Full Steam Ahead On The Welfare Reform Gravy Train – Here Comes Mass Workfare

workfare-gravy-train-largeWelfare-to-work companies will be salivating at the news that the DWP are set to shovel yet more cash into their greedy pockets.

As revealed by @refuted, a commercial competition has been launched for companies wishing to carry out George Osborne’s mass workfare scheme.  Companies from the fraud ridden welfare-to-work industry will be handed yet more tax payer’s money to arrange six month workfare placements in community organisations.  These will be inflicted on the hundreds of thousands of long term unemployed people leaving the Work Programme and start from April next year.

This new scheme represents 780 hours unpaid work, over two and a half times higher than the maximum community service penalty that can be handed out by the courts.  And this is just for the crime of being unable to find a job.

It is likely to be the most marginalised who will suffer as a result of this  regime.  The sad truth is that there are some long term claimants who just cannot compete in the modern capitalist economy due to chaotic lifestyles, homelessness, drink or drug problems, or long criminal pasts – even if they no longer offend.  Many others face significant disadvantages, not least because of employer prejudice towards disabled people or people with mental health conditions.

Even the official unemployment figures show that there are two and a half million unemployed people and just half a million vacancies.  Those vacancies are also being chased by people in work who are looking to change jobs.  In such a highly competitive market, there will be some people – and the number is very small, and tend to be older claimants – who simply have no realistic chance of working again.  For many more it may take years of steady support before people are stable enough to even consider a full time job.

Many of these people have lived horrific lives, often traumatised by childhood abuse,domestic violence, homelessness or even war.  They are the people the system has failed, and now they are to be punished for that failure.

Charities and welfare-to-work companies involved in the Work Programme know all of this all too well.  In the trial for the six month Community Action Programme, which Osborne’s scheme is based on, welfare-to-work companies couldn’t find many of the so-called hardest to help even an unpaid work placement.  The third of a billion pounds being spent on the latest scheme however will ensure that no-one attempts to talk any sense about the true nature of unemployment and the reality for marginalised people.

That cash will be spent on forcing people to work unpaid for the pittance of Jobseeker’s Allowance, which increasingly barely pays enough for people to eat and stay warm.  Those who refuse will have this benefit stopped, for up to three years in some cases.  For those living in hostels or supported housing this will mean they are unlikely to be able to pay service charges.  The end result will be eviction, and quite likely street homelessness.

Both this Government and the last have shared an out of touch belief that everyone could find a job if they just tried hard enough.  Government ministers cannot understand what it is like to be homeless, unemployed or destitute but still feel confident that if it happened to them they would handle it magnificently.  This leads to the belief that people can be fixed, with the most trivial of interventions by private sector companies like A4e or charities working on the cheap.  And then when they are fixed the job market will magically open up to them as kindly employers rush out to hire former street drinkers over, for example, people who aren’t former street drinkers.

Rejecting this fantasy doesn’t mean that some people should be abandoned to a weekly cash hand out and nothing else, although it must always be one option for those that need it in a civilised society.  The money being spent on workfare schemes could be spent on better social services providing genuine help, quality training for those that want it or user led community projects that people can become involved in at all levels – because they want to.

Imagine if the welfare-to-work companies and charities had to do what every other business does and satisfy their customers by providing services people choose to use.  Instead we have a punitive system, geared towards satisfying the whims of the DWP and whichever clown is in charge at the time.  It is capitalism at its very worst, a marketplace in cheap punishments for people who are falling behind in the rat race.  And as the Work Programme has shown, even when they fail miserably, ministers still pretend how wonderfully their latest crazy scheme is performing.

Because the alternative, to admit that unemployed people do not cause unemployment, and that capitalism will not provide jobs for many of the victims it creates, would blow the entire grubby welfare-to-work scam right out of the water.  And there’s good money to be made in making unemployed, sick and disabled people suffer.

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  2. Anyone like some ‘truth’ for a little light relief? => http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YR4CseY9pk

  3. You sIr are a diamond. Thank you for your work.

  4. something survived...

    There appears to be a slight error here (lol):

    “the pittance of Jobseeker’s Allowance, which increasingly barely pays enough for people to eat and stay warm.”
    = ‘Which in many cases pays nowhere near enough to eat OR stay warm.’

    My friend last night asked me to come to the gym. I said no. She said it is only £2. The £2 I don’t have, if I had it, could buy several days of starvation rations that I have to live on anyway. It would either buy a 3-day block of cheese, which Morrisons kept the price of while considerably reducing the size. Or it would buy 6 packets of 2-day economy pasta, lasting 12 days if I ate once a day (I eat once a couple of days or more infrequently). I don’t have the energy so used that as my excuse. Having to repeatedly run to and from the JCP the other day has wrecked my health, and 3 days on I am sick. I don’t even want to go to the gym. Nothing fits anyway and weights are too heavy. My hernia and back are playing up. JCP wants me, or at any rate UJM does, to be a porter of heavy goods in the Wirral. As in many, many miles away. The distance could be done if you were a CEO with a car that never broke down, and no health problems. In a sedentary office role. And the ability to afford the petrol, or stay in a 5 star hotel if too tired or drunk to drive home. Or possibly your own private helicopter or jet. Or a luxury extra home near your work. The McJob (porter) was zero hour/NMW and temporary. Hmm.

    That being said, you’ve really cheered me up. There is something called creative visualisation. I am currently visualising David Cameron in his underpants encrusted with dried pee, half-mad (so no change there then), living in a skip. Every night, local drunks both with and without jobs, display an admirable inter-class solidarity, when they congregate to vomit all over him.

    • Hello there something survived.

      I don’t know your personal circumstances, but your post describes just one instance of one week trying to ‘survive’ on benefits.
      It truly is madness. Not a penny for anything but the barest essentials, if you are lucky.
      Constantly wondering if the adviser is going to be in a bad mood, or see someone new and hope they’re not a psychopath. A dictatorial regime. Unemployed equal to criminal?

      People who I knew who already knew that being on benefits was no fun are completely shocked by how we are treated. The masses will never get to know how it really is, until they see it for themselves.
      Maybe at the moment you are not under a sanction and for now at least getting whatever benefit you claim. I really hope you are. Good luck.

