A Truly Chlling Move: Part Time Workers To Face Housing Benefit Sanctions DWP Confirms

what-nextUPDATE 28/6/15:  Since this post is getting a lot of attention here’s an update on where part time workers stand under Universal Credit:
It Had To Happen. Soon You Could Face An In-Work Benefit Sanction … For Going To Work

In breath-takingly savage news, it has been reported that the DWP plans to stop Housing Benefit payments to low paid part time workers if they fail to carry out ‘work related activity’.

When Universal Credit is finally introduced, those earning less than the equivalent of the minimum wage for 35 hours a week will be forced to constantly look for more or better paid work to qualify for in-work benefits such as Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.  Part time workers could face being sent on workfare in the hours they are not at work and will have to prove to Jobcentre busybodies that they are constantly looking for another, better paid job.

Currently sanctions are usually only inflicted on unemployed people, lone parents or those on sickness or disability benefits.  Sanctions are often imposed for the most trivial reason such as being a few minutes late for a meeting with the Jobcentre.  At present Housing Benefits, which allow people to at least keep a roof over their heads, cannot be sanctioned.

This will all change for part-time workers who will now face possible eviction if they upset the Jobcentre according to Inside Housing who warn this could affect up to a million workers.  The number of people in work reliant on Housing Benefits has soared in recent years as social housing has been eroded, whilst wages stagnated and private sector rents climbed to eye-watering levels.

It is chilling to imagine how this vicious move may play out in practice, particularly given this week’s news that evictions are at an all time high.  That it is to be inflicted on those in work just shows the depths that Iain Duncan Smith will stoop to in his attempt to bully the poor out of benefits.  More children will become homeless because of this measure, their lives destroyed before they have even really begun.

Astonishingly one of the groups most affected by this policy is likely to be Jobcentre workers themselves who will now be forced to make each other homeless.  If this doesn’t drag the so-called fighting PCS Union off their knees then nothing ever will.  Don’t hold your breath though – motions passed at the PCS Conference instructing the union to take a tougher line on benefit sanctions have been brushed under the carpet by the leadership.

Visit Boycott Workfare’s website to join the fight against workfare and benefit sanctions and sign the petition to scrap all benefit sanctions without exceptions at: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/benefit-sanctions-must-be-stopped-without-exceptions-in-uk

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  1. So the Nazi state of the UK takes one further step down the road to barbarism.

    This country is despicable.

    • Good evening every one.
      Remember, there are people out there who are struggling, because they have more than you.

  2. All-hail the mighty Slave-state.

  3. the only good thing that will come out of this spiteful policy is that those people working who currently believe the right wing press and despise benefit scrounging scum will finally understand just how much this government hates normal people.

  4. There appears to be a concentrated denigration of the poorest in our society by the present government, often the most hard-working on a minimum (less than living) wage for longer hours.

  5. The jobcentre staff are horrendous people (from my recent experiences), and the centres themselves superbly depressing, policed by a swarm of G4S security guards as if it’s a prison. Disgusting.

    • Landless Peasant

      I totally agree with you there. I don’t know if they’re all twats to start with and are naturally attracted to that kind of job, or if the job turns them into twats? A bit like Coppers really.

    • The JCP monkeys are trained to use illegal psychological tactics against us to brain-wash us into accepting sanctions as a part of daily life and to challenge a decision from the cowards controlling our meagre money.

      One of the G4S dicks in my JCP acts like he owns the place, fucking struts around with a smug smile on his ugly face. he should watch his back as one day someone with grievance against the desk monkeys will knock his block off.

    • The G4S guys are not just security guards, they are customer care officers ( look at their G4S ID not just their SIA license )
      They dont work for the DWP and are often treated like crap by the DWP. They actually work for the building owner as the DWP rent the buildings and part of the lease includes security guards as and where needed.
      Whilst i agree the majority of the bigger job centres have legions of guards who stand around trying to intimidate people, but the smaller ones have decent guards especially the ones with just one guard, my local one has a decent guard in it, he deals with any agro calmly and often reasons with the person using logic, ie… kicking off will just get them nicked and sanctioned and to not give the pricks the satisfaction, go and have a cigarette and come back in 30 mins when youve calmed down kinda thing, even knows most peoples names, everyone says hello and goodbye to the guy
      in the bigger jcp the staff are definitely more aggressive and do not seem to use their discretion at all
      so not all guards are that bad and its a shame that the GVT make it that people do want to kick off and that security is needed
      i guess its a sign of the times

  6. Its not just chilling its Kafkaesque
    So you have a job but thats not good enough so whilst working you got to find a better one or risk being put on workfare whilst working thus risk getting the sack for looking for work whilst working and on workfare and risk losing HB and being evicted and homeless meaning no address so no job and not able to apply for job
    Whilst working and not enough time to look for work whilst working and on workfare this prohibiting you from looking for work
    Next will come being sacked from workfare ” job” and having to find money to appeal
    To get put back on workfare so you don’t lose benefits like HB to prevent youvfron becoming homeless and not having an address in order to apply for job whilst already having a job whilst on workfare
    No wonder mental health problems are increasing ..oh wait thats right because MH doesnt exist so you are fit for work to get part time job in order to look for better job whilst working and on workfare

    With all that insanity to make you unwell you could take your own life…oh wait…

    • Thats brilliant! Really made me chuckle 😉

    • I was made late for an important session with my jobcoach by one of those security guards: they refused me access to the building as I was carrying a can of diet coke. I was very hot and couldn’t really afford to dump it. This was in a dilapidated building with a tiled floor wtf every detail of my life seems scrutinised.

  7. The PCS is a disgusting scab union, all they’ve done is promise not to sanction each other. Fuck ’em, you’ll get no help from those scum.

  8. More proof that the Coalition isn’t interested in making work pay. They just want to drive down the nett incomes of the poorest and most vulnerable in society

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    More proof that the Coalition isn’t interested in making work pay. They just want to drive down the nett incomes of the poorest and most vulnerable in society

  10. The PCS Union cant do anything Esther Mcvey and Neil Couling was on a video http://www.parliamentlive.tv/Main/Player.aspx?meetingId=14233

    If they tell jobcentre to not sanction then they will be breaking the terms of there contract It is wrote in law about sanctions

    i am unemployed my coach formerly they was advisors now claimant commitment has them as coach tried to make me apply for part time telling me a could claim housing benefit and council tax blaming the fact there is no full time hours in my area i told him no

    • I can’t accept that. If all the jobcenter staffers refused to apply sanctions, what then could the REGIME do?
      If the Union declared these sanction policies criminal and against Human Rights, not just under Euro Human Rights Laws, but United Nations charters, etc, What then could REGIME do?
      The system would collapse. The “union” could take legal action against the REGIME. They could take them thru the court system. They could force the hand of the Labour “leadership”.

      The fact is, both this useless “union” and the even worse and utterly useless “Labour” party, have allowed this evil REGIME to get away with very much anything.
      If we had a half decent opposition at Westminster, a lot of what is happening would not be.
      Labour are appalling now. The main unions not up to much either. And the PCS are little removed from being a modern day version of the SS.
      The DWP is no longer acting as a Government agency to help the general public, etc, the way Government agencies are supposed to.
      DWP is now acting like a personal movement of “IDS”, much the same way Hitler had his various “movements” within the overall nazi system.
      That is what has happened. Labour perhaps unintentionally laid the framework for this to happen. But they were overly keen to follow all these fancy out of touch thinktanks.
      But as I say, what is happening now is DWP as a Government agency is not acting as such, but as a political wing of the REGIME.
      PCS “union” is culpable in this.
      It is not acceptable for the “union” hierarchy to say this would cause problems if they didn’t go along with REGIME policy.
      They are supposed to be a UNION, supposed to DEFEND the workers. Supposed to defend HUMAN RIGTS.
      If it can’t do any of that, then it might as well give up pretending to be a “union” and just admit to be what it has become…. The IDS Workers’ Movement.

