Salvation Army Fights Back – Calls Critics Of Unpaid Work Offensive


A recent anti-workfare blockade in Edinburgh closed down a Salvation Army charity shop for two hours.

The Salvation Army hit a new low today after singling out critics on twitter and accusing them of being ‘offensive’ for referring to their workfare programmes as forced labour.

The Salvation Army are one of the UK’s largest advocates for unpaid work – not just condemning people to forced labour in their charity shops but also bidding for lucrative government contracts to manage workfare schemes.  Those who refuse, or are unable to attend workfare face having benefits sanctioned – meaning stopped completely in most cases – for up to three years.This grotesque exploitation from a so-called charity has led to hundreds of people to contact them on twitter @salvationarmyuk and their facebook page to vent their disgust at this abuse of unemployed, sick or disabled benefit claimants.

Today the organisation fought back and ranted at their critics: “It is offensive that you would refer to volunteering and work experience as ‘Forced Labour’ since The Salvation Army helps support victims of Human Trafficking who go through harrowing and unimaginable ordeals.”

This crass attempt to use the very real suffering involved in Human Trafficking to try and silence any criticism of other forms of forced labour is contemptible.  It does not in any way undermine the victims of trafficking to point out the harrowing consequences that benefit sanctions inflict on people.  A recent report from Citizens Advice told tragic stories of people attempting suicide, or having to go through bins to find food due to benefits being sanctioned.  The report also echoed the findings from an earlier report by Homeless Link which warned that people are being made homeless because of sanctions. Some of those newly homeless people may have been sanctioned because they didn’t work in a Salvation Army charity shop.

Just because Human Trafficking is worse than workfare does not make workfare acceptable.  The Salvation Army are complicit in causing some of the most desperate poverty in the UK and have made millions out of the current vicious benefit sanctioning regime.  The fact that they might have helped a few victims of trafficking doesn’t change a thing.  What is truly offensive is that the Salvation Army can stoop to exploiting the misery of trafficked people to try and silence criticism of their own use of forced labour.

Above pic and a report of the Edinburgh protest can be found at:

This post exploring the under-examined psychological impact of the workfare regime is worth reading:

Sign the petition calling for an end to all benefit sanctions without exceptions.

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251 responses to “Salvation Army Fights Back – Calls Critics Of Unpaid Work Offensive

  1. A cheap shot from the SA, slavery is slavery whether it’s in the form of workfare or human trafficking. To suggest one is worse than the other is disengenous in the least. The sally army should be ashamed of themselves, & now they’re reduced to throwing out insults, shows they’re clearly rattled, so all the more reason to keep the pressure on.

    • Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP OBE

      Dear Kittycat..

      As you are moaning yet again, I’m now in the process of cancelling your JSA payments. It is obvious you like to be on here moaning all of the time instead of doing what I ask you to do and that is get a fucking job. I don’t like to see money wasted upon lazy bums who can’t get off their arses and find any work.

      Your’s sincerly

      Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP OBE

      • You vile bastard. You have no place in Heaven, you’re going to go to Hell you cunt.

      • Fuck off you fat, slaphead fascist, I’d like to see you try stopping my JSA, as I’m not even claiming it. I’m the the sole carer of an autistic teenager so I’m SAVING the state money as she’d need expensive care measures otherwise. As for finding a job, 2 million+ unemployed into 400,000 jobs does not compute, even a thick moron like you can surely see that!

        • Iain Duncan Smith MP

          I will easily shove 2 million people into work. When all the 400,00 jobs have been filled by all the lazy bums, I will shove everybody else into un-paid community work such as shovelling the rubbish off the roads, wiping the sh*t from OAP’s backsides and working in chain gangs.

          Don’t call me a fascist, or a thick moron. How else did I become the chief of the DWP if I WAS a moron?

          Merry christmas to you.

          Iain Duncan Smith MP

          Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

          • Merry Xmas my arse, You mean shovel all the unemployed into UJM’s fake jobs, sex work & distributing Betterware catalogues? Do you actually even look at the so-called “vacancies” on the site? One I would like to see is for a “hitman” to take you & all the rest of the useless, dimwit bunch of toff twats masquerading as the cabinet out.

            Now that would be a Merry Xmas, ha,ha!

        • Hear hear kittycat, the Sallyan. RattlRattled a tin under my nose on Saturday n I said no way would I donate to anyone who exploits benefits claimants… n I’m not claiming jsa I’m working!

        • Don’t be fooled by the unemployment figures in the news lately, that’s tory smoke and mirrors, it’s far higher than that…no surprise there but the levels this coalition will stoop to massage the figures knows no limits, they are happy for people to die so they look as if they are doing a good job, the fact is anyone with one cell in their brain can see it all comes straight out of a comic book… unexceptional men and women with exceptional educations and they could not run a raffle let-alone the country. It’s almost laughable if the result of it wasn’t so damn sad.

      • jeffrey davies

        Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP OBE perhaps sir one needs to look inwards and see that you are part of the problem dipping into that open till for your pants breakfasts and all monies you spend claim back perhaps throwing rocks at others one should step outside your glasshouse jeff3

  2. someone has successfully ruffled their feathers it seems. Scum more than most since they pretend to be Christians.

  3. “And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house.

    Luke 10:7 (King James Bible Luke)

    The Bible might say that people who do work should be paid for their troubles, though the Salvation Army seems to believe something different, i.e., that some people forced to do compulsory workfare should labour for the Salvation Army WITHOUT being paid anything at all for their hire!


    • Phil Blond is a monster telling people that they should work for equity in public building’s and services, you will be working forever to keep up your end of the equity bargain of repairs to schools etc and for what the privilege of sending your kids to them and paying for teachers wages.
      Get rid of this nutcase along with all of the other cheeky, arrogant right wing think tanks and it’s exponents.

  4. Reblogged this on Still Oaks and commented:
    Using an injustice to justify their own wrongdoing. That has to be a new low.

  5. Wow, yet more cockwombles… A word that I only heard about a few weeks ago is such an apt descriptor of the likes of Iddiot Dipshit Smithe, and Giddiot Osborne now seems perfect as a term for The Salvation Forced Army… perhaps there should be a cockwomble awards on an annual basis.

  6. The salvation army should have a new name too “the one armed bandits”.

    • One rule for the smug monkeys running the upper government, and another rule for us pleb jobseekers. If they can claim 300 quid per attendance, then I’m going to do the same and ask for 500 quid from the jobcentre each time I have to face the silly cow who once put me on an illegal sanction.

      As for the 11% pay increase voted in by the poofs so-called running the country, I want an 11% increase on my JSA for having to jump through flaming hoops just to meet their JSA conditions imposed on me (recently increased by 100% just to make the JCP monkeys look if they are actually doing something)

  7. I’ve never been a Christian, but I always thought the Sallys were doing good work. I haven’t really given anymore thought over 40 years until the workfare schemes came in. Now I think they are just another bunch of lying corporate bastards pimping charity for gongs for the top table.

    Christians? Well they believe in it, so I say go to hell.

    • Landless Peasant

      I think the Sally Army are a confused lot. They believe in gaining Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ, as do Roman Catholics, yet practice the belief in attaining Ascension through one’s own efforts, working your way to Heaven, which is fundamentally Protestant. They believe that their job is to ‘encourage’ others into work in order that they may better themselves and so be Saved. I wouldn’t be surprised if their organization has Masonic origins or connections.

      • Wrong, Landless Peasant.

        The Bible teaches Salvation is not of works, but of Grace: for by grace are ye saved, through Faith; and that not of yourself: it is the gift of God. Not of works lest any man should boast.

        Grace is the unmerited love and favour of God – Salvation cannot be in earned or worked for through human efforts.

        Now that is fundamentally Protestant!

        And despite the so-called “protestant” work ethic, The Bible is against the use of workers without wages – see Jeremiah 22:13

    • What I say and have said before under these circumstances… Too Many Christians and Not Enough Lions!.

      • FAO Moi

        There are not too many Christians on this site.

        There are, of course, true and false Christians. Very often the latter are out to make money. Interestingly, The Bible warns true Christians to be sober and vigilant, because “your adversary The Devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about seeking whom he may devour”.

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  9. overburdenddonkey

    they cannot bare to look and do not want to see, that participating in this no-wage economy, leads to the conditions that people face in other countries that they claim to support…a slave is a human being who’s voice to rage and naturally assert against injustices has been removed and silenced, by controlling their access to vitals in life…ie “do as we say or you’ll get no food, we know best because we know what is best for you”…

  10. I’ve recently had two begging letters from these tow rags. I’ve sent them back in the Freepost envelope threatening them with data protection act. Not sure how they got my address as I’ve never given them any money as they r homophobic too.

  11. And to think that a few years ago I was referred to my local Salvation Army charity shop by New Deal as a work-placement trainee.

    If I had been referred now, I would simply tell the WP to stick it where the sun never shines.

  12. Waiting for when the smug poof iain duncan smith gets thrown into the lion cage when his own till fiddling becomes publicly known to the british people.

