Welcome Back To @UKJCP, DWP Censorship Attempt Falls Flat!

The parody twitter account @UKJCP is back after the bungled attempt by the DWP to have them banned from twitter.  The spoof twitter feed, which has attracted a wide following, had been suspended from twitter after complaints from the DWP.

The DWP appear to have claimed that they wished to use the username @UKJCP and therefore twitter should close the satirical account.  A quick search shows that the DWP do not use these initials to describe the Jobcentre network yet they still attempted to claim ownership of them with the aim of censoring social media.

The DWP also claimed that some of @UKJCP’s tweets were ‘rude’ and potentially libelled the UK Government, politicians and the heads of large private sector organisations.  This is a shocking statement, not least because it is legally impossible to libel the Government under UK law.  More worrying however is the DWP using their political weight to try and silence what they have decided are ‘potentially’ libellous comments against individuals.

It is genuinely chilling that the Government are prepared to step in and pre-emptively protect the reputations of their chums by trying to shut down criticism on social media.  If the heads of large private sector organisations think they have been libelled – which is for a court, not the fucking Jobcentre to decide –  then that is a matter for them, not the government.  When’s the last time a government department stuck up for you that way?

Predictably, like everything else the DWP try and do, they fucked it up.  @UKJCP are back on twitter with the same handle and the username adjusted to UKJoBCentrePlus not.

Perhaps the best response to the DWP’s attempt at tin pot dictatorship is to help get @UKJCP as many new followers as possible.  So follow @UKJCP and spread the word!

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178 responses to “Welcome Back To @UKJCP, DWP Censorship Attempt Falls Flat!

  1. its great news, welcome back……lets say what has to be said, and fuck the government yh.

  2. Open Standards plzkthx

    The internet is what enables communication, don’t be too caught up with the hype of proprietary applications delivered via the web. Yes, Twitter et al. make things “easy”, but ultimately attempts like the DWP’s on JCPUK are only possible because of the centralised nature of web 2.0 “social networks”…. so not necessarily all easy.

    We need to make the most of technology and today that does mean Shitter and Arsebook (though you won’t find me there), but be careful of being locked in. Historically in the IT industry lock-in has been the profit maker, obviously at the cost of users (and with the internet and application/data not even on the user’s own computer the cost is privacy, freedom of speech. Human rights issues, really!).

    • Would you be able to translate that 2nd paragraph into layperson’s terms?

      First sentence is fine – but what would being locked in involve and is there a way back if the worst happens (or it’s like Alice in Wonderland?). If we say something freely, is it likely to be altered at a later date/used for nefarious purposes when big brother finally moves in and claims ownership of any/all public opinion – or …??

  3. Well that’s fantastic! Having said that, I don’t twitter and don’t really know if I want to. But great news anyway ‘cos bad news for the Government is always great news for most of us 🙂

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  6. I make no apology to Arse over Elbow for my username on here, as A4e really does suck- BIG TIME 😛

  7. Landless Peasant

    I don’t Twitter myself so don’t know if you can tweet a web-link? If so perhaps someone might want to post the following to the DWP:


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    Another underhanded attempt at censorship by the DWP falls flat on its face. This one was particularly evil as this government department apparently tried to mislead Twitter into believing it owned the username @UKJCP.
    So let’s all show the DWP what we think of this behaviour. Follow @UKJCP on Twitter, retweet its best tweets and tell all your friends to do the same!

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  12. the jobcentre I go to is a complete joke,the staff are not interested one bit.i have seen grown people crying waiting to see these so called advisors .i dread having to go there

    • overburdenddonkey

      yes, this post does show up the arrogance displayed by the dwp…

    • They never get to meet the next of kin, witness the tears and suffering or pick up the pieces……………………..


    • diane, it might have been me you saw …

      • ps, next week, look out for my friend, just now (wrongly) found ‘fit for work’ by Atos & currently receiving crisis (mh) intervention – but then very likely to need to make an appointment & go through the distressing, demeaning (& inappropriate) JCP assessment. All while living with the uncertainty of disappeared income/non-time specified ‘mandatory reconsideration’ of diagnosis.

