Do Not Support Newly Disabled Claimants Hit By Benefit Cap To Stay In Their Homes Recommends DWP

tory-scum-sprayThe DWP has issued guidance to local authorities suggesting that newly sick or disabled claimants affected by the Benefit Cap should go into arrears rather than be awarded Discretionary Housing Payments to cover a shortfall in their rent whilst they await or appeal a benefit decision.

In a further callous move, the Department recommends that the most seriously sick and disabled claimants – who are appealing a decision made by the notorious Atos Work Capability Assessment not to place them in the Support Group – should not be provided with emergency housing payments to top up their rent whilst the appeal takes place.

Around 50,000 households, including 200,000 children, are currently staring homelessness in the face due to the cap on benefits which has made much of the South East of England unaffordable for families out of work.  The Government have claimed sick and disabled people will not be affected by the cap, however only those in the Support Group of Employment Support Allowance (ESA), or those with a current claim for Disability Living Allowance (or its replacement PIP) are exempt.

Most claimants on out of work sickness benefits are in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG) of ESA – meaning they have been assessed as being able to do some work, at some point, in the future.  Unless this group of claimants qualify for DLA, which means they have specific costs associated with care or mobility, they are likely to have to leave their homes if they live in an in area affected by the cap.

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs) are an ever shrinking pot of money which has been given to Local Authorities to support some of those facing homelessness due to the Bedroom Tax, Benefit Cap or other cuts to benefits.

According to the latest guidance (PDF) from the DWP on how they should be used:

“Where an appeal against a decision not to award an exempting benefit is
pending, the LA should bear in mind that a decision on entitlement has been
made and that the circumstances are not the same as a case where a
decision on entitlement is due. We would not recommend making a DHP
award unless there are mitigating circumstances.”

This means that newly sick and disabled people, such as someone recently diagnosed with cancer or other chronic illness and forced to leave work, will now also face losing their homes if their claim for ESA is wrongly assessed by the notorious IT company Atos.  Meanwhile should councils follow the DWP’s suggestions newly disabled people who have had to give up their jobs will be plunged into rent arrears whilst an application for DLA is made.  This process usually takes around six weeks – but can take  longer.  So those who are coping with not just a recent disability or serious illness, but having to give up work as well, can now add the threat of homelessness to the things they have to worry about.

There is no requirement on Local Authorities to follow this nasty guidance from the DWP and they are free to spend Discretionary Housing Payments any way they choose.  With the paltry amount of money available shrinking year on year, many will be only too happy to follows these suggestions and socially cleanse newly sick and disabled people from their areas. They may even choose to go one step further.  As the recommendations point out, the exemption to the Benefit Cap does not apply during the period of time whilst a claim for ESA is pending.  Many councils are likely to interpret this guidance to avoid paying DHPs to anyone at all whilst they are awaiting an assessment for ESA – which can take months.

ESA claims for those with terminal illnesses are fast tracked in some cases, but claims for many other chronic and life changing conditions are not.  If you live in London, or another high rent area, then do not expect what’s left of the welfare state to support you to stay in your home should you become seriously ill or disabled.

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  1. what a load of cunts.

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    It seems that the DWP might be being headed by the same people at the Home Office that came up with the “racist van” idea.

    • something survived...

      They are in EDL? And if not, it is surprising that they aren’t. These policies are a sort of one-upmanship, a ‘Nazier Than Thou’ competition. Some people say there is not enough room remaining on the right because so many zombies have lurched there. But it seems the right wing just stretches into infinity, going further and further to the right each day. And there’s plenty of space! It’s the only place they don’t complain about overcrowding!
      Good neighbourliness in action. Dave (Cameron) and Nigel (Farage) went round one day to visit their neighbour, Nick (Griffin). “Excuse me, can we each borrow some of your policies?” Dave and Nigel had been borrowing eachother’s for a while. Nick was happy to oblige and gave them plenty. But then he had a bright idea. He took a shovel and led Dave and Nigel to a deserted graveyard, to dig up some vintage policies from the houses of Messers Mosley, Powell, and Hitler.
      And if the voters don’t like it?
      Fuck them! We can just deport them, gas them or put them in jail.

      • I was just listening on the news today, all the ex-Tory supporters would rather core UKIP than anybody else, which in view just confirms that they are the nasty, greedy, selfish people that I’ve always thought Tory supporters to be.

        I’m sick of the neo-BNP UKIP banging on about how the UK is being over run by EU citizens and how the country is already full. Even Nigel Farage doesn’t have pure British ancestry; the name Farage being the dead give away.

        The fact is that they are a bunch of closet racists and I’ve probably drunk too much whiskey (British origin of course), but all those against migration need to think about all of the countries that the British had colonised and ruled over I order to make the rich establishment even richer and the “foreigners” that the country invited over after the Second World War, in order to carry out jobs that British people didn’t want to do. They need to think about the large amount of skilled “foreigners” who keep our NHS running, from the cleaners right up to the Consultants.

        I do not want to live under a totalitarian left wing regime but certainly don’t want to put up with the crap that we all have to face from the right.

        Are they as bad as Nazis? I’m not sure, but they certainly are not great in my eyes.

        Thanks for the comment.

        • something survived...

          I’ve always wondered if Farage could be descended from Huguenots or similar. Several dissident French groups fled persecution and arrived here. Making them asylum seekers and illegal immigrants. Of course a large chunk of France was formerly uled by England, but in 1066 England was taken over technically by France, but the Normans taking over France then England came from Swedish Vikings (and were since part-French, also part Roman)….

          • something survived...

            ruled not uled!

          • Garage agreed with and defended that Tory ponce Howard flight who said benefits would encourage the poor to breed

          • Yeah we are all basically mongrels, especially in Europe. A large percentage of us probably have Mongol genes hidden away somewhere.

            Of course what we must remember is that Mr Farages ancestors were no doubt white Europeans and not dark skinned from any other part of the world. I’m not insinuating that he’s a racist, but…….

  3. Just make sure you. ! all ! vote them out next year.

  4. It really does beggar belief doesn’t it.
    Here is the dictionary definition of discretionary for those thick twits at the DWP!!!!


    [ di skrésh’n èrree ] somebody authority to decide: giving somebody the freedom to make a decision according to individual circumstances
    2.given or refused according to circumstances: given according to the merits of an individual case, rather than being provided or awarded automatically
    3.usable as wanted: able to be used as desired without any stipulations

    Synonyms: optional, flexible, open, unrestricted

  5. Can we ask the United Nations to look at what these cunts are doing. Surely something can be done. Fucking evil bastards.


    Fuck the DWP!!

  7. overburdenddonkey


  8. Perhaps, by implication, the DWP are suggesting that anyone forced homeless should turn up outside of George Iain Duncan Smith’s wifes Family Mansion, Town House or even Mr David Freuds Country Mansion and/or Town House to access Free Accommodation.

  9. I am one of those who is facing homelessness through no fault of my own
    I was forced to stop work last year because of chronic back problems, after having worked all of my life (I am in my 50’s now). I live in Central London and have virtually no chance of finding housing in the area where I, and my family, live.
    ironically, stress exacerbates my health problems, so these policies and recommendations are adding to the issues I am already dealing with.