      I am lucky to have minimal support from family and a couple of good friends I have left. Unemployment certainly lets you know who your friends are. I have a roof over my head and I eat. But nothing else. Get a job? I’m trying, but they don’t believe it. Probably because they know they cannot force me online. I have rebelled against that, but they don’t state that is the reason for my punishment. I am past caring now, somehow avoiding a nervous breakdown. I am beginning to think of myself as a burden to my family and friends. Even if it’s not true.
      But aside from that I have had no money due to sanctions for the past 17 weeks and now they have ‘suspended’ my JSA, not a sanction this time? But I still sign on? My declaration they do not believe? Lol.
      Confusing. I don’t expect to be gettinbg any JSA anytime soon. Appeal?
      Yeah, I will for all the good it will do. If it wasn’t so depressing it would be quite funny.

      I am looking for work, but because the dictatorship in the jobcentre doesn’t believe this I am guilty till proven innocent. It will be upheld by those decision makers who anonymously dispense the punishments without any trial. This is after the work programme provider got me sanctioned for 7 and a half months last year in to this year! I think I have a good chance of winning my tribunal thanks to some errors the provider made. Did i say good chance? I meant small chance, a fighting chance?

      My appeal tribunal was – in my opinion – incorrectly frozen due to the Reilly/Wilson case. The supreme court verdict on this is due next week which will have a great bearing on what happens to people like me who had been unfairly punished last year. At least my tribunal case can proceed finally.

      But too many people are genuine, too many being punished where no crime has taken place. Too many struggling to get by in all this madness.

      It’s almost hard to believe it is real.
      I just want to say thanks to all the people who make all the different blogs and put up good info and comment. It really does help.

      Stay strong people.

      • If all that inner anger and feeling of injustice which is all too understandable turns to hate and that hate should be turned upon the Tories and this coalition it would be excellent. The fact things are the way they are is because it was allowed to happen through a clever mix of rhetoric and on-going propaganda by the Tories and the coalition in general. Fact is it stinks to high heaven in a so-called democratic country where the upper classes created this scenario and they have turned it upon the lower classes and labour’s last term of office which is decidedly more than questionable. I would blame the Tories for decades of decay in this country destroying our manufacturing so what little we do produce is almost insignificant and we endure so much imported crap whilst so many billions of pounds leaves this country and what comes in is and another example like that pathetic boy George going cap in hand to China of all places to finance the building of a nuclear power station in the UK. When one says “Tory”.. we think.. three day week, we think strikes, we think loss of human rights, we think cut welfare and fascist badgering, destruction of our manufacturing, unemployment, mental/physical illness, power cuts, tax hikes for the working classes but not the rich, enforcements, concreting over our green and pleasant land, cut police, cut emergency services, cut defence. cut healthcare, Billions spent to private companies like breaking up parts of the NHS to such private companies piece by piece so before you know it the NHS is privatised in all but name.. done by stealth.. the list is endless and everyone here undoubtedly knows those above and the rest.

        I sense the angst in society and this coalition have been pitching curved balls all through their term… when you look through the smoke and mirrors it’s out of a comic book it’s almost insulting to a good majority of this countries intelligence, to not only accept these policies but also reflect time and time again why the Tories need to be eradicated as a worthy political party now and in the future. There is a popular belief that as a majority who suffer day and night as a result of this parties proven unjustified archaic attitudes and policies they are trying to break the will of the people who live in this country. During WW2 Hitler tried to break the morale of the country with countless bombings, doodlebugs, and false alarm siren warnings usually right at teatime or later at night… in those days the country was united for the common good of defending our shores from the Nazi fascist tyranny, today those men and women …very old and frail are being spat upon in this country by lowly educated people who accept tory propaganda or are merely self-serving because their bank balances afford them to be so, as not being a worthy member of society.. reality being they want them to go away and die quietly in some cold damp unheated pig in a poke slum and reduce the financial burden upon the population so they can comfortably balance the books and release a load of inaccurate figures to people who then think WOW! I might not like the Tories but they are keeping this country on the straight and narrow!… yes.. of course… the folly of it all.. to be led by the nose in that way is to be a complete and utter stooge… how many rights can you make out of WRONG, how much good can you make out of BAD.

        Let us not forget there was always the enemy within and just a brief look through our political history will provide examples such as Sir Oswald Mosley.. yes he was given a knighthood for gods sake and moved in high circles and was the founding member of the British union of fascists.. a politician.. and a shit stain on the fabric of this countries political history. Fascism is deep and inbred into the Tories even today and as we live and breath we see it now, what they say and what they do are completely different and what they think and feel we know all too well… same dog, different fleas. When morale is a rock-bottom and a rich country being run like this with a form of quasi class genocide the underlying factor one thinks about the men and women in the middle east willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for a coalition unworthy of a droplet of their blood, and if they are lucky to return?… they are changed.. who would not be?… then they are made to feel ashamed of what they have become.. and that also applies to the mentally/physically disabled and even unemployed people of this country and then men and women busting their humps thinking they can live a sincere and honest life toiling for countless hours whilst seeing their pay packets shrink time and time again, and they are told not to blame this coalition.. oh no!.. you must blame every man and woman who is either unemployed thanks to this coalition or ill mentally or physically.. to swear and throw stones at disabled people because the Tories in all but exact words tell you to do this… what have you become?.. you are not one of them and you are certainly not one of us deemed the majority attempting to live day to day and get by as best one can under constantly deteriorating financial circumstances… you cease to even be human.

        The choices are few but those of importance are clear… you either die on your knee’s at the alter of the tory led coalition, hoping for the odd scrap of hope thrown your way out of pity or you fight on your feet, crutches, wheels and in some way embrace what still remains of a country we once considered “GREAT”, give up now and you are effectively sentencing the next generations to a dystopian existence that will provide them with no future… that’s your son’s, daughter’s, grandchildren.. possibly not even born yet… come 2015 the thought of all this confusion as to who to vote for allowing the Tories to win an outright majority or still be in a position to lead a coalition for another four years is too unbearable to think about, but Cameron got through the back door at the last election on a back of an unpopular labour PM and seeing as it’s hard to see too many differences between the parties these days as they all seem to be career politicians, there are few human faces these days… many claim they got into politics to change things for the better but that is a shovel of shit in many cases and just another example we see time and time again on Question Time which is another sham of a show hosted by a Bullingdon Club old boy who seldom appears neutral. People have a right to live without threat and without fear and with the opportunity to improve their lives, nobody chooses to be ill and disabled by choice.. it’s a crap lifestyle choice and misleading to think a life on benefits is a comfortable one… sure! there are some members of society who make it a lifestyle choice but nobody has any time or sympathy for them no matter what political leaning they might have, also let us not forget institutionalized benefit claimants.. those people who have been reliant for decades and not always through any fault of their own.. that is a complex situation where a one-size fits all and one attitude may fail miserably… while this government continues to throw the baby out with the bath water it will never solve the problems nor will it make ill people any healthier.. it will alienate them, make them worse and take away any hope they might have had from a prospect of therapeutic earnings. If you take peoples dignity away they will resort to their base natures and behave like animals to get by in life… that is not the badge of a civil democratic society run by any government who cares beyond their own agenda’s.. it’s doomed and the damage they create can take a decade or more to repair.

