Tax Payer Should Fund Workfare Exploiters Claim Tory Funded Poverty Pimps (and the TUC)

week-of-workfareAn astonishing document (pdf), which appears to be backed by the TUC, suggests that private companies should be paid to take on workfare staff.

The breath-taking suggestion would mean that companies like Argos – who boasted of taking on workfare staff in the Christmas rush – are given a tax payer funded hand-out to go with their free labour.

The call for funding for workfare exploiters comes from Fair Train, the not-for-profit organisation who have been handed Government funding to establish a workfare quality standard scheme.  The organisation claim that this  workfare badge of shame is an:  “independent, nationally recognised quality benchmark that is recognised by key government departments, LEPs, other employers, Trades Unions, National Careers Service and those who arrange work experience.”

According to Fair Train’s Guide For Employers, applying for this ‘quality standard’ – which basically involves sending them some money and agreeing to some vaguely defined guidelines – will help employers: “seek re-imbursement from training providers for the cost of setting up work experience placements”.

In most cases these so-called training providers will be tax payer funded poverty pimps like the notorious A4e who are currently mired in fraud allegations.  In other words we pay them to pay huge employers like ASDA and Marks & Spencers to to keep their wage bills down by making use of unpaid workers.

Previously Fair Train have claimed that only ‘voluntary’ workfare placements will be eligible to receive their Quality Standard.  Yet most Work Experience schemes are far from voluntary with claimants at risk of being sent on mandatory workfare should they refuse a placement.

This vague idea of what is and is not consensual is echoed in Fair Train’s Employer’s Guidance which merely states that employers should “regard work experience as a voluntary activity to be undertaken willingly by young people or adults seeking to improve their skills in the work place.”

Whether the claimant regards the placement as voluntary does not seem to be considered.  This will no doubt mean even those using officially mandatory workfare schemes, such as the Salvation Army and YMCA, will be able to decide that it’s not really mandatory and wear the workfare badge of shame with pride.

According to Fair Train, the guidelines for their workfare quality standard were developed with help from a range of organisations including the TUC and the mental health charity MIND.  Elsewhere Fair Train claim explicitly that the TUC support this initiative in a document (doc file) uncovered by the ever vigilant @boycottworkfare.  Some misty-eyed trade unionists may remember a time when the unions fought for better wages.  Now it seems that some union big wigs are happy to settle for no wages for young people starting out in their working life or older workers who become  unemployed.

So confident are Fair Trade that their TUC backed attempt at rebranding workfare will be successful they are even planning a ‘Week of Work Experience’ later in the month.  This celebration of unpaid labour will be used to encourage more companies and charities to prop up the Government’s disintegrating workfare schemes by taking on staff they don’t have to pay for.

With George Osborne’s recently announced plans to send hundreds of thousands of unemployed people on full time workfare, the DWP are going to need a lot of placements.  Luckily this quality standard will help us find out who they are and could prove the perfect way to track down your local workfare exploiters and name and shame them.

The Week of Workfare, which sees the TUC lining up alongside Boris Johnson to support unpaid work begins next Monday 14th October.  Fair Train will be tweeting from @WorkExpWeek using the hashtag #WEWeek2013.  Fair Train are on facebook at:

It is vital this attempt at rebranding workfare does not succeed, so spread the word.

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112 responses to “Tax Payer Should Fund Workfare Exploiters Claim Tory Funded Poverty Pimps (and the TUC)

  1. Disgusting, but not surprising. I hope there will be a mass boycott of all organisations that sign up to this.

  2. I’ve said for years that the unions had been infiltrated by right wing sleepers, crawling their way to the top, completely destroying the integrity of the workers only ally. Just as the Bliarites did with Labour. These people who have put their names to this, must be named and shamed and voted out by union members.

  3. Gravy Train more like, no mention of paid work anywhere.

    Let the boycotts begin!!!