    He can’t cover up his incompletant mistakes and cash fiddling no longer.

  13. I had my say on their Facebook page, I was a smidgen impolite but it’s about time they stopped the bullshit. The fact they resort to lying implies the SA know they’re doing wrong and their self- justification – voluntary! – is just insincere bilge. They know they’re in the wrong but seem determined to front it out…

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  15. Landless Peasant

    This is just as bad as those people who say poverty doesn’t exist in the UK because of starving Africans.

    • overburdenddonkey

      l p
      good point, absolute starvation does not make malnutrition good…same goes for slavery, wage slavery is bad, unwaged slavery is even worse, but it does not make wage slavery good, by default…salvation does not come from work without rewards…

    • Apart from the fact that poverty in the UK has been defined so that it is impossible to eradicate without communism. Whether you like it or not there are people who refuse to work. Therefore they will always technically be in poverty won’t they?

      • Landless Peasant

        People are poor because others are rich. Simple as that.

        • It actually comes down to greed and nobody would advocate communism because that is proven in history never to work and ultimately turns into dictatorships, of course you don’t have to be excessively rich to be a greedy person but the more money you have the greater fear you may have of losing it and so you will resort to all methods possible to sustain the lifestyle such wealth affords you.

          With the Tories being so extreme right-wing they would like a society where only one class exists in holding the whip hand on every single aspect of life… and divide and rule rich and poor.. nothing between no welfare, no NHS, no nothing unless you are rich… the Tories are sly but stupid with every move they make they are old fashioned and out of touch.

          All people need to know is that if you are not rich they are not interested in you…. bow at the alter that is Cameron’s throne poor serf, If you are lucky he might throw you a scrap of hope that will be an illusion.. they are just slugs feeding off the positive vibes of real people who can create a positive out of hopelessness which is more than this miserable coalition can do… we are already selling out to china who is quite happy to buy mineral’s from North Korea… The Tories are no friends of this country merely rich fascist pigs who need to be slaughtered soon. In simple terms they would sell people as slaves in a more open manner to the way they are currently undertaking to create more fiddled figures that present an illusion they are running the country competently… it’s all a big fat Lie.. some people need to get their heads out of their arses and see through the smoke and mirrors before they end up the only one without a seat when the music stops.

  16. They do a lot of good work by volunteers, but it’s this government’s fault for forcing people onto the schemes and threatening sanctions.

    • Landless Peasant

      Yes ultimately it is the Government’s fault, but their unjust policies would be scuppered if other organizations refrained from collaborating. And, in the case of the Salvation Army, it is ironic/hypocritical that they are contributing to misery, suffering, ill-health, poverty, homelessness, suicides, by their participation hurting the poor and vulnerable. Whose side do you think Jesus would be on?

    • Suzanne if what you say is the case why are the SA not fighting the government’s policies instead of the unemployed?

    • overburdenddonkey

      suzanne e
      the SA can oppose the govt of draconia, by not taking part in govt of draconia schemes, they choose to participate in, therefore condone, and also justify them in foolish ways.

    • Suzanne: The Sally Army provide the places for these schemes, therefore, they are as culpable as the government in sanctioning people and forcing them into poverty.

      You silly girl.

    • They could refuse to participate ..other charities have

    • Same as labour did with recycling for example. Do as I say or we will fine you. We will remove your property rights or we will fine you (smoking ban). Or do you enjoy having your freedom taken away. Work or your benefits will be removed is no different.

    • I agree up until the Salvation Army got involved in this hideous business, I did have some respect for the things they do such as tracing lost relatives, helping people off the streets and so forth, but either through their greed of finance, their naivety towards the truth or maybe their calculated no scruples approach.. now things have changed. This Tory led coalition is turning everything it touches to shit, it’s corrupting the good will and sincerity. Trouble is they think they are helping but they are effectively making things a damn sight worse and giving motivation to the Tories twisted agenda.

  17. Workfare is slave labour and slavery is illegal. The definition of slavery is is forced or compulsory labour with little or no wages under physical or PSYCHOLOGICAL threat.

    Workfare is forced, compulsory labour with no wages under threat of financial sanctions (a very serious psychological threat). Slavery by any other name. I draw your attention to article 71 of the Coroners and Justice act 2009:

    71 Slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour

    (1)A person (D) commits an offence if—

    (a)D holds another person in slavery or servitude and the circumstances are such that D knows or ought to know that the person is so held, or

    (b)D requires another person to perform forced or compulsory labour and the circumstances are such that D knows or ought to know that the person is being required to perform such labour.

    (2)In subsection (1) the references to holding a person in slavery or servitude or requiring a person to perform forced or compulsory labour are to be construed in accordance with Article 4 of the Human Rights Convention (which prohibits a person from being held in slavery or servitude or being required to perform forced or compulsory labour).

    (3)A person guilty of an offence under this section is liable—

    (a)on summary conviction, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding the relevant period or a fine not exceeding the statutory maximum, or both;

    (b)on conviction on indictment, to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 14 years or a fine, or both.

    (4)In this section—

    “Human Rights Convention” means the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms agreed by the Council of Europe at Rome on 4 November 1950; “the relevant period” means—
    (a)in relation to England and Wales, 12 months;
    (b)in relation to Northern Ireland, 6 months.

    • None of which is the case as all on workfare are remunerated with JSA. Thats the wage for their work. Seriously I suggest you look at what you are commenting on.

      • If JSA is a wage, Nick, then it is an illegal wage because anything less than NMW is against the law. Anyone on a workfare scheme doing a placement can be doing anywhere between twenty and thirty hours a week, which would equate to around £2 or £3 an hour, when you consider that JSA is £71 a week. Would you slog your guts out for £2 an hour?

      • They are not remunerated with JSA, jsa or should I say unemployment benefit is a right both legally and humanitarily and most of the tax paying public are still paying into this insurance scheme for the benefit of those that are suffering repeated governments’ incompetence at providing PAID WORK. The tory voting fascists and control freaks may think conditionality to receive this benefit is ok because they know their jobs are protected and most have wealth anyway, yet still greedy enough and arrogant enough to think they have a God given right to deny others the means of survival – shame on them.

      • Away and fling shite at yourself Nick ya twat!

      • Landless Peasant

        @ Nick

        Seriously I suggest you go fuck yourself.

      • Let’s not forget that Boy George said nobody on benefits should get more than a person in employment on a minimum working wage. If people are forced into working for these charities and others and JSA is that wage then it’s a massive contradiction. JSA is a benefit not a wage and a position of work without real pay cannot be considered employment and certainly not volunteering because it’s enforced… I think it’s high time IDS’s tower of cards came tumbling down once and for all. It now becoming rather trying and boring to say the least, the tide must turn.

  18. They all seem the same these days, i.e. these big charities are just money making “corporations” about making money for those that run it. A bit trickles down to keep the legitimate claim but most I feel is syphoned off by the organisation in running costs which includes very large salaries for the fat cats at the top of the “charity”. The fact that they are quite willing to exploit the needy unemployed for financial gain is demonstration of their ruthless, cold, corporate mindset and demonstrates dubous charitable ethics.

    Recent news coverage of the “shameful” – according to BBC, plight of the Syrian refugees living in freezing cold camps in Lebanon had me thinking what is the difference of British people freezing and hungry on our streets to their plight. I feel for those people certainly but very scant attention if any seems to be given to our own problems here in the UK which are clearly real.

    The Salvation Army has lost its original purpose and direction which was I’m sure for the geuine good but is now just a well oiled money making machine.

    • overburdenddonkey

      the SA has no right to tell others how to behave, that is exactly what they are doing, putting themselves in a position to do and that is why i oppose them…i only respect those who oppose oppression of human beings…

    • Good call, JD. Describing these diseased hypocrites as a well oiled money making machine is very apt. I spit on them. The next time they try and flog me a copy of Warcry, I’ll tell them what they can do with it.

  19. onwards Christian soldiers now means another thing when Christian use slave labour then this cannot in all honesty be Christian and to use slaves is not charitable so any one calling themselves a charity is now lying this isn’t 1800 but 2013 they taking us backwards to this time jeff3

    • Do none of you get that slavery involves no wages. JSA is paid for their time. Would you prefer the gov give money but society does not benefit from the money they pay out. Apart from tobacco companies?

      • and how does subsidizing business with free labor benefit society.

        and how does replacing workers with people working for jsa benefit society.

      • Ooooh, ye gods, not another tory troll spouting the the same tedious crap about the unemployed as portrayed in the daily heil.You’re not that braindead idiot Nick Barnes who was on here a couple of weeks ago, by any chance?

        • He’s probably some tory twat spouting off on all social blogging sites just to see if anyone would agree with him and vote him in as an MP in time for May 2015.

      • FUCK OFF! CUNT!

