Tax Payer’s Alliance Workfare Plans Are Swivel-Eyed Pie in the Sky

Harry Enfield as Tim Nice But DimThe Tax Payer’s Alliance (TPA) squirmed their way onto the ever willing BBC today to gain airtime for their harrumphing report demanding workfare for everyone backed by homelessness and child starvation.

The report, written by an Oxbridge clown with no knowledge of the welfare system, demands that everyone who has been on benefits over one year –  including the sickness and disability benefit Employment Support Allowance –  should be forced into workfare forever or face having housing benefits and child benefits stopped.

Like so many of these benefit bashing diatribes from chinless nobodies trying to make a name in politics, it begins by describing a welfare system that only exists in the writer of the report’s head.  So there is no workfare currently, or barely any according to the Tax Payers Alliance, benefit sanctions are hardly used and are too short, and jobs are falling out of the sky for long term unemployed, sick or disabled people.

In truth the Labour Force Survey suggests over 100,000 people are currently on some form of workfare, and around a million benefit sanctions – which can now last up to three years – are expected to be handed out this year.  Not wanting to let the truth get in the way of a swivel-eyed rant however, author of the report Chris Philp (pictured) then goes on to suggest how wonderful mass workfare has been when tried overseas and how it should be introduced for all claimants, seemingly at any cost to the tax payers they claim to represent.

In truth the only time workfare has made an impact anywhere has been when the economy is booming.  All his evidence shows is that unemployment falls when the economy is strong.  When it starts to nose dive, workfare stops working, which is why almost all workfare schemes in other countries have been abandoned.  The DWP themselves did an assessment of workfare schemes overseas and even they came to the conclusion they are a waste of fucking time.  That didn’t stop them ploughing ahead with workfare in the UK, which far from barely existing as dickhead claims, is actually used on the Work Programme, the Mandatory Work Activity scheme, Sector Based Work Academies and the Work Experience programme.  DWP evidence on all these  schemes shows they have had no impact on whether anyone eventually finds a job.

The cost of forcing everyone onto mass workfare is glossed over in the report, unexpectedly for an organisation that claims to be about saving the tax payer money.  Apart from a few figures they pulled from their arses, there is no mention of how fares, supervision, management and recruitment costs will be met.  Greedy welfare-to-work sharks, like Tax Payers Alliance funders Avanta, are currently raking in £400 for every person they send on just a months workfare, around one and a half the cost of that person’s Jobseekers Allowance – which of course would also still have to be paid.

In truth this report is pie in the sky garbage from a bosses organisation who want to increase competition for jobs so they can force down wages and make a few quid for their mates in the welfare-to-work sector on the side.  Even if just those on Jobseekers Allowance for over two years were forced onto the scheme, that would represent half a million unpaid workers entering the workforce.  The charitable sector has no need of half a million full time volunteers who would cost a fortune to recruit and manage.  The TPA’s idea that people should sweep the streets or do ‘community service’ instead is equally clueless, particularly as they pretend that they don’t want workfare to replace real jobs.  The cost of these proposals would be astronomical, and just like the current workfare schemes, and Tony Blair’s New Deal before them, sourcing enough work placements for everyone would be impossible.

In fact the Tories originally planned rolling six month periods of workfare for everyone leaving the Work Programme, an idea quietly abandoned after pilot projects were unable to find enough placements.

But even this isn’t enough for the Tax Payer’s Alliance.  They want this lunacy extended to everyone on out of work benefits – up to five million people.  And anyone who refuses, or is unable to attend workfare, will lose their homes. If they got their way you wouldn’t be able to walk down the street for fucking street cleaners, weaving their way in and out of the sleeping bags of homeless children as a message to everyone else what will become of you if you can’t find a job in Tesco.

So whilst the Tax Payer’s Alliance can be safely ignored as the out of touch buffoons they are, what is of concern is that a bunch of right wing extremists are now being presented as normal people by the BBC and other media.  The Tax Payers Alliance are a bunch of libertarian fruitcakes who make UKIP look rational.  Many of them are veterans of the Freedom Association, an organisation famous in the 70s and 80s for blacklisting Trade Unionists and supporting the racist apartheid regime in South Africa.  These are the types of right wing pricks who used to get expelled from the Tory Party as extremists, even in the Thatcher years.  Now they are back, rebranded as an organisation that claims to speak for the tax payer yet with the odious and out of touch extreme right wing agenda never far from the surface.

