Stop Workfare In Its Tracks – Join The Week Of Action 29 March – 6 April 2014

salvation-army-workfareIn April George Osborne’s mass workfare scheme will begin.  Unemployed people will be sentenced to 780 hours community work simply for being unable to find a job. Not even lone parents with young children are to be exempt from the scheme which will see so-called charities like Groundwork UK and the Salvation Army paid by the tax payer to force people to work for free.  Part time workers and those currently genuinely volunteering will also face being sent on unpaid work.

Collective action can halt this forced labour scheme in its tracks.  A week of action against workfare has been called beginning on the 29th March.  An escalation in the campaign against unpaid work is vital and there is no better chance than this.  It only takes a few people to get the ball rolling, and protests against organisations using workfare have proved to be effective.  Boycott Workfare can offer support with publicity, leaflets and advice. Please help spread the word about the week of action and let’s make this the strongest stand against people being forced to work for free that has been seen so far.

From Boycott Workfare:

Tens of organisations have already quit workfare. The government will not reveal which organisations are still using it for fear the schemes will collapse. Its contractors complain that they have lost hundreds of placements due to public pressure.

But they’re trying it again with a new scheme – “Community Work Placements” – launching on 1 April 2014 which will force claimants to work for six months without pay. Six months – 780 hours – is more than twice the maximum community service sentence. Workfare does not help people find jobs and being unemployed is not a crime.

This new workfare scheme is part of a raft of draconian measures, misleadingly called “Help to Work”, which are designed to increase sanctions (benefit stoppages) and undermine wages still further.

For the workfare schemes to happen, they need places to send people, but tens of large charities have already quit. Oxfam stated that the schemes were incompatible with its goal of reducing poverty in the UK. Liverpool CVS has condemned the scheme in the strongest possible terms.

Our action can stop companies, charities and councils from exploiting forced unpaid work and make sure this new scheme falls flat on its face. Wherever you are, however you can contribute, take action on 29 March-6 April.

Target the charities:

  • Friendly local charity or Volunteer Service? Invite them to commit not to use forced unpaid work by signing our pledge.
  • Big workfare user like RSPCA, YMCA, Salvation Army, The Conservation Volunteers, British Heart Foundation, Barnardos or Cancer Research? Write to them, organise a demo or encourage people you know not to donate until they stop using workfare!
  • Approach workers in the voluntary sector to ask them to pressure their employer not to participate in the scheme. There are often Union branches for voluntary sector workers you could contact.
  • Visit daily during the week to take part in online action!

Target the councils:

  • Find out if we know about workfare in your local council on this spreadsheet.
  • If so, adapt our press release and expose them in your local paper.
  • Contact local Unison, GMB or Unite branches for council workers and encourage them to pass the motion to challenge workfare and to take it up with the council.
  • Find out if any sympathetic local councillors would take a motion to the council for it to boycott workfare. It has been done!

Support each other to get our rights:

  • Order know your rights leaflets to give out at the job centre or around your local community – email info[at] with how many you would like!
  • Thinking about starting a mutual support group? Invite an existing group to help get it going with a workshop or talk.

Want to target the companies involved in workfare as well?
There are currently call outs to target Peacocks, and Grosvenor Casinos. Or there’s our crowd-sourced list of workfare exploiters to whom you may also like to pay a visit.

For more info visit: and follow @boycottworkfare for the latest news.

Please join and share the facebook page for the event:

Read about the recent inspiring action by Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty against workfare exploiters The Salvation Army.

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  1. good oh

  2. Well here I am Ian Dunkin Slaphead;
    I have the curtains closed, watching my gigantic flat screen T.V. .
    I got up at 11 and got to the pub in time for breakfast, now I have my feet up in front of pirated sci fi. I am going to have a snooze in a bit, then I will have a several hours online gaming with my pals around the world on my brand new Haswell Quadcore gaming rig I built from my dole money (Play stations are sooo chav, Eh?). I couldnt be arsed to go to the jobshop today, I decided I should have a day off. I will go and see my friends for a drinkypoo about 21.30, and spend some more of this free dosh you keep giving out.
    Keep up the hard work, Love as always,
    Pat Ato.
    X X X.

  3. Paul Callafgan

    Boycott workfares planned week of action coincides with a national week of action against the bedroom tax

  4. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Has anybody got any updated information on the 6 month workfare lark as the last published info was from the DWP last November, and nothing since.

