How to Overthrow the Illuminati

illuminati-pamphletAn important pamphlet has emerged which should be read by everyone who suspects that world events are managed by a secret conspiracy behind the scenes.  The document is aimed at people living in the US but is just as relevant to those living in the UK suffering due to the current social security cuts.  Please read and share:

This is also worth a watch.

Hat tip for both, urban75

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  1. Even better, read: The Fear of Freedom by Erich Fromm.

  2. Landless Peasant

    “…should be read by everyone who suspects that world events are managed by a secret conspiracy behind the scenes. ”

    I don’t “suspect” that such a conspiracy exists, I KNOW for certain that it does (!), having studied this subject in-depth for the last 20 years or more. Read Bacon’s New Atlantis, study Dee’s Monas Hieroglyphica, Heindel’s Masonic/Rosicrucian teachings, study the Corpus Hermetica, read the memoirs of Wellesley Tudor Pole, the spiritual chanellings of White Eagle by Grace Cooke, study the works of Giordano Bruno, Tommasso Campanella, Cagliostro, Cornelius Agrippa, Fulcanelli, Dr. John Arthur Goodchild, William Stainton Moses, Robert Lomas, to name but a few. The Illuminati, for want of a better name, planned, designed and created the Modern World, and Science, and founded the USA.That much is fact.

  3. I think we’ll always have capitalism. Maybe the Jay-Z way out is the only way.

  4. Landless Peasant

    Where do you think the PWE stems from? Study The Chymical Wedding of Christian Rozencreutz. Reflect upon the words of Thatcher, “economics is the method, the goal is to change the Soul”.

  5. overburdenddonkey

    l p…
    what’s pwe?

    • Landless Peasant

      The Protestant Work Ethic. The thing that fuels Western Capitalism. The thing that was responsible for the Industrial Revolution.

      • The Protestant Work Ethic – A Crock of Shit!!

        • Yeah, waste your one and only life toiling away for jack shit to serve the master class dreaming about your reward to come in the hereafter!

          • Lord Henry Wooton

            “Yes, very sensible… People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame.”

            — Lord Henry Wooton (Dorian Gray)

      • Henry David Thoreau

        “But men labour under a mistake. The better part of the man is soon ploughed into the soil for compost. By a seeming fate, commonly called necessity, they are employed, as it says in an old book, laying up treasures which moth and rust will corrupt and thieves break through and steal. It is a fool’s life, as they will find when they get to the end of it, if not before.”

        ——- Henry David Thoreau

  6. Landless Peasant

    Are you saying that the Hegelian Dialectic does NOT apply to the Left/Right political paradigm? Of course it does! Hegelian Synthesis sits atop the Capitalist Pyramid. We can see that happening before our very eyes in today’s politics. Can such a thing occur by chance? or is by design?

  7. Landless Peasant

    Ever Heard of The Invisible College, or Dame Francis Yates? Is it mere coincidence that the street plan of central London incorporates the Sephirothic Tree? And is is feasible that those complex architectural plans were measured, drawn up, designed and presented to King Charles II within just one week of the Great Fire?

  8. Landless Peasant

    The Occult practices and knowledge of Geomancy, Gematria, and Cosmic Astrology have shaped the world we live in, and that is a fact.

  9. overburdenddonkey

    l p
    the only conclusion that i can come to, is no order but order exists, natural order, capitalism is the beast and money it’s god, that our natural spirituality is inter-fered with is highly apparent, form my own early personal experiences i know this to be true, a near death experience showed me this truth, but i cannot prove it to anyone…the work of dr dot rowe “beyond fear” dr alice miller and dr bob truth, confirmed this to me.
    what’s happened is simple unification, all the empires do it..unified admin processes that favour the emperors..the only way to bring the system down is to not feed it, but we achieve that i do not know..

    • Landless Peasant

      We achieve it by not submitting to Fear, that way they lose their illusion of control. As soon as I was placed on the Work Programme and threatened with Benefit sanctions I stopped attending and asked if I could please be sanctioned instead. I wasn’t. I eventually returned after 4 months, by which time the Poverty Pimps had no hold over me and they bloody well knew it!

      • overburdenddonkey

        l p i want to work towards and promote, a citizens income…then their power would be gone…an acre of decent land.
        i work towards recovering “banished knowledge”….i am opposed to any form of re-education, for industrial purposes…

        • Donkey

          A citizens income would only enrich those that already have money while keeping it low enough to ensure that the poor will still need to be slaves in order to live and pay rent, you will never see them giving us land, those who own land now can even be forced to give it up if the state demands it – compulsory purchase orders.