    This Government is literally killing people with their ‘austerity’ measures.
    Next on the list will be the workhouse for people like me 😦

  10. The point here is that while the United Nations condemned the bedroom tax, the Tories were miffed that no mention was made of the DHP pot there to help those in need. Here is the proof, if it was needed, that the payment is not in fact discretionary, and that those in greatest need are being targeted. I hope that this information is being passed onto the UN

    • overburdenddonkey

      steve …
      and here is the link, so that this can be done…

      • I wrote directly to Ban Ki Moon the day that Grant Shapps wrote his little note – opened a can of worms he has… would you suggest that it is still worth writing to Ms Rolnik as well?

        His Excellency Mr Ban Ki Moon
        United Nations Secretary General
        UN Headquarters
        First Avenue at 46th Street
        New York, NY 10017
        Your Excellency
        I write to you as a member of the British Public affected by the policies being investigated by your Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik. I wish to express my gratitude for your concern for our circumstances, and offer my support for the mission that she is undergoing.

        I wish to let you know that it is the policy-makers objecting to the report and not the British Public. We have grown accustomed to this tactic of belittling and name-calling to any serious argument to their reforms. They state to you that their reforms are legal, however they have changed laws retrospectively where there reforms are concerned in order to make them legal. How Mr Schapps

        It is not the “spare room subsidy” (as the Government insists on calling it) alone, that is killing us, but rather the cumulative effect of their reform program. Speaking for myself, I have mental health issues, notably anxiety and depression. My wife is off work long-term ill, my eldest daughter, who is 10, has autistic traits and ADHD, she can’t share a bedroom with my youngest daughter who is 5, for safety and hygiene reasons. We are asked to find an extra £14 per week from our meager income, the council have allowed us a relief of £5 per week for 14 weeks, when we shall need to apply again.

        My wife and I miss meals as it is, so as to ensure that our children have a good healthy home-cooked diet. Throughout the winter we huddle under blankets as we can’t afford the additional costs of heating our home.

        It is around 2 years now that we have needed to fall back onto the welfare system, and twice within that period my benefits have stopped. Upon checking this has been put down to human error on the jobcentre’s part. This is one of the tactics that they are alleged of using in a campaign of ‘botherability’ in order to discourage people off benefits.

        This in itself places a lot of pressure on us, but they force us to participate in ‘Work Capability Assessments’ every 12 months, irrespective of what our Doctors tell them, this HAS been challenged in court in cases of mental health, and has been found illegal. Regardless, again, the Government is challenging the findings and if they fail, will no doubt push to change the law retrospectively. The assessment is designed to ‘trip you up’ – if you manage to organize your case alone, then that is taken as evidence of cognitive ability – if you can get from a car to the assessment centre then you have ‘acceptable mobility’ – I, and thousands like me live in abject fear of the dreaded summons arriving through the door, and of being caught out through one of their tricks, leaving my family destitute and requiring charity for food. At present it is only Support Allowance that will be affected, once their next reform, ‘Universal Credit’ comes into play, they will be able to sanction all benefits, including housing.

        If, like myself they accept your illness/ disability, you are placed in either the ‘support’ group or the WRAG (work related activities group) – I am in this group and at any time, they can force me to do unpaid work for 4 weeks, despite my social anxiety, anxiety and depression, I could be made to do anything from stacking supermarket shelves or manning a till. This program comes under many guises (billed as training) but is commonly referred to by it’s victims as ‘Workfare’

        If for any reason I am unable to complete this 4 week ‘training’ (I bet even the Supermarket Managers don’t get 4 weeks ‘training’) then I (and my family) face benefit sanctions for up to 3 years.

        The assessment process is conducted by the French IT firm Atos. The rate of appeals is high, and around 40% of the decisions made by Atos are successfully appealed. The government’s response to this has been to remove legal aid for these cases.

        Amnesty International believe that this process has killed anything up to 10 600 people between 2011 – 2012. Despite numerous FOI requests, they are unwilling to release the figures of these deaths between 2012 – 2013, this leads to the assumption that the figure is going to be at least the same, more likely even higher.

        I appeal to you sir not to forget us, please do not bow to diplomatic pressure to drop this. We need you to hold these people to account. While their right-wing press vilifies us, the poor, the sick and disabled, we depend upon International Authorities to help us. Homelessness continues to rise, food bank use is at an all-time high, the government blames these people for poor decision-making.

        I wish to stress to you that my views are not politically motivated. I am an ordinary citizen and consider myself a ‘floating voter.’ In the last election I voted for LibDems, who are currently in power as part of this coalition Government. There are many other issues, I am no expert, these are just the issues that affect me and my family directly. Some suggest that this is even as serious as being auto-genocide, let us pray that they are wrong. Whether intentional or not, the effects are catastrophic and I urge you to continue and even to further your investigations on the part of this Government’s welfare reforms.

    • @Steve Chapman- not to forget too that DHP is short-term for up to 13 weeks- and then what happens?,

  11. I feel as though I’ve woken up in an alternate Universe where Hitler won.

  12. I was under the impression that the DWP was a Government department answerable to the taxpayer/voter. Obviously not, the DWP is an outsourced private corporation answering only the likes of Iain Duncan Smith, the gormless Mathew Oakley together with the rest of their corrupt corporate friends.

    Cunts, all of them.

  13. If they let them go into arrears then the DWP/Government/council should pick up the bill for all charges they add to the claimant when they get the award

  14. What are they planning on doing next, signing all of those on the sick off so that they will have to reclaim and be classed as a new claimant they can penalize? They are beneath contempt and labour is sitting back watching all of this happen and not a word about sympathetic industrial action to show solidarity for those being targetted for cuts, sanctions or refusal of housing benefits.

    • overburdenddonkey

      it is a revolving door process atm, lose appeal a mountain of paper work to do, coz passport benefit lost, new e and sa claim, hb + ct enquires, to explain why one still needs a roof over ones head , then new wca, med certs, more travel, greater costs..etc etc..
      still we’re “given” a fortune of £71/wk to do it all on, so it is not all bad…
      a delightfully draining experience, + all the charming changes on the horizon…
      it is good to know that the dwp et al offer unconditional love and support to these in need, ah, bless…
      i cannot begin to imagine what it is like to live as sick and disabled person in london and places like that with these draconian benefit caps, with rents soaring like telephone numbers, and rent arrears quickly rocketing to unimaginable figures, as the administrators slowly dot the i’s and cross the t’s, “oh. just one more thing we forgot to ask….” and
      “calm down, we know this must be frustrating for you”, greeted by a cheery voice “sorry you had to wait, we are very busy today” as if i’m not!, after being numbed by an hour or so on the phone, after many aborted attempts to get through…

    • I am signed off sick by my gp but I failed the ATOS test and appealed and have now failed the tribunal, so have now been forced to claim JSA because I was told that if i re-appealed now i would not received any benefits, possibly for months, until the appeal is heard. I can not live without anything coming in so feel I have no choice, even though I am still ill…!!!!

      • overburdenddonkey

        as long as 6mths have passed after the original DM’s decision, you can re-claim e and sa, and /or if your condition has worsened you can claim before that 6mth period has expired , you’ll need an up to date med cert from your gp…as i just have and i am being paid e and sa again, and have been sent a fresh esa50 to send in…

  15. What else can you expect when you have the Nazi’s in charge,it really is time for people be they sick disabled or healthy to start to get rid of this shower of oxygen wasters that are the Troughy party and the only way to do that is rise up against them and let them know we will not tolerate their nasty cruel policies anymore

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  17. Can I just say I LOVE that you always say “sick and disabled” people. It’s so important as it forces politicians to acknowledge in their language that disability is a much broader subject than they like to imply.

