Policy Exchange Clown Placed In Charge of Benefit Sanctions Review

matthew-oakleyAn upcoming review into benefit sanctions is to be overseen by Britain’s biggest scrounger Matthew Oakley the DWP have revealed today.  Oakley is the Head of Economics & Social Policy at the right wing think tank the Policy Exchange, whose proposals have been behind many of Iain Duncan Smith’s brutal and bungled welfare reforms.

The scope of the upcoming review will largely focus on the information about sanctions given to claimants who face ever more draconian and farcical conditions for claiming benefits.  It is unlikely to discuss the hundreds of thousands of people forced into absolute destitution by the current regime which is expected to sanction around a million claims this year.

Matthew Oakley has previously authored a paper on welfare reform which includes not only a demand for a greater use of sanctions for part workers, but astonishingly even pre-emptive benefit sanctions for people on fixed term contracts.  Oakley believes that these workers should be stripped of any entitlement to benefits at all if Jobcentre staff decide that they weren’t doing enough to find work even before they lost their job.

So impressed was Iain Duncan Smith with this swivel-eyed nonsense that he gave Oakley a non-job on the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) – the body whose job it is to scrutinise social security reforms..  This means he is now paid  £256.80 a day of tax payer’s cash to provide so-called expert opinions on policies he helped create.

Prior to working at the Policy Exchange, Oakley was in another  tax payer funded non-job at the Treasury where he worked on a white paper outlining proposals for Universal Credit.  Now Iain Duncan Smith is to shovel yet more of our money into his grubby pockets by asking him to carry out what is laughingly called an ‘independent review’ of benefit sanctions.

Whilst over two million people are desperate for any job, Oakley now has three – and two of them at our expense.  It’s jobs for the boys all round at the DWP for anyone prepared to throw away their dignity and cheer along Iain Duncan Smith’s endless crazy schemes.  Oakley is on twitter @PXEconomics if you fancy asking for your money back.

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  1. I just wonder why society is so calm and peaceful at the moment …

  2. @JohnnyVoid hows that for timing here you are writing about annie oakley and his job

    “So impressed was Iain Duncan Smith with this swivel-eyed nonsense that he gave Oakley a non-job on the Social Security Advisory Committee (SSAC) – the body whose job it is to scrutinise social security reforms.. This means he is now paid £256.80 a day of tax payer’s cash to provide so-called expert opinions on policies he helped create.”

    just after i posted stuff about free school meals plan being connected to Universal Crapit..

    “Whilst the SSAC acknowledged that it is not possible to create a
    hierarchy of passported benefits, they noted that some are considered
    by recipients to be particularly important, and focussed in particular on
    the provision of free school meals. They noted that, in the longer term,
    there may be scope for a radical new approach for free school meals to
    forge much closer links with Universal Credit, perhaps including a
    component for school meals in the overall Universal Credit award. This
    would need to be consistent with the Government’s aim to provide
    healthy school meals. The SSAC also proposed possible options for
    eligibility criteria in the short term. These include the potential to
    provide a ‘run-on’ whereby entitlement continues for a set period even
    where earnings or income increases above the entitlement threshold
    and a tapered approach where support is withdrawn gradually as income rises.”

    did annie oakley dream that shit up as well..
    ie using the free school meals schtick to put a ‘friendly face’ on the UC bollocks?

    • Thats from quite an old report, before IDS staffed the SSAC with his cronies. There was no plan for passported benefits (which means things like free school meals, prescriptions etc) in Universal Credit, and theres still no clear proposals for how they will work as far as I know. Free school meals for all kids would simplify it, but Clegg’s plan is just for primary school kids, which won’t help, so doubt they are connected tbh.

      • @johhny void….well the timing looked odd to me…i do get some stuff right you know….im not the total loser people think i am..eg outlaws ‘mate’ suggesting it would better if i was dead….

      • anyway i get coincidences happen a lot to me, so there…

  3. A million rotting corpses in a desert pit would smell less corrupt than this set up.It is depressing and sickening.

  4. it is a strange coincidence dont you think…this nick clegg free school meals stuff showing up around same time as oakley appointment?and universal credit period mass rollout or is that just me?

    • It’s all smoke & mirrors, it’s quite apparent that the cost of these “free” school meals is going to be deducted from a claimants total UC.The cost of school meals varies from area to area but it’s normally about £7.50 a week (the fact that they’re crap & usually inedible, is incidental). Assuming that UC will be paid on a 4-weekly basis £7.50 x 4 = £30, so there’s a hit on the monthly household income before any other expenditure. Sly bastards, this ensures that those working & receiving UC will fall short of the requirements & are almost guaranteed to be on the the receiving end of DWP bullying & sanctions.
      Just when appears the condems couldn’t stoop any lower each week they find a new low…

      • My sums above are only for one child’s school meals, anyone with two or more could lose almost half their UC in a month.

    • something survived...

      Can we have some Nick Clegg-free meals? We’re sick of repeatedly throwing up!