          • overburdenddonkey

            a c i would have to be in fact enough money to live on other wise it would be a pointless proposal, no caps on housing allowance and council tax, and would have a distributive effect, no the rich will not volunteer to give up their land, a land tax might be persuasive…

    • overburdenddonkey
      I ‘ve had this experience you talk of, that our natural spirituality is interfered with, finding this truth in a near death experience also. I nearly died, ‘they’ did not give a flying fuck. Something seriously wrong with my family. I had to face the truth and have no contact. I have this truth that I can not really tell many people. I get denial and people think I am the crazy one. I keep this to myself and my son, just a couple of friends who I trust and that care. I know evil exists. I know money and power is favoured. Dr Alice Miller confirmed this for me too. Also many other great Dr’s I could name.

      I Agree about people in power. Very weird, the world of psychopathy, power, money and adulation. “These people do not care about humanity”

  10. Landless Peasant

    Another key Occult figure of the 20th Century is Nicholas Roerich, look into his activities, connections and influence with FDR & Co. regarding contact with Ascended Masters, the placing of the All-Seeing-Eye on the Dollar bill, and the Chintamani Stone. It’s stranger than fiction.

    • Landless
      My son has been talking about this for a few years, its weird. I never use to listen to him on his computer till late, but now its all starting to fit. I do listen to him now.

      • well Atos is a Nazi convention surely. I mean France origins of all places. The French fucking hate us. They are the ‘bullies bitch’ have you not noticed that folks. Atos even sounds very Nazi.

        • overburdenddonkey

          conspiracy theories are like chewing gum for the brain,
          they are not necessary, we have capitalism and money as it’s god…we are alienated from and by this we have little say in how the capitalist system operates and it sucks us dry, ruthless people get to the top, that is how the system works..
          there are horrible people every where, i love france, it’s a vast and beautiful country..i,ve been there many times with my family and on other occasions, i’ve always been treated very is how these companies operate in the uk that concerns me…

          • I am confused about Atos. Part of me feels guilty about talking Nazi, I am an independent thinker, and look for truth. I use to be external locus, always pleasing others, not any more. I had to wise up, because of nasty controlling people, ie a mother and others. I secretly like France too, and would love to live there in peace, in a farmhouse growing me own vegetables lol.

            • overburdenddonkey

              take away the opposing voice, what happens, they have carte blanc to do as they will, and act out what ever drives them, to do what ever they do, like at the wca when one clearly tells them one thing and their report reflects only some of the truth, enough to let one know that one was actually in the same room as the author of the report, but much of the info one provided is missing…altered, or simply lied about, as happened to me at my last wca LAST YEAR, and the saga is still going on…my whole life revolving around a bogus wca report, the object of the whole exercise to force me to “choose” to go onto jsa…martin niemoller…1st they came for…
              the “moral”, goal of capitalism is to make money, above all else, capitalism is difficult to describe, it’s power is infinite in terms of it’s eventualities, ie that one person can theoretically, end up controlling all capital and resources…who gets what? the capital distribution base is fewer and fewer human beings, have any say in this process..fewer and fewer people have access to capital and the fruits of our collective labours, the welfare state was set up to ensure this did not happen. we are now being squeeze out, condemned to constantly prove need of benefits, to prove ourselves worthy of being fed, housed and clothed..there is a whole w2w, industry set up and operating to blind the people, to the fact that this is happening, so that working people will still feel that there is a welfare state for when they need it..that we work collectively, for the common good is a myth.


    Dear Julie Hutchinson,

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request received on 06 August 2013 in which you

    The following article appeared on BLACK TRIANGLE website, it is a quote from Mark

    Hoban Last month (12 June),

    “The Department and Atos are in the process of amending written communications to
    claimants by updating the WCA AL1C form. The document is sent to claimants when
    they need to arrange a face-to-face assessment and will provide more information on
    how to arrange an audio-recorded assessment. We expect the revised form to be sent
    out to claimants by the end of next month, once the necessary changes have been
    made and the form has been cleared for use.”

    Have the relevant forms been made available (Hoban quoted end of July)?

    What action has been taken to make sure claimants are aware of their right to a
    recorded interview?

    Will claimants be given sufficient time to make a request for a recording?

    Will any action or sanction be levied upon a claimant if the request is not met?
    i.e. excuses of not receiving a request, broken equipment, insufficient equipment and
    HCP doesn’t wish to be recorded etc. etc.

