Five Months Workfare Introduced To Train Young People To Be Apprentices

riot-breaking-windowsA massive new unpaid work scheme is currently being rolled out which will see young people expected to complete a six month Traineeship with the aim of them ‘progressing’ to becoming an Apprentice.

These traineeships – which have been designed in consultation with employers and are being managed by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES), not the DWP –  will include a period of unpaid work for private sector employers for up to five months. The scheme is aimed at unemployed young people aged between 16 and 24 with little work experience.  According to the DfES however Traineeships will not be appropriate for the ‘most disengaged’ young people who require the ‘intensive support’ of the Work Programme (stop laughing).

The Traineeships will  offer English and Maths tuition if needed, and ‘work preparation training’, the latest invention dreamed up by training providers and welfare-to-work companies to fleece the tax payer.  But all this will have to be fit in around the unpaid work placement which will make up the bulk of the new scheme.  And just in case employers were worried, there is no requirement to provide any vocational training, meaning if a young person is abandoned to stack shelves or mop floors for 35 hours a week on no pay, that’s just fine.  Employers will not even be required to pay travel or meal expenses.

Participants on the programme must be offered a job interview at the end of the period of workfare, but astonishingly there is no requirement that this is actually for a real job.  Guidance from the DfES merely states that:  “Where possible, the young person should receive a real job interview where a post or apprenticeship has become available.  However, we recognise that this will not always be feasible and in these cases a formal exit interview with the employer who provided their work placement will help the young person to practice and prepare for future opportunities”

After leaving a six month Traineeship, the DfES hopes young people will then become Apprentices, paid a measly £2.65 an hour for the first year, but there is no guarantee of this either.  They could simply be slung back on the dole where they are likely to face yet more workfare.

Whilst Traineeships are not managed by the DWP they have been designed to be compatible with the Job Seekers Allowance rules.  This does not mean they are mandatory – yet – but it does mean that young people could be bullied and cajoled into starting a Traineeship with the threat of workfare elsewhere or simply because Jobcentre advisors often lie and pretend things are mandatory when they aren’t.

The ever growing and endless complexity of workfare schemes now mean young people could end up working for months on end and never see a penny in wages or even be given any quality training.   This mass influx of unpaid workers into the private sector is likely to have a devastating impact on the wages and conditions of existing workers.  It seems that this Government is hell bent on making wages a thing of the past for those under 25 and all low waged workers will feel the consequences of that.

The desperation of this Government to suck up to employers and rig the unemployment figures – young people on Traineeships will no longer be counted as unemployed – is fast becoming farcical.  Now it seems that young people will be expected to train to be an apprentice, where they will train again to do a minimum wage job, and when the apprentice ends they will be sent on Work Experience for yet more training.  Except there isn’t really any training, just work, for no money, and all too often no job at the end of it.

And even if they eventually get a real job, they won’t be able to afford anywhere to live or any kind of quality of life as wages plummet.  This is the future being created for working class children, a future without hope, education, prospects or even the chance of a home.  So don’t be surprised when they kick in shop windows to take what little can be salvaged from the neo-liberal hell they have inherited.

The Delivery Framework for Traineeship can be found at:

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  1. Yet again I have to come here to find out what the fascists are doing. Why isn’t this stuff on the front page of all the newspapers?

  2. I really do think employers engaged in this programme as well as the government are leaving themselves open to legal challenge, particularly around the issue of mutuality of obligation. Also they need to remember that a contract can be formed whether it is oral, implied or written.

    Now, contract law can be a confusing subject but put simply, when one is formed, certain rights are conferred on both parties to the contract. Neither party should be put at a disadvantage i.e they should both be aware of the full facts of the “contract” in order to make an informed decision.
    It’s time for people to exercise their rights; so tell DWP or the company they are using that before you sign to anything you require a solicitor to look over the details and they (DWP/company) will have to stand good the cost
    It is a legal requirement to provide a contract within two months of employment, and failure to adhere to this can be problematic. Not having a contract in place puts business at risk of losing its rights, and there can be automatic financial penalties if an employee lodges a claim with an Employment Tribunal.

