Will The Last Person To Leave Britain Please Turn Out The Lights

cameron-lightbulbSo now we know for sure.  David Cameron will not be happy until his race to the bottom turns the UK into a sweat shop economy with millions of low or even unpaid workers toiling in misery and living lives of near servitude.

At a conference festooned with banners to ram home the message that Cameron and his class expect us to work harder, the man who’s never done a real day’s work in his life set out his nightmarish vision for the future.  And like all true despots he intends to start with the young, who will grow up never knowing what a society is like where people care about each other, share risks and try to support those who have fallen on hard times.

In a breath-taking lie, Cameron talked about how young people unable to find a job are choosing to sign on and rent a Housing Benefit funded flat.  In reality most young people are desperate for work and Housing Benefits will only pay for a room in a shared house at the cheapest possible rent for those under 35.  Job Seeker’s Allowance for people under 25 is set at the miserly rate of £56.80 a week.  Only a gilded toff could imagine that anyone would choose to live in a tiny room rented from a slum landlord and try to survive on just a few pounds a day.

Yet even this will no longer be an option if Cameron gets his way, with his sham claim that young people should be earning or learning.  But the only training available to most young people is workfare – unpaid work stacking shelves or mopping floors whilst grasping employers claim training grants from the Government.  Young people in these roles are neither earning or learning, they are just working, hard, to prop up the profits of the rich.  Profits that should be celebrated says David Cameron.  But never shared.

Cameron wants to see a million young people working without wages for years on end or facing lives of homelessness and hunger.  A million unpaid workers entering the workforce to drive down pay and working conditions for everyone.  This is a blueprint to normalise unpaid work and remove any safety net at all for the young.  And they will not stop with the young.

That’s young people incidentally who may be escaping abuse, who will have nowhere to run if Housing Benefits are removed.  Young people living in over-crowded accommodation, or those whose parents are unable to afford to support them financially.  Only care leavers are to be exempt according to The Guardian, and possibly single parents.  And of course the rich, whose parent’s wealth can cushion them from the brutal society Cameron is intent on creating.

Five more years of austerity are promised no matter what happens to the economy the Tories told us this week.  Austerity that is really just cheap political cover for the Tory Party’s long-standing agenda, the crushing of the Welfare State, the NHS and everything we have left that is decent in the UK.

This is a man who truly hates Britain, or at least hates all of those outside his own Etonian huddle.  A man who considers himself a class above the plebs beneath who are only fit for a life of hard work and poverty pay.  Who does not care at all if we become sick or disabled or are unable to find a job in an economy with two and a half million people out of work.  Why would he care?  He has always had a vast inheritance to draw on when his Champagne stocks are running low.  And if you don’t have that then fuck you thinks this Prime Minister, it serves you right for not having rich parents.

Cameron’s land of opportunity is only for the rich.  The rest of us are to be consigned to a cut throat competition, fucking each over in the scramble for the scraps that are thrown from the top table.  Work hard and it could be you, sitting there with this Eton mess of a government stuffing venison down their over-privileged throats.  But it won’t be.  Not ever.  Not whilst we continue to let these parasites ransack our lives.

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  1. Of all the preposterous assumptions of humanity over humanity, nothing exceeds most of the criticisms made on the habits of the poor by the well-housed, well-warmed, and well-fed.
    Herman Melville

    • Why we “need” poverty:

      Poverty … is a most necessary and indispensable ingredient in society, without which nations and communities could not exist in a state of civilisation. It is the lot of man – it is the source of wealth, since without poverty there would be no labour, and without labour there could be no riches, no refinement, no comfort, and no benefit to those who may be possessed of wealth

      Patrick Calquhoun, 1806

      Sounds eerily familiar today doesn’t it? This is the type of thinking that justifies the Conservatives’ attitudes towards unemployment and welfare.

      • I like the last part of Patrick Calquhoun’s pearls of wisdom “and no benefit to those who may be possessed of wealth”, especially as in this day and age more “benefit” goes to those possessed of wealth, I’m talking about “welfare benefit” they recieve, despite their wealth and the profits it accrues.

  2. Eric Greenwood (4727)

    “Go to school. Go to college. Do an apprenticeship. Get a job” Go to college along with the Millions of others, then go do an Apprenticeship, Along with millions of others, Get a job.. and fight those millions with the same qualification, skills, apprenticeship experiences for the handful of jobs out there. Shows what a insulated world he lives in. You cannot live on benefits you can barely survive.. and even then that can be taken away for the silliest of reasons.

    • Didn’t Hitler have the same ideas about the German youth?
      This government are truely a facist dictatorship.

      • Eric Greenwood (4727)

        This is a direct quote from the 1936 Nuremberg Rally http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/pt36lab.htm
        This is the account of the gathering for the Reich Labor Service at the 1936 Nuremberg Rally. All young men and most young women were to serve six months in physical labor, which also provided good preparation for the following military service. One calls out: Is anyone too good —

        All: To work for Germany.

        One: Is anyone to simple —

        All: To work for Germany.

        One: Everyone has the right — Everyone has the duty —

        All: To work for Germany.

        The group calls: Germany! Fatherland!

        • Eric Greenwood (4727)

          When we took power in Germany (Britain), we announced for the first time our intention to establish a Reich Labor Service. Many superficial observers of our movement believed that we did this only to give employment to our unemployed people and to our youth growing up with nothing to do, that we would sweep them from the streets into “work camps.” We know that it is surely better for the German (British) youth to work rather than to wander about without purpose or meaning. And not only in the sense of simply putting the unemployed to work. We wanted to found a new National Socialist university!

  3. Dont forget to vote them out in 2014

  4. Cameron’s deranged speech should wake up even the sheep. He’s just fucked himself and his party big time. Couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fascists.

    • I so hope you’re right – are they even listening/hearing him?

    • Landless Peasant

      I agree. I think Cameron’s just sealed the fate of the Conservatives. Labour will most likely win the next election, but will they undo all/any of the damage the Tories have inflicted upon the country?

      • They undid none of the restrictions put on the unions, infact they got rid of clause 4, that covered the redistribution of wealth within society.

        • It was Gordon Brown who wanted to “… shutdown the something for nothing society…” and brought in workfare via the 13 week intensive activity period (IAP) with the New Deal. Up until the last election six months unpaid “work for the dole” workfare was Labour’s plan for the long-term unemployed over the age of 25.

    • Trouble is we’d be likely to get their facsist light mates New Labour in power then – OK, so they aren’t really fascist, just implement the same policies…

  5. overburdenddonkey

    they are not even bothering to hide it anymore, they might have normalised their sick abuse of the working classes, unemployed, sick, and disabled to some extent, but, this is also their biggest mistake, because they have become over confident in the expression of it, convincing themselves that from “somewhere”, they have a mandate to do so. they now believe and feed on their own propaganda, so much so, that their sadism, sticks out like a sore thumb, overt, loopy, lost the plot…they have lost all sense of what it is to be human beings….

    • Another Fine Mess

      I like the way he kept the best to the end, – easiest to remember. Underestimated the number of toffs with under 25 brats!
      Hardly any mention of the flagging ship UC or WP.

