The Official Whitewash Into Benefit Sanctions Begins: This Is Why Labour Sold Out The Poor

sanction-sabsChinless clown Matthew Oakley has issued a call for evidence for the so-called independent review into the use of benefit sanctions.

Predictably this review will not look into whether sanctions are being misused, the impact of sanctions or whether targets are really being set for Jobcentre staff to sanction benefit claims.  Instead the review will merely examine whether the information presented to claimants about sanctions is easily understandable.

The recent huge increase in the use of sanctions will not be considered and neither will the suffering that these brutal measures inflict.  Citizens Advice recently warned that sanctions were driving some claimants to beg in the streets, go through bins to find food and even attempt suicide.  Homelessness charities have said that benefit sanctions are causing people lose their homes and end up on the streets.  This desperate poverty will be outside of the scope of Oakley’s report, as will any discussion into whether sanctions really ‘incentivise’ people to find work or whether they just drive people into the ground.

Matthew Oakley claims to be an expert on welfare but is actually just a wanker.  His only expertise comes from his time in the right ring Policy Exchange think-tank where he wrote a string of swivel-eyed proposals calling for more benefit sanctions.  Prior to this he worked in a government non-job where he helped to design the farce that became known as Universal Credit.  Now he is being given yet more tax payers cash to do little more than look over a few letters.

This review was called for by Labour – the party that introduced mass sanctioning of benefit claims.  This was their scabby justification for helping Iain Duncan Smith rush back-dated legislation through Parliament to deny compensation to tens of thousands of unemployed people who had been illegally sanctioned.  This is why they “took difficult decisions on the Jobseekers’ Bill to secure an independent review of sanctions”  Liam Byrne claimed at the time.

Labour helped the DWP deny compensation legally due due to some of the poorest people in the country.  And all so some posh little prick like Oakley could make a few quid on the side writing a report that will not even come close to addressing the problems with benefit sanctions.  Remember that.

At the very least we should try make sure Oakley has to do some work for  a change.  Evidence on the use of sanctions can be sent to:

Oakley has also said he would like to meet some claimants who have had benefit sanctioned.  Just drop him an email or contact him on twitter  @MJ_Oakley

Oakley has now left the Policy Exchange and is now working in a new non-job at consumer organisation WHICH.  You can give him a call at work on: 020 7770 7000

For more details of the review visit:

Join the Week of Action Against Workfare and Sanctions beginning on December 3rd and please sign, share and tweet the petition to scrap all benefit sanctions without exceptions.

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139 responses to “The Official Whitewash Into Benefit Sanctions Begins: This Is Why Labour Sold Out The Poor

  1. I don’t believe we will have been given the true figures for people losing their JSA. For example the sanction figures will not include the underhand way of getting around this used by some JCP, in that the claim is often “Closed” and the person has to reapply. Hence in reapplying for JSA the time that has elapsed from “Closed to being a new claim”, means money is saved, especially when you do not get anything for the first 7 days of a new claim.

  2. Reblogged this on Service Research and Practice News and commented:
    “Oakley has also said he would like to meet some claimants who have had benefit sanctioned. Just drop him an email or contact him on twitter @MJ_Oakley

    Oakley has now left the Policy Exchange and is now working in a new non-job at consumer organisation WHICH. You can give him a call at work on: 020 7770 7000

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Yes I really would meet someone who’s policies run people into destitution, and have him know my name, that he can tell the dwp/IDS that i was whistle blowing.. it certainly couldnt end that that sanction if made permanent..

  3. I am not a homosexual.

  4. independent review, My Arse!

  5. Sorry for the quick “OT” post… the coward IDS had run off to France to avoid the bedroom tax repeal debate today.

    • I bet we had to pay for his holiday too..I see
      Yahoo news has condemned that ego inflated miserable failure …

    • An Antisocial Histrionic Narcissistic Tory Ideologue in Paris

      As I walk along the Bois de Boulogne with an independent air,
      You can hear the girls declare
      “Look at that creepy fucker there”…

  6. Benefit sanctions: A jolly good idea! And about bloody time too!

  7. cant speak for anybody else, but i have noticed over the past 6 months at least, the rise in people begging, everyday at least someone asks me for money, and seeing some poor bloke blatantly wondering round inside my local coffee shop asking for money was sad, i bought him a cup of tea with my last 2 quid,

    • I remember back in the middle of the 1950’s going to Watford market, the walkway into the market always had men with missing legs begging for money, they all had cardboard plaques with the words…Ex-servicemen, please give!.

