210,000 Pensioners Face Last Year’s Vicious Autumn Statement Cut

Osborne-mrbeanThe newspapers have been predicting that George Osborne is expected to raise the pension age to 69 in his Autumn statement today.  The cut he made last year to the incomes of some of the poorest pensioners however has gone almost unnoticed by the press.

Last year Osborne pegged benefit rises at 1% for the next two years no matter what happens to inflation.  This measure included Local Housing Allowance, the benefit paid to those on low incomes in to provide help with rent payments.  Pensioners are also eligible for this benefit, and the latest DWP statistics show that over 210,000 private sector tenants over 65 depend on this support.

Almost no-one seems to have noticed that this means that Osborne’s changes will hit pensioners despite government lies they would be protected from the cut.  Over 200,000 of the UK’s poorest pensioners will now see incomes shrink as the money they receive to stay in their homes is reduced and they will be forced to make up the difference out of meagre pensions.

How much their income will shrink is open to question.  A DWP Equalities Analysis predicted they will lose on average about £3 a week (PDF).  For those in high rent areas this is likely to be a woeful understatement.

Around 20,000 people over 65 are currently claiming LHA in London.  Rents are soaring in the capital, with one estimate claiming they have risen by 7.9% in just one year.  If this continues then a pensioner living in a private sector flat and claiming the LHA rate for central London could see their income reduced by up to £30 a week over the next two years.

Just like the victims of the Benefit Cap, these pensioners will be socially cleansed from the capital.  Some of them may have lived here their whole lives.  If they choose to stay they may face homelessness as rents soar.  This  will place even more pressure on Local Authorities to provide one bedroom flats at a time of desperate shortage of smaller properties due to the bedroom tax.  The housing crisis in London is set to get worse, and George Osborne is directly responsible.

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108 responses to “210,000 Pensioners Face Last Year’s Vicious Autumn Statement Cut

  1. Just been reading about Osbourne’s retirement age increase on guardian ..amazing comments like ” well old people work well in charity shops ” overlooking the fact that the ‘ job ‘ is voluntary..ie Unpaid ..
    Am wondering when they will start sending kids out to work next and closing schools .
    Then hospital closures after all elderly people tend to use hospital more…

  2. Almost no-one seems to have noticed either that the coalition’s claim to be protecting pensioners do not apply to the poorest pensioners, those on Pension Credit, whose Savings Credit has been frozen and whose benefits rates are being increased only by a below inflation flat rate.

  3. Btw @johnny re DWP appeal to court over mental health sufferers ..why oh why DWP decided to appeal against their own rules. Since its a requirement by DWP for GPs to provide evidence of sickness of claimants which include mental health symptons
    This has all the hallmarks of IDS beligerency written all over it..and fits that report that DWP is out of control…

  4. Landless Peasant

    Work ’til your 69? Fuck that. I doubt I’ll even live to that age tbh.

    • TCV/Groundwork Are SLAVE DRIVERS!!

      TCV?Groundwork will make fucking sure of that!

      • That or the road tarmac chain gangs, construction workers etc etc.will kill them off, the bloody pen pushers are immortal.

      • Landless Peasant

        If you get sent to work unpaid for Groundwork or TCV it might be worth informing the Health & Safety Executive whilst enquiring about the necessity for a valid CSCS card. In the meantime proceed to swing a shovel around with wanton disregard.

    • Yep I have rheumatoid arthritis n m in same boat!

  5. ……how strange that in the passing of a few years, the DWP have gone from a position of extolling the virtues of ATOS Health Care Professionals, to a position that they are ashamed to have anything to do with them, whatsover………………….

    They were heralded from the rooftops by our con-demn government and afforded the luxury of near billion pound contracts………..

    You must ask yourselves, why so much taxpayers, hard pressed income was wasted on the “BIGGEST SET OF SHYSTERS INVITED ON OUR SHORES”.

    Congratulations to all of you who have stood in a unified manner to bring this injustice to a head……….

