Tax Dodging Soars Under Tories To Seven Times Entire Bill For Unemployment Benefit

tax-gapDespite Tory claims that they would cut down on tax evasion and avoidance, the amount of tax dodged each year soared by £3 billion to £35 billion in the first two years of this Government.

The tax gap means the difference between the amount of tax HMRC believe is legally due, and the amount lost to fraud, evasion, error, avoidance or simply going unpaid.  The Tax Office last week published the latest estimates for the year 2011/12, although they themselves admit their figures are far from perfect.  Some research has indicated the true figure is around three and a half times higher than Treasury estimates at around £120 billion a year.

These figures do not include the many and varied ways global corporations choose to avoid tax, such as the widely publicised failure of Google, Amazon and Starbucks to pay for the services their businesses depend on.

Even taking the HMRC figures at face value the sums of money involved are staggering.  £35 billion was evaded, avoided, stolen or went unpaid in 2011/12 – £3 billion more than in 2009/10 – the year before the current Government weren’t elected.

The latest statistics show that £5.1 billion was unpaid due to tax evasion, which means illegal tax dodging and a further £4 billion through the slippery forms tax avoidance which HMRC consider is just about legal tax dodging.  To place this figure in context, the amount lost through illegal evasion alone is enough to pay for the entire budget for the mainstream unemployment benefit Jobseeker’s Allowance, and still have change.  The total amount of missing tax is around seven times higher than the entire budget for the dole.  In another stark comparison, the amount estimated to be lost to fraud across the entire social security system was just £1.2 billion in 2012/13.

Most workers on PAYE don’t even get a change to dodge their tax.  For the rich it is a very different story and it is theft every bit as much as a disabled person caught playing golf or a single mum who doesn’t tell the Jobcentre she has a partner straight away.  The thieving rich expect a fire brigade to turn up if their mansion burns down after all, and a police force to help them protect their wealth.  But many of them don’t want to pay their rightful share of the profit they make from our work to pay for them.

To read HMRC’s guess at how much the rich are fleecing us download Measuring Tax Gaps 2013 (PDF)

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47 responses to “Tax Dodging Soars Under Tories To Seven Times Entire Bill For Unemployment Benefit

  1. back to the Victorian era

    Benjamin Franklin said two things to be sure of in life are death and taxes. This tax avoiding rabble will be the death of all of us.

  2. getting tax from the elite risks death to those tracking them down if they should ever go overseas so HMRC don’t bother as you’d be a fool to get to involved with your life on the line

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  4. My epetition might be of interest to anyone who wants to try to sort the situation out…

    To be honest, I was amazed they published it, because it would screw so many politicians in the process ;-p

  5. yet it is us who pay even the bbc who don’t report their abuse doesn’t help those who pay their wages yet they get away with murder and cant br held responsible for it neither will they pay jeff3

  6. They only want to go after the little people like you and me.

  7. The Tories are a pathetic bunch of the lowest form of humanity and it only goes to prove how the best educations are wasted on a bunch of overly rich self-gratifying toffs who only care about their own social status within the ranks of their own class and their bank balance, usually side-stepping their tax payments yet happy to play the moralistic card to those who are in no position to properly defend themselves… it’s like the school bully beating up the kindest yet softest boy in the school and then playing up to his cronies whilst flexing his muscles and conveying to everyone what a hard man he is. That’s pasty George Osborne, Ian Duncan Smith and David Cameron.. the three Stooges.

    We may learn to hate it every minute of every day or every week or every month of every year but enough voted for them to allow him into the backdoor of No.10 by default, The Lib-Dems are just the little rat on their back lapping up the pleasure of sharing power knowing it’s the only way they ever would. There has to be humanity.. Feeling without it we cease to be true humans. Nobody likes Tax but we pay it, the rich hate it too and they don’t have to! even though they can afford it. All I can say if Cameron or any other Tory doesn’t want to have too many Second homes.. especially in wales.. they would soon then understand what it’s like to return to a real home fire in the cold winter nights.. history confirms that, not just words.