      • Also, doesn’t the moron realize that young people grow up? They don’t stay under 25 forever. But after being treated badly, will they ever vote Tory in their lives?

        • Another Fine Mess

          Thinking is not what they do.
          I already know an under 35 year old who has had to move back in with parents, dispite there being no bedroom for him. And 21 and 23 year olds who had to be thrown out to claim Private HB, so that the parents could sell-up and move into a 1 bed bungalow to prevent going bankrupt.
          I can’t imagine any of these people will ever vote Tory in their lives.

        • It amazes me that people still have faith in voting at all. But perhaps it goes to prove that turkeys can be persuaded to vote for Christmas.

          Governments are bad for our health, they lie to us, steal from us and ty to restrict our freedoms wherever they can. Much better to do the job ourselves.

      • overburdenddonkey

        a f m
        yeah, it is known as primacy and recency theory, all linked to the way memory decays in conversation, these bastards use this technique a lot..almost hoping one won’t remember what they said before, so that the more potent primary message is covered up, the recency depending on the original message, can almost seem like a sugar coated pill, and distract one from the prime message…they realise uc and wp, are not popular, so they set up a distraction…don’t worry it aint gone away, sadly..

      • I liked the way he praised his wife and her business acumen in starting up her new business – pair of greedy bastards can’t get enough.

        • Shit! A fucking monkey could set up a business if it’s got the backing of a chinless, Eton millionaire behind it. In fact one did, his name…Grant Shapps.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g f
          if he wanted to demonstrate how stupid he is, this was exactly the right thing to say!

  6. This morning, on local radio, they were talking about how Bath has a creative technology industry more successful than it’s already successful (if spa towns are your thing) tourism industry. I wondered just how successful any claimant would be in asking the DWP for help getting involved. The answer, of course, would be not very.

    • Another Fine Mess

      In order to help people into creative technology and other hi-tech industries, they’d train them up – as litter pickers and shelf-stackers.

  7. The Welfare State was not created as some humane outpouring of altruism on the behalf of our political masters as many on the Left continue to maintain. Its true purpose was: a) to create a healthier (and thus more profitable) workforce in order to give British industry an edge over its global competitors, and; b) more importantly, to stave off any social unrest (which had occurred after the end of World War 1) from a populace determined there wouldn’t be a return to the hungry 1930s after all their sacrifices against Hitler during the 1939-45 world slaughter. In short, a concession to working-class militancy – but a concession that could be revoked whenever it was deemed propitious.

    That time has now well and truly arrived. So while the powers that be are busy affixing the Arbeit macht frei signs up outside job centres (or Mandatory Attendance Centres as nice Mr Duncan Smith has now redesignated them – jails in other words), it’s time we started engaging in some resistance of our own.

    I, for one, am heartily sick to the back teeth of being treated as a doormat be this reactionary scum ruling over us, who never tire of obtaining their sadistic kicks from evermore punitive measures levelled against those who deserve it least.

    Enough’s enough!

  8. Dont forget to vote them out in. !! 2015 !!

  9. I agree with most of the comments but I’m not so sure that people will be against what Cameron said. Many people support the benefit cap etc.

    • Certainly the brainwashed sheep do, but it will be a whole different story when it lands on their own doorstep. Life can change in a blink of an eye, it only takes an accident or redundancy, & the self-same sheep could be benefit claimants themselves, & suddenly find they are grateful that such a safety net (despite the pitiful sums paid out) actually exists.

      • True. And most people who support benefit cuts, etc., couldn’t provide any sensible defence of their opinion, they just see the words benefit and cut and agree with it, due to a partial and often warped view of reality; doesn’t matter what the consequences of the policy, it is – for such people – seen as good simply because they believe “something must be done” and let the Conservatives do their worse.

      • Or zero hours.

      • Another Fine Mess

        Q. Do you think the benefits bill should be cut?

        A. Of course, we can’t and we shouldn’t be paying for ‘other’ people.

        A. Hang on. Where’s my WTC, child benefit, housing benefit, pension and NHS just gone.

        Q. Well you wanted benefits cut.

        A. Yes. But I didn’t mean mine.

  10. Older people more likely to vote and they tend to vote conservative and many of them would agree with what Cameron said.

    • i’ll never know why the old hate the young sooo much 😦

      • The Blue Rinse Brigade

        Jealous of youth probably and want to make young peoples’ lives as miserable as possible.

        As the journalist Jean Anouilh said: “All evil comes from the old.They grow fat on ideas and young men die of them.”

      • A Retired Brigadier-General

        If the Daily Mail did not already exist I would have to invent it.

        Everybody needs a good daily dose of outrage. It clears out the sinuses.

    • No we older people aren’t likely to vote Tory,I am working class through and through and couldn’t vote tory to save my life.

      • It’s the so called aspiring middle class that are keeping the tories in power not the elderly per se.

        • Yes, G.F.. Oblivious to the likelihood that the prizes that they aspire after will have been destroyed by the Tories’ economic incompetence, and the certainty that in any case those who have the wealth now have pulled the ladders up after themselves to stop any more aspirers from coming after them.

        • The only aspiration the so-called “middle class” have is to have a bigger more expensive house or car than the guy next door. In short they live vacous, greedy, simple-minded lives, clouded by snobbery & jealous thoughts that someone, somewhere might just be getting “something for nothing”

      • I’m an anarchist, so I know that voting is a complete waste of time – you get governments run by complete numpties who just want to screw us over.

    • Sorry for late reply, just waved off the in-laws after a week’s stay. They have been lifelong Tory’s, but have just said they will never vote for them ever again. Their lifelong friend who was a Tory councillor has also said the same. Let’s not give up hope that some can change (they are in their 70’s).

      Unfortunately they now do not know who to vote for, because they feel so abandoned by the party they have invested their political lives in. UKIP will probably pick up their votes, but they may abstain. I think that is more likely for the older generation.

  11. Even Tory supporters would have to agree that the Tory conference was a dreary, negative affair, even more than most previous Tory conferences.
    They seem quite incompetent in spinning their lies and bitterness. I mean, every last one of their announcements, policies or opinions was damaging, economically and socially. I am going to be in shock if they come anywhere near winning in 2015.

    • remember that this country is still full of easily manipulated idiots who would vote for them if they saw profit for themselves.

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Never underestimate the stupidity of people

      • Yep. Come election time people still, (albeit in increasingly smaller numbers) turn out to vote. Unfortunately this gives the party with the majority of votes the ‘legitimacy’ to form a government, though in reality a minority of people have voted for that governement. In recent history governements have been elected with something like the votes of a quarter of the electorate. It’s a pity that the voting slip doesn’t contain a box for ‘none of the above’. It’s a fair bet that ‘none of the above’ would be in line to receive the majority of votes.

        So that’s it folks, “Vote for No-one”

  12. Isn’t it amazing how apathy can destroy 100 years of blood-soaked hard won miserly rights the working classes finally managed to prise from their greed ridden controllers? Thatcher must be laughing in her grave.

