Grant Shapps Hides The Evidence – See For Yourself Whether Fraud Allegations Are ‘Political Smears’

Grant ShappsInternet con-man and Tory Party Chairman Grant Shapps has closed down his spam website company following a police investigation which acknowledged that he ‘may’ have committed an act of fraud.

All mention of the Trafficpaymaster software which led to the investigation has been removed from the internet, whilst Shapps’ two alter-egos, Michael Green and Sebastian Fox, have deleted all posts advertising the product on the Warrior Internet Forums.

According to The Guardian any allegation of criminal behaviour has been strongly denied with a spokesperson for Shapps saying: “Any suggestion of illegality would be completely improper and malicious and would be treated as such.”

Shapps’ company sold software with the express intention of it being used to breach google’s terms and conditions to generate income from google ads.  The software did this by ‘scraping’ (stealing) content from other people’s websites, spinning it – which means changing a few words round so it looks original  – and then using that content to auto-generate websites. Google’s Adsense package could then be added to the websites to make money from advertising.

This would mean that small businesses buying advertising through the Google Adsense network – who believed those ads would appear on genuine websites – would be fleeced of their cash.  This could be what the police were referring to when they said an act of fraud may have been committed. The screenshot below shows that the company explicitly advertised their software as a way to ‘build an Adsense empire’.

shapps-adsenseQuestions have also been raised about Shapps’ use of pseudonyms and the accuracy of testimonials on his website.  After all, if people were recommending this product, and those people didn’t actually exist, then that would be false advertising.  Shapps has said his use of the name Michael Green was ‘a joke’.  He has not commented on his other alter ego Sebastian Fox.  Yet here they both are, plugging his dodgy product, in what seems to be a deliberate attempt to mislead potential customers by having them appear as two different people.

shapps-foxIn what could be seen as a further attempt to deceive potential buyers, Shapps’ company strongly denied that using this software would lead to websites being blacklisted from the google network – a devastating and quite often fatal consequence for a small online business.

shapps-googleGoogle confirmed in Autumn last year that websites using Shapps’ software would be blocked.

Shapps claimed in the Sunday Times that he created Michael Green as a ‘brand name, a bit like Colonel Sanders with his chicken.’  It is unlikely however that KFC’s website is registered under the name Colonel Sanders, unlike Shapps’ company who used the name Michael Green to register, in direct contravention of US internet rules.

shapps-regWhilst this in itself is not a crime, it can be an aggravating factor if a website registered under a false name is used for criminal activity, such as copyright violation.  Whether spinning content in the UK would be classed as copyright violation is so far untested by the courts.  In the US, where Shapps’ website was registered, this would be considered a violation of copyright which could lead to serious criminal charges.  And were Shapps ever found guilty of this then he could have seven years added to his sentence for registering the site under a false name.

Shapps has done everything he can to hide all traces of his former online activities which also included flogging get rich quick schemes of dubious legality.  Unfortunately for him a number of posts made by Sebastian Fox are still available on the Internet Archive and provide more details of exactly what Shapps’ company was up to and how they set out to breach copyright and scam the Google Adsense network.  Read though them and see for yourself whether allegations of fraud are ‘political smears’ as Shapps recently claimed to Channel 4.

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60 responses to “Grant Shapps Hides The Evidence – See For Yourself Whether Fraud Allegations Are ‘Political Smears’

  1. Once a scammer…

  2. Apart from all this its schaaps far too cosy relationship with Hammersmith and Fulham council leaders which is another concern.
    And their plan to alter the rules on housing homeless by scrapping the duty to rehouse homeless in favour of encouraging home owners only.
    Some of the letters between the parties suggest some sort of collusion

  3. something survived...

    And nobody noticed he was a pervy, homophobic (um lesbians aren’t interested in your dick mate!) sexist misogynist bastard, before letting him anywhere near government?

