Now Is The Time For Pointing Fingers – One Man’s Arrogance Is Behind The Foodbank Explosion

Iain-Duncan-Smith415Today’s shocking news that the number of people using foodbanks has trebled in just one year comes just months after many of Iain Duncan Smith’s most brutal welfare reforms were introduced.

According to The Trussell Trust over 350,000 people received emergency food from the charity between April and September 2013.  This follows the introduction of the Bedroom Tax in April, the phased introduction of the Benefit Cap over the Summer and the demolition of the Social Fund which used to provide emergency loans and small grants to the destitute.

Alongside this a massive extension of workfare and benefit sanctions has taken place with both unemployed and sick or disabled claimants having money stopped for “seemingly illogical reasons” in the words of The Trussell Trust Executive Chairman Chris Mould.

Mould has called for an inquiry into hunger in the UK and insists this is not a time for pointing fingers but for finding solutions.   But no solutions will be found until Iain Duncan Smith’s wrecking spree at the DWP comes to an end.

And that is why this is precisely the time for pointing fingers.  Iain Duncan Smith’s messianic belief that he alone has the answers to poverty, along with his obsession that unemployed people are responsible for unemployment, has directly to led to the policies which are causing the present suffering.

Time and time again Iain Duncan Smith has been told that benefit sanctions do not ‘incentivise’ people to look harder for jobs.  Benefit sanctions demolish people’s lives.  For those left with nothing every second is spent worrying where the next meal will come from and there is simply no money for clothes, bus fares, hair cuts, stamps, phone calls and all the other things you need to be able to successfully look for a job.

Almost every organisation concerned with housing in the UK has warned that claimants hit by the Bedroom Tax or Benefit Cap cannot simply just move house.  There is nowhere to move to, even if those already in poverty can afford the expense of moving.  Instead claimants, often parents, have been left with a desperate choice between paying their rent or feeding their children.

Yet Iain Duncan Smith has chosen to ignore not just the so-called experts in the charity sector, or the views of claimants themselves, but the DWP’s own evidence that his policies are not working.  Even his obsession with work is shown to be bogus.  Work is not the best way out of poverty if that work is low paid and insecure.  Half the people who visit foodbanks have jobs.  And yet instead of confronting this reality, Iain Duncan Smith’s only answer is to use yet more benefit cuts and in-work benefit sanctions to try and force people to get better paid jobs.

And yet these jobs no more exist than a stock of housing exists to provide all those hit by the Bedroom Tax with a home.  All of these vicious policies have been based on a myth, a delusion that there is a well paying full-time job for everyone if only people would pull their finger out.

The shocking truth is that if every single vacancy in the UK was filled by someone unemployed tomorrow, there would still be two million people looking for work.  And that figure doesn’t include the hundreds of thousands of people who are sick, disabled, or single parents who the Government are now forcing to compete in the jobs market under the threat of benefits being stopped or sanctioned.  Neither does it include the millions strong army of part-time workers, people on zero hour contracts, or in precarious self-employment, who are all to be forced to endlessly look for ‘more or better paid work’ when Universal Credit is introduced.

Iain Duncan Smith often seems too foolish or naive to realise that all his reforms are achieving is a cut-throat competition for low paid work that will only ever benefit employers.  The most dangerous thing of all about the Work and Pension’s Secretary is that he genuinely seems to believe his own bullshit.  And throughout it all he has been egged on by toffs like David Cameron and George Osborne who know all too well what the real game plan is – and that is the destruction of the living standards of not just those unable to work, but every worker in the UK.  They are not interested in the slightest in child poverty figures or the number of people using foodbanks.  They are all too happy to have a few million people destitute as a warning to everyone else of what might happen if you don’t work hard, do what your boss tells you and take a pay cut every time a company director wants a new Jaguar.

But whatever his intentions were, it is Iain Duncan Smith who has been the architect of this brutal regime.  It is Iain Duncan Smith who insists that more of the same will fix the problems he is creating.  One man’s arrogance has led to hundreds of thousands of hungry children in one of the richest countries in the world.  So let’s point the finger.  Those families are queuing outside foodbanks because of the actions of just one man.  And that man is Iain Duncan Smith.  Let his name be spat with venom throughout history as he is remembered as the callous fool who brought homelessness, poverty and hunger not seen in generations back to the UK.

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  1. Yep, by sanctioning me this past month for the crime of attending a CT scan appointment in hospital instead of signing that day they’ve not pushed me into one of these “magical” jobs he seems to think are out there. He’s pushed me into a foodbank parcel along with having to borrow money for petrol to be able to sign on this week coming along with into utter despair. Life is miserable.

    • something survived...

      that’s totally out of order, you were in hospital. they are scum. I bet they sanction people who fall and break a leg on the way to the jobcentre, too.

    • There must be some legal liability involved here. Someone has made that decision, doubtless at the behest of IDS’s reign of terror.

      It’s easy to say, but maybe some legal action ought to be pursued by people in such positions. Certainly your situation could be verified by the hospital involved. Surely no right thinking magistrate would disagree? It is entirely vexatious and the buck stops with this odious bully and tyrant, Duncan Smith. Notice that he hasn’t been on QT since Owen Jones humbled him.

      Something has to be done. Winter, to coin a phrase, is coming. It will be cold and the fuel bills, with dismal predictability, will only increase. If foodbanks are already seeing three times the demand at this point, then the cold season will be an epidemic.