  8. joshuachristian19691

    Reblogged this on THE SIEGE OF BRITAIN and commented:

  9. overburdenddonkey

    for example, £180bn pays a citizen income to 30m people of £6000/pa or £115/wk…all administered through hmrc..there are many ways that this figure can be achieved and more, just by economic restructuring, away from belief is that with, no sanctions and conditionality, it will encourage a cooperative society with massive spin off’s, work share being one, a greener economy being another, much less stress on human being and also medical services..we currently pour creativity and talent away on an alarming scale, to feed capitalism, it has to stop for all our futures..

  10. The truth be known, many politicians have secret off-shore accounts, their shady dealings, dishonest and illegal activities goes into their secret off-shore accounts. Many politicians will be blackmailed by the security services into voting the way the powers that be want them to vote or being exposed, there again, many politicians get paid for voting the way the powers that be want them to vote, that goes into their secret off-shore accounts.

    Of course, many a politician will be blackmailed for other activities as well.

    The amount not being taxed doesn’t run into billions, it runs into at least two trillion from the UK alone, not a chance that none of the three main parties will shut down untaxed off-shore accounts or tax them, not a chance!!!.

  11. Same old shit from Labour:

    “Labour will be tougher than Tories on benefits, promises new welfare chief

    Rachel Reeves vows to cut welfare bill and force long-term jobless to take up work offers or lose state support”

    • overburdenddonkey

      yet another bean counter, from new torlab…

    • letzgo wrecking

      Forcing the long-term jobless to take up work offers is all very well. However, most of long-term jobless are lucky to even get a reply when they apply for a job, let alone an interview, never mind an offer of employment. This is just another example, if anymore were needed, of the kind of mindset who run this country. And this is just the opposition, for fucks sake!

      • What “opposition”, there is NO opposition, we are governed by one party, and that is a FAR right party, an opposition party would not be allowed. If people were to try and change that the army that is governed from the rank of Captain upwards is made up off private and public school educated tory supporters, always has been, there is a reason for that, its in case people try and change the system….That is not to be allowed!!!.

        • Annos, as I have said before, we have no-one in Parliament to represent us. We are on our own. But that WILL change. Its just taking a wee bit longer before we bring these bastards down into the fucking gutter where they belong.

        • This just further highlights the process of disenfranchisement that has been going on for years. OUR NHS is rapidly disappearing under commisioning babble (privatisation) – OUR Welfare State is being dismantled and medical insurance ads proliferate our tv screens. OUR post office is sinking below the surface. It looks to me that ‘they’ have won already. The British just standing there watching it all happen …. aimless and pointlessly watching …… it’s over folks – there’s no way back – we are on our own now ….I’m so angry I can’t write anymore

          • “All power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

          • There is only one way left for us.

            The many left parties MUST come together, if everyone joins we will win, we will be too many to be stopped. Will it happen ?, can’t see it myself, the many left parties hate each other MORE then they hate the FAR,FAR right wing!. The sheer insanity of it all…

    • Rachel with Labour voters:

  12. Watched question time the other night. It was from down south, Cambridge i think.
    What a proper set of wankers, most of the audience were. Proper snobby bastards who really thought our national problems were only applicable to the poor, they could’nt make out what all the fuss was about!

    The week before featured Birmingham, completely different again. Real people with real values

    Our North, South divide is absolutely staggering and i’m not surprised with the blatantly divisive allocation of funding……………..
    Outside of London’s square mile they could’nt give a fuck if we live or die.

    The Old Etonians want teaching a lesson in how to deal with the grossly underpriviliged. Personally i am not bothered how it is achieved, neither are most of us.
    By hook or by crook, bring it on baby. The sooner, the better………..

    “The class war is just starting”

  13. These so called men of politics are nothing more than lying, scummy thieves scrabbling over each other to avoid taxing large companies so they can save their privileged friends at the top a few million here and there as far as im concerned their heads belong on sticks!!! fuck the peasants at the bottom, to them it doesn’t matter if they live or die as in the case of the terminal cancer patient being evicted from her home… you mark my words the revolution is going to be started, especially if i have anything to do with it, these self gratifying wankers are going to be humbled and humiliated…. watch for signs of change in the country its about time these little Eton pricks were shown the extent of their own ugliness.

