Support Disabled People Against Cuts in Central London Tomorrow!

DPAC-Protesters-in-the-West-En-007Tomorrow (4th September) will see the final day of the week of action organised by Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC).  A central London protest is planned beginning at 12.45pm with meeting points outside four different government departments.

Please help spread the word and get down to Westminster tomorrow and support the protest if you can!

Latest information from DPAC is below:

National protest to defend disabled people’s rights and freedoms and demand equality and inclusion

Last year we shamed Atos and occupied the Department for Work and Pensions in opposition to the injustice and distress caused by the Work Capability Assessment. A year later and the only Paralympic legacy most disabled people have seen is one of more cuts and more anger.

Research has shown that cuts are targeting disabled people. Meanwhile government and the media misrepresent figures and statistics to label disabled people as benefit scroungers.

We say this isn’t right.

We say we need to unite and fight against injustice.

Join us for the final day of the Reclaiming Our Futures Disabled People’s week of action as we protest in Westminster.

Four themed ‘blocks’ will meet at 4 Government departments, central to the lives of disabled people. After handing over our demands, blocks will then move towards Parliament where we will formally launch the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto and present our demands to our elected representatives.

Choose your ‘block’ and meet at 12.45pm at one of:

Department for Education to oppose government attacks on inclusive education and a return to segregation

(Sanctuary Buildings, 20 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BT)

Department of Energy and Climate Change if you’re angry about the numbers of disabled people living in fuel poverty while the energy companies rake in ever growing profits

(3 Whitehall Pl, City of Westminster, SW1A 2AW)

Department for Transport to challenge inaccessible transport, the opening of new inaccessible stations for Crossrail and proposed cuts to rail staff further reducing customer assistance

(Great Minster House, 33 Horseferry Rd, London SW1P 4DR)

Department of Health to defend our NHS and demand our right to levels of social care support enabling choice, control, dignity and independence

(Richmond House, 79 Whitehall, London SW1A 2NS)


5 – 6pm – launch of the UK Disabled People’s Manifesto (Committee Room 9)

Hashtag for the day #dpacrof

– See more at:

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32 responses to “Support Disabled People Against Cuts in Central London Tomorrow!

  1. I shall be at the Department for Education demo – looking forward to meeting people.

    • overburdenddonkey

      say a few words to them from me..i’ll let you use your imagination what these words will be, good luck and in solidarity….

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  3. good luck keep the pressure up.

    • overburdenddonkey

      kittycat 58…
      he lives in a parallel universe….

      • Fraud doesn’t need all the bedrooms he has, so I’m sure he’ll be delighted to take in a few lodgers, perhaps some those who’ve been evicted thanks to the bedroom tax… some hope

        • something survived...

          He should move to accommodation best fitting himself and his circumstances. He is rubbish, so it is called A Bin. His house can then take at least 5 people on benefits.

  4. what a fucking scumbag.

    • something survived...

      That’s a polite way of putting it, thanks for the high level of decorum and restraint you have shown in describing him. I can think of some less printable things to call him…..

  5. DAPC are doing such a good job. They will not give up this fight, and what a fight it is. Just watched their video too on the other blogg. Thank god some of the general public are starting to wake up now. About time too. I was fearing that some kind of pathocracy was starting to occur in this country. Well done DAPC.
    Bloody hell Jamie Oliver is not a popular boy is he LOL. Glad I put a word in there with the thousand (almost) others.
    Yes Lord Fraud is out of touch, slightly. What an ignorant man.

  6. I would love to go but I am afraid I can’t as in too much pain, can hardly walk and have no money for a wheel chair like atos suggested I get, when they stated me’ fit for work’. I will be supporting in spirit though.

  7. Whoever dream’t up the old adage, “Proud to be British”, has a lot to answer for………

    Colder weather is on our doorsteps already and my body is telling me the pain is yet to come as the thermometers start to drop.

    Having my disability benefits stolen by the caring, DWP, has left me in a precarious position where my partner, my son and i, are trying to exist on £110 per week.

    Luckily, i own my own home and have no mortgage or rent to pay. This is a huge bonus.

    The law states that you need £71 a week to survive, yet no exercise has ever been done to see if this is enough to sustain a human being.
    I know this, as i asked via a freedom of information request to the DWP………

    Amazing, isn’t it?, a country as big as ours, the seventh richest in the world, but no exercise has ever been done to see if the benefit you are afforded, can sustain you!!!!

    The word shocking comes to mind……..

    Our gas fire has never been lit for four years now. We cannot afford to heat the house and have hot water as well.