They may have reigned in the racism, in public at least, but they still represent the grasping rich who want to privatise everything until they own it all.  A bunch of Apprentice wannabes and not nice but dim toffs, they are a mouthpiece for the bankers and businessmen who dragged the country into this neo-liberal hell.  Cameron may be happy to have pricks like this working away in the background for him, but the rest of us should treat them with the derision and contempt they invite and deserve.

The report, which isn’t worth reading, can be found at:

Read the response from Boycott Workfare (which is worth reading) at:

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  2. These wankers think taxpayers’ money is more important than EVERYTHING – even starving children.

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  4. it,s just getting worse and worse I can,t believe we are being put through this trash

  5. funny name they have chosen seeing as they dont pay any tax.

  6. overburdenddonkey

    jv, just done some research, and they do make ukip seem reasonable, great post…

  7. they want to taxpayers money to subsidise company’s with unpaid labor probably ones they own shares in.

  8. ‘BBC should reflect more ‘extreme’ views’, BBC News, 3 July 2013

    Powerbase (“…your guide to networks of power, lobbying, public relations and the communications activities of governments and other interests.”) wiki entry on The TaxPayers’ Alliance:

    SourceWatch (“…collaborative, specialized encyclopedia of the people, organizations, and issues shaping the public agenda”) wiki entry on The TaxPayers Alliance:

    People like Mark (former “Head of Media for the Liberal Democrats” Littlewood of the Institute of Economic Affairs are lovely people too:

    ‘Why Osborne must publish the names of every benefits claimant – and how much we pay them: An incendiary idea to save on our £500m A DAY welfare bill’, Mail Online, 23 June 2013–pay-An-incendiary-idea-save-500m-A-DAY-welfare-bill.html


    Shame on the BBC, FUCK THE BBC

    ‘Toronto action held outside British Consulate in solidarity with Disabled People Against Cuts in UK’, John Bonnar, September 3, 2013

    • Ah yes, scab faced cunt of a toad Mark Littlewood. He was on the BBC as well in another Today Show tour de farce. This was in relation to the report by a group Sarah Montague (the presenter) described as ‘left leaning’ that millions more are underpaid.
      The BBC, under the guise of balance, brought this libertarian toerag on to discuss the report. They didn’t describe him as ‘right leaning’. Littlewood proceeds to engage in furious whatabouttery including some nonsense about people who earn a penny less than the living wage as proof it’s pie in the sky to pay such a wage.
      This is debate in the modern british media. Why was he invited? What for? We are meant to be discussing this report, not engaging in straw men arguments and condescension. He doesn’t provide any evidence to dispute the findings either. His role was simply to marginalise this report and speak on behalf of the bosses who of course resent having to pay people.

      • Good call re: Sarah Montague’s ‘left leaning’ comment. The BBC never say ‘right leaning.’

        I actually heard Montague say that, but I can’t remember the date and time of the news broadcast. Do you or anyone else have it deatils noted? I’d like to complain to the BBC, for what it’s worth..

  9. It really would be worth paying the TPA a friendly visit, just for their own good, you understand. I’d be very happy to expand on what happens when rich tossers advocate starvation as a means of social control. ‘Apres nous, le deluge’ – yeah, just look at how that panned out.

  10. They seem to desire life to be so miserable, punitive and difficult for the jobless, poor, sick etc that going to prison will very soon (if not already) be a far more attractive option to living in destitution (and probably homeless too). I feel the jobless, sick, poor are now being treated worse than convicted criminals after all they are guaranteed food.

  11. well they will have nothing to lose soon then.

    • I have never been to prison but lately I’ve been wondering what to do should I get sanctioned, homeless – if it all hits the fan and I think rather than waste away on the street this might not be such a bad option. Maybe I am worrying too much but this is the effect these reforms/conditionality/sanction threats have on people I think. Cruel and inhumane.

      • Well… I guess there’s lots of places in monastries and convents, which cant get the recruits nowadays.Whether signing up there would be better or worse than the alternatives is debatable, though. Still, at least its an option.