    • I would say, and i’m no expert, that anyone who’s missing meals should immediately speak to their doctor. I don’t have an awful lot of faith in GP’s it must be said, most of them are in well paid denial, but I think it could be helpful to get them on side. If they start seeing what’s going on: if a patient turns up with malnutrition ffs that has to kickstart something – they must surely be able to intervene somehow! THis is insane.

  5. Landless Peasant

    If the Bedroom Tax was abolished, and I got refunded, or my circumstances change, ie. if I find suitable alternative accommodation, and that’s a big ‘IF’, then I reckon I might just survive on Hardship (£43 per week?), especially during Summer, and so might be tempted to tell them to stick it up their arse and get a full sanction….but as things stand, I have to pay Bedroom Tax and so cxan’t afford to get even a 3 month sanction, which is what I’m threatened with should I fail to report for duty at 9.00am this coming Monday, ready to start my 4 week stint of MWA. What a fucking drag 😦

    The only way I can possibly get through even a 4 week stint is by getting stoned each morning, as well as the prescription meds. of course, but soon as my housing issue’s sorted they can fuck off. Does anyone know if/when the Bedroom Tax is likely to be abolished? Are this Government above the Law or what? When is it going to fucking happen???

    • You Speak about the bedroom tax maybe as a person in the social housing sector?, but you must remember Labour introduced it into the private sector around 2008 and there was not a murmur at the time, and it’s fact that those on benefits renting in the private sector are far more likely to have the burden of topping up their HB much more than those in the social housing sector. Greedy Landlords aside… I do understand the impact this has on people in social housing, it’s difficult for anyone renting period, especially if circumstances find them with a spare room. But what amazes me is how the media have picked up on it the moment it was introduced into social housing.

      Let us also not forget that many people will never get enough points to secure a council house especially single people unless they are extremely vulnerable and then they might end up in a tower block with a lift stinking of piss and neighbourhood full of druggies, muggers, hoodies and all other kinds of antisocial situations… they return home to find they have been burgled and no cop comes because this coalition has cut the numbers and re-prioritised what is left to emergencies only and that is not some guy getting his head kicked in for the price of a snickers bar outside a local Food Bank… yes that magical place this Coalition claim is The Big Society working in full effect!.. I say it’s the failure of this coalition and clear proof they have failed and lost control of the country and now they are trying to just get by winging it… thank god for the food banks but for the Tories it’s a badge of shame in the 21st century… this is not a third world country.

      These days there are more people being forced into private tenancy than being able to take up social housing options… thatcher saw to that years ago by selling them all off to those who had a bit of money sloshing around for a cheap mortgage, I’m sure many people here have family members who took advantage of that but a greater majority could not! You still needed a job with a good salary or be retired on a good pension with a healthy bank balance..do we call them middle class today?. Reality is there are very few council or even private sector properties that are available with just one bedroom so this bedroom tax has become a necessary evil when taking up a tenancy… damned if you do and damned if you don’t be that private or social housing.. they should scrap it right across both sectors, it’s just a bad idea from labour way back and the stupid rich Tories have picked up the ball and they ran with it… let us hope sanity will resume come 2015 if there is a country left by then to fight for… probably be too busy in workhouses.. washing the Tories dirty linen stained by decades of bad policies.


    • Don’t vote and you make yourself irrelevant. Only by voting can you make them interested in you. The rich won’t care if you don’t vote. It saves them from bringing in rules/laws to deny you the vote. Prisoners are denied the vote, and now the unemployed are being treated like criminals. It’s a very short step to bring in rules to stop the unemployed and perhaps even the low paid from voting. Only people who pay income tax to vote perhaps?

      • “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
        Albert Einstein

        Just who are we supposed to vote for? Will it make any bloody difference?

    • Unfortunately if you abstain the landed gentry will return a tory government.

      I’m no defender of the libdems; they are scum for what they have done and continue to allow, however it is true that a majority tory government will make them look like fucking saints!

    • In an ideal world yes, but it was that kind of attitude that allowed Cameron to creep through the back door of No.10 and should it be adopted once more it will happen again come 2015 because then the upper and some middle classes will vote him in and possibly with a majority next time. Who to vote for is a big issue but we know it’s not Tory but to abstain he will get in again by default and could you stomach another four years of it?.. this term is not over yet and we are concerned what will be left that is great of Great Britain come 2015… another term will probably see it twinned with some middle eastern country… but that is another matter completely. Remember the right to vote was fought for, I know it’s demoralising but remember without hope what is left?… for many nothing.

  7. the human rights act – still relevant inspite of economic fascist led threats to end its authority to protect us in the “war on Terrorism” remit…strange how public rights are being corruptively applied to a handful of negative religious personalities with their own equally self-destructive ideology…..Who are the evil men in this particular war?

    Anyway back to the Human righhs act – protection from enforced slave Labour. by which any uinpaid work is indicative of…the act still standfs so wehy not UK pollitical acceptance, they are working in opposition to your rights, as much as mine….reliquishing “Habius Corpus” in Terroristic war objectives was the biggest failure by the “common man” these over-riding ideas have forced upon….

    I might be unemployed, I might be a registered disabled person, I might have mental illness but I have one positive remit defined as “I might be mentally ill, but I am not terminally stupid” – a mission defined by suppressive child abuse inflicted on me in the educations system…till 12 years old, when the only backward step in my “Submissive psyche – was into the reralms of self-destructive suicidal need to end my life. Quite why that frightened kid was killed off in the final conflict I’ll never know…but a skinhead with a fredom fighters remit and a chip on his shoulder that dictated the only acceptable remit was an extroverted projection of unformed personality forcing my aggressors back the way they had come…regaining the mental landscape was a necessitiy in those days, a street gang took me on board and became a Real family for me…Damaged goods all of us, but bonded so tightly…we became a resistance to be reckoned with. Writing though dyslexic might have replaced the fighting skills of earlier days from the age of around 12 -21. Yet I was always defining my newly forming personality according to positive remits.