    The future looks very dark. I’m grateful for being old and about to make an exit from hell!

    • “The future looks very dark. I’m grateful for being old and about to make an exit from hell!”

      Seconded. Except that I hope to stand at the barricades one last time before I go.

  13. The day that CUNT dies along with Ian Cuntin Smith will make THATCHERS death seem like a wet fart, I vow to stay alive long enough to see it. Bring it fucking on.

  14. Life for those who are young and not rich is going to take a serious turn for the worse. The only learning that will be available to them will be learning that leads to a poorly paid job, if they are lucky!

    The Chief Executive of the YMCA was signatory to a letter requesting that housing benefit not be cut for young people. He thinks it is OK to exploit young people on workfare but speaks out on housing benefit cuts that might affect young people – what a caring exploiter! If the YMCA are to lose out on housing benefit they are probably calculating how much more workfare they need to continue paying their big executive salaries.

  15. the tory prigs evil nazi scum need the fucking guillotine,, or worse take there money off them ,,,

  16. Undoubtedly, many blue-rinse old biddies, and their old fart hubbies support Camoron’s measures, that is why, so far, he has left the pensioners out of his austerity equation. Of course, he lopped £50 off the Winter fuel payment, but what the elderly should realise is that given free rein for another five years, they shall most definitely be a target for his cuts.
    Hopefully, the elderly will see that one coming.

    • Oh for God’s sake stop blaming old people for Tory barbarism. I’m as violently opposed as you are to their treatment of the young, disabled, unemployed, and the poor generally (which happens to include me), and I would be even if I weren’t damn certain that they’re going to screw us too after 2015. The Tories are practising blatant, and probably illegal, age discrimination against the young; that’s no reason for you to imitate them in regard to old people.

      Yes, I do see it coming, and people like you are helping it along. I am not a ‘blue-rinse old biddy’, and the old men I know are not ‘old farts’, we are fellow citizens. What disgusting hate speech; if the equivalent were directed at an ethnic minority it would, quite rightly, be actionable.

      • overburdenddonkey

        yeah mike
        you can do better than this, come up with solutions…we’re not all tories,
        some of us are old socialists and/or human rights activists, who have fought hard all of our lives against injustice, and we have made a big impact..

  17. You just know that all of them standing up to speak were wearing Maggie underpants, and going home to sleep under their Maggie duvets.
    There must be a secret bunker where they all meet on tuesday evenings for Thatchsanic worship, and discuss ways of of eradicating the underclasses.

  18. If logical argument fails, the bullet becomes the victor………….

  19. Hear, hear Mr Cameron! A jolly good initiative form a brave Prime Minister and about bloody time too!

  20. “or those whose parents are unable to afford to support them financially.”

    Or, I just mention in passing, having been one myself, those who have no parents.

    • PS: Turn off the lights? They’ll have been out long since.

    • What about orphans, or those with parents have moved abroad, or parents who are in prison, or parents who have separated and started new families with new partners, or people who are estranged from their parents for whatever reason, or parents who have no room for their adult children in new homes they have been forced into because after being driven out of larger houses by the bedroom tax, or widows and widowers too poor to be able to help their adult children… and so on… and so on.

      The whole “policy” is insane.

  21. There isn’t much (if any) of comments made that I’d disagree with.
    Our young people are going to be fed into a fascist work programme. Small wonder they’ve been scaling back our professional armed services, there are millions of cannon fodder on the way…Afghanistan? Iraq? Small fry. Syria. Iran. Anywhere we can leave the dross…ooops….EXCESS state fund draining plebs.
    As for the sheep waking up…i hope and pray they do, before 2015, else Cameron will get his wish. Gove said the media have the right to attack. A dead man? Is this a right solely for the DM?
    Cameron isn’t a joke anymore. He is bloody dangerous. And is wiping out our constitution and legal and human rights with each poisonous breath he takes.

  22. Sorry! I let my bleak Cameron overview cloud my thoughts of British voters .. Or did i?? Could it be that, as those hundreds of thousands tax credit recipients feel the DWP bite into their lives, those who are in receipt of even a penny housing benefit get told to sod off, the great British public WILL wake up and scream “ENOUGH”?
    2014 Scotland will undertake a vote on Independence. Cameron supports this. After all, Tories are all but extinct up here. Pity they didn’t give the Home Counties independence-they could enjoy tory rule to their (hard)hearts content.

    • Of course Cameron supports the Independence vote. An independent Scotland means Tory governments for England (and Wales, until they get independence too) for eternity. A united UK therefore is bad news for the Tories.

  23. This will be the last time we vote Tory!

  24. I don’t know who’s going to win the election – I’m an old guy and I haven’t understood my country since Thatcher got away with so much. I do know that if the Tories are elected – or the Blairites – I personally will be pretty much done for. Maybe I’ll settle for a (Marxian?) analysis – if this mob of scumbags carry on the way they are, they’ll bring the world down around their ears and we’ll see such social unrest that the old system will be swept away altogether. Too late for me, maybe, but I hope I may live to see it… Aux barricades, mes enfants!

    Those who think otherwise; I promise that many of even the old ones among you see the writing on the wall, and just because we’re old doesn’t mean we all have blue rinses and no blood in our veins. Vive la Revolution!

    (All the French because I was there in the Paris Spring of 1968, when we saw what was possible… Bliss it was to be young and alive!)

    • Dear Sam,
      You Know Who is going to win the next election. Within your short blog, you have said so much!!! Marx’s scientific theories still live on in the 21st Century.

    • Sam, Manuel Castells?

      • Bernadette;

        I’m not a Marxist, as it happens, but anyone who doesn’t respect – or even better look for – a Marxist analysis is at best one-eyed. (Then again, I guess maybe that opinion means that I really AM a Marxist…)

        Manuel Castells… the name only rings a bell. Networking? Sorry to admit my ignorance, but I’ll off and have a look now.

        Thank you for your kind words.

        • Sam, ‘in the valley of the blind, the one eyed man is king’ x

        • I don’t think that to use a Marxist analysis makes one a Marxist. It’s a very useful way of looking at the world, and nothing wrong with it as it goes. Marxist ideology is another matter however, and is ususally even wackier than Tory ideology.

          Paris in 1968 was indeed inspiring, but sadly it was the actions and idiocy of the (Marxist) Trots that partially caused that particular revolution to fail.

          Ditto the widespread actions by organised homeless in the UK in the immediate post WW II period. It was progressing well whilst it was largely ‘anarchist’, but failed once the Communists, (Marxist) hijacked control of the movement.

          Marxists are nearly all incompetent control freaks, incompetent in that they seem to be the kiss of death to any campaign they involve themselves in.

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  26. So along this train of thought under 25s should also not be liable to pay NI, Income tax,duty,VAT as they are not allowed to benefit from any of these Taxes.