  18. People need someone to start it all off. A big massive peaceful protest all around the uk to highlight the wrongs of this abomination of a coalition and mass non payment of the Council tax. People need to know millions will be doing this all at the same time. Make it last months if need be. If thousands were outside now I would join them. We need a special person to ignite it all. The Poll tax was brought down as people could see they were not alone. They all worked together. We have to stop people getting treated like shit. How can they stop someones benefits. What happened to the legal amount you had to live on?

    • One thing is for sure UKIP, who are after your votes, will not be the ones to make a stand against the Tories,the party their members are still aligned to.
      Labour’s lack of action in the here and now leaves us nothing left worth voting for.

      • But vote we must, this coalition is out to kill off all those who are sick and disabled who cannot fend for themselves, I think cameron is blaming the sick and disabled for the sad loss of his sick and disabled child.
        I received my letter for incapacity benefit, I filled it in and they replied that although you have at least 15 points we think you are capable of some work, my illnesses include Rheumatoid Arthritis, Austio arthritis, diabetes and C O P D, plus others and the GP will not write me a letter of support because they are not allowed to by Sefton health authority and I’m still awaiting my appeal date.
        So far it is only labour that has said it would get rid of the bedroom tax and when they were in power the sick and disabled were looked after at least to some degree, Where do we go from here?.

        If I lose my DLA too, ?, our families will suffer more because after all they are our only support.

      • There is the TUSC…sadly their vote share is 3% to 5%.

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    What a relief it is that local authorities don’t have to follow the evil-minded guidance on Discretionary Housing Payments that has been released by the increasingly-partisan Department for Work and Pensions, as revealed in Johnny Void’s article. This is the second piece of despicable ‘guidance’ to come from the DWP within a day – the first, as announced on the Skwawkbox blog, was illegal; this is none of the Department’s business.

    • The local authorities many of whom are labour controlled would rather hand us over to the dwp rather than fight our corner, what does that say about the labour party and it’s members.

  20. “Catherine Austin Fitts was interviewed on The Power Hour on August 29, 2013. She asserted that we are in transition between the Old Economy and the New Economy, which are parallel worlds so to speak. The New Economy will seize the assets of the Old Economy while casting off all its liabilities. Examples of this are cities that are declaring bankruptcy where billions of dollars in the pensions of the retired public employees are being eliminated, freeing the Elite to take over the unburdened assets of the municipalities by starting anew.

    Fitts believes this is a planned agenda by the Elite that has been in effect since 2001. The Elite in any major financial crisis will come out on top and not suffer serious consequences such as what happened in the meltdown of the economy in 2008, which was a goal of the Elite’s agenda.

    It would appear from her argument that the primary goal of the Elite is to bring about The Great Default, probably sooner than later. This way they can engineer the elimination of all liabilities from the Old Economy, such as social security, and begin anew with the New Economy that will be under their total control and to their exclusive benefit.

    So The Great Default in inevitable if for no other reason than the Elite see it as a way to achieve their agenda.”

    • overburdenddonkey

      an economic apartheid, that no longer benefits, we the poor, that we still have to provide the means of , but get nothing in return…still we’ll be able to watch the rich live it up, on our 56″ 3d flat flat screen tv, and draw pictures of food, so that we can eat the paper…

  21. Annos

    Transpose elite for nazi and your comments will be about right.

  22. if ed is serious about welfare reform and getting rid of ATOS then that’s great. There is a big problem thou looming for him in that how is he going to bring justice to all those families who have died in going through welfare reform?

    Personally i don’t think he’s thought this through this is not a small number of deaths but a vast amount of people bordering in what you would see in a war. over 12000 at the last count taking many years to piece this all together as to who had died and under what circumstances that led to their death

    ed needs by the next election to be able to spell out how he will undertake and prosecute all those involved and personally i cant for the life of me think of a way that he will be able to do that he will have to sweep all those that have died under the carpet in the hope the public are daft and will forget over time

    • something survived...

      Fear not, population units. If you are rendered nonviable by our glorious austerity measures to help wonderful broken Britain stay broken forever, then take comfort in the fact that your deletion will mean less spent on you and more money for the government.

      • @something survived ‘more money for their donators’ surely

        • something survived...

          Yes but we need to see that we are being selfish wanting to eat half a can of cold baked beans a week, when the money ought to go to vital national resources like big dinners and 5 luxury villas with pools for every politician!

  23. I had a piece of paper with “The Will To Live” on it – The DWP have taken it from me. I just wish I had the courage to join the thousands that have died thanks to Atos and the DWP.

  24. Anthony turtle

    Why would the DWP take a piece of paper away from you, what right have they no matter what you wrote on it?

  25. Chewie

    Perhaps, but some disabled are being denied the right to live, speak, demonstrate etc, so only he can answer that one.
    The DWP don’t seem to mind that some kill themselves but would deny any responsibility.

    • @fawkes well as you know i am party to a suicide attempt where pressure was indeed put on a very vulnerable person because of fearing imprisonment due to benefits fraud of which she was innocent..there will be many more i think before long..

    • @fawkes of course DWP deny responsibility thts because they are in effect a private company…eg remember the quote from that A4E twat where he claimed that hoban got all his ‘best ideas from A4E? those parasites pretty much run the DWP..and all the other welfare spivs -did you think the DWP was run on behalf of joe public?? of course not..they are just the front facilitator for the corporate world of the poverty pimp trade..

      • Chewie

        Since your national insurance stamp is taken out of your wages, and the dwp,are the recipients of this . then is it too much to assume that it is state run, but as you say even state run departments are facilitated and run by appointed spivs and con artists, who try to deny those that are rightfully entitled and give to those that should not qualify for state help.
        i.e. poverty pimp jobs are a large chunk of this state help, so too is heating, travel etc.,from the state pot for the salaried gentrified professional to pass onto their offspring.

  26. not long after i arrived at this place where i ‘live’ i heard that local residents had got up a petition to prevent this place even being built..they feared ‘those mad crazy dangerous residents would attack residents in their beds, also the family opposite nasty kids would kick footballs at my window to break them and kick footballs into the back garden so they could look at the ‘loonies’ here…discrimination never goes away..sadly..

    for many others i fear it might come to the weilding pitchforks or council negligence which will drive mentally ill people from towns before long..

  27. classic mean spirited thoughts from right wing selfish bigots

    Free school meals aren’t the way to tackle rising living costs


    THIS IS DATED 2003

    Mental illness bill tops £77bn

    The report looked at mentally ill people’s quality of life
    Mental illness costs over £77bn a year when the costs of care, lost work and poor quality of life are combined, experts have revealed.
    The figure is twice as high as previous estimates – and is higher than the total spent on the NHS in England last year.

    The Sainsbury Centre for Mental Health looked at the cost of mental illness in England.
    Its estimate is high because it takes into account ‘hidden’ costs linked to quality of life not normally calculated.

    [[[ “This is a staggering cost to the British taxpayer
    Paul Marsden, Liberal Democrat health spokesman” ]]]

    Care for the mentally ill cost £12.5bn, including NHS, local authority and private care, as well as that provided by family and friends.
    The NHS alone spent £6.5bn on mental health services last year.
    The cost to the economy of people not being able to work because of their illness was put at £23.1bn by the centre’s report.

  29. @bobchewie any idea how much the cost is for 2013 or how much those non elected bastards have reduced the bill by ?