  14. The Lib Dems will be toast when the voters are through with them.

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  16. If we were fit and healthy people able to march, stand for hours in protest the government would be a bit less cocky, but we are ill ,some unable to walk let alone stand for long hours in as march or picket line , but I feel this is what is needed , we have had marches before but we need a massive march with everyone we can get on our side , disrupt the running of the country somehow. Camp outside Parliament , outside number ten I don’t know anything to make these people realize the WE are people too . I do wonder if the plan is to get rid of the sick disabled and push us int ghettos out of sight out of mind .
    The unemployed will be made live on fresh air or a pittance , work houses for them when they are evicted ,(maybe converted warehouses of companies gone bust ) Then let people of other countries come and do the work for less , or which is scary ,criminal gangs that seem to be taking over in poor areas ….. Is it really 2013 seems more like 1813 Revolution is needed but we are too “nice” to do such a thing .as it may ruin what life style of the middle classes as its them we need to get this off to some kind of action .

  17. Disabled people are allowed to play golf: there’s a lot of different kinds of disabilities that are covered by benefits. You don’t have to be a comatose quadriplegic to claim it.

    • something survived...

      Exactly. They think the disabled should just sit at home all day with someone coming in for 5 minutes to wipe their bum. Of course they assume stupid things like that torylabrat (ToryLab rat/Tory lab-rat/ Tory LaBrat) bitch (unemployed forced into jobs) in the link above assumes, when she assumes nobody unemployed is disabled (most are), and that there are no issues over ability to do the job, willingness to work in the industry, suitability for job, conscientious objection… possible random allocation of sex offenders to jobs with kids and vulnerable adults…. Also there are legal responsibilities and rights that come with having a paid job, unless she creates a new category of Slave that those rules don’t apply to. The status quo assumes that if you managed to get into a paid job, then you applied for it with full, informed consent in the possibility of actually getting it, as a volunteer without pressure. That’s out of date now but the concept has not changed attitudes yet, or policy. That’s why, once you have a job, it is very hard to leave your job, unless you manage to get another job for you to go straight into. Because if you lose your job in normal, honourable circumstances you can often get some sort of severance package, or at least something. That might tide you over or pay the mortgage if you were without work or benefits for a while. If you are made redundant when the company folds and nobody gets anything, you might be able to get benefits. But, at the moment there are more penalties associated with ‘voluntarily’ leaving a job than with being sacked. You can no longer go straight onto benefits if you ‘voluntarily’ left a job. That could be anything: Too sick to carry on, not sick enough for benefits; Too old/unable to do it any more; Forced to resign, or bullied into leaving; Harrassment in workplace, Conscientious objection, Job is horrible, Boss is horrible, Colleagues are scum, etc. Work conditions horrible or dangerous; not enough pay to live on; Job is not what you thought it would be; Workplace is unethical and you can’t work there any more; Dispute at work; Personality clash; Moving house because partner moved or you need to care for relative, so need to move and give up job. Job undervalues you and your skills. Job is hopeless, pointless and dead-end.
      Job is a McJob. Job is such shite that you only took it because you were desperate for money. Colleagues and often boss are racist, sexist, homophobic, knuckle-dragging, EDL-worshipping morons. In fact if you are raped or sexually assaulted at work, or told to stop work because of an ongoing case where you were physically assaulted there – then, you not only have the fact you were assaulted, but are punished by being forced to leave, and deprived of income, though you’re the victim. (Often the rapist, groper or puncher then gets promoted, This Is How The World Works. Scum always floats straight to the top.) If you have rent or a mortgage to pay, or had work-tied accommodation, you are also evicted.

      How this is changing: They are starting to stop benefits also for people who were sacked. Even if you were sacked unjustly or illegally, because the employer can’t afford you, or because you can’t do the job any more for any reason.

