DWP Cancel Poverty Party: Week of Festivities to Celebrate Benefit Sanctions Scrapped

IDS-poverty-partyThe DWP have cancelled a vile week long celebration of benefit sanctions due to be held to coincide with the Tory Party Conference the PCS Union have reported.   In a sign of growing militancy from the PCS leadership to oppose the vicious sanctioning regime (stop laughing) the union had issued a strongly worded letter to DWP bosses complaining about the upcoming shindig.

Iain Duncan Smith and his department had been planning to rejoice at the news that hundreds of thousands of people are being pushed into desperate poverty by the massive increase in draconian sanctions.  According to the PCS, the DWP had said the week of festivities was about “celebrating how far we have come since the introduction of tougher sanction levels last year”.

It now appears that the week of fun has been scrapped with all mention of Conditionality Week disappearing from the DWP’s website except for a memo to Work Programme providers inviting them to join the party (PDF).

Benefits can now be sanctioned for the most trivial reasons, such as missing a meeting or being late for an appointment.  A list of especially stupid sanctions, such as benefits being stopped because someone didn’t look for enough work on Christmas Day, has recently appeared online.

In some cases benefit sanctions can last up to three years.  Homelessness charity umbrella body Homeless Link last week released a report which claimed sanctions were driving some recently housed homeless people back to the streets.  Foodbanks consistently report sanctions as one of the main reasons families find themselves dependent on their scant support.

The DWP are dragging their feet on providing the latest information on the number of benefit claims sanctioned this year, but it is believed to be likely to top one million.  That’s a million cases of children going hungry, people unable to pay their rent or sick and disabled people not having the money to heat their homes.  And that is one million reasons to party as far as Iain Duncan Smith is concerned.

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67 responses to “DWP Cancel Poverty Party: Week of Festivities to Celebrate Benefit Sanctions Scrapped

  1. When JSA is sanctioned, it is an exaggeration to say rent is not paid, and children go unfed… housing benefit is still paid for rent during a Sanction and patents still get minimum of £71 a week per child, along with free school meals so no reason for those comments

    • Sorry anon apart from being a useless troll and an ill-informed one at that. any sanction also removes your right to other benefits or help.

      • anon obviously not got a clue as to what’s really going on.

        • something survived...

          every time my hb and jsa is stopped immediately on the same day

          • yeah, but the fucking jobcentre don’t you that do they, something survived. they want you to fall into the trap of losing the roof over your head, fucking cunts!! not everyone on benefit has access to resources such as the internet.

    • I currently receive £56.80 a week JSA, £18 of that goes towards my rent. If I was to get sanctioned I’d be £72 behind on my rent that month. It’d be even worse if it was a longer sanction. I won’t be the only person in my situation.

      • ~ and no-one should have to be put in that situation.

        They might as well (almost) give up on the superficial, on-the-surface nods to politeness and acceptability that still exist: “Hello Mr/Ms K. And how are you? Have you got your evidence of the 19 actions you’ve taken during the past two weeks to successfully find work? Thanks – then you can be off to the food bank [or wherever it was you need to get to] “.

        DWP ought to maybe [just] start openly using waterboarding (already); or at the very least adopt the levels of honesty and disclosure they insist on from their victims and tell new claimants they are cordially invited to take part in a game of Russian Roulette from the startt – (or be sanctioned).

        At least then it would be clear where the paramaters lie, The first offer of support could then be to always mandate new claimants to search for a copy of ‘The Deerhunter’ (using their local library or get one 2nd-hand), then to watch it in full and write copious notes – (or be sanctioned).

        How has no-one in the Dept. for Worry & Paralysis has (yet) issued an edict to the effect that music from the soundtrack to the film should be playing (gently, in the background), at all times during signing/Adviser appointments at JCP(-)?

    • anon

      No single parent gets £71 a week per child off the DHS. A single unemployed person over 25 gets £71 a week to live on, if you can call it living, you obviously don’t have a clue.

      • DHS should be DWP.

        • something survived...

