Who Will Wear The Workfare Badge Of Shame?

workfare-quality-standardA crude attempt at re-branding workfare is taking place with the development of a “Work Experience Quality Standard” to be awarded to companies and charities who provide “high quality” workfare.

This seal of approvement will be handed out to workfare exploiters by a shadowy organisation called Fair Train who describe themselves as “a down to earth company who have a deep rooted passion for work experience”.

So deep rooted is this passion that they are organising a Week of Workfare in October, when they will be actively encouraging employers to sign up to the DWP’s Work Experience scheme.  This is the two month programme of forced labour which first hit the headlines in 2012 when Tesco were found to be recruiting unpaid workers via the Jobcentre.  Since then an active and UK wide campaign against unpaid work has led to scores of private sector employers and charities abandoning the scheme.

Promises from the DWP that this form of workfare would become ‘voluntary’ in future were met with scorn by claimants and campaigners alike.  With up to one million benefit sanctions set to be handed out this year, and Jobcentre staff being disciplined for not meeting unofficial targets to sanction claimants, nothing within the current regime for unemployment benefits is voluntary in practice.  Non-voluntary schemes such as Mandatory Work Activity – four weeks workfare for charity – can easily be used to bully and cajole claimants into doing what they are told.

Claimants on the Work Programme, including those on the sickness and disability benefit ESA, can now be sent on unlimited workfare, as long as it has some form of ‘community benefit’.  This benefit can include, according to DWP guidelines, working towards the profits of the host organisation.

Astonishingly there are no figures available on how many people have been condemned to workfare on the Work Programme.  The DWP are also refusing to release the names of organisations making use of free labour on the Mandatory Work Activity scheme – although the Salvation Army, YMCA and The Conservation ‘Volunteers’ are all active and vocal supporters of this form of forced work.

According to Fair Train documents these charities will not be eligible for the new quality standard which will help workfare using companies “avoid potentially damaging comparisons with employers providing compulsory work experience”.

Since the DWP won’t tell anyone who is using compulsory workfare however, it will be impossible for Fair Train to know what the beneficiaries of this quality standard are really involved in.  Not that they seem to care.  The main way to get one of these kitemarks is for companies to “complete a self-assessment” and then send them some money, with the possibility of that assessment being audited at some point in the future, perhaps, if they get round to it.

Fair Train give the impression of being just another bunch of shiny-suited spivs trying to fleece yet more tax payer’s cash from the welfare-to-work sector with a dodgy acreditation scheme to hide the crimes of workfare exploiters.  But in reality they are far more than that.  The workfare Quality Standard scheme is funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills (UKCES) and the Government’s Growth and Innovation Fund.  UKCES is ‘non-departmental public body’ of the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills who are also accountable to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions – Iain Duncan Smith.

Fair Train is run by Stephen Gardner, former director of training charity Rathbone who boast to employers that they can provide a no cost “work experience package that will benefit your business”.  Alongside Gardner, Fair Train employs Alun Davis as the Project Manager of the Quality Standard scheme.  Prior to joining this project Davis was the Welfare  To Work Operations Manager for Work Programme poverty pimps The Shaw Trust – an organisation that has driven thousands of claimants into poverty and destitution due to their enthusiastic role in sanctioning benefit claims.

In other words this so called Quality Standard is little more than a heavily camouflaged  Government funded scheme, staffed by ex welfare-to-work stooges and with the aim of making unpaid work appear an acceptable and even normal part of working life.  Fair Train’s Week of Workfare begins on October 14th and they will be tweeting from @FairTrainOrg using the hashtag #WEWeek2013.  Some people never learn.

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  1. @johnnyvoid there is also this:

    What is Fair Train?
    • A Group Training Association for the Third Sector
    • Working to help its members realise the benefits of the
    apprenticeship programme.
    • Set up by the sector for the sector with help of NAS
    • 250+ employer members

