Snouts In The Trough – Charities Scramble For Lucrative Workfare Hand Out

snoutsIt’s full steam ahead on the workfare gravy train as charities and welfare-to-work companies scramble to profit from George Osborne’s upcoming mass workfare scheme.

Appallingly these charities will not just benefit from a mass influx of unpaid forced workers, but are even set to be paid for this abuse of unemployed people.

Welfare-to-work company Reed in Partnership have recently issued a call out for placement providers happy to join them in condemning claimants to forced labour. According to the company: “For organisations wishing to work with Reed in Partnership, financial remuneration will be available for each placement.”

So obsessed is the DWP with forcing people into unpaid work they are now bribing charities with tax payers money to take part in workfare!

Unemployed people will be expected to carry out 780 hours of unpaid work when the Community Work Placements begin next year.  This is over two and a half times the maximum possible community service sentence which can be handed out by the courts.

Those who refuse, or are unable to take part, could have benefits stopped completely for up to three years.  A recent report by Citizens Advice warned that benefit sanctions are driving people to attempt suicide and have led to people being forced to beg or go through bins to find food.

Yet this hasn’t stopped greedy charities lining up to take part in the scheme.  As revealed by @boycottworkfare several so-called voluntary organisations are currently promoting Osborne’s workfare on twitter.

The laughably named Voluntary Action Leeds (@VolActionLeeds) along with the equally misnamed Voluntary Sector NW (@VSNWnews) have both been encouraging organisations to sign up for mass workfare.  One Southampton based training organisation is already boasting that they are looking forward to ‘working with the prime contractors’ to offer Community Work Placements.

There should be no squeamishness about holding these organisations to account.  Every single organisation that takes a placement under the Community Work Placement scheme shares the blame for the brutal benefit sanctions which underpin the regime.  This scheme cannot work without the connivance of greedy charities, eager to sign up free workers and soon to be paid by the tax payer for doing so.  These charities will never see, or hear the stories of people sanctioned because they were unable to work for free – and they think this means they are not responsible for the suffering they have caused.

Benefit sanctions are state terrorism that do nothing to ‘incentivise’ people to find work.  Sanctions demolish people, leading to debt, ill health and homelessness.  So-called charities eager to profit from these callous measures should hang their heads in shame.  And the rest of us should make sure everyone knows exactly what these grubby little exploiters are up to.

Read Boycott Workfare’s statement on Community Work Placements: Seducing the voluntary sector: Or, never take sweeties from the men at the DWP

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  1. Race to the bottom – marks, set … go!!!!!!!

    you’ll enjoy this too

  2. The whole crooked system has been brought to the attention of wider public attention.

    Thanks to help from Samuel Miller and many stalwarts of disability discrimination, the story has hit the world wide web, and more importantly, the Human Rights Commission…………….

    Did the powers that be really think they could destroy innocent peoples lives, many ending in tragedy or death, and go unnoticed????

    Atos and the evil, DWP, have collaborated to steal benefits of the poor and most vulnerable, the disabled.
    The internet has given the opportunity for those who have been wronged, and their fellow supporters, to put up a fight never seen before……….

    The BULLIES are in denial as the septic tank of evidence against them starts to overflow. You are witnessing people power in action. We might have physical or mental disabilities but were born human beings, nevertheless.

    Despite reassurances from the DWP that everything is in order and going to plan the evidence against this says otherwise.

    Millions that have been stolen from benefit claimants have been poured into slapdash,doomed exercises to try and streamline the benefit system.

    The system has had a string of bosses and advisers that have readily filled there pockets and cleared off sporting bulging wallets and smiling faces, only to leave the fallout to the next phase who have done the same……..

    All the companies involved are accused of fiddling on an epic scale and the money lost is staggering. 140 million pounds is being written off as we speak. That money was robbed from your pockets, the taxpayer………….

    As for being rolled out in trials across the country, it couldn’t be rolled out in a village, or a pastry board, come to think of it………….

    ………as for ATOS, the great fire breathing dragon of corporate industry, they are now a three legged blind mouse, struggling to enroll staff because they know they will sued for illegal practices at the behest of the DWP.
    The contract between ATOS and the DWP has always been kept from public scrutiny, the reason, despite what the government say, is blatantly obvious, they were employed to “steal benefits”.