        • overburdenddonkey

          s n
          sounds like your friend needs direct advice/intervention from a grassroots group, like… http://edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/ is there one in your area? ie all and recent upper tier tribunal rulings etc….

          • thanks obd; we are trying to find out as edinburgh is not local – i may contact them anyway to ask their advice and see what they say. In reality, do you have any idea how long the mr’s are taking? – there is a Foi asking but reply is not due yet. This is the first time i’ve personally known someone in this situation – although it’s not likely to be the last. They immediately became (much) more ill on getting the phone call after a short period in denial – unsurprisingly.

            • overburdenddonkey

              s n
              no, tis a catch22…but there maybe other things that your friend can do…like perhaps reapply if their condition has worsened…plus see jv recent post about appeal court ruling re the gathering of evidence for those with MHP’s…their reasons for rejection of benefit entitlement must be clear and logical to the claimant…

              • overburdenddonkey

                ps s n
                yes, email them asap…get 3rd party advice before you do anything else, so that it is current and reliable….

        • i’ve been living on £32.32p since last july, same predicament…..

          • that is a long time … it’s as though we now live in a // universe where a very sizeable proportion of the people don’t realise/have no awareness at all of this happening and would express disbelief – while others know only too well …

  13. Poor, poor Mark, how will he survive?
    ………..maybe he could buy a Dyson. They used to employ UK citizens but have now moved to Malaysia………..

    I wonder if the jobcentre could send some unpaid skivvies on workfare to pick up the crumbs from the rich mans table?

  14. That’s great news. Unfortunately I’m not a tweeter and never will be. Maybe they should start a Facebook page as well to swell the followers even more.

  15. My name is [my] name.

    Non decipitur qui scit se decipi
    He is not decieved who know himself to be decieved. ‘Maxim of Law!!!

    • overburdenddonkey

      my name etc
      the deception part we can handle, it is the money stopped part that we find impossible…





        11. If there is insufficient evidence the designated person will advise an appropriate source of
        evidence to be obtained before a decision can be made on balance of probabilities.
        12. In exceptional circumstances, should all sources of evidence be exhausted and it is still not
        possible to reach a decision on balance of probabilities, the designated person may seek
        advice from ATOS using the DBD 385 via the medical evidence wizard.


        • overburdenddonkey

          they attend the school of miraculous interventions, giving special insights, overnight cures/developing wondrous abilities, not being uncommon…way beyond the possibilities of one’s gp and local nhs…they truly are special people…

      • My name is [my] name.

        Just, sharing” .

        Sync Edu: Birth Certificate Bondage We Call The “System” .

  16. Last time I looked the right to criticise govt and politicians anf corps was paramount
    What’s next ? Shut down newspapers ?
    Or have private eye magazine closed down ?

    Fuck them

  17. Your search – “UKJCP” site:https://www.gov.uk/ – did not match any documents.


    Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
    Try different keywords.
    Try more general keywords.
    Try fewer keywords.

    • Ok so why are Gov.UK
      Promoting google and YouTube
      They now claim that YouTube and google are recruiting ..surely thats the job of those companies not the fucking govt or govt departments

  18. http://ukjcp.wordpress.com

    They make it clear they are a parody spoof site anyway

  19. Brilliant news and congratulations

  20. …….since when has it been accepted, that the acts of a very small minority, acting without the backing of the large majority, seek to quieten the former?

    The tail trying to shake the dog!

    The power of the people is a wonderful thing, much stronger than the police, rubber baton rounds, tear gas or water cannon…………….

    ………turn against the people and the people turn against you!

    the seeds of discontent have been sown, prepare to pick up the pieces……

    • do you have to pay council tax out of that 36 quid a week geoff? They added 90 pounds court costs to my council tax, They are now asking me to pay 700.00 pounds for the year, reduction, Bollox it is. It is so malevolent it is beyond belief. I get 76 quid a week. It often gets taken. I’m always fighting for it back, after being left with no income. I have nothing left after paying it all back in billing. In April I will get another atrocious amount added to this and they will be asking me to pay 1,400. As I said, I couldn’t afford a turkey’s neck for x mas, how the hell do I pay this? They want people’s blood I am telling you.

