Policy Exchange Plot Smart Cards And Doubling The Length of Some Benefit Sanctions


Barely out of school, the Policy Exchange’s Guy Miscampbell has probably never done a real day’s work in his life.

In a humiliating blow to Iain Duncan Smith’s welfare reforms, even the Policy Exchange have condemned the current mass use of benefit sanctions, whilst predictably calling for an even harsher regime.

A report published this week by the Tory think tank, and authored by Guy Miscampbell*, proposes that claimants should be given ‘yellow cards’ the first time they have benefits sanctioned for a lower level offence.  This would mean a smart-card with benefit preloaded onto it which could be used to monitor and control claimant’s spending.  The Policy Exchange admit the technology does not really exist to achieve this, however they think it’s a jolly good idea all the same.  As well as this claimants should be forced to attend the Jobcentre everyday, not to look for work as you might think,  but as a means of “punishing non-compliant behaviour” – the real reason for benefit sanctions.

This will only apply to lower level sanctions, the ones you get for being late for a  meeting or not turning up to a Work Programme appointment you were never told about.  The length of these new ‘non-financial’ sanctions should be doubled according to the bonkers think-tank.  The shame alone of being given a ‘Yellow Card’ by the Jobcentre will turn unemployed people into compliant little bunnies endlessly carrying out irksome and pointless ‘work related activity’ as a condition of receiving meagre benefits.

This will not be enough however to deter “undeserving claimants” say the Policy Exchange who want to double the length of the financial sanctions which will be used should someone slip up again after being given a Yellow Card.  It is often the most marginalised claimants who receive multiple sanctions – those battling addiction, homeless people, people with physical or mental health conditions or those with low levels of literacy or who speak English as a second language.  These are the undeserving claimants who will face even greater impoverishment and harassment if the Policy Exchange get their way.

This report suggests that panic is setting in amongst the swivel-eyed right that the public may not support their war on the poor forever and therefore the DWP’s vicious welfare reforms may have to be spun in a different direction.  Buried beneath their fake concern however is a sanctions regime precision targeted at those likely to find it hardest to find a job and least likely to have much public sympathy for their plight.  Even the unworkable, and frankly fucking laughable Yellow Card system seems to be a cheap attempt to use public concern over the poverty to introduce some form of food-stamp style smart-card scheme into the benefits system.

It is significant though that for the first time the Policy Exchange feel the need to not only insist ‘conditionality’ in the benefit’s system is necessary, but to argue concessions should be made to ensure this view prevails.  It comes at a time when an increasing number of people are calling for all benefit sanctions to be stopped without exceptions.  This is the only way to ensure a fair and humane welfare state, one which doesn’t grind people into the ground if they become unemployed, sick or disabled, but provides dignity and a genuine chance for people to get their lives back on track.

*If this the Policy Exchange report reads like it was written by some pampered little sixth former without a clue how people live in the real world then that’s because it more or less was.  22 year old Guy Miscampbell (pictured) left Durham University with a second class degree in 2012.  After four months as an intern he finally become an employee at the Policy Exchange just over a year ago.  According to his linkedin page this is the only job he has ever had.  And now this chinless little Tarquin thinks he has the knowledge or experience to propose changes to social security that could potentially affect millions of people.

He’s on twitter @guymiscampbell.

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294 responses to “Policy Exchange Plot Smart Cards And Doubling The Length of Some Benefit Sanctions

  1. Ah, yes, but the smart card will then be used to deny access to all other services, too, as if we didn’t see that one coming?

    • I wouldn’t worry.

      If they can’t even get Universal Credit to work what chance does this lunacy have of succeeding. These silly little boys out to make names for themselves often come out with twaddle like this. Does anybody remember the one where some thinktank wanted people to travel for 1.5 hours to a Jobcentre in some town or city other than the one they lived in to get them used to the current travel to work distance they might be expected to endure when going to and from a job every day?

      Pay it no mind.

      • I know, I know, it’s just a useful pointer to where the gilded turds of the next Tory generation think *we* should be sent next.

        Practicalities like working, or getting IT projects to deliver, or going hungry are just beyond these Tarquin Arseholes. The reign of terror that is IDS and the DWP however, originated in one such Stink Tank, And as a retired IT professional, I know that non-working IT solutions doesn’t mean something won’t be implemented. It just won’t run on computers.

        • Do you know where I should start to tweak the row refresh rate on my DDR3? its running atr 127 at the moment, which I believe is a bit high. .

          • I suggest you ask at Computer Weekly. I was running £billion projects, not tuning pcs.

            • The age old story of those at the top knowing fuck all about the actual job, then? Sounds like politics to me..

              • “Fuck all about the job”? If the job is tuning up pcs and making databases run faster, yes.

                How do you like this one – the techies know fuck all about getting the project specified, funded, manned, managed and delivered, against a complex set of corporate and departmental requirements, to meet current and future needs for the funding bodies strategy, on time, on budget, , keeping current systems running while new ones are developed , ensuring smooth integration, and business change over,and keeping the technical departments in work now and next year, and next year……because somebody has to keep the chip of others shoulders to get the job done?

                • Well, if the past gov. I.T. fiasco’s are anything to go by, who ever did your job failed spectacularly every time. And you said I would have to speak to a techie about it. . .

                • Computer weekly, rather.

    • The IMF, is about to offer Ukraine a bailout package so America can once again suck up the resources to feed a fat nation.

  2. LOL! you said it johnny imagine a pip squeak like that authoring a report designed to hammer people. What an out of touch person. Has he ever even had to shave or has he ever worked in a real job?

  3. Landless Peasant

    Guy Miscampbell can stick his yellow card right up his nubile shitter. In fact, I think I’ll drop him a line and suggest that….


  4. In the victorian age, they used to discriminate between the “deverving”, & the “undeserving” poor. it`s as though wev`e come full circle, & have arrived back in the time of Dickens!

  5. Twenty two years old and already coming up with policies to grind the poor down further and encourage them to commit suicide.

    His parents must be so proud of him.

    • Another Fine Mess

      “His parents must be so proud of him.”
      Hope so, because he’ll be moving back in with them when his housing benefit gets stopped because he’s under 25.

  6. Landless Peasant

    It’s ‘Miscampbell’ , with a ‘p’, not “Miscambell”


    • something survived...

      Spellcheck: “Did you mean to say, ‘Missed out history and geopolitics at school, and also missed remedial life-skills’?”
      “Or did you mean to say, ‘missed out on the queue for brains, and completely unaware of the price of a pint of milk’?”
      “Or did you mean to say, ‘Missed out on normality because I was too busy living on my trust-fund and following the principle of ‘Mater Will Pay’, though for the lower orders I believe in the pan-European philosophy of ‘Arbeit macht Frei’, and my fanclub – both of them – just got married to eachother.’?” (Neither of them are his parents)

      Possibly he is a CTCT – Can Text, Can’t Think.

      School report: “An odious little shit.”

