Atos Paid No Tax In 2012 Despite Boss Earning £2.3 Million

atos-black-triangleFrench IT firm Atos, the company paid hundreds of millions to carry out the brutal Work Capability Assessment, paid no Corporation Tax in the UK last year the Daily Telegraph has revealed.

The company, who also have a string of other public sector contracts and have recently been invited to bid to part-run George Osborne’s mass workfare scheme, claim to have made no profit in the UK in 2012.  Yet boss of the company, Thierry Breton, was recently discovered to have been awarded a £280,000 pay rise during the same period – meaning his annual salary package is now worth an astonishing £2,329,250.

Atos are not the only company with their snouts in the public sector trough who have given nothing back.  The notorious and allegedly fraud ridden G4S also paid no Corporation Tax in the last year.  According to The Telegraph, the company appear to justify this by saying they paid around £400million in PAYE-related taxes.  This is a common excuse from the bosses of tax dodging multi-nationals and it is contemptible, as if it is them, and not their employees, who are paying this tax.

The figures came to light after a National Audit Office (NAO) report which revealed that the four biggest public sector contractors – Atos, G4S, Serco and Capita – received around £6.6 billion from public sector contracts in 2012.  To place this figure in context, that is around one and a half times the annual bill for the main unemployment benefit Jobseekers Allowance.  Almost half a billion of that came from contracts with the DWP which merely exist to bully and harass those out of work and little else.  All these contracts have been a disaster, from the bungled Work Capability Assessment which has seen hundreds of thousands of wrong decisions over-turned on appeal, to the equally bodged Work Programme which is performing worse at getting people into work than doing nothing at all.

Osborne’s latest workfare plans alone are expected to cost another third of a billion pounds.  Still these companies are being handed huge sums of tax payer’s money.  Much of that will end up in the pockets of bosses like Thierry Breton.  Some will be squandered on incompetence such as the Olympic Security farce.  If the investigations into Serco and G4S’ probation contracts are anything to go by then some of it will be stolen outright.   And now it seems almost nothing will come back to the tax payer as they whinge that they haven’t made enough money and so can’t afford to pay tax.

Claimants who take a few quid off the state to stay alive due to sickness, parenthood, unemployment or disability are immediately judged to be benefit scroungers.  Steal a couple of billion and the cunts will probably give you a knighthood.

The NAO Report can be read at:

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109 responses to “Atos Paid No Tax In 2012 Despite Boss Earning £2.3 Million

  1. Fuck ATOS!!

    • ATOS are being paid Millions to kill people by Iain Duncan Smith and the ConDem Government. A DEATH for them is! ££££ kerching £££££ another DEATH ££££ kerching £££ a suicide! £££££ kerching £££££ and lots more profit for the scum at ATOS.

    • We won’t pay any tax whatsoever as we need the money instead to spend on drugs and cannabis for ourselves. How else do you think we make poor assessments on disabled people? We are up all night getting high on weed and cannabis.

  2. Landless Peasant

    Revolution NOW !!!! OFF WITH THEIR FUCKING HEADS !!!!!!

  3. yes i read about this in the dailey telegraph of all papers.

    • Dear oh dear the daily telegraph getting all hot and bothered about govt contract companies not paying their taxes ..whatever next ? Tax payers alliance complaining too ?

  4. And this biggest tragic joke of all is that the people who think using these firms is justified as it ” weedles out the workshy ” all think their taxes will go down as a result ..billions wasted on these poverty pimps sharks and not one penny less they pay in income tax…just one massive con trick ..just wonder if they will ever wake up to this massive fraud taking place

    • By nature many people are selfish and motivated only by their own personal needs and when they are told people who are mentally/physically disabled and/or unemployed through no fault of their own are scroungers sucking up all the money for which they pay high taxes… it’s a no brainer for them to be lazy enough to blame those on benefits regardless of their circumstances.

      In the tory mindset and especially one that is so far right it’s veering on fascism.. it’s not even possible to reason with such a party regarding policies much less the waste of tax payers money that makes the welfare bill and other expenditure seem reasonable given the damage they have done to the country and the fact we must endure it until 2015 when god knows what might happen by then as far as the finances of this country is concerned.