    The German government tried to distance itself from the the very people they had instructed to carry out inhumane acts, this is now being seen to be followed by THE INGLORIOUS DWP…………….

    They can try to erase their footprints in the sand but the heinous, evil actions against the most vulnerable will remain indelible.

    No amount of compensation can bring back a loved one who has succumbed to death, as a result of our crazed welfare policies,
    indeed, the Queen, our monarch, should stand trial for giving royal assent for these unsavoury actions upon her subjects.

    In doing so, she signed the death warrants for those least likely to have the provision to fight back, the weakest in our society.

    It’s no good waltzing around wearing ermine and pearls and unveiling plaques to yourself, while you shaft the very citizens you have been expected to protect.

    The criminal actions, and i repeat, criminal actions, are being laid at the feet of the HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSIONERS, who, i expect, should be pursuing the complaints vigorously, as the death toll is continuing to spiral, out of control…………….

    ATOS, therefore are now disgraced, but who dare pick up the mantle that would allow them to further persecute the disabled?

    One thing is for sure, the DWP is now in a state of denial, a denial that was thrust upon the existence of disability of our persons.

    The freedom of information galleries hold all the relevant information that the DWP has released since the inception of the
    ESA examinations.

    It is a damning indictment of their collusion with a renegade company who were allowed to take lives based upon deception hidden in welfare reform, murder by decree……….


  6. All the three main parties want the pension age set at 75, that will happen MUCH sooner then 2030. Osborne knows that, all this talk about pension age at 68 and then at 69 is just getting people ready for when a government in the near future say’s…”pension age to be 75, to take affect immediately”. We might well find that even pensioners already getting their pension who are aged under 75 will be told that their pension will be stopped until they are 75, and they MUST return to work.

    The excuse will be the financial state of the UK has taken a turn for the worse, they know what is coming, they would, their kind planned it to happen.

    They want it ALL!!!.

    • Osborne a bit like Ferdinand Marcos, I wonder how many pairs of shoes Frances owns? Time for him and the rest of these robbing tories to be sent into exile.

  7. FAO: Johnny Void – instead of posting a pic of Osborne you have posted a pic of Mr Bean!

  8. totally given up

    ho mention of sanctions yet again a fucking disgrace,,,balls is laying into them,but no mention of workfare sanctions atos,,,fucking disgrace

  9. totally given up

    oh and now over to the bbc politics bshow true blue torie tossers,unemployment down,,because of fucking sanctions,,apologies for my language,,its the word niether party will even fucking mention,,,fuckers now pensioners will be sanctioned for not looking for work when aged 70 fucking disgrace

  10. totally given up

    as that great torie cchurchill said “never have so many been fucked up by so few this is their finest hour”


    • The pension pot has been loaned out to the portfolio parasites at favourable rates, or said loans are being bailed out via banks toxic debt.


    • SHOP a pensioner ..do you have old people living near you who are getting state pension ? Miserable old wrinklies going on about the war and how things were better in their day. And clogging up post office and supermarket queues and generally getting in the way of upward mobile young people .well if you have had enough of these old cretins who don’t have the sense to die off then phone the DWP pensioner fraud hotline and have them removed from soceity…
      Just ask for george who will sort it put for you..as extra bonus we will send round someone to fold your towels for you free if charge ..

      • They allowed pensioners to earn on top of their pension to see how many were or would be capable of working beyond retirement age, the same for those with disabilities to see if they were capable of work and earning.
        If your a pensioner in the house of lords it is different from being a pensioner whose occupation had been a bricklayer or miner.

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  14. George Oddbourne

    I’ve noticed that there are 1.25 million over 50’s without work, so I’m raising the retirement age to 83.
    I’ve also noticed there’s over 1 million under 25’s without work, and most of these don’t bother the get on the ponsi housing ladder until age 38, so I’m raising the school leaving age to 38.
    These simple measures will solve both the pensions problem and the unemployment problem. I don’t know why anyone hasn’t though of this before.
    George Oddbourne,







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  16. This is no surprise to me…. the excuse for raising the retirement age is based on the nonsense that we are all living longer and we can’t afford it. I say it’s nonsense because I don’t believe it will be the case that this generation will live longer.