    • @bernardette h i think its true to say that costs have gone down , i notice they are trying out the failed ‘payment by results’ scheme even on mental health budgets, ive just been reading a doc on all that, as an example where i live the staff have been re contracted by a private company (one support-look them up!) and staff has been cut by half and the company is doing the zero hours contracts now…recently a tenant died here and within days the company was scurrying around here making sure we were ok as they feared losing the present there is industrial action and unite union staff are standing up to management..whereas unison are arse kissing them..i will look into costs ok?

  30. @bernardette h btw one support are a housing association-that meanswe now have two housing associations connected to this mozaic being the landlord and one support being the staff..its stupid isnt it? but the reason this is so is because housing associations have been looking for ‘new business’ and have been taking over homeless hostels (the ceos of HA award themselves a fat bonus for every new business they acquire)

    so in effect we have two housing associations in charge of this place now–
    ridiculous or what?

  31. Bob C, I know what you mean about HA. Mine is only concerned with vulnerable people, which is a good thing, expect as you say, it brings in more lolly for them.Although I have heard good things about family mosaic.

    • bernadette h “Although I have heard good things about family mosaic” who told you that,? their website or PR spin doctor? they are horrible and useless..our electric supply would go off regularly and they even upped the rent 100% once..they contract out on the boilers split because they were nast cheap things and we had no hot water for months..also a staff guy was off work due to the laundry room being soaked and floorboards rotten and he damaged his back but the bastards still charged us service charge for use of laundry room that had a sign on the door which read KEEP OUT- DANGEROUS !!..
      forget the clip art on the website-its phoney just like the company..lots of london boroughs all have stories about these charlatans..

  32. The One NOBODY in this fucking CUNT-ry gives a flying FUCK about

    I have been BEGGING for help for TWO YEARS. Not only am I severely autistic, but I’m seriously chronically ill. The NHS REFUSE to help me because I REFUSE to take advice that will not only exacerbate my current condition, but will give me other problems to cope with on top – problems I thought I’d got rid of YEARS ago – namely obesity and diabetes.

    As far as I’m concerned EVERYONE in the UK is a fucking evil, sick and twisted cunt – NOT just the DWP!

    I CAN’T take another DAY like this! I HATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU!!!

    • @the one nobody in this fucking cunt-ry etc…yeah i know how you feel mate..its like that most days for cant trust no one or rely on anyone..its like everyone is stuck up their own arse a lot of the,me, me..even ‘friends’ tell me they cant be arsed to read my emails as they are ‘boring’ but when they need help or money..its different ..
      selfishness is endemic im afraid..wish it wasnt really think of what we could acheive if we helped each other out..

      • Maybe Emily Bronte wasn’t far of the mark when she described human beings as being akin to cat – selfish, cruel and thoroughly evil! Have to agree though, if you sink you sink and nobody will give a shit!

        We should be more dog… 🙂

    • overburdenddonkey

      the one nobody…
      sorry..your voice is not being heard by the nhs..
      i suffer diabetes2…how are you managing your bg’s?

  33. btw bernardette h we have had at least 10 housing officers in the past few years they hire them and fire them regularly especially when h.o talks about spending money..

  34. “There is an increasing conviction in some circles that the major determinants of health and well-being are not based on medical intervention but are cultural, social and economic (Dunn 2000 and Naidoo and Wills 2001). Dunn (op cit) (page 343) goes on to suggest that:

    “one’s immediate social and economic environment and the way that this environment interacts with one’s psychological resources and coping skills, shapes health much more strongly than the medical model would suggest”

    It is suggested that enhanced environmental and economic conditions provide a perceived “buffer” to negative, physical and mental health impact. One’s self esteem and degree of control over your own position, and standing in society appears to have a direct relationship on health status (Frank and Mustard 1994), with the degree of control or sense of control being a theme that will recur throughout this paper.

    The inter-relationship between the type, condition or location of housing, with unemployment or low fixed income and health can be demonstrated through lack of choice, with many in society reduced to renting low quality accommodation in deprived areas, suffering attendant increased lack of security associated with such accommodation.”

    • This is a biopsychosocial model of health and illness. However the DWP and Atos have bastardised the model to suit their own needs. I would recommend reading anything Simon Wessely has written and where he is cited so you can see just how the model has been twisted. Wessely and Unum have a long history. Unum and Atos have a long history and Atos and DWP’s Chief Medical Advisor.ditto.


    Blog: Mr Perrin and the ATOS experience
    Date posted: 20-06-2013
    “A Word in Your Ear” from Mr Perrin.
    The Downing Street “Robber Barons” and the ATOS Healthcare “Gang”.

    • Really powerful blog by Mr Perrin. Scandalous treatment from Atos staff. It astounds me time and again how badly people are treated by their fellow citizens- after all any of them could be sick and disabled at any time and for any length of time.


    Breaking the Link between Mental Health and Labour Exclusion in Europe:

    Mental ill-health accounts for almost 20% of illnesses in Europe and mental health problems affect one in four people at some point in their life. Nine of the ten countries with the highest rates of suicide in the world are in the European region. Mental illnesses are a major cause of death, disability and economic burden worldwide (SO WE ARE A BURDEN ARE WE?) and the World Health Organisation predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease across all ages. People suffering from mental health problems face various challenges related to unemployment and social exclusion as a result of their mental state.

    Furthermore, mental health problems have become one of the leading causes of work absenteeism and early retirement across the European Region with a recent OECD report stating that one in five people of working age suffers from a mental disorder. The current economic recession and its effects on the job market are likely to add to the problems in employment and quality of life experienced by people with mental health problems and their families. The workplace plays a central role in the social inclusion of people with mental health problems.

    Mental health has increasingly become recognised as an issue that impacts the whole of society, and not just those suffering from the effects. As such, EU policies have aimed to address mental health and well-being in terms of public health and social inclusion. The European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being in 2008 prioritised mental well-being as a major issue by acknowledging its benefits for the EU, Member States and citizens. The economic repercussions of mental health problems are significant for the society as a whole with individuals having to rely on social care services. This has a wider impact when mental ill health leads to work absenteeism or the inability to find employment.
    It is necessary to raise awareness of the stigma and discrimination that are attached to mental health problems as in many cases individuals with such problems are considered disabled. This prevents and limits the understanding of society to such issues and the needs of people with mental health problems.
    This International Symposium provides an invaluable opportunity to highlight the link between mental ill-health, social exclusion and exclusion from the labour market. Much is now known about what works in mental health promotion, prevention, care and treatment but the challenge now lies in implementing this knowledge. It is essential to raise awareness of mental health and well-being in order to prevent immense social and economic losses and provide recommendations for future policy actions”

    • something survived...

      And a jolly good thing too! Why scrounge benefits when you are perfectly capable of crawling up a ladder on a building site carrying a full hod of bricks in your teeth!
      Long live Ian Duncan Shit.


    This article titled “Labour to create new offence of disability hate crime” was written by Daniel Boffey, policy editor, for on Saturday 21st September 2013 15.13 UTC

    Labour will legislate to introduce a specific criminal charge of disability hate crime amid growing evidence that victims are being let down.

    Liam Byrne, the shadow work and pensions secretary, will announce the policy at his party’s conference on Sunday.