    Please estimate the amount of recording equipment necessary to accommodate all
    requests that may be forthcoming?

    Indicate the amount of equipment available at this present time, broken or otherwise?

    Will recording be available from other healthcare companies apart from ATOS?

    If not, why not?

    Thank you for your Freedom of Information request pertaining to audio recording of face-to-
    face Work Capability Assessments (WCA). I will address you queries in turn.

     Have the relevant forms been made available (Hoban quoted end of July)?

    I can confirm that the WCA AL1C form, which is sent to claimants when they need to arrange a
    face-to-face assessment, has been updated, in line with the commitment set out by the
    Minister for Employment on 12 June 2013. I have attached a copy of the updated form with this

     What action has been taken to make sure claimants are aware of their right to a recorded

    In addition to the revised WCA AL1C form being sent to claimants, the Minister for
    Employment also made a commitment that additional information on audio recording would be
    made available. I can confirm that this has also been done and more information on audio
    recording has been uploaded to the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) section of the
    GOV.UK website. The information in question can be accessed through the following link –

    Atos Healthcare has also included a link to this further information on their website as well. The
    link can be accessed from the following page –

     Will claimants be given sufficient time to make a request for a recording?

    Claimants can request to have their face-to-face assessment audio recorded as part of the
    process when they are requested to arrange a face-to-face assessment. Claimants can either
    use the service offered by DWP / Atos Healthcare or use their own audio recording equipment,
    as long as they fulfil certain reasonable conditions as set out in the information on our website
    (accessed through the links above).

    DWP have asked Atos Healthcare to accommodate requests for audio recorded face-to-face
    assessments when these requests are made in advance of the assessment. It should be noted
    that a claimant has no legal right to an audio recorded assessment and neither DWP nor Atos
    Healthcare has a legal obligation to provide an audio recording service or equipment.

    Atos Healthcare will make every effort to provide an audio recorded face-to-face assessment
    in good time. However, if equipment is not available claimants may have to wait longer than
    normal for their face-to-face assessment. This might slow down the benefit process but will not
    effect entitlement to benefit. DWP had previously asked Atos Healthcare to apply a processing
    safeguard whereby requests for recorded assessments should be accommodated within four
    weeks and where this was not possible the assessment should go ahead without a recording.
    Throughout the remainder of the current evaluation period, to help ensure claimant expectation
    can be met, the four week safeguard will be removed.

     Will any action or sanction be levied upon a claimant if the request is not met?
    i.e. excuses of not receiving a request, broken equipment, insufficient equipment and HCP
    doesn’t wish to be recorded etc. etc

    As mentioned above all requests for an audio recorded face-to-face assessment must be
    made in advance of the assessment taking place even if the claimant wishes to use their own
    equipment. This is to ensure adequate notice to make recording equipment available and
    ready for use. In the case of a claimant using their own equipment this will ensure that the Atos
    healthcare professional (HCP) conducting the assessment is aware and to make sure that the
    proposed audio recording equipment is compliant with the DWP/Atos Healthcare requirements.

    Audio recorded assessments cannot be requested on the day of the appointment, such
    requests may mean that the assessment may not go ahead resulting in the case being
    returned to the DWP Decision Maker for consideration of ‘good cause’ for failure to attend or
    submit for a face-to-face assessment. This could result in loss of benefit.

     Please estimate the amount of recording equipment necessary to accommodate all
    requests that may be forthcoming?

    DWP / Atos Healthcare have no legal obligation to provide an audio recording service.
    However, as part of our evaluation of the interim policy we are constantly monitoring the
    uptake of audio recording assessments to ensure the supply of this equipment meets demand.

     Indicate the amount of equipment available at this present time, broken or otherwise?

    Presently Atos Healthcare has access to 31 audio recording machines, four of which are in for
    repair. They also have access to 21 cassette machines on loan from DWP.

     Will recording be available from other healthcare companies apart from ATOS?
    If not, why not?
    We have assumed that your question relates to the recent announcement concerning the
    Department’s intention to procure additional capacity for the delivery of Work Capability
    Assessments, rather than any other benefits for which the Department has responsibility. The
    exercise to procure additional capacity has not yet started and detailed requirements have yet
    to be agreed.
    If you have any queries about this letter please contact me quoting the reference number
    Yours sincerely,

    DWP Central FoI Team

    • Way off topic I know but has anyone else received the new mandate on the jobseekers agreement? Aparently now, all jobseekers have to make 14 actions a week to secure employment, that’s two a day, do these jokers not understand the job situation, if 100 people from any one jobcentre walk into let’s say, ” Tesco’s ” in the same day and ask if there are any jobs going, then over a 7 day period that’s 700 people who are really gonna piss off companies and staff who will surely over time become abusive for wasting their time.

