours, and will be fully furnished to precisely your requirements.

          So come on everyone, do as Prat says, and up sticks to relocate in the place that exists purely in his smug-addled head. A new Jerusalem with opportunities for all! Quickly, before the shapeless semi-on resulting from the lightheadedness induced by inhaling his propagandist “I’m alright Jack, no yer bike!” guff, withers away to nothing… until the next time it’s roused from its perpetual smegma-wreathed slumber by the sight of a young homeless woman, face streaked with tears, clutching an under-nourished baby and begging for change.

          • That is a brilliant piece of ranting Ethel, (better out than in).

          • So much effort and zest, yet started off with name calling and ridicule.
            My reply was to a young man with no ties, but lets go on with the main gist of your ‘reply’.
            Every point you make about why you could not rectify your life is because you are tied in to the system.It isnt your fault or responsibility. Housing . Dr. Carers. You even go on to mention utilities contracts. Cant do without sky for a week ?
            A capable independent Woman no doubt.
            You finish with yet more insults. Pathetic.
            7.5 % . .

            • Another tragic but revealing response from Pat Hato.

              Pat Hato, you have done little in this thread but indulge in personal insult and misogyny, and when you are called out on it by several of us, all you have is more of the same. But, in typical bully fashion, you have strict rules for everybody else, but totally arbitrary ones for yourself.

              Queen Etherea nails you perfectly, and you don’t like it one bit.

              Would you like some mayonnaise with that dog shit and broken glass sandwich?

              • Actually Lunacy, I am of up the pub for a steak.
                I couldnt give a monkeys what you or your friend thinks.

                • Yes you could Pat, that’s why you keep popping back to see who has ripped you, yet another new one. Though why someone who spews so much vile shit about women would actually need a new arsehole is yet to be discovered.

                • The steak was Ace .

            • Now I know I’m dealing with someone educationally as well as morally subnormal. Satellite TV (which I don’t have BTW) is not a utility. The “utilities” I speak of are gas, electricity and water. Let me guess, you get your water from the nearest stream, bang rocks together to make the sparks that ignite your methane smug-smog in order to keep warm. Heat comes from your burning self-righteousness, and fun comes from throwing stones at disabled children, and eating fish and chips in front of food Bank users.

              I wasn’t talking about myself upthread, you poor, hard-of-thinking little grease spot on the soul of humanity. It’s a shame you’re so intellectually bereft that you cannot grasp the concept of theoretical people or generalisation. It’s also a great shame that you are so sociopathic that you believe that anyone in need of a carer is to blame for their own circumstances.

              Guess what Prat? You’re seven seconds away from a life-changing disability. Seven seconds, that’s all it takes to become one of the only minority group that anyone can suddenly find themselves a member of. Seven seconds.


              A stroke, car accident, falling down the stairs, a head injury caused by a simple slip, a workplace accident at the banging-bricks-with-your-face depot, etc.

              Seven seconds between total autonomy, productivity and independence; and dependence, pain, and lack of dignity and privacy.

              Seven seconds from living a life where you don’t think twice about using the toilet, to a life where you cannot get off your back, and rely on nappies or a toileting sling on a hoist operated by two carers.

              Seven seconds between cooking yourself a lovely breakfast fry-up, and either being spoonfed, or getting TPN through a G-tube.

              Seven seconds between having a job that’s both economically and mentally fulfilling, to having to spill every detail of how you eat, sleep, piss and shit to the person filling in your benefit claim form. Telling them about the bedsores, night time nappy changes, and the facial skin issues caused by a constant stream of drool.

              Seven seconds from being seen as a worthwhile human being, to being seen as an unworthy eater, leben unswertes leben, by narrow-minded troglodytes just like you.

              Would you be as intent on blaming yourself for your situation then, especially when your bendit claim is rejected, as you are to people now?

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  17. off topic
    Universal Credit Boss Steps Down After Only A Year In The Job

    Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) Chief Information Officer (CIO), Andy Nelson, has stepped down from his role overseeing the roll-out of Universal Credit after only a year in charge.

    • So he will be giving the pension contributions, dental work done, expenses etc back then? It matters nothing; they will have the Gobshite Wanker in another post soon enough.

  18. Blame Labour how on earth do you expect they keep theses places open when the Tory’s are stripping them of funding , There all as bad as each other granted but to put the blame at the door of the local council is wrong when we all know The government are responsible for what is happening in this country wake up and stop blaming others for what Cameron is doing .