  27. This nonsense about taking Jobseeker’s Allowence and Housing Benefit away from pretty much every under 25 year old is sick. Unless the government could absolutely guarantee that no person between 16 and 25 – a nine year period of their lives! – would ever experience a spell of unemployment any young people who were without work would fall into complete and utter destitution. How could any sane person even suggest such a thing? And yet I believe Cameron is out to do this. He’s floated this idea about stripping benefits from under 25 year olds before. This is so bad an idea I find it hard to take it in. Is this what our country is on the way to becoming? A Big Society that deliberately engineers policies that will end up consigning many of the nation’s boys and girls to the gutter rather than protect them?

    • It would be 7 years – most recent education policy has decreed children must stay in education up to the age of 18 (as there’s so very little else for them to do if they chose not to). What can he be thinking? It makes less than no sense.

      (Do they expect this group to all become doctors since we’re short of tem?).

      • Another Fine Mess

        As there’s almost no jobs for them to do qualified or unqualified, why not just raise the school leaving age to 25.
        Hope I’m not giving them any ideas!

      • something survived...

        Well they can’t be doctors as there will be nothing for them to do.except possibly botox for the rich. Because ‘there is no such thing as a sick or disabled person’, apparently/. Such anomalies are figments of the imagination and we are building the ovens as we speak, to clear up the problem!

      • I think the school leaving age is 17 now and going up to 18 in 2015.

        • It seems that only recently, Michael ‘Something moved!-Quick,-we-must-change-it’ Gove, said to (at least some) English teachers that they must advise their pupils of a recent change in the ratio of exam:course work – implemented part way through a school year. In theory, & in fact, it’s looking like anything could now happen (randomly) at any time, for teachers/their pupils. Now they just have to learn how to teach 25 year-old ‘children’…

  28. Does Cameron not care about the stability of his regime? Giving people benefits is one of the things that stops large numbers of people from kicking off.Also, if he annoys everyone under 25 the future voters won’t be voting Tory.

  29. The shooting of Mark Duggan prompted rioting on a scale never seen before, in Tottenham……………………

    Imagine the carnage created when this little fiasco gets out of hand. Every town has one or two jobcentres, and every town has thousands of really pissed off people.

    These idiots are lighting the touchpaper on some of the most horrific scenes ever witnessed on our shores.

    Armed police units will be grossly outnumbered by the amount of weapons available on our streets at this very moment. Sniper fire will ring out as the police will be perceived to be the enemy while acting to secure the wishes of the government.

    The death toll will be astronomical as the “cause”, spreads like wildfire across the country…………

    If the hospitals can’t cope now, just wait till the fireworks start!
    “Where are all the fireman”, they will shout as the public offices burn to the ground.
    “What, no ambulances”, as the jigsaw they created starts to make a realistic picture of the austerity cuts……….

    You reap what you sow, the party is yet to begin……………

  30. Not quite sure what to make of this article, can’t decide if Hastings has damned CallMeDave with faint praise or not – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/columnists/article-2442216/MAX-HASTINGS-David-Cameron-courageous-things-I-wish-real-self.html

    • If Hastings has damned cmd, it’s not from the perspective of most people on this site… certainly Hastings is no friend of mine!

  31. Strong communities, responsible businesses, a bigger society – not a bigger state.
    Profits, tax cuts and enterprise… are not dirty, elitist words, land of opportunity for all, low taxes hard work and getting on. etc


    1970s-style socialism” from Labour,

    What is this –bigger society? Big anachronism more like, have these people not noticed the dire straights we are in. They keep us dumb and stupid; educate most up the level of a minimum wage job future. Open the gates for low skilled people into this small land to create a minimum wage high unemployment low skills economy.
    They are doing nothing to address the real problems we have – the absolute joke education the state gives our children , the lack of proper jobs, real skills – because its all a facade a phoney presentation, there is no real substance to it .
    Because the right left paradigm is no longer applicable / relevant. They -all these authoritarians have the same agenda but keep the lie alive, the lie of democracy , by pretending to look concerned and angry in rhetoric filled speeches but have no intension of fixing anything , it just superficial words. It may actually sound good and I suppose it does to many people because many do want a small state , low taxes and every one being productive, because this works and creates prosperity buy only if the government keeps its nose . The conservatives present a total duality; an authoritarian government pretending otherwise because this is not the 1970,s we have no where to go , there is nothing to build its all falling completely apart . The authoritarian experiment now expanding into the goal of one world corporate government , ruled by the 1% the rest of us slaves is entering its end game, and people still believe their lies ?

    This was the man ( Cameron ) who only a few weeks ago wanted to spend loads of money starting a war, to consolidate more of the worlds population and resources, after they had their terrorist friends murder a load of kids and film them –he is working for the globalists not us or the small business man, this is not a land of opportunity, just another proxy ruled authoritarian state that keeps us all deluded that we have a democracy when we are herded with lies.

    I really detest Authoritarians who pretend to be Libertarians.

  32. Cameron is a CUNT!!

    Fuck this Nazi bastard!!

  33. Be careful with these fucking ‘joblogs’ folks, these are the jc’s tool of choice in stopping your benefit. If they get you under the ‘actively seeking employment’ rule they don’t even have to go through a ‘decision making’ (stop laughing) ) rubber-stamping process to stop your payments (because technically its a ‘disallowance’ not a sanction (wonder how that affect the stats?)) , you just don’t receive your next due payment.

  34. Looks like Cleggy’s hedging his bets on there being another coalition in 2015, this time with Labour, otherwise why would he appear to be sucking up to Milliband – http://www.theguardian.com/media/2013/oct/03/daily-mail-nick-clegg-ed-miliband

  35. Appalling that they can disallow benefit without being told and given chance to explain. But even when disallowed there must way to appeal.

  36. The arrogance of the demented twit Cameron. This latest attack on the youths of Britain. !
    A step to far have a go at me but fuck with my kids. All hell will be unleashed on you you twat !

    Personally this latest attack on the youths is last straw for me Enough is enough get the bastard by the neck and fook him off and his party with him he’s a tosser . What the hell are we all waiting for ? Time to get Tories out NOW ! They have no care for us lets show them the same curtsey !
    They flounce our human rights and still carry on even though told. Bed tax is to be stopped . ? When are ppl going to say not doing anything they say we are stronger than them if we all stick together . !
    You saw the solidarity in Manchester We need the same all over the country. Time to boot this government out !
    Hitler couldn’t shift us so a few suits have no chance kid gloves off.

    • The reality of cutting 16 to 25s from claiming benifits is to make sure that when G4S and serco are given the probation contract they will never be short of customers!
      I’m sure the crime rate for that age group is going to fall dramatically, don’t you agree?

      • The Capatilist Pigs

        It’s a business model, tony, pure and simple; they need to force their victims into crime in order to provide the fodder to drive their profits! Just pure fucking evil!

    • Geoff R, I was gobsmacked when the riots took place! Why? because I underestimated just how this countries young men and women Really Feel about the powers that be. There is no doubt in my mind, that, whilst I sit around debating and philosophising, our future generation will do pretty
      much what you are predicting. God bless them!!!

    • I want to see Tory heads on sticks. I want to see Cameron’s blubbering face as he is kicked out of No 10. I want to see IDS go down in history as a reprobate, a cunning fox who premeditated welfare reform, which killed thousands. And, I want to see all their children hang their heads in shame at what their Bastard parents did to this countries backbone. The working classes!!!!!

