Don’t Be Fooled – The Modern Labour Party Are No Friends Of The Poor

atos_david_milibandLiam Byrne’s speech to the Labour Party this week shows that no matter how many platitudes Ed Miliband hands out to the poor it will be business as usual for claimants should Labour be elected in 2015.

Whilst the scrapping of the Bedroom Tax is welcome it will be far too late for most of those affected who will have been forced from their homes long before the next election.  The decision to sack Atos is also mere window dressing.  The re-assessment of claimants on Incapacity Benefit by the company, whilst woefully behind schedule, is likely to be near completion by May 2015.  And as Liam Byrne made clear in his speech ‘assessments have to stay’.  So instead of Atos it is likely to be G4S, A4e or Capita who are used to bully new sick and disabled claimants out of the benefits they need.

Meanwhile Byrne’s call for full employment is as redundant as the rest of his policies – although it is true that when the Welfare State was created it was underpinned by this demand.  But full employment doesn’t mean everyone has a job.  Beveridge thought his plans could be achieved with a full employment rate of 97%.  Some economists suggest that an economy can claim to have full employment even when over one in ten people are out of work.  Generally full employment means the minimum amount of unemployment a capitalist economy can cope with before inflation soars and the workers start getting a bit commie.  When politicians use the term today it seems to mean whatever they want it to.

So just like when Labour promised full employment in 1996, which would be delivered by the New Deal (stop laughing), Byrne’s full employment simply means everyone who’s been on the dole for a while will be forced into a minimum wage job for six months.  Then they will go back on the dole.  And other workers, not there because of the threat of benefit sanctions, will have their own pay and conditions undermined.  This is what happened on the New Deal, The Flexible New Deal and later the current Government’s workfare schemes.  And whilst politician’s only answer to unemployment is blaming unemployed people, it will keep happening.

What Byrne or Miliband didn’t say is as important as what they did.  This week’s conference offered no comfort for the 200,000 children staring homelessness in the face due to the Benefit Cap.  No let up for sick and disabled people facing the launch of a new raft of assessments for the replacement of Disability Living Allowance.  No clear plans to scrap workfare, and absolutely no plans to scrap the vicious benefit sanctions which are currently driving hundreds of thousands of people into desperate poverty.

In fact Liam Byrne loves benefit sanctions so much he is even planning to help save Universal Credit – as if the DWP needed another fucking idiot on the team.

Liam Byrne may have been told to tone down the rhetoric for a conference at which Labour have pretended to show that they give a shit about the poor.  David Cameron pretended to give a shit about the poor before he got elected as well.  Sacking Atos and scrapping the Bedroom Tax may have grabbed the headlines, but the impact of these policies will be over for the vast majority even if Labour manage to get elected.

There was nothing proposed at this conference for the very poorest apart from a couple of scraps thrown down to fool the party faithful.  Don’t be fooled. The Labour Party leadership are every bit as wedded to neo-liberal strategies to make the rich richer and the poor destitute as they ever were.  Like their Tory counterparts they have neither the imagination nor the desire to propose anything which genuinely challenges the inhuman onslaught of capitalism run rampant.  They just sometimes have slightly better PR.

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275 responses to “Don’t Be Fooled – The Modern Labour Party Are No Friends Of The Poor

  1. overburdenddonkey

    there are still no plans, surprisingly, for a decent guaranteed live on minimum income for all uk citizens, and until there is, nothing will change, it’ll be simply more of the same old shit, different day.
    we all have a human right to decent homes, warmth, food, clothes, and health care…we are in the 21st century for pities sake…well some are..many are regressing back to the 19th c, and living in worsening poverty, words cannot cure.

    • POPPYCOCK ed miliband is what this country needs .re-articial do yu really want this shower of cruel monsters ruling for another 5 yrs of hell /bec we the people dont want that man in power he is HATED /all the tight security for conference just goes to proove that hes loving it the suffering they are dishing out to the weakest and most vunerable .and ask yourselves did ED have security at his NO he was walking on beach with wife and kids and down the road hand in hand to the conference hes no need to be afraid BUT THE OTHERS HAVE ed miliband is a decent bloke who HAS got a heart for the people .and HE LL WIN

  2. If they don’t deliver, depending on why, THEN I will tear into them.
    Peremptive bullshit criticism should be left to the tories

    Keep up the attack on Labour
    Be divisive and let the right rule the roost

    yeah yeah Labour are blue tories blahdy blahdy dah

    First time anyone has talked about full employment since the 1970s
    Above time. They will get my vote and ballcocks to the lot of you

    • overburdenddonkey

      no crystal ball was required to see the looming housing crisis in 1997, this was intensely spoken of then..where are we now in the midst of a massive housing crisis! amongst other crisis’s, so it is hardly a pre-emptive attack now is it?

    • “Prime minister Tony Blair today announced the next phase of the New Deal as one of a series of measures contained in the employment Green Paper Towards Full Employment in a Modern Society.”

      Heard it all before, Blair’s drive for full employment led to Atos and workfare.

      • overburdenddonkey

        that was/is it then/now, pretend that there would be full employment if only people would stop being so stubborn and get jobs, that never existed then/now and never could have ever existed, in our survival of the fittest, capitalist/corperate global economy, where the rich suck up all the capital and what more, more, more…

    • Bollocks to Labour, and bollocks to you too chibipaul. It was Labour who introduced Benefit sanctions, along with all that New Deal bullshit, and employed Lord Fraud, not to mention setting up Emma Harrison for life. Fuck Labour, I’ll either vote Green or SWP.

    • if the torys get back in that will give them a mandate for more of the same.

  3. Spot on as usual. Just on the issue of Atos: assessments (via ESA50 and the face-to-face Work Capability Assessment) need root and branch reform or scrapping, they take little or no account of actual symptoms of psychological or behavioural issues, for example, and ignore GPs’ advice, which is a travesty of justice. And I am currently being reassessed for ESA, just three months after being put in the support group, yet the independent tribunal recommended I be left alone for six months. The contractor (in this case Atos, of course) have no one to answer to if they call me for yet another face-to-face WCA. I can’t complain to the DWP, as they have no say in who or who isn’t called for the WCAs. Atos are a law unto themselves. So, yes, Liam Byrne’s comments were pretty useless and I must say cynical. What is so annoying is the needlessly incompetent and vindictiveness of the current system, something neither the Conservatives or Labour intend changing.

  4. John McDonnell yesterday said this – “Challenging the scapegoating of unemployed and disabled people needs to be made a reality by scrapping the rigged capability tests associated with Atos and abolishing workfare” Micheal Meacher too has made a big effort to get things improved.I don’t trust Byrne one inch, but I’m thinking we have more chance of getting rid of the WCA if Labour get returned and the good people fight for us from within, than if IDS Hoban & McVey get in to wreak havoc again. It’s a crap choice, but it seems the only one we have. The odds of WCA going must be slightly better if hundreds of Lab backbenchers are telling a Lab cabinet to do so – which wouldn’t happen if they don’t get in. They need to have the pressure kept on on now though, right up to polling day so that it is the first thing on the agenda in 2015.