    • When single mothers and their children need a somewhere to live and food to eat, who else but an overly lunched, corrupt borough official wearing a Tory Lite badge on the inside of his jacket, would think that spending £2000 on a chandelier was a wise, humane choice?

      Tory cuts to councils aren’t helping any council, but the councils are the ones choosing to build luxurious office blocks and furnish them with glitzy, expensive crap that shelters and feeds no one.

      Every council has a choice in a matter like Focus E15 and could choose to do the decent thing.

      Councils, whatever their political sway, always manage to find the funds for “twinning” trips abroad, fact finding stays in luxury hotels, massive lunches and ipads for everyone in the council chamber don’t they?

      Rotten Boroughs indeed.

      • Do you have a solution then, for housing every single woman that suddenly finds herself unexplainedly pregnant after bonking like a rabbit ?
        Because if you do I suspect it is going to comein handy if the birth trend
        /immigration figures are anything to go by.My apologies to unnexpected mums everywhere who didnt ‘do it’
        more than once.

        • Yes I do actually. Make it a rule that councils must house those in need ahead of decisions to purchase chandeliers that cost £2k each and other similar, unjustifiable expenses.

          It’s never a surprise to find misogyny turning up wherever people are allowed to make a comment on the internet. Sadly.

          Very little mention from commentators here about the males who fathered the children, but hey! it’s only women isn’t it, and if someone needs a good slagging off, a good demeaning, a good old put down, a good raping or a good old burning on top of a pile of wood, then it may as well be a woman who gets it.

          The date is 9th March 2014. Though from reading some of the comments about these young women who have an urgent need for housing, a person might think it was 9th March 1214.

          • Get out of here with your sense and logic, you uppity female!

            I dunno, you get an International Women’s Day and it goes straight to your head! Next you’ll be thinking that you have a right to complete bodily autonomy, reproductive freedom, an expectation of equal educational opportunities, equal pay for equal work, and actual respect.

            And where does it go from there, eh? Next you’ll be wanting the freedom to live life in a way that’s not dictated by/catering for the male gaze, and the right to refrain from sexual contact unless you’ve given enthusiastic consent. Ha!

            Now stop your daydreaming and make Prat a sandwich, preferably a dog shit and broken glass sandwich.

        • Once again another put down of someone in a vulnerable position.

          Seriously why have you not joined the Tory party? Your vindictive horrible attitude would be right at home there.

          Yes my friends the downfall of western civilization is all down to some poor wee single mum’s living in a hostel in Newham.

          pat ato; intellectual critic and hater of single mums now.

          • What was it? Intellectual; Pygmy? Come on Raining;lets have this extraordinary graft record. –
            Your incessant ever more desperate side swipes are rather like being smashed across the head with a lightly perfumed kleanex.
            What graft have you put in that would shame my old bones?

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  20. Single mothers are victims of present-day policies and attitudes, in three ways: the continuing, thinly disguised stigma on ‘unwed mothers’; the attack on all poor parents (see one of the comments above) on grounds that you shouldn’t have children if you can’t ‘afford’ them (never mind why you can’t); the view that caring for your own children isn’t work, so the mothers are burdens to the economy. Even the left and the yuppie strain of the women’s movement tends to see children simply as obstacles to employment.

    Teenage mothers are particularly victimized, listed as a social problem along with terrorism, disease, crime etc. by all and sundry, including people who consider themselves left-wing and progressive.

    I applaud these women for their courage and confidence in standing up for themselves and their children. It’s a matter of justice, not just charitable concern for the vulnerable.

  21. totallygivenup

    i dont think these ladies did themselves any good by smiling for the photo op,sorry but we know too well how smith and co twist things,looks like the mdeia said “smile for the camera” and they did

  22. IDS on the Daily Politics sounding like a cross between John Prescott and Macapacca (In the Night Garden). Any figures quoted to him are categorically “Wrong”; (There are no problems, anywhere); “No-one is suffering – sanctions are fair – child poverty (redefined) is falling”.

    The man is delusional and anyone listening to him can see it.

