More Workfare, More Sanctions, Iain Duncan Smith’s Brutal and Barmy Plan To End Child Poverty

Iain-Duncan-Smith415The Government’s latest child poverty strategy is a blueprint for pushing already struggling single parents into financial destitution with benefit sanctions and workfare.

This year’s five reasons for child poverty are predictably unemployment, along with low levels of qualifications, single parent families, having more than three children and ill health.  Such is Iain Duncan Smith’s desperation to blame children being poor on anything other than not having enough money that this is his fourth re-definition of poverty in just three years.  Previous reasons for poverty, which included step-parents, mothers with mental health problems, being disabled, and of course drugs, no longer make the top five.

The main thrust of the latest strategy is to tackle what is repeatedly referred to as ‘worklessness’ – as if raising children requires no effort at all.  The measures to combat this great social ill – which can mean parents spending time raising their young children instead of working for Tesco – are unpaid work and benefit sanctions.

Lone parents are to face Jobcentre harassment from the time their child is three, with the possibility of mandatory training.  Parents of older children leaving the Work Programme will be sent on the same woefully misnamed ‘Help To Work’ scheme that single unemployed people are to face from April.  For many this will mean workfare, as they are forced to attend Community Work Placements.  Others will be forced to attend the Jobcentre everyday, where they will not doubt spend most of the day in a queue rather than actually looking for a job.

One slip, such as a missed meeting, or being late for ‘work related activity’,  will result in a benefit sanction – one of the real reasons why so many children are living in desperate poverty  Alongside these increased conditions for claiming benefits Iain Duncan Smith is still pretending that Universal Credit will not only happen (stop laughing) but will also magically lift 300,000 children out of poverty overnight.  Mostly this will be done by threatening part time and low paid workers with in-work benefits being stopped if they fail to spend every waking hour they aren’t at work looking for a better paid job.

There is barely anything in this child poverty strategy for children and parents themselves.  Plans to give free school meals to all infant school children had already been announced and simply represents one of increasingly meagre scraps thrown down from the top table to stop Nick Clegg crying at Cabinet Meetings.  Alongside some tinkering with utility bills – which will merely save a handful of families a few pence – other measures for destitute families include keeping down the cost of petrol and building more affordable homes – like the ones built in Stratford last year which charge £323 in rent a week for a two bedroom flat.

Measures to strengthen the minimum wage, also hinted at in the document, have already been torpedoed by the pitiful 3% increase announced this week.  At a time when prices of essentials such as food and fuel are still soaring, in-work benefits, such as Housing Benefits and Tax Credits, will still only rise by 1% this year, a move which the Government themselves admit will drive a further 200,000 children into poverty.  Every poor family will get a little bit poorer from April this year.

In a humiliating blow for Iain Duncan Smith, none of the measures in this strategy will actually mean anything.  The Secretary of State, along with the Lib Dems, had hoped to rewrite the rules by enshrining new definitions of child poverty as official targets.  George Osborne – who couldn’t give a fuck about hungry children but does seem to understand that the main reason for poverty is not having enough money – has recognised this for the bollocks it is and put the brakes on. This will be no relief to struggling parents as the Treasury draws up ever more vicious ways to cut the incomes of the poor.

The lowest income households are now trapped between the wild delusions of the messianic Work and Pensions Secretary and the cut-throat brutality of the Chancellor.  Osborne’s only interest is stealing enough money from the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.  Iain Duncan Smith seems  convinced his backwards strategy to blame unemployment on unemployed people and poverty on the poor will magically create enough well paid jobs for everyone to do overnight.  Even the Bedroom Tax and the Benefit Cap – two of the most vicious cuts to social security – will help bring down child poverty according to this latest strategy. Businesses are also to be encouraged to offer more Work Experience places, as if forced unpaid work will somehow put food on the table.

It would be laughable if it weren’t real and you almost couldn’t make it up.  But the real tragedy is that Iain Duncan Smith is making things up, with little regard for either the evidence or the suffering he has already caused.  There will be more poor children because of Iain Duncan Smith, possibly up to a million more.  One man’s arrogance did this, and that must never be forgotten as the social costs of this onslaught resonate throughout future decades.

The strategy is now open to consultation and can be read at:

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148 responses to “More Workfare, More Sanctions, Iain Duncan Smith’s Brutal and Barmy Plan To End Child Poverty

  1. Just watched Labour Minister Kate Green on WOW debate Parliament, wanting to carry on ESA WCA and though not said Sanctions.

    Despair at the whole gang of them. con lab lib all the same

    Only Labour London MP McDonell and Lucas Green Party want WCA scrapped. Tories Labour Liberals all the same. Too frightened to upset Sun and Mail and of course the Charities.

    Deep they resent the poor sick and unemployed in my view.

    • The name ‘conDem’ is appropiate. The power crazy toffs are condemning us all to a life of taxation, slavery, eviction, sanction and complete servitude with no hope of recovery or freedom.

