Vigil to Save Independent Living Fund October 14th

independent-living-fund-vigilvia Disabled People Against Cuts


Monday October 14th 2013

Vigil and press call – from 12.30pm – outside front entrance Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London, WC2A 2LL

Join us in support of disabled claimants challenging the government’s consultation on the closure of the Independent Living fund.

On Monday 14th October the Court of Appeal will be asked to over-turn the decision of the High Court handed down in April that found that the consultation had been lawful and the Department for Work and Pensions had met the Public Sector Equality Duty.

The ILF was set up in 1988 to support disabled people with the highest levels of support need to live in the community. Since then it has helped thousands to live active and full lives.

The government decision to close the Independent Living Fund and instead devolve responsibility to local authorities follows a consultation that disabled people claim is unlawful.

Whereas support received through the ILF has transformed thousands of lives, local authorities are not able to provide the same level or range of support through their current systems. With central funding to local authorities being cut this can only get worse. Disabled people fear that the alternative will bee of being sent against their wishes to live in institutions or surviving trapped in their own homes.

The closure of the Independent Living Fund has major significance for disabled people’s equality and our position within society. Disabled people fought for decades for our right to live in the community independently and with choice and control. The closure of the Fund signifies an end to the right to independent living.

Join us to show support and solidarity to those disabled people taking the appeal on an issue that is importance to everyone who cares about social justice and the rights of disabled people to live independently, equally and with dignity.

Supporters will gather outside the courts at 9.45am and then try to get into the court room. By lunch time we will know if the appeal has been granted, in which case it will be heard over the Monday and Tuesday 15th, or if it has been turned down. Whatever the decision we will hold our vigil and press call at 12.30pm outside the courts in support of the claimants and in defense of the Independent Living fund.

You can listen to how this vicious attack will affect disabled people at these links:

For more information about the vigil contact:

Travel: the tube stations around the Royal Courts are not accessible (nearest accessible tubes are Westminster and LondonBridge and both are a bus journey away).

Please check for more travel information 

Accessible toilets around the royal courts:

–         There is an accessible toilet outside Embankment tube station and inside Charing Cross station.

–         There are toilets opposite the Royal Courts but these are not accessible

–         There are also accessible toilets inside the Royal Courts themselves – see page 10 of this booklet:

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29 responses to “Vigil to Save Independent Living Fund October 14th

  1. Typo – Your leader line says 4th oct not 14th

  2. “CHILL OUT”

    I am looking forward to Christmas in the same way a turkey is………
    Glad tidings of great joy i bring, what a load of crap!

    One of my friends came round this morning and helped to remove two panels out of my fence. These two panels represent my heating over the winter period, maybe the rest will have to come down.
    Being disabled brings all the merits of a civilised society, especially a disability for life, what i had till having it stolen from me by a terminator, EMMA BRODRICK, an ATOS terminator.
    First they took my Incapacity Benefit then came and took my Disability Living Allowance.

    The DWP say that they can do this as my circumstances have changed. I have never reported a change, only the ATOS report……………..
    My circumstances have changed, “THEY STOLE MY BENEFITS”

    Originally my benefits were awarded at a medical tribunal following an accident at work. The tribunal was attended by two doctors, each having a raft of qualifications after their names, the ATOS nurse had done a short course……………
    They have no qualifications that any of the medical councils recognise……..

    The doors are beginning to stick due to the damp in the air, winter is on its way. Nevertheless my family will manage. We have to, its not a matter of choice.
    We have not lit our gas fire for a long time now, indeed this will be our fourth year without heat. I explained this to my ATOS nurse but she must have forgot to put it on my biased report.
    Strange it being omitted?

    Mind you, she will be celebrating in style with the wages of sin she has amassed. I wonder if any of her clients have died?

    Christmas last year was a time to celebrate, we had a meagre benefit then, this year will be a trial to stay alive.

    The pieces of wood from my fence will be burnt in the flue area that used to be occupied by my gasfire, an ornament from the good days. There is an old flagstone on what is left of the carpet, directly below my little fire. It should stop a lot of the sparks.
    Going to the toilet is fun, you have to use the lit candle to maneouvre your way there, cannot afford to use the electric.

    Ice forms on the inside of your doors and windows but the old coats thrown on the bed help keep the hypothermia at bay.