          Department of Wankers and Pricks
          Department of Work Programmes
          Department of Warehousing Peasants
          Department of Workhouses and Prisons
          Dead White Puritans

        • That must be referring to (child) tax credits? They are monthly-paid and don’t equate to 71.00/week. Someone in a low-ish paid job seems to be entitled to receive a slightly higher amount than someone on JSA (that does equate to around 71.00 from memory). Tax credits are not likely to be able to be put only towards food and clothes that children need – very likely to go towards paying for utilities and now council tax/bedroom tax etc. There’s no way that each person in a single-adult household with children has 71.00/week (each) when all incomings are added together and all outgoings paid – the money left over for food/essentials is enough to cover abour 10/11 days at a strech and barring any unforeseen eventualities.

          (Child benefit = 81.00/month. It’s been at around a very similar amount for at least the past decade – increasing annually by only negligable amounts, and in the last 2/3 years, barely at all),

    • Anon
      My housing benefit was stopped as a result of following orders set down for me by a job club last year I was FORCED against my better judgment to make inquiry phone calls at a “back to work” team based at the job center.
      Due to this call my housing was informed that I had started employment and my rent was stopped as a devoted single mum all my benefits had to go to paying rent and I was still short.
      Idiotic comments really only help yourself feel good and leave everyone else dealing with the reality of what a mess this country has become totally indiferent to your arse licking coments we have to deal with your automated attitude on a daily basis my sugestion is you follow david cameron and co. on twitter ect and knock yourself out.

  2. Housing benefits are often stopped when a claim is sanctioned leading to evictions or arrears whilst a new claim is made, that’s the problem Homeless Link were referring to. As well as this people might dip into rent payments to keep food on the table. And that £71 a week is hardly much help when the parent’s benefits have been sanctioned, mums and dads have to eat as well.

  3. Sorry Anon- but thats not how it works in practice. yes claimants may be entitled to HB run on in theory.
    However when JSA stops Housing benefit and council tax benefit also stop- often the person who has been sanctioned does not realize or does not know they have entitlement to Housing benefit-so do not ask for a reinstatement on zero income grounds….so they get into rent arrears and face possible eviction.
    You make the mistake of believing all claimants have children- even when they do £71 week doesnt stretch very far!
    Sanctions multiply and create problems that embed people in misery – this should never been seen as acceptable or ok.

    • Well said.

    • Dogelvis

      With the bedroom tax if a claimants benefits are sanctioned they still have to find the portion of the rent for bedroom tax themselves or face eviction, because of the reduction of housing benefit for extra bedrooms.

  4. “Sanctions” sounds too mild, how about “punitive destitution”.

  5. Does annon think the huge growth in food banks nationwide is just an exercise left wing underclass properganda?

    • Eric Greenwood (4727)

      Probably thinks its a lifestyle choice..

      • What have we come to even to be having to have this conversation?

        • overburdenddonkey

          fcuk, this nightmarish, the celebration of inflicting suffering on to others, ghoulishness of the baying mob, for that is, what it is, desensitisation of suffering, people trapped, no jobs, disabled and sick, no means of escape from their tormentors, caged, baited, and goaded, by their captors.. well the pcs spoke out, as is their duty to themselves and others, lets see now some firm and powerful action, from all who profess to care…end sanctions and conditionality…shame on all, who colluded in the causing human suffering..

  6. Landless Peasant

    That’s one party I would have liked to have gatecrashed, and spiked the punch with arsenic…

    • Arsenic is not enough for these sick bastards, an AK47 would be far more suitable, having the cunts beg for their miserable lives would be far more satisfying…

    • something survived...

      How about a memo to staff with instructions on how to hang themselves?

  7. Jobcentre staff Nazis

    The PCS doesn’t represent the majority of us. We get a hard on from issuing sanctions to those tossed on the scrapheap by employers.

    • Another Fine Mess

      Well JS you’re not all like that, but one thing’s for sure – You’re Next!

      • Jobcentre staff Nazis

        No we’re not next. Once jobseekers are dealt with, the next target will be small businesses. After all they cannot be allowed to cut into the profits of large businesses who donate money to the three main parties.

        • Another Fine Mess

          Not round here Smithy, all the small businesses have already gone. You can rent a shop for £20 a week. I can hear noises behind the closed shutters, I think there’s people living in them!

  8. anon you nutsack!Go trolll elsewhere

  9. This is absolutely sickening and should have been in all the national media
    10,000 people have died since the condems came to power

  10. Rosemarie Harris

    What is needed is for someone to find out where and when this Party is, let as many people know as possible and gate crash it inform the press why you are doing it etc. Only people on this site knows about it.. lets get it published on everysite.