    Click to access Fairtrain_presentation.pdf

  2. sainsburys/learndirect
    dear employer
    did you know that buy hiring a work programme client,your businesses may be entitled to receive a wage incentive from the government through the youth contract?
    what is the new youth contract from the government?
    the youth contract gives you support to create new,sustainable jobs for young people.
    it enables you to bring fresh talent in to your organisation and build your workforces skills base.
    it is a new incentive that offers employers a wage incentive of up to £2.275 for each 18-24 year old from the work programme who is employed with you for at least 26 weeks.
    how the youth contract works
    the employee (aged between 18 and 24 when starting work) will need to be paid national minimum wage.
    £2275 is the full time wage incentive for 30 hours or more per week.
    a part time wage incentive of £1.137.50 is availble for 16-29 hours per week.
    payments are made at the end of the 26-week period, but if you are a small company of less than 50 employees then an early claim can be made after 8 weeks for a payment of £700 (equivalent to an 8 weeks wage incentive).
    the benefits of employing an 18-24 year old
    with fewer university places and the current economic climate,more and more young,bright,articulate and highly motivated people are not in employment, education or training
    these young hopefuls bring fresh perspective, energy and adaptability to growing businesses.
    having relevant training from learn direct means they are job-ready,and we will provide in-work support for up to two years after recruitment.
    how can we help you
    for employers looking to take advantage of the new youth contract, we provide:
    fee free recruitment, provide employers with a large pool of job ready clients
    pre-employment training to prepare clients for the workplace,including specific training for sectors such as hospitality, construction customer service and retail.
    pre-screening management, taking the hassle, time and risk out of recruiting. we also offer our offices to support employers to recruit in bulk if needed.
    in-work support,training and liaison to ensure both employer and employee are happy.
    a point of contact for understanding and accessing the wide range of employer support initiatives available.
    we’ve enclosed all the documentation and guidance notes youll need to enable you to make a claim.
    if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to get in touch.
    casc advisor

    • @super ted yeah i came across that a while ago £2000 a pop for any employer who take on someone (then fire them later and repeat the process)..

  3. Promoting Apprenticeships to Third Sector organisations.
    Helping employers to fund and deliver apprenticeships.
    Improving the quality of apprenticeships in the third sector.
    Developing a Kite Mark and quality frameworks for work experience

    Employer Pathways – Work Experience for Young People
    March 2013 to Present
    Team Members: Stephen Gardner
    Employer Pathways is a project aimed at developing and promoting a Kite Mark and quality frameworks for work experience. Most people recognise the value of work experience in helping young people gain the skills they need to find paid employment but there is currently no accepted standards to which employers and those arranging work experience can work. Employment Pathways will change this by developing the Kite Mark and frameworks. We will be developing them over the summer with help froma Steering Group and Development Teams. The projects is funded by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills

    Stephen Gardner’s Summary

    “I am passionate about work based learning and Apprenticeships in the true sense of the word – which is not necessarily the same as what periodically receives government funding.
    Having been an apprentice with Rolls Royce and having gained so much from the experience I believe that so many young people can benefit from such an experience.
    I have experienced work based learning as a student, as a lecturer delivering it, as a manager in colleges and latterly in the development of its policy. I now simply want to help as many young people as possible get into the work place and learn
    If you share my aspirations, why not get involved with Fair Train’s work experience project? Visit Fairtrain.org for more details.”


  4. So to try to improve workfare’s image and reputation you get a completely meaningless, private, organisation to award some kind of “kite mark” to try to fool the public into believing that forced workfare so approved is of a good standard (if that isn’t an oxymoron).

    Oh boy! The Coalition must be absolutely desperate to try it on like this.

  5. Does anybody believe that any private employer keen to exploit the pool of free forced labour, supplied by the DWP, from “clients” on the Work Programme would be denied this completely worthless kite mark of approval?

  6. Employer Pathways looks quite expensive…

  7. What shit!

    This stamp of approval as far as workfare goes is as worthless and phoney as the health & safety certificates, first aid certificates (given after attending a six hour “course”), certificates of attendance, and other bogus “qualifications” Work Programme providers dole out to their trainees.

    As I say: What shit!

    • Another Fine Mess

      I think this one is quite useful, it will help to identify which businesses to boycott!

      • overburdenddonkey

        a nother fine mess..
        good one, the/a badge of dishonour…

      • ‘another fine mess. I couldn’t agree with you more.
        This is when we call ALL get to work on exposing those that take part in robbing young people of the opportunities to earn a wage. Whilst I don’t advocate ‘defamation of character’ we can, at least, fuck them up by letting them ALL know what we ALL think!!!

    • Another Fine Mess

      Just think, they refuse to release a simple list of workfare exploiters in case of bad publicity.
      So now they come up with a gov. funded public badge system instead. You just couldn’t make this up!

  8. Who would want it? It’ll just attract protestors like rotting food attracts flies.

  9. Not the former Marxist, disability rights campaigner and Unison activist, Alun Davis? I really hope not……

  10. Investment portfolioRSS Feed
    The UK Commission has so far invested £111m in 124 projects with 36 different organisations.