      It’s geared towards elitism, to divide and rule and we all know the country is being run by unexceptional men and women with exceptional educations and yet not an ounce of common sense or compassion exists because they will tell you that is a left-wing weakness… All I know is eventually people will have to decide to either die on their knee’s submissively or fight on their feet, crutches or wheels collectively.. that too is a no-brainer for the right reasons.

    • it costs a lot more to have atos do it

      no money is saved they could save money just canceling the contract.

  5. David Cameron MP

    I have fucked up and lost the trust of the British People. I wish I had never fucked about with ATOS, the DWP, universal jobmatch, the work programme and every other fuck-ups in my name.

  6. pissed off jobseeker

    Don’t ever allow the DWP to force you onto the work programme as it is the biggest ever contrived bollocks I have had the mis-fortune to go on. The sooner I am off that legalised government scam, the better. ATOS and DWP are fucking in it together, messing up jobseekers and the disabled of this country. I vote for a revolution to get rid of all the twats in government who have no clue of real life.

    • Sad thing is once you are done with the WP they the JCP/DWP will send you back to them under a different contract for 35 hours a week of forced labour,I have been informed my task will be to work for the WP Provider that I just left helping the unemployed find a job….Now that is Fucking Ironic!

      • John Ray
        …same here – ’bout 6 months ago my WP provider said she thought it might be a really good idea if I do ‘work experience’ with them (to ‘get me into the habit of getting up for work’ – even though I managed to get up for work for 33 years without her help). I sort of pretended I hadn’t heard her and changed the subject – she’s never mentioned it since…

      • They are trying to bring the jobless total below 7% so that they can say the country is in recovery, they can then raise interest rates and start a new housing bubble where only the banks win.
        Those not included in the jobless total are all on workfare or sanctioned very few are actually in paid work.

      • Then you have the perfect opportunity to tell people how screwed up and what a scam the work programme really is – have fun.

      • Your all off benefits and coincidently unemployment goes down and all of a sudden the BBC is talking about hitting unemployment targets and the Bank of England is talking about interest rates rising! What a con. The lying cheating stinking bastards.

  7. something survived...

    If you don’t go on work programme they stop your benefits. Then no HB equals being evicted onto the street.

    • @something survived they tie you up in knots then beat and bland you for all the ills just to avoid the great scam taking place..the great distraction is taking place..

    • Never mind I an sure a friendly landlord will
      Want to help you and not let you become homeless..

      • Landlords are one thing regardless of political leanings and that is Business People, no rent.. no roof goodbye. Some people want some dignity in life.. claiming benefits should never be associated with stigma of the kind the Tory propaganda machine attempt to stimulate in the public consciousness, we are in deep shit the moment the whole country start dancing to the Tory Beat… it’s worries me how many already have started to dance to the intoxicating yet poisonous beat of their political will. If we are not careful their fascist policies and ideals will be served up on a silver platter before the next election and they will get another term of office quite possibly by a majority because indecision in peoples minds created this scenario in the first place, he crept through the back door of No,10, the imposter he is by default and the Creepy Lib-Dems whored up with them to ride on their coat-tails to taste power in the only way they can. All we could hope for is a Labour/Li-Dem coalition next election, but the Tories but be jettisoned and left to burn in the wilderness called the political graveyard. and that old line we read and hear time and time again… “Lessons must be learned from this”… never are and never will be.

    • Landless Peasant

      You still get your Housing Benefit when sanctioned from receiving full JSA. You would also get £43 per week Hardship Allowance (should you qualify), but would still be expected to pay Bedroom Tax if applicable.

  8. None of this surprises me in the least… Call-Me-Dave and Gideon were quick to condemn Amazon and Starbucks for not paying enough tax – bet they don’t say a word about their Job Center attack dogs – bloody leeches.

    OT McVey made me laugh this morning on the BBC – according to her the Tories have got ‘one million people into work who’ve never had a job in their lives before’

    Really Esther? All of the one million private sector jobs you keep bragging you’ve created have all gone to people who’ve NEVER worked before?

    I doubt that

    • For “work” read “workfare”, but I’m sure Auntie Fester McVey would never make that mistake, surely?

      • I can’t help it if I am a smug tory cow. I’ll do anything to keep my job in the DWP, even if I have to lie about jobless figures. Iain Duncan Smith has promised me a bonus if I can achieve 100% employment through dis-honest, scam, failing work programme schemes.