        • ah! but let’s not forget ages back Boy George said that nobody on benefits should be better off than anyone in employment on the minimum working wage… well this proves he too is a stone cold liar because if you have to be a slave for the JSA rather than actively seeking paid employment as opposed to being badgered at the JCP to do voluntary work then the concept of Volunteering will need to be redefined as enforced work experience which of course is unacceptable by the nature of the fact there is little if any work experience to be gained from a good majority of these placements and it’s loopholes constantly allow it to be abused by private businesses and charities who sign up for a wad of cash without any degree of scruples… the unemployed are just a commodity to be hired and let go on a whim before the next lot come in, all it’s doing is preventing people from getting a tangible position of real employment by serving greedy bosses of charities and other companies and making them richer than they already appear to be.

          If the government introduced workhouses and chain gangs people would be under no illusions but it would be a vote killer (NO!) 🙂 . Fact is there will come a time just around the corner when people will just say Enough is Enough and take the anger to the private doorsteps of each and every politician who advocates these policies, and as for Workfare it needs to be flushed down the toilet from where it gurgled up in the brown stuff along with IDS and his cronies. It just shows you that an exceptional education is wasted on a good majority of the rich, especially those who decide to become career politicians. This is not about simply dealing with bone idle benefit scroungers it’s just an excuse to lump them all together and one-size fits all and chuck the baby out with the bath water, because they have neither the elegance or the intelligence to deal with welfare properly so those who are entitled get it and those who are not entitled are told “Right buddy!, time to remove the teat you have been sucking the milk of human kindness from for too many years with that bad back or leg”

          If they want to sort welfare they need to focus on school leavers and ages up to late 40’s, beyond that point we have people who may or may not have another 20 years of employable work potential in them but it’s variable and those in the younger age brackets if mentally/physically ill or unemployed should get welfare if it’s proven sensibly they are incapable of work and I don’t mean that soulless ATOS, they would be the first I would get rid of to save money.. and end workfare.. then start treating people like human beings because by experience it’s fair to say respect is earned but one must see through those who seek an easy passage financially through life because they have become effectively institutionalised on benefits to the level the whole of the family structure collapses when benefit is withdrawn… this is the fault of all governments just taking the easy way out as the Tories are actually doing under the guise of hard line welfare reform, it’s all smoke and mirrors.. an illusion to kid middle class and general working classes they are getting tough on idle benefit scroungers with slogans like “Strivers not Skivers” it’s all so provisional and naïve because it does not stop billy no mates using his dole for drugs, betting and computer games whilst his girlfriend barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen expecting baby no.06 and looking for a larger house to accommodate this tax payer funded joy ride.

          There has been utterings of thoughts such as “Scrap workfare and bring back national service and at the same time it will also be a means to see who is fit enough and who is not, this would also have an impact on so-called economical migrants from European countries who are legally able to come to the UK.. if they do not have employment then they will have to join up as a British citizen holding a British passport. These are just things that get tossed around on the internet and in stories that are picked up but it would also clear directionless youths hanging around street corners drinking cheap booze and mugging an old lady of her purse or an old man in his home and stealing his war medals to sell for a big bag of skunk for himself and to sell on.. deal with it before it reaches that stage maybe?. It’s the progression of a staircase that goes down and never rises again but keeps some in darkness for the rest of their employable life… Put it this way… there will be few granddads in the coming generations who will be able to tell them any stories about their lives… okay… “I left school with no qualifications, had a bad back for 50 years and loafed off the state until I collected my state pension, in-between got into drugs and booze and women and had a bad gambling habit, hit your grandmother around the place until she attacked me we a knife and I left and went to Manchester and ended up on the streets. ah the script is obvious.. before a charity picked me up and gave me back my dignity and family access. The Tories are not helping society they are just creating more problems for the future it’s like throwing all those boxes into a spare room because you don’t want to sort them out individually, and eventually the room is so full nothing more can be put in this room and eventually it will need to be addressed. Eventually something has to give.

          • Moi

            Those who are long term unemployed should not be considered to be scroungers or malingerers, your prejudices are showing.

            • something survived...

              Nazi-onal service. Remember cases of racist cellmate-murders in young offenders institutions and prisons from the 1990s onwards. Leaving out the issue of health and disability, the ethics of the military, the hierarchical institution, machoism and bullying/suicide/self-harm….

              Imagine that a young ablebodied and healthy, black or Asian man has been selected for compulsory military service, passed as ‘fit’ (whether or not correctly), and has been sent to the barracks to live. Imagine he’s assigned to a place right next to a BNP/EDL guy or a bunch of them.
              Imagine he’s murdered on his first night there.

            • Someone mention workhouses? Here’s a suggestion for the Sally Army:


              Farming the Poor

              Following Knatchbull’s [Law], the actual running of workhouses was not necessarily undertaken by the parish itself. It could instead be contracted out to a third party who would undertake to feed and house the poor, charging the parish a weekly rate for each inmate. The contractor would also provide the inmates with work and could keep any income generated. This system was known as ‘farming’ the poor. The contract was usually awarded to the bidder offering the best price for the job which might take a variety of forms, for example maintaining all the paupers in a parish, or just managing the workhouse, or just a particular group of paupers such as infants and children, or lunatics, or providing medical relief.

              Eden, in his 1797 survey of the poor in England, described the operation of “farming” in the Farnham workhouse:

              The contractor is allowed the use of the house and furniture, and the earnings of the Poor, and receives £1,000 a year for which he is bound to maintain the Poor of every description, but not bear the expense of removals, appeals, or other law contests. There are at present (Oct., 1795) 124 inmates, of whom 50 are old and infirm, and generally about the same in winter. There are a few out-pensioners, but the payments are very trifling, as it is more for the interest of the contractor to offer the Poor who apply for relief no alternative but the house. The infirm who can work are employed in picking wool, the children attend the carding machine, spin, etc., and are taught to read twice a day. Boys and girls, men and women sleep in different quarters of the house. The contractor says he keeps no account of expenses or earnings.

      • JSA is paid to seek jobs and not to be forced to labour

      • Landless Peasant

        Benefits and Wages are two entirely different things.

      • overburdenddonkey

        you are lost in concrete operational rationalizations, don’t ya know how immature it is to tell others how to behave, that they cannot spell, cannot properly express themselves, that they are lazy, and that they need to grow up. these are your rules of grace and etiquette, hear the voices of people, not just their words…if you come on here spouting your political regurgitations of events, people are going to tell you where to go…what is your remedy, nick, do you even have one? abuse is caused when others tell us to live on a sniff of an oil rag and be grateful, as they plunder the wealth of our nation, and at the same time tell us we are not worthy or entitled to our lawful subsistence benefits…jsa is paid for actively seeking work, not to do unpaid work. all unpaid work does is to create even more misery, unemployment, drives wages down and increases poverty. even those in paid work are being driven into increasing poverty..the gap between rich and poor is rapidly widening…i can rightfully tell you to go away and come back, when you decide to leave the “naughty chair”, your’re obviously still occupying…every human being has a right to the vitals of life, these rights are non-negotiable, they are needs, and if others come here and say that they need to be earned they will get short thrift, no human being is above another in requiring those basic needs..end sanctions now, no work experience, without wage experience…every human being on this planet wants/needs decent paid work, it is natural for people to work to provide for themselves and to support others who cannot. to be put on endless job search, to be told to work for nothing, have to constantly prove need for sickness and disability benefits is draining and insulting….if these job/work hours are in the uk economy they should be paid hours…if there is a job to do there is a wage to be paid…

  20. Clive Baulch, People Before Profit

    “Harrowing and unimaginable” suffering. As when a disabled man has to get into a skip behind a supermarket and hunt around for something to eat. Like I did last Christmas after having being illegally sanctioned. Fucking sanctimonious wankers. You have exploited us for long enough. Time to shut you down.


  21. my NAme etc
    Since when did baptism mean you do not own your own soul?
    “Maritime law”? Where are you getting all of this from?

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      what you have written about natural assertion is correct, but no one is a whimp, because they have lost the way of natural assertion eroded in the seas of time…anger and rage is natural assertion of human being, towards injustice inflicted on one by others..

      • obd
        How can you loose natural assertion, does that make you unnatural?

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          no, it makes one bullied into reacting in an unnatural way….
          the root damage caused by being bullied is a loss of self esteem, and/or natural assertion, especially the bullying that is caused in and around sanctions ie threat to or loss of vitals if one does not do this that or the other right…

          • obd

            The best way to treat all control freak bullies is with contempt and disdain, In my lifetime I have found government and other public bodies not to mention the NHS to be nothing but bullies, but I refuse to give in to their bullying preferring instead not to stand on ceremony for any of those that are exponents of unjust practices, policies or laws.
            It is a sad day when charities are exploiting workers by employing business practices and seats of justice like the hague have been reduced to ignoring abuses of human rights.