  4. Just clicked on this (below) and guess what ? PAGE NOT FOUND!!

    ‘1 Say no to workfare: a TUC Charter on work experience This …‎
    unemployed people. Workfare. Unions believe that workfare is a failed policy. It exploits the people who take part by paying them much less than the minimum’

  5. Hi Johnny You can be assured that the BFAWU will not be supporting anything that remotely resembles workfare or any other exploitative scheme conjured up to make cheap jobs free. We have clear policies and actively campaign against all such schemes. Regards

    Ronnie Draper General Secretary Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union Stanborough House Great North Road Welwyn Garden City Hertfordshire AL8 7TA Work 01707260150 Mobile 07812739350 Twitter @ronniebfawu Sent from my iPhone

  6. New trade unions are clearly needed. Not only is workfare feudalism by another name but it deprives people who want the job of said job and makes strikebreaking easy.

  7. Maybe you should let know about MIND if you have further evidence. They are listed as ‘will no longer take part in workfare’.

    • Some of these charitable organisations such as Mind not only exploit the unemployed, but some are set up and run by the council such as the Alzheimer’s day centre. My mother went there and it was supposed to be free at the point of delivery being a charity, although my mother had savings which we did not know about because of her memory loss.
      When we found out about this the council took almost all of her savings over 30k to pay for the 11 years that she had been attending a day centre for her illness, which should have been provided by NHS by rights as this is an illness we are talking about. Now she is being fleeced for her half of the home her and my father shared now that she is in residential care.

      • Tell me how Mind exploit the unemployed – by allowing volunteers to work in their shops? The example you gave of your Mother’s ordeal clearly has nothing to do with Mind which is a charity, not ‘set up and run by the council’. Here is their statement on workfare

        • Hen

          Their shops are not just manned by volunteers, most of which are patients themselves who have been brainwashed into believing that work can help their illness, not as much as it can help the ceo’s running the charities, who they state would not be able to stay in business if it were not for the volunteers.
          As some have pointed out on here Mind says it is not conscripting those on jsa, but to refuse could incur a sanction so it is hardly voluntary.

          • overburdenddonkey

            g fawkes
            i absolutely agree with you, mind even supports the widely rejected dsm5, it supports workfare and the work programme…the statements on this link should be read by all… ….it is also well worth checking out the “disabilty works uk” site…and also this link to dsm5

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps sorry i made a mistake and misread their statement, i got that wrong on mind, supporting workfare and the work programme, they don’t…

            • overburdenddonkey

              sorry i’m have dyslexic day today, having read the following link it does support the work progamme…

            • overburdenddonkey

              g fawkes
              workfare is not voluntary, i thought it was..

            • overburdenddonkey

              g fawkes
              i know what it is, it has suddenly got very cold, and i’m shivering..i suffer blood disorders, neuropathy, diabeties2, HAVS and raynauds..time to wrap up warm, i hate putting on layers of clothes to keep warm…i feel cumbersome, atm dreaded winter is on it’s way…

            • mind are terrible,some of the staff have power gone to their heads because they have been advising the government. they think they can just pick up the phone with authority to whoever they like,jobcentres,gps’ about people refereed to them and back stab and attempt to disrupt benefits.

              never one to turn down a publicity opportunity on tv such as the recent mental/psycho ward,these charlatans are not to be trusted.

            • @obd, If I lived near you, I would wrap you up in ‘cotton wool’ and keep you warm for eternity. However, I have no money, no job, little heating But loads of love. Keep WARM the best you can. Better days are around the corner.

            • overburdenddonkey

              it’s just been a bad month for me, what with this, that, and the other, and now the cold damp scottish winter to look forward to, although it has it’s perks, like stunning beauty of the place, amazing light, warms the heart, if not the feet..last few days has been windswept, and temp has dropped dramatically, just a shock to the system.
              i know come next spring that i’ll, crave a 12c day like today, (4c last night), but not just now…i think we just have to do the best that we can, and get on with it, waste of time waiting for rescue, we have to rescue ourselves, and try to give each other strength for the uphill struggle, i’ve got a lot of admin stuff to deal with, and i’m not living my own life, atm, like a lot of people are right now, but i will get through it…

  8. As far as I’m concerned, this is a tax avoidance scheme pure and simple!
    This is because these payments will reduce the company wages bill which reduces the corporation due on profits. As wages (where they exceed the tax and NI thresholds) attract PAYE income tax and Class 1 employees (primary) and employers (secondary) National Insurance, there will be an overall loss to the Exchequer as a result. Also, for the individual concerned, there will be a loss of a qualifying year, which could affect contributions based benefits in the future (contributory principle)
    I’ve a good mind to report this tax avoidance scheme to the DOTAS (declaration of tax avoidance schemes) unit of HMRC.