    • 2 pounds for a cup of tea!! Talk about rip-off Britain.

  8. overburdenddonkey

    oakley, as a life time member of the flat earth society, claims the reasons for this survey are to discover if sanctions are fair. it would however be logical for those who wish to know if sanctions and conditionality’s, were fair, is by looking at reality of the jobseekers agreement and matching it’s expectations with the existing uk jobs market..
    doctor, doctor, “i’m experiencing chest pains”, “are you under any stress”, “yes, i’m on jsa/esa”, “’nuff said”, “i’ll sign you off”….”oh, you are”…spontaneous singing breaks out, “there’s a hole in my bucket dear lisa dear lisa………..” told to watch “catch 22”, till i understand it…

    • doubt matching expectations with the existing UK jobs market is the way it will go…. it’s more likely to go the way of Ireland…. have just read this piece and it wouldn’t surprise me if the same thing happens here…

      • overburdenddonkey

        they could also try transportation, alaska’s/labrador, pretty m/t at this time of year!
        the squamish might have some vacant land on their res in bc…

        • aye, such a burden on the taxpayer, though, all that boat fare… they could just herd us all down to Beachy Head when the tide’s in and give us a shove….

          • overburdenddonkey

            nah, we could “work experience” our passage, as workfare “apprentice oars person”, get jsa for the journey, a sort of severance package. row a viking long boat from orkney to newfoundland and trek across canada to alaska…those that survive will be the fittest…actually it would be called a “survival of the fittest, apprenticeship”…our jsa/esa wrag claim, would auto lapse, coz we failed to sign on the next fortnight, or to attend our PA meeting at jcp…and the WP provider could also claim their full fee…

            • obd
              well I was thinking the swim might get me fit after sitting on my arse all day for so long, but, damn, you’re good! Why didn’t I think of that?!

            • overburdenddonkey

              the state would call it a, win, win, win, lose, situation, guess who the losers always are, us… 🙂

  9. Johnny I emailed regarding the removal of all courtesy telephones in nationwide JCP’s. This is a disgusting move by the asshole IDS, yet another attack on the vulnerable.

  10. And the irony of Oakley’s best mates who just happen to work for companies that got govt contracts too…

  11. Ian Duncan Smith

    This Oakley fellow has exactly the kind of attitude I like. At least he knows what he’s talking about. He’s actually working in a non-job, which sounds a bit like a workfare job. And that’s more than you lot of ingrates will ever amount to. Well done him.

    • Haha Annie joakley is just a prat who gets govt contracts for his best mates …that’s all he is for utterly hopeless at anything else

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      Any money he claims in expenses, I will steal it and buy a huge fucking house in Australia and open a gayswinger’s club in it. Happy days are here again

  12. It has come to my attention that certain posters on this blog have been impersonating my good self. Just for the record, I’M SPARTACUS/IDS!
    Unlike you wanton scroungers I have three jobs:
    1) Doting husband to Betsy
    2) Honourable Member of Parliament and Minister for Something
    5) Successful novelist.
    It is the fourth achievement of which I am most proud: My most recently published novel is a tour-de-force blockbuster (available from Amazon) which makes Jeffrey Archer’s latest book look like Little Miss Muffet.
    It received three favourable reviews, which by my calculations is 98%.
    I might add that impersonation of an Honourable Member of Parliament is not only illegal but also counts as work, which, paid or unpaid, it is your duty to declare.
    Your MP if you’re lucky/unlucky enough,

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      Fuck off you imposter. I am the real fucking Iain Duncan Smith. I’m the gaylord who wanks myself everytime I hear someone has their dole money stopped. More money for me to spend on visiting gay clubs.

  13. People going hungry and Labour controlled “Glasgow City Council” wants to spend “£65,000 project to refurbish the monument”.

