Young People To Face Workfare In Supermarkets Or 780 Hours Forced Community Work Osborne Announces

jesus-workfare-salvationFor a long time now anti-workfare campaigners have warned that so-called ‘voluntary’ unpaid work on Jobcentre schemes is often forced labour in disguise. Such is the toxic environment in Jobcentres that those who refuse to take part in ‘voluntary’ workfare can simply be sent on a mandatory scheme instead.

Now George Osborne has let the cat out of the bag and in his speech yesterday signalled his intention to enshrine this vile practice in government policy.  Starting as early as April next year in some cases, almost all unpaid work schemes will now be mandatory for the young.

Osborne will force all those out of work for six months and between the ages of 18 and 21 into Traineeships or Work Experience.  Those who refuse will be sent on a Community Work Placement  – 780 hours unpaid work – or face losing benefits completely.  This is a huge turn around for a Government that in early 2012 were falling over themselves trying to persuade people that unpaid Work Experience – for major employers such as ASDA and Poundland – was voluntary.

Osborne’s speech yesterday made a laughing stock of companies like Tesco and charities like Barnardo’s who have insisted that Work Experience schemes are not workfare.  Even if you bought that, they are now, or will be as soon as Osborne gets his way.

Traineeships involve up to six months unpaid work in ‘preparation’ for becoming an Apprentice. Greedy employers including Subway and Learn Direct have flocked to sign up for this chance to recruit unpaid workers from Jobcentres.  Up until now Traineeships have been officially voluntary.  Now young people are to be forced to work without pay to swell the profits of supermarkets and other High Street names.

Appalling it is the so-called voluntary sector who will provide the teeth to Osborne’s plans.  Already some charities – such as Groundwork and The Conservation Volunteers are salivating at the prospect of being paid to force people to work for free on Community Work Placements.  You read that right.  Charities are to be bribed with tax payer’s money to provide the forced labour placements that Osborne’s plans are backed with.  And some of them, like The Salvation Army, will be only too happy to take their thirty pieces of silver and throw away any semblance of principles or decency.

Anti-workfare protests will take place in Edinburgh, Lewisham, Sheffield, Glasgow, Wood Green (Sunday 8th December 2pm outside Wood Green High Road Marks & Spencer), Reading and Islington this weekend.  There’s still time to join in online as well.  Please help spread the word about all events and spread the message now that next year’s massive extension of workfare will be stopped.

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220 responses to “Young People To Face Workfare In Supermarkets Or 780 Hours Forced Community Work Osborne Announces

  1. Osborne, Osborne, Osborne- out, out, OUT! 780 hours unpaid work?! Young people might as well go shoplifting instead, as the sentence for that is usually community service, and it’s a heck of a lot less than they’d have to do on repulsive workfare schemes. If you’re unlucky enough to get caught, typical community service for shoplifting is 100-200 hours of unpaid work, compared to 780 hours for the ‘crime’ of being out of work. If I’d been sanctioned for refusing to be a Salvation Army or Tesco slave and had no money for food, I know what action I would take!

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  3. No capitalist is going to invest in this country’s manufacturing base until we have incomes on a par with the third world or below and this is the start of it, thanks for promoting Osborne JV.

    • I wish you’d fuck off with this. If you think we fight welfare reform by not telling people what those reforms actually are you’re a fucking idiot.

      • Good call, Johnny. It’s only through people like you and Andrew Coates that we claimants know what’s really going on. The Jobcentre and the pimps only tell us what they think we should know, and even then we only get the distorted version.

        • anti-work programme

          the jobcentre minus constantly lies and even twists their own rule book on a daily basis. My so-called cow of a jcp advisor is trying to gain access to my UJM account AGAIN, even though I flapped the UJM toolkit regarding DWP voluntary access in her ugly face. If the bitch asks me once more for my account I will seek out the manager of my crappy jobcentre and force her to make an apology

          • You cannot tell if it’s deliberate or incompetence

            • anti-work programme

              It’s sheer incompentence that I see every time from all the jcp desk monkeys.

            • They are relentlessly conditioned. It might be nigh-on impossible for them to regain their humanity/adjust to real-world conditions (those who’ve already lost it) especially if they had to cope with their own conditionality being imposed on them post-redundancy. In theory it should be easier if you already ‘know the ropes’, but i imagine an unemployed ex-jcp sanctioneer being quite traumatised if the jackboot were on the other foot. There would be a complete disconnect between all their past double-thinking & the actual reality.

      • Hello John’s it going ..oh yes not
        getting better is it ? These constant court appeals are getting absurd ..I can only conclude this is IDS handiwork stubborn ego centric etc there any proof that this is all IDS doing ?

    • Do the third world have the energy or the food bills that we do here? They do not, nor do they have anything like them. Reducing incomes to third-world levels is impractical while there’s no attempt to stop necessary expenditure from rising.

  4. Are those reforms not plastered on every tory website and not on dwp?

    • the details of them almost never, just the spin

      • dead right – not even the Court of Appeal ruling about WCA discrimination is on the DWP website – all cunts together

        • The stupidest part was DWP appealing against their own rules ..

