Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor Says Jo Swinson MP

Jo_Swinson_QTLittle sums up the vile double standards at the heart of Britain’s class ridden society than a campaign against unpaid internships for graduates which ignores the massive expansion of unpaid work for everyone else.

So entrenched has this contemptible hypocrisy become that some MPs – like Liberal Democrat Jo Swinson – are only too happy to condemn unpaid work for their own little Tarquins and Jemimas whilst inflicting the exact same thing on those they judge the lower orders.

Jo Swinson has today been launching a campaign against unpaid interns and is threatening to name and shame companies which do not pay the minimum wage.  Yet, as spotted by @boycottworkfare, Swinson herself has been involved in promoting unpaid work in her constituency in a scheme she described as ‘fantastic’.

The latest campaign against unpaid work for the middle classes comes at a time that the coalition government is rolling out a huge extension of workfare.  The latest ‘Traineeships’ involve five months unpaid work and are not even designed to help people get a real job.  Instead the hope is that they will lead to people being given Apprenticeships – often at below the minimum wage.  Or they could just lead to more unpaid Work Experience on a different government scheme.  Young people are now to be expected to work for free or peanuts for not just months, but years in some cases.

These schemes are at least voluntary in theory, although whether they are voluntary in practice remains to be seen as Jobcentres are known to use benefit sanctions and other mandatory workfare schemes to bully claimants into unpaid work.  The latest programme aimed at the long term unemployed however is far from voluntary and will involve blocks of forced unpaid work for six months at a time under threat of benefits being removed completely.

Interns of all kinds should be paid just like any other worker, including young people without degrees starting out in their first job or those who are long term unemployed.  But the idea that there is some kind of inherent difference between unpaid work for the rich and workfare for the poor is as offensive as it is nonsense.  About the only real difference between unpaid internships and work experience schemes is that internships usually lead to well paid careers in popular sectors like fashion, the media or entertainment.  In contrast Work Experience generally leads back to the dole as grasping employers maintain a rolling stock of free workers instead of paying wages.

Swinson is not the only MPs who condemns unpaid work for the well off but actively supports workfare.  Labour MP Hazel Blears is guilty of the exact same hypocrisy.  It should tell us everything we need to know about the political class that MPs of all parties are now quite openly arguing that the middle classes – in other words their own children – should have different rights to those born without a silver spoon wedged down their over-privileged necks.

Swinson has so far ignored people challenging her about her grotesque double standards on twitter, you can tell her what you think at: @joswinson

In a further embarrassment, Sky News are reporting that despite Lib Dems MPs lining up to condemn unpaid work for graduates, the party is still recruiting unpaid interns.

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106 responses to “Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor Says Jo Swinson MP

    • the goverment have no legal mandate to continue workfare.

      any company or charity now takeing part is putting themselves in a very vulnerable position legally speaking.

  1. as workfare has now been ruled could the company’s and charity’s involved now be sued,

  2. Unpaid internships benefit the jemimas of the world by excluding kids whose families can’t afford to support them through such programmes. . It is precisely because internships are unpaid that working class graduates are excluded.

    Working class people go to university too and many are left unemployed and in debt precisely because they are excluded from the little rich kids club that is unpaid internships. Rich families can afford to pay for their kids through unpaid internships, working class families can’t.

    We shouldn’t get into the divide and rule politics of opposing pay for interns or assuming that graduates are all middle class rich kids. We should oppose ALL unpaid labour, whether it is the use of unpaid internships to exclude working class people from professions or the use of slave labour workfare.

    • I quite explicitly did support wages for interns, its a shame people campaigning against this form of unpaid work don’t seem to feel the same about workfare.