  5. overburdenddonkey

    j r f in their report today cites a weak demand for labour, there are few extra hours in our economy to be had…hence an increase in poverty…demanding people find more new hours, is nothing but a crazed tantrum, + hours are being lost in our economy on an hourly basis…the govt that weren’t elected, is not doing it’s job, and creating new hours nor therefore new jobs..chopping up and recycling existing jobs/hours, without a base of a citizens income, is barbaric, and pushes people into absolute despair…

  6. oh it gets better folks how about this?

    “The SSAC addressed a range of health benefits in their report and
    focussed on free prescriptions and Healthy Start vouchers in particular.
    Their consultation found firm support for health related benefits and the
    essential function they fulfil. The report considered short term options
    for health benefits to: link eligibility to income levels; align the low
    income scheme more closely to Universal Credit; provide run-ons in a
    similar way to that explored for free school meals or use a tapered
    approach. In the longer term, the SSAC note the potential for using
    technology to support the administration of health related passported benefits.”

    pound to a penny that oakley sucking up to IDS by trying to attach fucking anything to Universal Credit to make it look like its really being ‘helpful’ when in actual fact its a poxy nightmare..

    wtf is a passported benefit?

    • overburdenddonkey

      e and sa and jsa, pension guaranteed credit, there will be others..your posts hurt my eyes chewie…

      • @donkey sorry…its copy and paste from PDF and govt websites..when i post it all looks neat and tidy and readable..but after ‘post comment’ the lines appear different in length i dont know why..blame IDS..or maybe i should quit posting….

        • The pdf’s contain line breaks which are longer than allowed in here, so the folded line is then “line braked” further, hence the single (few) word lines… not really sure how to fix it tho.

          • @Jonathon Wilson maybe some text editor that re formats,,i get it also on govt websites too for some reason..i post bits from PDF because some people have problems with PDF links yeah its a PITA but sometimes you find stuff that leaps out you..its better than newspaper link which really just opinion the govt PDF can be useful because you can throw back i their face whats really been said or written..
            ..as i say i can pack it all in as well..
            (sorry depression bad atm ive had a lot of stuff sent me suggesting id be better off dead..and i know thats wrong but it makes you wonder about a lot of stuff especially when nothing fucking works out whatever you try and do ) just feel like hopeless and pointless..most days…………

            • overburdenddonkey

              well you are not hopeless and pointless…i’ve sensed for a while that you do not think people care, some do, some don’t.
              for me i don’t think that there is much point in trying to convince the oppressors to care, their inhumanity is their loss, but only in getting your/ones views out there for other oppressed human beings to see and share, to know that they are not alone, in feeling this that or the other about the toxic shit that we have to put up with on a daily basis….an oppressors key aim is to isolate the mind and erode self esteem….i’m not able to crusade as much as i would like, but i am glad others do, and can, i am inspired by the guts of others to stand up to these people…

              • @donkey i am quite isolated where i am and hardly see anyone..i send emails to friends who tell me thet cant be bothered reading them as they are boring rather like myself funny that im not boring when they want money from me..i call ppl on phone but no one ever answers..im on the net all day ..no one here you can talk to as they are all mentally unwell and sorry but they talk nonsense because the are unwell..i feel restless and misplaced..i was hoping to see someone i hadnt seen for years but like before they went somewhere else..theres a bloke here who shouts his head off all day and night..i dont sleep..stuff i thought that matterd i have lost…i.cant seem to get anything to go right at all..i feel disconnected stuff winds me up all the time but no one seems to GAF..

                I’M worn out cos theres so much going on inside me..

                i dunno…i used to know stuff and ppl and was always busy or going somewhere but thats all stopped..


            • overburdenddonkey

              true friends, and like minded people, one and the same..then the only true friend, you need is YOU..get to know you well…slow down…take care of you…”may you never”…transatlantic sessions, you tube, enjoy…

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes with kathy mattea..note that she is glued to his face, coz he is likely to do anything that fits the groove of the song in the moment…

              • @donkey john martyn died not so long ago..shame..that song reminds me of my college days..a fellow student used to play that in class..thats why i know it..

          • (And now for something completely different) – at last, a little light relief.

  7. Reblogged this on kickingthecat and commented:
    Insert various swear words to describe this insidious numpty appointed by a unelected bunch of unelected swivel eyed loons….

    Wasted 161 million on Universal Credit, then it makes sense to appoint someone even more right wing of IDS to oversee an independent review…

    • They keep an eye out for the vultures circling the corpse, then reign them in and throw money at them. Wicked bastards the lot of them.

  8. Lets be honest he wouldn’t make it in the real world this is why they have a circle of braindead people who say the same thing,write the same thing and do the same thing and all payed for by the taxpayer.
    And he looks a smug mug, we could save a fortune if we just say yes to whatever pretend findings he finds in the posh toilet of his life!

