Universal Jobmatch Still Riddled With Illegal Unpaid Work

uj-unpaid-work“Not paying the National Minimum Wage is illegal and if an employer breaks the law, government will take tough action,”

“Anyone considered a worker under the law should be paid at least the minimum wage, whether they are an intern, or someone on work experience.”

Employment Relations Minister Jo Swinson MP

The Government job-seeking website Universal Jobmatch is still littered with illegal unpaid work despite David Cameron’s claims that companies who fail to pay the minimum wage will be ‘named and shamed’.

Many employers are using the site to offer unpaid work experience roles or internships such as this advertisement calling for”extremely hardworking” graduates to work in exchange for lunch and travel expenses.

Unless unpaid work experience positions form part of a formal Jobcentre scheme they are illegal under minimum wage laws.  The law is very clear and guidance on who is entitled to receive the minimum wage can be found on the same gov.uk website which hosts Universal Jobmatch.

These exploitative employers are far from the only criminals making use of this website to fleece unemployed people.  According to opportunistic wanker Frank ‘Atos’ Field, several of his constituents have been scammed after using the website by fake employers asking for bank details or money upfront for criminal record checks.

Field claims that half the jobs advertised on Universal Jobmatch may breach the terms and conditions of the site, a fact backed up by the recent Channel 4 investigation which found that over 11,000 bogus jobs on the website were invented by just one man.  Shady businessman Mark Coward received money from recruitment agency CV Library every time a jobseeker sent in their CV to apply for one of the fake jobs.  Last night Channel 4 News also revealed that over 20% of the jobs advertised on the site are duplicates.

It is genuinely astonishing that the DWP is aiding and abetting outright fraudsters by giving them an online platform to recruit victims.  Meanwhile one Government department is claiming they are cracking down on employers who don’t pay the minimum wage whilst the DWP are happily advertising these kinds of jobs on their own website.

Iain Duncan Smith can’t even run a fucking website without it being over-whelmed by scammers, fake jobs or illegal job vacancies. Yet he is still being handed billions to build a new IT system which he claims will revolutionise the benefits system when Universal Credit is finally launched.  The DWP already claim that Universal Jobmatch “revolutionises the way jobseekers look for work”.  If this is a sign of things to come then Universal Credit could be the most expensive and embarrassing Government IT farce that the UK has ever seen – and we’ve seen quite a few.

Whilst registration on the Unversal Jobmatch website can be mandated by Jobcentres, there is currently no requirement to tick the box allowing the DWP to snoop on your jobsearch (you can also untick the box which asks if they can send you emails).  You should be under no obligation to use the website anywhere but Jobcentres and there is really no need to tell the DWP if you have a home computer.  For the most up to date information on Universal Jobmatch and your rights visit: http://refuted.org.uk/jobmatch/

Fancy a break from work related activity – there’s an app for that.  Let Universal Automation take the strain whilst you put your feet up.

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117 responses to “Universal Jobmatch Still Riddled With Illegal Unpaid Work

  1. Universal Jobmatch is a million times WORSE than the simpler DirectGov site that preceded it. In what way has UC “revolutionised” anything? Apart from diarising each user’s jobsearch and, if you’re daft enough to allow it, enabling the DWP to surveil your jobseeking activities and sanction you it is quite simply the very worst job board on the internet! UC really is absolutely THE worst! Nationally and internationally. I kid you not.

    • Overheard at Jobcentre

      “I’ve forgotten my password to my jobmatch account” 🙂 btw you can have as many ujm accounts as you like 🙂 the jobcentre hate it lol

  2. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    well Nigel it won an award for it… the Wooden Nora. as being the worst site amongst 730…

  3. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Channel 4 News, Universal Jobmatch – Fake and duplicated jobs report from 5 March 2014.

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  5. The jobby made me sign up to UJM under threat of sanctions, so I signed up and didn’t allow-the-jobby-to-mooch tick the box.