    The rise in life expectancy since the last world war has largely been due to the introduction of a healthy welfare state, well-remunerated employment, hard-fought-for employment rights and reasonable living standards. The young of today can look forward to none of these things. If this government keeps hacking away at the welfare state, persists in making unemployed and disabled people work for nothing, insists on sanctioning and bedroom-taxing people out into card-board boxes, life expectancy will absolutely begin to drop – to prewar levels, even, for those at the bottom of the economic pile.

    • It’s bullcrap – ‘we’ are not living longer! But the toffs are, always have and always will – that’s what Osborne means when he talks about ‘we’ are living longer. Take a look at the statues around your town or go for a stroll in the cemetery!

      • How many of us reading this are going to live to 969 to draw a pension! Not many I’d wager 🙂

        • The other great lie was ” we can’t afford the NHS ”
          Er we can’t afford these bunch of lying bastards running the UK.

          • nah, I never fell for that one either, Bob. If we could afford to implement it after being bankrupted by 2 world wars, I don’t know how they have the gall to say we can’t afford it now.

      • yup – I live in the North in a relatively poor former industrial town – life expectancy here is not as high as in the south and has been dropping since 2006. If people in this town have to work til they’re 75, many of em will be six-foot under and never draw a penny. Life expectancy for men is only 75.6 years here – the lowest in Britain at last count.

        • There is an area in Scotland, in Glasgow somewhere I think, where the life expectancy isn’t even 50! But if you venture into the toff heartlands it is well into the 100+.

          • Just had a quick search, Glasgow city has the lowest life expectancy in the UK. The toff heartland of East Dorset where the guitar-waving fake-socialist toff Billy Bragg lives has the highest life expectancy and areas like Buckinghamshire, St Gerrards Cross (the richest area in the country (Beckman used to/still lives there) are at the top of the league table. Interestingly, een the richer area of East Dunbartonshire where that odious little shite Jo Swinson lives has a much higher life expectancy than its neighbour Glasgow City – a tale of two cities – indeed. The highest life expectancies north of the border are in rich areas like Edinburgh and the oil money rich Aberdeenshire where the fat fascist Alex Salmond hides out. So effectively poor Glaswegian and Northerners are being expected to work themselves into an early grave to pay for the gold-plated pensions of toffs – a pension they themselves will never see!

          • yes – there are pockets of communities all over the place where life expectancy is dismal, like the one you mention in Glasgow, but are masked by quoting only the average figures for a region. Hidden deprivation that nobody wants to talk about except the odd article in a local rag.

            Osbourn must be wetting himself with glee at the money he’ll never have to shell out in pensions to these poor sods.

    • Do you live in a dream world? Every word you have said is a lie.

  17. Rosemarie Harris

    The only people he won’t pick on … are rich people old or young and the sooner the pensioners realise this the better, we all need to kick these thieving low life out of office and that time is coming but we will all need to vote against the tory’s and liedem. The more ‘working class’ people vote the better (unless they vote Tory of course!), look at the priciples of the party, look at your life etc. I don’t know if the next Government will be any good for the working class but if we go the meetings and ask questions (They usually have prospective MP meetings open for all)Tell them what we think etc. But bloody vote we are too poor not to! We can’t leave the country so it does matter that we vote, you can’t moan about any government until you put a cross on that voting slip!

  18. No wonder Jefferey Oddball didn’t mention the wonderful U.C. reforms in his statement.
    IBS is in the sh1te again.
    “The work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has used the cover of the autumn statement to announce that he is to miss his deadline of getting all existing and new benefit claimants on to universal credit (UC) by 2017.”
    Roll on 4:30pm Mon 9th.

  19. Reblogged this on Sundial Centre Shipton Street and commented:
    Something to sink your teeth into (or your gums). Maybe ‘void’ is devoid of objectivity. Good to read anyway.