    Our £111m investment has been matched by £103m of employer investment. All of our investment is aimed at driving a positive shift in employers’ attitudes to investing in skills.

    wow all that investment in skills eh? £111m in 124 projects with 36 different organisation matched by a staggering £103m of employer investment…leaving all the other so called jobs as low paid..unskilled jobs..
    not very encouraging is it really?

  11. overburdenddonkey

    providing one is not disabled..i find the best part of work experience, is wage experience.. 1st there must be jobs, and not phantom jobs, to get ready for, there must be a full and proper job description to train or prepare for, if there is a job to do, there is a wage to be paid, a fair days work for a fair days pay, then everyone is satisfied…i also feel that workshare should be more widely encouraged and a garanteed citizens income, to provide a decent way of meeting the basic level of human vitals…

  12. “The third sector is experiencing a period of significant change whilst funding is under strain and less accessible in the current UK recessionary climate. The sector is suffering from skills shortages – leading to increased workload of existing employees & reliance on volunteers – who need training.”

    or not – as they don’t cost employers anything really…

  13. “Employer Pathways’ will meet Third Sector skills needs that are a prerequisite of growth, whilst tackling high levels of UK youth unemployment by placing young people in work placements, internships and creating Apprenticeship opportunities.
    The project will create sector growth via a high-quality, highly skilled youth workforce provided by EP & lead to entry level jobs. It will transform employers’ attitudes to investing in skills & achieving ROI in the form of growth”

    or employers will opt for the cheap free unskilled labour option which costs them fuck all..its all about choice i guess..

  14. I read Alun Davies and that was it – what I had read beforehand was a load of tripe, but seeing he is involved proves that is is a load of shite!

  15. Miinstry of Truth

    These Nazi workfare fucking exploiter cunts never give up… do they? Jeez!

  16. this is dated 2011 bit its riveting stuff (?)

    asset skills
    “The project will link the UK wide Department for Work and Pensions Work Programme with employment opportunities in cleaning, facilities management and parking together with a training intervention (funded through the Work Programme). ”

    The programme will lead to sustained work or structured work experience that directly connects the supply of trained personnel with employment demand.

    Return on Investment
    300 candidates in four nations referred for development and work in the Asset Skills footprint providing employers with a new source of employees who are trained competent and have increasing employment skill
    Recruitment of 200 employable candidates from providers into work in Asset Skills’ footprint providing employers with a new source of employees who are trained and have employment skills
    Retention of 130 unemployed in the workforce who are trained, competent and with increasing employment skills who contribute to the company profitability as measured by GVA
    Recruitment of 30 ex-offenders into work in footprint saving public expenditure per candidate of £44,000 per annum
    Establishment of Social Enterprise Company for placement of unemployed into work saving benefits contributions, increasing skills and contribution to company profitability.

    Baker Tilly undertook a social return on investment (SROI) project evaluation for Asset Skills in 2011. The project outcome was the placement of 50 ex -offenders into work with a return on investment calculated at £2 million. It is expected that the social return on investment for this project would produce an outcome significantly in excess of this figure.”

    UK Commission investment: £333,618
    Employer/Other Investment: £0
    Employer/Other in-kind investment: £87,000

  17. Miinstry of Truth

    Fairtrade… Fairtrain… deliberate or what?

  18. Different Alun Davis, thank goodness. There’s a list of new ‘Fair Train’ members in their June newsletter. All 3rd Sector by the look of it, including the usual suspects like YMCA.

  19. Get Work Placement

    Get a work placement
    One of the biggest challenges for employers is finding young employees who are ready for work.
    Many of the young people training with Rathbone need experience of the workplace to develop the skills and attitudes that employers require.

    As an employer, setting up a work placement with us comes at no cost to you. We can work with you to develop a work experience package that will benefit your business and help a young person get prepared for work.

    Day visits
    If you’re a large employer, a day visit can introduce young people to the different jobs available within your company. A day visit may also help to meet your recruitment needs if you have a large number of vacancies to fill or experience regular staff turnover.

    Work placements
    Work placements – whether short-term or long-term – are a great way to introduce young people to the workplace.

    Hosting a work placement gives you the opportunity to be fully involved in a young persons professional development. We can work with you to plan the learning experience to ensure everyone gets the right outcomes.

    We’re always open and honest about any needs or barriers our young people may have. It’s up to you to decide if you’re able to accommodate them or not.

    In our experience, employers are often keen to appoint a fully trained young person from Rathbone if they have any relevant vacancies.

