Week of Action to Stop Workfare and Sanctions: 2nd – 8th December

sanction-sabsFrom Boycott Workfare

In January this year, 110,000 people had their benefits stopped – ‘sanctioned’ – in a social security system that now leaves people with nothing for up to three years.

The government has not revealed how many thousands of people have been sanctioned since then, but it looks clear that more than a million people will have faced sanctions – and the hunger, pressure on families and stress they cause – by the end of the year.

Workfare, which forces people to work without pay and pushes those in work out of their jobs, is still the government’s ‘flagship’ solution for the unemployed. Osborne’s latest workfare proposal is more than twice the length of a maximum community service sentence.

But people’s action is pushing back their plans:

  • Wetherspoons, Argos, Shoezone, The Red Cross, and Superdrug have all dropped out since the start of the year. Homebase has scaled back significantly and Homes for Haringey has started paying people.
  • Despite a court ruling, the government is still refusing to publish the list of organisations exploiting people on workfare. It argued “disclosure [of names] would have been likely to have led to the collapse of the MWA [Mandatory Work Activity] scheme”!
  • The government’s plan to send people leaving the Work Programme from June this year on an automatic six month workfare placement could not be rolled out.
  • The government has had to double the amount of money it pays to workfare contractors like Seetec to find Mandatory Work Activity placements because they say it’s got so difficult since organisations started pulling out.

 This is your actions making a real difference.

The chances are you probably know someone who has faced the hardship and stress of sanctions – which means you’ll know that these devastating decisions are handed out for the pettiest of reasons.

It’s time to take action, and to push back against sanctions as we have against workfare. Whether you’re on your own or in a group, take part in the week of action

And let us know what you plan so we can help spread the word!

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25 responses to “Week of Action to Stop Workfare and Sanctions: 2nd – 8th December

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  4. Sanctions Must DIE!!


  5. Iain Duncan Smith

    “Despite a court ruling” – lol, Mr Void! I couldn’t give a flying fuck about court rulings. I will continue to re-write the law of the land as and when I see fit. Good day to you!

    We are working for you

    Iain Duncan Smith MP

  6. At last . Some action against these robbing tory scoundrels. Since when was it a crime to be poor/unemployed/disabled or sick.??? The only way now to bring about change is to stand together.Sanctions should be outlawed as cruel and inhumane

  7. Hi Mr void n friends, ure site is amazing.Not sure wat if any thing I can do to help, I’m working, but I’ve signed petition n got my friends to as well. Solidarity n respect to all of u!! U r all worth sooo much more than cleggeron n the con dems. We will triumph!! Luv kat

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  9. Maybe name the companies who endorse the governments scheme and partake in it so we can boycott them….hit them in the pocket its the only thing they understand…

  10. What’s so ridiculous is how much they pay companies to find people a workfare placement, why not just pay the actual person to do a damn job? Or if it’s cheaper, just leave them on JSA to find a job?

    This offends me, that we’re handing more and more money to scummy companies to ensure that the poorest don’t get a penny more than they can get away with, when in fact, that money spent on helping people start real jobs would actually be effective.

    • workfare is providing work for all of their voters with mortgages so they do not default on payments and then vote for someone else.

  11. this is the green party’s policy on workfare, I suggest we vote for them!!

    ‘Writing Off Workfare: For a Green New Deal, not the Flexible New Deal’ is the Green Party’s response to the government’s ‘public consultation’ on welfare reform (which ends October 22). The Green Party proposes a non-means-tested Citizen’s Income that would free people to help disabled and elderly relatives, and to take odd jobs or voluntary work, which many unemployed people need to do without being punished for breaking JSA rules.

    It also makes a detailed critique of the government’s proposals based on recent academic research – much of which the government has ignored – and the actual experiences of people on benefits.

    The Welfare Reform Green Paper, ‘No One Written Off: Reforming Welfare to Reward Responsibility’ seems unduly influenced by large companies that see the privatisation of job centre services as big business. The consultation asks 29 questions, none of which are addressed to the impact of growing global recession and diminishing global resources upon employment.

    The Green Paper puts forward many new obligations for claimants – including working for nothing more than benefits – but hardly any incentives or new money for the unemployed. Instead it offers new business opportunities for private ‘providers’ of back-to-work services, some of whom will be big multinationals. It strips benefit claimants of what little bargaining power they have, both against these ‘providers’ and against employers offering unreasonable conditions.

    The ‘Green New Deal’ adopted by the Green Party at its Autumn Conference advocates a ‘green jobs’ programme. These would be real jobs at real wages, many created by local authorities, highlighting work which will help to avert climate change and extensive training in construction and engineering skills. The government has since seized upon the energy saving ideas of the Green New Deal but not its redistributive aspects – a windfall tax on oil and gas companies, and a rise in benefits for the poor.