    But I contacted the support and asked for my permission I had to grant during sign-up to be revoked: I had only done what I did because of the threat of sanctions. I did not know about sign-up details until going though the sign-up process either.

    The questions you have to fill in when signing up include classifying yourself racially/ethnically. Evidence indicates that racial groups are very-much a human construct and so are generally irrelevant (do not think I am down-playing bigotry here, I am saying seeing significant differences between black and white skin is like seeing difference between blue and brown eyes. Some kind of eye-ism would be stupid, and funnily enough, so is racism. Not just because of the pain it inflicts, but because the whole mode of thought is bullshit (possibly best summed up as “us and them”). I am not willing to think along those lines, and so these days I refuse to classify myself racially when asked. That UJM makes you do so I feel violates freedom of expression and thus I wanted my classification removed. If this means the whole UJM a/c goes, then fine.

    The jobby subsequently have asked if I ticked the mooch box, I said no, they haven’t looked any further. UJM support/DWP knew the whole situation though, I feel I have a good reason for having fundamental concerns with UJM and the DWP must have seen them as legitimate to have removed my account.

    Also, IME information on racial demographics is used by closet-racists to demonstrate how they are “not racist”, or like Holland and what the Nazis did with IBM’s help..sd.g@::@~?@~?@~PO(IU*


    • Godwin, the sad thing is, some people/individuals, do see the colour of ones skin/eyes and discriminate accordingly. But I do get your gist.
      For example, sometimes when I go for a job interview, I know, just by looking at the employers face that they don’t like me. Why? Because I’ve got a Fucking Attitude Problem buried deep beneath my psyche and they can see it. So can I.
      ‘I think, therefore, I am’. You cannot please everyone and Racism, Class, and Disabilities will continue. I never asked to be born, alas!!!!!

      • I hate those fucking applications forms that say:

        “We are an Equal Opportunities employers

        Please indicate you ethnic origin *

        a) White Caucasian
        b) Fucking P*aki bastard

        * mandatory field”

        • I hate those fucking applications forms that say:

          “We are an Equal Opportunities employers

          Please indicate you ethnic origin *

          a) White Caucasian
          b) Fucking P**i bastard

          * mandatory field”

  6. As a long-term unemployed graduate, I often think how happy I would be to take on a work placement for a ‘Bite to eat’. I never thought the day would come when I would be grateful for the ‘ingredients’ to make a Fucking cup of Tea. I ask ya, a fucking cup of tea. So ‘lunch’ is very appealing. But I’d rather STARVE than give in to the Devil himself, I.D.S, the good for nothing LIAR, CHEAT AND SCOUNDREL !!!!!!

    • Landless Peasant

      You have my sympathies, Bernadette, do you have any kind friendly neighbours you can borrow a bit of sugar, milk etc. off? Where I live I’m lucky enough to have friends & neighbours in the same boat so we often help each other out with basics as is necessary, or even meals. My local corner shop too will let me have a loaf on tick. I guess this is what the Big Society really is, the abandoned poor having to help each other.

  7. “The DWP says that a number of jobs on their website don’t meet their terms and conditions but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are bogus.”

    Just what does that mean exactly? I’m confused.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it is a linguistic con (brick wall), erected to deflect questions, where they claim not to understand what one means, in case (if) one asks, and therefore they want one to explain it to them so that they understand, which will be exhausting work, one will give up trying to get through and take responsibility for any crap they throw at one, because it is hard work to resist them…ie it is done to confuse one, and engage one in pointless exercise…which is why one is confused…in others words one is responding already to their bull, instead of linguistically deconstructing their statement, it simply does not relate to what actually has happened, the statement is insincere, and provides no reassurance to the quality of the jobs on offer, which it should….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps jj
        apart from everything else that could be said about that statement… their response is bogus…hence the confusion…

    • 350,000 jobs advertised on UJM are bogus. The DWP are talking out of their fat arses if they claim differently. They can take us to court if we were to misuse the website under the computer misuse act, 1990. But if employers fuck us over with scam jobs and illegal £65 CRB checks, the DWP turns a blind eye to it all.