  9. Something to cheer you all up:

    “Omega (usually rendered ω) is an antonym used to refer to the lowest caste of the hierarchical society. Omega animals are subordinate to all others in the community, and are expected by others in the group to remain submissive to everyone. Omega animals may also be used as communal scapegoats or outlets for frustration, or given the lowest priority when distributing food.”

  10. Slave to the System

    What’s it with all these ‘Mobility’ drivers you see driving around in brand new ’63’ plate cars. They get a brand-new one every year, all servicing everything taken care of! I’ve had two near misses with these drivers in the past two days; one could hardly turn the steering wheel when he did a u-turn into my path, I almost rear-ended another when she ‘forgot’ to look left when turning right across a central reservation. And I was thinking all this must cost us hard-working taxpayers a fortune and then when I read this fine blog I am constantly hearing about jobseekers having their benefit which amounts to a measly’ £70 odd quid and thru’ pence h’penny ‘sanctioned’ (withdrawn’) a week being withdrawn for such ‘offences’ as farting in the jobcentre. And what about the fact that over half the ‘welfare budget’ is spent on pensions and JSA accounts for something like 0.5%. And what about all the other crap we never seem to be short of money for like illegal wars. Why are such a tiny minority of our fellow citizens vilified by the media on a daily basis, why are they used as whipping boys/girls, why are they persecuted. Surely it can’ be to save money? Is the ‘crusade’ against the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society ideologically driven? Or is it purely for sport and pleasure? Pushing human beings around like toy soldiers. And if so much money is being saved by these ‘sanctions’ why on earth haven’t my exorbitant taxes come down as a result – only joking.

    • George Osborne MP

      I intend to cut the basic rate of income by 10 pence; I am able to do this within the current fiscal restraint because of the stellar work which has been achieved by my colleague the Right Honorubale Iain Duncan Smith MP the Member for Chingford and Woodford Green in reducing his department’s spending in particular by implementation and rigorous use of the ‘stricter sanctions regime’ which was announced to the House in the previous Budget Statement. This will come as a well-earned break for the millions of hard-working taxpayers of alarm-clock Britain who are sick and tired of being fleeced and taken for a ride by an army of feckless, lazy work-shy scroungers. I will announce further details in the forthcoming Budget Statement.

  11. Ah the beauty of transfer pricing

    All fully endorsed by the government of course!

    Personally, I think if you make your money in the UK then you pay tax in the UK.

  12. Rosemarie Harris

    We all need to bring this to the attention of our MP’s .. yes i know , but we need to keep the pressure up on these ‘scum’ companies. This government won’t do anything they are interwined with the same thinking. Send the telegraph piece to the Government and ask them why they are getting away paying no Tax on the public funded money they are getting and also letter/email to local papers etc. How many people read the Telegraph?! When you have to go for a ‘Test at Atoss’ have it on a clipper with a few notes and a pen and let them see it ,you know what they know !
    I will be writing to the french president as they are not paying tax here perhaps they are paying the french government!

  13. I am not a homosexual. .

  14. Despicable thieving bastards. Brown envelopes are definitely changing hands somewhere along the line between ATOS and ConDem Ministers. Makes me fucking sick those scum that brutalise and literately KILL people are earning huge profits. The blood on their hands will never wash off. Iain Duncan Smith should be fucking lynched, The vile cunt makes my blood boil. I’m Fucking fuming.

  15. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    Be warned, the language is extremely salty in this piece!
    Considering the subject matter, this can hardly be held against the author or his commenters.

  16. hi all, I have Asperger syndrome which is a form of autism. I have been informed by my JCP advisor to claim PIP as I am entitled to it. I researched my entitlement and even have a number of friends who currently get PIP. I have filled in my paperwork and have been given an appointment with ATOS 😦 can anyone recommend any tactics on how to deal with atos and what to do if they deny my claim?. I am not saying that I am not fit for work but I am saying I have a limited capability as I cannot handle crowds, noise, too much light, pressure or stress ETC, as I have already lost many jobs due to many of the situations I have just described.

    any help is greatly appreciated

    • If you visit the website DWPExamination, they will have lots and lots of info for you.

      • It’s a briilliant focus group, not part of dwp. In case you’re wondering.
        The reply “kill youself” is not very helpful to anyone.