          • anti-work programme

            if the dwp are ruling against their own rules and policies, doesn’t that mean that whatever they try to do against the disabled and unemployed cancels itself out and is therefore non-workable?

            • @AWP of course …I looked it up in one of their documents giving advice to doctors acting on behalf of claimants and in one example the used ” suicidal thoughts with regard to depression ” and told doctors to report factual evidence supporting this..and there they were not only discriminating against mentally sick
              people but also appealing against their own advice and yeah its totally unworkable ..

            • Oh btw just to add to the idiocy of DWP there was a book review about discrimination against mentally sick
              people and they rated this book highly claiming it pretty much nailed the kind of shit MH sufferers go through..oh guess who reviewed the book ?? DWP. !!!

        • The DWP never admits failure ..

      • Didnt the tories remove all previous pre election promises recently eg NHS no top down reconstruction

  5. @ guy Fawkes – do you seriously believe that metaphorically sticking fingers in ears, shutting eyes and pretending this isn’t happening will make it go away? Seriously?

    • No I don’t Mr Fox but I certainly would not write anything that was going to promote sick policies. You can allude to them with links and just write disparaging things about it and what the opposition to it is.

      • … one Fox to another Fawkes – boom, boom! 🙂

      • JV isn’t doing that guy is he ? He is explaining what they are promoting and showing the absurdity and cruelty of it all..sorry guy but you do this a lot ..getting things mixed up..

        Just re read what is actually written all is quite clear ..

  6. Even wages in third world country’s are rising it won’t be too long before wages in third world country’s are near UK wages as workers have the pick of jobs and are holding employers to ransom. Soon places like China will be the ones with mass unemployment again as they just say to employers “I can get this much going to work for B pay me this or I am off to work there” The employer normally as no option but to pay the higher wage.

  7. Just been in B& M aren’t they workfare providers?. Shockingly spoken to fed up young staff. European convention of human rights forbids slavery. I’m struggling to see the difference. All mandatory job placements should be at least paid minimum wages. Otherwise its only crushing decent morally solvent firms who do pay their staff. Anyway I’m afraid it has convinced me NEver shop anywhere staffed this way.

    • B&M are SLAVE DRIVERS!!

      Yes, B&M are indeed SLAVE DRIVERS!! It wasn’t ‘staff’ who gave you shite ‘customer service’ – but, seriously what do you expect? – it was SLAVES!! – being forced to toil in B&M for jack shit on pain of DESTITUTION!!

    • It’s (virtually) everywhere. Newsagents – a small shop but part of a big chain at city train station – one young person working alone, they said, from early – late hours in soul-destroying solitude (apart from customers).

      Card shop in less-than lovely end of town shopping centre advertised for P/T employee – criteria seemingly (after preferable recent retail experience): Happy to work alone/cash up & send details across by phone.
      8.45 – 5.15 no lunch or other (official) break. (x2 15mins at either end unpaid). “110% flexibility” (no actual days/hrs specified) expected.
      Probable hrs = 20 but needed to be ok to be called in at no notice.
      Hours given were for a ‘standard’ day but at busy times maybe significantly more (& nothing to suggest the (lack of a) break policy might alter at those times). 0hrs contract?

      • That’s not very clear, not implying that either of these 2 jobs are workfare, both were paid jobs but the level of exploitation (long hours are usual/expected in retail but this seems to be something more/less than that). There seem to be hoards of disillusioned/overworked/underpaid people working in (some) clothes shops – often in big, new glitzy shopping centres – & these are the people who have jobs – aware they’re being used & abused but obliged to provide ‘the very best’ customer service all the while (& smile/try to look happy).

      • The view will be taken by anyone applying for these jobs will be – “at least it’s a job” hours, wages & working conditions will be a secondary consideration.

      • Silly comment, aren’t u entitled to a paid break by law in as day that long??

        • Not if you’re only person behind the counter,as is the case wth the Newsagent job.

        • The ‘no breaks’ was made very clear by the person already working in there & she reeled off all of the above – so legal or not it’s going on. I think it’s because what they didn’t spell out was that the hours were to be largely unspecified/flexibile & that this is how a 0hr contract works. No idea how this allows them to get round the ‘6 hours then a 20 min break’ that offices have to work to – unless there’s some alternative shop-based universe of rules. Maybe someone will know. Definitely sounds illegal.

          I was fairly shocked. It’s been a while since i did any shop work but don’t remember this level of whip-cracking (& that was in Victorian yorkshire).

          • Well Thats outrageous and another sad way of exploitation!! Makes me appreciate my 2 part time jobs, at least I get a break between them….!

            • Those were my feelings too (after amazement/disbelief). 2 part-time jobs (even one) with a halfway decent employer would be an improvement on having to put up with working a whole day/no breaks. (It’s a recipe for poor customer service i would have thought & likely to increase staff absence/turnover – exacerbate any existing ill health conditions employees may have but still feel they can manage a ‘normal’ days work).