      • Prisoner Cell Block H

        You really, really don’t want to go to prison, mate! Stop indulging romantic notions about “life inside”… it is nothing like Porridge… trust me… 🙂

        • I don’t think anyone has romantic notions about it, I mentioned having considered it on another site, and recently have seen people on here dismissing people who have talked about possibly having to make the choice as some kind of right wing plant.

          Total nonsense, the reality of the situation is that some people are terrified of finding themselves with no food or shelter, and no hope. In that situation it’s no shock that people start to weigh up life on the street vs time inside.

          I’ve read comments like “that will really spoil things for you in the future” that shows a fundamental lack of understanding that for people in that situation there is no visible future, some people genuinely feel they have nothing else left to lose.

          Nobody thinks it’ll be a right laugh, but when the alternative could be starving and/or freezing it can’t be a shock that it crosses people’s minds

  12. …it is depressing to see the Tax avoiders alliance getting airtime. I noticed in the Mail they were implying that a survey was showing that 59% of unemployment benefit claimants thought their own state “handouts” were too high. That didn’t look very likely.
    It took me a while to find the 2011 Brit. social attitudes survey, from which this fig. was supposed to have been taken.
    Unsurprisingly , the participants in the survey were not delineated on the basis of their employment status, or occupation etc. They were simply “people”, 56% of whom thought benefits were too high.

  13. I’m in two minds about this. of course, I don’t want people having to go on workfare, but the whole idea of permanent workfare sounds like a pretty awesome practical joke. If everyone who ends up out of work gets sent on workfare and pretty much has no opportunity to leave…. this would mean a gargantuan portion of the UKs workforce would be on workfare, eventually. That’s when the government will be complaining that it’s not getting enough tax revenue (most people won’t be earning enough to pay any tax at all), people will be complaining that they aren’t getting enough money for their work in a country that has minimum wage laws, and corporations will either have to dramatically cut prices to stay in business or take their businesses elsewhere. However, there would be riots long before any of that.

    On the one hand, I don’t like the sound of misery and suffering, since nobody deserves it, but on the other hand, I can think of no better way to say ‘that idea really sucks’, than to say ‘Go ahead. Prove to us all how decidedly inept you are, and then the idea can be buried forever.’

    Meanwhile I think I’ll take up basket weaving. While we all go to hell in a handbasket, someone’s gotta be there meeting the need for handbaskets.

    • I think you’ve hit the logic that lies behind the way things are going with the capitalist class everywhere. Even in places like China, where labour is cheaper, (though nothing like as cheap as it once was) automation is replacing workers. Automation makes things cheaper, but in doing so this means that more has to be sold to make a given amount of money. This is where the logical flaw is; how on earth are products going to make any money at all if there is no-one wealthy enough to buy them, even if they are very cheap?

      We need to start looking at what’s happening in the arguably more-in-the-economic-shit countries of southern Europe, countries like Spain and Greece where people are beginning to form alternatives to the mainstream economy as that isn’t functioning properly due to, ummmm, lots of people not having enough money. There are schemes running that bring together people in need of food with farmers with food in need of buyers in Greece, and it works because the exploitative middle-men don’t get a large cut simply because they are not part of the equation. This could work just as well in the UK, as the farmers, believe it or not, don’t get a good deal from the supermarkets, and as a result of buying in bulk, as it were, poor consumers would have the opportunity of buying fresh produce at a lower price than they could get elsewhere. Setting up schemes like this would need a little expertise, and somewhere to store produce would need to be found, but it’s not an impossible dream. It could be argued that there isn’t yet the need for such schemes, but maybe there is a case to be made for such schemes being trialled in areas where that kind of expertise, and crucially initial funding could be found, (though crowdfunding seems to be one suitable source of funding such a scheme). These schemes could then act as a blueprint for when the economic shit really hits the fan, as it most assuredly will if the present econonomic idoicy being followed by this government, and probably the next, (whoever it is) is allowed to continue.

      The question on how all this, and other things could be co-ordinated could well liie in the establishment of neighbourhood assemblies, as has happened in Spain.

      Basket weaving doesn’t sound like too bad an idea, as we are going to need baskets when we eastablish the new economy.