    Would you, if you were a HEALTH CARE PROFESSIONAL (please stop laughing), put your head in a noose and deliberate on a persons disabilities, knowing you could be sued, especially if recorded evidence showed you deliberately lied?

    The roles are now reversed as the mouse is chasing the cat.
    Atos the bully is getting it’s comeuppence, and not before time.

    Meanwhile, the members of the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, the likes of Bill Gunnyeon of the DWP must be twitching uncontrollably as the noose tightens.

    These people created the path for the giant American, Insurance giant, UNUM, to invade our shores with it’s well documented, disability denial programmes, of which you, are it’s victims.
    Dismembering of the NHS is all part of a plan, a conspiracy to allow the introduction of Private Health Insurance, and is vital to the corporate giants that lobby and hand out millions in bribes to secure.

    Parliament will never be transparent, even though the broadcasts try to show different. Corruption drives our policies. It always has done, and those who think any different are fools………………

  3. JV are you sure you are not getting your postings from Tory central office?

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      just for you…

      • Thanks obd for providing some good news.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g fawkes
          my blood is boiling at this crap, this bunch of moronic despots are dishing out as solutions…none of what they do has any substance, it is m/t, devoid and completely pointless nothingness…it is like putting an m/t loaf tin, in the oven and expecting a loaf to come out…htf did we get here from the 60’s? that they can spout this bullshit and the media not be outraged, is beyond my comprehension…there are no fcuking jobs…success rate less than 5%…when 16% is the norm without “help”…these scheme are only effective when there is full employment…this is nothing but punishment and it must be stopped..
          anyway i’ve decided not to post, the flower pot men “lets go to san francisco” for now….

    • I did not put not in the middle of my comment.

  4. overburdenddonkey

    these them pot bellied pigs, i was on about…hahahaha 🙂

  5. Wirral In It Together

    I haven’t given a penny to stinking, sordid, bottom feeding, trough dwelling charities for MANY years. Read here how the more money you give, the more they pay their fecking CEOs. If you’ve got any spare change, I can’t think of a better incentive than this to cut out the G R E E D Y middleman, who’s only there to rake in YOUR cash and feign “philanthropy”:

    • All I can say in answer to your post is that I very much hope the people of Wirral West will not return Esther McVey as their MP come May 2015.

      • Wirral In It Together

        Me too. She’s got me blocked on Twitter, in the hope that I’ll somehow ‘go away’. Not a chance, unless I turn my toes up, or she does…

        And if Councillor Phil Davies (Wirral Council leader) gets in (after failing last time), my opposition against this corruption will gain renewed vigour…

      • Esther McVey should not be returned if placed in lost luggage dept.

  6. forcing people into unpaid work . There’s been an economic shitstorm. Slavery’s the only way out.

    Also, I wish some of the British campaigners would wake up to the fact that this whole welfare reform package was not imported from the USA in UNUM’s handluggage – it was bought off-the-shelf from Peter Hartz, late of the (coke-snorting, prostitute shagging) Board of Mercedes Benz.

    The Hartz IV welfare reforms started over a decade ago in Germany, and are probably partly why the country is doing so well.

    As well the familiar “Sanktionen”, they have the “Ein Euro Job” (One Euro Job), and the €100 a week “mini-Job”.

    Your futures have already been written.

  7. Wirral In It Together

    Reblogged this on Wirral In It Together.

  8. Right, that’s it. This Xmas Freya and I are organising a Downing Street Hog Roast. Who wants to join us?

  9. gorge ousbourne has no legal power to without going back to parliament this scheme is illegal as the law stands.

  10. I’ve just got my start date with Seetec and I assure you I will be doing all I can to fuck those slave masters up. Not obviosly, obviously! I’ll be using every underhand filthy way I can find to cost them time and money. As for the cunts they force me to work for, I’m gonna have a fucking field day with those exploiting bastards. Pay peanuts, get monkeys. Pay nothing, get war.

  11. “There should be no squeamishness about holding these organisations to account. ” We will be looking like ‘awks at any Charity in Suffolk that tries to get its snout in the trough.