  5. This is more much talk of the far left able to shout and swinge but unable to direct it it in the right direction, Miliband put up a great speech which can be the makings of great things ahead it is for us to now join up get behind them and shape the labour party into the party to lead in 2015 so not happy well get your pens out and your shoes on and engage.

  6. Overburdendonkey throwing up the past whether to the left right or middle will get us knowwhere I am not interested what politically happened yesterday because we only have 19 months to get a party ready so now is the time to think forwards

    • overburdenddonkey

      but the only reason people will still vote labour is because of it’s past and glorious history..

      • overburdenddonkey,

        Apart from a brief encounter with a left wing outlook that came with the election of the Attlee government the Labour party has NEVER been of the left in any shape, way or form, the right wing have always found ways to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Labour party, their own self-enrichment was and is their only intent. You will in time find out that Ed Miliband is far more to the right then David Cameron!.

        Only the weak minded and fools support the Labour party, they live for the day it will change, that day will NEVER come!.

        • overburdenddonkey

          true, but we did have some sort of check and balance in the unions, of which i was member, t&g, so we did down tools, no matter what party was in power..
          i’ll never vote labour again, that’s for sure. the unions of old would never have tolerated, what we routinely tolerate today…it seemed that old labour was easier to deal with, and more accommodating of workers rights in them days, and imo, i’m sure this is what many people ascribe to new labour now..

          • “true, but we did have some sort of check and balance in the unions”

            Indeed, strange is it not that so many union leaders end up in the lucrative position by being made members off…The House of Lords, no doubt for past services rendered!!!.


            • overburdenddonkey

              yes that did/does happen, life has always been crap for the worker, i know this well, but i do know there was a time when it was less crap, and there was a mass workers movement, and we were able to push and shove the union “leadership” from the so called rank and file, people were very vocal back then…we did have some power back then..jack dash and his like will never be seen again…

        • ” the Labour party has NEVER been of the left in any shape, way or form, the right wing have always found ways to infiltrate the upper echelons of the Labour party, their own self-enrichment was and is their only intent.”

    • Think forwards like breaking away from the unions, the people that started the labour party in the first place but is now taken over by middleclass, self serving social climbers.
      The labour party needs to go back to it’s roots and what it stood for to counteract the regressive policies that this 19th century government have imposed on us, you look after the poorest first not the middle..

      • I am a labour party member to do exactly that being a member does not mean I support all there policies but able to give input and help steer them to the party for all inc the poor of which I am one

          • Thanks Sue these people who keep jumping on the clapped out soapbox will get us nowhere just more of the same far better to get behind them give input discuss and turn them into the party the nation wants because they are up for listening

            • Yes, I’ll post this comment here as well, as it’s a basic point that get’s buried in the heat of discussion. No matter how labour don’t fulfil our wish list , we have a two party system at present. Come 2015, the choice will really be Tory or Labour. S’how it is.

              So for those ripping into labour: And your brave new alternative? I mean one that is actually viable? I don’t see a revolution on the horizon, and the fringe parties don’t do any good, except for dividing the vote sufficiently to ensure we get the Tories again.

              Whatever you view of labour, there were not thousands dying here under their last government. Nothing will be gained by allowing another Tory government,

              Something will be gained by the (unfortunately) only alternative that is feasible. Now sure, they ain’t perfect, but I didn’t construct the reality of our political system,. It won’t change under the Tories. More chance of constructive electoral reform under labour. They do respond to our lobbying. The Tories never will

  7. We have to make sure he remembers us.. Keep emailing, writing whatever it takes to change policy we can’t do it on our own but all together he can’t ignore us if he wants to be elected. Find out who the Labour Wantabee is for MP and start there we have a few years. These people will need to be educated in our life’s as they are at present only educated in there’s.

  8. yesterday day labout meet with the money men who run goverments Unum atos and that that other who tell goverments how too yep more of the same

  9. John McDonnell MP is chair of the Socialist Campaign Group of Labour MPs, that is a group, a committee that can lobby their own front bench on our behalf, which can’t possibly happen with a ConDem government. There isn’t an mp in the country by now who doesn’t have a caseload of WCA wrongdoings on their books. The more we pester and bombard them now in the run up to the election, the more likely that something will give, they (Lab) promised a culminative impact assesment on the WCA before being removed from office in 2010, they should be pressured to honour that, and ar least apply the Harrington proposals on the first day of office, both of which IDS has refused to do. It’s not ideal, but there is a better chance if Lab get their butt kicked now to do something more now that they have started than letting the Tories walk all over us again

    • overburdenddonkey

      tony britton
      if we lived in a logical rational compassionate society, the wca could not exist, the debate is bogus, the wca needs scrapped, it does no good and much harm, a gp’s + the entire nhs’s word is enough box ticked, not fit for work, job done..

  10. A lot of this is very frankly misleading and speculative. It has not been indicated that Atos is to be replaced by another private company. Indeed, Miliband went to the trouble to state very clearly that when the private companies in place fail, the State will step in. He showed plainly that he has no problem breaking up the 6 big energy companies and has said so over the past few years. People don’t listen.

    The Labour leader was quite explicit when he said that people mattered much more than profits. Even the Torygraph gave the bloke some credit calling him RED ED, lol. But the write up of the speech was very respectful. More so than many of the narxists on the far left….

  11. Makes me wonder what is it they REALLY want.

    • The Human Millipede

      Your vote… 🙂

      • I meant the militant left, the narxists and the “socialist” fringe. And the anarchists 🙂

        • perhaps they want solutions for working class people, not just different forms of attack

          • I see no evidence of an attack from Miliband so far

            • Assessments will stay, mass minimum wage workfare for people ‘languishing’ in Liam Byrne’s words on benefits, a cap on social security spending, active support for Universal Credit – and some people think they are on our side. They are on their own side, the same side as the people they went to private school and university with, a political class who could not give a fuck about us and know nothing about how we live.

              • Speculation again. And Miliband went to an ordinary comprehensive. I went to university. Don’t tell me I now nothing about how people like because of that.The comments about education are prejudice

            • It’s not speculation, it’s the policies they have announced. And Miliband went to Oxford, just like the rest of them.

            • //I see no evidence of an attack from Miliband so far//

              He is the figurehead of a political party, called the Labour Party, who have drifted demonstrably towards the right and have become decidedly more authoritarian over the past forty years. You’re focusing on minutae instead of looking at the bigger picture. Many, many socialists and even the party faithful are critical of the neoliberal policies most notably enacted by Blair, and not sufficiently repudiated by his successor Milliband, and the people placed in the Shadow Cabinet. This is why people are mentioning Blair.

              Johnny wasn’t being prejudiced about education, he stated the simple fact that the people at the top help their friends first, some of whom they met at university. You assumed he was being prejudiced about education, but you won’t find the evidence to back it up anywhere on here. You didn’t “[see any] evidence of an attack from Milliband”, but then you obviously imagined there was evidence that Johnny is prejudiced against education – which indicates pretty clearly that you are no expert in evaluating the words put in front of your own face.It logically follows that you not being aware of any evidence of “an attack from Milliband” is not evidence at all that no such attack is taking place. With that in mind, you should probably keep your observations to yourself because they’re no use to anyone else.