    Get in touch
    To find out more about how we can support your business contact Duncan Nicholson, our National Employer Engagement Manager on 07423 430 278 or email Mailto:duncan.nicholson@rathboneuk.org


  20. This govt is quite prepared to give employers £400 per person more than they pay in benefit for the same period, so its costing the country more than double than it would without this wf programme, as they still have to pay jsa.

  21. Quote from the Rathbone about us page – “Our work is inspired by the vision of our founder, Elfrida Rathbone, who believed that everyone could make progress through learning”
    The site is riddled with this type of psychobabble, otherwise a crock of pretentious shit, not a single word anywhere about actual PAID work.

  22. give people real jobs with real wages, not this work for your dole shit tarted up with flowery words,

  23. “opportunities should be in addition to those which could be filled by existing staff and/or those recruited through the open market.
    If a candidate is on such a scheme, then they can courteously inform the employer that the employer will be reported to HMRC for Tax Fraud, and a criminal investigation may be instigated”
    So where does that leave POUNDLAND with some of its stores stuffed with workfare plebs?
    I am rarely ever in the joint now because of its use of workfare, but passing by and the very odd time in the store, I see some pretty old folks working. I always want to ask if they are actually employed or are they NEW NAZI REGIME prisoners (!)
    We have been told of at least one store were the manageress and deputy are the only actual paid staff.
    Though the one I pass by most does seem to have real paid ppl, but I wonder how many in the larger shops are not paid anything?
    Point is, that if it is fraud to hire folks for free in place of paying them, why are these companies not investigated?
    Why for example was MARKS & SPENCER and a host of others not investigated, as these workfare things were meant to be only REGIME schemes only? How can SPORTS DIRECT get away with hiring almost all it’s staff on casual contracts of ZEROHOURS?
    As for the cost of all of this, it has been noted already, these companies getting staff for free get paid hundreds, while the person doing the work gets nothing.
    The Work Programme gets millions. WP staffers get paid sometimes twice what DWP Jobcenter are paid….and essentially they are doing the same job.
    Practically everything WP staff do, the jobcenter staff can do at no extra cost to the Govt.
    Therefore, al these workfare, and WorkProgrammes are not saving money at all, neither getting anyone actual real paid jobs .
    But the truth is, we have politicians who would rather spend trillions/waste trillions and zillions, to wage open all out war on the poor, than use that money to create real jobs with real pay.
    And so long as we have satanist “newspapers” plugging the propaganda, thus not wanting to hold the REGIME to account then many folks will never know the truth of it,….until it’s all far too late for them, and it becomes their turn to discover the benefits are not gold plated at all.
    And quite a lot of these stupid ppl who fall for the propaganda really do deserve to find out for themselves the hard way!

    • “So where does that leave POUNDLAND with some of its stores stuffed with workfare plebs?”

      An issue of coercive power, and the plebs not knowing the facts of life.

    • You are so right about everything you have said above Gordon Keane, so we may as well be living in dodge city because politicians, papers and parasitic corrupt others are running this country and the police, judiciary and the armed forces are allowing it – WHY?

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  25. What hypocrites,how many times have we heard about “scroungers” doing anything to avoid work but it is perfectly fine for muti million pound companies to avoid/do anything to avoid paying people a decent wage and then discard them for more free labour with the excuse/lie that they are getting training.Pay a wage,don’t hide behind a training scam like this with its pathetic and insulting badge,put up or shut up

  26. toploading b'stard

    I think people should check out the political views of the HR Staff in most companies

    i’ve found three on twitter that are far-right to Thatcherite that wouldn’t employ long term unemployed on thatcherite/tory mentality alone.

  27. Xmas is coming and the beasts are getting fat off free labour as they have done since job seekers allowance and new deal started under Blair.
    Osborne wants to show a healthy balance sheet so that he can lie that there is growth in the economy and will use xmas profits from forced unpaid labour and useless apprenticeships, to new deal type schemes to renew road surfaces and other state projects on the back of cheap labour.
    I wish that the whole of this coalition government was, as Nick Clegg said ‘in recovery’ in a non-compassionate, understaffed NHS, because they truly are SICK.

  28. Sorry jv, since jokingly using your name it seems to keep changing it back to your moniker instead of mine guy fawkes.

  29. “The Shaw Trust – an organisation that has driven thousands of claimants into poverty and destitution due to their enthusiastic role in sanctioning benefit claims.”

    shaw trust has some nasty individuals working for them,hatred towards benefit claimants,not shy of of their views in front of people they are supposed to represent,including stopping benefits to starve people back to work.this on top of what other people have said.

    they make fancy claims in their publicity and when these are not lived up to they turn nasty and vicious.