    • Just remember that there were plenty of Daily Mail readers who accepted that shameful rag’s line that Hitler was a jolly good chap. In effect, Hitler won the hearts and minds of too many people in this country for comfort. Some of their grandchildren (spiritual if not actual) are still lapping up the same level of the Mail’s dross.

      Stick up a statue of Molock and it could win an election if its supporters bash the poor.

  37. Sick the the back teeth of this fucking CUNT-tree

    In the Netherlands jobseekers are allowed to work part-time and still retain their full jobseeking entitlement, so why can’t we about that model in this country? What the fuck is this toff obsession with grinding the poor further and further into the mire. Politicians like to speak fine words, eh IDS, about “lifting the poor out of poverty”, but the evil intent behind their despicable policies belies another truth.

    • Those on the old-fashioned dole could earn £5pw (Hallelujah!) while those on Incapacity Benefit used to be able earn £20pw indefinitely, or 90pw for for a maximum of 6 months. I doubt Universal Bollocks will be the same. Those on Pension Credit lose any part-time earnings pound-for-pound.

    • And in the Netherlands I’m told that pensioners may have to work to keep their pensions… it’s a bigger war than just the UK.

    • It’s because we still have an aristocracy. The likes of Cam & Osborne are from titled – aristocratic – families. They have never suffered the same cull that happened on the continent, as in the French revolutions. They think they are God-given owners of this country, and we really are the serfs. It colours the thinking of all those who go to Eton & Oxford (excepting what one of my colleagues once called “the working boys” colleges”!! FFS)

      Not only must we make sure that a bunch of self-serving aristo ever get into power again, and then we must dismantle the apparatus of oppression – all public schools, feeder schools for the best unis, etc.
      Then we can start taxing them off the land, and hopefully they can join what is laughingly called the “brain drain” or “loosing the best talent” (WTF) when massive ego-boosting salaries and bonuses, and private fortunes are taxed to the level they will want to leave & never come back. Renationalise the main essential industries, and improve the quality of the welfare state back to the best it can be.

      • I think you’ll find that the Netherlands is a constitutional monarchy in a similar way to the UK, so it will have an aristocracy. Belgium, Demmark, Sweden and Norway are also constutional monarchies.

        Interestingly much of the welfare change being considered for the UK were tried in the Scandinavian countries around the turn of the century, and it was found that they didn’t work…

        I’m not sure that re-imposing state capitalism, (nationalisation etc) is the solution, ar it would still give the political class the power to make our minds up for us. Certainly our society and industries needs to be socialised, but surely worker control of industry, (syndicalism) would be a better option as that would put ownership directly in the hands of the workers.

        As far as society goes, people should take direct control of that, and not allow it be be the preserve of dubious politicians.

  38. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    I’m reblogging this as its an excellent summary of what the Tories’ vision for Britain really means. It’s an excellent critique of the monstrous falsehoods spouted by Cameron and Gove at the Tory party conference yesterday about them creating a Britain of opportunity, and especially their claims about people under 25 apparently running off willy-nilly to find a house or flat and then sponge off the state on housing benefit. Let’s look at the reality the last time the Tories decided to young people claiming housing benefit: according to Private Eye it was a massive increase in young homelessness. My only quibble with the piece is that The Void states that only an extremely affluent public schoolboy could really believe the rubbish he has spouted about young people on housing benefit. I think The Void is being far too generous here. Cameron knows exactly that he’s talking nonsense. He doesn’t believe it. He’s counting that the people, who are fortunate enough not to be under 25 and needing housing benefit, don’t know that he’s lying. That means the outraged readers of Middle England, reading the Daily Mail and Express, and the working class Tory readership of the Sun and the Star. And unless people are very well informed about the benefits system, they will believe. It’s a nasty piece of spin designed ready-made to be printed by the Dacres and Murdochs.

  39. this government realy are vile arent they they are products of there class ,they belive they are superiour and gods chosen people..this is there backwards thinking bordering on nazi ideolagies as we all know most of the aristocracy were nazi sympathisers during ww2 they were given high ranking in the forces becouse as we know most of the….males….from camerons class are so pathetic most upper class male are weak backed narrow shouldered…peanut cocked…pea balled mentaly dimwitted physicaly weak geneticaly worthless its centurys of inbreeding you see ..

    • ‘Product of their class… (etc).’ Many Of whom are only where they are now because great grandmama slept with Charles II. Whores then and whores now.

      • something survived...

        What’s wrong with whores? They have an honest job, unlike politicians!

        • Funnily enough, exactly that thought came to me while I was out just now. But there’s more than one kind of whore.

          Whores then and whores now…

          Those then were aspiring young women; those now are selling their souls (since who’d pay for their bodies?)

  40. lol but on a serious note now thease torie pigs have no idea absolutly no idea no concept of the lives of other people not born into privlige scrapping benefits for the under 25s is insane do they not reolise the danger they are putting those young kids in ..do they…? esp those children who have come from the care system by takeing away benefits they are leaving those yongsters vulnerable to explotation on every level what will it take for the british people to wake up people starving in the streets…ooh hang on we already have that

  41. One things for sure, when the shit hits the fan, all you will see is a cloud of dust and the back of their heads as the “yellow bastards” disappear over the hillside……………………..

    The DWP’s favourite weapon of choice is the ubiquitous brown envelope. It is the act of a craven coward, designed solely to inflict the maximum pain and ultimate death on those who are weakest, poorest and ill educated in our society.

    They hide in their ivory towers, anonymous to the claimant, serving out shit to the millions……………………

    They are not human beings, just the lowest of the lowest, something that should be scraped from the bottom of your shoe.
    It’s so easy to say, “I was only doing my job”.
    They are completely oblivious to the evil that they distribute on a daily basis, knowing full well that the victims will never have the chance to identify them………..

    In effect, they are government assassins………..

    I personally hope that the brunt of this nations anger is directed straight at these faceless bastards, for it is they who are kicking the fallen…

    It was publicised on this site, and many others, that the DWP were going to celebrate the barrage of sanctions that have robbed people of their humanity, their homes and their lives…….

    Such an organisation should never exist in modern Britain, it needs raising to the ground and left on the same par as it’s forgotten victims.


  42. If anyone watched the Tax Evasion Panorama program the other night, they will be aware that this Tory lot are saying exactly the opposite to their intent, and have the media, or they them, to make sure the ignorant never hear or see it.

    Only when it becomes critically unsafe for us all to be outside (particularly Tories) for fear of crime from starvation and destitution – will any action be taken. There’s a way to go yet.

  43. Can anyone else see the hypocrisy in Ed Miliband whining about the daily mail targeting him, yet has said absolutely nothing about the sick, disabled and unemployed, some of which have been individually singled out as well as collectively and he has said absolutely nothing?
    He will be wanting a payout for infringement of his privacy or hurt feelings before long.