  8. Maybe they should have a sign up on that UJM farce saying “Users agree to use this site at their own risk!”

    Let everyone know what BS it is.

    How creepy is that as well? Being able to log in to someone’s account and look at all the things they’ve looked at and done.

    Bunch of unprincipled wankers.

    • Another Fine Mess

      “Users agree to use this site at their own risk!”
      They do.
      5.2 We don’t accept liability for loss or damage incurred by users of the website, whether direct, indirect or consequential, whether caused by tort, breach of contract or otherwise.

      • Well that being the case anyone who signs up for it is round the bend clearly. But wait a minute are they not saying in a lot of places that the person must sign up to this and use it or else their benefits may be sanctioned? That being the case why do they not accept any responsibility for loss when they are forcing the person to use the site under threat of destitution.

        So they want to force people to use it but won’t accept any losses incurred because their system is incompetent, set up and run by monkeys.

        DWP = Losers

    • Raining, the first time this came up and was openly described as something that would/could allow JCP staff to monitor job search (in Nov 2012) those were my sentiments too & ended up spluttering something like, “Would you (the jcp ‘adviser’) be happy for me to look through your bank statements, for instance?). Their answer – obviously prepared in advance in should anyone raise any kind of objection/question the whole premise – was to say (correctly) that “There are cameras all along the road outside here – we are always being watched …” and that, “(Some) people put all kinds of personal details on to facebook …”. It was seriously horrifying to discover that the main aim of the ‘bespoke’ (!) new UJ site was to remove any freedom and privacy unemployed (and now even underemployed) people have/did have – & to steal their benefit monies.

      It did lead directly to me finding this site, though – so in a weird way JCPminus were a big help on that occasion (the only time they have been, needless to say – and it was not their intention. It was downhill all the way from then on … things were never quite the same .. somehow our relationship just seemed to sour and we used to get on so well … she would print jobs off; I would apply for them. She would print jobs off … I would apply for them. In the pre-UJ halcyon days …

      • Really sickening this is. I thought filling in the diary was bad enough and having to justify myself to some jobsworth who could be sitting on the other side of the desk next week. This takes the biscuit that they really expect to snoop on people’s personal details and what they’ve been doing as far as looking for work.

        It’s totally Orwellian and very depressing.

  9. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    The Sunday Politics programme (BBC1, 11.00 am) have Iain Duncan Smith as the guest. They are tweeting that they want questions for him – use the hashtag #askIDS

    • Perhaps en masse people could tweet in to ask him who is more important – a shelf stacker or a geologist …

    • something survived...

      Dear IDS, Here’s a bottle of bleach you can drink, a can of petrol you can torch yourself with, a grave you can collapse on yourself, a vat of acid you can jump into, or a pack of feral dogs you can be fed to. Which do you choose?

      Dear IDS: Why are you such an evil fascist slime?

      Dear IDS: Please will you brighten up my day by walking onto a mine?

  10. Don’t bank on any pertinent questions being asked by Andrew Neil. A prize Tory knobwit who worked for Murdoch and was so cowardly that he had a hair transplant when Murdoch told him to.

    • Neil was a member of the Conservative Club when a student in Glasgow and worked for the Conservative party as a research assistant after leaving university (where one of his tutors was a certain Vince Cable).

      Don’t expect for one moment that Andrew Neil to give IDS the grilling and roasting the psychopathic lying moron deserves and drag the old fucker over the coals.

      The last time they met I remember Neil tackling him about not enforcing sanctions on benefit claimants to make them toe the line and not cracking down on them earlier after becoming unemployed.

  11. Landless Peasant

    The DWP have been pestering me about using the UJM website, even though I have not given them permission to monitor my account. Every time I sign-on I get questioned about it. They have a record of when I have logged-on, and have told me to do so more often/regularly, even though I have told them I don’t use it and I don’t have to do.I have created an account and as far as I’m aware that’s all I am obliged to do. I do my Jobsearching on CV Library and provide printed evidence at every signing appointment. That ought to be good enough, I’ve already stated my position verbally to various signing bods on more than one occasion but if this line of questioning continues I’ll write to the Jobcentre manager for clarification.