    • Your bit about handbaskets made me laugh so much I cried! As I have been in a lot of pain recently, and feeling a bit sorry for myself, it was a much needed release!

      You could put your idea to IDS, he’s always going on about people starting up their own business, you never know you might even get a grant! You could make one for him for his expenses bought underwear, one for Hoban’s silk cushions and what can McVey put in her basket? Her head seems like a good choice to me!

    • You can’t ‘Go Ahead’ with it because it would leave a trail of misery and destruction in its wake before it finally bit the dust. You could say ‘Go Ahead’ with hanging the unemployed after six months out of work – six months is ample time to find a job; you can say ‘Go Ahead’ to any sort of barbarism until it flounders and resurfaces – and it would! Bad idea!

    • What about: “Go Ahead with the ‘bedroom tax'” – an utterly bonkers idea… oops we just have… how much misery, destitution, suicides are we going to tolerate before it is finally proved what an thoroughly inept idea the “bedroom tax” is?

  14. It must be the way my mind works!.

    They are closing down old prisons one after the other, four more today alone!, they say they are not needed, they are building new ones, in Wales and London, the old prisons are being left empty.

    I think its all a ploy, its all part of a plan to re-open these old prisons to put people into when the troubles start. Its called planning ahead.

    “The new closures brings the total number of prisons closed since May 2010 to 16.”

  15. Harry Enfield picture very appropriate,sums up the TPA twat.

  16. It may be a rather semantic point, but others eleswhere have questioned the use of the word ‘welfare’ to describe the benefits system. It’s a horrible Americanism, (not horrible because it’s from America but becuse of it’s meaning) that has a specific meaning, which is in the sense of something being given to the basically unworthy and akin to charity. If we talk of benefits, or even social security then we change the whole semantic context from being in receipt of something for which we should be grateful, to being in receipt of something that is ours of right.

    It may seem like a trivial difference, but I think it is important that we do all we can to resist adopting the language of our oppressors. Once we begin to adopt the same vocabulary we begin to be psychologically swallowed by the ideology.

    • Some of us have also complained about the word ‘social’ too, which has been used to prefix and suffix any box they want to put the vulnerable into to denigrate, and is the total opposite of it’s definition.


    United Nations fly in special investigator to probe whether hated bedroom tax has broken human rights laws
    5 Sep 2013 07:20

    UNITED Nations Special Rapporteur Raquel Rolnik will be looking at whether or not the tax breaks Article 25 of the human rights law.
    Envoy Rolnik will investigate Cameron’s tax Envoy Rolnik will investigate Cameron’s tax
    Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

    A UNITED Nations investigator has flown to Scotland to find out if the Con-Dems’ hated bedroom tax has broken human rights laws.

    Special envoy Raquel Rolnik will look into whether David Cameron’s Government are flouting Article 25 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by penalising poor families for the size of their homes.

    The Con-Dems claim they invited her, but the UN’s involvement is a major embarrassment for them.

    Thousands of vulnerable Scots fear eviction because they can’t afford the
    bedroom tax.

    The Record is campaigning to scrap the tax and has documented the despair of poor families facing hardship.

    Rolnik is meeting tenants in Glasgow and Edinburgh. She also wants to talk to Holyrood housing minister Margaret Burgess, the Scottish Human Rights Commission, civic leaders and academics at Glasgow University.

    The Brazilian architect and urban planner is UN Special Rapporteur on housing and one of the world’s leading experts in the field.

    She strongly condemned the Israeli government in a scathing report last year, accusing them of presiding over a system biased in favour of Jewish settlers where Palestinians had no housing rights.

    Rolnik meets Palestinian family who lost home to settlers Rolnik meets Palestinian family who lost home to settlers
    Ahmad Gharabli/AFP/Getty Images

    Rolnik said the UK faced a unique moment, when the challenge of providing proper housing for all was on the agenda.

    Her comments are being seen as a direct reference to the bedroom tax.

    Article 25 says housing is part of “the right to a standard of living adequate for health and wellbeing”.

    Rolnik said: “The UK has voiced its commitment to human rights on repeated occasions.

    “This mission will give me an opportunity to assess in-depth to what extent adequate housing, as one central aspect of the right to an adequate standard of living, is at the core of this commitment.”