  44. I saw Hancock, Maude, Gove, Javid and several other prominent Tories when asked about stripping benefits from the under 25s seemingly having no idea what the heck the policy actually meant. I mean they were all fucking clueless. So it seems to me that this is just something that Cameron inserted into his speech at the last minute. Apart from the hunting, shooting, fishing, bring back hanging kind of unthinking Tories, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of support for Cameron’s new attempt at benefit cutting, especially to the young.

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  46. Ce qu’il y a de certain c’est que moi, je ne suis pas Marxiste

  47. ...je ne suis pas Milibandista

    Some good stuff in this piece by Kenan Malik, here’s a snippet:

    “What workfare truly seeks to change are not people’s values but their expectations. It is a policy that makes low paid, non-unionised jobs socially acceptable and declares those who refuse to take such jobs to be ‘immoral’. Its real impact is not in creating jobs or changing the lives of the poor, but in shifting the blame for poverty and unemployment on to the poor and the unemployed themselves. This is even more true of Britain’s workfare-lite schemes whose whole rationale appears to be not job creation but blame-shifting and expectations-changing”

    ‘Why Workfare Isn’t Working’, Kenan Malik, Pandaemonium, 1 Oct 2013


    The mention of the value/moral component reminds me of a talk by David Graeber.

    He basically says all the arguments for capitalism have failed/are failing. The only arguments the defenders of capitalism have left are:

    1) ‘There Is No Alternative’ – that old adage

    2) Moral Appeal:
    —-“You must pay your debt”, “it’s wrong to not pay your debt”
    —-“You’re a bad/worthless person if you don’t work”, “you don’t deserve anything if you don’t work”

    The moral element to me is in overide through think-tanks, media, government departments – capitalism is a MASSIVE failure.

    Podcast of the above talk/discussion:

  48. …..je ne suis pas………

    Isn’t it amazing that mainstream BBC tv is filled with right wing propaganda and alternative views are only produced on programs like radio 4’s “the moral maze”
    Perhaps radio should change places with television the most popular medium.

    • ...je ne suis pas Milibandista

      BBC TV is awful. It’s never been the ‘left wing bias’ of the Daily Mail but what they’re covering and how they’re covering seems to have shifted.

      Take a look at the guests (this isn’t recent but…) how many anti-capitalists have ever appeared as a guest on any current affairs or news programme?

      It maybe just me but I find the following ridiculous and funny:

      Ooo look we can see actual people like yawning, sitting, standing at their desks in the background (“Look viewers! The money you give us this is where some of it goes!”)

      The best part of watching BBC News now is watching presenters stand next to a TV. I think Sky do a bit where we see a presenter looking at an ipad while talking to some newsperson sitting in front of a computer.

      All presenters have read the memo in how to rest an arm on their desk. This is the new sit on the edge of the desk. “We’ve found out from polls that viewers respond more to wet Oxbridge types while perching an arm on an expensive desk”

      But saying that I will still be voting for BBC News to win best cinematography at the BAFTAs with their crane shots swooping all over the fecking place.

      Style over substance – full of privileged presenters speaking in their wet tones.

    • overburdenddonkey

      a bit swurvey around pleading to bankers from government for investment, it is the same govt that weren’t elected, that implemented these viscous cuts, and choked off investment to the local economy in preference to serving their own interests in the global economy..the horse has bolted…should have been seen and said at the outset…so here we are, in the depths of these viscous cuts, up the creek without a paddle, being punished for being unemployed, underemployed, sick and disabled, and worse to come..

  49. Anarchy is the only solution……we don’t need a Royal Family, why do we need a Government anyway. We all talk and voice our opinions, but this is just a release for our anger and frustration. I don’t know the answer, but writing blogs is getting us no-where and mass anarchy, I feel is the only way out of this mess. Imagine if we ALL refused to pay council tax, council rents, utility bills etc, the powers that be would have to take notice. I may be totally wrong, I don’t know, but I’m as angry and frustrated as you but don’t know what to do.

    • …. organised anarchy ?

      It’s not going to be a case of refusing to pay (bills & etc) – it’s already going that way for reasons of ‘can’t pay’. Not paying rent (? almost always) results in eviction/homelessness, sooner or later.

    • It’s not going to happen, Jason. I remember as a kid in the 70s when we had a rent strike. All the neighbours kept saying how they weren’t paying the rent. It was only when my mum saw one of them sneaking out of a neighbouring rent office that she realised what was going on. Up the this point my parents weren’t paying the rent and it was our family that was in danger of eviction for non-payment which would have in all likelihood happened if it hadn’t been for that fortuitous encounter at the neighbouring rent office. This is human nature; it is what people are like, your dreams of mass non-payment of this that and another more than… a dream; it’s not going to happen.

      • overburdenddonkey

        sadly you are right, “they’ll be right behind you, look round and no ones there”…we live in a very selfish culture, or we could not be suffering the injustices we now suffer…

      • Alas, poor Darwin

        “This is human nature; it is what people are like…”

        Funny how this can describe the behavior of those who espouse such views. As they seek to justify/rationalize their actions/non-actions.

        • overburdenddonkey

          alas, poor darwin..
          ok, what’s your solution?

          • Alas, poor Darwin

            Avoid using the terms which are used by the powerful and wealthy to attain/maintain/further their power and wealth would be a start.

          • overburdenddonkey

            alas, poor darwin
            personally, i think that one expresses the physical/emotional language of the suffering one finds ones self in, or hopes to avoid… i also try to avoid, avoidance…best not live in a room of mirrors, austerity is very, very, bad, we are very justified in rejecting the ongoing suffering of it…lets find common action against austerity…i hope for my next meal, is very different than, i hope for a new car or house or carpet..the word hope, is used often…one hope is vital the others are not, i hope everyone eats and everyone has warm, safe and secure shelter tonight, but sadly this will not be the case for many in britain tonight..i hope that the sharing of capital and resources will become the norm..i hope that others will not blame us for being in the predicament, many of us find ourselves in…and work collectively to get rid of poverty and stop blaming the poor for it…btw, darwin did not coin the term, survival of the fittest..

        • I am not sure I fully understand your point or whether you are having a dig at me but this is what was happening, everyone going around pretending to each other that they hadn’t paid the rent when in fact their accounts were up to date. It was my parents who were the stupid ones not paying their rent, and it would have been my family the neighbours would have been laughing at behind their curtains as we got evicted. This was way back in the 70s when people paid their rent in cash at the rent office; not like it could happen nowadays. Anyway, the ‘rent strike’ duly collapsed.

          • Alas, poor Darwin

            It looked to me like you were speaking the language of the people I’m against.

            I wouldn’t call your parents “the stupid ones”. Their neighbours sound like a bunch of cunts though.

            The specific protest you speak about may well have been a failure (don’t know if any of the demands were furthered or not).

          • Sadly the kind of thing you’re describing does tend to happen. Perhaps there wasn’t enough of the sense of solidarity, I don’t know, but people can and do come together and work towards common goals. The very existence of rent is itself an iniquity, but getting people to see that in itself is a major problem.