      We are walking blindfolded into a mirror image of North Korea if we don’t vote all of the dinosaurs squatting in government. Absolute control of the people wil happen without any of us realising if we don’t do something to stem the tide of endless brain-washing from the illegal political parties.

      • overburdenddonkey

        pol pot, would be proud, blame poverty on your parents….most of us live in a 3d world, and see clearly their are no fcuking jobs…..nearly 8m in “in work” poverty NOW…even if all of the sick and disabled/unemployed/underemployed, were all working we would still be living in poverty, (that is also not a viable possibility), and in present circumstances the poverty would be even worse than it is now, the economy is flat, economic income is regressed at pre 2008 levels…but living costs are @ 2014 levels…that equation is not being balanced…

        • Only the clowns running the country would deny poverty and its causes. I laughed my ass off when I read in the press that ‘I Dick Shit’ got slapped down because his tory cohorts failed to clear the first social reform hurdle.

          IDS won’t back down though to re-classify poverty or in bringing in bollock policies designed to strip away the very fabric of our society – he’ll simply keep pushing and pushing his reforms until someone in the toff party gives in to him. He wishes to be known in history as the great successor to Kim Jong Un if we let the slap-headed goon get his evil way and destroy us all.

          • If you are –

            * Unemployed – your benefit can be taken away as punishment by a monkey masquerading as a civil servant.

            * Employed – Your wages are subject to taxation (paying the wages of the lunatics running the country).

            Whichever way you look at it, whomever squats in government has an over-bearing desire to take away every penny in your name. They don’t care if you are in work or not, money is being stolen and spent on overseas aid (often re-directed to Indian Space programmes, tin-pot dictators, etc) or is used on MP’s duck pond expenses.

            • overburdenddonkey

              the capitalist system has overshot, the runway, they are still trying to dowse the flames and salvage the wreckage…there will never be enough decently paid with money jobs in our mono-cultural economy, as it is currently structured, to eradicate poverty…so these prats prattle on like snake oil salespeople, in the hope their hot air will cause a fog to cover it all up….i mean how can economic growth eradicate poverty for the billions on our bio-sphere who live poverty, it cannot….the capitalist duck is dead, but they try to make us believe that it is still quacking….we have to stop and face the facts that there will never ever be enough living wage, paid with money work for everybody, try taxing a cabbage..there is no diversity in our economy, it is money or nothing, kept busy doing pointless shit from, jsa, esa, wrag, workfare, work experience, pleading for benefits in a virtual workhouse, because, our economy is restricted to trinkets/money, paper, metal, gold, and other stuff, easy to store and tax. our labour converted into bonds, to be sliced off as required, we live in poverty without it, and because of it.. not work share, worker coop’s, smallholding’s, et al, all of these things can be incorporated into our economy. but, they’ll recoil in dread as if these things are regressive steps, they are not, the truth is that we will not be filling up their coffers,with the rewards of our lost labour income, and are pushed down/crushed even further, so that we are no longer a burden/loss, to their income, as was the intention of the clearances and crofting on marginal lands and mass migration, this was/is a way of increasing profit from/by reducing labour and their costs burden….we never even figured in their equation, why should we have to prove our usefulness to the bank balances/portfolios of toffs….the argument is over, and capitalists have lost it, but the struggle continues….we have to push for new/different ways of doing things and there are plenty of perma culture models that will feed and house all…

      • Who to vote for is the problem. The big parties are the same, and the small are either extremist or too small or both. I’d like an “I can’t stand any of them” on the ballot paper.

        • If everybody votes for a local independent person the problem is solved and the parties eradicated.

        • if we all put “i cant stand any of them” cameron would reinstate the tories on the basis of a null and void election,we have to vote for any fucker other than them i want them out dont you? ide rather be shafted by balls than this shower

    • WCA had to be suspended from last Monday (I think it was) because Atos couldn’t cope. It will be up and running again when a new private contractor can be found to run it.

  2. It won`t only be today`s children that will suffer, because the effects of poverty & malnutrition in childhood can affect the health of their children & grandchildren, so this government has assured the ill health of generations to come.

  3. The delusional sod is yet again trying to cleanse the country by making everyone sick, physically immobile, and unemployed people destitute, evicted and trapped by ever more hard sanctions.

    Who does he think he is by getting off on making people miserable and poverty victims? I bet each time a person is sanctioned or stripped of money through the bedroom tax, I Dick Shit cums with excitement all over his trousers. Makes me fucking angry that he lives the high life in a rent-free and tax-free mansion on other people’s misfortune and loss of money through taxation or benefit sanction.

    Karma is going to bite your ass, IDS. You cannot escape retribution and trial by treason for what your failed pea-brain policies in denying and creating a rich/poor divide amongst the people’s of this once proud country. Are you taking inspiration from the Hitler’s, mugabe’s, kim un song of this world and hope to be remembered in history as the great social reformer? No fucking chance you fucking bald fraudster.