    How to pick up Grant Shapps (aka Michael Green, aka Sebastian Fox, aka Chuck Champion, aka Walter Mitty, aka Billy Liar)
    1 large dose of Rohypnol
    1 strong rope
    1 large dustbin (same type as employed during amorous encounters with sheep)
    1 vehicle
    1 mate, if you can’t lift him into the vehicle yourself
    1 packet of condoms (enough for you and all of any mates you invite along)
    1 Oscar (awarded to Mr Shapps for his prodigious acting talents)
    [I’ll leave it up to you to work out what goes where]

    PS how to stop some poor woman sleeping with grant shapps by accident:
    Tell her about the crabs. This works even better if you are male….

    PPS An automatic exclusion zone of 50 miles has been placed around every woman, to stop Grant Shapps going near them. If violations of this are made, all women have the right to: Cut his hands off; Cut something else off; Blast him into outer space

    PPPS Are you woried about Grant Shapps going near your children? Call our helpline for suspected sightings of Shapps, and this is one occasion where it is permitted to ARM your children.

    Addendum: Grant Shapps is also: A type of coffin
    A particularly unappealing shade of the colour beige
    A major allergy suffered by a growing percentage of the British population
    A mental health secure unit escapee with delusions of grandeur and dissociative identity (multiple personality) disorder. Do not approach.
    A thief of taxpayers’ money
    A thief of a taxpayer’s monkey
    A git
    A prize git
    A sleaze, perv, lech, dirty old man
    A waste of atoms

    • “1 large dustbin (same type as employed during amorous encounters with sheep)”

      Your knowledge of sheep sh*gging is rather worrying, Something 8)

    • The 8) was supposed to be a shock smiley, by the way.

    • @something I noticed in your recent posts you have been a lot more aggressive in your attacks on Tories… Well done keep it up….

      • something survived...

        Oh hi, I’m in rent arrears because although not sanctioned, my benefits got delayed and are not enough for even basic outgoings. Most of the time I go hungry then at the last moment I’ve bought a bit of food, then starve again. Each time I’ve bought weekly essentials, cuts into the money for rent, so even this week when I hopefully pay it (rent arrears) off, I’ll soon owe another month’s rent. I’m also sick, plus injured badly the other week, I’ve been sick for over a month and have a chest infection (don’t worry I can always unleash my inner plague demon and could just about stretch to snogging IDS if it would get him sick for a month too). Our bathroom is about to be removed by our landlord I think he’s being out of order. I can’t have a bath or shower, and now can’t wash any clothes ever either! Brilliant!!!! (!) This is after the rent went UP and the cooker from hell electrocuted me again, shorted out the house, then the ladder and my door fell on me and smashed my feet. I signed on and the twats want me to become a BUILDER!
        Duh, WALKING is bloody difficult! I still have to do housework, college and jobseeking activity. Landlord doesn’t like me washing clothes in the bath: once every few months, in one go, for a couple of hours – AND because of epilepsy etc I can’t use the shower or bath to wash myself and must use cold water in a sink every day. I don’t have the ability to carry the clothes to the launderette and they need handwashing anyway, a sink or bucket is too small for most items, launderettes are too expensive and take hours and aren’t open when I’m nearby. I can’t afford the machine in the washroom or reach the meter or controls, and it’s too small for large things like a jumper or blanket. My housemates can spend half a day in the bathroom and they don’t get told off. And I’m doing all the housework by force and unpaid. Even at minimum wage I’d have earnt enough now to buy the house twice over. I worked that out.

    • “And nobody noticed he was a pervy, homophobic (um lesbians aren’t interested in your dick mate!) sexist misogynist bastard, before letting him anywhere near government?”

      This is the minimum requirement!

  4. Shapps is a no one. There are bigger fish to fry today.

    • Thing is, the best way to fry those fish is quite often to find one of the little fish and hold him over the fryer and tell him that, if he’d like to testify as to the conduct of those bigger fish, his time in the fryer might just go a little easier.

