Is Parliament’s Slimiest, Nastiest MP Now In Charge of Housing?

Just one of David Cameron's houses

Just one of David Cameron’s houses

In an move which will appall all those struggling to find a place to live, Cameron appears to have scrapped the role of Housing Minister in yesterday’s reshuffle.

Whilst there has been no formal announcement yet from the Department of Communities and Local Government (DCLG), Mark Prisk was sacked from the job yesterday and has not yet been replaced.  This is despite the looming housing crisis with housebuilding at record low levels and every measure of homelessness rising.  Editor of Conservative Home, Paul Goodman, last night claimed that non-entity Kris Hopkins will have responsibility for housing.  Hopkins was promoted to Parliamentary Under Secretary at the DCLG yesterday, but that is a less senior role than the Minister of State he replaced.

In an astonishing turn of events Inside Housing are reporting that one of Hopkin’s colleagues, Nadine Dorries, said on twitter last night: “Very sad to see Kris Hopkins promoted. One of parliaments slimiest, nastiest MPs. Really. Awful. Decision.”

Hopkins was elected MP for Keighley in 2010 and his most prominent moment so far has been his claim in Parliament that “gangs of Muslim men were going around raping white kids” – which is the kind of thing likely to get you promoted in a Tory Party that’s desperately trying to save it’s skin by lurching to the right.

According to Inside Housing, it is still not fully clear who will take responsibility for housing with a spokesperson for the DCLG admitting they they hadn’t yet worked out who was doing what yet and people should ‘watch this space’.

Whether the Housing Minister’s role has been scrapped completely, or handed to an inexperienced shambles like Hopkins, it is clear the Prime Minister no longer thinks that housing is a priority .  Why would he, he has at least four homes.  Worrying about where to live is such a low priority for David Cameron that in 2009 he even managed to forget how many houses he and his wife own.

He now seems to have forgotten  – or just doesn’t care – that for many people in the UK, even renting just one home is fast becoming something they can’t afford.

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48 responses to “Is Parliament’s Slimiest, Nastiest MP Now In Charge of Housing?

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    • overburdenddonkey

      the lack of affordable decent housing in the uk is a national disgrace, supply is strangled to create demand, to construct a house ownership meritocracy, of right wing voters…at least 3m eco-homes need to be built in the uk, rents and house prices will plummet…huge numbers of living spaces are m/t, + the scandal of multiple home ownerships, the buy to let market, all add to housing insecurity misery for millions…mansion tax dumped in favour, of the bedroom tax, yet another glaring example of tipping the housing market in favour of the rich, to inspire national housing panic.
      the national priority should be to provide a great more secure decent affordable accommodation, but alas the political structure in the uk is built on “aspirational” home ownership, stop falling for it, it is a basic human right to have a decent secure home…

  2. He asked if he sounded like a prat for not knowing how many houses he had…. the answer should have been a public, resounding “YES”!!!

  3. The answer to the question is no. The nastiest MP is the one still in charge at the DWP.

  4. Landless Peasant

    Hopkins is a twat. But why the fuck did the people of Keighley ever vote Conservative?



    Using working mums to kick ppl off benefits

    • It’s more zero hour contracts too.
      And a great oppertunity for those who only earn 50to 60k a year to make up the short fall from their loss of child benefit. Many may be carrying out assessments thinking “If it wasn’t for people like you I’d still be getting my CB”. GREAT Britain eh

     What action has been taken to make sure claimants are aware of
    their right to a recorded

    In addition to the revised WCA AL1C form being sent to claimants,
    the Minister for
    Employment also made a commitment that additional information on
    audio recording would be
    made available. I can confirm that this has also been done and more
    information on audio
    recording has been uploaded to the Department for Work and Pensions
    (DWP) section of the
    GOV.UK website. The information in question can be accessed through
    the following link –

    Atos Healthcare has also included a link to this further
    information on their website as well. The
    link can be accessed from the following page –

    Neither of the above links actually work therefore

    1) Please send me the correct links

    2 Please also send a copy of your WCA AL1C form

  7. The English Spring is here… it surely is a Revolution that is needed, no more Weasle Words of the CONLABLIB Party!

  8. A properly constructed home building project would alight the entire economy in no time. Will anyone do it or will it be money poured into the top and the rank and file construction workers on low wages and poor conditions, rights, and benefits?
    Even the housing bubble serves none but the uber-riche, if your property has doubled in value, then unless you are going to live in a tent it is meaningless, you will have to re-buy. Should you reach old age and become infirm, care or residencial charges will strip your assets to the point where you can’t even leave enough for an “average” wedding.

    • Ian Green.

      So true and I have penned so many times. The £70,000 cap on residential care per person would account for the average northern family priced home should a couple need care (if that’s what you can call it),
      House prices down south being much higher would leave such a couple with some money left over.
      So much for taking Thatchers advice to buy your own home to leave to your family?