    Any other dumb-bell occupying the DWP would have been forced out long ago, but you, fucking slap-headed twat, seem untouchable. Somewhere in London is a yard-arm and a hangman’s rope with your name on it. Whomever pulls your chain will be hailed a national hero and be awarded a gong from the queen for services to the country and preventing social mass-suicides from the likes of you.

  4. And now we learn that if a working poor household does not do enough to earn more money under UC they will have the housing part of the beneift sanctioned and not just the “out of work” part… So your slave employer zero hours contract decides to give you feck all work one week and bang, you loose all of your “in work” benefits because some cockwomble of a boss has decided he doesn’t like the look of your face and decides to cut your hours… what a fucking joke, the green skinned monster IDS is a cunt, a cunt of the highest order, an uberstormfurer cunt if you will.

    • We are all fucked now.

      If we are unemployed, sick, disabled then we can lose benefits for all manner of lame excuses dreamed up by a bored civil servant (picking his nose as he has nothing better to do) or a trainee health assessor on the WP placement scheme working for ATOS.

      If we can only find a part-time job or zero-hour contracts ( as there are very few full-time jobs at present), we get told to apply for a full-time job we or lose part or all of our JSA, housing benefit, etc under illegal sanctions.

      If we don’t earn enough money each week for any reason, such as a zero-hour employer doesn’t need you on call one week, a sanction is raised against you.

      Fuck the government. They only care about themselves and their duckpond expenses.

      The flooding crisis could see the fucktards lose the next general election. Fucking good riddance to these criminal thieves trying to take our money away to feather their own nests.

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  6. I’m not sure IDS is familiar with the concept of ‘humiliation’ – not with his brass neck and thick skin

    • IDS wants to fuck off back to being a pretend G.I Joe and stay away from politics. His CV and life history don’t wash with me. Fucking fabricated or stolen off the internet in order to fool people around him and help secure a cushy, stress-free job hiding behind a desk all day long with nothing to do except pick his a***

  7. Well if the people won’t do anything about it then what can we do? Mr Smith will get all the pleasure he needs with each “death by sanction” or “death by WCA”. We are providing him with great fun, along with the rest of the coalition, the DWP and it’s employees, and the staff who undertake each WCA.
    I cannot for the life of me, understand how such a small amount of shit can contaminate such a huge pool – what we need is an assault of germ killers to get it back on an even course!

  8. Depressing stuff alright. I just feel that i can see no future ahead for ordinary struggling people in this country. Any rights we have are slowly being eroded away bit by bit.

    To think that after enduring a world war this country managed to have people that set up the NHS and the welfare state they would spin in their graves to see what this criminal scum are doing to the UK. Destroying two great things in order to enslave the poor and working class and create a never ending stream of money for their corporate business interest and mates.

    Interestingly i’ve seen another Tory that’s the epitome of evil; that Esther McVey. I watched speeches she made in parliament and she really is an atrocious individual. Totally committed to the hatred spewed by IDS and cut from exactly the same cloth.

    Watched the news today and saw the speech by Merkel attended by the ‘three stooges’; Miliband, Cameron and Clegg. The three guilty men.

    • something survived...

      Maybe there’s a job in a lapdancing club with her name on it.
      She’s been more than happy to send disabled women and single mothers to do that job, ‘apply for sex industry jobs or lose your benefits’. It’s up there with a) Ann Widdecombe chaining pregnant women to the bed to give birth and b) The state in UK and USA snatching babies the second they’re born.

  9. I’m really getting sick of this prick now, there are more of us than them, we have to find a way to mass demonstrate against these sick bastards, I wonder if they are sensing this? hence water cannon. Roll on General election.

  10. I posted on this recently.. IDS guff about ” education and children living in stable families ” perhaps he meant families living in stables.
    Well there is a rift between DWP and Treasury. Gidiot the Toff looking down his nose at the pleb Iain Drunken Spliff
    Its almost ” klarce war ” in the Tory camp now they have become werkin klarce heroes
    or claim to be.
    How can you have stable family with job insecurity ? And education when ” pob ” wants to privatise schools with his ” free. Corrupt school academies
    Tory party two factions both spouting from same arsehole

  11. can’t a few of us go and pay this cunt a visit?

  12. They keep Banging on about ‘worklessness’ workers
    when the problem is RATELESS JOBS! Stick £3 an hour on all those min wage vacancies on jobmatch (Employer states This job meets the minimum wage) and see how many are left then?
    The problem is RATELESSNESS!
    Any chancer can make a bob paying crap money.
    Every rich fucker I ever met does that.

    • @PAT ” jobless ” or ” unemployed ” is too dignified whereas ” workless ” sounds more like ” workshy “. Just like renaming the social security amendment act to ” welfare reform “

      • I understand the spin Chewie. None of these pricks could shovel concrete all day yet they call people ‘workless’..
        They aint worth a wxxk, the lot of em. There aint a good Fxxk
        in em, let alone the ability to eat a big steak tea and go out for a piss
        up on a friday night, Honest, I dont know how they even fill a Bloody PRAM, the pencil necked spoilt pencil pushing Tossers!
        It would be heart attacks all round if they were all put to work.