      Careers advisor at school said of him: “Should go far. Hopefully, off a cliff.”
      Suggested form of employment: “Can’t be trusted to herd sulking shopping trolleys. Might do well as the man whose job it is to scrape spat-out chewing-gum off the pavement. However, we still have grave doubts about entrusting him with this level of responsibility.”

  7. Policy Exchange have been talking about linking benefit sanctions to smartcards since 2010. The technology pretty much exists too; the following quote is from https://www.prepaidfinancialservices.com/news-and-media/bespoke-prepaid-card-technology-platform-local-authorities-8/
    who supply such cards to carers and Local Welfare Assistance recipients in Brent.

    A recap of the benefits of partnering with PFS:

    ■Proven provider of prepaid services to the Local Authorities
    ■Specific development and bespoke technology developed for the provision of adult social care payments
    ■Ability to block or unblock cards for ATM and cash advance
    ■The PFS platform enables rapid payments directly to carers and other third party service providers
    ■Direct Debit and Standing order capability per card account
    ■Real time online reporting suite
    ■Ability to export and analyse all load and spend, per card, per business unit on ALL transactions at any time
    ■Ability to block certain Merchant Category Codes (MCC), or restrict card usage to desirable merchants only
    ■Ability to load and segregate funds using the PFS e-Wallet and Distributor Code settings
    ■Ability to account for client and Local Authority funds separately and reclaim overpayments back to the Local Authority instantly

    So they can block merchant codes – i.e. specific products or shops – analyse your purchases and stop you withdrawing cash. Oh and block your card immediately too.

    • Thanks for confirming this as I posted on it as well..Demos think tank also proposed the smart card and demos was funded by mastercard ..I think Atos is connected with the technology as well

      This policy initiative is what’s called ” plays well with the voters ”
      Except what’s down the road from this is controlled consumerism ..after all if you can use technology to control spending habits of unemployed you can do the same with anyones transaction card
      Giving a new definition to the term ” loyalty card

      • The all in one identity card shop pay the bills council tax .fines..rent. Travel..you name it it can be carded

        And the ID card was criticised by who ?

      • Philip K Dick

        They already use ‘price mechanisms’ to control consumer spending habits but this kind of technology brings it down to a more intrusive, granular and rigid form of control. The unemployed are just being used as a test bed. This is moving forward to a system where all workers wages will be paid directly to the Government at 100% tax rate and then ‘doled out’ in the form of ‘credits’ according to need.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes, credits, they want to be firmly in control of our daily spending….to keep the demand and supply of cash, under their control…so the surplus can be invested, to bolster their profits, the banks control everything now….

        • Do Tories dream of electric sheep? 🙂

        • Ah; you saw that too? The day when your employer pays not you, but the state. The state gives you your ‘change’ after they have removed your tax etc. Then as you rightly guessed, the authorities will be able to influence your spending to the point you may not be able to buy a sausage role because your doctor put ‘high cholesterol’ down on your computer held notes.
          The snooping ability of these cards is frightening; Imagine going to the coast for a family day out and buying an ice cream;
          Signing on day; ‘Hello Joe, what did you do to find work on Friday? Our records show you were buying ice creams on the sea front at Margate,and you spent a fiver on the amusements.
          And you bought 2 ice creams. Are you still living by yourself?
          I would like you to read this form and sign there are no changes to your circumstances to whit you are not shacking up with a bird.!

      • Ability to block certain Merchant Category Codes (MCC), or restrict card usage to **** desirable merchants only****

        Who are ?
        Well anyone who lobbies and coughs up to the tory party basically
        Bloody hell…it can lead to extortion
        Pay up and we will remove your name from blacklist

        Oh dear bureaucracy runs amok

        • This is a fucking dangerous idea..it has all the hallmarks of serious fuck up written all over it which could affect jobless and non jobless and business..
          Digital technology is rife with hazards ..databases with wrong info or data being wrongly transferred or entered

          Its kafka meets orwellian
          Well we are in Kafka land with UC work and look for work whilst on workfare

          This smart card is part of the failed universal credit crap

          Universal Card

  8. I have honestly found that the ever increasing conditions have made me much less likely to get a job as I spend most of my time meeting conditions which in reality do nothing to get me employment.

    We are governed by people with no real life experience hence no compassion which is the problem this country has these days I totally agree.

  9. Never mind he will change soon as his testacies drop and he sprouts some pubic hair.

    • Has this Guy Miscambell cunt started shaving yet? And what sort of fucking name is Miscambell?

      • something survived...

        He may well shave;
        But, not necessarily his face.

        • I would think the legs, esp if working up to being Miss U.K.

          • Let’s face it, he’s not bright enough to safely be in charge of a shaving device and judging by his ill thought out, ridiculous idea to make sanctions “compassionate”, I doubt he’s bright enough to find his own arse with his own hands.

  10. let;s make this nasty kid see the real world and all the hardship before he has the chance to make things worse, if that;s possible?

  11. Its not even as if the job centres can be bothered to help anyone find a job.People have to do all the running themselves, so why are they called “job centres”?? Some people, especially the young ones, dont have much of a clue what they want to do, workwise, but theres no suggestion or encouragement at the JC.They are only interested in how many people they can stop payments from. There are too many people going after fake jobs. Even the real jobs have hundreds of people applying for them. Perhaps a better attitude to the poor jobless sods would work. Ok, if someones been out of work for a year, they might need some encouragement, so give it to them. Theyre worried about enough, ie food, home,heat, to be scared to death by these ridiculous sanctions. Its not the way to go. People are labelled as hopeless wasters as soon as they enter the building for the first time. People respond more to a caring, helping attitude rather than being scared into something.

    • The Dole Office it used to be called maybe we should refer to it again as that. I agree the name Jobcentre is a misnomer. They seem to be there purely for the purpose of checking jobsearch and sanctioning and nothing to do with helping find a real job which is what you’d expect a jobcentre to do.

      • I’d certainly expect them to have a list of every single local job available – a core activity at Jobcentres once. This is something they do not do anymore. In my experience the almost useless Universal Jobmatch has a very small selection of local jobs amidst the fake/ID theft/Workfare ‘jobs’. The rest you have to trawl round dozens of websites to find. Even the jobs in the local papers are now not listed at the Jobcentre. So,yes they now spend most of their time acting as a kind of benefits police force.

        • Lee, if you didn’t see Channel 4 news last night, check it out on their website (I think it’s there where they archive their shows for you to watch after the fact, rather than on 4od). They’ve had an IT expert investigating UJM who reckons 1 in 3 jobs on there are either fake or duplicates. Personally speaking, when I was on there the other day I found one Care Assistant job duplicated no less than 18 times in a single day!

          • Some jobs I notice are advertised for months. Even with good money, so I doubt they are still open. They get repeated from U.J. onto other sites,
            then get copied back again. I would say it is 1 in 3 minimum that have an issue. When an employer is asking for a skilled trade and they cannot get someone for 28k either there is a problem somewhere.