    • overburdenddonkey

      jv, has, made clear distinction….but, as you rightly say, we should all indeed oppose all unpaid labour, and press for the vitals of life, for all human beings…
      to section people off, as “they”, do, falls into the concept of , alpha, beta, ok, not ok, less eligibility, deserving and undeserving classes of people, paid work for the privileged, unpaid work for the poor, as a lesson, the lesson is get rich, follow our lead or suffer and we’ll make sure you do…therefore if not rich, tough break…bonuses for the rich, sanctions and conditionality for the poor..
      personally i question if politics is work at all, to me it is a position of being fed by the masses, politics, is the skill of holding onto riches, and getting even richer, politics is provably, bad for humanity.
      so what does this all feed into?
      imo it feeds into capitalism, a notion of paying to be steered and guided, by the establishment classes, our “betters”, as us poor dumbfucks can’t possibly manage without being controlled, “for our own good”.
      we are obliged to pay them for the use of their minds, when our own minds are every bit as capable as theirs, in return we provide the power of labour, and the taxes, for their guidance..
      that these heavily inherited people should or could be role models, to frame the betterment of the poor, without ever experiencing what it is to be poor, and never want for anything/nothing, that they don’t want to be poor in it self says volumes about their terror of being poor..they hold onto key crux power positions, that are effectively enshrined in law, protected and ringforted/fenced by the state, untouchables, is plainly anti-humanitarian. this system, is entirely irrational, equality is measured by bucks in the bank/and size of portfolio..some say their coping strategy is laughter, which is far removed from the misery of being poor, cold malnourished and under constant threat of losing one’s health or home..

  3. Disabled benefit claimants to face increased sanctions and unpaid work – UPDATE Disability Information Scotland

  4. All this slavery and oppression, and yet I look out my window and society is as calm as anything. Strange days!

  5. Jocastas. Not Jemimas, Jocastas. 🙂

    • Workfare is workfare whatever the class ..same old same old ..its madness they want everything run privately for profit and yet want public to work harder for less money ..do how can you afford all that private for profit stuff ..you can’t ..
      I saw a documentary years ago about if everything was run privately eg health police libraries and it turned put you would need yo be earning several million a year just to pay for all that stuff…

    • It’s funny but our labour run council is going out of it’s way to make sure all public service staff get a living wage, because they know the taxpayer is going to pick up the bill via council taxes.

  6. And this is from Jacqui Smith, remember her? Same old… http://labourlist.org/2012/10/in-defence-of-internships/

  7. Even john major is complaining about a public school ruling elite running the country.

    • He and Nadine Doriss were in favour of bringing back the 11 plus and grammar schools, another form of selective privilege, when questioned about the fact that the middle class can afford to privately tutor their kids to pass the 11 plus, Nadine stated well this goes on everywhere, as if that were any excuse for the privileged gaining in all areas. They are corrupt.
      Political parties dare to talk of union vote rigging when they are constantly putting their elite in safe seats. Mandleson bought our house in Hartlepool pretending he was a local constituency candidate then sold it for three times what he bought it when we finally got rid of him, mind the MP we have now is no better, waste of time e mailing him you never get a reply.

  8. just tweeted her to point out the double standards and hypocrisy when compared to workfare.

  9. Three cheers for Jo Swinson, a fantastic initiative from a brave politician, it is high-time someone stood up to the plate: Wages For Interns, Workfare For The Poor – a jolly good idea! And about bloody time too!

  10. I would expect no less from the Lib Dems,I look forward to their non existence come 2015,the two faced,double standard traitors deserve it.

  11. Jo Swinston is MP for the area that used to be Strathkelvin Distict, immediately north of Glasgow.
    She got voted in as an alternative to Labour, but still in opposition to the Tories
    I’m guessing the voters were presuming she would stand up for them.
    But NO! She not only serves the Tories, but defends them.
    Swinston is absolutely hated now.
    Hearing this creep on the wireless trying to defend the bedroom tax is truly appalling.
    I’m pretty sure she will be an ex MP soon enough though.
    Not that wee Miss Jo will mind about that. She is sure to be well rewarded with something down in Westminster.
    However, she will go down in history as one of the MPs who helped wipe out the Liberal Democrats in Scotland….and the rest of the UK as well.
    Clegg’s party is doomed.

    • Jo Swinson is a piece of fucking shite and a traitor to boot – the little cunt has voted with the Tories on ALL the draconian legislation the bastards have passed… Bedroom Tax, Welfare Reform Act, Iain Duncan Shite’s ‘retrospective’ legislation… you name little Jo the piece of fucking shite has backed the Tories to the hilt. The treacherous little cunt wont survive the next election, but you can bet your bottom dollar she will have something cushy already lined up. Tell you what Jo, I’ll buy you a great big bag of peanuts to celebrate 🙂

  12. We have the power to rid of these Draconian’s the people must stand up to them .. VOTE THEM OUT .. the pen is mightier than the sword ..