      Where is the PCS in all this? Why is Serwotka not saying to his members ‘enough’? Why is he not drawing a line in the sand? There can be no excuse for just following orders? They can’t sack the entire PCS! If membershiop to a trade union is to mean anything then the PCS needs to stand up for the likes of us – as well as its own interests; we know full well how JC staff are themselves mistreated by the chain of command in this climate of fear.

      This country needs a wake up call. It is time to ditch teh talking shops. The People’s Assembly has been a dismal failure. We need serious nationwide action. There must be a general strike, regardless of what the TUC leadership thinks.

      • The important thing is that people must not feel they are alone, far from it, there are people in this country who are having their character compromised by the filthy rhetoric and propaganda this vile Tory party spouts so a group of middle class stooges who subscribe to their policies can justify their own selfish and greedy agenda’s… aspiring little Ian’s, David’s and George’s to name just the trio.

        Politics in the uk has become a filthy cesspool of greed and personal gain over the good of the country and the people who live in it. People don’t mind working for a living.. give one a spade and if they are able they will dig but for crying out loud provide them with some means of a proper days work for a proper days pay, and for those mentally and physically disabled.. do people genuinely think treating them like something from under one’s shoe is going to stimulate them and improve their health IF POSSIBLE and I use that term fairly because I know some may never recover to full or half fitness to work again.. is that their fault?… wasn’t the welfare state devised for such people yet the cynical nature and loathing generated by this coalition has tainted the qualities this country were looked up for…. how that happened?.. through ignorance through blind support and through fear.

        Take a person’s job away and then call them lazy benefit scroungers, sure!… people are not sick for a career choice, if the system worked those who are could soon be weeded out and the genuine finger pointed at them. But one-size does not fit all and never will, it’s sheer lack of intelligence from men and women who have had the privilege of excellent educations, sadly the wrong kind and the wrong class level, it’s not about how much is in one’s bank balance it’s about how true one is to themselves and to those in their lives… many times I have seen that money does not buy class and this coalition is a perfect example of that fact as clear as day.

        I want to extend a few words out to people who might be reading this, feeling alone, they are ill, or feel suicidal because they cannot find a job, no matter what that situation might be you are not alone, you are living on the side of reality… a world that I and many others here share with you. Yes it’s horrible, you feel nobody understands your circumstances and much less even care… it can feel cruel and hopeless but remember we are the majority and they are the minority… they can stop peoples benefits, they can take peoples jobs away, try and strip a man or woman’s right to dignity in their lives no matter what circumstances they may find themselves.. they create chaos and blame you for it, but what they cannot do is break us because we are not playing this as a game.. they are, they play chess with peoples lives.. they would sooner that we all be called a number rather than a name so they do not have to see the human impact of their actions, it’s rather like a serial murderer who cannot deal with seeing their victims faces because that is too real.

        Stay strong, stay true, stay hopeful and stay honest as possible, even if it’s just feeling proud in a wheelchair, on crutches or on a single stick, retain in your mind who you are.. you are an individual, there is no one like you and this cursed coalition don’t deserve people with humanity to exist in the same world as them. They are the one’s who created this chaos and they are the one’s who will have to pay the piper for it in the end. I know it may seem hopeless but if you have a loved one close be grateful for that and never forget them through all this. These people who seek to do harm under the guise of a coalition government running this country… they only know one kind of love and that is the love of wealth.. never losing it and only thinking love comes from material and financial gain. Somebody on here asked when does the revolution start?… I say did it ever stop the moment all this started?…. People need to see through the haze of deceit and see how they have been taken for stooges buy the worse kind of coalition possible for the times we live.

      • Someone should tell Mark Serwotka that the Nuremberg Defence (“I vas vonly vollowing vorders.”) has been found to be invalid!

  2. Fucking A

  3. As the disgusting spectacle of the poorest most vulnerable people driven from their homes snowballs, the nation will start to look at itself, though before they get too introspective they will have to witness the collapse of the nhs. As society implodes around them the fascist regime will stifle dissent. But then this government is fantastically weak, already on 42 u turns. It wont take much to break these fucking toffs, however the social devastation will take thirty years to heal. The class war will take up a new dynamic this winter with hospital closures, street lamp switching off, no guards on trains, fire station closures, vast police changes, and massive universal (credit) chaos, against a landscape of fracking in the tory heartlands. This is the twelve months now of breaking Britain. But I shout “Bring it on. Bring it on you bunch of fucking posh tossers”. But this government are ready for massive dissent. That’s why for two years they have been training paratroopers in riot control at Lydd. An important measure also is their Anti-Social, Crime and Policing Bill. This is already at the committee stage and will stop legal protests.

    Miliband has been so incredibly inept, and has sold out ordinary people, of which Rachel Reeves is following a tradition – if you thought Byrne, Balls and Crudas were poor. Labour have proved again they are unfit to govern. Instead Miliband has opened the way for complete division, by Serwotka, Crow and McCluskey. Unions will field radical anti austerity candidates against Labour. As the war on the poor intensifies Scotland could gain indepedence, further decimating Labour. Miliband needs to wake up to this being a true crisis. A movement of the people will now destroy Labour. The Discretionary Housing Benefit will stop soon and 100000 vulnerable disabled people will be evicted. They will be homeless, but they are just the first wave.

    Fuckers like Pickles, Osborne, Hoban, Cameron, IDS, Hunt, Miller and McVey need stringing up and burning alive – maybe in Kingsland, London. Then we can enjoy waiting for the firefighters to appear.

    • Mubarak thought he was safe and he lived in a total dictatorship, until the people packed the squares and threw him out. If IDS takes the fight beyond the disabled which he seems to be doing, sooner or later he will bite off more then he can chew.