    • Just make clear to them all the things you have problems with. I don’t know whether this applies to you or not but some people with asperger syndrome have problems socially, and that is a factor in whether or not they retain a job- if any of the questions relate to this and you have problems with it, make sure you let them know. There used to be a question in the old disability assessment along the lines of ‘Do you often seem to upset people without knowing why?’ which could be relevant to someone with asperger syndrome.

  17. you get the full points if you shit yourself and cant control it 😉

  18. Most of the ConDem coalition are thumbing their noses at us or mooning and saying, “we’re okay jack!.. we have great lives and you have no life unless we decide to throw you a bone closer to election time”. They think those who work.. “good on you!.. work very hard and pay lots of tax and bust your hump keeping us in the kind of lifestyles we have become accustomed to, eventually we shall make you redundant and then you will have to become one of them scroungers we warn people about”. The words hardly matter they all come down to the same thing when we think Tory.

    How about an elderly couple being kicked out of their house because they had a second bedroom where their son often came to stay, both have ailments that will progressively worsen and the stress is not helping them as they stay with their daughter and son-in-law, feeling the imposition they requested to go into an old peoples home but they cannot be together, they can only go if they are split up and their beloved cat and dog if they cannot rehome them with family will be put to sleep because of their health and inability to be rehomed… they have threatened to kill themselves sooner than live apart.. suddenly this governments extreme right fascist policies show a whole new side of cruelty that shows clear traits of fascism.. how far right would they dare to go in this day and age?.. further maybe than some people might think possible in the 21st century and that history has taught us…. if you let them…. they will take even your life.

    In the Tory thinking if you are not rich then you are not in their world so you must be a slave to their Dickensian policies. They do not believe in helping people in any shape or form and begrudge the welfare state even exists and would end it if they thought it would not risk invoking a civil war. With such a political system that is so up itself on the world stage with foreign aid and self-righteousness… doesn’t stop them going cap in hand to China to solve a problem they effectively created… they would burn bodies in ovens once more and call it green energy and reduce the excess population of people who are not in their so-called class, than show signs of left wing traits of actually being human rather than sub-human slugs of greed… Next the destruction of the NHS before 2015… NHS in name only, look at the state of it… the Tories are incapable of building beyond their own needs.. all they touch simply turns to shit… because they are stupid, they are arrogant, they are selfish and they are rich.. and we know how money talks and we must stop associating wealth with intelligence or even class with intelligence, money cannot buy class.. you either have or you do not.. rich or poor.

  19. just go to the doctors and say ids gave me ibs im now full of shit and my hole is out of control can i have a shit note

  20. Moi You summed the state of play brilliantly.

    JV your posts are hopefully hitting the spot other bloggers cannot reach.

  21. comes to something wheen they have managed to piss the telegraph off.

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  23. The sooner the government can fuck its quota off of benifits the sooner the banks can raise interest rates….
    Pawn to King 4?

    • e4, checkmate 🙂

    • We say, we were all for for those lazy, work-shy scroungers being thrown onto the street, but now you are saying that once the job is done it will give the BofE a freehand to sky-rocket interest rates. Well, that’s not just cricket. How on earth will we pay our mortgage? Or are we heading back to the days of Thatcher when home-owners were being thrown onto the street because they couldn’t pay their mortgage because of sky-high interest rates? Those postilions really are clever chappies and chappesses; we must say we didn’t see this one coming. 🙂

  24. ATOS grows rich off killing the disabled or making them do hard labour or become homeless. The should at least pay their taxes.

  25. The start-up scene that is changing Norway

    Norway’s strict labour laws mean most offices in the capital Oslo are empty after 16:00, but a growing number of young entrepreneurs are bringing a new 24-hour working culture to the city.

    App developers and web designers sit at gleaming white desks, in a loft where the exposed brickwork and wooden beams are draped with fairy lights.

    Meanwhile, jewellery designers, architects, and even a magician gather along benches in a workshop packed with power tools. Other people mingle in the communal kitchen, swapping business ideas over complimentary coffee.

    We are at Mesh, Oslo’s first bespoke hub for budding entrepreneurs. At five storeys high, and also boasting a cafe, table tennis room, and even the second-largest nightclub in the city, it has set the bar high.

    “Our goal is to make innovators feel at home,” says Anders Mjaset, 28, who co-founded the project in February 2012.

    “When I launched my first business aged 21, I thought I’d be interacting with other entrepreneurs and investors, but it turned out this kind of network didn’t exist in Norway. So along with my partners we decided to make one.”