    Masking tape will be put around the front door and letterbox to insulate from the cold.
    Two or three, second hand fleeces will be worn to keep out the cold, these will be thrown back onto the beds later as we retire to sleep.

    It seems strange to witness the warm vapour from your breath as you huddle indoors in the chill of the room……..

    “Proud to be British”, you must be joking…………….

    Its cheaper to cook using a barbecue tray with charcoal than light the gas. they are only a pound in the cheap shops that now litter the high streets as our economy goes into freefall.

    Trouble is, have to be careful of fatal emissions of co2 from the charcoal, so we have to open the door which then lets in the cold air………….

    Seldom do we find anything to grill, apart from the out of date sausage from the reduced counter, or a piece of fresh roadkill, usually just a value can of cheap soup which we thin to go three ways.

    I see myself as lucky. How many pensioners will succumb to hypothermia this year as the energy giants rub their hands with glee over their grossly unexplainable profits?

    No proper statistics will ever be released as this is the new “norm” of the coalition, to pretend it’s not happening.

    The regulators have no teeth and are in fact paid by the very firms they are supposed to monitor…………..a huge joke really!

    Not much left of Britain nowadays, anyway. The evil witch privatised everything of value and all the assets are strewn across Europe. The other year they tried to flog the port of Dover, how sick are we really becoming?

    Charles Dickens was somewhat of a visionary as well as an author.

    I am sure he would turn in his grave if he saw the saga of ” A CHRISTMAS CAROL”, unfolding in modern times………..

    • overburdenddonkey

      funny how it was the unions that were once accused of holding the country to ransom….now it is capitalism….i do the same with draftproofing each winter, and a set of overalls..+ all the other “normal” layers cloves hat scarves…and just prey for a “mild” winter….snow, ice and constant minus temps, for some reason causes dread…then i get a letter from a cozy warm place, to tell me i have to travel to see them, and no excuses or else…they say things like “but, we have to travel to work, as well, or we manage to get here” much for empathy and compassion….

  8. The minimum amount needed to survive seems somewhat elastic. For Pension Credit purposes the minimum is £145pw for a single person or £220pw for a couple.

    • Yes wildsswimmerpete
      That sounds just about liveable and just about sustainable to keep a person a float in this cruel world. Why is this not the case now in this rich caring country with the empathic government I wonder???

  9. There was NO winter fuel payment last winter when temperature dropped below freezing for more than a week., did anyone notice, or was it just me that missed out? My gas is paid for on a meter, and run out every 3 days last frozen winter. I could not afford heating, had a hot water bottle strapped to me for most of it. No wonder many perished last winter, with disability denial cowboys taking over DWP, and taking the axe to every disabled persons benefit. Should it be allowed that people who suffer chronic arthritis have a pay meter, and NO MONEY to put in it? Arthritis use to be called a DISABILITY on the Equality Act. NOT ANY MORE. Why is that?

    • something survived...

      Fraud; “Because it was getting too popular. Too many of those pesky paupers were turning up with doctors’ letters saying they had it! It’s like those free bus passes. Buses filled up with freeloading crips and wrinklies are a crime against our profits. So we should either stop the passes, or remove the buses!”

  10. The ONLY thing that going to change this illegal/criminal gang of warmongering shirkers who run the country is violent revolution.

  11. Allen
    You could be right there. I do not like the sound of violence, but no one in goverment listens do they. Folk can only be pushed so far before things begin to snap. The warmongering is getting out of control now. Is there any help for the soldiers when they come home with injury, disability or post traumatic stress disorder????? Probably not, they will have another fight on their hands unfortunately

  12. “Gagging and blacklisting bill overcomes first Parliamentary hurdle”

    Bit by bit, step by step.

    • something survived...

      A gagging and blacklisting law would be great if it was a law to gag and blacklist THEM!
      A parliamentary hurdle: wasn’t a hurdle the thing people were tied onto, to be dragged to the public square to be half-hanged, drawn and quartered?

      Q) What is a Tory intelligence service?
      A) Two people who each have a Fail, making up to half a GCSE (failed) between them, who think Jordan is a model not a country, and who can’t count their own legs. Undertakes consulting work for the Conservative Party in its spare time, as the rest of them know even less.

  13. They might also be too busy with this to bother to help anybody else:

    • Forgot to say, its a news article. from PressTV.

    • something survived...

      Porn, where all involved are consenting adults, is a lucrative (and if legal, TAXPAYING!) job, an honest/worthwhile/proper/necessary job. And not one to be ashamed of. Same can’t be said for being a Tory, a TPA candidate, a scab, or a decision maker at Atos/Capita or the DWP.

      The men and women who choose to appear in porn, are making much better use of their lives than this shower of shite called the TPA.

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