              Of course [too many] people find it hard at times NOT to work through/stay late/arrive early (been there, done that) & plenty of people work extra hours unpaid (eg teachers) often with the rewards coming in job satisfaction rather than financial extra pay – hopefully they want to do the job enough to make it worth it. In a way one’s not that different from the other (except for the main difference – that all pretence/any element of choice has been got rid of).

              On the other hand, recently been speaking to someone who will call a friend of a friend – they have one relatively quite well paid job – who reckons they’re averaging a 50hr working week at present. Also shocking/outrageous & probably a recipe for burnout. Surely 2 people could have that job or another half-time person employed but that’s not the way it goes …

          • It is four hours then a 15 min break, not six. Every four hours you must have a 15 break.

  8. Never Will Be Rich - DON'T WANT TO BECOME THAT SAD

    uk has been 3rd world since at least 2007 – it is i think the infrastructure here which only makes it NOT appear 3rd world. Make no mistake about it, any society which runs virtually on “service industry” is doomed. The tories only way forward is to hang as many as they can out to dry starting with the weakest as in disabled and others who are vulnerable including those who cannot find genuine and with good income employment. The reds (labour) will do no better if/when they come back into power in 2015 – all is too much of a “Self Interest Only Society” see.

    • I think those on the wrong end of the policies are not the “self interest only society” and there are many of them. This lot are sorting the wheat from the chaff and trampling on the chaff. Basic pension is not keeping pace with inflation but the real killer and answer to removing the elderly from their homes is via housing benefit which the wizard Oz has chosen, thus protecting the elderly who have bought their homes.

      • which, after all, was a lot to do with pot luck at the time they did so – thinking it was ‘what you had to try to do/could do so why not do’. It’s as though we’ve become the balls in the lottery rather than the people taking part in it – we are it.

  9. “thirty pieces of silver” 🙂

  10. Reblogged this on Still Oaks and commented:
    780 hours forced community work for being honest and trying to find work. Or 200 hours forced community work for stealing anything that is not tied down, mmmm tough choice!

  11. Start with Osborne’s pads.

  12. anti-work programme

    Put David Cameron and baldy bonce Smithy on the work programme and see if they will accept being forced to do unpaid slavery work for x amount of hours every work. The sooner the condemns party is thrown out in 2015 the better.

  13. By throwing who in exactly?

  14. Nice to see somebody contesting what “shitforbrains”, said about UNIVERSAL CREDIT………

    5 December 2013

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    In your dwp press release today – 5 December
    2013 Iain Duncan Smith was quoted as saying;
    “early indications show that claimants are positive about this

    Could you please provide the following information.?

    What is the source for this comment.?


    Who carried out this investigation?

    What demographic was asked.?

    How was this data analysed.?

    How much did this investigation cost.?

    Is it possible to access the raw data on this feedback.? As in.,
    the actual responses.?

    Many thanks for your help in this matter.

    Yours faithfully,

    Susie Banks

    Link to this

  15. from 14th of may we will be looking up all cliaments rectums for secuirty reasons.


    6 December 2013

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    The State Pension in Gibraltar is indexed, what is the legal basis
    for this

    Yours faithfully,

    Keith A Young

    Link to this

  17. not letting me reply now jv eh?

  18. Perhaps you could write an accolade for Mandela?

  19. Presumably, just like Labour’s New Deal, if this scheme gets off the ground it will eventually be extended to the over 25s and possibly even the part-time employed in Universal Credit ever gets rolled out (which I suspect will turn out to be an impossible task).

    • Mandatory work experience for five year olds comes next I bet…

      Well I posted the quote from skills minister about traineeships and he pretty much said he advocated compulsory work experience for young. The surreal part was claiming that young people were in favour of it..

      • it certainly does we wont have lazy sponging 5 year olds.
        we will send them to pound land.

        • And sell them on doubt …

        • Well the DWP can fuck off if they think my daughter will be used as a slave once she reaches 16. She has ASD, so is in receipt of DLA, & is easily intimidated by strangers & those in any type of authority so she will be ripe for exploitation. What can the DWP say & do if I refuse on her behalf? Drag her forcibly on to one these schemes? If they do they’ll have me to answer to, & they’ll wish they’d never taken me on!

    • Part time employed – at 55 h/week I am considered part time

  20. What do all the unions have to say ? Nothing as usual ? All these unions/groups get support from the unemployed for various causes but when the unemployed need support they are not organising big marches or blockades of workfare companies

  21. Natural Rights:

    lus Naturale Fructibus, as the Natural Right to the fruits, energy, results, and products of one’s performance, work and effort as inherited from;

    lus Naturale Solutionis Perfungor, as the Natural Right to receive fair payment in exchange for fruits, energy, results and product of one’s performance work and effort as inherited from lus DIVINUM Aequum and lus Divinum Virtusi

  22. I laugh my bollocks off thinking of Nelson Mandela’s death 🙂 further burying my incompetence as a minister. 🙂 The DWP gravy train shall trundle on, over the broken bodies of the poor and disabled people. 🙂

  23. Tory stupidity reigns on guardian CIF.
    ” old people are getting more obese at tax payers expense and also get and expect free homes ”
    Idiocy is their forte it seems

  24. No it is the ones occupying both houses that get free homes courtesy of the taxpayer, the others have earned their rents which goes back into the economy as the social rented housing has been paid for 20 times over and you have to fight for repairs to get done.