  13. just read the highlights of the parliamentary debate on the WOW petition and Parliament uK – we won the motion but there’s comment about the labour party planning on abstaining from the vote – WHY???? What is it about this crap labour party where it doesn’t want to oppose this nazi government???

    • Landless Peasant

      Back-stabbing Class Traitors.

      • @Landless which class traitors ?
        The werkin klarce Tory plebs like smiffy ( who married money )or the Tory toffs like Giddyot ( who inherited money )

        • Landless Peasant

          No I mean Labour

          • Yes and you’re dead right about it too.

            Remember when the courts found IDS and the DWP guilty on the suit brought by the librarian they forced to take a job in Poundland? Well when he (IDS) overnight redrafted the legislation to make what was deemed illegal in a court, legal the next, day guess who abstained from voting against the bill? Yes, no points for guessing, the whole front bench of the Labour party abstained from voting.

            They are a complete farce and a betrayal of all true Labour principles and policies.

            • Q: “Who’s more important – the Shelf-stacker or the geologist?”
              (IDS 2013)

              A: In a shop – for reasons unknown – ‘obviously’ shelf-stackers win …

              … whereas, in a museum, a geologist might be handy. Of course IDS has never darkened the door of those establishments. It’s his fervent ‘belief’ that only (non-U) time-wasters ever do.

              • @Shirleynott and that from the messiah iain drunken sniff..the lord of everything whose knowledge and wisdom is sought in high places such as Broadmoor soon to be outsourced to G4$ as a bootcamp for training new tory MPs..

          • @landless oh ” mean ” labour you mean.

  14. Child poverty abolition plan stranded as George Osborne blocks new targets

    Gidiot to the ” rescue ” hooray we are ” saved “. Oh wait..

  15. George Oddperson.
    “There is no such thing as poverty; Why I’ve just spotted a child with a bag of crisps, and he had shoes on his feet!”.

    • @george. But we will charge VAT on those crisps abd shoes . we are thinking about charging for feet too

      • something survived...

        If so, we’ll charge legless and footless people for having 2 legs/feet, as they ‘could have’ ‘notional feet or legs’. And it’s their fault for losing them, not growing some more feet/legs, etc.
        From the same ‘think’ [sic] tank that brought you that rare beast, the ‘Atos Notional Wheelchair’.

        Tory think tanks: 1) Cannot think.
        2) Needs running over with a tank.

  16. is universal jobmatch not working,i have been trying for the last 2 hours to log into it

    • Unfortunately, Universalshitematch IS working although I rather hoped that It was not. Why use that website when it has full of scam non-existant job vacancies? Cv Library is far better and lets you re-apply for a particular job more than once.

      • something survived...

        When it’s ‘working’ it ain’t, and it has no real jobs

        Have some tea, said the Mad Hatter.
        I don’t see any tea, said Alice.
        “There isn’t any.” said the Mad Hatter.

        • @something survived I still love the Alice’s adventures in wonderland ( it was original entitled ” underground ” )
          And alice through the looking glass published seven years later..
          However dismayed to see on some social media some american people still think that Walt Disney created Alice.
          Along with cinderella sleeping beauty snow white Pinocchio
          Pooh bear etc
          Disney rebranded those stories and characters became merchandised products


    Four former A4e employees today (3 February 2014) admitted fraudulent activity at A4e while employed to deliver the European Social Fund (ESF) ‘Aspire to Inspire’ Lone Parent mentoring programme in the Thames Valley region.

    Following the guilty pleas at Reading Crown Court today, A4e Chief Executive Andrew Dutton said:

    “I am deeply disappointed that a small number of people who formerly worked for A4e on the  ‘Aspire to Inspire’ contract in the Thames Valley up to 2011 clearly let down the people they were supposed to help, and in turn the taxpayer, DWP and A4e.

    A4e co-operated fully with the police enquiry, after our own internal investigation first brought these incidents to light.

    Since these events took place, we have augmented our controls and processes to seek to ensure that nothing like this could ever happen again. This includes implementing all of the recommendations for improvement made to us by White & Case LLP following their independent review of our core processes.

    Furthermore, rigorous audits undertaken by the DWP and the Skills Funding Agency have concluded that there is no evidence of fraud on any of the contracts that we currently hold with them.  A4e has, of course, committed to paying back in full the total value of unsubstantiated claims that were made to the Department for Work and Pensions as a result of the activities of these former employees.

    I would also like to say thank you to our 3,000 loyal, hard-working and principled staff who each day deliver public services to the highest standards that help to improve the lives of thousands of the most vulnerable in our society.  I am intensely proud of what they do and deeply sorry that the allegations have for so long cast a shadow over their good work.”

    We expect there to be massive increase in fraud when this happens  in April 2014.