  4. You say that Iain Duncan Smith often seems too foolish or naive to realise that all his reforms are achieving is a cut-throat competition for low paid work that will only ever benefit employers. No, Johnny. He’s neither foolish or niave. He knows exactly what he’s doing! That’s the tragedy.

    • Correct. He knows what he is doing…on purpose

      • At the same time, he does seem to have had all of (any that ever existed) his working brain cell/s removed.

        • IDF is just another Tory drone with a bit of fancy tinkering from that old version who was such a disaster as party leader. He has about as much character as a blocked drain and is even less hospitable. He doesn’t care because he gets paid for it and we just pay for it period.

          The biggest mistake is giving this tory led coalition any level of intelligent thinking when it comes to what they do, they are creatures of habit who follow a familiar path.. it’s like the story if the scorpion and the frog….

          A scorpion wanted to get across the river to the other bank so he asked a kindly frog if he would help, the frog said “Sure!.. hop on my back and I will take you over to the other side” so the scorpion got on to the back of the frog and sure enough he took him to the opposite bank, but suddenly as the scorpion got off he stung the frog!.. looking shocked the frog said “Why Did You Do That! I Helped You!”.. the scorpion replied… “BECAUSE IT’S IN MY NATURE”. Just as it’s in the Tories nature to be the way they are.. albeit a more cruel generation.

    • You are absolutely right JJ, and an even bigger tragedy is the amount of self bloody righteous ‘I’m allright jack’ selfish bastards, typically an ‘idle cunt tax payer’…..I’ve been unfortunate enough to work with loads of the fuckers! (as opposed to the ‘hard working’ ones that are constantly rammed down our throats), who have never lost their jobs, who think that this scum sucking arse dribble is right in what he’s doing, and vote accordingly…and will continue to do so, I fear. I’ve just got a new job (thank God!) and the place is rife with such arseholes. It really, really pisses me off…as you can probably gather!

  5. So when is the Revolution???

    • There is only one way to deal with this and that is by the ballot box, it’s unfortunate we have to wait until 2015 because some idiots voted tory at the last election (probably too young to remember the 70’s) albeit not enough to give them a majority although I don’t quite see how much difference that would have made with the wish washy LibDems designated the little rat on their back. It’s a fickle country we live in.

      Seriously do you want to see your neighbourhood ablaze like before?, be cautious what you wish for because the only people that kind of things hurts is us.. the people who live in them, it’s no better than shooting yourself in the head and such things are simply used by the government to justify the actions they take with policies that everyone is an angst driven racist yob who just enjoys lobbing bricks through windows and setting bins ablaze, yes there is anger in one’s heads and hearts are being broken because of all this but the key is we all stick together solid and no they cannot win because we are the majority… they are the minority regardless of their political power and wealth.. it’s the man who sweeps the streets, who cleans up the dog poop, who drives the drain or bus… the cogs of the country, should they strike it will hurt us but equally it will destroy their policy making and they will eventually have to listen… that is why they are trying to remove every shred of human rights or union support they can so they can have a clean sweep across the country with no opposition.

      • Those same idiots will be voting tory again 😦 The others will be voting ukip 😦
        Labour seem as evil on welfare as well.

      • … but Moi, the people that could really bring the country (economy) down i.e whoever is in charge of the telecommunications (for the City of London) ON-OFF switch are all kept ‘sweet’, enjoying good salaries, carefully vetted etc, etc, a humble drain driver going on strike is not going to have quite the same effect.

        • … pulling the plug on the City of London is the only way to go… IDS and Co. would be gone in a flick of a switch, as if IDS and Co. give a shit about a jobpoint being tipped over in some northern town.

        • The difference with the Tories is simply they have made it personal and whilst some people might think capitalism is a good thing… I can too but their kind of capitalism is merely self-serving providing no opportunities for the citizens of this country unless they are relatively wealthy already, and again I have no issues with rags to riches and being self-made but the question could be this… would you feel any better if they were not a bunch over privileged unexceptional toffs with exceptional educations who were running the country into the ground with their out of touch policies?.

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  7. i fully agree. ids is an odious evil man,but only one tiny part of an odious evil government. i cant wait for the riots to begin,to rid this country of the spawn of satan these bastards are.

  8. And just this morning Ms McVey, the Minister for Disabled People, was on SKY News extolling the virtues of food banks as living proof people are pulling together to help each other – what a fabulous society we live in! Oh how they twist their cruelty and inhumanity into care and compassion, merrily slapping each other on the back in congratulatory fashion! Food banks are one of the signs of a decline in society, a step into the abyss of poverty and deprivation, the very last resort for those who have nothing left – you know the sort, the feckless, lazy, work-shy, indolent, benefit scrounging, sick, disabled, vulnerable, no hopers, this Government would have you believe form the majority bleeding the State dry. God help the disabled with a harridan like this in charge! She will happily argue black is white, just as she did this morning. “Oh, don’t worry my terminally ill friend, we will have you back to work in no time. We are here to get the best out of you (the last breath and drop of blood if we’re quick), The morphine syringe driver? No worries, that can be hooked up to your work-station. Welcome to the ‘caring’ “All in it together” Great Britain as per the vision of Dodgy Dave, Numpty Nick, ‘I AM’ Duncan Smith et al in the unelected Coalition. Now there’s a thought Coal – ition. It is isn’t it – black as and just as dangerous when inflamed (with power)?

    • something survived...

      If you become a volunteer at a food bank and DWP find out, they will sanction you for volunteering (not that there was even a fictional job lined up for you)!