    • Shirley, you and your nice owl have just upset me big time. I actually like Makkapakka and you have fused poor MakkaPakka with IDS in my head for all eternity. MakkaPakka did not deserve this


      • Lucy,
        apologies to Makkapakka and his friends, the Kninkinonks. I probably meant to say Paul Mcartney & it just came out wrong … not that Sir Paul deserves to be linked with ‘I’m Dodgy Slime’ either. It was difficult to know whethether to smile (grimace) or cry at IDS’s ludicrousness this morning – the cracks in whatever passes for his brain/persona are really showing now. The whole thing was deeply uncomfortable by the end with even Andrew Neill looking relieved when it was all over …. repellant man (IDS).

        • *sniffle*

          It’s too late for sorries Shirley, I have wept myself dry now and my eyes were so swollen from the torrential weeping for poor Makkapakka, that I couldn’t see ‘I’m Dodgy Slime’ on telly. Which is just as well really as I may have kicked the telly in. Either from rage or from laughter as I rolled about on the floor, kicking my heels in comedic delight at his insane lies! 🙂

          I never thought I’d ever type this, but, poor Andrew Neill

          • You’ll be fine! 🙂

            It was funny to watch – almost, in a kind of can-hardly-bear-to-look way & for all the wrong reasons. More of a horrowshow – definitely poor Andrew; it didn’t look fun for him at all – it’s so evident to all now – even to the Dodgy Slimeball himself, that the jig is up (?). At what a cost in human misery/lives ruined & lost though.

            He now looks like someone in an interview who knows they are in fact not the right person for the job but is determined to try their hardest to pretend and try to hoodwink the interviewer/blind them with ‘science’ (or catch phrases/soundbites). Absolutely determined to try to sound extremely emphatic and VERY CLEAR about which are the MOST IMPORTANT points) … & hopes that this will be enough …

            It was as though his job depended on it …. sickening really.

            • I will be ok yes, now I have set up a shrine to poor Makkapakka on the mantel piece. I have included the Kninkinonks too, he needs them for support.

              Your job interviewee analogy is just perfect Shirley! Just think of all the practice at job related lying he HAS already had in his grubby sham of a career!

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      Unbelievable Bullshit – that’s the only way I can describe IDS’s performance this morning on Sunday Politic’s.

    • @Shirleynott, IDS body language said it all, Constant dry throat (sipping the water= LYING), coughing (nervous), rubbing his eyes (could not take the truth). Completely in denial.

    • IDS made me laugh when he said those that were wrongly sanctioned were reviewed within a week and they were awarded hardship allowance as soon as they were sanctioned – the big fat liar!

      • The Daily Bullshit

        How the fuck can IDS get away with such outright lies? Did Andrew Neil not challenge him… 😉

        • They ran (conveniently) out of time …. I’m Dodgy Slime was allowed to give long, convolouted answers that took up a lot of the allotted time and kept revisiting how well it’s all going and how wrong the people with the calculators and those running the schools/foodbanks are.

          They know by now that challenging him only adds to the problem as once he’s irate, he’s even more incoherent than usual and it takes even longer get any kind of an answer out of him …

  23. This ignorant misogynist crap is too much! These women need our support not these insulting so-called comments. Take your misery out on those who have clearly left you mindless shitheads. Thankyou.

  24. And I will also say from personal experience it isnt any fun in a one parent house on a council estate, wondering why the fuck everything is so different than for other kids. Breeding to gain housing is miserable for the nippers.
    It needs to stop Now.

    • have a fucking word with yourself. why are you so desperate to dehumanise women and refer constantly to them as animals? your posts on this thread say a lot more about you then what you think they say about young mums.

      • Thanks johnny, glad you commented on this totally foul individual with his put down attitude towards the unemployed and now single mum’s.

        Like i said in a post directly to him his attitude fits in perfectly with the Tory party and he should go and join them.

      • I can assure you I am in no desperation to dehumanize women whatsoever.
        I even pointed out that guys will lose control at any opportunity.
        If my posts on here say something about me, I stand by it.
        The reference to animals is unavoidable for either sex, because its the truth. There is no other comparable that gets my point across. Sorry about that ladies,its recognised in the sticks that the lady chooses,not the man.
        If a man doesnt want to have kids with his girl he’s a bloody scoundrel.
        This is also recognised..
        I never actually set out on here to be ‘liked’ or anything. I agree mostly with your policies of defending the people from this tyrannical bunch of
        nutjobs who have inhereited the task of selling off the last asset we have which in business terms is known as the ‘goodwill’;
        (thats us) but I never said I would come on here and sing from the same songsheet as everybody else.

        • Did some girl not want you to father a child with her Pat Ato? Not surprising I suppose, given your deep hatred of women

          Did you father a kid then bugger off over the hill, refusing to stick around to support the child and get caught by the CSA?