      • £32.32p industrial accident benefit. They stole my IC and then my DLA after an atos exam. Pay full council tax. Own home, have a partner works a couple of afternoons in M&S and 17 year old son at college, struggling to survive………………………….
        Was disabled for life.

        • oh geoff that is your industrial accident pay out then. So the DWP allow you nothing. Have you decided not to claim Jsa then. You would probably be far too unfit, and would be committing to them your life, condemned to slavery. As you are not fit enough, not advisable. At least you have a secure home, and family. Perhaps this is what’s saved your life. Many disabled people lost their homes and ended up homeless no doubt. Not easy to survive then, when your disabled and on the street, and alone. Keep fighting geoff, never give up. Will be summer soon, survival is not as hard then. I read all your posts. We are dealing with narcissists here I am afraid.

    • @GEOFF. Is DWP a brand now ?

      A brand for what ? Incompetence and negligence and cruelty

      • easily identified by the schutz staffel, SS totenkopf deaths head insignia on their collars and the line of dead bodies in their wake Bob……….

        • @Geoff maybe they will go into marketing before long.. Maybe they already have..with us being
          the trade ..selling us to big business is what they do with workfare companies

  21. Off Topic. Bedroom Tax. Apparently some good news for those people effected by it http://speye.wordpress.com/2014/02/08/the-bedroom-tax-is-dead-heres-why/#comments Spread the word. Thanks to I speye blog.

    • overburdenddonkey

      that’s amazing news..can’t be a bedroom unless it has a bed in it…i know they have just retrospectively adjusted the law concerning length of occupancy…ie if one was a tenant before a certain date one was exempt from it…

      • Yeah thanks OBD. It will only crumble if enough people know of these things and actively fight for their lawful rights.

        • Vote on tues (on Ian Lavery’s ten minute bill) – a snap-vote “could?” finish it off and/or the Bolton 4-bed house ruling mean that each judgement is dodgy (inspections were not carried out pre-bed tax being applied) & might – potentially – mean all are invalid ? (hopefully).

    • Dear Mr Reynolds,

      Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 29 March 2013. You asked for:-

      Please define the word “BEDROOM”, including dimensions, furnishings, usage etc, when applied to over occupancy?

      We do not define what we mean by a bedroom or what size it should be in relation to Housing Benefit. How many bedrooms a property contains will have been determined by the landlord and reflected in the level of rent being charged.

      There are minimum space standards that can be used to assess statutory overcrowding. The space standard is in section 326 of the Housing Act 1985. It provides that the space standard is contravened when the number of persons sleeping in a dwelling is in excess of the permitted number having regard to the number and floor area of the rooms available as sleeping accommodation (and for this purpose a living room is counted as a bedroom).

      The Department for Communities and Local Government has published statutory guidance which includes advice to the effect that landlords, when allocating property, should make households aware of the implications in relation to Housing Benefit in the event of under-occupation.

    • Flumps

      If a house ( with rooms that are no longer described as bedrooms) is downsized then not only the bedroom tax should be withdrawn for said rooms but also the rent should be reduced also because the property is no longer classified as being a (e.g. 4 bedroom house)

      • Guy. I do not know the ins and outs, but one thing at a time eh?

        • You’re the boss flumps after your revelations, keep up the good work.
          If everyone removes their beds from the bedrooms and sleep on the couch instead it will be classed as a no bedroom house then eh?

  22. A4e staff are cunts

    Employees of scandal-hit welfare-to-work firm A4E admitted swindling taxpayers.

  23. They claimed to own @UKJCP after it was used

    And when did @……..
    Become trademark anyway
    Using that “logic ” all @…..become a trademark ..

    Bollocks utter..

    What’s this stuff about a ” Brand Manager ” who made the complaint and if it was a legit
    Complaint and not a spoof complaint as tthere
    Is some reference to the address and american terminology in there
    Unless since twitter being US owned it was because of that

    Does DWP have a brand manager ?

    Is DWP a “brand ” now ?