            • overburdenddonkey

              g fawkes
              yes, it is indeed sad times we live in, when humanity is being swallowed up by greed…by others who claim that they are simply following orders…let our gut reactions be our guide, and let our assertions flow from our gut…

            • Exactly. Why are we forced to deal with the failing, bullying, overpriced, joke that is the NHS. If you want to look at a good health system, try Italy. I can tell you how it is better than the NHS in every way you can possibly think of.

    • My NAME is MINE!

      Since, the Cestui Que (Vie) TRUSTS.
      “Maritime Law”? / “Admiralty Law”.
      Read the One Stop Truth Doc!

      • overburdenddonkey

        my name is mine
        yes, i have, but imo, it deny’s the source of abundant knowledge, which supersedes the information you ascribe to…abundant knowledge is the brains we are born with…gnosis, know thy self..

        • My NAME is MINE!

          It’s Spiritual, not Physical.
          “To know thyself ” implies not only to learn but the ability to discern what is and what is not. Thus knosis and true knowledge has always been the enemy of deception and those who deliberately mislead.
          Trust in instinct and intuition.

          • overburdenddonkey

            my name is my name
            the knowledge i speak of, is already ours…it is our emotions, instincts, and intuition…

            • My NAME is (MY) name.

              They, removed my post but they will never take the truth away from the awakened people. Once you know the truth, you have to stand in it.

              No harm, no foul!
              My NAME is (MY) Name!

  22. Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP OBE

    As the leader of the government, I am fully supportive of the Salvation Army actively taking part in the slavery movement. If any fool objects to my full support I will be issuing a formall 3 year sanction against you and make you suffer with no money, you lazy bums.

    I have passed on my recommendations to the Queen that the chairman of the salvation army is to receive a knighthood in the new year’s honours list for his excellent work in promoting slavery in his charity shops.

    For those lazy turds on JSA or ESA refusing to work as and when told to, even if told to work 12 hour days 7 days a week, I will ask your local council housing officer to evict you and send your property to my house. I could do with a new 60” LCD TV, a new cooker, a new fridge, a new hoover and a new carpet. Unfortunately, my pet dog di a huge wet and stinky whoopsie all over my new carpet in the state-sized dining room of my expensive mansion. I tried to clean up the brown sloppy pet poop but it won’t shift. So give me your fucking carpets you lazy un-employable berks.

    Next year, beginning of April, my own salary will be increased to £100 million per annum through my achievements in fucking up the welfare system and forcing people to work for their dole. Money from my sanctions will be added to my over-inflated expenses, namely those used for travel and my porn habits.

    Finally, I must add that I have been attending a swinger’s party at Chequers where lots of dusky chocolate coloured birds from Barbados have been entertaining me with their large bouncy coconuts. The money for this group party has been stolen from your JSA payments that have been sanctioned.

    A merry christmas from me and a miserable new year. Next year your JSA is going to be fucking stopped as I don’t like to see this money wasted on un-employable plebs.

    Sir Iain Duncan Smith MP OBE

    Tory tosser of HM Queen’s government

    Chief rabbi of the corrupt DWP

    • Iain, Sir Iain, come on …. come on now, come with me, you’ve had a hard day and it’s time for supper and your medication ….. come on, let’s go now …..

    • Grow up child. Do you not like having to work for the living the gov gives you?

  23. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void reports how the Salvation Army has responded to criticism of its use of benefit claimants placed on workfare to staff its stores by denying that this constitutes forced labour and referring to the good work the Sally Ann does carrying for the victims of human trafficking. The Void’s article duly criticises this tasteless denial as ‘contemptible’. He in turn cites the cases of sanctioned claimants, who have committed suicide or been forced to go through bins to feed themselves. He also rightly points out that the reference to the horrific evil of human trafficking does not make workfare any the less acceptable in its turn. In all of this The Void is absolutely correct, as is one of his commenters, JD, who notes that the charities are now run as corporations, with the fat cats at the top receiving very good salaries from the generosity and unpaid labour of the charities’ supporters and volunteer staff. I have had first hand experience of the corrosive effect of the corporate mentality on some of the managers in various charities. Way back in the 1990s I did voluntary work for another, non-faith based charity. I left it after a few weeks, however. Although the office manager herself was really good and appreciative, one of the subordinate managers told me that basically I wasn’t doing my job properly. I found this insulting when I was working for nothing, and so handed in my notice. When I mentioned this to a friend of mine a few months ago, he stated that many charities have a very large staff turnover because of the type of managers they recruit. These tend to come from the civil service or business, and still believe they can treat voluntary workers with the same rudeness and officiousness they did when they were in paid work. As a result, many of the volunteer staff are naturally offended by this treatment and lack of consideration, and leave. The Salvation Army appears to have forgotten it is a charity, and that it is dependent on generosity and goodwill, and therefore expected to conform to higher ethical standards than commercial companies and businesses. Many of the religious people, who have supported them are also becoming increasingly disillusioned by the expanding demands the charity makes on them. The stores, for example, are set a quota for the amount of money they must bring in each week. At the same time, the people I know, who give to charity have become dissatisfied with the way charities now demand their supporters to give a set amount of money. These sums can be particularly high for retired people on low incomes. If the Sally Ann, and other charities like it do not change their policies and attitudes, people will simply cease giving to them, and the genuinely volunteer staff may leave. For all I know, this may be already happening, hence the charity’s support for workfare as a way of recruiting new staff. In America the Salvation Army has already faced criticism and controversy because of the way it has been co-opted by government to supply the welfare services that the post-Reaganite state no longer provides. If it is not careful, then its British section will also become similarly discredited. The only solution is for the Salvation Army to stop trying to be business, recognise the moral constraints and commitments that are part and parcel of being a charity, and strongly reject and oppose workfare and the forcible use of the unemployed in their stores.

    • overburdenddonkey

      my way of looking at things has changed considerably over the years and looking back the SA has always worshipped at the alter of capitalism… except now through modern communications, such as the internet provides, it is now clearly seen for what it is…

    • If the Sally army take gov money they are a quango. Like any other charity thats takes gov money. Thats why the RNLI refuse to take gov money. So they are independent. Most charities take gov money so are not charities. Most are left wing nonsense mind. Such as those dedicated to promoting faith, LGBT etc. While they might be worthy, they are not charities.

      • Remember DC’s promise.. there would be a bonfire of the Quango’s yet there are now more than ever… some are absolutely ridiculous and I don’t know how people can get up each morning and call it a job, let-alone get paid serious money for doing so and feeling no guilt in doing it.

      • Left wing nonsense? As opposed to what exactly? The right wing nonsense of the SA and all the other organisations that have signed up to
        using Workfare.

        The SA have a long history of doing government’s bidding, indeed, they are a central part of the oppressive system, always ready to support the boss class. In early 20th Century strikes and industrial actions in the USA tSalvation Army bands were often used to drown out IWW speakers on picket lines, so much so that many of the IWW songs are set to the hymn tunes often played by SA bands.

  24. When i get the begging letters from Salvation army. and send it back to them as they have to pay the postage and the time of the person opening it.

    I print off this We will not give any money to salvation army that uses The Forced Labour of the Work programme.

    “And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the labourer is worthy of his hire. Go not from house to house.”

    Luke 10:7 (King James Bible)

    And the LORD says, “What sorrow awaits Jehoiakim, who builds his palace with forced labor. He builds injustice into its walls, for he makes his neighbors work for nothing. He does not pay them for their labor.
    Jeremiah 22:13

    “There are six things that the Lord hates, seven that are an abomination to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked plans, feet that make haste to run to evil, a false witness who breathes out lies, and one who sows discord among brothers. Proverbs 6:16-19.

    • The Starvation Army Are CUNTS!!

      You sure they have to pay for the time of the person opening it, Eric? 🙂

      • well if they have to open up hundreds of them it all means the person doing it wont be able to do other things for them.. so it takes up time.. and reduces their profits.. ;)..

  25. DEAR DWP;









    GEOFF REYNOLDS | December 16, 2013 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    ………….it’s hard to imagine a line of coffins stretching for almost a mile and three quarters, but this is how many people have died as a result of DWP cuts firmly aimed at the poor and disabled.

    ……and yet, according to the DWP, the figures are pure fiction.

    Try telling this to the families who are missing a loved one, now just an image, a memory, a tear stained photograph on a sideboard.

    ……….they know the truth, and so do yo

    • @GEOFF. They should explain the £600 rule ..why £600 is that the price of a life ?

    • Do tell me then why the NHS stifle the huge bodycount they preside over. The labour party won’t let anyone reform it, despite it being less fit for purpose than the home office (and that says a lot). Although I’m sure you would never criticise the sacred NHS. My Father is only alive because BUPA stepped in to save him at the last minute. They then billed the NHS as they did this for free. Take a look at the fantastic health service run in Italy for example and then come back. Tens of thousands die unnecessarily in the NHS every year.

      • Private run care homes owned by barristers, councillors etc who were happy to close down council run nursing homes paid for by the state.
        Their lucrative businesses are run on a shoe string by unqualified people while taking up to £500 a week or more from their clients, pensions, savings and assets.
        They are greedy grasping parasites themselves no more efficiently run nor accountable than the NHS services they replaced but at least they were free at the point of delivery for ILL people who have worked all their lives and paid into a system that is now robbing them of everything.