  25. I have thought and thought about this mandatory workfare malarky and I think it could well be illegal.

    Here is the definition of employed;

    past tense: employed; past participle: employed
    give work to (someone) and pay them for it.

    synonyms: hire, engage, recruit, take on, take into employment, secure the services of, sign up, sign, put on the payroll, enrol, appoint, commission, enlist;

    Now, if the government treat those on mandatory workfare as employed for the purposes of the unemployment stats then that cannot be right can it? So it follows therefore that if they are saying that mandatory workfare is de facto employment, then people on mandatory workfare should be paid at least National minimum wage! Or am I missing something?

    • Employed or not employed that is the question ..if on workfare you are in recepit of benefit however since you are working you are a striver not a skiver ..
      Therefore are technically employed so do not appear on unemployed statistics but you are on the dole and subject to abuse as you are scrounger but at same time working hard ..therefore . erm..
      Sorry DWP tory melt down moment at logic department ..does not compute does not compute…

    • Presumably everyone with a job should work for nothing then….

  26. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog.


    5 December 2013

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    A domestic helper and childminder has been accused by DWP employees
    of having been “involved in a stable sexual relationship” with her
    former employer.

    The Tax Credit Review Team has demanded that her former employer
    provide “the evidence” that this is not the case.

    What evidence is considered acceptable by DWP to prove that there
    was no “stable sexual relationship”, nor any association whatever
    beyond that of employer and employee?

    What guidelines are provided to DWP staff and line managers on how
    to demand evidence that something is not the case?

    Yours faithfully,

    Robert Neely

    Link to this

    • John Slater left an annotation ( 5 December 2013)


      Our system of law usually requires the accuser to prove their case and the accused does not have to prove their innocence. You might want to consider asking under what law the DWP can demand that someone prove their innocence.

      It is also usually the case that the accuser should present all their evidence to the accused in order for them to know the basis if the accusation and if there is a case to answer. Given the DWP has considerable form for making things up as it goes along I would want to see the evidence.

      Link to this

      • The DWP frequently accuse people of doing something they haven’t done, in order to ‘catch them out’. Example: having over the limit in savings. I knew I hadn’t gone over the limit in savings so asked the accuser to show me his proof. His excuse was pathetic. They were looking at an account I had 4 years previously (prior to the downturn when it was possible to get a decent amount of interest) He said that they assumed that due to the amount of interest I had received that year I had over 10,000 pounds. He had no idea how much I had in the account. I could have shown him the passbook to prove my innocence but why should I when the DWP had made it up. He even wanted me to go to the Building Society and get a letter from them to state I had not gone over the savings limit. I refused. I simply wrote a letter to DWP stating I had never gone over the savings limit. No further bother. So in these situations, my advice would be, send the DWP a letter saying you have not ……. etc. and sign it. Be careful how you word it and give as little info as possible.

  28. The idea is that you are forced onto mandatory workfare in order to get benefits – you are at this time still counted as unemployed. You soon get pissed off with workfare and don’t turn up. You then get sanctioned and thus sign off benefits – then you are no longer on the claimant count – bullied off by Workfare and sanctions. That’s how it works. Tory style.

  29. Constructive dismissal take them to court.

  30. see, heres the thing… this is a question and answer from Hansard which states that workfare is classed as employment … I rest m case.

    Cabinet Office

    Next answer »« Previous answer
    All Written Answers on 23 Oct 2012

    Photo of Tom Blenkinsop
    Tom Blenkinsop (Middlesbrough South and East Cleveland, Labour)
    To ask the Minister for the Cabinet Office whether the Office for National Statistics defines people in unpaid workfare-style programmes as being employed in its Labour Market Statistics.

    Hansard source (Citation: HC Deb, 23 October 2012, c848W)
    Photo of Nick Hurd
    Nick Hurd (The Parliamentary Secretary, Cabinet Office; Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner, Conservative)
    holding answer 22 October 2012

    The information requested falls within the responsibility of the UK Statistics Authority. I have asked the authority to reply.

    Letter from Glen Watson, dated October 2012

    As Director General for the Office for National Statistics, I have been asked to reply to your Parliamentary Question asking whether the Office for National Statistics defines people in unpaid workfare-style programmes as being employed in its Labour Market Statistics. (124129)

    The ONS collects information on people participating in government-supported employment and training programmes via the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The information includes the name of the programme and the type of activity being undertaken. Those participants whose activity comprises any form of work, work experience or work-related training are classified as in employment. This is regardless of whether the individual is paid or not.

    This classification is in line with recommendations set down by the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which the ONS uses in the LFS to classify individuals into different labour market statuses. Those in employment on government-supported employment and training programmes comprise one of the elements—alongside employees, the self-employed and unpaid family workers—that make up the total number in employment.