    • Landless Peasant

      No I haven’t heard or seen anything about it. I doubt it’s going to happen. Totally unworkable bullshit.

    • They are keeping it quiet from most claimants as that is how they’ll get the best results; in other words mass sanctions as irate/shocked dole-goers will outright refuse/kick off. If on the other hand you have a half decent/human DWP advisor (they are out there) you’ll already have had the nod with a view to even dodging the community sentence. The best way to get out of it is to have a fairly substantial voluntary placement prior to April the 1st which can directly be argued is of benefit to your job searching. For example if you want to be a care worker (without experience of care work) ensure you are in a voluntary care/befriending position. However this position would need to be more than say a few hours a week either a day minimum or 3 days max should do it. Anyone thinking this isn’t coming or will collapse on in itself after a few days is severely mistaken; workfare didn’t and neither will this especially with some many set to profit from exploiting the unemployed. Be seeing you..

      • In other words, jump before we are pushed? I’m choosing daily signing if they actually put this into force. I have a decent advisor and so far she hasn’t suggested I put myself forward for actual voluntary work to dodge the forced “voluntary work”.

        • The only firms who are going to profit from any increased activity on my part are bus/train firms if they make it “out of town” signing in a different jobcentre to “simulate the daily commute”. And even then, we will have to receive our fares anyway. The jobcentres might employ an extra person to cope with all the extra signing, which means one less person on the dole per jobcentre I suppose, but those are the only jobs which will be “created” as a result of all this.

      • It is still not that easy to get genuine ‘voluntary’ work though – it’s not just something you can walk into.

        • Anyway, most voluntary work is only for a few hours a week. It is not like anyway ‘volunteers’ for a full-time 40 week because that would in effect just be UNPAID work à la ‘help to work’/workfare/community payback. Not even community payback is full time work, it can take a year or two to complete a community payback sentence.

          • totallygivenup

            i think your missing the point if you cant find “voluntary” work you will be sanctioned and taken off jobless figures and sheeples will go hurah hurah

  5. Landless Peasant

    Bradford Volunteering has also confirmed they want nowt to do with it.

    • Who is going to cover the insurance for all these ‘workers’?
      It is the employers responsibility to have 3rd party insurance for
      the entire workforce. I think simply asking to see an amended policy
      certificate that states workfare-ees have been added to the policy should be enough to have most freebie biz managers gulping like a fish and sending people back to the job centre. Provision for unpaid workers is likely to require a new risk assessment by the Name groups, as being a regular but different less responsible entity. (They dont give a shit, which would affect all round risk in the work place)

      • Is I still the case that charities and companies are given £120, for each Workfare pleb they take on, while the pleb still gets nothing?
        If this is so, and it continues to be, then just how much money is all this Community Service for the unemployed going to cost???
        Also, how comes it, that a money making casino is allowed to “hire” ppl to work all hours and not to pay them?
        And said casino still gets that £120 a week?
        And how must those having to work in such an environment feel, surrounded as they are by money, yet even their tips are taken from them? I would consider that, not only theft by the casino,but criminal waste of Government monies.
        It tells us, that money is sure not a problem. We are a rich country.
        It tells us for sure, it is indeed total warfare against the poor.
        That is all it is about. That is all it ever was about.

        Wonder why Paul Dacre’s Hilter Daily News, the Torygraph et al, are not making a fuss about such waste of their taxes.
        If ppl knew this amount of money was going to casinos there would be uproar, Because most ppl are under the impression workfare is saving them money.
        But those of us who know these things, also know, they are only too happy, as it’s their pals that are making the money.

        As I say, its total war against the poor.

        • CWP Providers will receive £76.92 pw per Conscript,how they will share it out is an unknown….They will also be able to claim an Outcome payment if somebody secures employment,regardless of the lack of help they provide….Work Programme 2.0?

      • Pat ato:

        Asking to see an amended insurance policy – good call! If there’s one thing I’ve learned, is that JCP/grasping providers become evasive and twitchy if you ask for anything in writing.

        Check out this link. I got an email this morning from – Work Programme: Withdraw consent letter completely revised 4 March 2014. A lot of it can also be applied to the upcoming Community Work Placement wheeze. Particularly forbidding them from sharing your personal data.

        If they are going to make our life as difficult as possible; then we’ll return the favour. Bollocks to the lot of ’em.