      • Since 1971 think it said in that video i linked too It has been in law about santions If the jobcentre union told the staff to not sanctions they would be breaking the terms of there contract . We would love for sanctions to stop it won’t happen . I think jobcentre staff get a kick out of doing it I hear them say i’m only doing my job Like there’re handcuffed to the desk same people was there 20 year ago still there Hate it why they there?

      • That is complete and utter crap. The labour party in opposition along with all other parties do not for a majority.the tories who were voted in by a load of halfwit ted greedy toe rags have an overall majority with means they have free reign. Before you try to blame the labour party look to where the fault lies.that is with all the people who thought voting ukip green ext would be a good thing wasted votes that helped put tories in power

      • God it’s taken your comment for me to see what is plainly there in front of my face. IDS is like an ss officer, he has that disgusting aura about him. Where will this end? I also fear Priti Princess.

  11. The Tories are completely barking mad. Must be all that in-breeding. Their crazed plans can only lead to disaster for everyone concerned, including them. If they sanction peoples’ Housing Benefit there’ll be literally Millions made homeless! Surely that can’t happen. Unless our Glorious Leaders really are trying to bring about Armageddon or something. It will certainly be the breakdown of Society. Marshall Law, at the very least. My bet is that Universal Credit will be scrapped by the end of the year, and none of their lunatic plans will reach fruition.

    • Unfortunately, that was what was said about just about everything the Tories have done so far. Then they take it further. The main problem is that in the SE there is still quite a lot of money & jobs, the poverty remains hidden, and social cleansing will make it more so. .

      I think it’s safe to say that if their proposals look lunatic, and obviously will lead to poverty, hunger, destitution, death of the ill, disabled and the elderly, and societal breakdown, then understand that what is really planned is much worse. Large enough numbers without a clue exist, and cling – pathetically- to the belief that “they” wouldn’t really do this, that no-one is starving, etc. While I have no religious views, I think the Churches speaking out has given the campaign against the cuts a massive boost. At least two related stories on benefits, and DWP / ATOS/ PIP / UC failures have been on every TV news broadcast today. It does feel like the tide is turning against these unelected thugs.

      But there is so much more to do. Things like the proposed removal of healthcare to the over 70’s ( because they are “not economically active”) will in all probability not only be enacted, but rolled out to all other economically inactive – unemployed, carers, and most alarmingly the unemployed disabled and chronically ill. This is a major plank in privatising the NHS and bringing in Health Insurance as in the USA. In work – covered. Out of work – go die.

      If any more proof were needed about the delusional euphoria of the Condems , they now want to be known as the “workers party”. Do they really think we can’t all see the contempt being showered on us already, and see the insult thrown at us with this too?

      • Landless Peasant

        Then we really are in the grip of a Nazi Dictatorship. The Rich Elite, the Ruling Classes, the international corporations of Big Business, and the Bankers & Financiers are – whereas previously stealthily, now quite blatantly – creating a world where people are enslaved by economic/financial circumstances contrived to ensnare them. Maybe this was The Plan all along? Maybe I’m not a victim of paranoid ‘Conspiracy Theories’? Perhaps this shit really is happening? Because this is not happening just in UK but in other parts of Europe & USA too. And Australia. The scourge of Workfare is spreading around the planet like an out-of-control Venereal Disease, consuming Mankind. Whether you give a name to it, call it the New World Order, or Armageddon, or The Big Stitch Up At The End Of Time aka Capitalism Is The Beast666, these bastards do not have our best interests at heart.

        • Landless Peasant

          I heard (on Radio 4) it’s the bloody Tories who plan to re-brand themselves as ‘The Workers Party’ ! WTF? Has the world gone stark, staring mad???? I sometimes wonder lately if I’ve somehow accidentally slipped into another Dimension, or I’m dreaming all of this, or perhaps I’ve died and gone to Hell?

          • More like the ‘the slave workers party’ where they want us all in a life of slavery if we refuse to kowtow to their bollcocked-up pretend politics.

            • Isn’t it the Hardworkers’ Party?
              Letter in yesterday’s Guardian: “When I was young, we didn’t do a poo in our family, we went to the toilet to do our hardwork. Embarrassing as I got older, but I’d second that name for the Tories, the Hardworkers’ Party.” (Bridget Gubbins, Morpeth, Northumberland)
              And yes, the conspiracy theorists are gaining credibility with each passing Tory atrocity. But, as they say, paranoia is merely enhanced perception, though to achieve that it helps if you smoke pot – not too much, mind, especially if it’s skunk…

        • overburdenddonkey

          l p
          get in their mate….hear what the greens have to say, and she means it…

        • There is that creeping feeling that the “conspiracy theorists” were right, at least some of them. They were all lumped together and ridiculed, conveniently burying the good and the mad & bad together.

          I still think that one of the best sources of information is from a US university who each year produce the 25 most un-reported news stories. But the facts tend to support the theory that there is a multi-national cabal of corporate interests that dominate the “local” i.e. national sovereign governments, and subvert as much as possible to continue the planet-wide looting spree. I first saw that as a centre-fold in the International Times (IT, a hippie newspaper) back in the 60’s, where there was 40 individuals linked to the 50 largest trans-nationals, in a web of co-interests. This is not new, but the reality Is that the internet, and better general standards of education, and the hungry 24 hour rolling news is making it possible to see through the propaganda for what it is.

          For example, if we only knew about UK issues, and then only from alternative sources, we may think that G4S is a shoddy trough-feeder with the Tories, running far too much, far too badly with our money. Then pull the focus back, and we can see they are the WORLDS largest security company, and have dealings with every state in the world, with the same business model as here. People die every day in their detention centres somewhere in the world, apparently. And yet they have not provided adequate training for those employed as Prison Officers in the privatised gaols here. Training costs money. Training makes someone re-employable elsewhere, so why waste it on the incarcerated, no-one cares. Hence the rape allegations from immigration detention centres for women & children run by G4S. Our money, in our name. We need to see that our representatives are not beholden for whatever reason to these bottom-feeders, and that they are not prey to the deepest world pockets for the best kick-backs. There is nothing so obscene as a retired MP at the international pig-trough with those he was supposed to be managing on our behalf.

        • IMF,World Bank, Citibank, Ciitigroup, Vatican bank, Austria, Switzerland, Jersey, The Isle of Man, Monaco, The City of London, Gib, Cayman Islands,Liechtensein, Russian Central Bank, Guernsey, Antigua.

    • Another Fine Mess

      I know 2 young uns who got sanctioned, so started their own businesses, unfortunately the businesses were drug dealing and stolen goods.
      On a brighter note, they don’t have to worry about their rent, food or utility bills anymore!

    • Maybe we should do civil disobedience day of action at Jobcentre pluses we could get behind the desks and look at our files.

  12. Just like the Nazis did with their prisoners the day is not far off when Jobcentre managers will give a row of advisers a hammer and force them in turn to smash each other’s head in.

    • something survived...

      In effect they DO sanction Housing Benefit. The second your jobseekers allowance stops, so does your HB. For any/no reason. Including delays in payment or errors by them. Each time I’ve had my JSA stopped I’ve lost both automatically, for up to 4 months is about the longest duration (more than once it’s been no money for 4 months). Have been evicted from homes and got in massive debt.

      • Landless Peasant

        I didn’t realise H.B. stopped as well. My mate got sanctioned once but still got his H.B. but that was a while ago. Maybe it depends what area you’re in? H.B. is supposed to be income-based.