          You wouldn’t be the first man to have experienced those things and felt bitter about it, then set out to hate every woman.

          Those who commit violent acts against partners often start out with verbal hate, then it escalates – from unresolved deep seated, personal conflict, all the way to “honest m’lud, she battered herself to death”

          • Victim of Black Widow Spider

            Jeez Lucy, the black widow spider devours her mate after they have copulated. I think that is what what Pat Ato is driving at. And on the wider point that Pat is driving at is that we are merely animals that have learned to walk upright, but animals still the same. We only live under a veneer of civilisation. What do you think would happen if IDS decided to end the Welfare State tomorrow…. eh, Lucy? Doesn’t bear thinking about… 😉

            • Victim of Black Widow Spider

              PS And it has also been suggested that dogs have civilised man, not the other way around as you might expect. There is nothing civilised about wo/man, we capable of extreme brutality. ‘Animal’ behaviour can be a lot more civilised.

            • Yes, I agree that we are all just apes. Really we are. Everything we are concerned about, like all animals, is sex and death. We try and get the first, avoiding the latter and passing on genes.

              Everything else we do is merely to keep our enormous brains busy, but can still be traced back and lead to sex and death related activities. Our curiosity is both the key to our success as a species and it can lead us to downfall just as easily. IDS isn’t just curious about ending Social Security and Welfare provision, he’s doing it. Right now.

              Perhaps Pat ato ought to learn some basics about the myriad species on this earth. He might just learn that women aren’t spiders. (or donkeys) 😉

            • Revollution.

          • Ah, yes. Deffo a state sponsored course. Wasted.
            Cant win them all i suppose. (Tick box; another who needs ‘leeway’).

            • …maybe not a course on the animal kingdom then for Pat. A nice cloth book with pictures only, instead. That should help you out Pat.

      • It’s clear he didn’t think women were human in the first place, and you can’t dehumanise someone that isn’t human, can you?

        I have to wonder how much of his MRA-like ire is directed at women not because they’re “breeding” (ugh), but because they’re not “breeding” with him.

  25. Pat are you drunk? Usually you talk such common sense now you are talking a whole load of bollocks, have you had a visit from ukip?

    • I was wondering this too.

    • If there is a petition to save these ladies from the degradation of moving into a privately rented flat, I wouldnt sign it. Hows that for clarity?
      On the ridiculously extended convo about flatscreens, I have a 17 inch monitor my dad picked up at a bootfare for a quid.

  26. @Pat Hato: “Was you working in the last recession?”

    See that’s what i mean. It’s were not was.

    I don’t understand anything about that last post it doesn’t make any sense.

  27. ;#} Is that the best your childish attempt at analyses can come up with?
    I did say stick to what you know if anything, and it appears you know less than anything.
    I hope that isnt a state funded course you have so monumentally
    misunderstood., as the seat could have taken some bright young
    single mother off the bread bank. .

    • Pat you are taking one hell of a battering.
      Never forget, a woman scorned is a woman to avoid , until you want a kiss.

      • Ron I have broad shoulders.
        I am not on here to ‘whinge’ ,I am here because I believe this abomination gov. needs taking down.
        If you think these petty peeps with all there edjamacation can wound me
        in any way you are mistaken. So far the best guess from any of em isnt
        even close.Why should I give a toss? I’ve never relied on anybody,but these brains of the U.K. cant organise a cash in hand window cleaning
        or ironing round to get by. All the book talk but no gumption.
        They wouldnt stoop so low either.
        They are from the same stable as the M.P.’s they protest about;
        Over educated self important useless windbags who bemoan society doesnt appreciate the fact that though they didnt come with an A class brain, they should get a prize for reading all the right books anyway.
        Gardening is probably riskier to my health than those who have had a pop at me here so far.