    • For Andrew Coates. You may want to consider taking a closer look at the Crack On Foundation. They have a shop in Ipswich, which is in yout neck of the woods. This so-called charity is forciing the unemployed to do MWAs in their shops.

  12. Just when you think you’ve heard the worst……….

  13. My first thought on the new MWA “Have you suffered an injury whilst on a government mandatory work placement xcheme? Talk to our specialist legal team today for a free no-win no-fee assessment”

    Get prepared and practice your covert audio/video recording to obtain as much evidence as possible!

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  16. when is a charity not a charity when they take on slave labour

  17. Is there an age limit to this workfare? At 59 I’m worried that I may have to steal from these so called charities to make ends meet, either that or deliberately sabotage their operation, I have no qualms about doing that!

    • Don’t make your sabotage too obvious Phoenix, and take note of were any cctv cameras are. 😉

    • I’ve been thinking that everyone ordered to do an unpaid work placement should insist that the Work Programme provider and employer set out in writing what skills will be achieved, as well as stating that you want detailed training on expected protocol and etiquette in that particular workplace. After all, if it is really about helping people to ‘develop the skills they need to gain and retain employment’ everything should be set out in detail, IN WRITING, regarding how the placement attendee will be supported to achieve this (ie what the supervisor/manager will do on placement to provide support and training). You can bet your ass that the ones providing placements will not expect or want to do this, but we should insist on it if the aim is supposed to be all about getting us back into work! If everyone insists on detailed written documentation regarding support and what it is expected we will achieve on placement, you can bet that placement providers will pull out in droves because, at the end of the day, they are just lazy buggers who want freebies!

      • overburdenddonkey

        according to regs, a description of expectations, must be put in writing before hand in plenty of time, so that you can contest it’s validity, to put it before a DM…but people should check up on things like this, before immanency of placement

      • People on unpaid work placements should also insist on weekly review meetings with a supervisor to discuss how they are developing and what can be done to support them further- you can be guaranteed that they won’t want to make time for this, but it’s what’s provided on work placements which are part of NVQ/college/degree etc courses, so should be provided as part of this.

  18. I`m seriously thinking of doing work on the sly, like dog walking or cleaning, because as I`ve been sanctioned, they couldn`t do me for fraud if I`m not recieving money from the welfare people!

  19. todays piggy tomorries bacon sanwidge bring it on piggy piggy squeal piggy ooh arrgh

  20. If I broke the law in some way and was given community service then I would be issued extremely less hours for that than those who are forced to work for benefits!
    The people in this country sicken me as they themselves won’t do anything about it – Why for God’s sake? Stand up and be counted, people are going to lose their jobs because of this and then be taken on again as workfare!
    This is wrong on so many levels…

    • We ARE standing up and being counted, unfortunately i fear that the demographic targeted, ie US, have been carefully calculated by DWP mandarins to have minimal effect when we started bleating about our lot…
      Meanwhile divide and rule is order of the day… Disabled / ill / unemployed rights all fighting one corner, Bedroom taxers fighting another…
      Join the fucking lot, if it effects you or not.
      I sure do

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  22. impeccable work mike….you’re a clever man….#DeathCampUK …, agreed the #sneeringtoffs say..’Bravo’…
    with respect…:)

  23. I am off to Ingeus next week – The Job Centre Minus have passed me over in the hope off getting employment !

    A phone call yesterday asked me to attend on Tuesday next at 2pm but as I am having two teeth pulled out at 12 noon I got that postponed and mentioned that if I am not good I will have to cancel. So Wednesday it is… The bint asked me foir my email addy and I refused to give it her. LOL.

    She then asked me have I got any diffuculties that they need to be aware of in applying for jobs. I asked her how long have you got ? It went quiet and then I told her that I have coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, multiple abdominal hernias with an A4 size sheet mesh lining my stomach wall to hold my stomach in, a dodgy back, bilateral tendonitis (golfers elbow) in both arms, clinical depression and some more I cannot remember offhand. I take 18 tablets a day to keep me alive.

    I didn’t mention that I am have many Health and Safety certs and I’m also an accreditied accident investigator from my time as a union appointed safety rep in a Sainsbury’s warehouse – I’m uietly looking forward to see what comes up.