  9. letzgo wrecking

    Someone on another forum for the unemployed I was looking at wanted to know who was responsible for insuring people forced to do workfare. He suggested people forced to work for the dole cause as much accidental damage as possible and things will soon change. Once the placement provider’s insurance premiums go through the roof due to multiple claims, then they’ll will think twice about exploiting the unemployed and using them as a source of cheap labour.

    Now I’m not suggesting that people who are forced to do workfare go equipped to cause wanton criminal damage. However, as one person on this forum stated recently: “people who are going to be forced to work for their dole under threat of having their benefits stopped if they refuse will almost certainly harbour a great deal of anger and resentment. Quite how this anger and resentment will manifest itself remains to be seen.

    • Love it @ letzgo wreaking.
      In all seriousness though, who is responsible for risk assessing claimants prior to carrying out the “work” because it’s entirely possible that their health could be compromised.

    • Good point re. insurance premiums. Perhaps all it would take is for somebody to point out to the firms that cover Public Liability for charities and voluntary organisations that there is a fundamental, qualitative difference between volunteers and conscripts. You can assume a volunteer’s good will; you can’t make the same assumption of somebody who is being forced to work under duress.

  10. Jolly good idea and about bloody time too!

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      Hear, hear.

      What is the problem? Why shouldn’t the nation’s businesses be helped to profit from your labours for the benefit of all? If businesses succeed they will generate jobs, revenues, and taxes for the government to help reduce the deficit and enable us to offer tax cuts to encourage hard work and entrepreneurship on the part of individuals. You are effectively already being paid handsomely via your entitlements and have chosen to live a life on benefits. You should be overjoyed finally to have some sense of purpose and the opportunity to gain some inkling in respect to what a fine thing it is to be a member of a hard-working family in alarm clock Britain.

      We are working for you.

      Iain Duncan Smith MP

      • Another Fine Mess

        Do you realise that there’ll soon be so much Tax-payers money being spent on people “working for their benefit” that you’ll end up having to go commando.

  11. So that’s it then, the UK to all intents & purposes is a slave labour state. Time the UN took an interest as “forced labour” is a crime against human rights as framed in the Geneva Convention.So these schemes are not just immoral they are illegal under international law.

    • Iain Duncan Smith

      My dear girl you are no slave. You could move abroad, commit suicide, or make some other informed decision in respect to your fate. You can have sexual intercourse with whom you please and move freely about the country unbranded, unchained, and unwhipped – although you may lose benefit if you fail to do what we tell you when we tell you to do something pretty damn quick.

      You are not slaves. We merely require you to obey and serve your superiors at their pleasure as God and Mr. Darwin himself have ordained.

      We are working for you.

      Iain Duncan Smith MP


        stop trolling you hypocritical. cunt!!!

      • You go & stack shelves in Poundland or Tesco then for sweet fuck all, the exercise should shift some of your flab. I’ll take you’re not afraid of a bit of hard work,?You know what work is don’t you, that for which the worker recieves that archane thing known as WAGES!

        • Of course this is not really IDS- the person who posts these messages is actually being ironic, to show IDS up to be the prat he really is!

          • Even though, I don’t doubt for one minute that this blog & the comments that we all leave are read by IDS’s goons at the DWP.

            • Bring it ON!

            • Maggie - the Hosue of Commons Cleaner

              Kittycat58, can I assure you this blog IS read by IDS’s goons at the DWP; the Void has even been mentioned in DWP dispatches and referred to as an ‘anarchist troublemaker site’ lol 🙂 IDS himself has the Void delivered to him on a silver platter every morning along with his tea and croissants.