              • Firstly, of all, evidence and opinion is that Miliband’s party have veered left. Miliband denounced Blair and new labour back in 2011. But you seem ignorant about that. He also denounced Blair in his speech earlier this year to the Fabian Society. Why don’t you know this? Or is it that you do, but it doesn’t suit your purpose?

                My evidence of the fact that basing opinions of someone’s entire character on the fact they went to university lies in that assumption and prejudice.I got a place at Oxford My dad was a trade unionist,I am working class. The nature of prejudice is that a negative generalisation is made about one characteristic. As for ” expert” as a psychologist, and someone interested in work on prejudice, human rights, and labelling theory, amongst other things,I consider my knowledge to be sound.You also make assumptions 🙂

                I have Miliband’s speech up on my blog site, thanks. I can read and I can analyse. As for keeping my observations to my self, no. Not at all. I shall say what I like, when I like, about what I like, and you can’t stop that. Tough shit

            • kittysjones I *did* check your blog actually, and ran a few paragraphs through google search. You copy and paste your own stuff from earlier articles and insert it into newer articles, and think nobody notices. There’s also some stuff that’s duplicated word for word on a Wiki definition page. Did they steal from you? Are you a Wikipedia contributor just cutting and pasting some more of your own work into writing something new? Seriously, what?

              Please see the second graph here:


              …in order to view how the Labour Party position has shifted over the years. You talking about noise some hopeful has been making prior to even being elected has very little bearing on how the party has trended over a much longer period of time.

              Nobody cares about your dad, and nobody asked you about him, your class, or your educational opportunities. Pack in the blatant image-crafting why don’t you? As a self-proclaimed psychologist you should be a bit more attuned to this sort of thing, surely. Oh, Oxford missed out on you!

              Carry on missing the point then…

              • You clearly can’t raise genuine debate points or have a dialogue, and so you insult and and resort to nastiness. The points I raised stand. You haven’t challenged them at all. If that is the best you can do.Ha ha ha ha

            • //You clearly can’t raise genuine debate points or have a dialogue, and so you insult and and resort to nastiness. The points I raised stand. You haven’t challenged them at all. If that is the best you can do.Ha ha ha ha//

              Lmao get on the Oxford debate team you beaut!

              Seriously though, what’s up with the cut and paste blog?

              See, here is your piece from September 13th 2013 titled: “Government wrongs, Human Rights and a call for evidence from Raquel Rolnik”.


              In it we find this excerpt:

              “Economic, social and cultural rights are recognised and protected in international and regional human rights instruments. Member states have a legal obligation to respect, protect and fulfil economic, social and cultural rights and are expected to take “progressive action” towards their fulfilment.”

              Which the eagle eyed in our midst will be able to spot in amdist the blurb here:


              Written in 2011 and citing Wikipedia. Explain it why don’t you?

            • //Its a definition of human rights you numbchuck, I can hardly fucking make on up, can I?//

              Oblivious plagiarist is oblivious

            • Millipede is no Aneurin Bevan for sure

            • ..but Cameron and Osborne went to Eton State Comprehensive.

            • Well said jv.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i’m sure that you will be able to find the 1997 labour party manifesto on the web..makes very interesting reading, groundhog day!

          • I wouldn’t assume all Drs are like Shipman, all benefit claimant same scroungers, or, perish the thought, like Philpott, that would be very Tory, wouldn’t it? so wtf has Blair got to do with Miliband?

          • Things can only get better……. Things can only get better……. Things can only get better……. 🙂

            • Leggy Mountbatten

              Brian Cox. ex-keyboard player, was on last night doing his popularising science thing.

            • That was a really good one …

              “… can only get .. can only get …”
              (… oh …)

              D:Ream’s lyrics definitely got ‘bitter’ since ’97.

            • kittysjones | September 26, 2013 at 12:05 am |

              “If you have to resort to such dumb ass name calling, you lost the debate without further ado.”

              kittysjones | September 26, 2013 at 3:42 am |

              “Its a definition of human rights you numbchuck”

            • You banged on about claimants not being scroungers. I know. Where the fuck did I say otherwise. Benefits are paid for by us, our money for us. Why did you try and make out I’ve ever said otherwise? I haven’t. Misinfo. You then go on to insult me for saying fuck all about the topic. Im not on any high horse, but I think you are on the shrooms mate

          • overburdenddonkey

            hurling insults at not an argument..

          • kittysjonesrealagenda

            What’s is with your love of ‘Labour’, kittysjones? Is is because you somehow think that the disabled will receive a ‘softer’ deal under ‘Labour’ and *fingers crossed* will be left alone, is that your agenda? And you support sanctions, don’t you, but not for the disabled, but for the unemployed. You just want to sit back and relax as Byrne and Co put the boot further into the unemployed via the brutal sanctions regime which ‘Labour’ introduced in the first place along with ‘New Deal’ and the ‘Work for you Dole’ scheme which as scrapped (thank fuck) just as the cunts were booted from office. The modern ‘Labour’ party are no Aneurin Bevan, in fact, they are a shower of shite. JV is correct: The Modern Labour Party Are No Friends Of The Poor

        • //Its a definition of human rights you numbchuck, I can hardly fucking make on up, can I?//

          Oblivious plagiarist is oblivious.

    • What I really want is an end to persecution of the poor and sick, an end to poverty, and end to filthy rich parasites stealing the shirt off my back, an end to useless back-to-work scams, and end to Benefit sanctions and endless DWP hoops through which I am forced to jump just in order to claim the State Benefits that are rightfully mine to begin with.

    • Oh, and I also really really want to see IDS swinging by his neck from the nearest lamp-post…

      • Aye, regarding the olympics, not anything fundamental like policy making. Also the article I posted was actually from 2013 if you care to look. But can post the 2011 one up as well if you like. Blair has gone the world moved on. It’s no good being stuck on 2007 mate 🙂

        • July 2013

          “Former prime minister Tony Blair gives his backing to Ed Miliband, saying he believes the Labour leader will “show a good way forward” for the Party.”

        • Ed was there with Tony (Mandy, Campbell & Ed Balls, etc.) at New Labour’s apotheosis …. (He didn’t get where he is today by not being party to their darkest dreams/hopes for the country & [us] the people). Any innocents (still then) capable of falling for/ingesting the spin have long since aged rapidly/lived to regret 1997 as one of the darkest, trades-description-act-contravening moments of recent time …

          These are still the people who bought ‘that tape’/encouraged their party faithful to buy copies to give to their families (!) and sang along to it, heralding a new dawn throughout the night and into the following morning … something has gone drastically wrong with this picture – the tape has long-since been consigned to the dustbin of history – & ‘things’ are worse.

          • And your brave new alternative? I mean one that is actually viable? I don’t see a revolution on the horizon, and the fringe parties don’t do any good, except for dividing the vote sufficiently to ensure we get the Tories again.