  24. http://www.dwp.gov.uk/jpeg/branding-and-signage/

    Was the complaint about @UKJCP

    Or the ” misuse ” of their logo ?

    Logos are parodied anyway

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  26. I said sometime ago on this site that this was going to happen here in the UK soon!.

    “Obamacare herds the poor into Medicaid which requires some patients to forfeit homes or any assets they might have to the state to cover the cost of their medical care.”


    The USA beat the UK to it, we will follow them…SOON!.

  27. “What hungover Brits will wake up to tomorrow: Barclays caught in major new scandal”


  28. http://refuted.org.uk/2014/01/02/sanctionshappy/

    SEETEC and INGEUS. Most vindictive Sanctions happy companies

    Overlooking the harm that sanctions cause these companies sanction like mad ..

  29. Statistics released today about the DWP’s Provider Direct destitution causing benefit sanctions hotline, show consistently that Seetec and Ingeus are by far the most vindictive benefit sanctions happy Mandatory Work Activity and Work Programme providers.

    In a 5 week period Seetec made calls to sanction benefits of nearly 13,000 people (Weeks 18 to 22). In one week alone it called to make 4,417 people destitute (Week 20), compared to 2  by Prospects

  30. New Health and Work Service to get long-term sick back to work

    A new body which aims to get the long-term sick back to work more quickly in England, Wales and Scotland is being set up by the government.

    From April, staff absent for over four weeks can be referred for assessments with the Health and Work Service.

    The non-compulsory assessments will include medical advice and retraining.

    Ministers are hoping companies will save £70m a year in reduced sickness pay and related costs.

    Staff who are off work for more than four weeks are considered to be long-term sick and entitled to Statutory Sick Pay of almost £90 per week from their employers.

    That will not change under the new arrangements – but the government wants the privately-run Health and Work Service to help reduce the numbers on long-term sick leave.

    ‘Outdated system’

    The service will be paid for by scrapping a compensation scheme for businesses faced with high levels of sickness absence.

    The Statutory Sick Pay Percentage Threshold Scheme (PTS) is being abolished from April.

    The DWP says PTS is “an outdated system which does nothing to promote or support active management of sickness absences by either the employer or employee”.

    Any financial loss to business from the ending of the PTS is expected to be offset by a reduction in lost working days, earlier return to work and increased economic output created by the new scheme, the DWP said.

    It hopes the new scheme will particularly benefit Small and Medium Enterprises without access to occupational health services.

    Work and Pensions Minister Mike Penning said sickness absence had a “substantial impact” on workers, employers and taxpayers.

    “As part of the government’s long-term economic plan, we are taking action to get people back into work,” he said.

    “This is a triple-win. It will mean more people with a job, reduced cost for business, and a more financially secure future for Britain.”

    The Trades Union Congress said Britain’s sickness rates were among the lowest in Europe and has halved over the past decade.

    It welcomed the move, saying being in a rewarding job with supportive employer could be good for your health.

    But the TUC said it was concerned the focus of the scheme was not on improving the health of the sick.

    New Health and Work Service to get long-term sick back to work

  31. just listening to racheal “monotone” reeves on the marr show and i quote “we will not be able to change any benefit changes masde by this government”..yeah right we are doomed especially under 25,s she also said “everybody wil work,everybody” how the heck can that happen when a 1000 people apply for one job…anybody enilghten me thoughts?

    • She is not talking about PAID employment is she though – she is talking about UNPAID work, for which there is an infinite demand. When you are offering the commodity labour for jack-shit there is never any shortage of takers…. just ask Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco and all the other pioneers of UNPAID work.

      • oh yes neon retraning exams workfare and the national service white paper goes through very soon so under 25,s stand by your beds


    ………either into the cemetery, the crematorium or into the hands of the private health insurance companies……….

  33. and eric [pickles is getting fatter and fatter,im not one to be personal but he is must be all the good living hes doing loadsamoney loadsafood yes geoff i wish people especially the young WAKE UP,the furure for the over 30,s is a vision of hell and equally the same for the under 30,s under 25 and its workfare national service no housing benefit no FUTURE

  34. Happy to hear about the Twitter War win but, I need off topic advice

    I was put on the work programme s July 2013, and as I have said on The Void already, I have 13 hrs paid work.
    I have been offered an extra 4 hrs work and I hope to now quit benefits.