    Plus I’m 58 years old in December. (First post – go easy on me)

  24. From IB to JSA – Got an appeal still going with DWP/ tribunal, ATOS made me look very well with their duplicitous bill of health LOL.

    The “lady” on the phone actually had the front to tell me that the Ingeus interview was” just as important as the Dentist you know” erm.. Don’t think so !!

    • overburdenddonkey

      maybe she meant as painful!
      is this stint at ingeus mandatory? coz when i was in wrag, i was told it was not, i was referred for an appointment to a WP provider by PA @ jcp, i rang the provider on that day, to nip it in the bud, ie before i got their referral letter, so i told who ever it was no! i don’t need or want your help, job done….

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps kev
        atos are good at curing all ills, removing all symptoms, so that in reality the diagnosis falls over, and the gp and entire nhs are proved nothing, but charlatans…coz, atos RGN knows best…

      • Interesting to say the least – JCP lady says I only have to sign on every fortnight and Ingeus will be taking me under their wonderful wing for uo to 2 years to find me a job. Pathetic really as I am in the process of starting up my own business because of all this bollocks. I really must find out more.

        I did a 4 day course in August on how to apply for jobs and writes CV’s – I’m a bit overqualified for that ran my own business for near 20 years with up to 12 employees including subbies and have written dozens of CV’s and referral letters for others in my time. Crazy world – waste of time. regards

    • Ingeus are a bunch of crooks thats been shown how low they sink..hardly the most important thing ever

    • Kev, do not sign any of the WP providers paperwork or they will have you by the nuts. They are private companies and you have no legal obligation to sign anything. If you have to use a Fire Safety book, write your name rather than sign it. I would suggest you do your research vis a vis signing WP paperwork.

  25. Rosemarie Harris

    Can charity’s do this? What about the Charity’s commision? Has anybody read the charity commision rules we are all asuming that what these so called charity’s are doing is legal. I have never looked at this document has anybody else?
    Perhaps the wording called be called into question?

    • One of our community associations who owe it’s workers wages and was ordered by the courts to pay them had the charity commission called in, all they did was to disallow them from liquidating their assets to pay their debts anyone else would have had the baliffs brought in. The charity commission is about as much use as other regulators such as the ombudsmen service or the parliamentary standards commission. If anyone gets anything it would be a slap on the wrist or a telling off, forget what the courts have ruled.

  26. Wirral In It Together

    Wonder if any of these charities, like banks, are run by Crystal Methodists?


    Young people face lifetime unemployed claims charity

    • this is what was said by the princes trust who are complicit in peddling the marks and spencer’s workfare scheme. in my view being the princes trust means that the royals love the idea of slavery, which is hardly surprising I suppose

  28. Brutal sanctions? I could write a book about it! Maybe I should.

    Another sanction today. Sorry I meant ‘Referral to the decision maker’,
    Hmmm? How many here have heard that one before?

    Referred because I wouldn’t sign my Claimant commitment. Which is just a Jsag with a new name.
    If it didn’t have these arbitrary questionably lawful things on it that i must ‘agree’ to then maybe I would have signed it. Agree? That’s a laugh.

    They mean if you do not do anything we say it’s more sanctions.
    I guess that they will set me up for a three year one soon.

    No money for about 5 months and still they are relentless.
    Funny how some advisers are decent and understand then you get one that is just like a drone. No soul, accusations and silence when you assert and question them. Managers contradicting each other. Etc, etc. etc.

    Thank goodness I have understanding family and friends.

    I do feel for those that have little support. They do what they like.
    Comply or potentially die. Patronising, sadistic and just plain wrong.

    I am now looking for absolutely any job that I am capable of doing.
    Even if it pays little more than the dole. Not that i’m getting any dole.
    Even if i signed off I would still be looking for work. They will not engage in any moral or philosophical talking. They’re probably trained not to.

    There are a few nice advisers left out there. Soon they will be found and got rid of. Not a psychopath? You’re fired. If you are, you’re hired.

    The DWP id a nasty evil organisation making up their own rules and doing what they like with no intention of helping you, just harassment.