  9. The Tories are choking the economy and blaming the poor people for it.

    • overburdenddonkey

      thoamas m…
      as i see it, there is no global need to invest in our economy, (for myriad of reasons, so our local economy has stagnated and in decline)…but the govt that weren’t elected likes to pretend there is, they will not admit this, and like to pretend that if only the poor made more effort, others would see us as worthwhile and invest in our local economy, hence the poor are blamed for their economic failures. the over riding message is that the poor don’t try hard enough…(to get rich)…
      that gives them the excuse to carry on as usual and not to restructure our economy to take account of real global market trends, so that they do not have to change what they do, so for them it is business as usual, as the economy invaginates and shrinks, they suck income from the masses to stabilise the existing economy into a managed decline…our gdp would have to see massive growth to create 2m sustainable jobs say £0.6 trl/pa, that is beyond an economic miracle…imo there can be no more economic growth, in britain, on the scale that is required, britain is no longer an industrial power house, nor a global power, nor does it need to be …
      the time has come for this to be acknowledged, applying 19c ideologies to the 21c is idocy….

  10. No rights without responsibility
    Matt Oakley 20 May 2011 11:06

    “Secondly, sanctions that penalise claimants who renege on agreed conditions need to be strengthened, while ensuring that dependents must not suffer.(AS IF YOU GIVE A SHIT) For instance, those who are sanctioned might
    have their benefits paid through smart cards that limit the sorts of goods that can be bought. There also needs to be an investigation into whether non-financial sanctions might be effective.


    Thirdly, a stronger link needs to be created between the National Insurance Contributions and benefits received. We suggest that personal welfare accounts are created. (OH WOW MORE CONTRACTS/MONEY FOR THE BANKS/INSURANCE COMPANIES) These would be funded from
    NICs (YAY ANOTHER WAY TO DIVERT MORE MONEY TO BIG BUSINESS) and could replace contributory JSA. They would also sit above Universal Credit to provide a clear link between what people put in and what they get back.” ( A BIT LIKE YOU THEN WITH YOUR ‘JOB)

    so smart cards eh/? matt old boy let me guess you thought that up all on yer own with no help from mastercard did you?

  11. slightly off topic, at job centre to day my hit squad adviser told me for the second time” the best thing i could do was to move in with my girlfriend. there must be something coming down the line after the post work program hit squads,,,,

    • There are several possibilities, the most probable being at least 6 months of Community Action Programme (CAP – full time forced labour) or Work Programme 2. Although they are struggling to find places for MWA in my region, so 6 months CAP seems implausible. If you’re on Mandatory Intervention Regime (MIR) now, then expect the worst, but if you’ve been placed on business as usual (BAU or Jobcentre plus Offer) then you will probably be transferred to MIR.

      • They can always get the likes of G4$ to provide supervision for “community” work – like chain gangs in the US, that won’t need real jobs or employers. It’s like they are trying to make being unemployed more viciously punitive than being an actual convicted law-breaker. It’s just a horrible thought that this is now on the table along with the Residential Training for the disabled, which has already been mooted for the unemployed who are deemed not to be getting the message on standard JSA crap. Despite a lot of to-and-fro-ing on the RT about how good it will be, how come it is also deemed the ultimate sanction for a non-responder to JSA threats and sanctions? Huh?


  13. bob chewie dont let the bastards get you down………..we love ya.

  14. lucozade
    cheers for that .. cant wait,,,,

    • frost, I’m on MIR so whatever is coming I, and others, are going to get the full force of it first. Fortunately for me I’m the August intake so I get two months notice of what is going to happen from the June intake (2011) and I work from that. They will know in January 2014 what they are going to be made to suffer.

  15. I keep seeing/hearing about claimants not living up to their part of the deal (contract) but the WP and DWP has failed the “Client/customer/claimant” on so many occasions,where are their Sanctions? and the right to redress of the claimant? Set up a truly independent commission to regulate IDS and the leaches that run this fuckin abortion of a programme that looks like a monkey fuckin a football!

    • Another Fine Mess

      I know what you mean. While there’s many more unemployed than vacancies, it’s about time there was an inquiry into all the £bns of tax-payes money wasted on crackpot schemes. (preferably it will be a trial)

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  17. you-just-can't-win

    Hello. I am new here so please be gentle. Okay, Let me tell you what I have been told today by a JC+ Advisor. I have been unemployed for 8 months. I have managed to secure a job (temp) starting Monday (23rd) until December 31st. Thereafter I have a job (English Teacher) in Taiwan from 6th Jan 2014-28th March 2014. Good news you might think. Guaranteed six months work. Also if Taiwan job is a success then I will be offered a 12 month contract beginning in September 2014. So, I told my advisor the good news. Explaining that I might have to make a JSA claim in April 2014 after my return from Taiwan.

    Advisor tut tuts. You may face a sanction upon your return to England. Me..Why’s that? I will have worked for six months. Advisor..But when your contract finishes at the end of December although you are in Taiwan, technically your are not looking for work in the UK!! Thus you may face a sanction.