      • Landless Peasant

        “Tens of thousands die unnecessarily in the NHS every year.”

        Than the NHS needs more funding.

  26. Their position seems a bit like saying “I help support rape victims, so if I grope a few women’s tits you can’t criticize me for it”. It’s total bullshit: whatever else they may do says nothing about whether workfare is right, and certainly doesn’t support describing it as ‘volunteering’.

  27. The SA are nothing more than two faced hypocrites.”We help victims of human trafficking”,yeah “help” them into Workfare if they could get away with it. They deserve their prepaid envelopes sent back to them with nothing in them except truthful criticism,they can’t hit back at that.

    • something survived...

      PS Don’t send razor blades, shit, blood, etc. The poor person opening the silly army’s mail, could be one of Us on Workfare.

  28. The Salvation Army are SCUM, please boycott them.

  29. Fuck the Salvation Army!

  30. God was ere..

  31. jobcentre plus are using this now after the work programme.making it a jobseekers direction “more likely to be employed” either at a charity or private company. the whole thing stinks.

    • something survived...

      funnily enough if you get YOURSELF a part time voluntary job, training course or study course, they kick you off it AND stop your benefits!

  32. “Redefining our crimes – it’s what we do best” Salvation Barmy Army

  33. The Starvation Army Christmas Appeal

    “Just £268.80 a month (only £71.70 a week) will help us to provide a bowl of cold soup and a stale roll for “Johnny” who has been made homeless and hungry due to receiving a three year benefit sanction through his Mandatory Work Activity placement in one of our ‘charity’ sweatshops. Please give generously! Thank you!”

    • FAO “The Starvation Army Christmas Appeal”

      Have you sent your comment to your local branch of the Salvation Army or to the local Press?

      The Salvation Army should do the honourable thing and withdraw from Unbiblical MWA!

  34. Given the Salvation army are in charge of handing out food in some food banks is it right that they openly encourage destitution? No. Another organization with better morals should take over it. How dare they pretend to be on the side of the poor and the needy when they exploit them. Our society is sick and not enough people give a fuck.

    • overburdenddonkey

      big beans
      well it is proof, if more proof were needed, that they are punishing us..

      • @donkey. It’s not punishment ..its fucking denial that they created this mess..
        I am surprised they didnt take this money and piss it away on them selves …

      • overburdenddonkey

        oh, they are in denial aright and projecting their denial onto us as a punishment….they are are avoiders of responsibility for their actions, which is why they scapegoat others…

    • @big beans . the fucking hypocracy and duplicity of the fact that this cunting govt accepts EU funding the European social fund to pay the fucking workfare parasites ..the poverty pimp trade like A4e fraudsters
      Who pretty much act like they run the DWP and even boast about it…
      And yet at same time won’t accept EU grants to support foodbanks because that help comes from johnny foreigner
      And that to accept suggests there is dire poverty in this country ( remember the dismissive crap aimed at the UN person ? )

      All this just shows to me its a fucking gravy train to extort as much public cash into private bank accounts and use any means to extort that cash even exploit the poverty that they created..

  35. “A Brisbane man is among dozens of people who hope to give evidence when the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse turns its attention to the Salvation Army.”
    For those who think the Salvation Army is a church free of sex abuse scandals think again!

  36. We are all created equal unless…………………………

    Father is a Judge, a Stockbroker, a Banker, etc etc etc……

    Therefore, the whole pretence of being equal was dead in the water when it was first uttered, and has been ever since!

    What makes one person have to survive on £71 per week and do workfare, whilst another does absolutely,sweet fuck all and gets paid £300 per day?

    It certainly isn’t equality and it certainly isn’t looks, so what makes a person more unequal than another?

    There is not one answer, but a combination of quirks of fate, or chapters in a lifetime, that lay a path for how a person lives their life………………….

    Why should a miner work in a dangerous environment and do hard toil for a small wage, whilst a pen pusher does nothing and receives a handsome salary?

    The equilibrium of who we are is defined by one thing only, money………..

    If you ain’t got it, your nobody, and if you have it, your’e somebody.

    But sadly, it doesn’t end there,because the “somebody” takes on the role as treating the poor as a “nobody” and in an effort to continue the “illusion”, strives to keep them there.

    ………..and that’s the problem in our country today.

    To continue the principal of having importance, the richer of the two sees fit to do two things, firstly to push the poorer into further debt, and secondly to block any attempt for the underdog to catch up.

    To enable these factors to happen, the rich need to belong to an elite.

    The elite is usually formed by distancing from the poor and mixing within circles that have the same mindset.

    Eton and the ilk being the breeding ground of individuals who consider themselves already superior, not by their knowledge or skills, but usually Daddies wallet………………..

    Who needs to do an apprenticeship for four years, when Daddies friend, who usually owes a big favour, has an opening in the city?


    History, however, has a way of showing that the meek have always had a way of inheriting the earth.

    The greed bubble is accelerating headlong into a big bang and all the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t put Humpty together again.

    “Humpty knows this and is trying to manipulate the law and the media, the voice of the people and the multinationals………..

    ………poor old Humpty, i’m afraid your’e doomed!!!

    • We can’t have everyone running around being equal..if it wasn’t for privilege we would never have leaders ..

      • Apart from the fact that most “leaders” are as dim as a 5 watt..

      • Chewie

        You cannot eliminate greed and selfishness, even in the concentration camps where all had a crust each to survive, there was always one that wanted to steal that slice off another.
        These charities and the government are taking the bread out of the mouths of babes and adults who will not bow to their dogma or demands.

  37. Annex A
    Annex A
    Dear Geoffrey Reynolds,
    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received 26 April. You asked;
    Has an exercise ever been done to quantify if £71 would be enough to sustain a human being?

    We are not aware of any exercises undertaken by Government on adequacy of benefits.

    • @ geoff the dwp letters use the phrase ” this is the amount the law says you are entitled to ”
      I wonder what law that is .

      • The lawmaker who inserted this phrase was being very prescient; it is a LEGAL PROTECTION to ensure that benefit payments do not fall below a minimum threshold i.e the JSA/ESA level. Nobody on JSA (25 and over) should be receiving less than £71.70 because “this is the amount the LAW says you are entitled to.” In other words sanctions are ILLEGAL!!

  38. Ah the christian work ethic…” You are starving my son because you are lazy .pray to god to ask for redemption and guidance and do not be greedy and expect minimum wage either “

  39. With reference to the link posted by Mr Big Beans:

    Who in the DWP has leaked this? They will be found then strung, drawn and quartered.

    It is imperative that we appear to be doing well. Image is all! No way must we be seen to be incapable broke desperate as to be in need of welfare charity from bloody Europe. What, with Bangladesh’s and then Ethiopia’s recent offerings of humanitarian aid, we are fast becoming the bloody laughing of Europe. This will also fuck our chances of re-election in 16 months if the electorate catch on that we’re really on our knees.

    Honourable friends, we need to be seen to be doing well. The image must be maintained at all cost.

    The £2.9 million quid will not be spent on food aid that’s for fucking sure that’s ours. We’ll get it transferred to our accounts via some bogus workfare scheme yet to be confirmed.

    Remember my right honourable friends, image is everything, substance is nothing. May I take this opportunity to wish us a happy christmas and prosperous new year!

    David Camoron MP

  40. application end of life services

    I saw that phrase on Atos document !!

    At first I misread it as application for death courtesy of Atos..
    Ie application for end of life services ..

  41. Do only the thick stupid and lazy post on here. No one appears to be able to spell, understand the real world. Realise money does not grow on trees and seem to be very hypocritical. Plenty of vile abuse coupled with homophobic attitudes. Oh and this place is a mine of lies and miss iinformation. Do you not understand who pissed all the money away on vanity projects and lining their own pockets? Have you seen how rich Mandy, Blair, Prescott etc are? Who relaxed the tax system to allow non doms to raid london but pay no tax? Stop living in your anti tory dream world and wake up. Labour always leave the country broke. Read your history, it is always the same 1951, 79, 2010. Who was it who signed us up to bailing out Greece when it wasn’t our problem? Labour. Who stopped our automatic bailing out of EU countries? Conservative. Labour can’t help but waste money.

    • And nick by the way apart from being a stupid cunt.. And a lying fuckwit the bulk of tax payers money is going to corrupt crooked companies .. In league with this shit govt ..but to avoid that issue they blame the poorest that they created
      So fuck off back to your Neanderthal palace of low life knuckle dragging brainwashed morons ..

      • The level ignorance by twats like ‘ nick ‘ typify what’s wrong in UK i guess ppl diagnosed with brain tumour are just putting it on to sponge.
        I guess everyone in hospital is a malingerer then…

        • No those diagnosed with a brain tumour would be better off if they were living in Italy not here. The NHS would finish them off in no time.