    • Follow that up with ” its not about those who can’t work its those who don’t work…and anyway those who can’t work faking it anyway ” I guess thats the whole of the inpatients in hospital as well then following that logic ..meaning if we turf out all patients in hospital then unemployment disappears

  31. Supermarkets selling chicken that is nearly a fifth water

    Aplogies for O T but for a while I wondered why so much chicken on sale..
    The water companies will try anything I guess…
    No wonder we are so sick these days ..

    • Nobody has received any compensation for being sold burgers etc with horsemeat in them, why were the companies not prosecuted and consumers compensated, another section of society that breaks the law willy nilly. They are even putting smaller amounts in smaller jars and passing it off as the same weight as the bigger jars. If i did not have one at home I would never have known. I will be contacting trading standards to see what they reply is and would advise others to do the same.

  32. totally given up

    having just moved to a new area,i found my local morrisons,its the size of a hanger and has a built in tanning studio and nail bar as i wondered around trying to find bread i noticed a lot of yellow jumpered youngsters filling shelves,i asked one where the bread was he shrugged his shoulders and directed me to a member of “full timers” his words,who were in green jumpers,eventually i found the breadmi then realised that looking around all the yellow jumpered “workers” i wanted to ask them but i didnt want to embarass them so i didnt,these kids were on workfare 30 [plus of them,singled out by yellow jumpers..oh dear what the hell is going on,i replaced the bread and walked out,i cannot and will not be compliant in this “illegal slavery” had i not been aware of workfare i would not have known,like most other shoppers,i wish i was younger and stronger to go round the supermarket with a megafone and tell the “customers” that if you get ill or loose your job,you will be given a yellow jumper and work for fuck all or be sanctioned

    • Yellow jumpers sounds like yellow stars a bit in fact in Australia I heard welfare claimants who had been issued smart cards had their own
      checkout at supermarkets to demark them as scroungers ..

  33. totally given up

    and one more thing when gideons grand idea for the under 25ms goes ahead,how many young girls will get pregnant to avoid all the shit being dished out resulting in more unwanted children of the lost generation,i say this because if i was a young girl,sadly ide probably get pregnant to avoid the shit

  34. UKIP certainly provide one of the best forms of entertainment in idiocy ..
    Note classic stupidity in comments

    ” garage makes me feel proud to be British I haven’t felt this way since 1900 ”

    ” the only ones who don’t vote UKIP are UAF traitors ”

    ” farage is the only one talking sense these days ”

    Classic moron speak

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  36. Osborne was supposed to give more information in his Autumn Statement about CWP. We’ve heard nothing. Hmm….!

  37. The following was post on Ipswich Unemployed Action, this morning by Obi Wan Kenobi. Make for interesting reading:

    “Very Interesting to note that the dwp has taken their Community Work Programme page down from their website.

    Check for yourself – here’s the link:

    Community Work Placements – Department for Work & Pensions‎

    4 Nov 2013 – Community Work Placements Information Pack for Delivery Partners …”

  38. Get rid of the protestant ethic or it will transform you into slaves. Why you think the majority accepts the workfare? Because the British have been convinced that working for everything and asking for nothing is moral and good. But they don’t understand that this has made them a mass who loves their oppressor. Only disobedience and solidarity will help Britain move forward.


    FOI request following baroness Murphy dismissing benefit related deaths as ‘ tosh ‘


    Community work placements still seem to be on the menu as it mentions the next couple of years…unless….

    • anti-work programme

      ballcocks to mandatory work placements. Slavery was outlawed and banned in this country. Or are the brainless fools in Dwp intent on bringing back the workhouses and sweatshops?

  41. “Obama prepared to drop jobless benefits as part of budget deal”

  42. anti-work programme

    bollcoks to the work programme and the jobcentre. The work programme only exists purely to make massive amounts of money for itself and nothing else. Each time I have to go to forced jobsearch supervision, that is another £250 Ingeus gets out of me. Bastards. I’d have to be on my deathbed with a terminal illness before I am excused from having to go to do jobsearch on old knackered computers.

  43. Off Topic: – Anybody good with Photoshop? the possibilitys are endless.

    Esther McVey – OH MY GOD! – What were you thinking when you did this?

    Oh I say, minister! The photo shoot rising Tory star Esther McVey might rather forget.

  44. Landless Peasant

    I think they’ll have a job on in my city. How they are going to effectively organize and supervise thousands of disgruntled and disaffected 18 yr olds without them kicking-off remains to be seen. I envisage there will be many assaults against staff, equipment damaged or stolen, portacabins burned down, and just general mayhem on a daily basis. Many of them won’t turn up, many will constantly arrive late, many will be sanctioned – then what? It’ll be fucking chaos.

    • I’ve had the same thoughts since CWPs were announced. Having recently completed the WP, I know the kind of people you mean. Basically decent, but you try and make them work for 6 months for their dole, and you’d better watch out. I know; I’m one of those people, and I’m in my fifties. An age when you’re supposed to have calmed down. I’m afraid I haven’t calmed down; quite the opposite. It’s these mind-numbing schemes, you see. They have de-senstized and de-humanized me. I’m sorry.

      • Landless Peasant

        I know what you mean, and you can get medication to help with that. The younger generation, not all obviously, but many of the ‘hardest to help’ in parts of my city will make mincemeat of the Overseers and play-up no-end. I’ve seen it before on New Deal.