    • McVey ‘WTF’ – Dwp window dressing and a new mouth piece for IDS.

  9. This had blown up some weeks ago,there isn’t an ounce of integrity after his aftermath. it isn’t pushing people into work only driving them further away,all this is done under a guise of improving chances of being employed when it is anything but,just to cut benefits. disabled people,those parked during the work programme and returning to the job centre signing are highly at risk of these practices’.

    the dwp has lost the plot now resulting to insults at signings that are irrelevant,using excuses of public backing are naive understanding of circumstances. the conservatives have blood on their hands (again) and a lasting legacy of mistrust and dishonesty.

  10. Today I told my psychologist that the world is full of inhuman, evil beings. I wished I was wrong. She asked for an example and I said: “Iain Duncan Smith.”

    She didn’t disagree.

    I feel strangely reassured. I may be ill, IDS, and sometimes delusional, but I’m not wrong about you. You’re a sociopath.

    • yep, and he’s not the only one. i find gideon somewhat psychopathic, and theresa villiers is a ghoul. the list is endless.

  11. IDS is a fucking nob

  12. i want to see blood from IDS. I want to see the grotesque Pickles fry in his own fat. As someone said about McVey yesterday, when will someone cull the beaver.

  13. “Oh, look a lump of shit..!”
    “That’s Iain Duncan Shit, that is …!!!”

  14. Ian Duncan Smith’s head must roll for the damage he has done to so many people’s lives, there is no forgiveness for a man who has no capacity to be human, there is no mercy for a man who is a stone-cold coward being paid too much to do a job so badly at the expense of so much of tax payers money, which makes the initial issues surrounding the welfare budget almost inconsequential when you compare it across the bigger picture.

    He has been getting away with it for too long, whinging it, just like he did when he was leader of his party, a sad and sorry man with little or no human traits that cannot do any job adequately enough to even pass as average in his entire life. This man wakes every morning in luxury, a luxury that tax payers busting their humps afford him, only to put on a fine expensive suit and carry on being the architect of more and more misery, for those who work hard and wonder why the hell they bother, for those mentally and physically disabled who have been designated collateral damage and for those unemployed through this coalitions policies or through no fault of their own.. he must pay the piper and he must go and go now.

    There is no pride when a person’s life is devalued so much that even working and paying taxes and being a so-called “upright citizen” is merely an option for this government to abuse and exploit in any way possible, while the rich and wicked of these parties and their kind avoid paying their taxes as they insist you pay yours out of your little pay packet which cannot take another pound being removed from it, for those who are forced into working for nothing under the illusion of “Work Experience” for the sum of their JSA which is below the minimum working wage as we know how Boy George said anyone on benefits should never be better off than anyone in employment on a minimum working wage.

    They promote the virtue’s of working and create no jobs while slowly destroying public sector jobs and making more people unemployed. And let us not forget shamefully paying charities and any other organisations or companies who will take their blood money from tax payers to take on people for no wages.. in order to massage the unemployment figures still further…. it’s all smoke and mirrors… all rhetoric and all propaganda and it’s hard to see how many stooges they are making out of people who think they have control of their own lives just because they tell them they are upright citizens of this country for working hard for so little and paying their taxes (high taxes), whilst they take it all and pay little for their overly inflated wages for doing an important job so incredibly bad.

    It’s through the looking-glass here people, many may be too young to remember the 70’s dystopian period of tory rule…. that was many years ago but I remember as I’m sure others here do… people are wondering if we are heading there again?… it feels the same heading towards it as much as I wish not to believe it in 2013 yet I cannot deny it’s encroachment played out by the folly of this tory led coalitions decisions is dragging us there by the hair, I fear it will happen but it will be slightly different than before because today we have the technological age yet for many it does not matter.. a bad government and bad policies are the same decade after decade.. it’s hard to imagine the incompetence of this coalition are taking us back there… it is no coincidence all this happens and it’s a Tory led coalition in power.

    When greed has had it’s way and they are kicked to the side of the road in 2015.. will they pay for their abuses of power?.. for their rudeness and complete ignorance that this country is made up of more than one class much to the dismay of them?.. No!.. they will not, they will still have a heartbeat and a voice on the opposite side of the house preaching how they only tried to get the country back on it’s feet… how they forget they knocked it down and continued doing so, how they adopted fascist leanings in the 21st century to use rhetoric and propaganda. Some may not have known it at the start of all this but oh how they know it now. I know many may disagree with me but it may take losing all that was great in great Britain for those people to see how low we can fall and how high they can rise before crashing and burning…. and who pay’s the price with each day that passes?… them?… No… is us… only the people who are the cogs of this country. the people they look down upon and begrudging need.. when the cogs of the machinery go wrong the whole damn thing grinds to a halt… that’s the country… that’s the country you love and they feed off like flies laying maggots in a rotting carcass of a country that was great, still could be if it was saved…. the rest is down to the good people of this country… those who feel every cut of the knife as the Tories put us all to death by a thousand cuts. Thank you for Reading. Bless you all.

  15. Iain Duncan Smith is a CUNT!!


  16. as ive said before most upperclass people are genetic wastrels simpletons and ids ,cameron osbourne pickels jhonson ect are no exeption they are to slow and dim witted to understand that not everybody has been born into wealth an privlidge like themselves and ids is to dim witted to understand that the uk is a de industrialised nation the first to become industrialised and the first to become de industrialised there are no jobs anymore its now an unfair employers market zero hours contracts wages a non liveing wage ect ect they dont or wont understand they are to dim ..dont hold yer breath for labore

  17. Iain Duncan Smith

    Pull yourself together, Mr Void. If it wasn’t for men of fortitude, genius and enterprise like me we would have lost the Colonies and where would you be then?