    • overburdenddonkey

      typical, 20pts of heavy, and a few drams of peaty water, and glaswegians lose all conetroll, they should really learn to show some conestraint, i really don’t know what this conetree is coming to… 🙂 vote yes, for an independent glasgow 2014…

      • overburdenddonkey,

        I am really sorry, really, really sorry to have to tell you the SNP are a carbon copy of the Labour party, they only try and seem different because they want scottish independence, if they ever get it the order of the day for them will be to greatly enrich themselves even more then they do now.

        The writing was on the wall 100% when the SNP changed sail and now WANTS Scotland to stay in NATO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

        If that didn’t tell you, well then, nothing ever will!.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes, i know what the snp are…trump…

          • Its all so sad, once (a long time ago) the SNP were a good party, as soon as they started to look like they could/would win votes the SNP was VERY heavily infiltrated by far right carpetbaggers, looking for riches.

            Same thing happened to the Labour party not long after it was born.

            • overburdenddonkey

              we’ve been stitched up good and proper..kippered..they see power
              (the energy of the labour of others to serve them with), and are drawn to it like moths to a candle..fight for our rights is the only thing we can do…inform ourselves and resist…

  14. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    A review means nothing.. All it means people who have no clue sitting on judgement over things they will never experience. A review is a way to brainwash people into thinking they are doing something. The only time a review is worth anything is when they do something however they will only find what they already know

  15. And Cameron was saying yesterday that he wants more of the same. It makes a dynamic society or something. Hellish, more like.

  16. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    When all but a few Labour MPs chose to abstain from the vote on the Jobseekers (Back to Work Schemes) Act, Vox Political condemned the move – particularly because the excuse was that the Coalition would order an independent review of benefit sanctions. I could see a whitewash on the horizon – if it ever came that close at all.
    It seems I was mistaken on the latter point, as the review is set to report to Parliament in spring next year. However, the whitewash definitely seems to be on the cards.
    The gentleman chosen to run the review is a former member of right-wing thinktank Policy Exchange, described by a political editor of the Evening Standard as “the intellectual boot camp of the Tory modernisers”. Mr Oakley himself, it seems, has penned many proposals calling for more benefit sanctions.
    Independent? I should cocoa!
    This will be nothing but a stitch-up from beginning to end. No doubt the swivel-eyed readers of the Daily Telegraph (for example) will lap it up. They have a strange attitude to evidence over there.

  17. Not long now till Scottish Independence, then we are on the way to getting a government which the Scots will have elected instead of one that even the English didn’t elect. Opinion polls are not necessarily indicative of the outcome of a vote.

  18. I meant to say “even the English, with the most votes, didn’t elect.”

  19. I signed a petition outraged that those in the military with just days to redundancy were being denied pensions, I hope they will reciprocate with some solidarity for the unemployed who are being sanctioned – a military coup would be nice.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it matters not what others think of us, but what we think of ourselves…

    • chewie

      Letters from the “nut” cafe more like, it is they that are deluded apart from Mike the only one to talk any sense.

      • Its just an obversation from people my favourite one at the moment is ” ,I
        Am not against helping those that can’t work only those that don’t want to work..when I challenged that by suggesting that they think don’t and can’t is the same thing to them they admitted that ” most disabled can’t workers are all faking it anyway “

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  21. Landless Peasant

    Don’t think I can ever forgive Labour for letting the Tory scum get away with back-dating the Law in order to rob the poor. Nor can I forgive them for introducing Benefit sanctions in the first place. So from now on an old Socialist ex-Labour supporter will be voting Green in future.

    • What shade of green ?

      • The greens would vote for the bedroom tax because they are all convinced that resources should be limited to protect the planet, they are more ideological than the mainstream parties.

          • obd

            A basic level of income would only provide you with a home that is deemed to be the size of your needs, only those with money in the bank or good paying jobs would benefit from a citizens basic income with BASIC being the operative word unless ofcourse the rich wanted it to be higher.
            We are all being manipulated in one way or another, you would be better fencing off some common land and declare it to be your own in time then build on it, because nobody in power gives you something for nothing these days.