  45. Never Will Be Rich - DON'T WANT TO BECOME THAT SAD

    There are other massive difficulties on the community work placements. If they are anything like they were in the 1980’s but then named community programes, then the more unfortunate with learning or mental health disabilities on these placements may suffer at the hands of some participants who themselves have a tendency to bully and even whip up hysteria against those who are different. I have seen it first hand and quit the programe as i found it difficult to continue even when a supervisor of such a programe encouraged this bullying actively and set in a system of “sending to Coventry” those workers who disapproved.


    All of the people here make worthy points but the evil Tory cunts ARE NOT going to listen to reason. The ONLY thing they will listen to is VIOLENCE as was demonstrated at that infamous Poll Tax riot in 1990. After that happened and they lost the by-election in the previously ultra-safe seat of Eastbourne to the Lib Dems they stabbed Mrs Thatcher in the back and got rid of both her and the Poll Tax.

    The Socialist Worker’s Party needs to organise a mass demonstration against workfare in Trafalgar Square which erupts in violence then and ONLY then will the Tories will get the message.

  47. Actually it’s even worse than you think. From 2015 onwards if you’re under 21 and not up to NVQ level 2 or similar in English Language and Mathematics YOU WON’T BE ABLE TO CLAIM ANY BENEFITS AT ALL!

    I am not making this up.

    This IS the truth.

    • You might not be making it up but those who are formulating these policies are f******** making it up as they go along – they are absolute scum.
      We are sat here typing any get out clauses we may know about or any other information like idiots so that they can use it against us.

      • But there are more of us than them…
        And they don’t always win ..

        • Can you tell me anything the sick and unemployed have won that has not been appealed or seen a change in law by this government?

          • Yes the recent mental health one. DWP might re appeal but they will be digging their own grave if they do…
            Each time they go back to court to contest something in the eyes of the public they make themselves look spiteful or downright stupid ..
            Don’t forget public perception is everything these days ..

            • @guy I can’t speak for JV but he is astute to realise that all this is as much a PR battle as anything
              We are never going to win over the daily hate readers the jobs in the city brigade . neo con privstise the planet twats. But the ‘ I think I am comfortably off ‘ ppl are seeing the cracks already…
              Let’s not forget the daily hate got a kicking recently ..and the last thing they need is falling readership..atm they look confused hand they are playing scrounger blaming but then do a piece about how shit DWP is and ppl who suffer as result…so already they are split on some of these issues..the result is that it takes some heat off claimants..
              All to the good. Not great but if it keeps fucking ” workshy ” bollocks off the front pages then thats something…

              That way DWP and IDS will look like the…..that they are..

            • PS don’t forget the daily hate is also ” waste of tax payers money ” paper. So if IDS is seen as pissing tax payers money away ..then even if daily hate psychos think claimants are lowest life form they are equally angry about their taxes pissed away by govt and ministers who look useless or out of touch or out of control like IDS is…

          • The daily mail readers are the poverty pimps so they don’t care how much money he wastes so long as he is keeping them in a job.

      • Storming of the winter palace…

  48. YOU are not the name!

  49. Hey, IDS- you’re in the press again, but not for the reasons you would like LOL

  50. Co-operative Group slashes funding for charities

    Another reason to boycot the co op perhaps ? My local branch has just closed down ..

  51. Re esther mcvile racy pictures in daily hate.
    Top comments ” ooh isn’t she pretty etc etc
    Worst rated comments ” she looks plain to me ”

    So fuck all about the misery mcvile and IDS have created for a lot of ppl.. Its just about how a fucking MP looks ..
    Another new low in right wing thinking …

    • Comments were a depressing read (except maybe to members of the EMcVee fanclub [who knew?] or to the rt. hon. herself)… desperate stuff: –

      ~ Politics just got interesting ~ She’s got brains & beauty (studied law). So that’s all’s ok then. Not much thought in the comments, more (ill-informed) knee-jerk reactions.

  52. Involuntary work exacted under menace of a penalty

    Can I have my Community Work on Osborne’s taxpayer funded horse paddock, shovelling shit all day in servitude?

  53. The Labour Party are shit and not much different from the Tories any more.


    If Labour win the next general election the Bedroom Tax will go, and the careers of Iain Duncan Smith, David Cameron, George Osborne and many others will be over.

    Just that makes it worth voting Labour for me.

  54. And before you correct me your should be you’re – autocue.

  55. Surrey Stockbroker

    George Osborne really does talk a load of crap at times! For example let us take a look at Premier Foods, Premier who you might ask. Well, Premier Foods own a whole range of famous household brands such as Hovis, Cadbury, Mr Kipling etc. What is interesting to note is that their share price has been in free-fall of late almost HAVING in the past two months. If the fact these businesses are struggling because basically the lower income households that are these companies ‘bread and butter’ have no money to spend isn’t a sign that households in the lower income bands are being squeezed into oblivion I don’t know what is!