  6. I know several charity volunteers and they tell me that DWP has been forcing people to do unpaid work in charity shops for years, particularly those with learning difficulties this includes Red Cross and Oxfam.
    If they wanted people out of poverty then they would be running the scheme with a gaurantee of a permanent job and paying minimum wage (i know its not enough but that is another subject) for hrs worked.
    I simply cant understand the idea that work in itself is virtuatous-to the poor it is the WAGE obtained from the work not the work itself that improves life.
    If the Governments idea of “work =wealth, health and happines” (regardless of renumeration) were true then slaves would be the most contented people on the planet.

    • Yes, a charity sells knackerd shoes for ten quid, but pays nothing.
      Not on really, is it? By the way, I spelt renumeration like that for 30 years, but the word is actually Remuneration. Thats why your spell checker picks it up…

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  8. Wonderful news and props to the Edinburgh folks here. People are standing up and the protests are building. Folks have had enough. The fight back is growing.

  9. overburdenddonkey

    oh, this is interesting….

  10. brittish heart foundation.

    you are our slaves and we will not let you go.

  11. From a NEWS STORY AT BBC……..

    Apparently Mark Serwotka aint a happy lttle bunny….. About 500 Former Civil Servants are being made redundant.
    They used to work in Government offices, but got laid off in cutbacks, etc. I’m guessing.
    Anyhow they were able to get these other jobs for a firm that handles Govt work….. but the firm in question called
    SHARED SERVICES CONNECTED LTD (SSCL) is closing the operations at Cardiff, Leeds, Sheffield, and wanting to move the work overseas.
    Quite shocking stuff in one way as this is a company dealing with sensitive Govt stuffs, so it says, yet here they are going to transfere UK Govt functions abroad.
    How is that permissible, and putting ppl on the dole?

    However,…while I do have sympathy for the 68 former Environment Ageny staff who got jobs for this company….. I am not sure just how much sympathy I have for the 245 or so former DWP staffers who also find they have no job left.

    As for Serwotka…
    As I said in a previous post other day…his “union” as far as the DWP section go, has become little more than an “IDS” personal gangforce.
    Now he wants public sympathy.
    Well Markie Boy, where was your DWP “union” folks when we were asking for action against benefits sanctions……
    If Serwotka and his former DWPers want any sympathy they have left it all too late I think.
    If he cared about anything, he would resign and let others take control of his useless no good “union”.










  13. Excuse me if I am wrong but are you telling me that if you are unemployed for whatever reason, you are going to be treated the same as a criminal who gets given community service, a get out of jail clause? Same meaning, different reason, you are being punished for being unemployed, that is absolutely disgusting.

    • You are not wrong!

      • Fuck me, I bet there are benefit claimants out there hanging on by the edge of their fingertips trying to salvage some last bit of self respect they once had..until this greedy corrupt “new age fagan” gang grasped at them,

  14. And what about the CRB checks that have to be made, the risk assessments that have to be implemented The health and safety checks? The working time directive? All these have to be put in place whether you get paid or not

  15. Oh sorry just been reading some info….no need for crb checks if you just going to be used as a scallywag….you won’t be “trusted” to use tills etc…hardly training is it? The kids in India are getting treated better, at least they get PAID for their slave labour

    • CRB checks are a crock of shit anyway – Jimmy Savile would have passed one for crying out loud. Same goes for peaophile priests, “The Sisters of Mercy” et al CRB checks have got fuck all to do with ‘protecting children’, ‘vulnerable groups’ and all that bulshit. Whatever the reason you are given, however plausible, is never the real reason. The real reason for CRB checks is to kowtow the populace into ‘toeing the line’ out of fear off losing their livelihood, being unable to obtain employment, being condemned to unemployment/shitty employment for the rest of their lives.

      • overburdenddonkey

        dr bob johnson says the following
        “First of all how not to cure CSA. Freud set back our understanding of child abuse by 100 years by blaming the victim. Sadly too many current sufferers opt to do the same – but this is to stand child abuse on its head – the parent is 100% responsible, the infant 100% the needy party. Then again, Blair’s government introduced the police ‘CRB’ check – where was sound psychiatric advice when you needed it, and why didn’t Blair demand it? You might as well check up on parking tickets at the police station for all the good this does – and as for not hugging infants, almost as damaging as “children should be seen and not heard”.

