Chris Grayling: The So-Called Justice Secretary Who Wants To Be Above The Law

bungling-chris-graylingThe Chris Grayling comedy show had tragic consequences as he ran rampant at the DWP so it is no surprise that he has exported his unique brand of dishonest chaos to the Justice Department.

Grayling wants to tear up the rule book on Judicial Reviews – the means by which people can challenge the lawfulness of decisions made by public bodies.  This is based on his obsession with ‘left wing’ campaigners who he says are abusing justice by holding the government accountable to the same laws as the rest of us.

Along with being a compulsive liar, Chris Grayling is notoriously paranoid.  Back when he was the bungling Employment Minister he bizarrely accused the Socialist Worker Party (SWP), a minor and decaying Trotskyite sect, of hacking his email account.  Grayling sees reds under the bed everywhere and claimed the public’s disgust towards workfare – which saw thousands of people contacting well known companies demanding they pull out of unpaid labour schemes – was all down to an SWP plot.  Along with Iain Duncan Smith, Grayling even tried to pretend this form of workfare didn’t exist – and when DWP documents proved that it did – those documents were mysteriously altered to remove references to mandated workfare.

When a Freedom of Information request was made asking for the names of companies and charities involved in workfare schemes, Grayling pulled every trick in the book to dodge the decision by the Information Commissioner’s Office that this information was in the public interest and should be released.   The DWP are still dragging their feet on supplying this information.

It was inevitable that putting a bent bastard like Grayling in charge of the courts would lead fierce opposition from the legal profession, with some now calling for his resignation.  One of his first moves was to tear up the right to legal aid.  Now he wants to remove the right for people to hold Government to account when it breaks the law.

The Tories have long pretended to be the party of small government, but in reality are quite happy to use legislation as a blunt instrument to attack against anyone they have taken a dislike to – whether that be striking miners or uppity lawyers.  This is the same party that made it illegal for schools to talk about non-heterosexual relationships in the 1980s and later even brought in laws specifically to clamp down on certain kinds of music.

When Tories whinge about the nanny state, or meddling bureaucrats, what they usually mean is they haven’t got exactly what they want and so are having a tantrum.  Or they’ve just got been given a parking ticket.  But when it comes to stamping out any dissent to their vile policies they are as happy to don the jackboots as any tin-pot dictator.

In a well timed protest, UK Uncut will be literally taking to the streets to take direct action against the plans to slash legal aid.  Join them on October 5th and help spread the word:

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49 responses to “Chris Grayling: The So-Called Justice Secretary Who Wants To Be Above The Law

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  2. If Grayling is acting against the law then surely the police should be bringing him to account, one thing is for sure Miliband will not be since he is in favour of a one party state – dictators the lot of them and all right wing too.

  3. Reblogged this on paultmillington and commented:
    This man like IDS must be stopped, what gives him the right to change the law because the Tories don’t like people asking questions

  4. This is wrong, WrOnG, WRONG….. Long-held rights and freedoms – many, keenly fought for by our parents, grandparents and THEIR parents, and hard won thru sacrifice and deprivation – must NOT be simply swept away by this misguided mob of MISFITS – mostly maladjusted men, blinded by privilege, who have the authority of but a MINORITY of the electorate…… Where was this proposal in the Tories’ manifesto? MISSING – that’s where. How DARE they? Will they not be satisfied until they have dismantled every last vestige of equality and fair play for our society’s Have Nots? They are wreaking irreparable harm and history will judge them harshly. SHAME ON THEM……

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  6. Yes it,s time for hardcore action and not be victimised by this bunch of worthless toffs

  7. Does anyone know what’s happening with the issue of the governement having to reveal the companies involved in workfare?

  8. Rosemarie Harris

    This Government has a cheek they say one thing and does another ,as long as they can use the law to suit themselves ,they blame everyone but themselves they lie and cheat while all the time trying to tell the rest of the world how to behave. they waste money and lie how it’s someone else’s fault.
    Get a backbone you bloody cowards ,they get paid a small fortune to do the cock up’s this Government does in our name at least own up and be a Man not a sniffling mouse and stop changing the rules because most people are more intelligent then you!