  13. Tories have near been eliminated in Scotland as regards seats .. Lib Dems will be next .. I’ll be voting Yes for Indy we have the Power ..to be FREE of UK draconian’s

    • Yeah, but Alex Haddock is a great big fat fascist cunt… you really want to be ruled by those no-marks on the Mound? They have done more harm to Scots Law than the English have managed in 300 years! Fuck the SNP!

      • Voting for independence is not a vote for the snp. We can get a socialist labour party in power after we attain the goal of freedom. I really believe that. We have to get rid of cunts like Lamont etc. Get rid of 90% of the cunts who masquerade under the labour name just now. Fuck New Labour. Give me the Labour my grandfather loved.

    • Scottish and British. Every poll is in our favour.

  14. ThIs lady is in my area as an MP she also voted AGAINST the energy company’s having a freeze on prices ….!!

  15. Can somebody explain this to me?
    If it is illegal for people to work for less than the minimum wage how can the conservatives make people work for less than the minimum wage on workfare? Couldn’t somebody sue them?

    • It is not work, it is work experience. Training the dregs of society to get out of bed in the mornings. As such no minimum wage laws apply.

      • Tarquin

        Go find a guillotine that fits your fat head.

      • Work experience, my arse. It’s state-sponsored slavery, simple as that. All to make huge profits for tory-supporting capitalist scum.Oh, & before I throw my computer down the garden path in rage, Tarquin, you inbred snotty, twat YOU work for fuck all in the likes of Poundland for, say, 6 months, then come back on here & tell us what a wonderful experience it was to be a slave.But then mummy & daddy will no doubt keep you in the manner to which you’re accustomed so you’ll want for nothing. Unlike a workfare SLAVE.

    • if i’ve understood this correctly – it’s the ‘Rules’ (difficult to argue a case against). The rule ?regulation that states DWP/JCP are (for JSA purposes) the arbiters of meaning of the word “Reasonable”. As soon as a JCP clerical officer (‘adviser’) – with the agreement of a.n.other clerical officer (‘decision maker’) – decides it’s in person x’s “best interests” (to further their chances of finding work) to do (extra/additional) ‘work experience’ – along with anything else that’s “reasonable” to find more/better work. Then, if refusing to accept a golden opportunity along these lines, person x (wilfully) refuses a (“reasonable”) offer of (government) help.

      DWP/JCP only need convincingly state their concern for person x’s (job prospects) & that they deem it in x’s best interests to take part in (comply with) an offer of (eg. work experience). On refusing, person x calls into question their right to continue receiving benefit & they could be suspended (the benefits) to help x – & others, consider more carefully future “offers of help”. So far so like a game of monopoly. By refusing, person x can be said to not want (demonstrably enough) to find work, is the rationale that allows ‘forcing’ him/her to accept unpaid work (experience).

      DWP/JCP then say, “x doesn’t want to find work – they’ve refused our “help”. At the very least “They are not engaging with the system set up to ‘help & support them’ into more & better work & don’t deserve to continue getting benefit”. DWP questions x’s commitment to seeking work/benefit is contingent on doing “everything reasonable”. x needs to show work placement is not “reasonable” (practicably/ethically) – not financially, as this isn’t considered ‘the main point’ (?). They could forfeit all JSA (for y weeks/months) – it depends on DWP/JCP’s definition of “All reasonable” job seeking-type activities” (as per every individual’s agreement [& anything else we deem reasonable”].

      It seems unlikely that a(nother) case on “unreasonableness” can be brought – & won. Rationally – it ought to be straightforwarf; but on’Reasons’ for refusal vs. “Not doing everything reasonable [to get work]” grounds … Refusing is viewed as an act of provocation & direct challenge to the “reasonable” that DWP/JCP rely on/claim exists. If person x is ‘sanctioned’ for wilfully refusing a (voluntary/mandatory) offer a ‘strong signal’ goes out to x/any other person(s) considering an offer of “help”.
      – Rule Book for the Sanctioning of Wayward, Wilful Unemployed, Feckless & Workshy [Non] persons. (Est. 1802).

      Unpaid work ‘experience’/sanctions via JCP are “reasonable” – for now (in most cases?) – so long as explained/administered ‘properly’ (!).