  11. These people are sick!

  12. Somehow it seemed there were bound to be celebrations taking place this week – maybe not so publicly-advertised as these – more in a private, behind closed doors, kind of a way.

    In today’s ‘Independent’:
    Unemployed to rate their job centres: Not a joke – (unless/until it happens).

    “Unemployed people are to be asked to anonymously rate their local job centre in an attempt to drive up performance standards.

    Under the proposal, job-seekers would be asked whether they would [this is surreal] “recommend” the service provided to friends and family.” ….

    ~ Perhaps this is a precursor to shutting down one or two of the ‘worst’ performing.

    • something survived...

      Ours has forms to rate it but I wasn’t given one yet. I’ll point out when I get it: There is a mistake on this form. There are no options for Shite, Utterly Shite, and Irredeemably Shite.

  13. How satisfied are you with the number of attempts made to sanction you during the past month (where more than 2 attempts is ‘very good’ and none is ‘poor’)?

    Very satisfied; Really satisfied, thanks; Satisfied; Unsatisfied (hard to help).

  14. that’s not true HB is paid when you are sanctioned i know someone who was sanctioned after they sad she had not applied for enough jobs ,she got in touch with council and they refused to pay her HB or council tax she got in touch with the local paper and her MP but before it came to anything she was lucky and managed to get a job thanks to a friend of hers who put in a good word for her

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  16. no benefits or housing for under 25s so what are they meant to do starve. years ago one of my mates was kicked out of home when he was 16 by his foul abusive drunk parents when his child benefit stopped they put his stuff in a bin bag & told him to f***off. where are young people like him meant to live or eat when they cant claim benefits or have a roof over there heads. no address means you cant get a job access to education or work experience & if you have no friends or family to fall back on your stuffed. my mate had a terrible childhood little education & until the age of 22 was sleeping in sheds garages old cars & shop doorways but at least he could feed himself without stealing or begging with his poxy little bit of benefit. the futures bright with the tories but not if your poor disabled old or under 25 by the look of it.

  17. The shooting of Mark Duggan prompted rioting on a scale never seen before, in Tottenham……………………

    Imagine the carnage created when this little fiasco gets out of hand. Every town has one or two jobcentres, and every town has thousands of really pissed off people.

    These idiots are lighting the touchpaper on some of the most horrific scenes ever witnessed on our shores.

    Armed police units will be grossly outnumbered by the amount of weapons available on our streets at this very moment. Sniper fire will ring out as the police will be perceived to be the enemy while acting to secure the wishes of the government.

    The death toll will be astronomical as the “cause”, spreads like wildfire across the country…………

    If the hospitals can’t cope now, just wait till the fireworks start!
    “Where are all the fireman”, they will shout as the public offices burn to the ground.
    “What, no ambulances”, as the jigsaw they created starts to make a realistic picture of the austerity cuts……….

    You reap what you sow, the party is yet to begin……………

  18. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    In a previous post I reblogged from Mr Void about the number of homeless people suffering from benefit sanctions, I said that just when you thought the Tories couldn’t get any lower, they manage to do something really sick. Now he reports that the DWP had plans to hold a festival celebrating the introduction of sanctions and tougher penalties on benefits claimants. This is after the number of people having their claims cut or stopped is estimated to reach a million. The planned festivities were stopped after strongly worded complaints from the PCS union. I’m not surprised. If word got out about it, as it had, then there would have been riots from seriously offended ‘customers’ at Jobcentre. Meanwhile, the very fact that the Tories were planning to hold this celebration indicates the level of sheer contempt they have for the poor and unemployed.

  19. One things for sure, when the shit hits the fan, all you will see is a cloud of dust and the back of their heads as the “yellow bastards” disappear over the hillside……………………..

    The DWP’s favourite weapon of choice is the ubiquitous brown envelope. It is the act of a craven coward, designed solely to inflict the maximum pain and ultimate death on those who are weakest, poorest and ill educated in our society.

    They hide in their ivory towers, anonymous to the claimant, serving out shit to the millions……………………

    They are not human beings, just the lowest of the lowest, something that should be scraped from the bottom of your shoe.
    It’s so easy to say, “I was only doing my job”.
    They are completely oblivious to the evil that they distribute on a daily basis, knowing full well that the victims will never have the chance to identify them………..

    In effect, they are government assassins………..