    Totally demoralising. And I’m allegedly made of stern stuff.

    A new sanction every fortnight it seems from now on. How does one even begin to fight them legally? Just a bit of a rant. I do that sometimes.

    Let’s keep the conversation going, let’s not fight.

    Stay strong people.


    Turning a charity into a social enterprise to win public contracts


    When you are not too busy you might have a look at this…no fuss no hurry..just have a quick look and dismiss it and not worry about it..that ok ?


    Phoney disability figures phoney statistics..
    Nothing new then..

  32. Your work capability assessment

    Please comment ..if you can be arsed..

  33. totally given up

    i found out something very interesting todaymsue ryder is married to lenoerd cheshire so one would assume this great news for both of them free workshy wasters to fill there sshops and homes

  34. Only convicted criminals should have to do forced labour.

    • We are all convicted criminals. Being poor is a criminal offence ie not wanting to be a corporate boss on several million quid bonuses means either A: we are lazy and have no ambition B: we have deliberately got I’ll to avoid work C: not that keen on tory ideology
      Thus we are either mentally Ill or lazy workshy ..and both are a ‘ crime ‘ which deserves punishment …

  35. Before ppl start giving charities a kicking may I say this..once upon a time the charities did what you think they did ..can rattle and do good causes ..then any public funding taken away hence the charity shop idea .that meant the charities had a trading arm ..and they made money ie profits tax avoidance came in to make sure profit monies weren’t reduced ..we now have mini
    Corporate charity companies and then comes sponsorship ie PR exercise for companies to look all Carey and sharey to boost to negate their grasping greedy image.

    So began the process of business like charities…
    Company honchos pull the strings at charity
    HQ mmostly..big joke being the trussel trust
    ‘ charity’ set up by venture capitalists..
    Charity is last thing on their mind its cashing in on poverty when they charge set up fees..

    What I am wondering now is that charities have been setup to be the fall guys in the welfare ‘ reforms ‘ they take the flak because more is expected from them ie supposed to be on side of the poor folks
    Not like the Atos serco ingeus A4e usual scumbag suspects ppl get pissed off with them and stop donating ..and bye bye charity ..thus leaving the major corporate bastards to run the poverty pimp trade to themselves.. ie a fucking cartel of theiving parasites….
    And with no charities then ppl are stuck with turning to…well good question ..but we become less charitable as result ..
    Its ironic that the neo cons idea that once public sector provision is totally removed then extremely poor can turn to er…charity


    • overburdenddonkey

      do you have a particular charity in mind….the best support groups are grassroots groups and those that remain grassroot groups….

      • Well a have one IR two yes…all the same there has been problems with work pogrom and when contracts handed out the major
        Corps were meant to be even handed
        However they took lions share of contracts plus it was found out that the use of charities involved was using them to gain other contracts

        It was warned about and if actually happened …I remember reading about them using charities then only passing on a pittance of the income they got to them..

        Thats why charity bashing bothers me a bit…..

        The only beneficiaries in the whole stinking deal will be the major poverty pimp corporations

        • overburdenddonkey

          i know a lot about charities involved in workfare and the WP W2W industries, from reading these pages, and other places…grassroots groups do support human beings better, than commercials charities, take… for example, this is how a grassroots group should be run, for the people by the people….as soon as these groups see their work in terms of needing an income stream above a certain level, they cease to be representative of the grassroots groups of human beings that they claim to support, and start to represent the capitalist business model…in fact apart from expenses, all charities should be run by passionate to fund their work from other sources, and not from people that they claim to represent…the charity “brand” belongs to it’s users…not the volunteers who run it…there is a grey area that separates the 2, everyone has a similar notion of when that line has been crossed…betwixt grasroots group and commercial charity…paid office admin staff…as opposed to paid advisor’s et al…enough money coming in, like a shop selling goods, to meet basic running costs, and keep the lights on…minimalist..not one that has to prioritise paying layers, and layers, of staff, before any “support”, can be given…