    Hypothermia, apparently is a good way to die, you don’t realise your life is being taken away, similar to the actions of the DWP………………..

    My son goes to a sixth form college now, the bus fare is a pound each wayor one meal less, as we see it. We feed him best we can but his friends, whose parents are not shirkers, give him their leftovers……….

    Christmas dinner will be an anticlimax. You can hardly don party hats and celebrate.
    As the privileged watch giant plasma screens and scramble to open presents, we will be huddling to keep warm, weighted by our old fleeces,whilst keeping an eye on the thermometer.
    Any food we get will have been given by a good samaritan.
    Our son realises that we love him so much, even though we can’t afford to buy him any gifts. His gift is the gift of life…………..

    As the government turn a blind eye to the energy companies obscene act of raising profits for the bosses and shareholders, the old pass away in droves. It will not bother any ministers either, their expenses will suffice nicely to enable a sugar coated festivity.

    The government rhetoric about impressing upon the energy companies to show their lowest tariffs, is no good to the people who cannot afford energy.
    The only warmth they will feel is the giant gas flames engulfing their bodies in the the crematorium…………………………

    Talking of crematoriums, why haven’t the coalition brought these in yet, they have introduced all the other doctrines of the NAZIS against the weakest and most vulnerable.


  3. They don’t need to bring in gas chambers they are abusing and killing them off in hospitals and institutions away from prying eyes, not that there are any reliable inspectors only mealy mouthed apologist visitors.
    How can such a ruling have been deemed lawful in the first place?

  4. If this appeal gets turned down without a justifiable reason then I think we can unsafely call them the royal courts of rough justice or injustice, take your pick. Amazing that they will be foisting those unable to live independently onto councils who are only to happy to carry out fascist orders, even the labour councils.

  5. Surrey Stockbroker

    Interesting that Royal Mail shares have now closed at £4.55 for the day… so on the MANDATORY £749.10 holding that is profit of £283.75 🙂 (minus trading fees of course) EXACTLY (give or take 25 pence) 4 weeks JSA sanction money (£284)… don’t know if it is co-incidence or a direct re-distribution of wealth going on… 🙂

    • Surrey Stockbroker

      Should have said Royal Mail PLC… 🙂

      • its always been the same,pumped up on tax payers money and sold off on the cheap.
        vince cable rolling on about spivs and speculators when this creates ideal territory for this behavior. and in the long run prices sky high,in the past safety compromised for the sake of profits and vulture picked by venture capitalists.

        • Yeah ken, Osborne and Co. hand out billions to their chums and through the hoi polloi a few crumbs… funny how over on another site they are all arguing as to whether holding onto their Royal Mail PLC shares will make them less or more than £250* lol 🙂 as the well-placed have trousered a ‘shed-load of money’ lol 🙂

          * not saying that £250 isn’t a lot of money, but relatively speaking.

          • RMG closed at £4.75 today… a ‘paper’ profit of £329.15 on a MANDATORY £750 holding… a gain of £43.94%… someone, somewhere must have made an absolute fortune on these shares (JV anyone? lol)… what’s the betting on what the first day of unconditional trading will bring.

  6. I know this is off-topic, but would people please sign this petition? It’s to make the Cabinet prove that people are better off on benefits than in work by surviving on benefits themselves, and MP’s expenses don’t count.

  7. tried to look at petition and it says your sight untrusted?

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      i saw the here’s a question, apart from how long it took a man to plough an acre of land in medieval times..can anyone tell me how much energy i need to be fit for work?

      • If you were on your death bed, riddled with cancer, no arms and

        legs, making that ruttling noise as your last breaths became laboured and shorter, you would obviously be fit for work…….
        I suspect if you were dying and seeing the light you would also qualify.

        A cross eyed ATOS examiner inadvertently walked into a morgue and pronounced eight fit for work before he realised where he was….

        Who do you think will kill the most before winters out?
        Will it be ATOS or the energy companies?

        British gas will have to raise prices to keep up with the demand at the crematoriums as their old customers kick the bucket, the ones who cannot afford any energy.

        They wont take long to burn as they probably haven’t eaten for ages, mind you dodgy dave’s looking for lower tariff’s. Will this be after they apply this necessary increase for the bosses and shareholders?

        Never mind, soon be christmas…..

        My neighbours little boy is asking his mum for a sanction man…….