    It really pisses me off. You try and do the right thing. You make an effort. They still aren’t satisfied. 😦

  18. you-just-can't-win

    That’s what I thought. If I impress in Taiwan I get offered a 12 month contract. Which is a damned lot more than I’ve been offered here over the previous 8 months. I really am making an effort to secure work. Perhaps the JC+ advisor was giving me the incorrect information. We’ll see in due course.

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  20. A parasite like Oakley gets £256 per DAY and I get £56 per WEEK !!! WTF ? STRING THE BASTARD UP.

  21. ‘independent review’ My Arse! 🙂

  22. Farage’s speech at the UKIP conference is on Sky News at the moment. No prizes for guessing which line received the most applause ” we want ensure that benefits are not a lifestyle choice”. Maybe he’d like to try lving on JSA for six months, stupid twat.

  23. If anyone’s qualified to discuss sanctions, it’s certainly this guy.


    Another anti benefits whitewash.

  24. http://www.policyexchange.org.uk/publications/category/item/cultures-of-dependency-fact-fiction-solutions

    Individual cities rather than central government should be in charge of helping local people into work.

    “Cultures of Dependencysays that in the future employment support must better understand the pressures that families, social networks and communities put on unemployed people. Devolving power and money would allow individual Jobcentres to pilot new innovative ways of delivering local personalised support to help people find a job. Support could also be targeted at whole families, peer groups or estates in order to tackle serious barriers to work like a poor work ethic or family problems.

    Devolving welfare powers to cities using the 28 existing City Deals would transfer total expected benefit spending for a whole group of individuals over a given period of time and allow cities to keep any benefit savings leveraged from helping people into work in this period.

    The report uses evidence from 33 in-depth interviews, six focus groups and 322 survey responses in jobcentres in Hounslow, Leicester and Stockport to assess the depth of problems that individuals, families and communities face in finding employment. The results showed that some people found family members or friends kept them positive or pressured them when they were looking for work however, for others, their contacts actually acted as a barrier to employment as they lacked helpful contacts and motivation and could even encourage them into crime. This was worst for the long-term unemployed.

    It also recommends:

    Encouraging cities to bid for greater autonomy over the functioning of Jobcentre Plus, commissioning of the Work Programme and support for the very-hardest-to-help individuals. If implemented, this approach would lead to a significant increase in devolution of employment support and would allow much more effective joining up of support locally so that specific community and family issues can be addressed.

    Giving more responsibility to Jobcentre Plus managers and advisors to develop personalised responses to local problems. For instance, where whole families are unemployed they could be asked to sign on together in order to plan childcare and job opportunities. For childless individuals who lack experience of travel or knowledge of opportunities outside of their local area, the flexibility to ask them to sign-on up to 90 minutes away could boost their confidence of commuting and open up their chances to employment outside of their immediate town.”

    and they pay this fuckwit how much?

    • overburdenddonkey

      i,ve just seen that from your 1st link above this one…they are very toxic sending people on fruitless journeys.. the same storm caused when ids said people could hope on a bus in s wales from merthyr tydfil, to look for work in other towns where unemployment was as bad if not worse, as if the journey provided greener grass and more opps, but the net affect is a drain coz of bus fares, an utter waste of time and effort as there are no new jobs..

      • @donkey yeah i know it just shows that this oakley tosser like IDS doesnt live in the same world as everyone else..
        with his overpaid salary and the twilight zone he lives in..

        • overburdenddonkey

          they are using standard behaviourism techniques, nudge etc, see b f skinners work…

          • @donkey he thought the adverse publicity against workfare was ‘unfair’..twat..stick him in fucking poundland for several months working for fuck all..and see how he survives..

          • It’s a brutal, disgusting set up (as in ‘Set Up’ to fail).

            Just been @JustCancelledPayments.com & the person ahead of me on arrival was being told that “It’s not about the hours you’ve worked – the government have probably assessed the hours your wife works & decided YOU don’t need any government assistance.” Lovely stuff. (the said man looking nonplussed/shell shocked).

            Is it the product of an over-active imagination, or did whole areas of this ‘Just Cant Pay’ today seemed like a ghost town – it is Friday afternoon – with fewer than usual people around. With the distinct air of somewhere in the process of having a closing down sale.

            (Phone booths very busy however, with people trying to sort out their own problems) …

          • hello overburdeneddonkey
            yes skinners behaviourism techniques, our neutral stimulus, then the CONTROLLED stimulus, always ending up with the conditioned response. Do you think the authoritarians are doing this to the sick, disabled and the jsa claimants. Are we being conditioned into becoming slaves and paupers??? Then it becomes graduated into our lives and becomes the norm. I know psychology too, and I can see the abuse techniques these personality type A’s are using. They have certainly taken away our peace of mind, our sense of freedom and belonging. They have taken the food from our mouths. They have taken our human rights. Taken our dignity. Even taken peoples lives.