    The Con-Dems imposed the bedroom tax on poor families in April this year. As a result, thousands of Scots have had their housing benefit cut by between 14 and 25 per cent.

    Councils are already reporting increased rent arrears as a result.

    The Con-Dems say the move will save £1billion by 2015. Critics insist it will increase the welfare bill by forcing social housing tenants into more expensive private rented homes.

    They also point out that there are no smaller homes in the social housing sector for most bedroom tax victims to move into.

    SNP MSP Christina McKelvie welcomed the UN’s examination of the “utterly inhumane and unjustifiable” tax.

    She added: “It penalises disabled and economically deprived people for where they live when smaller alternatives are simply not available.”

    But Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary Margaret Curran said: “Raquel Rolnik also needs to look at what the Scottish Government could be doing to help people out.

    “While David Cameron is responsible for the bedroom tax, Alex Salmond is refusing to act to make life any better for people who are hit.”

    Because of diplomatic formalities, Rolnik’s visit is technically at the behest of the UK Government. A member state needs to formally invite the UN in before an inspection.

    She will spend two weeks in Britain, visiting London, Belfast and Manchester as well as Scotland, and will reveal her initial findings next week.
    September 5, 2013 at 8:47 am

    The condems say it is they, who invited this UN inspector.

    Am i mad in thinking this is a preposterous statement?

    Why would anybody “invite” an inspection of the effects of an ill thought out policy that penalises the poorest and disabled in society, given that it was them who introduced it?

    Are they really trying to justify that the dreaded bedroom tax is acceptable in society by inviting a foreigner to judge it after it has been implemented, or is it a crude attempt to hide the ramifications of the horrors they have perpetrated?

    Only time will tell…………………………..

    I would like to think that the inspector is visiting housing tenants in several areas, of her own volition, and not been taken on a government guided, “coached arena”,
    that tries to mask the true poverty in Britain today.

    If the lady is given the right to go where she pleases, she will come to understand the vile consequences of the ethnic cleansing that is hidden in the agenda of welfare reforms……

    Bearing witness to the squalor, deprivation and stress inflicted on the least able to put up a fight.

    The true extent of poverty in our land may hopefully be brandished across worldwide media for all to see,,,,,,,,

    Meanwhile, i wait with baited breath, acknowledging the extent of the billions of pound cover up that is now underway…..

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    The Void here, with its customary spleen, accurately takes down the latest mouthing by the Taxpayers Alliance, demanding that long-term unemployed be placed on workfare. When looking at anything the Taxpayers’ Alliance say, remember that Jonathan Isaby, their political director, is also the master of ConservativeHome. In very many cases, it would appear you’re looking at the Tories under another name.

  19. What these twats at the taxpayers alliance fail. to realise is that we’re all fucking taxpayers. What’s VAT or the TV licence, (for their odious mates at the BBC) BUT BLOODY TAXES! Bunch of stupid, toffee-nosed idiots maybe a dose of destitution might do these fools some good, might make them think straight

    • You DO NOT require a TV licence to OWN a TV!

      The Golden Rule (stick to it and you will be safe 🙂 ):


      DO NOT communicate with TVL in any whatsoever; DO NOT respond to their mass-mailing monthly threatogram

      DO NOT answer the door to TVL goons

      DO NOT ever, ever on any account allow these cunts over your doorstep


      • February 2007 is the recorded delivery threatogram: “We are posting this Summary to you via Recorded Delivery so that we have signed that it has been received”. Yeah, so what?! lol 🙂

      • I always find it funny when a TVL spokesperson (from PR company Fishburn Hedges (who write the threatograms) say: “we operate the biggest database in Europe which contain the address of every household in the UK”… and we are supposed to imagine a giant data warehouse full of zillions of computers. Well, I hold a database of every resident on the UK called the Electoral Roll and it fits on one CD lol

      • Me grandma is 84 and hasn’t even got a TV, has a panic attack every time she receives one of these nasty TVL letters, I have to run round to reassure here that she won’t be going to court. I keep telling her to bin the letters but she just won’t listen. Also she is scared of answering the door in case it one of these TVL goons. TVL and the BBC who they represent and who hide behind them are disgusting and should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves!