    I personally hope that the brunt of this nations anger is directed straight at these faceless bastards, for it is they who are kicking the fallen…

    It was publicised on this site, and many others, that the DWP were going to celebrate the barrage of sanctions that have robbed people of their humanity, their homes and their lives…….

    Such an organisation should never exist in modern Britain, it needs raising to the ground and left on the same par as it’s forgotten victims.


  20. since when did anyone get £71 for their a child. regardless bills still have to be paid and money on benefits have pre payment meters, which actually costs more than quarterly bills. not everyone has children so money gets stopped as does other entitlements until you get it reinstated which takes months. and if you have also been hit by the bed tax (which punishes people for the lack of enough smaller homes), then you will face arrears anyway. Even when the elec or gas meter runs out it continues to charge for it being there so when a person finally gets money they have debts to pay of before they can even get use of it. So ANON you should get facts straight before making such comments. Getting so sick of ignorant people who believe every lie told by the government. Proven lies.

    • Anon probably is the government stirring it further for those on this site that have been the brunt of condem policies, but hopefully still defiant.

  21. Anon really hasn’t got a fucking clue …

  22. child tax credit is £61.45 a week for js and esa where I live and to punish people, children and parents through sanctions that create,poverty, homelessness, and starvation is clearly an abusive system.
    The unemployment has been created deliberatly. If as much effort had been applied to creating business and manufacturing than destroying it we wouldnt be in this situation I feel.

  23. The walls of my nephews school are covered in instruction on how to be an effective contributor and the like. Is this early slavery training who needs an eduction perhaps studying art or music when you are to be a robot.

  24. Yesterday i received a letter from one of the DWP’s ambassadors of death, JOHN ROTHWELL of Blackpool.

    He informed me, in no uncertain terms, that my Disability Living Allowance has terminated…………..

    Surely this is the act of celebration after all?

    I was robbed of my “lifetime award of disability” over a year ago and are still awaiting my appeal, thanks to an exterminator working for ATOS, EMMA BRODRICK.

    The reason they terminated my DLA was because i refused to fill in a 35 page questionnaire they sent to me that asks about my disability. it was a DLA80.
    It states that i have to fill it in so they know that i am receiving the right amount of benefit…………..

    As you all know, this is just a load of bollocks that seeks to reduce my benefits further.

    To put it in a nutshell, Esther Mcvey told parliament that existing holders of DLA benefit would not face PIP tests until 2015. The new tests are engineered to strip the mobility from as many as possible by using descriptors that hardly anybody will achieve.

    Not content with leaving existing DLA claimants till 2015, they decided on a plan to relieve you of your benefits even faster by claiming your circumstances have changed after receiving the answers you wrote on your questionnaire. Indeed, this is entrapment or trying to gain pecuniary advantage by deception………….
    A well known underhand trick to push you to another ATOS examination and further reduce your pittance.

    Stangely, when i examined the law regarding the matter of informing the DWP of a change of circumstance, i found this;

    “The effect is that claimants are required to report any change of circumstance which the secretary of state (ie the DWP), has told them to.
    However, there is no specific provision about where or how the change must be reported”.
    Therefore by not filling in the questionnaire, and informing them that my circumstances have not changed, i have fulfilled my obligation.







    11. All the letter actually says which bears on the requirements that must be met in order to qualify for conversion is that “To decide if you are entitled to Employment and Support Allowance we need to assess and understand how your illness and disability affects the amount and type of work you could do”. In particular, it is of note that this says nothing at all about the degree to which a persons illness or disability must limit the amount or type of work they could do. As such it does not bear at all on what the requirements for conversion actually are.
    12. It is plain that the purpose of Reg 4(2)(c) is to ensure that a claimant knows about the nature of the test they are to be assessed with so that they can prepare for the examination. A further purpose is clearly to put in legislation a requirement that a claimant has been given a clear and accurate explanation of the process into which they are entering (the anxiety caused to long term ill claimants by the process having been widely anticipated.
    13. As the notice does not do this, it is submitted that the claimant is not a “notified person”. Therefore, the SSWP had no power to make a conversion decision in this case and the tribunal is invited to find that the purported decision is of no effect.



    “To decide if you are entitled to Employment and Support Allowance we need to assess and understand how your illness and disability affects the amount and type of work you could do.