    Almost one million people will be forced to work unpaid for six months if a new government work scheme is extended across the country, a thinktank has said.

    Under the Department for Work and Pensions community action programme (Cap), which has completed a pilot stage and whose rollout is expected to be announced this autumn, people on jobseeker’s allowance for longer than three years must work for six months unpaid or have their benefits stripped from them.

    As indicated above, this is not “if” the scheme is introduced but when it is – in a couple of months!

    Copied from Ipswich unemployed action site

    Well I am confused as Osbourne said hes blocking this…

  18. Does anyone here know which parts of the country will have Community Work Placements and which won’t? And does anyone know exactly which so-called providers will be running this scheme? Thanks.

  19. Can somebody please shoot this fucker, cos as useless as he is,and as cowardly as cameron is there doesnt seem any other way to get rid.

    • Bob you would need to have a JFK assassination squad re union party.
      Sadly they are all dead.
      But, you could contact the CIA, and plead your,e case.
      You never know.

  20. Remember the poll tax riots??. They did the trick.

  21. something survived...

    Which particular fucker? So many to choose from.
    (IDS I suppose)

    Here’s something that might make you throw up. The Tories are going to rename one of the August Bank Holidays, MARGARET THATCHER DAY.
    Here is a petition to stop it.

    Also you can launch a petition on the same site,
    if you prefer that we had a national holiday on her Deathday to celebrate her death, and dances on her grave or urn by black and mixed-race socialist gay miners….Or similar. Or a day of street parties every year for everybody (almost the whole country) to have fun.

    • Re : Thatcher day..yeah i heard about it before 38 degrees.. Its ironic as 38 degrees could be gagged for campaigning on the grounds of ” being politically motivated ”
      And Thatcher day isn’t ??

      Oh yeah double standards apply

    • @ something survived – I suppose it is kind of fitting that 25th August (in England, Wales and Ireland) and 4th August in Scotland should be named after MT. After all, on 25th August 1943, German occupiers imposed a 72-hr work week, on 4th August 1942 German occupiers ordered all Dutch homing pigeons killed, and on 4th August 1944 Anne Frank was arrested.

    • @something survived i can see it now..angry faced the daily hate mail
      Fuming about ” the loony left ” disgraceful
      Blasphemous attitude to saint thatcher
      And how it should be compulsory to greive reflect on her wonderful acheivments
      And if not comply willingly should be publicly hung with a sign hung round their neck with ” traitor ” written on it.
      Much like herr hitler post bunker

    • If they make it thatcher day we can celebrate by burning an effigy like bonfire night, and celebrate her death. Not much they could do about that.

  22. “low levels of qualifications, single parent families, having more than three children” Well that would include most of the royal family then ….

  23. Once the workers’ revolution ignites in one country, it will set aflame the entire world, who will join them as brothers and sisters of a common oppressor. This class will have nowhere to go, the few that remain after they are dragged into the street and their eyes gouged out – will be literally begging the workers to see some value in their worthless non-productive selves. And we will reduce them and their families to the same poverty and degradation they have us for centuries, and call it ‘merciful’ and full of ‘hope’ and ‘aspiration’ — we will gaslight them and psychologically torment them when they protest otherwise. And we will give them the worse jobs of cleaning our shit and tacking holes in paper endlessly without reason. Let them see what they have done to us. To the human condition. Let them and their families be marked their entire lives.

  24. I don’t think riots like the poll tax riots would work these days.As soon as tony blair became leader of the labour party we have had a labour leadership who have taken the true labour voter for granted and only care about the middle classes. If we riot we don’t have an opposition that would change things if they got power. It would take something horrendous to happen to get the labour and liberal parties to threaten to turn over the conservatives. I’m sadly coming around to the conclusion that we are going to have to experience work for benefits for a long time to come whoever wins the next election.

  25. Woman in coma told to ‘find work’

    COMA WOMAN found fit for work

    ” DWP: sorry we got things wrong ”
    Yeah DWP ” got things wrong ” several thousand of times

    I see the BBC are still Tory Govt apologists

    • The easiest way to be shot of the beeb is to plug your pc into the tv and cut the aerial cable . Then fill out a form and tell the beeb you dont watch live tv. Thats that. Bankrupt bbc.

  26. Another Fine Mess

    Ester McVile
    “The increased emphasis on reducing food waste may well be one of the drivers of growth in the number of foodbanks and similar initiatives, and consequently, the increased use by families,” she said.