      • Got it in one, JD. Someone posting on here recently and claiming to work at a JCP said as much. They’re all about conditionality.

        • That is only to be expected. Real employers want nothing to do with the place or the website, because they dont want 500 applications from unsuitable candidates. As everybody on jobmatch has to apply for everything that comes up it makes the whole system a waste of time for all concerned, except of course for I.D.S. who just wants everybody claiming to be ‘bloody miserable’.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Joke Centre or Sanction Centre works for me.

  12. Funny how the “What they need is some good hard labour” brigade are always those that essentially get paid for dicking around with their pals all day.

  13. White Van Man

    If a yellow card is good enough for Beckham then it’s good enough for benefit scroungers!

    • Landless Peasant

      Oh, so a “yellow card” is something to do with football? I wasn’t even aware of that!

      • Yes, it is a deliberate ploy to make this ‘policy’ appeal to the football-watching, pie eating white van driving Scum reader!

    • How does a person that finds him/herself out of work equate to a ‘benefit scrounger’? That is such a sweeping and ignorant generalisation. Not an intelligent statement at all.

      • WVM is a troll or a Tory voter who demonizes everyone on benefits like that. No consideration of the fact many people in work are receiving benefits and no recognition that many of the people getting unemployment benefit have worked for years before losing their jobs or becoming too ill to work and having to claim sickness benefit.

      • I’ve never met a white van driver with any intelligence yet! I would really love to see these “benefit” scroungers – i.e. unemployed – those who search for a job but can’t find one as they don’t exist! No jobs = unemployment – but no-where does unemployment = scrounger!

        • overburdenddonkey

          the real benefits scroungers, are on wealthfare…they soak up all that they can get…

          • The alarming thing is the way a lot of people’s perceptions of folks on benefits is being warped and twisted completely away from the reality of the way things really are. Someone of a certain mindset who thinks of himself innately superior to others, if they are in a rubbish low paid job, will react the way WVM reacted.They feel this justifies them as being somehow better than those on benefits and because of their low sense of self worth this makes them feel better about themselves. Again they have a black & white mentality they don’t see the person who’s worked for 20 years and lost their job. They don’t see the person who’s health has failed and they need help.

            Anyway suffice to say there are lots of people who think like him because they’re either 1) too thick headed to think for themselves and actually look at the situation properly 2) brainwashed by government propaganda again because they’re intellectually lazy and can’t be bothered to research things and think for themselves.

            There are roughly 500,000 vacancies in this country. How many of those are actually even proper jobs with pensions etc no one really knows. But anyway there’s 2.3 million unemployed so do the maths, there’s not enough jobs.

            To exemplify the point here’s a video of George Galloway dealing with someone who thinks the way these blinkered idiots do. Instead of seeing the real situation and thinking critically how the country got into this mess they take the intellectually easy way out and reach to whack people on benefits.

            Watch the video you won’t be disappointed.

            • overburdenddonkey

              too true, thank you, yes i’ve seen, it i like george…

              • totallygivenup

                george forgot to mention tax credits which im sure the liverpool nurse gets with 5 kids missed a chance to nail that TAX CREDITS are a benefit

            • totallygivenup

              superb raining we need to hear this but george could have mentioned tax credits they are a benefit and with 5 kids and being a nurse youde have to be on,it pisses me off that low paid workers need tax credits but sadly they do but they are a benefit..end of

            • 🙂

        • something survived...

          Most of those white vans, according to the Sun/Mail/EDL, are not white enough and should all be deported back to Japan. (‘Clean Me’)
          If the driver is a Redneck, does that make him insufficiently White?
          Answers on a postcard to:

          Nigel Farage’s Brain,
          Third Urinal on the Right,
          Men’s Toilets,
          St Pancras Station,
          British Empire,
          Centre of Universe,

          • Akchooly, quite a few van drivers are doing the knowledge with the aim of eventually being on mastermind.

    • How about we clamp down on fraud and evasion in our taxation system for a change? I know, let’s start with VAT fraud – have you been fiddling your VAT I wonder fathead, sorry White Van Man?

      • This is a point we don’t hear enough. They talk about a recession, this recession could be eliminated in an instant if the country ran properly. The amount of corporate tax avoidance coupled with personal tax dodging and evasion is such a massive figure it would totally eliminate any deficit the country has.

        All of this with no benefit cuts or sanctions necessary. Plus we’d still have plenty left over for some extra’s.

        The patently obvious fact is that this is an ideologically driven austerity campaign. It’s looked on also as a way to enslave generations into workfare style ‘working?’ arrangements where private business’s and corporations live life large on the backs of a slave workforce.

        • When I walk into a newsagents, the Till is open;
          Any trade involving sweets or newspapers is considered
          Verboten; Tax Free; it doesnt count.
          Can you get the same deal from the Tax office?

    • If a black hearse was good enough for George Best it is good enough for white van man!

    • Peugeot Woman

      White Van Man get all his opinions out of the Scum lol

  14. overburdenddonkey

    told you, too much sci-fi at such a young age can distort one’s view of reality…they grab a grain of imagined possibility, and spin it into this could be true…try fiction scriptwriting mate, and stop inflicting your fertile imagination onto others….p s, you are over school leaving age and it is about time that you did….

  15. He’ll be sent to his room with no supper if there’s anymore of that nonsense.

    Stupid little s**t.

  16. “The Policy Exchange admit the technology does not really exist to achieve this, ”

    Ah but it does…

    Following the spat we had with landlord referencing a while back
    I went onto their forums and noticed some posts where a landlord was at Tory party conference at which mastercard were present . The landlord was writing in his comment that mastercard blocking technology was in place and just waiting for the nod from DWP to unleash it

  17. hmm I thought the technology for ‘smart ‘ payment cards did exist (or will be soon. I understand that a totally uninterested party by the name of atos it had/was developing it

  18. MasterCard is pushing the benefits on cards agenda, greedy for their slice of the pauper management pie. As for Tory Boy, he appears to be sliming his way up the greasey pole of Tory politics. I’m sure in less than a decade he’ll be an MP everybody hates

  19. When even the very right wing don’t like Iain Duncan Smith nobody does.

  20. God help any Tories who campaign in my town. I already told one to fuck off a few years ago. His handlebar moustache nearly fell off in fright. In all the years of living here (over 30) it was the first and last time I saw one of these creatures.

  21. Get the boy before he becomes a man – that’s the way to go. If not, cut his nads off!

  22. Reblogged this on Jay's Journal and commented:
    The little twit needs to shown what real life is all about!

  23. I’m really worried about this community work shite that’s coming and as my Work programme ended in the October will that give me a few months breathing space as people who came off it first will be picked on first? Not enough info online about this shite and I will do my utmost to avoid it. No way can I do this litter picking crap. If I get a horrible boss I will be tempted to punch the cunts head in and I make no apologies for that. Ids you fucking baldy cunt, I look forward to the party after your death and yep it will be a good one. You can also stick your Thatcher day right up your fucking arse you nazi cunts.