            Whatever you view of labour, there were not thousands dying here under their last government. Nothing will be gained by allowing another Tory government,

            Something will be gained by the (unfortunately) only alternative that is feasible. Now sure, they ain’t perfect, but I didn’t construct the reality of our political system,. It won’t change under the Tories. More chance of constructive electoral reform under labour. They do respond to our lobbying. The Tories never will

            • overburdenddonkey

              stop the war coalition, will disagree with you..the alternative is well expressed already, and it is sustainable and therefore viable, perma-culture..
              “but i didn’t construct the reality of our political system” , if one condones it, one does indeed, construct it …

            • overburdenddonkey

              i would have thought all interest is/was genuine, so why qualify it as such, as if you weren’t before, but now are.
              check out design, eco-home design, work share, asset/resource share ie equipment sharing, food coops, etc, then link this to citizen incomes, which is by it’s very nature capital redistributive, and also, drastically reduce the need for capital, energy etc…there is more than enough land in britain to have a truly sustainable social, (you’ll have to do the extrapolations, it you are genuinely interested, it is for you to do the work), environmental and economic system, less than 7% of land in britain is actually built on..

              • Thanks for sharing this info. I have long agreed with the idea of establishing a citizens income. Use food co-op here where I live. How can we interest the bulk of the population with these ideas.?

            • ksj ~ i was trying to indicate that Bliar sold (the vast majority) of residual labour supporters down the river – the more clued up ones would have never in a trillion years voted for him – just had to look at him really to figure it out. And that Ed comes from that same team.

              My brave new alternative (at this moment in time) is this blog – which has by & largely kept me ‘sane’ (ish) for the past 14 months …

              Otherwise there’s just a deeper & widening trough of despair ‘out there’ whenever I see fit to open my blinds & peek out – it’s not going well by any stretch of the imagination. I can imagine a braver newer alternative – but it’s not on offer from any of the ‘powers that be’ – so your question’s an interesting one but it’s (unfortunately) -Not That Simple. I wish it were.

            • overburdenddonkey

              that is for you to do…learn as much as you can about those ideas, and do it from the heart, live it, insist on it, from within, don’t dream it, it is a work in progress, terra preta, is also a growing concept…

      • As early as that not 1997?

    • Kittysjones

      What Ed says and what Ed will do are two different things, Blair said all the right things too until the country elected him. Why don’t you go and psychoanalyse elsewhere perhaps on a site than has Lord Freud , i’m sure he will want to LISTEN to you.

      • Why don’t you go and shutthefuckup elsewhere, perhaps on a site where people like being told what to do by a person that speaks at least as much cock as Freud and his late great great granpop combined. If you can’t get by without a personal pop, why bother engaging

      • (The smartarse response was too difficult to resist there)

        • overburdenddonkey

          freud, was basically a is what was spawned, (ie, the now toxic and fortunately widely rejected, DSM), ie, suggested as alternatives to freuds work, that has done the most damage, to human development..freud, looked over the “wall”, did not like what he saw and then ducked for cover, as noted by dr alice miller, dr bob johnson, oliver james, robert whitaker (“mad in america” ), and dr dorothy rowe et al…

        • Thankfully your not too diifficult to resist Kitty Jones and I think I can speak for not only the writer of this blog but the commenters also.

          • You like to speak for others don’t you? I have a couple of mates amingst the commentators here, as it happens so you don’t speak for them. As for anyoone else, most definitely including a bully boy bigot like you, I couldn’t give a fuck

            • Your a guarddog for the Sivier brothers I’ve seen you on their site which promotes the labour party and restricts comments or insults commenters to their site who oppose them, if they printed some of the comments their opposers have written they probably would not be so popular, at least jv allows criticism of him and what he thinks on this site.

              • I comment on Vox political, amongst other blogs, sure. Just for the record, most of my blogs are related to disability issues, and many are about ESA, and support for those going through claims and appeals. The rest is secondary to me.

              • I dont mind criticism. I do mind people who are closed – minded , people who are abusive and Tory trolls and shils. Moderate my site? Too bloody right I do. So bite me.

              • Sivier does some good blogs, I don’t agree with them all. But we have some mutual respect when we debate points we dont agree on.

                But his work and mine are separate, mine is more focused on disability and welfare issues on the whole.

                And people are entitled to promote anything they wish, whether you approve or not. Stop bitching about other campaigners just because they dont agree with you. That’s so Tory divide and rule, mate.

                I hope you don’t claim to be a “socialist” because you ain’t. You certainly don’t uphold socialist principles, only very right wing ones. Divide and rule. Personal insults and targeted bullying. Nice.

  12. Look at you, bloody whingers the lot of you! Go get some self-respect and get a bloody job and stop living off hard-working taxpayers handouts for once in your wretched lives!

    • Poor. Old. Tired. Horse

      Coo-ee! Cheerio, Johnny!

      Bonsoir, old thing, cheerio, chin-chin, nah-poo, toodle-oo, goodby-ee!

    • Another Brick in the Wall

      only if you promise to stop breathing like a natural tory

    • Old Tory

      Have politicians got any self respect, where policies are made to benefit a minority of the country by both major parties and for which they are handsomely rewarded, don’t make me laugh.

    • Kitty Jones.

      I’m about as right wing as Mao tse-tung and less of a chairman, your comments have shown that a dictatorial chairmanship type personality profile belongs to you.

  13. hmm I was think hmm labour had some good points then i rember about new deal and been on it ….. But god do we really want torys for 4 more years of dave ……WAHHHHHHHHHHH !!!!!!!!

    • New Deal under Labour, Work Programme under Conservative; Benefit sanctions under both, so what’s the difference?

      • None! Labour knows there is no other party at the moment capable of ousting the tories, that is why he plans to break away from the unions and carry on appealing to the middle classes who are happy to be nimby’s and look after their own interest throwing a few crumbs of charity at those that have had all rights and benefits stripped away.

  14. Do any of you seriously take any of them seriously? They are all full of shit, nothing changes! Each government that gets power, does what it want’s! The public keep on buying it, so no change, just gets worse.

  15. Millipede is just “Dave” Cameron in a skirt lol

  16. I don’t like or trust Labour, but who else can one vote for? The TUSC is too small and UKIP is far right.

    • As a protest vote ? Monster Raving Looney Party.

      No, really. They generally field a lot of candidates, they have a fairly high media profile… a noticeable rise in votes for them would be noticed and might, just might, raise some serious debates about why the main three (Well Ok, main two-and-a-half) parties no longer engage popular support.

      And if by some fluke they did get in… well, frankly I’m not even sure they’d be any worse than “real” politicians.

  17. Another Brick in the Wall

    Maybe it’s natural for Labour to get voted in so pasokification can begin?

  18. NEW and IMPROVED recipe!:









    “MURDER IS MURDER, WHATEVER WAY YOU LOOK AT IT”……………………………………………………………………….


    WILL YOU BE NEXT???????????????????????????