            However, once people lose everything, like housing benefits, dole they have nothing to lose. I think it was Jonathan Swift who said ‘I dare you to rouse a man on a full stomach’

        • Or are you trying to say ‘Alas, poor Darwin’ that in similar circumstances the same thing wouldn’t happen today?

        • @ Alas, poor Darwin, Tory ideology on ‘Human nature’ sees ‘man’ as naturally selfish and greedy. ‘He’ lacks reason because ‘his’ intellectual powers are limited. Human nature cannot be changed because people are not perfectible and will remain imperfect. You are correct, this ideology gives them bastards CONTROL!!!!

      • “This is human nature; it is what people are like…”




        • And what exactly is your point, Mr Marx?

          • You state that individuals can never come together to effect change because it is contrary to ‘human nature’: this, however, is not borne out by the facts. Throughout history individuals have stood in solidarity with one another; what’s more, they continue to do so – look at the Occupy movement, look at campaigns such as Boycott Workfare.

            Of course people do act out of self-interest, but in many cases individuals find that the only way to promote their own self-interest is to work together as part of a larger group.

        • overburdenddonkey

          karl marx
          do you know your neighbour, the key to thriving communities, is common shared interests..yes you are right it is not true human nature, to crush another, but there we have the complexities of where many find themselves disenfranchised today, in the austerity imposed by others, who control access to our vitals, and expect us to do circus tricks to get them…if those strong communities still existed we would not be here now, debating what to do, and how to take action against austerity…when thatcher shut down the mines, what she did was to destroy those communities, that was her true agenda..ie destroy common resistance..the establishment is very collective and in tune with each other, to meet their interests..

    • @Jason Blake/All

      Good stuff here, including:

      “Fighting back alone can only achieve so much – we need to work together and have each others backs if we’re going to beat the bosses and the politicians. The first step is finding other people who want to resist. That might mean joining a union, going to a local anti-cuts group, or just talking to people who live in the same area or work in the same place. The best way to build resistance is to start by winning small battles over issues that affect us personally, then building from that. If we use direct action such as going on strike or withholding rent, we can win things that make a real difference to our lives. (see links on the below for advice on organising and making decisions together)”

      ‘Want to fight the cuts? Passive protests aren’t enough!’, TheViolentMinority, 3 October 2013

    • If Im to die…..and lets face it without a welfare state and NHS, we’re all going to die A LOT sooner than we thought, then I’d be quite happy to take a Tory with me. I think the time for martyrdom might soon be here. Together enough of us could send the whole rotten lot to hell.

      • I ain’t rolling over to die that easily. I long for the day these smug, self-righteous parasites are held to account for the lives they have taken, for the families they have torn apart by the stresses of their “welfare reform”.
        That they hide behind the word of law, as regards to how much of the EHRC has actually been written into our laws, proves, to me, without a shadow of a doubt, their actions are coldly calculated to cause maximum destruction to the lives of this country’s most vulnerable.
        I don’t want to see their faces smeared on our ground, I want to see them arraigned and tried for their crimes against humanity.

  50. overburdenddonkey

    i mean, someone’s father is attacked by the d/hate..and all hell breaks loose, so the peoples assembly want emergency mass, protests outside their offices..this is a labour party political movement, and not a people’s against poverty, movement, i don’t want another labour govt in power, they do not speak for me, they will just continue austerity, the labour party is not, pro, the working class..yes, protest outside their offices, but lets get the cause right..the attack against the poor, sick and disabled, unemployed (ment), and against any political party that colludes with austerity..

  51. Housing benefit is yet another private sector subsidy. The private housing sector, receives money from the state, via the tenant, to subsidise increasingly higher rents. Because rents are so high (because they are subsidised via housing benefit), it is difficult, if not impossible, for people to afford these rents on the low salaries now prevalent within Britain. A vicious circle.

  52. This government is so out-of-touch with reality that it’s getting beyond a joke. Having done one of these work-fare programmes, I feel obligated to say that it really is just slave labour.

  53. When John Major’s government took benefits away from the unemployed under 18 year olds in the mid-ninties shitloads of kids ended up sleeping rough on the streets because the government failed to drum up enough jobs or training places to offer to all of the boy and girls who needed them but took their money away anyway.

    We know Cameron wants to strip benefits from the under 25s to help make savings because Osborne’s economic policies have failed. He has said so on many occasions. The idea that Cameron wants to spend MORE on the young unemployed is ridiculous as is the idea that everybody under 25 can always be in work, education, or training. How can anybody promise to abolish unemployment from the lives of all under 25 year olds forever?

    What will happen is that large numbers of the under 25s who become unemployed and who will not be able to move into education or into another job quickly enough will be denied vital support from the state and end up destitute as a result.

    This is really low and bloody awful stuff, make no mistake.

  54. Yes I remember when younger people ended up on the streets due to abolition of housing benefit.

  55. Yesterday i received a letter from one of the DWP’s ambassadors of death, JOHN ROTHWELL of Blackpool.

    He informed me, in no uncertain terms, that my Disability Living Allowance has terminated…………..

    Surely this is the act of celebration after all?

    I was robbed of my “lifetime award of disability” over a year ago and are still awaiting my appeal, thanks to an exterminator working for ATOS, EMMA BRODRICK.

    The reason they terminated my DLA was because i refused to fill in a 35 page questionnaire they sent to me that asks about my disability. it was a DLA80.
    It states that i have to fill it in so they know that i am receiving the right amount of benefit…………..

    As you all know, this is just a load of bollocks that seeks to reduce my benefits further.

    To put it in a nutshell, Esther Mcvey told parliament that existing holders of DLA benefit would not face PIP tests until 2015. The new tests are engineered to strip the mobility from as many as possible by using descriptors that hardly anybody will achieve.

    Not content with leaving existing DLA claimants till 2015, they decided on a plan to relieve you of your benefits even faster by claiming your circumstances have changed after receiving the answers you wrote on your questionnaire. Indeed, this is entrapment or trying to gain pecuniary advantage by deception………….
    A well known underhand trick to push you to another ATOS examination and further reduce your pittance.

    Stangely, when i examined the law regarding the matter of informing the DWP of a change of circumstance, i found this;

    “The effect is that claimants are required to report any change of circumstance which the secretary of state (ie the DWP), has told them to.
    However, there is no specific provision about where or how the change must be reported”.
    Therefore by not filling in the questionnaire, and informing them that my circumstances have not changed, i have fulfilled my obligation.







    11. All the letter actually says which bears on the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for conversion is that “To decide if you are entitled to Employment and Support Allowance we need to assess and understand how your illness and disability affects the amount and type of work you could do”. In particular, it is of note that this says nothing at all about the degree to which a persons illness or disability must limit the amount or type of work they could do. As such it does not bear at all on what the requirements for conversion actually are.
    12. It is plain that the purpose of Reg 4(2)(c) is to ensure that a claimant knows about the nature of the test they are to be assessed with so that they can prepare for the examination. A further purpose is clearly to put in legislation a requirement that a claimant has been given a clear and accurate explanation of the process into which they are entering (the anxiety caused to long term ill claimants by the process having been widely anticipated.
    13. As the notice does not do this, it is submitted that the claimant is not a “notified person”. Therefore, the SSWP had no power to make a conversion decision in this case and the tribunal is invited to find that the purported decision is of no effect.