    Evenings and weekends

    Mr Mjaset and his team wanted access to their new community to be affordable for members living in a city which is regularly ranked among the most expensive in the world, due to a strong economy fuelled by the country’s oil industry.

    So in a city where the average price of a loaf of bread is 39 Norwegian krone ($6.31; £3.95), at Mesh you can hire a desk and get access to all its facilities from just 1,190 krone a month ($180; £113).

    The space is open round-the-clock so that users can connect with businesses in different time zones, or develop start-ups out-of-hours alongside their day jobs.

    It is currently shared by more than 200 regulars. Most are in their 20s, although the youngest is 16 and the oldest is in his 60s.

    “The greatest benefit is that I can work as much as I want,” says Christian Ariton, 26, an apprentice shoemaker from Romania, who moved to Norway as a student.

    Like 75% of members who use the centre’s workshop, he only visits during evenings or at weekends. “Night or day, you are never alone,” he adds.

    ‘Golden handcuffs’

    Mesh’s model has already inspired a handful of similar working spaces across the city, from 567 Oslo, which focuses on creative industries, to Startuplab and Grundergarasjen which are both geared at technology entrepreneurs.

    But Oslo’s fledgling start-up scene presents a stark contrast to the country’s traditional 08:00 to 16:00 working culture.

    Norwegians prioritise family and leisure activities, and government legislation actively discourages irregular schedules and unpaid overtime. People here work an average of 1,426 hours a year, one of the lowest rates in the developed world. Just 3% of Norwegians clock up more than 50 hours a week.

    Frode Jensen, co-founder of another networking community, Start-up Norway, says: “Average wages are good, and most people can afford what they want – be that a cabin in the mountains or a nice car – and they can get all that from working 08:00 to 16:00,” he says.

    “Whereas in other countries people might set up businesses in order to earn more, or because there aren’t enough formal jobs around, entrepreneurs in Norway need to have a real drive to do something different.”

    But despite the buzz around Oslo’s new networks, there is concern from some quarters that a boom in start-ups could begin to produce the kind of health and social problems that Norway has fought hard to avoid through its focus on work-life balance.

    “Working outside regular hours can have consequences including cardiovascular diseases and digestion issues, and it can affect your mental health,” says Asbjorn Grimsmo, a senior researcher at Norway’s independently funded Work Research Institute.

    “There is a danger that as an entrepreneur you will eat your sausage at both ends, and only realise the effects in a few years when you may be unhealthy and feel lonely because you haven’t had the time for a social life.”

    Mr Grimsmo rejects suggestions that Norway might need to embrace the trend towards 24-hour working as it seeks to develop new opportunities outside its traditional industries.

    “I don’t think we are spoilt in Norway. I think other countries should move towards our working hours,” he insists.

    Tip of an iceberg

    But back at Mesh, entrepreneurs are convinced they are part of an irreversible shift in the way Norway does business.

    New graduate Mette Schjelderup has just joined her young husband’s business Douchebags, a sports equipment luggage company that was launched last year, and already sells its products in 300 stores across 20 countries.

    “I feel like Mesh is the tip of an iceberg. We will see a lot more happening much faster in the start-up scene from now on. We are a modest nation, but now it’s becoming OK to network more and to tell people about your crazy ideas without being judged.”

    Civil servant and part-time entrepreneur Andreas Dietzel runs a business organising traditional Viking-style obstacle races around the country.

    Recently back from working in the US, he’s much more cautious about Oslo’s start-up hype, and believes it still has a long way to go to catch up with similar innovation hubs such as Boston.

    “Here I’d say entrepreneurs are still very much counter-cultural, with the way they prioritise work first,” he argues. “Whereas in other places they maybe get less attention because people work a lot no matter what they do.”

    Mr Dietzel is sceptical about whether the current darlings of the new co-working scene will be able to spread their passion and work ethic once they start moving into their own office spaces and hiring more staff.

    “Once you get to 50 or 100 employees, I think it’s going to be difficult,” he adds.

    But despite the challenges, he remains focused on growing his own business.

    “My Norwegian family can see that I really enjoy doing what I’m doing, but when I was on summer holiday with them and basically worked every day – they definitely thought I was a bit crazy!”