      • Phoenix, thanks for the info.
        Why not piss off ‘tesco’ and all the other exploiters of consumerism and have a laugh at them.


      • A merry go round of disinformation with no links to how a request for a recorded ESA can be gained.
        Usual DWP bullshit…………..

        • overburdenddonkey

          geoff reynolds…
          yep, that’s what they do put one in a loop…they know we need the pittance they provide..

          • overburdenddonkey

            they provide!!! it is ours it is my benefit entitlement and they make me beg for my money, and i often forget it is my money so caught up in the loop am i…

            • overburdenddonkey
              I read what you said up there. Yes I know this is the revolting sad truth, which makes us so angry carrying this inside. I too am in the process of fighting my WCA. Its rotten. My Atos nurse treated me like I did not exist. No eye contact. Tapping away on the one eyed monster. Not knowing sweet fuck all about my condition and need of further surgery. Not wanting to know. She treated me like shit, like I was worthless and trying to get out of work. When I got my fit for work report it was a total LIE. Oh that’s another good book ‘people of the lie’ Dr M. Scott Peck.
              Capitalism stinks, they need a work force, someone has to do the shite jobs, and it will not be capitalists. People that rent are in dire straits now. Paying to greedy land lords etc. Working hard all their life, at the end what do they have to show for it? Not to own nothing, and get a shite alarm clock at retirement. Oh and Gov put the age up on that didn’t they. If folk do not have secure property to live in where is the incentive to work like a horse? We can not work like a horse no more if we are broken, any way. Sorry about that Gov.

            • overburdenddonkey

              if we lived in a democracy the wca would not and could not exist, but in any case the wca assessment should be sent to the assessed for approval, before it is sent to the DM.
              the “anger”, you describe is actually frustration, at blocked voice..if the wca was an open process one’s anger could be expressed at the time, and therefore not held as frustration, imo the process is designed to cause frustration, desensitise, and disincentives, one, to cause the hollowed out feeling frustration causes..

  13. Landless Peasant

    I won’t say much more on this subject. Everyone is free to believe what they want. Anyone wishing to further research this subject must do plenty of studying, of original source material where possible, but be advised that once you embark on this journey there is no going back. Take the Red pill and you will never be the same again. You risk losing your sanity (I nearly did!) and you risk coming under psychic attack (I have). Knowledge is Power, Ignorance is Bliss. There are forces at work in this world which most people are completely unaware of. I’ve already provided plenty of hints of where to look, and there are others – H.P. Blavatsky, Manly P. Hall, Rudolf Steiner, Elisabeth Haich, for example, and even some more tangential sources such as Goethe and Shakespeare (who was a great Initiate), but don’t listen to charlatans and False Prophets like David Icke, David Wilcox, et al, who know fuck all about fuck all, though a good starting point for the novice might be Bauval’s Talisman. If you don’t want to even entertain the idea that there may be any truth in this then fine, remain ignorant and be safe. I’ll leave it at that.

    • Good for you LP, call them the Illuminati, the elite or sponge bob square pants for all I care. They are running the western world, no doubt IMO. I know a lot less about it than you but I believe these people are responsible for the fascist country we now live in, they have it sewn up, that’s why we have no opposition parties anymore. I don’t believe in reptilians roaming the earth but actually David Icke talks a lot of sense about many other things. I am learning more and more. I would recommend reading so called ‘conspiracy theory’ websites with an open mind and if you still are not convinced, well you’ve lost nothing.

      Most of the people criticizing Johnny Void obviously haven’t read the pamphlet, it attacks people with my viewpoint not his. I think this is the first thing I’ve disagreed with Johnny on anything he has posted here. We can all agree the powers that be are scum and have to go whatever you believe about them I reckon.

    • Keep on wearing the tinfoil hat!

  14. overburdenddonkey

    i agree with the pamphlet…we are alienated from our true selves…our freedom is often blocked by the stone of study, we no longer trust our own intuition, and i try to learn from it, rather than act on it..why did i feel this that or the other, i do it all the time..why, fear, we are not born afraid, but when forced to do, against our freewill become afraid!

  15. and this is from someone who made a big thing about people who beleive in conspiracy theories and how they make us look like loonies…well done johnny good to see that consistancy thing is still working..