    He will also reveal that he intends to sack Atos, the controversial company which adjudicates on people’s ability to work, due to its poor record. Two in five assessments are appealed against and 42% of those are successful. The company has also consistently failed to meet targets on average case clearance times since mid-2011, with 35,000 claimants having to wait longer than 13 weeks to receive their decision. “We’ll put Atos out the door”, Byrne will tell Labour’s conference in Brighton.

    The Home Office estimates that 65,000 disability hate crimes occur each year. Disability charities say it could be as many as 100,000, which they say is largely driven by “benefit scrounger” rhetoric that Byrne believes is in part stimulated by a system that is not working.

    The shadow cabinet minister will tell Labour members that he will challenge the status quo. He is working with the Australian Labor MP Jenny Macklin, who has had success in her home country, to examine how services for the disabled and their funding can be improved.

    Byrne will say: “Like most families in this country, I know first-hand that disability can affect anyone. Therefore it affects us all.

    “Someone is registered disabled every three minutes. Yet today disabled people are threatened by a vicious combination of hate crime, Atos and the bedroom tax.

    “Today we deny disabled people peace of mind, a job, a home and care. We need to change this.” He will add: “We will change the law so hate crime against disabled people is treated like every other hate crime.”

    HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the National Probation Service reported this year that victims of disability hate crime were being let down by the criminal justice system, with attacks not being properly recorded.

    The three organisations also acknowledged there was no “clear and uncomplicated definition” of what constitutes disability hate crime.

    Michael Fuller, the chief inspector of the CPS, said the Law Commission had been asked to consider whether there should be a specific offence of disability hate crime.

    Byrne will promise to properly define disability hate crime and ensure that it is recorded on the perpetrator’s criminal record.

    He said Labour in power would also review whether the attorney general’s power to review sentences he considers unduly lenient should be extended to offences aggravated by hostility towards the victim based on their disability.

    Figures published by the Association of Chief Police Officers show a rapid increase in the number of reported disability hate crimes since records began. In 2009 – the first full calendar year for which the data exists – 1,211 crimes were reported.

    This figure rose by 24.8% in 2010, and a further 18.3% the following year. It is unclear whether these rises were caused primarily by an increase in the number of disability hate crimes that are committed or higher rates of reporting.

    • “[Liam Byrne] will also reveal that he intends to sack Atos”

      Ha, he’s a conniving bastard:

      “The contract between the DWP and Atos Healthcare was first awarded in 1998 [by Labour]. It was renewed for 7 years in 2005 [by Labour] as part of a competitive tender and extended for 3 years in 2010 through to 2015 [coincidently the same year Labour presumably come to power and ‘sack’ them]”
      ‘In Partnership with the DWP’, Atos Healthcare [sic]

      “Liam Byrne defends ‘difficult’ decision not to vote against government after resignation of shadow ministerial aide”
      ‘Labour abstention on workfare bill prompts party infighting’, Hugh Muir and Shiv Malik, The Guardian, 21 Mar 2013

      ‘Ed Miliband responsibility speech in full’,, 13 Jun 2011

      If Labour is the answer – what is the question?

      • The question is, “are we about to get more of the same ?” we get labour, but if the question for those they want to victimize, ex offenders, unemployed, legal immigrants etc perhaps UKIP is the answer.
        I’ve just watched Alistair Campbell talk of how labour made a big mistake allowing 24 hour drinking in an effort to create jobs, I think me and anyone not blind enough to see, foreseaw the problems that would bring at the time.
        Now they plan to stop atos which they have championed despite objection from every quarter except the right wing who think it necessary to sort the wheat from the chaff – rubbish.
        Is labour going to refund the bedroom tax to those who have had to beg steal or borrow to stay in their homes when they eradicate it? Are they going to refund all of those people that have had their benefits sanctioned by this government?
        Grant Shapps keeps insisting labour are in favour of welfare reduction where it is not needed or is unfair and he thinks this withdrawal of housing benefit is fair. it’s not it is a controlling policy dished out to those that can least afford it, the unemployed, disabled and low waged who are being forced into accepting the least amount possible while they themselves take expenses that are of the highest amount possible.

        • overburdenddonkey

          yeah, belated saviours..why were they not fighting tooth and nail against these savage cuts at the outset?

          • @donkey ”write to your MP”….

            • overburdenddonkey

              i thought they were abolished, or is it just in the jewel that is scotland…

              • @donkey the company that takes over royal mail..will charge minimum of £5 per letter..seeing the potential in all this they will also decide to charge for email, realising the sheer profit that can be made they will buy up and own complete words and phrases in order to price each email..if you think that sounds mad, consider a couple of things..KFC wanting to own the copyright on the phrase ‘happy meal’ (presumably owning both words) then consider the early telegraph system where they charged for sending telegram based on number of put both those ideas together and you will see how that might work…nothing surprises me any more about companies wanting to own pretty much everything.

            • overburdenddonkey

              been going on for years…

          • donkey

            I don’t know all I know is labour introduced jsa, new deal and sanction as well as atos. I’d like to know just what else they could have got wrong and are now sorry for.

            • Chewie

              I think the moon is pretty much sold off, they are now trying to flog mars.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i think it was thatcher, who said tony blair, was her proudest achievement, but even if she did not, old labour were
              as chalk and cheese, to these new spineless purple wimps…
              any apology from new labour will be hollow m/t of the substance of apology, which is humbleness, remedy, and restitution…socialist labour died years ago.
              if my long dead grandparents, run across them they would immediately see them for what they are, a different shade of tory, give them one hell of a tongue lashing, and chase them out of town…they are all the same, money and power, being the magnet of their favour…

          • I’ve tried to look up hansard to see just who in the labour party voted all of these cuts through but have had no success, perhaps someone can direct me to a site that will give me this information because all I have been able to have access to is how my own mp voted on certain things and that does not include the controversial ones.

            • something survived...

              1) Atos itself is a hate crime

              2) Land allocation (more achievable): IDS to be given a new home, on the surface of the sun.

  38. I hope the callous filth behind these decisions rot from the inside out


    Sick And Disabled To Be Forced To Address ‘Barriers To Work’ Or Lose Benefits

    Press release from the Department for Work and Pensions:

    People on sickness benefits will be required to have regular meetings with doctors, occupational health nurses and therapists to help them address their barriers to work – or face losing their benefits – in a 2 year pilot scheme announced today.

    Around 3,000 people on Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) who have been assessed as being able to work in the future will have regular appointments with healthcare professionals as a condition of receiving their benefit. The meetings will focus on helping claimants to move closer to being able to get a job.

    The proposed pilot scheme will compare the help given by doctors, occupational health nurses and therapists to 2 other pilot schemes which will offer enhanced support from Jobcentre Plus and Work Programme providers to see which is best at helping people off sickness benefits and into work.


    UN Housing Investigator Hits Back At ‘Aggressive’ UK Government

    UN housing investigator, Raquel Rolnik has hit back at the ‘aggressive’ behaviour and language of the UK Government following her criticisms of the ‘bedroom tax’, or ‘spare room subsidy’, which she recommended be immediately suspended in a press release yesterday.

    Tory chairman Grant Shapps has described her actions and investigation as an “absolute disgrace” and has written a letter of complaint to Ban Ki Moon at the United Nations in which he criticises Ms Rolnik’s use of the term ‘bedroom tax’, used by the media and campaigners to describe the ‘spare room subsidy’ which means that those in social housing must contribute toward their rent through a deduction in housing benefit, and says that UK courts have ruled the controversial coalition policy to be legal and does not infringe upon human rights laws and legislation.