          • overburdenddonkey

            ps chewie
            the work of grassroots groups is to empower their users/customers to be more proactive in helping not to require their support, unless the user/customer say they need it, be guided by what the user/customer says, empower liberate, set mind free, to live in truth of an individuals circumstances, not to imply or say that those circumstances do not exist and not cause the user/customer to need more support than ever, and deny this fact, therefore come up with a whole lot of guised “blame the victim” rhetoric, like, “what are you doing to help yourself”, crap, as if the users/customers mind is crap, and “you’ve only yourself to blame for the mess you are in,” crap…the user/customer is the boss…

  36. I’m wondering what kind of protection the charities will have. Don’t get me wrong on this but many charities won’t want to employ someone who’s been inside for theft, robbery, GBA, selling drugs, sexual offences etc or people who have drug and drink problems. The long-termers on the work programme often fall into this category. Will charities ask for this information before they take people on. Will they be told ‘as of right’ by the job centre? What safeguards do the ‘slaves’ have against confidential information being passed on to these charities? Many charities don’t have policies on how they deal with confidential information. I know, I’ve worked for a few.

    Then there are those with mental health problems and learning disabilities who may require close if not constant supervision. All this costs money to the charities.

    What about contracts? You’re going to be working for a charity so you need to know exactly what your role is, the expectations of you. You’re going to need to know all their policies and procedures, health and safety etc. Demand to see them as soon as you start. Keep saying it’s for their protection as much as your own. That’ll worry them.

    These are all weak points in the system. Exploit them!

    • overburdenddonkey

      it is my understanding that, before one starts any, workfare/WP provider placement of any kind via jcp, it is reasonable that one should be 1st given adequate in time info in order to contest the placement…






    DWP response to Atos deaths = none of your business and besides it costs too much to find out…we need that money to pay all the poverty pimp trade…

  39. You can only pretend that you are unaware of the death toll created by your ill thought out policies for so long………………….

    All these freedom of information requests will be used in evidence when the inquests into the spiraling death rate of claimants hits the headlines.

    Ignorance of the facts is no defence, especially after it was made apparent to them from the inception of the welfare reform acts that our monarch gave her blessing to……………..

    …………mind you, real courts do not exist anymore.

    Justice is for those of influence and power, having the money to circumvent the truth………

    ……….a bit like an ATOS medical, fictitious………………………


  41. Is Atos target based?

    “To work to agreed productivity targets and standards agreed between Atos Healthcare and the DWP”

    Read more:


    • overburdenddonkey

      they get paid a fee for every person they see in a day…

      • My report is a fascinating insight into bullshit.
        I was seen to sit in a chair, get up unaided and go to an examination table and be examined, decline to be examined on over 70 tests and be observed to stand in the same place for the duration of the examination…….

        Not bad for half an hour in which time EMMA BRODRICK, THE hcp, spent most of it typing at a desk whilst thinking how much she had made that day………………………..

        • overburdenddonkey

          remarkable inferred/implicating exaggerated extrapolations they make.
          i can make tea, therefore i can run a catering business, read a book, so i can construct titanic in 3 days, soaks feet in bowl, so now i can work as lifeguard, he got to medical centre and still had a pulse, open a tin of sardines for breakfast, now i’m jamie oliver, well if he can do all of those things he must be fit for work…yeah they pull the “restricted medical” crap all the time, and shout NEXT, cram ’em in maximise bonus UT judge has already ruled that they must not make speculative extrapolations, and the questions are for illustrative purposes only, the idea is to discover what one cannot do, not what one can do, he was very dismissive of the sectary of states pov..
          as soon as they say no, they tie a millstone around one’s waist, not fit for work well then prove it, they use one’s health conditions against one…and now “mandatory reconsiderations” have kicked in 1yr sooner than they said they would, so no money until they say one can appeal, you can always go onto jsa, they say…every thing about the WCA, is a mirror image reflection of truth.. you know the saying bullshit baffles brains, they max out on their bullshit, and imply the sick and disabled bullshit…being sick and disabled means without a doubt, at root a crave/grave energy shortage, and with this factor in play we are expected to prove need, even though one’s gp (by supplying, the dwp required, regular med certs and consultations) and the entire nhs agrees with one….still at least it’s no win, turn up and fail coz one managed the journey, don’t turn up coz one could not manage the journey,fail..
 every thing they do is biased, to say one is fit for work, and get one onto jsa, sanctions and conditionality….