  9. @JohnnyVoid I posted on twitter about deaths due to benefit cuts and scrounger hate messages I got Tory response which was ” complete fucking bollocks ” I took a screenshot and tweeted it to and dpac and btc just shows the pig ignorance of those fuckwits

    • So according to Tory arsehole thousands of dead due to benefit cuts and hate crimes against disabled is just ” complete fucking bollocks ” what do others on here think they can see my screenshot as proof

  10. Relevant programme, though being the BBC is somewhat muted, (though generally not positive about the Bedroom Tax). Local Tory MP David Davies comes over as the gormless twit he most certainly is, (in my opinion) – not hard for him to do, admittedly.

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  12. Sibrydionmawr

    How disgusting is not only David Davis, but also the mealy mouthed housing officers and budget assessment officers, who are taking us back to at best unjustifiable means testing and forcing people who are at the end of their working lives almost, into shoe boxes or even shared accommodation or at worst pre-welfare state, with the likes of David Davis saying he does not think it is the government’s responsibility to solve problems or provide jobs – his words.
    All of this is unacceptable, and most certainly is not fair on those that have never been in a position to buy a home throughout their lives,just so they can revive the housing market by putting those that want to buy their social house into them.
    A so called labour government in support of all of this it seems too, because labour councils are going along with it all.

    • overburdenddonkey

      g fawkes
      well then perhaps david davies can spell out his job description, is it in some way connected to his parties manifesto and/or his duty to serve the people of his constituency and britain as a whole? or is he saying govt is now obsolete?
      the money saved in also getting rid of the bullying public service administration and rulers, together with the decreased burden, on the nhs et al which currently picks up the pieces of human wreckage caused by it, can easily pay for whole if not part of a decent citizens income, which will simply be paid out as a right to all uk citizens, coupled to 3m + extra eco-homes being built within 2 years, leaving the hard working efforts of those still in employment, and of course the boosted employment in the construction industries et al, to not also having the top heavy burden, currently spent out for public administration services that are no longer required. add to that a satisfaction that all of our taxes have now been used to eradicated poverty for all, and employment, imagine the feel good factor this would provide for all..instead of the pointless jobs fight club we now find ourselves in or heading towards…
      or would some rather be paid to sit in their warm offices, and bully others into providing their incomes for them!
      a citizens income will delete the requirement of many whose pay is provided by creating hardships and advising on how to best fight for our the cab et al would welcome a drastic drop in case loads, i’m sure..surely the role of all agencies is to eradicate poverty in the uk as quickly as could be done in 2yrs max, if there was a will, a way would be found…

  13. off topic;

    Paralympic hero David Weir is being refused a home with a downstairs toilet and is forced to drag himself up the stairs when he needs the loo, it emerged today.

    The six-time gold medallist‘s family have called the situation a national disgrace and said he is being treated like a ‘jailbird or a junkie’.

    Despite being one of Britain’s greatest athletes, the 34-year-old lives in a modest semi-detached council house on the Roundshaw Estate in Wallington, south London, the area he grew up in.

    Full Story – The Mail

    Upon reading this story, i felt as though i must say this;

    You can’t take it away from him, the lads a national treasure but because of his fame, his plight has been the focus of attention……….
    Meanwhile the depth of the barbaric attacks on the ordinary disabled go virtually unnoticed.

    The decision by the media moguls to have a blanket ban of the coverage of the atrocities by the DWP are a way of saying, “YES WE SUPPORT THE THOUSANDS OF DEATHS”.

    The DWP are a finely honed killing machine, the 21st century equivalent of the much hated Nazi SS.

    You are witnessing a cull of human beings on a scale never seen since the exploits of the second world war. Ethnic cleansing by decree, murder by decree!

    Meanwhile the likes of the UNITED NATIONS sit back in full knowledge of what is going on in our land.

    They have information from all sides of the globe about the extent of the murder that is rife……………..

    These are crimes of war that go against the basic principles of the Geneva Convention, they breach Human Rights Legislation, Equality Legislation and Disability Discrimination Laws, yet nobody is lifting a finger to help……….

    I was adjudged to be “DISABLED FOR LIFE”,after suffering an accident in the workplace.

    After a biased examination by ATOS, led by an exterminator called EMMA BRODRICK, i now have nothing……

    They stole my incapacity benefit and now they have stolen my means to get around, my Disability Living Allowance.

    They can take all my money but they can’t take away my voice.

    ,,,,,,,,,,and i will sing it from the rooftops, what a set of evil, horrible bastards they really are, along with the countless millions that are suffering with me!

    “Putting your hands over your ears and closing your eyes will never take away the heinous acts that you have perpetrated on those less fortunate than yourselves”

    You will never take away the lives of everyone who does’nt fit your bill in the “The True Arian Master Race”.

    The true horrors of your twisted campaign will be revealed in due course…………

  14. At what point does the Equalities Act become relevant?
    If a disabled woman is 63 she would ordinarily be retired and on a ststae pension
    Why is it that a disabled man of 63 can be pestered by the dwp and have to go throught the ESA/WCA process.