    • something survived...

      What is the liability if customer goes to cafe staffed by workfare, where workfare person pissed in their food? It is not an employee dispute, because they are not paid. Everyone in charge could say they are not responsible. Or a workfare person at a care home causes the death of an elderly client by incompetence, neglect or malicious intent…. Or a disabled workfare person has an accident at work and injures themself and a member of the public?

  3. I saw an “opportunity” to be an apprentice cleaner. You couldn’t make it up – sheer exploitation!

  4. Just like yts (youth training scheme) I didnt go on a yts but a lot of school friends did many of them were dropped like hot potatoes by employers as soon as the scheme came to an end without a place on any appretiships. This will be the case yet again, school leavers used as free dogsbodies then dropped when the 6 months are up.

  5. thought employment tribunals came under the legal system? as such isnt it one of the things being fazed out? as for training to be an apprentice. utter baloney. train to be a trainee???? sort of contradicts itself a bit dont ya think? next it will be train to train to be…………whatever. stupid bloody lot. brainless the lot of em.

    • overburdenddonkey

      they think people are stupid.
      what is it? “you can fool some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time… “

      • overburdenddonkey

        ps no not quite, should read “you can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time”

        • yes sorry.your right.. a case of mind going before fingers there .plus not re reading what i put..

          • overburdenddonkey

            lol, crossed wires, i was correcting what i had written..tis my brain thinking that i had written a word, but the reality i had not…
            what you had written, read very well and expressed my thoughts in a nut shell, but another question,, how did we in this surreal situation, as a culture, where one has to train to be trained, to be trained, to be trained, ad infinitum? 🙂

            • did you miss a word out again? i am assuming you meant “How did we get in this surreal situation,?………………….. ”
              answer? no one saw it coming. no one could believe we could land up with a dictator and henchmen. that only happens in other one could believe any of our statesmen could be so nasty, so callous, so up their own asses, so cruel,vindictive…..etc etc……need i go on? we’ve never had this happen before in this country and people just dont know how to react. lots are trying to stop it.but its a slow job. lots would like to join them but cant for various reasons. some of which have been caused by those in Westminster so they dont have the resources to get to the venues etc.that lot know exactly what they are doing……..slowly but surely, shutting every opening that is found to stop the underlings having any life at all.except slavery to them and their millionaire mates.

            • overburdenddonkey

              bryan hemming
              you did not make me shake with rage…

          • You can fool some of the people all the time and you can fool all of the some of the time, but you can´t fool all of the people all of the time. I blieve that is the full version.

            • overburdenddonkey

              nearly? a missing person…
              it is this post it caused me to shake..with rage…

              • I missed out something, You can fool some of the people all the time, and you can fool all of the some of the people time, but you can´t fool all of the people all of the time.

                Sorry, the post caused you rage through ommision, but I´m 64, and I´ve seen people like you shake with rage for years and do nothing. I´ve been doing stuff since I was a 16 year old art student in 1965. Maybe I´ve got you wrong, but you ought to get yourself under control and do something.

            • overburdenddonkey

              i’m 61, you never caused me to shake with rage, nor do i need to control my rage…