      • As I said this place is a mine of vile abuse coupled with lies. Provide evidence for my “lies”? Read back your own post and tell me you have not abused me in a vile manor? Otherwise I suggest you grow up and learn some decorum.

        • Iain Duncan Smith MP

          @ Nick

          Learn to fucking spell, you dimwit. No wonder you can’t get a fucking job.

          It’s not ‘vile manor’

          It’s ‘vile manner”

          What drugs have you been sniffing to make you mis-spell?

          And if you don’t like reading these forum posts and don’t or can’t accept the truth, then fuck off.

          By the way, I have instructed your local jobcentre plus office to increase your obligations by a minimum 50 activities per week in order to qualify for JSA payments.

          Iain Duncan Smith MP

          Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

    • i suggest you stop reading then nick.

      • He can’t read nuggy unless its in daily mail speak ..

        • So now I can’t read. Got to love the abuse from the left.

          • Iain Duncan Smith MP

            May I remind you that the present government is not ‘the left’
            If you don’t like reading these posts, then why respond to anybody on here? you tickturd.

            Iain Duncan Smith

            Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

      • Its always interesting to know what those who only know how to abuse people think. I’m talking to you Bob. Such a kind person who knows how to put forward his own thoughts in such a polite manor. Why do you lot think anyone who does not agree with you is worthy of abuse. Do you really think that your point is improved by calling people t**ts and c**nts? Really. I think most people are turned off your point by acting in such a foul manor.

    • Iain Duncan Smith MP

      @ Nick

      Why don’t you fuck off from these posts and get a fucking job, you lazy cunt. I have been informed from your Jobcentre plus office that you have constantly failed time and time again to actively be avaiable for and actively seek employment. Therefore, I have personally issued a three month sanction against you for which you cannot possibly launch an appeal against.

      May I also remind you that the DWP cannot continue to support lazy bums like yourself for much longer. We need the money instead to fund our regular visits to ll the knocking shops on Soho, London. So hard fucking luck, you dimwit.

      Your JCP now regularly sends in each job booklet diary you have fully completed so I can be allowed by my chief David Camoron to put into motion a referral to 6 months hard labour on our flagship award-winning work programme, as our policy is, work sets you free.

      In due course you shall receive a letter from your Jobcentre office with a mandatory referral date outlining an formal appointment at Stalag VII, West Germany with our WP advisor Herr Goebels.

      Now fuck off you poof and stop wasting my fucking JSA money on drugs and booze each week.

      Iain Duncan Smith MP

      Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

      • Iain Duncan Smith the Highest and Most Excellent

        Get lost, you. The sympathy you show for the scrounging underclass just goes to prove that you’re not really me.

        Nick sounds like my sort of person. In fact, I’d like to appoint him as Chief Wonk of the new think-tank I’m in the process of creating, the Institute for Thinking Up New Ways to Fuck Over the Unemployed, the Sick, the Disabled, and the Low-Paid (ITUNWFOUSDLP). It’s not that I’ve run out of bold and original ideas myself, it’s just that I need to take some time off to count my money. I could also do with some help to fight off the constant encroachments on my turf of that overgrown schoolboy Osborne.

        Here is my Christmas message to the rest of you: come 2014 and you’re all fucked. Deck the halls!

        • Iain Duncan Smith MP

          Who is this fucking imposter?

          I’m the one who has implemented these changes to the welfare system to stop tickturds like my imposter from scrounging the state.

          • Iain Duncan Smith El Altissimo y Excelentissimo

            There’s another job for you, Nick. As soon as possible I want you to set up an elite DWP unit of anti-cybercrime operatives to track down and beat the shit out of any bollocks pretending to be me. Do this and I promise you a BBC Executive type salary complete with expenses account, generous pension arrangements, and a multi-bedroom mansion in the country.

            • Iain Duncan Smith MP

              Fooking numpty imposter.

              I will now ask David Cameron to set up an internet tracking crime organisation to hunt down and arrest anybody pretending to be me.

              I would like to remind the wally in that falsely using my name it is a crime to impersonate a member of her majesty’s government, and that this carries an imprisonment term of 20 years hard labour along with a minimum £50,000 fine that will be accrued from the proceeds of any property belonging to the fake numpty.

              Now fook off and let me continue in counting the pennies I have saved from all the sanctions I have imposed on the lackey jobseekers for the tax year April 2012 to April 2013.

              The real Iain Duncan Smith MP

              Secretary of State for Department of Work and Pensions

            • Iain Duncan Smith The Grand Panjandrum

              “I will now ask David Cameron to set up an internet tracking crime organisation to hunt down and arrest anybody pretending to be me.”

              Aha! No original ideas! Proof, if any were needed, that I am the real me and that this is the genuine imposter.

              Jump to it, Nick!

    • So who pissed £40 million up the wall on the their vanity project of Universal Credit? Sure as hell wasn’t Labour, but I mean surely the tories wouldn’t be that profligate with public money, would they? (Sarcasm intended)

    • Landless Peasant

      Public spending isn’t a waste of money. Conservatives are Public Enemy Number One.

    • “Do only the stupid and the lazy post on here”? You should know Nick your one of them.

  42. In the light of the Judges ruling that the ESA/WCA process is discriminatory against people with mental health problems ISN’T IT ABOUT TIME disabled people and their families and friends wrote to Iain Duncan Smith demanding their assessment be revoked. These assessments have proved to be a violation of our human rights. We should all demand compensation for past wrong doings and demand a cessation of the assessments until something more worthwhile is put in place. Imagine 6 million letters jamming up the DWP postal service? Imagine the public outcry? Where are the lawyers when you need them?

  43. Your link initiated a joint post between myself & Sue Jones – worth a read

    • overburdenddonkey

      any form of mind set training is bad, as it sets up a dependence on trainers.

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps jaynel62
        we are often compelled to go to mind set trainers for fear of losing our vitals of life, we are pressured into attending the WP for example…to be told we are not doing this that or the other right or getting it right, and if only we got it right we would be working now etc etc..when in fact their are very few spare decent paid jobs out there…the best part of work experience is pay experience, if there is a job to do there is a wage to be paid…end sanctions now!

      • overburdenddonkey

        true therapy aids one in expressing one’s own what one truly thinks…as opposed what one is told to think…

  44. I’ve got a close friend who they are currently trying to force to work in the SA shop on Leith Walk for 30 hours a week although he is sanctioned, (note, not working for his benefits, working for bugger all, they even had to feed slaves didn’t they), with it being this that prompted the protest in the photograph used in this article and 2 others on Monday & Tuesday morning of this week outside the SA shop in Leith Walk, this perhaps prompting the SA’s little fight back mentioned above.

    As I have said, my friend is currently sanctioned, (for the 3rd time), and what makes it worse is the reason given for this sanction, (in writing), is that he attended a protest outside the job centre when he should have been looking for work, (what makes this ironic is that the protest was in support of PCS staff at the job centre), you really couldn’t make it up…

  45. According to BBC News the “UK jobless rate is at its lowest since 2009”, but what they don’t say is that the ‘off-flow’ from JSA can be attributed to the ‘new tougher sanctions’ regime whereby jobseekers leave the unemployment register for abject destitution!

  46. sorry if this is off topic but the government have just announced the jobless figures have gone down yet again,no mention of sanctions no mention of workfare FUCKING LYING BASTARDS i apologise for that outburst im livid the pigs in animal farm are grunting in the trough

  47. two ‘have to’s’ have been put in – should be I will have to unequivocally, evaluate your enigmatic reply.

  48. @Nick lol we all know labour are a shower of shit because they come from the same elitist upper middle class background as yourself. Why should those who live in areas that were ruined by thatcher and the service industry, be forced to work for no wage. Can you really justify all the major profiting companies in an area stopping hiring employees to replace them with workfare ? Because once it becomes standard a lot of people in jobs will loose those jobs.
    As someone who has been through this system, I can tell you first hand this was the case many years ago, I seen a list and most of the local companies were on it that were using workfare staff and its going to get worse. There are no longer full time jobs in my area a lot of them are part time, once workfare kicks in there will be even less.

  49. The Starvation Army are SCUM!!

    Let’s not forgot that the Salvation Army (and Barnardos) were party to having orphans shipped abroad to, for instance, Canada to be worked to death. My old gran (RIP) was haunted by the tear-drenched faces of these poor children.The Salvation Army are complete and utter SCUM!!

    • Child Migrants

      In the last century, several thousand British children, mainly in the care of voluntary organisations, were emigrated to former Dominions – mainly Australia, Canada and New Zealand – under several schemes involving the British Government, the Governments of the receiving countries and the voluntary organisations who operated the schemes.

      It is estimated that there were about 150,000 child migrants. Many children were welcomed in loving homes but some were very badly treated and had to work long hours without proper nurturing or education. Some children were told that their parents were dead although they were still alive. Most lost contact with their families.