  20. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Johnny Void once more covers the important bits of news the rest of the media won’t cover or comment on. Here he expands on the way pensioners are expected to be hit hard by his proposed changes to Housing Benefit. As I commented on his blog post about this yesterday, this follows American attacks on pensioners for being ‘greedy’ for not allowing their pensions and benefits to be cut. He is also disguising through a general change in Housing Benefit as a direct attack on pensions would lead to outright criticism from pensioners’ groups. I mentioned that the free newspaper, Mature Times, carries strong criticism of the government for their cuts to senior citizens’ benefits. In the Netherlands a ‘Grey Party’ was launched in the 1990s to defend their elderly from similar benefit cuts. The last thing Osborne wants is something similar occurring here. As for his proposal to raise pension age to 68 or 69, this has also been on the cards since the 1990s. The Financial Times ran an article about the increasing cost to the economy of welfare spending, in which they described the state pension system as a ‘Ponzi scheme’ in which the younger generation was expected to support their parents and grandparents through tax. They also stated that when Bismarck introduced state pensions in Germany, the pension age was 70. This was far beyond the current lifespan of most working class Germans. Indeed, during the German Industrial Revolution observers commented that long hours had left men and women in the 30s looking extremely old and frail. Now it seems Osborne is trying to act on this precedent, and return the pension age to its original level under Bismarck. It’s also possible, even probable, that he has done this in order to force people to take out private pensions by attacking the state sector. Remember when insurance companies and the Tories were enthusiastic about launching private unemployment insurance policies aimed at the proles, to protect them from meagre state handouts, as well as get some of that lucrative untapped unemployment market for themselves? Something like that is surely going on here. Mr Void also comments on the way this will lead to the further social cleansing of the capital, as the poor are increasingly forced out. I believe it will also lead to increased racial tension. Many of the luxury properties that have been built in the capital during Boris’ mayoralty have been aimed at extremely rich foreigners, particularly from the Far East. If more of this continues, then the poor, traditional communities in the capital, by which I mean not only Whites, but long-established Black and Asian communities, will also feel threatened. A few months ago the government expressed alarm at the ‘White Flight’ out of majority Black or Asian areas, which meant that there were some communities where Whites were almost entirely absent. I can similarly see some Black and Asian areas also feeling threatened from the boom in luxury accommodation, as they fear that gentrification will also lead to them being cleansed from their homes. When the Richard Curtis romantic comedy, Notting Hill, came out, there were complaints from some Black community leaders about the lack of Black representation in that movie. Osborne’s attack on HB will lead to many of these communities losing their older Black and Asian residents as they cannot afford to live in their homes any longer. The potential for another set of race riots, like those that erupted in 1981, is immense.

  21. If they hit the pensioners they are sawing off the branch they are sitting on.

  22. 1% for Pensioners, 11% for M.P.’s. . If ever there was evidence the swivel eyed loon’s had taken over the asylum, this is it. That picture also paints a thousand words. To quote a journalist ;’YOU COULDNT MAKE IT UP!’

    • If growth is up and employment is up then benefits too should start going up not down. They hope to use any money from so called growth(more robbery) to keep interest rates low when quantative easing comes to an end and the banks will be lending once again only to those that can afford to repay, meaning the portfolio lot get the lions share of borrowing.

  23. Hi, I’m searching for one of your older posts that I cannot find…

    …it’s the one where you had discovered that the 11% in the original stat’s actually referred to the number of disabled who would go through automatically, meaning that there would be more on top of that figure after everyone else was assessed etc; but that internal lack of DWP communication/clarification meant that the 11% was erroneously taken to be the overall number of disabled in the Support Group.

    Can you grab me the link to that please? I thought I had saved the link but cannot find it!

    Thanks loads, x

    • I’m not sure that was me, I don’t remember it anyway.

    • Also, I think you will find after reading the article there was no misinformation, error or clarification within the DWP or elsewhere.