    • Landless Peasant

      It remains to be seen whether Osborne’s evil plan bears fruition as it will cost a fortune to implement. They’d have to provide everyone with outdoor gear – boots, overalls, water-proofs, etc. and equipment, then they have to supervise and administer the so-called ‘Community Work’. Believe it when it happens. But if it does, then I certainly won’t be doing it! I’ll take a sanction instead and fuck ’em. And any bagged-up litter I see awaiting collection will be ripped open and the contents scattered all over the road.

    • @ cephalus & landless peasant – if we ALL choose daily signing (and it looks like we all can, despite what some advisors are saying) then there is no way they can keep us all in the jobcentreminus all day, let alone have us actually doing anything once we are there. Those advisors who say “Oh, we’ll have you doing jobsearch etc from 9-5” are in my opinion just bluffing, just like the ones who say we have to give them access to UJM account or we have to record our jobsearch on the UJM screen for that purpose instead of using the paper jobseekers diary.

      • 9-5 in the job centre would just about send me over the edge. The bastards aren’t getting access from me ever and my job centre has about 3 computers available anyway.

        • @ cephalus – they know that given the choice of 9-5 in jobcentre and “community work” many people will choose the “work”, but that is just their way of “persuading” as few people as possible to choose the daily signing, because they know themselves that all they would be able to do (and even this is stretching their resources) is actually have people to queue up to sign, sign and then leave. Even when they had the work programme providers doing the “helping with you with your jobsearch”, even they only had the resources to see you every so often, and if they had few resources despite being handed money by the government, then the jobcentreminus certainly don’t have the resources (or even the space).

    • It seems the people in the jobcentres are still in the dark about what’s coming in April. I spoke to an advisor today about this and she admitted she and her colleagues are still clueless about what’s coming next month. I’m holding on to that as a straw of hope that this so-called “Help to Work” scheme was all just conference time waffle, and the whole thing will be quietly dropped when April comes.

      I live in hope…

      • @ samwise – Me too – I hope the whole thing collapses and makes them look even more incompetent and useless than they already are – which would be difficult I know!

      • I got the same response when I asked. And the definite feeling that they’re not looking forward to it.

        PS: In the 5th worst city for finding work, my jobcentre has just ONE public computer. Should get us about 10 seconds each…

  24. Somebody please drown this odious little cunt! Then shoot the fuckin rest of em!

    • Well its nice to see Toby Young of the tax dodgers alliance certainly approves of this measure he is all for starving poor people to death so that billionaires can accrue more dish because as he tells us if they couldn’t they would leave the UK…terrible eh ?

  25. He can shove his yellow card right up his arse,these Tory tossers are getting worse

  26. I tell the Jobcenre I need a job and ask them to please get me a job but they tell ME to find a job. If the Jobcentre or indeed the Work Programme can’t get me a job being that that is their purpose and they are the supposed “experts” what chance do I have of finding one? I can’t find one but their purpose seems to be just to look at what I have done – what is the point of their existence?

  27. This odious little turd is the Antichrist – the Devil incarnate!

    • It’s just another chinless wonder. The Universities spew them out in their hundreds each bloody spring. No wonder the country has gone to the dogs.

  28. Vote Yes Scotland and after the yes vote the North of England can fight to join us. Fuck these Eton tory bastards.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Can you please invade us ASAP, down to about Manchester will do. Don’t worry about any resistance, millions of us are ready to help you move the wall.

      • Don’t suppose you’d like to go down as far as Birmingham would you? Fuck the Tory twats.

        • Your all welcome. We scots know the English arent to blame just the Eton snobs.

          • Try telling that to the supposedly SNP Finkfurst over on the Tom Pride site, what a twat he is, a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

        • Yes we would!! We’d take the whole of England with us apart from Westminster and the elite bunch of upper crust cretins. So many areas of England have been savaged by these Tory morons as bad as Scotland has.
          Just to echo what Cephalus says; Scots wanting independence has nothing to do with not liking England. Absolutely nothing to do with that. It’s the out of touch Westminster criminals that’s the reason a lot of Scots want independence. We know 99.99% of the English folks are just the same as us ie good people who are sick to the back teeth with them and their BS.

    • Been saying that for a while Cephalus. Extend the border down to the Tees.

  29. ian duncan smith

    who is the minster for work and pensions he sounds like a right cunt to me.

  30. Genius! A little runt with no work experience whatsoever. Probably never will. A Tory politician in the making!

  31. Here he is conducting extensive research before taking the report MasterCard wrote for him and writing on it “all my own work. Signed Guy Miscampbell”

  32. The Holocaust. They said it couldn’t happen hear?
    Its only a matter of time.

    • Am I being paranoid? Yellow card… yellow star the Jews had to wear? If u do part time hours would u get half a card?? It’s ludicrous. I work in a school n we tried the yellow /red card thing 2 manage behavior… it didn’t work on primary kids!!

  33. HERE even.

  34. It’s going to make life more expensive -how many shops will take this yellow card and what types of shops? – Will charity shops take them? The weekly town market? What about bills- direct debits (cheapest option) how will bills get paid – what about debt arrangements with creditors?

    • Ah well, that’s the genius of the plan, isn’t it ? Stores, utility companies, etc, will be able to bid to be approved “service providers”, and you will have to use them. Hope you have an approved store within 50 miles ! Or maybe you’ll have to pay extra to have it delivered.

    • Of course this evil scheme will be more expensive since by its very definition it limits choice and creates a monopoly. The poor always get the worst deals anyway, be it goods, services or credit. If this twisted scheme ever comes to fruition the poor will find themselves shopping in over-priced ‘approved service providers’ whilst rich toffs continue to enjoy the benefits of discounters such as Costco, where incidentally, you have to have an ‘approved’ occupation to join such as barrister, pilot, doctor, etc…..

      • Whats a ‘costco’?

        • Costo is a kind of cross between a discount store and a wholesaler. Most of the goods are offered in ‘bulk’ or in bigger sizes, obviously handier if you have a larger home. It is where all the well off shop. Of course to enjoy the discounts you have to prove that you are rich enough to not need the discounts anyway. Anyway, the prices are a lot cheaper than your local High Street or supermarkets such as Tesda. It is just one example of the how the poorer you are the are the more you pay for goods services. You won’t get in anyway to check the prices unless you are a ‘member’ or are accompanied by a ‘member’, you still can’t make your own purchases though.

          • Just goggled em. Bit strange . I care not to be H, I wouldnt save much after shelling out £25

            • You have to be careful though, it’s like supermarkets… supposedly 40% of our purchase are impulse purchases… I reckon more like 90% 🙂 If you want a few odds and ends it’s probably cheaper to just purchase from a smaller shop, there is less temptation.. even though their prices will generally be higher. Also, you are not saving much if you end up with a lot of ‘wastage’, throwing things out…. Another thing is that ‘discounters’ tend to be ‘out-of-town’ and you need a car to get there. Anyway, it still seems perverse offering lower prices to higher earners as well as being discriminatory. And how many people on benefits have got £25 going spare to cough up for a membership fee?