  20. I read the void, because I’m fundamentally a socialist.
    However, reality time, in our democracy, where half of the population don’t vote and less than half of those vote in a blatant centre right government, which affects everyone and gradually pulls the political focus more to the right.
    The global neo-liberal economy is geared up to allow some people, make a small fortune.
    That may be abhorrent to ordinary working class people, taught to be frugal and fair, by our parents, educators and past employers.
    Whilst the neo liberal scam has conned two generations into thinking they are two bob tycoons, it’s going to take a long time to sell these deluded people a vote for the Socialist workers party.
    Lets keep it real, the SWP and the Greens need to be taken seriously to contribute to political discourse.
    Protest votes and non votes simply allows the sheep, fed on a diet of right wing agenda propaganda from a wealthy media empire, are going to follow the sheep in front, with “loony left, champagne socialism and red Ed” ringing in their consciousness, whilst the Neo Nazi Ukip and hard line Tory factions buy a little mor favour from like minded ignorant bigots’.
    I understand the points you make in this blog, but let me add this.
    I blog and comment in my own name. I stand by my socialist principles and engage with people, articulating my point of view, not to ridicule their bigotry or ignorance, but to shine a light into the dark corners of their consciousness.
    Socialism goes beyond politics, it has to be a way of life. Totalitarian or Capitalist dynasty, there has always been a mass of people feeding a minority.
    Human nature is complicated enough, but lets remember, there are many apolitical intellectuals and special interest groups, economists, philosophers, historians and academics pulling and pushing politicians.
    When you get the likes of Lord Freud on the payroll, we end up with psychobabble politics, from the grandson of a man who studied the human mind from his own, limited perspective and somehow convinced everyone he knew what he was talking about.
    That’s been busted,
    What’s not been busted yet, is the media strangle hold on what people think and do and the idea we are all alone in this world.

    No human being could survive more than a day without love and support.
    Let us all remind each other we are born. That we each rely on others to help one another.
    Without that clear message, humanity will sell its soul to capitalism.
    Lets get behind the socialist agenda on offer, but for it to work, we need support, for each other. The last Labour government lost because they veered away from socialism.
    What we got was more neo liberal Thatcherism under Cameron and the coalition. What happens next is up to all of us?

  21. maybe we should waite till there elected before we go screaming traiter


    As part of our drive to continually improve the assessment process and bring down waiting
    times for claimants, the DWP is also to let further contracts to deliver the WCA. These
    arrangements are likely to run from summer 2014. This approach, of working with different
    providers on a regional basis, is in keeping with the Department’s current commercial strategy
    and will provide increased capacity, helping reduce waiting times for assessments.

    We are still working to identify the final requirements that will be expected of any proposed
    provider of health and disability assessments in the future. These will form part of the
    specifications detailed in the Invitation to Tender which will be published shortly.

    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

  23. what you say may well be true.but id like to think that we can save part of the nhs,whereas under this lot we would be lucky to have a single bed left,so im voting for the lesser of two evils.

  24. Pingback: Don’t Be Fooled – The Modern Labour Party Are No Friends Of The Poor | nearlydead

  25. …..And labour wont be renewing that contract.Hooray

    • overburdenddonkey

      do some research, will you, please..

      • I do a lot of research, and do my best.despite everything

      • The easy thing is telling others what to do. . I do enough thanks and work fucking hard, despite the limitations of illness and disability – which is what a sizeable chunk of what y work is about. I also co-run and run support groups. Please dont tell me what I need to do

      • Labour WONT be renewing the ATOS contract.

        • overburdenddonkey

          the wca is not being scrapped by labour…

          • She’s critical, being an MP, and not radical, but Parliamentary processes aren’t amenable to the radical, as we know. Hell with this authoritarian Gov, they ain’t even amenable to criticism.

          • The WCA on it’s own isn’t the issue. The real issue is the tarets written into the Atos contract when the Coalition renewed it as exposed by Steve Bic amongst others. But Atos stated on their site at the time that their work would be “supportive” of the welfare “reforms” back on 2010 and 2011. It’s al about cutting benefits and the Coalition have altered the WCA so it may be used as a tool to justify the “fit for work” “decisions”.

            • overburdenddonkey

              the wca is the core issue, it sets up a toxic layer, so that the medical dispute is dumped on the sick and disabled…

              • I disagree, the contract and the in built targets are the real issue. That;s why the deaths are happening now. They didnt happen under the original labour pilot, in the thousands.Now they are 😦

            • You’re just wrong about this Kitty. The WCA began in 2008, its stated aim was to cut the numbers of people on IB, when Labour were in power just 9% of claims made it into the Support Group, less even than now. The only purpose to the WCA is to cut the numbers on benefits, there is no other reason for its existence, and Labour have announced this will continue if they are elected.

              Labour’s workfare scheme was quite possibly more draconian than the current schemes as well – 6 months dredging canals for no pay if you were unlucky enough to be placed on the Environmental Task Force, or six months in a charity shop for most others on the New Deal. There has been no roll back of these policies, no apology, no plans to do anything diferent if they come back to power and they are even having cosy meetings about social security with UNUM and the insurance industry behind our backs:

            • overburdenddonkey

              i am sorry to hear from you that you disagree with human autonomy and the individuals human rights to decide for themselves, what is good for themselves…if i say, i am not fit for work, i am not fit for work, my gp and the entire nhs agrees with me…the medical facts speak for themselves, the medical dispute is between the dwp and the nhs, it should not involve the sick and disabled, who should be left in peace to get on with their lives, as best they can, this is the core purpose of sickness and disability benefits…

              • I said nowhere and at no point that I disagree with autonomy or human rights. Please dont tell me what I think.The WCA isn’t based on any medical facts, it’s an assessment of whether or not you are capable of work, that’s how Atos describe it. We know that the WCA is a front to “justify” removing our benefits.

                As a matter of fact I think our own doctors ought to be the ones who make any assessment. I have said this consistently since the WCA came into being.

                As someone who actively campaigns on this issue, I don’t need you telling me what I thin and how to thin, thanks

            • overburdenddonkey

              i am entitled to draw my own conclusions..

            • overburdenddonkey

              ps kittysjones
              it looks like we are in agreement then, that the wca is crap and should therefore be scrapped, and it is ones, gp’s and the sick and disabled person, that decides ones fitness for work..and how one is best helped back into work, if oneself believes such a sustainable work/life pattern is achievable, given the limitations imposed on one by sickness and disability and the intrinsic lack of access to energy this causes…

              • Yes .But we need to make sure there are no targets for removing benefits from people too.

                I also believe that the funding needs to be reinstated to support people who choose to work so that workplaces can ,make reasonable adjustments needed to support them.

            • overburdenddonkey

              there should be no targets, nor pressures imposed on sick and disabled people, to work, the pressure of being sick and disabled is quite enough on it’s own..
              i also agree that funding levels should be reinstated, restored…there is a big debate, to be had on work enabling funding, let alone infrastructure funding..but no to conditionality..

            • overburdenddonkey


            • You kitty jones are overlooking the fact that not only does new labour support cutting benefits but they have also sanctioned benefits.