      • A six months stint working for nothing in Poundland… gives you recent work experience, something to put on your CV, gives you a recent reference. Why would a bona fide jobseeker who is genuinely looking for work turn down such an opportunity? That’s the way we look at it… 🙂

        • should read ‘opportunity’ for the avoidance of ‘doubt’ … 🙂

        • JC DMA

          That is the way you would look at it because you are swivel eyed loons!

          • something survived...

            The jobseekers doing ALL the required steps to find work, using ALL their time to search and apply for jobs, meeting ALL the requirements – are still A) Getting sent on workfare and B) Getting Sanctioned.

            Sometimes both at the same time. Imagine being on workfare while under a sanction and working in Poundland as a slave for no money. Working in Poundland and being unable to afford to buy a single one of the things sold in Poundland. Imagine passing out from not eating, next to a shelf of £1 bars of Poundland Toblerone. Customers with more money than you, whether from a job or not-yet-sanctioned benefits or crime or begging, step over (or indeed on) your unconscious body as they go to pay for their £1 purchases at Poundland.

            £1 is probably what the CEO of Poundland spends on a sachet of salt at dinner!
            [cue Mussolini theme tune] Long live Poundland (!)

        • work experience in poundland and a reference from the if you are lucky enough to get on is worth about as much as a dog shit wrapped in foil!

        • Why would hoards of J.Seekers not be runing into JCP at this very second with (unadulterated) copies of their cv in their hot little hands to offer to the nearest Adviser, with a plea for them to “do what you think best”?
          Cv to contain phone number/s & email address. “IF they genuinely
          wanted to work, they’d be racing to do this, wouldn’t
          they?” – Questions like this one invite answers but saying anything,

          or nothing, are both taken as confirmation of the ‘workshy’ hypothesis JCP Advisers are setting up.
          (a) “The clue is in the question … !”
          (b): It would allow an Adviser a chance to ‘shine’ (by farming cvs out to any & all companies – perhaps shops/cleaning or caring agencies/street-sweeping or similar -wp-style – who may be pedalling (offering) ‘opportunities’ …). At this stage, though, we may as well stand in the town centre, wearing a large sandwich board with: “I am worthless; I will do anything as I am completely desparate; No need to pay me. Thank You for not treading on me” emblazoned across it. (or bring our own broom & start sweeping up our own tears). There only way to satisfy JCP’s questions like these

          is by giving them what they want: “Yes, you’ve got me” – & sometimes it’s tempting to very sarcastically ‘follow the script’ to it’s ‘logical’ conclusion. Only this would instantly allow a ‘doubt’ to be raised (as they can recognise sarcasm but think it’s a prouct of a worthless individual – not one who’s being put under extreme stress/made to agree that black is white.

          DWP’s script-they-prepared-earlier helps them to shoot down in flames anything they might hear from us in our ‘defence’/mitigation & they’ve half-‘switched off’/done their bit’ by that stage anyway (feel they’ve worked hard/done that they’re meant to be doing)- JSeeker at that stage probably well on the way to feelings of outrage & demoralised/frustrated from being treated as guilty-by-association (with themselves). Made-up charge-sheet is saying “Guilty” -Catch 22.

          Are the rhetorical/accusatory questions officially part of the remit of an ‘adviser’ – part of their training – informally or otherwise?
          (I’d rather pull (my own) teeth out than have to do their job). They seem to have become more & more ‘expert” (?) at indicating the ‘actual’ answer to their (veiled) accusation using only their eyebrows & look of scepticism to strongly suggest, “We know you’re a wrong’un – you wouldn’t be here otherwise …”. Maybe it’ sexpressely forbidden to use “cheat/fraudster” openly by way of an accusation – but suggesting it via questions & less-than subtle forms of demeanour, seems to be being encouraged. Perhaps we need a whole days-worth of secret filming/someone to go ‘undercover’.

          Ps. Dear Person (without decent) Advice-to-give’,
          regarding 4-weeks of (‘work-experience’) at P/land or wherever stuck on to a CV containing few-to-no previous signs of a desire to break into retail –
          *(saturday jobs fell off cv some time ago) … Cvs might show (in the
          many people’s case) up to 20/30 years of ‘experience’ of
          a.n.other type(s) of work/skills built-up. A JCP-arranged ‘work experience’ + reference could very well be (if not ‘career suicide’ exactly), a short-cut to winning a ‘CV Least Likely to Impress Prospective Employer at Interview (of the year)’ award.