    “To decide if you are entitled to Employment and Support Allowance we need to assess and understand how your illness and disability affects the amount and type of work you could do.


    • overburdenddonkey

      wow, that is staggering, so they have lazily built the e and sa on the old regulations, and let fear of destitution, bridge the gap, which allowed 3rd party contractors into the fray..i will certainly consider the info you have provided, i often wondered how they were able to link the old legislation to the new without having to re-write the whole of the legislation..

      • The UK is a fucking SHITHOLE!!

        … that is what we are all living under, overburdendonkey… fear of destitution in a supposedly 1st World country and one of the richest countries in the world.. what a fucking joke!


      But they do have the power to stop your benefits which is exactly what they’ve done haven’t they?



  57. Geoff Reynolds, I will make sure that I inform my friends of the above. Thank you x

  58. Government tells employers they can overrule GP fit notes

    Wednesday 01 May 2013 00:01

    The Government has indicated that employers may, in principle, be able to overrule a GP’s advice in a fit note as to whether or not a person is potentially fit to return to work.

    The little-noticed change was incorporated into new guidance on the fit note published by the Government in March and could allow an employer to give precedence to the views of an occupational health practitioner over those of a GP.

    In the guidance for employers and line managers, under the headline “Is the fit note binding on me?”, the Government has made it clear that the answer is “no”.

    The guidance states: “The assessment about whether your employee is not fit for work or may be fit for work (and any other advice in the fit note) is classed as advice, and it is for employers to determine whether or not to accept it.

  59. What’s everyone’s opinion about the plans to make people come into the Jobcentre for 35 hours a week and be forced into unpaid work placements picking up litter or stacking shelves etc.? Is there actually any feasibility to any of this or is it all just empty threats and badly thought out ideas that won’t ever really happen.

    I can’t see the 35 hour job search working at all – in my local centre they have just 2 computers available, no newspapers, toilets or proper seating besides about 4 chairs. There’s no way they can have 50+ people -EVERY DAY- using the facility with such little resources available from 9-5 practically.

    With the forced work I just don’t see how it will work when firstly all those vacancies aren’t really there to begin with and even if you were placed on one you could simply do the job so incredibly poorly that they wouldn’t want to keep you – e.g. ignoring customers in a shop, messing up displays, short changing customers and acting as though you cannot understand what you’re being taught.

    I mean after all why should you really attempt to try when you’re just being used for free labour?

    The minimum wage is there for a reason. They should not expect you to work a 40 hour week in a place where you can’t even be offered a job due to them not paying employees in general, such as a charity shop or community work – jobs which are usually done voluntarily in spare time for a few hours because the companies running them cannot pay anyone.

    I worked in a charity shop on a work programme thing a few years ago and the only one who even got money there out of the 7 odd staff were the woman who was the manager of the whole place and the delivery driver man who came in about 1 day a week to collect old furniture to take to customers houses.

    So there’s no way at all it’s going to lead to full employment at the end of it – not with the company/shop they put you with anyway. All it will give you is the ability to put down on your CV that you did about 4 weeks unpaid work – not even out of your own free will but because you were forced to.

    • overburdenddonkey

      basically they are driving people into servitude, and will find any excuse to stop ones benefits, as has been seen over many, many, years they will do all in their power to break common resistance, and stop us from fighting back.

    • Hmm….no facilities for their potential slaves? Doubt that’ll bother any of the wittering party. They probably think that, as benefits been cut, their victims won’t be able to afford owt t eat or drink. Ergo, bodily functions will not be a concern. Not that they give a damn.
      Facilities could be the least of their problems. They’ve sold off govt buildings all over the country, downsized so much staff…what will they do…hire the local conference centres? Supervised by 0hour contracted staff hired, no doubt by some of their best buds (who are really cashing it in) of private workfare and parking notoriety.

      How this is all meant to aid recovery of our nations finances is beyond me. Taking money out of folk on benefit simply means they’re taking money out of local business. Or Tesco/Asda/Sainsbury etc. Surely that’s killing trade….or maybe its the tablets i take.

    • It is actually even worse because it is supposed to never end. It won’t be for six months, or one year, or two years, but forever or until you get a job. I really just can’t see how this can be possible. It isn’t realistic nor is it affordable.

      • Not quite Eddy. They’ll be limiting JSA to two years after the next election (sooner if the Tories had their way) – so you’ll only have to suffer it for two years at most.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Nothing wrong with a work trial, but If you don’t earning at least nmw after 2 weeks at your job work placement, then most people suddenly will become terribly accident prone.

    • “What’s everyone’s opinion about the plans to make people come into the Jobcentre for 35 hours a week”

      Who said it’ll be done at the Jobcentre? They are throwing £300 million at this – who do you think might want a slice of that and already be set up with computers and toilet facilities…providers perhaps?

  60. Its about getting votes and setting the agenda whether achievable or not. They will probably find a way to make it work in some form or another. I personally feel that Labour are the lesser of two evils ie will pay min wage and won’t go on an on. But all been done before ie having to attend programme centres every day for x months, courses etc

  61. Finding work for us will be easy for them. They wouldn’t care if they put twenty people in a field to collect litter at a snails pace all day every day. They want us to be so frustrated that we all immediately do anything to avoid staying on jobseekers allowance and they can say the scheme worked. I have completed a few new deals in the past, five days a week for thirteen weeks at a time sitting around a table. We did a little bit of the basics but most of the time just filling in time. I think the jobcentre staff will decide who goes to a jobcentre daily or goes on some kind of work experience. Otherwise most of us would select going to the jobcentre every day and they could not cope with all of us. The staff would have to share their toilet facilities with us and from my experience on the new deal courses some people seem to leave more on the floor than in the toilet.
    It isn’t supposed to start until april 2014 but that time will soon be upon us. If I am still unemployed I hope I have the option of selecting daily visits to the jobcentre as I only live just over twenty minutes walk away.
    They must realise that if they call in someone to attend daily then that person will have seen all the vacancies up to and including that day. So the next day they will only have a few suitable vacancies to look at. I have noticed that the UJM website does have new jobs added on sundays and even bank holidays so clearly they are just putting old jobs back on to give people some to look at.

  62. Shows the double standards of DWP to disabled staff and ‘customers’

  63. 🙂

  64. Wait, what’s that I see? David Scamoron’s head is a lightbulb? So all this time, all anyone ever had to do to rid the world of this odious fuck was to fetch him a good one over the head with a two by four? ;D

  65. Isn’t it time a highly secret force from the left did something nasty back to these, spineless bullies. They’re aim is to destroy the welfare state, brutalize and enslave, and the whole population just sits back and takes it. Protest is futile. Its time they were hit….their property, their familes…..time is long over due for Tory blood to spill. Lets imagine IDS’s tears…and pain…it would be a wonderful site..I hope someone somewhere is working on making this happen

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