            • overburdenddonkey

              yes..they starve us to use us…also see concrete operational stage, of cognitive development…pavlov, no, not the desert, but the dogs…the old alpha and beta..alpha= officers…beta= cannon fodder…binet, wechsler and iq tests…coz, graded brains make finer flower…

      • Next thing they will be expecting jobseekers to fly to Poland or some far-flung place to sign-on, wouldn’t put it past these cunts!

  25. “For childless individuals who lack experience of travel or knowledge of opportunities outside of their local area, the flexibility to ask them to sign-on up to 90 minutes away could boost their confidence of commuting and open up their chances to employment outside of their immediate town.”

    right so you are going to get someone to travel fucking miles away (20 miles + away) in pissing freezing weather to go somewhere they are not familiar with and paying extortionate travel cost there and back just to sign on ..be verbally abuse and wotnot to ” boost their confidence of commuting and open up their chances to employment outside of their immediate town.”

    this cnut it is totally overpaid…wanker..

  26. “We also saw motivation provided by somebody’s network. Many people
    highlighted the importance of family members or friends who kept them positive or pressured them when they were looking for work. This was especially the case for people with children
    Others we spoke to recognised that the people they have
    tended to associate with have a negative influence on them; separating themselves from these influences was often seen as important, although, conversely, some sought comfort in groups who put less pressure on them to work”

    so let me get this right, meeting up with friends is a really bad thing unless they are nagging you into getting a job every five minutes..
    so you cant have any kind of life at all….it must be work work work and more work..(dont dream unless its about work)..

  27. Welfare-to-work schemes will continue, despite appeal court rulin
    Matthew Oakley
    theguardian.com, Wednesday 13 February 2013 11.20 GMT

    “Cait Reilly’s Poundland case was won on a technicality. With minor changes, workfare will still be key to government policy
    “Yesterday’s court of appeal ruling on back-to-work schemes has reignited the cry of the welfare lobby that workfare or work for your benefit-type schemes are unfair. The ruling has been seen as a success for continued efforts to stop the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) using the schemes to help and encourage benefit claimants back into work. Thankfully, it seems that celebrations might be short-lived.
    In fact, the court did not rule against the principle of requiring benefit claimants to engage in unpaid work activity. The ruling was based on a more technical issue that does not undermine the principles upon which the programmes are based. This should mean that, even if a right of appeal is denied to the DWP, new legislation could be in place relatively quickly to ensure that the schemes can be used as before. In fact, such legislation was laid by the DWP last night.
    Given recent evidence that shows the schemes can be successful,(WTF? with companies pulling out of the ‘scheme’) this is encouraging. However, the worry is that firms who have previously engaged in the schemes might be discouraged from participating due to the potential for bad press from inaccurate and unfair portrayals.(WELL FUCK YEAH) This has already led several employers to withdraw, especially given the costs of monitoring and training individuals who many only be there for a short period.”( TRAINING? nope -‘monitoring’ sounds odd even creepy)


    oh Matt did you overlook that report which stated that workfare has little or no effect on employment? of course you did but ignored it..you useless waste of space..


  28. Cultures of
    Fact, fiction, solutions
    (policy exchange)

    Ambitions and aspirations also differ significantly from place
    to place. Analysis in the three UK towns showed that most young people in
    Wolverhampton aspired to “management professional or associate professional ” jobs,however “skilled trade occupations ” were a more common aim in Hull and Walsall.
    This difference was also reflected in their geographic horizons, where young people in Wolverhampton had “more extensive social horizons”
    ”. However concentrations of negative characteristics can also negatively affect people, with problems becoming more entrenched

    so wolverhampton has “more extensive social horizons”

    would that be the shopping malls or pubs?

    • Does this refer to Wolves having easy access to Birmingham/Dudley …?

      – & surprised he’s not commented that as there’s often-times cold/windy weather in Hull, & it’s geographical proximate to coastal resorts (and largely flat) – people there prefer a top quality windbreak and might aspire to owning a bike instead of, or in addition to, travelling by bus/car …

  29. well heres a good place to protest !!!
    (Conservative Conference) Shirking or Working: Where next for Welfare Reform?
    01 October 2013 16:00
    CHAIR: Jackie Long, Social Affairs Editor, Channel 4 News
    Mark Hoban MP, Minister of State for Employment
    Matthew Oakley, Head of Economics & Social Policy, Policy Exchange
    Alison Park, Head of Society and Social Change, NatCen
    Nicola Smith, Head of Economics and Social Affairs Department, TUC

    Chetham Room, Novotel Centre, 21 Dickinson Street, Manchester, M1 4LX

  30. more from policy exchange
    About Digital Government

    We are helping policymakers unlock the potential of technology: for an innovative digital economy, smarter public sector and stronger society.

    1. The digital economy. Digital networks, data and technology are part of the fabric of the modern economy. We have called on the government to open up public data to boost economic activity. We are taking forward work on how best to support digital innovation, and will be looking closely at public policy on broadband infrastructure and internet regulation.