    • @AFM. I cannot work out whether fester mcvile gobshite is believes her own ignorance and stupidity or thinks we are so stupid we will accept her crap. They keep changing it all the time.. ” oh foodbanks are popular thats why ” then we had guff about foodbanks on every street corner when labour was in govt.. Yet the reports all say that foidbanks is response to wefare reform
      Bloody hell.. Fucking Trussel trust was set uo by venture capitalist Tories to profit from by charging set up fees..
      And selling crap in their shops
      Then they got pissed off when Tories were dismissing foodbanks because it would affect their little scam

      Thats how fucked up this lot are…

      • How we started
        UK foodbanks are now The Trussell Trust’s biggest project by far, so you may be surprised to learn that our work first started in Bulgaria:


        It all began with Baby Boris…

        In 1996 Paddy and Carol Henderson met Baby Boris, a street baby living at Central Railway station with his 14-year-old mother. Paddy and Carol were working for a UN feeding programme at the time. Paddy tells us: ‘Baby Boris was really, really small and very vulnerable and very smelly! I used to cuddle him and he craved it and would nestle into my fleecy top while the mother ate her food. I vowed we would keep him alive over the winter. We used to bring him formula milk and try and get his Mum to use clean water. He lived! Later Baby Boris was taken into a baby orphanage. We had seen the horrendous state of many orphanages and wondered what was better for him: life on the streets with a drug addict teenage mum or in a baby orphanage where conditions were likely to be dire? I knew that his mother really loved him. It was then that I had to do something to get these 60+ kids off the streets and away from glue-sniffing, drugs and child prostitution.’

        The Trussell Trust is founded

        Carol and Paddy Henderson founded The Trussell Trust in 1997 based on a legacy left by Carol’s mother, Betty Trussell. Moved to help forgotten people, The Trussell Trust’s initial Bulgaria projects focussed on improving conditions for the 60+ children sleeping at Central Railway Station in Bulgaria. The Trust’s work soon expanded not only in Bulgaria, but in the UK too…

        The foodbank is born

        Whilst fundraising for Bulgaria in Salisbury in 2000, Paddy received a call from a desperate mother in Salisbury saying “my children are going to bed hungry tonight – what are YOU going to do about it”. Paddy investigated local indices of deprivation and ‘hidden hunger’ in the UK. The shocking results showed that significant numbers of local people faced short term hunger as a result of a sudden crisis. Paddy started Salisbury foodbank in his garden shed and garage, providing three days of emergency food to local people in crisis. In 2004 the UK foodbank network was launched teaching churches and communities nationwide how to start their own foodbank.

        • @fellow jcp. A short while back a blogger checked out trussell trust and found venture capitalist and names which checked out…
          I would not have posted that had I not read that stuff..

          • Incidentally, does anybody know how ‘venture capitolism’ works?
            Mostly, they buy very successful companies that are already established, then they sack half the workforce, screw the wages into the floor, negotiate the suppliers down to a pittance, and cut the services/quality/portions to the public. Its 18 months before everybody notices the goodwill has been cashed in (this is what accountants call it)
            and by that time they have fleeced a big dollop out. Basically they are just CUNTS.

          • @ bob – and where is the (presumably anonymous) blogger’s proof? Anyone can make up lies, post it online and make it look like an official document. I notice how all those critics of the Trussell Trust do not offer an alternative way of helping people in crisis. I wonder why that is. Is it because they do not have the funding to start up a project which will help people in crisis or because they have no interest in helping them, their only interest being in spreading unsubstantiated defamatory lies about those who do help people (particularly if they do so as part of a Christian mission),lies which fools like yourself are only too happy to believe. “Venture capitalist??” Read that out loud to yourself. If you still mistakenly believe these lies then you are possibly beyond convincing, even with proof to the contrary. By the way, I do not consider The Salvation Army to be a Christian Organisation as among many other things they support workfare. “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. 22 Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’ 23 And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’ Matthew 7:21-23 I phoned up their head office to tell them what I thought of them. She told me she didn’t know much about it, she was just an office worker, but she would get someone to call me back. I told her I had made my feelings known and that was enough.

      • @ Bob – I’m sure the founders of the Trussell Trust, if they were motivated by making money, could have thought of something else.

        • PS Bob – You might want to check out the Trussell Trust’s own response to false rumours about them: Just type in Response to rumours – The Trussell Trust.

          • @fellow jcp Ive posted the original article WITH trussel response ok ?
            But even so on comments there are questions raised their like monies and company information which if you read there didnt seem a response

            So is it now saying that foodbanks is NOT a response to Tory welfare reform ?
            And there having been a foodbank debate with IDS and Fester and more crap from Tories ” foodbanks are popular ” and ” foodbanks are to do with food waste ”

            Ok so then @JOHNNY VOID. mate ..what’s the score on foodbanks ?
            I gather trussell isn’t the only one but the one that gets mentioned

            • Oh. Thats a CLASS bit of snidery from the tories there. Food banks are about distributing end of life food, not helping sanctioners.