      The figure of 11% was the number to go into support group. 20% to WRAG, and the rest found fit to work., in the contract with ATOS. The software was designed to deliver that result, irrespective of actual disability or illness.

      The `11% figure is the puzzle. I can find no information about where it came from. If based on prior work – such as by the odious Alyward – it would be available. His resume is here :- http://www.absencematters.co.uk/AboutUs.aspx

      To put this in perspective the data from the DLA found that 97.9% were in the support group with a small number < 1% fraud/DWP error. This leaves reasonable room to deduct the 11% is a figure (cost) they wanted to work back to. 11% is a target, and is used for all the targets throughout the DWP & poverty pimps around them, and has caused massive suffering and death. That's not error or miscommunication it's a pogrom.

      • Ah-ha, I should’ve guessed that the fabulous Kaliya would have something on this theme. Thanks Florence, x
        If I find the post that I read before I’ll come back and share it.
        I’ve previously written about some of what you mentioned, but it’s been a while since I looked at related figures as I’ve been concentrating on keeping up with medical papers to share with my fellow patients over the past few months. (current mantra: “I *will* get my CRPS lit’ review completed”)!
        Yes, it is a pogrom. The whole thing is horrific. Never before have I been so terribly ashamed of the country I live in. The media involvement is an added despicable aspect. I am bereft of a viable party to vote for and frustrated that my expectation of the discussion as a result of the WoW petition will be brushed aside with the same crud that the last parliamentary discussion was. It was such a wonderful discussion, with all parties coming together, and then McVey with Hoban’s “Say This” sheet and that was that. Grrrr.
        Oops, wittering sorta-rant, sorry!
        Thanks for the link hon, x

  24. The word QUANTUM, when used in relation to a LITIGATION CLAIM, usually relates to the amount of compensation that would be normally paid out in compensation to the litigant (claimant).

    The word is derived from the latin word, quanta, which roughly translates to,”how much?”

    I would expect that the DWP are employing the cream of the legal trade, to limit the amount of compensation that will eventually be paid to direct, and indirect claims resulting from intentionally flawed ATOS examination reports.

    These so called, experts, or damage limitation cronies will be working flat out to try and erase the links between the government and the renegade French company.

    It is rightly noted that this renegade company has now cast a dark shadow on the very people that utilised it in a policy of “DISABILITY DENIAL”, that was used by the the much discredited UNUM INSURANCE.

    Huge lawsuits that run into millions of dollars, bear witness to the evil, twisted policies that the DWP DECIDED TO UNLEASH ON OUR MOST VULNERABLE…………………..

    Heads will eventually roll, but the damage limitation will probably limit the boundaries of any real inquiry……..

    The tentacles of the media are indelibly stained by a collusion that withholds the truth from the populus…………………….

    People are not fools, the fools are the perpetrators of these evil acts, for thinking they would never be called to account……

    • Would that be the same reason Blair was so happy about HRA as it provided work for the wife defending terrorists rights to stay here, claim benefits and then shoot us in the back? See Abu Hamza for evidence of this. Are the readers of this so called blog really that stupid?

  25. Did everybody enjoy the posh boys outing today?
    I hear now that they are going to try to force the children of poor people to learn how to read and write. Oh what a wheeze!
    Pity we couldn’t have all gone to Eton college, there would be no need for all this then …… but anyway this will go along nicely with the unpaid work that their parents will be doing.
    We’ll soon changes their ways, there are just too many of the laboring poor who think the can live on the rates.

  26. Autumn statement a la Gidiot, blah, blah, lie, blah, lie, benefit cuts, blah, raise the pension age,blah, blah fucking blah. And on the bench behind is that traitor Cleggy, his head bobbing about like one of those nodding dogs.