          (Regarding “they’d be recent”, so might – more relevant & perhaps more useful – VOLUNTARY work and/or training courses be, along with the various other ways skills could be shown to have been kept-up-with, at an interview). As JCP (surely) very well know – out of work people of all kinds (in recessions/high unemployment/since leaving school etc.) have managed to look for (& find – obviously that’s, less relevant here) work independently before IDS & his minions got the bit so firmly stuck between their teeth. The ‘skills/knowledge’ to do this aren’t hidden in some secret/mystical Aladdin’s cave. If we didn’t have them before, generally- we do now – or would ask for help/find ways round their situation – from Someone With Our Best Interests (genuinely) At Heart. We are adults, not children. Even if we were children – your “help” would still be counter-productive & malign/designed to Move us Further From the labour market (as you now like to phrase it).

      • overburdenddonkey

        so good to know that jcp talks to their imaginary friends, to see what imaginary employers want, from their imaginary employees, in the imaginary world of work…just needs a few million real jobs and then work becomes a reality, and not as the tortured job seeker experiences, now!

        • obd,
          hopefully we will (collectively) wake up one day soon to find that this was all a bad dream after all … on that day i would race into town to check that the JCP doesn’t really exist (in its current incarnation) &
          celebrate by throwing my sandwich board into the river before coming home to concentrate on getting on with what was still in actual fact (who knew?) my life …

          • overburdenddonkey

            ah, such a pleasant dream, only to wake up with a jolt and find one’s self in a barrel, just about to plunge over niagara falls…

          • something survived...

            Error Mistake
            Before jettisoning sandwich board in river, please first securely attach jobcentre plus advisor to sandwich board.

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  17. Of course interns should be paid, but so should everyone else in a job.

  18. i pay my interns with a good shafting over the desk..

  19. What an ugly looking cunt she is. Fucking horrible bitch. I hope her next jobby has sharp bits in it.

  20. I’m an ugly nazi fucking cunt.

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  22. Having worked from 1976 until losing my job owing to injury in June this year, they tried to set me up on world are. ‘What will that do for me?’ I asked, to be told by some twenty year old tart ‘It will help instill a work ethic.’ I’ve just worked for thirty seven years. ‘I only finished last Friday, I’m hardly likely to forget.’ She told me a local business had signed up and had a couple of workfare spaces. ‘No it’s OK I will do some sports coaching at the junior school, I know the Head, and he said it would be great. I’m police checked and qualified so I may as well make the most of it.’ But I couldn’t do that because they hadn’t signed up. I began a discussion on the immorality of working for nothing for a private business, and said it was tantamount to slavery. I then got a lecture from this upstart telling me I wasn’t working for free, I was eating my benefits, which tax payers were paying. I began to see red, I explained that I had been a tax payer for much longer than she’d been alive, that those taxes were to provide a safety net for the situation I was now in. I explained, ‘When I deposit money in the bank, they don’t then say, when I come to make a withdrawal, “You’ll have to sweep the floor and vacuum the manager’s office before you can have it.”, do they? What would you say if they said that to you?’ I was then told I was becoming aggressive and asked to leave. She was right I was getting aggressive.

    • something survived...

      That was being polite. Assertive would have been inserting a pickaxe in her face. Aggressive: blowing up the jobcentre.

  23. For ‘world ad’s please read ‘workfare’ f«*°ing auto correct.

  24. Earning my benefits not eating, f!@<ing ¢¥^t of auto correct.

    • Sounds all-too familiar. There’s almost a set pattern of events (only it’s not really). It’s at the stage when some reference is made to something we might suggest/something they have come up with that they have ‘no option’ but to insist on or rule out, that they themselves become frustrated (their role doesn’t & usually can’t/won’t ‘work’).

      That then results in them trying to assert/stamp their ‘authority’ on the situation (follow what’s in their (c)rule book that week) & in them beginning to overtly or otherwise question the integrity/validity their ‘client’s’ experience/knowlege of their own situation.