      • A Day In The Life Of A TV Licence Goon

        A Day In The Life Of A TV Licence Goon:

      • “DO NOT ever, ever on any account allow these cunts over your doorstep”… even for a “glass of water” – the oldest trick in the TVL book lol

    • A collection of the vile abusive, threatening ‘letters’ TVL send out can be found


    • And misleading too: “your appearance in Court” [because] “you have not responded to our previous letter” WTF!

      How much distress do you think this crap causes vulnerable members of our community some of who will be too poor to afford a TV never mind a fucking TV licence. Read these letters and feel thoroughly ashamed if you STILL continue to support these cunts through the telly tax!

      TVL/BBC are the lowest of the low! Fuck you Auntie!

    • One really sneaky trick the cunts did was to send out the monthly threatogram by recorded delivery; as if proof of receipt of a letter is proof that you require a TV licence! WTF!

  20. These moronic toffs are just spoiling for a fight, they can’t go into Syria so they have decided to start culling badgers and foxes, along with running down the unemployed even further. How low can this lot go? I’d like to see the bbc shut down and have a real televised pm questions that is not stage managed, perhaps RT could oblige.

  21. When I first read about this it seemed like a wind-up, but apparently not -

  22. The TaxPayers’ Alliance are just another loony capitalist outfit desperately propagating the outright lie that unemployment is the fault of the jobless themselves and has nothing to do with economic factors.

    In my neck of the woods (South Tyneside) the Independent recently reported that ten claimants are chasing every vacancy – so much for indolence being the root cause of unemployment.

    It should come as no surprise that the Alliance continually spews out such madcap proposals when it nurtures an extremely close relationship with that equally fanatical US neoliberal organisation, The Tea Party.

    They deserve each other.

  23. “what is of concern is that a bunch of right wing extremists are now being presented as normal people by the BBC and other media.”

    Libertarians right wing extremists?– 
    It is a big mistake to think because the Tax Payers Alliance describes its self as conservative libertarians that thy actually are libertarians, very much like the Republicans in USA really have lost most connection to its countries libertarian founding.
    The TPA may talk about reducing big government but are obviously an infiltrated and perverted organisation. Forcing people to work for the state is not a libertarian ideal.
    The Tax Payers Alliance may present themselves as free-market libertarians but they are funded by wealthy Conservative party supporters. The conservative party are in the pockets, (the leadership at the least) of the big global corporations. Big global corporate take over’s of sovereign states/ or countries (as is commonly going on in the world) and reducing the populations to slaves on poverty wages has nothing to do with Libertarianism.
    Adam Smith with the natural right for individuals to engage in free trade, and John Lock with limited government anti-authoritarians were the foundations of Libertarianism.
    John Locke, Adam Smith regarded as the libertarian fathers would perhaps be seem more like architects today. The idea that people should be left alone with minimum government is not extreme right wing – extreme right wing is authoritarianism as is the extreme left. I can see how Libertarians can seen as extreme, as they are today in USA by the Obama police state. — Locke described how men have complete freedom to do as they see fit according to reason in natural state. “As the law of nature demands self-preservation, all men have natural rights to ensure their survival, such as the right to their own bodies, actions, and property. All men are equal, being children of God, and each have the same individual right.” Locke’s thinking and that of libertarians would only be extreme to an authoritarian.

    • architects ? sorry i meant anarchist`s — its the spell checker

    • ‘150 years of Libertarian’

      ‘Are there any liberal thinkers close to anarchism?’

      • Interesting – fundamentally libertarians (I think) believe in a code of law to limit government or state to necessary but limited administration and a free-market economy. The rule of law to protect personal freedom, to protect the minority from the majority- to protect the individual from democracy mob rule and to protect the citizens from the government. It is the only real practical workable alternative to authoritarian government.

        • Jonathansharpe

          Society is structured to protect the rich and powerful from the rest of us and to pay as little as possible in wages or taxes, that is the only free market they know.

          • Its worse than that , its not the free market its the corporate agenda.

            Appropriation of the means of production by corporate interests agenda – the “democratisation” of countries by means of violence ( war ) funded by tax payers money for the purpose of placing puppet governments to award contracts to global business .