  16. btw i am still pissed off about that poor woman who hung herself because someone got it into her head she had commited benefit fraud,,,and no one seesm to fucking care?

    • See bobchewie ‘no one seems to fucking care’ No they don’t!!!! Why do you think that is then? Get wise and protect your SELF. No one else will.

  17. I don’t live in fear, but the stress caused by months with no money at all is rather bothersome. I have family and friends who help me out, I eat and have a roof over my head. This of course is partly why I have no fear.
    Fear? Or stress? Anger? It takes a lot of willpower to keep yourself together during this draconian nightmare.

    My latest round of sanctions are a crock of bullshit and they know it.
    Next time I attend the jobcentre they will get the same non compliance and I will tell them to do what they like and push it to tribunal.

    No jobs applied for does not equate to not actively seeking work!

    They are just annoyed that this individual doesn’t play their game.

    Stay strong people.

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  19. Caprtain Pugwash

    blistering barnacles, shiver me timbers, never thought I see the day when the “Void” became another conspiroloon site… thought I’d stumbled into David ickes’s looney-bin forum for a minute.

  20. I am never sure what to believe in this mad world now, but I certainly understand ‘psychopathy’ that’s what i’ve been studying for the last five years and its not good.

  21. People do act in an Agentic State. Studies have shown that people give up their own freewill, and autonomy to please others. ie the state government, parents etc. We do all need to become totally independent thinkers and listen to our own intuitions. They are our life guide. That is the truth. We need to have internal locus of control not EXTERNAL .Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Lol. That is the truth.

  22. “The Nation of Islam invented a myth of black superiority. It taught its followers that whites were created thousands of years ago by a black scientist named Yakub, in a lab accident. Now, with the help of the NOI, blacks were out to regain their rightful place as the superior race on earth. ”

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha!!!!! 🙂

  23. There was only one shooter on the grassy knoll !

  24. overburdenddonkey

    there are many truths, but let us focus on the everyday realities facing many people in 21st century britain

    • The realities of life in todays britain are dire in the extreme.

    • People need cheap affordable housing that they can OWN, people need to feel SECURE!! Especially as they get older. Not to live in fear of getting ill, loosing job, and not being able to pay their rent and being made homeless. Where is the work incentive there? Perhaps if the Government offered cheaper housing that folk would not be taxed blind on, and had a chance of owning it would give more incentive to try harder. If someone can not work due to illness they should not be forced to go to work in a motorised wheel chair that they can’t not afford, or are not mentally prepared to go there just yet.

      • overburdenddonkey

        it is our right to have our vitals, people already try very hard only to be told it is not enough, this is how capitalism works. can never quite do enough, and the capitalist portfolio swells, as a result of our constant futile efforts (in the paymasters eyes), to get it right, just do one more thing…we all have an opinion, but the basics of needing vitals before all else can happen, is the crux..i work for the common good to ensure all our vitals are freely met, not to swell a distant portfolio. who gets what who deserves more or less, i don’t know the answers to but what i do know, is that people are living in dire misery, and that should affect the consciousness of all people. in fact it does coz they would not go to such efforts to blame the victim if this was not the case, ie why do they say one and do another?
        i do know that we are all born cooperative, sociable, non-violent and lovable…a socially cooperative society, must be a priority. we’ve not only got to stop this social decline, we must also reverse it, a tough call..

        • overburdneddonkey,
          I agree we are all born cooperative, sociable, non-violent and loveable. I wish every baby on the planet had a great start in life, but they don’t. How we change this I do not know. Alice Miller gave it her best shot. She was upset not many therapists followed her footsteps. She was shocked by the extent of the denial.

          • overburdenddonkey

            we change it by putting ourselves 1st, we know that there is strength in numbers, and that all of our experiences are similar, so we share experiences to gain individual strength. we all share, for example that the present system is causing misery for millions..individual and collective resistance, change will not happen over night it is in for the long haul…

        • overburdendonkey,

          agree with you up to the last paragraph. unfortunately there is a minority of people who are primary psychopaths, they are born with the pathology.rather than having cultivated it along the way.

          They have no personality or emotions in the sense that we usually understand them (instead motivated by primal impulse/rewards originating in the primitive/reptilian parts the brain) but the intelligent ones are able to construct intricate fascimiles of ‘real’ people and occasionally when one is born in the wrong place at the wrong time they will use their dubious skills to claw their way up the greasy pole, They seem to have a radar for each other. and i suspect thats where a lot of conspiracy originates – an unspoken understanding – a preference to shaping society, culture, working conditions into forms that are pleasing to the pathology.