            • overburdenddonkey

              g fawkes
              yeah, it takes 12/13yrs to declare it one’s own, and then one has to notify the start period, there is little or no common land left, some bridal ways, droves, still are.
              the citizens income would have to be a decent amount and not a universal benefit, still needs to be a lot more eco-homes built…we need to take the control of our vitals away from the state, coz they can’t be trusted with that kind of unbridled power….but the scottishgreens are campaigning hard cross party to stop bedroom tax evictions and liabilities in the scottish parliament, plus…

            • The Scottish greens obviously had no influence over the lib dem coalition otherwise the voting on the bedroom tax would have been quite different.
              I am not so happy with the greens across the border and the attitude of some of it’s representatives is bordering on the arrogant.
              If what you are proposing i.e. a citizens income without universiality I would be all in favour of that providing it was not tied to fascist conditionality, but it would still be state controlled in order for it to be financed and executed or do you think these jumped up bent community organizations can deliver it?
              I hope the Greens do deliver for you because as landless peasant says there is not much else to vote for other than the Respect party and they don’t have enough funding to field candidates everywhere.

        • They are more Socialist than Labour and there is no one else to vote for.

          • overburdenddonkey

            l p
            i’ve argued with the greens a few times over eco-policies and eco-fascism, and they’ve always been obliged to accept my position, coz i was right. they do now, seem, to see the fruition of environmentalism, rightly via socialism and human rights. i want to see a radical eco-home building revolution, in and all..self build housing using very cheap materials strawbales, paper, felt, growing willow homes, tree houses, earth dug outs, turf houses, tee-pees, mud huts, earth “igloos”, boat houses..gers (yurts), benders, cranogs…
            but then again many people thought the libdems were ok once, until they got a taste of power, now they are finished…
            the greens are my favs to balance the snp’s power…i detest politics anyway, tis, a bunch of power mongering bull, but i still have an instinct to vote, i’ll get over the instinct one day, more of a muscle memory atm.
            the greens better do what they say they are going to do, or they’ll get the rough side of my tongue…
            end sanctions and conditionality now, and lets get on with living…

      • Blue green,
        of course

        • Ulysses

          where have you been hiding@

          • Lurking, always!
            Had a few personal battles to fight…
            Family members fighting with the SS over custody, went badly..
            Sterilisation failed so a new daughter on the way, bit of a head fuck at first, bringing a new un in to this shit storm of a society after a 13 year gap from last nipper, thoughts along the lines of :we can barely afford to feed and clothe her elder siblings so how am i /we gonna deal with 1 more?
            But can’t wait for February now.. Fuck em, what’s the worst these evil scum can do, fuckin bring it, cunts. Ive got broad shoulders.
            ATOS to deal with, only just started treatment for the PTSD after years of waiting, and the brown letter sent my psych scores in to freefall, after a few month of good progress – thought i was gonna get sectioned – again… hey ho!
            If i go quiet again, the ATOS interview went badly and i’m up before the beak or in the Big House…

            Chinese Curse, may you live in interesting times

  22. “Matthew Oakley claims to be an expert on welfare but is actually just a wanker.” Spot on Johnny, spot on old bean.
    The ‘Jobseeker’s Allowance sanctions: independent review’ is just more ineffectual bollocks to give a bunch of pen pushing twats something to justify their wages.

  23. iaiin bullshit lying cunt smith

    i said it before and i will say it again. for those under JSA sanction, close the claim and go on to ESA i will reply to all who ask of the reasons of my suggestions..i will give you a clue it cost them shitloads more than they think they are saving

  24. Oakley and Labour: two scumbags in unison
    Fuck the lot of ’em

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      I see people are waking up to the fact that the only difference between tories and labour is the colour of the ties….

  25. greedy grasping snouts in the trough wankers they can all fuck of, they have no idea the affect a sanction has on some one, try living in the real world,, get a real job try working for a living fucking bellends,,,,

    • @Frost. Why don’t you fuck off and try instead to work as a toilet cleaner. I am entitled to fuck the British people about and make them poor peasants.

  26. Everything has been moved into the private sector so that these creeps after robbing the public purse will have other interests where they can rob, domineer and exploit, leapords do not change their spots.

  27. 10,000 suicides.

    Off Topic. Bedroom Tax. Labour lost the vote 252 to 226. Here is a list of scum bag Libdems and how they voted. With kind thanks to The Mirror.
    Here’s a list of how Lib Dem MPs voted tonight:

    Two Liberal Democrat MPs voted in favour of Labour’s motion. They were Lib Dem party president: Tim Farron (Westmorland & Lonsdale) and Andrew George (St Ives).