  6. overburdenddonkey

    people want jobs, not hollowing hope. young people are being let down on a jaw dropping scale, no wonder some say “why does this govt hate us”, treating people with contempt is hatred.
    i actually did a 5yr apprenticeship, i was 100% certain of work at the end of it. strange as it may seem an apprentice does not actually work for an employer…but for the craft custom and practice of a particular trade, one is expected to move on once time is served, to become an “improver”, the employer is one’s trade…the tradesperson is expected to carry the trade, to others who pay the tradesperson for the diligent use of ones trade skills….they often term these new schemes modern apprenticeships for this reason, thus establishing a “bridge” between old and new, but the connection is bogus, a semantic con…an excuse to impose low pay with the norm expected of apprenticeship as if it actually, provides mean to a full income, at the end of a specific period of training, ie apprentice cleaner, or apprentice car washer..with a certificate at the end of the 3mth “training”..what an insult to human intelligence….that one needs a cert to clean the bogs!
    i was paid to do it..a skilled man said to me “i’m happy if i take home £20/wk”, the year was 1968..
    i had a choice of 4 apprenticeships, some very well paid, starting @ £8/wk, for some. i started at £4 10s 8d/wk, 30bob/wk keep, friday night get pissed, and a poke of chips, for a quid.
    i did not need training to do an apprenticeship, i just started work and did it, an apprenticeship IS on the job training.
    no one has to be work readied, just get a job and do it, but alas, and oh, for the bygone age when there were real jobs, not phantom jobs, that is worse than useless, as without a sense of reality, just erodes self esteem…false hope is worse than no hope! young people are being badly let down if this is the best these people can do, keeping people occupied whilst others get paid to do it is deeply, deeply, offensive…create real, paid jobs and young people will do them…(all unemployed people, would be at work tomorrow if the paid jobs were there to do)…

  7. The sooner we get rid of the Tories and Lib Dems, the better.

  8. The plot sickens…

    • overburdenddonkey

      landless peasant…
      it’ll be some 21st party for some lucky to be able to afford a pkt of crisps and a jar of pickled gherkins..

  9. We wonder why the youth of the country are disenfranchised when we (stand by whilst the government) disenfranchise them.

  10. Reblogged this on TheCritique Archives and commented:
    All the glaring injustices and stupidity in the Workfare scheme has been interpreted by the Government as reason to expand the system and make it far more convoluted.

  11. Another brain-dead idea scribbled on the back of a stamp by an equally brain-dead tory policy wonk. Train to be a trainee… then what?

  12. It just never stops, a never ending campaign of pushing the limits. What fucking next !!! They will just abolish pay and send us all to work camps.

    • Well done Johnny
      great post again. I am pleased someone is looking out for the poor young people today. Putting the truth up there for inspection, and so we should inspect it. Where the god damn fuck is the REAL help for these people???? I am seething here, it really is getting worse. Where is the hope for the young working class your so right. All this unpaid work for months leading to a future of never being able to guarantee a JOB or afford to buy a HOME. Its fucking disgusting!!! SLAVERY IN MODERN DAY BRITAIN.
      No one should stack shelves, clean floors for SWEET FUCK ALL!! in the hope of getting a apprentice to do this shit all over again. CRAZY MAKING! Not a fucking penny, NOT ONE FUCKING PENCE!!! All this hard work on empty starving stomachs can not happen!!!! These young people must protest. No one can survive on this fucking 71 quid a week. When will the government own up to this barbaric charade ??? Your right Johnny the government are hell bent on making the under 24’s work a full week for NO WAGES!! no fucking wages!!!! how did it ever come to this? when are the people of this country going to stand up to this vile condemning ,hate filled government.
      There has been a worrying benefit bash that may go off the rickiter scale today folks. Has anyone heard the news yet??

      • If this crazy regime is still in place when my daughter leaves school in about 3 years time, there is no way will I allow her to be used as a slave for anyone for years on end. No fucking way. I’ll provide for for her for as long as it takes. The DWP or whoever can go & fuck themselves

        • Kittycat 58
          Your a good parent. I worry for the young people who do not have good mothers or parents that can not afford to support their young adult children. Well done, we must do anything to support our adult children, against this offensive, dominating regime, ruining and invading peoples lives.

          • unless a parent is in the same boat as their children there is always something you can do. i help my 2 by paying the monthly installments on 1 of their debts each, paying their council tax and helping with fares or food/gas/electric if/when necessary. though as a pensioner i too am beginning to feel the austerity now… i.e. cost of food and fuel. i wonder just how much longer i can keep on doing this. and dread what will happen when i die.they will have no one to help them keep a roof over their heads then except themselves.