    2. A smarter, citizen-centric public sector. With detailed strategies and implementation plans for public sector ICT now in place, we will turn to the practical questions about what people really want from digital government. We will also be asking what more the government should be doing to leverage its data to drive more efficient operations and make better, more informed decisions.

    3. The internet and society. Technology is having a profound effect on society. Notions of privacy, security and relationships are changing dramatically with the rise of social networks, advanced mobile devices and cloud services. Our work will focus on the opportunities and risks of a digital society, and what this means for the worlds of government, business and politics.



    4. Competition improves patient care. Competition between different providers helps improve standards of care for patients. We believe that both private sector companies and third sector providers can play a key role in delivering what patients want from a modern National Health Service.


  32. recent Policy Exchange work argued that expensive social housing should be sold off when it becomes vacant to fund many more homes, with a minimum cap to make sure we build decent quality social homes that will stand the test of time.

    Young unemployed ‘should commute up to 90 minutes to sign on’

    Wednesday, 11 September 2013

    “Some of the worst unemployment blackspots are just a few miles from more buoyant areas, the report found. It gave examples of Stockport, Leicester and Birmingham where some of the worst areas of unemployment are just a few miles from areas with very high employment.
    It said if towns and cities were given the right to run Jobcentre Plus they would be able to tackle worklessness in specific communities more effectively by orchestrating links with better-off areas in a more strategic way.
    Matthew Tinsley, author of the report, said the reasons for long-term unemployment were complex.
    “Many individuals face very specific barriers to work such as a poor level of numeracy and literacy, health issues and childcare responsibilities. However, this concentration of a range of problems in certain families and communities makes it clear that unemployment is not just something that an individual experiences — for many people it has deeper social foundations,” he said.”


  34. Policy Exchange Wonk:

    This approach would transfer total expected benefit spending
    for a whole group of individuals over a given period of time and allow cities to keep any benefit savings leveraged from helping people into work in this period. This would present them with the opportunity to gain from reductions in welfare expenditure and incentivise them to both invest and coordinate existing programmes more efficiently to improve outcomes. These pilots should include entire estates being put in the hands of cities, allowing entire communities to be ***targeted with interventions, in a similar way to the Jobs-Plus programme***

    sending in hit squads ?

  35. Chewie

    I’m sure they are writing all these reams of stuff hoping you will pop onto thier sites and pass it on to us.

  36. Miliband pledges to reverse social housing changes

    Labour has said it will reverse controversial changes to housing benefit if it wins the next election.

    Ed Miliband said the cut affecting social tenants in England, Scotland and Wales deemed to have spare bedrooms was unfair. Labour aims to fund its change by blocking tax cuts for businesses.

    Critics called the cut a “bedroom tax”.

    The government argues it ends “spare room subsidies” unavailable to private tenants, and that the £23bn-a-year housing benefit bill must come down.

    ‘Wrong, iniquitous and not working’

    Since April, social housing tenants with spare rooms have either had to pay more in rent or move somewhere smaller.

    For months Labour has argued the change is wrong, unfair and penalises disabled people in particular, but had not committed itself to reverse the policy should it gain power after the election.

    But Mr Miliband has now said the change would be paid for by scrapping a tax break for hedge funds and the Treasury’s new shares-for-rights scheme.

    The announcement comes with the Labour Party conference about to start in Brighton.

    The Labour leader said the benefit change was “wrong, iniquitous and was not working”. He told the BBC that two-thirds of those affected were disabled and would struggle to find anywhere else to live.

    “We are serving notice that we will end the ‘bedroom tax’,” he said.

    He said the “costed and credible” commitment was a “symbol of what a Labour government would do and the difference a Labour government would make”.

    The BBC’s political correspondent Ben Wright said the move would cheer Labour’s rank-and-file and please critics within the party who say it urgently needs clear policies.

    But the Treasury claims Labour’s figures fail to add up and that it would fund the changes by a tax on pensions and more borrowing.

    “Labour’s first policy commitment, after three years of waiting, is more spending on housing benefit, funded by a tax on pensions and more borrowing,” said Treasury Minister Sajid Javid.

    “Despite promising ‘discipline’ on borrowing, Ed Miliband has shown he is too weak to deliver.”

    The government insists the housing benefit bill must come down, and will press Labour to explain how it will do that.

    A Department for Work and Pensions spokeswoman said there were 250,000 households in overcrowded social homes, and that the housing benefit change would help “make better use of our housing stock”.

    She said: “Even after the reform we pay over 80% of most claimants’ housing benefit – but the taxpayer can no longer afford to pay for people to live in properties larger than they need.

    “Reforms mean families receive help for the number of bedrooms they need, and these are exactly same rules as in the private sector.”