        • lp – I think HB is still income based, but with the arrival of Universal Credit it will be included in the sanction, just as it will become included in the part-time workers sanction. If you are sanctioned at the moment then as far as I know you go to your local housing and council tax benefits office or phone them and have to reapply for the housing benefit and council tax benefit, stating NIL income (because it automatically stops when they are informed you are not getting JSA for whatever reason)

        • I understand Housing Benefit sis stopped when JSA stops. As Admin says, but thing is…DWP don’t tell YOU that. Most folks only learn that side of it when the rent letters come in.
          Also…most folks are not aware they can go to the councils immediately and get this info, thus, very many ppl end up needlessly in rent arrears , partly because they didn’t know the rent payments had sopped to begin with, and partly not knowing they could still get it by informing Council of changed circumstances.
          DWP and REGIME is very much at fault for allowing that lack of information to continue.
          Of course, without the sanctions system, folks wouldn’t be in this position at all.

          • The deliberately damaging part of the policy – and designed to be so – is that when automatically generated letter informing the HB office of the “cessation” of JSA, they could just as well generate an automated letter stating the benefit has been sanctioned. This would allow LAs to keep the HB in place. This would cost no more than the current generated letter. It is political, as they do not want each & every provider to know the scale of sanctions. They deliberately do this is in the expectation that a significant number will not know what to do, and try & live without HB, made more likely be withholding the information about their rights.

            The aspect no-one seems to have picked up is that for the ESA/DLA claimants benefits can be suspended, sanctioned, because someone “thinks” the disabled / ill person is a fraud. This does not have to be a snitch, but can in fact be any member of the DWP staff. This not only stops all benefits, but creates a cascade of benefit stoppages including DLA – which as far as we know is not actually a sanctionable benefit. When they do this the benefit is stopped and the recipient is put into the ATOS crushing machine to re-evaluate the entire claim, with the predictable results. This still grinds on even if they accusation of fraud is known to be wrong. It is murder, and they know it.

        • Yep, HB (LHS) and CTA all stop the minute a sanction doubt is received by the DM at the JC+. The system is automated to contact the council. The DWP log Sanction Doubts as a Change in Circumstances, hence the council not knowing what the change is, they suspend the HB/CTA claim to avoid overpayment.

          Once you get wind of a sanction on JSA or ESA. Contact your council immediately and ask to fill out a “Nil Income Declaration” to start up your HB/CTA again.

      • Whilst it’s true that the local authority suspends housing benefit as soon as it’s been notified that a JSA claim has ended, housing benefit payments can currently continue, and be back-dated, once you provide proof of income or declare you have ‘NIL income’. Housing Benefit is entirely income-based and unsanctionable at present. It’s suspended to avoid over-payments, such as when someone signs-off from JSA because they’ve started working full-time.

    • something survived...

      It is they who should smash eachother’s heads in. No danger of any brain damage.

  13. So now will the government call for a vote of no confidence ???? please for god sake this is communism can,t any one see this ffs get these nonces out now, let them ride off into the sunset counting their millions please .

  14. I’ve had a particularly bad night, so prepare yourselves for outburst of wounded animal…

    People, it’s rebellion time. Petitions, unions and committee meetings will get us absolutely nowhere with these utter fucking cunts. They laugh at us, and our suffering, and every piece of public engagement we see is staged. Honour is sorely lacking amongst the ruling classes, in fact I struggle to see a single virtue amongst them. What of compassion, humility and loyalty? They no nothing of these things. We are but wage slaves; it’d be wrong to compare us to the slavery and condemnation of various peoples in times past, but still we are slaves.

    It’s nowhere near communism, sorry Julie; we live under what is basically a neo-fuedal system under the veneer of freedom and convenience. Barons, Lords and false knights cast their judgements upon us advising the government to ever harsher doctrines. People are dying; suicide and putting up with this shit aren’t the only options. We should put their fucking heads on spikes! Just think about it; wouldn’t IDS’ head grace a spike better than his ill formed body? I’m glad you agree. To battle then!

    • @ Ginger Ninja
      He was of the opinion that “If the rest of the country knew what we were being paid, there would be tumbrels on the street and heads carried around on pikes.”[7] – “Lord” Freud, from his Wikipedia page. Perhaps Davey Boy/”His Lordship” had a premonition!

    • fucking hell, it’s like you pulled the thoughts out of my mind mate, they gonna drive us into the ground unless we stop going to work, just for one day, or lay off the fags for one day, stop buying petrol for one fucking day…we run this country, by virtue of TAX alone….

  15. uumm walking through my local poundland yesterday im sure the workers are mostly part time,they look down on us plebs,after all their not on benefits,too thick to realise housing benefit and tax credits are benenfits,but the almost hilarious thing ive seen,is the part time security guard,with his stab vest handcuffs pepper spray and american style baton and earpiece, WTF its poundland not harrods or the mean streets of LA its sleepy deven lol

    • Landless Peasant

      The mean streets of LA have got fuck all on my neighbourhood. Even the rats wear stab-vests.

      • The gang-lands of America are fucking tame compared to my town. all manner of people freely get pissed everynight in all of the DPPO restricted zones and yet the local police don’t do a flying fuck to stop the pissants from terrorizing the rest of us living here.

        • AWP, Forget the shite thats is causing you and your Manor problems. Focus on the task in hand. Get these reprobates out of power. Indeed, persuade the people that are causing shite to JOIN YOU. We need everyone onboard.

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    Because this shit is too horrifying and I had way more to rant about than is really polite to put in a comment!

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  18. I have been in the part time worker situation. I a lot of people I worked with continually slated those who received benefits (they didn’t realise their working tax credits etc constituted a form of benefit). Hopefully, aside from being a nasty wake up call this policy will unite people. I also had a temporary job ringing up tenants on behalf of a housing association to help those affected by such policies as the bedroom tax – a lot of people thought their benefits would be immune from any “reform”- God help us all. How many new job centre staff will be employed to make this a workable policy anyway? Good luck everyone , I have to go or I will start swearing

    • totallygivenup

      helen i hope this gets out big style ive always thought,until they start on those on tax credits and single parent families people wont wake up thinking “im alright jack” sad desperately sad but maybe it needs to happen

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    Could they sink any lower

    • Actually yes they could. The Tories are considering time-limiting a citizen’s right to benefits so that they get reduced and even possibly cease altogether after a certain length of time (in America benefits stop once you have received them for more than five years in a lifetime).

      • So, they fuck us around by making us redundant, then they now intend to fuck us around out of money for simply being unemployed by whomever was previously in power.

    • Yes they can…. any everyone shall look on as they do so at much cost to themselves… in more ways than one could possibly imagine. As it continues and is accepted it’s considered just and okay… because of that fact they continues to do things they no all to well can only hurt this country, the people and it’s finances as long as they can make their billions. Come 2015 they don’t even deserve to be sitting on the opposite side of the house. They are a sickening breed of sub-human that represents the most hideous of all.

      • totallygivenup

        moi ive seen a worrying trend on social media sites,people declaring they wont vote,i think if this happens cameron will declare the election “null and void” due to voter appathy and worm his way back in via UKIP ide respect your thoughts on this my friend..not voting could be worse than voting labour?

  20. We’ve been listening to the idiots since the crash of 08. It’s bloody time to put responsibility where it belongs!














      • While we face the near total Nazification of the UK by this renegade REGIME of evil Satanists
        We witness the most supine Official “opposition” party ever.
        At least Neil Kinnock actually stood for something…I couldn’t stand the guy and even less the wife, But at least they did have some convictions and they did oppose much of the tory ideology. Kinock lost the 1992 General Election by a small margin. Ably helped along by the Murdoch press in particular, and his own particular lack of good strategic planning. It didn’t help he publicly admitted to being an atheist !
        That said….. if it got out Major and the CurrieWitch had a fling, Labour would‘ve won.