      • Seriously Johnny, free speech and all but shouldn’t the Minister for Work and Pensions (IDS) be BANNED from this site. I am sure I am not the only one sick and tired of reading his nauseating and vile rants!

        • This is not free speech, this is salivating over the cruelty and law breaking they are getting away with, FOR NOW.

        • Guys- you don’t actually believe it really is IDS, do you? It’s someone taking the mick out of IDS by making him sound like a pompous arrogant git!

  12. Rosemarie Harris

    If charties want us the public to donate our items for free and then they take part in this ‘Slave labour’ they have another thing coming to them. Do not shop or donate to these places, as for supermarkets don’t shop at these places keep writing to their head office. Place leaflets around, people who are having to work at these places tell your friends and family and they can cause a scene,speaking loudley about how they know someone who has to work here for free. Shoppers won’t like this as we all have to pay for items and they are not reduced because of free labour. Keep writing to the local press a lot of people won’t know this is happening so will need to keep doing things to get it in the public domain.
    lets show these charties that they need us more than we need them same with the shops!


    was at my local joke shop today aka the nobcenter upon getting there police were allover somebody had gone in and forcefully pushed 2 of the job points over causing them to close the place till gone 3.0clock it appears the uprising is happening, as we speak, i have stated before and i will state again once somebody as nothing to lose, don’t be surprised at what they will be prepared to do, you fucking heartless murdering toff torie cunts!!!

  14. @Johnny I an urging Mind to pull out if this and did associate with it. I was told by them that they want nothing to do with workfare they even made public statement condemning it…

  15. I don’t normally post my comments as it’s already said by most of the above, but at the mention of the TUC I felt I had to.

    For the last 4 years I’ve been following the TUC blog ‘Touchstone’ and they initially had some good welfare article on there. I did mention in comments that bit by bit the welfare articles were dwindling though. When the travesty of the workfare programmes started to be posted by bloggers however, I waited and waited for them to say something.

    Last year I finally left a comment on a directly unrelated article concerning welfare asking why there was no opposition to such schemes. I asked if they didn’t realise how these unpaid positions were affecting their members, that hours were cut and no new staff were being taken on, that they should full oppose such schemes?

    I have checked in on their site for the last 2 years every week: NO ARTICLES CONCERNING SUCH MATTERS!! I made that point also.

    Being that there are only ever a few comments under each article surely someone would have picked up on such repeated comments? NO: since then not ONE article AGAINST workfare (or ever I think)!!!!! I am totally disgusted with them. It only leads me to the conclusion that they do NOT care for or support ordinary workers, but for themselves, be that for whatever reason known to themselves.

    I knew then that there was no hope with regard to certain unions, at least within their own hierarchies, though no doubt their individual members are suffering.

    Thanks then for posting this. It needed to be said.

    sasson hann

  16. Another Fine Mess

    Radio 4’s The Report on Universal Credit.
    I’ve just listened to this, it was good, it gave UC/DWP/IBS a bad time!

  17. Written to the TUC – bastards – they’ve said and done nothing for disabled people either – they truly are traitors

  18. some leftie blogs have banned abusive language and pixilate ‘naughty’ words so can I just say here, for one and all, Iain Duncan Shit is a CUNT
    thank you

  19. TUC… thought it was a blooming biscuit, love.

  20. Landless Peasant

    *OFF Topic*

    Does anyone know if I can get my JSA sanctioned for failing to apply for a part-time job (30 hours)?

    • 30 hours, part-time? You sure that’s not full time. 30 hours is the threshold for claiming working tax credits? I wouldn’t be surprised if you can get sanctioned though, you can get sanctioned for farting in a jobcentre now…

    • Landless Peasant. “A person must be willing and able to work at least 40 hours per week unless otherwise exempted. S/he must also be willing to accept work of less than 40 hours per week (but usually not less than 24 hours) if it is offered.” (Thanks to Law Centre (NI). It is the best I could do short of going through the legislation (again). You might not get it. Good luck with the application. Ha ha.