    Thirty-one Liberal Democrat MPs voted against the motion. They were: Norman Baker (Lewes), Sir Alan Beith (Berwick-upon-Tweed), Tom Brake (Carshalton & Wallington), Jeremy Browne (Taunton Deane), Malcolm Bruce (Gordon), Paul Burstow (Sutton & Cheam), Lorely Burt (Solihull), Sir Menzies Campbell (Fife North East), Alistair Carmichael (Orkney & Shetland), Edward Davey (Kingston & Surbiton), Don Foster (Bath), Stephen Gilbert (St Austell & Newquay), Duncan Hames (Chippenham), Sir Nick Harvey (Devon North), David Heath (Somerton & Frome), John Hemming (Birmingham Yardley), Martin Horwood (Cheltenham), Simon Hughes (Bermondsey & Old Southwark), Mark Hunter (Cheadle), Norman Lamb (Norfolk North), Michael Moore (Berwickshire, Roxburgh & Selkirk), Tessa Munt (Wells), John Pugh (Southport), Dan Rogerson (Cornwall North), Bob Russell (Colchester), Sir Robert Smith (Aberdeenshire West & Kincardine), Andrew Stunell (Hazel Grove), Jo Swinson (Dunbartonshire East), John Thurso (Caithness, Sutherland & Easter Ross), Steve Webb (Thornbury & Yate), Stephen Williams (Bristol West).

    Twenty-one Liberal Democrats did not vote tonight, either in favour of the motion or against it. The division list did not say whether they abstained or if they had a prior excuse to miss the vote.

    The MPs were: Danny Alexander (Inverness, Nairn, Badenoch & Strathspey), Gordon Birtwistle (Burnley), Annette Brooke (Dorset Mid & Poole North), Vincent Cable (Twickenham), Nick Clegg (Sheffield Hallam), Michael Crockart (Edinburgh West), Lynne Featherstone (Hornsey & Wood Green), Julian Huppert (Cambridge), Charles Kennedy (Ross, Skye & Lochaber), David Laws (Yeovil), John Leech (Manchester Withington), Stephen Lloyd (Eastbourne), Greg Mulholland (Leeds North West), Alan Reid (Argyll & Bute), Adrian Sanders (Torbay), Ian Swales (Redcar), Sarah Teather (Brent Central), Mike Thornton (Eastleigh), Mark Williams (Ceredigion), Roger Williams (Brecon & Radnorshire), Simon Wright (Norwich South).

    Lib Dem MP Jenny Willott (Cardiff Central) was a teller for the Noes.

  28. The sooner Lib Dems get voted out en masse the better. Tories are just being Tories, but I expected better from the Lib Dems. I’d vote TUSC, but it would just be a wasted vote.

  29. Yesterday i watched Labours attempt to get a repeal of the much hated BEDROOM TAX.

    It was a long debate that led to a vote in the early evening.
    Labour gave all they could in a well put together, much concerted effort, to rid this country of the most heinous law ever introduced…

    Some members were close to tears as they gave impassioned speeches to the government benches.
    It made me aware of the hatred that now exists between the haves and have nots.

    Such hatred is beyond belief, reaching some kind of fever pitch last seen when Nazis were encouraging German citizens to smash the windows of the jewish shopkeepers and ridicule and beat them in the streets while trashing and stealing their hard earned property.
    History has a way of repeating itself and the actions of the government, by ridiculing the pleas of the poor, left me with a sour taste in my mouth………….

    The suffering of those worse off, the disabled and poor, has become a national sport, a sport driven by one thing only, wealth.
    Kicking a person when they are down is the easiest thing to do. They are vulnerable and are lacking, not only money, food and shelter, but a means to overcome their problems and rise above what they are lacking.
    Civil society has gone out of the window as the trendset of “FUCK YOU JACK, I’M ALRIGHT”, is the new norm………

    Yesterdays vote was not indicative of the voice of the people in our country, it was a political strategy to try to cling onto power at all costs, despite the suffering of the many.

    Our government do not reflect the voice of the people. They never have for a long, long time. They are merely pawns used by the multinationals and Monetary sectors to control the interests of greed. Joe Public does not even get a look in as the corporate giants bribe and lobby to reach their hidden agendas……

    Our ministers, mostly within the DWP, are following an agenda that was made possible by the groundwork of the “Faculty of Occupational Medicine”, an organisation that has links to Private Health Insurance and the disgraced UNUM insurance giant of the USA.