        Now we see the destruction of the NHS in England, and other places only managing to hold on to what they have of it, we see the dismantling of the Social Security system in an all out attack on the poor and low paid, and Labour …..( well, what used to be ….) backing most of it, and now they support tory education plans.

        If not so Red Ed Milliband was a even a half decent leader, and his MPs even had a modicum of common sense and even half a pretense to care about poor ppl, they would oppose these things.
        If the present Labour Leader was a STRONG, and was against all these things, and really did care, instead of pretending to care, but not having a clue about anything, Labour could bring this evil satan worshiping REGIME of NEW NAZIS down.
        He could withdraw his MPs from Parliament. How would it be if Cameron went into Prime Minister’s Questions one day, and all the opposition benches were empty?

        How would it be, if he declared this bunch a criminal executive?
        But Labour aint gonna do any of that.
        That is one thing Kinnock should have done when Thatcher was destroying the UK’s industrial base.
        Labour today are simply not interested in the real ppl.
        They are too afraid of the Hitler supporting media. The headlines in the newspapers out of London is what decides Labour’s policies on just about everything.
        The fact most of their MPs now have never themselves worked at anything, but gone straight form High School to College, to party offices, don’t help matters.
        That side of things would not in itself be such a problem but for the fact, very, very few of them ever get to meet ordinary ppl in the process. They avoid the ordinary places the plebs go, for a drink preferring the fancy bars in town, etc. Thus they allow themselves to have all these wild ideas to take over. The “get a volunteer thing to impress employers” guff.
        It is not acceptable. And just as this REGIME will be condemned in years to come, so too will Ed Milliband’s soft tory party. And rightly so.

        • Follow up…..

          If all the poor ppl, the unemployed, the low paid, the part-time ppl, the disabled folks, and those who are ill, etc. if they all voted for, say the Green Party, then a lot of Labour, the Lib Dems, and a fair smattering of tories would be wiped out. We might get a democracy again at Westminster.
          However, I don’t see that happening too soon.
          I do see the Lib Dems wiped out pretty much everywhere though. While some folks are still stupid enough to vote for them, most other ppl will have the sense not to.
          I can’t understand why guys like Dennis Skinner and Michael Meacher still stay with Labour. Surely the rantings of Rachel (Red Witch) Reeves and now Kate Green wanting to keep ATOS style “assessments” should be more than enough for them.

      • Goodbye Labour, youve lost my vote, AGAIN!

  21. It seems that IDS and Freud are convinced that sanctioning people into jobs is the way to go. With Liberal Democrat support in less than five years the Coalition has destroyed the Welfare State. To be honest I never thought that any government could or would have done such a thing so quickly, particularly without a large majority in the House of Commons. It’s kind of stunning in its spectacular awfulness really: fifty years of evolution and civilisation undone by the worst, most cruel and ignorant government in less than five years with hardly a peep from other political parties or the media. I never expected to live long enough to see such a thing.

    • It’s because we have let it happen, the backbone of this country and for people to fight for what they truly believe in has crumbled as the country and our identities in the country we were born and bred in is fading like an old sepia photograph. This has happened mainly because we are slowly becoming the minority and the country that men and women fought for across two world wars at great loss of life no longer exists. Extreme right rules and will goosestep over everyone until they die of ill health or the stress of living in a country where hate and violence has it’s way… unless you are extremely rich. All this because people (but not enough) disliked Brown and labour… seems like the short straw was picked if they ever thought going back to the 80s with the Tories was ever going to lift a country up with any levels of equality and ambition to better one’s self. I’m no dyed in the wool Labour supporter because I believe we need massive political reforms than the antiquated politics this country has been drowning in for years. For god’s sake! we have Germany calling the shots when the Tories are unable to have their evil ways… nobody fought for that scenario… this country is owned by the pound by too many other countries… that’s the tory way.. to make money and sell the country down the river… we hardly make anything here any longer… insanity rules.

      • Moi, agreed on many points. I think that the right-wing press were to blame for perceptions of the faults of the Brown government (not all, but be fair here.). They acted to prevent the meltdown of the economy through the banking crisis, and staved off the recession through Keynesian polices, of public sector employment etc. They massively reduced child poverty with Tax Credits, although the implementation was a pigs-ear through the Inland Revenue, who were not up to the job.

        Today the widow of John Smith, that decent socialist Labour Leader, spoke in support of the Milliband reforms for party / union finances. Her words carry a lot of weight. We need the electorate to be able to believe that change will bring relief, and I think it can, but I am willing to join a party to make sure I get my voice heard. As a trade union organiser during the miners strike, I know it can be hard but rewarding knowing you are doing something that has material effects – like collecting from unions in the SE to feed strikers families. There was a break-through moment when we went with the Bangladeshi Textile Unions rep (from east London) to the north with aid for the miners. The miners were open – they didn’t know that there were Unions in the Bangladeshi Community, and their racism was blown away.
        Now as then, we need to get ourselves organised and for those of us committed enough to exchange here, we obviously have the passion needed to take that step, to find the group or party or union or community group that we can inject our passion into. There is no doubt that we are fighting for the survival of our society, our culture, our fellows, against an evil class war the likes of which we have never seen before. That is because no we have so much more to lose. I have listened to Denis Skinner several times today and found inspiration, every time.

        We need to take the fight to the next level. As I am mainly housebound now, with health problems, even so I can still contribute. Recently I realised my house in on a bus route, in a tourist spot,so I have decided to use the front of my house as a campaign platform We can all do this. Don’t forget the lapel badges which were popular in the 80’s which just said “don’t blame me, I didn’t vote for Thatcher”. I feel a reissue, and an updating – such as tags on Facebook. etc. is needed. It was inspiring then to know that so many were of a like mind. We need to get out there & find each other in real life, and start to get active.

        • Misguided i think. Labour are complicit totally to the mess we’re in and to have someone still thinking that they will help people on benefits or the disabled /sick is similar to what Lucy Reynolds spoke about in the video. Labour are part of the problem, a big part.

          We need a new solution and the Labour party are not it. They have betrayed people on benefits, the poorest and weakest in society. They are finished.

          • If you look at what is happening inside the labour movement, by the likes of Michael Meacher, and the Left Futures, Owen Jones, there’s a lot more to be gained from working within the existing Labour movement (including unions) who are, as ever, a sum of their parts. The media reports of the MPs and the Labour party are not at all representative of the Labour movement, It often is very selective, to the point of being worthless as a view on what is actually said or meant. But if you want to give up, it’s your choice, I would not suggest that we all do, or that we all stop voting, because that is a sure-fire way to let the Tories grab power again. I, for one, think that would be beyond our worst nightmares.

            • overburdenddonkey

              what!!! labour are up to their necks in what is happening now….see lucy reynolds vid below….

          • The Blairites, who took over the Labour party are neo-cons, and not the heirs to the Labour movement, Blairites are now being rounded up & moved on by Ed Milliband, but he still needs to be pushed to complete the task.

            The Labour movement must take grass roots action to re-take the party and instil our values. Just sitting on our hands, and saying the party is universally shite is counter productive. And untrue. There are many in the Labour movement who are vocal, and active, and are fully aware that the rump of Blairites in the HP are a massive problem. But not insurmountable. We must all keep pushing.

            But if you don’t believe Labour is a party that can be moulded to it’s members wills, and that it will continue to be a neo-con travesty, how long are you willing to wait for another party that can stand at the next elections, with a realistic hope of getting enough votes to get MPs to do our will?

            If we want change then we must regain the Labour party. It has the funds and the apparatus to do this.

  22. The evil bastards aren’t human that’s the logical explanation for all of this.

    • They are the Demonic descendants of the Sons of God, the Fallen Angels. They serve Lucifer, via their Master, Christian Rozencreutz.

    • As we head towards 2015 we are seeing the true FINAL SOLUTION!… with the Tories it is all smoke and mirrors, illusions.. destroy the illusions and you can destroy those who hide behind them.