    • Tried to look at petition and it says your site untrusted?
      It shouldn’t be, it’s the government’s petition site.

  8. Probably those who own and run nursing homes have also got shares in the energy companies so are getting mates rates to heat their care homes, while they rob the pensioners of every bit of their pension, savings etc,
    This has been a criminal onslaught against the working class, especially those on benefits making it almost impossible to live anywhere independently with the rising cost of living and reduction of benefits.
    When they said universal credit would be easy to implement that is because they plan to have everyone on a single reduced benefit, stripped of any extra’s that made life bearable for the sick and disabled.

  9. Jobcentre Underground Resistance Network (JURN)

    I appears that EVERYONE on JSA is on a sanction at the moment! Instead of going through all this farcical Monty Python/Kafkaesque/Orwellian sanctioning bullshit why don’t the DWP just turn around and say that JSA is being stopped/reduced, because that is all it is in effect. Or would jobseekers be up in arms so the jobcentre have to some how make out that it is the jobseeker to blame, that the jobseeker is at fault.

  10. “State support for the sick, disabled, unemployed, the poor and pensioners is to be replaced by “a participatory society”, with workers and their families expected to carry the entire burden for the rest of society, while the wealthy are freed from taxes and any social responsibility.”

    The above is the definition of Cameron’s “big society”.

    Remember what Thatcher said…”There is no such thing as “society”, the above is proving her to be correct, the strong survive, the weak perish, by no definition can Cameron’s “big society be called “society”!!!.

  11. “With the support of the trade unions, Loewe has laid off around 35 percent of its workforce in less than six months.”

    Trade unions are a tool used to suppress and demoralise any opposition to the control of the powers that be, trade unions were brought into being for that reason.

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  13. This government does not want the economy to grow or incomes to increase because obviously their inherited wealth goes further. If the third world countries started fighting for better wages and rights then we might stand a chance of bringing the greedy capitalist investors to heal.
    Privatization of the basics in life have supplied the rich shareholder,landowner and property developers not to mention money lenders profits beyond their wildest dreams, there is no need to invest in or bring employment in this country unless we were on a par with third world economies.

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      they think that they are elite and should be served, and that we need to learn how to serve them…we are being punished for not producing more wealth for them…they are throwing a tyrannical tantrum, at the sick and disabled, the unemployed, underemployed, poor, and anyone else that fails to provide their expected increase in wealth, in sweat shop jobs fight club britain…..our income is rapidly being driven down, as the cost of living soars, whilst our cumulative wealth is being pirated and plundered..their ultimate aim is to stop our benefits altogether, whilst increasing theirs..

      • Talk about the cost of living soaring… just back from me local Co-op…. £2 for a blooming loaf of bread and £2 for a blooming packet of chocolate digestives!! Everything is blooming soaring… gas and electricity are rising faster then a blooming hot air balloon. And the cheek of that blooming fat-faced Osborne toff to JSA to blooming well peg JSA to a blooming annual 1% increase for blooming how knows long. Blooming disgraceful!!

        • I know, Brenda, round here it is the same (or worse); a loaf of bread, a packet of biscuits and a pint of milk and you are lucky to get any change out of £5!

          • Skint Southerner

            £5 for a 4-pack of beans in the local ‘co-op’ down these parts 😦 That old staple beans on toast is rapidly becoming the preserve of the rich: “Gosh, you dine on beans on toast! You must be bloody loaded!” lol … 🙂

        • Pervyn Ming (Bnak of England)

          Well, that’s what we at the BoE call ‘quantitative easing’… or ‘inflation’ to you and I… 🙂

  14. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Disabled People Against Cuts are organising a vigil outside the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday to protest against the government’s attempts to close down the Independent Living Fund. This was set up in 1988 to allow the very disabled to live in the community. Without it, and forced to rely on the limited funds available to local authorities, the disabled fear that they will either be forced to live in institutions, or trapped as virtual prisoners in their own homes. The vigil is outside the front entrance to the Royal Court of Justice, as it is meeting to consider overturning the High Court’s decision that the consultation organised by the government was lawful and met equality regulations. Disabled People Against Cuts feel that it was not, hence the protest. The vigil and press call will be held at 12.30 pm. This is a chance to join the protesters against this latest Coalition attack on the very poorest and most vulnerable in our society.

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