    • The Jobcentre can only force you to use UJM in the Jobcentre using one of their IADs (Internet Access Devices). So unless they provide the facilities and guarantee you access you’re quite within your rights to tell them to swing.

    • @ lp – I have to log in 3 times a week to check if my advisor has saved any jobs for me, and I also log in if I am applying for any jobs which can only be applied for via UJM. I don’t search for jobs while logged in though, and the automatic jobs it throws up on the front page as soon as I log in don’t have to be applied for, you don’t have to excuse yourself for not applying for them or even look at them (they are the onscreen equivalent of the spam e-mails). If I have logged in for either of these two reasons I quickly log out again. You could just log in more often and quickly log out again and even use it for a jobsearch without logging in, and they wouldn’t know exactly how long you’ve spent on the site. I never state a reason on UJM itself for not applying for any jobs even if I have looked at the details of any of the front page “recommended jobs” whilst logged in.

      • Paragraphs 52 and 82 on the Universal Jobmatch Toolkit clearly gives you the power to refuse your JCP trying to gain access over your UJM account.

        Print out their own guidelines and show them, the next time they ask you or expect you to use UJM when told to.

        My UJM account tick boxes are left blank, my two Outlook email addresses are set to block and delete all incoming gov.uk messages so they don’t hassle me that way, and I play them at their own game.

    • Universal Jobmatch toolkit paragraph’s 50, 52 and 82 allows users to reject JCP insistences of trying to illegally access accounts and go wild with a sanction free-for-all.

  12. i think ujm updated their terms last month to take no responsibility for links on its site and agreement not to spam/hack etc.
    One advisor told me I have to use UJM x times a week even though I told them I had used another site, they said I had to list down UJM..

  13. Another Fine Mess

    Unusable Jobshite is on CH4 news again!

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  15. Jo Swinson herself advertised a few weeks ago for a PA to cover maternity leave. Obviously the ideal candidate would be someone who could be trusted (and who could trust themselves) not to scrawl “BITCH!” on all of the little lady’s correspondence, not to mix up all the appointments in her appointments diary and not to siphon her MPs expenses off to deserving causes such as those who had suffered via sanctions, disability denial or the bedroom tax. This would exclude me from applying but would not be accepted as a valid reason in my jobseeker’s diary. Fortunately, it is also “too far for me to travel”.

  16. Obi Wan Kenobi

    The Huffington Post. 06/03/2014.

    Iain Duncan Smith Faces Probe Over ‘Bogus’ Jobs On Jobseekers Website.

    Iain Duncan Smith’s Department of Work and Pensions could be investigated after it emerged that over a third of a million jobs it advertises for job hunters could be bogus or unlawful.


    • Obi:

      “Ministers were recently embarrassed by a a £10-per-hour prostitute job advert popping up in error on the Direct Gov website. LOL! From your link at huffington.

    • @ Obi..

      I have seen countless fake duplicate jobs advertised in more than one town/city and all these duplicate scam vacancies have identical wording and external recruitment website links.

      My own computer has downloaded browser software to track down the real server locations of these scam websites and also include the power to block them if I feel the need to do so.

  17. If anyone with an UJM account is told by their jobcentre advisor to give them access, this is what their own policy states (unless changed)…

    “The UJ Jobmatch toolkit chapter 3, paragraph 50, states: “You cannot issue a Jobseeker’s Direction to either require a claimant to create a profile and CV in Universal Jobmatch or to mandate a claimant to give us access to their account – this is their decision not ours.” Paragraph 52 also states that “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this.””
    Source: PCS Union – 17th January 2013

    Don’t let the DWP bastards win. If they try to, show them their own guidelines. I have done this against my own JCP twice and they always back down afterwards.