      • “They” have already floated the means by which to do this. They are suggesting that medical care is withheld from the over 70’s as “economically non-active”,, and therefore a waste of money. This is just the taster, once the idea has started to be discussed it will be rolled out to the other groups that were for the Nazi T4 programme – the “useless eaters” – of disabled, ill, as well as the elderly, and of course, their political opponents. The very fact is has been suggested, along with the Workers Party crap makes it imperative something is done, NOW, not 2015. I may not live till then if my health care is stopped.

        • 90% of healthcare expenditure during a person’s lifetime is spent within the last 6 months of their life!

        • They have been withholding medical from the “economically non-active” ever since I can remember. I recall my 65-year-old aunt getting progressively weaker over a period of six months, and being brushed off by the doctors. On her death certificate the primary cause of death was given as renal failure (kidney disease). I have also witnessed people rapidly losing wait and similarly being brushed off by the doctors. Cause of death: cancer. And being sent home from the doctors with chest pains only to die from a heart attack a few hours later. I suppose you could always put it down to medical malpractice. I really fear getting old and sick and being in the clutches of the medical establishment because the ‘service’ they provide is nothing short of abysmal.

          • We had hoped that those days were behind us. The current campaign to get women over 70 to report breast lumps, for example, is based on the drive to reach at least comparable diagnosis and survival rates in the West, ie Europe. We all know how the ConDems feel about anything to do with Europe (including free money for flood victims and food banks), and I share your fears. However, I do know that there is also pressure within the NHS to improve on these scores. The danger is the Govt will put all this into reverse, which will be immeasurably easier if/when they privatise the services. Existing parts of the NHS that have been privatised are now allowed to not publish any data about their patients, even though it is our money being given to them, on the basis of “Commercial Confidentiality”.

          • Spot on. My med disability has been caused by bodged surgery appauling aftercare and continual lirs deceit and falsifying records. All got away with it on pretext “oh but you’ve had other surgery” so be very very careful..if you’ve had previous surgery up to 38 yrs before they will lie and colude should anything go wrong.

  23. The lying, thieving crooks are now showing their true colours. Damnation is overwhelming the country every minutue whilst those brain-detached morons pretend to play politics with our lives.

    IDS should take a running jump for what he is now doing to the benefits system. By the time he has finished nobody will have any money in their bank accounts as he intends to make this country destitute and poorer than North Korea. Fucking swine needs to be put in jail.

    We are all fucked over by the nazi party. If we are unemployed through no fault of our making (such as being made redundant by the mis-labour party) we are fucked over by constant benefit sanctions for not being compliant with out-dated practices. The current JSA guidelines are based upon early 1980s policies made by the wicked witch and have not been updated or modernised since.

    Being unemployed means taking any sort of job to keep the vultures off our backs. If we can only find part-time work we still have to sign on at the joke centre and still be expected to find full time work as part of receiving benefits.
    And if we can’t find any full-time work we will now get hit by the sanction stick

    The nazi party, in all of their bollocked-up wisdom are not creating full-time jobs nor implementing a real living wage. They are more into zero-hour contract promotion, low wages, high taxation and the pursuit of screwing over us all with the death making bedroom tax.

    Until this nazi party wake up and smell the coffee, we are all doomed.

    • I am amzed that they are now going to make people homeless through no fault of their own.Being unemployed is bad enough.Having to rely upon housing benefit because thanks to the self serving pigs having not built enough social housing the past 40years the vulnerable are now going to suffer.IDS and his brain child “Universal credit”another totall crap idea but they will go on with this regardless.A bloody minded lot indeed.

  24. Have a little read of the article below if you haven’t,
    its a bit long but very telling.

  25. Not only do they want to take money off the sick, disabled & unemployed they want to take it off part time workers as well, this coalition is as bad as Hitler in the 30’s & 40’s.

  26. More blood on Smith’s hands http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/11043378.Man_starved_after_benefits_were_cut/ It takes the Oxford Mail to name the DWP mouthpiece who is usually given anonimity by national papers. At this rate Smith will need armed guards for the rest of his life

    • And his MP was……David Cameron. I have said before, that in that area there are pockets of poor, deprivation, and all the other evils, but CallMedave and his rich mates don’t give a flying monkeys.

  27. Should the prime minister be able to appoint top civil servants? – poll.

    Public administration committee recommends limits to ministers’ powers to choose their permanent secretaries. Have your say.

    You can vote at the following link, it currently stands at:

    Yes: 7%
    No: 93%

    You know what do do.


  28. Reblogged this on Gangstalked and slandered and commented:
    Another hypocritical welfare cut – this time against people in work. If there were any higher paying jobs out there, would anyone be doing a lower paid job?

  29. Pingback: Benefit sanctions must be stopped without exception in the UK

  30. mcr evening news today(28.2.14)
    “woman in coma persued by atos”.
    ms holt who hasn’t worked for30
    years due to her health was forced
    to attend a mandatory
    back to work scheme..struggled to
    cope..was sectioned under the
    mental health act.ms holt who is
    bi polar then had a heart attack
    and has been in a coma ever since.
    her family told atos numerous
    times their daghter was in a coma
    but the atos letters kept on coming
    asking about her fitness and suit
    ability for work..


  32. I wonder what would happen if the government closed the job centres,see what those job centre workers would make of that

  33. I went to the job centre today,I was spoken to like I were a piece of shit,all because I didn’t put the name of the newspaper I looked at in my job search diary,why do we have to put up with this

  34. So who would want a part time job now?
    Same thing is happening to 3 bedroom houses; nobody wants em.

  35. Ask their name then find out where they live using a people tracker site, and get people to let them know your feelings… Off course I DON’T mean anything illegal like hate mail or a brick through the window but a knock on the door at 10 o’clock at night seems to do the trick… Makes them wonder who is out there wanting them strung up! Off course I would not do this myself… But it seems to do the trick, ATOS have said their pulling out after 150 death threats to their staff!!!

  36. OT.

    “Jim Willie Bombshell: Saudi Royal Gold Ransacked in London to Prevent Default!”


  37. BR
    The only reason ATOS are pulling out is because DWP are looking for a new provider – they know they’re finished & don’t want to be seen to be “sacked”.

    • Captain Pugwash

      … jumping before they are pushed… me hearties 🙂

    • overburdenddonkey

      imo atos have have changed position in the order of events…from denial of esa claims @WCA, to pre-esa claim prevention…ie occupational health

  38. This is a bridge too far quite frankly, enough is enough of this hideous Tory party and IDS… it’s time this man was finally out of a job… his arrogance, ignorance and vanity towards what he does knows no limit and to be quite frank in a civilized modern society we cannot accept this kind of treatment from the capitalist greedy dinosaurs of the 80’s. They tried to use benefit Street as a propaganda tool to blacken anyone who is on benefits or mentally/physically disabled or simply unemployed.. it failed simply because only naïve idiots would pander to such stereotypes that are no different to the prejudice’s associated with gay and ethnic minorities which are unacceptable by law… this should be no different and quite frankly if this goes any further IDS could see his political career not only come to an end but also those who are happy to advocate his policies come next year. The Tories know they haven’t a chance in hell of winning the next election and are doing their hardest to leave a scar too large and infected to ever heal again in order to set in stone their capitalist divisional agenda. In uncivilised countries such party members would be executed or serve long sentences for crimes against humanity… maybe next will shall see Cameron’s little blue book appear and his loyal yuppie cronies waving them in the air. Whilst each town and city will have gigantic middle eastern style pictures of him and statues and such things… The Tories are not governing.. they are ruling by class rules. And everyone who isn’t in their club will be under the thumb forever unless people act in 2015. We shall also become the minority in our own country. let it also be understood many EU immigrants are enemies of this country by virtue of their naivety to work for such low pay undermining the wage structures for the citizens of this country instigated by the Tories happy to see stand-offs between locals and immigrants not assimilated into the economy at the point of entry when they may get such a job. There are many aspects to the whole picture and it’s been painted pitch black by the Tories and they laugh at us all as we are pushed further to the edges of our borders as they look down in their ivory towers.