    The Green Party opposes work-for-benefit schemes and the privatisation of back-to-work services, which would hand money to shareholders rather than help the unemployed. The government’s proposals would impose workfare with payment of £1.70 per hour on anyone who couldn’t find a job within two years. Many lone parents and people with health problems are in this position through no fault of theirs. The Green Party shows how they – and other future victims of the recession – would suffer under the government’s proposals for workfare and for tougher benefit rules.

    Anne Gray, co-author of the consultation response, said: “Workfare is collective punishment of the unemployed. What they need is real jobs and real training. Our plans would focus on giving unwaged people the money and the jobs they need, not on spending a fortune to enable big companies to make money out of policing the unemployed.”

    • More propaganda from the greens. A rise in benefits? you mean back to the level that was before it was stolen from them? Why should the rich benefit from a Universal basic income? Where are the jobs after you have provided REAL training?

      • It’s a fairly simple idea, the Citizen’s Income, we allow everyone to receive it, because then there’s no whining about those who are on welfare, and how unfair it is. The rich do get it, but they’ll be paying so much more than that in tax that it’s irrelevant.

        Do look into the Citizens/Basic income, it’s not perfect, and it’ll be hard to convince a nation of Sun and Mail readers, but it’s got a lot going for it.

        If not the Greens who to vote for? Libs can’t be trusted, Labour seem to think IDS has the right idea, and if the Tories get another go, we’re all fucked.

  12. May i also point out if the goverment re wrote contracts of employment and stopped 0hr contracts which mean sweet fa!!! And also the 13week trial probationary period which if your face dnt fit they can get rid of you in five minutes lol!!!!!.the 13 week trial period should mean 13 weeks to see if you like the job!! Then there would be more secure jobs.has this thick goverment ever read job contracts this is how employers can hire and fire when they want.then wer back to the jobcenter lol.

  13. something survived...

    If the job is shit you should be free to leave, at any time, and not be penalised for ‘voluntarily leaving a job’.

    When they talk about creating jobs, out of thin air, they have never admitted that most of these jobs are, well, shit.

    And they are sometimes not for full hours or high pay. So if you even get the ShittyMcJob (of the Cameron clan), Universal Credit will mean you will be bullied to get more hours/pay (asking for this is a surefire way to get yourself sacked or at least demoted), ordered to take a second/third job (which can get you sacked from your existing job; as you can’t do overtime, and are perceived as disloyal, uncommitted, constantly exhausted), and ordered to put your kids/parents etc in care you can’t afford. Don’t even THINK of joining any kind of group, reading a book, walking in the park, eating an icecream, playing a sport, going to a talk/meeting/theatre, doing a study course…. Never, ever be sick or disabled. Never need the doctor, toilet, fresh air. Preferably don’t eat or sleep. You need to work 24 hours a second (!) for a thousand years nonstop to get this country out of the economic shit…

    IDShit: Walk on a treadmill or pedal an exercise bike till you die. Worthless scum. Where’s my virgin for tonight, my fangs are itching again!
    David Cameron: Poor people are a sort of substrate we can tread on. God bless Saint Thatcher!
    Ken Clarke: Muslim women in veils are in a sort of bag. I prefer to perve over underage girls in G-strings.
    Esther McVey: Arbeit macht frei.
    Grant Shapps: Make the tea, love!
    Eric Pickles: Throw in 20 extra-large doughnuts, I’m feeling a bit peckish again. [pinches McVey’s bottom]
    Nick Griffin, handcuffed naked to Tommy Robinson, both drunk, [fall through door, singing] : It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to….
    David Cameron: Hello Nick, are you sure this is your party?
    Nick Griffin [slurring]: Yeah Dave, it’s everybody’s party, innit? Thanks for the policies, they were tasty. Gave you some of mine, an’all. I really love you Dave. I wanna sybil partnership [belches].
    Esther McVey: [points at Griffin’s crotch] I see the carrots are coming up early this year – BABY carrots.
    Tommy Robinson: Oh my god, it’s Eva Braun! Sieg Heil! Please have my babieshhh!
    Grant Shapps: Where’s our tea?
    Nick Griffin: What about it? We could make some babies, I’d love to hear the patter of tiny Griffins. That is, if I can’t persuade Racist Train Woman to shag me.
    [A photographer bursts in and clicks away]
    Photographer [cool young woman in burqa]: You know when you’ve been papped. Innit.
    They (government, papers, Jeremy Kyle, rightwingers) feel entitled to refer to us as Scroungers. Well, we should be entitled to refer to them as Donkeyfuckers.

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