            • @ Bob – Every wild allegation which has no foundation in fact does not require a response. And no charity or company is perfect since it is run by imperfect humans. That does not mean there is anything untoward going on or that they are in the project to make money.
              Foodbanks are set up as a response to people who are in crisis, and in the current climate as everybody who is either suffering or fearful knows, that is mostly caused by Tory reform. As we also know, and we have Johnny to thank for this, life under a Labour government would continue with the threats of sanctions and punitive regimes etc. Thank God for the coming Scottish Independence. PS I did visit briefly one of the sites whose purpose was obviously among other things to discredit the Trussell Trust. They even had the nerve to suggest that because The TT was set up by Pentecostal Christians that it didn’t have a place in a country of which the queen is the sovereign, since she is the “Defender of the Protestant Faith”. If they had known anything about religion they would know that the reformation of England from Catholic to hardline protestant only lasted as long as Henry VIII’s infatuation with Anne Boleyn, and after than he persecuted both Catholics and Lutheran protestants. Lutherans take instruction from the Holy Bible as do Pentecostal Christians. In other words, Pentecostal Christians are more protestant than the Church of England is.

  27. Millions are effected through my petition on 38 Degrees:

    a) working poor earning less than £109 per week / working less than 14 hours a week, losing all benefit rights as not in the NI credits system.

    b) Half of women aged 60-66 are within the working poor, and majority reason not in work at all is due to being disabled / chronic sick.

    The recently relaunched communists, Left Unity Party, have not one interest in women aged 60 and men aged 65 lost state pension payout nor in pensioners in general at all.

    The more people sign my petition, perhaps Left Unity Party would change their minds.

    Starting a whole new party, that helps all ages, from cradle to grave, might change the minds of any of the socialist parties out there.
    The Swans new party dot Org dot UK

    Both China and Russia manage very nicely to be both communist and capitalist, but have many faults about their poorest people. We might just do it better?

  28. sorry but “white dee” has done a lot of damage with her performances on tv,yes her 15 mins of fame are up.but during her 15mins she singlehandedly helped this sceme on its way by saying “im a mum why should i work,thats my job” oh fuck ian smith must have been wringing his hands with glee “got em”

    • Being a mother is a job! If you take all of the jobs a mother and housewife do for her children and pay her the going rate for each job she would be getting a lot more than what the benefit system pays her, instead they want each mother to substitute and subsidize other mothers jobs and they call it ‘EMPLOYMENT’.

  29. should we start up a childcare charity to care for the kids of people on workfare placement and then recruit workfare people to staff it?

    • That sounds like an excellent policy. You could apply for financial assistance too. It has already been noted that the gov. want to do away with paid teaching assistants. Sack them all. .
      Then when they sign on they will be told they will be sent on mandatory work activity. As teaching assistants. .

      • @PAT @JV. Etc well there is something weird going on with food banks one of the bods behind trussel trust claims he is s labour man and they have been doing food banks even when labour were in govt..
        However domeone posted that at some point a tory councillor was involved and questioning about them awarding themselves several hundred thousands

        • @ bob -There you go again. Someone posted….It is a mistake to believe everything which you read, particularly just because “someone posted” it.

          • @jcp oh just shut im not talking to you anyway …
            Ive had more hot dinners than youve had hot dinners

            • @ bob I bet you even believe that BF Skinner used his baby daughters in his experiments, and/or that they both killed themselves, stated as a fact by another poster on here. I guess Deborah Skinner Buzan must have been incorrect when she replied to the allegations via The Guardian on Friday 12th March 2004 “I was not a lab rat”
              This is my last word on believing everything you read (I think).

            • overburdenddonkey

              the explosion of food bank use, is caused by the demand of need due to savage welfare cuts, the/your micro politics of providers is a pure distraction, to get attention for yourself…..and provide 9days food/yr, if that is what one can call it, and the recipient can afford to even cook it, many people return it….and they still have to jump through admin hoops and travel to get it, in the 1st place…the point is that they even exist, in this day and age…now if you are going to put forward an argument construct it for your self, and stop expecting others to do your work for you….as bernadette h, states this fight is about we, not i, not you….

              • @donkey please excuse me..but when a senior of trussel trust is now saying that that food banks are not response to welfare reform and benefit cuts thus adding to the bollocks about how they are so popular after all starvation is such a whizz bang new craze. I kinda get suspicious and feel the need to inform ppl and wonder what’s going on with all that..I am not indulging in myself

                I think either you are confused or have no idea what you are on about

                • overburdenddonkey

                  post a link then, and say so clearly what you mean, coz i could not make much sense of what you were saying…ie construct a case and present it so that we all can understand…ie inform people then, but so far you have not, or i’d get it….you understood perfectly what i was saying from your response, to me, which i am capable of constructing and therefore understanding, please send me an understandable response to the issues you want to highlight, ie where’s the evidence and is it that important….

                • England’s poorest spend £13bn on gambling machines


                  It was in the links .it was posted on a comment thread from foodbank bod where he claimed foodbanks were not response to benefits. And it had history going back to labour …

                  Idk why he said that…its all very odd

                  Btw there is this

              • Oh dear maybe you notice how much iI try to contribute here to help sbd inform everyone on here . but no you are right i am just showing off

                Perhaps its best i don’t bother

              • Do you think I post on here for myself ?

                Seriously ??