      If a new system with forced workers was in place, most would be entirely unsuited to their randomly allocated jobs, and would be asking to leave. As they had no choice over what job they were sent to, the principle that workers in jobs chose their job needs to be changed. Also employers of most of the most obviously unsuited workers would be asking the government permission to sack them. Which they could also do if they objected to an employee who was gay, black, Muslim, female, or in a wheelchair. The government could then either refuse, saying you must have these people no matter what they do; or could agree, then punish the people for being (often repeatedly) sacked.

      That nasty, nasty cow. Is all I can say. Basically she should be turned upside down and used as a hoover to clean up urinals with her face. “Well it’s meaningful employment, LUV”, (thrown in, as many employers think it’s an appropriate term of address for 52% of the population, who of course if workfare/slaves have no way of objecting or leaving) !

      As for disabled people working: The other assumptions made are:
      -There are no such things as good days and bad days
      -Or disabled sportspeople
      – Disabled people want to be dependent/independent
      -They don’t have emotions, complex thoughts, any need for stimulation intellectually or education or fun/leisure
      -Nobody over 30 has sex and no disabled person does/can/wants to.
      -If you claim benefits you should never have a foreign or UK holiday even by saving up your own meagre benefits, should not play sport or go out to entertainment, should not have a big TV (newsflash, they’re all big now)…. should not have a special diet or the right to conscientiously object to anything. Of course at the same time as trying to ban or price out the poor from exercise and sport and leisure, they are angry about health and obesity and want people thinner/fitter. And at the same time as closing all leisure centres except private posh gyms, and paying so little benefit we can’t afford to buy or cook food let alone fruit/veg. or buy a fridge to put it in or cooker to cook it on. How these torygraphs ever count their own fingers and toes is an absolute mystery!

      • Good post, LUV… 🙂 Now be a good girl and tootle off and gets those floors swept if you would be so kind… 🙂

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  19. As a financial black hole it’s troubling – but I’m more troubled by the £64 billion PER YEAR our EU membership costs us. If you want to look at a better way to reinvest in UK infrastructure, we MUST leave the EU

  20. ‘You couldn’t make it up – new chair of HMRC is former KPMG senior partner’

    From those libertarian communists at the Reuters news agency:
    ‘Special Report – How the UK tax authority got cosy with big business’

    Private Eye are good on HMRC/tax avoidance – minority of their stuff is ever online (buy/borrow/steal):
    ‘George’s dodgy dealers’

  21. Iain Duncan Smith is a CUNT!!


  22. “Exclusive: Red Cross launches emergency food aid plan for UK’s hungry”

    “IMF explains “Double Irish Dutch Sandwich” tax avoidance”

  23. Labour, Lib Dems and Tories are all interchangeable now. Labour need to radically alter their stance and actually be in opposition to the right instead of agreeing with them. It seems like Labour are intent on losing the next election. There are literally millions of very angry people out here in the real world at what the Tory-led government are inflicting upon the poor, sick and disabled. These are votes that are there for the taking, but Labour seems intent on alienating this massive demographic. Why? What is Labour’s agenda, exactly? Why have they abandoned the people of this country? Let’s address some of what Rachel said with some stone cold hard facts. Payments to the unemployed account for just 2.3% of the entire benefits bill. Fraud is only 0.7%. A life of luxury on benefits? Really? You think £71 per week JSA will buy you foreign holidays, big TVs and slap up meals? Really?? Do you really believe this? If it’s so luxurious on benefits why are there food banks and an increase in homelessness? Why are the Red Cross intervening for the first time since the second world war? Rachel Reeves needs to get a grip on reality and start addressing these issues. You want to bring down the deficit? Then go after the tax dodgers. End Workfare – because that only provides free workers to the big companies at the expense of the tax payer. Force the companies to actually employ people for a decent wage instead of expecting the tax payer to subsidise their workers for them. Come on, Labour, become the voice of the people again, like you used to be, instead of pandering to empty, right wing rhetoric. Become what you should be. Show empathy and compassion for those less fortunate than you, because THAT is what will make Britain great again.

  24. So why doesn’t that graph have a section for “Ethical Boycott”? I know lots of people who refuse to communicate with HMRC because they will not help bankroll criminal governments that lack a true mandate…

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