    We are working for you.

    Iain Duncan Smith MP

    • its a great job we havent lost the colonies.

      im not a homosexual by the way

      • Neither supposedly is IDS but his inside leg measurements are curiously appealing to more than a few members of the Tory party who think he might potentially swing both ways, an unfortunate side-effect of being a Tory I would guess.

        I’m sure there are more than a few back benchers who find great sexual gratification from his manly Prowse of bossing around the mentally and physical ill people whilst flexing his pale biceps in a manly stance. lol

      • Pull the other one, you, Hague are as gay as a daffodil. Sorry, daffodils, at least you have a use, unlike tory politicians.

    • “If it wasn’t for men of fortitude, genius and enterprise like me we would have lost the Colonies and where would you be then?”

      Doing some useful work but spending the majority of our time having fun, being creative?

  18. I have full faith in capitalism, liberal democracy, parliamentary politics solving all the problems created by capitalism, liberal democracy, parliamentary politics.

    Good of the BBC to push the ‘are more people using food banks because more people know about them and they’re free?’ argument.

    At least a bunch a privileged and rich people are going to Brazil next summer. I identify with them. I do hope there isn’t any protests there.

    • Are you for real pal?.. about as real as my foot up our arse, as virtual as it can be with 3D goggles on. lol

    • Oh, crap, spare us from these brainwashed fools. Mehmehmeh, don’t you know that the trussell trust is nothing more than a tory scam & the nutritionless crap they give to those who are on their uppers is out-of-date & only belongs in the bin. Would you eat out-of-date food of dubious origin?One report a few months ago showed a food bank with nothing on the shelves but ancient tins of fucking asparagus! Pity the BBC/Sky/C4/C5 wouldn’t report the real truth, that no one is using these places for fun. If you don’t believe this just google it, the details are not that difficult to find, you might actually open your eyes to what the scumbag tories are doing to the least fortunate in society.

  19. How can they call people Jobsbobs?
    Cameron and his lot wouldn’t countenance skivvying for somebody in some menial ‘unskilled’ job, as they would say, yet if someone from the lower classes protests they are a jobsnob.
    They like hard work, not for themselves but for other people. Have they ever striven for anything, I don’t think so.
    How can Osbourne talk about people having something for nothing? Doesn’t he see the irony? Of course he does. Its just emperors new clothes.

  20. When is Universal credit starting? I thought it was supposed to start this Month or have they postponed it indefinitely.

    • IDS staked his political reputation that it would start on budget and on time. That was to be now: October 2013.

      Again, he has failed.

      Again, he accepts no responsibility and denies any culpability. He is like a spoilt child, and in many ways that is what he is. Everything has been handed to him on a plate. The tragedy of it is that, despite his position in power, his talent falls so far short of the mark he can rely only on bluster and bullying. He is the very model of a man unfit for purpose and power. I’m amazed he has not been hung out to dry: UC was meant to start now, and it won’t even be ready until half way through the next Parliament and he cannot seriously believe he will eb in post then. This is a total disaster; the latest in a long line of failures at the public expense with the poorest in society left counting the cost.

      IDS simply has to go.

    • The whole damn lot need sticking in a tunnel under parliament with IDS gagged and fully tied with a few sticks of the finest for November 5th… maybe get Standard, Astra, Benwells and the others to sponsor it. and get our masks at the ready.. not to classical music but to this…

  21. overburdenddonkey

    we all have a view on supermarkets..but basically get a trolley or basket, shopping list, wander about a bit, put stuff in receptacle, go to check out and pay (with money),…demand increases demand for supply, until supply runs out or supply is increased to meet demand, until demand runs out. this supply is driven by demand, and the supply can barely keep up..
    then there is the question of vital needs, as opposed to desires…
    9 days “food”/yr, 3 days worth at a time, up to a max of 3 vouchers pa, some of which people take back, no heat for cooking…one has to plead for vouchers, which are highly conditional, then go to food bank and take what one is “given”, god knows how much shoe leather is involved…the demand for free food, from food banks, is driven by sheer desperation, now what to do for the other 356 days.
    it is deeply concerning that there is a “demand”, which is need btw, for the supply, again need, for free food..the demand is not for more food banks, but for free food, now isn’t this civilised, form an orderly queue..
    once again ids et al appear to fail to see or comprehend what the transaction actually is, and that it is driven by the human misery of so called “welfare reform”, which is a guise for savage revenge on the poor, sick and disabled, unemployed, and underemployed..
    they try to paint several pictures at once, as if, people are simply strolling off to the local food bank to get some freebies, which i know full well they would not eat…
    so, cut off the supply of benefits, increase the demand for free food and poverty enablers, which is a tool of conditioning for less eligibility serfdom..
    imo, that’s the hidden agenda, a slow, but sure normalisation of abject poverty..make no mistake we are being conditioned…
    resist this “warm and cuddly”, message; “isn’t it wonderful the way people, pool together to help the poor and feckless out, when they spend their money on plasma tv’s, booze and fags, and in their chaotic lifestyles, and forget that they need money for food, oh yes, humanity is heartwarming”…there is nothing cuddly about what is going on here, but is the product of savage benefit cuts….the vouchers providers will happily point out where the free food is…

  22. If IDS was not in charge of dwp the likes of Esther mc Vey would be and she has just been on channel 5 news spouting how wonderful it is of those that are donating to food banks to help out the needy.
    If we are all in it together how are there some people who can afford to give food to food banks? Frank field is calling for a public enquiry into why people need food banks – even though it is blatantly obvious.
    They are a twisted Lot.