    I have already sent a `Withdrawal of Consent` letter to G4s concerning being duped into signing forms back in July as I was led to believe I had to, to receive JSA.

    Now, I have been told I am on the work programme for two years, whether I am working or not – I stated in an email My withdrawal of consent letter should crush that contract and expressed my anger at ever signing a two year contract (coz I sure didnt spot `that` in any form I scrutinized and signed).

    I have expressed time again to G4s I am in no way allowing them to take credit and be paid for my having found work when I found the job myself and all G4s did, was watch me job search once a week but, this is falling on deaf ears and all they do is ask me to discuss in detail both in person and in email on continuum.

    I have refused to pass on my employers details and am refusing to explain stuff in person because I want all recorded by myself and email will provide proof of everything said from both parties. I was phoned by a member of G4s` people last week asking me to come in and have a chat as also `keep her in the loop`.

    I just want them to fuck off and leave me be, what rights do I have here?

    Surely my withdrawal of consent demand will have me free of any two year bullshit?

    Any advice or suggestions greatly welcomed 🙂

    • elhoimette, other people will know much more about this but for what it’s worth i #think# that once you sign off/not being sent wp appts any more, they are likely to lose interest in you. I didn’t sign their papers – i think i was ‘lucky’ that the person dealing with me wasn’t an out-and-out nasty person (outwardly at least & they were also quite new – they did work there though) & eventually said, “If you don’t sign the forms it’s your choice. My hands are tied now though …” as in, “We won’t be able to send you out anywhere or claim any outcomes ..”.

      If you’ve withdrawn consent (effectively it’s the same (?) – as long as they have ‘recognised/accepted’ the letter as your stated intent), the 2-year threat seems to dissolve if/when you sign off. This is only an early days, from personal experience only – as it’s only recently have ended up taking an (insecure/short-term) job after months of the usual jcp bullying/upping the ante tactics – but they do not seem to be interested in ‘following’ me/phoning as previously discussed, or whathaveyou.

      As they say, i would rather chew my own arm off than go back to either the jobcentreminus or the wp – though it could happen. That’s at least partly why (jump or be pushed – as with so many other people, which is the only reassuring thing) current circumstance is one that wouldn’t have seemed feasible 1-2 years ago – taking a gamble on short-term work that may/may not continue on as a way out/in (while not only responsible for myself). So all the best with what you’re doing. I hope it works out for you and if it’s something you want to do – that can only be a good thing.

      I don’t know if they’ve tried to claim an outcome from me (although I do care, really i am also a bit past caring) & for me one of the hardest things about the wp (& there were lots of them) was being told “We will be with you for 2 years – even if you find work in that time”. That was said before I didn’t sign though, and then wasn’t mentioned again – other than by a.n.other minion saying right at the end: “x will probably phone you” … which hasn’t happened and I think it’s unlikely …

      (Did give them new employers name & they only seemed to write it down half-heartedly – just had gone past debating with them by that point).

      • Shirley…. Thanks, I have down right refused to pass on my employers name because I knew once I had done they would contact them etc and thus have evidence of that contact rendering it as if, The WP had gotten me the job.

        The more I read about my rights is, that every time I make contact with G4s/WP, am still on the books and thus they are getting paid for having me on them.

        Like you, I have given up/gone past debating anything with them from now on. I have decided to ignore all emails and such from here on. They cannot sanction me, cannot bully me.