  35. Said this before but, eventually everyone will end up on emergency payments. Eighty odd quid a fortnight, for single claimants.

  36. they put me on daily signing a while ago but the bus fair was near half my benefit so stopped it and i was there at 9 pm as well ffs just to sign a bit of paper, pure waste of money and i told um that as well b4 they done it must have thought the bus was still 80p 🙂

  37. Super ted your lucky your bus fare is only 80p if I had to sign on every day I be £20 a fortnight no way can I manage that

    • it was 3.80 a day return and had to have it paid back in to my bank account and that took another 3 days to clear in the bank, got put back on 1 time a week and now back to fortnightly signing again now.

      • Thats good I think daily signing on is no good as you have to pay the fare up front which can leave even less to live on I have even stopped use Gas as I cant afford it once every thing else is paid for like food councle tax and eleccy

        • weekly or daily signing is simply an attempt to bully you out the door and left with nothing.from experience people are lied to,deceived and intimidated, in an attempt to achieve these aim’s.

          The policy for anything is abuse of jobseekers directions’,but a freedom of information request shows these should not be used for targets.

          When a Jobseeker Direction should not be used
          as a means of meeting targets

          Apparently these should only be given as a last resort,but these are being given for any and everything, in the hope someone wont show up and a resulting loss of benefit .


          • Sanction targets DO exist and each JCP in this country is on a sanction performance chart showing how well they are doing in making people destitute. I have seen this JCP performance chart for myself on an obscure government linked website. So any denial of the DWP saying no such chart exists is total bollocks.

        • I got put on daily signing a while back, tho the advisor could only fit me in every third day.I got the extra fares back. So while there I used the old stand up terminal first, and wrote it in the activity booklet, and showed him. I told him it was no skin off my nose weather I searched on my pc or theirs, and that my oyster card maxes out at 3 bus trips so I could travel to the pub for half price twice a week.. He got fed up of trying to fit me in pretty quick once he realised I didnt give a toss I can tell you.

  38. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void here roundly criticises Policy Exchange’s plan to have jobseekers’ allowance placed on smart cards, which would be used to monitor and control the amount they receive, as part of an extended system of controls and sanctions on the unemployed. This is another dangerous step in the erosion of personal liberty. The privacy campaigner, Simon Davies, attacked similar schemes in his book ‘Big Brother: Britain’s Web of Surveillance and the New Technological Order’ was back in 1996. Electronic bourses, like that Policy Exchange want issued to the unemployed, are popular amongst certain sections of government and the banking industry, because they allow the state and the banks to monitor citizens’ money. The foisting of the system on the unemployed will be the first step. Afterwards they will demand that a similar card be used by every citizen. This is truly a government that wishes to control every aspect of people’s lives, right down to their money and how they spend it.

    • They know the big riots are coming, it’s all about trying to control the masses.

    • aren’t smart cards currently being used in Australia?

    • Introducing this scheme for sanctioned jobseekers is a red herring; it wouldn’t be worth the infrastructure and the administrative costs as jobseekers move to and from regular payments. The real intent is to start by using the unemployed as a whole as a test-bed and then to extend it to the general population who have already been partly conditioned and got used to the idea of ‘tax credits’.

  39. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Y’know those Russian lads? The ones who are currently up for a scrap?
    They can come over here and use this Miscampbell knobend as target practice, if they like….

    • Oliver Ackett-Nakatsuru

      The Russians are neither ‘up for a scrap’ nor inhibited; they are probably indifferent to the issue in fact. The situation is too cumbersome that they should even bother themselves.

  40. I don’t see why it’s necessary or helpful to be so malicious, especially to someone who you’ve never met.

    Even if the report was as one-sided as is suggested (which it isn’t), the author and commenters would be better served by its findings directly.

    • overburdenddonkey

      actually it is a response to malice….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps burke
        and he’s never even met us…

      • Okay, but even it if we assume that the report was motivated my malice, that doesn’t mean that the response should be in kind.

        I also think there’s a difference between malice directed at groups (‘screw the Tories’), and singling out an individual, posting their personal details, and inviting a pile-on of personal abuse.

        • overburdenddonkey

          not exactly a level cricket pitch is it, where is the legal redress….or are we supposed to grin and bear it passively take it without comment…

          • Don’t take it passively- denounce it. Vote for those who also denounce it.
            I’m just not sure what the personal comments add.

            • overburdenddonkey

              with you up, to the vote for those who denounce it….but how is it that someone who has no life experience can be in a position to influence policy….ok, i denounce it…hark i hear, tough shit, who care what you think it’s happening…coz our betters say it should?

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps burke
                ie non-elected…and be in a position influence such a savage policy, with no idea or perhaps even a care, how damaging it will be….it might sound benign etched out on the back of leg pads, but once transferred to flesh and blood takes on a whole new dimension….end sanctions, increase benefits in line with the ESC, reduce and cap rents and conditionality now..

        • Landless Peasant

          Really? Thanks for your input. Personally I think Guy Miscampbell is an utter cunt and an outright Tory bastard, who along with all other employees & associates of The Policy Exchange, deserves to be hung, drawn & quartered in public after first being castrated, then should be hung upside down from the nearest lamp-post whilst his parents are raped & burned alive. But that’s just me.

    • Landless Peasant


      Malicious? We are at War you know? That’s right. This is War. The Class War. The line has been drawn. Whose side are you on? Kill the Enemy and take no prisoners. Death to all Tory SCUM !!!!!!!

  41. *addressing its findings directly.


      …………..a statement from last year by the DWP, READ THE LAST COUPLE OF LINES.

      For income-related benefits such as income-based Jobseeker’s
      Allowance, £71.00 is the
      current weekly personal allowance paid for a single person aged 25
      and over. This rate is set
      by Parliament each year. The amount is intended to cover all normal
      day to day living
      expenses. The level of benefit needs to take account of the
      competing demands on public
      expenditure and work incentives. Benefits are not made up of
      separate amounts for specific
      items of expenditure such as food or fuel charges, and
      beneficiaries are free to spend their
      benefit as they see fit, in the light of their individual needs and


    • You don’t seriously suggest these think-tanks are impartial, do you?

    • If you are Burke, where is Hare?

  42. Landless Peasant

    Fuck The Policy Exchange = Evil Nazi SCUM !!!!

  43. Another Fine Mess

    Something about White Dee and her benefits is coming up on BBC Newsnight, if anyones watching.

  44. Landless Peasant

    I received my pathetic poxy pittance of JSA on Friday, and the whole fortnight’s dole was gone in just 2 hours! I have not a penny left. No need to be malicious? I COULD FUCKING WELL KILL SOMEONE RIGHT NOW!!!!



    • IDS said he could easily live on £53 per week, He hasn’t got the balls to carry out this lie from his flabby big mouth. The fucker should be hanged before he murders more people from his hated bedroom tax or bollocks reforms. He is only denying us real help and money to spend on his own bedroom taxes and MP expenses on his duck pond and various country estates up and down the country. Fucking slaphead.