    This economic wave of fascism…removing our rights as they attack their “people”. – is as a big as threat as Hilter’s military wave of the same objectives..dominance! Kiss your freedoms good bye if you fail to defend them from this!

    Steve G

  8. There is no stomach left in this country to fight the injustices of a corrupt and fascist tory led coalition, it has to be the people of this country who dictate change not governments leading people by the nose into one disaster after another. Reading this.. if it wasn’t so real and serious it would be laughable like a cheap script for some low budget dystopian movie. History dictates that it’s the people that induce change not over privileged Tories who have no grasp upon the realities of real life through the insane policies they cook up by one cabinet member after another.

    Never before have the Tories got away with so much with so little effort and continue to do so month in and month out of this Coalition. People have now become disillusioned about politics and who to vote for, let us make one thing clear…. NOT TORY!.. that’s one thing clear.. between now and 2015 I think it will become even clearer what has to be done without the need to scratch around in the dark for a decision. By that time the country may need to be rebuilt after all the damage they have done with their selfish ideology.

    Let us sit right back and look at this picture.. a government paying organisations and various companies tons of tax payers money to induce them to take unemployed people and those forced off ESA and so forth into JSA to do unpaid work or be sanctioned… the unlawful natures of how that feels to people is clear because it’s conceived from a one-size fits all mentality and if it feels unlawful it is unlawful even if they are able to do it by creating legislation to cover it…. moving the goal-posts so to speak.

    There are many people here who consider themselves working class and may even be sympathetic to the extreme measures IDS has brewed up in his cauldron of hate. But don’t think for one minute your job is safe, if you work in the public sector you could be in the same situation and then you would almost certainly see you have been played like a stooge. To do the governments dirty work for them whilst they pour another glass of the best champagne at some other pointless event.

    As I have said before they only want to see people as figures on the correct list and not by names and personality, when they have to physically see the result of their actions they cannot take it because it’s then too real and imposes upon them the unchallengeable reality of their policies.. rather like a serial killer who can happily murder people but cannot bear to see the faces of his victims because that makes it real and breaks the insane inner world he lives in to justify doing it.

    It’s rather like government policies on war, sending good men and women to fight for their twisted agenda.. many dying… if they were forced to see the bodies in those coffins that fly back to the UK it would make it too real for them to deal with. Somebody on here said “Old Soldiers never die, they fade away”.. no they don’t!.. Old Soldiers never die because young soldiers do it for them.. whilst those privileged and highly decorated will be well back from the frontline. What they choose to do to the unemployed is just another example of their inhuman careless nature.

    None of us want power cuts, three day week, strikes all over the place and the resurfacing of those hideous Yuppies but we could be heading there so as we go into this winter I would stock up on candles and batteries, check those torches and if you have all electricity get some provisions in for cooking and heating, some bread in to freeze and the likes… it feels like this period in time is going back to the 70’s and 80’s.. it feels the same as before but different, one thing that is no surprise is the Tories are in power and it’s happening.. everything they touch turns to shit… shit for us.. gold for them

    • As a kid I used to stay in a hotel adjoining a raliway station during the Second World War. Amongst our guests we had generals and military commanders living the life of luxury as they played their war games. I remember looking onto the concourse at the young men sleeping with their heads on their kit-bags waiting for the train to France. I am not even sure if they knew where they were going, but history tells us where, and thinking how wrong it all was.

  9. :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  10. Thank Goodness for the Void. Intelligent and well said.

  11. samedifference1

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  14. Pingback: Full Steam Ahead On The Welfare Reform Gravy Train – Here Comes Mass Workfare | the void « this 'n that

  15. Phil O'Sophical

    According to Tony Benn (or Lord Anthony Wedgewood-Benn do give him his full Title) the ‘great division in society’ is between the workers who create the wealth and those who use the wealth to control the workers who create the wealth. Hmm, surely that means that the ‘harder’ the workers work the more wealth they create and thus give those who possess the wealth more control over them. i.e. by ‘working hard’ a worker is cutting their own throat! Discuss.

  16. Logistically how the heck can everybody who comes off the Work Programme without finding a job possibly be given a six month stretch of workfare everywhere, throughout the country, in every area urban and rural? We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people here. Armies of people. I really cannot see how Osborne’s plan could ever be put into place throughout the country with a workfare “placement” for every single person earmarked for one.

    How could a plan like this work from Land’s End to John-O-Groats?

    People who live in the countryside might have impossibly long and expensive commutes to and from what is effectively an open prison on a daily basis.

    None of this makes any sense at all to me.

    • @ Ballbag

      Not everyone coming off the work programme will be put on community placements. The other two options are the Mandatory Intervention Regime (the so-called “Hit Squads”) and daily signing.

      • Isn’t the Intervention Regime only for people with “special difficulties”, e.g., problems with alcohol or drugs? Most people will surely, if given the choice, choose to sign daily with Jobcentres, which again seems rather impossible considering how many civil servants have been sacked.

        Does anybody know if the cost of travel to the Jobcentre and back on a daily basis to sign daily will be reimbursed?

        The whole thing seems impossible to me.

    • Exactly, you have spelt it out… it’s effectively designed to fail rather like many benefit claim forms… this then leads into the obvious… and shows us fascism is alive and well in this tory led coalition.. as if we ever needed any proof as history tells us so.. a different kind of fascism. It’s all cynical and if you look at the latest revision of the ESA50 01/13 it’s much smaller and the boxes reduced.. all designed to prevent claimants presenting a good account of their circumstances.. extra sheets of paper or not, many people alone and not getting proper support they have a right to are falling through the cracks into unacceptable hardship whilst this coalition toast them with another glass of the best champagne at some overly blown dinner. It’s all sheer fascism as there is no other name that can be used strong enough to describe it all…their policies are not there to help people back to work..it to keep people under the thumb and under full control do what they like when they wish to do it… cooking up a few more policies in the cauldron, of course with that prince of perversion IDS looming down like some evil moon upon the countries welfare.

  17. Motion A92 what a bloody farce!

  18. Someone on the Boycott Workfare forum has already suggested that people who are forced to do workfare should cause as much accidental damage as possible. When the Pimps’s insurance premiums become a nightmare, then they’ll smell the coffee for sure.