      • Landless Peasant

        OK, thanks for that info. I was supposed to attend an Assessment this morning as part of the application process, which I feel is unnecessarily complicated and which was causing me stress and anxiety. The Assessment involved participating in a group activity with other applicants, acting out a make-believe situation whilst being observed and assessed on one’s contribution/interaction, etc. Also was required to complete several maths/literacy tests before hand (despite the fact that I have Academic qualifications!). And a CRB check is needed. Nightmare.

        • Landless, I have just this morning being MADE to do a 2 week training course with SEETEC. The last time I was at SEETEC (2007) it was like a holding centre for asylum seekers (nothing wrong with asylum seekers).
          But, I had a breakdown. Looks like another breakdown is on its way!!!.
          Good luck.

    • @Landless Peasant, Bloody hell you gone and got yourself a job!!!!
      Don’t take it we NEED YOU

  21. I am a firefighter, a twisted firefighter

    “It looks like arson” says my mate Ken, it must be the fucking Prodigy again…

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  23. Mark Hoban MP (formerly of the DWP)


    • letzgo wrecking

      Well of course you were doing a good job, lovey. You were made a scapegoat. I feel your pain (do I fuck).

    • Isn’t it great to see first-hand how much the Tories value loyalty!

    • Aw, diddums, as least you can spend all day resting your lazy arse on your £70 silk cushions, By the way, JSA is £71.70 a week & those in receipt of said £71 spend it on “luxuries” such as FOOD, not fancy cushions!

  24. Think tanks, private companies etc are always doing this claiming support where none exisits, i bet someone made a phonecall to someone in the TUC where they said if people were sent on work fare what assurances would you think were needed or something vague and hey presto they say we have the TUC backing.

    dont forget atos used this trick to say groups suppored them. Employers have been paid for all sorts of things over the years its not new. take on an employee we will pay for £1500 to trai9n them etc.

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  26. Iain Duncan Smith MP

    My Dear friends

    Try to buck up for goodness’ sake. It was due to bad attitudes like yours that we lost the Empire and the colonies. When I’m down in the dumps I just pick myself up and get on with it. It was men of enterprise, genius, and fortitude like me that built the British Empire. Men that stand on their own two feet and, once weaned, don’t expect or need to be attached to the teat of state sponsored handouts for the rest of their lives. If you people had more spine and determination my colleagues and I wouldn’t need to hector you or use sanctions to shake you loose from Britannia’s apron strings, because you’d all want to get out into the world and achieve. Instead tough love is the order of they day for what cajolery fails to achieve carnage may.

    When you have been retrained and refurbished you will thank us for bullying you into action and inspiring you with purpose. Have no fear! One day soon you will have utility and be put to good use on a paid or unpaid basis for your own sake and the benefit of all.

    The world also needs ditch diggers.

    We are working for you.

    Iain Duncan Smith MP

  27. “CHILL OUT”

    I am looking forward to Christmas in the same way a turkey is………
    Glad tidings of great joy i bring, what a load of crap!

    One of my friends came round this morning and helped to remove two panels out of my fence. These two panels represent my heating over the winter period, maybe the rest will have to come down.
    Being disabled brings all the merits of a civilised society, especially a disability for life, what i had till having it stolen from me by a terminator, EMMA BRODRICK, an ATOS terminator.
    First they took my Incapacity Benefit then came and took my Disability Living Allowance.

    The DWP say that they can do this as my circumstances have changed. I have never reported a change, only the ATOS report……………..
    My circumstances have changed, “THEY STOLE MY BENEFITS”

    Originally my benefits were awarded at a medical tribunal following an accident at work. The tribunal was attended by two doctors, each having a raft of qualifications after their names, the ATOS nurse had done a short course……………
    They have no qualifications that any of the medical councils recognise……..

    The doors are beginning to stick due to the damp in the air, winter is on its way. Nevertheless my family will manage. We have to, its not a matter of choice.
    We have not lit our gas fire for a long time now, indeed this will be our fourth year without heat. I explained this to my ATOS nurse but she must have forgot to put it on my biased report.
    Strange it being omitted?

    Mind you, she will be celebrating in style with the wages of sin she has amassed. I wonder if any of her clients have died?