    • totallygivenup

      i hope and pray your right moir they are desperate to hang onto power theyll stop at nothing,but we hear very little from the oposition why? noses too deep in the trough too or are the spring conferences going to be time to start the fightback..heres hoping

      • They have already announced their intention of grabbing power as a minority government in 2015. again, I ask , why are we waiting for 2015?

  39. Can’t take this crap any more.. Been through the whole Atos nightmare, Working Links et al. Got myself a menial part-time job to appease the bastards whilst still ill. I’m a lone-parent (have autoimmune/adrenal disease/severe depression.) I come home crying after every shift. Feel physically and psychologically terrible. Am being screwed relentless by Council tax nazis. Have to pay for private prescriptions because NHS will not fund the only medication I can tolerate. The piss taking just goes on.. I am still technically on the Work Programme, so can look forward to more harassment, threats and mental torment. Just when I thought that was over…

  40. Im with the Ninja………………

  41. Part-time workers claim in-work benefits so that they can continue to do their jobs. If the DWP begins to sanction those benefits, it will mean that those part-time workers will not be able to afford to keep their jobs. The DWP will be creating unemployment. Hang on…

  42. Off Topic. Vulnerable man starved to death after benefits were cut. http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/feb/28/man-starved-to-death-after-benefits-cut

  43. As much as I would like to see the tories lose at the next election the polls don’t support that and my own conversations with people who are not affected by the cuts don’t either. The damage these cuts are making don’t seem to concern them whatsoever. The libdems might get slaughtered at the next election but I wouldn’t bet on the tories getting slaughtered. It’s a great pity the labour party didn’t keep to its old traditional values of decency and fairness, now we have a middle class labour party that pats us on the head like dogs when it comes to election time and takes us for granted. We are thought of as stupid simple people by Milliband and co and have allowed them to take over what should be our labour party and not a stepping stone for them to obtain a nice cosy career with many perks. They should be shouting from the rooftops at every opportunity how unfair the council tax is, the bedroom tax, processing charges when you can only pay your bills with cash and so many other things like zero hour contracts and the need for foodbanks that makes Britain look like a third world country.

    • Rob,

      It matters not which of the three main parties forms the next government, we will STILL have the tories in power!.

  44. ““The share of national income going to the richest one percent”

    Click to access bp-working-for-few-political-capture-economic-inequality-200114-summ-en.pdf

  45. what they are doing is making the english that have every right to work and live in this country poorer so they end up losing homes,can’t afford to eat,take their own lives…just so the government can allow the immigrants to come in and give them all the handouts and homes,they get more money than us and jobs…looks like we are slowly being driven out of our own country!!

    • Your disgusting racism isn’t welcome here. You have the right to travel and settle within the EU too you know.

      It makes me laugh at how many bigots relocate to France or Spain when they retire, and don’t see the fucking irony of an entire life spent slagging off immigrants and blaming them for everything from the state of the economy to the bloody weather.

    • Steven2011@lavabit.com

      Agreed. This country needs a real nationalist party in power one that will put Britain and our people first unlike the treasonous Lib/Lab/CON/UKIP party. Japan has done well since WW2 because its government puts Japan first and we can do the same.

    • overburdenddonkey

      more cheery news…and also many homes in britain are still in negative equity….

      • overburdenddonkey,

        I know!, even after all that has happened!!!, people will still be stunned beyond belief, those in power planned to be so….

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes, stunned beyond belief, shocked, horrified, still suffering it’s affects, still paying for it….hurting badly, trying to grin and bear it, this breeds all kinds of resentments and divisions as we are currently witnessing, today…societal fragmentation’s…divide and conquer…those bloated…those sucked dry…few notice the power vacuums…
          i think that the best and most concise reference to extrapolate on all of what has/is happening, is lucy reynolds on the health and social care bill, it’s on youtube still…a fabulous piece of analysis..

          • Do you have a link for the Lucy R thing? I see one’s up but it’s a doctor is that the right one? there’s loads

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes, she is dr lucy reynolds…

              • Thanks OBD I’ll watch this. I watched a little snippet of one and she tells it like it is it seems.

                You know they don’t like the truth. Reminds me of that film in which Jack Nicholson says that.

                • Firefox1701e

                  I think you mean the film ‘A Few good Men’ when Jack Nicholson is asked by Tom Cruise for the truth and the reply was’ Truth! You want the truth! You can’t handle the truth’

              • omg! what are we going to do? Dr lucy reynolds has got them well and truly worked out here overburdend donkey. good intelligent woman, very angry and passionate about saving her health care provision. The thieving, stealth dismantlement of the NHS switch to private is so covert, The general public are being fooled. Dr lucy here has seen through the lies and manipulations, making out to the general public that the NHS was going bust. All lies so the big private insurance companies could move in and take over. Corrupt, greedy, corporate, fraudsters in it for the money only, no care for peoples well being, no altruism just pure money signs in their eyes. Corporate narcissism here. The poor are going to be screwed now, we will not be able to afford to be treated, it will be like the USA, the poor not getting health care because we have no health insurance. Dr Lucy said we got to save it, not much time left, and the general public need to know they are being shafted, but are they going to listen??? Dr Lucy here said the whole system is totally corrupt and skewed. Will be so hard to put right. I agree with her and would not trust labour, they are in it with the Tories.

                The damage done is just so widespread now. Everything has been abolished and dismantled. Welfare state and NHS. Its a playground for the rich and the poor can just rot then. Private health insurance will do the disability denial thing on general public too later, if a person gets ill and needs to cash in and claim, they will have a hard time, so everyone eventually will come across the rot and the big robbery, but by then will it be too late?

  46. Hardly surprising, I’ve now been told to avoid the community sentence, oh sorry, service of litter picking I now need to change my voluntary work to something at least more than once a week. In other words to dodge 30 hours of (being forced to) work for 2 pounds an hour come the 1st of April you need to find something else that also amounts to working 30 hours for 2 pounds an hour. Any idea how they stand legally as surely someone can argue it’s against the minimum wage bracket. After all the Tory overseers in Brussels can usually defend our human rights in all other cases can’t they….

    • I, had compliance visit, and the person who visited me said it was routine (it was until she saw my savings) basically I have to get my building society book updated print off my isa statement, print off my bank stantments (right the way back 2011)
      she said because I’m so far over the savings limit I’ll probably get a £50 penalty on top of paying back the overpaid benefit (hence why I need to provide statements since 2011. It is just insane I’m getting penalised because I’m a saver 😦
      anybody got any advice it would be much appreciated. Cheers

      • @ bamboozled – I don’t have any advice, I’m afraid, just commiserations. They really are bastards – when it comes to savings, we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t. ISAs sound like a great idea when you are in work, but probably not such a good idea if you are not. MIDAS from the previous post had probably the best advice, and even Mr Mattress, but I would imagine it would be impossible to bolt the stable door now that the horse has bolted. The only think which I can think of is that once they have taken back their overpayment and lousy £50 penalty your savings may be under the agreed limit and you may get full benefit again. If, once they take back the overpayment and penalty your savings are still slightly over, and they reduce your current benefit, then obviously your savings will then inevitably take a dip as a consequence, and you should then be able to apply for full benefit once they drop to £6k or less.

        • PS Bamboozled – They will criticise you for spending the difference between the £6k and actual amount too quickly unless the quick drop is due to something essential like a new washing machine or fridge or something which isn’t really a luxury in which case you could show them the receipts. Once the amount is below £6k you can “spend” it as quickly as you like.