            • simplesue

              You have insulted everybody you crackpot.

            • That FOI shows that the death rate for claimants who had been re-assessed was much lower than the death rate for people who had been newly assessed (under Labour). Presumably that’s because re-assessments had just started. It proves the opposite of what you are claiming, the 10,200 deaths are largely people with new claims who went through the system Labour designed and in many cases were probably assessed whilst Labour were in power. It seems likely that the figures for the previous years, under the Labour Government, would have been equally high because nothing changed. Labour killed those people, not the Tories, you can stick your head in the sand about that as much as you want, it doesn’t change the facts.

              • Bollocks. The FOI shows that the deaths happened in 2011, under the new Tory WCA and the recontracted Atos.

                • Yes, but they were people on ESA, and the only way they could have been on ESA is because they were claims which had been made after the 2008 introduction of ESA for new claimants. The Ex-Incapacity Benefit claimants (the 310 deaths) are the only ones we can know for sure were assessed under the Tories.

                • They were ALL assessed under the Tories,that was in 2011, .The data was regarding all claimants who died, and were assessed in 2011

                • no, the data is regarding all the claimants who died in 2011, it doesn’t say when they were assessed, but as they were all new ESA claims its almost certain some were assessed pre-May 2010 and all were assessed under the framework Labour devised for new claimants.

                • The assessments happened within 6 weeks prior of the benefits being stopped,in 2011.

                  The issue was raised in parliament, with the coalition defence being that”those were very sick people anyway” rather than that it was labour’s fault. Funny, that

                • Don’t forget the Tories Migrated huge numbers from the old IB to the ESA from 2010, they moved any, some weren’t initially assessed, until 2011.

                  The previous death stats were unremarkable, when the ESA pilot happened, though labour knew by the time the reviewd it that the WCA was a problem. What happened is they informed the Tories, by then in office. IDS passed the WCA into law, amended it to make it even more difficult to get through, and Atos were re-contracted with targets, as Dr Steve Bick reported (whistle-blower) amongst others

                • where are these previous death stats, they don’t exist as far as I know. The WCA was not a pilot and it was brought into law by Labour which is how they were allowed to do it. According to Citizens Advice up to May 2009 134,600 people claiming ESA and going through the assessment process had been found fit for work. That’s just in the first year, two years before the Tories were elected:

                  And the numbers migrated from IB to ESA are the 310 deaths in that FOI.

              • The figures the previous years were low, actually.Probably 310 is around the average that would have happened no matter what the system.But Johny, to lie and say the deaths are labours fault- shame on you, that’s appalling. The FOI shows that under the deaths have radically increased under the coalition, assessed under the coalition.

                I dont stick my head in the sand – I sent the FOI request. You are lyin when you say labour illed those people and I would ask people to look at the FOI with the data. There weas no increase in deaths under the piloted WCA when labour where in Gov.

                That observation doesn’t mean I approve of the WCA – I don’t. I never have. But I dont like to see people lying or misinforming others either.

                To try and blame the LP for what the coalition have done, you MUST be a tory plant mate. No matter what you think of labour, lying is bang out of order.

                • You don’t seem to understand what the FOI is saying, which is that the ten thousands death were of people already on ESA – because they were new claims made at some point between 2008-2011. We don’t have any figures I’m aware of for people placed in the WRAG group between 2008-2010, but the WCA didn’t change significantly in November 2011 when those figures began. The process was exactly the same, your argument seems to be that no-one died after being placed in the WRAG group under Labour, but within three months of a Tory election victory people started dying at a rate of nearly a thousand a month, despite no change made to the WCA. It’s bonkers.

                • They died within 6 weeks of having their claim ended. The usual cause for the claim ending is assessment.In 2011

                • The WCA DID change actually,in 2010, and the figures were taen from late 2010 – 2011 in the FOI. The process was not eactly the same at all. I mentioned the added targets and Atos workng to “help the coalition implement the “reforms” as well.

                  The labour party have raised the massive increase in deaths since 2010 in parliamentary debate, and have called for the WCA to be scrapped. Many Mps, including Denis Sinner, Jogn McDonnel, Tom Greatex, have collected data and case studies that says pretty much the same as I do,

                • How did the WCA change between May 2010 and October 2010? Why are less people being found fit for work than they were under Labour? Why are more people being placed in the support group than they were under Labour?

                  Actually don’t bother answering, you’re clearly not interested in the facts and are just making it up as you go along now.

                • Of course I am interested in the facts, but what you are saying doesn’t match the framework of facts in place. The parliamentary record on Hansard or other people’s accounts of their direct experience of this – and don’t forget I work with and support people going through ESA claims and assessments and appeals.

                  And I went through the process myself, once under labour, twice under the coalition.

                • But what you are claiming is that things gave got better under the coalition. You’d e very hard pressed to find any others that would agree with that – from those who have been through assessment under both Govs I mean

                • I’m making it up? LOL! From a Tory apologist, priceless!

                • If the deaths had happened under labour-1, they wouldn’t have raised the issue like they did, and 2.The Tories would have certainly said so! they haven’t

                • so you don’t know how many people died under Labour, you’re just makings things up in defence of your stupid party. I’m sure those WMDs will turn up in Baghdad any day now as well.

                • What? ?I tried to engage reasonable here, Labour isn’t “my” party. I don’t own it, nor do I support Labour blindly like you would like to thin. Read the thread back.

                  But it isn’t possible to have actually debate here. You just dismiss anything you dont want to agree with and insult. .

                • That this House deplores that thousands of sick and disabled constituents are experiencing immense hardship after being deprived of benefits following a work capability assessment carried out by Atos Healthcare under a £100 million a year contract; notes that 40 per cent of appeals are successful but people wait up to six months for them to be heard; deplores that last year 1,100 claimants died while under compulsory work-related activity for benefit and that a number of those found fit for work and left without income have committed or attempted suicide; condemns the International Paralympic Committee’s promotion of Atos as its top sponsor and the sponsorship of the Olympics by Dow Chemical and other corporations responsible for causing death and disability; welcomes the actions taken by disabled people, carers, bereaved relatives and organisations to end this brutality and uphold entitlement to benefits; and applauds the British Medical Association call for the work capability assessment to end immediately and to be replaced with a system that does not cause harm to some of the most vulnerable people in society.-

                • Under this gov, the sanction regime has been changed, made much harsher, and targets introduced.Labour did not do this, Tho there have always been sanctions under all governments, they were seldom used. And this gov changed the law, and introduced new sanction laws and conditionality criteria -

                • so you support sanctions, enough said.

                • Where the FUCK did I say that you Tory apologist utter wanker? I didnt say it and I dont support them..Yes, enough said.

                • “Labour supports fair and proportionate sanctions in the context of a guaranteed six-month minimum-waged job. Labour’s position on sanctions is fundamentally different from the one currently held by the Coalition, and crucially, does not incorporate targets to remove benefits from vulnerable people for no good reason.”

                  sounds like support for sanctions to me.