    • I noticed that Cameron had a frowning, puzzled expression on his face for most of the statement – or perhaps his hemorrhoids were troubling him – hard to tell…

      • I thought that was the expression he’s been practicing to look like it’s serious business. This was needed to get past the image of him rising from his golden throne, in his tails & white tie, to speak from a golden podium to the rich and underserving of the City of London Mayors dinner, to tell us that Austerity was now an ideology he wants to practice for the next decade. He looked rather pleased with himself at that point, but that could just be over-indulging in the port.

        • mmm he is a pompous arse-hole. I can image him practicing in front of a mirror. But if he was going for ‘serious’ it needs more work – it definitely looked like puzzlement or discomfort to me….

          • Yes, pompous A-hole. I suspect the fact we can’t accurately gauge his expression is because he is incapable of actually understanding human emotion, except, perhaps greed & hatred.

  27. It was an obvious strategy of isolating society, segment by segment along the lines of that old wisdom about the Nazi’s came for the trade unionists, I said nothing because I was not a trade unionist, then they came for the Jews, I said nothing because I was not a jew…finally they came for me there was no one left to speak out for me.

    The collective voting power of the old aged pensioners lobby was only ever going to be a temporary respite while they were being isolated and prepared for their turn to be fed through the grinder by this wave of “Economic fascism”. Events are so reflective of Germany in the thirties, it seems incredible that the Parallels go un-noticed by the silent majority – the threat is as serious now, as it was back then!

  28. With reference to Eton mentioned by”strz123″…It seems to me to be painfully obvious that this institution is at the centre of spreading class hatred among the ruling elite – when they table such loaded questions as “justify opening-fire on public demonstrators”. They have stepped out side the boundaries of morality…I personally feel the university should be torn down and replaced with a cermanic toilet seat, as this would be reflective of the kind of “seat of knowledge” that stood before it!

    • Tory policy for the disabled parallels the T4 programme of the Nazis.

      Eton has been a bit longer in operation as the Lebensborn eugenics programme for delivering the racially pure ideological “aristocracy” for the 1000 years to follow.

      Perhaps when the revolution kicks off………..conversion to 1 bed flats………barracks for housing the dispossessed landed gentry……?.

  29. If there are record numbers of people in employment, as the Nazi sorry Tory party want us to believe…….that must mean anyone who is unemployed is choosing to be unemployed and deserves to be punished on behalf of ‘hard working people’.
    Tory propaganda.
    He talks about worklessness and a something for nothing culture but what does he know about it?
    He’s the one who has had everything handed to him, a more privileged person you would be hard pushed to find.

    • Landless Peasant

      They’re doing just what Hitler did, same tactics, creating scapegoats, demonizing sections of society. Divide & Rule.

    • Landless Peasant

      and I challenge him on the so-called “something for nothing culture”. The State owes us a fucking living. End of.

  30. Landless Peasant

    Ed Balls said, “For all his boasts and utterly breathtaking complacency the chancellor is in complete denial about the central fact which is defining this government in office. Under this chancellor under this prime minister for most people in our country living standards aren’t rising they are falling year on year”

    And they laughed in his fucking face. They jeered and heckled and shouted him down. Rich fat Tory bastards. Osborne is completely oblivious to the country’s living standards, they all are. They don’t have the slightest clue how ordinary people live. Not a fucking clue. Nor do they care. None of them have to do the job, they’re all rich enough to just fucking emigrate or fuck off and do whatever they want, but kicking the poor is just their hobby. Sooner or later, though, the poor might kick back.

  31. Well Gang, I checked it out and for every year an M.P. has a seat
    they get the equivalent of £45k in their pension pot, £9k of which comes
    from there salary. That means for every year they sit, when they retire they get £30 a week. So if they can ;do’ ten years (or two terms), they get £300 a week index linked when they retire. So after they sell off the spare tax payer bought house, they really are sitting quite pretty indeed.
    This doesnt include the minimum 10k readjustment allowance they get for being booted out of the seat, of course. This doesnt include the normal pension either. So they can expect £450 a week to struggle by
    on in there ripe old age meaning they can sit on the nest egg provided by the tax payers. Add in the savings from their salary (they get expenses for everything remember, including £100 a week for lunch)
    and you get a picture of why they seem clueless.