  45. “Full Report: Newcastle food bank struggles with demand”


  46. Why dont the middle class just fuck off,,,,,,,




      In one case, Lance Corporal Mark Dryden, 35 – a former member of the Royal Regiment of
      Fusiliers who, after an explosion in Iraq, lost his right arm and the full use of his left – was asked
      by Atos assessors if he was left or right-handed. He is now taking his case against the DWP to a
      benefits tribunal.


      Atos Healthcare will assess both the physical and mental “scars of combat” and are
      able to assess the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Servicemen discharged from the
      Forces are entitled to a pension when their disability was caused or aggravated by service. For
      those who claim Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), a physical examination is a small
      part of the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) process and people are only asked to do what
      they can and what is comfortable, with their specific consent. Ex-armed forces personnel who
      claim ESA are likely to have a variety of health conditions both physical and mental health
      related. The WCA would identify these as part of the existing WCA process.



  47. Free power from a recycled washing machine,

    • There is no such thing as free power. If you were to put a handle on a motor and crank it for a week you would generate enough power to do a 20 minute wash cycle. And you would eat twice as much.

      • If you wired up the solar panels from 70 or 80 thousand calculators however, you might be getting somewhere.

        • overburdenddonkey

          watch the vid it is a sound idea, but not a practical solution for most, unless one has a stream capable of producing a 45m head of water…

          • I cant watch you tube out of data allowance.
            However, I can tell you that to generate cheap power you could use a steam engine powered by waste wood , phone directories etc.
            In the end you would gain little over the cost. If we werent being held to ransom by the energy suppliers it wouldnt be a problem would it?
            Electricity is about 13 pence a unit now. Given the advances we have made it should be around 6 pence.
            We arent charged according to what it costs, it is priced by what we can afford. This will remain the case until party politics is abolished.

            • overburdenddonkey

              deffo into bio-mass micro steam generators and micro generation….+ no standing elec supply charge……

              • Ha, I was invited for an interview by some arsewipe who wanted me to design and build him one of those for £7.50 an hour.
                I wasted his time with emails and excuses for a week then told him to fxxk off.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  yeah, i would have told him, to learn a trade….bloated bastard…

                • He wanted me to build him a micro brewery, and a bio mass reactor for turning waste into diesel as well. And he wanted me to maintain his pleasure boat on the thames according to the tides. .
                  Its unbelievable how some people live in cuckoo land and actually think there are people gulible enough to put up with it?
                  Being capable of such work surely indicates enough savvy to not be
                  taken the piss out of, but these rich idiots keep trying!

                • overburdenddonkey

                  i know, i’ve met people like it myself, who expect their “skills”, to be richly rewarded, as if, they earn their money, and pay others a pittance for what they could not possibly do for themselves, coz they know the “right” people…who think that the world owes THEM, a living, because of their social class..what types, am i talking about i wonder…and we are here to serve THEM…tip your cloth cap, and say yes sir 3 bags full sir, anything you say sir…and it is right to punish us “offenders”, who say, no! get lost..

                • Yeah, the prick even threatened to tell the jobcenter that I turned down
                  a job offer too. I told him good job I never gave you my correct name then, innit? I never give my real name when applying for a job without a stated wage. They have you by the balls otherwise. ;#}

              • overburdenddonkey

                smarmy bar stewards, eh chas and dave song coming on gertcha…

              • GEOFF REYNOLDS


                • But we dont have the parachutes to cut up for zeppelins, or the thread.
                  I think we should move the stove and dig a tunnel to france. That would be a quicker escape method. Oh, wait. Somebody already dug a couple.
                  For the information of lazy dole bastards everywhere, someone has just posted this weeks episodes of almost human and intelligence on primewire.ag so thats me sorted for a couple of hours.
                  Just Hacking them through now.

      • No strictly true… I have a ‘perpetual motion machine in development… 🙂

        • oh… and initial trials of my ‘time machine’ are looking rather promising… 🙂

        • We have a perfect working example of a perpetual standstill machine here, its called a ‘politician’.Very noisy and soaks the life energy out of everything around it whilst contributing ZERO work.
          The Eficacy ratio is infinite power in, nothing out.

  48. If I could only find a washing machine to recycle, they either go to the council tip(which at one time you could access stuff from, not anymore, they recycle it themselves), buy a new washer and they offer to dispose of your old one when they deliver a new one(probably use it to recycle and sell the parts back to customers) or the rag and bone man will not part with one because he wants the scrap value for it.
    Isn’t life grand!

  49. if i had parts i could build it for 90 quid piece of piss just park up at the tip and ask ppl to donate it to you for a protect to save on the electric.

    i best not see you on dragons den with one pmsl 🙂

  50. OT.

    “NHS England patient data ‘uploaded to Google servers’, Tory MP says”


  51. Yellow card, yellow card… Why not a yellow star? like the good old day! No wounder Cameron wants to frack all that gas.

  52. Landless Peasant

    I’ll ram that yellow card right up your jacksie, Miscampbell, you patronizing little Tory prick.

  53. “Cameron aide arrested in ‘child abuse imagery’ inquiry”


    • This country’s political life has a long history of paedophilia. All bloody parties. Sometimes they give us a less important player. A fall guy.

    • @Annos and the daily mail knew all about but sat on it so it could run its smokescreen story that was years old and known about
      Anyway …

      And yet I’ve been in touch with bbc on similar subject and they buried their head in the sand and looked the other way. I wonder why….

  54. Another Fine Mess

    We alread have people being santioned for going to a job interview, or being stuck in a hospital bed, and dumbell wants to make sanctions more strict ???

  55. Robin The Boy Wonder

    Imagine if this little Miscampbell weasel one day (like the bastard child of Thatcher, Cameron) becomes PM?

    And the remark about the Ruskies coming over was in jest… Lighten up (and make sense!), for fuck’s sake!

    • Landless Peasant

      I thought that too, that Miscampbell is the sort of Tory prick to one day be PM. That’s why I’m hoping someone shoots the little cunt.

  56. not worth the ink

  57. totallygivenup

    many will perish if this happens,which is the whole point

  58. Regardless of age, yet again some right-winger thinks extra layers of expensive beaurocracy solves the problem. With ‘welfare’ and ‘benefits’ now so toxic, it’s time to scrap the lot and introduce Universal Basic Income.

    Plus, IF ‘the elites’ earn so much more, are they not financially strong? The common view, surely, is that those who are strong should protect the weak/vulnerable?

    • They rich should protect the weak and vulnerable but they won’t not without a nice little earner called ‘basic income’, which they can raise or drop at will depending on their own financial situations.