    • Precisely. IT’s just spin. Foodbanks are either a perfect example of the Big Society, or their rise is blamed on the greed of the poor (ignoring that people must be referred first).

      This is why I’m disappointed, again, in the claim that, again, unemployment has fallen. I have no idea the veracity of that claim or the specifics. 18,000 people less are supposedl claiming JSA, btu that tells us nothing. Of course the news never gets into the details. Are these people working? If so, why isn’t that number higher? Are they sanctioned? On workfare? In training or education?

      What is the truth?

      These tories; there’s just no point engaging with them. They do not share our values. They do not speak our language and they most certainly do not understand our problems. The reality is they might as well be from another galaxy. The only option left to us is to fight: we have to get them out. Labour aren’t going to help. It’s down to us.

  23. “When I feed the poor, they call me a saint, but when I ask why the poor are hungry, they call me a Communist.”

    Hélder Pessoa Câmara (1909-1999).

  24. something survived...

    For your attention:
    A petition is on by Alana Inness, called, ‘For my brother, James’.

    It is about a 25 year old man with Downs Syndrome, in the UK. He spent ages securing independent living, in his current accommodation. He has nowhere else to go. He has just had his benefits cut, and will be evicted on the 1st of December. He’ll either be thrown on the street, or shoved into an institution.

    The petition is trying to stop the eviction and restore his benefits.

  25. ian smith appears to be a dangerous psychopath.

    Two more failures of system WCA ATOS appeals detailed below

    First victim of WCA highlighted be Dennis Skinner at PM question time today.
    Second victim mentally ill man who went to climb wall of Buckingham Palace had just failed WCA as well and had his benefits stopped. Wanted to tell the queen the sham of it all. Driven to despair by the bullies that run this Country and some of their friends.

    • In most of the media David Belmar is described as being ‘fixated by the Queen’. What, like monarchists and vacuous Americans?

      “Mr Aydin [prosecuting] told the court that Belmar becomes violent when taking some of his medication for mental health problems. ”

      • meh meh meh

        Some people do become agressive on their medication, prozac is just one of the medications that has this effect and is the most prescribed.

        • Girl With A Dirty Mind

          Prozac is shit. Totally kills the sex drive. Not good for an erotic writer.

        • Yep, I quoted that bit because I found it unusual it being included in the article (negative portrayal of psychiatric drugs). But it could be a poorly written piece meant to say he doesn’t want to take the drugs, for whatever reason, and gets pissed off at those pestering him to take them (ie. in this case it’s not the drugs causing his aggression nor his reaction to the unpleasant effects).

          Some thoughts on the ‘mental health crisis’ by a mental health professional that probably wont appear in the media:

          “Mental health services in crisis. Happens every 10 years or so. Not simply a question of money”
          “We spend more on mental health as % of health care spending than most high-income countries”
          “London alone has more psychiatrists than in the whole of Africa”
          “Expenditure in mental health services has never been higher than it is today”

          “Possible reasons for ‘crisis’ in mental health services. (i) We spend far too much on locking people up”
          “(ii) Expensive but ineffective treatments and poorly focused services”
          “(iii) Singular lack of professional leadership”
          “(iv) Too many experts and little humanity in service provision”
          “(v) severe cutbacks in community services and lack of fidelity”
          “(vi) No investment in tackling social determinants of mental ill health”
          “(vii) Failure to innovate and listen to service user experience”

          Dr S P Sashidharan

  27. dr doom i agree the country will implode , the tory storm troopers of death have the taste of blood now,, its there new sport trying to eradicate the poor,,
    let them eat cake obviously from the food bank,,,,

  28. This article by Suzanne Moore, is being praised:

    ‘It’s immoral to have food banks in one of the world’s richest countries’

    “Nonetheless, my standard of living is certainly affected by the distress all around: by the numbers of mentally ill people wandering the streets; by what happens in my child’s school; by seeing friends and family pushed out of hospital long before they are able to care for themselves.”

  29. Read ALL of the post in the link below.

    “Steve Knight…Posted Today, 03:36 PM”

  30. ‘No time for pointing fingers’, how fucking bourgeois and polite; of course it fucking is – and more
    IDS is fucking evil scum

  31. Girl With A Dirty Mind

    Seriously, these public officers are not living in the real world. Check out this thieving scumbag MP and his lame excuse We should all be issuing commercial liens against these public servants. They are not serving the public, but some higher agenda. If they just want to kill us all and make us starve or freeze to death, why don’t they just bomb us, then they would have no one to dominate. Nah, the way ‘they’ do it is much crueller. Anyhow, start saying no. Stop supporting the beast that is the system. Stop paying council tax, as it’s not enforceable in the UK anyhow. Check out Halsbury’s Law.


    The CBI are pointing their fingers at David Cameron in the above link but the best part to read is what the commenters say about the CBI

    another snippet of what the CBI are all about below.

  33. Girl With A Dirty Mind

    On another note, I have a lien against a council of £51 million. If anyone wants to offset their CT debt off this, kindly email me via my website with your name and account number, cos these fuckers are getting a bill and I won’t be paying them a penny for a very long time. My lien is legit. I have summary judgement. Hopefully, it’ll get the bailiffs off my back. On another note, the entire procedure of CT enforcement is illegal. The council print their own liability orders and summons. It’s forgery and fraud. If you’ve ever received a summons or liability order, ring the court (you were invited to) and ask them. They’ll say it has nothing to do with them, it’s the council all the way. So why are they inviting people to THE MAGISTRATE’S COURT.