            Appropriation of the unemployed by corporate interests agenda – cohesion by means of violence (threat of destitution) to award contracts to fund corporate crony corrupt business with tax payers money.

  24. Came across this on facebook, read the comments, some are vile parroting the likes of “scroungers” “workshy” all the usual slurs against the unemployed –

  25. The Taxpayer’s Alliance shitbags have a facebook page. Just been on there and blasted them.Urge everyone on here to do the same – .

    • maybe it would be better to go on the bbcs page it

      what sickens me is the total compemt the bbc have for the people who subsidies them.

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  27. I tweeted Chris Phillip, the tory wannabe author of this ‘report’. I asked him what people that are sanctioned are meant to do to live. Surprisingly, no answer. Hmmn; surely a person that’s been paid lots of money by a private interest group to investigate such issues would be able to provide an answer.

    Perhaps not.

    meanwhile the TPA are all over the local papers bemoaning claims for compensation the result of accidents on school premises to kids/staff. What they don’t tell you is that the word claim doesn’t mean a resolved case. Anyone can make a claim for £x. Whether it’s found in their favour is another matter. Instead the TPA issue a typically shrill statement about taxpayers money being spent on something undesirable.


    They need to be silenced.

    • When he was asked on the TV news last night what happens to people whose benefits were stopped, the answer he gave was ‘Their benefits are stopped” !
      Ask him how he thinks making someone destitute will make them more attractive to an employer.

  28. Even if people disagree (overall) with unfair sanctioning, or removal of basic income – sometimes they still say “The government has the right idea wanting to “Motivate” and “Incentivise” people to work though… “etc.
    (Using terms ‘with’positive connotations’ that are supposedly well known and understood, before they were deliberately hijacked/recycled. Conversations/understanding can sometimes get stuck at the stage where both ‘sides’ have to (re)explain their terms/what’s really meant by these words/phrases used in the context of DWP/JCP-speak. ‘Social Security’, or perhaps ‘benefits’. Even ‘benefits’ can be a loaded term, easily misunderstood to somehow suggest a kind of perk – but either or both might be preferable to ‘welfare’, depending on viewpoint/age. Unemployment Benefit (UB) and Income Support both have been (more broadly/generally) known as ‘social security benefit(s)’.

    UB40 arrived out of the blue on the radio this week with some new music. They’re still going strong & haven’t (yet) renamed themselves ‘JSAg’ or ‘UCI(Luv2Work)’ – though they still could. Their view was that we are travelling (rewinding fast) right back to the 80s, politics-wise. If JSA went back to being known as ‘UB’, it could “mesh”* more with ‘UC’ and ‘UJ’ and all of the other Universal Claptrap …

    .. IDS sounds scarily-calm this morning – spouting “mesh” in the face of a categorical-sounding report on the chaotic and catastrophically costly IT/Universal Chaos. He wasn’t given a hard time about it, but the highly critical report more or less stood in for the interviewer in this case. It was as if mention of all the ‘problems’ in any depth would have been rude – as there were/are so many areas of serious ‘difficulty’. IDS still insists it’s all fine – or will be in the end (putting aside the vast sums of money wasted/systems due to cause chaos – as he does). He’s Very Busy today, rearranging metaphorical deckchairs as the news arrives that several icebergs may have hit his (unsinkable) ‘DWP Chaotic Universe’ – all while trying to concoct/rehearse some more ‘lines’ he can recite, ‘going forward’.
    *’meshing’ – a technical term used to describe IT (mis) management (?).

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    Johnny Void weighs in on the Taxpayers’ Alliance’s stupid and crude call for workfare to be extended. He’s read the report on the TPA’s website, which is more than most of us could stomach, and therefore this article appears very well-informed. Take a look.

  30. So would that include me (Carer’s Allowance)? Not sure how to do workfare AND prove I am caring for 35 hours! But anyway- hubby, who IS a taxpayer, is astounded.

  31. Alex Wild is the TPA policy analyst and can be contacted on 07776 205 823 if you have any complaints about their policies.

    • I tried ringing them yesterday (different number) but they were ‘busy’. Can’t think why.

      Calling this report a policy is, I think, being overly generous.

      • Your right Ghost whistler, surely they should be complaining about the taxpayers money wasted on the work programme and universal credit by this government.