  30. Osborne wants to show a healthy balance sheet so he can lie that there is growth in the economy and he will use cheap labour, apprenticeships and unpaid labour or/and sanctions of benefits to achieve this.
    Yes xmas is coming and the beasts are getting fat and profits need to be up and the tills ringing, new roads and other state infrastructure all built on the back of ‘New deal’ type schemes.
    This coalition government should be as Nick Clegg said about the economy, ‘In Recovery’ in some underpaid, understaffed NHS hospital.
    They are all Sick.

  31. Cant see a healthy balance sheet at any time of year, when 5 million of the population have no money, the very people that spend all they have just to survive.

  32. www.apprenticeshipsasaguiseforcheaplabour.com

    “Youth unemployment threatened to place a whole generation outside the experience of wage-labour. Labour’s response to this was the introduction of a ‘work experience’ scheme, the ‘Youth Opportunities Programme’, in 1978. In 1983, the Conservative government extended this scheme and made it compulsory, renaming it as the Youth Training Scheme (later simply YT). These were the first of a series of make-work schemes, which in effect took the place (inadequately) of the old apprenticeships rather than operating either to create ‘real’ jobs[9] or as a form of job-substitution. Like workfare schemes and unlike apprenticeships, however, they had no credibility with the majority of young claimants sent on them. The ‘training’ and ‘work experience’ they offered was almost valueless, the money was crap, and the sole function of the schemes was perceived to be to mask the true unemployment figures rather than provide a real job with a decent wage.”

    “People on unpaid internships, training schemes, apprenticeships and workfare schemes, are counted as employed. One hundred and forty thousand of them are part of the Government’s job creation success story.”
    ‘George Osborne’s economic policy is based on lies’, Alex Andreou, New Statesman, 22 Mar 2013

  33. The Clegg camp now they have done their dirty dealing over welfare are opposing the next indicator that the economy is recovering i.e. house prices and sales, because they think it will create another housing bubble, or is that another name for manipulation of the market and pretend crash.

    All I know is my bank is reducing interest on savings accounts now even further, which is miniscule anyway even if I had savings, perhaps that will leave them money to lend to prospective house buyers

  34. Well, now we know just how industrious this flaccid little coalition has been behind the scenes. While looking like they’re not achieveing much at all of anything, bar sex marriage, maybe… they’re quietly laying the tracks for this stuff to go on and probably continue with whoever gets the next government. Although I utterly despise the Tories, I have to admit – they’ve held to their loathsome agenda more loyally than Labour held to theirs. -__-

    • The tories have held onto their agenda because they are not getting any real opposition to their policies, otherwise they would not be able to pass them through parliament and have them implemented.

      • Yeah, true enough. The world is a different place since the 80s, since countries became… well, businesses, ideologies went out the window, and the populations got flogged the idea of personal wealth/greed which appeals to just about everyone to some degree. I mean if the general public weren’t on side with it, there’d still be plenty of opposition even if we were facing down all the tycoons and toffs on the planet gathered together. Until people start to see (or feel) en masse that greed is bringing the living standards of the developed world down and keeping much of the developing world under the thumb… totally divided and conquered. But hey, like all natural cycles, this one is also likely to fuck itself in the end and cause a rebalance. I’m just pissed I’m living through it at the shit end thanks to a lot of people’s unwillingness to care or be vigilant. Seems to me quite a few people are beginning to feel it now though, with the apparent shift in sentiments lately towards people on benefits. Still a lot of ignorance out there (anyone been on benefits would never say it is “too much” to live on, LOL) but it’s gonna affect a lot of people soon. It’s just a shame, such a fucking shame, and a waste of so much people put efforts in to get fairness for the average man/woman, only to see these fuckwits dismantle it with barely a finger raised.

  35. *Same sex marriage

  36. Didn’t they do this in the 1970s ? I seem to remember that then the government paid companies – all sorts to take “trainees” for 3 months and they were to take on some of them .. but never did just got a new batch of free labour when the 3 months ran out and this continued ad-infinitum until the government realised it was going nowhere…This is what they call re-cycling…

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  38. Chewie

    The comments Cllr. Geofrey Samuel made at the end sounded like something out of les Miserables.

    • @fawkes yes its possible all the same whilst not defending him..there was the token about ‘disadvanteged people who really need the money’..

      “The real penalty is for these people to be named and shamed in their local newspaper so the community will never forget their cowardice and utter contempt for Richmond’s taxpayers and our most financially vulnerable residents.