  26. Dear People,
    Last November (2012) I was sanctioned for one weeks money. During two week period I didn’t apply for any jobs during week 1; nothing suitable. But I applied for 16 jobs and attended a job interview during week 2. After 11 months and initial rebuke by my regional DWP office I have WON my appeal! An independent panel overturned the original decision.
    Has this happened to anyone else? And what about the money they took?
    Any ideas/help appreciated.
    G Smith.


    Strangely they terminated an employees contract for having aspergers syndrome. The employee won her appeal tribunal then they refused to re-employ her due to her ailment…………

    ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and yet ATOS find you fit for work if you have aspergers…..


    The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has been ordered to pay a woman with Asperger’s syndrome a total of £70,000 after an employment tribunal found the DWP to be guilty of disability discrimination. The DWP was found by the tribunal to have subjected the claimant to harassment due to her Asperger’s. The tribunal initially awarded damages to the claimant of £54,000 as compensation for constructive unfair dismissal and disability discrimination. In a further hearing, another £17,500 was ordered to be paid by the DWP for failing to comply with a re-employment ruling. (06/03/2013)

  28. Omg wake up when has left hand ever worked right uand as far as these situations go. Yes it states on gov sites that they wont effect h.b or council tax but in reality. They recive auto info about when jsa claiment goi g to be sanctioned but wait almost 4 weeks before informing you there has been changes overpayment and deductions all set up without you knwing oh plus 4 wks arreas. I speak from experience my non dependent son lives at home still with myself partner and 3 dependent children one of which is in receipt of dla middle and lower I receive carer’s allowance is child ben ctc I also claim is for my partner due to carer element my non dependent son claims jsa but dosent attend some course he is sent on this is his choice I knw and he knws that they will sanction him he already had 13 wk over 6mth ago then was able to claim again he stoped signing etc last time so they asummed him to be on highest wage and reduce my hb and ct down to .50p wkly and deducting so much for over payments I currwntly pay dmbc 20 a week after 6 mths he has gt sanctioned again but this time is continuing to sign on and job swarch etc

  29. Omg wake up when has left hand ever worked right uand as far as these situations go. Yes it states on gov sites that they wont effect h.b or council tax but in reality. They recive auto info about when jsa claiment goi g to be sanctioned but wait almost 4 weeks before informing you there has been changes overpayment and deductions all set up without you knwing oh plus 4 wks arreas. I speak from experience my non dependent son lives at home still with myself partner and 3 dependent children one of which is in receipt of dla middle and lower I receive carer’s allowance is child ben ctc I also claim is for my partner due to carer element my non dependent son claims jsa but dosent attend some course he is sent on this is his choice I knw and he knws that they will sanction him he already had 13 wk over 6mth ago then was able to claim again he stoped signing etc last time so they asummed him to be on highest wage and reduce my hb and ct down to .50p wkly and deducting so much for over payments I currwntly pay dmbc 20 a week after 6 mths he has gt sanctioned again but this time is continuing to sign on and job search etc job center say his claim is active but he is sanctioned yet after finding out and making changes dmbc ct and hb have just informed me yet again my bebefits have been reduce and I have to pay overpayments as well as arreas ontop of last loti can honestly say this I sforcing us into hardship as obviously im gonna support him as much ss I can he has no money but then to have to pay twice to have him hear cuz he is being sanctioned is a joke why am I having to pay and he wont acept its down to his actions or lack of them that this is happening …help plz so confusee esspefially with changing between jsa and uc

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  31. Same here. 3 kids one of is just classed as non dependant. Been trying to claim job seekers since sept 1st. Is on second sanction. Each being a month. This makes me £73 in rent debt every 4 weeks he is sanctioned. I have no board money. Another family of 5 basically surviving. Turning heating off and not enough food. Car up for sale. Given up now. Even a so called non dependant son’s sanction can send a family into poverty. I know it is happening. 6 days to christmas. Never been so uptight in my life. He applied for 6 jobs…..with my help! There are no jobs. Had to apply 200 miles away for one. He did 30 steps of looking for work. BUT she wrote a list of 5 websites and 3 papers. She then wrote X3 underneath. BOY do IT now understand what this meant
    He was supposed to write each website as checked 3 times a week. Following their stupid synthetic ways of getting employment is having the OPPOSITE effect. I think screens will be back..they’re real stupid because come on……food parcels etc etc etc. I wonder why I had kids now. I feel bad. Why are immigrants allowed. We live near Butlins and everyone I know is now NOT employed. Butlins went. To Poland to recruit! Was in paper. I would not have kids in these times. Just how I personaly feel.