      I… I don’t actually know that much about frying fish, but you see my point. At best, it would be immoral to let trash like Shapps get away with breaking the law; at worst, you might waste an opportunity to nail the bastards further up. Because really, that’s probably the only way you WILL nail those bastards.

  5. Shapps is the original condem Puppet that will lie & lie again until he is convicted of his fraudulent crimes

  6. Ah well, all the money in the world and he’ll still be a nobody. Money can’t buy class.

    • What strikes me is the two contradictory policies they have

      1 bedroom tax forcing you to move
      2 localism act preventing you from moving

      I noted how schaaps dept claimed they didn’t want ppl to be forced to move house when its obvious they did..
      But that suggests to me what a bunch of crooks they are and mixing with crooks A4e….so remind me now why ppl voted for these vermin I seemed to have forgotten

      • overburdenddonkey

        what spinning and binding laws they make, what a web of deceit they weave..
        perhaps there was a typo, instead of “making work pay” it should have read “making crime pay”..

  7. 🙂

  8. the evedence says hes guilty as hell anyone else would be in prison.

  9. I see the shit hides behind implied legal threats
    Like they all do…

  10. Johnny…well done for keeping this unpolished turd in the limelight. What a deviant, treacherous, scheming little shit he and his cohorts are!

  11. I’ve just read that Schapps recovered from cancer in 2000. There really is no justice!

  12. Shapps and co. are about as much use in business as they are in politics.
    Well done JV for exposing and dishing the dirt on these Tory tyrants.

  13. Reblogged this on Vox Political and commented:
    In fairness, it seems unlikely that Chuck Champion, of ‘How To Pick Up Women Now’, has anything to do with Grant Shapps (from what I’ve seen, at least) – but the material about TrafficPaymaster seems damning enough.
    Why did the police say they weren’t investigating, again?

    • Giacomo Casanova

      In all fairness, ‘How To Pick Up Women Now’ isn’t too bad a site even though it is a ‘Chuck Champion’ production. There is a lot of good advice on there, probably ‘cut-n-pasted’ though… on how to pick up women. lol 🙂

  14. Reblogged this on TheCritique Archives and commented:
    Covering up inconvenient information seems to be Shapps’ hobby. This is just the latest chapter in a lengthening story.

  15. GILB PERSON. Just look into his eyes. This HUCKSTER is just a TOOL of the Tory party.

  16. Shapps/Green/Fox (pick whichever) probably has sweaty hands & B.O as well as a congenital inability to tell the truth so it’s anyone’s guess why this lech think’s he’s god’s gift

  17. What a truly hypocritical country we live……………

    “Jolly good show, old chap”, and all the bollocks that go with it!

    At the moment, Royal Wooton Bassett, the place which was given an honoury title of “Royal” because it was the place where our fallen heroes were flown back to, is preparing a commemoration.

    Yes our fallen comrades should be remembered, but it should never be forgotten that Blair, the Americans lapdog poodle, put us into a position of war, in the first place, based on fictional evidence that is still being investigated today……..

    Over four hundred of our finest personnel gave their lives to a cause that should have been overlooked if the parliamentarians had listened to the electorate, instead of following the “gung ho” British Bulldog sentiments……….

    …….Nevertheless, the fodder of what we are being fed, is a mask to cover what is going on behind the scenes……..

    The “New Eugenics and Murdering Arm”, of our government, the inglorious, DWP, is closing ranks swiftly to try to cover up the amount of victims it has stockpiled in its bulging cemetery of shame that has resulted from its sanctions against the most weakest and underprivileged in our society……..

    Call it what you will, i recognise it as murder on an epic scale, unrecorded and hidden from not only the rest of the world, but Britons alike.

    Over ten thousand six hundred and counting, have fallen to this bitter, twisted regime manufactured by a few elite officials commanding central posts in our crumbling coalition government.

    They bear no thoughts of shame or remorse, their wallets telling the true tales of involvement in the greatest mass murder since the last war……….