    • overburdenddonkey

      people are not informed, that men who are of equal retirement age to women can in fact claim pension guaranteed credit..

      • thanks but my point is – why should men of 63 be subjected to the whims of the DWP when women of the same age aren’t – surely this is discriminatory on age and sex grounds?

        • overburdenddonkey

          yes you are right, it should be automatic, as soon as equivalent retirement ages are reached..

        • overburdenddonkey

          i’ll add into the mix…
          imo, all company pensions, should also be set the same age for women as for men…ie it is currently an entitlement for both sexes to draw, PGC, @ 61 and 6mths according to the age uk link i posted, for both men and women.
          as i understand it, the requirement is for men is to cash in their company pensions at this age so that this amount is taken into a/c, when calculating pension guaranteed entitlements, or face notional calculations by the dwp, and given the vagaries of different pension schemes and the annuity markets, can actually render pension pots worth less, than if the co pension was drawn at the agreed time, and cause shortfalls for men, both short and longer term, it is a right mess…a woman is able to draw her full co pension and state pension at this age, a man cannot…

    • lol but surely the 63 man should be thanking his lucky stars that he is in the fortunate position to be receiving “intensive help and support” from the jobcentre, an “opportunity” denied to the the 63 year old woman? Only pulling your leg love, I agree with you it’s discrimination pure and simple whereby a 63 year old man is in the invidious position of being subject to brutal benefit sanctions whereas a 63 year old woman is not!

      • This coalition have no respect for age or illness, they only care how much money they have, how much they can make and how they can built their collective empire of riches at the expense of this country and the greatness it once achieved… reality is those hurting fought a world war to prevent fascism reaching out shores, people fought side by side for a common good that today ceases to even exist in a country where people have lost their identities as human beings.

        It’s a reality that not all of the younger generations can fully understand because they have no need to or they only care for now, live for the moment in a disposable time we live, god knows the value of life is worth the price of a cup of tea or at best a mobile phone. It’s that world this coalition have no clue about until maybe one day one of them gets slapped about and has their Rolex stolen of their wrist somewhere in Mayfair or Park Lane.

        It’s rather like that old saying “Old Soldiers Never Die”, that’s because young soldiers do it for them and those high enough in rank are rich and protected.. quite often with a title. It cuts deep in almost every aspect and not just since the coalition came into power, it’s just that people can see it clearly at work. I’m sure many would respect and applaud the self-made man or woman or creative person who acquires wealth but people cannot deal with a multi-millionaire chancellor spouting lines such as “We’re all in it together” not only is it a lie and highly insulting to anyone’s intelligence it merely shows the dishonesty and the stupidity of the idle rich in this coalition at the very basic level of words and observation.

    • Because this coalition have no clue and until they are out of power it will continue, few people can stomach being told by the rich how they must live when they themselves use loopholes in tax laws or have money in other countries in order to avoid paying the levels of tax they should be paying, much less have to see legislation created to give them more while the true working classes open their wage packets and see it being reduced to an insult. It’s laughable when they use the line “We wish to make work pay” the fact it they don’t want to pay anyone to work and private sector will never take up the slack of all those many jobs lost in the public sector, they would love to privatise the whole damn country and get rid of NHS and the Welfare State, kick all the sick and disabled and unemployed into a cesspool and crack open another bottle of champagne while laughing about how richly enjoyable life is whilst looking at so many with so little.

  15. hey guys, a bit off topic but i just received a form from a job-seekers advisor about a “work programme” interview i gotta attend… was wondering what to expect. what (if any) are my options etc.

  16. Sanctioned Ian Dury and the Sanctioned Blockheads

    Hit me with your sanction stick
    Hit me, hit me
    Je t’adore, ich liebe dich
    It gives DWP ‘decision makers’ such a sexual thrill 🙂
    Hit me, hit me, hit me
    Go on, HIT ME
    Hit me with your sanction stick
    Hit me slowly, hit me quick
    Hit me, hit me, hit me… 🙂

  17. This country is in an absolute mess and it’s the coalition who have created it without exception. By it’s policies and by it’s negligence, in many cases doing nothing is more favourable than applying policies because we know they ultimately create more problems and cost tax payers even more money.

  18. While the work shy government all sit around smoking cigars and drinking champaign, discussing the next distraction for the masses, people are being forced to choose between heat and food this winter, PressTV is running a story on this:
    While the rich decide what house to live in during the coming winter. They should all be hung.

  19. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    The Conservative Party has now demonstrated the complete indifference it has in tackling homelessness by scrapping the role of Housing Minister in the recent reshuffle. Responsibility for this will now go to Kris Hopkins, MP for Keighley, who has been described by Nadine Dorries as ‘one of parliament’s slimiest, nastiest MPs.’ She also called it a ‘Really. Awful. Decision.’ Hopkins, however, is not a minister, merely Parliamentary Under Secretary in Department of Communities and Local Government. Which also tells you what high priority the government give to this post. But why should Cameron worry about housing? He has four homes of his own, and even manage to forget how many he had in 2009.

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