        • I believe that the participants of the Work Programme are actually paying for the privilege themselves. It seems to me that much of the funding that was available to claimants such as bus passes, interview wear, benefit roll on when a job starts, ancillary expenses and such like, these have all been withdrawn and my feeling is that this is now being used to cover the £400 or so fee the WP providers get for new participants. Small, but useful amounts of money previously available to help the unemployed now straight into the private sectors pockets.

          • The Work Programme being of course less than useless!

          • In addition to paying in other ways (like being gradually more and more demoralised/mandated in more ways than might otherwise be the case). Also withdrawn in the last round of cuts was a roll on amount specifically to assist lone parents (as DWP likes to call them). These amounts were not only useful, but sometimes much more and they could make the difference between getting through first month/s in a new job or not realistically being able to (so were in place for a good reason(s) = now they’ll be mentioned in passing if at all as ‘added extras’ & dispensable).

        • they would be if they were the organization they claimed to be.

  32. While ever there is a following of ordinary gullible tax payers who all too readily dismiss the disabled and poor, there will be no let up along these lines of social cleansing.

  33. That picture…. Am I the only one who imagines a gang of the local lads stood in the background, just outside the open back door armed with cricket bats, waiting for the shutter to click so they can rush in and kick his toffee-nosed mug in?

    Please tell me I’m not… I’d hate to be the only one dreaming…

  34. “AS THICK AS THIEVES”………………………

    A contract to treat NHS patients with brain tumours has been awarded to a controversial American healthcare firm that is a donor to the Tory party.

    The multi million pound deal with Hospital Corporation of America arose as it was confirmed that they had donated £17,000 since they came to power.

    As usual, it was squeezed through quietly just days before the government handed responsibility for cancer care to NHS England.

    Opposition MP’s branded it “scandalous”.

    HCA is already mired in controversy, along with two other firms for overcharging around £193 million between 2009 and 2011……………


    HCA has a chequered history in the US and has been fined over a billion dollars for mis-selling health care!!!

    Seems the only way forward for the government is to introduce the “COMPLETE DROSS” of the disability denial scams from the yanks, onto our shores…………

    Keep your eyes on the toffee nosed bastards who are systematically selling you down the river whilst filling their unsatiable greed with dirty money.

    The scumbags on the front benches don’t give two fucks who dies next as long as their wallets and purses are busting from the pressure of undeclared bungs from unscrupulous crooks…………….

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  36. lol at that geezer from the BBC interviewing fat-face George Osborne on the sea-front at St Petersberg… you’d be tempted to push the podgy cunt into the sea… lol 🙂

  37. Is the termination specialist job still available I would learn take this to take out the company know as tax payers alliance.

  38. I’m not surprised duncan smith got an easy time in parliament. When prime ministers questions came along on wednesday and cameron was asked about the bedroom tax he faced the labour front bench and asked them if they would reverse it and they all sheepishly sat quietly and said nothing. Labour are not going to much for us if they are elected in two years time. We need the old labour party back that had real values than these career politicians who only care about themselves and just say enough to keep the gullible labour voter voting for them.

    • On pmq’s Cameron also defended the bedroom tax on the grounds that those in the private sector have to pay for such, of course they do there is no regulation over the private sector and it is where policy changes in the public sector are created.

  39. Right wing fascist scum

  40. does that twat not realise that 100’s if not 1000’s lost their jobs to make way for the free labour these companies get from work fare. And where are the fecking jobs for all on JSA let alone the sick and disabled. And there have also been people on workfare who got sanctioned for attending job interviews instead of working for free. Kinda goes against the purpose. But not only were they sanction meaning no money for some weeks they then couldnt afford to travel to work at all. even for the paid job they had got and could have started had they not been sanctioned for going for a real job> it is one big fecking joke. And whilst so many are working for free and companies fire people to take on the slaves less tax and national insurance is being paid into the tax purse. You dont need to be a feckin genius to see how messed up it is. Goes to show that private education isnt worth the money it costs cos they are idiots when it comes to the real world.

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  43. rainbowwarriorlizzie
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  45. 🙂

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  51. They believe top people like bankers should be paid more or they will leave the which I ask when are they leaving and taking these cunts with them.

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