      “Benefit cheats never cease to amaze me as to the depths of how low they are prepared to go. This kind of money – £6,500 – to a vulnerable person is a tremendous amount, but to this individual it is a drop in the ocean compared to the money she has at her disposal.

      “I hope this sends a message to anyone who dares to commit benefit fraud in Richmond – we will find you, we will stop you, we will prosecute you, and we will not rest until every one of these individuals who choose to defraud the Council of the financial support afforded to those in real need are brought before the courts and punished.”

      the ‘benefit cheats’ angle still continues–did he check the real stats?

      its the irony of the ” i hope this sends a message,,,statement coming not long after reading about that poor lady who lived there commiting suicide’…

  39. ” and we will not rest until every one of these individuals who choose to defraud the Council of the financial support afforded to those in real need are brought before the courts and punished.”

    i think thats the part that bothered me the most..as that poor lady who killed herself did so because she feared imprisonment…

    however from what i have read there are a lot of other procedures that are used..and imprisonment is hardly mentioned..

    thats why that story about the suicide lady has bothered me..plus the fact that i am friends with her friends who at the time were and still are upset about this death..

  40. I wonder if there was a big headline of her death and being wrongly accused, I bet there wasn’t.

    • @FAWKES I think i posted the link to the article a while back..
      i am not sure she was accused but i read this
      ” westminster coroners court heard on wednesday that ms o’ connor had a history of mental illness and was paranoid about going to prison for benefit fraud”

      now anyone who has a knowledge about that condition surely must know that something even lightly can trigger off that condition so to me that thought of fear of imprisonment must have been placed with her somehow..id love to know how or who put that fear about this in her..
      it didnt get there on its own..

  41. @FAWKES here is a bit more about it..

    “Westminster Coroner’s Court heard on Wednesday that Ms O’ Connor had a history of mental illness and was paranoid about going to prison for benefit fraud.
    She was informally admitted to Lavender Ward, Queen Mary’s Hospital in December 2010, where she was receiving treatment for depression.
    On March 14 last year she decided she wanted to leave and was visited at home by staff instead.
    But five days later she overdosed on prescribed medicine, paracetamol and alcohol and was sent to Kingston Hospital.
    Whilst receiving treatment she was overheard saying she would hang herself by staff and by her long-term partner Andrew Swaddon.
    She walked out of the ward on March 19, returning three hours later after Mr Swaddon found her at home.
    At 11pm that night she was transferred to Queen Mary’s Hospital, but a lack of staff meant she had to make her own way there.”

    have to say guy, its been bugging me because i am connected to ppl who knew this poor woman…and you know how i feel about disabled vulnerable people being discriminated against..that why i showed up on this jv blog..
    i was helping DPAC on their campaigns whilst on twitter…then bumped into JV whilst doing that..

    the rust is history as they say..

  42. Chewie

    All that psycho babble is a load of codswallop, they write covering every kind of emotion or fear anyone (and I’m talking sane people too) could feel if being accused of benefit fraud and imprending imprisonment knowing they were innocent.
    Read it again and you will see that it says if the mentally ill are not blaming themselves they blame someone else – both sides of the argument covered, load of bollocks, i’ve been victim to all this crap myself and the most I ever suffered from was agorophobia, but to lock me up they had to invent a more severe form of mental illness one and I quote ” I was not aware of”. You couldn’t make it up, but local govt who commission the mental health services, corrupt social workers and their false reports and cranks for doctors could.

    • overburdenddonkey

      absolutely correct, it is just an extension of the toxic DSM, where if one breaths wrong, it is a mental disorder, ie disagree with the state one must be ill..oppression causes depression, depression is a natural human reaction to adverse, barbaric, and unrelenting pressure, the cure for oppression is expression of truth…not by saying, if we yelp when hit, we are mentally ill. coz that impact should not have hurt you, “other
      normal” human beings would not have felt it, as you did… ie the person who told one it should not hurt, therefore implying that one is abnormal if one reacts to attack, the normal reaction to attack is anger and rage, no! get lost, how dare you!…that these people have special gifts and insights ie special powers of observation, “that you were not aware of”, that they should not explain their insights to the victim! what because the victim can’t understand, which makes healing prognosis extremely remote…this makes, them, insane by their own definitions, if one is allowed to take their and all logic to it’s natural conclusions….they load the dice and further ensure they “win” with double headed coin…

      • Overburdeneddonkey

        Not only do they lock you up in a mental hospital, they appoint different solicitors to represent you at their bent tribunals where nothing is written down verbatim, where ambiguous and lying social reports are written about you and read out, where 2 out of the 3 panelists are cronies of local government and the medical profession and the third probably a friend of theirs – you have less rights under mental health law than under criminal law and they do not have to prove why they have committed you to anyone other than their bent social reports and quacks.