    Our memorials to the fallen, always say, lest we forget…

    What these arseholes in power are doing, is just the opposite, they are instrumental in a mission used by the Nazis in our darkest past.

    You are being driven into a situation where the NHS is being hived off in huge chunks to satisfy the greedy, grabbing private health insurance industry. Your welfare means nothing to these giants who are pulling the strings via our corrupted politicians. You are just another stepping stone that lays in the path of total dominance to greed…………….

    Deaths are of no significance to these butchers. All our present legislation has been significantly altered to welcome the changes they are trying to fulfill………..

    Please check how many people have used the freedom of information channels to ask how many have succumbed to death since the introduction of the welfare acts………

    The answer from the DWP is always the same, they are unaware of the spiraling death count and it would cost more than £600 to archive the information, therefore it cannot be collated……….

    Meanwhile the murders are increasing whilst the biased media run hand in hand with our corrupt government to hide the truth of the real carnage.

    The reason that the other political parties stand by and do nothing is obvious…….
    They are quite content with what is happening because deep down it is doing them a favour in the long run. Lowering debt is beneficial. They may moan during prime ministers question time to give the impression that they object, but deep down they welcome it as it makes their ascendency a little easier and leaves scope to blame the party who was last in power.


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  19. You got it exactly there, Geoff.
    It is all as you say. I condemn these ppl as evil Satan worshipping Nazis!

    All the while poor ppl are having there benefits taken away from them, their houses taken away from them, being hounded for Working Tax credits “overpayed” merely because some form never got returned 10 years ago, etc, (and the Vodafones & pals get away with it), and ppl are driven to suicide, here we have a guy who is breaking laws…and international laws at that, to make as much money he can get away with, and quite pleased to let other ppl carry the consequences and loose their money as noted by Johnny Void above.
    These are the kinds of “people” destroying our society.

    And what has Labour….oops I forgot, it doesn’t exist anymore!
    The party that used to be “labour” doing about it? Supporting it all the way.
    And what of the “LiberalDemocrats” ?… colluding totally with it. Nay…they are defending it which is just as bad. Well. I do know the libdems are going to be wiped out at election time.
    The trouble with all of that is ppl are dying here and now.
    Even if one person kills themselves over the “Bedroom Tax, that is one person too many.
    But we have had many as it is.
    As for G. Shapps…now this has been well exposed, can we look forward at least to the U.S. law officers going after him? I sure hope so. Not that I expect much to happen to him, but it would at least be further public proof as if we need any, what these “people” truly are like.

  20. It now seems as thuogh the odious little ‘unt will get a 17 million payout for one of his dodgy companies.. what a complete and total cunt.

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  22. overburdenddonkey

    off topic
    on ILF…
    plus this, on a landlords fears of the impact of UC, on rent arrears..

  23. Many reports have come forward quite recently regarding the apprehension of a leading Nazi by the world renowned Simon Weisenthal Centre……………..

    Despite these reports being totally untrue, it must be recognised that more than 10,600 persons have died following attacks against the disabled and most vulnerable, by virtue of drastic benefit changes laid down by the DWP , following denial that disability exists…………..

    BILL GUNNYEON had nothing to do with any of the deaths directly, but is the Chief Medical Advisor to the aforementioned government department that administers the cuts that have seen so many lives ended.


    ……….time will tell, and he was only following orders!

    Seems i have heard this statement before. Nuremberg if my memory serves me right…………..


  25. Cyrus R. Vance (District Attorney of New York County)

    Thank you for your information, Mr Void.

    I am personally gonna see to it that Mr Grant Shapps aka ‘Chuck Champion’, aka Sebastian Fox, aka Michael Green is extradited to the USA to stand trial on felony charges. And I am also personally gonna make doubly-sure that that this Godamned, no-good critter is convicted and sentenced to a MINIMUM 200 years of incarceration in a Federal Supermax facility.

    Rest assured justice WILL be done!