      The voluntary organisations were:
      Barnardo’s (Dr Barnardo’s) – Liverpool Sheltering homes, MacPherson Homes and Marchmont Homes
      Catholic Agencies and Orders
      Fairbridge – Fairbridge Society, Fairbridge Farm Schools
      Children’s Friend Society
      The Children’s Society – formerly The Church of England Waifs and Strays Society
      National Children’s Home (NCH) – formerly National Children’s Home and Orphanage
      Middlemore – Middlemore Homes
      The Salvation Army
      Fegan’s Child and Family Care – formerly Fegan’s Homes
      Quarriers – formerly The Orphan Homes of Scotland and Quarrier’s Homes

      from here

      • BBC Article

        Charles Wheeler presents a major four part series telling through new documentary evidence and vivid personal testimony, the true story of the forced migration of unwanted children from Britain over a sixty year period.

        The series is based largely on the personal testimony of over 150 former child migrants sent to Australia, Rhodesia, Canada and New Zealand, making it the largest project ever undertaken on the subject. Also interviewed are many of the original legislators and child care specialists involved in the policy.

        This policy, sanctioned and supported by a succession of Governments was described in 1999 as “one of the most disgraceful episodes in post war politics”.

        The migrated children were euphemistically referred to as “the seeds of empire”, and told that they would find an idyllic lifestyle in a new country. In reality, they were often badly cared for, counted as second-class citizens, arrived sick or without a name, and found over-crowded and run-down institutions waiting for them at the other end of their journey.

        Particularly guilty were the homes of the Christian Brothers in Australia where several thousand children were accommodated over the years and where physical and sexual abuse and under-nourishment seems to have been rife.

        A number of other British agencies such as Barnardos, the Fairbridge Society, The National Children’s Homes co-operated in maintaining the policy for so long and despite warnings from governments and independent inspectors, it was pursued for almost 6 decades.

  50. These postings are all over the place. Maybe if people click on the latest reply button from the most recent comment we might get it all in order.

  51. ……………all those countless millions blasted on a renegade company, ATOS.

    The HCP’s credentials aren’t worth a toss, therefore the DWP are fast backtracking, trying to erase any link with the charlatans as the evidence becomes unsurpassable………….

    Therefore, as Razor states, the medical reports that were used to deny Incapacity Benefits, are reduced to junk……….

    They are not valid in any shape or form and anybody who has had their benefits stolen by this charade, should have them reinstated immediately, along with compensation for the pain and suffering………………

    The DWP are truly shitting themselves and the whole Disability Denial fiasco is in tatters.

    Using google to verify if a claimant has a disability that warrants a benefit is further proof that the DWP have shot themselves in the foot!!!

    Cracks have appeared and they are falling further into them,


    • Iain Duncan Smith MP

      As head honco of the Department of Work and Pensions, I categorically deny any wrong doing within my department. I can assure you that all accounts and policies of the DWP are totally transparent to the public.

      We will not pay the money back as we have spent it all on fags and booze for our annual christmas party in Hawaii. There is not one penny left in our bank account, so hard cheese.

      Iain Duncan Smith MP

      Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

  52. Commander Brittlecock KBE, OBE - Salvation Army

    Oh by what a strange co-incidence just as out Christmas Appeal is under-way to raise much needed funds to provide help and support to the destitute at this especially difficult time of year for in such unfortunate circumstances does your tacky blog mount an warranted and wholly unjustified smear campaign on our most benevolent of British Institutions – The Salvation Army – of which I am proud to be its Commander. Oh what a strange coincidence wouldn’t you say so, ‘Mr Void’?

    May You SUFFER HELL And ETERNAL DAMNATION And A Plague Of Locusts Rain Down Upon You Mr Void!

    A Very UNMerry Christmas to You, Mr Void and All the ILL-WILL in The World For 2014

    Commander Brittlecock KBE, OBE – Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army – Belief in Action

  53. DEAR DWP;









    GEOFF REYNOLDS | December 16, 2013 at 9:07 pm | Reply

    ………….it’s hard to imagine a line of coffins stretching for almost a mile and three quarters, but this is how many people have died as a result of DWP cuts firmly aimed at the poor and disabled.

    ……and yet, according to the DWP, the figures are pure fiction.

    Try telling this to the families who are missing a loved one, now just an image, a memory, a tear stained photograph on a sideboard.

    ……….they know the truth, and so do you.

  54. i’m converting to Islam so I can issue a Fatwa against IDS and start a Jihad against the Tory party!!, now who would like to join my army of god 😉

  55. something survived...

    SA (Sturmabteilung) seems not to have noticed that:
    You can be a victim of trafficking and somehow manage to stay in the UK, get right to remain or asylum, right of residency, right to apply for citizenship, right to get benefits and healthcare and so on.
    While on benefits a formerly trafficked person could be sent on workfare.
    This could be workfare in a SALVATION ARMY shop. (They could also end up there if they got themselves a paid job and their employer went bust)

    Things to do if sent to workfare at Salvation Army:
    -Turn up in a T-shirt saying ‘FUCK WORKFARE’. If they tell you to take it off, comply – but only if female and not wearing a bra. Smile and say ‘Which would you prefer?’
    -Snog someone of the same sex as yourself, in the shop.
    -If your SA overseer is the same sex as you, come onto them.
    -Instead of a little metal Christian fish, come in wearing one of those (for cars) fish-with-legs captioned ‘DARWIN’.
    -Turn up for workfare, but bring a tin and shake it in the store, raising money for atheism, communism, evolutionary theory, single mothers’ empowerment, the promotion of homosexuality, etc.
    -Tell them you agree with them and are a highly religious person. On day two, come to workfare dressed as a Satanist.
    -If you can multitask, attempt all of the above strategies simultaneously.

  56. This thread is playing right into critics of benefit claimants hands, extreme swearing, stupid comments and cloning some one ID. Oh Impersonating anyone in public office or service is punishable by prison, no doubt the law will catch up with you IDS at their own pace. As far as the concerns about the SA use of workfare no one will take any of the comments here seriously.
    That is a tragedy for those involved. I hope the absense of respect for those poor sods is something that will reach the sick idiots who turn a serious matter into a joke. Remember your turn will come. Threads that mention MP’s and the like are undoubtedly being monitered – you can’t hide behind your screen name they know precisely who you are and where you live. Yes your names are on the list of undesireables. Expect to find difficulty with any benefits you are entitled to have.

    • overburdenddonkey

      judge ye not lest ye be judged thyself…then there is the quotes of martin niemoller for you to find if you are relly interested..oh well…

  57. The latest salvation army adverts nearly made me smash my tv, £19 can help the salvation army help the homeless and the hungry.
    Yeah you made them hungry and homeless with agreeing to the brutal sanction regime and workfare ya bastards.


    Dear DWP CAXTON HOUSE EXTERNAL Communications,

    Re: FOI 5501

    It does not seem you have acknowledged my reply to yours dated
    25/11/2013. Here is a copy of that reply:

    “Dear DWP CAXTON HOUSE EXTERNAL Communications,

    Thank you for your reply to FoI request reference 5501.

    The communication to members of your staff I am seeking is
    referenced to in this link:

    You can see it is clear on the date of 7th November and The Mirror
    does not show the title, referencing it only as DWP staff

    I trust from this information supplied you are now able to progress
    the request.

    Yours sincerely,

    Nigel Dale”

  59. Something survived

    You’ve got it right, God expects us all to be scrubbers creating lots of fairy bubbles.

  60. Simple… Salvation Army stop advocating workfare and pocketing the money, the next person you give soup and blanket to on the streets could be as a result of the fact you are advocating this right wing fascist policy that ultimately creates these scenarios. You do great things but now you spoil it and not even god will forgive you if this continues. You will be able to goose-step all the way to handing out the war cry as you head to hells mouth. Make a decision that is right and not just for profit.. do it… do it now! or you too will become tainted by the poison of all this. Others have seen the errors of their ways either for sincere or selfish reasons but the reality is they pulled out and you should do that too… it’s not too late… naivety is no excuse and you will not be the only one’s falling for the smoke and mirrors of this fascist tory led coalition. If you take the money you will have blood on your hands in more ways than you could possibly imagine. make the right decision not the greedy one.. if you profit from modern day slavery then you not only advocate workfare you also support the mistreatment of the mentally/physically disabled along with many unemployed who are in that position with thanks to the Tories policies. Never for quite some time have we experienced a tory party so far right they are now walking in the murky depths of fascism… could the salvation army uniform next be seen as the new SS… soft hand to the left whilst grasping greed with the right… you are simply confirming to people who look upon the salvation army with suspicion and ill feeling and this gives them so much ammo to disrespect and justify their claims regarding Christianity as a convenient vehicle for those who love to sin and undertake unspeakable things and use the faith to cleanse them in forgiveness…. to be redeemed…. if it continues it’s the devil’s work you do.. you dance to his beat.. embracing temptation in the name of greed. Pull out of workfare… do it… do it now or it could be too late.

