Victory To The Hovis Bakers!

hovis-strikeBakers at the Hovis factory in Wigan have won an important victory against zero-hour contracts after two weeks of strike action.

According to Union News, the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) say they are confident they have ‘secured everything we were looking for’ due to the dispute which began when Hovis replaced staff recently made redundant with agency workers.

In stark contrast to the token one day strikes called by some of the larger unions over the last couple of years, this was a proper strike which did what a strike is supposed to do and shut the Hovis factory down. A militant and well attended picket line also prevented delivery lorries from leaving the bakery leading to an inevitable heavy handed police response and three arrests.

Alongside the strike many supporters contacted Hovis demanding they employ their workers properly and pledging to boycott the company whilst the strike took place.  This shows that the days when workers on strike for better conditions can be demonised by hard right militants at the Daily Telegraph are at an end.  If it comes to a straight up scrap between low paid workers and giant corporations like Hovis then it is likely to be the workers the public backs from now on.  And no-one wants to eat bread, or anything else, produced by scab workers.

Don’t expect any help for low paid workers from politicians, who have got their snouts so deep in the trough they can barely even see what’s going on anymore.  But collective action can still win the day as the victorious bakers have shown.  Trade union members everywhere should be watching.  There’s still strength in any union that is prepared to fight.

Hovis bread is currently scab free.  Why not Boycott Warbutons, who gave £25,000 to the Tory Party, instead.

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29 responses to “Victory To The Hovis Bakers!

  1. A proper strike + action for a just cause.

  2. I’m surprised that Hovis didn’t just bring in those on workfare. They are greedy enough to do that.

  3. overburdenddonkey

    well done to hovis workers, more of the same is required, stand up to the bully bosses, you know it works..

  4. Thanks for the info re: Warburtons, I had no idea, but I do now, and I most certainly will NOT buy their products if they are Tory supporters!

  5. Obviously at some point someone must have sneaked in a change to the law/rules on “redundancy” as I always thought that it had to be that the actual post was no longer required… but if they then take on zero hours workers to fulfill the positions then surely the positions did not close and so the redundancy was not valid?

    Would this then leave them open to some kind of legal challenge and redress? Unfair dismissal? Does anyone know about this better than myself, so could offer a clearer understanding of when such a change occurred, if indeed it did?

  6. Will the government be sending workfare to Warburtons as scab labour and sanction them if they don’t get through a picket line?
    It wouldn’t surprise me they are born and bred (pun) bastards.

  7. I have also just emailed them to complain about this donation. They make bread that is £ For( 12 small pieces of bread) for coeliac’s perhaps all coeliac’s should try another brand as it is odvious that they are making too much money from the public.
    but the question is why Warburton have donated this money??

    • @rosemary harris you dont donate unless you want the favour returned, for companies these donations are a pittance for them when they consider it an investment expecting huge rewards in return..

  8. @johnnyoid having a campaign such as a strike for low paid workers and getting the message across to the general public may be fine, however will it fall foul of the newly proposed ‘gagging ‘ bill?

  9. We have to get the millions of people in this country to stop this gagging bill. My own MP is against it and says that it is being rushed through due to political policies and he is very worried.
    As for the Hovis workers, well done you lot.
    I will write to Warburtons and complain about the donation and the reason it was given to the tory party!
    I just wish that people right around the country would do what these people have done, all strike at the same time – the government would collapse!

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  11. Everyone in work who are fed up of this government should walk out and stay out until, amongst other things, there is a promise of no reprisals for the strike. Me…I’m just an unemployed fanficcer, one of the two million unemployed.

  12. Congrats guys! This is what the public needs to see: There is a point in standing up for your rights despite all the crap since Thatcher.

  13. Well done!

    I can buy Hovis again!


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  15. Well done to the Hovis workers, bread still tastes like cardboard though. Won’t be buying Warburtons from now on, & since it tastes like styrofoam, that won’t be any great loss.

  16. Well done to the Bakers food & Allied workers union. It’s nice to see some good news for a change.

  17. Simple policy to erradicate punative zero hours contracts: Employers National Insurance contributions tripled for any hours worked that are above those contracted.

  18. 30 September 2013

    “The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) has ended the dispute at the Hovis factory in Wigan by pushing through an agreement that enables the continued use of agency workers and zero-hour contracts by the company.”

  19. Always industrial unrest with a Tory government,they were all against a minimum wage.How the hell the Tories ever got to power is down to the previous poor Labour government who did practically nothing for the white working class.
    Face it brothers,the working class are up against it as it has always been.
    The Tory motto is “the rich man in his castle and the poor man at his gate”

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