          • Jasmine, thanks for that, it’s just that if there’s a job to be done then wages should be paid to those , whatever their age, to those doing the job. It’s the sheer injustice of these slavery schemes that gets me raging & the danger is that the idea working for nothing is fast becoming the norm in this fascist state.

  13. Reblogged this on kickingthecat and commented:
    More slave labour dressed up as opportunity/. Cue Bryne trying to top it with forced labour for four year olds…

  14. Realistically and sadly all this creates is crime or criminal behaviour, this and any successive government better start building new prisons to accommodate the steep rise in offenders, ironically this will create jobs but at what price?

  15. Train to be a trainee, be a trainee…then be told you have “no relevant experience” for an ACTUAL job…so, you’ll just have to make do with working for nothing for another few months, won’t you? I don’t have a degree, & am apparently one of those who is “not working enough” as the only work I have been able to secure, despite nearly driving myself to a breakdown trying, is part-time, minimum wage, yet I can see the fatal flaw inherent in all these schemes… If you raise a generation of young people in a system that pays them nothing, then – maybe – allowing them to progress to low-paid, short hours work, you will, eventually, end up with a generation of people who can’t afford to buy the houses you use a “proof” of how “strong” your economy is…who can’t afford to buy the “luxury” goods and services which attract 20%VAT, who can’t afford to run vehicles – and, thus, won’t be paying road tax, fuel tax, etc – who can’t afford holidays, whether at home or abroad… with all these things that people aren’t buying because they can’t afford them, plus the fact that their earnings will only qualify them, at best, for the lowest rate of income tax, government income (taxes) will plummet, and the country actually WILL end up bankrupt – especially since we’ve already sold off just about every asset we ever owned at rock-bottom prices, import far more than we export, and have been too obsessed, for too long, with keeping big business – who would pay big taxes – happy to actually ask for any money from them. Well done, David Cameron et al – seems your expensive educations were a complete waste of time and money, since basic economics, common sense and awareness of consequence weren’t on the curriculum.

  16. There are 43.000 claimants now being sactioned retrospectvely, according to DWP.

  17. Phoenix – I thought we were at the bottom of the abyss a while ago…seems Cameron & co will just keep digging, dragging everyone even further down, just in case anyone was starting to be able to adapt to life at rock bottom…

    • Camoron, IDS et al have forgotten one extremely true saying ” be nice to others on the way up as you’ll meet them again on the way down”. I’m a great believer in Karma as Karma big time surely awaits these cunts.

  18. If you cannot afford to eat anyone, don’t be tempted into a little cash in hand, here and there. It may cost you ten years in prison.

    • Or try to pay them their bedroom tax, thinking of a little bit here and there will cover that. It will cover your arse in prison only.

      • They’ve got to catch you first, and then be able to prove it, and I doubt if they (Police/DSS wallas) have the time or resources to do so now CamerOsborneo have cut everything to the bone. And in reality I doubt if anyone would get a full 10 years sentence. It’s more bullshit to appease the Right-wing and scare us all. Anyway, I could quit doing a day’s skivvying for twenty quid, and take up petty drug dealing instead.

        • You can claim housing benefit in prison though

          Either way this whole thing is a farce it will be YTS all over the majority will get passed around like dissentry in a death camp by private employers then kicked to the curb when the 6 months is up
          Only for them to repeat the same cycle with someone else

          Government wants to tread carefully if you hit someone with a stick enough times eventually they’ll stop feeling it

          • random guy
            do you mean people will be conditioned into slavery and it will become the norm for the poor people. This must never happen.

        • Landless Peasant
          You have to get by the best way you can. They probably are scaremongering people away from claiming. If they expect people to pay all that bedroom tax and council tax out of that pittance, they know its impossible. They are taking the piss. No way can people also work for nothing all week and pay all that tax. NO WAY!!! My god it really has got to the point that they want peoples blood, sweat, and tears for that measerly fucking pittance of 71 quid a week.