      They’re ‘trained’ to recognise signs of ‘aggression’ & to act on them – but not to deviate from their own ‘script’ & this then leads to a conflict-type situation. Also not taught to be able to discriminate between ‘someone seeming to have become agressive’ as they are rightly confused/frustrated and someone who they may (on rare occasions) encounter throughout their working life) who just ‘is’ aggressive. Most ‘claimants’ have turned up in good faith, believing they will be talked to and treated ‘reasonably’ but DWP have now taken control of this word and re-defined it.

      Nothing in many people’s work/life experience before then will have prepared them for this type of situation – in a government office talking to an ‘official’. The ‘official’ on the other hand, thinks s/he is doing their job o the best of their ability & has been taught to expect ‘customer/clients’ to be ‘difficult & to often refuse help …

    • Paul Sanders

      In total solidarity with you and your unequivocal, no nonsense argument with the ignorant, illiterate jsa advisers.

      • something survived...

        What the fuck is a work ethic anyway? Loving your job? And if your job is shit, that would make you irrational and delusional.
        ‘we want to instil a mental illness’ would be a better description.

        Most jobseekers especially the longterm ones, have at least one disability or health condition. So it’s often not just a case of the shit job being shit, but also that we can’t actually do it.

        I was called ‘aggressive’ for quietly saying I could not work in a slaughterhouse with dead pigs. I can’t work in low temperatures, lift heavy weights, stand all day, use power tools – and I’m VEGETARIAN! and into animal rights!!!! They are absolute lunatics, or else sadists. They said vegetarians can’t object, only Jews or Muslims. Who would be sent to do dead cows and sheep instead, and Hindus would be sent to carry/butcher the pigs and sheep. They accepted I ‘probably couldn’t’ be a slaughterperson or use a chainsaw because of my epilepsy, but didn’t see I can’t lift a dead pig, frozen or otherwise, (like I’d even touch the thing)… as I’m tiny. I’m 40kg. They didn’t like it when I said I couldn’t recruit children to the military as I’m a pacifist; they forced me to apply anyway and then sanctioned me though I’d applied, for ‘refusing to apply’. They’ve since said that my not eating meat and my respect for animal life and my opposition to war, are 3 totally separate things, not related in the slightest. Duhhhhhhh!!!!!!

        Some days I feel they could have Gandhi there as the jobseeker and wind him up enough until he headbutted them!

  25. I got this from the Independent…………….
    Employers break the law if they fill full-time positions, that would be subject to national minimum wage rules, with unpaid interns.
    A spokesman for the Department of Business said: “The law on the National Minimum Wage is clear. If somebody on a work experience placement or internship is a worker under NMW legislation, then they are entitled to the minimum wage.
    “Internships can be a valuable way of helping young people get into work and realise their ambitions. Anyone who feels they are being exploited should contact the Pay and Work Rights Helpline. Their call will be fast-tracked to HMRC who actively investigate any claims of NMW abuse.”

    Last year HMRC figured 736 employers paid staff less than they were entitled or nothing at all.

    Quotes from Jo Swinson… “Not paying the minimum wage is illegal and if an employer breaks the law, Government will take tough action…… Anyone considered a worker under the law should be paid at least the minimum wage, whether they are an intern, or someone on work experience”

    It has been pointed out that “Government mandated labor” is exempt.
    I s’pose that’s why, a fair number of workfare things tend not to be 40 hours……
    So guess that gets them off on that rule. And for the ones that are…well, if it’s a REGIME mandate, it doesn’t matter at all.

    The evil double standards of these NEW NAZIS know no bounds.

    So while Poundlands et all are filling full-time posts with free labour…forced free labour in most cases, which most reasonable ppl call “slavery”, most of those “full time” posts would be done by ppl on part time hours.
    In fact few of the jobs anywhere now seem to be over 30 hours. But at least ‘till recently they were paid positions. Now they are unpaid.
    It still leaves a big problem for Marks &Spencer who have been boasting of using such schemes, and Denehams who had free labor at last Christmas time. HMRC and Jo Swinson would have been made well aware of this as Johnny Void told us…not forgetting those very companies themselves gleefully telling us.
    What then has HMRC done about any of it to date?
    They rally think we don’t care But we do and the time will come when these evil MPs are forced to care.