  9. Have they released the business case for Universal Credit yet?

  10. The government and its allies are buried too deep in corruption for any have nots to be able to do anything against them, only bullets will have an effect and no one is going to do that are they? Hussein and Gadaffi were saints compared to this lot!

  11. Where do they find these fuckers? are they unaware that the country went through 2 world wars, in order to gain these freedoms, and some form of social justice,how can these reforms be anything other than detrimental to the wellbeing of the population. The entire cabinet should be put to sleep PERMANENTLY.

  12. Tyrants and Dictators the lot of them. There is no freedom in this country anymore. Labour, LibDem, Conservative, all after the same end – power and status and all motivated by greed. We can trust none of them and there’s the rub – we’ll never be free! As the saying goes “Desperate times require desperate measures”. How much more are we prepared to take from this truly evil bunch?

  13. Alex Callinicos (SWP)

    “Socialist Worker Party (SWP), a minor and decaying Trotskyite sect”, come again, Mr Void.

  14. I do feel totally violated at the moment. Just looking at the calendar this year is a joke, constant Dr appts for medical note renewal or reduced esa gets stopped. Constant brown envelopes through letter box, constant telephone calls from the shit from seetec. Constant fucking bill reminders from council tax. Fuck off!!!

    Where have my human rights gone???? I am very unwell, and am being constantly harassed. I now have the t. v licensing paedophile enabling bbc on my case.

    This bald headed, authoritarian, arrogant, ignorant, nasty, malevolent, ego centric, pig wants to scrap our human rights. How the people of this country are letting them get away with it stinks. They want to ‘change people’ get rid of social security, then get rid of their human rights, that should do the trick and ‘change the people’.

  15. IF you fancy slapping Grayling anything between “reasonable” and “grossly disproportionate force” is fine apparently.

  16. Does this mean we will not be able to ask questions, about ministers who own certain companies or sit on the board of certain companies, that supply let’s say, hospitals with equipment, or some kind of service? Companies that are lobbying the government for contracts, paying half a million pound into the governments fighting fund.
    But how does one get the public to pay money into privately owned companies, Public money pays for the NHS, The Police, anything state owned, is owned by us the people. Ah but if we, as government ministers privatize certain lucrative parts of the NHS, or any state owned service, and use our companies to provide the service required, then they have to pay us, and we can charge what we like. Just imagine if we were all directors or managing directors or owners of, private schools, or academies, or communication systems that were used in the NHS, the Police, the Ambulance service, Catering companies, Hospital equipment, Staffing Agencies, Technology and IT services, Seb Coe has his fingers in four companies that supply services to the NHS. All these ministers just waiting to empty the Public Purse. They certainly do not have the public’s interests in mind, only how to fill their own pockets with public money. This is fraud, using their public positions as ministers, who are paid by us, to supposedly represent us and our views, doing it just to enhance their own personal wealth.
    That is only the tip of the problem, if you have shares in munitions; you need war, constant war. If you sit on the board of a bank and your bank has gambled on stocks and shares and lost billions of public money, Isn’t Fraud a failed banker? How do you get that money back? Well I suppose you could bring out legislation to help bail out these corrupt parasites time and time again. In short these people are nothing more than business men, who have bought their way into government, to do nothing more than to rob the people of this nation. To break up and sell off to their business partners across the world, everything once owned by the British people, owned by the people because they have paid for it.
    Osborne continuing with an austerity programme, that almost every economist knows is wrong and will not work. They are all just spoilt rich brats, and failed businessmen, who through nepotism, or inherited wealth have gained a foothold into government, there is not once gram of sense or understanding in any of them. They are all crooks and why is the civil service allowing them to destroy our nation, to ransack everywhere. If these parasites are changing the law to stifle descent to quieten their critics from telling the truth, is it not because they are doing something unlawful. The law should do the job it’s paid to do, and prosecute crime, these parasites are not above the law, civil, criminal, or moral they have broken all three sets of laws,
    They accept bribes, in exchange for seats on a board, they change laws to help their friends with their business problems, they are responsible for mass murder, in the name of profit. When will enough be enough? How much devastation does there need to be. Jail them all now, Politicians, Bankers, all the corrupt. We can regain our dignity and our pride as a nation, if we take that first step; show the way, that’s what we are good at, we gained a lot of respect for speaking out against war, saying no. People power can do it, speak out now stop this crook Grayling from taking your voice. Would you trust this man? Not with his own mother.