    • And may I also suggest that when the names of the Pimps who will be running this scheme become known, people on this forum email the ABI (Association of British Insurers) info@abi.org.uk and advise them to contact their members to warn their clients, i.e. Seetec, etc. what they may be letting themselves in for.

      Please don’t threaten them because that will be construed as a malicious communication, which is an arrestable offence. I suggest it should be along the lines of advising the ABI that workfare is akin to treating the unemployed like criminals; if you treat people like criminals, then some of them are almost certainly bound to behave like criminals.

    • But the DWP/JC already have that one covered:

      “The Sabotage, Wilful Damage, Reckless Conduct ( Employment, Skills & Enterprise Scheme) & Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2014″

      Section 1
      Part A

      A jobseeker (as defined by the Jobseekers Act 1995) who in the opinion of a ‘decision maker’ (as defined by the Jobseekers Act 1995) engages in, aids, abets, counsels or procures the act(s) of sabotage, wilful damage or reckless conduct (this list is not exhaustive) whilst taking part in an Employment Programme (as defined by the Employment, Skills & Enterprise Scheme as amended) shall be guilty of an offence and on conviction by said ‘decision maker’ shall be subject to a penalty not exceeding life imprisonment and an unlimited fine.”

      • Worried Jobseeker

        You got a link to this, Legal Eagle?

      • Fuck me gently! I’m not suggesting claimants who are forced to do workfare go on a wrecking spree.

        And anyway to be prosecuted for vandalism and so on, the CPS want hard evidence. A family member is a police officer. He told me that most of people who are arrested for, or suspected of criminal damage on his patch go unpunished. Why? Because the CPS won’t prosecute unless there’s a 110% chance of a conviction. The CPS insist on: (a) CCTV footage; (b) witness/s; and (c) credible forensic evidence, i.e. DNA. They prefer all three. Otherwise they won’t prosecute; it’s too expensive.

        • I think you’d have to be careful. Any whiff you aren’t pulling your weight, never mind smashing shit up, and it’s back to IDS for a sanction.

          That said, I wouldn’t shed a tear if Poundland’s stock of giant toblerone’s went missing.

          • Like I said, they’ve got to catch you in the act. Otherwise the CPS won’t run with it. It will be labelled either NFA (no further action) or “not in the public interest”, i.e., it’s too expensive to prosecute.

    • WhoLetOffTheFireExtinguishers?


      • Letting off fire extinguishers is an extremely stupid and irresponsible thing to do, criminal even. People’s lives could depend on them being functional.

        • Health & Safety Officer

          Yeah but, its a ‘elf n safety issue, mate. If your fire extinguishers are non-functional, even if the seal is missing, you have to close down your premises until an engineer can be called to re-charge/re-seal the appliances.

        • Health & Safety Officer

          Remember it is your civic duty to report any health & safety breaches you are aware of to the appropriate authorities – people’s live could be in danger! If we find any breaches we will come down on the offender(s) like a ton of bricks!

    • abslutly im suprised its not happening allready.

  19. fuck osbourne fuck IDS fuck mc slutty vey

    it’s pointless us ranting about it fuck all is being done! we are doing nothing about it, you think being on JSA is bad now! wait till april it will be 100 times worse, i made a claim for ESA as was under sanction after sanction, had no money for over 4 months then was told i should of applied for hardship payments..why the fuck was i not told that, before i was left 4 months fucking pot less..unable to attend a job interview i secured because of lack of busfare, lost over 2 stone constant anxiety induced headaches, i then as i say went my GP and piled it on was glad to give me a medical note, so made my claim for ESA over 5 weeks ago, still to this day not had a fucking penny off them, was told they never received my medical note,,,what bolloxs i sent it recorded delivery!! still to this exact day not had a penny on my arse is an understatement i managed to get a credit card at massive interest rates in order to get by, and am now in debt to my eye balls, as a result country’s fucked, they won’t even be a benefits system in 2 years time, i wish all fighting the DWP and atos ect well but i give up with them as even medical notes letters sent from my gp never made the LMDMA change my sanctions they just believe the DWP or program providers by default!! yet are fucking anonymous. we can rant like i am all we won’t we still letting them walk allover us!!

    • 11am – words have failed …
      11.15am – Not everyone is ranting (all the time – ss, Mr.N, Obd, Lp; jv).
      It’s always worth keeping in mind the degree to which these aren’t – in any way – ‘normal’ circumstances & that, in extremis, people are doing whatever they can to keep (if not exactly ‘afloat’) then somehow to cling on to the reality: which is that no-one deserves this treatment. It goes against everything we’ve come to believe in our lives to now, so it’s important to keep reiterating that we are not the cause of high (and long-term) unemployment/are not criminals. We are here & we’re (ok, in fear) but still here.

      In the Metro ‘paper’ this morning (on the letters page) at the centre of a double page spread, there’s a picture of a ‘large’ family with an equally large headline next to it, saying, “Sadly, these parents show why we must cut benefits”. However desparate i ever am for something to read on the bus (& however high the ticket price was as a proportion of overall income), I will never again pick up this excuse for a newspaper – unless it’s to line someone’s cat litter tray.

      Claiming benefits is now not unlike being in an abusive relationship, in so many ways it’s not just an unlucky coincidence: (regular humiliationcentre meetings; provision of ‘never quite enough’ to meet basic needs accompanied by threats to remove even those means of survival so we are more and more ‘apart’ from wider society/threats to hurt our family members (through withholding monies); negative stereotyping; coercion – to MWA/JCP Adviser Meetings/WP; belittling & trying to instil a belief that we are not ‘good enough’ and lack certain basic, fundamental skills which ‘most’ other ‘ordinary’ people do have). For starters.

      It isn’t that there’s no precedent for these patterns of behaviour – they’re in workplaces/personal relationships & to lesser degree were a DWP speciality before now – but the specific sets of circumstances being talked about here & elsewhere (specifically, the legalised attempts to cause harm/deprivation)- & where they’re leading – have never been known by the vast majority (?) – outside of fiction.

      Everyone who writes/comments is adding to the record of information that’s going to help someone, in some way … whether they’re able to do ‘more’ than that, or not. It’s amazing that people can manage to comment/write as lucidly (even while angry) as they do, & it says a lot for the ‘so-called’ underclass/rejects of society (otherwise known as the unemployed, underemployed, sick & disabled).