        • overburdenddonkey

          i’ve never actually been in that harrowing situation, but, i know what you say is true..i have made many of the types of complaints, using the various “inhouse” complaints procedures that you have written of in the past, i have studied these situations at great length, which is why i support the truthers that i do, ie dr bob truth, dr alice miller et al…

        • @fawkes @donkey heres another link to that story- for some reason the benefit fraud thing seems to be missing..

        • @fawkes @donkey heres another link to that story- for some reason the benefit fraud thing seems to be missing.


          • Chewie they constantly go on about the failures of staff that have been negligent or remiss in hospitalizing someone who should have been, you never hear of the ones who have been hospitaliized and injected with drugs on false evidence and bent diagnoses.
            Just like you hear of the benefit fiddling and prosecution of the poorest but rarely do you hear about the richest being prosecuted even if shown to have committed fraud.
            I have never tried to kill myself ever and was definitely not mentally ill, not even agorophobic when they sent police to arrest me, put my arm up my back and march me out of my own home to a mental hospital after I had objected to my benefits being sanction via letters and a non-violent sit in in the dwp in an effort to have my benefits re-instated – how is that mental illness?
            Sorry to go on but this is a sore point with me and the corruption that prevails in society.

            • @fawkes no its ok because i know the friends of that poor woman its closer to home so to speak, also i am familiar with the area as ive been there many times..also i am concerned about someone who is sort of involved with this who in my mind hasnt got a bloody clue wtf they are doing..and may have got herself into some serious shit…like before…theres nothing right about any of this at all..

      • Hey, in Greece if you fuck with us… we tell you to go fuck off!! You Brits are cowed and beaten into taking shit!

    • @fawkes all the same its a tragic story -whats more tragic is that its becoming more commonplace and we’ve been seeing in past few years where people are pushed to the limit and cant cope..and thats just people who arent diagnosed mentally ill….

  43. PS people are not agorophobic because they are afraid of people either.

  44. Chewie

    Here is someone that was innocent but terrified when arrested by the authorities – is he mad?

    .@ukhomeoffice: Theresa May, review the use of Schedule 7 of Terrorism Act

    Petitioning Theresa May

    .@ukhomeoffice: Theresa May, review the use of Schedule 7 of Terrorism Act

    Adeel Akhtar

    Petition by

    Adeel Akhtar

    London, United Kingdom

    On Sunday 18th August David Miranda, the Brazilian partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald who has written stories about revealing mass surveillance programmes by the US Government, was held at Heathrow Airport under the UK Terrorism Act. He was released without charge after nine hours.

    Being detained by authorities can be terrifying for an innocent person. Unfortunately I know how David feels. Ten years ago, I was returning to New York from London where I was studying when I was detained for several hours on ‘suspicion of terrorism’ – their reason? I looked ‘familiar’. It was a traumatic experience which left me feeling powerless and let down, fearful that when travelling I’ll be singled out and have to go through the same thing again.

    Glenn Greenwald told the BBC: “They never asked him about a single question at all about terrorism or anything relating to a terrorist organisation. They spent the entire day asking about the reporting I was doing and other Guardian journalists were doing on the NSA stories.”

    Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 allows the police to detain anyone at the UK’s borders without any requirement to show probable cause and hold them for up to nine hours, without seeking further justification.

    Schedule 7 has a become a blunt legal instrument that the UK government can use to intimidate people who it doesn’t agree with. I think it’s time for the Government to review how it uses Schedule 7. Please join me.

  45. Chewie

    By saying that, they are saying that people should be locked up for their own safety and she should not have been let out, maybe that is true in her case but I actually went on hunger strike in hospital because they were keeping me locked up for no reason whatsoever except to keep me out of the way, a blind man could see there was nothing wrong with me during my 5 month imprisonment.

    • @fawkes but she walked out of the hospital….and after went down..its making me wonder why and where this benefit from thing came from ..its obvious she was vulnerable..

      • overburdenddonkey

        we are encouraged to believe that we are fraudsters…

        • overburdenddonkey

          ps see interview with owen jones, 1000 cuts and counting…

        • @donkey i dont think she was an avid reader of the daily hatemail or faily excess..so something or someone put that idea in her head..

          • overburdenddonkey

            yes, we are encouraged to to believe that we are fraudsters…

            • @donkey im just concerned that the pressure may have come from someone closer to her at the time because of something i heard that happened not long after the funeral which wasnt right at all….