        • elo, the place i’ve managed to get some work is within spitting distance of the wp ‘provider’ … but i try never to look the side they are on.
          Had an (almost – but not quite) comical moment with them at the end when jcp said their fund – whatever it is now known as – for help with initial work-related expenses was not for those on the wp but they should be able to offer something … at that point there didn’t seem to be much to lose so i asked (even though had not signed their forms, they had still ‘helped’ me by sending me regular appointments and trying to have me sanctioned if ever had to rearrange for whatever reason … ). I asked and was told that regrettably they no longer have money for this as “the government have cut our payments for contract” 🙂 – & offered a fiver towards clothing for work …

    • overburdenddonkey

      you have articulately expressed yourself…that you no longer require their services, and the reasons you don’t are plain for all to see, in your above post…. imho,”the cosy little chat” trick, and phone call, has obviously set alarm bells clanging, it was supposed to…as you rightly say everything in writing if they have something to say to you it should be in writing….find local peer support and/or grassroots group with more focussed, knowledge of your rights re WP…

      • I also checked with jobcentre, once u sign off for any reason it’s up to u if u “maintain ure relationship with the wp ‘! Or it was then. It’s also stated in dwp regulations

        • Thanks Kat, It seems as if that should be the route doesnt it.
          I will seek out the dwp regs and if ever need do will quote from them.

          Why on Earth would the anyone sign a 2 year contract with WP? I know I sure did not read this anywhere and I scrutinized everything I signed back in July 2013.

          These companies are w*nkers beyond belief, it would not surprise me if they add these bits onto signed documents at a later date

      • Thanks obd,
        I hope I am really pissing them off refusing to make an appointment in person and refusing to go into details as to why.

        I am super paranoid too, ensuring I know all my rights. If and when I ever get another phone call? I will say only that I am uncomfortable talking on the phone and from now on, the anything that I need know should be posted to me as opposed to email because I would also like my email address wiped from their records

        • overburdenddonkey

          you don’t sound para-noid to me…you want them to leave you alone, and they’re getting on your nerves..contacts by snail mail only…ie all correspondence by postal service, thank you…

    • I only ever completed induction on wp (in 2011) and refused to sign anything. Then I found work off my own bat. Like u, I was already working few hours a week.
      The wp tried to pressure me into attending appts after I started work, threatening sanctions on my tax creditsand then any ffuture jsa claim!! I basically told them f… off, blocked them on my phone and in the end they gave up!

  35. I’d just like to thank everyone for their support over UKJCP. Although I don’t manage UKJCP any longer, I was horrified to see the blatant attempts at censorship.
    The truth of course is that the number of followers and social influence worries DWP. Even more worrying is that the people running the DWP social media seem to believe their own nonsense. It’s very difficult to dress a ruthless, evil entity as a friendly government agency. People are simply not this dumb. Of course whilst DWP remains a force for evil and destitution, the mocking will continue.
    What does this all demonstrate? Social media is a powerful weapon against oppression and we’re winning.
    Follow @UKJCP if you haven’t already!

    • DWP Social Media Team - Nisha :-) *waves*

      Hi 🙂 and welcome to Jobcentre Plus 🙂 *great big hugs* your friendly one-stop shop for advice on how to claim out-of-work-benefits 🙂 Our friendly staff will even fill in the forms for you 🙂 *hugs and kisses* Nisha xxxxxxxxxx

    • DWP – The Evil Entity

      Starring Iain Duncan Smith as the Entity
      Executive Producer Esther McVey

      …. at a cinema near your from Friday

      * XXX rated contains scenes of sanctioning and destitution

    • Well done & they shouldn’t be left un-mocked under any circumstances.

      Do you think there’s any chance that UKJCP would consider a move from twitter to diaspora or a.n.other non-centralised place (see comments above)? Or visiting alteratives to twitter from time to time … (there seems to be a lot of support – at least on here – from a lot of people who don’t necessarily want to be signed up to twitter).

  36. “Was Jesus a Capitalist? is a powerful, myth-busting teaching that confronts one of the central spiritual and political issues of our time. Dr. Jennifer Clark masterfully examines Biblical and historical evidence on the economic system that fosters liberty and shatters bondage and dependence.
    You need this book. Your friends need this book. America needs this book! The time has come for a new birth of freedom”

    Written by a crazy fucked up loon

  37. Scheme to get the sick back to work http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26105246

    ” we are investing in more ways we can launder more public money into the hands of private business and anyone who criticises us will be monitored and we will drive you off the net ..and then carry on with our plan to bump off as many claimants as possible “

  38. Just a quick one, the lady next door to me works as a Teaching Assistant, and has done for many years. She has been paid a meagre but liveable wage. Now she informs me the gov, want to scrap these jobs, and replace them with ‘the free version’.
    So in other words, they will be given there notice, go down the joke centre to sign on and after a few weeks sent back to work in the class room for nothing. Did anybody vote for this?