  59. I’m inclined to think any unemployed person should avoid Jobcentres and JSA like the plague. No-one can believe any more that their purpose is to get people into paid work. They just exist to punish you and tie up your time in Jobcentre attendance and workfare so you have no opportunity to look for a job. You’re more likely to get one by searching on your own. How to survive? Beg, borrow, and if all else fails, steal. They treat you like a criminal anyway. Don’t be fodder for their sadism; keep a little self-respect. You might even get a job!

    • Katherine Perlo

      Typical tory troll reply!

      • 🙂

      • Troll Finder General


      • overburdenddonkey

        g fawkes
        yep, typical troll reply, indeed…

        • You can disagree with me as much as you like, but you can’t call me a Tory troll when I regularly and actively campaign against these evil policies. The government isn’t doing it to save money; they’re doing it to destroy people, and while campaigning in accordance with the myths of democratic rights we should also find ground of our own to fight on, whether it be independent survival, violence, or some combination thereof.

          • overburdenddonkey

            k p
            well don’t tell us to give in then, and capitulate, there is no dignity in capitulation + we demand our lawful, rightful, benefit’s entitlement …no surrender…end sanctions, conditionality, increase our benefits to ESC levels, reduce and cap rents NOW! economic apartheid is no solution, but punishments….for being born working class….

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps k p
              always someone else who has to suffer for you, i don’t like grey and there are no fcuking jobs…

    • The whole point of treating you like shit is to get you to avoid signing on and save money.
      So what I do is remember that, Smile, and take the beer money.
      Just to wind up the Tory party.
      I think of it as a one man strike. I will cease to take the piss when the politicians give up their £100 a week lunch allowance. Until then they can kiss my Bar Tab.

    • Landless Peasant

      @ Katherine Perlo
      Beg, borrow or steal? Why the fuck should I do that when I am RIGHTFULLY ENTITLED to claim Benefits?

  60. just sign off jsa and go on esa then when the atos bull shit looms reclaim jsa get one payment..close the claim reclaim esa job done. its impossible to get a job on jsa as your under sanction sanction sanction..hit the cunts in the pocket….it cost a lot more to open and close an esa jsa claim than it would to just pay some poor bastard there 144 quid.

    • IDS is a like a toy action man, running the dwp like a bootcamp and parliament is nothing but snotty nosed school boys and girls looking down their snotty noses and seeing what they can do to the working class to make themselves look superior.

  61. Interesting that the subject of smart cards should come up at just the same time that “Lord” Digby jones is advocating that the benefits of parents whose kids dont learn to read quickly enough should be stopped and replaced by food stamps ( for which, read smartcard).


    Apart from the mind-blowing assumption that poor readers only come families on benefits, is this the start of a campaign to sow the seeds of the idea in the public mind ?

    • I think that fat privileged shits who come up with ridiculous, spiteful and inhuman ideas should have their bollocks cut off.

    • Its sod all about beating up the poor but that part certainly appeals to their psychopathy.. The whole point is as evet yo channel large amounts of public monies to large corporations who fund their cock eyed bullshit to judtify the fraudulent scam
      They pay them

  62. scrawney useless little weasel.someone punch his face ,torie mummys boy



    Norman Alexander Miscampbell, QC (20 February 1925 – 16 February 2007) was a British Conservative Party politician. He served as Member of Parliament (MP) for Blackpool North for 30 years, from 1962 to 1992, making him Blackpool’s longest serving MP.

    Miscampbell was born in Carrickfergus in County Antrim. His grandfather owned a salt mine in Northern Ireland, and his father worked for ICI. He was educated at St Edward’s School, Oxford, and served with the 4th Queen’s Own Hussars in Italy and Germany during World War II, from 1943 to 1945.

    He studied economics at Trinity College, Oxford, where he joined the Oxford University Conservative Association. He became a barrister, was called to the bar by Inner Temple in 1952, and worked on the Northern Circuit from chambers in Liverpool. He became a Queen’s Counsel in April 1974, and a bencher in 1983.

    He married Margaret Kendall in 1961. They had two sons and two daughters.
    Margaret Thatcher recommended his appointment to a knighthood, which he declined reportedly because he thought it would prevent him enjoying his retirement from political activity. His name is in the Cabinet Office list of declined honours [1] disclosed on 26 January 2012.


  64. Nasty hitler fucktard Guy Miscampbell is a stupid little tory prick on work experience. Has he ever experienced the real world or is he one of the brain-washed drones running about on the orders of the great twat IDS?

    Yellow fucking smart-card telling us as while we suffer without rent money for x amount of weeks, our benefits are tits up. Fuck off, stupid tory tossers.

    I was on an illegal sanction for four weeks last year after being stitched up by my JCP on the baseless claim I wasn’t doing enough to find work. Get stuffed, JCP. I was doing more than my bit to find work, which is more than what I can say about you desk nazi’s hiding behind your computers all day long and picking your noses while there was a lull in JSA customers. Fucking hippocritical bastards. Anything to fuck me over four weeks money so you can spend it on expensive cars or get gold stars awarded for meeting your monthly sanction targets issued by the super twat IDS.

    We, the people, know sanction targets really do exist. So stop fucking covering it up by denying this information.

  65. Another Fine Mess

    Another on PX, with good comments section.

    Nick Faith Director of Communications at Policy Exchange

  66. jed goodright

    Can’t we just get the bastards? NOW
    An internet revolution will not happen – we need to climb over the wall and get out and get them, full force, CHARGE>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  67. Umm, other than “waaaaah” exactly what objection do people have to smart cards? They’re a fantastic idea, used in benefits systems around the world, to help people who can’t, or won’t, help themselves.

    • overburdenddonkey

      prove the following is true…..”to help people who can’t, or won’t, help themselves”?

      • overburdenddonkey

        no reply, i suspected that would be the case…so, your’re just another lazy, time wasting, troll, that sucks the atmosphere out of a room, who judges others worthy or unworthy and expect others to serve/explain their rage to them…when if you took the time to read the report, ask yourself, would you be willing to be subjected to such barbaric conditionality, arbitrary punishments for “offences” deemed to be committed by others, without proper moral and legal consideration?

      • ” help themselves ” ah bankers etc
        And poverty pimps too

    • Landless Peasant

      @ charles

      So-called ‘smartcards’ have several potential problems that are of concern. It gives control of YOUR finances to the Government. The DWP will be able to dictate how much per day you can spend, and on what goods, and in which shops. It will undoubtedly lead to a Black Market as people inevitably trade approved purchased goods for other items that they do want/need. Think about it. What if you need something that’s not on their list? or from a particular or specialist shop (Vegan/Halal, Kosher, Gluten-free, etc.)? or something random like a bunch of flowers or a bunch of grapes? or an unexpected taxi fare? or a fucking toilet roll? you won’t be able to! If they get away with introducing such cards for sanctions it won’t be long before it is for ALL Claimants of ANY Benefits. Pretty soon after that, all workers too, instead of getting a wage their card will be topped-up, but by what amount and what spending restrictions might it carry? In case you haven’t yet realised, we are shifting towards being a global cash-free society, in which you will not be liberated but enslaved.