    • My son had a CT enforcement against him because his ex wife had not paid the council tax and he was liable for arrears, the council baliffs came and clamped his car which he needed for work and would not release it until he paid £150, my family had to come to his rescue.
      Local government are worse than central government.

  34. why is nothing being done ? hearing of the odd job center window being smashed, but that’s not going to solve anything in the long run, i am surprised it’s not kicked off, myself and over 15 others i know are all under sanction, overlaping each other once one finishes another kicks in boom, crazy i signed off me i could not take no more was severely making me ill i look in the skips at the back of asda for bread they always throw out even seen another bloke there last night for the very same reasons benefit sanctions, this duncan smith blokes, gunna have fucking anarchy on his hands in this country it’s on a knife edge.

    • Instead of pushing jobpoints over or breaking the odd window during the daytime, people should be meeting up/congregating late night/early hours in large groups and launching petrol bombs through the windows. It really is time to create a FIRESTORM against all the jobcentres, work programme offices/head offices, DWP HQ.people need to start organising themselves into gangs, factories need to be set up making petrol bombs. Duncan-Smith is an old fashioned school bully, and the only way to stand up to bullys is to fight back otherwise they will continue.

      • Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

        “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

        – Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

      • Anarchists cookbook will tell you how.

        • Anarchists cookbook can be purchased from Amazon. And six bottles of superglue can be bought for £1.50 from wilkos. Just imagine the fun you can have!

  35. Landless Peasant


  36. I’ve just been diagnosed with a life threatening heart condition…and I have told my ‘Hit Squad’ advisor at the Jocentre, that I CANNOT be put under any kind of stress. The result? he put a note into my claim file, which I watched him type into the system, telling the jokers who sign me on to LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE until I have spoken to the DEA. And I will HOLD them to that.

  37. It is not just this one man, he is a cretin and doesn’t have the brain power to tie his own shoelaces without a servants help. It is the whole system that are screwing people. He is just a figure head, one that will probably be cut off before long, but a figure head none the less.

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  39. overburdenddonkey

    work no longer cures poverty, so says report, which imo goes on to miss the point completely…the point is that austerity is a red herring..the cause of poverty is unfettered capitalism…

  40. “Universal Automation is a Chrome browser extension that automatically searches and applies for jobs on Universal Jobmatch, the government-run job search website which benefit claimants are forced to use.”

  41. The revolution in uk looks like it wont happen until November 2014.

  42. Why don’t you dole scum and moaning Minnies just get a fucking job and work for a living? My family and me would have more money in our pockets if you moribund fuckers would get up off your arses and pull your bastarding weight. What a despicable bunch of free-loading benefit claiming scrounging bastards you are: hopefully a nice cold winter will rid the country of some of you over the next few months. Filth.

    • Go and fuck yourself you fucking waste of space

    • Girl With A Dirty Mind

      Sammi, you’re obviously angry about something. Stop venting your anger out on the whole world, and take a look at your horrible personality for a start. Oh…and listen to a little Madonna’s Open Your Heart. Sorry but we don’t need human beings like you in this world who are too wrapped up in their own cosy lives, and fuck everyone else. Open your fucking eyes Sammi. People are dying. People are feeling suicidal. I pray that you never feel close to that when you are eventually hit and pushed into slumber.

    • overburdenddonkey

      so you don’t like paying pensioners? which is 50% of the budget, jsa accounts for a fraction of the budget, 1%. so i believe…

    • “My family and me would have more money in our pockets if you moribund fuckers would get up off your arses and pull your bastarding weight”

      :/ you say that as if the government wouldn’t keep taking your money if there was no unemployment when everyone knows that they would take it regardless. if your so against benefits, why not pay back all the benefits you get for your children and your healthcare!

    • Hi Sammi,

      1) Your family sound like a right bunch of cunts. 2) It’s ‘My family and I’. 3) I wonder what your IP address is?


    • sammi are you a real commenter or a tory troll i wonder?

    • FUCK OFF!! CUNT!!

    • So, Sammi, I take that if you become sick or redundant you won’t put in a claim for benefits & by some miracle only known to yourself you’ll be able to survive totally on fresh air.

    • letzgo wrecking

      Sammi mate. Sounds like someones got a habit.

    • Hear, hear! And about bloody time too!

  43. With the energy price hike thats been announced today of 10% on electric I can see many more people needing food banks and many having no electric credit on there key meter. People will live with no heating or lighting and will use candles. We are going back to Victorian times, pushing the poor to live like this.

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  45. letzgo wrecking

    Oh Iain. Just do us all a favour and die, will you. There’s a good fellow!

    • letzgo wrecking

      Furthermore, you are like a cum stain on the face of a very dear, and very old friend. You are disagreeable sight, and no mistaking.

  46. David Cameron appointed Ian Duncan Smith and clearly gives him all his support ,
    Im sure it was all thought up by Cameron and his elite force from Eton. At some point you will be voted out, thank goodness for that.
    The Conservatives under Cameron have been the worst Government in decades , on Poverty, bedroom tax , war on the low paid workers, bedroom tax, housing, and everything associated with low paid, Disability benefits , one of the main things, Growing unemployment and the like. We need Labour and UKIP in place ,to change this nightmare , pity Nigel cant get a seat in Westminster , The Tories as we know them, have past there sell by date,they have lost touch with reality in regards to Briton, The house of Lords should be done away with, all there pomp and circumstance, its 2013 Briton has changed dramatically ,in fact the world has, we live in a different era altogether As that of our grandparents , they should make the house of Lords a museum with a lot of these other chambers. Buckingham palace is very big, but im sure the Queen only uses a few rooms. Start with Westminster and the like and keep them as places of historic interest.