    Grant Shapps also appears to suggest that Rolnik’s investigation was conducted poorly; that she was not invited and did not contact Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) officials during the 12 day investigation. Accusations Rolnik has vehemently rejected. The visit was organised by the UK Government in order to demonstrate that it was fulfilling its obligations to the UN Convention on Human Rights, Rolnik claims.

    Ms Rolnik visited London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Belfast and Manchester during her 12 day investigation of social housing in the UK and spoke to a number of people who had been directly affected by the coalition government’s ‘bedroom tax’. She also met with representatives from the Daily Record who presented her with a dossier of stories from their readers affected by the controversial policy, as well as the Independent and Guardian newspapers.

    Shapps claims Ms Rolnik’s investigation was politically biased – influenced by the press and campaigners – and urges the UN to conduct a full investigation. Ms Rolnik has hit back at the accusation in an interview with Inside Housing during which she said: “I didn’t come here to investigate the ‘bedroom tax’, I came here as a normal country mission, to assess the situation. I came across the ‘bedroom tax’ when I was here, but I am an independent investigator.”

    Ms Rolnik hit back at Grant Shapps allegations that she did not meet with government officials: ‘This is absolutely not true. I have met officials from many departments, and the details of these meetings are all listed within my report.” Rolnik claims that she met with the Communities Secretary Eric Pickles and Under Secretary Don Foster and other officials during her visit.

    She goes on to slam the ‘aggressive’ behaviour of the UK Government:

    “It was the first time a government has been so aggressive. When I was in the USA, I had a constructive conversation with them accepting some things and arguing with others. They did not react like this.”

  41. this is exactly what happened with the council tax reduction,someone with a disability who wasn’t claiming dla was not entitled to the disabled reduction.
    the council blaming the government,but it was the council that operates the policy.

    the climate in the dwp is to ignore/reference to disability,this is happening at the job centre with these hit squad interviews’,no adjustments are made which is unlawful to the individuals capability. people who are disabled with lifelong conditions unable to cope with the pressure and the demanding regime of endless jobsearch activity or keep accurate records,basically their simply lost. on top being denied access to a disability advisor then being told people get better.

    • overburdenddonkey

      spot on, i have extrapolated what you have written and a very alarming picture emerges..
      imho, best to fight to stay away from jsa..when sick and disabled, and at least keep some of ones energy to fight…after all the predominant feature of sickness and disability is the profound lack of energy when compared to a fit and healthy human being, which is the whole purpose behind sickness and disability benefits in the 1st place ie to provide basic vitals when the sick and disabled are unable to provide them for themselves…only bullies ignore that fact, they are deniers of sickness and disability…shame on them…

  42. This is not a Welfare State this is a WE(etonians)fare well state and you lot can jolly well bugger off!

  43. An “apology from atos & the DWP seems pretty hollow, how about hanging their heads in shame? –

    • “Although there is no generally agreed definition of terrorism internationally, in the UK the Terrorism Act 2000 new window defines terrorism as:

      The use or threat of action designed to…intimidate the public, or a section of the public; made for the purposes of advancing a political…or ideological cause; and it involves or causes:

      serious violence against a person;
      serious damage to a property;
      a threat to a person’s life;
      a serious risk to the health and safety of the public”

      ‘TERRORISM’, MI5

      • Goldman Sachs

        Paul Flynn: To ask the Chancellor of the Exchequer what steps have been taken by HM Revenue and Customs to recover the interest owed by Goldman Sachs on the tax bill which it delayed paying. [154816]

        Mr Gauke: HMRC has a statutory duty to maintain taxpayer confidentiality and may not disclose information unless the limited and controlled circumstances set out in the statute creating HMRC apply.


    Do you think this is revealing?

    under HMT (her majesties treasury) procurement dept
    Pipeline: Welfare to Work

    Employment Related Support Services
    Department for Work and Pensions

    Approach to market
    (This is the likely date that the project or requirement will be taken to market. You will need to view the notice to see the likely approach taken, whether through a framework or open competition)


    (The confidence rating will enable industry to assess the likelihood of the project going ahead. Confidence ratings will change as projects were through the approval process)

    *** Low ***

    Value 2014/15

  45. “Overarching framework for Welfare to Work provision. Key decisions on the strategy are still under consideration hence the low confidence rating applied.”

    hmmmm ..its still LOW though aint it?

  46. DWP Resistance Network

    The DWP are a law unto themselves: look what happened in the Ann Summers took the DWP to Court because jobcentres refused to display there job advertisements. A Court Judgement was was issued in Ann Summers favour declaring that the DWP/Jobcentres were acting ILLEGALLY by refusing to take job advertisements from Ann Summers. And yet the DWP/Jobcentres went on to IGNORE the Court Ruling and STILL refused to accept job advertisements from Ann Summers. Not too dissimilar to IDS’s sick “retrospective” legislation whereby he conveniently re-wrote the Law of the Land to to suit his evil Department’s purposes and to deprive jobseekers of their only means of sustenance via the imposition of ILLEGAL sanctions. This is the sort of charlatans we are up against who are prepared to ride roughshod over anyone and anything to suit their own twisted agenda. The DWP is a CRIMINAL organisation!

    • A CRIMINAL organisation that obeys its corporate stringpullers, Unum. If the Government sees it fit to drive vans around London telling immigrants to “Go Home”, likewise we should tell that criminal, cowboy outfit Unum to “Go Home” and never return.

  47. The real criminals are in charge of both the courts and the country.


    Commissioning Strategy overview
    The context – our purpose and priorities
    DWP’s purpose is to lift people out of poverty. To achieve this we need to transform lives – but we need to do so while controlling costs. In practice, this means improving services and outcomes by delivering value for money.
    DWP and Government more widely have articulated the new policy and delivery landscape in which this goal and its supporting objectives can be achieved. The Social Justice Strategy places reducing poverty and increasing economic independence firmly at the centre of the Government’s agenda2. The introduction of Universal Credit3 will create infrastructure to support DWP to achieve this – and will also fundamentally change the way in which DWP and partner organisations can work with claimants. More widely, Government has set out an intention to create a more strategic and skilled Civil Service which delivers outcomes for citizens through collaborating and engaging with an increasingly diverse range of partners and providers – who collectively are enabled and empowered to work in new ways to deliver greater value for money.

    Welfare-to-work commissioning
    DWP’s 2013 Commissioning Strategy will set out how – within this wider strategy, policy and delivery context – we will work with partners and providers to deliver the above goals and supporting welfare-to-work objectives: encouraging work and making it pay for those of working age; and enabling work, independence and wider participation in society for disabled people and those with ill health.
    DWP has an established track record in using a network of private, voluntary and community and public sector providers to deliver a range of welfare-to-work outcomes and services including sustained employment for the long term employed and specialist disability support. ( BUT WE WILL MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR DISABLED TO BE EVICTED FROM THEIR HOMES MEANING NO ADDRESS NO JOB, LOOK HOW STUPID WE ARE) The Department has overseen the development of a market which engages thousands of people in delivering this.( YES FOLKS ITS A MARKET IE A BUSINESS HENCE ALL THE TRADE FAIRS)
    A key step in this development was the publication in 2008 of DWP’s first Commissioning Strategy for welfare-to-work. The strategy articulated a series of high-level principles for how the Department would work with the market to significantly increase the number of people entering sustained employment – without being specific to any particular programme.