    Kind regards

    Cyrus R. Vance (District Attorney of New York County)

    The New York County District Attorney’s Office
    One Hogan Place
    New York, NY 10013

    (212) 335-9000

    • Dennis Stockhall

      Mr Vance hope you do as you say ,least your country believes in standard,this country seems to cover up wrong doing by the ruling class ,,power to you sir ,

  26. So the wrinkly old bird who lives in the big house on the corner, which incidentally has 240 bedrooms, is going down to do her bit of remembrance soon……….

    “Good on her”, you may think, but never forget, she and her ilk are the biggest welfare scroungers this country has ever had.
    The hardest thing she has ever done is shake hands, eat exotic foods and unveil pictures of herself. She has no idea what end of a corgi, the shit comes out and no doubt one of her loyal subjects, a serf, will have to clean it up…………..

    No bedroom tax for this house, despite the starving huddling up in cardboard under bridges and in park shelters or near warm air ventilation shafts.

    Double standards is not the issue, its whats reasonably fair to expect in this century, what is at stake.

    We are all supposed to be born as equals, where does this argument lie when privilege throws the ball out of the window completely………….

    When old wrinkly decided to put her monicker on the governments welfare reform acts, she gave it royal assent.

    This means that she was happy with the powers that be, to screw you all into the ground, take away your lives, your dignity, your homes and your food.

    “You are just plebs”, never forget this!

    All the bollocks of, we are all in this together, was just a smokescreen for the ones stupid enough to accept it……….

    Buckingham Palace has palatial dining rooms that can accommodate six hundred guests at one sitting, yet further down the road is a food bank where the likes of you and me have to humbly request the crumbs from the table.

    As for remembering the the fallen from the war, she wants to remember the dead that are mounting up from the fallout she caused since giving the DWP HIT SQUADS the ok to blitz the disabled and most in need………….

    Whilst she trundles down to the cenotaph in one of her limo’s or a stage carriage, you are having your independence stolen from right under your noses. Your mobility is a thing of the past.

    Legislation bearing fancy titles like, Personal Independence Payments, are just the opposite of what they appear to say.
    You are being shafted, big style, to pay for the huge hole in the economy that the City of London created.

    Don’t worry, if this government and it’s extermination arm, the DWP could get away with it, they would kill you outright. The method they decided upon was more cruel, inflicts more stress, pain and agony, demeans your soul and takes away your very reason for living.

    The government call it an austerity measure yet it only affects the poorest and weakest and has no effect whatsoever on the wealthy.

    High speed rail, 20 minutes off a rail journey to Birmingham, “what an utter pile of crap”………………..


    • overburdenddonkey

      to all billy no mates, and their imaginary friends, who worship the false idols of money and power.. to be joyful in life one needs the vitals of life and not a penny less or a penny more, deprived or the threat of deprivation of the vitals of life human beings become miserable, and robotic…
      i cry every year in memory of the senseless slaughter of beautiful human beings, who died to protect the vast ego’s of others, there is no glory in war and i agree with harry patch…
      i have known and spoken to many combat veterans and sufferers of war, they all say the same thing, and cry at the thought of the loss of friends and comrades…war is organised mass slaughter…no war ever caused peace to be won…only humanity cures war…i have a passion for cultures that place the participatory sharing community spaces, of food, chatter, music, and therefore, spiritual wellbeing at the centre of their cultures…
      ceilidh’s, cajun gatherings, that sort of thing…run by the people for the people, grassroot groups..with no state interventions at all…i resent that the state want a cut of anything above the taxes we all pay for the purposes of community wellbeing, i certainly strongly object to any money spent on warmongering, and the use any of the money we pay in taxes for the purposes of oppression…

  27. Brenda Barnstubble

    “Grant Shapps has denied that he is Chuck Champion of,”… well, we blooming well would deny it, wouldn’t he. luv…

  28. Landless Peasant

    Get this crook behind bars where he belongs.

  29. I am not a homosexual.

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