          • how about if I moved my savings into my mum’s bank acc under her name or sonething. Would they be able to trace the money straight back to me ??
            and, in response to your other comment about bringing dwn savings so it’s 6k or less I had a gut instinct that was telling me That you can’t spend the cash willy nilly as such (they will get suspicious of account activity)
            I’ll probably go to a cashpoint and quietly start withdrawing the cash. But yeah, the Jc really hates jobseekers who save.

            • @ bamboozled – re moving your savings: If you have already shown them your actual savings account and they know the account number it may be difficult to explain a huge withdrawal at one time; however they can’t trace any money from her account back to you unless it is directly transferred from your account to hers. This sounds morbid I know but you could also buy a pre-paid funeral plan for yourself as this would be something which is increasing in price all the time therefore would be an actual investment, yet you could argue that it is an essential item, as when you die (which hopefully won’t be too soon) no-one will be asking the government for any help with your funeral. And quite appropriate really since in sanctioning you and presumably giving you a hardship payment which is officially less than the money you need to live on they have no concern whether you live or die. Just a thought (you might not want to think about things like that). Spreading savings and/or only showing them “select” savings accounts in the future might be a good idea too. Britain really is becoming more like Nazi Germany by the day; the things which they are doing are immoral yet they have written and rewritten the laws to make them “legal” and paint us as the enemies.

              • Jcp sufferer, any idea what the wage incentive is ??
                I, have a appointment tomorrow about it. Also, are you saying if I put some of ny savings into my mums acc the dwp can’t touch it nor can they monitor it ??

                • @ bamboozleed If you withdraw cash from your own bank account, give it to your mum, and she pays the cash into her back account it is effectively you mum paying cash into her bank account and it is effectively here money of which you have no control over. How it affects your mum just depends on her own personal circumstances i.e. if she is claiming any other benefits or not. Assuming your mum is not on any benefits and forms no part of your claim her bank account is no business of the DWP. But bear in mind the ‘money laundering regulations’. If you make a cash deposit of £5,000 or over (used to be £10,000 but was lowered) it is automatically reported to HMRC. Also if you try to make a ‘large’ cash withdrawal from the bank they may ask questions even though it is none of their business. Also cumulative deposits but in themselves lower than £5,000 may trigger a report if it can be construed as suspicious/irregular activity on the account. So you would be better to ‘launder’ small amounts of money over a longer period of time. Electronic transfers won’t attract the same attention since this is money already in the ‘system’ but for obvious reasons is to be avoided.

                • PS You will also notice that a lot of banks have a separate window to process cash deposits of £1000 and over. And banks will and do report anything they regard as ‘suspicious’ activity. They even have a special form for it!

                • @ bamboozled – HMRC is right – the money becomes her money and unless she is on benefits then what is in her account is none of DWP’s business. Subtlety and not doing things obviously though is the best policy, ie not lifting out a huge amount and then paying that exact same huge amount into her account that same day.
                  Despite rules about money laundering etc banks know that you are their customer not their enemy and that if they gave you grief over relatively trivial (in bank terms) amounts of money you could take your custom elsewhere and advise/warn others to do the same. Most banks and building societies are very good, although watch out for (usually lowly) bank tellers glaring at you, in which case try to avoid that particular branch or that particular bank. (PS Avoid Barclays, as despite them being exposed as corrupt themselves, they think that everything and everyone owes them an explanation, even for the tiniest accounts and the smallest sums)

                • PS Re avoiding Barclays, I mean unless you are already with them, in which case, don’t state it on here.
                  I have a dreadful feeling that the wage incentive is paid to employers and not those employed under the scheme, but I don’t know whether that means they have to give you something too or not, or whether it is just an “incentive” to them to employ you for a while. Knowing this government it will probably, I am sad to say, be the latter.

      • Surrey Stockbroker

        If you have spare cash you would have been wiser to have at least bought 227 Royal Mail shares @ £3.30 for £749.10… now trading at £6.00 – £612.90 PROFIT!! A damned site more than you get in an ISA!! You just have to put your feelings (if any) about RM privatisation to one side.

    • There is no fucking way you are going to get of off full-time community payback just cos you volunteer a few hours a week… no fucking way!

      • Not cast in stone quite yet, if the voluntary work would in theory get a person back into work they are quite happy to wave the need for say litter picking. You could do say one or two afternoons a week which would prevent the need for the worst case scenario. There is another alternative; ask to sign daily instead. Osborne has even stated that option several times although obviously trusting a Tory must be taken with a pinch of salt…

    • Commuity Payback/UNPAID work is EXEMPT from the minimum wage legislation! How (in) convenient 🙂

    • Trapdoor

      Why don’t you find out who is your MEP and get them to take your case to the ECHR?

  47. “Demonstration Grayling DaySave Legal Aid Friday 7th March 10am Old Palace Yard SW1”


    • The Department of wankers and pillocks going all out to make us all destitute..

      Applying for less, the same, or more jobs per week than what we have to do on our JCP agreement (x amount of jobs per week), we are basically fucked with a sanction regardless. They just want us all skint whether we apply for x amount of jobs as agreed or more than they tell us to.




  49. At the time of writing this I am watching Schindler’s List and a women say’s to Schindler’s “if there was a set of rules I could just follow it”. This is true of Ian Duncan-Smith and the Con Dems and the so called opposition parties. It seems every day this copycat Nazi party called the Con Dem change the rules of their enslavement on the poor deliberately making it impossible to please their need for complete power over the poor. When I first watched Schindler’s List I saw it as just a really good film, someone else’s reality…now I see it as real life today and the reality of the poor of this once great democratic nation. The poor and the weak of mind and body are nothing but inconvenience under the feet of those that sit in government. Please watch Schindler’s List as a preview of what is to become for us. When is enough, enough? What will we the people do about the evil of this wicked government and their co-conspirators? Do we bow our heads and shuffle obediently with our children into the gas chambers? or do we FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT………..

  50. Best wishes to all. Heard an interesting talk in W’minster near C4 Hq a wk or so ago. One well tailored bleach blonde (M) Hipster to an’thr saying. “Probs with 2nd series of Bn’fts Street b’cos they c’dnt find ant’r street in Uk with as many bn’fits clai.mants. Wonder how they were privy to this statistical infom’n. I’m sure that C4 proximity to 1) Chadwick st jctr+ 2) DWP hq / Ndg Unit is entirely coincidental. I couid tell u an’r story from 2010 but L8r.

  51. Btw. Labour in H of Com’s surely missd a chance with idiot Bone’s Mrs T’s 4th Jun B.Hol. Amend &Agree to call it “Mrs T (who knighted Jimmy Savile Day)” for 2 Yrs only ? Mr Bone isn’t t’kng Calls @ moment assume he’s tired of the Mother in Law jokes . On topic of locals 1) Wiki adam smith institute and see list things they’re proud of 2) Google G’dian diary + above org+ (LCR- i think) Health care+ H’se of Lords. Small world 4 pointy headed Spivs/Grant”W’ld I cheat U”Shapps ! Mustn’ t post more skint g’dnite.

  52. Sorry 4th AUGUST I’m weary.

  53. “Elderly and disabled ‘could lose bus services'”



















    ……..if i was a member of the p.c.s., i would be be wondering who Serwatka really worked for??????

  55. overburdenddonkey

    a glasgow uni study into….benefit sanctions triple in 10yrs…

  56. Government appears so clueless. Any potential savings with these wacky ideas is lost in the expense of planning and implementation.

  57. Apparently there is now a call for conscription in this country. They can’t find you jobs so they want to send you to war with Russia.

    • Fuck that for a game of soldiers!