    Christmas last year was a time to celebrate, we had a meagre benefit then, this year will be a trial to stay alive.

    The pieces of wood from my fence will be burnt in the flue area that used to be occupied by my gasfire, an ornament from the good days. There is an old flagstone on what is left of the carpet, directly below my little fire. It should stop a lot of the sparks.
    Going to the toilet is fun, you have to use the lit candle to maneouvre your way there, cannot afford to use the electric.

    Ice forms on the inside of your doors and windows but the old coats thrown on the bed help keep the hypothermia at bay.

    Hypothermia, apparently is a good way to die, you don’t realise your life is being taken away, similar to the actions of the DWP………………..

    My son goes to a sixth form college now, the bus fare is a pound each wayor one meal less, as we see it. We feed him best we can but his friends, whose parents are not shirkers, give him their leftovers……….

    Christmas dinner will be an anticlimax. You can hardly don party hats and celebrate.
    As the privileged watch giant plasma screens and scramble to open presents, we will be huddling to keep warm, weighted by our old fleeces,whilst keeping an eye on the thermometer.
    Any food we get will have been given by a good samaritan.
    Our son realises that we love him so much, even though we can’t afford to buy him any gifts. His gift is the gift of life…………..

    As the government turn a blind eye to the energy companies obscene act of raising profits for the bosses and shareholders, the old pass away in droves. It will not bother any ministers either, their expenses will suffice nicely to enable a sugar coated festivity.

    The government rhetoric about impressing upon the energy companies to show their lowest tariffs, is no good to the people who cannot afford energy.
    The only warmth they will feel is the giant gas flames engulfing their bodies in the the crematorium…………………………

    Talking of crematoriums, why haven’t the coalition brought these in yet, they have introduced all the other doctrines of the NAZIS against the weakest and most vulnerable.


  28. sainsburrys get 2200 quid for a 26 week placement from learn direct, every little helps i took the letter from the md office and copied it 😉

  29. The scum have taken over the asylum
    And they’re filling their pockets at our expense
    (They’re even stitching up free speech)

  30. Perhaps its time for directed action in investigating the amounts of taxpayer’s money, to whom and for what. I recall something mentioned on one of Mark Thomas’ TV series a few years ago, where once a year, there is a 2 week period where any concerned member of the public can get unfettered access to public accounts and make copies for their own reference, at the public account holders expense. He describes how one couple scrutinised their local council’s accounts and resulted in several councillors being prosecuted for fraud, and another who got access to Sir Nicholas Soames private home, as they had works of art that had been declared as ‘in the public domain’ to avoid paying tax on their aquisition.

    This is the sort of protest we need.

    Newtons Second Law of Bureaucracy states that.. “For every action, there is an unequal and disproportionate amount of paperwork..”


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  32. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Another disgusting attempt to expand workfare uncovered by the estimable Mr Void. A not-for-profit group, Fair Train, funded by the government have produced a document arguing that private companies running workfare-type ‘voluntary’ work experience should be reimbursed by the government for doing so. Unfortunately, the TUC – the one organisation that should be protesting against this exploitation – is supporting it. Now Another Angry Voice has recently posted an article on his blog showing that no employee should ever support workfare. The simple reasons are that it is used to drive down wages, and will be expanded to include the skilled workers, who currently believe that they are safe from its clutches. Nevertheless, the TUC for some bizarre reason is supporting this, along with Boris Johnson. There are a number of books by anarchists attacking the trade unions for selling out the working class. It’s not a position I hold, but cases like this provide evidence to support their case. The Void takes the attitude that whatever good the TUC and others believe will come from these schemes, they will be used by exploiters such as A4E, now facing fraud charges, along with charities such as the YMCA and Salvation Army. Furthermore, such work experience will not be voluntary, but will become compulsory, with the claimant forced to do mandatory workfare if they turn it down. Fair Train’s document discusses establishing a quality benchmark to distinguish firms using the scheme, which the Void says will allow them to be identified and boycotted. There’s a ‘Week of Workfare’ planned beginning on Monday, and the Void kindly provides Fair Train’s facebook address for those wishing to express their opinions about this to them.

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