      Everyone who keeps their head above water – or failing that – writes about what’s happening to them (however they express it) and to the people they know – is helping, by recounting what’s happening now – in broad daylight, in GB2013. The situations that have been engineered probably could (in some, or other way) be made to sound funny in the right hands (Reginald Perrin/Rigsby- come back, all is forgiven). If they weren’t so real – but they are, and it isn’t. Last year, ‘We’ ‘Were Proud’ to host the Atos-sponsored olympics – we’ve always done irony well, & that’s not changed – what’s the thing that’s comes after irony though? (post-ironic) or is it ‘impunity’?

    • overburdenddonkey

      f o f ids etc
      what a valid point you make…like throwing acorns at an armoured car.
      i urge you to find a solid grassroots welfare rights group like http://www.edinburghagainstpoverty.org.uk/
      they gain power by withholding vitals and vital information, and drop one in the shit…
      they are immature, treat them as such…

  20. But we are “workers” that’s what we are / do –this is our purpose. How would we know what to do with our lives without the elites our masters arranging things the way they like it for us .

  21. Has anyone taken their sanction cases to the court of human rights, I would be interested to hear what they have to say about all of this.
    I have been asked to sign a petition against pay rises for MP’s of 11% which I did, but then was presented with a petition for the right of women facing genitalia mutilation to be allowed into EU countries to save them from this horrific proceedure, as much as I abhor what is being done to them we cannot take every female which is facing such terror even if we wanted to, and is this not just providing a cheap labour workforce in our own country also. I think those that put up the petition should be putting pressure on the countries responsible for this treatment not asking the European countries to take on the whole female population under threat.

    • What about the men in these countries, guy, are they not to be allowed free passage to EU countries? Or is there some sex discrimination going on here? Or will the guys also have to concoct some pretext to gain entry? Also interesting to note that we are being flooded with cheap labour just as the welfare state (having served its purpose) is being wound up. This country is going to be an absolute hell-hole as we all fight each other just for the bare essentials to survive. Talk about lighting a powder-keg. Only the strongest will survive the turmoil and make it into the ‘New World’ or whatever is planned for us. Social Darwinism at its most virulent.

      • … it’s already a hell-hole for many and going to be for many more.
        There are still worse places though, & where worse forms of torture are legalised. Historically, (or hysterically, if you prefer) we have not refused help to those who came here seeking asylum. It doesn’t seem feasible to conflate acts of mutilation (FGM = equivalent to other forms of torture) with, “some pretext” whatever your views on scarce resources/human rights/charity beginning at home.

      • Moi

        I think it is only the compliant that are going to survive with this lot in power because they are trying to knock every bit of fight out of people.
        JV your a sadist for going over and over the same whole workfare issue which is getting us nowhere.

  22. Pingback: Changes to be announced to Singing-On: Workfare is Coming. | Ipswich Unemployed Action.

  23. I do hope everybody understands that after the introduction or Universal Credit: eventually workers pay will go straight to the government and the government will decide how much you get, and if you don’t do what your told (like e.g. have your children vaccinated) you get your pay sanctioned. —Any one who can’t see where this is going is stupid enough to deserve it .

    • Spot on Jonathon, this IS where this is going – like a giant tax credits system with all your pay coming from the government just like being on benefits expect you will be working for it (or destitute because there wont be any benefits)! And if you don’t ‘toe the line’ you will be ‘sanctioned’ by an anonymous ‘decision maker’ and you (and your children) will be thrown into destitution. Maybe we really are too stupid and do deserve it!

      • Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        — – Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

    • About as stupid as not vaccinating your children.

      That’s david icke level shit which has no place here IMO.

      • Is it much more comfortable slowly watching the zombification of a population than face the dreadful truth? they might be / are poisoning us . its accepted by many informed people that the mercury in the vaccines reduces the IQ considerably and damages the development of the brain . They want a stupid population and will / are forcing this on us . Your ridicule is crass irony to me.

        • overburdenddonkey

          you will know the term as “mad as a hatter”, where felt makers in the hat industry were poisoned by mercury…they do not want an insane or stupid population or workforce…but a compliant workforce..

          • They don’t intend to have much of a work force — automation — machines. This could have been done already, but they just don’t know what to do with us all so they keep this myth about every body working if the economy recovers – it’s a lie… They will dumb us down then reduce the population. This is the future life– for some not in the elite is dumb slavery and death for many! Do you think the elite take the vaccine they give the mass– Wake up please

            • overburdenddonkey

              i am fully aware of the way we are being crushed, i write a bit about this..i also know i have a very high iq, i wish sometimes i did not, mercury has not waned it, imo, in fact i feel more intelligent than ever, as i free my mind from oppression, and find me..there is enough to contend with, that i can readily see, without dealing with the slowly being poisoned by mercury et al, which we are not…
              people are being brutally bullied to prove need, this causes great mental distress, and shuts the mind down, so that the mind cannot think straight, one becomes like a zombie, that’s the problem, that needs attention, they push people into despair…resistance to their schemes, frees the mind…

            • overburdenddonley–
              Yes well, Mercury — Thimerosal, Aluminum, .Formaldehyde, Benzethonium chloride or what ever else we have to worry about
              ( — its sort of detracting from my point, sort of annoying to me that people trust a government that is so obviously scumbag criminal with their children’s health / lives / education .)

              But we are being crushed and controlled – one way and / or another

  24. Nobody has answered the question about taking your sanctions to the ECHR?

  25. I’m not sure if anyone really knows this already or not, so sorry if it’s old news – but I went along to the JCP this week for the post WP fortnightly meeting and my advisor told me that the next time I sign on in 2 weeks that the paper forms you fill in will no longer be used from that point onwards. Instead we will use UJM to record all job searching then sign into our account on the signing day infront of whoever we see and show them our job search on the spot. It seems a bit stupid in a way as I thought the entire point of it all becoming online was that it made it so we wouldn’t have to actually go there anymore any see people.

    • Spanner in the Works

      You’ve been lied to. Jobseekers can use whatever means they like to prove they’re looking for work. Don’t ever give JCP access to your universal jobmatch account. Carry on writing down your job search and when they ask to see your UJ account tell them to get fucked.

    • In case they try that with me I have photocopied both sides of my most recent jobseeker’s diary and if necessary I will tippex out the dates on the photocopy to use as a master copy and then photocopy the tippexed copy several times to last me several fortnights, filling in the dates as required.

    • I have been told before when signing on that we are free to use any means we feel necessary to record our jobsearch – and that includes writing our evidence on a sheet of A4 if we so desire. I know how you feel about advisers trying to push us to use UJ but we have the right to use whatever we choose. Even oral evidence is good enough (or so I believe), and if oral testimony is good enough for a court of law, it should be good enough for a puffed up admin clerk in a jobcentre.