          • Anyone know how long these ‘mandatory reconsiderations take’? I’ve been waiting on a JSA ‘reconsideration’ for what seems like ages. They can stop your JSA payments like instantly but these ‘reconsiderations’ seem to drag on for ever. And is there a time limit?

  43. Reed in Partnership Are CUNTS!!

    Fuck these Nazi bastards!!

    • This government need to be checked.
      They’re clearly operating a programme of social cleansing.

      • If by ‘checked’ you mean having their throats slit with a rusty spoon, I agree. 😉

        • Whats the cost of having everyone thats in the work related group going back on jsa? Just what the fuck do they think they’re going to achieve except destitution and misery!

          • overburdenddonkey

            they save approx £30/wk..550000 times 30 times 52 = £858,000,000/yr, they get to brutalise and sanction the sick and disabled even more, and have even more money to do it with…

            • ‘work related group’?! – that pays £30 smackers a week more than JSA?! How do I join this group?

            • and you are not under constant sanction?! … is this how the ‘other half’ live?

            • ‘said her fear was that the vulnerable people in that group would be forced to join the dole queue and be at the mercy of the sanction system, under which claimants lose benefits if they do not attend enough interviews or make efforts to find a job.’ and…?! personally speaking I have just been sanctioned for ANOTHER 13 weeks just after the previous 13 week sanctioned ended just in time for Christmas. Look at Mr No above who is effectively on a PERMANENT sanction!! Jeez, some people don’t realise how lucky they are. JSA for all – the more the merrier!

            • Badly worded that comment… didn’t quite come out right lol 🙂

            • overburdenddonkey

              san c shun
              people in the e and sa wrag group get more, money…and in the e and sa support group get a little bit more…

            • Yeah,with administerative costs and appeals I am sure the sums are going to add up (NOT). Not getting at you obd.

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps san c
              people in the wrag can already be sanctioned and are effectively under jsa conditionality already, want to join, get sick note, fill in claim for wait for wca, attend wca, wait for mandatory reconsideration, which was brought in to cut down on appeals, ie make people give up , get no money whilst waiting for them to give one permission to appeal, so go onto jsa which is a catch 22 situation, appeal get £72/wk, continue to submit sick notes, wait 6mths + for appeal, get put in wrag, few months time get another invite to a new the meantime attend PA @ jcp be invited to attend a WP provider all the while on heavy conditionality, and fear of sanctions e and sa is on the rocks by cause of this in any case…

            • overburdenddonkey

              + to this tread…if wrag is abolished the only sick and disabled claimants that can get e and sa are in the support group, and that is notoriously difficult to get into in any case, and because of mandatory considerations, it means to get any money the very sick and disabled people will have to go onto jsa, so effectively all sick and disabled, bar a very few, will be on jsa…until given leave to appeal…this is how the system operates from oct 2013 ie now…

            • overburdenddonkey

              pps san c
              whilst on jsa and waiting for leave to appeal one still has to submit fit notes from gp, with “not fit for work” box ticked…!!

            • Funny how jobcentre “advisers” faces drop like a stone when you mention the words ‘reconsideration’ or ‘appeal’, maybe it mucks up their Xmas bonus, Easter eggs or something… 🙂

            • overburdenddonkey

              they are slowly, but surely gradually turning the screws and crushing us more and more….

            • overburdenddonkey

              j seeker
              but with mandatory reconsiderations in force, they hold all the cards, and tell the claimant when they can appeal, and there is no time limit in which this has to be done…

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps j seeker
              the claimant also has to now, send their appeal paperwork directly to the 1st tier appeal tribunal, once the mandatory reconsideration has taken place and one is notified by the dwp that the decision is negative, as the dwp no longer will…

            • overburdenddonkey

              sanctions must be stopped now!

            • We must save tax payers money is their mantra. Yes saving it for the poverty pimp trade..

    • If this report in the Observer is to be believed IDS wants to penalise people who have been seriously ill for not getting well enough to go back to work as quickly as he would like. Such thinking is clearly insane. The report also quotes a Whitehall source who states that even Esther McVey is opposed to such a plan.