        • CRB checks also effectively abolished the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. For example, if an offence is disposed of by ‘admonishment’ under this Act is would be regarded as ‘spent’ after six months, but under the Nazi authoritarian regime that Blair introduced it will show on an ‘enhanced’ CRB check forever. There is also a ‘basic’ CRB check which does not include ‘spent’ conviction, but an enhanced CRB check appears to be di rigeur even for jobs in which there is absolutely no contact with ‘vulnerable’ groups such as warehouse. The only exemption to CRB checks appears to be government workfare/unpaid work schemes which really does expose the true purpose of the checks. A jobseeker can be sent to work wiping arses for nowt but back in the real world this sort of job would required enhanced CRB/Protection of Vulnerable Groups checks.

          • Incidentally ‘enhanced’ CRB checks also include ‘cautions’ and other information/’intelligence i.e. if a person has been arrested, suspected/accused of an offence, investigated but no action taken, or been found Not Guilty of an offence.

            • overburdenddonkey

              police state….
              dr bob, does a lot of his curing/healing works in prisons, and will a deep understanding of it’s damaging affects….those who have healed, are treated as unhealed for life….ie you are not to be trusted, ever…we the holier than thou, say so…flying the flag for punishment and retribution (revenge) for life, and never discovering or understanding the truth of what really happened…
              the crb is very toxic, nothing more than a branding iron…it never catches future criminals and the most dangerous of all, those skilled in/at not being caught…

            • Yes, this one IS an affront to fair play.
              You could be suspected of being Mr fucking BIG,
              but after months of survailance it turns out you wasnt.
              Still get earmarked as a wrong un here tho.
              It goes against everything the justice system was designed for-

          • Actually, thats not true.
            You would be required to provide a crb if you were to be expected to have that sort of contact weather you were being paid or not.
            If I was sent to wipe arses for nothing I would just mention I have a
            ‘criminal record’ when I got there, and a low patience threshold.

      • Have you noticed how much of this shit now exists? You need a cscs card to walk on a building site. Have I got one? Fuck have I.
        The advisor says do you want one? I say NO! The authorities brought em in, they can carry the bloody bricks! CRB my arse.
        If an employer wants a crb check to paint walls in an old folks rest home they can paint there own bloody walls.
        I understand it is different with jobs involving kids, but a lot of employers like to specify all these things and demand can do attitude etc etc etc for single figure hourly rates like they own us.

  16. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Immigration report that challenges impact on UK jobs ‘blocked’ by No 10.

    Downing Street is believed to have blocked publication of a politically sensitive report that shows the impact of immigration on the job prospects of British workers is well below that claimed by ministers.

    The BBC quotes officials saying Downing Street has prevented publication of the report, which has been ready since last year, to avoid igniting controversy.

    It also sharply conflicted with Department for Work and Pensions research at the time that showed that the displacement impact of migration on low-skilled British jobs was mixed with only patchy evidence



      From: Glenys Harriman

      3 February 2014

      Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

      Please could you clarify this statement in the DWP press release
      ‘New rues to stop migrants claiming Housing benefit’:
      ” EEA nationals who have been working in the UK, and are
      subsequently made redundant and claim JSA, will not be affected by
      this measure. ”

      I am unsure whether this just applies to EEA migrants who are
      working in the UK before implementation of this rule, or whether it
      also applies to this who enter the UK after the rule comes into
      effect, work and then lose their job.
      For example, if say a Romanian came to the UK, secured employment,
      then lost the job after a few months and claimed JSA, would they be
      unable to claim HB?

      Thank you

      Yours faithfully,

      Glenys Harriman

      Link to this

  17. That Edwina Curry doesn’t have a clue and lives in a fantasy IDS land. Listen to her in this video fro Panorama.

    • overburdenddonkey

      she blames poverty on foodbanks…and she herself takes all the freebies she can….

      • @overburdenddonkey

        Yeah definitely mate, the whole lot of them sicken me to the depths of my stomach and make me want to dry heave. The people that operate the food banks tell them the reason why there’s been a massive growth in people being forced to use them; benefit sanctions, leaving folks destitute.

        For some idiot ‘hooray henry’ who walks about with her head up her backside, to try to dispute that is infuriating.