  32. If you were an M.P. for 30 years, the weekly figure would increase to
    £1050. . Thats 150 quid a day , in new money.

    • Landless Peasant

      Most of them will have outside business interests and property/shares/bonds etc. too so all in all it’s a total stitch-up. The general public are being sold a pup. Democracy is a sham, and it’s the Rich against everyone else, basically.

      • Democracy is a sham, only because the main parties control the media.
        If we all voted independent, things might change for the better.

        • Landless Peasant

          If any of the independents gained any sway they’d be infiltrated like the rest. But I agree, the two-party system sucks, and forget the LibDems. But does anything ever change? The ruling classes have all the wealth (and land), and the only way I’ll ever become rich is by winning the bloody lottery.

  33. totally given up

    sorry if this is a little off subject but nelson mandela has died “a true fighter for human rights” a light has gone out but i went ballistic when that dickhead camoron came out of number 10 looking so smug,,fuck i hate him and his chums they werent worthy to clean his shoes,had the tories been in power in soth africa the country would still be in apartied just like here seperate socitities the rich poor black white rabled disabled the cunt camoron has no right to comment on mr mandelas passing

  34. totally given up

    fuck,sorry but now gideon is claiming to have been a great admirer of mandellas work for equality and fairness how fucking hypocryticall,,ive had my say and my teles smashed!!!!

  35. I refused to what the crap.

  36. what should be watch.

  37. The strangest thing of all is, our government have taken no action, whatsoever, against ATOS.

    ……….and the reason is, they dare not…………………

    Because if the entire contents of the contract with our government, were ever released into the public domain, this government would be up Shit Creek, without a paddle………………………………….

    The evidence would be testimony to the war that was unleashed on the weakest and most vulnerable……………..
    and bring forth the scurrying of rats in an effort to distance themselves from the most evil acts unleashed on UK soil.


    Leave a Reply

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  39. They can lie and pretend they admire Nelson Mandel,
    but people know the truth,
    They must think people are stupid, their spiritual leader called him a terrorist!

  40. It’s pantomime season again and the biggest draw this year will be “THE M.P.’s PAY RISE”.

    This lavish production has the backing of the “Independent Parliamentary Standards Troupe of Monkeys”, a chosen few, who will, no doubt be raising a glass of good fortune to themselves……


    You are going to witness the show of a lifetime where MP’s will be playing out the event of the year…….

    It’s no good shouting, “He’s behind you”, because we know it’s a creation of your own doing!

    You are about to witness a contrivance, so intricate, that you will almost believe the contents…………………..

    There will follow a big debate in which the people who purport to represent you, will declare that the proposed 11% rise is unjust at a time when austerity is the key issue.

    Following this, in which many will claim that it was thrust upon them and not asked for, a smaller amount, maybe 5%, will finally be agreed upon…………………..

    It will get backing from all sides of the house and be seen to be the “GREAT COMPROMISE THAT NEVER WAS”…………..

    We are all in it together, was the biggest con ever enacted upon our people.
    Anyone who believed it at the time must have been a total imbecile……

    ………and there you have it, a fiasco specially developed to fool the likes of, you and me, whilst delivering the goods to the greediest bastards in society, whilst purporting to be something they never asked for in the first place………….

    Not such a bad deal in a time when there are more working families in poverty, than those not working.
    Where people are being thrown out of their homes, disabled are robbed and the climate resembles that of the Dickensian Workhouse era……………

    They have no shame, and the state of the country lays testament to the out of touch…………..

    ………if the electorate is to be given the right to vote on the issue of staying in Europe, why can’t it be granted the freedom to vote on all issues?……….

    The answer is simple, it would go against the agenda that the banks, hedge funds and corporate giants seek to attain.

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  43. Reading between the lines ,does anyone believe the Government is trying to abolish ESA totally and PIP will replace it as the prime benefit and that is why it is so difficult to get.

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