      • Putting the young rebels in prison will reduce unemployment figures too.
        I don’t know about kicking shop windows in they want to be kicking some arses starting with IDS.

      • Jasmine…i am not sure what you mean here…do you mean if we help our grown up kids we are committing fraud? or do you mean if a person ,no matter age,gender etc, try to pay bedroom tax at less than they should they’ll get 10years???? that’s not fraud. they may lose their home, though,the law says whilever you pay your debts, no matter by how much as long as its regular, then they cant do a thing..they cant get blood out of a stone.not sure how that law applies to council; tax,bedroom tax mind. councils and govt appear to have different rules to jill/johnny public.

        • Our council have had an underspend in their finances, so rather than lose that money they have decided to give all of those who pay bedroom tax 16 weeks free bedroom tax, with no apparent catch to this unexpected largesse.
          Those in arrears will be able to have their arrears paid off and those not could have 16 weeks covered while changing over and adapting to universal benefit, perhaps for some a loss of pip and monthly payments.
          Although grateful for their donation, I still think they should have opposed it’s implementation and took industrial action on our behalf in order to end this unfair tax altogether.

        • hugosmum70
          Hi, No I did not mean we are committing fraud if we help our grown up kids out, if they get caught in this vile position. The fraud committing was if you work on the side, or in the DWP ‘s words ‘flaundaring’ the system, they will put you in prison for 10 years. I heard it on the news yesterday, They said the legal aid for this is also abolished. I found this rather worrying because I think many people may try to work a little cash in hand if they can manage it, just to pay the counsel and bedroom tax. It seems a catch 22. They know folk can not pay it, it is as if they are forcing folk into crime, anyway.

          When I say we got to help our kids, I meant we must not allow them to slave all week for that vile man IDS who has nothing but contempt for people on JSA. Also best to keep them at home with us until they can afford to move out as well, and are settled in jobs later on hopefully. If you are skint like me, give em rice and peas. Its better than nought. They will have more chance finding work when they are FREE to look for what they want, which they are qualified for, and what they are good at and have passion for. It aint stacking shelves, n mopping floors for sweet F.A. Sorry IDS, your not getting my son. My sons in college. Had his EMA taken away, but I, managed to keep if there,so he could get qualifications. We been living on (not much) Its been a Joke.

          • Ah! sorry for the misunderstanding Jasmine. but is it not possible that by helping to, say. pay their council tax,or other bills it could be treated as income for them? we all know what devious little minds IDS and the rest have.
            my kids are 43 and (approaching) 41. both have had long term of 17years. after which she came to live with me till she could get somewhere. at the same time son had been in a 4 year relationship which had just ended. 3 months later he moved out but was back 21 months later. 16months after my daughter had come to stay, and 5months after she found a private rented house, he was with me 18 months.he got a council flat then which he is still in. he too is disabled now and looking for a bungalow…it was not a good situation living in a 1 bedroom bungalow like that.,i already had 2 cats and a Labrador . the cats had been my ex’s n my sons…. and daughter had a dog too. we coped but i got depressed with it all and would not want to go down that road again. none of us would.its just not practical. i am now 11 years older at 71. couldn’t cope with it now. no way are they going to be forced to leave their homes because of that evil lot though, not if i can help it but i do worry about what will happen if /when i die…… its not like they are still in their teens and twenties. my daughter is my carer so not able to go out to work herself as has to be available to help me for 35 hours a week.more really if there is an emergency. potted history there.
            you say,….QUOTE: Also best to keep them at home with us until they can afford to move out as well, and are settled in jobs later on hopefully…..UNQUOTE…My 2 have been able to afford to move out. its staying able to afford to stay moved out now thanks to this lot.

    • @ Jasmine I think your more likely to get 10yrs, if you do eat anyone.