      • overburdenddonkey

        l p
        yes, + and imagine when all of our benefits system is managed by the banks from call centers any where in the world…

      • The people who bitch and moan and say why SHOULDNT claiments have their money controlled in this way are generally hard put upon wage slaves already,who out of envy wish everybody elses lives where as pants as theirs. The right’s agenda of pitting those at the bottom against each other. . .

      • If you wind the clock far enough into the future their will be NO CASH (expect for maybe the very rich) and ALL WORKERS wages will be paid directly to the Government and ‘doled out’ as ‘credits’ according to ‘need’. ALL purchases for goods/services will be made via ‘smart-card’ with restrictions placed as and when the ‘authorities’ see fit. This is the authoritarian agenda and if you put all the pieces of the jigsaw together is is easy to see this is the direction we are heading in.

    • The introduction of cards is designed to achieve two things. To stigmatize claimants further than they already are, and more importantly, to fill the pockets of the card providers. Yes, the crooks in parliament are that dirty. They have been suggesting putting benefits onto loaded cards for years.A side effect is that the gov. will be able to stipulate what you CANNOT SPEND YOUR BENEFITS ON. Another effect will be that the places that accept the cards are dearer than other stores, because they will have less competition,and will rig prices knowing they have your trade.Its all been planned for years.

      • @PAT the card scheme was tried out in Australia and yes the result WAS the stigmatization of card carrying claimants as they were forced to be in the ” scrounger ” queue at the supermarkets ..
        They were often singled out and spat at and attacked
        Did this chinless wonder about those consequences because when you dream up these fantasies you have to examine ALL information on the subject..the ups and downs..it’d called impact assessment.
        If he did not then he should be sacked as being useless if he

        • If he did consider this nasty side of the card system then he is a total nasty cunt
          Much more than that he would have created policy which is discriminatory
          Which would be against ECHR
          rulings especially if claimants are disabled..

          What a total tool
          Hopefully he will be signing on the dole before long

      • Have to say its similar to foodbank vouchers if you think about it

        Only redeemable as food though I understand other essential items are allowed eg toilet rolls nappies and soap stuff

        As it’s hygeine issue

  68. totallygivenup

    ok i know this might upset some apologies in advance,i live in a shanty town annexed to a rich town ive suddenly noticed a massive increase in under 20,s ladies pushing push chairs about i mean a massive increase,the kids of today are for more media aware than my generation were,my point im sure these ladies understand that even though life with a baby is hard on benefits they understand that by having said baby they cant be sanctioned put on workfare have housing benefit stopped,i thought yes ide do it myself in there postion..but net result unwanted children for “protection”

      • overburdenddonkey

        why do keep insisting that we are scum?

        • overburdenddonkey

          typo chewie
          why do you keep insisting that we are scum?

        • @dinky i rather thought it was a reference to the link I posted ..perhaps you did not. For whatever the reason read it.
          It was about the police referring to anti fracking protesters as being ” scum ”
          A complaint was made to the police who said they will reprimand the officer and the offending tweet was removed
          The reporting of this appeared in the daily heil
          I noted the comments there as agreeing that ” all protestors are scum and probably all on benefits and therefore scroungers ”
          But that’s the daily hate for you
          And noted that the police as ever regard protesters and activist as low class vermin
          Such is democracy in the good old UK….

          • overburdenddonkey

            thanks for explaining it to me..but i don’t read the daily hell, unless it is really pressing that i should…so the issue has been resolved, which is good to know…the tories have hated the working class for over 100yrs, and are not likely to ever change…

            • @Donkey that’s quite alright my dear old fruit. I think the reason i posted the item was to aptly show how any form of complaint such as protest can be dismissed as being trouble and a lesser being.
              Don’t rock the boat dont complain let them knock your house down if it makes a buck for someone
              Ive been a bit busy elsewhere of late helping
              someone with abuse victims
              We are trying to prevent a murdering piece of shit from entering the UK as they represent a threat to children

    • The problems they will face have not even dawned on them yet.
      Life choices will be removed for ever, and they WILL end up slaves to the system. It isnt unusual for policy to backfire on regimes,as those in power are no more intelligent than those they are trying to persecute and in our gov. example its obvious they are LESS savvy than the victims.
      People will wriggle out of things and make bad choices when they are desperate. It is a classic example of the populace saying FUCK OFF! To the authoritarians.

    • @ totally given up – but once the child is 3 the mothers are then put up for workfare, sanctions etc and neither the child nor the mother is “protected”.

      • Margarine Legs

        lol a know uv…. a ‘av to keep popping out another every 3 years lol a will be run off ma feet lol 🙂

  69. Will everybody in the land have smart cards? I hope so, including the people are dishing them out…I would like to see their every movement and who they are buying icecreams for….and another thing…people on benefits are ENTITLED to those benefits and should not be monitored like James wassisname in “THE PRISONER”

  70. They have to demonize somebody, otherwise the world will wake up to the reality that THEY are the parasites.

  71. I’m not normally a violent man, but I could always make an exception.

    • Imagine if your boss called up and said you were only needed for, and being paid for, five hours work next week. And probably not at all for the following week. Would it be a problem making ends meet?

      For nearly one million people on zero hours contracts this is a reality. [1] The contracts offer no guarantee of work week to week, and put all the power in the hands of employers.

      Last year, over 100,000 members of 38 Degrees helped convince the government to hold a public consultation into these types of contracts. [2] We now have just eight days to tell business minister, Vince Cable, exactly how these contracts should be improved.

      Can you help stand up for fairer working practices and demand the government improves zero hours contracts? It only takes two minutes to email Vince Cable. Please click here:

      Flexibility of working hours is great, if there is genuine flexibility for everyone. But often bosses use it as a discipline tool. Some people don’t even realise they are working on zero hours contracts as bosses don’t explain properly. Some employers tell workers they can’t work for anyone else, as they need to always be available even though they don’t guarantee work. That’s just wrong.

      • It IS used as a discipline tool. If you are genuinely sick with the flu or something after working many months or a year or two (my bro)
        you go on the shit list and get chopped every time it is slack until your name falls of the shit list. Get ill in november and you are in for a worried xmas!.

  72. fedup by it all

    If by going what’s on here is true and MasterCard are behind these so called smartcards, then it would not surprise me that these cards will be dual purpose debit/credit cards. The debit option restricted to authorised spending of your benefits on specified items by the government and the credit side being used to allow the card holder to buy other items, but charged exhorbitant rates of interest. Truly fightening……..

    • After Benefits Street, it’s another round of poverty porn – with added celebrity | Tanya Gold


      ( comments some contain idiocy and wilfully ignorant )

      • Just think; if you cut the plug off the aerial and plugged the pc in to the tv you wouldnt have to watch that shit, or buy a license. . .

    • As the guv wants everybody paid monthly in arrears, these tossers will just be giving you a cash piece of what they owe you, and charging about 1/3rd interest . There will be no risk on there side as they will know the sign on has already happened and they owe you 200 toilet rolls and some veg.

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