  28. something survived...

    well so does Queen Victoria (have great great great grandchildren etc etc); so let’s dig her up and put her on trial? Or how about a global manhunt for the fossilised remains of Mitochondrial Eve? (‘the mother of all humans’)

    Things that go wrong with (consensual) sex:
    Condoms break/tear/leak, or fall off, or you are too drunk and forget.
    Pills sometimes fail, get vomited up, or people forget to take them.
    A man could lie he has had a vasectomy when he hasn’t. A woman could lie she’s on the pill when she isn’t, or has a diaphragm in but doesn’t.
    If you’re having straight anal sex for preference and/or as an alternative to vaginal sex to avoid pregnancy (common in some cultures), sometimes sperm can get from the anus/perineum to the vagina.
    Either or both of you were too drunk to know what you were doing, but not drunk enough to be incapable of penetrative sex. Or you started as non-penetrative sex but ended up going all the way. Or you knew what you were doing, woman says ‘If I get pregnant by accident from this I’ll have an abortion’, both parties agree, then she gets pregnant and charges the man child support for the baby.
    The man fathers a baby he didn’t know about, so did not technically consent to be the father or pay maintenance.
    The girl does not know she’s ‘having sex’, exactly – and the first anyone knows about it is when she starts labour! not even knowing she was pregnant (that’s happening quite a lot) and in denial when doctors say ‘you’re giving birth’. (Lack of sex-ed classes?)
    The girl/woman is not sure who the father is. Or with the father and everything’s fine, then (way past latest time for abortion) it breaks up badly or he turns violent, then she leaves him but has to become a single mum.
    Or, they can’t be a couple because the father is married to somebody else. Or, she gets pregnant and he (serving in military) gets blown up by an IED in Afghanistan or Iraq. (Or run over on the way to the newsagents round the corner) Or things look normal but the man suddenly leaves her for no real reason.

    Non-consensual sex:
    Rape. Imagine the dilemma of being a rape victim who is Catholic or has other objections to abortion. ‘Having the baby’ is called ‘proof’ it was not rape. Some people don’t want to punish the baby by killing it, as it was not the baby’s fault. ‘Can’t bring themself to’ abort their own baby, even if pro-choice. Family pressure to have it, if abortion is seen in their culture as worse than single-motherhood. Or you were in Ireland or another place abortion’s illegal even if you wanted one, or a country you pay for care so can’t afford it. Or tried to abort illegally yourself but it failed, but you’re still pregnant. Or rape/pregnancy hushed-up more than normal because the rape is also incest (possibly also paedophile incest rape). Parents don’t normally want to put their kids straight into care at birth, often preferring to look after it even if it/they are sick/disabled, even if it was conceived in rape, even if they are skint and have no support networks, even if it’ll be a struggle to raise the child, even if having a child wrecks their life plan/career, even though they’ll not have enough for the child to live on; still deciding to make a go of bringing the child up anyway.
    (Sex with someone unconscious, asleep, drugged, too drunk, underage, or otherwise unable to consent, is also rape as there is no consent. Sex if you are told your partner is close to your age range but they turn out to be much older, for example, is not full consent; or sex with e.g. a twin pretending to be their sibling, as you thought you were sleeping with somebody else so did not truly consent.)
    Women can physically arouse men sometimes and force penetrative sex, or a woman could manually stimulate a man (possibly asleep/unconscious/drugged/restrained) to harvest sperm (or take it from a condom) and use it to fertilise herself; this has happened, but not so often. More have deliberately said they had protection and didn’t need him to wear a condom; not as a ‘reckless as to whether pregnancy occurs’ act, but specifically with the aim of pregnancy. There have been cases of men hiding or swapping their partner’s pills, or putting leaks in her diaphragm, to get her pregnant. Or men reversing a previous vasectomy and not telling their partners. Or even putting sperm (theirs or somebody else’s) on a finger or sex toy before using it on the woman.

    Other ways of getting babies;
    Single or partnered lesbians, single straight women and bisexual women, can also have babies by IVF; there is no law saying they must be rich or middle class! Even a virgin/asexual/celibate woman could use IVF if she wanted a baby.
    Sometimes surrogacy goes wrong, and the birth mother decides she wants to keep it (here she’s the legal mother, regardless of whose egg it was); or the egg/care mother decides she doesn’t want it and gives it back to the birth mother. She planned on having another woman’s baby but not on raising it, now has to change her plans. She’d have to raise it herself if not put it in care. That would apply if a lesbian couple, one infertile, used IVF and surrogacy, then during or after pregnancy they split up. Let’s say the egg mother left, leaving the birth mother. It was either too late for abortion/she was anti-abortion, or she couldn’t do it. Let’s say she didn’t want to be a single mum but ‘would have agreed’ to raise a child with her girlfriend/civil partner/wife. And now decides to have the baby and raise it.
    Adoption: a single parent can adopt or foster, so can an unmarried straight couple or a gay couple. People may adopt grandchildren if their children are dead/incapable/in jail. Those in relationships might have to adopt their own kid (raised previously by the couple) if the partner died, if it was not biologically theirs or was a kid from a previous relationship. And you might get in worse poverty later, till it becomes difficult as a single parent to look after yourself and the kid/s. Adoption is often for infertile couples.
    And a straight couple can have the man die; is the woman meant to grab and marry the first man she sees?