      • Omg! lol I did not mean cannibals. I don’t think any of us would ever get that desperate. Not in a million years would I go there lol.

  19. When i was at school I was told to apply myself or I’d end up working in a factory.

    Nowadays kids are taught to aspire to menial work because we can’t afford anything else thanks to the millionaire cunts in charge.

    This is the 21st century.

  20. Oh yes ghost whistler
    you must apply for work in Poundland when you have a degree even. ‘We work our way up’. Yes work your way up that shelve stacking. One day in many years of mind numbing festivities you could be the manager of the pound land shop.

    • Hahaha!!! And with a degree you would skip window cleaning and pavement sweeping. Great prospects. I don’t know what the kids of now have for a future, but it does not seem like things are ever going to get better.

    • That’s it though; that’s the neoliberal story of the self made man. Start out with dreams, end up working for a boss stacking shelves or ‘saving britain money’. This is claimed to help by ‘starting you at the bottom’. The bottom of waht? A useless industry we don’t need that has nothing to do with what you want to do? In that case why dont’ medical schools send trainee doctors to Poundland. it can only help them become better doctors!

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  22. How to be rid of this unpleasant government I wonder? Roll on 2015!

  23. This INSANITY has to STOP NOW

    I’m sick of seeing this nonsense language throughout the job market.
    “Promises an exciting and rewarding career in refuse collection” -WTF?

    Training to be become a trainee is just SICK, they are killing us slowly, if the gov want to tackle the issue of unemployment then spend all this money in creating NEW businesses to employ people in, then start to tackle the issue of employers DISCRIMINATING freely against the unemployed.

    I cite an actual personal case here: I used to be an Adult Tutor and Graphic Designer, whilst unemployed i attended a course in Buisness Admin put on by the local college and jobcentre, it was useless to me, it taught people how to make CV’s and conduct themselves at interview etc, and then quickly brushed over some generic points of business admin, granted i only agreed for something to do, and i already used to teach people how to make CV’s, and trained them to an NVQ L2 Business Admin standard, so it was simply something to keep me busy….however….

    Whilst there I saw and attended an interview for a well know theme park local to me, also there was a 23 year old girl with learning difficulties on the course who went for the same job as me, she was extremely flirty with all the males on the course who would avoid her like the plague, i attended the interview the same day as her, and was interviewed by some young 30 year old old guy ‘hotshot’ with slick hair and a smarmy grin, who seemed to be quite dismissive of me, showing little interest in what i said, at one point speaking to his colleague as i was in mid sentence.

    Two weeks later this girl informs me that she got the job….with no experience and very little aptitude.

    Another case of mine, but about 16 years ago:
    I attended an interview for an electrical company just as a delivery driver for electrical components, i was told to wait at the front desk as the manager is seeing someone at the moment, i waited 15 mins beyond my appointment time, then i saw the manager and other guy get up to leave the office, but as they were coming through to the front, a blonde girl entered (secretary type) short skirt, curly hair, very pretty, she got to the desk at the same time as the manager, as she was telling the lady behind the counter she was here for the interview slot after me (10.30) mine was (10.00) but the manager said hold on a second, turned to me and said, i’m sorry i’ve overlooked some things because i’m rushed, do you mind waiting 10 mins whilst i just speak to this lady… which i replied ok, what else could i do, say “no” and complain??? when i want him to employ me?
    When i finally got in there, i could see he just wasn’t interested, so i gave him a quick work history etc etc and left, must have only took 5 mins tops. I never got a reply from them at all, but about 3 months later i was passing and saw the delivery van pull out, being driven by said blonde girl.
    ANGRY is an understatement.

    I have literally given up, i cannot compete with females in the work place, they are preferred pretty much everywhere except building sites now, and i cannot work on site due to a back injury.