  39. “By the passage of this rule, Tim Yeo’s company stands to benefit massively in terms of sales. Tim Yeo is a member of the Conservative Party. Boris Johnson (left) the London Mayor is also a member of the Conservative Party. ”


  40. “The government is considering saving money by privatising the delivery of the state pension, according to Whitehall documents seen by the Guardian.”


    • @Annos yeah I read that…more money for crapita and for them to fuck it up as usual

      Some of the comments on that link are the usual neo con bilge we have come to expect ie “private business is better and to close down all public service because its rubbish.”

      I wonder who those fuckers are who post that crap…

  41. “The government is considering saving money by privatising the delivery of the state pension, according to Whitehall documents seen by the Guardian.”

    That will leave us with the Department for Sanctions!

    • @Annos that would not surprise me at all..
      Crapita or ingeus and seetec are addicted to benefit sanctions it seems

      • If they privatise administration of the State Pension, then that leaves the door open to sanction pensioners. They will find a reason and a way of doing so.

        Remember talk in the press last year about Pensioners being compelled to go back to work or to volunteer?

        Remember IDS banging on about “slivers of time”?

        Soon there won’t be any more pieces of the jigsaw left to fit, there will be no holes left empty.

  42. If the government mess up the pension, bang goes the Tory supporting gray vote.

  43. well it wont matter to the “grey vote” as labour “cannot change any policies this government has made” so they cant sack ATOS they cant de privatise the nhs mail pensions etc… its not that they cant its cause they dont want to cause they all piss in the same bucket

  44. ive said before and ill day again the oposition should not be having barbies and spending xmas and dinner parties with the encumbent party,cause this is exactly what happens they morph into one over a glass of vintage wine they see no problem with it infact elton john and jagger join them its not good

  45. The big three parties are the same as each other.

  46. “Now that the full court press to refute the findings of the CBO report which, as we reported, confirmed what was largely known – that as a result of Obamacare, the strapped US economy will have even fewer workers as millions will fall back on welfare state entitlements which make hard work obsolete – has failed, it is time for the propaganda to take a different track: one where not having a job, and in fact losing it due to Obamacare, is hailed as an act of nobility. Sure enough, here comes one of the administration’s favorites, the Bezos Times, with “They quit their jobs, thanks to health-care law” which does largely as its name suggests: highlights just how “enabling” and “liberating” Obamacare is for one’s life, once a person is no longer burdened by something as trivial as a job.”


    • Annos

      So that is why they want to educate the working class, so that they can take the crappy positions the middle class don’t want, while they languish on state healthcare funded by the taxpayer. What age group were partaking of Obamacare’s offer? You could understand if they were nearing retirement.

      Not can’t work but won’t work – there is a difference, but I bet there is no benefit street type programmes aimed at them.

      • guy fawkes

        Goes to show how they can change the mindset of people by manipulation using the mainstream media.

        • Annos

          I guess we can all be fooled but it is usually the gullible partisans or other like minded people, who are willing to believe the propaganda usually.





    • Yeah, they’ll try save Eton but fuck Somerset and everywhere else. Anyway, I think the whole of Southern England will end up submerged under water soon. The Eastern portion of the USA is also about to break-off and sink, just as Edgar Cayce said it would.

  48. MWA is fucking shite

    How come when you don’t the Data Protection Act waiver at an MWA provider you still get notified of a ‘placement’. What happens if you don’t attend? Has the slave driver got your details or has the MWA provider only told you to attend?