  56. It’s pantomime season again and the biggest draw this year will be “THE M.P.’s PAY RISE”.

    This lavish production has the backing of the “Independent Parliamentary Standards Troupe of Monkeys”, a chosen few, who will, no doubt be raising a glass of good fortune to themselves……


    You are going to witness the show of a lifetime where MP’s will be playing out the event of the year…….

    It’s no good shouting, “He’s behind you”, because we know it’s a creation of your own doing!

    You are about to witness a contrivance, so intricate, that you will almost believe the contents…………………..

    There will follow a big debate in which the people who purport to represent you, will declare that the proposed 11% rise is unjust at a time when austerity is the key issue.

    Following this, in which many will claim that it was thrust upon them and not asked for, a smaller amount, maybe 5%, will finally be agreed upon…………………..

    It will get backing from all sides of the house and be seen to be the “GREAT COMPROMISE THAT NEVER WAS”…………..

    We are all in it together, was the biggest con ever enacted upon our people.
    Anyone who believed it at the time must have been a total imbecile……

    ………and there you have it, a fiasco specially developed to fool the likes of, you and me, whilst delivering the goods to the greediest bastards in society, whilst purporting to be something they never asked for in the first place………….

    Not such a bad deal in a time when there are more working families in poverty, than those not working.
    Where people are being thrown out of their homes, disabled are robbed and the climate resembles that of the Dickensian Workhouse era……………

    They have no shame, and the state of the country lays testament to the out of touch…………..

    ………if the electorate is to be given the right to vote on the issue of staying in Europe, why can’t it be granted the freedom to vote on all issues?……….

    The answer is simple, it would go against the agenda that the banks, hedge funds and corporate giants seek to attain.

  57. What next youth-enasia for the oldies – I’ll have some of that.

  58. “2.7 The evaluation also found that job satisfaction and the work routine of
    placements resulted in increased motivation to work, even among
    participants initially opposed to the idea of a work placement.”

    Jesus Christ, this is a surprise!

  59. OT ?.

    “The move is part of a new national infrastructure plan, which sets out how the British government intends to privatise the equivalent of $32 billion or 24.1 billion euros of financial and corporate assets by 2020.”

    Another cheap sell off, their friends will be making a nice BIG profit!!!.

  60. anti-work programme

    World War II didn’t see an end to the Nazis unfortunately. They are alive and well in 21st century state Britain, seen working in all the job centres up and down the land. As for the gormless looking security guards, they appear to be trained by that lunatic North Korean leader chin Lo or whatever he prefers to be called nowadays. One G4S security guard I know of is so fucking up his own arse with arrogancy he even believes in himself to be self-important and above other jobseekers using my jcp office.

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  62. totally given up


  63. totally given up


  64. totally given up

    today mr smith has to go before the wheeltappers and shunters commitee to justify his membership and bullshit as to why hes “lost” a lot of money any thoughts?

  65. While people are being asked to wait over six hours in ambulances, none essential operations cut back to a minimum, people thrown on the streets, jobless working for slave employers and disabled robbed of their benefits, we have the prince of clowns throwing £40.1 million down the proverbial, shitter……

    Duncan SMITH is not a comedian, yet his department, the DWP, are employing the biggest fool ever………….

    Which other country would allow, this legend in his own lunch time, the space and power to write off this mind blowing amount on the “GRAND UNIVERSAL CREDIT FUCK UP?”

    How many people do you have to sanction, displace, or drive to death, while Cameron’s crown jester squanders vast amounts on a pie in the sky scheme?

    It’s been proven, time and time again, that a software cannot cope with the multiplexity of social situations that arise from a claim, it is for this reason, that it was always doomed from it’s inception on the back of a fag packet.

    This guy could’nt win a one legged arse kicking contest, yet he is free to waste cash of these proportions………….

    One things for sure, whatever sum the DWP have admitted to, will be a fraction of the real amount that has been blown.

    Telling the truth, and the DWP, don’t exactly go hand in hand, neither does the bottle to admit how many lives have been lost due to ESA and other, dark, draconian, methods of human torture by brown envelope.

    ………..forty fucking million, and the rest, what a fucking joke!

    The travesty of all this is, if you had got £40 they would instigate a major operation to force you to pay it back, sanction you and probably lead you onto the street, homeless………..

    …….and yet the “comedy of errors” continues at our expense….

  66. What they are forgetting (and conveniently isn’t mentioned) is the sheer level of administration this will entail. Although some will obviously be stung by the proposals logic dictates it’ll be little more than a human lottery who does what/goes where. By sheer force of numbers no public body could successfully manage that amount of people. Here’s hoping my number isn’t up; cheers!

  67. December 10, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    My assessment report gives testimony to the facts being unearthed by Spartacus;

    I was seen to sit in a chair, get up unaided, go to a bench, be examined, decline to do seventy five actions that was asked of me, and be observed to stand in one place for the duration of the interview……………………………..

    ATOS is synonymous with many hundreds of deaths that have taken place on our shores.

    Any intention of providing a just, fair medical examination was blown out of the water at the inception, through the closely guarded wording of it’s contract with it’s partner in crime, the inglorious, DWP.