          One of their common strategies is to cultivate a cabal of proto-psychopathic enablers around them, i believe these are the damaged people you allude to.

          • overburdenddonkey

            whilst i can see where you are coming from, and even if your assertion is true, and notwithstanding that there is much proof that no one is born evil..we must still resist these people however their personalities are caused or misshapen, we do know that misery is caused if our need for our vitals is no met… see dr bob truth, the work of kids company, dr dot rowe, alice miller et al..

    • I totally agree with you Overburdened Donkey.
      Just being philosophical about the word ‘truth’ being branded around.

      • ‘The truth sets us free’. That is what Alice Miller said. Its worked for me Bernadette.

      • It will be a tough call. People turn a blind eye all the time. Blame the victim is the easy way out. If more people were internal locus they may help others and not jump on the band wagon and kick the dog when its down. Have you noticed how most people walk pass the homeless man on the street. Not even look at them like another human being. Its disgusting. Perhaps people are terrified it could one day happen to them so denial saves them every time. They walk on and forget about it, get on with their day.

        • That is why there are ALWAYS homeless people and ALWAYS will be homeless and why they are there right in front of your face… it is to TERRIFY you into thinking YOU could be NEXT!! it is all done of purpose!!

  25. @ J VOID!

    you are starting to turn into a David Icke kind of person and I love / Respect your new direction on your website. Icke is my highest respected person on this planet, I think you would make a great team . Keep up the great word. we need you mr Void. great job.

    • Ere, I just checked out David Icke. He seems a bit Iffy and a bit sicke to me. I

    • Well personally I think Mr. Void is losing it. This is the second go he’s had at raising the profile of the tin-foil hat brigade and it does him a great disservice!

      All the stress of the misery promulgated upon us is getting to you I think Johnny.

      • overburdenddonkey

        how about free up land for allotments campaign?…

      • I guess you still haven’t read the pamphlet. I’m also guessing that JV’s decision to publish this post was at least partly in an attempt to stem the increasing number of comments from people who have nothing going on in their lives that allows them to indulge in wild fantasies about aliens from outer space secretly controlling the world, or other such nonsense.

        Read the pamphlet, it makes a lot of sense, and though it is definitely written with a North American slant particularly aimed at the African American community, (the USA is far more racially polarised than the UK) which I find a bit iffy, it does stress that conspiracy theories are a load of bollocks and that it is only when people work together to fight the real enemy that any change is possible.

        Conspiracy theories only strengthen the power that the government has over us, as those kinds of theories act as red herrings and take attention away from themselves. Remember what one particular conspiracy theory achieved in Germany during the 1930s where the Jews were held to be responsible for all of Germany’s economic ills, as well as their defeat in the First World War. It was all toxic crap, just as are the present crop of conspiracy theories.

        Peddlars of this kind of rubbish on here are obviously not doing their mandated 35 hours of mind numbing job search! (Just having their minds turned to mush reading the kind of crap they do.)

    • overburdenddonkey

      jig ness
      conspiracy fact people gather together, to organise ways of turning the labour of others, into profit for themselves.

  26. Alex "Goldfingers" Jones

    Mr Void, Sir, you are to be congratulated for exposed the evil inners workings of the global conspiracy known as the New World Order. Sir, take a bow!

    Police State 10: Total Global Enslavement – Own it NOW on High Quality DVD!!

    • Alex "Goldfingers" Jones

      And Ted, can you put away some of those $10 Indians for me.

      • Sure, Alex 🙂

      • Hey Alex & Ted, what happened to gold “going to the moon” when you were busy flogging your rip-off gold coins at $1900 an oz, now it has plummeted to $1200 an oz! What say you Alex? It is some of of “global conspiracy to manipulate the market by the ‘big boys'”? Hey Alex and Ted you are con-men!

  27. Alex "Goldfingers" Jones

    9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!

  28. Alex "Goldfingers" Jones


  29. Alex "Goldfingers" Jones


    • Alex you Tosser !

    • Alex Jones is a Knob

      Yeah, fuck off back to your “underground bunker” Alex.. someone only has to whisper “Illuminati! and you are on here trying to flog your over-priced, full of shit fucking DVDs!!

    • Anyone with half a brain knows 9/11 was an inside job, you are trying to make out that people who believe the truth are crackers. You are clearly either deluded or being paid, either way your a contemptible wanker.