  49. The ILO Convention on Forced LabourThe United Kingdom ratified (brought into force) the Forced Labour Convention on 3 June 1931. The Convention provides that each country that ratifies the Convention undertakes to suppress the use of forced labour in all forms.The Convention defines ‘forced labour’ as all work which is exacted from a person under the menace of penalty and for which that person has not offered themselves voluntarily. There are a number of limited exemptions to this definition, which permit some forms of forced labour. One of the exemptions, which allows Community Payback, is:Where work is exacted from a person as a consequence of a criminal conviction; andThe work is carried out under the supervision and control of a public authority; andThat person is not placed at the disposal of private individuals or companies.

  50. yes indeed obd.

  51. Enlighten me obd on the ILO convention and do you mean is superseded OVER ECHR? Which of the two do you think would be better for us?

  52. PS I have just watched dispatches on a loophole in the bedroom tax rules and regulations, which said that those who had been in their homes for 17 years or more were not obliged to pay for extra bedrooms.
    Channel 4 advertized this programme as if it was going to be some good news on the bedroom tax and was the reason I watched it, only to see that it was government informing those that were eligible that the loophole was to be closed and it was only their incompetence that had allowed it to still be there, as all should be treated the same when it comes to paying bedroom tax.

    Perhaps I could have a refund for the time I have been paying it while the loophole was in place and I have been forced to pay it, or are loopholes only permissable in the tax and benefit system for the rich?

  53. I know OT but here goes. I was on WP in July 2013. Got a job in August (temp) contract ended 24 December. In the meantime I had arranged a trip toTaiwan, learning basic Mandarin in a University in Taipei (3 months) where I am now 🙂

    I explained all this to JCP and WP before I began work. Yet the WP are still emailing me and texting me “offering me support’ which I neither need nor want. I have been informed when I return back to the UK in April I will still be on WP!! So much for making an effort!! There is no escape. I despair.

  54. stay in work
    Department for Work & Pensions and HM Treasury
    Page history: Updated 12 December 2013, see all updates
    Health and Work Service – added information about tax exemption for occupational health treatments following the Autumn Statement 2013.
    12 December 2013 9:47am
    Welfare reform communications toolkit link added.
    8 August 2013 9:29am
    Added “Co-ordinating the health, work and wellbeing initiative”
    15 July 2013 10:07am
    First published.
    16 April 2013 10:00am
    Detail added: Helping older people who want to find or stay in work
    16 April 2013 10:00am
    Topics:Employment and Welfare Ministers:The Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, + 3 othersAdvisory groups:Work Programme Partnership Forum
    Show all detail pages
    Supporting detail:
    Co-ordinating the Health, Work and Wellbeing initiative

    Health, Work and Wellbeing is a cross-government initiative that aims to:
    improve the general health and wellbeing of the working-age population
    support more people with health conditions to stay in work or enter employment
    We work with employers, trades unions and healthcare professionals to:
    create healthier workplaces
    improve occupational health services and rehabilitation support
    increase employment opportunities for people who are not in work due to ill health or disability
    We do this by:
    educating individuals and raising awareness
    improving the range and capacity of occupational health services
    providing practical and effective support for employers, especially small businesses
    encouraging public sector organisations to lead by example on health at work

    I don’t know if this is that new initiative thing about getting people in work who are off sick back to work
    But why is it affiliated to ‘ the work program ‘. According to DWP.

  55. The Chuckle Sisters

    lol at the staff member called Maxell Benq RFLMAO

    … must burn a lot of CDs lol

  56. Shocking Extent Of Sick And Disabled Benefit Sanctions Revealed

    the shocking extent of the number of sick and disabled benefit claimants having their benefits cut, through the use of sanctioning, has been revealed in a Freedom of Information (FOI) request made to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

    According to the response from the DWP, 172,750 Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants were referred for potential sanctioning


  57. “Australian government to expand “work for the dole””


    “Mass unemployment in America”


  58. Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating and commented:
    HAHAHA, They couldnt make it extinct.
    Welcome back @UKJCP, you’ve been missed mate.

  59. @Guy, I meant before 1996 and not after.


    > direct.gov.uk

    > businesslink.gov.uk

    * Both of these sub-pages show in blue text some of the hosted network links USED for both gov.uk sites. Click on these (blue text) network links to discover more information…


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