    A helicopter crashes into a pub roof and nine poor souls are robbed of their lives and no stone is unturned to establish the cause,

    Yet millions are undergoing a battle to stay alive, many have perished already, and nothing is said or done……….

    The dual standards of the governments puppet press are suppressing an ETHNIC CLEANSING as i speak……..


  68. Just noticed this;

    8 December 2013

    Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

    I hope this is the correct way of contacting you to ask my

    I have completed 12 months of my apprenticeship and I am still on
    the same rate of pay of £3.60, despite being 22 years old. I have
    tried asking the organisation I work for bout a pay rise, but
    didn’t receive an answer.

    Can you help with this?

    Yours faithfully,

    Stan King

    Link to this

  69. It goes without saying, that if we now now the DWP and ATOS conspired to steal benefits belonging to disabled, then “Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal Service”, will be implicated in the conspiracy also……………..

    There is no smoke without fire and both the DWP and HMCTS, will be sleeping in the same bed, although trying to portray an air of complete separation…………………………

    Have you ever thought how it could be humanly possible, for a claimant, robbed of their benefits, to attend a tribunal that has the Queen at it’s head?

    Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals, adjudicating on a case that involves the Welfare Reform Act, that our monarch gave her blessing to, in the form of “Royal Assent”.

    These two departments are linked in several ways, in fact one cannot exist without the other………………….

    Read any documentation on the courts and tribunal service and it will always state that they are fair and independent…..

    This is far from the truth, as the bias is always against the person facing the tribunal or court…….

    You are the subject of a kangaroo court initiated by the state, on behalf of the state, for the state.
    You are guilty and asked to portray your innocence even before you enter the chamber.
    Indeed, the make up of the judges and doctors will have been chosen, not independently, but by intervention.

    The principle of the separation of powers is the cornerstone of an
    independent and impartial justice system. Everyone is entitled to a
    fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal
    established by law as defined by European Court of Human Rights
    Article 6 and EU Charter of Fundamental Rights Article 47.

    The aforesaid, principle of separation of powers are not applied in the uk, they are inextricably linked…………

    Even the DWP decision maker is not independent, as they make decisions on the policies that have been made by their own department, how can this be acceptable, judge and jury rolled into one???

    To illustrate what i am trying to say, the Social Security Act 1998, part 6, dictates the constitution of tribunal appeals. The act provides for the election of the “President”, and dictates the
    procedural and directives of the tribunal in its function.

    Finally, i think i am right in suggesting that the DWP even pays for it…………

    In effect, meaning,


  70. Do not try to justify this guys motives, he has no direction whatsoever and is just toying with peoples lives.

    He holds no credibility, even in the department he heads.
    History is littered with this kind of dross in a position of power, in fact it reminded me of an incident that has come to light over the last two days.

    Some soldiers, as an act of defiance against officers they regarded as muppets, decided to disobey a drill order and sat down as an act of defiance…………….

    On a typically british bulldog act, the soldiers were subject to court martial and imprisonment and two dismissed.

    Why was’nt there an investigation to find out if the soldiers had a point of issue in the capability of their seniors?

    Old shithead Smith is in a similar position. His own staff are frightened to break rank and accuse him of being useless, the government lack the guts to admit he is useless, therefore the acts of the madman continue to “KILL” on an unprecedented scale, the likes of what this nation has never seen before!

    Hitler was a complete nutter, but he too believed what he was doing was right…………

    Behind his back there will be an air of rebellion, he won’t see it, but i am damn sure it is happening. His ministers are revolting, and i mean this in both senses!

    Cameron will be starting to cringe as the brainless moron scrambles from one embarrassing situation to another.

    He is in free flight, devoid of any direction, not knowing where to turn, like a dog lost in a lamppost factory……….

    IDS will be the author of his own downfall. With Tory dissatisfaction looming and the knives appearing behind his back, it will only be a matter of time.

    The generals are plotting and willing to put the bomb in a briefcase, at the foot of his table. When you are in a corner, you have nowhere to go……………

    …………..his days are numbered, as are the deaths that his department are wholly responsible for, but constantly deny are happening.


  71. DEAR DWP,

  72. DEAR DWP










  73. ……………all those countless millions blasted on a renegade company, ATOS.

    The HCP’s credentials aren’t worth a toss, therefore the DWP are fast backtracking, trying to erase any link with the charlatans as the evidence becomes unsurpassable………….

    Therefore, as Razor states, the medical reports that were used to deny Incapacity Benefits, are reduced to junk……….

    They are not valid in any shape or form and anybody who has had their benefits stolen by this charade, should have them reinstated immediately, along with compensation for the pain and suffering………………

    The DWP are truly shitting themselves and the whole Disability Denial fiasco is in tatters.

    Using google to verify if a claimant has a disability that warrants a benefit is further proof that the DWP have shot themselves in the foot!!!

    Cracks have appeared and they are falling further into them,


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  76. While my default answer is no to both, I’d definitely take the community work over the workfare. I’m not averse to working, nor averse to volunteering. I am highly averse to being forced into it though, and I’m definitely, under NO circumstances, going to accept being forced to work for free for for-profit companies.

    So if my only choices are workfare or community work, where do I sign for the community work?

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