  49. Pingback: Do Not Support Newly Disabled Claimants Hit By Benefit Cap To Stay In Their Homes Recommends DWP | thepositivevoice

  50. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  51. Jobcentre Staff Are SCUM!!


    • Fuck the Jobcentre

      seems like the fucking jokecentres are sanctioning jobseekers under the “actively seeking employment” rule i.e. it is fucking impossible to look for work for 40 hours a week.

      • Someone posted over on MSE that she was told that under the new “Claimant Commitment” they would have to secure one job interview a month. Failure to do so would result in immediate sanction. I mean, what the fuck, how can anyone have any control that? And even if you could jump over that hoop it would increase to one week, one a day, two a day…. They are going to make it so IMPOSSIBLE to claim benefits that very shortly NOBODY will be claiming ANY benefits. We will all be DESTITUTE!!

      • Cardinal Richelieu

        “If you give me six lines written by the most honest man, I will find something in them to hang him.”

        – Cardinal Richelieu

      • Jobseekes should be aware that If you claim gets stopped under the the “actively seeking employment” rule your payments are stopped there and then; there is no “doubt”/decision making process to go through before your money is stopped.

        • @LITTLE MOUSE

          1: you are actively seeking work and receive letter telling you to attend
          jobcentre for random spurious interview
          2: you attend (and therefore at that precise moment not actively seeking
          work because you have attended jcp interview therefore get sanctioned.
          3: you receive letter letter telling you to attend jobcentre to attend
          spurious interview – you apologize and tell them you are busy actively
          seeking work – therefore get sanctioned
          4: you are dumped on Work Pogrom therefore not actively seeking
          work therefore get sanctioned
          5: you get dumped onto Work Pogrom and take time off to actively
          seek work, company you ‘work for’ complains to jcp about it
          so jcp punishes you and you get sanctioned..


    • And JV wants us to stand on the picket lines with jc advisers, right!

      • Victim of Jobcentre

        No fucking chance Guy, jc advisers can roast in Hell for all I care… 🙂

      • Victim of Jobcentre

        Fuck their jobs, fuck their pensions, fuck the lot of ’em!

        • Here is the mothersmatteruk article I read on their site.

          Marriage tax breaks will be ’empty gesture’ unless they are more generous

          See quote from Laura Perrins from MAHM in Telegraph article above. It’s clear that the proposed tax allowance of just £150 is nowhere near enough to compensate stay at home mothers for other reforms, which offer generous support to dual earners and which favour more childcare for children outside the home environment, whilst the work of a parent at home is discounted.

          At this point we also need to be clear that MAHM’s aim is to campaign for all mothers irrespective of their marital status. The mother-child bond is unique and special as is the father-child bond. Equal but different.

          However, when it comes to the marriage debate, we recognise that there exists a penalty against married mothers (and fathers) in the current system, notably where one parent is deployed at home providing care for family members. Few people realise that single-earner parents, with care responsibilities at home, currently pay a disproportionately high level of tax on their household income (which has to stretch to support several individuals) than couples who’ve decided not to have children or couples who both work and use childcare outside the home (for which additional taxpayer support is also available). For many couples it is better, financially speaking, to live apart.

          We support campaigners who fight for a so-called ‘marriage tax break’ although we don’t believe the expressions ‘tax break’ or ‘tax allowance’ explains the problem well enough. What we have at present is a ‘tax penalty’. Let’s be clear….a couple on just one wage raising 1, 2, 3, 4 children or more pay more tax on the SAME household income than a couple on two wages, as they benefit from two tax-free allowances and often fall into a lower tax bracket. The difference in tax due to the Treasury can amount to over £100 more tax per week, which is a huge dent in any family budget. See our Income Splitting leaflet. The only way of cancelling the penalty is to introduce a tax ‘equaliser’ for parents. And in order to be eligible for this, we see that a legal document would be required, be it a marriage or civil partnership certificate.

          Let’s stop calling it a tax break and call it a tax equaliser instead!

          It makes no sense that two households on the same overall income can be paying such different levels of tax.

          Read more:

          Marriage tax breaks ‘better way to help the poor’, says ex-Chancellor Lord Lawson

          • this is not what I read on their site, but every time I try to print the article something else comes up instead. The article was “empty tax breaks will be empty gestures unless they are more generous”, and it says something entirely different to this.

            • Everything about their “tax equalizer” is about the rich getting more tax back off the state, granted they are penalized and not as rich as when couples income is taken into account separately, but that is where the problem lies, if in a couple and sharing the costs of the same household then for tax purposes their incomes should be conjoined and more tax taken from them to square the equalizing equation.

            • ‘If sweat was the criteria for high incomes then the working class would all be millionaires’, I bet they wouldn’t be complaining about paying their taxes, as things are now they are earning so little on the minimum wage they will be taken out of paying tax at all, therefore they cannot argue for more tax relief as the ‘mothers matter’ lot are even though they know they should be calling for the dual earners to be taxed more.

  52. Just been listening to issues to be put in labours manifesto, one of which is 25 hours of free childcare for parents working part time whether single or in a couple, (I say part-time even though full-time is classed as 16hours), but 25hours free childcare will help fund those in the middle and upper income bracket and put money saved into their pocket, all it will do for the part-time parent is make sure their children are covered for the extra hours they now have to find to qualify for tax credits, therefore no payback in terms of costs for them just a saving for the government in benefit reduction for the extra hours parents will have to work.

    The organization Gingerbread knows how single parents are penalized in the benefits system, even those single parents who are earning over £50k will rightly have their child benefit taken away, yet the likes of Ed Balls and yvette cooper a two high earning income household may if both earn 50k or under a year will still qualify for child benefit. All benefits should take household income into account like they do for the benefit cap not individual income.

    Lastly we have a group just started up asking for paid membership and donations called “mothers at home, 3 times I have tried to copy and paste the link but all I get is Teresa Mays terrorism site?????? anyway their latest wheeze is “empty tax breaks will be empty gesture unless they are more generous”.
    They have already campaigned for married tax allowance to be restored and now they are campaigning for those that stay at home to be given more money on top of their spouses generous salaries.
    This has nothing to do with mothers at home otherwise single parents would not be in favour of being forced out to work to be no better off than on benefits with no other income coming into the home, no this organization is about tax breaks for the rich to make up for their child benefit which they should not have been getting in the first place taken off them.

    • Another Brick in the Wall

      Here is an idea, Guy! Get shot of COMPULSORY education, it it ‘free’ for a reason and certainly not for the benefit of the proles. COMPULSORY education is a crock of shit. It a mind-fucking, brain-washing exercise run to the ‘controllers’ agenda,; it is where the rot sets in and sets our children up for a lifetime of slavery and servitude catering to the needs of the Victorian mill owner. We would have a much healthier and better adjusted society without those day-time prisons called ‘schools’. There are only two places you are required to be by LAW; one is prison, the other is school. As Pink Floyd sang: “We don’t need no edukashun, dark sarcasm is the classroom.” Or as Irvine Welsh put it: “If you liked school, you’ll love work.”

      • who will teach our children to read and write if we are all illiterate, having said that I taught my children the alphabet and words before they even went to nursery.
        You are right about being brainwashed into subservience and now with the need for Universities and tutors to be funded by tuition fees the working class are being encouraged to take up further education only to be told they have to work in low paid part-time jobs when they leave.
        Only Those from public schools and top elite universities get the top jobs, it has nothing to do with education but the old boys network, their marriages work on the same principle too.
        You do need to educate yourself these days via the internet and looking into everything you read or are being told to believe.