  30. Me thinks “the Void” is going to become a sub-forum on David Icke’s looney bin site:

    Government Cover-ups
    Illuminati / Secret Societies
    The Matrix
    Crop Circles
    The Void


  31. Hey Johnny why is my post 40 or 45 down, in reply to Landless peasant still awaiting moderation? That’s the only time my post has ever said awaiting moderation. Nothing too controversial in it. What’s going on?

    • sorry, the word illuminati is in the spam list meaning comments are placed in moderation, not very helpful on this post but get bombarded with spam otherwise, should be showing now. oh and I have half a brain, and I don;t think 911 was an inside job

      • Ok cheers for that, it’s up now. RE: 9/11 You believe the official version? Ok I won’t go into a long rant about it here, I would however urge everyone to do a little digging away from the main stream media bollocks and take an objective view. We are dispensable trash to these animals, we can see it evident in the power that be’s evil policies, they despise us and think nothing of killing us. 7/7, 9/11 these things are not the work of a handful of Muslim extremists. Not by a long chalk.

        • Not sure about the ‘official/unofficial versions’ of 9/11 and 7/7 – but sometimes there don’t necessarily have to be deeper/more complex explanations for events (even with, hopefully, 50% of a brain working at least some of the time). Not going to spend time digging further, as both were enough in themselves – and the replaying frame-by-frame afterwards and later memorials and even dramatisations, in years since – & there is quite a bit to contend with ‘in other news’…

          My guess would be – & it can only be a guess, thankfully – that a fair few of those who have lost someone close to them or themselves been caught up in a terror attack, the complexities of ‘inside job’ might not be what informs their lives afterwards – even where they want to gain insight into what might motivate someone to carry out an act of terror?

          • Sorry that must have half your brain missing comment was out of order. I’m not in Mensa, I’m no Bamber Gascoigne, in fact I’m no paul Gascoigne but I feel frustrated people don’t see what to me is obvious.

            If someone close to me was killed by the very people they pay taxes to, who are meant to look after the population, I’d be very interested in the truth no matter how disgusting the truth is.

            It’s often said the families of Dumblane don’t want a new enquiry…. Bollocks. Tony Blair put a gagging order on classified documents for 70 odd years, why? Because the truth implicates some very powerful people in serious wrongdoing. Just another example of being fobbed off by unscrupulous psychopaths.

            • I wouldn’t worry, Rich, the “truth”, if there is any truth to out, will out. And if there is any “truth” to out if it is not in 70 odd years it will be at least when the Bush administration are a long gone historical entity. But at that point in the distant future nobody will really care *shrugs shoulders” even if Bush & Co and were to be exposed as homicidal maniacs.

              • QUESTION : do you get sent to prison for benefit fraud when the exercise is to save tax payers money the cost of a court case and imprisonment would exceed the cost of amounts lost as result of allegation of benefit fraud…surely all they do is purse the ‘offender’ to reclaim the amount..?

    • R33, I watched the video and became ‘enlightened’ thank you.
      Loved the star trek clip as a form of explanation for the theories being proposed.

  32. There is no “conspiracy” surrounding Dunblane though; I think that we would all agree that something stinks to high heaven. You don’t go classifying documents and hiding them from public scrutiny for 100 years for no reason.

    • There is no conspiracy surrounding Dunblane? Lord Robertson (freemason) signing off Thomas Hamilton’s (freemason) gun license might be a good place to start to have a look! Stinking nonces. Grassy Knoll ‘if theres any truth to out’? We live in a world full of propaganda and disinformation, the shit we get fed by the main stream media is, in the main bollocks.

    • “no conspiracy” as in it is obvious something is amiss; no need for any conspiracies when the obvious is staring you right in the face. Jeez, you only have to take one look at Lord Robertson lol

  33. Anyway, we are all going to be DEAD before the truth about Dunblane enters the public realm.

    • Exactly! That’s the point! Wait til we are all dead before we discover what really happened. You say that to Jimmy Saviles Victims, had to wait til the wretched old shit died then everybody knows. Justice? None what so ever.

  34. These crosses are not an indication of love, neither are they an application for spot the ball, they represent the people who have died due to government cuts since the coalition came to power.

    Each and every cross represents a human being, somebody’s son or daughter, who has succumbed to the “Murder by Decree” policy which is in full swing in the UK.
    The true extent of this butchery, and i repeat butchery, will never be made public as the powers that be, distort information to try and bury it……
    The only thing they bury is our loved ones……


    Maybe one of your family or friends are represented here……
    While the clock ticks, the pendulum moves to and fro, the list becomes ever greater.