        Also in that video the sanctions wall is clearly visible! Oh yes there it is; sanction some poor sod for 3 months and leave them in the gutter and look how much money you’ll save the public purse. Better still can you manufacture a longer sanction? That’ll be even better. Utter scum these people are.

        Don’t like swearing too much online so let’s just say these people are inhumane savages. Not a streak of human kindness nor compassion do they have running through them. Empty soulless drones with £ signs in their brain instead of feelings.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yeah, i know what you mean….
          they thumb a raspberry at us, the cult of celebrity rules, how much more shocking can i be today, how far away from the truth can i speak/utter and get away with it…what a giggle, eh!
          they’ve captured much of the media, the media one way valve, that talks at us, not too us….it suits a lot of people to keep their heads in the sand…she has the ears of many people, in gossip village…

          but, she’s not really the debate, her role is to frustrate and infuriate us with her distracting rudeness, she’s a side show, not the main event, power and influence, yes, but to who, others like them, ignore her and she will go away…imv we’re best sticking to the social justice/human rights issues….i don’t think trying to get a leopard to change it’s spots is a worthwhile pursuit…like trying to get blood out of stone…back to victorian times, more like ancient roman times…pleading for kindness, and understanding, simply gets us nowhere, coz that is exactly what they want us to do…it is for us to resist and insist on our natural/lawful rights being met, to grow in our stature, and our self esteem…clem atlee’s vision of dignity, not charity…the facts and statistical evidence’s more than support our case, the UN rachel rolnik et al, supports our case….we need to believe that, even if some, don’t yet do….life is very tough for us right now, but somehow we must find the strength, to carry on, and humbly, defeat tyranny…are things really that bad, bleak future for many…check…YES! time to believe in us…

          • overburdenddonkey
            Well said OBD. We must find the strength to carry on and make it our mission to let everyone know exactly what’s going on as far as benefit sanctions, JCP bullying and intimidation into workfare slavery with the threat of absolute destitution the constant threat they threaten us with.

            Let’s be clear what we’re dealing with here: We’re dealing with a greedy one eyed monster that cares not a jot about humanity, human decency and the milk of human kindness. On the contrary this lot can be accurately be assessed as belonging to the Nazi mentality, kick the disabled and the unemployed and the weak. These are the enemies within that are eating our society away like a cancer. Weakening everything we hold dear

            Now we come to the DWP’s justification for this: they say “it’s made plain the rules when they sign on for JSA and what the consequences are for not following the rules.” So in their eyes that sweeping statement is excuse enough to basically leave someone to die?

            I don’t care what a person has done to warrant sanctions. No one, no matter what they’ve done, should be left with no money to the point that they have to starve or be evicted. But that’s the point they’re trying to argue that the person has brought it upon themselves. How can any human being try to justify that grotesque stance?

            • overburdenddonkey

              “How can any human being try to justify that grotesque stance?” ie hitler, he was terrified, but could not face it, so he invented a reality where he would not have to face it…
              they have control over our vitals of life, any kind of punishment is immoral, but they’ll try to spin it into morality, we do it for your own good….for me, it is to empower myself and others to know their rights, and stand up for them…the rewards of little victories are invigorating…little victories grow into big victories…

        • Edwina Curry when she was a minister in the Thatcher government was telling the elderly to wear hats and scarves in the house if they could not afford their fuel bills, and also to eat hot stews!
          I wrote a poem about this then but can’t find it now, but it gave family and friends a good laugh at the time at the absurdity of Curry.

    • @ Raining. Dense and without an ounce of humanity – the perfect Conservative. How could John Major resist? I like the food bank guy’s comment – “A little bit of something is better than a whole lot of nothing”, because we all know which one the government is offering.

      • This government has been wanting us to revert back to charities for the poor instead of a statutory welfare state, that is why they are undermining it. I watched that programme and the Clergy who are speaking out and opposing it on the one hand are also rubbing their hands with glee by announcing that it looks like foodbanks are here to stay – it keeps them in a job – disgusting hypocrites.

        • @ Guy – Clergy would be in a job with or without foodbanks.