    Labour To Axe Iniquitous And Evil ‘Bedroom Tax’

  37. Is Matthew Oakley Chris Philip’s (Tax Payer’s Alliance Workfare Plans Are Swivel-Eyed Pie in the Sky) evil twin brother? They do have a striking resemblance. A right pair of chinless wonders if ever there was!

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  39. hi, i received a jsa benefit disallowance letter today (2 week disallowance) for a missed work programme appointment over a year ago. i called whatever number is on the letter and eventually was told there was a court ruling or court of appeals ruling on 14th september (i presume 2013) in favour of the dwp, and that it related to that.

    they didnt say but im assuming it was about the wording of work programme letters – (looking at my old work programme letters they changed just after my missed appointment) ….anyway does anyone have any information about this court ruling or why i have received a disallowance instead of a sanction – possibly because at the time of the missed appointment the first ‘offense’ sanction was 2 weeks, so they used a disallowance to tally with that, as opposed to a first sanction now which is 4 weeks. thanks 🙂

    • oh i didnt know it would post my name could someone change it? thanks

    • Hi,

      “for a missed work programme appointment over a year ago”


      “does anyone have any information about this court ruling or why i have received a disallowance instead of a sanction”

      Not sure about the court ruling but the real reason why is because they’re bastards.

      Here’s an official reason why though:
      ‘New sanctions regime for Jobseeker’s Allowance’, Oct 2012
      http://www.dwp.gov.uk/docs/jsa-sanction-changes.pdf :

      Intermediate level sanction

      Only applied following a period of disallowance for:
      • not being available for work
      • not actively seeking work

      First failure 4 weeks
      Second failure 13 weeks
      Third failure 13 weeks

      pre Oct 2012:

      Intermediate level failures

      Disallowance for the period they were not available/actively seeking work, but no sanction

      • “Only applied following a period of disallowance for:
        • not being available for work
        • not actively seeking work”

        not being available for work=being ill in hospital, at a funeral, jury service ,in prison, being held by police,being, homeless without an address..etc

        not actively seeking work:= same as above except ‘being an MP taking bribes from corporate donors’.

      • UKIP ”sluts from bongo bongo land” godfrey bloom and they want ppl to vote for them…

      • thanks for the info, thats looks to be it then.

        this link has info about the original ruling: http://www.cpag.org.uk/content/sanction-busting-part-2

        ..but i presume from what i was told it was reversed on 14th september, so a whole load of people will be getting disallowances dating back to 2012.

  40. overburdenddonkey

    labour have promised to scrap the bedroom tax if re-elected…

  41. donkey

    Would that be for both private and social rented housing? They should also demand rent reductions too.

    • overburdenddonkey

      well it ought to be, if it is not, i agree, it should…

      • obd

        Labour knows that the problems facing those that have to pay bedroom tax will be sorted long before the next election, with the cuts in benefits, rises expected in rents and council tax and benefits not being increased with inflation, is bound to force those with extra bedrooms into smaller dwellings if they can find them or end up homeless due to arrears.
        Labour could decide to stop the bedroom tax at the end of their term in office and not the beginning even if they do get elected.
        The first thing they should do is put a mansion tax on those in real mansions with extra room and see how they feel, this will help reduce any housing benefit bills.

        • overburdenddonkey

          abolition of bed tax will save money, i think even the labour party would feel shamed if they ignored our raquel…
          benefits need to be substantially increased…a land tax and mansion tax, higher tax for higher earners, close tax loop holes..clause 5…renationalise it all, railways 1st… a long way to go yet…build more homes, a citizens income, extra fuel duty for big cars etc etc, make the rich pay this time round…they have a long way to go before they’ll get my X….

        • Yes Guy, the ‘bedroom tax’ WILL be axed at some point, but not until the damage has been done i.e. it has done its job as its victims are rendered destitute or DEAD! And no doubt Millipede (good cop) will be there with his smirking face to take the credit as IDS, Freud and Co (bad cops) smirk behind the scenes. They really are all in it together.

          • Of course they are all in it together, as I have said before many times. You only have to consider the role of unelected bureaucrats such as Lord Fraud to see that there is really only one party and Democracy is a sham. Some refuse to recognize this and say it is all a ‘conspiracy theory’, yet the proof is before us.

            • Victim of the 'bedroom tax' - about to be made homeless!

              Yeah, its just a mind fuck, “save us Millipede, save us from Big Bad Lord Fraud!” Oops, Lord Fraud has re-joined Labour’s ranks lol

        • Besides the ‘bedroom tax’ is such a clunky, hodgepodge, fudged piece of legislation that is really can only be designed to be temporary in nature.