      • It’s very tenuous though. In the Guidance for Advisers notes (can ask to be shown these but they won’t necessarily be ‘to hand’ – they’re on the WTDK site) it does say exactly that “various” means of providing evidence of job search are (means “can be” acceptable). Including:
        job seeker’s own written uncorroborated evidence, and
        verbal evidence.

        They aren’t above saying that although it does say these two “are” acceptable – the way this is meant is (apparently) that although they are 2 of the possible potential ways of showing evidence, that is (of course) only if it’s “reasonable” for you (every individual) in the opinion of the Adviser and as we know this can change & does. It’s still att risk of being sent to a decision maker at any time. I think that it’s now seemng as though if signed up to and allowing access to UJ there won’t be this to negotiate whenever the adviser is feeling that way out – but if trying to ‘quote’ this at them they can choose to see it in their own terms & it’s not necessarily about what’s “reasonable” for you/us. They’re going to try all means to clamp down on anyone who’s had the brass neck to not see UJ as the best thing since sliced bread … as it’s less convenient for their meeting the newest recommended rules from above.

        So nothing is set in stone; everything is at (our) own risk.
        And it’s all in the(ir) reading of th(ir)e wording.

      • Also Sam, ‘the rules’ constantly being updated/changing. So be very very careful of “something I’ve been told” at some previous point in time – this is from experience. Whatever you’ve read, or believe – as soon as through JCPp doors it’s a parallel universe and in the final analysis, the power (to stop money) lies (pretty much) all on one side of the desk.

        • Sorry that’s a bit unclear.

          Whatever we might know to be true in actual fact (from FOI requests/seeing written guidance notes or whathaveyou) – they can and will still argue black is white if they’ve more or less decided ‘it’s your turn this time’.

          I’m more or less at the point of feeling that it’s going to be ‘my turn’ next – from recent meetings since using the above approach to carry on providing written job search. There’s been a sudden & sharp increase in lines like:

          “You can bring printouts then” and “It might not always be enough”. Intention is to stick to my guns (for what it’s worth) but also reading as many FOI’s on this as I can – because I agree with what you’ve said at the end of your comment – it shouldn’t be for them to dictate to us – whether it’s about spending (unavailable) money on trips to libraries to make printouts or on the cost of paper/ink/time etc. Essentially – they are accusing us all of being liars – as Mr No has said – & expecting us to prove we are doing what we say, although in reality there’s no way they can prove we’re not, unless they accompany us everywhere, every day. I have a real problem with this – that despite having just been told “we’re not
          saying you’re lying”, they very clearly do want this to be the default position. Hope this makes sense. My own reasons for ‘objecting’ (to UJ & 24 hour surveillance/wearing an IT tag) are to do with individual freedoms as they decrease & the principal of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and the further principal that it’s not (yet) a criminal offence to not have a job. (etc).

  26. made my day reading this.anything that slows this bald NAZI bastards, barbaric draconian ideas down the better.

  27. Scrounger #6452452

    The Gov.s War on benefit scroungers (their words) is coming on CH4 news @ 7pm. If ne1s interested.

  28. thank god benefit sanctions are being looked into and a report of the number sanctiond, in the next 2 weeks, as of tonights CH4 as scrounger mentions, god that Osbourn looks like one smarmy bastard with a kite you would to not stop twatting

  29. Spanner in the Works

    If any cunt company tries to exploit me for 6 fucking months they will pay dearly one way or another.

    • Be assured friend, you are not alone. Our name is Legion: for we are many. Stay strong. And they will pay. Cometh the hour; cometh the moment. We will bring this morally reprehensible scheme to its knees.

    • It might be a bit worse than that. New legislation let’s the Jobcentre send you for 30 weeks (7 and a half months) of forced labour!

      • So much legislation is slipping through without a murmur in many cases, usually as quiet as possible so as not to draw too much attention and encourage protest which of course doesn’t make the damn bit of difference with this government because they don’t care about majority public opinion, I guess they know they will lose the next election so they are going hell for leather so that when they get booted out they can at least be remembered for notoriety. Cameron walks under the shadow of Thatcher who he looks up to… but even though I detested the woman and what she stood for Cameron does not have an ounce of that woman’s devious intelligence.. Cameron is just what he is… quite stupid and prime example of a typical Tory of his generation, that goes for all his Bullingdon club cronies too, this also includes the TV presenter David Dimbleby who chairs question time every weeks and gives the lions share of the air time to tory and lib-dem policy opinions and views… not everyone knew that David Dimbleby was a Bullingdon club member way before David Cameron came on the scene.

  30. You say “Both this Government and the last have shared an out of touch belief that everyone could find a job if they just tried hard enough.” but I have to disagree. This government knows – and New Labour [spit] knew – exactly what they’re doing, this workfare, tough-on-scroungers bullshit is just a political sleight of hand, a misdirection, to create an enemy the hard of thinking can safely hate without much comeback. After all, everybody hates a scrounger, don’t they? Especially people who work in shitty jobs that they hate for bosses they hate even more, they really can hate the workshy feckless cheats who sit on their arses in the lap of luxury (if I hear the words ‘flat screen TVs’ in relation to benefits claimants again I might go on a killing spree…) paid for by them, the British taxpayer. They’d be justified, them and their ‘hard working families’, they have every right to feel aggrieved, right? No, hey haven’t. The politicians know exactly what they’re doing, they are fully aware they’re lying and misrepresenting the situation, as do many of those who support the government.

    The man in the street is using the lies of politicians as a fig leaf of respectability for some downright nasty views that would not be tolerated against any other section of society. The government know this and play to them, encouraging it for electoral gain. As does the opposition, though quite what tthey oppose these days is beyond me.

    I must urge anyone who reads this to keep finding these terribel stories about workfare, the treatment of benefits claimants, Atos and disabled people and send a letter to their MP and do it often and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Iain Duncan Smith is the single most disgustine figure in British politics in the last fifty years and pressure needs to kept up and stepped up to get rid of the fucking lunatic.

    Sorry about the rant.

  31. Work for Your Dole: Jolly good idea! And about bloody time too!

    • Shine those nice new patent leather shoes o’ yourn, guv’nor? Garn!

    • Only a feckless person and a Tory loving sludge-hound would post that but then again it’s easy to sit in your room a sad lonely figure with no life beyond your screen in anonymity and think you are safe… nobody is.