  18. ”Paragraph 82: We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity and Universal Jobmatch will not change this – it is not therefore possible to require JSA claimants to give DWP access to their Universal Jobmatch account.”

    Use this weapon against the DWP if they try to bend their own rules. I have done this twice now and have forced them to back down both times.

    • something survived...

      “We cannot specify to a JSA claimant how they provide us with records of their jobsearch activity”
      New method of proving use of UJM website:
      Screw your jobsearch diary into a ball.
      Insert the screwed-up paper in your arse.
      Remove the screwed-up paper from your arse.
      Using your fist, relocate the jobsearch diary in your Advisor’s (jobcentre tosser/bitch) mouth.

  19. BBC News channel doesn’t have any mention of the fraudulent website on their rolling ticker-tape and their Red button news service is acting low-key in reporting this massive fraud. Fucking cover up being conducted by the Torys and their cohorts the BBC.

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  21. @Johnny Void it was on BBC news that frank field MP ( yeah I know ) reported that Universal Jobmatch was rife with fraud

    We know that but for joe public and politicians its got to be some kind of breakthrough

  22. Got this from the Universal JobMatch recently

    Shelf Stackers X 7
    Job description
    We require shelf stackers to work in Glasgow from the end of January
    Predominantly night work
    Car prefferred but not essential if you can commute easily on public transport within Glasgow.
    Experience in Retail, store plans, replenishment and merchandising to store layouts is essential

    Please send your CV

    Job summary
    Job ID
    Posting Date
    The shoregroup
    Job type
    Full time
    Years of experience
    1+ years
    65.00 – 80.00
    Application methods
    Email: steve.bull@theshoregroup.co.uk

    This exact same vacancy was posted no less than 17 times, one after the other right down the page
    I checked them all, each with a different number.
    That would make an actual total of 119 separate positions !
    I do not believe these are not actual jobs, but work program placements, which I think Shore group is one of these training type organisations, why are these on the Universal JobMatch.?

    This fiasco alone should see the entire project suspended immediately. This should see George Ian ( IDS ) not only loose his post in Government, but expelled from Parliament.

    And we are still awaiting the response from what used to be “LABOUR”.
    It’s a wonder Fields is saying anything. Though I guess it’s to his credit he has said anything, but…….
    He was on the wireless once not so long ago complaining young pl didn’t want to work for the pay on offer.
    He complained they were wanting 3 times what the jobs were paying. I kinda thought they were maybe, perhaps desiring way too much, you know maybe just ?
    Then Fields says they want they wanted around 300 !!!He goes onto say that attitude to jobs wasn’t good enough or words to that effect.

    So this the jerk thinks ppl in Liverpool should work a week for £100. HUH ! That should say it all about “Labour”

    • LOL! what’s that? £60-80 for full time work? Hahahahaha this just keeps getting better and more ludicrous every week. Next they’ll be wanting you to pay to work. Criminal scumbags.

    • I’ve seen just one fake ‘sales’ job posting advertised a dozen times all on the same page, yet each one had a different ref. number. And they say at the JCP that there are jobs out there if we try hard enough to look for them…

  23. Also…….. It must be noted, this is listed as “Predominantly night work” How comes it that “night work” is listed as some kind of placement, Full Time and as £65.00 – £80.00. How is any of that acceptable or even legal?

  24. Re: forthcoming CWPs

    Does anyone know if You can stop JCP form sharing your personal data with a

    • Obi Wan Kenobi

      CWP providers are the same one’s that run the work programme, so the same rules apply:

      You DO NOT sign the two forms giving consent for your personal data to be shared with anyone.

  25. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Anyone in Bath:

    Henry Smith‏@Henry02Smith·15 hrs

    Iain Duncan Smith visiting Bath Jobcentre Fri 7/3/14 around 11:45. Meet at 11:30 – protest for #nocuts. RT this.


    Give the cunt the reception he deserves.

  26. Obi Wan Kenobi

    March 07, 2014.
    Iain Duncan Smith snubs Bath protesters.