    The tentacles of the aforesaid faculty run deep and wide and control all aspects of welfare reform including the desecration of the NHS and the introduction of the private health insurance onto our shores.

    BILL GUNNYEON, the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER of the DWP is at the helm, enabling a swift transition of power to those pulling his strings whilst other strategically placed faculty members clear the roads ahead……….

    Changes to sick notes, ESA examinations, PIP and and a whole raft of changes to disability rights have been engineered on the behest of the UNUM giant.

    You, my friends, are the waste product that this elaborate network saw as a price worth paying……………..

    ” you have been sold down the river by a conspiracy so deep, and yet, the truth is slowly emerging every day”…………

  30. We used to have socialism in this country but since mass immigration the dynamics of the voting system has changed with the immigrant strivers voting against anything that will help and support the poorest in this country. Don’t forget these people are quite happy to leave their poor behind to rot.

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      January 1st 2014. I will swamp this country with every fucking foreigner from every country. That way they will be gieven every help to nick every british job and drive you poor natives out of work and into poverty.

  31. They know full well what they’re doing, this is leading to more street crime, only yesterday someone attempted to mug my son (24) in a shop, and failing that they attempted to rob the shop telling the cashier “give me your money or i’ll blow your face off”
    This leads people to feeling insecure and voting for more police on the streets and curfews ect (more controls on society) a police state, and secondly it helps fuel the industry that is now the privatised prison service, which would be better named ‘Work Camps’, slowly boiling frogs, if this madness doesn’t stop NOW we are forever enslaved

  32. I have had my attention given to some people on this site who clearly have more time on their hands than instead using this time constructively in finding work. Iain Duncan Smith has timetabled a motion today regarding JSA and ESA. He will announce later today in parliament that JSA is to be formally stopped and later withdrawn from all claimants at the end of this year.

  33. Furthermore, all the lazy bums on here who can’t be bothered to find work, even as a low-paid toilet cleaner, can fuck off out of my country. I’ll let all the skanky diseased-ridden johnny foreigners in from every other country and help them to steal your houses, money, jobs and women.

    • Take yourself off, ye gods i loathe the sight of your bloated Pillsbury-doughboy face, & take your fellow-travellers Psycho Iain , Greedy Gideon & Traitor Cleggy with you. Don’t forget to shut the door behind you

      • David Cameron MP

        someone punch me in the head before I fuck up again and cause yet another death through the bollocks bedroom tax. I am a complete twat who gets in bed with the other nonce twat Iain Duncan Smith.

  34. Herr Cameron

    So everyone sat at a desk using a computer is a lazy bastard, journalists, job centre staff, secretaries etc. We are being as constructive, as I’m sure you think you are.

  35. Sieg Heil. Indeed yes. All of the jobcentre staff are fat, lazy bastards of which I intend to sack for being gay wankers. They will al be offered alternative jobs as toilet cleaners. My wish is to turn the United Kingdom into the world’s leading bog-cleaning society.

  36. Don’t get too bogged down with that task you know you are only of bog standard yourself.

  37. Well, I already have to deal with the large amounts of shit spoken by the MPs each day in the Houses of Parliament. So as of that, next week I am turning the government into one big shit-hole where everybody can use it as a public bog.

  38. Selling us down the sewer.

  39. I have just a few moments on here to comment as I am currently in the middle of PM’s questions making a complete twat of myself as usual, here in the Houses of Parliament. Send me an email at ”” I am currently debating and answering questions on gay pandas being exterminated in chinky china land.

  40. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    With the Typhoon this week will be a good week to hide things

  41. good week to hide things – preferably themselves.

  42. overburdenddonkey

    Public services turned into private companies where the public pay for the infrastructure and they take the profits – nice if we could all run such monopolies.

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      true, over the last few decades privatisation has sucked and still is sucking many citizens of britain dry, it has cost millions of jobs..

  43. Important excerpt from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:

    “Freedom is going to Dobby’s head, sir,” said Winky sadly. “Ideas above his
    station, sir. Can’t get another position, sir.”