                • And? That’s labour, not me.Don’t fucking tell me what I think. The article is about what Byrne’s response was to my email on the matter.I dont say anywhere in the article or on here that I agree with sanctions.

                  Now dont bother me any more

                • “fair and proportionate sanctions”

                • Labours comment on it.

                • *see other comment about how the new Tory laws & targets changed the situation for jobseekers.

                • Before I leave this, this is relevant to sanctions and universal jobs match, (not my opinion)

                  There is currently a Judicial Review about the legality of Universal Jobmatch. If you would like to provide a witness statement about your experiences then please contact Thanks

                • I couldnt give a fuck what sounds like what to you. Just don’t keep mithering me now there’s a good chap I’ve just said I dont support sanctions, but that don’t mean I can’t spell out a view of someone else’s on them.

                • Labours position on sanctions IS very different to the Tory one. I claimed JSA an ESA under the labour Gov, it was nowt like the same and I dont know anyone sanctioned back then. Now most people I know who claim SA have been sanctioned.

                  To state that does not mean I endorse any sanctions. But fuck this, I ain’t here to gain fucking approval from you. Lets just cease

                • YOU support the Tories.

                • I am also claiming that the Tory regime of constant reassessment has contributed to that significant rise in deaths too. Labour did assess,but not constantly, that’s a coalition addition

                  Regardless of the fact that labour were wrong to introduce the WCA and Atos – although Peter Lilley is truly to blame for Atos – they DID conduct a review,and they did concede the WCA was flawed. They also informed the new Gov at the time of these details. The WCA was changed, and it was made harsher under IDS.

                  I want to see the WCA and Atos gone as much as the next person, I dont endorse them. I dont endorse labour using them either, just to be clear here.

                  But to say that things are the same now as they were under labour, well that simply isn’t true, no matter what their faults are

                • Labour opposing the WCA and raising the huge increase in deaths –

        • so what if they give it to Capita instead.

          • And what if they don’t?

            • overburdenddonkey

              do you agree that, the wca should be scrapped, and there are plenty of other contractors out there, to take the place of atos, you’ll also know of atos involvement with health service privatisation, of course…

          • Miliband has shown with the energy companies that he is prepared to meet us halfway here , he’s threatened to break them up more than once these past couple of years.He genuinely seems to dislike big businesses that stitch us up for profit..But as people say, the proof is the deed, not the words/

            • Energy price especially gas were forecast to drop anyway and miliband is just capitalizing on this fact and trying to score points for his party by announcing he will freeze energy prices.
              Kitty Jones calls this government that is only carrying on what Blair started when he changed Unemployment benefit into Job seekers allowance and changed the whole ethos of entitlement, and it was he that first initiated benefit sanctions none of which she has cared to address.

  26. I’m not voting for any political party that supports Benefit sanctions.


    “…I’d like people to tell me who is the odd one out.

    Well, I’ll tell you my answer.

    My answer is that it is my dad.

    Because he’s the only one who thought that the route to a fair society was not through capitalism but through socialism based on public ownership.

    It wasn’t just my dad who thought it, of course.

    Until 1995 this view was enshrined on the membership card of the party I now lead.

    Tony Blair got rid of it and rightly so, because nationalising the major industries is not the route to a fair society”

    ‘What responsible capitalism is all about’, Mr Milibean, The Guardian, 22 May 2013

    ‘If Ed Miliband is a socialist, so are most of the public’, George Eaton, New Statesman, 26 Sep 2013

  28. Stockholm Syndrome and the Labour Party

  29. Liam Byrne said at conference that “David Cameron should sack ATOS” He has never said, nor has Miliband ever said, to my knowledge that they would sack ATOS

    ATOS and social cleansing are here to stay it’s just that labour seem to want us to believe their way will be nicer. labour are as much tyrants as the coalition. Much as Meacher and McDonnell plead they are powerless and should resign and align with others to form anew party of the people – because this relic of new labour is not the friend of the poor

  30. The labour conference didn’t really offer much to the poor. Miliband did mention stopping the energy companies raising prices for a while but said that he would hold the prices at the level at the time of the election. If the energy companies put the prices up before the next election I guess they won’t need to increase prices if Miliband comes to power as he won’t have them reduced.
    It was good to hear that the bedroom tax would be scrapped but it will be too late for many and he didn’t say anything regarding how quickly he would put it through parliament. His hopes for a living wage were not given any timescale. He talked about building more affordable new homes but the poor who can’t afford to buy need guaranteed low rented properties. He didn’t even mention the benefit cap regarding housing benefit.
    We are stuck with labour or the coalition, the unions with the ability to strike and bring governments down are the best hope to influence governments but they don’t have the bottle to do that these days.
    Members of Parliament should earn the average wage and then the policies they bring in would affect them too. If we raise their salaries anymore they will be further out of touch than they are now.

  31. Think about it for a minute ….
    who wants to see Balls, and Cooper and Alexander and Byrne and Miliband and Harman and Burnham and Dromey back in government? Who wants to see them on the telly every night telling us that being poor is good for us and that being continually harassed and sanctioned is the sign of a viable country? The thoughts of it does my head in!!! I feel sick. You know, they’ll fly their mates into targetted seats and enjoy the pickings of power and continue the ‘status quo’ seamlessly.

    What we need is government of the people BY the people NOT the shit that Labour will serve up. That’s our problem and in fact, it’s Labour’s problem too – but they don’t care and we do and we will reap whatever they sow.
    I hate this country and all it seems to stand for in 2013 – olympic legacy my arse

  32. We seriously need to scrap this JSA sanctions crap. In the block of flats in which I live EVERYONE who is on JSA – including me – is under a benefit sanction. What say you Millipede? Or couldn’t you give a fuck and jobseekers can expect more brutallity – or even worse – under a ‘Labour’ government?

    • Yes, had a neighbour round in tears last night begging to ‘borrow’ a bag of sugar because her benefits had been stopped by the Nazi jobcentre. What is this country coming to? Sickening!

  33. Food Bank

    I notice Kitty Jones hasn’t got a smart answer for you, perhaps she is taking it back to her master big Ed.

    • What is this, a personal vendetta, or are you another fucking troll or shil? Give it a rest, I have NO interest in maintaining a dialogue with a fucking bullying arsehole like you. I don’t mind a difference of opinion at all.I DO mind bullying, being singled out and personal comments. Some of you need to learn the difference

      • You kitty jones have no interest in maintaining a dialogue with anyone who has a different opinion from yours and is not a New labour fan and you are the only bully on here.

        • overburdenddonkey

          g f
          i certainly will not advocate voting labour…
          the voting patterns and results of the next ge, are likely to be extremely complex in any case…so why these people set up an argument of wishful thinking, i do not know…our vote, if we vote should be based on the track record of a particular party in any case…encouraging people to vote for this that or the other, imo is not the way forward, to present critical rational argument, are policies fit for purpose, is where it is at..
          the scottish independence referendum, welfare state, etc etc, all other “green” issues…
          ie how deeply is, fracking and nuclear power, green energy, and true sustainable development, that fits in with global warming reduction, and also helps people heat and light their homes, in an environmentally sound way, ingrained in a parties manifesto…
          we need radical alternatives, perhaps the greens will be my choice..but certainly none of the tinker round the edges business as usual policies, offered by the other coalition wannabes…their is so much wrong with politics…people should vote with their heads, and not muscle memory..
          keep up the pressure for a radically new political system is the only game in town imo…

        • Bollocks. I don’t mind genuine debate. What I do mind is obvious bullshit and comments that are personal and insulting. Like yours.