          • overburdenddonkey

            fellow jcp etc
            but, now they have more souls to save…

            • obd – yes, they have lots of souls to save in the Conservative government, but they are facing an uphill battle when there are those who actually call themselves Christian Conservatives. To be a Christian Conservative you would have to have a split personality or something similar. The only hypocrites on that programme are the so-called Christian Conservatives, who claim that they would help those in need as instructed in the bible yet are unwilling to help those in need and/or deny that anyone is actually in need of help.
              And the only one rubbing their hands in glee is Edwina Currie as at last she has got some more publicity, when her previous claims to fame were reducing the sales of eggs to nil in the uk in one day, telling those who couldn’t afford heating to wrap up warmly IN THEIR OWN HOMES and having an affair with a PM whom nobody really remembers much anyway.

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  19. Obi Wan Kenobi


    New job opportunities for Community Work Placements & Work Programme

    Thursday, 27th February, 2014

    In preparation for the launch of Community Work Placements, G4S are looking for new members of the team to assist in the mobilisation of the programme.

    Job Opportunities

    Community Work Placements & Work Programme

    In preparation for the launch of Community Work Placements, G4S is looking to recruit key members of staff to join our team for the mobilisation and delivery of this programme.

    Job descriptions are available under each of the links below:

    Job Description – Contract Director – £60,000 – £65,000

    Job Description – Supply Chain Manager – £45,000 – £55,000

    Job Description – Contract Co-ordinator – £18,000 – £25,000

    Job Description – Finance Analyst – £30,000 – £35,000

    Job Description – Validator (based in Worksop) – £13,000 – £18,000

    Job Description – Auditor – £25,000 – £30,000

    We would be like to hear from people interested in becoming a member of the G4S team in the following areas:

    East Midlands
    Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Warrington
    Hampshire, Isle of Wight and Thames Valley
    London East
    London West
    Merseyside, Cumbria and Lancashire
    North East
    North East Yorkshire and the Humber
    South Yorkshire
    Surrey, Sussex and Kent
    West Yorkshire

    The deadline for these vacancies is Friday 7th March 2014, and please indicate clearly which area you would be interested in.

  20. Job Snow (Channel 4 News)

    Universal Jobmatch being hauled over the coals again tonight… 🙂

    • Krishnan Guru-Murthy

      Freudian slip, Jon?… or is is because ‘n’ is next to be ‘b’ on a keyboard lol 🙂

  21. Obi Wan Kenobi

    Wednesday 5 March 2014.

    Government’s Universal Jobmatch website ‘bedevilled with fraud’.

    A third of a million job vacancies advertised on the government’s official website for jobseekers are suspected of being bogus, falsely promoted or against the rules, documents seen by the Guardian show.

    Frank Field MP says many jobseekers have been robbed of large sums of money by a sham company that advertised fake jobs and actually conducted bogus interviews inside a jobcentre.

    In a letter to Field, the Department for Work and Pensions revealed that more than 352,659 job adverts might be in breach of the Universal Jobmatch website’s terms and conditions.

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  23. “Revealed: The figures that show just how badly rising energy bills have ravaged household budgets over the last decade”

    • This snt a coincidence; it was planned by the lobbyists and paid for back hand. Your local M.P. is filthy.

  24. Ok i’m going to put up a video here of George Galloway talking about Thatcher’s legacy and how she destroyed Britain. Some may say “why are you talking about the Thatcher years?” Well because i believe it does us all good to realise where the enemy that we’re currently facing came from. How it’s came to pass we could end up with a hate filled society where people are demonized for being unemployed or sick or disabled. Also i believe it’s good to remind people of where this selfishness and lack of humanity came from.

    On this site, which i’m glad i found in the last few months, we have people who are willing to stand up and denounce these Thatcherite policies that are still rampant through IDS, Cameron, Osborne, Miliband and Clegg.

    I’m 51 so remember those years, many that are younger won’t, but many on this site will remember and i think it needs reminding where this all came from. The Thatcher years are not over. The lack of humanity we are facing in being made to work for no wages in constant harassment at JC’s can all be traced right back to her. She would have loved these Workfare type policies enslaving people.

    This video is long, over an hour, but i urge you to watch it because this is not about history. It’s a part of what’s still going on in this country in 2014.

    • There are two sides to every story, and if you watch one of the other videos on this post, there are young kids sleeping rough in Bristol while expecting children. They expect to be fed etc whilst having no life skills or employability whatsoever. Children having children. Who will turn out to have more rabbit esq children. Most guys would do anything to support a wife at that age, but I cant see it.
      However. Capitalism doesnt work without a class of honest taxpayers, so they should shut the fuck up when they cant get em all on the treadmill. Thatcher never heeded this and paid the price.
      The ugly cunt.