    The start-up scene that is changing Norway

  26. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In this piece, a justifiably angry Mr Void reveals that ATOS, the company contracted to judge the sick, lame, disabled and terminally ill miraculously fit for work, paid no tax in the UK in 2012. They claim not to have made any money here, despite the fact that Thierry Breton, their boss, receiving a £280,000 pay rise. G4S, which has also received numerous government contracts despite allegations of pervasive fraud, also did not pay corporation tax last year. The Void points out that the four main companies contracted to run public sector organisations, ATOS, G4S, Serco and Capita, were awarded £6.6 billion last year for this work. This is one and a half times as much as the bill for Job Seekers Allowance. Furthermore, Osborne’s plans to extend workfare will cost another third of a billion. Despite their numerous and catastrophic failures, these companies will continue to be awarded money for their work exploiting and persecuting the poor and disabled. The Void points out the fundamental hypocrisy behind such schemes: those on Job Seeker’s Allowance are demonised as scroungers, while fat cats like Breton profit at their expense while dodging taxes. And lets not forget just how personally nasty Breton is. According to Private Eye, Breton was put in charge of France Telecom when the French government wanted to privatise it. During his management of the company, the regime was so unpleasant that 30 employees committed suicide. It is no surprise that ATOS treatment of the sick and disabled is similarly bullying and persecutory. As for ATOS and G4S not paying tax in the UK, this seems par for the course. Apart from the various companies using the ‘tax efficient’ systems set up using chains of off-shore companies, there are other, perfectly legal accounting tricks through which companies and their heads can hide their profits. I spent three days working for an independent financial advisors in Bristol before I quit in disgust in the early 1990s. These people really did have all the morals of Gordon Gecko, and were later closed down by both of the financial regulators of the time, FIMBRA and LAUTRO. We were told that ‘You’re a penis if you want to pay tax’, and advised to put as much on expenses as possible in order to lower our tax liability. Another trick is to make everything over to the company, so that you, personally, appear dirt poor. This is how people like Rupert Murdoch get away with paying as little tax as possible, leaving the burden to be passed on to the ordinary citizen. Well, as one notorious US tax dodger once said, ‘Only little people pay taxes’. And this was also the attitude of the Roman aristocracy, and one of the reasons their Empire fell when the barbarians came rampaging in.

    • Many historians will tell you that the LAST one hundred years of the Roman Empire was the most civilised period in the history of mankind. People travelled from Britain to Rome in numbers greater then they do today, there was hardly any crime, (unlike today) justice was considered fair to all, no advantage was given to the rich, indeed, if the common man wanted to, he could travel to Rome and speck directly to the emperor, although there was a long waiting time!,still, everyone was seen, justice was seen to be done fairly to all, and the people saw this was the case. It was after the Romans left that Britain fell apart!.

  27. We already knew this.

    Make no mistake, Labour will do same!.

  28. I caught the end of film reviews last night one film was judged the best overall, it’s title “Blue is the warmest colour”, not in politics!

    • labour call a vote on the bedroom then then 205 of there mps dont bother to turn up ether there highly incompetent or they wanted to lose.

      • Or they just don’t really give a shit!

        • According to the Glasgow Herald…41 Labour MPs did not vote. Regime lost by 26 votes. Some Labour MPs could well be excused, but 41 ? Considering this was a vote demanded by Labour itself.
          One MP , the guy from Paisley, (Scotland) Douglas Alexander (no relation to Danny Alexander) was said to be in of all places….Poland. Yups THAT place….where the Nazis liked to kill lots and lots of ppl.
          It has been noted by some that the death camp in question will still be there next week. He could have gone then (Must be with a school tour or something) He could easily have flown out to join up with them the day after, or could have come home early.
          The chance to bring down the Bedroom Tax will not be there for a long, long time to come.
          Gordon Brown was at smallish local football team thing in his area. That meant more to him. I am quite sure it would not have been that difficult to re-arange the football thing for a few days or even the for the next day.

          Not impressed wid the party that used to be “Labour” at all. It seems they either did not believe they could overturn the Bedroom Tax in the first place and it was a publicity stunt, or they really did not want to overturn it. Which DOES make it a publicity stunt…and a most wicked and cruel one at that for all those who hoped for better, whose lives are being destroyed at the present.
          Labour has not explained any of this but to complain how unfair it is for others to question the absence of 41 MPs who could have inflicted a major humiliation of the Regime.
          This was there big chance and they blew out away. They will now spend the next 2 years complaining about how awful the Bedroom Tax is and to vote for them. Well…… how insulting!
          As for the subject under discussion ATOS….as has been noted too. .was Labour’s baby.
          I got another piece on MRC I would like to add later tho

  29. Nuggy

    They knew they were going to lose, anyone in opposition can spout anything, then renege on it when in power.