      Can it be true that Duncan Smith has lost his mind to such an extent? If so, then surely he is not fit to hold public office.

  44. How much longer is this going to go on? I’m not affected by this workfare crap as I’m a carer , but it’s only a matter of time IMO that carers are going to be included in these humiliating, immoral schemes. These tory cunts constantly bang their stupid gums about the “dignity” of work, that dignity comes with earning a WAGE, not some scummy slave labour placement
    Why isn’t there rioting in the streets, I don’t understand that. Have we all become so demoralised & intimidated by the shower of shit in Westminster that the fight’s gone? It’s OUR lives these bastards are messing with,they can’t be allowed to get away with it any longer. Time to rise up…

    • Plus these schemes are non-unionised (it is not like you can go out on strike); you have absolutely no employment rights whatsoever; you have no proper job description; you can be sanctioned on a whim i.e if you so much as object to abuse or mistreatment. It is not really a ‘job’ as we know it.

  45. It’s disgusting that so many charities seem to see workfare as a way of getting cheap labour. If they really cared about the workers on their scheme, they would be pressing for the government to pay them properly.

    • why should the government pay people to work for charities – charities are businesses now let them look after themselves, if they can pay their ceo’s thousands they can pay their front line staff.

  46. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In addition to reporting the proposed expansion of this highly exploitative government scheme by Reed in Partnership, Mr Void also lists two of the charities wishing to take advantage of the scheme, and the people forced on it. These are Voluntary Action Leeds and Voluntary Sector NW. If these people truly cared about the workers they intend to acquire through the scheme, they would be pressing for them to be paid more, or receive greater benefits through attendance. This does not appear to happen. The Void also provides a link to Boycott Workfare’s statement on community placements.

  47. The Fat Little Piggies

    Oink, oink, oink… 🙂

  48. “The US economy is already in shambles, with bond and stock markets propped up by massive and historically unprecedented Fed money printing pouring liquidity into financial asset prices. This month at the IMF annual conference, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers said that to achieve full employment in the US economy would require negative real interest rates. Negative real interest rates could only be achieved by eliminating cash, moving to digital money that can only be kept in banks, and penalizing people for saving.

    The future is developing precisely as I have been predicting.”

    Get ready, brace yourselfs, its going to get FAR, FAR worse….

  49. Off-topic.

    “The “bedroom tax” is costing millions of pounds more to implement in Scotland than it will save, the country’s council leaders have revealed.”

  50. As I live in Tamworth, Staffordshire, famous for the Sandyback pig, I can say with confidence that pigs are by far nicer creatures.

  51. “It always has done, and those who think any different are fools………………”


    Just what is a benefit scrounger then?

    If you are placed on workfare are you a striver or skiver ? Perhaps you are both.

    A skriver. ?


    A call for a ban on evictions of people facing bedroom tax..

  54. After reading the shocking ” all disabled are
    scum ” item on BTC site..then on twitter getting the neo con attitude of deliberately blurring the edges between ‘ those who can’t work and those who won’t work ‘ which to them are the same thing. Then the whole Atos WCA which has made up its mind that there are no sick people as ‘ all of them are fakers ‘ to which the argument follows that ‘ surely there can’t be that many sick people so it follows they MUST be faking it ‘ it poses another question which is about health..have the numbers of sick and disabled been increasing and if so why is this..
    Is it stress related ? Diseases . ? Accidents ?
    Something in the water supply ?

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  56. lol they look quite cute ’em pigs in the pic 🙂 Is that Eric Pickles in the middle? lol 🙂

  57. The private “provider” organisations running the Work Programme are pretty much all, universally, crap and have failed miserably to meet “targets” plucked from the air and given to them, as per getting people into work is concerned.

    Now, the idea behind the Work Programme was that if a “provider” organisation failed to meet its minimum “target” it would end up “sanctioned” – the current government loves “sanctions” for all seasons doesn’t it? – or even have its contract with the DWP cancelled altogether.

    Does anybody know if this has happened or not?

    Have any of the “providers” been sacked?

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  60. Somebody please explain to me the difference between ‘workfare’ and ‘slavery’ ?

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