    • My son has unresolved issues in 20 yrs he has only spent 2 nites away frm home wouldnt stsy in sch to come home to the point he wasnt in mainstream education but a smaller educational unit he has never been good eith crowds especially where he knws no one and witg no experience of normall class room enviroment since he was 12 never sat an exam etc but looking back in hindsightI should of ppushed more to get him to cahms but really his social issues are standing out more now he doesnt go out has gf but they in all time rarely goes pub never been to club admits he wouldnt be able to live in own etc and they keep sanctioning him for not atteneding a educational course in an area he does not knw now this is his only fault he does all other tasks surley they would think to look into this more with his lack of education and try and asssist him rather than put to the point as he still sanctioned im nearly 800 in debt on my rent got no presantsfor other 3 as u say freeze half the days and starve rhe others so I cantry and give the others what they deserve n I am ready ro give up I carrnt make it better I carnt do xmas I have let all my kids dwn cause of this stupid ruling

  32. Dnb 1, I am so understanding. I now feel a fool. I ceased to see my sons problems. Some teenagers are just not emotionally developed yet to deal with this harsh regime. We have had to really think on how to deal with this. I have told my son that this is not his fault. This is a government set up. They are sanctioning EVERYONE. The job centre will have seen your son and mine as easy targets.
    I have decided to back off my son a bit and though struggling so bad I will not keep emotionally laying this on him. Some parents are going to drive their kids over the edge over something they have not deserved. All this sanctioning is doing is………breaking up families, weakening and stressing already weakened households. These youths are going to have zero confidence.
    My son is also very quiet. He dosent go out to pubs etc. He now does not know his arse from his head. There are no jobs…..rural area 10 miles to town.
    I cannot bare hearing on the news that youth unemployment is down. ……They are all SANCTIONED. Second time since sept. Only managed to sign on twice since leaving college! First is a month.second is 13 weeks.
    They can shove it up their arses. Id rather eat beans on toast ….road kill if I had to. I am not sending him to that job centre again. I am not twisting his head thinking £56 jobseekers is the b all.
    Dear Mr Void is there any way you could create a system to find out how many of our kids/teenagers/ youths/ non dependants have been sanctioned?
    Can you whatvits like seeing your son set off confidantly 2

  33. ……sorry. could not edit………….and then see them come back suicidal week before christmas knowing he’s fucked it all up. Its hard losing college leavers child benefit and tax credits as it is. Then no work……..now this. These kids of 18 and 19 are walking round with the worries of the world. Obviously its not just sons n daughters being sanctioned but these are our future. …….we need to know how many youths have ZERO income.

    Ps……my son has just set off 6 mile walk to get a nil income housing benefit form. I hope I have found correct information. This should stop my rent arrears going up £73 a month.

    • I hope it does but when I mentioned that to my housing becuase under 25 it dosent apply. It gets me how they are termed non-dependent yet when sanctioned they become dependent as u can not let your own child no matter what age starve to death etc or not wash o r have clean clothes surly what they are doing to families is against human rights. My nd son as u say spends most his time feeling worthless n suicidal how would any of you felt at 20 having to ask for your mom to buy you razzors soap condoms is this what this government wants to reduce everyone to mental and emotional messes livibg on the streets also how is it fair to threaten wviction on a family thats more than entittled to housing benefits I have never missed any of my appointmebts or done anything to be sanctioned yet its me being forced to make this imposible decision I have lost weight my hair is falling out with stress my other 3 kids are suffering to they want to knw why mommys never happy why im always crying why I dont take them out anymore etc

  34. Cameron was on tv yesterday reckoning youth unemployment is down 40 percent. All these problems are being discussed in parliament. I saw michael meacher mp fighting the welfare reforms with such passion I emailed him to say thankyou!

    However it needs to be sorted quicker.Hope you’re ok dnb1. I’m rrently coming off anti anxiety medication aswell. My central nervous system is having to adjust as it is. This is so crushing. My hair was falling but its stopped. Hair grows for 3 years. Rests 3 months then sheds for 3 months. I know for a woman in severe stress this can be a massive worry. Don’t stop combing it. It has opposite effect.

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