  30. I will propose to increase the overseas payments to India so they can build new curry houses on the planet Mars in 2017. For this, I intend to make the British people destitute and chuck them out of their own homes through forced evictions. I have to find the money from somewhere to give to those charwallahs when they lose their call-centre jobs in 2016.

  31. as the media continue to ignore
    the effects of the tory starve the
    poor austerity campaign,
    we hear that last year,
    5,499 people were referred
    to hospital for chronic
    malnutrition in the uk
    (health and social care information
    center figures) and here in
    manchester the surge in folk
    starving so far this year has
    been around 400 referred to
    hospital…we are run by nazis .

    • And you thought I shot myself at the end of World War II… I’m still alive and living in the UK. I have a top-level position in the far-right British Government and am secretly working on plans to bring in forced conscription to all jobseekers. Those who refuse will be sent to concentration camps and end up being shot in the arse. Sieg Heil!

  32. We are contracted to the British Government to fleece the jobless and disabled people in the UK. We are simply getting our own back after you called us cheese eating monkeys. Next year, our annual budget is to be increased, allowing us to fuck more british people about and force them onto the streets with no ESA or JSA money.

  33. Undertakers are said to be rubbing their hands since the DWP, in tandem with “body removal specialists, ATOS”, in a concerted move to rid the UK of the disabled and poor……….

    Rocketing calls for early funerals have seen shares in casket manufacturing and urn suppliers hit all time highs.

    Flower sales have leapt since the first biased medical took place on our shores, with dutch exporters tripling sales of white orchids to the UK.

    The DWP, who claim they are unaware of any increase in the fatal casualties of their evil sanctions, 10,600 at least and counting, insist the spike in deaths maybe due to seasonal demand…….

    The governments, flagship, Universal Credit, is going to plan although £140,000,000 may have to be written off.
    A spokesman for the DWP, admitted that there were a few hiccups in the transition from the plan on the back of a cigarette packet to the reality of being an operational masterpiece.
    It was pointed out to the DWP, that the £140 million was ten times the amount of money that has been pledged to help the Philippines disaster fund. The spokesperson for the DWP refused to disclose the true amount wasted, but agreed it was all in a good cause, protecting the vanity of a senior minister…………

    Meanwhile David Cameron is on a mission to highlight the Human Rights abuses in Sri Lanka whilst overlooking the deaths and despair on the streets of his own domain, CASUALTIES OF THE MOST GROTESQUE ABUSE OF RIGHTS WITHIN ANY COUNTRY SINCE THE NAZIS WERE EXECUTED AT NUREMBERG…………..

    • There is more xenophobia in our own country against those born and bred here than there is against immigrants, quite the contrary in fact the immigrants are given more rights and respect than us.

      • I hear what you`re saying but, please do not fall into the trap of blaming people that may or may not be here for many reasons.
        The Government are the real villains not foriegners.

      • bollocks Guy, look at Blunkett’s recent comment about Roma people, or the Go Home vans, or the dawn raids taking place in Chinatown, or the endless immigrant scare stories in the Daily Mail, or the children locked up in detention centres awaiting deportation, or even the existence of the EDL/BNP/UKIP – I’m not denying that a lot of working class people in the UK were abandoned by both Labour and the left, but this whole people are more racist to English people these days is just divisive crap and transparently isn’t true, its fucking Jeremy Clarkson poor oppressed white straight middleclass man garbage. if working class people get drawn into fighting each other over race or nationality then we really are fucked. Like it or not, the EU means that there is a European wide marketplace for jobs now, it’s time to acknowledge that and start building bridges across Europe with other working class people not sowing divisions, because thats the only way we’re ever going to get out of this crap.

        • JV I really don’t know what you are talking about regarding working class people and Europe? How many working class people from this country are wanting to go to Eastern Europe – not many, nor am I trying to say that the Roma people should not be given the same rights as anyone else to enter the Uk as legal immigrants in fact quite the opposite. We have had the so called hard working poles coming here slagging us off in our own country telling us we are lazy and scroungers, other countries are not offering us what we are offering such as a national health service, it is privatized in other European countries, nor are they paying higher wages than we are other than perhaps Germany, so what really is your argument.