      Let us not forget when boy George said that nobody on benefits will get more than someone in employment on the minimum working wage, that was a lie too as is 90% of their words… if people are forced to work in these stupid charity shop placements because the government pay them tons of tax payers money to do it and that goes on for many months with just the JSA as so-called wages then indeed they are working below minimum working wage, as I’m sure many people who come here might be too.

      If all you do is come here to post “Work for Your Dole: Jolly good idea! And about bloody time too!” then we can all sit here and marvel over the kind of ignorance and lack of intellect that makes you not even a Tory Boy let-alone and Old Tory. And seeing as a good majority of Tories are unexceptional people who have had the luxury of exceptional educations it’s clear they flunked the most important education of all and they have no capacity to learn it and is partly why they care not for reaction to their decisions.

      JobCentre Plus branches are becoming the anti-social places to avoid if you are looking for a job, all you will find in there are rude indifferent advisers and angry people throwing chairs around with raised voices as the boys in blue step through the doors and place a hand on the shoulder as they are led out looking as if they are heading to their own execution. Those who work in the JobCentre Plus branches are just stooges and should not really be respected any more than their bosses.. they do the job and accept the things they must do without any further thought… anyone involved in this tory sham is no better.

      The laughable thing about this is those working classes who the government so want to be turning against anyone unemployed or mentally/physically disabled don’t have the intelligence to see through the smoke and mirrors. They don’t care about those either now or in the future.. it’s about TAX and what people pay is now going to these organizations we felt were beyond it and other companies in order to induce them to take unemployed on, treating them like cattle. The last time we looked this was meant to be a democratic country but they the one’s who are in control of Chaos only, a chaos they created all by themselves. And all the millions of pounds of tax payers money going down the drain will eventually make the welfare bill pale into insignificance when all this comes to pass. The working classes will be no better of for it that is for sure.. actually they will be far worse, if they still have a job by 2015, they can then come and experience it on the other side of the coin and be far less judgemental as they behave holier than thou whilst being led by the nose by a coalition who cannot even make the right policy decisions to aid financial sustainment in the UK without destroying public sector jobs, NHS, Royal Mail and god knows what else it can lay it’s hands on to privatize. Britain is no longer Great, it is broken regardless of all this nonsense about green shoots of growth, it’s no thanks to this this tory led coalition when he goes cap in hand to the Chinese to take over even more… the Tories destroyed manufacturing in this country long ago so we go shame-faced to other countries to get what we need at much greater cost.

  32. “US food stamp assistance to be slashed next week”


    “Kansas suicide rate jumps more than 30 percent in one year”


    “Irish pensioners protest in Dublin”


  33. Them's Fighting Words

    It would appear that workfare is now unstoppable. I will do the 6 month placement. However, I will be the placement from hell; and furthermore, it will happen in circumstances in which I will never be sanctioned or censured by the Jobcentre and the pimp. Oh they’ll know it’s me causing all the chaos and damage, but there won’t be a damn thing they’ll be able to do about it. Who ever I am placed with, I will make sure that company rues the day they ever heard of workfare and the pimp.

    • Scrounger #6452452

      Get the paid workers on your side.
      Keep apologising for undermining their hours, pay and conditions, explain it’s not your fault and it’s apparently to help you get a job – probably THEIR job.

      • Paid workers!!! The kind of organisations the pimp will bitch us out to will be charities and so on. I mean, can you honestly see commercial giants like Tesco or M&S taking us lot on, en masse. Just think of the revenge some claimants will almost certainly wreak. These companies won’t tolerate anything that will eat into their precious profit margin. Trust me, it will be charities plus the usual collection of parasitic scumbags.

    • I like your strength but the chances are they would sack you and a report would go back to the JCP and they would sanction you, then wave goodbye to your JSA.. People are being forced off Training schemes for tangible jobs after the scheme ends simply to accommodate JCP visits which is one example if we needed any more how chaotic the whole thing is. Reality is this coalition has lost control of the country and are simply running it down all the way to 2015 by that time they check their healthy offshore bank accounts and other kickbacks in selling off the public interests of this country to their super rich cronies… the joys of complex depths.. masonic connections and so forth.

  34. And the people who will supervise this free labour? they will not be popular and i fear many will be assualted via very frustrated people forced to work for a pittance, and who will force the free labour to work? the supervisor otherwise who will actually do any work on this scheme? so supervisors on workfare think again is it worth it?

    • If they get assaulted then it serves them right. These people are collaborators, plain and simple. They may well count themselves lucky they don’t live in Northern Ireland; we all know what happens to collaborators there, don’t we.

  35. Featherlight

    Are you sure you are not advertizing your services to keep you off workfare – perhaps being an escort would suit you better. lol

  36. Rosemarie Harris

    Well i am going to be looking for companies or community projects that i would consider ‘slaving ‘ for. As this is going to happen where ever i like it or not and i will ask THEM what can they offer me there’s no point in just turning up and doing it. I want proper training out of this so i have the skills to get back into the job market. I can’t see what is wrong with these places paying us say £20.00 per week towards transport, food, looking good and of course smelling of roses! Voluntary costs us money so to be ‘valued’ i want to be seen as a worker and given every right from that title.
    I will also be checking out for myself their health and safety document and keeping photos of health and safety concerns and any thing else i consider that’s needs looking at then i will get them published with i hope my unions help(Unite) and bring this to the attention of the press, the shareholders etc.
    No point in getting angry get even!

    • Your union “unite” will help, not if the Grangemouth plant is anything to go by, the union sold them down the river. What a rat that Ratcliffe is.

  37. Thirteen week Intensive Activity and you couldn’t pull! What is wrong with you?

  38. be a slave or starve and freeze, be the biggest cunt you can when forced to be a slave do it by stealth,, i did this in the 90s when forced to work for dole , every body needs work boots clothes ect,, the private firm or government have a duty of care for you when being a slave,,,, fuck the lot of them…

  39. Pingback: Victory For Cait Reilly – Workfare Was Illegal Says Supreme Court | the void

  40. Wat I never understood? The work program? I’m a single mum, n I was mandated in August 2011 to it. I only ever did induction, then got a job n. Toldthem where to go. I never signed data waiver so they didn’t get outcome payment. But they tried!! Why didn’t I get that huge amount of dosh since I found the job n kept getting up 5.30am all by myself n why don’t all the rest of us who found jobs by ourselves??

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