  61. When a tory asks “Are you a good upright hard working citizen” what do you say?… Yes!.. thanks to you I’m working damn hard just to stay alive thanks to your fascism… work does not come into it… no food in the stomach, weak, anaemic and with illnesses that make me a prize employable prospect.. thanks to you a prize with no self-respect or dignity… thank you very much Mr Tory MP hope you enjoy your Christmas with your toffee nosed family huddled around a roaring open fire as you pass gifts of gold Rolex and diamonds looked at with a mere passing sense of delight… rather like last year and birthdays… lets go abroad to our winter retreat and come back in the spring for a few games of polo and the opera. Whilst snacking on Turkey with gold Leafed fancies and caviar…. Tiffy… “Daddy can I buy that house I like in London?… I need to be there so I can go on champagne lunches with all my friends… Daddy “Okay darling, but remember what I said!… stick to the cheaper one’s nothing over 4 million”… Tiffy “Thank you daddy I love you” Daddy.. “I love you too darling but can you stop calling me from my office I’m halfway through banging my secretary and we have to go on a business trip this weekend… “Tell mummy she can use the gold card whilst I’m away on business.. buy a new frock but tell her to keep it below 20k, there is only so much I can disguise on my expenses”.

  62. Jacques derrida

    I sure did IDS but some say I was before my time.

  63. Already done obd. and a merry xmas to you too.

  64. OBD Xmas can’t be much fun not being able to eat what you want or watch tv, probably the best time of the year for programmes. Do you have a tree up and a drop of whisky at hand to bring cheer? What about family at this time of year, but if you are anything like ours there are more disagreements at this time of year, which makes dining alone more preferable.

  65. DEAR DWP;












    Dec 28, 2013 00:00
    By Luke Traynor

    Desperate agoraphobe Tim Salter was left penniless when his benefits were slashed despite his failing eyesight and he faced eviction
    Desperate: Tim Salter killed himself after his benefits were slashed following an Atos fitness to work test Desperate: Tim Salter killed himself after his benefits were slashed following an Atos fitness to work test

    A depressed blind man killed himself after he was left penniless because his benefits were slashed, an inquest heard

    Desperate Tim Salter struggled to even feed himself when controversial private firm Atos ruled he was fit for work, despite his failing eyesight.

    The 53-year-old, who also suffered agoraphobia, was about to be kicked out of his housing association home when he hanged himself in the hall.

    A coroner ruled the Government’s decision to axe Tim’s meagre incapacity benefit contributed to his death.

    And the former assistant store manager’s sister Linda Cooksey told how his fitness to work test was carried out by a physiotherapist with no ­experience of mental health issues or knowledge of his blindness.

    The 60-year-old said his family never even knew about his money problems until after his death.

    She added: ­“Stopping his ­benefits sent him over the edge. When his small savings ran out he got in trouble with his rent, and his £30 disability allowance a week just wasn’t enough.

    “Tim ran out of money. He was a proud man and never let on to anybody. It’s so sad. I want everyone to know what this government is doing to ­vulnerable people on benefits.

    “He had a certificate to say he was blind. When we got into his house there was no food, he practically starved in the last weeks.”

    Daily Mirror e-edition: How to get yours for FREE

    South Staffordshire coroner Andrew Haigh said: “A major factor in his death was that his benefits had been greatly reduced leaving him almost destitute.”

    Tim died on September 25.

    An eviction letter from South ­Staffordshire Housing ­Association was found in the bin by his family.

    He was registered partially-blind in 1994. His eyes were damaged when he tried to kill himself in 1989 after losing his job.

    His family has written to David Cameron about his Atos treatment.

    The housing association insisted help was available for those ­struggling to pay rent.

    And the ­Department for Work and Pensions said Tim had the right to appeal its decision.

    Verdict: Suicide.

  67. Just googled salvation army…….but blogs option not web, news etc.

    The salvation army are visiting the NY stock exchange on 2 nd January. ….

    • In many ways the SA’s guilt is clear for all to see in their reaction, they know it’s wrong, this has exposed the true nature of them. Because they have been intent continuing down this road the position is now untenable for them. They knew it was wrong, continued to do it and never had the integrity of character to admit they made a mistake and pull out as many others have. This really is a sad state of affairs and simply questions how many of our favourite charity organisations are being run and the kind of people who control the decisions in favour of greed for money as opposed to the virtues from which many of them were originally built… dare say half of them are no doubt tory supporters. The Tories are spreading like a cancer across the country activating small pockets of support in areas where some have a bit of money sloshing about and have delusions of higher class living where Cameron opens the golden gates for them and waves them in.. this would not happen.

      I also wanted to say that one or two have questioned my own integrity regarding some of the views shared. I’m no different to anyone else here, we get emotional and use four paragraphs when maybe two might have done, if you are hurting over what this Tory led coalition is doing then so am I. I may sometimes appear as if I advocate some tory policies but often it’s black humour.. facetiousness. Let us be honest if we did not laugh at this tory government we would cry, only today boy George arrogantly stating more cuts will take place with a greater leaning towards cutting the welfare budget even further, he really is the prince of perversion, we must make sure he never gets to do that. This is what happens when you let Tories have virtual free hand over all aspects of this country, in this stupid coalition The Tories would sell their own mothers to balance the books if so required… without a second thought.

  68. Greater tyrannies should never be used to excuse lesser ones.

  69. For all the good the Salvation Army may do I think they are a complete and utter disgrace in taking this stance, there are good people who volunteer their time to help others under the banner of SA but the business that is SA stinks and these comments by them only prove they are driven by selfish greed and have become out of touch with the very people they should supposedly help. You have to question any organisation with the word “Army” in their name and who have not diversified through the years to remove it as times change and to be honest the only war cry’s will be from protesters against their inhumane stance to think that two wrongs make a right…. they must pull out of this scheme or they will never be able to wash the blood from their hands. People would accept they made a mistake supporting this hideous scheme albeit questionably but the longer they continue with it and try to validate it with unjustifiable comments the more their situation becomes untenable. To be honest it’s never too late to pull out of it but you have to question the only motivation to be part of it is financial greed and there is no excuse for that… charity or not.. all charities could do with more money but this is the creepy side of this tory led coalition handing wads of cash over for them to take on enforced volunteers which is a complete contradiction.. nobody in a forward thinking society should be forced to do this unless it’s by choice, it again contradicts the idea that we live in a democratic society, we live in a country ruled by two bad political parties in a coalition fleecing the UK for their own rich greed and then forcing the less well off, poor sick and/or disabled to carry the can, that also goes for those who do work…ever felt so good working for a government who treats you with contempt?.. who tell you to work hard and then steals money from your pay packet?. The Tories and many lib-dem’s are so low they could get under a snake whilst wearing a top hat.

  70. ………..extract taken from staff bulletin to DWP internal departments on 7th Nov 2013, as highlighted in Daily Mirror;

    evidence to be obtained before a decision can be made on balance of probabilities.
    12. In exceptional circumstances, should all sources of evidence be exhausted and it is still not
    possible to reach a decision on balance of probabilities, the designated person may seek
    advice from ATOS using the DBD 385 via the medical evidence wizard.

    …………..they are saying, the use of ATOS material in making a decision on a disabled persons claim, must only be used if every other avenue has been thoroughly exhausted…………….




    …………a ruthless organisation that has brought about deaths in our community, sponsored by the DWP in collusion with another government department, Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service,


  71. Just come across this post. How dare the Salvation Army pretend they care about victims of trafficking: they got a contract in 2012 to house women who’d been trafficked, in South Yorkshire. They get paid per person. They decreased the time they would allow people to stay in supported accommodation to up their payment. This is damaging to people who need time to get themselves together, emotionally and practically. Salvation Army referred to the people they would house as “throughput”. Hypocrites.

    • Salvation Army need to understand that two wrongs don’t make a right.. the first wrong is The Workfare programme, the second wrong is the salvation Army advocating it and taking the money from the government. Clearly they have no scruples and this shows them up for exactly what they are… right underneath the prim and proper uniforms, the brass bands and the soup runs and blankets for those on the streets… they have destroyed their reputation and galvanized it by openly backing this decision.. they are either incredibly naïve or extremely greedy for money.. either way their position is untenable now, because they are fully aware what Workfare is and they fully support this evil programme and all that is represents under this Tory led coalition… I hate to say it but they are walking hand in hand with the devil’s agenda… and happy to do so… black and red trim uniforms and “Army” what can one say?… Heil Hitler! (with a click of the well polished heels).

  72. The core I do volunteer work with have never has forced anyone into volunteer work if the person chooses to not be there, They accept that. As for the comment of forced labor by the S.A is stupid all charities ask for volunteers to help in shops yet no one has a dig at them ^^: and recently when the bedroom tax was introduced we did a huge protest against it, All people that have come through our doors have been helped in one form or another and the bible have never been a view pressured onto those who ask for our help. I know I come across as biased but I am not employed by the salvation army as I do not get paid and I began working with them of my own accord.

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