        • Donkey

          All I know is my benefit was not sanctioned because I was a fraudster but because I refused to work for nothing, which they turned into was not doing enough to find work and sanctioned me.
          I was forced to leave university where I was studying politics and economics at the time because I would not be available for work 24/7 if I continued with my part-time degree course, even though there clearly was no work and I knew through my studies how the Blair government were undermining the welfare state at a time when people needed it the most.
          As far as I know I was one of the first to be penalized by sanction after sanction for refusing to be brow beaten into slave labour because it was being dished out to me not long after jsa was implemented and sanctioning was not on the scale that it is now.

          • overburdenddonkey

            they want control, over peoples lives, their insanity is repeated on a grand scale on a daily basis, they will not allow growth and independence of thought…this is very well expressed in dr dot rowe’s book “beyond fear”..she calls this 2 places at once, where the people running the system are in deep denial, and cannot acquiesce to your reasonable stand point, coz it makes them feel out of control..they are control freaks, they need to be in control…coz they know best, and what is good for you….

      • Chewie

        Why was she put in hospital in the first place if she had a lot of medical history and how could she just walk out?

        Her case just goes to show that those that are really ill are left to their own devices while those that are not are locked up. Having said that because they kept locking me up every time they stopped my benefit it also looks like I have a lot of mental health history – the bastards did it deliberately in my case, but the fact that she killed herself when let out shows she obviously was ill. I had to resort to refusing food when they had me locked up in protest at being there when not ill.

        The same thing is happening in so called child protection, the children that have violent parents the social workers are afraid to tackle preferring instead to go after innocent people whose children may have knocked themselves playing causing bruising or whatever.

        • @fawkes thats a very good question, from the article she made a previous attempt on her llife by overdosing i think all the same something caused all that to happen..ive seen pictures of her all life and soul of the party she was even volunteer at mind helping others !!!!….yep nothing right with this..

        • That first sentence should read
          Why was she put in hospital in the first place, if she had a lot of medical history how could she just walk out?

          • @guy fawkes still a good question ..what about security at hospitals

            • Chewie

              The one I was in, those with alcohol and drug problems were let out to get drunk and drugged up, coming back causing mayhem throwing chairs around, up turning tables threatening people, yet they still let them out, but if they absconded then they would send the police out to look for them.
              I was threatened a few times by the paranoid ones who said I was looking at them funny, the place was a nightmare. Nurses overruled doctors and some were cruel and uncaring towards their interns, some were also very nice as were some of the patients.

  46. btw has anyone had this? i just got back from sainsburys supermarket and although i am indoors its left me with an ‘impression’ as if i was still in supermarket..fuck its really weird..

  47. looks as though CAP/full time workfare for the long term unemployed and anyone without a job after finishing the failing work program is back on the condemn bastards agenda 😦

    So the work program fails to get you a job and you are then punished for that failure, whilst the work program provider still gets to keep the £400 as you were enrolled into the program.


  48. something survived...

    Tonight I read something on internet; Sainsbury’s Sport Relief 2014 (part of Comic Relief) is raising money for what it calls a national 6-month scheme based on football to keep young people out of gangs. The scheme is the same scheme currently being pushed on JSA claimants, you are told it is an ‘opportunity’ to train as a football coach. I’m disabled and totally unsuited, and was ordered to apply. JCP are handing out the leaflets. You can be sanctioned for not applying, and the leaflet itself says only ablebodied fit healthy people able to spend all week playing football, can apply! In fact, it is a workfare scheme. They are not DBS-ing the workfare participants, as there are legal obstacles. In theory a paedophile who was otherwise eligible, could apply. The coaches are being hired on a regional basis (to coach the ‘coaches’), via Sporting Dreams and other agencies.
    They are all on a zero hour contract. At the same time JCP are advertising for ‘Employment/Employability Advisers’ to work at a new Work Programme across the UK. Anyway the football workfare placement is a type of boot camp for young people and is 6 months long, with the same providers. It looks like it is exactly the same scheme as the one Sainsburys are backing.

    Asda are taking on Workfare meanwhile.

    • Contact sainsburys and find out if they are behind it

    • These workfare scandals need to be investigated properly and out in the public domain so people can see how they are being ripped off.
      Sadly they believe the same old right wing hate ideology about the ‘scroungers’ without realising how their tax is being ripped off by these firms and agencys,

      I also thought Asda pulled out of the workfare scheme last time they got some heat about it?

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