  42. I wish it was an actual clown put in charge, they’d probably do a better job!

  43. re policy exchange ” We will also be asking what more the government should be doing to ***leverage its data** to drive more efficient operations and make better, more informed decisions


  44. Reblogged this on Beastrabban’s Weblog and commented:
    Mr Void here describes and strongly criticises the appointment of Matthew Oakley to supervise the system of benefit sanctions. Oakley’s another creature of the Right-wing think tank, the Policy Exchange. He was previously in charge of formulating some of the proposals behind Universal Credit when he was in the treasury under Iain Duncan Smith. So he is partly responsible for that system’s catastrophic failures, its massive overspending and the hardship this and his proposed benefit sanctions will cause to our country’s very poorest. Sometimes I wish there was a way to make complacent or malign Right-wing bullies like Oakley have a taste of their own medicine. I’d like to see a list a list of the donors to these Right-wing think tanks put up, so people could boycott their businesses and so deprive them, if only in a small, token way, of their livelihood in the way they seem to keen to do to the middle and working classes.

  45. Leggy Mountbatten

    That’s the way to do it! Decide on the answer that you want to receive and then appoint somebody to look into something who can be depended upon to give you exactly the answer that you want.

    What a bunch of tossers!

  46. At times I wish I was ignorant to all this mentally draining mayhem, I cannot really say anything other than what people have already concerning this particular subject.

    I do however want to add, I read in my local job centre on Thursday that DWP / JCP phone services are soon to be gone and all enquiries concerning benefits will have to be done online.

    The upside is, the cunts on the other end of the phone who talk to you like shit, will be losing jobs and therefore in the jobless situation.

    However, that does not make up for the fact, this will further distress claimants tenfold and in several ways.

  47. Elohimette

    The cnuts on the end of the phone line will be on the end of your emails, but they do not have to face the public any longer so their consciences will be salved as to what they are doing to them. They may get rid of some of them and let the customers go round in circles talking to an automated service, it certainly wouldn’t surprise me.

  48. So this is how justice now works in Britain is it? They will be putting the criminals in charge of the courts next, hearing their own cases, passing judgement on their own crimes. It’s akin to making Goring, Hess, Ribbentrop and the rest of the Nazi scum, Judge, Jury and Executioner at their own Nuremburg Trial. Still I shouldn’t expect anything less from this, treasonous, lying, thieving, murdering, corrupt, fascist cabal of Nazi wannabes. Their time will come, when real justice is restored, they will answer for their crimes against the people of this nation.

  49. Aussieeh

    The criminals are in charge of both the courts and the country.

  50. You take a christmas job with the Royal Mail lasting a few weeks but doesn’t start until november. Do you still have to apply for jobs in the meantime? If you do and get an offer can you take it and ignore the royal mail job? Is it fair that you have to provide your bank details to the royal mail before they have even offered you a job? If you don’t apply for jobs because you have a temporary christmas job offered to you aren’t you breaking your jobseekers agreement?

  51. http://brennybaby.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/why-workfare-doesnt-help-jobseekers.html

    Why workfare doesn’t help jobseekers, most businesses or taxpayers

    “Matthew Oakley of Policy Exchange has an article in the Guardian where he defends the concept of workfare.
    He claims that “these schemes offer huge benefits to benefit claimants since they allow firms to trial workers they may otherwise not have considered” but does not give figures for how many people on workfare have been taken on by the company who they were working for under workfare..
    Oakley also says “we should not let those with no work experience and claiming benefits to pick and choose the work they enter into”, but the rules of being on Job Seekers Allowance are that you must take any job you are offered – whether you have work experience or not – and that after three months you must look for any job. So getting rid of workfare would make no difference to this.
    He cites a poll where 80% agreed that, “people who have been out of work for 12 months or more, who are physically and mentally capable of undertaking a job, should be required to do community work in return for their state benefits”, but this defends how you define community work.
    Most people would not regard stacking shelves or working on a till in a shop as community work (unless perhaps if it was a charity shop),
    Many people in the comments section of his Guardian article have raised other issues, but I want to move onto why I disagree with workfare.
    Workfare is bad for the market, bad for businesses that do not take part, bad for those who are forced to do it and bad for taxpayers.
    As Daniel Furr says, it distorts the free market by giving businesses who take part unfair advantage in the labour market and access to free workers.
    Not every business wants to take part in workfare or can take part in workfare, so there will always be businesses who lose out.
    Those who take part will have to work for less than minimum wage, with none of the employment rights that paid workers at the company have.
    They may be resented by their colleagues as they are seen as putting their jobs at risk, and are easier to exploit than paid workers.
    Workfare takes away time that they could use to look for work. Looking for a job takes 35 hours in itself, what with jobsites to check, long application forms to fill in, the need to revisit your CV and interviews to go to.
    Taxpayers also lose out. If the business paid those on workfare a proper wage, they could come off benefits and save the taxpayer money.
    The money they earn would then go into the economy which will help to create more jobs.
    Those taxpayers who work at businesses that use people on workfare could also have their jobs replaced by someone on workfare.

  52. A fair days pay for a fair days work – that’s the least that any of us should accept, that’s it used to be. And slightly off topic, the local BHF chaity shop has just closed down. Perhaps the the boycotts & facebook protests against the exploiters of workfare slave labour is starting to pay off.

  53. rainbowwarriorlizzie
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