    Secretary of State Iain Duncan Smith has been heckled and jeered by protesters during a visit to Bath.

    The Work and Pensions Secretary was making a visit to the city’s Job Centre to meet with staff and discuss the introduction of the controversial Universal Credit, which was launched in Bath last month.

    Universal Credit is a new payment which rolls several others together and aims to simplify procedures for employees and employers.

    Members of Unite, the Citizens’ Advice Bureau and people who rely on benefits congregated outside the Job Centre on Somerset Street to greet the MP.


  27. something survived...

    Congratulations on Crossing the Pale, IDS; the ceremony involves being sprayed with slurry. Surely plenty of patriotic farmers across the country would be more than happy of doing the honours.

    The joke: These jobs are shit jobs you would not take, but they make you apply. Then for applying for a job with such low pay you get Sanctioned for applying for a job that pays that little. If you get the job, come off benefits and are then on much less, they sanction all remaining benefits because (even if they forced you to take it) you ‘made yourself low-paid’! If you reapply for benefits, they deny them to you as you were sanctioned so have Bad Character and were not working enough. If you DON’T apply, they sanction you for not applying, though the job was patently a piece of shit.

    Sanctions for being sanctioned? And every day you will accumulate more sanctions, until you either die of the sanctions or are miraculously cured of your disability.
    Note: If working and not doing enough hours or earning enough money, they could take your children away for ‘wilfully putting them in poverty’!
    And never take time off to care for a sick or dying spouse.

    The more I see tories, the greater respect and admiration I have for sharks.

  28. Pfft

    We routinely allow fake jobs by the scam artists Lawson Clark and Randtstad

    In addition thousands of jobs are advertised as being in London when they follow the Easyjet/Ryanair approach (eg London Glasgow)

  29. …This is another of the stranger vacancies put up on UJM
    This one was posted, JANUARY 1ST
    Though I have seen it put up in previous months and has appeared since.

    It has been listed for different areas. I have given the Glasgow one and the Falkirk one. I have seen them advertise for Hotel Porters too !

    I think JSA was one of those things that got pulled as being fake. But that these vacancies ever got put up at all is totally scandalous.

    Cleaner Needed,Market Research
    ( Glasgow ad )
    Job description
    For a market research leader that requires Cleaners with background work knowledge for On-line commercial market studies focus groups as a research consultant

    The role will require you giving your opinions and suggestions on a variety of products, services and day to day living. Cleaners are needed for a certain type of study. All other studies will be based on your personal profile

    Successful Applicants:

    Once applied you will receive a validation email
    You cannot be accepted until you validate this email. Please check your junk mail box
    Applicants will need to complete Further Profiling

    We endeavor to respond to every applicant that we feel is suitable. If you do not hear from us within 5 working days, please accept our apologies but we are unable to help you on this occasion

    This is a part time, self-employed, home working job with a varied salary.
    Applicants are responsible for their own national insurance contributions and tax. For information on this speak to a job centre Adviser.

    Job ID
    Posting Date
    Staffing/employment agencies
    Job type
    Part time less than 30 hours
    Education Level
    CSE or equivalent
    Job reference code

    Cleaner Needed,Market Research
    ( Falkrik ad )

    Job ID
    Posting Date
    UK-Scotland-Central Scotland
    Staffing/employment agencies
    Job type
    Part time less than 30 hours
    Education Level
    CSE or equivalent
    Job reference code
    There is no way these were ever a real vacancies!!!!!

    • http://www.jsajobs.org.uk/

      @GORDON and all @JOHNNY VOID

      JSA JOBS The Direct Guide to UK jobs
      And Your Activity History.

      What the fuck is this ?
      Some scheme to monitor you ??!

      WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS. ?????

      • So..the ” jobs ” advertised on jsajobs site are not real but a ” guide ” ???!