  26. Colonel Flanders

    Jo Swinson is a fucking little cunt!

  27. Colonel Flanders

    * Jo Swinson is a really nice person 🙂 fucking auto-correct 🙂

  28. Another vitriolic attack on an innocent MP who is only doing her best. You know what, I used to fight for people like you lot… but now I couldn’t give a shit what the government does to you… they can ship you all off to an extermination camp in Eastern Europe for all I care!

  29. I am not a homosexual .

  30. http://www.opendemocracy.net/ourkingdom/mel-kelly/well-trousered-philanthropists-tory-party-chums-and-food-parcels-for-poor

    Tories seem to control the food banks as part of welfare reform agenda.
    Cameron said last night he now wants to continue cuts not just for deficit reasons but for ideology. He always denied cuts were for ideology before.

    ATOS Serco Capita and one other took 4BN last year from government funding.

  31. “I have built my organization upon fear.”

    “My rackets are run on strictly American lines and they’re going to stay that way.”

    “Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.”

    “When I sell liquor, its called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, its called hospitality”

    Al Capone (1899-1947).

  32. Thanks for that Paul very enlightening although I think we knew the cuts were always for ideological reasons, as most jobs are part time hours who is in a position to pay NI contributions anymore, and this is how they are trying to eradicate the welfare state and privatize the NHS.

    • What is the point if IDS attends the debate, he’s not bothered, the bedroom tax is here to stay and its all going to be hot air from Labour to try and gain votes while really given their support to keeping the bedroom tax, the truth is…NONE of them care about the people, they just want to line their own pockets as fast as they can, that’s why they became MP’s!!!.

      They are ALL in the same party, and its a very far right party.

  33. More attacks on the middle and upper money grabbers jv your doing a grand job, attack is the best form of defence.

  34. Yesterday i watched Labours attempt to get a repeal of the much hated BEDROOM TAX.

    It was a long debate that led to a vote in the early evening.
    Labour gave all they could in a well put together, much concerted effort, to rid this country of the most heinous law ever introduced…

    Some members were close to tears as they gave impassioned speeches to the government benches.
    It made me aware of the hatred that now exists between the haves and have nots.

    Such hatred is beyond belief, reaching some kind of fever pitch last seen when Nazis were encouraging German citizens to smash the windows of the jewish shopkeepers and ridicule and beat them in the streets while trashing and stealing their hard earned property.
    History has a way of repeating itself and the actions of the government, by ridiculing the pleas of the poor, left me with a sour taste in my mouth………….

    The suffering of those worse off, the disabled and poor, has become a national sport, a sport driven by one thing only, wealth.
    Kicking a person when they are down is the easiest thing to do. They are vulnerable and are lacking, not only money, food and shelter, but a means to overcome their problems and rise above what they are lacking.
    Civil society has gone out of the window as the trendset of “FUCK YOU JACK, I’M ALRIGHT”, is the new norm………

    Yesterdays vote was not indicative of the voice of the people in our country, it was a political strategy to try to cling onto power at all costs, despite the suffering of the many.

    Our government do not reflect the voice of the people. They never have for a long, long time. They are merely pawns used by the multinationals and Monetary sectors to control the interests of greed. Joe Public does not even get a look in as the corporate giants bribe and lobby to reach their hidden agendas……

    Our ministers, mostly within the DWP, are following an agenda that was made possible by the groundwork of the “Faculty of Occupational Medicine”, an organisation that has links to Private Health Insurance and the disgraced UNUM insurance giant of the USA.

    The tentacles of the aforesaid faculty run deep and wide and control all aspects of welfare reform including the desecration of the NHS and the introduction of the private health insurance onto our shores.

    BILL GUNNYEON, the CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICER of the DWP is at the helm, enabling a swift transition of power to those pulling his strings whilst other strategically placed faculty members clear the roads ahead……….

    Changes to sick notes, ESA examinations, PIP and and a whole raft of changes to disability rights have been engineered on the behest of the UNUM giant.

    You, my friends, are the waste product that this elaborate network saw as a price worth paying……………..

    ” you have been sold down the river by a conspiracy so deep, and yet, the truth is slowly emerging every day”…………

  35. I can’t help it if I am an easy slag. I have up to 10 black men stay with me every night.

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