    I give in, and am seriously thinking of opting out of society altogether, i’ve even gathered a survival kit, it stinks, it runs on hatred, greed, lust and power, you may think it’s a cop out, but i don’t think it is a cop out, i don’t have any other choice, the jobcentre have threatened me more than once with sanctions, so i am just playing a waiting game now for when they do sanction me, then i have the choice, take my kit and go it alone, or stay in society and commit crimes to support myself, to be caught and locked up in a privatised prison….WORK CAMP…..not much of a choice is it?….Prison/ slavery or freedom and quite possibly death.

    • something survived...

      “I’m sick of seeing this nonsense language throughout the job market.
      “Promises an exciting and rewarding career in refuse collection” -WTF?”

      Exciting and rewarding if you are a slime mould, or if you have had most of your brain removed.

      • something survived...

        Sorry for the bitterness, council are trying to fine me £1000 for unspecified rubbish/recycling offences I definitely didn’t do….

  24. ahpook2012
    You sound very angry, and you have that right. I am angry too. You say’ it stinks, it runs on hatred,greed,lust and power’. Yes this is the Narcissistic society the Narcissist Government have created. To add to your survival kit study this pathology. Look after yourself and your back, no way do you take on labour work with that. Stick with Graphic Design like you are qualified to do.

  25. So, hypothetically speaking if someone killed a banker, took his millions, then got caught, they would probably do less time than a benefit cheat who fiddled the system for a few quid to put food on the table?…same old nasty Tory diversion tactics?

  26. There is though a little problem here for the government. If enough people go on these schemes, and are removed from the unemployment figures, then the rate of unemployment may drop below 7%. This would apparently trigger interest rate rises, which would be nicely timed to play havoc with the housing bubble we are in. (Are you listening Danny Alexander?)

  27. Matthew Paris (yes that wanker) says” we don’t want labour in they will start spending money.”

    They did in the past but it was on their own cronies certainly not on joe bloggs, they got training schemes and new deal.

    This government Mr Paris has WASTED more money on useless schemes and also given free slave labour to it’s mates in business just like Blair did.

    All parties are into mates rates.

  28. Pariss should have 2 s’s. we don’t want to insult the city.

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  30. Money is the blood supply to an economy, and the Tories are restricting it at a time when it already has circulation problems-thus damaging the economy that they are supposed to look after.

  31. If everyone who was pissed off by this government (who even when it’s trying to come up with good ideas automatically ruins them) walked out on strike for a single day, the country would be jammed and it would give the Tories a warning.

  32. This government is just a despicable bunch of Nazi pigs.It dont matter who you vote for, the agenda is the same. When I hear people talk about where to vote it amazes me that they still believe voting helps, and therefore is legit. Far from it, wake up people and smell the pig shit. There is only one way to change the status quo.

  33. A couple of my comments here seem to have rubbed up one person the worng way, which was not my intention. There is a lot of extremely justifiable anger about, but if people believe the five-year-apprenticeships that existed before were any different, they are wrong.

    In the early 1970s I worked alongside apprentices that had to get jobs with Manpower – the temporary employment agency – after being thrown on the scrapheap having worked five years for peanuts as apprentices. But rage without action and comments under assumed names do not change anything.

    Other commentators may not know who you are but, by courtsey of the NSA government agencies do. Sorry for any offence cause, but I am also extremely angry.

    • overburdenddonkey

      you did not rub me up the wrong way…i was actually laughing because you made the same mistakes as me when trying to correct me, and i made a remark that it must be this post, meaning the actions of the govt that weren’t elected, but there are a group of people who do get their name from quaking with rage can you name them? i did do a 5yr apprenticeship for little money, it was gruelling, and i knew i would have a job at the end of it…

  34. In that case, please accept my apologies, But I knew quite a few apprentices in Leicester who, despite receiving their papers in the early 1970s, had their employment terminated on the flimsiest excuses. I was an art school graduate, which is about a useful as being issued with a handcart.

    I actually think a good apprentice system is as good, if not better than trying to push everyone into university. but it needs commitment from all sides, The country needs a good, proud, respected and skilled workforce earning a decent pay.

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