          I have never been or thought right wing in my life and I do not intend to start now, but until someone starts looking to home to give charity and then think about the rest of Europe when we have enough homes, school places etc then I think we should curb immigration, no ifs or buts about it.

          This government in my opinion is going over the top with immigration issues in order to get it off the election agenda making the public so outraged, leaving ukip out on a limb as far as their election policy goes.

          • Well that’s a bit different to saying immigrants are given more rights than the rest of us and there’s more xenophobia towards UK born people then those born overseas. It doesn’t really matter if you or I think immigration can or should be curbed, it won’t be, because beneath all the hype free movement of labour is at the heart of the neo-liberal project. If those people coming draws us into conflicts based on race, rather than class, then we are fucked – the Tories would far rather see race riots then riots directed at the rich.

            The point about Europe is that if there is ever going to be radical change, then under current conditions it will need to happen at a European level, so finding points of solidarity and shared interests is likely to be more effective than looking for differences. And most EU countries have far higher levels of immigration, so the point about the NHS etc doesn’t really hold true in practice.

            • There seem to be more immigrants from middle class or aspiring middle class backgrounds who in my opinion have been instrumental in changing the dynamics of the voting system, some come from countries where there is no welfare state so are not happy about working to pay for ours, some are only interested in their own families,cultures etc and I do think that on the face of it they do not want to integrate with the white community here. I know the far right have done more than enough damage to interracial relations so too have the Sus laws and Rendition largely because there is too much American influence in Britain.

              Personally I am not in favour of European intergration I do not think it will work and I was studying this and was asked for my opinions on Europe at the time we were deciding to integrate more and was unsure then and I am still unsure now. I would like to see us and Europe having more integrated defence policy to limit the amount of weapons each country has to acquire and maintain, but the European Courts as far as I can see are a sham, but repatriated into the hands of a right wing government such as this could be far worse.

              As for free movement of people, as I said when we are in a position to bring in more immigrants then we should take them from all types of back grounds, but as you yourself said the detention centres are full and illegal immigrants have no right being here either unless they had a bloody good reason before having children to secure their stay.

              Even immigrants themselves do not want to see more immigration.

            • The old ‘cloth-capped’ socialist is a thing of the past, it has been demolished and deliberately so; the seeds of division have been sown, and when the chips are down the ‘tribal instincts’ come into play and people do look after their own, they and theirs, working-class ‘solidarity is a myth. Besides, as guy correctly points out, it is all sorts that are flooding into the UK, criminals (who are usually the first), then those with the money who can afford to come here, and they are not all ‘cloth-capped’ socialists.

            • Fjord

              Lets not forget that those that have wealth and are entering the country are not always squeaky clean either.

      • Because they are humble and work for peanuts doing dirty shitty jobs, this continues until they are fully assimilated into our economy and then it will not seems so ideal for them. They will say things like…..

        I came to England poor and broke, go on the dole, see JCP bloke
        Go to the bank and get plenty of ackers, then off to a meeting with my business backers.
        Fly in my family to share in my joy, the wife is pregnant, I hope it’s a boy.
        They all work in my business and all do their share, I love to live in England with a government so fair.

  34. off topic

    I think it is a sad day for racing without John Mc Cririck he was to horse racing what Robin Day was to Politics, I hope he is invited on every chat show going he deserves it.

  35. I’m a big, fat sexist and racist pig. I’ll soon be back on the telly as part of the BBC Watchdog team where I will be reporting about the scandal of not being allowed to flash my big underpants to the hot dollybird Susan Boyle whenever she sings ‘I dream a dream’

    • I was referring to his contribution to racing not his personal traits or opinions which should be left at the door of the workplace which is where he said he did leave them, so other than his age there was no reason to sack him. I can’t stand the thought police.

  36. The differences between the promise of a cleansing shower and the use of Zyklon “B” Gas and the exercise of completion of an ESA 50 and an unbiased ATOS examination are non existent………….

    Both were skilfully engineered to take away lives at an alarming rate………………

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    hi johnny,i posted a comment but it came online under my own name,can i remove comment if so,how,i dont trust the government..regards mark rowe

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