    • “The Conservatives under Cameron have been the worst Government…” since the last one.

      “We need Labour and UKIP…” like a hole in the head.

    • That was a Party Election broadcast on behalf of the Labour Party and the United Kingdom Independence Party.

      • It’s no surprise if you look through the history where the Tories have been in power all we have seen is breakdown.. 70-74 power cuts and three day week, terrible inflation and disillusionment, TV ceased broadcasting at around 10:30pm, heath called a general election and failed to win a majority. Labour got back in then and subsequently called another general election to cement their position with a clear majority. Of course there was the fallout from conservatives mess and we had that winter of discontent.. and all the rhetoric and propaganda then convinced the public to vote Tory and Thatcher the milk snatcher got in and the rest is miserable history.. with the hideous Yuppies being born showing us how bad things can get when self-serving capitalism has it’s way… The best moment was seeing thatcher ousted as Prime Minister in tears being driven away from No.10 in the back of that car, we had to wait longer for the final completion of waving goodbye to the Tories.

        It just makes one wonder how the hell have they been allowed to regain power through the backdoor due to voters indecisive voting after the tedium that was Brown.. good chancellor, crap PM. Today I overheard some guy who was not a yob but actually a businessman say to another person that every time he see’s the image of Cameron on TV or in the newspapers he just wants to smash his face in, I’m sure, there are more than a few who would happily hold his coat and I dare say probably even more would if it was to be a double pasting involving IDS. Yes violence!.. that base nature that human’s resort to when protest and reasoning fails. It’s bad enough we have to wait until 2015… until then a fascist government can make policies without any recourse because the wishy-washy lib-dem’s are next to useless and have only proven they could never run this country with a majority not that they would ever get one in their wildest dreams.

        Some have said we should get our heads around the idea of a coalition involving Labour and UKIP. Somehow we know what this coalition is doing to the country and it’s people and we only need to look in political history to see what scenarios developed in the longer term of power if they remained, but that really is not an option and I still feel coalition does have validity but the worse example is this mutation we endure at this times and what has happened in such a short space of time… no surprise really rather like if people keep throwing stones windows will get broken.. just as if the Tories keep spouting the same rhetoric and propaganda some gullible people will believe it and there are those who will always believe it because it’s in their nature… in their class maybe even to aspire to be a yuppie of the 21st century.

        The Tories and those who vote for them might think money can buy class when it certainly cannot. Class is not a product you can buy it’s a quality you either have or you do not, and it cannot be measured on one or two things like wealth and charisma, some of the poorest people in this country have more class in their little fingers than the entire Tory party and for those who aspire to attain it.. well, they vote Tory thinking this is a Launchpad to the very foundation to becoming respectable, and again they think that comes from what class you might be.. it does not, but that is the amusing part of it all… unexceptional men and women with exceptional educations who convey the illusion of class and respectability when they have none. For all their wealth and their education and contacts they get it wrong time and time again, history is testament to it and the only people who would disagree are Tories and those who wish to be so…not forgetting the amusement of inverted snobbery.

  47. They have. My cousin was on her way to sign on when she was hit by a car that ran the lights at the crossing she was using. When Jo was finally able to ring the Jobcentre Plus from the ED, they basically gave her the equivalent of “Tough shit”. If it wasn’t for my parents and other relatives supporting her, Jo wouldn’t be recovering properly, what with the little she’s expected to survive on with a fractured pelvis. This is half of why I created the backronym, ‘Department of Wankers and Pricks’.

  48. The reality is this…. THE BIG SOCIETY is happening but not how Cameron and his cronies expected it to be.. for example,, papering over the cracks of their policies and failure to deliver for the good of this country, looking to the people to take up the slack of their failure for nothing!.. not even Labour could get away with that let-alone the Tories and Lib-Dems in this coalition.

    It’s happening but THE BIG SOCIETY is every man woman and child in this country who have suffered as a result of this coalition’s failure, not just this term of office but through the years.. destroying manufacturing in the uk so we have to go cap in hand to other countries like China to come here and invest to save us.. yes they destroy and then try to rebuild from their failure through self-serving greed.

    Now “The Big Society” has mutated and turned on Cameron, he wants us to think Food Banks are the big society in full effect for the good, he is too stupid to see that they exist because of his parties failures and ineptness to look beyond their own needs as they try to divide and rule by destroying all public assets.. peddled off cheaply to their rich buddies, never even thinking this whole thing regarding Austerity was as a result of those of their hideous class level having the power to change economies with the stroke of a pen yet being so base natured to simply be greedy… in short merely common thieves and nothing more.

    Yes.. THE BIG SOCIETY is us all and it’s an IRON FIST of purpose and of sincerity yet powerful.. not instantly but in the longer game where the results are always all the more effective and lasting. yes THE BIG SOCIETY is the kraken the Tories have prodded once too often and when it wakes it’s going to rise up and bite their heads off.. it’s like Frankenstein’s Monster coming alive and eventually destroying it’s creator, a Tory idea that was idiotic from the word go and rebooted for the purpose it will ultimately serve and not for Divide and rule, not for self-serving rich politicians with two or more homes and a bank balance overseas.. but for the people.. the majority of this country who have been offended by this coalition once too often.

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