    • well said aussieeh.

      • Yes this is well said aussieeh. A good piece of writing. Well done, I agree. What if the government have got their own crooks in law too? Their own men to do their dodgy job. Perhaps I am being paranoid, but I am starting to question the changing of the laws, and why it is allowed to proceed?

  17. We need to vote them out, but the only parties who would change anything for the better can’t get any seats.

  18. Oh Betty, Chris has done a whoopsee on the carpet of the justice department…

  19. Another shitbag and disgrace. This is no government, its just a bunch of dictators each taking a swing at the people. Always money and time for war. But never any time or money for those at home.

  20. We can vote these Condem bastards out, but we’d be better to all march on Westminster & string them all up from the nearest lamposts, it’s the only way to get these numbskulls to understand

  21. they are trying to outlaw campaigning by charities and other campiahn groups like 38 degrees …i got a letter from my MP saying they will vote against the bill..the gagging bill its nicknamed

  22. rainbowwarriorlizzie
  23. Just received a leaflet stating if you own your own house or are a tenant in private rented accommodation you could get a home improvement grant for a new boiler, cavity wall or loft insulation etc free of charge, to be eligible you must have an income and or working tax credits of less than £15,860.
    Why should tenants income be relevant for improvements for their landlords? Why should home owners get home improvement grants when the government are charging their non-property owning tenants bedroom tax?

  24. Who is honestly going to get a fucking ol boiler now anyway????That must be really hard to claim for I should imagine you would probably have to do a lot of form filling, grovelling etc. They only give them when your old one is on its last legs. I know some one who had to wait 8 months for it. Months of freezing. He said you only can claim if your on ESA. Not many folk are on that now are they really. Do not feel people with mortgages are any better off. People say the top up is threw the roof, large amounts to pay. They only pay a measley bit of the interest. Many folk have lost their homes because can not pay now, as all other benefits reduced. None of us are better off on benefits guy fawkes, I have a disabled friend who has just downgraded to a one bedroom flat now, so she will not have to pay bedroom tax.

    • something survived...

      I got sent this and recycled it. Last time I tried to apply I got told I’m not eligible for reasons including not owning the property. If anyone does get through, what’s to stop a landlord using the presence of a benefits tenant to get the work done, then evicting the tenant or selling up so the tenant is homeless?

  25. Jasmine

    That is what the bedroom tax is all about, forcing tenants to downgrade so that they can put people into the ex council properties that are willing to buy them, thus turning them over to the private sector. I would not give them the satisfaction of being forced into a shoe box, we should be fighting bedroom tax not giving in to it.

  26. Overheard in Jokecentre

    Claimant given two week sanction for allegedly failing to attend a Working fucking Stinks appointment 14 fucking months ago!! Claimant adamant that there was no such fucking appointment!! WFT. JCP “adviser” said it had already been “reconsidered” and the sanction stood!! Claimant advised to fill in Appeal form! Another case of the old missing an appointment we didn’t tell you about trick! What a shower of shite!! How many claimants are being screwed over and having their miserly subsistence allowance STOLEN from them in this way? It is a fucking outrage!!

  27. This government is also trying to stop people campaigning against such injustices.

  28. I wonder how long it will be before this country has a civil war?

  29. Send him to the gallows.

  30. Anonymous306

    if you were referring to me, all I can say is your punishment is pretty harsh for someone who was just wondering.

  31. I would just love to have this guy at my mercy, so I could just rub the back of my boot in his face …. for about a week
    bringing all my intelligence to beaer, my research and my gut instincts this excuse of a man is a CUNT

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