      • We weren’t watching Idiocracy – it started when all the smarter people with higher IQ’s etc ‘waited’ to have children, were more responsible, left it too late until they found out they couldn’t have any kids… but all the mentally subnormal fuckwits got down to breeding as soon as they reached puberty – the consequence… a future inhabited by a dumb-fuck population. And in truth, we see this all around us all the time. It really must piss of the government though because there isn’t much they can do about it… just like girls/women deliberately get themselves pregnant in order to make themselves ‘immune’ from sanctions, homelessness etc. “If you sanction me an innocent baby will suffer”. Again, it really must piss off the government, but suspect that they are just going to start taking the kids of off them. And why should they get away with that bullcrap anyway. They are only providing ammunition for vested interests who would love to see the annihilation of the welfare state.

        • overburdenddonkey

          annie ceed
          what a bigot you are….

          • Aniseed

            Let’s hope you are not spreading your seed, it may have escaped your notice but the poor are not a dumb-fuck species, some people choose not to be greedy and grasping or jockeying for positions.
            Most are humane and help one another in their suffering which is not brought about by over breeding as you suggest, it is brought about by corrupt governance, most of which don’t have two braincells to rub together, they employ criminals to make policy for them and carry it out dutifully.

            • Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, guy hold your horses 🙂 Idiocracy is not about rich/poor – it about rich/poor, it is about the IQ of the overall population being dumbed down over time. I think that is what Annie Ceed is referring to. I don’t see where Annie Ceed is suggesting that is the poor who are a ‘dumb fuck species’, you are reading too much into things, Guy, either inadvertently or on purpose 😉 But why let the facts get in the way of a good fight, eh Guy… 😉

              • overburdenddonkey

                i agree with g fawkes, we are very sorry that you don’t do implicit….but there is nothing we can do about that, is there…

            • Spot on GF aniseed is obviously some kind of Thatcherite apologist.

              IMDB: what bollocks you talk.

  25. Oh, and the son was a chip off the old block; couldnt win an election so he planned a coup. CHEESES, Dave et al could have saved him a mint.
    ‘Dear Scratcher
    We know you are skint worse than usual cos your Mum is bonkers in the Ritz and its £45 for tea and toast; So here is how you get a ribbon without winning anything_
    Love the bullingdon club.
    ( p.s.;Where’s uncle Tony hanging these days? We owe him a shant)

  26. totallygivenup

    a very nice salvation army lady was stood outside a shop i use,she smiled and rattled her tin,i put some change in the tin and went to walk off,i then thought and turned and asked her in a kind manner,did she realise that the sally army are using free labour on workfare she muttered ” i dont know im on jobseekers this fills my day” i asked how would you feel being made to work 40 hours for nothing she looked blank and continued rattling her tin,after i felt bad,but i cant just say nothing,interestingly she now turns her back on me as i go past,i achieved nothing and wouldnt do it again but maybe this is what we as a nation are up against

  27. this may be interesting Get in touch and share your experiences of using the Universal Jobmatch website by emailing us here.

  28. When my time on the fucked-up work programme is up , I will opt for daily signing and not the bolcock (slave) workfare. I’ve done daily JCP signing before and I will do it again to prove to them that the job market is totally piss poor in my travel to work area.

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Dont forget try to claim for travel expenses as its not on your signing day.. If everyone claimed what they could.. another expense the dwp will have claim everything you can.. get the day tickets, get them to pay for it, then you can use it all day free 😉 if everyone did that it would cost them a hell of a lot of money

    • That depends on whether they give you an option. I’ve finished the WP in October. I hope they do give us an option because I live out in the sticks.

  29. I see Boris johnson’s sister has been on a poverty-safari and met poor people. “apart from the telly and the cigarettes they’re living like animals”.

  30. Pingback: Stop Workfare In Its Tracks – Join The We...

  31. JC will only let you volunteer for registered charities. Trying to get a voluntary placement is almost as hard as getting a job!
    My two-faced JCA, claimed in all feigned innocence she didn’t know who was behind the workfare she was gleefully signing me up for next month. IF I got a job offer, then I’d be exempt…. Threat or what?! Last shred of dignity going to go as I’m indistinguishable from someone on community service. My crime, not to have job. If mental health kicked off,during a poor job placement ATOS would say I was fit for work.

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