                • Wait so i spend ages delving digging researching through
                  govt documents etc and put up with wordprolress hassles just so i can show off a bit

                • overburdenddonkey

                  so where is the comment?

                • overburdenddonkey

                  ps chewie
                  i said you expect others to prove what you say is true and do your work for you + there are 1300 comments on a article, that is about gambling…why didn’t i think of looking there? “Btw there is this” what?

                • They should put a 33% tax on gambling, then they could stop cutting everything else. .Useless bloody vice it is. Burn money, feel rotten.
                  Unlimited self damage. Its poxy. £100 A spin on a one armed bandit and nobody says a dicky bird but a pint of beer in a pub is taxed by 30%.

                • Donkey. Filed under wtf are you on about because I don’t know…ppl can say whatever they like…
                  If another poster follows it up and adds to whatever my post is about then fine even if it rejects it..that’s how it goes ..i am not out to prove anything fact my findings can be so hit and miss that often what i stumble into i think almost innocuous turns out to have significance with someone or something .. The reverse can be true..
                  But i am not doing this for some kind of kudos..i am glad if it helps.
                  True by accident on other blogs ive had credit on some unearthing stuff..
                  But again its hit and miss and up to the shere whim of the blog owner if they check out my findings which can be so frustrating a lot of the time…
                  Especially when the stuff has relevance

                  In some cases quite big too.
                  All of us on here know what that is like
                  Here we all are struggling on a day to day basis with all the crap thrown at us from all sides from newspapers to dwp abd jcp etc
                  And who listens to our side of the story ?
                  When beaten into the heads of electorate is the benefit scrounger narrative if its fact
                  despite the odd news items about deaths abd suicides some ppl are wifully ignorant even when those rare moments when the cracks appear and show visibly what’s going wrong at DWP and jcp…
                  Its an uphill struggle for lots of ppl able and unwell people alike ..I don’t need or want a badge to show off . but if one word helps another person then am happy with that
                  ..ATM am helping someone get justice for abuse victims as that’s being ignored at present ..the establishment can be quite vicious when its trying to protect itself

                  Here I am having to defend myself and not for the first time either..
                  Thats how it goes I guess ..

                  Oh well onward onward christian barnyard

                • Can you two agree to differ?
                  A}. You both seem genuinely decent concerned good eggs, and
                  B). You are deflecting from posts a bit now;
                  I am reading whats in me box(OO-eer) and not logging in out o boredom so
                  C). Meet up for a shandy afore they put the faffin price up again, and stop arguin like a pair of tailors at a wedding.

                • overburdenddonkey

                  why don’t you post the comment, that is supposed to be about the foodbank “bod” denouncing claims that foodbanks are caused by welfare cuts therefore supporting the tory position, as this is what this thread is about from “fellow jcp sufferer..”

  30. @ totallygivenup | February 28, 2014 at 1:59 am | Reply

    sorry but “white dee” has done a lot of damage with her performances on tv,yes her 15 mins of fame are up.but during her 15mins she singlehandedly helped this sceme on its way by saying “im a mum why should i work,thats my job” oh fuck ian smith must have been wringing his hands with glee “got em”

    It wouldnt of made much difference and her saying “im a mum why should i work,thats my job” is not entirely true there was more to her story that that,
    With or without benefit street ian duncan smith aka fukwit would be still be doing this.

  31. Maybe his plan to end child poverty is the forcible adoption of the most desirable children of the poorest (e.g. babies), and putting the other kids into under-funded and over-crowded care homes with histories of sexual abuse?

    (With the parents, now no longer in priority need for housing, left to fend for themselves).

  32. I had a appointment with A4e but could not make it as my Daughter was sent home from school. I rang A4e in plenty of time before.. I explained this to the job centre. also. Now they do not except my reason and sanctioned me… so i get no money for 1 month!!!!

  33. The upper classes only know how to farm their kids out to boarding schools, so I don’t think any of their kids were wanted.

    • Perhaps I made a mistake in taking the piss out of Dunkin Shit for this, as it isnt fair.
      In the more successful; and progressive societies of the northern europe continent children do not start school until they are seven.
      They leave at a minimum 18.
      This is based on the fact that a longer childhood leads to a happier adult, and that adolescent brains continue to accelerate in learning capacity until beyond the teens.
      However; this pile of snot wants your kids working a costruction site by 16 and married by 20 to provide the best tax payer canon fodder for life.
      No, I take it back; the MAGGOT is a Traitor Wanker.

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  35. overburdenddonkey

    i have not misunderstood you, i stand by my posts…the secure attachment is to SELF,and not to others….it is the parents JOB to look after child and meet child’s demands, until the child/person can meet them for themselves….the past must be healed….not just acknowledged….the work continues unabated…

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  40. IDS living in horror dreamland…every scheme he dreams up horrifies those he claims he wants to help and ultimately, himself and colleagues -a less thick-skinned person would have fallen on his sword by now.

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    these methods to your won website.

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