        • This is 2014 though, Guy. Thanks to advances in modern warfare the days of rounding up young men (and it was young men) to be taken to foreign lands to be slaughtered in trenches should be far behind us. Most warfare is conducted from the air anyway. As for Russia, as the commentator on this video states the only war with Russia would be a nuclear. And you would have to be a right madwo/man to launch a nuclear. But even Jimmy Carter touted the idea of ‘limited nuclear strikes’. Although it is amazing what the populace will fall for after being fed propaganda.

          • 🙂

            • Reminds me of an interview with a CND tosser: they remarked that they were OK with conventional warfare but were against nuclear weapons because they “killed women and children”. WTF! At least nuclear weapons are a lot more ‘egalitarian’ in their destructive power; they might not get the toffs in their nuclear bunkers (that is if they haven’t already fled by helicopter) but they will certainly wipe out the middle-class suburbs as well as the council schemes.

              • CND is composed of middle-class knobs who don’t mind sending the guys from the council scheme to far of lands to get killed but object to their precious vegetable garden being trampled on by a nuclear bomb… lol 🙂

              • which women and children would want to be left with only toff men for companionship or surrogate fatherhood?

              • Before the ‘nuclear deterrent’ we had a boom > bust > war > bust cycle. Now we just have a bust > bust > bust cycle. We are long ‘overdue’ a ‘war’ with Germany. And we would have had if we hadn’t advanced on from conventional warfare and advances in technology, cheaper travel. It is a lot harder for the propagandist to paint, say Germany, as some far off evil entity stuck behind some sort of ‘curtain’ worth robbing the young of their lives to ‘go to war’ with for “Queen and Country” and all that crap. Toffs love wars mind you particularity the bankers and especially the financiers. You will find the same bankers financing both sides of a conflict. As Baron Rothschild remarked: “The money rolls in when the blood is flowing in the streets.

              • … and with nuclear weapons you don’t even need to go to war… you can just sit on your backside and wait to be wiped out 🙂

        • Gallipoli

          I pinched this utube from the Tom Pride site, someone else linked it, there is also another one that says that there is a petition to stop the national service bill 2013/14.

  58. rabthecab

    Maybe it is only available to those that win their case, if available to all they will probably want to edit the ones they turn down before they hand it out to them. I would make my own recording.

    • guy fawkes

      I was told that a recording would be available *before* the Tribunal started, although as it wasn’t made clear when exactly it might be ready I couldn’t offer an opinion on whether it might be edited – I do however have my suspicions.

  59. margaret mcneil

    I am 59 yrs old and work 30 and a half hours a week, on a minimum wage that gets topped up with tax credits. It is going to be fun trying to get another job at my age or to increase my hours to make them up to 35. Seems a waste of my time when in a matter of a few short months I will be able to cut my hours down to 20 and still get tax credits when I reach 60. Finding work after being told by ATOS I was fit for work was extremely hard, any extra hours during the week that I have is spent going to Physiotherapy for injuries left after a road accident. So the DWP can fit me in at the weekend if they want me to do job searching it is the only spare time I really have.

  60. Landless Peasant

    Panorama: Hungry Britain?, BBC One, Monday 3 March at 20:30

    All these media types and social commentators wringing their hands and scratching their heads trying to work out WHY Foodbanks are so over-subscribed. Isn’t it bloody obvious?

  61. overburdenddonkey

    oh,boris, where art thou!

  62. Obi Wan Kenobi

    BBC One Panorama – Today 8:30pm

    Hundreds of thousands of people across the country are now getting free handouts of food. So what’s really behind the dramatic rise in the number of food banks and the claims of hunger in Britain? Reporter Darragh MacIntyre investigates whether it’s the economic squeeze, benefit changes or, as the government has suggested, it’s simply a case of people taking advantage of free food on offer.


  63. Reblogged this on scottishmomus and commented:
    Cruel Britannia.
    No apologies for letting Kevin say it again.

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  67. The difference between a democracy and a dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first and take orders later; in a dictatorship you don’t have to waste your time voting.”

    Absolute disgrace that the TU movement as ethics in place that provide for equality working together unity justice and fairness and should always be applied regardless of employment status or educational background.

  68. This could also hit a lot of people who have gone self-employed because there are no jobs in their area. It takes a long time to build up enough trade to pay yourself a regular wage. The government encourages people to become entrepreneurs to reduce the unemployment rate – and now they are going to sanction them for it? Also, how do all those on zero-hours contracts fit into this? None of it makes sense!

  69. Aren’t we lucky to have Ed Miliband fighting for us!! He’s doing a tremendous job……NOT!

  70. Reblogged this on Liam's Random Ramblings.

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  72. Am I stating the obvious? People will be unemployed until there are enough full time jobs for all. It’s not difficult to work that one out, IDS.

  73. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    From johnny void, a truly horrific turn of events. This govn is surely breaking the basic Human Rights of its poorest now and this needs investigated by the European Court immediately.

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  76. Here’s something I wanna know about sanctions… if all the desk staff in a Job Center all decided one day to stop sanctioning people, who would they answer to? Now, if that guy (their boss) also stopped all sanctioning, who would HE answer to? Who even is responsible for sanctions? Every time Job Center staff mention sanctions they always looks down and talk apologetic, even if it doesn’t involve you being sanctioned, some staff are ashamed about the policy themselves and hate sanctioning people but “oh well, just doing my job”………………………………………………………………………………………………………… said the German at the Nuremberg trial.

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  79. I think we need to start looking at this problem in a different way and find out if sanctions are legal or illegal, for example is there any part of human rights act that would make sanctions illegal, it must be illegal to leave people hungry and malnourished and destitute. could this be a crime against humanity. But one thing for sure sanctioning the poor and most vulnerable is the most immoral act a government run by sociopaths , is this government possibly the most right wing government in Europe since Francisco Franco Bahamonde government in Spain

  80. Pingback: Why The Tories Want To Ban Zero Hour Contracts … And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Workplace Rights | the void

  81. If this happens and you lose your house and job you may as well become a terrorist.

  82. I’m a pensioner,and my housing benfit has been stoped since the 20th of april,been to se about it 4 times and they keep fobing me off.I have worked all my life,since i left school.If they can do that to someone my age,no one is safe.

  83. Five years ago IDS told us that housing benefit was driving up rental prices. This was used as the excuse to reduce the Local Housing Allowance rates from the 50th percentile to the 30th percentile. But instead of rents falling, they continued to increase. The fact that rents have increased steadily for six years, whilst the entitlement to housing benefit has been restricted pretty much shows that it wasn’t housing benefit driving rents up. But the increasing rents drives up the 30th percentile rent point and so the benefit levels. And as the benefit levels increase faster than earnings, then more lower wage earners qualify for benefits. The Government faces a perfect storm – the increasing rents drive up benefit rates (and not the other way round) and also increase the claimant count. There are only two ways the Government can stop this increasing expenditure. The first means is to find a way to restrict rents, but this is politically unpalatable to the Conservative Government seeking to promote property ownership and desperate to persuade private financiers to build hundreds of thousands of homes. Or the alternative is to take an axe to housing benefit, but without touching the benefit entitlement of pensioners (of course). The only area of housing benefit large enough to fund the savings required is the benefit paid to low paid workers.

  84. all part of the plan. things are about to get very messy indeed in the UK. forget Cameron, he’s nothing but an EU puppet. ask Jean-Claude Junker about the ‘Coudenhove-Kalergi’ plan, Agenda 21, and the ‘Pan-European’ project. look it up. you have to hunt for the truth, don’t rely on mainstream media, but it is out there.

  85. Well I work between 16/18 hours in a alternative learning provider for teenagers. So that means this awful government will scantion mentors like me, cannot get more hours because, Yes you Cameron!!! lowered the budget for centres, So who will help the kids I work with….scantion me all you want!!! my teenagers need me…

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