        Like jobs for ” fruit packers ” oh wow
        Fucking fruit packing I always wanted to be a fruit packer when I grew up

        • overburdenddonkey

          many, many, people need/want a job, i’d love to be fit and well enough to pack fruit…nothing wrong with packing fruit if it is paid @ min rate and/or above…

          • Don’t start …the point o was making was about the JSA JOBS thing ..there are other jobs listed on there
            But I don’t know if they are real or not

            Maybe its to monitor your jobsearch activity

      • JSAjobs website…

        Try visiting that site with your computer’s audio enabled and you’ll hear an American female voice spouting government bullshit.

        • @AWP JSA JOBS etc well I copied all the text connected to that shit and posted it here
          It looks like its testing you to check that you are using UJM. I thought it was voluntary
          Not mandatory
          So all those fruit packer jobs are NOT real?
          Or they are and JSA JOBS is to monitor you ?
          What the fuck is it then ????

          Anyone got a clue ?

        • Its ptobaby speech to text doing
          The american voice too lazy to switch it to British voice

    • Thank you for stopping to view our guide to filling in the Activity History on your Universal Jobmatch Profile.

      The Activity History is the most important area for any jobseeker to look at and keep filled in. It is the area that all Job Centre staff look at to assess whether or not you have made enough effort to look for a job. If this area is not filled out consistently and correctly you can have your benefits stopped.

      This guide will help you with ideas and examples of how to fill in your Activity History so not to fall foul of your Jobseekers agreement.

      Remember: Your Jobseekers Agreement requires you to make at least 8 substantial efforts to find work and to apply to at least 4 jobs per week. These numbers can be higher or lower depending on each individual. If you do not fill in your Activity History once or twice a day you may fall short of your Jobseekers Agreement and have your Jobseekers Allowance stopped.

      Please also remember that this is only a guide and there are many things you can do individually to find work and fulfil your Jobseekers Agreement.

      If you are ever stuck for ideas of what to do, then come back here to is guide.

      If you have some tips or ideas of your own then please email us at tips@JSAjobs.org.uk. We will be happy to hear from you.

      There are many Jobseeker Advisors with many tips and advice for Jobseekers. Please feel free to email us with your tips and advice for Jobseekers. You probably see clients make the same mistakes day after day, week after week. Please note them, email us here (tips@JSAjobs.org.uk) and we will post your advice on this page. Your clients will appreciate your time and help regardless if you hear it or not.

      Please take a look at our guide below. You might find it helpful.

      Thank You

      JSA Jobs

      Scuse my ignorance guys but what the fuck is this about ??

  30. Fake job (seen loads of times all under different UJM ref codes), probably posted with DWP endorsement designed to trap people into a sanction for not applying for it….

    X Jobs
    Sales Operatives
    Job description

    To APPLY go to: http://www.x-jobs.com/display-job/1307/

    We are looking for ambitious individuals who want to take their career to the next level. Self motivation towards hard work and responsibility is a must.

    As well as providing ongoing sales coaching and one on one mentoring to help develop both business leadership skills and progression, we also introduce you to new skills in customer service and sales.

    Levels of responsibility are rewarded on individual merit as well as criteria based progression.

    This is an exciting opportunity for anyone who has a flair for dealing with customers, with a drive to succeed in a sales representation role.

    Whether you have years of experience or are looking to gain new skills, we can offer full product training, although individuals should be confident, self motivated and driven towards high customer service and sales targets. However we welcome candidates with previous experience in sales, customer service, advertising, promotions, retail, call centre, hospitality or marketing.Â

    If you are Enthusiastic, keen to learn and looking for a New Career, then…



    Please note that all openings are sales based in the field with income purely based on performance, the harder you work the greater your rewards, which includes face to face customer service and promotions work. There are also business development opportunities for the more ambitious that achieve consistent high quality sales. This is a self employed position. The Company has given an assurance that this vacancy enables workers to achieve a wage equivalent to the National Minimum Wage rate. Self-employed people are responsible for paying their own National Insurance contributions and Tax. For information on how benefits are affected, and whether entitlement may be lost, speak to a Job Centre Plus Adviser.Â

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