        • You don’t need anyone to teach you to read or write (there is a word for it, Guy, can’t remember). Anyway, relying on school to learn to read and write is one sure fire way of ending up illiterate. Schools don’t teach jack shit, children could make much more efficient use of the time outside a regimented shuffling from one classroom to another environment. School is not about fostering a love of learning; it caters to the need of the Victorian mill owner.

          • Pink Floyd

            In the states eyes, school and higher education also stops assembly and rioting by the disgruntled masses who education is failing and is why fines are imposed if your child plays truant, you can even be accused of neglect for not making sure your child attends school even if they are being bullied or hate the constriction of the classroom.
            You could always home educate if you don’t want your child to attend school, but they still have to follow the national curriculum.

        • And you are right about Universities too; just another money-making scam to fleece the lower orders. Self-education is the way to go.

          Crisis’ Response to the DWP consultation on
          the Welfare Reform Green Paper
          October 2007

          “Low skills and high levels of worklessness persist amongst the single homeless population despite an unprecedented period of economic growth, investment in Welfare to Work and targeted interventions for low skilled adults. Without significant intervention this situation is unlikely to

          so welfare to work schemes for homeless dont work then?

  53. PS a proposed 1 million pound mansion tax is now a 2 million pound mansion tax – what a joke.

    • overburdenddonkey

      phew,what a relief, chilling to see social injustice in action…bury us in the energy draining nightmare of admin and pointless bureaucracy, so that we have to constantly prove need, spend billions to strip us our benefit entitlement on the grounds, we can’t be afforded, and generally make our lives a living hell, then give to the rich…

      • overburdenddonkey

        and/or we are not doing enough to elevate our selves from poverty, and/or we are not really as sick and disabled, as we, the medical facts of our medical conditions, the nhs, and our gp’s, who regularly ticks not fit for work box, think we are…and/or there are millions of jobs out there waiting for a cafe 80, vacancies 5000 applicants…

  54. Yes overbudenddonkey and all lpart time, low paid, shitty service jobs that the unemployed are forced into irrespective of their tuition fee debts or education.

    • overburdenddonkey

      good to know everything is going so well, and all ill’s cured with a good wholesome dose of denial, and splashing the cash to woo the rich…

  55. last line “for education”.

  56. “If you give me a job log written by the most industrious, diligent jobseeker, I will find something in it to sanction them.” 🙂

  57. Bishop of Durham.

    may God forgive you .

  58. so lets see

    a tory govt gets elected then imposes austerity measures (no one
    knows why)
    millions become unemployed
    (the unemployed get blamed ( no one knows why)
    welfare to work schemes are put to use but are ineffective (data shows it doesnt work) but its continued (no one knows why)
    govt dept bring in legislation that forces poor people to move [bedroom tax] (no one knows why)
    another govt dept brings in legislation preventing poor people from moving [localism] (no one knows why)
    banks change peoples accounts to ”help” them save and prevent them buying things ” (no one knows why)

    and people call me mad?

    now my internet access goes off each time i try to post on here ( no one knows why)

  59. Does anyone think this is funny, it was left on the Tom pride site under broke? Skint?……….
    John Blackwillow 4 days ago

    Jobless? Hungry? Kill two birds with one stone, by offering your services as a bin scraper. Instead of a wage, you get to keep whatever you can recover from the inner surface. For a few pounds you can equip yourself with a scraper, food bags, cleaning wipes and bleach. This will also have a positive effect on the environment, reducing landfill. Get off your lazy arse, reduce your food bill and save the planet. You know it makes sense!

  60. hi i just got this mail from linked in:

    How I Hire
    80+ Perspectives on the Ideal Candidate

    Richard Branson on how he judges personality
    “Some get hung up on qualifications. I look at them last.”

    so Richard all those years studying mean bugger all then//maybe what you look for is who would work the cheapest then eh?









    “MURDER IS MURDER, WHATEVER WAY YOU LOOK AT IT”……………………………………………………………………….


    WILL YOU BE NEXT???????????????????????????

  62. The evidence is building up of state-driven disability hate crime on a massive scale. What we can do is gather the evidence-there is plenty of it, and carry on presenting it to the EU, to the UN and internationally.through this and other blogs. People are taking note, thank God.

    • @karen m the stratchclyde report submitted to lenvenson enquiry pointed out that hate crime was increasing citing items in the MSM eh daily hate mail the govts mouthpiece..

      • Reported hate crime is increasing. This means disabled people are coming forward and reporting hate crimes to the police. However, the police still have to up the ante as the prosecution rates are lamentably low. The pressure needs to be maintained on society to treat hate crimes as serious. As for the Daily Malice…it is just a bit of scrap paper that needs to be cut up and used as toilet paper or as something to mop up grease.

        • @karen m the Strathclyde report on hate crime was presented to levenson enquiry and totally ignored by govt

          • Mind and Rethink Mental Illness submitted evidence at the Leveson Enquiry. Of 64% of people who reported hate crime the vast majority (about 47 out of 50) felt the police would not take the incident seriously. Most of this suspicion is laid at the door of print, TV and online media misrepresentation of mental illness and mental health problems. The Submission makes an interesting and horrifying read- a must read for media students before they commit themselves politically to the right.

            • @karen m I would like to see that stuff

            • You can download the pdf version by googling Mind Rethink Mental Illness The Leveson Enquiry and clicking on the pdf option under the heading.

            • @bobchewie I’ve just been reading up about the hereditary owner of the Daily Mail: there is a deep blue conservatism there and the present Viscount Rothermere is great grandson of the 1st Viscount who both applauded Hitler’s foreign policy and his invasion of Sudetenland in October 1938 and also admired Oswald Mosley for his “Conservative judgement”. The family name of the Rothermeres is Harmsworth.

              • @karen m yeah I think we know that already apparently the hate mail thinks its unfair to mention that so instead we can mention its support for le pens daughter from national front

            • Going over “old ground” as a couple of people with sight loss follow this and not all sources are accessible to them when using their screen readers.

          • Really interesting @bobchewie. Many thanks. I’ll reproduce some of the details here in word format (for people using screen readers) as pdf documents can be a problem:
            “Imagining a law was enacted which required people who had been out of work for 12 months or more to do community work, which groups of people, if any, do you think should be excluded from such a law? (% of respondents saying category should be excluded)
            Mothers with pre-school children (0 – 4 years old) 64%
            People with medical conditions preventing them from working to full capacity 52%
            Fathers with pre-school children (0 – 4 years old) 38%
            Mothers with children of primary school age (4 – 11 years old) 30%
            People with mental disabilities who are capable of working 25%
            People with physical disabilities who are capable of working 22%
            Fathers with children of primary school age (4 – 11 years old) 16%”

            “None of these 12%” (about 23 people didn’t think anyone should be excluded from community work).”
            “Source: YouGov poll commissioned by Policy Exchange.” (p 16 of the full YouGov report)
            Policy Exchange say on p23 “Our research is strictly empirical and we do not take commissions.” I noticed too that a couple of Tory ex-MPs are trustees at Policy Exchange, including David Mellor.

            Note too that the question only referred to community work- not to job placements or spending 30 hours looking for jobs at the Job Centre.

            All to pat that the poll was released at the same time as the new hard-line policy for long-term unemployed.

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