  35. Geoff, what about the ones we don’t know about?
    The ones that have been ‘missed’, ignored or where it is impossible to know ‘for sure’. What we gonna do to stop the onslaught of our citizens?

  36. pity we dont have the illuminatis address because if we did we could go there and er..overthrow them…..and also have somewhere to live, but then people would think we had become the illuminati then…

  37. “Your comment is awaiting moderation”..meanwhile in the real world people are being discriminated against because of them being ‘scroungers’ when they are obviously not..but who cares about that stuff..

    • Go fuck yourself if you can’t see the bigger picture. Like I can’t see what’s happening in the real world? I need a twat like you to point it out to me? I am fully against these fuckers sanctioning benefits 100% but who do you think is behind it all? Twat.

      • Rich
        Try not to get too upset about this, its only going to make your life miserable. My son has also been spending much of his precious time researching this, and I am worried its steering him away from the real truth, There are high level malignant narcissists, socio paths, and psychopaths in this world. Many work in corporate banks around the world. Many are tax avoiders. They are greedy, controlling, manipulating. money and power hungry people. They love attention, and are stealth abusers. These people are laughing at us. They have no conscience. This is what we need to study, and protect ourselves from whilst we have our time on this planet.

        • Yeah, Jasmine, too much of conspiracy theories will make you paranoid, unhappy and unpopular. They don’t improve your bottom line, instead they act as huge, emotionally draining time bandits. There is usually an element of truth in any conspiracy theory but mixed in with a hue pile of manure. Also, you don’t know if you are just being baited, to get you wound up and thinking emotionally, much easier to take advantage of you.

          • Travis
            Read the stuff psychologist write . These psychopaths are getting in every where. Do not let them think you are crazy. This is their game, to distort your reality, take your time etc, They get off on making us afraid. I am unsure about what is going on right now . I have done some more research today and have come across something interesting. Its a psychologists book. An expert in the field and has wrote about the political issues also.

  38. Didn’t thank I’d find Illuminati stuff on here, but whatever. The rich have forever despised & resented the poor, only now they make no pretence otherwise.

  39. @donkey well said that you said well said..

    • overburdenddonkey

      i’m pleased what i said well, was is worthy of a well said from your self, all i can say is well said, and if you happen to like what you did not read, and said well said to me, i will always agree that a well said from you is always well said, so if there is any confusion, well said, chewie, so it’s good luck to you and well said from me, take care..

  40. What happened to my comment from earlier on today about the rich despising & resenting the poor? Is it cos I used the “I” word & it failed moderation?

    • yes, its showing now, moderation is a bit slack at the moment

      (btw if you read the pamphlet it is opposed to illuminati theories and explains why they are not just nonsense but damaging to any form of working class struggle)

  41. I found an interesting story today, sorry, nothing to do with the above story:
    Quite a shocker though.

    • It seems to be New Zealand though, just as bad I suppose.

      • It might be New Zealand but who is to say that it won’t happen here? After all the present unemployment policies used here are based on ideas originated in the USA and Australia. Even more worrying is the kind of attitude expressed by those using Twitter to berate and belittle benefit claimants, which is scarily like our own Daily Mail types, though the perceived anonymity of social media will of course encourage the numskulls to post hateful stuff.

        I think we need to recognise that the approach towards the less well off in westernised capitalist countries is slowly and inexorably moving towards fascism, it starts with creating an idea in people’s heads that there are some groups less deserving, less eligible, less human – sub human. This allows the majority to then blame the maligned minority for all social ills, diverting attention away from the real culprits.

  42. overburdenddonkey

    being upset is healthy, is caused by many different emotional misery, upset does not cause misery, upset is caused by misery and/or the fear of it, not being upset at misery and/or the threat of misery is unhealthy, emotional expression at upset is healthy..seeking truth and justice is emotionally healthy, the human brain is vast and wondrous..
    –but as everyone knows no vitals and nothing can happen, to remedy the higher goals of truth and justice, the prime truth and justice is to get vitals met for all..which i see as the whole point of the pamphlet, so that we all unite on a common front to resist tyranny..

  43. 9/11 Was An Inside Job

    9/11 = 9+1+1 = 11, 11×3 = 33! (33rd degree in Freemasonry) 33×2 = 66, 66×10 = 666 (The number of the Beast!) What more PROOF to you people need?!

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