    “Why not?” said Harry.

    Winky lowered her voice by a half-octave and whispered, “He is wanting paying for his work, sir.”

    • I made a mistake in becoming an MP for that hairy-arsed Iain Duncan Smith. If you want to sack me, here is how you can do so. I will have to take up porn star work again following my forced sacking. Contact me on:

      Esther McVey MP
      The Parade
      Hoylake Community Centre
      Hoyle Road
      CH47 3AG

  44. something survived...

    How about a law that says all tory bastards must hang themselves with barbed wire and film it so we can watch?

  45. David Cameron MP

    calm down dear ” calm down ,,,

  46. When the influx of European immigrants enters the country it will give them greater justification to kick down the mentally and physically disabled along with the unemployed. I know of a case of a polish family who were moved into a two bedroom council house where previously an elderly retired couple had lived but could not afford to continue due to bedroom tax. They moved into the place and the wife hated the colour of the kitchen work surfaces so they changed them and refitted all new double glazing. Now I’m not blaming the polish family for wanting to better their lives in coming to the UK and lord knows what Poland bring to the table as an EU member as I can only see the rich gaining a business foothold in such countries.. and once the polish are assimilated into our economy then suddenly that wage they are happy to work for does not seem so attractive…. their initial humbleness is a massive compromise to those who seek proper wages for proper jobs. It seems almost every tory should be shipped to the middle east and measured up for an orange jumpsuit.

    • ” I know of a case of a polish family who were moved into a two bedroom council house where previously an elderly retired couple had lived but could not afford to continue due to bedroom tax. They moved into the place and the wife hated the colour of the kitchen work surfaces so they changed them and refitted all new double glazing.”

      Does this kind of half-baked anecdote, which can’t be true because pensioners don’t pay the bedroom tax, remind you of anything?

    • *You might not be “blaming the Polish family” – in the sense that you think you mean that sentence (i personally can’t understand it). But you may as well be.

      It’s incendiary & irrelevant to ‘not blame” immigrants; any one of us could be/might have been an immigrant (ourselves or members of our family) at some point in our lives. It just doesn’t make any sense & is only likely to lead to conflict if the main gist of any argument is that there are “too many” of this particular group of people or that group. (Where i was grew up, for a time it was Asians or as some people liked to refer to them back then ‘Pakis’). The problem was not only that they were there, living (“separate lives” – allegedly not doing enough to “integrate”); but also that they “smelled different” or “funny”, “painted their house in different/unusual colours”, “lived too many to one house & brought all their family members to live with them” or just offended people by “having a job” (allegedly, it only ever “running the corner shop”). I am aware of how offensive each of these statements sound & wish they were nothing more than an outdated/forgotten memory.

      Just what is it in some peoples’ heads that casual/overt or less-overt racism becomes a ’cause for’ and/or answer/solution to perceived and actual social prolems. However you dress it up, it’s still racism. Are the people at this moment trying to board planes in the Phillipines, for example, going to touch down somewhere where their initial welcome will be from ‘locals’ wishing they would just turn round & go back as they will only increase the demand for goods/services and potentially try to move into houses/find work? What fresh hell is this?

      These are all meant to be rhetorical points.

    • Apology: for the restating of an offensive phrase in above (awaiting moderation) comment – please feel free to edit/delete as necessary. Comment written in haste & an un-word put in quotes/’reprinted’ only for emphasis; included to underline something i feel it’s worth saying about recent social history & attitudes to migration/immigration and
      what’s been considered socially acceptable in recent years – & what progress may/may not have been made.

  47. I have seen propaganda on certain channels showing polish immigrants telling the world how lazy the British worker is compared to them and what a scrounging lot we are, is it any wonder there is opposition to immigration.

    Laws are passed against the indigenous population with the greatest of ease yet we see the media and politicians defending immigrants and their cultures to the hilt and throwing out any laws that might offend them. Read Kevin Mc Guire in the daily mirror to see how they pander to the migrants.

  48. I love foreigners. Especially from Romania and Bulgaria. Just wait until Jan 1st 2014 when the whole country of skanky romanians invade us. I’ll help them to mug and steal from the British Taxpayer. And when the British people cannot pay tax any more after being mugged, I will force them into victorian style work-houses.

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