        • Precisely where did I bully anyone here?

        • I have no interest in debating with idiots and Tories, I have plenty of mates that dont agree with me, but they aren’t trolls mate

        • Actually many comments about this thread on FB say otherwise Mr Fawkes.

  34. As part of our drive to continually improve the assessment process and bring down waiting
    times for claimants, the DWP is also to let further contracts to deliver the WCA. These
    arrangements are likely to run from summer 2014. This approach, of working with different
    providers on a regional basis, is in keeping with the Department’s current commercial strategy
    and will provide increased capacity, helping reduce waiting times for assessments.

    We are still working to identify the final requirements that will be expected of any proposed
    provider of health and disability assessments in the future. These will form part of the
    specifications detailed in the Invitation to Tender which will be published shortly.

  35. The best article about the Labour Party I’ve read in ages?

    People have been telling me to believe in the Labour Party, they will come good in the end, No they won’t, they will spout anything to get back into power and then drop the shit on the heads of the poor and vulnerable yet again once in power.

    It’s time for a New Political Party, a Party that is set up by the people, maybe like the original Labour Party was but now we need something new?

    Miliband cares not for those people who are losing their homes under the bedroom tax, he cares jack shit for those disabled people in their thousands who are having to go without food because of Atos, we need a “Peoples Party”///

  36. Just to be clear, the Labour Party high command hasn’t made a single comment, ever, about the deaths of patients at the hands of its own unscientific and unethical ESA regime.
    Miliband’s response to the Coalition Government’s use of the Labour Party’s orwellian-kafkaesque ESA regime was to make speeches about how chronically ill patients and disabled people, as well as unemployed workers, should behave responsibly when visiting their local Jobcentre. They were putting a huge strain on his and Polly Toynbee’s “squeezed middle” you see.
    In one speech Miliband took on the role on an Atos Assessor and declared that a disabled man, afflicted with a medical condition(s) for the past 10 years and whom he’d never met before in his life, was fit for work. And so on and so forth right to the present day where the only complaint the Westminster Labour front bench have about the terror, trauma and mass state death of patients is about how inefficient Atos are and how the disability denial ESA regime is costing too much money.
    The whole point of the Labour-Unum-Wessely School-Mansel neoliberal biopsychosocial disability denial regime is to disappear sick and disabled people quietly and without fuss and with the minimum of expense. No harms can be reported and no deaths attributed to it, and none of the medical regulatory and governing bodies (such as the GMC, NMC or the CQC) need to bother their arses about protecting patients from dangerous doctors and murderous nurses. This is something the Coalition Government have obviously failed to understand.

    In my own neck of the woods here in Scotland, the leader of the Scottish Labour Party refers to the Scottish welfare state as a “something for nothing” culture.

    • A small child walks down the street clutching her Mum’s hand: “Mummy, mummy where have all the sick and disabled people gone?” “Shoosh dear”, her Mum replies, “those people never existed and don’t you ever mention them again.”

  37. Just to say that the widely quoted figure of 10,600 patients dead as a result of their ESA claim being ended and being ruled fit for work is completely wrong. It is an erroneous interpretation of the DWP document on the matter. What the DWP is actually saying is that 10,600 patients died whilst in receipt of ESA benefits and that the DWP knows for a fact these particular ESA claims ended because the claimant had died and not because of any other reason.

    Reference –
    Incapacity Benefits: Deaths of recipients
    09 July 2012

    Click to access incap_decd_recips_0712.pdf

    • That was not stated in the original FOI, the deaths were within weeks of a claim ending in the support group, predomanantly. DWP then went on to add it could have been 6 weeks “either side of the death “that the claim was stopped. At no point in the original FOI did the DWP say it was because of the death that the ESA claim ended. They claimed they didn’t now if that was the case

  38. Just to clarify: I don’t block critical comments over on Vox Political.
    If I think a commenter goes too far – makes a debate personal/insulting or whatever – I might block their comment and tell them why. I want the site to be accessible to people who want to judge different arguments for themselves, and flame wars are more likely to put them off. ‘Guy Fawkes’ got on the wrong side of such a block and seems to have an axe to grind about it.

    • I have kept a copy of all that was said between myself and Mike Sivier who blocked my comment largely to save his own face when he made a fool of himself and insulted me, if anyone would like to see it I can print it here?

  39. Hey chums – thanks a bundle for trolling the bloody Labour Party.

    You’re really doing half my job for me.

    Great! I can have another holiday.

    See you in 2015, chaps, when we Conservatives can really unleash the dogs of spite, destruction, and self service.

    • “See you in 2015, chaps, when we Conservatives can really unleash the dogs of spite, destruction, and self service.”

      No change then to what the Labour party will do…

      • Yes Annos – Milliband wants a one party state??????

        • guy fawkes,

          We already have a “one party state”. Whoever gets to be PM just gets more of the loot, that is all elections are about, who can fool the people the best and use five years in power selling the people out!!!. There are BILLIONS to be made for all those who get to the top, and many, many millions to be made by those who just miss out in getting elected!!!.

          As I said, its all a great BIG…”FAR right criminal enterprise”.

          • Yes Annos and although correct none of the 2 parties have ever admitted or even referred to us living in a one party state before.

            • guy fawkes,

              Reminds me of 1920s Chicago, where the gangsters ruled and had the cops/judiciary in their back pockets, they too went around killing people, no wonder they called it the “Roaring 20s”, they made fortunes as well.

            • The way things are going Annos we could be coming back into the roaring 20’s era, if capitalism supposedly pull out the criminals that are left will try to take over the country.

    • Erm…maybe…just maybe mind…the people who criticise ‘One Nation Labour’ actually detest the coalition government too? Just a thought?

      Vote Labour

      • I have NEVER voted Labour, the reason…I am off the true left. So, why would I be voting for a FAR right criminal enterprise that calls itself “The Labour party”…

        More and more people are waking up to what “The Labour party” are.

        • I was being facetious. Some people’s answer to everything is to vote per se and vote for Labour in particular. The ‘One Nation Labour’ manifesto could call each and every member** and potential voter a cunt but they’d still vote for them.

          **”There has been a large decrease in reported membership of UK political parties over the post-war period. In 2010, only 1.0% of the electorate was a member of one of the three main political parties. Labour had approximately 193,000 members, the Conservatives 130,000 to 150,000 and the Liberal Democrats 49,000. However in the early 1950s, the Conservatives claimed nearly 3 million members while Labour claimed more than 1 million members.”
          ‘Membership of UK political parties’, Feargal McGuinness and Rob Clements, 3 Dec 2012


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