    Regardless of how it got there, a baby if brought to term, obviously needs looking after by somebody. And if mums who didn’t plan it. who might be kids themselves, decide to look after it, then they should be supported in doing so. (Ditto dads, with or without the baby’s mother)
    Dodgy women can abandon men with the kids, leave them looking capably after them for years as a single dad, not make contact, then turn up and snatch the kids. (Know many cases of this.) Dodgy men can bugger off and leave women to raise the kids alone. (Also know a lot of instances of this.)
    A crappy partner/ex is worse than no partner at all. The song ‘Little Boxes’ was satire; but we’re trying (society) to enforce the ‘nuclear family’ as the only valid option. It’s very one-dimensional. Reality has edges.

    Also it shouldn’t be assumed that poverty, working/underclass, lack of education, young age, etc. automatically means people will be bad parents. Some of the worst parents (dads in this case) have four cars and are the nth-generation of their family (men) to go to Eton. Some rich women are lousy mothers. And some people in the vast middle ground, may or may not be cut out for parenthood, but may be trying their best at it.
    Even with no fucking money and no fucking jobs.
    And don’t assume single mothers, even at a hostel, don’t have paid jobs. They could have, or be professional women fleeing domestic violence. Wife beating sees no class. Or colour. Or age. Voluntary jobs count too, even if they don’t register in the DWP as ‘proper’ jobs. In which case all women who are parents/housewives are working and should be paid for it, as it’s 24/7. If there’s no childcare, how can single mums go to college to train for better job chances and qualifications? Or indeed go 35-hour jobseeking? Apply for every/any job? Try being a single mum wandering into an iron-foundry dragging at least one child, and yelling ‘gissa job!’
    (‘And can I take my child/ren to work with me as there’s no childcare?’)

    Clarification on IDS: He is longterm deceased, but a more accurate description of him is ‘Undead’. However, the rest of the undead resent him and do not want to admit he is part of their community. So they are unhappy with the use of the term. They advise swift removal of IDS, involving garlic, a stake, and decapitation.

    • something survived...

      (reply was to OBD at bottom of column!)

      • Something survived you have excelled yourself with the above comment, I hope Pat Ato appreciates it, because I certainly did.

        • I do! it is a comprehensive list of situations that can arise and lead to single motherhood.
          I just said 5%.But looking at that list I would revise it ti 7.5%

  29. That should read ” Good on you though for doing your bit by being so thoroughly odious that you kill all sexual desire in a half-mile radius.”

    Your Tory-Boy slime got in my eye.

  30. More women spend way more of their valuable time worrying, from the age they become sexually active for want of a better phrase, about accidentally becoming pregnant when they wouldn’t wish to be – it’s a huge fear, particularly for younger women – than any proportion who (allegedly) go all out to trap men (or a particular man) inside them for whatever heinous, opportunistic, Machiavellian ‘ends’ & (cunningly) conceive ‘accidentally-on-purpose’.

    It’s veyr likely a more difficult/complex thing to manage than it might sound, in any event. It probably has happened in a book somewhere, in the olden days, or to a few ‘men’ – who shall remain nameless – or to a friend, or a friend of a friend of a friend, & their pre-existing, deep-seated, very low opinion of women was/is confirmed – what they ‘knew’ or were taught about ‘women’ as part of a very skewed (sad) world-view is ‘proved’ to be ‘true’.

  31. during the 90,s i was hounded into homelessness by the CSA despite my then partner having a child that we had no money for,my son was 7 and i was made to pay 50 per cent of my wage,i refused and was taken out of my wages,i offered to pay 150 but no,a scouser would ring me at 2 in the morning,i once said in anger “take all my money” to which he replied “dont push me or i will” i had to grovel and apologies…my point here,it seems the CSA have gone,nobody is hounded to there graves,women included my son is grown up and i just about survived..what happened to the CSA? has it gone? my point if the CSA can be “disolved” so can the present DWP? im an oldie now but can anybody elighten me as to wether the CSA exists if so why is it never mentioned..many thanks

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